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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Saguaro cactus - drawing


    • 3.

      Saguaro cactus - painting


    • 4.

      Beavertail cactus - drawing and painting


    • 5.

      Turk's cap cactus - drawing


    • 6.

      Turk's cap cactus Painting - Part 1


    • 7.

      Turk's cap cactus - Painting Part 2


    • 8.

      Peyote Cactus - Drawing and Painting


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About This Class

Welcome to the SketchBook everyday Series of courses. In this seventh course, you will learn how to draw and paint 4 different cacti using watercolors.

My name is Mandar, a fine Artist, and a sculptor. I will be leading you through this course.

I've designed this course for the artist in you who wants to improve your art but has limited time to practice. Your sketchbook is your best place to practice and hone your skills. It’s your private space;  and your aim here is not to produce a gallery ready painting but to try out new things, have fun and improve your art.

Watching other artists draw and paint and then practicing the same is a time-tested way of improving one’s artistic ability. That’s the reason I show you every line that I draw, every brush stroke that I make and explain to you each step of my artistic process.

I’ll show you how I draw and shade each cactus with pencil and then how I paint it with watercolors. This method of painting gives best results and improves artistic confidence very quickly.

This course is for you if you want to improve your art and are willing to spend at least 15 minutes every day, practicing. It doesn't matter if you are a student, a professional, a homemaker or a retired person. No prior art making experience is necessary to take this course. Just having the interest is enough.

I look forward to seeing you inside the class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mandar Marathe

Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer



Download my ebook. 



I am a fine artist, illustrator, and sculptor based in Pune, India.

I chose to become a full time artist in 2011 after 15 years of corporate career in manufacturing and IT.
During my education and corporate career I made art on weekends and exhibited it through solo and group shows. But I wanted to make more art and more often!

After quitting my day job, I've created and sold my own art more often and have taught 20000+ students through my workshops, courses and membership.

My art teaching method got refin... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: welcome to the sketchbook. Everyday Cities, of course, is in the seventh course. You will learn how to draw and pain. Four different capped I using watercolors. My name is Mandir, a fine artist and sculptor. I will believe in you through the scores. I've designed this course for the artist in you who wants to improve your art but has limited time to practice. Your sketchbook is your best place to practice and hold your skills. It's your private space, and your aim here is not to produce gallery really paintings, but to try new things. Have fun and improve your heart. Watch another artist draw and pain and then practicing the same is a time tested way off, improving one's artistic ability. That's the reason I show you every line that had raw every breast or good I made and explain to you eat, step off my artistic process. I'll show you how I draw and shared each practice with pencil and then how I painted with watercolors. This metal of painting gives best results and improves artistic confidence very quickly. This course is for you. If you want to improve your art and are willing to spend at least 15 minutes every day Practicing. It doesn't matter if you're a student, a professional ah, homemaker or a retired person. No prior art making experience is necessary to take this course. Just having interesting art is enough. I look forward to seeing you insert this class. 2. Saguaro cactus - drawing: welcome to this lecture in this lecture on be drawing Saguaro cactus, which is mainly found in American vest on can grow up to 40 feet tall and can weigh up to a ton. I'm starting with Toby Pencil on. Don't draw the mean spin. And then there are fuel branches, so to say, which grew out of the main body. These tools branches come out from the front side of the cactus so you won't be able to see this line. Andi. Now I can go in Andi the first time I used a B pencil to indicate the light and sheer. So I assume that the light is coming in from this side on, so they be shadow on the side off the stem. This kind off pencil study helps in understanding the structure off the object which were drawing or painting on, which immensely helps when you actually start painting. So this is a roughly indication, a rough indication of where the shadows are in the light from fall from the site on now will be using her four b pencil in tow, dark and the lines. And then there are these. It just all over the body off the practice. You find shooted before or after these lines. Then, because of the shading, these lines also would have got smudged. So I did the shooting first. And then I'm drawing these Ridgelines. This bird, Are this branches coming from behind this time so you can't see where it is. A Dutch to the stream. Two men are these all the ridges and then that of spikes are thorns all over the body which come out from the rich. I'm indicating them lightly and maybe there's some flower coming on on top off these run just on means stem and so on and so forth. I'll continue making These are doing these tones. Andi, speed up the video so that it's easier for you to watch as we come towards the centre off the mean body or anywhere here. Also, the length of the tones would be smaller because they're coming towards us on when they are on the sights. We're seeing them like this. Where is when we see the stones on this side or the front side off the oh structure? We even see them like this so you can see that it looks shorten that's called foreshortening in drawing terminology, and so make sure you are following that. That gives better sense off realism and not going toe to much off details as to because these stones might be more than one at a place. But I just leave it on their Andi. That's good enough as a study for us toe start painting. So in the next step, really vending the Saguaro cactus seeding the next lecture. 3. Saguaro cactus - painting: will come to this lecture in this lecture. I'll be painting the Saguaro on being using this lemon yellow and some amount off, said Julian Blue on beginning this mixture because the first layer I want and will be very , very Tim. Andi, I'm using a round breasts off number 10. All right. I don't intend to copy the cactus exactly as what I would run, so I'm doing it freehand and towards the base off the planned. I want to add some browns because that's where it is touching the ground, or it's getting into the ground on. Because of that, that is some Markovich comes off when it dries. There is some brown color with the body gets again gun training with the arms or branches off the plant. This will be here. Andi, the next brunch is something like this on the branch on this side is like this on before discolored rise. I want to introduce something. Our dramedy in blue is to indicate the shadow, which basically in darkens the green and the It's the shadow, which we need. This system went in tow technique. I'm a 30 year. It's very nice traditions and just want to get rid off the hard edge. Here it is being found. Andi, I'll have toe allow this to dry before I make the UN indicate the details on this. So I'm see you in about two minutes. When this gets dried up, this first layer has dried on. Now I can create the regis with put three different tools I can use. Ah, black. Then I can use breath pens. In fact, this is the line which I drew with brush spin. You have to be careful that you don't press too much with the breast spin because otherwise you'll get a very tickling so you can use a brush spin like this, or you can use marker pen are very till didn't Ben on and draw the lines like this or the regis like this. Or I can use a very thin brush with their Triple zero brush. And I made some dark green brown color with by mixing a blue and brown on. I can use that. The major difference between using these tools is that with the brush, if you use, the color becomes lighter when it dries, so you have to kind off estimate the darkness beforehand because if you want to overlap this line again with the darker color, it will create a mess not being very fine. So what I'll do is I'll go ahead and use this Ben to indicate the religious. I also warned these lines to be broken at some point and not very uniform and thick. So this is how the release will be right by mistake drew this line here but can come in like this. I'm drawing the external line or the outline tickly not be drawing the headlines with lighter pressure and what remains to be done now he's are the fonts which grew out off. Grow on these ridges, the point where your drawer ridges are draw these tones well defined the length that they should have. When I'm doing the thorns on the outer edge, they will be long, and as I go toward the center off, the tractors will become very sharp inland because it gets for shorten by that. What I mean is, if I look at the tone like this in front, then it would be like this. But when I look when the taunts are more perpendicular, Cordes, though towards my vision. They look shorter and shorter. This is the land it will be. It would have been a when it is pointing towards me on when it is pointing away from me completely perpendicular to my vision, it will have the longest limb possible. So as I go towards the centre off the cactus, I draw the tones much more shorter in length and again on this side. They'll be long and maybe there is some floor which is just coming at the tip. And now we'll continue our growing these on stop the commentary and speed of the video water he's off viewing that completes the drawing on bending off the Saguaro on DSI when than expected. 4. Beavertail cactus - drawing and painting: welcome to the lecture in which will be drawing and painting. We were daily cactus. Let's start throwing it and these birds are flat. Maybe in this for you, you will see more clearly. They have this kind of shape. This is the thickness off the boards and this is the earth. And then sometimes have rose are pink colored flowers. I draw this on this side and they don't have ah, very Lindy phones. But they are very small, Harrell explains. Our which cover all which are all over the body and these beautiful cactus or get ir phoned in southwest off us. It is Central California on division around, and the hula Native Americans usedto in this as four people by boiling these butts and they sometimes have rows are being colored flowers which we can indicate here and and can shaded here on this side to indicate their thickness. Now, let's being them quickly in a very simplistic man. I mean, I'm using lemon yellow. Andi is I'm really 10 mixture, so this can be the first part on. And the 2nd 1 the smaller one, goes here on the one on this site to indicate the shadow on the side or the thickness off the buts and have to wait for some time and then add a layer off darker color on the sides better and use this dark color. Didn't someone civilian blue makes it? Makes some born see a nine on I'm using this tick on that will prevent this color from spreading too much. Let's see how it looks. You know, since this is ticker inconsistency, this will not spread so much then to balance that are due. Get rid of the stark contrast and have to introduce amid green, which are little by adding some blue here and being dick like this. And I'll allow this toe dry for some time only Then I can come and indicate the small globules off tones those you an imminent welcome back. This layer has dried now, Andi, to indicate the small Grogan's Nords from where the my new taunts come out, I'll have to use white and some green Just Oh, remove the reduced the whiteness off the color. I'm using a very thin brush. Andi, just ladies sports all over the cactus. Unlike the Saguaro, there are no regis here. And so these thorn noodles are not in any particular line or specific arrangement. They're all over the body, and that's what I'm indicating. And I know if I had this base color a slight, more darker, then these would have bean much more easier to look at because of the contrast. Let's see how your wife looks. This is slightly better than I might have to come back again to okay one more layer off these upon Maroons, because the white color is becoming transparent when it's getting dried up. But for now, I leave it at this point on. I also want to indicate some red flowers or a taste buds, and the long so I've used. We're median, you, Andi, a lizard in crimson, and we can call this as done to you in the next lecture. 5. Turk's cap cactus - drawing: Welcome to the lecture in which I'll be drawing Turks. Camp Cactus. It's mostly found in America's Onda Caribbean. On it is called Turks Head because it resembles the Fez head or, Ah, Turkish hat on. That's the reason it's been given that name. These are the Rijs and let's say this is the grown. Then there is this line which separates these two richest. So this is the top. This is the value part, Andi. Similarly, each section will have it's really part and so we might not see the valley in each of these sections. But when When I If I assume that the light is coming on from this side then and let's say this is one of the regis, then this will be dark in the Sumer Datta and the later side. Well, he's not seen here, but for me on the site. So again, this will be dark and this will be catching light on again. This will be dark, light and again, this is dark and again. This will be like and it has a peculiar hat like structure and the top, which is very funny and woolen. So it's kind off. This is the part because of which it gets the drugs had name. This is reddish orange in color on Very funny on booth floors which are pink in color. Come out from this part off the camp And this has taunts which come out like this. Town tones are on the ridge again. This is storage. In fact, these stones are lighter in color and this body is green in color. But since I'm drawing in pencil, if I'm using, I'm showing those tones as dark again. This is that age. Yeah. These tones are again not very straight. They have a curve in them. I mean, this is storage changed and this is the ground. Are Grable one from which this cactus has grown, so lets you draw awesome small stones. You have to give it the feeling off. It's growing out of these small stores. And if I want to add Accenture the darks and go in with a six b pencil or oh eight leave pencil on did shared the parks. Me judging the shed are done from the barns rejoining the shoot and abdel and then draw this a rich. And since light is coming from here this side will be in dark darkness study as compared toa the side and that more or less complete their drawing. But it off the Burkes camp on DSI. When the next lecture will I be painting this in meticulous 6. Turk's cap cactus Painting - Part 1: welcome to the lecture. In the last lecture, I drew this. That's kept cactus on. Now I'll be painting it more to the list. I won't be doing any shape using Benton, but then, if you feel that near you can do that, I'm going to do. I'm going to paint it directly and use my drawing as a reference so mixed lemon yellow and civilian blue to make this green. I'm going to keep this layer very thin and light and I'm using ah, flat brush because I want to be Inc. I brought a shape like this on. I will let it dry before I come in with darker green color. I would let this dry for some time. Andi killed in. I'm in paint the other parts off this. Check this, which is the cap. I want to paint the gap with ah and orange colors. I'm using Venetian red and using one of these two yellows. First, let me try chrome yellow and a little bit off lemon yellow. I think this will make a nice first layer for the camp. I think I should have started a bit below so that I could have got more space for the cap. But let me try to make most off what I have. No. So this will be the first Lear for the camp. Well, and this also will have to dry before I can come in with for that leads. So this green is almost dry, but I still see some witness here, so still dead rise. I lose yellow car and burnt sienna to indicate the gravel and had some blue will make it darker. - Let this dry for a minute or two and then I'll come back. This layer has dried completely now. Andi, somehow I don't like this gravel so much, but let's see what I can do or is that I need to correct it. Now I'll be using a round brush and I'll be coming in with darker green color. So I'm again starting with civilian blue on and lemon yellow, and I'll be using this color toe. Indicate the dark parts. Andi, I'm using this drawing as the reference for marking the dark parts here, so the 1st 1 will be like so on. This is 10 as compared Toa the a Dios facing us, and the next one is like this? No, that next one is like this. These are actually two parts which are seen as one though they're different. I mixed the green, that green color once again. And that's the reason interests changed a bit. Or it looks different from the hair green, which is okay, I'm I can come in with the same dark green on top off this color while it is still with on going to use English indicate the this is they're not part the light is coming in from this side. So then me, I'm using this same green, just all alkaline. I might come add one layer off green on top of this if I've seen so because I feel it is too light. It's looking to light. But I will wait for that because I want I need this green color to dry. So what I'll do is I come in with another earlier on the cap home, I'm adding a little more munition red for the earlier color on. I would be using the tip off this breast toe given their picture. This part is really funny, Andi that that texture is what I'm trying to indicate. Andi will be a shared on this side. Some having little Winnie burnt Sienna on and find the hearing that will decide just to indicate the shadow area. And I let this dry. Tilden, let me try giving one more it off green, for which I'm using chrome yellow and mixing it with this earlier green on. Don't only one layer off that green here. - Now this is looking better. I'm happy with it, Onda, though this is accident, I don't want Oh, go and corrected too much The red off the cap coming in and mixing with the green with me some more blue here in the greens. This is thicker. Well, it as compared to the earlier leads. And I will allow this layer to dry before I come in with the next layers off. I want O dropping the spines and the little flowers. I can do the little flowers right now because it's not governing the uglier painted areas. I'm using a lizard in Clemson. Really? Tin there. Andi just indicate fuel. One switcher for being out from this India. I made the color. Putin. This is Specter. That should be enough. And again I'll wait for this color stood right. See you in two minutes. 7. Turk's cap cactus - Painting Part 2: Now these layers have tried Andi the spines off this cactus, our light in color. So I'm going to use white to indicate those points. And I'm using a very thin brush and I'm going to use pure white. I might add some local later, but I'm going to first drive with this pure white color. So the spines are Maybe this brush is too shot it Tok Angus. Right One. These long strokes indicate this, but they're not coming very dimensional. They are looking very flak. I'm going to use Jerry brush or and and a longer brush and I'm under mix some yellow going . Do it just toe Kill that your witness and I'm gonna drive in this press Now I'm holding it as far as possible so that I get nice flicks. I think this is much better. These points are on the regis And because it is what color this white might become more transparent when it dries. But just toe make it obviously one. See the white here because of the white paper I might have toe, I had a black line Just toe make these spines visible. But let me at least finish these first layer with white. This system next read, you know. Ah, this is the next street because the light is coming from here. This is the side on this side, so it won't get light, whereas this side is the light green one, which is catching the light. And another village is here, which is not very clearly seen because off their dark green colors. And there's no let's side, which is seen in between these two outside's on the last ridge seen from this sale is this . If you have white men, you can try using that instead of a brush. My guess is that it will give you much more or pink strokes. Then why quarter color? Well, since I don't have that, I'm going toe stick to this white color. As I said, you can see that the white is becoming transparent once it is getting tried, so I might try adding one more earlier. But that's going to be tricky because it's the spines are so narrow, are ready tin. It's not possible toe or left the earlier stroke properly, I might come in with black pen just to indicate few off the dark insights just to make sure the spines had visible using a very tin mixture off your local and this earlier red. Because the spines are not pure white, I'm tryingto and some other color. So I brought in black Ben, and I'm just going toe indicate some lines for these points. I'm not under draw each and every spine like this. But in this is just where some contrast you can see the difference between these Andi would have made some marks with Ben. And these eight years, where have not used a pen yet, Andi, you can see the contrast this Finn is giving. So I'm continuing with adding a few months on the sector. And I had one more random line here Onda Ridge between the spine ordinance. And here you go. And that completes the more regular sketch off those cab cactus. Hope you have enjoyed and learned something. Andi, you will attempt painting this skeptics yourself. See you in the next lecture. 8. Peyote Cactus - Drawing and Painting: well, come to this lecture in which will be drawing beauty. Get this. It's a spineless cactus on bits mainly found in Mexico and Texas. It's supposed tohave, psychoactive characteristics. Andi. It's also known to be used by Native Americans for 5000 or even more years for spiritual purposes. It has, ah shaped like this, and the richest are not very deep on and and has. Some models are no dunes, and there are some markings like this or where the surface four words and these New Orleans have very thin hair. The North spines. This is the sideline on day have pink flowers. I'll indicate to floods Andi toe and some shooting. I mean, I'll assume the light is coming in from this side, so this side will be darker since there are no Regis or the religious, but which are very shallow on. The valleys are very shallow. There will not be much off our difference in the green color or the shade and the light. I'm using my finger toe, make the gradation smooth. And then I had the ridge line again and restate the floor, maybe handsome shading to the floor themselves, and that completes the drawing off the beauty cactus. And now we'll go ahead and think the same again, my lord, Be drawing the shape again, but I'll use the same drawing as my reference. This time again, I'll be mixing a green color. Okay, cerulean blue and lemon yellow. And we're adding some white with just Oh, give it that grace color are ready. Um, the surface is a slightly not your green kids. I don't find the right word for it, but then this It has some weight color into it, and I'll be using white in this green. I'm not so too much of a purist in mortar colors. So I'd be using this toe being this build a first layer and still this tries a bit. I'm goingto he used this pink color to indicate the flowers again. I had some white into it. Andi indicate the presidents in watercolor. It's necessary tohave right. Consistency of the brushstrokes are the color on the brush, and and that takes some practice would, once you know and becomes your second nature. I'm not worry too much about this color bleed into the green because this spring color is slightly thick, are thicker than the green color. It's not spreading too much Now we'll come in with slightly more darker green. So I added some blue to the existing green color on drag My brush over this color toe suggest that Aegis Mitchell not Saudi and then come in with why and some your Loker on this even this red will go for these in audience needs to be much more white. I might have toe let this color again once it is dry I for to air these lines. It is below these. No, Nunes, this is looking to pink. But I don't have to wait for this white color to dry before I can coming. And I'm using some yellow joker on some burnt sienna. This time I will be using it with the tingly just to indicate the gravel or those small stones in which this practice is growing. Huh? On board. By the time this wide rice, I'm using this pink color again. Now with our god, make sure you are ticker Consistency. Don't define the evidence once more. I think I use paper tired toe pick up this right theme with thick. It is taking a long time to dry and and use a tin Norgle green to indicate shadow on this side with this unhappy toe, reinstate or re state the I read lines, which is okay, because I want this. I want to show this darker 80. And now I'll come in with even darker green on a ticker. Make sure slightly for the ridge. Anything I want to wait for some more time indicating some shadow. Since I have some time before this thing Dr Andi, I will try to come in with light on and some grow Mierlo, not chrome yellow Iloka when I wanted to be tick indicate these no deals. Yeah, on with the pen. Maybe I'll add a few contrasting marks because it is dry and because it is wet, the ink off the pen is spreading, which is greeting a nice effect. This is marriage. You can see that I'm not using a continuous line Him just using a dotted line toe indicate onto and some contrast again people watercolorist mean I'll do this. But this is not. This is more illustrative style off painting with watercolors. So I don't mind using been And that's it for the beauty cactus. Andi, Since I didn't did not write the name earlier. Liberated. Now see you in the next lecture