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Pastry Essentials| How to bake a sweet tart crust and use it to make a French lemon tart

teacher avatar Lily Y., Pastry Chef

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      Making sweet tart crust (pâte sucrée)


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      Making lemon curd and finishing


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About This Class

Are you interested in French pastry and don't know where to start? Are you frustrated that your tart crust always seems to fall apart and melt, before you even get it into the oven?
In this lesson, we are going to learn how to make the perfect sweet tart crust; deeply golden, evenly thin and with a crisp straight edge. We will then use this tart crust to produce a modern french lemon tart by making our own lemon curd.
The recipe we are going to learn is easy to execute, even for beginners, with plenty of tips experienced bakers will find useful as well. This sweet tart crust can be used to make many other french pastries including chocolate tarts, fruit tarts, sablé cookies; the possibilities are endless!

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Lily Y.

Pastry Chef

Level: All Levels

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1. Introduction : Hi, everyone. My name is Lily and the more professional pastry chef, and today I'm going to show you how to make a French tart crust. A sweetheart. Press is a foundation off many fresh pastries, and today I'm going to show you a method that's easy to execute, even a home while achieving professional results. After we make the tart crossed, I'm going to show you how to turn it into a limit heart, so let's get started. 2. Making sweet tart crust (pâte sucrée): I start with the ingredients. We have whole a beaten. We have cold butter that's caught into small pieces around 1 to 1.5 cm. We have almond flour, icing, sugar, flour and a pinch of salt. And today we're gonna use kitchen aids to make this us a demonstration. If you don't have kitchen at home, you can use hen hell eggbeater and notice here that we're using the paddle attachment for the kitchen aid. So first of all, we're gonna put all the dry ingredients. So the flower, the icing sugar and the almond powder in the kitchen bowl and assault. We're gonna put the attachment on and then makes a little bit with the lowest speed. So after a quick makes way can now putting the cold butter and we want to continue mixing until the butter and the dry ingredients have fully incorporated. Make sure you makes at the lowest feet so you can see the butter is slowly incorporated with the dried ingredients, and it's becoming like smaller pieces. We wanted to makes it until the butter have all become very small pieces. At this point, we haven't add any liquid yet, so we don't need to worry about Putin development or anything like that. The cross would not be making oil were becoming too elastic. But once we add the egg, which is the quid we need toe makes us little as possible and only makes until fully incorporated. So there's less Putin development in across to make sure it stays tender and completely. We've been mixing for about five minutes already, so we can see the picture is becoming like wet sand. Right now, we don't see any big pieces off butter. This is a good time toe X. What I'll do is our slowly at the egg from the side, the way that the though is coming together, and at this that we want to make sure that we don't overmix it. So just until everything is coming together, we can stop. We can take a look here. There's no more dry powder, and it's warming toe, so this is a good time to stop. Otherwise we might be overworking the dough. Now that we've finished this, though, we need to wrap it in plastic and let it rest in the fridge. Warm in the Manuel three hours. This allows the dough to relaxes and the ingredients to be more fully incorporated, which will make it easier to work with later on. Try to put the dough in the centre off the plastic fatten is a little bit with our hands. We're trying to make, uh, square is shape here, so it was easier to work with later. You can use the rolling pin to help. So what we want to make is a then there piece that's around 1 to 1.5 cm, so it's easier to roll out later here. Now we can put this piece off, though in fridge to rest, and we'll get back to it later. So this, though we have here, has been resting in the fridge for around three hours and is ready to be worked with. So where we're going to do is to line this part. This rain is very classic French pastry ring is this one is 16 c. M. And to use the rain, we need to make sure that we butter the inside of the ring really well. So that, though, does a steak onto it after re bake. So here I'm just robbing a piece off cold butter around the room to make sure that is old greased. We're going to try to roll the dough to a three millimeters thickness. We want to make sure that is nice. I even thickness wise. And also make sure that is not to think, because if you have a really think, though, is going to feel like you're eating a cookie, which we don't want to, we want it to be night. And then with providing a good crunch toe the cardosi toll, we want to make sure that we don't overdo on the flower, because you can taste a flower on the surface off the part if you use too much. But when you want to use just a little bit to make sure it does a steak, we want to make sure that our room temperature is relatively cold. Because of his tool hot. Your costs will be melted before you even work with. Make sure that your dough is, um, bigger than the tart ring that you're going to like and try to work as fast as you can before the old mills. Now that haven't though, that's around the three millimeter in thickness. I need to cut a piece off, though that's bigger than the ring. So we leave about like two centimeter. This doesn't have to be very precise. It just makes it, though easier to work with. So for rest of the door, we can fold English square and use it later. Make sure you use a plastic wrap to wrap it. Here. We can put the dough inside off the car, drink and try to put the size into the target range. Make sure that you try really hard toe. Push the go against the current ring so there is no space. And when you have work oh, around that, you can spread your door out a little bit. A user holding pit to Rohit. This, though true, we can put it along with the other does and use it later. And now let's lined with her property. So what you do is you use your thumb and you press it against the side of the ring while rotating the ring and you have your last song slightly pricing it true to make sure everything is lying properly. So after going one around, we need to double check to see whether the end is lying properly so we can see here. Oh, the dough is right against the ring, which is good. So if you have a giant part of the oh, that's further away. I have space between the ringing. It will fix that here we're trying to make straight and Goforth art show. So we want to make sure that, though, is all nicely lined against the ring. So after relying the ring, we need to use our knife to create this even edge. So make sure you use a back off the knife so you don't damage your life and you don't. They're measuring here. I have a silicone baking mat and this modest, designed specifically for baking cookies and subways and those because it have the hosting it, and they'll distribute the heat more evenly and allow the moisture to escape. So we have a even result with the baking. If you don't have this kind of matter, you can just use a normal cell combat. Or you can use parchment paper to a liar baking sheet. Lastly, we need to adopt the parts so the steam can escape from the crossed. So we hear the nice and even crossed on. Now we have to put this tar shell in the fridge to make sure is cold before we put a tingly preheated oven on. There often are pre heating at 170 degrees Celsius. Here we have our hard foley trolled in the fridge. You want to make sure that you don't skip this, that because you want your heart to be cold when you put it in the oven. So I will get a very nice and even baking. And there are. Alvin is preheated and ready at 170 degrees Celsius will bake it for approximately 20 minutes. But since each of our office difference, we want to check it around 18 minutes and keep my eye to obtain a golden color, which I'll show you later. Us. We can see the color starting to get brown, but we still have a lot off very lights, yellow parts. So we should put it back on vacant more way. You have a nice even brown color. We're gonna leave the hearts to Koh Dong 3. Making lemon curd and finishing: Now I'm gonna show you how to make the lemon curd wish world later put into the partial. So here are ingredients. Here's limo butter that's cut into cubes and they need to be at room temperature. Here's sugar, eggs and course, Sarge. So first of all, I'm going to assess the money into the sugar, and I'm gonna show you how we do it in the kitchen. We want to make sure that we zest directly in the sugar because the sugar will help preserve the maximum amount, the aroma and helps it to distribute more evenly in whatever we're using. Normally, I like to assess, like holding the micro play and just using my right hand to move. This way, I can see where I am suggesting, and I want to make sure that I don't possess any off the white part into the sugar because that part is bitter and we want to avoid that by holding the limit 100 Moving your zester. You have more control, and you're able to see where you're resisting, and that's chance off cutting your hand. - Okay , I want to make sure that and makes us that's really while. What's a sugar so we don't lose any off the roll myself the best by robbing the sugar with the move s, the sugar will help release more aroma from the best by breaking down the cell walls. Now we have our normal sugar right here, and we're going to juice a lemon right now. Well, here we have a juicy we're gonna intrusive dilemmas. First, by cutting it in half here, we're going to a measure out the amount that we need for this recipe here we have our ingredients ready for the lemon curd. We What we want to do is makes the egg the lemon juice of corn starch and the looming sugar . But first of all, we need to pass the egg and the lemon juice through a sieve to make sure that I have a homogeneous texture. I'm gonna put the lemon juice and make sure to add the corn starch toe the sugar mixture first, and then we'll put it together in a bowl. And here we're gonna putting the memo. Sugar, we're gonna make a double border here to make the lemon curd. What we're doing is we're using this bigger glass ball, which I had old ingredients except the buttering earlier. I'm gonna heat it with a double boiler until it Because this process takes a while perhaps 15 to 20 minutes so you can just leave it on the side because his double boiler Nomi would not overheat. So you don't have to constantly steer it. You just have to come back to it with bacon Now our make sure have been sitting over the double boiler for around 15 minutes. We check it is becoming quite thick or he's awakes to makes it and we can see that is ready to use now what we want to do is call the mixture to around 40 degrees and incorporate room temperature butter in there with a immersion blender. What we have here is a completely cool tart shell and as we can see here since we doctor really well and we baked it on the mat with hosing it, this tart has savory flat, especially the bottom, and we can see like the edges. Not very even so, we can even out with my coping with this we can very easily even out the pop off the shelf . I just robbing it might be against it. So So we can see. Now we have a nice even top for the show. And where we're going to do next is cost some pieces of lemon and lay on the bottom of the show. All right, now I'm cutting the skin out off this limo and we want to get rid of all the white part on the limo. I'm going to a segment the limo. So we have a nice, nice and even picture. These pieces will stay on the bottom of the show and as papa favor, and you want to make sure that they're not too big because they're quite sour. Okay, so lay it in the part like this, and the start is ready to fill Here. We have our Kurt cool down toe, approximately 40 degrees and now is ready to add the buttering side. We're gonna use a immersion blender to blend the buttering. And if you don't have immersion blender at home, you can just use a hand help mixer. It works the same. What's important here is to keep an eye on the temperature off them occurred. Because if the lemon curd is too hot, your brother will mouth and the emotion will break. And if you're a woman, Curtis to code the butter one are incorporate property. So you want to make sure that this limit Curtis around 40 degrees to blend the property? I'm going to put it in a holder container. I'm gonna at the buttering. I'm going to blend it by just pushing the immersion blender down. If you have trouble mixing the butter and you can just move the immersion blender up and down a little bit, Theo halfway through, make sure you clean the side off the cops. When you can't see any more pieces off butter and the mixture looks smooth, you can stop lending. Now we can feel this tire we prepared earlier with the memory card we just made. We can put, um a good quantity off them occurred in the start and finish with a spatula. What we want to do, what's a specialized to spread from ing word throughout so we can take off any extra occurred that we don't need on the part. And then finally we can do, like one final wrong with it and we're not done just yet. We're gonna freeze this hard until the Curtis. All it and we're gonna put a layer off apricot jam on it, so it looks very shiny here. We have the heart completely frozen. We want to make sure that the surface is hard. Here we have the apricot jam. Where I losing with water. I put one part of water for around four part of the apricot jam on with the pastry brush. We're gonna brush a layer on top of the frozen heart. We use a layer off apricot jam tour, Adam, Nice shine to it. And at the same time, it will give it a very subtle sweetness to balance the partners off the moniker. So here we have a finished limo tart with a generous layer off apricot jam. But before you eat it, make sure you defroster completely in the fridge. They'll take about our So we have a nice, creamy, smooth texture for lemon curd and battles with the subtle sweetness off Africa gem and a very crunchy part shell. So I hope you enjoyed the lesson today and this inspired to create a part of your old and we'll see you next time