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Part 2: Make an SVG font in Photoshop

teacher avatar Ria Green, Surface Design, Illustration&Photography

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      1 Introduction: SVG fonts in Photoshop


    • 2.

      2 What are SVG fonts?


    • 3.

      3 What is Fontself Maker


    • 4.

      4 Fontself in Photoshop


    • 5.

      5 Building your font in Photoshop


    • 6.

      6 Import to Fontself in Photoshop


    • 7.

      7 Spacing and Kerning


    • 8.

      8 New styles and recoloring your font


    • 9.

      9 Class project


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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to make an SVG font in Photoshop! SVG or Opentype SVG fonts can have colors, shades, textures and transparency and they're the new kid on the block in the design world! Let me show you how to make them :) 

Meet Your Teacher

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Ria Green

Surface Design, Illustration&Photography


I'm a Surface Designer, Illustrator and Photographer from sunny Bloemfontein, in the middle of South Africa.

I am married to Brent, and we have two children, a girl, Caitlin and a boy, Joshua. We have three dogs, two cats, two hamsters and a goldfish!

I'm crazy about pretty fonts and beautiful patterns!! 



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Level: Beginner

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1. 1 Introduction: SVG fonts in Photoshop: Have you heard of Hbg funds? Also called bed map or draws the funds that are the new kid on the block in graphic design . And I want to show you how to make your own in further shop using the funds off extension I everyone, my name is really I'm a service designer and photographer all the way from how people joining close In this close, I will show you how to create your textural SPG fronting further shop and also how to import it into the funds off extension. I will show you how to handle spicing and turning off your phone and how to create special characters and ligatures. This is part two in my Siri's that Miss Board one which is all about creating colored Victor funds in Illustrator, I have to see you there 2. 2 What are SVG fonts?: For those of you who have watched board one, they might be a few definitions and instructions that are repeated. But it's just to make this clear to all students. So what are SVG? Farms that are opens up funds that can have multiple colors, shades, textures and transparency. They can be either victor shapes or but map images, and you can make them using the fronts off micro extension in either photo shop or illustrator. We create a CVG bit mapped phones in further shop and the master. My zing thing is that you can preserve all the texture in your funds. It's all to see on screen, but you're is a close up off. Such a fun. It's a brand new technology, and although they are not supported on all platforms and in all applications, Yates there will only grow and expand in the future. Three major operating systems or really support open type SPG funds 3. 3 What is Fontself Maker: Let's first look at funds off mega. It's an extension for Photoshop or Illustrator that let you turn any lettering into professional, opens up funds. In Photoshop, it lets you make SVG fonts, also known as bitmap or ross funds. He buys these extensions separately, but I really would recommend getting birth if you work in both applications because there is a biggest saving if you buy both at the same time. In my opinion, it's with every saved. 4. 4 Fontself in Photoshop: Okay, let's take a look at phone self. In further shop, you can click on window extensions and then funds off maker, but I've dragged the extension into my side panel for easy access. First, I want to show you their templates. Click on the drop down menu inside funds off, and you'll find it there. It will help you when you created your phone, especially to see if you've created all the necessary characters. You can just switch off the instructions. As you'll see, you will find all the basic characters in the template, as well as advance characters and symbols. You can just create your fund on top off this one. If we go into the lives off the state, let you will see that all the layers on love except the top fly away. You should create your fun. If we open these lies, you'll see that every character is on its own separate liar, and that liar is named after that character. This is our funds off, recognizes each character when importing and gives it the correct place in your phone that also have these guides it up. The Baseline Guide is the most important guide and all the second part of funds out that helps you fund import correctly. There's not much to see at the moment, but you will see how the interface changes been restored in voting our fund. If you want to create a brand new fund, you will just start importing by dragging your front into the box. But if you want to add a new style to an existing fund family, you will first open a fund and then click on New and then a new star. I will show you again light, So let's get started first. Remember to always set your documents up in RGB Callum bad when you start making your fun and also make sure it's an RGB document when you want to type with your friends. 5. 5 Building your font in Photoshop: I wanted a fund fund that I could use in my design work on off course, one that would show off the amazing texture that is now possible with SPG funds. I decided not to design this one in color, but rather monogram, as I would always change the colors to go with my designs in any guise. But it is possible to design it in different colors from the get go that's completely after you. So many possibilities. I drew my characters with Carl whips. This kid cry on, and I make sure that they were at least 750 pixels by 750 pixels per character. That can be smaller but trying not to go bigger. If your characters are too large, funds off will give you a warning upon import, so it's better just to start off with arrived, I mentions. If you're unsure, just create your characters on top off the template as it's the perfect size. But Matt Farms will still this ply properly at print resolution or on a rating on this plan . Remember that older pixels doesn't scowl as well as victors, but not phones can at least give you amazing fixtures, colors and shapes, and soon they will be used on all browsers, smartphones and applications. As soon as I'm finished with my fund, I just start learning it into the templates. I select a character with the lesser tool and then drag it onto the same flat. I move it into plies. And nine. It's liar correctly. Remember to nine each layer after the character that is on that liar. This is very important after realizing all my upper and lower guys laters on, start with symbols and numbers. After that, I will proceed with special characters. You will see that there was a few symbols that I didn't design. Instead, I just placed my extra or alternate characters in those faces. This one make any difference As long as your character is in the correct position. With regards to advice line and the liar name correctly, it can be anywhere on the template, as these are the only two things fund self relies on to import them correctly. In the next port, we will start importing our fund into front south. See you there 6. 6 Import to Fontself in Photoshop : now we're going to start importing are fun to fonts off. I've organized my layers so that all capitals are together and so forth. I will select the top row off the table. First, you'll notice that my W and my are are not selected as I place them on the baseline in the bottom road. I cannot select them now, too, as using more than one baseline at a time. Will not have fun self to know which baseline to use to place your characters, but as their alternates, it's no problem. We will just import them a little bit later, after selecting the top row, I will drag them into the box. You will see fun South shows you wait to drop them after the capital later, you can just continue with the race. You can also use the buttons at the top to import your characters. You can use the batch baton for all special characters. I always just go through them at the end. You see that I placed correctly. Now we will start importing our alternates from the bottom around On alternate. Later is another variation of your later. They can be more than one and this will just give the user of your phone more choices this way that can mix and match without a lot of effort. Funds off will ask you if you want to replace your characters, but just choose alternate instead. Just a quick example off special characters. They're liars should also just be named after the character that's on it. And then I should also just be imported as usual with the batch baton, and then you'll see that I will appear in your fund. These special characters are quite important to support other languages, So if you intend on seven year old fans professionally, it's very important that you create these before this fun. I haven't actually created all of them, but I will do if I decide that I will. So I've also created ligatures. Ligature occurs when two letters next to each other are joined as a single later because of the way they look next to each other. When you talk to laces together, yeah, fun self will automatically import it as a ligature. You would just have to choose between a standard or a discretionary ligature. The difference is that with the standard it will automatically type that way, and with discretionary, the user will have to choose it while starting funds off will automatically detect there. It is a ligature when you time to latest next to each other in the box and import it as such. If we just choose ligature and click on batch funds will unfortunately not included with great name. So you will just have to remove three minutes 29 Any characters, you can just click on the little box beneath them. After importing my fund, I will go into the fund, information you and full out all the details about this front. Before we save our fund, we will first look at spicing and can you see in the next one. 7. 7 Spacing and Kerning: after we've imported all our characters, it's important to fine tune our funds, spicing and turning. First, we will look at spicing on the home page of funds off. To start off, we will adjust our characters in this bottom block. You can enlarge every later by clicking on the arrows in the top left and Fiona, and this will help with finer adjustments. After this, we will go into the advance menu, where you will find two more menus, one for spicy and one for training. If you've adjusted spicing off your individual characters in the home menu, spacing should already be mostly sorted out in this advance menu, so you will be able to find you in everything, especially if you plan to sell your friends in the spicy menu. You have three important areas in the block. On the bottom left hand side, you will find words which you can go through to see what your spicing actually looks like. Take note that the special characters in gray are the ones I didn't create, and they will be replaced with a regular fun. If you try to stop them with this fund, you will also see if characters doesn't look entirely right. Like this ex of mine. I will have to fix it. As you can see, I will have to work on my spicing with this fun. But I love irregularities. It's exactly what I wanted. You can type words in the block at the top, and then you can click on individual characters to change their spicing. The spacing values on the right hand side will also change, and year you will be able to inter values manually. After we finished with the spicing, we will go into the turning menu. Turning is the process of adjusting the spicing between character pays that are used together frequently. It's important to help the space to look the optimum base next to each other. When you use it to act with your funds, they won't need to go and a justice because you would have done it and exported all the training values with your father in the bottom left and block Fund South has provided a wordless with all the possible turning bays, go through all of them and a just plain these Assyrian. You can type these words to make changes in the top lock and on the right and time you will see these training phase and they values as they change. You can also change the preview size here to help you even more. You will also see that fun self provides list off sample takes to help you with gaining days. Just click on the different A. B. C's numbers and symbols at the top. To open them at turning is super important when you're planning on selling your funds. Now that we've finished with spicing and learning, we can save our phone click on the home button and then unsafe. Give your cool fun tonight brace. Okay, find your folder and click on site. You will see a green block appear in the bottom, click on open front, then install your fund and you'll be ready to start talking. I want you to also take a look at the best map warning with a little triangle. Next weight, they you will find a little bit more in for about my funds and where there are currently supported In the next segment, we will use your fund and I will show you how to read salaried as well. See you there 8. 8 New styles and recoloring your font: Now I want to show you how to add more styles to your front. Think of your usual bold and italic versions as different styles in the same front family. Let's say you have created a bold version of your foot and you want to add it as another style to this fund so that they are part of the same front family. This is what you will do. I haven't actually created new style. I'm just going to use the regular 12 demonstrates. Click on New and they knew Star. Give it a new name and click on out guys. Now start importing your new style. The wonderful thing about adding into an existing family is that you can also import the fund family spacing and turning values. If you go into advance May, you will see the import spicing battle, click on it and choose the style that you want to import despising from same with the in fort turning batters, click on it and again choose the style that you want to import. The learning from this is such a wonderful time saver. Then remember to save this new style. I saved mine in the same folder as the rest of that front family. Now let's start typing. I didn't create this fund in color, as I knew I would use it in different design projects, which would all require different colors. So I want to show you how I would recover it. First electoral type, then click on effects in the layers panel right at the bottom. Choose color overlay. Click on the color and the color picker will pop up. And Jokela your fund is colored and just look at that wonderful texture. I also just want to show you, Artie re color your fund in illustrator So I feel design and make sure that it's exactly how you want it, because you will need to roast, rise it, things elected and click on object. Ross Rise cheese already be hi and transparent. Click OK, think click on, Edit it colors and just color balance. Stint on convert and preview and start playing with the sliders and that's it. You have a beautiful SVG front 9. 9 Class project: For your class project, I wanted to make your SVG font in Photoshop and pass it to the loss of that vehicle saying, thank you for taking my flaws and also be on the lookout for my other close, which is all about elevator files in Illustrator have deceive air.