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NFTs for Non-NFT Entrepreneurs Business Strategy Ideas Board

teacher avatar Nestene Botha, Entrepreneurship Training

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Video 1 Why NFT's for Non NFT bussinesses


    • 2.

      Video 2 What makes NFTs so special anyway?


    • 3.

      Video 3 Examples of how traditionally non-NFT candidates are using NFTs


    • 4.

      Video 4 Categories of NFT assets


    • 5.

      Video 5 Using NFTs to enable your current business model


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      Video 6 Key Takeaways


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About This Class

There are tons of courses out there helping you to learn "How to mint NFTs", "How to create NFTs", "How to make money from NFTs", etc. 

This is not one of those classes.

This class is for entrepreneurs that have traditional non-NFT business models that want to start thinking about how they could strategically use the hype around NFTs to enable their current business models.

This class will not turn you into an NFT business and we're definitely not touching your current tried and tested business model.

What we are going to do together is start uncovering:

- What makes NFTs so special anyway

- How traditional businesses are leveraging NFTs to enable their existing business models

- How you can do the same in your existing business model

This class is geared towards entrepreneurial and business strategy using NFTs and the hype surrounding them. It is not about teaching you how to create a whole new NFT business model, but rather focused on helping you become more successful at what you're current already doing in business.

So if you're keen on exploring how to enhance what you're already doing in business, please meet me in class. I'm looking forward to helping you explore what this space can do for your business!

Lots of Love and May all your Wildest Entrepreneurial Dreams come True,


Chief Executive Dreamer: Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven

I'm looking forward to 

Meet Your Teacher

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Nestene Botha

Entrepreneurship Training

Level: Beginner

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1. Video 1 Why NFT's for Non NFT bussinesses: Hi, welcome to NFT strategy ideas for non-linearity entrepreneurs, the ideas board project. I am Dean boards or I am your teacher. I own my own entrepreneurial acceleration company. I help entrepreneurs every single day achieved that accelerated success that they're looking for. I also teach courses the world at MBA level and I just adore working with entrepreneurial students. So if you're one of those, welcome, so happy to see you here. What happened was, I was taught to do some research on NFP is and how these are being incorporated in different non NFT business models for some of the courses that I teach for our continued development as accountants. I went into it and oh my goodness, what I discovered was like, in sane, non-fungible tokens have taken the world by storm, I think. Okay, Your likeness, Dean, yeah, well done. Selling for millions of dollars, right? And everybody is going crazy about them and buying like this in that kitty and this thing. I wanted to have a look more at how businesses that are not NFT geared businesses. They don't focus as their main business on any t's how they are using in AFT's. Because I do believe that that can empower a whole lot of entrepreneurs out there that are maybe not yet on NFT bank bandwagon and then maybe aren't sure how to get involved in how they can actually use a FTEs not to change their complete business model, not as something that they have to get into, but to enable what they're already currently doing. So the good news is that I found a ton of examples of what really, really worked well for businesses that aren't traditionally into NFT. So I'm so keen to share that with you and thank you for being here. Yeah, let's do it. I'm so excited. I'm going to show you the key concepts, right? So we're going to wrap our heads around key concepts around any of these. Then we're going to jump right into it. I'm going to show you all the examples that I found that I thought was really awesome about how non NFT businesses have made it work for their current business models. And then I'm also going to ask you some questions to help stimulate the ideas coming in for how you can incorporate this into your business strategy. And then our project is you're going to put together a beautiful NFT and my business ideas board for me, showcasing everything that we learned class but making it visual so you can actually work with the strategy. And then as soon as you share that project with me, I'm going to try and give you as much feedback as possible. Let's get you up and running, and let's get you innovating. And being ahead of the pack. I'm so excited for this. So again, the idea is not to change your complete business model is literally just to put some rockets on the vehicle that you currently have so that you could get to your goals faster. If you're keen to do that with me, please come back to the next video and we'll start covering some characteristics of NFT. 2. Video 2 What makes NFTs so special anyway?: So what makes N of t so freaking special? Anyway, let's have a look at what I discovered when I actually got into this. So it turns out these things are incredibly unique, non interchangeable, and they can be authenticated, which means there is only one entry on the blockchain per NFT. It has a token ID, it has a wallet address and a smart contract code, which means you can actually go and check the authentication of the thing. That is what also makes them super. It drives this characteristic of scarcity where there's literally one thing created. And the more people want that one thing, the more the economic value of the thing is driven up. Next characteristic that's exciting as recyclability and royalty. So you have the ability to set the royalty amount that you want when you creating this NFT within the policies of the mentoring station platform that you're actually using up course. But that basically means that whenever this thing resells in future or gets traded or this money exchange for it, you earn royalties very similar to a movie or a book. If you were the creator or the author, you would earn royalties. Same thing with any of these. Then collectability is I want you to think back at all the things that you collected when you were maybe growing up. Okay. Why did you do that? You had maybe it was this feeling of, Oh my goodness, look at my collection growing. This is making me so proud. Maybe you were having fun, maybe use it as a conversation starter. All of that applies to any lefties against the ideas that they are crazy, collectible. And you can use them as conversation starters with communities that have distinct characteristics. So let's look at how this plays out in some actual examples. So first thing unique, the world's first is MAs wise digitized and had a virtual counterpart made an NFT by Vodafone is red Merry Christmas. It was the world's first ever gods, saints. They sold that to raise funds for charity. So that's an example. Next up we have, of course, the apes from the board a Yacht Club. This is collection of 10,000 unique virtual apes. And only one of these things actually gives you access to their clubs. So with doubles as a membership card. And then you have the crazy, connectable and adorable and breed of all crypto kitties. And just, they're just like the board if their collection of a lot of kidneys. But instead of giving you access to a club, you can use them in an actual game so you can download and play the game. And then you have all of these kitties in the actual game. So those are some examples of how the characteristics of NFP is coming into play. Are you starting to get some ideas? I hope so. I want to stop you here, okay? We're going to be doing a lot more examples, but I wanted to stop you here already. And let's just see if we can get some creative juices flowing. So whatever's going on in your mind right now with regards to characteristics of any of t's and how this could perhaps, possibly enable your current business model. Go ahead and just write it down, capture your thoughts. Start working on your actual ideas board and then share it with me so I can see the progress and the development of ideas as we go. And me and your peers can give you feedback and we can get you support on board with this. Once you're done with her, come back because they were going to delve even deeper into some examples of how non NFT businesses have taken any lefties and use it to enable what they're already doing. So more on that, when you come back. 3. Video 3 Examples of how traditionally non-NFT candidates are using NFTs: Okay, so now if we know the characteristics of any of these lakes and think a little bit about examples of how NF TAs have been used by traditionally non-NATO businesses. I guess I've spent an appropriate amount of time just letting your mind go around the characteristics of any piece and getting to grips with those. This should be the plotting a course where the magic starts to happen with you and you get some ideas going, seeing from what has worked for other people. So let's have a look, shall we? So some of the traditional businesses out there that have in pricing and if pieces part of their business models do an able current business models not to change direction. You can look at Coca-Cola goals and Gabbana, Nike stepping in A6, Adidas. And the NBA's. Let's quickly have a look at what they've been doing. Coke lotion, NFT auction, and July, we need to be the one. I was all around friendship day. And the oxygen included one of a kind items such as a futuristic redesign of the iconic Coca Cola delivery jacket, which is digitally wearable on Sandra land, a de-centralized 3D virtual reality platform. All proceeds for donated to the Special Olympics international. And the person that actually bought this also got a refrigerator with a lot of coconut, again, something like that. So that's my coke DID dosing Gabbana, oh my goodness, does is really cool. So what they did was they created a historic moment in NFT ecosystem with their newest collection that was unveiled in this collection. What happened was if you bought the NAT, you would acquire both digital and physical at the same time. So they helped us truly bridge the physical and the metaphysical world by giving us the option of doing that. Now you have digital fashion and physical fashion into this hybrid fashion phenomenon. And riding on the back of that, NYC, sold an NFT sneaker for $134,000. Insane, the iconic sneaker and sports giant has started to use any t's as a way to certify the veracity of a pair of sneakers. They're calling this project crypto kicks. And what happens is when you buy the physical sneaker, also get the NFT and vice versa. So that's very, very interesting and you can see how these designs are really cool. I just want them, I don't even know what it's about, but I just want one. Then A6. I'm not really sure how to pronounce the brand name, to be honest, but it's a Japanese athletic brand. And they recently created 1,000 NAT speakers in collaboration with steepen. That is a fitness app that rewards are runners with cryptocurrency for each step they take, moved to. So think like Pokemon Go meets and you get rewarded for now actually exercising. I mean, how cool is that? That is so cool. And then you can have these sneakers as part of the gamification in that actual app. Adidas, also jumping on the bandwagon, they released an NFT collection called into the Dataverse. The K phi is access to limited edition Street way, including hoodies and track suits. What's interesting is they did this in collaboration with some major players in NFT entrepreneurial space. They needed more than $22 million in the first afternoon of launching this project. Then last but not least, the NBA, in an effort to increase their appeal to European audiences and shift their focus toward a more digital and direct to customer approach. The NBA released NBA Topshop. And this is a new online marketplace of a licensed digital collectibles where fans can purchase moments from their favorite teams, players, or matches and earn a certificate along with an original clip. How amazing is that? So I hope at this point in time you're as excited as I am. Because what happens for me when I look at real-world examples of what companies are actually doing, it gives me so much that I could use for my entrepreneurial business. So I hope that that is happening for you. If not, maybe have a relook at some of these examples, and then go ahead and capture your thoughts. Again. You can do a vision board, you can do a brain mapping exercise. You can write it out, make a poster saying that to me. Whatever you do, please make sure to share your progress with us as u goes to their knee. And your peers can give you feedback on your way to enabling your business model using NF2. You got this. 4. Video 4 Categories of NFT assets: Welcome back. Let's look at some of the categories of NFT acids. Okay, so up to this point, you would have recognized that there are a couple of different ways that non NFT entrepreneurs and businesses are using NFV is to enable the current business models, okay? So to make this even easier, to categorize it even more in our brains so we can work with us on our strategy. Let's categorize these NFT acids into four different categories. Okay, so the first category that I picked up with that was being used is the virtual asset example. This is where you have your digital art check your crypto collectibles, and you get your game assets. These assets are completely virtual. But then in the next category we also have a hybrid asset. Okay? So this is where you have a physical asset, but it is teamed up with a virtual asset. Therefore, when you buy the NFT, you get hybrid asset. Okay, so examples of these are tickets, coupons, stamps, typical song albums and novels, articles, and physical assets with virtual. Then we go over, we have yet another category and these are called hybrid interface assets. These are assets that give you some sort of virtual presence or virtual identification. So it's not just a physical asset teamed up with a virtual acid. It's a luxury item, e.g. that gives you a virtual presence, or it's a collectible piece of virtual jewelry that also gives you some kind of status in the community. Or it's a rare goods that also give you a virtual type of identification. So think about your clubs, your communities, and all of that hybrid interfacing that can happen together with the actual virtual acid. That is where we talking hybrid interface acids. They are probably the most complex because they have the physical assets, they have the virtual assayed. But then they also give you some sort of virtual presence in a virtual interface. And then last but not least, we have our metal verse assets. So let me know if you want me to do a full course, the actual mate diverse and how entrepreneurs can use that. But these are all assets that are virtual. They completely virtual, but you can actually use them in the multiverse. So any asset that gets produced for any type of place in the metaphors, e.g. the company acids that it produced in and used in decentralized or the charity acids in crypto voxel. All of those, your virtual flat or apartment or piece of property that you can use in the virtual space. Those are your main servers. Okay? So I want you to take that into account, go and think of your current business model and just think about the types of assets that you already have present. Do you have virtual assets? Do you have a virtual interfaces? Do you have physical assets? Are you playing in the multiverse? Any of those just jot them down and start thinking about how having an N of t in that space could possibly enabled what you already caught. Then share your progress with me so I can give you feedback and help you develop the strategy. So it's actually something that can help you move forward and get to your goals faster. And then come back again. And we'll move on to the next section. 5. Video 5 Using NFTs to enable your current business model: Okay, so the next thing that I am going to need you to do is imagine what NAT enabled entrepreneurship would look like specifically in your business working with what you've already got. Okay. I want you to go through some questions. Just look at your current business model and think about, do you have a community or a club? That's your business, produce digital assets. Does your business produce physical assets that could have a virtual twin? Do you have followers or community? Are there any competitions, giveaways, donations, brand ideas, fundraising campaigns going on in your space already. Do you have any PR worthy events happening on a frequent basis or maybe coming up? Do you sell tickets, coupons with special privileges? Do you have collaboration opportunities for possible NFT giants that you've seen in the industry. What ideas are coming up with for you. I can promise you that your next best idea is closer than you think. So really just go and have a think through your current business model right now. Think of all the touch points, right? So we've, we've explained some examples. We've looked at the characteristics of AFT's. Where do you think NFP is could possibly come in to support what you're already doing. Then document that for me and put it on your ideas board and share that, share that with us so that me and your peers can get back to you and help you improve and really figure out how you're going to pull these inequities into your business strategy that you've already got so you can get to your goals. 6. Video 6 Key Takeaways: Okay, By this point in time, your poster or a vision board or collage, or brainstorming map or mind map, should be looking really good with all the ideas that you've gotten so far. But let's make it even better by wrapping everything up with some key takeaways. Shall we? So, key takeaways from this short little fun course. If T is an external enabler of entrepreneurship, that means you don't need to change your business model or be it an NFT business model person. In order to take advantage of the concept, it can help enable your business model. You just need to think smartly about how you're gonna do that. It encourages creative and imaginative individuals and groups to pursue new forms of entrepreneurial action that both leverage and transform NF2 because it's so new. That's why there's so much opportunity in the space. Literally because you are a creative entrepreneur, you could be one of those first people to do something completely new with the concepts. Supporting your business model in a unique and accelerated. Why. It's a great way of creating hype community movement. That is because it's so new and exciting, it's new and exciting and people want to belong, and people want to collect, and people want to have unique things and people want to prove their status. It's just, it takes all of that about that it's true about humanity and society. And it allows you to basically monetize. It is powerful if you work at width community with followers, with creating hype was creating a movement was super charging some of your marketing campaigns. It has the potential to expand your revenue streams. So because you can end loyalties and the resale these things, you don't only benefit one's. On top of that. You can expand current revenue streams by taking physical assets and making them virtual, or by taking virtual assets that you've already got and just venting them and giving them that authentication. So they become part of a collection of some sorts. It can give you access to new and global markets. As people become more and more aware of and buy into the hype of AFT's. If you are in that space playing on the playground, your brand assets could get out that you could, it could be a way for you to break into new markets, which is beneficial for entrepreneurs. You could end up disrupting your industry is all about thinking, just thoughts and then putting those grades or thoughts injection and sharing them with us who we know what dropped. It is uncharted territory and it's unregulated territory. So yeah, there are risks out there. That's why be careful. That's why we do this strategy session for us. Don't just go and create a whole bunch of AFT's. We want to think about how it supports your business model first. Doing business and the NFT space requires close to zero capital is tons of training courses out there on how to actually meant an NFT. It's really easy, it doesn't cost that much. So it could be a low cost way of super charging some of your marketing methods. And again, it presents you a global virtual, the Gibbs, ordinary people opportunities to create experiments and be discovered. That's why it has emancipatory and equalizing potential. Okay, so knowing all of that about any of t's, I want you to go ahead and capture your thoughts on these key takeaways. Again, think of how does this fit in with my current business model? Is there a specific market that I've always wanted to break into but I didn't have access. Is there a way for me to use any of these? That's what I want you to capture, capture it, share it, and we'll help you, me and your peers will help you to integrate it into your entrepreneurial strategy.