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Needle Felting | Angel Doll | Christmas Ornaments | Wool Felting

teacher avatar Zainab Mohamad Ali, Artist and animal lover

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Tools & Materials


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      Angel Part.1


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      Angel Part.2


    • 5.

      Robin Ornament


    • 6.

      Candy Cane Ornamant


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      Class Project


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      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Needle felting is a craft where we use a special felting needle with barbs to transform wool into anything that we want to make, may it be in a flat form aka 2D or in sculpture form aka 3D!

Today in this class, I am going to guide you step by step how to make or felt wool into 3D sculptures and we are making Christmas decors! This is quite a simple class and I highly recommend it to beginners. 

In this class we will be making 3 wool sculptures, namely:

- Angel

- Robin ornament 

- Candy cane

After completing these projects, I have an assignment for you guys to do in the Class Project section. 

Last but not least, Merry Christmas (if it's December) and let the felting begins....

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zainab Mohamad Ali

Artist and animal lover


Hi Everyone,

My name is Zain (short for Zainab) and I am a self taught artist and a crafter from a tropical island called Borneo (Malaysian part) in South East Asia.

I am always excited to learn new art or crafts all through my adult life...this is because I don't have any art materials growing up. My very first art was a painting done with oil pastels in an exam while in high school with zero education in art. I took the art exam as a "helping" subject for my Highschool final exams. I was using used and old oil pastels from my older siblings.

But, one medium I always admire back then was watercolor and till today I just love watercolor! Bought myself a set of cheap watercolor long long time ago and started painting on cheap paper too! Didn't know much about quali... See full profile

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1. Intro: Christmas Decaux. Welcome to my needle. Felt in class If you're a new student and we'll come back if you are returning student. This is a bad Christmas, Siri's and we are making Christmas tickle. Hi, everyone. My name is saying I'm a fibre artists from throughout Malaysia. We will be making these three projects together on engine, but Gonnerman and Candy can finishing. The class will be doing a class project together that the filter begins. 2. Tools & Materials: before we begin our class, Let's look at the tools and materials needed. Another 30 at felt in needle a firm form block a bamboo or wooden ski were the payoff Caesar in some wool of various colors. Our mentioned the colors in each individual project, plus on angel for ngowi Nick natural, white for the body, bluish white and light blue for the wings. For the first, we need that paying for the lives black for the eyes and like picking for the rosy cheeks for the dress. I'm using purple, and you can use any color. You prefer us for the robin on German. We need quite a few colors for this project. I will mention which color to use in the class later, but as for now, only see what we have now. We have great brown natural Why bluish white, some black, dark brown like green duck green, yellow, red and orange in light blue. Lastly, for the candy cane, we only need two colors. Bleach, white and Christmas. Right. Let the felt ing begins 3. Angel Part.1: Let's begin a walk across project by making an engine. Take some natural white wound and roll it up as tightly as possible. We are making the body. Hold it with your left hand and start stepping in front of your left fingers. Step, Do a corn shep this form like this some more cool. If the size is too small, roll it up and continue stepping and shaping us. You go step. The bottom fled, so you injure constant roll with Tom's toe compress a fiber small done. Leave the top. Keep Fozzie. Now roll a small among off Sam wool as tightly as you can. This is for the head Start. Stay being stick around. Roll if your hands staving. Enrolling a few show is all smooth and from up. Check for size against the body for comparison. Now try to open up the fuzzy top tip off the body. Place the head on top off the open fuzzy part, the upside down step huff or one centimeter be loaded like area into the head. Step deeply. Step old sites done the head. Then pull the loose Fozzie parts from the body so they left flat on toe the face. Now you step off Nido toh, bring down the loose fibre stand Step it to the fest's check once only secure. Start staving this Move in from step more on the neck area So on indentation ISS form is done now to dress her up, take some colored room, any color you like and cover the bottom flat part first I'm using puppyish Hold the wound down with your left hand and step Be careful washed out where you are stating step the site store No, it's done No to rip up the body with the same color. Pull off the excess unwrap And now we rep it more tightly in From then, we can start stating step from top to bottom bottom toe talk and make sure you step the bottom parts So it's flat. Okay, She is standing good now to do the arms. Start with how many hands waas by folding up some What wound? Step on Lee the folded part and leave one end Fuzzy roll with your two fingers and step again till it's firm. Okay, Now step the fuzzy end randomly. Don't steptoe time just to tidy it up a little Now do the second hand. The send us the US one. Now put it at the site of the body. The measure. How long is to sleep? Okay, now you have the length. Put the war on the form and start stepping in the ages. Roll up the hand holy instead to see kill for us. Stick around, Leave the other end. Fuzzy Because let on. We need to make sure the length off the arm again. Step some more Now we make sure Put it a site. What with your needle on the part where the length is supposed to be Now always start shipping it. Pulling in the fiber and step. It's small. Now we check again to see the leg. Okay. It's good. Once you like the length off the arm, then we can start stating its move and forming up. Throw with your pomace. You sure? So it will be more compact. Now it's done. Repeat the whole process with other arm. Okay. Both arms are done. Now we will attach them onto the body one at a time. Position it on the body and once is OK. We can start stay being stepped. The upper part first give a couple off deep. Stay. Being step deeply into the body. Okay, Now is a trash can do the other part. That other, um and we attach it the same way. Like just now. Step deeply on a Poepon onto the body. Okay, Now, both I'm a touch. Then the arms to form the elbow parts hen is been, But you can also live it straight down If you prefer. It's up to you. Okay, Step it. Dip. Lee. So the head is fixed onto the body. So now he's done. 4. Angel Part.2: Let's continue the second part off our engine. Now we are making wings. Pull out your pieces off British Whitemore. Similar incise is try to step on up flying ship off wing and start 40 in the world. That is outside off the up line. Step in place. Step all over to secure it. Make sure that should be okay. Do the same for the other wing. Yes, The first swing for a simple repeat the whole process by folding end stepping. Make sure force ices. Put the angel on the wing, see if it fits. That looks OK. Once this isis are okay, start. Stay being them. Motor from up. Making sure both wings are equal. Incise is step again. You can rub with your hand on the table top to smooth it out. Always make sure you stay. It looks good. This spot feels a little too things. Or take some more wool and passion up. You can always at some would. If no object is I don't feel like it's enough. Wolf on this soil is better. Toe get then toe. Have too much room. Rob us. You sure to smooth out the surface and compact more Now it's some light blue on top to make the wings looks nicer. Step likely to secure. Do not step to pack or to firm. Now it Lita, down below. On the underside of the wing. You don't have to cover the whole wing because this is behind. This is going to be behind the body off the angels. We'll try to attach step of what is good. Line down the back off the body for guide position one wing at the time and step into secure and can do for the next wing. Okay, Once they see kill, you can step the whole pot. But making sure just to step the part that is attaching to the body, especially the top part off the wing. Okay, that looks nice. Now we're going toe. Get the head. Start with the back of the head. I used yellow color for blonde hair. You can use other color as you like. With the end you're facing. You put the head in front of the first and step the top part toe half a line so you can flip the hair over. Once your line is done, bring older head to the bed. step randomly on top off the head so the hay will stay on the head. No for the site. Step like the top step line and you flip your hair over. Then give a few random step to see Kill. Step lightly. Okay. One side is done. Now do the other side the same way as you do on the left side and on the top off the head. Flip over and likely step No. Give her a few random step. Arrange the hair nicely. As you stamp. You can pull it up if the hair is a bit too down doing the same for both front and back. US for the ends off the hair. You can suppress it. Likely. Then you can twist the ends tohave nicer and morning ends. Try to divide the back part into 4 to 5 parts. Twist the end and step arranges. You go twisting and stating the ends. Eventually, you will get very nice. Separate that. Hey, try toe twist the ends with your head, and also you can twist the fluffy parts with a sharp end off your needle. Step all over there. You have a nice front. Always step random leave because we like the hair to be a bit fluffy, not toe compact like the rest of the body. So it's done. That's how it looks from the back and the front. Now try to step a couple flights down the wings for some details and make a scallop ship at the bottom of the wing. Okay, now it's done. Now can do the fest features. Put two black dots for the eyes, couple off ping for the chicks and deep hoping for the lives now he istan. 5. Robin Ornament: the next four years. IHS snaking road being ornament. We're spoiled two pieces of hula short and stick them together on top of each other. Start, stay being in a circle off about three inch or 7.5 centimeters in diameter. Then start folding the ages inward. Step while you fall in just a center. Once you have the ship, take some more rules and fill up the center off the geese. It looks quite empty at the centre. Continue stepping until the whole best is full. This is the best for the ottoman. Now, take a little off bleach, white and light blue. Pull them apart and mixed them. Well, these looks like sky color. Place them on your round, flat base and start stabbing them in. It's okay to have some coming out off the best because we're going toe. Turn it over and top them on the backside. Step the holding to secure affording them into the bag. Okay, once all is family can in turn back to the right side and start. Stay being tail smooth. Step the ages to interrupt with your palms to smooth it out and to compress the fiber more looks a little better step some more. Now it's done. Next thing, take some little brown and green wool. Blend them together and twist if your fingers to form a long strip What it at the bottom one below off the your best. This is for the brunch off the tree. Then take some lighter green. Put on top off that brown brunch. The highlight it a bit, so there will be like shadows. Buddha ends together. Bring it to the bag fully and step. Does he kill? Step the rest. Smooth surrounding her up. Let's move it out. That looks nice. Now take a little bluish white wall and position it has shown in the picture. This is for the belly off your birth step until it is all a fish toe. The best. Now take some black. A little brown and grey mixed together. Blend it, then This is for the wings, the body and also the tell off the birth. Sorry. Pull it down. Arrange it with your tip off your needle and step it till it looks like the body of the book. Now pull some yellow, orange and red. Blend them together again. It's good that you blend color saw it will look more realistic. Position them. This will be the red breast off the robin. Trim off any excess and this is the But that looks to us his back Make some great in a little bit off black for the top part off the head. I used some Graito highlight the hit. So at some more colors to some places, if needed some empty space to feel it up. So you have a better ship. So since the but is facing to the bank now take the same black color us the body twisted with her fingers and position it as shown This is for the big There you have your but now roll some black warrant Oh, tiny ball for eyes Step it in Don't step too hot And that bleached white very, very small And put it on the I to highlight the I So he looks nice. It looks more likely and take some white. Also put it on the big now for the fit. Just simply roll up to ah, shot length off Black Strip. Put it down below the body and on the branch. The little grey Yeah, it's now for the rest off the body. Just fill it up when you see there some empty space and for the white part tool. But if your butt looks okay, then it's okay not to get any more. Okay, so that looks good. Erupted to smooth out. Now take a thin strip off gray wool and stepping in as shown for outline off the body so you can see the difference between the body and the sky. Now it's done. Now time for the leave. Now you can blend some dark green in lighter green. Brendan, up together. I saw your leave. Well, look more like really stick with some shit off. Darker and lighter green Now stepping in. Try to divide the rule into two parts or you have to lifts at on the back off the behind the book. Okay, that looks good. Continue adding more lives. Ask you light. Fill up some empty space below the branch. Look on the front off the bird. It's all up to you. How many lives you want now? Take the same red makes us off move that you do it on the body Now you're really into small balls in stepping in. This is the Paris off the plan. Do as many as you like. I just do until I run out off the red mixes. After you stay all in, you can take some bluish white color roll into tiny balls and place it on the stepping on the red Berries to give some highlights to the Berries, just like the ice off the boat. Once everything is done, step every part off the on a month to smooth out. Now to do the site. I like to cover the site off the only moon if some color war, I'm using brown here, but you can use any color you like a long strip and something one end Once you secure and continue, stay being until the whole circle is field with the brown color except some more to smooth the ages. Step from in big, especially the front. Do it nicely. Now that istan measure your string for about eight inches or 20 centimetre long. I'm using your screen. You can also use Scotland fluff up the end parts off the string so that you can attach the wool on it. Position on top, off the honor man at the back side. Pull some war. Same color as the best on the moon. That is the letter of white and stepping in the wound Will Bengal with the wool that is on the best and brings does string fiber together You contest once this type that string done , come off, then you get some more wall to fill up the empty space and also to cover all the string thought the string is not visible. We're up to compress the fiber and smooth out front and bank. Now, Your honor, money looks beautiful is done. 6. Candy Cane Ornamant: for final project is making a candy cane. We need a wooden or bamboo skewer for this project. A piece off nature White wool on your form. Roll it up with a skewer. Roll it US family as possible. Paldiski will out and start stabbing. I try to bend to determine the length of your candy cane. It is to show we need to have some more Kool on one end for all the additional war on one end and starts taping to secure check again and at Moul. If it is too short, keep adding wall. If Nida roll it on the form toe from once. It's good with the length. Continue. Stay being till the whole candy can east from roll with your palms. I shall show toe, compress the fiber. Now step in the ends so it would be neat and tidy. Careful off your fingers when you step in the end. Okay, that looks good. And do the other end us well being us. You go alone? No. You have a very beautiful can try to Ben and see the size once is okay. We it red color now. Poor Longstreet rep All along. Make sure is enough length for the whole can you can and you can start stepping from one end in rolling it diagonally a longer, longer part off the ken the threat part off the kin. Make sure you roll it diagonally. Step us. You're all along rodeo, the Ben part of the kids and then you stop, Stay being Stop aiding. Then you bend your kin and giving some deep stay being on the cuff pot. This will make you can be kin cuff the way you want it to be Step deeply, especially on the curvy part used to ensure the fiber will tangle up more on the curvy part . So your candy can you remain cuff on that part? Then you can start rolling again. One CEO cough, but istan grow the red wound along the cuff part Making sure is nice and stripey roll to the end off the cuff path. The copy part was threatened a little, but not to worry. You can always step it back like before, but this time more easier because more the fiber inside this tangle. So if your palm to smooth the red stripe now you come back the co v pot and then you step all along your candy kin Smooth out. And especially the cuff part. You give it a little most deeper steps and install intimately en tidy. Now you can you can looks so beautiful. It's done. 7. Class Project: Lastly, let's do a class project together. Let's create your own Gonnerman with a snowman or anything you like. Follow the same instruction as for the robe in honor. Go show your creation on the student project section. If you're positive Instagram, take me. And really, what a color! If you have any questions at all on the class on this project, contact me here on school shape or DME on instagram. 8. Final Thoughts: final talks for this class, just with some basic tools and some color rule, you have met an injury in a couple off ornaments. After this class, you will be able to make beside an NGO, maybe a dole and any types off Gonnerman with different kinds off any more off faces that you like and thank you for taking this class, and I hope to see you in future classes.