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Modern Texturized Buttercream Cakes

teacher avatar Winny, Creative Baker

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Sketching & Designing The Cake


    • 3.

      Types of Buttercream


    • 4.

      Making Italian Meringue Buttercream


    • 5.

      Coloring The Buttercream


    • 6.

      Assembling The Cake


    • 7.

      Masking The Cake


    • 8.

      Texture 1 : Concrete


    • 9.

      Decorating The Cake (1)


    • 10.

      Texture 2 : Abstract Painting


    • 11.

      Decorating The Cake (2)


    • 12.

      Thank You


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About This Class

Learn step by step on how to create artistic & modern texturized buttercream cakes at home. You'll be introduced to two techniques to make buttercream textures, which are concrete texture and abstract painting using palette knives.

This class is designed for anyone who wants to learn cake decorating. No piping skill is required :)

This class will also cover:

  1. How to make Italian meringue buttercream
  2. Colour the buttercream
  3. Level, fill, and mask the cake
  4. How to make chocolate sail, chocolate drips & DIY edible gold leaf flakes
  5. Decorate cakes using fresh cut flowers

What you'll need:

  • Standing mixer (or hand mixer but get 1 person to help you in the kitchen)
  • Food/ candy thermometer
  • Cake turntable
  • Offset spatula / palette knife
  • Bench scraper
  • Cake layers or dummy cake 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Creative Baker


Hi! I'm Winny.

I'm a baking and cake-decorating teacher from Indonesia. I have a background in hospitality management and I was formally trained in confectionary arts in Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts, Toronto, Canada. After completing my diploma program, I returned to my hometown Jakarta, Indonesia, and started my own cake decorating business, Trésor Cakes, specializing in novelty and wedding cakes.

When I first started, I was faced with so many challenges. Especially because I was trained in Canada, where the climate is totally different from Indonesia. Working in a professional kitchen or school where the working environment is controlled very well is also different from our home kitchen. I will discuss these challenges as we... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm winning. I'm a baker and a cake artist based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I started cake decorating in 2013 when I enrolled for a diploma program at Bonnie Corn College. Confectionery Arch, Toronto, Canada. After graduating, I returned home and started my own cake shop Treasure Cakes. Today we're going to learn how to decorate cakes using Texturizing pedigree Way will first learn how to design our cakes using sketches, prepare and color the buttercream, assemble the cakes and finally mess the cakes for prepared again vis. Then I will demonstrate how to make two kinds of textures concrete and abstract painting by using palette knives. In this class, not only you learn how to create textures with buttercream way. Also get to know how to make a trouble. Seal the i Y edible gold leaf flakes, as well as to decorate cakes with fresh cut flowers and chocolate trips. Decorating cakes with this method is a great alternative to piping, and it also gives a more contemporary look to a cake. So see you in class, and I look forward to see your creations 2. Sketching & Designing The Cake: Hi, Thank you for joining me Today will come into the modern text rise, but a drinking class. Now we're on our first step in making our cakes, which is sketching and designing our cakes. So what will need to prepare? Just get your cakes are colored pencils, a pencil and your razor in a sketchbook or a piece of paper to get some ideas before we start sketching. Let's take a look at the following pictures. The first texture we're going to learn in this class is complete texture. It gives a simple, clean and more mother looked a cake. You can make it at their smooth or rough concrete. Case would look beautiful, decorated with fresh rowers, twigs and chocolate decorations. Painting allows us to create a more artistic cake without too much effort. We can get a lot of inspirations from real paintings, preferably the ones using palette knife painting technique. If you're familiar with pellet like painting, you'd be able to easily applied technique on your case. The only difference is that we're using better cream instead of paints. When it's time to be the color for my cakes, I usually go to Pinterest. You'll find a lot of examples, such as neutral, bright, dark, muted and earthy color palettes. Colors will also determine the cakes personality, so try to match it with a cake clean. I think combining collars also depends on your taste as an artist, so let's start sketching our cakes. We'll start by drawing around or a square cake. In this class, I will demonstrate using around Kate since it's more suitable for beginners. We also need to know value Meter and the height of the cake wave starts thinking about cakes, theme color scheme or color palettes, as we have discussed earlier, as well as the decorations such as fresh or dried lovers. McCarron's choice. Gold leaves, chocolates, gold painted fruits, nuts and many more. And for defying a look, consider which element do you want to emphasize more on? Is it the decorations, texture or color waken get inspirations from everywhere, even from outside of the cake world, and both Instagram and Pinterest are my go to resources. Now I'm gonna show you really quickly. I was catch the cakes for my demonstration, so there will be two cakes and the first cake is going to be a two tier cake that I made. Her afforded top tier will be 15 centimeters to any centimeters for the bottom tier and 25 centimeters for the cake board. It will be decorated with fresh lowers on top, and I will demonstrate the concrete texture on this cake for about him. Two year I'm going to add an irregular layer of burgundy buttercream and lined with gold luster dust. The diameter for the second cake will be 14 centimeters. I'm going to demonstrate a palette knife painting on this cake. It will be decorated with chocolate drips, gold leaf flakes, a chuckled sale cookie crumbs and a cool acrylic ink topper. Cholera are sketches will help us to visualize the cake better before I proceed with the design, I personally only show it to my customers to get their approvals and also to avoid misunderstanding. You can design your cake, seizing computers if you want. Let's get you with pencils is the easiest way to plan out our cake design. Now that we have finished our sketches, let's move on to the next chapter 3. Types of Buttercream: Let's first talk about butter, which is obviously the main ingredient in buttercream. You want to use good quality better because they're better to better. Tasty as a movie, butter contains mostly fat and melts at 32 to 35 degrees Celsius. Our body's temperature is higher than that, so it will melt as soon as it enters your mouth. Therefore, giving a pleasant mouth feel Despite the name. Some buttercream uses margarine instead of butter. Margarine is mainly made up hydrogenated vegetable oil, and it could be an alternative to dairy butter cream. But to be honest, I never use it. Despite its cheaper price, I just find it too greasy and lack in flavor. Shortening is also basically hydrogenated vegetable oil, and people use it for Karsten Buttercream. Welcome back to that in a bit and four economy. Cool reason. It's super cheap if you compare it to better, and it also gives pure white icing color. It has a higher melting point, so when you eat it, if they leave a greasy feeling and an unpleasant aftertaste, Mani's. There are five types of buttercream. Actually, there are more, for these fives are the most common types American buttercream is the easiest to make. Basically, you just whipped butter and icing sugar until and at milk or any flavorings. Issue crusting buttercream as the name employees crust and as it sets it will become firm. It's almost the same as American buttercream, but it relies on shortening instead of butter. Cakes that are iced with cresting buttercream are better to withstand hot weather. French and Italian meringue buttercream are quite similar, Theo. Only difference is that we're using egg yolks for the French and quiets for the Italian Marine. Both methods involved cooking sugar too soft, whole stage, then at them to the living eggs and butter camps. Last using standing mixer is highly recommended, but if you don't have a standing mixer, at least happened. Other person to help you with the eggs while you cook the sugar. More Swiss meringue buttercream sugar is result into the egg whites in a bowl over a double boiler and heated to 65 results is, and then it is whipped into a meringue and last week at the butter. I know every baker's preference is different, but here's why. I love Italian meringue buttercream. When I was still in the cake school. We used to a smaller and buttercream for our cakes, but that was in Canada when I use it in Jakarta, where it's very hot and humid. Swiss meringue buttercream doesn't work as great. Ask Italian meringue buttercream. I used Italian meringue buttercream for all of my cakes, including wedding cakes in an air conditioned room or even in a semi outdoor venue called Hold Up Shape up to six hours after I laid out of the fridge. It allows enough time to set up the wedding cake without melting until it's time to cut the cake. I like the typical American buttercream. It's all in Rome. Buttercream doesn't feel greeny at all. It doesn't taste very sweet, either. That's exactly why a lot of professional pastry chefs use it for macron feelings as well. You can also add any flavorings to despite a cream 4. Making Italian Meringue Buttercream: Now, before we start doing anything, please clean the bowl and the wire. Wipe off your standing mixer with distilled vinegar as a de greaser. Any grease interval will stop your quiets from expanding. If you re quite sarin whipping properly, it could be because you still have some fat traces left in the bulls or wire With Next, we want to separate our ECU whites from the yolks and keep the yolks for earlier use. If some accuse gets into your white, try to remove it with a piece of sexual. If loads off your gets into the white, better start again because we don't want any fact from traces of the Yorks and then at Cream of Tartar, which act as a stabilizer, set them aside for now. Now we wanna wait over better. This recipe calls for 750 grams of unsalted butter. No way the sugar in a heavy bottomed pen and then at quarter into the pen and also prepare a silicone brush and immerse it in the glass of water. I'm sorry I didn't show it in the video, but just make sure that you have prepared with digital food thermometer on the counter before we start cooking our sugar. When it's time to cook the sugar, start with low medium heat. Using a clean wooden spoon, start continuously until the sugar is dissolved and walked to stand mixer and turn it on to low medium. Speak immediately. Go back to your sugar and clean the sites of the pan. Using wet silicone brush, continue cooking the sugar and increase the heat to medium high. When you see it starts simmering, you may not story any longer. Just shake the pen. If you continue stirring after you see the bubbles, you'll get the sugar crystallized. Now that it's boiling, we want to keep the temperature checked. Be very careful with boiling sugar because it could cost a serious burn way. Have reached 119 degrees Celsius or a softball stage. We want to turn off the heat and very carefully bring it to the standing mixer. Increase the speed too high and gradually pour hot sugar syrup into the egg whites. I usually pour it to decide if the bulls just touching the quite because if I pour it to the center of the bull, it could splatter, and I recommend using super fine sugar treats just granulated sugar ground more finally than table sugar. A small a priest all means it will dissolve more quickly into solution. As you might see here, I still have some sugar bits left on the pen, and it didn't will dissolve completely. I never had this issue. If I use super fine sugar before making more in baseball cream, it's not very much of a big deal because it will get whips anyway. Please pour it very slowly because we don't want to cook the ache. Weitz. You'll see that the EC wise will expand so much after a hot syrup is mixed in. Continue whipping for another two minutes and then a little bit a little. Continue to whip it until when you check the ball. It's cool to the touch. Okay, we want a pause here a little bit, so at this point it's time to add the butter. But first you want to make sure that the meringue is completely cool to the touch and not too hot. Before it receives the butter. Make sure that your butter is at room temperature as well. If it's still too cold, it will be a heavy work for the mixer, and you could get small Trump's off butter that are not well incorporated. If this happened, just turn the mixer off, wait for a moment and then continue mixing after a better got softer a little bit. If your butter is too soft and got mixed into the meringue while it's still slightly warm, you will make a buttercream Marines soup. It happened to me ones, and I tried to rescue it by putting the ball into the fridge. But when I whip it again, it just doesn't have the right consistency. So I started over. If your meringue and butter are in the right temperature, you won't have any problem. Sometimes in a mixing, it would curdle, but it's very normal and just keep the mixer going and it will turn out super silky eventually. So after you mix, the older the better. Scrape the size and the bottom side of the bowl using a large rubber spatula and continue whipping for another 1 to 2 minutes. Do you a final mixing and check. There is no chunk of better left, so this is the final result, guys. Silky smooth Italian meringue buttercream this recipe yields about 1100 grams of butter, cream and roast. Every time I would divide them into four or five, wrapped them in passing wraps and get them for about two weeks in the fridge for two months in the freezer. I like to give them plain, and before you use it, you can add any flavoring s you require. By the way, it might look a little bit more yellow than reality throughout this video because I have warm lighting in the kitchen, making Italian meringue buttercream could feel a little bit challenging, but you'll do fine if you do it according to the steps. 5. Coloring The Buttercream: alright, it's time to call it about a dream here. I have separated them into small bowls, and I have prepared the food colorings of my choices well, so I usually use Wilton, America Color and Chef Master in the form of paste gel. And sometimes I also use a local brand liquid food colorings. You could have drops of milk or cream to kind of dilute to pay slope it or even used water . It works. Just sign. I just find it easier for the colors to develop. If I do this so it is Italian Buttercream recipe. You'll get more often off white clean collar buttercream, and if you want to achieve super white, it's possible. But you'll need quite a lot of white food colorings, and the trick is to rest about a room in a French after you mix in the colorings for the colors to develop, score black. I don't only use group holdings, but also food Great charcoal, which tastes neutral and also black cocoa powder. It would give just slightly bitter taste. You don't need too much anyway, again after you mixed everything breast about a cream in the fridge for a while, and it will get darker if you're still not satisfied with the color at more of them and return it to the French. Repeat this process until you achieve the shape you want for soft over pesto collars. Start with little amount of colorings, and when you have drops of water jet about a cream, you might see it kind of speckles at first when you makes it. But don't worry, because it will be gone after you arrested for some time. So here are the results. After resting them in the French and I added some black to the plane buttercream for the concrete cake demonstration. And to achieve that bold burgundy color, I did use a lot of burger neat, and it's out of dark brushwood colorings. 6. Assembling The Cake: with a serrated knife. Start by marking the outer edge of the king. Keep rotating it and slowly work your way to the center. Be confident and keep your hands steady. Levelling our cakes will make it look more professional, and it's important to have a level cake, especially if you're going to make more than one t OK now. Just preparing the buttercream inside of piping back and trying to remove some in your bubbles in it and then melt some chocolate. Any kind of chocolate will dio to glue that cake onto the board. I don't use buttercream because I had a terrible experience with it. One day I was delivering a three tier cake, and they just slide and fell. But with chocolate, it will stick really, really well. As the chocolate hardens. That's pretend that we have a more fluid and soft feeling, such as salted caramel or even pastry cream. It's extremely important to make a buttercream ring on the edge off the cake. Otherwise the feeling will seep. And trust me, it's less thing you wish to happen. It will be really difficult to fix it, So just Piper thick worry, if needed, - with better cream marine. We will get a neater result. So the next thing we want to do is to crumb coat. You can pipe the buttercream as I showed it hair, or just use the back of a spatula. Either way, the point of this stuff is the seal, all of the crumbs, so that we can get a clean layer above it later on. You don't need to smooth it perfectly because we will add more, relate yourself with this. Lastly, refrigerate the cake for about 15 minutes and we've done 40 chapter. 7. Masking The Cake: So take your Kate out of the fridge and start adding lee yourself. Better cream to your case. You can fight the buttercream, or just use the back of a spatula to apply a fairly secret earlier on top of a crumb coat evenly all over to Kate. To get perfectly straight sites, you want to hold your bench scraper level against the cake board and upright in 90 degrees . And with one hand, slowly apply pressure and gently pull do nice smooth pool while also rotating the turntable . It is easier to add another layer after you return to cake to the fridge for another 15 minutes or so before adding more buttercream and feel any gap. And don't worry if you can't get it very smooth at the first try. I personally need a great deal of practice to finally be able to for us a cake smoothly. So this isn't the only method of masking a cake. But at least this is what I always do. And I think it's the most simple way. Keep doing this process until you're done with the sights, and when it looks smooth enough, I like to use a special a too smooth and top. Very gently. Bring it in towards the center of the cake. Don't forget to clean the cake board and we're done. 8. Texture 1 : Concrete: in this chapter, I'm going to show you how to create their own complete texture. As for the smooth one, it's the same way as masking the cake. So the first step is to carelessly applied, agree, buttercream indicate, or, in my case, on the Democratic, and what we're looking for is imperfection, and then we want to freeze it for about eight minutes. Grab your bench scraper and start scraping the cold cake. You'll see there will be gaps or spaces, and we're going to fill them with lighter or darker grey buttercream. It's up to you. I just randomly applied some white better green here and there and then, using bench scraper, gently scraped them again. You may add more dollars of buttercream and then scrape them very gently. Do not give too much pressure. Hold your bench scraper just lightly touching the buttercream so that it will create gaps and not lose any altogether. Separating layers underneath with layers about thus making the concrete appear more realistic. If you're happy with how it looks refrigerated for another 20 minutes, use your spatula to play the burgundy buttercream and then using bench scraper, we want to give a little pressure and scrape it just on the service. Be careful not to scrape the concrete. Buttercream returned to Kate to the fridge for at least 20 minutes before we continue decorating it. 9. Decorating The Cake (1): Do you have some gold accents along the top of the burkini? Dark green. I use royal gold luster dust by sugar flair, and I mixed it with water. You wanted to be a little thick and not too fluid. Vodka is expensive, and I don't find it necessary. Forties application. So just see sweater. You may repeat the painting two or three times to get bolder. Gold color melted gecko Better could also be used, but it would result in a more Matt cool on top of the cake. I'm going to decorate it with some white roses, baby's breath and Caspian flowers. First start by piping about green dome on its out of the gate and Ford escape. I piped in the center position and then stick the cut flowers intimate This way it would create a beautiful dough, and the florist M wouldn't have to wreck contact with the cake layers. You don't have to worry about sticking them into the cake. Be careful not to cut yourself too short. You can arrange the beer flow researchers and then at the filler flowers or any way you wish. Normally, I always do flower decorations. A few hours before I deliver in the cake. And I never had any case where the flowers got wilted. After we reached the customers. And even for wedding cakes, it would still stay pretty. Ancel, the reading receptionist. Alright, guys. Spaces to find a look of our concrete, Kate. 10. Texture 2 : Abstract Painting: I'm going to start by showing you some pellet nights that I have with me. Thats one is the Tepper Crank it palette knife or tampered offset spatula, and it's ideal when you need to be a little more accurate when spreading. Butter cream Steve Drop shape out night. It's great for smaller details. The 45 degree angle play Palette knife is mainly used for larger paintings. Basis T Crank it Blake palette knife or an offset spatula. The crank it handled design makes it easier to spread realizing or buttercream. Okay, so make sure that your cake it's very cool discerned with an abstract painting. There are no rules, and you can just apply college buttercream freely, just like paint spreading with your choice of palette. Knife for the first layer, I'm applying the bolt dark navy color with an offset spatula. Don't need to worry about creating a specific gesture here, and then I used the shepherd offset spatula as well as a teardrop shaped palette knife or the smaller accents. It is easier to paying on the cold cake. Your cake is at room temperature. You want to apply the color buttercream even more gently and there is possibility that a color would blend with a cape collar. So there is this easy technique to make the watercolor or ombre effect. After playing the painting with your spatula, use your veg draper to scrape them as easy as that. You can do this technique and then add like flowers on top of it. I'm just showing one simple idea here, using the T V shaped palette knife way. Whichever painting taking you do stop when the painting clothes complete, don't go back to touch it up and overworking maintain. 11. Decorating The Cake (2): gold leaf flakes are pricey, so I came up with this idea of using shortening in luster dust replicated. So we want US person shortening on a parchment paper Sprinkles on gold us on it and spread it on. That's basically you will only need a small amount so you can keep the rest for later use. For the chocolate sale spread melted chocolate on a parchment paper. I used compound chocolate and I didn't temporary chocolate. You may use Cooper true chocolate and temperate. It's your choice. I just spread it really using 45 angled blade pellet in a little whiter on top. But there is no specific shape, really, and you might want to experiment with you. Don't want to spread it either too sick or too thin, spreading quickly before his chocolates sense. And then you want to create some curves on it by pinching paper and use a binder clip to hold itchy. Refrigerate this for 20 minutes. Can't fully removed the chocolate piece from the parchment paper and then, using a blush brush that some growth us on it. I didn't tolerate with too much cold Oh, because I love to see some chocolate color underneath the gold and then returning to bridge until it's time to be placed on a cake. Prepare trouble trips by heating 20 grams of full fat cream to a simmer and pour it over 40 grams of chapter compound Troubling, and then you can add colorings. Makes it well until it looks like this. This is the consistency that we're looking for. It should be running enough to be able to drink beautifully, even use a piping bag with a small piping tip to duty trips. Or just use a T school like me. I just randomly make sure and longer drips. The longer the drips, the more travel cream unit to poor. Remember, your cake must be very cold, so any trips got in contact with the cake they will set immediately after returning the cake to the fridge. It's time to apply the Gold Flakes replica using a teardrop shaped palette knife or a paring knife, and the result not to share be right. Since the kick is cold, I just sticked a paring knife to make room for a cake topper. When you're ready, place a troubled seal on the top of the cake and using rubber glows is actually recommended . Last but not least, I sprinkled some cookie crumbs on the top of the cake. Getty's Orio or maybe crushed chocolate waivers. OK, guys, this is to find the look of the cake. 12. Thank You: Thank you so much for watching my first class. I know I like in many areas, so let me hear your comments. But if you enjoyed this video, please share to your friends. See you next time.