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Needle Felting | Wool Painting | Fox Portrait | Fox Painting | 2D Painting

teacher avatar Zainab Mohamad Ali, Artist and animal lover

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Wool Painting Mr. Fox (2-D Needle Felting)


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    • 3.

      Mr. Fox ( Part.1 )


    • 4.

      Mr. Fox ( Part.2 )


    • 5.

      Mr. Fox ( Part.3 )


    • 6.

      Mr. Fox ( Part.4 )


    • 7.

      Mr. Fox ( Part.5 )


    • 8.

      Recap & Class Project


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About This Class

Needle Felting on a wool canvas and we are going to paint a Fox.

Welcome everyone, I am Zain and I am a self-taught artist. As I have explained before in my first class, wool painting is just like any other painting where we need a canvas which can be made of wool or any woven fabric. And instead of paints, we are using wool.

We will be applying some of the techniques that I have used in my first class such as

  1. how to blend wool
  2. The flipping technique
  3. One needle option and etc...

There is also a 2 parts lesson on how to make your own wool canvas in my first class. So, if you haven’t take my first class, be sure to watch it to have all the detail techniques!

But nevertheless, I will also guide you step by step the whole process for this fox from beginning till the end!

Lets hop into my class and lets paint Mr Fox!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zainab Mohamad Ali

Artist and animal lover


Hi Everyone,

My name is Zain (short for Zainab) and I am a self taught artist and a crafter from a tropical island called Borneo (Malaysian part) in South East Asia.

I am always excited to learn new art or crafts all through my adult life...this is because I don't have any art materials growing up. My very first art was a painting done with oil pastels in an exam while in high school with zero education in art. I took the art exam as a "helping" subject for my Highschool final exams. I was using used and old oil pastels from my older siblings.

But, one medium I always admire back then was watercolor and till today I just love watercolor! Bought myself a set of cheap watercolor long long time ago and started painting on cheap paper too! Didn't know much about quali... See full profile

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1. Wool Painting Mr. Fox (2-D Needle Felting): welcome to my second wolf venting class. And this time we will be pending. This, folks using a mush weaker wool, converse off about 7 to 8 inch or 20 centimeters square. We will be applying some off the techniques from this first class off mine wall painting a little name that Nixon us how to blend Wu to get a color that you want. The flipping technique. The one needle option for a larger area as compared toa the multi needle holder tools like this to here. I also teach you how to make full canvas in part one and part two, So hope into my class. And let's pan, Mr Fox. 2. Supplies: Let's look in the supplies for this class. First, we'll have basic tools. What we need. A melting needle. I always seals number 38 but if you have a fine needle off number 40 it's also good for details and a Caesar, a form block and lastly, a gut pencil and then canvas as what can with you can use any woman fabric that you have like this. All cotton linen talk back or felt February pre felt off either pure wool or polyester, but wound will be softer. Lastly, I have here my own wet felt that will canvas. I have a tutorial on making this in my previous class, spending a little in you can cream the ages so you're painting. We look more professional and then we need some wool. Bluish white, natural, white, black, dark grey and like gray and for some colors, red brown orange like peach like brown, dark brown and mustard. And Leslie off course. We need a reference picture 3. Mr. Fox ( Part.1 ): Let's begin painting our Mr Fox in Part one. Here's the reference picture screenshot and printed out. Start by staging your picture onto the converse with a duck pencil. Five B in the buff. Put it on your form block. We will start with the face. Use English white and a very light grayish white. But if you don't have, like great white, you can mix natural white with a little bit off. Great. Blend them together. Pull a little off the greyish white. Place it mostly under the first with a little above the jawline. Then step along the jaw line was done. Flip it up and step onto the face during this, where you will have less fuzzy fibers on the ages. Now at more grayish white. Now pull a little bit sh y and step it onto the greyish white. Now blend some orange with British brown color. You can see my blending process in my previous wolf painting Class off a little lame if you have business pieces like this one pulled them off in true. Always put it a site first. Let's make that yes, flys that a little natural white wool. Place it under one year instead, a little more if needed. Then repeat for the next year, using the same quite anything more to cover the pencil line. Not a little off the blended or range, and red brown starts Debbie onto the color part off the face, as shown in the reference picture, adding some more. A little at a time. No blend three colors to get rid brown or range in like peach a little and place them onto the face off shown and stepping in. I notice this part is too high, so I met an adjustment and draw a new line. Yes, you know the old one, cause later it will be covered by some wound unless continue stating, Get the little blended colors, toe the back off the neck. Stay being a little more off the whole face toe from up the world. Step a little bluish white under the chin area. Now take a little bit off like peace and put it on the bridge of the nose and stepping in sweat. The loose extracted lift in step. We will continue the rest in part two off the next video 4. Mr. Fox ( Part.2 ): Let's continue making Mr Fox in part two. Still using the three blended colors, pull a little out and step them on the head. No blend a little orange like pitch only for lighter ship. Place them at the site off the neck below the year. Instead, bring the colors down to the top off the friendly it more us you go alone. Note that a little off orange and like Ph for the bed off the neck. Now it colors to this part in the rest of the body, using two planes off orange and red brown, starting from the top down, heading and stay being the rule within the drone lines, adding more will do. The whole bag is covered with water, and little by little, it is feel, then taking a little red brown and stabbing it into the darker areas for some sheds, especially at the lower part, just behind the front leg and above the bend it back off the leg now for the front legs in the tail, as you can see here in the picture that they are quite dark colors, almost black in color. So let's blend some green. With Blake, pull a little out and place it on the tip off one leg. Move well below it. Stay being and flipping the wood up like before when doing faced in part one. Continue till you made the brown color on top. Then trim off the excess step in the ends, using a little bit of light brown to cover the two different colors day and also to cover up to three ends. It's a closer look, then at a little more if needed. Now take some rich brown for more shits compared with the reference. Speak Now what other friendly? Using the same plane off great and black and using the same flip that me pull off the access war. Or you can just stream it off using light brown again to cover this but here and a tiny bit off that brown on top of off the light brown. Let's do the beginning off the tail. Leave the fluffy part till the end after we do the background. Now blender and, like brown Callisto, gator, place on the tail part and stuff stay being at a little more if needed. Now for the hind legs using like brown color, fill up the whole part, except for the front that is just behind the duck crumbling. Now all these parts shown here the white in the grace. Now pull it the bleach white Step it onto the front part off the bended. Speculate they're a little bit off that great and step it on top off the bluish white. Now for the doctor shits here you're between using got brown color and stepping in No blend a little black and brown. Place it on the lower part of the tail instead for a doctor Shit. Step with the British white on the front off the bend It, like again on top off the greatest Now can run a little bit off black wool and stepping on the lower left off the leg is for the pole to be continued in but tree 5. Mr. Fox ( Part.3 ): Let's continue part tree off, Mr Fox. Let a little light brown with dark gray color. We went into two parts. Roll them up into soft bows and step ish. One into the tip, off the front legs, making in tow. Polls. Repeat for the other leg another dark gray and light brown blend and roll it in tow up long or over worship. Place it in between. The two front legs are shown stepping in. This is the pore off the other link, and it a tiny bit more off like brown for the poor little light brown. Hear us well, and let's compare with the reference picture. We need some shit also here in here, below the chest area. So, using just a little off dark gray on the chest area, just be loaded neck stepping in. Now take a small amount of bluish white and place it slightly over the great In stepping in . Blend some like gray with natural white and step it in between the two front legs. No, it just like great for Ducker. Ship for the north. Roll a small black ball off step into position. Still using black trees, a shot strip for the mouth. Start from right under the nose. If you have a fine needle off number 40 you can use it, but I'm still using number. Put it, then trim off the excess. Pull a little bit off dark gray in step in, just above the line a little over the line. This will secure the mouth part. Now take a little more gray and step in under the chin towards the neck area down to the chest. This is for under ships below the chin and also will give a distinguished look what I wrote . A tiny bit off mustard color. Place it in position and step. Step the surrounding flip but little long black Strip and twisted four out. The I start from the boredom, turned it around to the talk and back down. No, that little brown and step it in from the outer off the eye, pulling towards the left. If he's some sort of the full color, these sign wrote a really tiny black ball for the pupil off. What? This? You can also use the fine needle off number 40 if you have no A Tiny is a bit of a bluish white for a sparkle in the eye. Let's continue the race in Part four. The next video 6. Mr. Fox ( Part.4 ): Let's continue part for off making Mr Fox take a strip off grey toe outline that years starting from the keep off the hill down to the left side. Trim off excess and step in the ends. Step the tiny bit of excess into the inner ear for some shits. Step up any bit off light brown to cover the end off the trims. But just now a thing some more. It is still obvious. Now repeat for the other here the same process using the street off that gray color step a little like piece on top of the head for highlights. A little on the bridge of the nose, too. Now for the big ground around the folks and the fluffy tail after we make the background. As you can see in this reference picture is quite complicated, but we are going to simplify it a bit. So let's take some rich white and start making the snowfalls starting from the lower part just below. The folks continue stepping in the snow. I always try to leave a sleeker space without any war. That's why it's a pencil on all four sides off. My painting looks nice. This way nobody knew. Making more snow full of people black and start stay being from under the tail, creating shadows for your fox and continue with the snow. And remember to leave empty space on this psycho. So try to step issues. Section off snow probably into your canvas as you go along, getting most know here and there us you like. Or you can just follow what is in your reference picture missing from the camera. I'm adding light brown to the ball compact, but it's not sure. Now. Here it is, feeling up the empty space without snow ready a little that brown you in there for some shits and also textures that is shown on the ground. Let's make a blend off this color by using, like great white and dark brown color. A small amount off the plan and step it over where the brown meets the white snow. Some on the bottom part here. Also heading a little more. This. Give the brown looking like it's covered slightly with snow. Continue repeating the whole process off, stepping in snow browns and overlapping here and day with the mixed blend. Referring to your reference with us guy. But remember, you don't have to copy exactly the same braiding some more like brown in dark brown. If you have written about them filling up all the empty spaces in between the snow, careful not to get too much off war, or else it will be to think, didn't even help getting some off the mixed blend for the texture on the ground in between . Two colors, the white in the brown. Now to continue, make sure your would uncover the face off your folks to be continued in Part five in the next video. 7. Mr. Fox ( Part.5 ): this. Continue Mr Fox in Part five. The final part. Blend some dark grey and brown together. After blending and a little light brown. It will look like police now. Place it along the top part off the timbers and step in. Remember to leave the empty space at the site off the canvas, getting more wool and stable until you reached the other end off canvas. Now blend some top brown with light brown stepping in on the right, just below the top wool that you have just stepped in and do the same on the left side. Now, using back the previous three blends off that brown like gray and white, fill up the white spaces around the head. With this blend. Carefully step in between the ears, making sure not to cover the ears with the war taking a quick look at the picture. There are dark spots here in there in the forest, so let's get some great toe older spots. Menschel leader at a time and randomly scatter them around this policy. Don't talk, then start stabbing them in. Now step the big round firm. They'll smooth all over, taking section by section carefully step more around the face and the head, especially the years area. Okay. Now, for some trees in the forest, blend like gray and white together to get this color, pull a little at a time, Just enough for one treat. Work with us. Twist the street, Step it in randomly to switch. Ever place you like the trees to be trim off the excess When it was just the end and stepping in, we'll be doing the next three in the next step in us many or us little trees as you like. No, for touching up with some most No. Yes, it randomly, which ever place your thing You want to it. I always like to check through my Ben thing to say where I need to touch up something like you and here to make it more fluff. You okay? Lastly, the fluffy tail. Let little must start with white color. Yes, a little will do And step Bodine. A little mustard on to the right side for docker. Ship a little white on the left side for some highlights. Roll a tiny ball of white for the sparkle on his nose. Okay, finish with a few random stepping all over you stand. Congratulations. 8. Recap & Class Project: Let's do a recap. I know that you have learned blending off two or more colors to get a color that you are looking for like these two combinations here and also layering off different colors to create certain looks and giving textures for life clear effect. As for a class project, you can use your own reference picture like this shown above. Or you can just use the same picture us mine Check on my last painting video off the land where I shot some basic steps and also on blending world. I also showed how you can make your own canvas with natural wool. Remember to show your class project with birth on the project gallery section. If you pause it on Instagram to take me at early what the color, Thank you and hope to see you again in my next in future classes.