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Music NFTs Basics Lesson: Artist Approach From 0 to First NFT Sales

teacher avatar Altin Gjoni, Playing with feel is the key

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      An Overview of Music NFTs


    • 2.

      Why Music NFTs


    • 3.

      Basic NFT Tech


    • 4.

      Why Collectors Buy Music NFTs


    • 5.

      Introduction to The NFT Community


    • 6.

      How To Market Your Music NFTs


    • 7.

      Which Blockchain To Choose


    • 8.

      Which Marketplace To Mint On


    • 9.

      NFT editions or 1 on 1


    • 10.

      How to Price Your NFTs


    • 11.

      Market Ups and Downs


    • 12.

      Avoid Scams on WEB3


    • 13.

      Music Legal Issues


    • 14.

      Future Of Music NFTS


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About This Class

Start your journey into Music NFTs with a guide for total beginners to blockchain art. As an NFT musician & community leader in the web3 community, I will share my experience with the NFT community and lay out the step your need to take to become a part of the NFT community and get our first sales.

This class is for Independent artists, established musicians, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts.

My approach is completely from the user's side, meaning the artist. I won't get into many technical parts or specific part as a software engineer would and focus on the business/creative and mindset side of music NFTs. I aim to give you an overview and some do's and dont's from my experinece.

The lesson is a guide to show you best practices and how to get  started. I will detail specific steps to creating, minting, branding your Twitter Profile and selling NFTs in other lesson.

You can find a complete dictionary of common technical and slang terms regarding NFTs here. A shortened basic version of the lesson and dictionary as well. Some crypto wallets to download for free.

Join my community of musicians in web3  and find continuous backing material/new/resources and a helpful community of web3 musicians. Add me on Twitter and join my Twitter spaces and discord community to ask me questions in person.

Read more about my working musician journey into web3 and my other web3-related articles to guide to the best practices of the NFT world.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Altin Gjoni

Playing with feel is the key


My music career started like any other self-taught musician who was and is a music nerd. I like to use one phrase to include it all, meaningful accidents happening consistently in my life.

Years after picking up the guitar for the first time, I'm now a session guitar player who has recorded and played in hundreds of albums for international artists. I took the best out of the online world and managed to do my work remotely from my small country or even during covid. 

I do love to teach and as well to write about music. Perhaps some of my studio logs will catch your attention as a music lover or six-string player.



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1. An Overview of Music NFTs: Hi everyone, and welcome to my course on the basics of music and FTEs and how to get from zero knowledge and music and FTEs to your first sales are setting up your music. And if the project I'm Alton, I'm a session guitar player, working musician, arranger and songwriter. And I was lucky enough to be involved in the last year with music and 50s. I was a counselor for various projects, set up my own music NFT community, and as well sold a bunch of lefties. Now, I want to share my knowledge on how the community works, what NFT is, how the technology works in very simple terms, and how you can get started in setting up your profiles, in getting involved in the community and getting your first NFT sales. I want to assure you that throughout this course I will take in consideration all the possible questions and I securities you might have. And I'm going to take the logical skeptical way in a sense of getting involved in crypto and then FTEs. So you can always rest assured that you're not betting anything on it. You're just getting all the gains and just building up on this community. So thank you and I'll let's get started. 2. Why Music NFTs: The first topic I'd like to address is, why would you want to get involved in music and FTA's, if either you are a musician, songwriter, or a working musician like me, or you are an entrepreneur who wants to get started in a project. The first gain or music and FTEs that you might have heard around online is people selling their music and FDA's. But what does it mean? Selling music in FTEs means that you are creating a unique copy of your music, attaching it to an image, a collector is buying it. So basically collectors of people who collect music and FDA's, this is the first way of gaining and this the first way with it you're going to address. The second way is setting up an NFT project. Setting up an NFT project is different from selling music and FTA's. Because e.g. music and FTA might be that I have my song, make an entity posters in a marketplace, e.g. like open. See that you might heard of somebody buys it, setting up an NFT project meetings that I set up a complex structure. And e.g. I. Have a project on which people by 1,000 and FTEs. And from those inequities, I will give the fundings to children from my community to buy musical instruments. Because it's a project that has our goal which is more extensive than just selling music enough to use and financing my career. If your artists of whatever level, if you were on a financier album, if e.g. you have a tour or you need some crowdfunding, if you just, our bedroom musician who has his creativity going, or even a famous artist wants to earn money in a different way, I give back to its community that music and F, These are a perfect way for you to do that. Don't think about music and FTA's as working with stocks and working with crypto because it's a different topic. And that krypton, how the market goes is very related to how music and FTA's come and go and we're going to deal with it on that. But the way that she earned a music and FTA's is not like how you are in investing in creator that you throw money in and you just have to wait for it to go up and down. It's mostly a community-based setting and it's mostly people wanting to contribute to your art, creating relationships with people and building up a good foundation. It's still very experimental and it has its ups and downs. But I believe that in the future is going to get more formal and more big artists and more companies, record labels are getting involved in it. So even though you might not gain just from the beginning, if your goal is not to aim for a short book, if you want to take the long term game, it's good to have your music and FTE basic setup so you're ready for what comes in the future. 3. Basic NFT Tech : With our next topic that I want to address is having some basic technical knowledge just to break the barrier of entry. The biggest reason why people are scared sometimes of NFT is what people don't understand. And FTEs is that it's still on that phase that you need to have some technical knowledge to get started on it. It's not plug-and-play directly, but you need to know what you're doing. So you can actually take small steps along the way and understand what's happening. I want to address first what the blockchain is. You will find a ton of resources about what the blockchain is even better than me because there are a ton of programmers and software engineers who have their courses on there. But the way that I like to explain in very simple terms is that the blockchain, a networks, network of computers connected together which record data and data of transactions in a single ledger or in a single record. It's called the blockchain because once a piece of information is put in place, another one is put after it, and it's a chain of information. And it's safe and secure because note, one of the computers on the network can actually alter the data once it's put in. So when something is done in a blockchain, it stays. There are multiple blockchains, e.g. is the Ethereum blockchain, the solar on a blockchain. That taste is blockchain. Each blockchain, as you might know from the stocks, has a coin, e.g. Ethereum has a theorem coin every blockchain is treated like a separate ecosystem. Meaning that if you're getting into music and estates, e.g. like I got it first in Solana, my network was tech first. And second, meaning that you have to focus a lot on technology and the blockchain and then on the music and the technology, and then expanded into more blockchains, e.g. all my fans in the NFT war were people that were insulin at first because this was the Blockchain I was working at. When i, then I got into a theorem, I was starting to get into the music groups of bacterium. So it's still like technology first-time music. Next, the next concept I want to talk to you about is the Web three concepts. Now what is Web three? Web three is how people are naming the future of the internet, where the creators are the owners of the network. Meaning that web one was when you could only see your website. Web two is today where you can also upload video and interactive. Web three is when you can as well be the owner of what's online. In very basic terms, there is not yet a proper Web three, and that's for sure, people just use the hashtag web three on Twitter a lot just to demonstrate it is something to aspire to. And assuming that it's already here, but it's not already here, it's on its steps. And the blockchain is the foundation of Web three. Going back to LFTs. Now that we know what a blockchain is, what is an NFT? An NFT stands for non-fungible token and a very easy way to electric spring and FDI is this. Supposing that we are on the Ethereum blockchain is this network of computers. Think of an NST like a line of code which is unique to like blockchain. Now, you attach supposedly that line of code to an image or an audio file. Now on that ecosystem and on that ecosystem, only that Audi or image file is attached to that code. And the property of the NFT is not actually owning the image or owning the audio, but it's owning that line of code. If I e.g. I am on the NFT, sorry, m on the Ethereum blockchain and abiding and f t, meaning that to me, user, which I'm registered as a wallet address, which are going to address later on that line of code. And I'm the sole proprietary of that line of code which is attached to that image or that audio file. But the thing is, I only own it inside that blockchain and eco system, meaning that people in real life can use your music, people can use your images. But inside that ecosystem, I have ownership of that audio file, of that image file, or at least of the code that is attached to the teammates or audio file. This is what makes it non-fungible. This is what makes it not replaceable because there can only be one on the blockchain. The other things I want to address is talking about a wallet. Wallet is your everything up three on in the blockchain is where you keep your crypto is where you keep your LFTs. It's basically, your address is just a very long line of code. Think about it, like your email or your bank account all in one. So the first thing that you have to do, which could also be part of your project, is to set up a wallet. You can set up a wallet be multiple blockchains, but I would advise you, first set it up on the big blockchains. So the first thing you should do is I have linked down below some links for the wallet you should check out. So I want you to, first of all, to open up a well-lit and just try the trial and error approach because you don't lose anything at first if we're not investing money and just open up a wallet and play with around with it. It could be either a desktop desktop app, Sorry, what was tension? Or it could be a mobile lab, LFTs and the blockchain at first, our tech first and the second, unfortunately the beginning. So you have to know your tech side and the tech side, visual and FTEs and music and FDA's are the same. But they change in the way that they are marketing and then changing the community they're presented, which I'm going to get into details later. So for now, just have a look at the dictionary, give a quick read and continue with the lesson because of technical side and the slang side of the NFT as a reward, it's gonna be something that you're going to test by trial and error and just by hanging around in the NFT community. 4. Why Collectors Buy Music NFTs: Now that we've got the textile out of the way, I want to discuss a bit more about the value of music and FTEs and white people buying music inequities. Why would people buy something that has no value in the real-world? And why would people buy something that they can listen to and download anyway, as I mentioned before, the NFT game is both a game when people play to actually buy and resell it or if T is for a higher value, but it's also a game that people play to support other people. So among the main reasons that people will buy your music NFT or by music and FT is from your music and FT project is first to suppose your cost. E.g. people bought my first music and FTEs because it wasn't the first time for me as a working musician to problems and work on my own. As a session musician, I get to play behind the scenes where it was the first time it was publishing music and people were supporting me for that. The second reason is that, is this. Suppose another specific cause, like I was mentioning before, if you're giving their earnings for charity, if you're using learning for somewhere else or building a platform. Also, people read by your NF2, you see if they have some kind of utility attached to it. Now, the term utility is a wide term that it's also misused most of the time. Attaching a utility to the n f, This means that people who buy your music and F D or an F t in general, have some other gain other than buying, reselling, or supporting e.g. what I did with my music inequities is that when people would buy it, I would also give them multi-track. So anyone who bought music and FT and people could do remixes. People could use my guitar tracks and people could use the baselines and everything. That was my utility. But other people who are way smarter than that, e.g. there were people who said that whoever buys and music and FT is gonna get his face on the cover art. And a ton of people did that because they want to have their face and their cupboard heart. Another reason why people buy music and FTEs is that there are a lot of people in the NFT community who have a lot of crypto to spend because they've already when it was cheap and now they have a ton of it and it's expensive. And these people just collect a ton of music and FTA's for the fun of it first. And to resell because the main aspect and appending music and FTE or NFT in general, of people who want to buy is that I'm going to buy now so that I can sell you the future. The last reason why people buy music and have these is because they buy music NFT, so then people can buy it back from them. I know it sounds funny, but it's actually a networking way of how the music NFT communities sometimes work. Because when you talk to somebody, e.g. a. Tutor spacing, we have a kind of connection. It's normally when I publish in NF2, you are gonna be the first person to buy it from them. They're going to be the first person to buy your music NFT when it's out and your waist, like a way of marketing each other. So this is also happens in interpreting community. Another point of advice that I wanted to give is that they have to community especially the music one. It's not that he doesn't have quality, but it lacks a lot of what's happening in the real world. So there are a ton of genres, but there's not anyone who's above the rest are better than the rest yet, because the community is still small. Why are there are artists who have sold a lot, who are the leaders of the music NFT world. And there are platforms, so actually support artists a lot. Mothers is space for you to do your best music, for you to do your best heart and a combination of both. And for actually to succeed just by the pure virtuosity or the pure artistic quality combined with your character and what you wanna do, their, their space for everyone and even for very good music to be sold. 5. Introduction to The NFT Community: Now I want to introduce you to what's called as the NFT community, the Web three community. And some on the Web three or NFT community is the people who are dealing with LFTs. Working in an FTA is selling, buying, and FTA's are in simple terms, people who are doing that matching twitter and discord and align, because that's where the music and have tea community lives. It's mostly Twitter and then discard. Now, what's special about the NFT community, then hefty community, especially music NFT community might or might not be on the tech side. But there are people that are mostly hopefully what will happen in the future. Meaning that not everybody in the nFET community, as you might really like online, is people who are dead on, on crypto, people who invest a lot of crypto. There are a ton of parties there. There are a ton of people who are just applying their knowledge from real-life do the NFT community. And there are a ton of artists who just want to get the best out of their art and get some funding out of it. When I first joined the NFT community, I actually made a name for myself in a way by writing articles about the NFT community. And some of the articles about the NFT community were very skeptical and sometimes attacking some sides of the NFT community I didn't like. There is, of course, a site like every online community which can be harmful in a way like people who are hyping things to manage projects, it's actually promise a lot. But then rug, meaning that they just sell their LFTs and disappear. Art which is sold as quality are. But most of the times even generative art are generated by a computer and people don't know that there is a bad sign like every other online community. But generally the first thing and the main thing which is going to stick to you further enough to communities that people who are very helpful and are very open to collaborating. The Web three space in general is very new and people are still experimenting. So it's like it was in the early days of the Internet. Or even better in a way because literally when I joined the NFT community, I would just message people to Hayden, want to do some together. And everybody would say yes, most of the time, I would message the projects, even project at all, multi-million dollar sales. And I was like, can I do soundtrack for you, or can we collaborate? Or can I host a guitar solo competition like I did with some of the projects, it worked because people want to corroborate, people wanted to help it still and it was not, and it's still not a shaming a way to get started in the NFT community and ask Watson an F D. People will help out even when it's not goodness. People who help, because it's tradition. There is actually a habit there to help. Now. There's a good side and there's the bedside. But what you have to know about the NFT community, why am I doing this part of the lesson is because there is a certain slang attached to it, which I've taught in this scenario link. There is also certain patterns of behavior which might seem a bit odd for people that are not on crypto, e.g. when you open Crypto Twitter or NFT Twitter to see lots of GM, GM, GM, Good morning, Good morning. And people sharing status. These are stories that might not make sense to you if you're not in the community. But if things seem daunting, just I want to reassure you that if you spent two weeks or maximum amount that you spend half an hour a day, maximum amount. You're gonna get how things work and you can become easily parts of the community just by contributing to what you're actually good at in real life and just doing that. If you're a good designer, you can start on that. If you're a good musician, you can start on that. If you're a good entrepreneur and have good ideas or mentor or whatever, you can just transmit your skills to the NFC community, be helpful to them and they will be helpful to you. 6. How To Market Your Music NFTs: Soils are very important. Question is, how do you market your music in the Web three and NFT community, and how do you get your NFT sales? Assume that you already set up your Twitter account. Your spend a few weeks on Twitter spaces. And you have a general idea of what's happening. How do you get to sales, marketing or web three, It's in many ways the opposite of marketing and work to don't ever consider doing paid ads about your music and FT is like you would in Instagram, you would like in Facebook and Google with your music. The point is not to get in playlist on Spotify. The whole point is to building a tight community of people that contribute to your music. It's best to have 100 pure collectors than to have 100,000 listeners on Spotify bowling balls from money-wise, which doesn't compare it all and both in the value that they get out of your music. Because if somebody colors here music, meaning that means that they like you as a person. First of all, they like your story and they're like your music, they're like the meaning behind it and they're willing to actually give to that music. And also they find you like a worthwhile artists that they can invest for you now and in the future that can actually gain from selling your LFTs, which is something very good to do because in the end is somebody investing, you wanted to get some gain out. I've had marketing is basically done in an organic way and it's mostly based on being active on Twitter and being active on Twitter spaces, both on other spaces and organizing your spaces, which could well be daily on a topic that you're interested in, topic that you're very good at. And also it's based a lot in collaborating with other people. See you collaborate with the best visual artists that you can use, just the M Then you collaborate with projects, you start your own projects, you just be an active part of the community. The more you can in the moment that you find that you have found a purpose behind your NFT collection, you have found a while, you have found a good design. You have find the music that goes along with the concept and everything. That is the moment which you actually declare it. You have a mint date. You have everything set up on the logistical side and on the technological side. And once you have your main data analysis, you start with a more aggressive marketing. Meaning that everything you do like your pin, post on Twitter, description, even your cover photo anyway, your photo will be related to your NFT release. Everything you are doing, your Twitter spaces will always have a hook was always, ever handle. And even when you do them and you should have a party on Twitter to the domain, it might sound weird, but it happens. You should share bits of your music. You should have people be in your waitlist, whitelist or guest list. It's just people who are allowed to meet first at sometimes at a lower price. Be aware that the more you give to people who, people that followed you and to your community, the more likely you are to attract even others. Because you have to make a noise. It's always best to offer the best quality music to be generous with your community and to be helpful if you spent her two weeks and then empty space and you create an idea, I want you to spend tomorrow just researching on music platform so much works because on the less steps, It's very important to have the correct metadata. It's very important to have the right Web three SEO, and it's very important to follow up of your community after the sales. The important thing is not just selling out. The important thing is, what do you do after you still have to keep your community engaged? You still have to give something to people. So think about ways that you can help your collectors. E.g. I. Gladly do like guitar lessons for all my collectors because I wanted to give something back for them. I gladly give them the multi-track, think about something can do. E.g. you can give them a percentage of secondary sales, meaning sales after the first mint, then you can gladly do that. Just think of ways to keep your community engaged, both in high and low times. If you do that for enough, if you're consistent enough and you have like multiple collaboration with other people, eventually when you reach our mean date, it's most likely that you're going to either sell out or sell most of her inequities. 7. Which Blockchain To Choose: Which blockchain do I choose? I think you need to choose the blockchain which is first most reliable and doesn't have any fluctuations in prices. And second, the blockchain in which your communities, as I said, communities there. I mean, you don't have the space and mostly based in technology and in the blockchain they live in e.g. the theorem community is most likely to be on a theorem Twitter spaces. Of course, there are emergent cellular blends whole time. But generally a community, especially when it's based on a project, it's based on the chain when the project is going a reliable blockchain, which doesn't fluctuate much. And other blockchain where your community. 8. Which Marketplace To Mint On: So how do you get about deciding where to mentor NFT? You can choose multiple ways. The first way is to use specific marketplaces for music and empties. The second way is to use generic marketplaces like huge ones like open sea. And the third one is doing it on your own website. I would suggest first going from music and FT specific marketplaces. Because they're more refined, my, they can serve best if the music is good, you can separate it into genres. And it would be like most likely music lovers there who could buy your music and have tea. However, we can also choose other ways. If you're NFT is just mostly fine art, like a very good painting and digital art from a friend of yours to whom you attach a soundtrack that you did. I would recommend it in going in or affine marketplaces like e.g. Foundation, which is a marketplace is dedicated to fine art. You can use any marketplace as long as your community is on the marketplace. If your communities masturbate and rock musician, I will use a platform that's specific to music and FDA's, because that's where most likely rock artists will be. The marketplace depends a lot on the blockchain is you're going to use if you want to lose Solana, e.g. you have to use a marketplace that use Solana. If you want to use a theorem, you have to use a marketplace is use a theorem. 9. NFT editions or 1 on 1: There are multiple things that are inactive. It can be, but let's assume they must simply just an image with music attached. Now, minting and FTA's, there are two major ways to do it. The first is doing only a one-on-one, meaning that there exists only one copy of the nerve t. And of course it's gonna be more expensive because it's just that. The second way is to in multiple addition of an NFT. At first, I will suggest you doing the addition way. Assume that I have a song and I did 20 copies of that song, which is 20 unique on FTEs of that song. Of course, since it's 20 and you can have this other song, you're going to price them lower at a starting price. And since it's lower, you can actually sell them to people that you know, people who are going to support your first, people who you're talking to an empty space, spaces. And like your music, you have to make a decision if it's gonna be a one-on-one or you have to make a decision is going to be an addition. I think the second is best if you're just starting. 10. How to Price Your NFTs: Charge your NFT is based on the value of your community. What do you think your community will pay for your NFS? Don't just base it on what you want to base it on what you think people would give it and what's your thing. We're rewarded for collecting from an artist who is either new or is either established. But first and foremost, think about giving because the collectors are going to come if you can provide real value and if your art is in a way not better than the other, but stays true to where you're actually presenting a series to the mission and the goals and the concept. 11. Market Ups and Downs: So what to do when times are low? By that I mean, we need to bear market. A bear market is basically when crypto is down and a bull market is when crypto is up. So there's a tendency of fluctuation and we all love it. Sometimes goes up is I'm just going down. Most of you who are watching this video probably have invested some money in both and after use and invested some money in crypto sera know how bad that can go. It's very true than when it's a bear market. When the market is going down, people quit and FTEs for awhile, but they always get back when the market goes up. So even if it's a dip, even if the market is not in the right place, you still have to continue developing your community and giving the best. The way to do that is like I said before in this lesson, is just do the best that you can do in real life and be helpful for that in the NFT community. If you do music lessons, keep people entertain and keep people aware that you are still present in the community. Because when time comes, I want to group those up and get back on the top. You will have more sales and everybody else. Also, another thing is that the crypto technology, even if it's not used ultimately for the NFT is the blockchain technology. It's still here to stay in a way and it's gonna get adapted either by record labels, either by the Internet in general. So it's always good in good times and bad times, keep the long game running. And I'll just try to build a community and be as helpful as you can. 12. Avoid Scams on WEB3: A very important topic in the NFT world is security. A lot of people are being scammed and you read the router if news of people being scammed. And rightly so because it happens a lot, the technologies, new communities, new, there are no regulations. There are a lot of fake profiles on Twitter, a lot of bots. So how do you deal with that? The main thing is that you never have to give you a phrase and you never have to comment your wallet address. If you don't need to, don't fall prey of the Twitter giveaways when you need to comment here, we'll address and type, sorry, tag your friend because most likely they just won't hear well, it addresses a contact or they might try sending things to you that might eventually be scams. Be very aware of discord, DMs. Discord is the place where most people get scammed. If you're close to a mint date of a project and you guys like suspicious messages from the Admin Center community managers of the project that they want to give you a discount or whatever guest list, be very suspicious of that. And also always have a burner wallet. Burner wallet is a quality you use for everyday transactions in a way separate from her main one when you keep all your crypto and you keep all your end FDA's, it's important to have one because even if you lose your burner wallet, you still have your savings safe. You can also get a physical wallet where you can save your wallet sends out and just keep it somewhere safe in your house. Also, write down your passwords. I mean, right down in physical paper, that's what I do and it's what keeps them safe and maximum just give it your brother to your mother too. Afraid to somebody who trusts that, whatever happens, he will always have the seed phrase. This is all about security that you need to take care off. There are also other things, but as I told you before, spending two weeks and spending a mountain and empty space, you will get used to actually avoiding and finding the good and differentiating it from the bed. 13. Music Legal Issues: A common question that every musician has is that if I sell my NFT to someone, doesn't mean they have the rights to use my music whenever they want. It doesn't mean that can have the multitask and use the stems, can use it in their vetoes. The question to that is both a simple No, but it can also be more complex communities, still very new technologies. And there's a lot still hasn't caught up to actually make proper regulations regarding like music and FTEs and regarding how their connection to record labels. But I will say this if you own the rights to your song or if you have made a good deal with the record labels on with their publishers, then you can use your songs and music and FDA's, however you wish. Also giving limits to people who buy your music and FTEs, e.g. when I saw my music enough this, I specify an unlimited data. Metadata is data your touch once you mean to your employer and f t, which is very important that you can use my multi tracks as you wish. You can use them in your songs. You can use a mirror to leaders or whatever. I'm perfectly fine with that. But I could as well have written down that. You can only have their own FTEs, but you can't use the music. Now supposing that I've written down the, the counties, the music and they use the music. What can I do about that? Keeping it short? There are no tighter regulations about doing that and they only regulations that you should consider on the ones that you have personally with your record labor or with your publisher. So you don't top and problems to yourself in the future. But for the moment it's perfectly fine to experiment. And if you're afraid of doing something like music that you don't, it is yours but you don't fully own. I would suggest just starting out with music and F D is with music that you just created, something that you're working on and just experimental bit on that to just talk to you a record label. Because there are a ton of record labels now that are getting into music and empties. There are a ton of music projects that are going into music. And if D is, I don't want to give you a full reassurance you guys in how the law works because it depends a lot on your country. And you can also talk to Laura about that. But it's perfectly fine to experiment as long as you keep your thing sorting depending on the music situation that you're on. I hope that helped. 14. Future Of Music NFTS: So how about the future of music and FTEs? As we know, the market fluctuate. So our NFT is here to stay on if D is here today out. My opinion of it from an experience in it is that even if collectibles or tart today or something of the past, they are not as they are now or just die out. The blockchain technology and the whole logic behind the independence of crypto and creators getting paid directly by their fans, I think is here to stay. Why? Because a lot of famous artists are getting in, a lot of companies are getting in, a lot of record labels are getting in. The whole logic of fans being close to the creator is something that it's applied in today's Internet and web to internet. And I think it's here to stay even in the future when people get more independent about the usage of technology that uses the Internet. So I think there, whatever happens, it's very good to have a solid basis on the blockchain. It's very good to have a solid basis in the NFT community because if something is bound to happen in the future, the people who are now part of the university community, or the people are most likely to be the first, to be part of the next big thing. So start out an aim towards a long run. And thank you so much for being part of this lesson. And lastly, I wanted to invite you all to join my community and discard and follow me on Twitter. My community is called working musician unite its aim to all working musicians, to a musician in general, to all songwriters. And basically artists wanted to get started and left ears and it's self-help, will always share information. We always share links to important data, links to important resources. And you will most likely find all the important things that you need to get started, including also my articles on the discord link and on the links below. Thank you so much and I hope I was helpful to you in any way.