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Needle Felting | Wool Painting | Lamb Painting | 2D Painting | Lamb Portrait

teacher avatar Zainab Mohamad Ali, Artist and animal lover

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Tools & Materials


    • 3.

      Making Wool Canvas - Part 1


    • 4.

      Making Wool Canvas - Part 2


    • 5.

      Making Wool Canvas - Part 3


    • 6.

      Little Lamb - Part 1


    • 7.

      Little Lamb - Part 2


    • 8.

      Little Lamb - Part 3


    • 9.

      Little Lamb - Part 4


    • 10.

      Recap & Class Project


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About This Class

Wool Painting, 2D needle felting or simply just Painting with Wool is another type of fiber art. It’s the same concept like any other painting where you will still need a canvas of some sort and some wool instead of paint!

There are different ways of doing wool painting. You can do it only by needle felting (aka dry felting) or by wet felting and also mix of both ways.

In this class I am going to show you the needle felting way so I am not going to cover or go through the wet felting method...maybe in future classes to come.

As for canvas, you can use any kind of woven fabric like linen, cotton, flannel etc or pre-felt. 

For the first part of the class, I am going to teach you how to make your own canvas from scratch using natural white wool. Making your own canvas is fun and the best part is you can make whatever size or thickness you need!

After you have made your canvas, we will start painting in the 2nd part of the class. We are going to paint a little lamb on a roughly 4”(10cm) sq canvas.

Before we start, I am going to show you the wool colors that we will be using for the painting.

Let the felting begins and have fun!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zainab Mohamad Ali

Artist and animal lover


Hi Everyone,

My name is Zain (short for Zainab) and I am a self taught artist and a crafter from a tropical island called Borneo (Malaysian part) in South East Asia.

I am always excited to learn new art or crafts all through my adult life...this is because I don't have any art materials growing up. My very first art was a painting done with oil pastels in an exam while in high school with zero education in art. I took the art exam as a "helping" subject for my Highschool final exams. I was using used and old oil pastels from my older siblings.

But, one medium I always admire back then was watercolor and till today I just love watercolor! Bought myself a set of cheap watercolor long long time ago and started painting on cheap paper too! Didn't know much about quali... See full profile

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1. Intro: wolf venting to defaulting or simply just spending with wool is another type of fiber. It's the same concept, like any other painting, where you will still need a campus off some sort in some wool instead off pen. There are different ways off doing weapon thing. You can do it only by needle felt ing also Nana Strife Eltingh or by wet, Pelting and also mix off both ways in this class, I'm going to show you the needle felt in way, so I'm not going to cover or go true. The wet, pelting method may be in future classes to come. As for canvas, you can use any kind off woman fabric like linen, cotton, flannel, etcetera or felt February. For the first part off the class, I'm going toe tissue. How to make your own canvas from scratch using natural white wool. Making your own canvas is fun, and the best part is you can make able size or thickness you need. After you have met your canvas, we will start venting on it in the second part. Off the class, we're going to open a little lame on the roughly four inch or 10 centimeters square, canvas. Before we start, I'm going to show you the wool colors that we will be using for the painting. So let the felt ing begins and have fun. 2. Tools & Materials: Let's look at the tools and materials needed for the class. You will need Ah, form block off any size you hair. I have here a big a medium and a small size. In a number 30 it felt ing needle optional tools. If you have any the spend light need a holder. This tool can hold up to three. Find leaders off number 40. It will help speed up your work on both flat surface in doing sculptures. Here's another tool that can hold up to five fine needles off 40. This also will speed up your work, but more toe flat areas. Only now here are the colors off the wound. Forded limb natural white, bluish white, black, dark grey like Graystone gray, my start pink and Salman. Optional colors for replacement will be like brown and chocolate. As for the grass background, any forces off greens that you have available before a bleed darker and lighter shades and , lastly, a wool canvas, which I will tissue how toe make from scratch in one off the lesson. Now let's begin 3. Making Wool Canvas - Part 1: making will canvas part one. You can make whatever spices you need when you're making your own canvas. Here I have a big size in the small size to start. We need some wool off natural white color. I'm using wool bets here as they are easiest to fell and also more chipper. Take off a section by hand. Do not by any means cut it with Caesar's get ready or form bro. In your number. 38 Felt in needles. Take a small piece off the wall. Stop stroking it out into a square present on your form, spreading it upwards. I'm going to make a canvas off. Finish size off approximate four inch square, which is 10 centimeters. So I was read my will to have some allowance caused. It was string later, half angel one something we allow ones issues like. Now I'm aiding a second layer off wolf, pulling and spreading it out to fit the first layer. Always. What was a thin piece off for ish layer till you get the thickness you want. I usually placed like 4 to 5 players maximum now start stabbing old, bigger so secure they'll step all over randomly. pull it off slowly from the form blow. Still a little more. Don't have to step till firm because we are going toe wet. Felt it later. We'll continue in part two for the wet felt in process. 4. Making Wool Canvas - Part 2: Let's continue making our wall canvas part toe. This is a wet felt ing process. Let's look at the supplies that will be using first. A textured meant. This is a bamboo table meant a small towel, but right continues for water. I have here a sauce bottle, a spray border or just any container job with a spoon kettle for boiling your water. The quit soap can be hen or dish soap. Two basins for hot and cold water and lastly, a rolling pin, a wooden one for texture. So let's begin to roll up your wreck and place it at the issue off the working area. Dampen your small towel and lay it down flat in front. Off the record. Play it nicely now. Place the textured meant on top off. It's more cowbell. Make some hot and cold water in whatever container you are using. It should be hot enough but still can be touched with your finger. Now squeeze some liquid soap into it. Stir to mix. If you're using a sauce or spray bottle, just throw them up from the container, jer. But as for me, I prefer just using the container job to school. so place your converse on top of the man that putting water with a spoon off. If you're spray boto spreading all over, press with your palm so the water will spread and continue aiding Tillis, soaking wet with a soapy water. Turn it to the other side. Do the same pressed off. You know, it's really so. Squeeze some. Stop onto your hand, rapid to form bubble, then start rubbing onto the world. Peace gently in circular motion. At first, you didn't wrap so hot. Put some water on your head. If it is too dry, rub gently. That's now the fiber is still very fragile. Don't eat. Interrupt the other side Being old direction now, especially from corners towards the center. You can put little more pressure now because the fiber is more felt that now don't eat and repeat to check. If it's done, pinch it with your fingers like these. It's good and done when there are no straight. If I was coming out when you are pinching, place it back on the man. Now you see a rolling pin rolled up. You meant I was a kid was inside once the canvases wrote inside. Start rolling with the back and forth motion. Humbly put some pressure when you are rolling role for a minute or so, then you unroll on the canvas and repeat the process off rolling place impression. Whenever you unroll your turn your canvas and roll up again. Usually, I will roll light 4 to 5 times in between. It's soapy water. If it is too dry and continue, you can check it. If it's done by pulling it gently, it should feel quite tough. Like fabric. It looks good. Brought beat a few times. If your palm puts back now, I will give you the final role. One roll for one site, another role on the second side. Okay, now it's done. It looks good and it's ready for wash in. But three. 5. Making Wool Canvas - Part 3: but three off Making walkin was the final part. Start rinsing your soapy canvas in normal tap water. Normal temperature brings a couple off times. Do they are not so be anymore. Squeeze seed with your hen. No feel up one basin with cold water from the tape and another with boiling hot water from your keto. Put the canvas in the hot water for us. Sochi. Well, well, then transfer it into the cold water basin. We feel step running. I kept my water running so it will continuously be cool. Squeeze steed and throw it back into the hot water. Repeat the process. I usually repeat it for like four times. What water? Cold water, hot water and, lastly, with cold water. Squeeze as dry as possible. Not true. Your canvas onto your work area a few times like this. This is called a fulling process. This will help your canvas to be more felt and more tough and durable. No, the compay look at the tool. We're one on the left is after fooling. The one on the right is before only your small towel on the working space. Place your canvas on top and roll with your rolling pin ones for the tower up and place your rolling pin and start rolling. This will make your canvas dry on wrong robe with your rolling pin to flatten it more unenrolled. Other side It's done, and time to let it dry completely before you start your wool pending. 6. Little Lamb - Part 1: I start making our little him. First, get ready your canvas and your reference for tall. Start sketching the lame with a soft pencil. Five. Peter it be preferably I'm using on it. Be here. It's important that your sketches visible so it's much easier to work with. Doesn't matter if it stood up because letter the sketches who recovered with wool throw a frame around it as a guy. Now let's prepare the wool colors. Take a little off ish natural white, bluish white flesh, mustard in stone gray, more off the natural and bullish white. If you don't have stone gray, you can just use the lightest gray you have. This is the combination with, like gray. Gather them up together and start blending them up with your fingers. Or you can use this dog or pet combs, which are available in pet stores, placing the fibers on toe the combat. A sweeping motion as shown here that the second calm and start coming like the way I'm doing here. Come to all the fibers on the left, calma transferred to the right comb, then interchange comes and repeat. The process to the colors are blended nicely once it's done, you can pull them away with your hand. But I like to use this all come off mine which do not have the blood wrong. Keeps it can easily pull away all the fibers and living your calm, super clean. Then just pull off the remaining fibers with your hand. Now your freshly blended wall is ready to be used. I think my plan is to light So I had a little bit more off the light gray pulling and blending them by my hands. Now ph A little off your blended wall in press it onto the limbs Body starting from the neck area Start, stay being in your wall. The tip is always at the little wall at a time Don't don't know it too much pension, little like gray wool and it toe the belly part below That s where the shadows It's like in the picture. Now we do the front like first a long piece from your blended womb or about one angel tree Centimeter long. Now look at this step carefully See how I flip it up. You can rewind and wash again How I do these parts step all the fuzzy war in tow. Formed upper part off the leg. Continuous taping till all the wool is felt it. And from Okay, that looks nice. Now, another mom. And now for the second friendly twisting like before. Step in the end for us. Keep it up. This will give a very smooth people off the leg. Okay. Just done. No, for the back legs. Do the same process as the front legs. Do you hope to excess now? The other leg. When the send flipping part flip it, step it in. Could be a too much. We'll just pull it away. Bringing up the Farsi wool up to the bank off the limb. Then take some blend of wool and step onto the back off the body. Now step all over, then we'll continue in part two for the rest, off the body in the head. 7. Little Lamb - Part 2: Let's continue Part two off our little was we make that years. Pull to tiny bits off Bingol and put a site first. This is for inner ear. Then take a little bit off your blended wall, just a tiny piece. Place it on one year and step it in it some more. Remember, always work in small amount. Heading us you go along if needed. Now at the pink color on top off the blended would just now do the same for the other year , with the blended wolfers aiding the pink color for inner ear. Okay, that's how it looks. Now we're going to do the muzzle part, the muzzle, the wool at the muzzle part step beat along the line, then flip upwards is in. Tip off your needle. Try together the fibers and tuck them in while staving. Look at the forehead is covey and full of fuzziness Update, which we will get more warder. Letter now continues to step till all the woman the first. It's nice, and family felt it a little bluish white to make the muscle for hit because the upper part of the head, it's where the light shines. So it's a bit white that they, in a little horror at the sight off the face for some highlights to let's give him a no snow finish. A tiny bit off dark gray Blake will do. If you don't have dark gray, roll it a bit to firm it up a little, place it on the nose area and step it in. Page a little out of same gray and pull it into a long, thin strips and twisted. This is the outline. The mouth area. Give him a smiley face. Cream off any excess except a little more to secure. Don't Steptoe deep, or it will sink into the face Now that a little more strip, step it down from the north to the mosque area. That's how it looks now. Peace to tiny pieces off black wool for eyes. Rolled them up into tiny balls with your fingers. Pick them up with the shop. Keep off your needle in place on the area, carefully stepping in. Remember, don't step too deeply or else is going to sing in tow. The first do the same for the second. I okay, that's how it looks. No role to tiny British white This is for the highlight off the I pick it up, place it on the blood by step it in lightly avoiding sinking. We'll continue in poetry for the background. 8. Little Lamb - Part 3: Let's continue poetry off our little it. This is where we are making the grass background. Use whatever shares off green you have makes us off light and dark. I'm using four different ships here, but if you only have one or two greens at a little yellow mustard and gray, poor little off ish color to blend, you can blend by hands or use a bit calm like this. Same way us. You have blended the colors for the body off the lame. Pull it off the calm one sistan Give it a little bland by pulling apart a few times. No, we are ready. Pinch a little at the time toe would be. Place it in between the back legs and stepping in. We're doing the lower part first, all the spaces in between the legs. Pinch another piece and step into the space below the belly. Okay, continue aiding to the space between the front legs. Now we can get bit by bit to the surrounding area. I always like toe work on the place is nearest to the object for us. Then we can feel up all the surroundings. I feel up to go guidelines where we have drawn initially. Step the bring war as close as possible to the body. Okay, We have done all around the body. Then we can continue aiding more toe Cover the rest off the area. Now we can check 14 spots like this one and we at the little will toe Mash it up. Check again. There's one area here. Okay, that looks good. And one more hill. I think this will be the last one. Why No check As you can see all the grass area, it's a bit fluffy, but we're going to step it, making it more compact and felt like the body. You can use a multi needle holder like this one. It holds upto five. Find leaders number 40 and supposed to spit up your work. Oh, you can use this pen like holder if you have one. This holds only three find leaders and also helps to speed up your work a little. But the option I prefer most Issa single needed same owner both of the needle. When using this one needle option, try staving as closely as possible. Watch closely and see how the fibers got tangled quite formally. Even though it is only one needle we're going for form. Texture from inflect texture with one needle is much more easier to control your staving. Let's look at the comparison here. The one on the left office Fozzie and the one on the right is compressed and picked up split. I felt that Now we continue the race off. The bit grown do religious flat, and from to the field you can feel it with your fingers. And it's also easier to use one needle toe compact, the fiber up because this is just a small painting. Continue to the whole. Venting is compress. Let's at the little green here. There's an empty space spot. Day the green and step it in. We continue in part four later. 9. Little Lamb - Part 4: has continued the last part off our little limp, artful at a little more off the blended ward to the body, if needed. Mine here is a bit fled. We're trying to make our limb a little look like three D effect. A little bleach white at the cuff park here for some highlights. You can always refer back to your for, though at some more if needed. Always work with a little at the time that shows the highlight, and it's some more like gray here for more shits below the belly, some great shit on the chest to just below the face. The next area. No pinch a little piece off someone color if you have. If you don't have just used, like Brown present under the era shown and I'm done under the chin, the neck area for some pinkish ship. It looks like this spotting it some more rules. My limb body is still a little flat, so it's a more wool, so it will be more curvy. Now it's a little grey outline around the years. It is, too, like you can get some more great pinscher. Tiny strip of blender cool and stepping into the top off the air a little more, more Kontras. We'll repeat the whole process for the second year. The great in the blended wolf. Well, technically gray and stepping in on the site of the face this way. The shared OSI's and a strip of white. Well, I thought that you to show the highlight and some great below that you to see only school. No, start. Stay being randomly all around now for all the dark spots on the legs using that gray if you don't have, you can always blend black with some light gray. Just take a tiny beads. Put it on the legs, just everything in. You don't have to be perfect. It's some for the other leg. Just look at the reference for two and do accordingly. You don't have to be exactly the same. Us A photo. A photo is just us. The guy. No, but the shadows underneath the limb. Using your doctors green, you have blend it with a little dark gray. If you don't have dark gray, you can always use. Don't brown. Place it under the lame and make sure it touches the bottom off the legs. If not your level. Looks like he's floating in the air. Step it in carefully. It's some more if needed. Okay, now that it's done at the litter, random shadows here and they'll around the but grown give a few steps of the first force. Some definitions and it's all done. Congratulations. 10. Recap & Class Project: Let's do a recap in a class project you have learned from the class that with a simple white War, you have learned how to make a walkin worse. And with a few colored wound and a reference for tall, you have learnt how toe blend colors together and penned them on the canvas with the wolf into a beautiful picture off a limb. Isn't he cute? So thank you for joining me through the whole process for making Converse. Still painting the lame. You can pen the same lame for the class for Jack, or you can choose your own subject. Share your finished painting in the project section. Hope to see you all in my future classes. May it be needle felt ing or will pending Do follow me for updates if you haven't already do so, you can also follow me on instagram at woolly water color