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Pattern design basics:Creating a camouflage pattern for Spoonflower

teacher avatar Eva Nikoletta Jancsovics, Illustrator & surface pattern designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Inspiration and color palette


    • 3.

      Illustrator basics


    • 4.

      Pattern basics


    • 5.

      Sample packs for easier work


    • 6.

      Hand-drawn style camouflage pattern


    • 7.

      Camouflage pattern with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop


    • 8.

      CADPAT style camouflage pattern


    • 9.

      Recolor your artwork


    • 10.

      How to upload your design to Spoonflower


    • 11.

      Class project


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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to create a seamless camouflage pattern.These lessons are  designed for those who want to get started in pattern design.

Lessons will cover:

  • basics of pattern design
  • basics Illustrator tools for your class project
  • modern,pixaleted CADPAT style pattern
  • handdrawn style camouflage  pattern
  • camouflage pattern using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Uploading the pattern to Spoonflower

What you will need:

  • Adobe Illustrator 
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Scanner
  • Paper
  • Fineliner 

For inspiration check my Pinterest board:

Camouflage inspiration 

The link for the free trial of Adobe softwers:

I created for you a Pdf document with Illustratot shortcuts. Feel free to use it ;) 

By any questions feel free to contact me on Skillshare , on Instagram or Facebook. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Eva Nikoletta Jancsovics

Illustrator & surface pattern designer

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi, I am evil Hungary of surface pattern designer illustrator based on barely in Germany. I began my surface pattern design carrier last year, and I created in this short time a lot of battles for fabrics and, for example, baby products. I believe in everyday learning, creating, and I like trying new techniques. My last success was a sport flower challenge, the Victorian era. It was my first bold flower challenge, and I want it. It was a beautiful feeling. I hope in my class I can show you some tricks and techniques which can help you to learn the pattern basics. I choose a simple topic, and I am sure you will have success with it. Let's get started. 2. Inspiration and color palette: I'm a big fan off being depressed. I created the board with my favorite Kim flash inspirations. As you can see, some of them are more traditional, some of them more innovative. You can find the link in the description. I think, for this project. The nature is the best inspiration now, I assure you how you can create your own color. Choose an image and copies create a new document. In Illustrator, you see a mark your car, that base that you mean the camera. Flash patterns usually content four cars, so that's great for rectangles. Make one that's selected with the selection toe for the R key and you can replicate it said at the first rectangle and with the I report will choose a bright color, then choose that could colors for the other rectangles. If you are not satisfied with one color, they kind of cannot become. You can change the cover there, you the situation, the brightness very quickly 3. Illustrator basics: in this section, I talk about the music doors which will be used in this grass. We create a new document usually actually still sells and pig cells by 2000 pixels and see him like a color mode for printing its first. I want to show you direct and go toe the first way to use if you drew a rectangle and by the color, because you can change the color off, create an object without through the second way to use direct ago tool If you click and a document, and now you can write the size. Which one toe, for example, of 2000 excels by 2000 Exas rectum, the most important toe in illustrator the selection toe. You can find it in the to a bar or press me with the selection. You can sell it, then move the objects. If you hold the shift key, you can scare the object, and with the store you can easily eroded. The graphics is she who are the heart. You can duplicate the objects even used a razor to list with the stool you can make from one orchard. Smaller ships. The next tool is the ID Roberto. With this true, you can easily pick up on your color. The layer spent all shows you the order off the objects. I put my shapes on each other. If you want to change the order after shapes, you can make it under layers. Panel. The other possibility. Read Klink orange, and you can choose four options. Sent a bag drinks. You object to the background. Drink the front brings you object to the four count send backboard moves an object by object to the back off the stick. Bring forward moves an object by object in the front off the stage. Denied. Click transform graph. Let you got half left. The objects were to Carney or holy sometime. If you create the dose you used to Palos the switches and 1/2 I know by the Align panel. There are a lot of options, but we use horizontal on, I said and Vertical Alliance Center. If I create better homes, I always clear my specials panel because so I can easily find my betters in the document. And if I send it for my client, it contains just the prince virtues at Quicken, the first color I hold the shift key, I click and the last color. And now I can delete this Matri's. I think we showed all of the rules which will be used. If you have any questions, feel free to contact. 4. Pattern basics: by the patterns, you have to learn to basic rules. The 1st 1 If an object overlap stretch, it must appear on the other side as well. If it happens, you have to copy the object in the article or in horizontal direction. Let's see an example. Create a circle, and I put it on the left edge. As you can see, it overlaps Tej, so I have to copied on the right egx, I said at the circle with the selection tool. Then I go to the objects transformed. Move. My basic rectangle is five inches by five inches, so I write five inches horizontal zero injuries vertical. Then I click under copy. As you can see, the distances from the edges are the same. What happens if I put an object to the corner? As you can see, it overlaps the top and the left edge to, so we have the capital object to the right side. Enter the bottom as well. At first, go to the object transfer, move and copy the object in the horizontal direction. What isn't five inches. Martic are zero we can copy. We have to repeat this step in the other direction selling both circles as we learned with the selection toe and hoarding the shift key. Then go to the object. Transform. Move. What is that? Placido Interest. Bertha got five inches, then click on the copy. The second rule. Everything must be all kind for this role. We have to clarify what it means in a state, or we have fierce and strokes. For example, I create a circle with light green field and black stroke. Or with the mental, I can create stroke, a smell. The strokes don't have outlines, and it can cause a problem is always I create from the background a clipping mask. It seems to be okay, but if I click on the crab, the strokes disappear. I assure you how you can fix this problem. Senate everything. Go to the object and expand the right click and on group. If you repeat the process, even receive Arial pattern 5. Sample packs for easier work: First of all, I want to show you Fritos, which can make your work easier, and the results better at first. The call or guide This guide is on eight injuries by eight inches. Switch printed off basic cut on water with 170 even colors, and they're hacks. Courts. If you choose the color from this color charts, you can be sure that your pattern we have the same color on basic cattle at this time. It cost $1. This is a good and cheap toe to choose the right colors. I adore Bonnie's example Back each back convinces apple off each off the fabrics and paper sprinted with the same design as you can see. The printing results dependent on the weight off the frantic you choose if you have a special project, for example, a client bit special requirements you can take into consideration the characteristics off the fabrics you can find under back off. Example. Very useful informations Example of the coast and support for our $3 it is worth for this price. The last one is another example big. It gives us our balls off order types off my drinks. War papers and give reps. They're all printed differently. You can see the difference between how something prints. For example, on sport like Rob and on other fabrics, - you have two possibilities to design your patterns. First, I want to show my technique, so I create my pattern since seeing like a C M I K colors in illustrator, usually two cells and big science by 2000 Big Sauce The resolution is free 100 db I. At the end, I changed a color saying for the shop in archery be removed. At the end, I saved images in Jeep back. The second option is if you create your bedrooms in energy, becomes more using the hex courts from examples, and at the end you save the images in cheap bag in photo shop, energy colored wood in the social media, for example. In Facebook groups, I over read this comment. It looks nice on the screen, but my examples don't have the same color. Let's see how you can avoid this situation. I visited the spoon flour factory here in Berlin, and they print with CMR Kay and Sidell Color sprinting be dismantled. They can reproduce a bigger area than to see a market colors, but not or off the RGB colors. Let's see what is the difference between air Chibi colors and see like colors. Normally the CIA. Mighty colors for printing the edge of the colors for your screen. Your screen shows you more colors than the printable powers. For the uploading to the spoon flour, it is important that you're fine. Must be smaller than 40 megabytes and by the applauding, please always choose air GB cutter. I assure you a bad example. I created it extra for this class, so please don't do it. As you can see, I choose very bright colors, and it seems to be okay, but it can be reproduced if somebody orders it from the spoon. Flour will be satisfied because on the screen it looks very bright. Very nice for saturated, but the prince dissolution of their the other. If you observe these rules, you can be sure that you receive beautiful fabrics. You and your customers were satisfied 6. Hand-drawn style camouflage pattern: in this section, we will create the handles. Died came a flash mob. Have you use cancel marker people and mental Dutchman? Okay, let's get started. We have to look pre ships, please make sure that that I should be closed. Let's throw some bigger and smaller ships or going is ready. Now he's opened the use trigger and creating. Looking round 2000 pixels by loose. Hasn't big smiles and see a marquee. Carnell Moore. Okay, that's creative. As long as me Groopman loss the fine well and switches mental. If you can see it, we scold you, you know? And we're gonna find missing house first I want to clear most actually spent. All was a man showed before This stuff belongs to my Every day you can first come school though. What was She came and got it last time. Now we can do it. Reduce mass camera going with 300 baby I now I open it in social. At first they want to change then of us. So I go to the image adjustments that once now I chose thes ijambo and click alibis. Are you then? I assume you mean choose the other. I don't go and click on a lack of I. Now I can change the levels with the virals, the white area. We have a fighter and the black lights with darker. How about the fear of the shapes with you shows the magic Wendell and select or the shapes . Nor did the edit feel just by the field before coming. Click. OK, we have to hit Contrave to dissect everything, then choose to selection toe and set the ball image. Now the shape strokes are selected as well. Corns was seen. Go back to straight on and comfortable by the next step. I characterize this image coated of Indo in each trace, just a black advisable. I do it plus some things. Just a signal click on three he made from the image of actor prolific Before the next step . It must be all behind. So go to the exponents and think and, in my opinion on the ships are so small. Used the selection toe for the shift king, and so you can easily resize it. Previously, a created a core pennant with four different CIA. Mark your cars. The 1st 1 is the brightest cold. The last one the doctors car right next to him. I don't fear the base with the second car. So go to Director hotel and make a thirst as a big cells. White cells, a big sales rep logo. Choose the idea, Bertel, and click in the second scrap. Okay, The next step is very important. We have to put object to the middle. So go to the line Bill and shoes. Or is under a nine sandal pratica byline soda. Okay, My right technique. This is a very important step because at the end, from this Claire either make a clipping mask. I want to be sure that my abuses in the background I used the selection door that I go to the layers panel and my chickens as you can see, the raises the last object so I could knock it. Of course she uncle, she's soon now I choose a shape and I go ahead with the smart car. But we kept the right color with rideable too, as we wrong people that abuse exception. If I object on the edge of this car, it must have beer under other side to snow. Go to the butcher class. Small move by the position. Where is that the 2000 itself calls? Now click other coffee and not other. Okay, this is very more because if you click and joking it mostly to Cecil excels. But it doesn't cover. No, we have to repeat this step, but in the other direction. So go to the object. Passport move. And now, by the position, what resembles your old party girl who sells excels? She clicked on. Okay, most of copy. No problem. It's a mystic. Just his cardinals even be step. Let's build a rectangle with ships to recall. He's used to argue. And don't forget. Let's if something over and that's the edge, it must be a year under other son. You cover size and shoots at the ads with little groups. Now choose the flock. If you are saying this fight, go ahead with first couple. I think it's pretty now. Recreate this much as I mentioned, I lose protocol muscle user so I would know years and I, with the selection, will I click on the basic rectangle. Then I hit control C and Contour F two placed it in place now, right, click orange and bring the front I said that? What elements? Right. Click, make clipping mask. We're more step. Go to the best finder panel Antley can crap now. I opened this factory spinal, and I put my pattern into it The time off the truth. So I create wrecked and go and I fill it with my better. Oh, but Tony is ready if you must. Up north to this month, it's open to shop and created New York, England. It must be 2000 big cells by 2000 exiles. The resolution is preheim me to be out. And these shoes energy, that's creative. Go back to Houston and see all this. Slash. Okay, then go to the show. Now go to the fine and you can save. This image is cheap. I hope you enjoy this class. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact 7. Camouflage pattern with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop: Hi that come back In this lesson, we create a camera flash Mattern using with a B 40 short and straight. The first opened the Blue Stater and creating your document 2000 excess by 2000 pixels by the caramel. Pleased to see him. I came. That's creative. You need to Panos the Pathfinder and this treacherous panel. If you can't find them, please go to the window. And first I want to clear on my surgery spinal. So I go to this veterans. I click on the first Colonel. I scroll down. What a shift key click and the last corner. And now I can demented. Previously, I created a color palette with four different see and like a colors. No, I copied as by the previous Batam I created through says and big sounds whether says in Texas rectangle, and I feel it with the second kind of we should put it in the middle. So I go to the line panel and I choose where is Underline Center Vertical Line center. It was very important step because later it will be all clipping mask with the idea. Puerto, choose the second cover. If you opened the layers panel and with the selection. So you click on direct ago. You can see that it is the top object. It must be the last one, so right click and sent it back. This rectangle must be in the same place, so go to the rear spending on the rocket. Now open the photo shop and created a document to says a big sense, Pacto says. In success. The resolution is selling to buy the cooler and more please choose. Actually called on world that's created the four grand cattle must be black. The background color must divide. Now go to the theater, render and clouds go to the theater again. Other high piss. The best amount is between 60 and 70. Excess, please. OK now seductive water damage control save. Go back to the Illustrator and control as the next step. We have to regularize this image. Go to the window and shoes in each trees. Choose black and white coat by. The evidence said things we can't ignore. Void. But we need in this snapped cars. Two minds clear countries the image respect arised, but it must be all kind. Click and expand. We have some big shape. Great small of PC's. Choose to be razor to him. If you go over the object, it breaks your shape of art. - With the selection toe, you can check the process. As you can see, the ship is still big, so I repeat, this stuff is the next step. We have to angry or objects. So right Click and uncle, I go ahead with the stars car. I choose a shape, and I put it under the top left corner with the idea for toe. I pick up the right color to meet the better. Seen this. I must be sure that everything but overlaps the edge appears and the other side as well. I go to the object transport moves, reason to says in weeks loss, right, because zero and I click under copy, said the objects and repeat the steps in the other direction. Object transform horizontal zero. Article two says in excess. Then click condo copy. Now feel the baby's with other shapes. You can resize rotate down English. You have to be attention to the seamless edges. If you put on object under edge copied on the other side as well. If you already go ahead with the fourth and first color. Yeah, it's so we candidate these shapes now go to the rear spindle, scroll down and unlock the busy Krypton. Selected with the selection toe he called Dorsey and then control left the best in place. The right click orange and bring the front. So, like the objects, right? Could make clear being mosque. Then go to the final battle and choose crap opened this factory spending and the bathroom is ready is the last step. I always test my search great Director General, and fill it with the pattern. I think we should go and changes. I set up my better it controls. See? Then go to the photo show and create a new document. Those cells and pixels by 2000 pixels the resolutions 300 FBI by the cologne watches magical on world. Then cultural V Now go to the fine and you can save this images street big. I hope you enjoy this class. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me 8. CADPAT style camouflage pattern: time in the sexual we've created digital came a fresh. It will be a little bit other than the previous patterns. Now I assure you how you can create a design with the on off the spool flour samples. As I told you, I create my better since Ian like a. But by this one I would choose energy, vehicle or mode because some of the truth and clothes are in the air GB area I use for cars the 1st 1 despite the other cars. That home example. I think this kind of several dinners you can see them pretty did us setting and basic cutem ultra smell at first opened Willow Stater and create a new document, those 1000 excellence by 2000 pixels and by the car remote. Please choose actually vehicle on world. It's created pretty two panels, Pathfinder and the swatches panel. If you can't find out he's come to the window. At first I want to clear lice virtuous panel. So I go to those stretches. I click on the first car, I scroll down one a shift gay click of the last cover, and now I could believe them. Okay, by the next step. Choose direct angle tool and create for rectangles. Make fun, then choose the selection toe. What at K and you can duplicate it. It's the color planet. The first press should stay fight for the other months. I choose the colors from the sport. Flowers quicker, second square. Go to the bathroom and choose this little square. Here you can change the color by the ex cold. You should write these cold. My distort and force got on. You can repeat this step. The most important step I create, not vertical rectangles become Reckson Watteau and create a 50 big cells by 25 big sauce rectangle. I want to put this object to the top left corner. So I go to the panel and they're choose who resented the line left. Then Paktika. Make sure that it aligns to the my what at first event of fear. The first line object. Jensen. Where is other 50 big cells? Vertical zero? No, we can cut you Issue hit control V. It were repeated automatically. I won't repeat it in the other direction, I said. That director goes, Then I go to the object. Transform! Move! There isn't a zero pixel where Takhar 25 pixels. And now I can copy. If you hit control V. It were repeated automatically. I go ahead with the circle. I chose the selection toe, and I select some rectangles. Don't forget the hold the shift key. Did the eyedropper tool every color them? As you can see that this matter be built in your shape. Repeat this step. If you make a mistake, just hit controversy. - As you can see, I be in the shape. Strangle only we stand before the last step, created 2000 big cells by 2000 excess rectangle and put it in the middle. He was stubborn. I've been all reason the line center vertical line center. Then select the objects right click, make clipping mask, then Pathfinder and click on the crop as obvious. I just my switch. I create a big rectum and I feel my better. It looks really nice. I can't prepare it for the Lord into the small flower. So I opened the photo show and they create a new document through seven excels. My two says in excess. The resolution is free 100 B p. I. The column or this RG view that's created. I go back to the illustrator. I select the war switch going to go see, I go back to the foot of short and called Worry. Now you can save it is a cheap trick. I hope you enjoy this class. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 9. Recolor your artwork: in this quick section, I assure you how you can wreak a lower your patterns in Illustrator Senate, The War Snatch, Go to the edit The color artwork So easy Can you change the cars at the ants? Don't forget to click under. Okay? As you can see, with some clicks, we created a new core variation. 10. How to upload your design to Spoonflower: in this section, I assure you how you can upload your patterns to the school flower. You can find the upload in the menu design and then upload Joseph, I concerned the copyright and upload image. You can check your design on fabric war people and gift wrapped. Go back to the fabric. Now you can see your design on a fed Korder, usually unchanged the size for the test, which, because I can imagine it better. I think the design is a big too big, so I click on the smaller and I can see it this layout. If you scroll down, you can change the settings. For example, you can have this design for a previous collection you can give him. You can write to this corruption and the most important, the text you can write certain. Tex. It helps your customer to find your design. You can change the some you know, and choose the colors It perhaps your customers to find your design if they used a kind of theater. If you want to say your design, you have to buy a proof. If you make your design public, we can check your class period 11. Class project: I hope you enjoyed my first class and scare Sha. I can't wait to see your clasp reacts. The correct is very easy. Created came a flash. Better known Choose a technique I have shown you upload your color palette and the better. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by.