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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      1. Introduction


    • 2.

      2. Structure


    • 3.

      3. Inspirational case studies


    • 4.

      4. Context


    • 5.

      5. Define the project


    • 6.

      6. Research and analysis


    • 7.

      7. Concept


    • 8.

      8. Showing your strategy


    • 9.

      9. Features, tips, and tricks


    • 10.

      10. Bringing more value to your case study


    • 11.

      11. Summary


    • 12.

      12. The Challenge


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About This Class

After being a UX designer and consultant for 10-plus years, here’s a funny little fact I discovered about the industry:

The UX designers who make the BEST money, have client waitlists, and their pick of the projects, are not always the BEST designers!

Sure, many are quite talented. But what got them to the top spot is simply having the best NETWORKS and the best EXPOSURE.

The easiest way to build both is by differentiating yourself with a powerful, persuasive UX DESIGN CASE STUDY.

Now the case study is the leverage point of a powerful client-attracting strategy I’ve been using to get great results over the past few years.

The reason it works so well to land cold clients quickly and easily is that it actually gets inside the heads of recruiters and business leaders and ticks off the boxes that they’re looking for in a designer – sometimes even subconsciously.

I think you’ll find this incredibly helpful for your career; there’s a real potential here for hyper-growth.

Other UX designers who learned and employed this strategy think about their careers like this:

There’s the time BEFORE they found this strategy…

And then there’s the “after” time – right now – where they’re thriving in abundance, making $600, 700, even $1,000 PER DAY off a conveyor belt of new clients.

I’m talking about people finally finding YOU, off job boards, LinkedIn, wherever. And they’re eager and ready to hire.

So how’s it all work, and why’s is so persuasive?

Enroll in this course and find out!



  • You might haven’t started with creating your UX design case study or you may be feeling lost in how to start.

  • You are applying for a lot of jobs, but it’s hard to get a call even for the 1st round interview.

  • You feel tired in updating your portfolio and projects you worked on and you still feel nothing unique to show.

  • You are getting frustrated in searching for the best way to create a UX design case study, but you never find that clearly explained in any article or a Youtube video.

  • You start asking yourself … Am I good enough to be a UX designer? And why I can’t do my perfect UX design case study?!

  • Too many UX titles nowadays and too many buzzes around it, and you are trying to find a proper place for you in front of this industry.

What you are going to learn

  • You need to make sure that you have something that is really unique about you and will help you create a better UX design case study. For sure nobody can do that for you so you need to get ready for creating that amazing case study.

  • You will learn how recruiters and clients think and what are the main elements they are looking for.

  • You will learn what to include in your case study and how to tell a story.

  • You will see how I structured my case study for an eCommerce project I made.

  • Finishing your UX design case study will no longer be in your to-do list!

  • You will feel comfortable to send clients and recruiters a link for your UX design case study without any hesitation.

Let's get started ...

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Help UX designers to boost their skils

Level: Intermediate

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1. 1. Introduction: So you have good experience and you exercising, and you are already aware about most off its techniques, and you're familiar with its tools, as this is most of us courses teacher about. But you still find it hard to market yourself and start getting 10 or 15,000 years still of Spirit. Month on here might have come to help you to go to that living in a quick and easy way. There are three main steps to market use of perfectly and start getting a high income on. I will create a dedicated course for each step. First, you need to have a perfect you exercise history. Second, you need to have a strong you exercise portfolio on. Lastly, you need to have a unique strategy to start winning bigger clients and better jobs. And this goes, I would explain to you the first step off. How do you create a perfect you excellent history? I will help you to understand how you execute his and clients think on what are the main elements they are looking for to hire. Are you X Designer? Also, I would be giving you some inspirational cases explaining some UX steps and also show you how I created my own case study which helped me to get contracts and jobs with very well long companies. My name is everyday Hamid Grand. Look, I worked with multinational companies and my designs have been used by millions of users. Another world. My previous job was a UX design consultant with Mia. And now I decided to run my own business, which is you. Except maybe you'd call. So if you are eager to improve your skills, then join me in this course on. Let me help you make that big shift in your career path. So you insight. 2. 2. Structure: if you want to become a professional u X I know the first thing you need to do is to get inspired by other people's work because it will definitely help you make things in a better way here. I would recommend that you don't limit yourself in looking at you exercising case studies only because you might find a perfect case study but its main focus on design only, or some UX elements. That's why I would recommend looking at other kinds of case studies, like marketing or taking care writing case studies so you can add more value to your case study by enhancing some elements that you might need legs or you feel it's not important. But the fact is, it's very important to create a perfect to examine case study. You need to work on four main important steps context, process, design on Lastly, the summary on our explained briefly each step inside, of course, but here are some outlines for context. You need to think about the whole case study on Put the focus on how to tell a story and how you are going to use UX tools and your skills in the project. and show what kinds of strategies and within religious you used, keeping in mind the need for getting the recruiter or the client's attention for the process. You need to explain each step you worked on and show how you do any work. As a UX designer, you can highlight each step and clarify the techniques and tools used for design. You would show the results on the solution that you came up with after doing the research and analysts part. And if you have good design experience skills, then this should be your strong point, where you can easily sell your case study for any recruited or clients. Lastly, we go to the summary. Really, you mentioned what you have lived a conclusion recommendations or, if possible, to provide some results and outcomes after the projects being implemented. 3. 3. Inspirational case studies: remember no need at all to have a current client or a current project to move forward with you Next to Exxon Case study, you can create a case study for any website you feel can make amazing change for it. I want to give you re a very inspiration and you exact history for someone called George Kalashnikov on from his story, you will see how building a perfect you exercising case study even without being in contact with the website on the Mobile Act that you are building a case 34 can bring a great opportunity for you. So Just created, agreed to exact a study for redesigning Google News it took from him a couple of months on . I remember Google interviewed him for that case that, as you can see from his article on medium, he explained the pain points and some statistics, which include the advantages and disadvantages of news websites. Andi detailed some UX analysts and research he made for Google and use a website. He explained the features off the website and then he created personas and user scenarios. Then he went to the information architecture with the sides map and after that he started with sketching, where framing, choosing the typography and the mood ward. Now I will jump to his behinds account and show his designs for the same project. And as you can see here, he has video showing his work on material design on the cool. Think he was keynote to create this video? Let's have a look at it on . When you scroll down, you will see how he used Google material design and how he implemented cars on each page to make it more responsive and easy to use. Honestly, I'm amazed by his work on how he created such a great to exact case study without even being an employee with Google, he just found opportunity and decided to make a change. I remember that that time Google Materia design was still a nutrient, so this was a great shift and gave Google material designed more credibility to be adopted in our community. After that, George became more famous, get more followers on. He worked with the famous fantasy company. Also his case. That helped me a lot to make a good redesign for a company I worked with Cold W. Under come, they had a big news website and they wanted to make a big shift from their old design. So let's have a look at other guest is so we can get more inspiration. So here, like we have this website for someone called Abdusalam on, Let's have a look at his case study for improve family trust ADT Senior Living communities . And when you open the case study, you will see this nice here, image here on you scroll down. You would find the context that he has. Andi, what I like in this contents the structure off this context like we have this paragraph here talking about the project itself and his role like at the user research user stories on the platform on the year he worked on this project on What's the problem exactly that shelter that he clarified more about the solution and success metrics he's detailing here Some screens designed on when you scroll down you would find the research finding for the project itself on those research findings. Maybe those are the most important numbers, but you have some other research findings elements on many scroll down. You will find other designs for the app that he designed my opinion, the design. He can do it in a better way. But the way he went with the case today is looks really nice, especially the context that he has on here is showing this screenshot for the were friends that he made. And here's the user floor from the beginning until the end. Andi have this nice animation showing each day. And what are some things that decided? Yeah, on DNA. Now let's have a look at another case study for someone called Banfield Mystery. I really like his case study for a project called Montero. It's for adventure activity. Meet a search engine, the nice thing with his case study. Also, he have always buttons to click to view more about with a prototype or other links inside the case study itself. So he's showing here only the summary off the history. So you will have yearly summary. You have this nice image with it, and he have the deliverables that he walked on with the user experience, user and face and branding on the tools he used for his history. Now he did it along more about challenge on the solution. Can we scroll down. You will find those five main process that he worked on with the project he walked home on . We started with the discovery on you. Scroll down, you will find also user be safe. China analyst is on. He's showing some somebody off analysts and responses for around 93 people. Looks really nice. Scroll down, you will have here. You can see the user person ISS for the project and you can hear have the link to you old personas when it's cold and you will find the competitive analysts. Andi, the here, like you have maybe a quick competitive energy is showing some main features about each website on Do you can view this water and this is my clicking here on scrolling down you. He worked also in the information architecture, the user type, the user story on reason. So I really like his way of structuring even the case study that he's working on on here. He showing more about the user flow and side map, and you can view all some user floor here's I mean school down. You will see how he had detailed the landing page from sketching toe high fidelity or mid fidelity wire flames. The search results the same thing also. And he you can all hear view old were friends on you. Scroll down. You will see more about individual design branding on the cards like my wither cards, vertical college or even horizontal cowards. Andi Explaining age element about those cards Difference this on we miss crawl down. You can find more about preference tests, reports on here, the local design and hang you how we worked on the logo design. Find minutes crawled out, showing also the color used on Tycho overfeed and this time guide so you can have a look at this time of year and the development. He talked more about the development on the culture type. What she was only Marvel plus tank on the conclusion for the case study. It's really nice case today. Now let's go to another case study for someone called me Dunk Andi, I'm showing here the case study for the eat A games on here. How you see, like the overview of the client with a ruling on the nice thing here. Like how long it took to complete the project on project overview like, for example, this is the problem. Finding a game worth playing is time consuming, costly and take a lot of commitment. The solution? What if we can take the game discovery phase and transform it into part of the playing experience? I also have don't have a good background in gaming industry for the user experience design , but here I like how showing was the user doing on where he switch or take a decision? Andi, I guess. Here's the persona he is describing. I'm going to scroll down. You will find board about cars he used designed on how he put them on the game. On what's exactly the process, he explained, like the defined And here the week toe within, done on Make three and Week four and five on what I really like, how we connect all those research and analysis part for the project on hair showing were all everything that, um, goes, um, with combining or those every seven John and Spy. I really like this design find showing here like recommendations like what exactly the problem. Andi defined the user on the behavior off the user. It's nice. I mean, scroll down. You find more about the journey. Mapping on scrolling down toe more about. Maybe we're exactly the sweet spot, for example, for making the player really having fun on what are the other parts? It's really interesting thing. Ongoing also how organized ideas within a limited time it's really limited time only five weeks on end. How design across platforms No, by two desktops so have no. By first strategy on we scroll down, you will find more about the screens and sketches that list pulling down. Also, you receive this more explanation now showing more about the styling as that is for the designs. Let's go to another case study. So this case study for I guess Nia Watkins ahead project is for clothing platform. So the clan called mirror Andi shows also how long it took from pair to do the project. And when you scroll down, you will find more about the same school on dear, a quick, competitive anuses on. Then when you scroll down, you will find more about some interviews. Me scroll down. You find more about those sticky notes on you will see here the personas on storyboard creation. This is really nice storyboard screwing down you would find more about how to combine between business schools and user goes chili interesting. And when you scroll down, you will find more about the information architectural. I guess this information get. It should be in thinking from optimal washer, I guess. The scroll down, he is showing middle. Recite ma'am on the scrolls, down with the years of flow. I guess if you click on it, you will find the whole takes because little bit cut here, it's fine. And here's we go with the design with a logo and all the stuff that the car was being used . And here's the loaf identity wire frames. Here is the design. Cool looks nice case today. Now let's go to another kissed me. I really like this history. It's for someone called I Am, I guess. Yeah, I f. Anything she showing here kissed really about love in long company hose on she detaining more about Theo. The project itself, on the objectives off this girl case study Anti shown more about the process that she worked on. This thing analyst is defined idea. It's a prototype and really did so she start with personas storyboard, then wins and go toe gorilla testing, which is, I guess she just interview with some people like on the street. Looks interesting. I was falling down a finished mapping on what, exactly the problem shall that's really finding it screwing down. You received more about the pain points aunt. How could be the design solution like here she's showing before after this is really good thing, especially for projects that you do any designed for it. It's really good to show how it looks before and how it looks after validation on scrolling down. You will see more about this Kevin View in my room, which is really amazing thing. And here's prototyping. Sometimes it's really nice to have some funny drawings within your case study design solution, showing more about before and after on what exactly the change mean made. I really like this view in my tum. It looks interesting thing. It shows hear more about the validation for the problem. It solves cool. We can have a look at other cases, like for Ueno, like Reuters News. More wine, they say they showing more here about the context for the project itself. They showing more about the mobile screens that designed on the tryingto personalized experience full of the news. First thing first and here they showing how it looked like. Now I want to show a really interesting case study for, uh, this guy's Kool. His name is 10 on Dhere. Created a case study for a sustainable outdoors plant from Germany. Onda What I like on this case study the personalized experience that he was focusing on. A New year's going down. You will find this. I am a woman. I planned hiking for several days and I need an entire outfit. I didn't see this picture on the product with its price there. I guess you can't, like, hear and see the price and more about the product self. So he showing here more about his findings on you Scroll down. You will see more about, like the elements that he worked on, like personalized in three points and personal assistant for anything like, If you wanna go camping, this guy might help you. So it's more to like need magnets hated. Use the cool navigation menu scroll down. You will see how they are using hair like images by their customers, which is straining interesting things, and this would bring morning reality toe the product that social on, scrolling down. You will see how he have it. Very simple, very wide. It's nice hiking gear for several trips. It's looking good, work honestly with a design or the user experience. Good work. Really good job. Okay, so let's have a look at another guest before someone called the wrong. She's a product designer on this. Have a look at this project? It's called 5 to 8 Genuine in Pearson Networking for professionals showing here you networking online it working on the 18 person daily, Active users tradition and the talking evince a brand new in person. It's working experience. Can you change her? Are interesting research findings. So they had seems 10 online research reports and articles interview findings. So they found four major motivations and goals from its working jobs. Maintain long term exchange information. Relax and talkto. You will see more about problem on the barriers on sources off discomfort during which working now they have this said Bay, finding it questions. 53 persons. Andi, they created them. The personas nice work on. Then they worked on the competitive analysts is on When you scroll down, you will find board about that, he said. Shined findings they had on. Here's the sides map. More bite up started down. You will start seeing the wire frames. Those are the wear frames. Also andan usability. Distinct on situation I need is the logo design now going to the design on? Here's the home beer job. It looks like even list on different cards. Maybe I have some comments on the colors here, but against its looks. Nice doing an event. This is nice privacy sitting and invite people because this is very important, especially for those who want to do, and it works. It's looks nice honestly, and you can click here to see the prototype, which is interesting. Good kissed early on. Now let's have a look at a case study for someone called Pindar. Use a fee. This case study is for Google translate on day one to show some specific focus on that case study. As you can see here, this is something that, honestly, I used a lot, especially when I was in Hong Kong. It was really challenging to understand Ward's on This really helped me. So he explaining more about the problem itself. On the icons. He's using their on how to use them bigger, especially on mobile things that matter the focus, Arian Andi probably adds before and after. So he's showing more how it looks before and after. Honestly, now it's looking here. It's more complex, but now it's looking more simple on friendly game changer. Nice on hearing the showing another screen on When you scroll down. It would sure like someone who speaks English and you get the translation for it. It's really it's interesting way for any conversation that could happen in the future. This is a really interesting analysts for the speech transition usage over time, like we haven't used that before. But now way are using it, like as a translator with it, by using some devices like the pixel buds on other stuff also. Yeah, it is there, here. Cool. Kissed only nice yesterday. I'm sure you're now another case study for someone called someone. So his case study about creating and sending social monitoring report easily and you see how this report really nice background on. When you scroll down, it will find more about the pain. Points off the case study itself on how he define a clear, objective and scoop case study on designing the foundation for his ability interface clean and save new reports on you. Scroll down. We will see more about sketching that you have done making send accessibility and visit a little. He's showing more focusing on the card itself, which is It looks nice. And he's showing here more animation about what he had done, issuing more about the chant on how it looks. He's showing like, I guess this is something that you can import and export like CSP fine from data monitoring software Looks nice. Really nice case study. Now we're going to look at this case today for a designer called Lucy. I really like here logo. It represents hair name with some ships, and now she's showing more about heroin. On declined on how much time it took from here on you scroll down. We will say more about the challenge and high level goals on the process that she worked on Andi tailing more about each process, like the discovery and how outlook lying, Then personas the defining. When you scroll down, you will see more about the information architectures on the user flow scrolling down. Here we go more with this ideation on in the prototype. My guest. They have prototype here by in Vigen. Okay, then validation and users distinct on offending mapping. It's showing here more about the city. A placement. So before it was here now I guess it's sticking. I asked you that. It's sticking. Finding out look like scroll down. You will find more about the you I and the style guide she used on. Here is the first time. I guess you have a genetic link here for the front sight. That's it, for this case really looks nice. Now let's have a look at another case Study. Hair name is kicking. Let's see which one to look at a rollup on here, showing the timeline rule on the tools on more about the challenge itself. Then that he sage creation mold, cool teacher refused, designed the solution. So she showing more about the use and floor on. Then what? They were a frame throwing down. You will see more about those designs and wire frame, so let's have a look at another case study for someone called Julia. What I like on her case, study the process. How how she presents the process off in case study. I really like the shape for that. On scrolling down, you'll see more about the research that is going down and we see more. Here. You can find more about each person on screwing down. You will find about the sides mouth on the user, flow on, also hear the way of frames. Then going with this trip, eat grinding and you I and as you can see she have really good. You're I design elements, confusion and next to you. Now, before we start, we need to remind ourselves about the persona or the target audience who will look at our you Exxon case study because if you want to be understood, you must to speak the language off the listener on Dhere, the listener will be the recruiter or the client 4. 4. Context: the best way to create a great context. Us to look at the technical writing off other case studies outside the U. S is I feel I would recommend looking at this website where you can find 150 case studies. I would take the lengthen example on what I like about this piece is right hand column, which outlines the fundamental format for case stories. Challenge solution on results this extra why linked in section is annual George, but it's also a sort of break out from the solution part off the formula. What I hope comes out of this note is that case studies offers a lot of opportunities to stand out, quite aside from the body right on. That's why so much a few job will be in finding and featuring these extra pieces which will ultimately be watched. Throws people into read your writing. Also, I did come in looking at this website which called you x fold that I O, which shows some good examples. A few exciting case studies remember. Every important thing is that telling the story of how you deal with changers off you exercising problems provides recruiters with the confidence that an applicant has a great communication skills match with the excellent technical skills and a deep understanding off from methodological approaches to you X and product development. So we can list three separate sub headings under the context section the projects by defining the project. And what is it about the problem by defining what are the challenges and barriers that you are trying to overcome the solution. Here you outline your approach to solve the problem on why is it important to follow that strategy on in case if you are working with a team than you should explain what the role you were playing in this project. 5. 5. Define the project: explaining the process is very important because you are going to show how you divide your work and what's your design thinking. Remember, every project would have a different approach to decide what you X tools and techniques you can use based on the resources you have on this should be decided before you start. Now, I'm going to explain to you in detail how I created my process for my case study. I will be explaining a project for a company called Home Baking. It's one of the biggest e commerce websites worldwide, which sends remote controlled products. Their monthly, when you exceeded 15 million years still is at the moment. I walked with them on my main goal, as are you. Ex manager wants to increase conventions through you X, in addition to other sub goals like increase the basket value decreased abandonment, trade. Andi also lead the technology team. There were too many challenges we were facing in terms of usability and drop offs from check out. I try to do a lot off you X techniques and use a lot off your ex tourists to find those gaps and solve them. As you see here, I started with this presentation with a hater image where I display one of the fancy drone community pictures on included this codes from Mark Twin, which stays 20 years from now. You will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do that, that by the ones you didn't do on. The reason why I use this sentence is that I was pitching to the owner of the company, the need to have a full website redesign instead of only updating the website design. So I tried to motivate him with everything I can because I know it's very tough decision to make, especially when you are running a big business like huh baking and any small mistake we goes like because you are locked off thousands off us lives. Below that, you can see the context I used and how I describe the current website as distractive, complicated, unfriendly, responsive and Missy. But at the end, it's being all in Principalities. So let's be fair as there are thousands of people working with hoping and also like here. I describe the solution. That's my role in this project. As a U ex manager, I divided my case study into the four main important steps, which outlined before context, process, design and summary on coming up, I will describe each one in detail before I explain each step. I want to remind you that there is no need at all to use all your extras and techniques, you know, and you can decide what to use based on the resources you have. So now let's get started with research and analysts. 6. 6. Research and analysis: whether you are creating this year exactly. Study for an established company, a new product or even a project you picked to make any designed for it, you will differently need to create a competitive analysis. So for the whole baking project, I started by creating a competitive valances and Swart Enersis strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in addition to proto personas to make sure that I understand the cabins market situation, then we use the crazy ex tool to get more insights about our current website and some off those heat maps snatchers. Help me in finding some visibility issues like scrolling down the page issue. As you can see here in the product page, you need to scroll down to hit the actor cast bottom on. This is this is too bad for any commence website on. I will explain why later. Also, I met and corresponded with relevant stakeholders in the company to understand the current situation on the website and how they see the future of it. I made those interviews with a face to face why sky or by sending a questionnaire to their emails on for sure to get the best feedback you need to interview the website users. So I asked because some of support directors to provide me with a list off new and old customers. In addition to those angry customers who already moved to use other competitors websites on I used video video for a B testing and recording for the users navigation experience. Those recordings were encrypted, so you cannot see any confidential data for the user, and they were very helpful in finding some bugs on our website. On those bugs were causing a lot of trouble offs coming back to the add to cart button issue where you need to scroll down to hit the bottom. I used a B testing to create some variations to figure out if that would increase conversions on Alhamdulillah. One of those variations increase sales for more than 250,000 U. S. Dollars per month. This was a great chipped in my situation at home baking because management now sees the importance of having aux department on the company owner gave me the full trust to move forward with design updates required. There are many interesting data to focus on within the research and analysis in my case, study on. I just provided a quick brief for each step to make sure not to breach any confidential data for the company. Now let's go to the concept face. 7. 7. Concept: the three main things I did in the concert part where information architectures personas answer Bates. For me as a UX designer, the most challenging part is the information architecture and at the helping group side. I faced a lot off challenges because the old information architecture WAAS targeting only customers by using Van itics seven Wars on most of the new customers were finding troubles and the navigation experience. This wasn't the only challenging part because I needed to work with different category managers, and they were responsible for creating the sides map off their categories. I got a great support from my direct manager to deal with them and to convince them off having a simple and bitter navigation experience. I took this picture for a cat starting session for only one category, and I used optimally poor shop tools to see where we are losing our customers. One of my team members was in marketing and she helped me to create our target audience personas. As you can see, all of them were emails because most off the RC products customers are melts. The last thing in the concept phase was the sideways I sent out this email, which includes Tous. We give credit to each customer who completed the test, but I didn't mention that on the email I sent. The reason why is to have a real and loyal customers who bought space NeuStar based without any other motivation like cash credit, Although giving Castellet will bring more people to participate in your survey, but the day after you will connect will have this credibility and less quality. 8. 8. Showing your strategy: most of the work that has been done until that point was behind the scene on now, where frames on designs are the key parts which will be shown to the world. So if you have a good design skills than your opportunity to create a perfect you exercise in case study is higher. If you have done the previous parts correctly, then you will find a lot of opportunities that can make an enormous change in providing bitter new X solutions. As you can see in my case study, I'm showing my strategy of creating my designs. I believe in the move by first approach, which helps to simplify the design and build a better experience. I'm showing here how I created wire frames. 9. 9. Features, tips, and tricks: now. After that, we continue to design, which took too much time from me and from one great member of my team who created the extra man pages. The guy's name is Louis. He's one of the best front end developers I ever met, and the reason I'm mentioning him is that re designers understand how it's important to have a greater limited for our creative ideas. Otherwise, those ideas will be kept with dust somewhere else in your brain. On next, I would show you some pages I designed and give you some tips and tricks where you can use it for your next project. Let's see if it is the product page. Looking at the top of the page, I tried to get the user's attention for a card he still did not complete yet. Then, as you can see in this box, we have this tiny bar for selecting the shipping location. Also, pricing quantities took availability shipping. Wait at Jewish lists on the ad cart button Below it, you would find related are required items to the product in addition to the reviews from verified customers. Also, you can see here this thumbnail for any marketing materials that would increase the motivation off the customer and make him more to buy. Now, scrolling down a little, you'll see taps off the product description, discussion and social media. The Social Media tab will have a collection off pictures and videos off that product where our customers uploaded them into social media platforms. I found that most of our customers wait watching YouTube to find out more about the products we sell because I don't want the custom of the drop off our page and go to the YouTube, then processed it, maybe from another computer. I showed this would just of YouTube videos for that specific purpose where you can find videos related to that product, and the user can also search through YouTube here. So in this case, I'm keeping the user on our page and increases the motivation off buying behavior by watching some videos on the same product page. Now let's have a look at the listing page, and here you can find filtration on the left side, and here I want to mention a good usability finding where you can easily select items instead of having a drop down menu. You can use this technique. If the number off choices are few and can be in short text. Also, you can use it when you have enough data that shows what you do really the user chooses, like here in price and widget selection. And as you can see, you only need to choose the price and wait at most, and it would show all items equal or under that specific number. This technique will make the filtration look cool and very easy to use. Another U X feature I created here is the add to cart interaction design. I use the floating button off Google material designed to bring more visibility to the add to cart experience. And when the mouse hovers, it would show you the eye things you have selected. Let's see how it looks on mobile. So now on Mobile, you need to press on it to view items on press again to go to the Carter Page, and lastly, I'm showing some pages from the dashboard. The first bridge I will show is the address book. As you can see here, we have all addresses, and we have here the primary shipping and billing addresses, and you can easily edit or delete any address. Now let's go to my orders. Here I have the unique order number, and here we have the order date, number of fightings, Order total and status is. And when you click here, you will see all or the details in addition to other links related to the order. Let's see also reward points. Here. You can see your current rewards points on below. Some accuse off the reward points on in the right section, you'll find what you have done so far and what you still can do to get more rewards on. When mousing over it will show you how much the world points you can get or how many you already got. I hope those tips off you X techniques will help you to do better. And your next project. You can see more pages of mine. You exercising case study link. As you can see here in my case study, I mentioned the actor cart, floating button and infiltration design I made and how this can be easier and quicker for the user to select attributes he wants most off UX designers don't give him is that much of importance even though, until now emails are considered as a key, attributes increase convenient and users. Therefore, I asked the graphic team to design some headers where we can have them in the most of our e mails on This definitely makes our emails more readable now, another part of my case that he was personalization, which is very important nowadays to give a unique experience for each user on here. I'm explaining how I made the home page more personalized. 10. 10. Bringing more value to your case study: I believe marketing is relevant to you. X, especially when it comes to e commerce, Therefore, you as a UX designer unit or closely with the marketing team, and find opportunities where you can help them to achieve God's. In my case, the marketing team was finding challenges to adopt new customers, and most of those new customers were dropping off from the website on without buying any item. First, I walked with them as mentioned before on emails, and created a theme that will help to increase convergence through emails. Then we worked on enhancing the PPC landing pages and make them look more catchy. Also introduced a new idea, which is the top 10 products landing page. The idea of it is to show the top 10 products of each category in a fancy way where it can attract more customers and especially the new ones. Let's pick a multiracial category on DSI. How it looks inside and this demo you can slide between the 10 products and you've you all product descriptions, reviews, discussions, social media videos and also you can share this as a link on social media 11. 11. Summary: a good case study doesn't just end with the final delivers trying to summarize the outcomes of the project, and that depends on the type of the case study you have. For example, if the project you made wasn't for a specific client, the new can share in the summery things that you have learned. But if it was for a client or you were an employee, then it's better to share. How has your working tactic in the project and, if possible, to share some results, like here, in my case, to the I should the small result of the product page I redesign showing how much convergence increased as I used a be distinct software called VW, or to attract results? Then, sure, the design before and after for the product page and how I moved the city able to into the top, remove distractions and increased white spaces. Then I showed in the enhancement tab how I made those changes, and also you can have a direct link to the page here. In the last step, I should statistics I got on, added some explanatory text 12. 12. The Challenge: Now I hope what you have seen motivate you to make your perfect you exercise case study on too much of it. You more. I'm detailing to you the challenge where you can create any of exactly study you want. All that you need to do is the following. Upload your work when you excel. Abated com slash Submit Then share your work on social media and use those hashtags. I try to let your friends like and share your work. Based on your submission date. You receive an email telling you in which quarter you will compete. Conditions are You can submit only one word for each subscribed email. Any other content will not be acceptable on. Please try not to use 60 pictures for women as this is shouldn't be a selling point for you if you want to be a professional year signer.