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Pattern Toolbox: Easy Way to Recolor Patterns

teacher avatar Daniela ⚘ Usurelu, Quirky Sewing | Surface Pattern Design

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Recolor Your Pattern


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About This Class

Welcome to my Pattern Toolbox short classes, specifically designed for Illustrator pattern makers. In this class we will focus on tips and tricks to make recoloring and choosing color palettes easy and fun!

Choosing the right colors for a project can be both fun as well as intimidating at times. What colors go well together, how many colors to introduce in a design not to make it feel too overwhelmed, how to even choose a color when you have a blank artboard on your screen? 

The easiest way to go about changing colors throughout your entire pattern is by using the Recolor Artwork tool. Learn the reason why as well as tips and tricks to make pattern designing a breeze by taking this class!

Are you new to designing seamless patterns? Take my class "Repeat Patterns Made Easy, in Illustrator" for a step-by-step look at creating a repeat pattern.

Key lessons include:

  • Using the Recolor Artwork tool
  • Grouping/ungrouping colors
  • Recoloring selective colors


Minimum basic Illustrator (& Photoshop) skills

Illustrator (Daniela is using CS6)

Photoshop (for showcasing artwork using mockups)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniela ⚘ Usurelu

Quirky Sewing | Surface Pattern Design



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Level: Intermediate

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1. Intro: Hi there. And welcome to my pattern toolbox, Siris of short classes. I am Daniela from quirky suing, and I am a self taught surface pattern designer based in Bucharest, Romania. Whether I have the green, some or not is debatable, but my love for illustrating flowers and designing cranky floral patterns is not. As a train engineer. I love tools, shortcuts and tricks to make pattern designing, straightforward and more intuitive. Join my pattern toolbox classes. Here I share tips and tricks to make surface pattern designing so much easier. 2. Class Description: Welcome to my button toolbox. Short classes specifically designed for illustrator pattern makers. In this class, we will focus on tips and tricks to make recall a ring and choosing color palettes easy and fun. Are you in the process of making a new pattern? Or maybe you're trying to broke up on old pattern in this class. I'm going to show you how to use illustrators. Re color artwork. Tool it automatically change colors throughout your whole pattern. As a class project, Grab one of your patterns or designed one from scratch. If you're feeling inspired, let's break it up by changing its color palette. I've taken this floor a pattern and given it a complete makeover by changing some of the colors, post your pattern and color experiments in the student area to get feedback on your work, engage with other students and make the most out of the class happy making 3. Recolor Your Pattern: The easiest way to go about changing colors throughout your entire pattern is by using the hair color Are tricked Tool. Why? Well, because it's an automated tool. It were excrete at any stage of designing a pattern. When you've just designed your motives and figuring out your pattern layout when you're working with the patterns Swatch or even on shapes filled bitter patterns. Watch Rick Color artwork Tool does not, however, work on pictures or sketch scouts you'll have to use for the shop for that. Another reason. I prefer working with Rick Kahler Artwork tool When I'm changing colors throughout, the pattern instead of manually change in colors is because it's not prone to mistakes when I'm designing a seamless repeat, and they want to change colors in my clipping mask. If I do it manually, I need to pay extra care. Have the motifs at the edge of the clipping mask. I wouldn't want to break my similar design with inconsistent colors around the edges, which, to be honest, has happened to me before. Men changing colors manually re color to work, so selected our trick, so make sure to select the pattern or object. Open the re color to buy, either going to edit and the colors re color artwork or he was this great, real looking shortcut. First, make sure you have re color art enabled here so you can see life. The changes that you're making the re color artwork is a complex to it, so we won't go through the whole functionality of it. Instead, I'll show you tips and tricks that you might not be familiar with. That will make bathroom designing so much easier on your left side. You have the current colors. Present in your pattern and on the right color are the new colors that you want to assign. I have an older version of illustrator, and my current and new colors are by default the same or newer illustrative rations. You might have unexpected colors in your new column. That is because Illustrator tries to anticipate the colors might want to use based on your previous moves, which obviously may or may not be the case for you to have the colors in the current column Match the ones on the new column. Wrap the eyedropper tool here I dropped a tool works also as a sort of undo button as there is no way to unto a color change you don't want. So to revert back to the regional colors of your artwork, simply click the eyedropper tool to identify where a particular color is in your pattern. Click this magnifying glass icon here as such for a collar, all the elements containing that color visible while all the others washed out, click the icon again to exit the view mode to change a particular color. The book. Click it in the new column. You can choose another color with the color picker, or you can choose colors from your previously safe color groups. Watches by clicking color swatches. Another cool thing you can do is to experiment our randomly changing the color order. You can push this button for as many times as you'd like until you find the color combo you like to undo a move or to revert to your original colors. Change the cars manually, or use the eyedropper tool to experiment with a new color group. Simply select the color group from the right, adjust colors manually, or play with the randomly change color order tool. As you can see all this tries and color experiment have been applied to both stroke and Phil. Trick clipping, mask, bathrobe. The entire pattern Swatch. How easy and straightforward is this. Follow me in my next video, where I will take this pattern and have it go through a complete makeover using the re color artwork tool. 4. Demo: in this video, I'll take you through a short demo off. How to change the colors using the automated re color artwork tool to completely change the aspect at this cranky floral pattern, re color tool breaks or selected artwork. So I'm going to select both my work in Progress Pattern, which is a clear mask to create a seamlessly out. And this Phil shape, which is using the pattern as a fill. Open now the re color artwork tool. First, make sure recall er art is enabled to see the changes you're making in the left column. Are all the colors present in my artwork? One thing to note is that black and white, if present in your pattern, are not included in the recall oring process. That means that if I change the order of the colors, for example, white shapes remain white. Black ones remain black. They are not to sign the new color, but the colors, black and white, can be assigned to other shapes as new colors. Three color white and black shapes from your artwork. Click here in the new column in the road corresponding to the white or black. I have previously saved some custom color groups watches that I want to use for Rick coloring purposes now to change the colors throughout our whole pattern, simply click on the color group on the right hand here and that you can see the new column on the right hand has been populated with this new colors. Because my color group has less colors than the ones into original art. Break some off the colors grouped. Both the shades of green have been groomed here. Now you can have two shades of cream re color to the same shape, and for this you need to select exactly as the colorizing method. Or you can also separate the group colors by creating a euro by clicking this button here and then select one of the colors and drag and drop on top of the new rope. Another way to do it is to select the two group colors right. Click with your mouse and shoes, separate colors into different rose. But as you can see, there's no color on the new color, so your original shades are not going to be changed to any new color, just like with the black and white. So to change his colors as well. Click on the corresponding wrote in the new color. Now you get a sign and you call it by using the color picker or the color swatches. I have decided that I want to keep the flowers as they are, and only to change the background colors and the leaves. To revert my changes. I will click on the eye dropper icon. I will block all the being shades by clicking on this arrow here and that the two tip says . I'm controlling whether the color in the room will be changed or not. I will no select one of the color groups watches that I have previously saved and this you can see all in the background color and the leaves have been recovered. All my flowers have kept their original pink shape. I will trick the color combo just a little there. I am satisfied with the result and I will click OK, replied the changes. A cool thing that has happened due to the fact that I changed the colors of the fuel object is that illustrator automatically set the new version off the pattern Swatch with the new color changes so Now you have both the original battle swatch as well as the new one, with the color changes we just made. That's awesome and they have it. This is the method I used when I want to change the colors of a pattern when they want to try new color combos or experiment with colors I don't usually use. 5. Create Project and Thanks: I hope you have enjoyed my class. Found it informative. And hopefully you have learned something new to make pattern designing easier. Take the time to create the project to make the most out of this class, to let me know how you're progressing and to engage with other students. So the way to create the project it's by going to this stop here that says your project with the project description I'm click on Create Project did the time to start the project now, while the evil from this class is still fresh and you can update it at any time with all your experiments, I would love to see what you make. Thanks again for taking the time to watch my class and learning from me. If you're having joined it because they're living a review, I let others know just how awesome the content of this class waas and how much you've enjoyed it. If you want to keep in touch with me, follow me on skill share. It's this button here next to my name so we can get updates from me via email class update and find out when you classes are coming up. Thanks again and happy making