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Painting on Fabric - Strawberries

teacher avatar Amy Granger

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Step 1 - Outlines


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      Step 2 - Shadows


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      Step 3 - Highlights


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      Step 4 - Stems


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      Step 5 - Lines


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      Step 6 - Details


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      Step 7 - HeatSet


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      Wrap Up


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About This Class

I’ll be showing you how to paint in a fast, carefree way. We’ll use tea towels as our “canvas” and fabric paint to create a design of strawberries that are lively, bright and easy. You don’t need any prior painting experience, just a willingness to jump in and paint fast!

A little about me...

I'm Amy Granger - a graphic designer, textile designer, and quilter. I’ve also sold tea towels, table runners and quilts at indie craft markets using the technique I'm going to show you today.

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Amy Granger

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi there. Um, maybe Granger. Welcome to my very first culture class. I'm a graphic designer and a textile artist to quilter, and today we're gonna be painting on fabric. Um, about once a year, I participated in Indy Craft Market and I sell hand block, printed and painted, you know, details, table runners, placemats, totes, stuff like that. And I've come across a technique that's really fun, and it's fast, and people seem to really respond to it. So I wanted to share that with you today. If you wanted to paint before and maybe were a little intimidated or didn't think you were creative enough to do, it just stopped. It's easy. I got you. It will be fun. Relax. We're gonna paints a big, bold, beautiful strawberries on two tea towels, and I think once you get the knack of this technique, you'll be often running with ideas and projects of your own. So welcome, Let's get rolling 2. Supplies: All right. So let's gather up your supplies. Your of course. Gonna need some tea towels. I'm using 100% cotton there, 28 by 28th. And they have a little loop. So if you want to hang them on a hook, they look real cute. That way. I buy them in bulk off a big, you know, retailer, online retailer whose name I won't mention. This is like a 12 pack costs about 18 bucks. Um, I think they're a little more expensive in stores. I prefer to buy in bulk, so I get kind of a better deal per piece. Um, so just find yourself some tea towels, and then you're gonna need to undo all this and have ah, iron and ironing board. Teoh iron all the creases out. If you want a nice flat surface to paint on, then you're gonna have to get yourself some fabric paint. I like these. Your car. Textile colors. They back like soft acrylics. They have come in Aton of beautiful colors. Of course, this project you're gonna need a true red for the strawberries. Kind of a leafy green for Robbie. See the leaves. You'll need a white, black, and I've got a Mars red here. Um, you don't have to have this. You want to make a a shade of red for the shadows and you know any textile fabric A where our paint will work. Just read the back and make sure that you can, um, heat said it because once you painted the tea towel, you are gonna heat set it with an iron to make sure you lock in the pain. So if you want, when you wash it, your designs will still stay there. So just do a little reading on your textiles and make sure they could be heat set Ulisse and brushes. For this, I've used a big, round, flat brush for the main body of the strawberries. Um, I've used a medium, a blunt brush for the leaves, a little just a little detail brush for the seeds and then a nice long detail brush for the black perimeter. So if you can get some brushes in this zone and then I have a palette knife, just toe scoop up my colors and I put it on a pallet paper. This waxy paper it's it's nice to use. It's easy cleanup, but you can use whatever palette paper plates you've got. You'll need a little bit of water. I've got a towel just toe white, my palette knife off on. Um, I've also got a apron because it's kind of a messy project, and I'm messy, so and then you'll just need something to protect your table from ink seeping through the textile. It's not a lot comes through, but enough. You're gonna want to put down, you know, newspapers for a drop cloth or I'm just using my cutting mat, but you want to protect your table from from the project. 3. Step 1 - Outlines: Okay, great. Let's get started. You'll just need to lay out your tea towel on a nice flat surface, grab your big flat brush and loaded up with your true red fabric paint and just start laying out the general sketchy shapes of your strawberries. I kind of think of them like guitar pick shapes, so keep it really loose. Keep it fast and just start to lay out your strawberries. You know, be sure that you have some smaller ones. The larger ones rotate the orientation so it feels like kind of a bird's eye scattering of strawberries. And as after you do, the perimeter is, you can load up your brash with some more red paint and kind of build up one side of each strawberry. Don't paint the centers because we want to keep that as a highlight, so just proceed. Grab some red paint, keep its get you keep it loose. You can use as much water as you like. I kind of like a dry Um, paint on some of it gives it a real nice sketch you look, but it's up to you on how wet or dry your paint is. Also, be sure toe. Get your strawberries. Falling off the edge is it's a nice way to complete the look. You don't know how someone's gonna fold this. Teach how, and sometimes it's nice to have have them going off the edges. So just keep fast, keep it loose, make sure you've got stuff happening on all four sides. And, um, once you're done, I'll see you on the next step. 4. Step 2 - Shadows: Okay, so now we're gonna put some shadows on our strawberries, and I've got some Mars black there. I mean, Mars red. If you don't have that color, just mix some of your medium red with your black and to make a darker shade of your red and you're gonna take the same brush, and you're gonna lay in some shadows. We'll keep it real fast and loose. Just pick the corner. Picked a side. I would suggest only putting a shadow on just a small portion of it. Resist the urge to go all the way around the strawberry. Um, because it will just get a little too dark. But we do want a hint of some shadow here, okay? And I'm just gonna speed up the video here so you don't have to watch me paint in real time , but yeah, just go through the rest of your T tell and give him some good shadows. Keep it fast, Keep it fun, keep it loose and I'll see you. But the next video for highlights 5. Step 3 - Highlights: okay, It's time for highlights. So using the same brush, I just rinsed it off. And there's a little left over pink from the brush. Just, um, grabs just the tiniest bit of red mixed into your white. You want a riel? Nice pink color, and you're just gonna fill in that open space that we've left and you just want it. I tend to like a little more water, and I tend to build up this color just a little bit more than the others. I wanna make sure these strawberries feel solid, so I'm going to go in a little bit more, work it and make sure there aren't any major gaps. And also, you know, you want to make you go back in with a little white and make sure there's actually another highlight so you can put the pink, and then even on the side of your brush, you can grab a little white and come back in and make sure they have a bit of a pop. It it helps him kind of have a little more attitude in a little sparkle. Okay, so just make your way through the tea towel. I'm gonna put my little painting here on fast forward, but yeah, just make your way through and putting all your sort of middle pink and your highlights, and I'll see you on the next step. 6. Step 4 - Stems: OK, now it's time to add our leaves and will stem. Grab your smaller brush. It has sort of the blunt end. Get your green paint a little water And essentially, you're just gonna try to lay in a real fast, easy, expressive stem and leaf. I don't do much detail work here. I came to keep its spiky. Um, I asked my mom and my sister what they thought I thought, Oh, maybe they'll look to meet and spiky, maybe could try something softer. And so, um, you can just play around a little bit, maybe practice on a piece of paper off to the side and find a fast, kind of swoopy action that feels good to you and looks nice. Um, some is going to speed this up. You can see I'm just gonna lay in all my stems and leaves, and I will see you for the next video in detail. 7. Step 5 - Lines : Okay, Now we want to do a little detail work, So grab your thinnest detail brush you've got and get that into some black fabric paint. And essentially, we're just gonna make a quick outline around our strawberries, and you're gonna want toe get tight and go slow here, but I urge it it keep the pace quick and keep it loose. You know, I like when the black lines go on top of the strawberry and then off of it and back over it . This little black line just adds energy. It adds a little texture. It adds, um, sort of whimsy saying, Hey, I know these are perfect. These are just mystery, fun, casual strawberries, and so just make your way through your tea towel. Go around all your little strawberries. Sometimes it's nice to take the black paint and go into your stems and leaves and add another little black sort of line of, um detail on the stems and leaves. And then after you complete that, then we've just got two more steps 8. Step 6 - Details: Okay, So in this little video segment, we're going to do two different, um, last details to the tea towel. So first, grab a little clean white fabric paint. Grab your smallest detail brush, and you're just going to start to lay in some seeds on your strawberries and, you know, you just kind of dab it. You can roll the brush. You can kind of do a little squiggle. You know, you don't want to get too precious and perfect here with the's seeds, given that the rest of our strawberries air kind of crazy. So just go for it and keep it as fast and loose is the rest of the project. You know, I tend to put seeds just on one sort of side 1/3 of the strawberry, But that's just, you know, my preference. You try it and put it all over. Um, the I think they look equally nice on the sort of shadow side as the red and pink kind of highlight side. So I just have fun with it and all, uh, you can see here I've got the video here on extra hyper dr. And just work your way through your detail and get those seeds on. I think this portion really brings the whole thing to life. I think that's adds a sparkle, I think adds a little fun. And then this is the last step. You want to grab the big brush and water it down a lot. A lot. A lot of water grabs from red paint will keep watering it down and then just kind of, you know, splatter and drops and paint on top and just make your way around. Do as little or as much as you want. I think it's kind of nice, because when the details air folded, they you know you can't see all of them at once, so it kind of fills in. The white space adds a little painterly texture A little today. Okay, so you are done ish. Just let this dry for 24 hours before you Heat said it much. I had to do that in the next video 9. Step 7 - HeatSet: all right. So you're t tells now dry, and you just need to heat set it so that the ink doesn't dissolve. When you wash it, you'll need to follow the instructions on the back of your paint bottle mija card colors say to iron the back side of the detail for 30 seconds at the heat. That is appropriate for the fabric you're using. And you know, 30 seconds could be a long time, so you might want to set a timer, and you just have to work your way through the tea towel. And then once you're heat sets, uh, you are done, woo. 10. Wrap Up: Hey there. You're done. Congratulations. Hopefully you have. Ah, really cute little tea towel and ready to use. Or give us gift. Thank you for joining me. I really appreciate it. I love to see your work. I love to see how it worked out for you. One thing is this about these details is you know, there's only It's only a few dollars for the tea towel. And once you invest in the pain, you can paint them fairly fast. I mean, it should take you about 10 minutes to paint a T tell. And you can make a really cute, handmade, inexpensive gift fairly fast, which is kind of hard to do. So the fun thing is, you know, once you're done, you could do up different fruits. You could give a pack of three as a gift. You know, you could wrap um, all that's my dog with a squeaky toy. Okay, hold on. Just give me a second. Thanks. And then you could wrap like wooden spoons in it. You could get pie filling in mason jars and use. This is the outer wrapping, so you wouldn't even have toe wrap your present. So anyway, just some ideas there. Thank you for joining me. I hope you had fun and keep a lookout for my other classes. Thanks.