No Effort Sketch Journaling: Art Journaling Made Easy With Pen, Watercolors and a Tiny Sketchbook | Fatih Mıstaçoğlu | Skillshare

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No Effort Sketch Journaling: Art Journaling Made Easy With Pen, Watercolors and a Tiny Sketchbook

teacher avatar Fatih Mıstaçoğlu, watercolor storyteller

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class Project


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      What is sketch journaling?


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      How is it done?


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      How to choose a topic.


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      Let's make a page!


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      What else can we make? p1


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      What else can we make? p2


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      What else can we make? p3


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      What else can we make? p4


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About This Class

Have you started drawing but stopped a few days later?

Or find yourself filling a few pages of a sketchbook and then never opening it again?

How about starting a new art practice with the new year and can’t even remember when you stopped? 

If this sounds like you, this class is for you! What if I told you there is an easy way!


I’ve been doing sketch journaling for years and trying to teach everyone how to do it since 2020. In fact, my very first class for Skillshare was “Watercolor Sketch Journaling”

In this new format, I call “No Effort Sketch Journaling”, I stripped down the practice to its essential parts and removed everything that you can use as an excuse to not to continue. 

I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR IT! - It takes only 10 mins or less. 

I CAN’T DO IT EVERYDAY! - You don’t have to. 

I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DRAW! - You don’t need to. 

I DON’T KNOW HOW TO PAINT! - You don’t need to. 

I AM NOT TALENTED! - No talent is required. (Plus, there is no such thing as talent.)

I AM IMPATIENT! - You will get results straight away.

I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DRAW - I’ll help you with that. =)

No Effort Sketch Journaling is exactly how it sounds like. NO EFFORT! It’s done with minimum effort yet it does everything a sketch journal should do:

- Give you a space to practice drawing/painting/hand lettering.

- It helps you to capture memories.

- It gives you a sense of accomplishment.

- And most importantly, it helps you to get a HABIT! 

Turning this into a habit is the most important thing and I designed this format with this in mind. Habits are formed when there is less friction. If you wanna eat more fruit but every time eating a fruit involves digging them out of the fridge, washing, peeling, cutting… You end up not doing it. This is friction. 

And forming a creative habit is good for you mentally but also it’s the only thing to help you get better at your art. With this in mind, I got rid of: 

  • the pencil sketching
  • drawing layouts
  • big sketchbooks
  • big paints
  • filling out an entire page
  • writing
  • painting out the entire page

What we are left with is a tiny but mighty sketch journal with very artsy paintings inside. 

So, since you have NO EXCUSE left, I will see you inside, right? =) 

If you still have an excuse, please write to me directly because I have to hear this BS. =D And I promise I will try to find a solution for it.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fatih Mıstaçoğlu

watercolor storyteller

Top Teacher

Hello! My name is Fatih but you can call me Fab. I've been painting with watercolors for 11 and working as an independent artist for 6 years. Before that, I was a copywriter in advertising. And before that I was an au-pair. =)

I try to share what I do and how I do them over at my Instagram account and you can have a look at that over here:

I love painting with watercolors and recording videos while I paint. For my day to day art practice I keep sketch journals and document our daily life. Over time I collected quite a few skills and tips so I thought it was time to share them with you guys and that's how I joined the Skillshare family.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: Have you started drawing but stopped a few days later? Or find yourself filling a sketch book and then never opening it again? How about starting a new art practice with the new year and can't even remember when you stopped. If this sounds like you, this class is for you. But if I told you there is an easier way and I found it. Hi, my name is Fatty, but everybody calls me up. I've been doing sketch journaling for years and trying to teach everyone how to do it since 2020. In fact, my very first class was watercolor sketch journaling in this new format that I call no afford sketch journaling. I stripped down the practice to its essential parts and removed everything that you can use as an excuse not to continue. I don't have time for it. It only takes 10 minutes or less. I can't do it every day. You don't have to. I don't know how to draw. You don't need to. I don't know how to paint. You don't need to. I'm not talented. No talent is required. Plus, there's no such thing as talent. I'm impatient. You will get results right away. I don't know what to draw, I'll help you with that. No effort. Sketch journaling is exactly how it sounds like. No effort. It's done with minimum effort, yet it does everything a sketch journal should do. It gives you a space to practice art. It helps you capture memories. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. And most importantly, it helps you to create a habit. Turning this practice into a habit is the most important thing, and I designed this format with this in mind. Habits are formed when there is less friction. Forming a creative habit is good for you mentally, but also it's the only thing that will help you get Petrityart. With this in mind, I got rid of pencil, sketching, drawing layouts, big sketchbook, big paints, filling out an entire page, writing and painting out the entire page. What we are left is a tiny but mighty sketchbook with very art paintings inside. Since you have no excuse left, I will see inside that. If you still have an excuse, please write to me directly because I have to hear this. Can I say bullshit, check? Yes. Write to me directly and I promise I will help you find a solution for it. 2. Class Project: Hello, camera. I'm here. Could you focus on me? Not on the ceiling. Look here. Hi, Jesus. Here, I'm showing you. Thank you. I have to point with my finger. Camera is worse than Jack. Thanks for the coffee, Jack. I appreciate. Don't be so shocked. I do. Thank you. From time to time, when you do things right, your project, if you choose to accept it, is to start a no effort, sketjannel. I know it's kind of obvious, but what was I supposed to do? Make you do a handstand? It's an art class. I'm showing you how to fill a page, so I expect to see a page from you, or two, or five, or ten. Just keep them coming, pe. 3. Materials: Now we're doing the materials. Let's see, First, let's mom. In the meantime, I'm just speaking to myself and kind of getting ready. After being quiet for hours and hours in my studio, I'm starting to remember how to talk again. Okay, this goes on the side. You go here. Okay. Hello? Are we starting now? Okay, we are starting now. Hello, welcome back. For the materials, I usually don't do materials videos a lot because they go into the lesson because I don't use so many different materials. I usually use my sketch books and watercolor paper and watercolors. But in this one, I felt like it was necessary to do a materials video because I this was one of my attempts to get rid of another excuse of yours that I can't use watercolor, I can't use cron, I can't use brush pens or whatever I try to do. I actually succeeded. I did four different sketch journals, no effort sketch journals, and they're all different. The topic is different, the medium is different. And let's have a look at the materials I used for the sketch journals. And then later we will have a look at them one by one and what I did inside and so on. Let's start with the hero. The hero schedule is this one. That's everything started with this one. On one day, I was sitting at the coffee shop and I wanted to do something with the schedule. I opened it and did this painting a new start. I was correct that this is from this MLT art. It's called Bristol Sketch Album. I don't know where it is available to be honest, but I'm hoping to put a file in the resource section with clickable links that you can just go and buy if it's available in your area. If you use those links, it will be very helpful to me. There will be affiliation links. I think they're called, the time is very tight at the moment. It might not be available in the first days of the lesson, but it will be soon. Yeah. This one is 185 gram and there are 32 pages in it. It says bet for markers, pencils, gel pens, but I use watercolors and you can see it didn't even get that wavy. Actually, it held pretty well. This is also due to the way I painted it. No effort, sketch, ural, not that much paint. It doesn't actually curve the paper as much. It's actually okay for this project. Next to this, this is my sketch journal. The coffee shop. The coffee. Every time I go to coffee shop, I draw my coffee. I use my water colors. This is from I can never remember the name of the print take. It's called Ganz Tambi Small set. This is how I carry that brush is already inside. When I go to a coffee shop to paint, I just open it and my brushes are there, waiting for me. It comes with this protection, but I use this as a tray. I don't carry additional equipment to mix my paint. I often use directly from the pen as well, without mixing it on the site. But sometimes I want to create another color by mixing and I use this. I'm putting this aside, this is a small set. I have a bigger set. Probably seen in my other classes. The reason I picked this, I thought this is no effort. Sketch early. I'm not worrying so much about the specific colors, that everything has to be perfect. Like I have a limited pit here, I'm just using this. I'm usually happy with the results. I use these brushes for this. It was a cheap from website. It's called Renaissance. This one is the tennis one. I think they had number zero and this one is number eight. Other than that, I don't really need anything else for the pen. I'm using the micron or sometimes I use the fiber castle ones as well. But with this project I think mostly I use this. I started 0.1 first, Like this one. I think it's even in the drawing here from the first day. Let's put the paint aside for a second. Yeah, look, this is actually this one. Can you see the handle and the ending? But this is 0.1 end very thin. Later I realize I actually enjoy more when the continuous contra drawings are thicker then I achieved this one. And I thought, oh, I like this, I would recommend using four or five thicker pens, not 0.1 like I normally use. This is the pen I use. The paint I use for this project, the sketch journal sketch book, that's that I am. Now putting this aside, you can see it's not much to carry with you. This was another excuse I want to get rid of like, oh, I can't carry all those things. It's only this much. The paints together with the brush. I have one paint, I don't even need a pencil because I'm not sketching and tiny sketch book usually, I also get a elastic band. I just put this together and the pen next to it and I'm done. This takes almost no space in my backpack. This was another excuse I tried to get rid of. Okay, You have no excuses, My friend. I'm moving on to the next one. Let's do this first. This is another sketch journal, no effort. Sketch journal, I started. The topic of this is very interesting to me and I think I'm hoping some of you will use 03:00 P.M. There are some pages here. It shouldn't be here. Yeah, I actually haven't made a opening page for the other two. There are opening pages stating what the topic is. With this one, I decided this is going to be my three sketch journal. Whatever is happening at 03:00 P.M. I set up an alarm. Whatever is happening in that moment, I'm illustrating that. It gives me something to draw and always reminds me to do it daily. That was the idea for this one. It's 200 gram a bit heavier than the previous one. It also has 32 pages, again all of them from this SMLT art. This one is best for all dry techniques and watercolor. It's a mixed media sketch album for this one I decided to use if you don't want to carry watercolors. Oh, I haven't shown you one thing. Watercolors. I have also this tiny jar with me. You can see the water is pretty dirty right now, that when I go to a coffee shop, I'm going to paint. I'm using this, it's really small. Look like next to the paint. Let me show you. It's just like this. It doesn't leak. It goes in my backpack and it's always there. I don't even bother changing the water most of the time. I like that when the colors are not so much like from the pan but it gets a bit muddy with this. It's actually okay. I like it like that. Now, back to this for this one, 03:00 P.M. Sketch book. Sketch Journal. I decided to go with brush pens because I was thinking, what can I do to There's a bit of a reflection. Sorry about that. What can I do to make it easier for my students If they say I can't carry watercolor with me, the paint water is difficult. Okay? There is a brash pan for you. This is basically watercolor in form of a pen. Doing this. Another reason, this is new to me as well, if you think, oh, I can't do like you do because you are experienced arts. First time in my life I bought brush pens I learned here, doing a few trials in here. Then I will show you of course, later, what you can do with them. But this is also new to me. It's from echo line I picked. There are ten of them here look like you can see colors here better. It would give me the most options with the scenes I'm trying to paint. What I do after adding the colors with brush pen, I have a pen here that this is basically filled with water. I'm just blending them, using this. Then it gives me this water coloring effect. We will have a look at that later, how it sounds. Basically the results are something like this, which I love. That's look how sobs. Only this and water brush. That's all. Again, no more excuses. That space. You don't have space in your backpack. This goes away. Now, another set. This I started, I'm really happy with this one and I will continue doing it. This is when I'm with, this is the topic of it. As you can see, it's quite different. Black though. It will be a good challenge. Again, you don't like this watercolor feeling, but you want to do something different here. I have lots of options for you. This is the black ones, again from SMLTart hundred and 70 gram, again, 32 pages, 4 colored pencils, cron gel pens, metal marks. And this is what I did. I had to, again, find my way. I never drew or painted on black before. Cr. I don't use what did I tried with this one. First had the idea of it when I'm with normally my sketchbooks and sketchers are very precious and I don't want anything to happen to them. But I thought this is for me and Kay, if I'm going to leave it next to Kai, my son is by the way. Kai is my son. I'm going to leave it next to him. I'm going to draw next to him so he can also see what I do for a living and what I love doing. Also, if he just picks up the pen and try to draw on it, I welcome it. I even encouraged him to do it. Later. We will have a look at, there are some situations where he also decided to paint. Like I here, I turned it around, what I was doing, white page black pen. I bought some gel pens. White. There were three in them. 0.3 0.4 0.5 millimeter wide. I stole from my son's big collection. He had enough. This is the box of the gel pens came in and I stuffed cryons inside. These are nothing special I took from my son because I thought cons match very well to the sketchbook. Since I'm with Kai, he has his own cryions. I started using those for the times we were outside. I just took a few of the colors that I thought it would be useful and made a set that would fit into this box. Tiny box. This whole set. This match space. I think the set, maybe the next one will be small. See I do the same thing, but I'm drawing with this white pens, continuous contour with the title and the date and where we are, what we are doing. So on then I colored with Crimes Again, I never drew with cries, painted with cries just by experimenting. There are some parts that my son drew, this is for example, from our holiday that I drew this, and he also wanted to draw out of the window. This was actually really good to set an example for him. It was a good exercise for me to use cries for the first time. This is the set I'm also putting aside, this is when I'm with Kai Sketch Journal. Finally, this is the last one. Again, this is like a brainstorming. It was for my class, Breakfast. The topic of this sketch journal is breakfast. This is a brown sketch album. Again, I never used a brown sketch album before. I knew the idea that because you are painting on brown, not like on a white page, white page, you can use it as a highlight of your painting. If you leave parts unpainted with this one, the tones are already filled in, so you have to put the highlights and use black. I want to do this again. You might, you might not want to do like me with watercolors. Here's another option for you. It's 135 gram. It's best for pencils, pens, chalks. But what I use this, I use the acrylic pens I bought because I knew I needed some white one of these pens, especially the thickest one I use from my Ecoline set, I was stealing the black one every now and then to go with this set. This is basically, I draw everything again with black pen inside. Maybe I will show you an example. Yeah, continue drawing with this waterproof pen from micron. Then for the shadows I'm using highlights and whites. I'm these acrylic pens from Z Poster, there's one general for finer highlights, I use this white one. These are white, this is black, this is also black. And this is the result or something like this. Yeah, we will have a look at this later in the last lesson. I think, yes, this is another set. I think this is the smallest set when I look at it now on the pens, not even this one. I was going on with one every now and then. I use the pasta as some extra texture, but not all the time. This is the smallest set. I think it's not going to take much space in your backpack. And if you don't want to use watercolors or Cr brush pens, another option for you. Do you see how many options you have no excuse to do this? This will be good for you, believe me, this is it for the materials. And it's been a 20 minutes. I will see you. I can't remember when will I see you, Jack? Put a pop up here because I can't remember what's next. Next, less. Okay. I will see you on the next one. Bye bye. 4. What is sketch journaling?: I really need a mirror here. Needs of check. Maybe. Um, hi Jack. No crossan today. Lazy? What is it not? Sketch journal is a sketch journal. A sketch journal is a sketchbook notebook, or any kind of book that you feel the empty pages with drawings, paintings, and writings. According to what your topic suggests, this is my 03:00 alarm. It's a really good timing. This is one of the sketch journals I started for this class. One of them, the topic is 03:00 P.M. I'm doing at 03:00 P.M. It goes into the sketchbook. That's the idea of it. You see there's an alarm and I'm recording the class. I guess I will show something from maybe I will just show the camera because that's what I'm seeing. Let's take actually a photo because that's what I'm supposed to. At 03:00 P.M. my alarm rings and I take a photo or record or remember what I'm doing and then put it on the journal. Done. Okay. Good timing. I didn't plan that, but it worked out very well. Okay. In my very first class, I was talking about four ingredients for a great sketch journal. And those ingredients were the topic, the layout, the drawings and paintings, and the writing topic I chose for my sketch journal was, and still is, explore. In the last few years, I documented my explorations. Choosing a topic ahead of time solves the problem of what should I draw. You make time for yourself. You sit down to draw and you don't lose a second thinking. But what should I draw? Believe me, I lost lots of time like that. The layout helps you break that scary white page and give structure to your spread. You fill the gaps in what's needed, painting, title, or writing. At the end, your spread has composition. The paintings and the writings look like what this is all about. But they come later. However, they capture the memory and make you better at your art. They are the most important. This is what I call a sketch journal. This is already a very good practice to help you get better at your art and keep memories. You can find out more about this in my other three classes about sketch urn, but it can be demanding. The traditional sketch journal, you have two pages to fill, a spread To make that easier, I have ready layouts to fill, but still you are looking at four or five paintings and 23 titles. And filling rest of the space with writings. It can take time. That's what my watercolor sketch journaling on the Go class is all about. How it took me a year to fill one spread. And there is a beauty in that too. Having said that, I thought that this might still put some people off. I created no effort. Sketch journey, it actually just happened. One day I was sitting at the coffee shop and I had this tiny nine, 9 centimeters sketchbook for a long time, I wanted to make a sketch journal filled only with my coffee. I just took it out and drew my drink. Funny enough, the first drawing of the coffee sketch Jural wasn't a coffee, it was oranges. When it was done, I felt like I was onto something because this took almost no time. I felt very accomplished and satisfied with the end result. I didn't do a pencil sketch. It was just a few lines, a few strokes of paint, a simple title, the date and the place. It felt like no effort went into it yet. I had a page of a sketch journal in front of me, That's what I called it. No effort, Sketch journal. Now we know what it is. Let's go into how it's done. See you in the next, Let's take a dip of coffee objects, almost warm this time. 5. How is it done?: Okay, we are back. We are back, Jack. Jack are ready now? Yes. You can go to you don't have to ask me, but if you do it before we start recording, it will be better. Okay, let's go now we know what it is and why I call it no forced sketch journaling. So let's go into how and why I do it this way. This discovery was after I published my everyone can draw. And I was really into the results of blind and continuous con drawings from my students. They produce really unexpected and arts lines. That's what I did. Blinded it. Can I say blind contour it? I did blind contouring. Maybe in a moment, I was done with the drawing. I already made a huge cut from the time spent drawing. The next step was painting. I always like abstract paintings with carefree looking strokes and splashes of paint and nothing else. That's what I did. I didn't try to paint the scene but capture the feeling of the moment. Didn't try to paint the shadows. Didn't worry about where the light was coming from. Didn't paint the background. It was an orange juice and it was yellow. That was it. Later I added some color for the background because that's how it felt like. I kept doing it and filling the pages. I finally found the perfect combination for. On the third page, I realized continuous contour works better for me. I mostly use that now for the painting, I tried to use 23 colors and not more. I even started carrying a small set of watercolors. Instead of 0.1 pen, I switched to 0.3 or 0.4 because with this artsy look, I wanted the lines to carry more weight. I don't do a pencil sketch with the blind contra drawing or the continuous control drawing. The drawing is done in moment. This cuts from the time spent on a page. Drastically blind and continuous contro drawings are very useful tools. The results are often fun and very artsy. They usually look like something Picasso scribbled on a napkin or something like that. Doing this way also removes the pressure from you to be good at drawing. But this is a good exercise to get better at drawing. The more you do this, the better you will get. You can find out more about blind contour and continuous contour drawings in my class. Everyone can draw already. We are done with the most of it because it's small, one page is almost full. We don't worry about layout. I know my topic. Every time I go to a coffee shop, I draw my drink. This is a good way to create a habit attaching it to a specific time and place with the painting part, I really mean it just few strokes of paint and that's it. More abstract the better. I don't state through any of the lines I drew before. It's just about the color and the feeling. What's left is the title. There is no writing in this format, just a three forward title to remind you what this moment was about. And that's all. I tried to write them in, different hand lettering styles. You can find out more about that in my class. Everyone can draw letters and pick yourself three or four different handlettering styles. With that, you can keep switching them to create different titles for every page. Finally, the date and the place. It gets blurred after a while, it's good to write it down. I write it in the top left corner. From your perspective, this is top left. I think I always write with the same style, my favorite phone, Easy and quick to do. That's it. That's one page and one memory captured. I feel accomplished. It looks like a fancy abstract painting from a gallery. I love flipping through the pages of the sketch journal. It took me just about 10 minutes, doesn't even take over my entire stay at the coffee shop. I still have time to scroll my Instagram and waste my time on other things. I like this format so much. I even stop doing my traditional sketch journal when I go to the coffee shops. This is so easy and quick and satisfying to do. Creating a practice like this for yourself is very beneficial if you want to have more art in your life. First of all, it's good for mental health. I feel really good about putting some time aside for myself. It's almost me, meditative, meditative. Secondly, blind contour and continuous contour drawings are really good exercises to teach you how to see your subject. Yes, there is a difference between looking and seeing. When you see your subject, you see all the details and all the lines. That helps you draw, It helps you get better at drawing. The final benefit for me was letting loose. I often struggle with painting out of lines, but here I have a space that I am allowed to do whatever I want. I guess this feels more difficult when you are working on a bigger sketchbook, and there are three or four other paintings already and you don't want to mess it up. But here, if I really mess up, I can just throw that page away and that would be it. But it never happened. I love this practice. I even started a few more no effort sketch journals, but we will have a look at them later and I will tell you why I started those. So now you know how it's done. How about the topic? Did you think what your no effort sketch journaling is going to be about? In the next lesson, we will take care of that. See you in the next lesson. Next lesson, Knock, knock, Who is there? I have no idea. Okay, I think that's it for today. Well done everyone. Good job. 6. How to choose a topic.: It's how to choose a topic. We still didn't get this thing. Did we check? I told you to order it, you know, one of our students even told us what it's called, but I don't remember now. They do it in the movies like scene one, shot two, something like that. Huh? Lesson one, take two. Remember your topic could be anything. Sorry, I just jumped in and I came in like a ball. Hi, welcome back. Topic could be anything. But I know that saying this doesn't help you much. Finding yours, Let me narrow it down, for example. For a few years now, my topic for my sketch journal has been explorer. I try to draw and write about the places or things I experienced, my explorations this way. A sketch journal is a good tool to capture memories. I always think that one day my son will read this and I try to give him a glimpse of his old man. But that's me, this topic, explore came from my one little word for that year. I'm not going to go into that here. But every year I pick a word to guide me throughout the year to make me reach my goals. In 2019, it was improved, 2020 was Explore, 2021 was Excel, 2022 was productivity, and 2023 is better. You can find out more about this in my class. Watercolor sketch journaling in the class. Name the topic. You can keep a sketch journal of recipes. Write down and illustrate every new dish you make or try. It can be about your baby's first year, his new favorite toy, what he ate that day, or his first scar trip. It can be about your personal journey. Maybe you started exercising or picked up yoga and you want to document your reflections of this new practice. Seriously, Sky is the limit and that means there is no limit. Want more idea? Just copy my coffee shop idea. But put as you draw the shop front, every time you go to a coffee shop, take a photo before you go in order and then draw, or just draw your coffee like do. It's really easy and simple practice. If you're into people, you can draw the person closest to you or the third closes. This coffee shop idea is good for habit creation, like I mentioned before. To create a habit you need to remove the friction and attach it to something solid, like a specific time of the day or a place, or if possible both. Then when you go there, your mind brings it up by itself and chicken to draw, It's better to attach it to something happening. Often though, for example, you can attach it to your lunch. It happens every day you work in an office. It's a great time to get creative and productive instead of hopping on the gossip train with your friends. That's how I started drawing in my first sketchbook in my first advertising agency job. But if you travel once a year, maybe travel is not a good topic for you. You can try to enlarge it. So it gives you more opportunities to draw. You can make it something like out of the house, so you can use an old tram you saw or trip down to the river. As a prompt to draw, just grab a photo and continue creating memories. That is time to draw. You will just pull out your phone and start drawing without losing any time. The topic and the time and place you pick for drawing can be different things, but if they are the same, every time I go to a coffee shop I draw my coffee, there's a better chance that your creative habit will take hold, remember that? Also, remember not to stretch to. In here I can imagine you guys getting excited about a bunch of topics and locations. And starting five sketch journals at once, one for lunch, one for coffee shop, one for the recipes. I would suggest stick to one to get the habit in place. But if you're going to go crazy, what might stop if you pick your topic, name your class project with that and let's start creating. But how, let me show you how I do mine. See in the next lesson is everything okay, Jack, is there anything I can do for you? Coffee, water. I'm glad to have you back. 30, 30. 7. Let's make a page!: Now going to make a page, since I finished my hero sketch journal that I was showing you. And I loved so much that every time I got coffee shop I was drawing my coffee. I have a new one. I almost cut myself look at how nice and fresh this is, But I like this one way with the dirt all over it. When you look like this, I love this look. Okay, So we're going to make a page. I'm going to use this image. Okay? So I will set up the timer here and here in the corner, is it good? And I will start the time and I will try to complete this page under 10 minutes. Let's go, The time has started. Where's my pen? Come on, come on. There's no time. Okay. Now, you can probably see the, you can probably see the reference image by now. And I will. This is first I put to date, 27 of August. This was a coffee visit, coffee shop visit. I went with my wife, but I didn't have time and space to draw and the result, the photos, I'm going to use this 123. And the name of the place was Route. And like I said, I always use my favorite font for this part. It's easy to do and quick drought. Okay. There's coffee cake and my sunglasses and the sign. I'm going to try to keep them all. And here I go. That I try not to think too much, that sometimes you might get some shapes wrong. That's fine. Don't be too harsh on yourself. As you can see, I didn't want to go over this, so I went over the existing lines. Okay, and there's the mark. But in the meantime, for example, I forgot the spoon here, and I love drawing the spoons and forks. I'm not worried about this extra line here. Don't worry about it from here. There is here my sunglass from a very awkward position, something like that. These are my sunglasses. From here I will connect it to the cake elongated shape. Here, cake sticks out a bit. I will try to keep that shape. Plate continues from here. I used to be annoyed by forks and spoons that didn't look good, but when I actually embrace that, I really enjoy how awkward they look now on the plate. Now from here, there's a cake. It's a bit flat on the front. I think I had already taken a bite. Here is the cream of the cake connecting. And inside there are some pieces. I see. I just do it like that. And another line for the plate. Plate is looking thicker on this side. I'm adding extra line here. And that's done. I'll go, the cream needed some extra texture and that's also done. From here, I will go back to the sign. I didn't make it easier for myself by choosing this. You see, I made the angle wrong here, but I corrected it again. Don't worry about it too much. Okay. How high should this go? I guess something like that. This is a bit of a thickness, I will try to add that. Here, there is some sort of a logo, I think, and here it says Route name of the place, and here it says 66. And sounds like that end here. Drawing is done, and I pressed, I will quickly add pre first. Wait, I made this one in cursive style. Combined again, my favorite thing, combining block phone set cursive style. I left with nothing but a minute. And I bring my water, already muddy water that I've been using. This is water colors. Here are my Fred. Let's take this off. And my wife's favorite color is this. So whenever she's with me, I just like, kind of has a feeling, I forget to do my favorite thing. I do. This shapes. Yeah. This lilac she likes very much. So I use this lilac to kind of show that she was there with me. If there is this colors happening, that it is she was with me. And that what I'm going to use is, I think this sign was very suppose I will let some color to this sign. And coffee, of course, needs a bit of love. After all, it's coffee. I'm doing this, as you can see, very quickly mixing it up with few colors and maybe on the edge I will a tiny bit of black. And I like the color of the plate very much. And so I will, there's a bit of shine here. I will try to leave that in. And a bit of shine here as well. Same here. And I know, I know it's been 12 minutes, but I was slow to start and I don't have to worry about recording when I'm in a coffee shop. So I want this to be a darker also. I want to use this, but I'm going to mix it here a little bit. Let's take this two away. That Ebit green blue is the color of my glasses. I try to leave white ****** in between because that's the shine. It's a shiny thing as sunglasses, it's as a shine. I try to leave that in very roughly painting here, Going out of the lines a bit, I think the final touch will be the color of the cake is something like that. The cream is white, and I'm going to use a bit of black to indicate the shade here. With that, we are done. Okay, It took 13 minutes, but I picked a ambitious drawing. As you can see, it wasn't just the coffee and cake, there was more. And it took 30 minutes. It's usually done under 10 minutes, I promise you. As you saw, the painting actually took less than the drawing part, even just some paints, and it will be okay. I do love the feeling of the pages. For me, it captures everything. It's this moment from that day. You can see from the photo is pretty similar. You remember the cake, the part of it was eaten already. Then there is this color to remind me I was with my wife the day it is in place. Memory capturing is complete and practicing art. Definitely complete. This was making a page. I hope you enjoyed it. I will see you on the next one. We will have a look at all the other sketch books, what I have in them, and we will discuss some of them in some parts. I will also show you how I'm with the brush pens, how I'm doing with the crayons, see on the next one by. 8. What else can we make? p1: Welcome back. Now, in the last part, we will have a look at the other options that I prepared for you because I don't want you guys to have an excuse saying that, but I can't do watercolor. I'm not good with this or that. There are lots of options. Want to be creative, If you want to be artistic, there are lots of options. These are the options I'm giving you, and you are not limited to these either. Okay. I have in total four. I already showed you in the material parts. I created four different sketch journals, Three here. What you see is four different sketchbooks, four different papers, two of them white but different weight different topics for topic ideas. There are more ideas in the topic lesson. You heard also four different mediums for this one, I used watercolors. For this one, I used brush pens. For this one, I decided to go just black and white to go even simpler, just black and white. For this one, I used white gel pens and cryons, different mediums, different topics, different papers, all different options. You can take parts of it and combine them as well. I don't know. I guess take this one and use watercolors on them or just make black and white here. It makes sense that I use black and white here because this is how toned paper is used. It covers the mid tone. You supply the black shadows and white highlights here, it's reversed. Instead of driving with a black pen, I drew with white pen. It makes sense the way I do. You can just copy it as it is. But these are all ideas only to show you. Don't make excuses. Just find your own way and get a creative habit like this one. And this will keep you going. And once you get the joy of doing this, you will continue. That's why getting a creative habit is so important. Let's start with the main one. This is coffee shop sketch book. Every time I go to a coffee shop, I draw my coffee and started on the first day with an orange juice with coffee. I like how it came to be be. I had this sketch book for a while. I liked how nice and white and small it is. I wanted to do something with it, but I didn't know Drew what I had in front of me and I saw it, is I fell in love. And that's why I said a new start. One thing to keep in mind, this is blind conter. I didn't look at my papers while drawing this. I like how this looks. Then I just a bit of yellow color round was like a feeling off the date was a nice free day. I think I associate freedom with green and blue mostly you will see later as well. I had this another time. I was with a friend and actually I was excited about this idea and telling her there is this, Maybe she's not artist at all. She claims I was telling her even she can do this actually, she drew with me on that day. I think I have a photo of that. I was explaining her the blind contour and how it works and just a splash of paint, nothing more. And that's enough from there. Another time, this was the third time I went out. I call haircut days. When I go for haircuts, I have three day after that go for coffee shop, and cycle around a bit and so on. And I went to this coffee shop called Pica I Coffee and the pastry with it. I used the thick pen. This first ones I showed you was 0.1 This one I think I showed you on the material part, but I used here think 0.4 from micron. I was like, oh, this is it. This is what I want to do because I liked how much weight these lines carried and it's just looked better because I'm trying not to put too much to these pages to be quick with a thicker line. Just immediately look at. The rate of this one and this one. Do you see the difference? This is not a rule that you can choose to go like this as well and blank counter, but here I use a thicker pen and continuous counter. I kept, I looked at my paper as well every now and then. I like the feeling of this one more. I decided to go with this. That's how the style of the sketchbook found the place. Again, it was three day, I put green. As you can see, I'm painting everything. I'm not trying to do background sometimes it depends on how much time I have or if I feel like it, but just the pastry, the tray coffee, it's done. But leaving white here as you can see. It gives you the feeling off the shine from the surface of the coffee you get. You definitely should use that coffee date with my wife. I told you that her favorite color is this. When I'm with her, I always try to put her color in the background. It's a good reminder. It looks good visually. That's how I use it. That's what I meant by the feeling when you are painting. And then just coffee. And there were some muffins, but we had already eaten them. And the logo of the place contained orange, orange there. And that's it. And it doesn't really need anything else. And the titles? A few words. Coffee Date with Wife. That's it. I already remember what this day was about and how it felt and everything. Memory capturing and practice. This is one day we were at my son shopping center and another date night with my wife and coffee cake look in here for example. I did a bit of background because I like the color blue on this chair. I want to add it. And just like that, let's speed up a bit. This will take long, otherwise another coffee shop visit. Again, I decided to do the background up to you. You don't have to just covid how you feel. Again, it was more of a blind contour. I remember, I decided to here the lines. I really like how these lines come together. It feels like a scribbles. But at the end, it brings the memory of the day. I had a new friend. We had a coffee and my drink. And it always helps that you can just put a arrow and say what they were. It always looks good. And this is my backpack. Okay. Speeding up and coffee. I mean, I can't, they're all coffee dates basically either by myself or with someone every time I go to a coffee shops. And this one was kind of fun because I went to Starbucks and they misspelled my name, guess where I am. And in the background, there was my favorite building in Warsaw. And I want to draw it. So that's why I did the background because I wanted to at the coffee date with my wife. She wasn't very happy with this drawing of her, but I'm happy with it. I like it flat it after tattoo. After my wife's tattoo, we went to get coffee again. You can see her color is there to indicate that she was there and the splashes. This is actually at the time I was really excited about this sketch journal and I just wanted to keep drawing. And we went to a Turkish place and had actually tea. I wanted to draw again. Rules are there to be broken. This also in the same place we had Turkish coffee. And I now I should be drawing because this is coffee. Turkish coffee is overrated. I believe in. That's really no big deal. Just tiny bit of coffee. And there is what is the word? Because the coffee is not filtering Turkish coffee. At the bottom, it's like an espresso with lots of coffee, ground coffee beans at the bottom. Yeah, this is gut hair cut on the day we went to head my son's hair cut. And that's right, there is yellow. Yellow is his favorite color. What we were having my wife's coffee, my coffee and a bit of yellow splashes. And I drew the table a bit. Again, you can tell I'm with my wife because there's color lilac. I love when the places have crockery with bold colors, they really pop. When I paint in the style look, you can show your partner just this much. This is easier than drawing the face if you are terrified of drawing faces like me. Another haircut day for me. After that, I went to this coffee shop in Norblin. I painted my cake tin of color for the coffee. The green colors, again for the freedom. But this time I just did the brush stroke rather than wash. You can use whichever way you like my sunglasses and some splashes, by the way, with the Sketchbooks that it got broken. But I don't mind. I actually have an idea. I might put these all together next to each other and frame it and put it on the wall, because I feel like they will look really cool all next to each other like that. When I do that, I will add as an extra lesson to this. And you can see, you will be able to see probably, you'll see on on my Instagram as well. This is not a coffee drawing, it was something else. But again, I kept them here to show you the rules are made to broken. Again, I was excited with this sketch journal and I was at home. I wanted to draw, so I did. Okay. I like the patterns. This was another coffe date with my wife. I didn't get around to finish painting. Maybe I will one day. This is actually on the same day. This was the morning and this was the evening. We had a full Friday. My son was with grandparents and that's why I call that we don't have to be back Sunday. We were ale and again you can see her color and Sunday is always yellow form. This was from the holiday in Turkey. I had Turkish coffee. And as you can see from the title painting with Seawater, I was painting with sea water. When you paint with seawater that I don't know if it blends more or something, but the paint has a different feeling to it. Afterwards, you should try. This is after we were back in Warsaw. I went for a bike trip and I didn't have coffee. It was late. I had beer and I drew that. Again, I just want to draw something while I was sitting. Rules are made to the broken. I like this one, for example, how abstract it is, how the sunglasses and the cup pops from the page like that. This was by the pool, this was my coffee actually in the bottle, muffin and the sunscreen, swimming and resting. This was from a bike trip. I, for example, focused on on the drink and the pastry background. On this one I was saying, I'm to full, I can't eat anything else, and I had the pudding and the coffee ******. But this one you can see how I leave the white patches as highlight. Those really help with paintings. This chocolate also you can see a bit of white left around the glass. You can see this is a really helpful trick. You don't have to paint everything. There's lots of white on this page. But because these are popping these colors, that it helps the whole composition. This is the last page where it all started because this is the same coffee shop. I started this sketch book, I happened to be there. And it was the last page of sketchbook. It finished where? Started again. It finished with orange also. Yeah. This is a coffee shop sketch journal with water colors. Let's have a look at the other. 9. What else can we make? p2: This is, I think, my second favorite because when I'm with Kay, I allowed him to also be part of this to see me, and also if he wants to draw with me. There are also parts that he drew in the sketchbook. And I do like that I had to find my way around this as well that I tried with white cry first and white cry and it wasn't visible enough and I wanted it to be more crisp lines. Then I bought the white gel pens and I started doing the continuous contra drawings. And then it work then colors with cryonsre for example. There's not much color but just net Felix bit of color here and it's done this one, I don't know if you are able to see it actually, but it actually made a really nice gradient later that we, from yellow to purple here continues. I was using cryons before this. Nothing more than just painting with my son. It was a challenge for me, I enjoyed, and I didn't think originally it would look actually so visible on the black paper. But it does, and this is actually, Kay saw me droving and he wanted to draw as well. So he tried to throw the coffee table, there is my mug over there. Our coffee table has three legs. And he drew three legs and his toys. Let's continue. There's something he wants to throw. I think this is a dinosaur. When we were going on holiday on the plane, I drew this. We were alone with me and my son, and he saw this and he wanted to do it as well. This is his version and I love it, but basically the idea is the same. Instead of black pen, I use white jail pen here and name data the place instead of colors. That's when we were hiding from. It was really hot in Turkey at home, usually 12-3 04:00 P.M. We were going under for example, he wanted the page and he drew his favorite dinosaurs, Scorpius regs. Here I was drawing, I don't know how to pronounce this, huge flies that makes this noise noise in the forest. I was drawing this with them. My nephews were drawing from some Youtubeal line and I joined them. And I also want to draw, this is really funny, I wanted to draw the A Day Essentials. And this is Be pan ten and Fen steel and this eye drop for my son. I just drew this much. Only this much. My son asked for a cookie and I went to the kitchen. When I came back, actually, I was drawing on this page. As you can see, this is the same, but he saw this as the head of a dinosaur. He completed the rest. He said that this is a lo Syraptor, painted blue and gray like his favorite from Juric Park, jicaptored blue. He drew that. Then I went back to this page and drew what I was going to draw originally. I love this page. If I didn't allow this sketch book to be ours, I wouldn't have this perfect memory capturing. I love it. These, I don't even remember. I think he just picked up and drew by himself again, some dinosaurs. We went for family dinner. I drew the dinner and there was his dinosaur. And he saw this, and he wanted to do his own version, which I love even more than mine. We went on a family boat trip. This was the boat. I drew the Googles. And you can see because with watercolors, I like the watercolor washes that. With messy. I try to do the same with crones and it works. After I took my son to the pool, we went to a coffee shop to get a bit of a treat and this was the scene. Coffee, there was some cake and his dinosaurs. Man, this is the set basically set up that there are three different sized gel pens. I stole some cons from my son. That's it. When we went to play with water sprinklers with my son, there was this sky scrapper next to us and I drew the water under the spire. This building is called Water spire Here. There is one unpainted one. I thought actually I would do this one with you. Yeah. What I would do I think is helmet was black already. Outfit was kind of Navy. And his backpack is she kind of light gray but I'm doing gray over the green to lighten. And then his bike is yellow, but it's very bright yellow. So it's kind of, I have a bit of orange and then yellow that we don't need here. I'll add some more yellow around him. I know this I think looks like a tiny sandglass, but this is actually back office. He's looking forward. So I took a photo of him from the back. And trousers were dark colors. I look of highlights like that. And also here, I like to me, and this is pretty much it. And with this, I would actually, you can he can cycle because he just learned out cycle this summer. And he was going to school with it. And he seemed confident and a bit of I drove these boxes behind them. And because it's him, I would use the yellow color, of course, and maybe orange here. And I like how this gray pops up on the black page. This is how I do it with the cry. Like I said, I never used crimes before. I started doing for this page to show you guys, I want you to see me. I'm also a starter here. So you can also do this. Okay? That's the point. This was the second one. 10. What else can we make? p3: Let's now look at, this is the toned paper 135 grams. And the way this is my breakfast. The topic is whatever I'm having for breakfast, that's my topic. It's an easy topic to do like the coffee shop one. You do it every day. You have lots of photos way breakfast wife in here. Again, I was trying to figure out how to use the because I never use tone paper before. The idea is that the tone paper supplies the mid tones. You need to add the shadows, which is black. If you use only black and white highlights, which is white, I want to go with this simple style. It actually is really good to exercise because it makes you really look for what is the shadow, what is the highlight, how can I differentiate these? With this much limited palette, which I have only black and white, How can I actually bring this scene to life? It really helps you see your subject better. This is some pastry I made at home. I wanted this to be a simpler style. The styles, I also try to keep it simple. I just write this directly with the brush pen, black brush pen here. But later I think I also changed a bit, banana pancakes. And you can see a bit of highlights, a bit of shadows. But the other met tones are already in place al, before work. We went on a coffee with my wife before work to coffee desk. This was the table that had holes in it. That's why it looks like this. It was difficult to capture because from one angle they were shining. Because of the angle of the holes from the other side, the table was shining. And the holes were black. It was difficult to paint it, but in general, I like the field that is supposed to be a simplification. This egg paste on a piece of bread and the plate a white. Another home, breakfast with scrambled eggs and bread cheese. Again, you can always write what you have. It always looks good. On the skip channel tomatoes, you can see this white shine on the bottle. The coffee actually turned out really nice. What else? Breakfast we had on our anniversary. It was our anniversary celebration. Breakfast, this focaccia with tomatoes inside. As you can see, normal, normal tomatoes are red. But in this picture, when you look, those were the dark spots and they are black. The focaccia itself was the mid tone, which I left it brown as the paper. And then the plate was white. That's the hide paint. How I do this is let's have a look at that quickly. I have this white waterproof and dry. It says acrylic and you need to shake a bit. And if it's not coming enough, you just sit. And more comes out, the plate was white. So let's try to do that. This is different than doing with water colors because it covers the first black lines you put. Because this is acrylic, it's opaque. Again, I had to find my way around it. This is not what I usually do. Again, first time I'm doing this. What I decided to do was that if there is a white highlight like this, like the plate I do first, I usually I always draw with continuous counter with my black pen. Then I highlights and I'm adding quickly it covers some of the original black lines. But later, once it's a little bit dry, I go back over them to bring the black lines back up again over the white. Then it looks letter you'll see in a second. Okay. And this was the wall like that. And so now I use this from my brush pen set, I use for the blacks. I noticed that, for example, the edge of this plate is painted, so it's a bit darker than the rest. That went too much to insight. It doesn't matter. Okay, and here I have some. I will use this pen because I have more highlights here. For example, on the pastry itself is shining and the custard inside the pastry is also white. So I'm also doing this, but as you can see, I'm not doing fully white. It's like there's a bit of brown showing, so it's not as bright. Okay, on the side of the pastry, there's also some parts shining because the light was coming from the side. It's not that important that I'm just showing you how I read. The coffee was of course, black here there are bulberries. Bulberries always have a shine on them. I will now put this in end, make them pop, but I will shine on the white pen. With my black pen, I will go back to this original and at some of the black lines that were in originally. And this was like this pattern of the plate things recording the pattern here, of course. The kind of things, if you want to put details, it takes time. You don't have to see how we feel, how much time you have, but when you put these kind of details, not perfectly, but just quickly, it definitely elevates painting. And here, the second part of the, and on the coffee Macs some lines, I'm missing you. Putting them back this black. When applied on white, it appears a bit gray look. It's also good for putting shadows like this. It doesn't appear as that is done. And I would have the title to this. And to be like the others, maybe I can add the title here later. But the time is short. And I just wanted to show you how I do the black and white on tone paper. It's a really good practice. I definitely recommend it. This was breakfast. 11. What else can we make? p4: Now finally, this is, as I think, I have a favorite and every other is second favorite. Because I want to say this is also my favorite. Actually, at the beginning I was like, what are these brush pens? They are too strong and I don't like them, but I had to find my way to use them basically what Okay. From the beginning, the idea of this sketch book. This is the mixed media paper 200 gram. I'm, let's get rid of these for a moment. I'm using the brush pans for it another medium. Yes. If you don't want to carry water colors next to you, you can just carry these brush pants from Ecoline. I have a water brush that it is filled with water. And then just use like a brush and you don't have to carry extra water and you can use this. What I did is that I applied the pen, like with the brush pen, to get this watercolor effect. I realized that I shouldn't try to paint the whole thing, just a bit of the color I want to use. And then using the brush pen, like this, watercolor washes, then it works for me. Then I like it. Let's have a look. What I did. This is a 03:00 P.M. sketch journal. The idea is that every day at 03:00 P.M. I have an alarm, it rings, I supposed to take a photo of what I'm doing. And that's my prop again, it's a good idea, you can use it for 09:00 A.M.nine 03:00 P.M. I realized didn't work great for me because at some point I was always working. I was in front of my screen because I'm preparing this class. But if there is an exciting moment of your day, like when you're commuting, maybe at 09:30 A.M. or 08:30 A.M. that could give you a daily prop, You would never run out of things to draw. This was, for example, at 03:00 P.M. I was at my dentist with a large bill. This is something I baked, some turk pastry potatoes. I was recording on that day, so I was looking at my camera, that was my prop, and I was cycling. Finish recording and left. The rest of the idea is the same. I'm using brush pens but driving is black pen and continuous contour. There's a title date, place. We were watching this TV show with my wife. That again, I simplify things. You should do it too if you find difficult at the beginning. If you can't draw the person, the actress, from the show, you can just throw it like that. We want canoeing on that Sunday. My day I was finishing recording in the studio, I had the sketch books, which you just saw in my hand. This is what I use a prop to draw. I was actually having a nap. I thought, okay, how can at 03:00 P.M. I was sleeping. I took a photo of myself with eyes closed. This is what drew and painted. This is a haircut day, You know my hair cut from my other sketch journal, I just drew my hairdressers equipment, how I use the brush pens. I'm going to show and we will finish there and go to conclusion. I have a unpainted page, for example, this one. Yes, it's that's I'm going to use this color. This color. Okay. Here are my brush pencils. I don't try to paint everything with brush pens because they are very vivid and strong. I try to a bit of color and then dilute that with water to give watercolor wash feeling. That's how I do it. For example, I was having co ad this brown. And then I take my water color and I'm going to print it in. Then you can achieve this watercolor wash look and always have a bit of paper with you. And you wash off this brush by squeezing a bit, some water comes out and all the paint goes to the paper and you're done. Let's add here to red, orange, a bit of yellow, green, and blue. And take the brush pen and just bring them in, let's make them meet then. These brush pens are really good with water that they really lend well together. When you have live to water, you have nice rainbow. And there was this orange. There was a toy there that they were giving with the for my son. They gave. Then the orange by itself is very strong, but when you gland it like this, that you end up with a very nice water color wash. And here there was a nice lover. I'm going to do that more impressionist way. If you can say, I didn't paint the whole thing, I, and some of the colors I wanted to use, then I will just, I will get them plant to this. I can also add some spots to this giraffe mont water. I'm breaking those tax spots. That's another page painted with fresh pans. You can achieve actually even more it than watercolors that I really like the results of these echo lines. I like them. You don't have to carry watercolors or jar of water with you, just the fresh pan. You're done. This was the last one. Everything is recording. This has been very long. I'm but I thought this was important to see that there are four sketch books for different topics, for different mediums that pick and choose. Just don't give in to the excuse. You should find your own way and stick to it. It will be good. It will make you better, and you will feel better. I hope you enjoyed this class. I will see you in conclusion. By. 12. Conclusion: Let me tell you something, Come in. There is no such thing as talent, Okay? It hard work, his practice, his obsession. There's no talent. You can do whatever you want. Okay. Okay. Jack, do you want to Yeah, that's all you can go back. So, this is the end. I hope you enjoyed this class. I certainly enjoyed making these tiny sketch journals. And I will definitely continue. I'm thinking about that coffee shop fronts idea. But what I will enjoy the most is seeing that I pushed even one of you over the edge and convince you to pick up drawing painting and practicing art. I believe that if everyone practice art, the world would be a different place. As you can see, it doesn't take much to create these beauties. It doesn't take much time. It doesn't take much weight in your back. And it doesn't take much effort either. Just lean into the no effort part and make it look like that is your style. Make it artsy, make it sexy. They don't know that you can't draw, you just don't care. Be cool. Don't tell anyone. It's our secret. When they find this class, they will be part of the group anyway. Joking aside, tell everyone. Share with the loved ones. Share with the not even with not loved ones. Share your creations on insagram. And don't forget to tag me. Leave a review because why not? Look how much time I made. Again, give it back a little reviews. Help the other students decide why they should take this class. Start your reviews with something like, you got to take this class or something similar. Share your class projects so I can see your creations and comment on them. Spread the love and comment on your classmates projects as well. If you're going to leave this class with one lesson, I hope that lesson will be that it doesn't take much to be creative and you can start today. Failing that, you can also take the lesson. I really enjoyed Pop's class and I should take. That's also okay. Thank you very much for watching and taking part in my class. See you on next one. Stay creative. Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye. Check, say bye just once. Don't ask why, Just do it. I'll tell you something else as well. Come here. This notebook here, these pages, you can do it. Can do it. I will show you how it's easy. That's why I call it no effort. Okay? It's no effort. Look how nice and colorful and white they are. You can do this. I believe in you. Again, it's hot. It's September, but still hot. And I'm wearing a hot. But I'm not going to complain. I'm not going to complain. I'm not going to complain. I'm thinking of this ticktick recording, did I do one after another? Because I didn't save this audio far. I'm back with another hoodie and now I will do a little conversation with myself. Plus there's no such thing as that. Okay, Please. Okay. That was one page. Go. Plus there's no such thing as T. I've been trying I've been trying to I've been trying to be a teacher for years, Jack, how is the superhero thing going? Are you catching up? Catch up, boy? No. In this new format. Yeah. In this new format, make the words come out of your mouth. Don't rush. Don't rush. Format Format, format, Okay. Again, it's hot. Again, it will be a difficult sentence. Let's be ready for this. I think it wasn't fluid enough. It's difficult to be your own director. I'm very harsh on myself, Jack. I left some ketch up packages downstairs for you. Don't forget when you're leaving. Okay. That's what you want to a payment is ketch up packages and remove everything that you could use in as you use. I removed the I'm already sweating strip down. I stripped down. I stripped down, strip this. I stripped down. Maybe that's what I should do. I didn't write Jack jokes. Should I ask Che GPT for that? Jack, how is your mom? And most importantly, it. I can't remember the most important thing, Jack. Anything again? Hopefully last. This was from my last class. You can do it. It still applies to this class as well. Who let the dogs out? Who this is different kind of September to be S, it feels like beginning of August, global warming match. Jack, could you get me a glass of water please? I really have no Jack jokes this time. Jack will be very angry at me. While I was writing this part, a fly came into this room and it was buzzing around. And it totally screwed my concentration. And I very politely said, could you please **** off? And the moment I said it, it just flew out of the window. It was beautiful. We now know, Now we know, now we know. Am I speaking in English? Feeling funny in my mouth. Okay. One more time, Jack. What will we do with you? Carefree looking? Strokes and splash, splashes, splashes, splash. Come on. Jack can't concentrate. There is no writing in this format format format. I even start a few more effort, Jack, you are really quiet. I like it. Did you think what your efforts, Jack? Is there anything you would like to add? No, I didn't think so. Hopefully that we're done. Well done everyone. Everyone take five No. Take a day, take the weekend off everyone. Anyone, Bye. See you later.