Painting Modern Loose Watercolor Florals : Learn Unique Techniques | Subhashini Narayanan | Skillshare

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Painting Modern Loose Watercolor Florals : Learn Unique Techniques

teacher avatar Subhashini Narayanan, Artist, Painting the Natural World

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      01 Intro


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      Water and Paint Ratio


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      Modern Florals 1


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      Mordern Florals 2


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      Bonus Lesson


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      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

In this class you will learn

  • How to paint loose, free, contemporary floral artworks.

Art Supplies needed for class project:

  • Watercolor paints
  • Three different round brushes (small, medium and large) and a fine brush for adding details
  • Watercolor paper
  • Spray bottle
  • Water container

By the end of this class, you will be able to paint modern contemporary watercolors with interesting techniques. I hope you enjoy this class. 

P.S -  If you’re sharing your project on Instagram and wanna get featured, please use the hashtag #paintwithsubhashini and tag me @subhashini.artfactory. Thank you for joining. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Subhashini Narayanan

Artist, Painting the Natural World

Level: Intermediate

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1. 01 Intro: watercolors are free on unpredictable. And I love it for its versatility. It's so magical towards something unexpected. It beautiful shows up on the paper. Oh, I love to feel off my bed brush gliding across the people Hi, this is Sebastian E. I'm an illustrator on Sophie Spartan designer. I started exploring particles a few years ago on my love for particular Never stopped growing. There are some unique techniques that make your watercolour florals look more than and that is what I'm gonna chabot you all in this culture class, these techniques will give you conference to create fun, expressive article of Florence. So grab your supplies and let's get started. 2. Materials: I'm gonna show you a few off my favorite materials. I have to your own brushes, one draeger brush and one fine brushed for adding details. The rigger brush is really useful for creating very fine lines. I'm also going to use this one inch crystal brush The rough Bristol's creates really nice pictures. I got this from Home Depot. You can get this from any hot Viesturs. I'm gonna use this glass. Does a jar for rinsing my brushes on a piece of rag lot Dwight, Texas paint and reusing this hand sanitizer spray bottle that I picked at Wal Mart. This prison Nice. Mr Voter. This can be used to create cool effects to your paintings. I'm going to use this Vincent and Newton Vertical. It's set for this class. These type of for tick elicits are easy to carry them around. You can use any brand of for the Kalis it available. There are plenty off options in the market. I'm using a cancel cold pressed watercolor paper. I suggest you to buy at least 1 40 phone paper. This will work great for the different techniques that we're gonna try today. 3. Water and Paint Ratio: we were learn about border to paint ratio. This is a really, really important Listen. If you are a big no once you understand how much water to add to get the right color that you want, you can avoid all the frustration. I'm taking very small amount off paint with the tip of my brush and adding more water to it . As you can see, this bush looks very light and transparent. Let's see what happens if he add more pain to the mix. No, we have a darker shade of green, but it's still transparent. No, let's keep adding more pigment as you keep on adding more paint. The color has started losing its transparency. Now the green looks almost off pick. Now I have the brush loaded with only the pigment and no water. It feels really rough on the paper and creates a dry brush effect. I highly recommend you to practice this exercise to understand how watercolor behaves 4. Techniques: There are many ways to add texture to your article. A painting. I'm gonna show you how to create some fund techniques to act textures. First, I'm gonna do the veteran with technique. I have loaded the brush with water to wit the people. As the name suggests, this simply means what paint applied onto with paper while the circle shape. Still vet. I'm not playing a different color the two color mixes to create a soft, diffuse look. I'm popping in a darker color while the surface is still of it. This might seem difficult, but once you get the hang off it, you can create truly wonderful effects. This is a very important technique, and we're gonna use this often in this class. The 2nd 1 is but on dry technique. I'm gonna paint the surface and allow it to completely dry Before I had the next layer of paint. Since the selfishness dry, you cannot any shop do deals, and the color doesn't mix with the background. I'm going to show you the lifting technique. This technique is used to introduce lighter marks on the doctor Sophie's. By lifting the color off, you have to use a clean and damn fresh to lift off the paint. - This is the dry brush technique. For the dry brush technique, you have to use a brush loaded with Kwan Li paint on very little voter. The brush fields really rough on the paper. Painting with dry brush creates a unique, scratchy diction. This can be useful by painting twigs and branches. - I'm going to show you those pray technique. It's simple and fun. I'm four star playing a layer of paint, and then I'm taking a spray bottle to add a mist of water to the paint. The water bleeds on. Create a nice crackle defict. For this technique, I'm using the bristle brush. I'm just grabbing some paint on the paper. To get this picture, you can use different colors. I'm using the bristle brush again, but this time on with paint. As you can see, this produces a different effect. I want to show you one last technique. Splattering technique gives a loose appearance to a painting. It's so easy unfunded. As long as it's not overdone, load your brush with paint and hold it palette to your paper and gently dubbed the bush. So these are some easy ways to add instant texture to your painting. I highly recommend you to practice these techniques before you begin the class project. 5. Modern Florals 1: in this. Listen, I'm going to show you a few examples of fun. Barnacle of Florence. These are not realistic looking there, quick and fun to paint. We're gonna use the techniques that we learned in the previous video amusing wet on wet technique for this floral. So I'm adding more water to the paint. Matting on a dick alert on top, but it's still slightly red, amounting a strong crimson to the rich. Paint a mixing some greens and browns for the leaves. It doesn't have to look perfect. These little imperfections add character to your motives, but just plain water in my brush. I'm drawing a circle, adding some color dots on the surface again, amusing plain water and just touching the ages to get this effect. Using the rigger brush to get 10 lines for the stem. It's good. Always bury your brush. I love using muted greens grace and somebody Don's for my leaves. For this one, we're going to use the spray technique. Now I'm using this pray border to spray some water. It's so beautiful to watch how the color for those out adding the stem and leaves using pain scream. You can add some interesting patterns to leaves. You don't have to use exactly the same cholesterol. Amusing. You can have fun with the color palette off your choice. I'm lifting off the color from the center using a clean, damp brush. I'm dropping indigo in the center to create some contrast. I'm going to let the leaves try and come back to add some details. This one is a spiky floral. I'm using my fine brush toe Adam strokes. - I think the leaves are dry. Just gonna add some wonky lines to it for this one. I'm marrying really watery mics off the paint around the darker pigment I'm looking First, I have to drop the colors when the paint is still wet. - This one is really fun. I'm just painting multicolor pedals destroyed in the mist off water. 6. Mordern Florals 2: we saw how to paint circular looking florals in the last class. Now I'm going to paint simplified flowers off very shapes. This lesson is also based on the techniques that he learned. I'm starting with Indy going to center and making petals with light bush around it. If you notice I'm varying the tones off, these light washes look more interesting if you keep varying the colors instruct using the same tones. Adding more pigment in the surface is still wet. Using my small brush to add some delicate leaves, - I'm drawing battles with plain water, and I'm gonna drop some colors on top off it. So I'm quickly dropping very shades off pain, and you can see the beautiful pictures that are farming, adding some crimson accent to get a nice be defict. - I'm making a fluffy blob with crimson mixed with lots of Votto and diving. Some burnt sienna on the surface is still that adding some free strokes when the surface is slightly red and this gives nice further defect to the lines, adding multiple color dots to create texture. Okay, I'm painting pedals with great greens and again, a meeting the tones I love, adding pretty deals with the popping color. Here I am marrying purple details to the petals. - I'm using the lifting technique to remove excess color and create a nice texture to the leaf. Here I'm painting a simple tree petal flower with varying the reds and oranges to make it interesting. If you notice, I'm changing the shapes off leaves for each flower to add variety, adding details on the pedals with crimson. For this one, I'm using the same technique that I'm used for the first flavor in this class but have just changed the shape amusing the splattering technique where they load the brush with paint and gently tap on it. You can keep experimenting with these fund techniques. - I'm reading the paper with Botha, so I'm gonna use my done with technique here, adding some browns and greens to the with surface. - I'm using the dry brush technique here. There's no water in my brush, and that's how we achieved this effect and painting a monochrome flower here, not trying to make it look perfect. I'm using waiting but and splattering techniques. This is what fun about these loose morals. You don't have to worry about being precise the last flower is simple and easy to paint and just dropping colors on the bit surface and creating an interesting pattern. - I hope you enjoyed this. Listen and see you in the next one. 7. Bonus Lesson: for this demo. I'm gonna paint all the flowers from the previous lessons and create a nice Oliver pattern . All I'm gonna do is arrange the flowers harmoniously only with the paper. I'm just going to speed up the process. Okay? - Okay . 8. Final Thoughts: thank you for joining my class. I encourage you to practice all the techniques that we learned in this class city and create fun, abstract, expressive florals off your own. Please share your final artwork to a class project. If you're sharing your project on instagram and fornicate featured, please use the hashtag painted Subashini. I hope you enjoy the class. I'm so excited to see what degree