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Mindfulness Meditation | Deep Sleep & Healing for Tough Times

teacher avatar Eva Schroeder, Yoga teacher & Student of Life

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Welcome, lovely one!


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      The Magic of Meditation.


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      Schedule your Class Project.


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      Get ready for bed.


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      Your beautiful Evening Meditation.


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About This Class

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Life's clearly upside down at the moment. For most of us on our planet. 

Big life changes happened and are still happening. And that inevitably means we've got a TON of "stuff" to process, affecting us on a physical, mental and emotional level too. It's true that self-care is never been more important.

I myself found great comfort and direction within my daily Meditation practice as part of my delicious morning as well as evening routines. I love it so much as it really sets me up - I feel healthy, happy, grounded for a good night, and full of beans in the morning.

There are over 1400 studies proven the effectiveness of meditation and as such it's no surprise that it's becoming a powerful habit for more and more people.

As a Yoga & Meditation teacher for almost 10 years, I started creating my own meditations that I'd now love to share with you guys. They're inspired by some of the great minds and teachers of the world. Wrapped in a blanket of love, compassion and intention to provide something beautiful for YOU, to help you reap the powerful benefits a regular practice offers us.

Even if you were to tune in just once - my wish for you is to find deep, nourishing and restful sleep to start healing your body and mind. So that tomorrow morning, you can start fresh, re-energised and strong to create another great day ahead on this beautiful journey called life.

I'll also explain to you a little, what this meditation is about, what type of meditation it is, and I also share with you some of the benefits that practicing regularly will give you.

Tune in often. Your mind and body will love you and be so deeply grateful.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

P.S. The picture/clip I've taken on my last trip to Bali in March this year, the day before I had to cut my stay short to be able to get back before countries started going into lockdown. I hope it gives you as much space to breathe and space to dream as it does for me.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Eva Schroeder

Yoga teacher & Student of Life


What strange times we find ourselves in. Times that call us all to stop, more than ever, to breathe, to become still. To notice the mind "stuff", notice the feelings and emotions, the way we react to what we're facing. To find balance. In all areas of your life.

Take this surreal, incredible opportunity to tune inwards, to journey inside of yourself, to elevate consciousness. And in the meantime, let our world recover and take a breath as well...

If you feel stressed or overwhelmed by the happenings of the past months, here's my invitation to you: 

Breathe deeply.

Take a deep belly breath IN.
And a deep long breath OUT.
Repeat that 3 times. Do it now.

Then let your breath fall to a more natural rhythm again. A... See full profile

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1. Welcome, lovely one!: Hello, yogis and fellow meditators and all of you who would like to give it a try. Welcome to your guided meditation for deep sleep and healing. I'm even. I am a full time yoga teacher and therapist, both in my studio in Bristol and on sculpture. So in this class I'll be guiding you through a beautiful evening meditation, which will set you up for hopefully amazing good night's sleep and deep healing on a physical, mental and emotional level. I've created it for all of you guys who are affected on some level by the global happenings . At the moment, it's for you. If you found yourself worrying or anxious about your personal situation, maybe your family, your job or the world in general, it's for you. If you, as a result noticed you're unable to fall asleep or stay asleep as easily as they used to. Because your mind just, you know, just so busy and thinking and spending round and round. And that dreaded monkey mind shows up on a regular basis these days. So you absolutely need no previous knowledge, and there's absolutely no need whatsoever to sit cross like it at all. In fact, I invite you to get yourself ready for bed so you can simply lie down, close your eyes and relax fully ready to drift off afterwards, or maybe even doing the meditation that would be so bad at all. With it, I invite you to tune in often to begin with in our class project. I even encourage you to set yourself a challenge to meditate seven days in a row to notice whether it has an impact on your sleep quality. Of course, your energy level. Then, as a result, you mood and, of course, then on the day to day basis as well in your life, and warned that a little later in the next clip, very briefly go into what type of meditation I'll lead you through. And I'll also explain a couple off the very powerful benefits that I personally find so important. So life enriching, inspiring and definitely reason enough for me to stick to it on a daily basis. And then, without further ado, we'll go ahead and get started. I'll see you in the next clip 2. The Magic of Meditation.: for those of you who are interested in this meditation is a combination off, a guided visualization and mindfulness and a guided meditation. We're focusing our attention on on your journey, for example, through the body, or listening to a story line that keeps all mind focused and were less likely actually to be distracted by wondering thoughts, which happens a lot when you sit down. Mindfulness is a form of meditation that invites us to remain aware and in present time, this moment here we asked to drop any expectations and judgments, which is often tricky as we continuously judge and make decisions on how we live our lives based on those decisions. So rather than thinking what happened in the past or worrying or planning what's happening in the future, mindfulness really is simply becoming aware of what we have and what we can experience right in this moment. And for that, we're using our body and our breath as anchors to draw our attention inwards, cultivating a greater ability and find that deep in awareness within us. So why do we want to create that deep awareness and connection to ourselves to start with, apart from the fact that over time we get to live a more purposeful life, knowing what we can truly desire and live for. A deepening awareness on that strong connection to ourselves really beautifully enriches every experience within our life. We don't just see the, you know, the white and the gray and the black tones, but we get notice and experience the vibrancy, the colors, the vitality off everything. It might sound cliche, but we notice the flowers and the sunshine we notice and a grateful for all the little things said, You know, not taking anything for granted and things that bring us so much joy so that we can be fully happy and content right now. This moment without needing to be any wells without feeling we're not good enough when with where or how who we are right now. So without needing to be anyone other than we truly are, we slowly learned to get behind the wheel off our own life again, not identifying with our thoughts or emotions. You might have noticed that we have a tendency to create all these kind of worst case scenarios in our head and almost to be prepared for the case when all of this might happen . Apart from the fact, though, it probably never happens this way at all. And all it does, it spirals down into this vicious cycle. There will also cause a release of chemicals that have an effect on our physical body. So it's all connected, right? You know that that dreadful feeling with sometimes get in our gut or the not in us road or you know, that tunnel vision when we feel scared or anxious, so not being led by our thoughts, noticing quicker when thoughts and emotions want to take over. And then, as a result, we're able to step back, see more clearly on be more compassionate towards ourselves and others, and act from a place of being grounded and centred, connected to ourselves rather than being overwhelmed. Tourney by You know, the many experiences circumstances changes in life that happened all of the time. Right now, this a ton to process on a mental, emotional and even a physical level, you know, we're staying home or off. It might not be moving as much as we usually are. Hopefully, you also taken advantage of my yoga classes as well that I've got there for you. That's super, you know, beneficial off course as well. So let's recap here. So with a regular meditation practice, we sleep better, which changes everything, right? We've got more energy. We can see more clearly. We experience life with all its richness, the good and the bad and everything in between. We become more compassionate towards ourselves and others. We cultivate a way to more healthily protests what's going on in our lives, and we learn to not identify with our thoughts and emotions and get back behind that wheel off our life. Remember, though, there's a huge number of other powerful benefits waiting for you to become part off your life. 3. Schedule your Class Project.: So your class project is to include this meditation into your daily evening routine. The idea is to notice Notice how things may change within the experience off the meditation itself. You might fall asleep very quickly afterwards, or you find you're so tired. He already fall asleep during the meditation. Notice how slowing down your brain waves before going to bed has you realize just how tired you actually are. Maybe you notice he might want to take more time to nurture. Nourish yourself throughout the evening before going to bed. May be going to bed 30 minutes earlier and reading a book again, really slowing it down a lot and then also noticed how you feel when you wake up in the morning. How is the quality? Obviously, maybe you usually wake up a lot throughout the night, but not so much now and then. Of course, notice if and when you find little changes throughout your your day to day life, a swell. You might notice bigger changes over time. You might not, you know that simply something to become aware of. To remember an exciting journey. We go on once we start to reconnect with ourselves on a deeper level through practices like yoga, meditation, journey. That might not necessarily be easy, however. That's got a lot of good stuff in store for you. So be brave. Be loving, be kind. Be extremely gentle with yourself and the people around you. In your world, it's a It's a challenging time right now, so let's learn how to navigate the stormy weathers off our life together. So for the next seven days, get you gorge yourself into bed a little earlier, tune in and see the benefits sneaking in from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy. I can't wait to hear how you get on. 4. Get ready for bed.: So what can you expect from tonight's guided meditation for you? Meditation. I invite you to simply get yourself ready for bed, lie down, turn off the lights and press play. The way works is that June the meditation will move into a different frequency, will slow down our brain waves that are closer to that off sleep, so that it will become easier to slowly drift off afterwards. So what happens within our nervous system is that that we moved from the sympathetic nervous system, which is the, you know, the fight and flight state of action and doing and thinking and planning to the more parasympathetic nervous system, that part of the nervous system that's responsible for the comping and peaceful response. And that's also the state where healing occurs. All right, if you really tired, you might notice you fall asleep sooner, and I said, That's totally fine. Set your intention, though, that you'll be spending the next 30 minutes focused on my voice, meditating and reminding yourself There's nothing on know where you need to be right now. Listen to my voice, and whenever you find your mind wandering off, no, that's totally fine, especially if you had a really, really busy day. You mind will continue to, you know, want to do and think and spiral as it usually does, simply train your mind. When that happens, notice acknowledges, acknowledge it and then drawing attention back to my voice, back to your breath, back to resting in that suite, stillness within you. So without further do hop into bed, tune in and have a wonderful, wonderful good night and thank you so much. 5. Your beautiful Evening Meditation.: My aim with this meditation is to guide you to a place within where your nervous system gently relaxes, moving from fight and flight to that peaceful and calming rest. And I just state a place where healing happens naturally, deep within a cellular level, in a place from which we can fall asleep. Trust in our own beauty, own love, our inner strength, our compassion. Ingratitude off what is? And joy and anticipation for the next day, coming weeks and months. That's nothing for you to do. Simply listen to my voice. Relax fully brave deeply with a no meditation. We're gonna go into a couple of tools to use and integrate into our life so we could create an inner anchor. Peace and calm safety haven for old hearts all mind body for so not love. For this to be a meditation, you can tune into a lot in the next few weeks months to give you that trust in yourself. That strength to stehf grounded and centered in the midst of the chaos in the world. Like the eye of the storm, Calm and at ease in the midst of it all. Allow your body to get really cozy and comfortable. One last adjustment before you give yourself permission to drop in. That's chicken. Take a deep breath in they Dave, Dave and release out off the mouse and again in how, for? May de deep, deep on lead. To go through the mouse, Take one more delicious deep in her, fully breathing softly lead and go every excel. Allow yourself. Just simply be here. Feel how with every excel, your body relaxes a little more and at the same time notice how with every inhale it fills up with loving awareness. Just breathe gently into your whole body. With every Excel single little deeper, you no longer need to talk. That's nothing left to do. Your work here is done, my friend, and you don't need to keep your eyes open. You don't even need to have toe. Worry about listening to me because you can trust in your subconscious, picking up everything that's important for you. We're ready. You'll fall asleep during the meditation. That's totally okay. Your subconscious will continue to listen in whilst you're dreaming, is able to playfully and wise find the best solutions for you. Enjoy the confident in the safety of your own bed. Let the experiences of this day passed by your mind's eye. Remember all that which happens today. Recognize all the things that were exactly like you wanted them to remember. All the people in your life who supported you today, Brody. You kindness people united, maybe strangers. Maybe that happened things which didn't go chip. But for now, let me ask you, Are you able to feel the abundance of your own life? Are you able to feel gratitude for all those moments off today? Now episodes slowly bring your attention to your heart space. Why will shift frequency to that off gratitude and love because that moment returned towards gratitude towards love. We're beginning to see change on a cellular level of space where we're uplifting our own consciousness, where we're strengthening our immune system to see healing occur and above all, the place where fear and anxiety have a very difficult time to exist. So take this moment of gratitude for your own beautiful body. Give thanks to the magic, the wonder that is your body, with its thousands of millions of cells so intelligent and wise, constantly working in your favor, moving towards health and healing give thanks to your brain The most powerful tool which enables you to experience this meditation through your focus Give thanks to your mind ever active source of creativity and life. All it does give thanks to all the love which you were able to receive in experience. Give thanks to all the people who were able to see you who you really are. All those people who were able to love you get thanks to the gift that is life to be able to live, to be able to experience life in this human form. Give thanks Send love to all the teachers on beings in your life who walk this path with you This journey called life all who have told you in their own unique way lessons that have opened your heart to love thanks to the abundance with just our reality give thanks to all the miracles that are yet to happen giving thanks to your own ability to choose again giving thanks to our own heart do away to love, compassion, empathy and joy with our ability to love fully and he'll April I love you, hell, you to love and he'll all of us giving thanks to the universe, the whole world to ourselves, for the whole of our journey, for every moment, the light, the shadow for all those attendant fears moments in between May we ask that we never take a second of this pathway for grounded. Maybe always live in all, maybe always live in wonder. With the magic mystery off, it'll take another D breath in gently release, allowing your breath to become natural again. Find it's natural, so gently bring your attention to your body. Notice any sensations, anything that comes up notice without judgment. We're getting too involved. Just notice with kindness that's going a journey through the body so that with every part removed, story weakened, saw ocean. Relax, drop in a little deeper, especially allowing any intentional tightness to dis sold along the way. Breathe in deeply excel, completely relaxing your feet. You chose your ankles. You're Fikse. Your toes and ankles are completely relaxed. Moxico, your knees and your thighs, your carbs, your needs and your thighs are completely relaxed, creating a sense of heaviness. Relax, really, and now relax your hips, your pelvic floor, your lower back, your hips, pelvic floor and lower back, completely relaxed. Relax your belly, your chest. Europe cage breathing effortlessly Your belly, your chest, your rib cage. A completely relaxed Now gently allow your arms full heavy, your wrist, your house all the way into your fingertips. You're owns wrists, hands. I think it tips completely relaxed. Lock Suba The whole area that's touching the floor. Allow yourself to feel supported, fully trust and the beautiful relationship between our body on the ground nourishing, holding us, grounding stable and constant. Your whole back is completely relaxed. Relax your shoulders and that, creating that he's. Does he allow an attention to gently drop off. Melt away. Be at ease your shoulders neck completely wila. Now relax your whole head. Yes, go the skin just above So, noticing that small area, the back of your head was touching the mat, all the pillar again. Noticing a gentleness you can create well, slowly sink in a little deeper feeling, Say your head has completely relaxed. Now relax your face, your jaw, your cheeks really opening your mouth to relax your tongue, your temples, your forehead, the space between your eyes and even yes, even this space behind your eyes. muscles behind your eyes. Brave and deep. A lovely one. Allow your whole body to be completely relaxed. No gently noticing your breath without moving a muscle in your body. I noticed the movements your breath creates in the body arrest. Make Evan love energy and nourishing the body. Rest make happened flow life within your breath, taking a moment of deep gratitude here for all of life within you. Take a deep in how excel leading Gar As you continue noticing the gentle flow of energy within your breath, come aware of how, when you're breathing in how you taken in air oxygen the Adams from the outside from outside your body, a seemingly separate world around you. Imagine how you're taking it into your own inner world, that the outside moves into the inside or anything. And then when you breathe out, notice how hard of your inner world moves out into the outer world again. It's part of it, noticing how that, by simply breathing, you'll always be part of everything that IHS We're always connected to everything that is in yoga. We recognize that cannot be separation you're connected and a beautiful downs with the universe always and in every moment breathe in outside, turns in breathing out inside, flows out, breathing in brie without raising and brie that has a wonderful understanding that anything, any action, any activity, a soldier or even the breath is always blowing in and out, or stillness in out a still point, which iss its source as you continue to breeze noticing and feeling the Evan lawyer of that energy within without become aware of that still point within there. Right there, the end of your exhale that little paws, even only for a fraction off a second. That little gap opens us up to the power, the energy of source itself. So just for a few more moments, bathed in that sweetness, stillness within you, your breath key to you in a stillness. Effortlessness. You're part of everything. I have a separate, always collected. Now bring your attention to your heart space, seeing that go away to love, compassion, empathy and joy. Our ability to heal love fully unconditionally. Imagine yourself walking through that beautiful, huge double door on the first thing your invited to do years to allow yourself to feel a gentle love. Pull yourself like the love of a mother to her child, taken it into her arms. No matter if it was a good or a bad day practicing it, protecting it with her own. Can you give yourself that same love right now? Can you see you've done your best today that you always do your best, that you've got the right to give you a cell and that you've got the chance to be happy resting within yourself and there within your heart. You know, see, in front of you and infinite sparkling ocean of love. While some of those more superficial thoughts within you might continue to just go on a little longer, you can allow yourself to dive a little deeper into that sweet ocean off. Love this love this infinite. That's a lot of this forgiveness all and everything. This love loves you for all that. You are just the way you are. You don't have to do anything for it. You can just let go. We'll leave the world behind. Come home Home to this peace within yourself. Enjoy it. Enjoy how with every X are you able to let go a little bit more once you're slowly getting ready to drift off to sleep. Your subconscious remembers this ancient experience off unity and love. This time, when everything is perfect this time where the time stands still where you can just relax and sink deeper into this ocean of blow, you so deserve this. The pace, the silence. You can dress that throughout the night. Your subconscious, together with all of your body, starts to heal. Re energize your body your mind at the same time while still asleep, Finding the best solutions for you So that Laura Morning, you can wake up in peace. Trust in your own divine knowing I'm centered within yourself. Now feel how the warm off this ocean gently floods your body, your body able to soften even more muscles, tissues, cell Any remaining areas of intentional tightness. You're sinking in a little deeper. You maybe already gently drifting all Maybe you already in this beautiful space in between between the two worlds, where your mind is totally free, where you can simply decide to feel happy, where you can decide to lead a life where you're simply happy, you don't have to know everything you can just let go. Beautiful, sparkling ocean of love knows all the answers. Helps you yet home now within yourself and now with every excel you allow all thoughts to move on. You're sinking deeper and deeper when you feel that all of existence protects you. You're safe and protected, lad. Go even more. She is now to trust yourself. You're hoping the whole universe choose now to love yourself deeply Well, that you are experience how it feels to fully accept the beauty and power that issue and feel. How the whole universe protects you, how it always works in your favor. Enjoy this experience deeply where you are now. Deep healing is possible, Nick, and experience that deep trust in yourself. You can open to receive arrestable, nourishing sleep, healing on all levels. You feel good, you are free. You are happy and you know at tomorrow morning you will wake up fresh The lover and new energy, New solutions, new perspectives. So for now you can let go over it all. Everything for now it's good peace within you. This is how it feels to say yes to you. So from right within your core basis, how it feels to be at home within yourself. Your whole body relaxes even more Your feet, legs, arms, hands So, Morrissey exhale letting guy drifting off That happened flow Sparkling ocean of love takes you further wider sinking into deep knowing and trust. You are one with life You're back hips, chest everything relaxes dress off You sink deeper into low you know, while steel sleep taking rest protected the universe looks over here Your heel. You remember You're sinking into deep, nourishing sleep. Tomorrow you'll experience wonderful miracles small and big. But now this is your time. Take rest Everything. Yes. Good. You are good. Life is good. You remember who you are. Oh, is good. Rest him. Come home. Be home. They was in you. Oh, is good, Luca Some of star. So you know Bob Untrue? No. Must a so much. Take rest.