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Papermaking: Adding Seeds, Petals + Embossing

teacher avatar Open Hands Creative, Morgan + Jordan

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Adding Seeds


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      Adding Petals


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      Embossing Texture


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      Embossing Objects


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About This Class

In this tutorial you will learn how to add seeds, petals and embossing to your homemade paper. If you haven’t watched out Papermaking Basics video go back and watch that.

This is where the fun begins with papermaking! Some of the paper you will make in this tutorial will be so beautiful it becomes an artwork in itself! We love adding seeds because it gives new purpose to the paper. When you are finished using the paper you can plant it and it will grow. This is a great idea for Birthday Cards.

You will learn 2 types of embossing techniques: Embossing texture and embossing objects. There really are no limits to what you can imprint into your paper.


Please also check out our DIY Papermaking KITS:


We also run physical workshops in Perth, WA. Check out more on our website:



  • Playing with colour
  • Adding scents

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Open Hands Creative

Morgan + Jordan


Helping to unlock creativity and experience art in a sustainable way.


Open Hands Creative is an art experience business that offers creative workshops, immersive events, and community connection. We believe in bringing like-minded people together and forming an open community that gives back to our planet. We are proud to be a plastic and waste free small Australian business. We are based in Perth, WA.


In our classes you will either be taught by Morgan (owner) or Jordan (co-founder). You can read a little bit about us on our website:

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Joan. Enhance creative and say we're gonna talk about how to add petals and imbecility your acre. We love homemaker because it uses up all of the extra payment that we get from our office and our workshops. And it's a really good an equator, bring new life in this paper if you haven't washed out, if making basic pediatric go back and watch that first. Otherwise under little recap on how to make a pleasure paper, there are ways that you can use paper. You can use it for watercolors, scrapbooking, making cards, and some other factor that Grant make today. It's going to be so beautiful. It's almost a piece of art on its own. 2. Materials: But we're going to need today is it's all your basic pavement materials. We've got your modem decal, a shape for drying, a rolling pin, a microfiber cloth, some preaching sheets of that filled with water and blend. And our paper. In addition tool that we're going to use some different things today. We've got some seeds and we've got some native Australian seeds as well as and then we've got some rose petals as well as lavender. And so little colorful flowers. And then we've got some things later interviews for him bossing. I've got these beautiful little leaves that we got from an up-shot. And we've got some press flowers as well as some other little things that we might use, like a necklace and some pigs. So I encourage you to go and source a bunch of different things. This is just what we've got today, but you might have all sorts of different things that you want to embarrass or different kinds of pressures from your guardsman. I'd love to see whatever it comes up with. So let's get started. 3. Recap: So we still start with a quick recap of how to make paper. Now, we've got our basic paper making videos. So if you want to go into more depth about how to do that, go back and watch that first. So I'm just going to start by listening our paper into a pole. And then we'll pull, well that. And then before you pull each piece of paper, we need to swish the water. And then we're going to use outmoded decal with the flower facing up and go down from 45 degree angle to the button and pull out a piece of paper and let it drip until there's only a slow drift. Will transfer it over here to our cooking sheet. Got one Christian sheet on top of our drawing sheet. And then we're going to coach our paper onto amperage and cloth, then lifts the mode of the paper in one swift motion. And then we're going to press out for all of the water but our microfiber cloth, starting really softly and then building until you're getting all of your weight behind it. Then we'll followed our blanket over the top of paper and use our rolling pin to put as much pressure as we can on top of the paper. Then we'll use our preferred drying method to dry our paper. You can use window drawing, board drawing, drawing on the preaching cloth, nervous, right, drying or drying in a press. 4. Adding Seeds: I just loved the idea of adding seats, your paper, they said this was a great idea for greeting cards because they often get thrown away. And if you have seen in your green card, then he could plant them and they can grow new life. So today I have certain seats with native flowers in them, as well as some hubs. And we're going to learn how to put them into your paper. I think since you're Heifer is so simple, we're just going to use our usual pavement technique. And then before we hold his backup will add some seeds to our bat, switch them around and there'll be evenly distributed. You can experiment with how many things you put in, and that will change the look of your Heckman. So here is that we have, this has got some biggest themes and some smaller themes. And this has got a few less seeds into color paper. So just cut a few tips and tricks about adding seeds to your paper. So we found that yellow flower season when it's not so imbalanced but seen from that gives us a really good texture. And when I write a card to my friends, I like to write plant me on the back so that all of my friends know that you're supposed to plant them afterwards. 5. Adding Petals: When he huddles into your paper, can be really beautiful. We've got some petals here, leaks there, dye into the paper. And I think that's really special. So please handles in your paper is just as simple as putting seeds in. We're just going to add the petals to that. But first we're going to decide whether we're encouraged whole petals or blended. So we've got here some birds casualties in both, but this one's got whole fascicles and his sons blended. So if we're going to put them in home, then we just looked at me, throw back at the same time form but the Pancreas and let them sit for about five minutes to loosen up. If we're going to blend them, then we're going to put them into our blender just as we make our paper. So going to half blend out paper and then at the petals and then blend them up so they're little specs. You can experiment with how much you blend them and that will create a different effect with how small your He's petal lot. We've done so much experimentation with paper. So we find that putting it into the app works the most effectively. You got that wild, random look. And we find that the pitch was really embed themselves into the paper. Whereas if you're going to try and place them on top of all of the time, they'll fall off. So I know that we want some really beautiful petals that sit in our professional lives on our paper. But we found that the only way to get this effect is to use glue. A few tips and tricks about adding petals to your pay. So E's rose petals a lot because that's what we get now, pre-K. So it's better to add dried. It's, the fresh ones seem to leak there, dies a lot more and also they shrivel up. So we like to use dry ones and then reconstituted quarter and we're lavender it for it to dry and then pulled them off. But don't expect your lambda to make a paper smell nice. We have found that it doesn't do that, but we'll go into how to add smells your API in a later video. Here are few examples of some paper that I've made for different passions. And we use petals that we've gotten from bouquets or discriminant gun. And I would love to see all of the different atoms EU's from all around the world. 6. Embossing Texture: I'm really excited to talk to you about Boston today. I think this is where her egg ever can get really interesting. And it's a transform Papi into something that's just very plain and simple, into something that's always a piece of art on its own. Okay, so I've got a piece of paper that I've just kicked. Automaker can cheat and I'm going to grab one if I've externally and place it OK. My take up. I like it. Just kind of picking a concise and we're just gonna do the paper making process as he usually what? So starting with our microfiber cloth and pressing lightly, and then building two more pressure and eventually using our rolling pin to press out all of the water. So now that we've pressed all of that water out of our paper, we can remove the toilet. And it's left a really beautiful impression on our paper. And we're going to dry this either by hanging on the kitchen cloth or by using a nervous wreck dry just on bench, that's the best way to do this. Or if you're going to put it on, the leader will take it off first and then put the flat side of the window. So huge it's matrixes out in Boston. So when we're investing flowers, we actually press out loud and stuff in our flower Press. And that makes them nice and flat. And even to put onto our paper here or some other really interesting things that we've done with embarassing. I use some string and bright love on a piece of paper. As you can see, I really like the oil lease. And then this one's a peaceful leaf that we use. We encourage you to go and sorts all sorts of different things to embossed onto your paper. 7. Embossing Objects: So now I'm going to show you how to involve an object into your paper. This can create some really interesting results. You want to use something that is less than five millimeter, up to a centimeter can be okay, but it does get a bit tricky. So what I've got here is a freshly preached piece of paper, and I just want to press it a little bit so that it's strong enough to be pulled up but still wet. So we're going to use our microphone club and just press it a few times. We're not going to get to that point where we're putting our hallway behind it. It's really about finding that sweet spot. So you can see that now I can pull my piece of paper up and it stays together. So I think I'm going to use this beautiful hotel. They start by healing mightiest paper offers the preaching. She still quiet down withholding Tiana. And then I'm going to live this down. Gently, place my He's thick overtime. But I might find cloth again. And what we're gonna do is just gently work our way around, pushing just with the tips of our fingers so that we're pushing around the object. So you're kind of working your paper around this object. And this works better with a, a piece of paper less likely to stab your objects through herpes paper create holes. So I'm just gonna go in closer and press a little bit harder around these little bits. And then the same with all other paper, we're going to start pricing a little bit harder. So socially fats and then making sure that you are pressing those bits that aren't under your object so that they get nice and strong as well. So if there is flat, good press and then working as close as you hand your object, giving really good presses. Ok, so now we want to let this dry. And with objects that we're going to emboss, we really have to let this dry and are strange drying. So we're gonna leave it on the kitchen clouds actually. And then take it and everything that's attached to it over to event and let it dry in the sun and we'll check it out later. 8. Conclusion: Thanks so much for joining me today. I really enjoy teaching these new techniques that make me, I'd love to see all the experiments that you do. And next hour we're going to do some really exciting things. I'm not sure yet, but I think we'll do some gradient paper as well as some colored paper and maybe some smells. So don't forget to check out our website for our really cool, sustainable. They've making kids, they've got the mountain deco, or rolling in some curation cheese, all the things you need as well, seeds and petals. So whether you're part of our archive or watching the sun Scotia, Please show us what you do and we'd love to see in the project sample load or on our Facebook group. We'll see you next time. Happy crafting.