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Maya Modeling Basics : The Coffee Table Composition

teacher avatar Nexttut, A Specialist in CG Tutorials

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Modeling Table Top


    • 3.

      Modeling Table Leg


    • 4.

      Modeling Table Frame


    • 5.

      Chair Leg Modeling


    • 6.

      Chair Frame Modeling


    • 7.

      Finishing Chair Model


    • 8.

      Modeling The Bowl Using NURBS


    • 9.

      Modeling The Cup


    • 10.

      Spoon Modeling


    • 11.

      Glass Modeling


    • 12.

      Creating Paint Effects Flower


    • 13.

      Organizing The Scene


    • 14.

      Lighting The Scene


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About This Class

Welcome to Maya Modeling Basics : The Coffee Table Composition
This is the 2nd class of the Maya Modeling Basics Series. 

My name is Nalini Kanta jena, I am a Game artist & Educator. My goal of this Maya Modeling Basics series of classes is to take you from Basics to Intermediate level and then Advance.

This Class is for complete beginners who wants to learn Maya Modeling.
In this Class you will Learn

  • How to use Basic primitives for modeling
  • Using Maya Layers for efficiency
  • Using Pivot point smartly
  • Using duplicate special
  • Organizing the scene using Outliner
  • Using Curves to create geometry
  • Using NURBS modeling to create the Bowl
  • NURBS and Polygon integration
  • Using Paint Effects to create Flowers
  • Basic Lighting and Rendering the scene

After Completing this class you can do basic model such as basic furniture, Cup, plate, Flowers, Spoon and many Interior objects using Maya.
Keep an eye for the next Maya Modeling Basics series Class to learn further. Thank you for watching

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A Specialist in CG Tutorials


Welcome to Nexttut Education, We only create courses with highly talented professionals who has at least 5+ years off experience working in the film and game industry.

The single goal of Nexttut Education is to help students to become a production ready artist and get jobs wherever they want. We are committed to create high quality professional courses for 3d students. If you are a student learning from any local institution or a 3d artist who has just started working in the industry or an artist who has some years of experience, you have come to the right place.

We love you and your feedback. Please give us feedback on how we can make better courses for you and how we can help you in any ways.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hello. Welcome to this Meyer Morning. Basics class on This is the class two of the city's on the goal of the citizens toe Teach you my morning from scratch if you are a beginner than the city's is for you. So in this class you are going to learn a lot of morning techniques inside Maya. In this class, I'm going to do a project off coffee table completion. And in that compose on the different type of objects we're going to on first, I'm going to soil. How toe? How to use primitives to create your model on how to use different tools. Such a breeze, how we can use them differently. Then we're going to see duplicate absence, how we can duplicate and mirror things for a poly on. Then you are going to learn, not smuggling technique that is very exciting and very easy to do. We're going to do the power with enough morning. Then we're going to know how nuts and polygon works together. To create the cop on that is that is a very important pipeline. So how we're going to start from north on, then converted for ligand and how we can finalized the modern intact. Then you're going to learn how to use paint effects. That is very nice, because a big benefits can do very complicated things busy. So we're going to do the flowers with penned effects on. You are going to know a lot about how to happen, depending necks for rendering. Then at the end, we're going to see out the spoon How, toe the glass on the other end. You're going to know how to set up a light on render the final minutes so I can't wait to see you in the class. So that being said, I'm signing out, See you in the class. 2. Modeling Table Top: Hello, friends. Welcome to my modeling Basic cities class to the coffee tea will come poison. So this is the second class off. My modeling basic cities on the goal of the cities is to teach you my modeling from scratch . So if you are a student Oh, somebody who doesn't know my art. All on who wants to start learning this upto? So this is a great cities to watch on. If you don't have any idea about my I recommend you tow us my first class, which is Miami. A sixfold bigness. Plus on then, was the my morning Basic cities first class, which was the table and chair on this. The second class. If you want to watch this, you can watch it. There's no problem. I'll know, Cover every step so you can follow it. But I recommend you toe was those things first it would be more easier for you. OK, so I'm going to do this comparison and here you can see this is the emails here. I'm going to do this table on the chair on this ball. Well, then, the cop, the glass, the flowers on the spoon. So the basic goal of this classes to teach you some no basic tools and process off my morning. So with that being said, let's jump into my arm. Let's get structure. So here I am using my 2018. Yeah, Andi, if you have this worsen, that's good. If you don't have this Wilson on, if you have a Louisville is in, that's fine. You can still do all those things. I just want to talk about the interface bite. Awful interface off my eyes. Classic here. You can see if you click here. So this is the my bite Full interface. But I'm not going to use this because I don't need some off the elements here. You a things here, like the times. Like all this bottom area. I don't need those things. So let's chance it toe my our morning standard here, The morning standard interface. So that's leakier on. This is the interface I'm going to use on. The first thing we're going to do is that table. So let's start from this, uh, this table so you can see the table has it off around. No round. Best there's on the leg is like, straight on the profile is round cylindrical. It's a cylinder, which is like bending your it's kind off apology to you. We can say you learn how I'm going to lie. Oppose these things, how I'm going to do these things. Do this. No around thing on here, you can see the table has a like slant, and there are some pieces here who is the evenly spaced rods are. Let's start from this table top. So I'm going to Meyer here. I'm going to use this cylinder for that. So let's click on here to get the cylinder on the greed at the cylinder here and I'm going toe Kris Jenner book Simply here at the last the substance So gave this general books and their editor. If you don't know what are these things? Please wants my my marling basics for beginners class. So you get a very good understanding off all this interface things. So let's drag and drop it to here. So as you can see just I'm dragging here when I get this blue blue things here. I put that there. I don't want this attack protective, so click here to get rid of this activity later. So now I have more link toolkit here and general box on Larry detail here. Okay, so I'm going to its imports. You click here to expand all these absence I have for the cylinder on. I'm going toe increase this radio. So let's increase this radius by holding the middle mouse and drag here. So I have covered all this basic knows process toe are just import in the previous class Off this, my modeling basics it is. And so let's move so you can choose to move tool from here and then move from the great. So then I'm going to decrease this height. So let's decrease the height here. You can see I'm tryingto are trying to get this proportion here this height and this big radius. So that's still that I think I should increase the radius bit. I cannot say weather except perfect rounders. It's kind off on over else if I can. I can say that from this angle, but I assume it's kind of overall it's not a perfect round, said So let's He's my perfect round safety. So let's increase, um, supervision access for us. So because I have very few numbers here, so I can see it's Jaggi nous so you can see is too jagged. So I'm going to increase the subdivision access to solve that. So let's hold middle mouse and drag to increase it here. Interactive Lee. So it against me now I have a good number here, but still I want toe increase it higher numbers. So But it's not allowing me to do that because you can only drug till 50. Then I have to put some, you know, numbers years I can put and no like this. I can put any number there. So then, to make it over, I'm going to scale it. So take the scale tool there and scale it in. No, I'm going to scale it in exactly solids. Scale it like this. I haven't overall sit there. So then I want to make the slanting. So as you can see this images the best are the high dislike slanted there. I don't know if there is a roundness there. I can't say that. So let's first make it slanted. So I'm going to scale that off, not off faces or I can just go toe good affront aside, view breast if to frame it and I'm going toe is what takes more but I taking and goto vortex more. Drive carefully just to select all the stop vortices. Then against you have selected all these top vortices, then scale from the center so you can see when I skillet. I'm Skilling skilling it from every angle from the center to get that slanted look like this. OK, so it's looking good if you want to let make deliberate round roundness there, so it's kind of now straight. Okay, so I need to put one is at the center there, so I cannot use the inputs anymore because if I want to like art through the subdivision Hyatt, you can see it's like giving me crazy result because I have already scale and change the components so you cannot use inputs after changing the component. I mean, after moving, are scaling our no rotating your vortices or face eyes. We cannot use the inputs anymore, so it I don't know if it's a bog. It's always like this in my so you have to use the input first, then go for the like modifying the whatis our face and it's a okay, so now I can not to use this. So how can a Arden is low? But the center know the select one is there Andi Whole control and right Most you get this minute and Goto, this is ring utilities at 70 clock position. So Goto exiting utilities here on then Goto five oclock all four o'clock partisan toe his ring and split against it. This right side up, son. So what it did? It's just convert that Cingular's selection to the ring and then just leave that. Okay, so I got one. So now I'm going to select it and scale from the center. So I'm trying toe get a car from there at the center. Another organ, see, have once sing in line. So I'm getting it. One cardinal kind off roundness there so I can do one thing again to select the whole is look by double clicking on it, then go and a rivulet. So if I very valid, as you can see, I can increase the segments. I can put more than one segment there on this. The fraction this the No, we're talks side of the table. Okay, So you can see now I have a good sopped, no sucked roundness. That and now I can, like, just select this, these two loops. And then let's Babel those as well. So let's go and drivel here. I want a very tight level like this. So I got a very Sarpei is there. It's not to surf like one single lists to like and see. It's it's smooth. So we got this top part in the next video. I'm going to do this, frame the leg frame. 3. Modeling Table Leg: her friend. Welcome back on in this video, we're going to see how we're going toe oppose that lake. So let's take the maze. So the leg is like this, Linda. But here it's like bending here on again. It's straight here and bending there. So there are several ways to do this. So my plan is to take a Celinda on duplicated on breeze. And get this on. I'll meet that that side on. Once I get this done, I can, like, duplicate it to this other side. OK, then we're going to do all these things and duplicated toe that side on, then, doing this like Iraq kind of thing here to put things there. So I'm going to do this leg in this video, So let's do it. So I'm going to start with this, Celinda. So let's take a cylinder. So this is the cylinder on. And if you have not seen any my classes before this, then I would like to say all these things I'm doing here, just like rotating this camera is all time left. Most drug Andi Jumanji, Ahmadi's all trite most rat on bond like banning. Like all these things, it's old and middle mouse. Okay, just to let you know if you don't know these things. So this is the cylinder here on again. I'm going to imports to, like, just the basic things here. So let's just put this radius so I'm decreasing this by holding middle mouse and rack can decrease it while you're holding me the most on drugs. Sometimes it's like Jen's. The value, too must like this. So it's very like kind of out of control. So whole control Whitman Most Dr Toe adjusted smoothly on Let's Increase this height. So okay, on always look always uses Orta graphic views the front and side views truthfully, so let's decrease the radius so you can see I'm trying to do this. This part, this straight part first still here. So I'm trying to, like, give the proportion there so it's kind off. The height is no. So let's increase the height and again look from this side views. I think I know this. Okay, this is are still it's looking to narrow right now, so let's increase. This really is a little bit so I don't want this height segments there. I don't need that right now. Okay, so this is the best cylinder here, so I'm going to duplicate it. So let's go for it and duplicate from here on now, the duplicated pieces there. So let's move it now I'm going to rotate it 90 degree, so that destroyed it in X axis here on put 90 degree here. So I'm going to put 90 there so you can see now 100% 90 degrees rotated there. Let's move it like this, and I'm going to Let's move it a little bit higher, so I'm going to put it somewhere here. So I have a gap here. When I'll breeze it, I'll get around safe there. So I'm going trying to get that thing. So now I have two cylinders lined off. Now I'm going to combine them past. Let's go mess and combine them. So once I combined them, then I'm going to select all these faces on displaces. I'm gonna breezy. Those breeze does. So let's select them like this on when I drag like this, it's gonna select all these physicists here and here are just so I can do one thing. Hold control and the select all this versus so still, I've selected all these physicists do the same thing here called control and right here, little little box like this. And now I have only selected this process. So now I'm going to edit mess and breeds. So when I breathe, it creates a straight, linear Greece because of this offseason here. So let's change this. Absent this click here who look like you'll see for two more absence, one is blamed and carbs. So I'm going to use this blame here once I put that. Still, it's like looking like the same. But when I increase these divisions, you'll see the roundness. If it's linear, it's not gonna give you like in spite off. You're putting a lot of divisions there. It's still straight because of this linear absence. Makes your it said to blame on. You have some divisions more than one. If you have zero, will not get any bareness. There are look arc there, so let's put good amount off nor divisions there. So now you can see I have a good round, it said there, But I need this exact save. Decide as well, so I can do one thing. Just select everywhere this is here and goto this So as you can see, I have seen this dispute to prospective you. So if you have done this, then click on here to get there by the full four view, so OK, no, As you can see the vortices here. So I'm going to snap those things to this black, deep, deep vertical line which is the center off my X axis. Ah, study, I think majored access in this guest. Yeah. So let's tone on this snapped. Agreed. Upson Andi, let's move this to snap this to this line, then don't off test. So now it's kind of help of the object. Now I'm going to meet it. So before I'm Italy, I need to delete all this faces. Okay, so just delete All this place is select. I'm delete from a keyboard. So now I have harped object. Now I'm going to meet it toe this side which is my minus jet to let's go toe mess on meter Let's go to the Upson box to say Dobson So in this case I'm going to choose J on Dhere This minus so that's fine. That's middle. It, as you can see it mirrored perfectly toe that side. Okay, It's not like duplicate meter, and there's a difference between duplicate and meter. Who? New media. It's still a single connector piece. There isn't any disconnection here. It's a single connection piece connector piece. What will you duplicate and use that minus substance here ar minus killing ups, and that's when you duplicate it. I'm going to do that to this side with this base when that's not connected anyhow. But that's the same object that side. OK, the opposites, I. So here's my leg on. I'm going to duplicate it to that side. It let me check that. Yeah, so I can duplicate it now before I duplicate The piper should be at the artisan idea, because again, that's very important when I want to, like, duplicate at scale from the center to this side. So let's sense, despite what toe the center here. So let's press d to get in to pirate more. Now I'm in private more. I can move the pie vote. The piper point is from where this object is going to move under threat and scale, so I'm going to put that to the center. So let's press Creed. This snapped a great apps on on on. Then let's it's not bit. Do this sender here. Okay? So once I did that, then press d again to get out of this by but more. Now you can see the piper dates there, and now I'm going to duplicate it. Let's go to edit on Duplicate. This time I'm going duplicate special ops Unbox. So let's go toe Dobson box on here. I'm going to put some values So let's first choose the minus scaling up sensor here I'm going toe duplicate it to the Excite the opposite of decks. So I'm going to put minus in the X axis our X box here in the scale area. So here this is the X scale. Why g it on Dhere in putting minus one on This is the number of copy that spine on you can choose. Instance if you want to on now it's said to copy. Let's choose instance. So it's duplicate it. No, GNC. The leg is that sigh. OK, in the next video, we're going to see how we're going toe do all these things 4. Modeling Table Frame: Okay, welcome back in this video we're going to so we're going to finish this table. So let's start from these things from this rod and then we're going to do this and then all this, like, evenly spaced things there. So let's start from doing that road. So again, I'm going to use a cylinder for that. Let's take a Celinda and now I'm going to rotate it. So let's take the rotor tool. Unloaded it their access here on 90 degree. So let's put planted there on. I'm going to use the imports to modify the really It's there. So let's couldn't go toe the side view and started the front view. Let's put here the spot. Yeah, maybe somewhere here on, let's increase the height there so that it intersects with this leg. Another conceives there. So let's go to the stub. You It's always use proper tha graphic views to align alignment, So yeah, I can see now It looks good. Now I'm going to Oh, check whether this radius is fine. I think I did. I should increase the radius a little bit. Maybe someone here like this. So once it done, then let's go and duplicate it so I can again duplicate it by using this. Or I can use the shortcut, which is control D to duplicate and then duplicate here. So again, let's duplicate it again. So press control D and then move. Okay, so something like this item, I think the leg deliberate higher side maybe, I don't know, maybe liberal, higher side, so so I can do one thing. So let's combine these two legs from Goto Mace and combine, then go to about X more than select all this bottom goddesses. Then move like this to get the proper proportion. Andi, it's select everything. So, as you can see, it went like down there. So let's keep that there are no new check from this foreign view against it. There's a gaps or make sure your room is all these things. So make sure you're like looking at all this a lineman things properly from these views. Okay, Lord looks good. Let's put yes and no. I'm happy with this. So let's do this small, small particle things. They're solar. It's I think I can take take this cylinder and press control de to duplicate on, then rotate it again. No injured access. Now it's should be Jato. Okay, so now I don't have the inputs anymore, So I need to do it Monolith. So let's scale it on. Let's go to this proper view on No, I just want to, like, decrease the radius on. I don't want to change this height. So if I scale it from the center, I'm also changing the height. So in this case, I'll tell you a very good secret, which is whole control Andi scale from way excess. As you can see, when you do this when you hold control and Skilling with a single axis, that means you're not Skilling in that access. That was, If I press control and skill in Y X is that means I'm not Skilling in Why exes and scaling in these to access. You can see that's turning yellow that to access plan there this plan. So that means if let's say I don't want toe, I want to scale in why injured what? I don't want to scaling next access. In that case, I'll hold control and drag this X axis so that it blocks down. So let's press control jade and do this thing here, let's make a team like this, so I'm going to. So, as you can see there's it, there's something at the center and then two to the side. So let's go on. Duplicate it. It's put to one here on. Then I need this exactly same gaffe here so I can do that by again doing the same technique . Just press de toe, get the pilot note on, then snap it so you can also get you can also snapped, agreed by holding X key on your keyboard and then move. So as long as you're holding the X Q and in, that's not a great more. So Now no press d again to settle there. So then let's Goto duplicate. So I just duplicated that single thing and then put minus value here. Don't put minus one always here you can see in my scale access. I have some value there, so just put minus to the left on as you can see your sleep to that side from that center by word, okay to OK, do that. So now let's select all these things here, so again sit select toe are to your selection so now I have selected everything. Now let's combine it. Let's go Tomei's and combine I'm Let's Go to the W and then I'm doing the same thing. That's pres de on a whole X kid and move toe snapped a great, then press day again. So the by what is here so that I can flip to that side. Okay, so let's duplicate it again on Let's put in this case, it's one. So that's fine on In this case. I'm going to sleep in jail taxes. So it's put minus to the dead. Okay, like this on then I just need to put some railings there so I can again use this these things. And now it's combined one single piece I have toe like separated if I want to use this thing or I can again create a new one that's totally up to you. So in this case, I'm going to separate it. Andi, if I separated, you can see the piper. These were there. It's hard to like who move on, drop dead From there, it's very hard. So I'm going to bring the pilot again to this object center by going to modify on click and center Piper. So the pilot comes to the center of that object on Now I'm going to duplicate it. Press control D to the Click it here on I'm going to rotate it. So let's go to rotate it again. 90 degree. So lose our news, Orta Graphic views in this case. So let's press not too good and snap not to do that. And then I'm going to scale it. Always use Arte graphic views to aligning properly. Proper alignment. Okay, so maybe on with the you can use the weapon more gradually. As you can see, it's not at the center, so yeah, that's good. Now, now I'm going toe move it to here Somewhere on let's control the off you can say duplicate on move get the distance Then hold sipped receptivity to duplicate with even distance This is called duplicate with Trans from here this is city Okay, duplicate a husband. But when you do this makes you let me deal it And so you the situation. So let's say you control d and move on, Then click outside and then you're selecting and pressing sub d It's not gonna work. The main thing is to use this tool properly. Just duplicate it with control D and move. Then release the mouse, then Precip to do without clicking anywhere else. Okay, so you can see. And now I got a very good save there. Eso We have completed the table here in the next video. We're going to start That's here. 5. Chair Leg Modeling: Okay, So in this video, we're going to start this year model, and I'm going to start with this framework first, so I'll do this first. So the leg on the leg here, it looks like parallel here. So it's kind of parlor leg here, but from here it's like bending backward on it looks like like getting wider to us the top from this distance. I think this distance is a little bit wider. So then there's a band part here, so we're going to see how we're going to do these things. So let's start from this leg here, so I'm going to Meyer here. So here is our table done the last video. So let's select the whole table and let's click on this last I can hear to put this whole model into a layer. Once you have selected, let's click on this last icon here. So now this is my table layer. I can like Don off any time out. Don't on any time I want. Let's double click here on the layer to give it a name, so I'm I'm giving the table name there. Okay, so is my table. It's a bit less hided. Okay, so I'm going to do the Kiev there. So yes, let's go toe the front view on. I'm going to take a cylinder for the leg, so let's stone on that So that we have something to like. No. Get the idea. I think this is the site Mystic. I think I'm going to model this here and then we're going toe vessel, So lose model at the center. Okay on. So I'm going to move this model so I'm going to combine it. So let's combine the whole thing there. Onda. When combined, there are so many history left. So let's go to it and deal it by type history Do the history on Then move it to the side Onda again You can see we're in combined its again a new object So it's not inside that table lead anymore. So I have to art that to that led again so I can do that by the selecting the model first, then right click on the layer on to our selected object to the lair A good notes again added to that layer. So yeah, I don't want to select this table by me strictly so I'm going to click on this blank box here. You can see there are several box are like square icons on bears. A blank district there will see. It's like template more you're gonna see So you cannot select it on its in like we're from more. Okay, so that's there for just reference. It can again click here to go to the armor, which is reference again. This isn't allow you to select it. It's still lock on safe. But you can see the object clearly. Okay, So I'll keep this in this morning on. I'm going to do the chair, so I'm going to do the leg first. So let's choose the radius. Proper radius there. I think this and this is messing almost. So I'm going to No, take that there to get the idea. There. It's Gilligan. See, Ticker. So, in the dough, decrease the radius. Click here. We want to check carefully so you can take this. They're like this on decrease the radius you can check in world from Or which is four express for Narragansetts. Almost matching then. Now I need to go back to this centers I can again go to here this new translate X. Why judges make it Jiro. So let's put Jiro on enter. So not come back to this origin. So let's go back to here. So now I'm going to, you know, increase the height there. So let's increase the height. So let's check. It's almost like the table height, maybe, Or maybe been a little bit higher than that. I think I think it's little bit higher than that. So I'm going toe some lived. There may be a little bit higher than that. Now I'm going to are some divisions at the center. Salutes our division one there on. Then let's go on, move this like this backward and this is until backward can see So this backward and this is also back right there. I think it looks something like this selected. Move it. So I'm trying to get this angle there. I'm from the top view. You can see it should come like this. So here what I did the chair said, would be here. So it's kind off like coming this side as well, So it would be like, like narrow here. And why does here as it goes, toe us the top. So this is the base base Up the chair there. And you can see this. This isn't perfectly cornered there. It's still smooth. So I'm going to Brazil. This So let's go. Toe is more and double click to select the whole AIDS Goto edit Masson bubble. So now the bevel fraction is too much solar. It's drag it year whole control and drug. Well, we're dragging it, so that will get it, like, good control There on Let's put some segments there. So it should look still corner. But it shouldn't be like oneness as, like self. So it should be like this on. Yeah, I think looking good on, I can do one thing. I can just be able. This is actual. So this isn't gonna visible to the camera much, but still, let's do it. So let's put segment Okay, Something like this. Move it. Okay. For this leg, I'm going toe again. Use this this leg so I can again take this from here. So it's don't off this off. Send. Then let's straight this. So I'm going to separate it again. So let's go to mates and separate. And then I'm gonna use this leg. So let's control day to duplicate. This is the leg here. I'm I'm going toe move all these things down there, so something like this. So here is my friend. And then I'm going to duplicate this toe that side as well. So let's makes sure it's lined up properly. It's sort of a some light here. I don't know if if the wit is right, I think I need toe because the waiter Liberte So select this side and then select. Then click on Move, tool. And then goto symmetry of some here tone on this x object x symmetry so that again circuit on this object exerts symmetry so that I can move both say, like, this took like a line with this thing, as you can see. Okay, Then reset it. I don't want the symmetry anymore. So off close it. So I got the leg there, so I'm going to duplicate this part to that side. So let's again goto by what more by pressing D and then start to grate on. Then move this to this center on Ben dress d again toe set there. Then I'm going to duplicate it on. Let's put miners in the appropriate access in this case J so minus one. Okay, you can see this. The framework here in the next video we're going toe do this. No back railings. 6. Chair Frame Modeling: Hello. Welcome back in this video are going to complete this frame. Walk up this chair on. So let's start from this This thing here. So, as you can see, this is a again pipe on at the end. Here, you can see this is like Spiric als safe here. So, like there's a bull hop hop spear. So we're going to do this and it's been so let's see how I'm going to oppose this. Okay, so let's start from this base, So I'm going here instead. Meyer. So I'm going to take again a cylinder, which is a stretch cylinder here on again. I'm going to change this radius kind off. This is like, I think, thicker than this piece. I believe it's ticker than thicker than all this basic no frameworks here, So let's make a deliberate ticker than this. So less strict Chris the radius a little bit more and then rotate it 90 degree. So now I'm going to soil some other ways to rotate it. 90 degree, presses a on your keyboard on, then brought it while you are holding the Jakey. Still, I'm holding the Jakey and I'm rotating. It's called Discrete rotates on or snap road it. And now it's rotating Krypton degree in trouble. So now I can see I rotated it 90 degree, so you can also use this technique, which is very easy. You'd want to type it there. So let's pulled some height. And the height should be like this should be till here somewhere. As you can see, it's crossing that Bob. They're still here on, and still I'm going toe. Give some more there because it's it's a band piece and it's coming till here. So Oh, I think I need to put some more. They're like this, something like this. And the Radius is two months. So let's take visit somewhere like this. Okay, Now I'm going to put some divisions on this height because I'm going toe bandit, Okay? And now it's a straight face. I'm going to band it by using Ben deformity. So I need some divisions here. Otherwise I cannot bend it so it's pulled some suburbs on in height area. So let's put in this guest. I'm going to put quite a bit off polygons there, so a significant amount of polygons there so that I can bend it smoothly So this is the cylinders. I'm going to bend it. But before that, let's do this spiritual thing. So I'm going to use this pier for that. So let's take a spear on. Take that toe the end off and of that. But so let's straight there. They're on. I'm going to press if I'm going to rotate back. So let's align that. Probably. So I'm going to align this properly here so I can again rotate this pier, so I'm going to rotate it so that this poll of the spirit should, like, look to the side. So I'm going to wrote it like this on it's been 90 degree again. Okay, so I wrote a 90 degree. Then I need toe like snap toe this vortex so that it alliance there. So I can do that by holding Wiki, Or I can place on this icon, which is snap. Two points are you can hold V either your whole VR used tissue. Kennedy was both so let's snapped at that point there. As you can see, the spirit is too big there. So I'm going to scale it like this on Chris. If something like this I have a little bit. No depth there, that strict defying the select this on Goto mess and billions. Let's choose union, as you can see when that union does to safe the inside intersex and part gone on. Now I just got outside part. Now it's a single continue mess. Okay, so I'm going to do I'm not going to do this side, so I'm gonna delete half have off the line here. So again, I don't have anything there at the heart failure, so I'm going to know Snap it. So let's start on the snap. Great, Snap it. So now I can immediate that toe the date access. So let's go to mess on meter. Okay, that's said to already there access. So that's good for me. Now let's bandit. So let's go toe mess. So let's go toe deformity on goto nonlinear on inside that non malignant I'm going to use bent to form. So now you can see the 20 formal comes politically, but our model is like original, so let's rotate this pain before more to master safe there. So let's wrote that in in this access discuss X axis and press 90 degree there so that it wrote its on mattered the cylinder said There on Lars Goto Bend imports Andi, increase the car Vater. So let me check how much it should be on if I move this now, snap to get off. So as you can see, I need to move both if I under Porges in them differently soldiers. It's poured them on Tough here, something like this. So it looks nice then I just want to get it off this d former. I don't need that anymore. So I don't want to get rid. But if why delete it, I lose the effect on the mess so I can do one thing to get it up. That and that is a deleting the history of this object because this diploma is in the history off this objective. If you select this subject and you go to the inputs, you can see that the former there. So let's select the object and delete the history of this object by going to deal by type on history dealing. Okay, so now that's gone. So now let's do the same thing toe like do these things so I could have, like, duplicated those things on again. I can do that right now. I think I can reuse this by this going here on Duplicate it. Now, I just need toe like maker, Tina. So I can do that by going toe about XP on goto intended mess that it miss. And that should be something called Transform on. If you move injured Axis, it can do that like this on. Obviously, I'm like making this a roast here, but that's fine. Anything? Because anyway, I'm going to delete those things because it's going in there, inside there somewhere. Solar. It's dill. It on dilute here. So something like this and again duplicate this to get the second set there somehow that maybe like this it seems like I murdered two libit thinner than it did. So let's go to mess and combine both of them History Village by pressing all except and D on Let's again goto the vortex More goto mess to edit mess and flick on transform. Alousi, Was this dead blue color access? Who is just the normal axis? Okay, so Okay, this is done on in the next video. We're going to complete this chair 7. Finishing Chair Model: Okay, so finally, let's complete this chair in this lesson. So I'm going to do this. No underneath support bar. There on. There's a supporting bar until it's do those things. Let's go toe my here. And let's take a Syrian there again to do this seat there. So let's go there on I think that this Jared studly, perfect round circle. So let's go and increase the radius. Andi, decrease the height again. I'm using my control on me the most racked. Attend those values. It's in this radius on again. I need some divisions in the subject on access so that it looks smooth. Okay, something like this on. Yeah, there's a gap. So I think this scale is spine. We have some gap there. So on always for this alignment on this check from this front offside field. Because a lot of time that there will be gaffe here. So makes your doesn't and Gaff. Okay, then I'm going to know select all the stop but this martick's all face. So let's goto this front view. Goto vortex, select off. Nobody says go to skeletal by placing Are are by clicking here Let's go scale from the center. Something like this. Okay, I think looking good. Then let's select one on then Whole control White Mouse Goto is ringing abilities and raising and split. So now I split. That hole is ring with one is Look, then I'm going to scale it. So here I am, trying toe, get this stillness like the table. So now let's once we scale it, then let's bayville it so that instead off one is Look, there we have several is Lopes, which looks looks like it's a rounded set on. Let's select this loaf on this loof on Little Bay Village. You can also hold, sit and write most button on. You can find this Babel is Upson here as well. So let's select like didn't yes, not look good. So now let's do this framework there. So for that again, let's take a cylinder. Let's digress the radius. So again, I'm like simplifying these things. These details here. So it's been 90 degree on. I think it's kind of 45 degree necks, maybe O. R. I think this is why you are extra sport. 45 digs it there. I don't know whether it's 45 2 guys just June that I'm not sure about that salutes. Sport is in it. As you can see, the radius is too much. So make the religious right something like this to organize a simplified the same there. Obviously there are some details, but it was fine. Let's let's increase the height certainly doesn't look like it's stopping there, so I so want to move with this angle. But my move tool is not allowing me to move with this angle there, so I can do that by just going to move tool settings by double clicking on it and then change this world toe. No object the skilled on this little triangle to get the like, drop down and choose object. Andi. As soon as I just change that toe object more, you can see the man of later changed to that angle. Now I can easily move it with that. That anger there's fine. So they said it, so I did it. Then. I can just no good go to the pilot more by placing Dickie and again do the same. Rip it, rip it things too, like duplicate to that side. So let's start to grade and bring the piper do somewhere at the center lane here on, then. Then I'm going to duplicate it. Press contour D and then I'm going. Those put minus value toe the appropriate skill off some there so you can see here. So it's giving me or drizzle because off this channel box has a lot off protests in and all these values Gautama differ on freeze all these transformations. So once you freeze it, it all said toe by defaulting. But the model is like that. So now, like and just no put put minus minus one. Will you there a little walk? Fine. Something like this. Obviously the bottom part is not visual. That's why I'm not too much concern about that. So let's no do this behind by that. And let's finish this chair. So let's go on again. I'm going to rotate it by using my Jakey, hold Jakey and voted so it will rotate and snuff. So then crystal ideas on increase the height so that it penetrates with us. With this leg, some ex your It's a right partisan death. Some of you on the radius is too much. I think it's fine. So here we have completed the terror on the table and in the next lesson, we're going toe. Start doing this like Boyle. 8. Modeling The Bowl Using NURBS: Hello, guys, Welcome back on, But with this listen, we're going to start this boil and the Corp and glass things. So in this video, we're going to do this boil. So for this boil I'm going to do, I'm going to use knob smalling technique inside. Meyer. Let's start talking about the North's car first, so I'm going to use Let me first. No, put this inside a layer so as you can see external absolutes combined these things as well . So let's combine and Eliza after combine, get rid of those histories. So let's put that inside. We can put that inside a different layer, which is like we can say cheer. Okay, so then I'm going to I don't know if everything there so you can see I'm going to talk about North Scarf, the technique I'm going to use for that Boyle is creating a car. So if you go to create menu Andi Goto scarf tools here, you can find this different like tools to create Garff so different ways you can create guard. So curve is basically an object, Taif, which you can use to create a model or by using North Upson inside here Some surface absence. So let's go to create on Goto Carve Tool, Go to Civic Octel Eso again. This is one way to create cards so you put your left click on do you can find like you'll get the point and the 4th 4th number point. We'll get the car on again. This is not a model. This is This is explain or golf you can see. You cannot know it doesn't have a physicality. It's just kind off a drawing line. OK, I can modify it by going to its contra protects imports. I can modify it on. I can use different tools from this surface mint, which is the knobs menu here. I can use different tools to create surface out off this like revolt if you see it now, I got something there. So didn't. The main point is we're going toe do a golf on. We're going to revolve it toe, get the bottle. So, as you can see, if I really no go to civic or tool and create something like this, something like this Andi press enter to create the scarf on goto surface on Revolve. I'll get it model like in a clique in a single click. So let's first talk about the car for Greece and methods. So So let's see how we can create the appropriates card or splint. So let's go to create and golf tools. So, yeah, I'm going to use civic or tool. I'm not going to use any off the tools. I might know I might cover them in some other classes. So here we're going to use Civic Artal CVS Transport Control vortex. Okay, so let's goto civic Opto I'll. It's difficult tool. When a click Al get a point Second click, the second point third point still have not got the Corvette. The fourth point. The golf I got the gulf. Then with the next points, I can like extending the cough like this on. Now I'm like clicking and holding the left mouse so that I can, like, change the pro Jason there. If I click and release the left mouse, then I can middle most drug toe like reports on that point what I can again after creation now, still, I'm increasing more if I want to like complete it completely clears and more I need to press enter So once I press enter its now created on. You can see the name card one. Then, if I want to change the safe, I can goto, right, click and controllable. Text more. Then I can select any convertible takes on. Use your move tool and change the same. Okay, so this is the fundamental thing on again. I can delete some points against a select and delete points like this are now. Let's see, Let's go Toe cough and Siri Kartal. As you can see five like leaks. And like Gardiner points, it's always have raised the same. The carve is very smooth, so as you can see the points I'd like they have corner. But the car itself is very smooth. So let's I want some corner in the carve itself. So I have to put no some points very close to each other, that in order to get that no gardener thing, but still, if you go close, you can see it's still smooth. Okay, just it over. It looks cardinal. Whatever you want. Corner unit to put three words is like this, at least on, then whatever we want. The roundness are like Arc, who's just need to put few points and Adan's them in order to create no very smooth car. So there's the men basic things, and you can always backspace to go backward while you had in the place and more, please it backspace to go back on mill Most drag toe report, Jason. Okay, and then presenter finally toe clear the car. So let's use all this card creates and technique to create the guard for a boil here. So I just need toe, create the profile car fear. You can see this profile sip, and I just need to do the hop as I don't want toe do the full profile. You just do the heart profile on. Then I'm going to use revolt will do revolve and clear the SE for me. So let's start doing this girl here So again, I can just do one thing I can bring that emits to this background so that it would be easy for me to mask the safe. So let's go to view us Plane import emits on. I'm going to like brows. The completion Meyer desist remains. So he is the image I'm going to use this bottle on. Make sure it's you know, with this line that that bowels would be exactly aligned to the hub. You can see the bowel centres should be somewhere here. So let's select this access on hold Middle Mouse again. You can see I don't have the move tool here, but because I have selected the access here by just clicking on the euro, I can hold Middle Mouse on move. Okay. I don't have to, like, hold the move tool to move it so we could just aligned a mess like this. Then I'm going toe the civic off tool. Yeah, on Let's start from this. No Centrepoint. As you can see, I have a line in such a way that the bowel center is exactly here. Almost. It doesn't have to be exact. So let's start from here. So I'm in civic or tool. I just want to start from this exact point. So I meant it all on the snap to great Upson. Let's now click now. I just want to create a straight line here. I don't want to follow this line because this amazes in perspective, right, But the bottom of the barrel is straight, so it should be flat here, OK? Just don't have the snap. Too great after pope, Like putting the first point, then holds sipped on at least put four point and then the color here. So I'm just looking at this area. So then let's go on. You can see this, Not this base off the ball there on then I need a corner. So as you can see, you just talked about all these techniques. Wherever I want a gardener, I have to put at least three points with the cardinal at the centre at least three points to, like keep the gulf inside there. Then I just followed this. No, this card with a little off said, because of this perspective on here, I need a very smooth car arc. So I don't want to put the points to close to each other. If I put too close to each other points, I'll get a very bad result then so that model wouldn't be smooth. So makes your at the car failures. You don't put too much like points there. So here again, I wanted tight, Sepp. So So let's cover here. Just just think about like, drawing like Skate Spain on the boil and you're going from this bottom toe like going to the inside like center there. So just do that thing on hell. We're not like doing this thing here. We have just going profiling inside that. So again, this is the tick Nesic, and see okay. And now I'm going to do I'm going to stop here so we're, like, again press enter to complete the car fear. Now I'm going to control vortex on this vortex would be exactly snapped to this line because, as you can see, it's not 100% snark. So let's down on that and move with this angle of this access does not that I want it done Now, As you can see, I don't need this image anymore. Or if I need that, let's just put that behind our Let's put that entitle layer and hide it. Let's select this girl. If on goto surface on click on Revolve. So boom. So you guard a cough in a single click. Oh, you got the ball with a single click on if you feel like the same prison right somewhere. Maybe like if I feel this part is like straight, it's a really rounded, so I can do that easily with this. Changing the cough. So let's change the kerf on Dhere. Let's turn off this, snapped agreed. I can just remove this gulf and I can change this model because of the history still connected with this car. So So it's easy to like change the car At the same time, we were looking at the final output, so it's easy to modify the call there. Okay? And sometimes if you look at the bowel from close, close off, you can see there some jagged safe here, like this area. So this is because of this. No lo segment count there. So if you go to devolve here on, if you goto this idea sex on now it has 86 on. So let's increase this. Let's include this truth 12 or something like that. Or maybe more than that, maybe it's 16. So now again, see, it's a little bit better, so I think that's good. That fine now I don't know in my chair and table on, I'm done with my boil here, so let's move it. Let's delete this gulf on. Let's move it toe the table. There sorts. Go on board that here. I'm not sure about the scale. I think the scale should be bigger here on it. Should be proud. Perfectly on top of that table, something like this. Uh oh. Okay. So yeah. So I'm completing this lesson here. In the next lesson, we're going toe do this cop. 9. Modeling The Cup: Hello, friends. Welcome back to this class. And in this video, I'm going to. So you how to model this Go up here again? I'm going to use this same technique I just used for this boil. So I'm going to create a carve and I'm going to, like, revoked that to create the body. And then let's see how we can do this. No handle on. As you can see, it's kind off like Wilder there. It's a single piece. It's kind of full day here on here, actually. So let's see how we can do this. So if what I'm going to do this body and then I'm going to do this handle on Dhere going to sell you some knobs and Paul Egan integrates and technique. Okay, so that's time. So let's go to Maya here. Andi, let's first open our scene. So goto this open Norman pile here open, Seen right. Click on it. You can just right click here and you'll get your recent Norris and files here so it would choose my descent five years it, Stone said. So this is our last class file on Let's go. They're stone on our reference amiss no layer there on here is my reference limits. So fasting, the selector reference limits and I'm going to align the reference image to any off the great points. So again, see, let's see, that's it. This grid point here on any of the great burn should be the centre bottom part of the culture. Okay, so let's see this this part. Now you can see the center bottom part, the bottom center, part of the copies here, and agreed notes and here. So it's good to create and lets you see record, too. So again, the reason I put that reference image to a point here because I just want to snap on start the car fear. So if if the like, if the image isn't there so I don't have anything there to snap. Let's say this amazes here where there is no good points so I cannot snap to anywhere anything. So that's the one reason Isis Oneto. I just wanted to put that here. So let's bring the tool again on now. I can snap it. Let's start off then and then I want toe do a straight lines the whole seat. Onda put three four maybe five point till here till this area don't follow this car Fear, because it's going to give you a like a rounded bottom part to your model. So then I want a cardinal here, so I'm going to put one point there, and they're so very close to the cardinal points. Then let's so, yeah, I'm just like guessing the design and just following kind off, Enough said manner. So then let's go straight. Unlike here, there Is it design here as you can see this part. So I'm going to do that here. So draw something like this unless too in less full of the guard here. So I'm roughly following the controlled there. So let's go here. Uh, something like this. So there's the thickness inside there, sort of sport, some trying to put our little lines. There are a lot of vortex here. You don't have to do all those things here. Let's say the inside by this plane and this design is only existent outside. So strike movement and this no upset Sim. Okay, Now again, I'm like, finishing here. Place entered to complete on then right? Click on the cough, then goto control vortex and select this vortex on it should be perfectly no snap to this line. So let's don't understand. Snapped. Oh, great. And the drug and then off Just make it do. Okay, So make sure this this to vortices that lined off a particle line. So this is my God. Then I'm going to revolve it. Toe, get the surface. Okay, so once a complete the card, then select the card. We know Object more than go to surface mineral on drivel. Okay, here you can see there is a big problem on it gives me unexpected result on Let's see why it's no, it happened. It's because of the pie vote as you can see the car fees here. But if you take the pilot by word automatically comes in dollars. An idea. Whenever you create a cough anywhere in the scene, the pilot comes armed origin area. It's my default. So I just want to change the piper to this locus and this line so that from here it can revolve. So let's quickly bring the viral toe the center by just going modify and send a fiver on. Then I'm going to pilot more by pressing D on, then snapped. Donald snapped. Oh, great And display. Pull that toe this line. I don't know if this let's Reebok again. So it against the now it gives me the perfect result. So this makes studio by. But it's at the center. Okay, so this is My God. Then let's pull some divisions here. As you can see, the segments is too low. So let's go to revolution Ports here on, then put No, let's put 20. So now I completed the body in nerves. Now let's see how we can do this. Like this handle we just wielded here on Dwell that here on here is the same. You can see kind of extruded said. So I'm gonna do this here inside knobs. So now it's a North model. I need to convert it toe polygon in order to do that. So let's convert this norseman object to polygon. So let's go to modify on convert. Here you get all the convert absence so you can find North Republican at the tough goto this obsolete box on. Let's see the settings always. I don't toe reset every tools I use because I don't know what adopt since I had I had been used before or someone Els has said. So it's a good practice to reset first so that as you can see, it was like something else. So just reset so that you start from the default. So now I'm going to tend this too quiet. So I don't want any triangle when I convert it. So I want only quite garments this square, princess. I don't want triangle fists gore face on. Then I want the public is I want a political is like this. I want a political model like exactly like this instructor. So for that, I'm going to use control points. So it's gonna see this points and it will exactly give me a polygon object like this. Okay, so with this to setting squad and control points, let's test let okay as you can see I not to object. The Nazis still there on the new polygon object is here. I can say this is the political of dead because of this jagged nous against the norms is a very smooth object. Alloy does like less polygons. You can see between area is also smooth car for football, Egan. It's always strip on. Daisy's always straight. Okay, so this might be illegal. I don't need this knobs anymore. So So let's delete this on. Bring that toe that Lucas in by pressing Geo that. Okay, so this is my polygon object. Let's see how we can do the how can do this handle. So I'm going to use maybe this this face so I don't get any face at the center here. I get it. Get an AIDS there, so I just want to rotate it before I So again, the piper these years. So let's go more refer and center Piper this time, and I'm going to rotate it in such a way that this face come straight here. Like like, if you see this, this will go 90 degree. I mean, this the center of the say it should be here somewhere. So I have a face now, so let's go modify and freeze it so that I decide this value here. Freeze it, then. I'm going to Okay, so, yeah, I'm going to use this face. So from here, I'm going to You can see this this thing. So I'm gonna extrude that. So let's I think it's modified this line a bit toward the golf there so that this this place is a little like longer than before. Then go to first more here on I'm going to extrude this face. So let's extra and like, move into their access like this. Then I'm going toe do this bottom part here So you can say I don't have Yes, I have Is this But I think I want to put one is there or I can just move this line. Maybe this vortices a little bit down there to align that It's so let's move this to land this. So from here, I'm going to extra them, huh? So still, I believe the thicknesses to hide there. So I'm going toe to modify. This is so Move it somewhere here. So just like making this face ready, it's like kind of rectangle on. I'm going to, like, connect it here. So let's move it a little bit on now. I'm going to extrude this area a little bit here somewhere. So let's extra this place so separately extra that face on and who routed it like this on then again, extraordinaire Press G so kind off. I'm extruding and extending. That makes their I believe this should be no. Wrote it a little bit on here. Gradual. So because I'm losing this volume this upset. Okay, so now it looks good. Now I can select this face on this face. Still, I feel I should make it same thickness. So this person, this face, let's go to edit mess and preys on. Let's give some divisions there until this to plain something like this. Okay, so, yeah, something like this. Then we can modify the sip mon a little bit. So let's thistle bit to get the proper gulf of that handle. Now, in a breast three orman keyboard, you can see the smooth Wharton just placed three on your keyboard. This is the smooth reveal for political mess. Andi, you can see I'm losing this snow. If you look at the difference, this is a little tighter and here as well. So I'm going to are some loops there. So let's Arden is love here. So that somewhere here so that when I smooth when I pressed three, it's a little bit like whole are tight there on Let's put maybe maybe one is somewhere here at the center. So when I smooth so I'm getting a good fizzle there. And then then let's put some Maybe one is at the center of this. No, this side thickness there. So this is Luke is going like this less pastry. And now you can see the handle looks good. Now it's like looking connected here with the body and here as well. So in the next video, we're going to see how we're going to do this spoon. 10. Spoon Modeling: her friends will come back in this video. I'm going to soil how to do the spoon model, so let's check the image first. So here's our spoon. So I'm going to do this. But from a spear on, then I'm gonna exterior this. No, this handle. So let's start doing that. So I'm gonna hide all those things here. So let's do it here. So let's take a pollen spear. Onda. Let's steal it. It's place if to frame and let's deal it. Almost 1/2. Harbored may be more than happy till here. Delete those parts, then let's go to scale tool on Scalea Something like this, because the spoon isn't perfectly a circle, so it's kind of illustrative like this. A. No. If you take this idea, the inside looks black, so I'm going toe. I'm going here inside, lighting here on Let's Donald to cider lighting. So when it's a plane, it doesn't have a thickness, so one side looks perfectly lighted. Layton and other side looks black because of this thing because of this substance, which allows us to see which side is the normal and whose side is the positive. The negative side of the moment. So let's Donald right now. Um, it doesn't change anything for the model. It just illuminate both sides. Okay, so, no, let's do one thing. If you see this on, do you can see this ball here? This part of the spool should be somewhere here on this, this part to be, like, deep against a this part of the sponsor. But if here it's like, it's not not that deep. So I'm going to do one thing. Select this vortex on press B toe dornan sob selection, or you can go to move to land and take that here. You can't on, um as well. So this is my sub selection. Let's increase the radius here because the radius is still here. So hold B and left most drug to increase or decrease the radius. Okay, then. Once I like is there really is still here. I'm going to move something like this. Now you can see the deep part of the spoon is here at the inside, and this is the deep of the school year. So from the profile, it looks like this even again. Rotate as well on. I can try different. Look by destroyed. Hitting. Okay, once I get it, then let's select this. Maybe this vortex. And then let's scale it as usual. Something like this. So here the spoon is getting narrowed towards the handle there. Okay. So, like, give some time here, toe. Probably do these things on. Let's move this spoon to here somewhere. Alexa protected something like this. So this part of the spoon is resting here on this part looks noto straight. So let's do something there as well. So let's bring this something like this on May be carefully. Just need to port so you can press be to, like, dawn off don of the salt selection. So here I got this base on. Then let's extreme toe get the thickness here. I don't have any thickness, so let's selected in object more than then. Let's click on Extreme on now I'm going toe give some thickness to it like this. Maybe that side maybe. I guess something like this on. Then I'm gonna extradition to face. So let's extra this too fast. I can extraordinary like mine early. Just extraordinary. Move something like this. What? I can create a Garvan extra this faces on that golf. So let's see that go to create and create a civic off. So here I'm starting from the side and I'm tryingto like, create this car fear. Okay, something like this express enter to complete it. So I have the card here and now I want to extrude this to face along that car. So select this too fast first, then sit. Hold your sick kid, then select this card. Okay, so now I'm not able to select that goto object more again just to profess it. So let's I can go back to face more on select the cough. Makes sure you're selecting the face first, then the car on, then click on extra or now it's being extruded along the gulf, but we don't have any segments. Are divisions in between the extremes? So that's why it's not a lining with took up. So let's increase. Let's increase some divisions here. So as you increase the divisions, it's gonna automatically set it automatically adjusted the safe as the car gets alerts to increase some divisions there on that. If you see towards the end of the handle here, it's getting wider. Okay, so let's do that as Well, so go take this and increase the thickness. Oh, there's too much, I think so. Let's increase the thickness like this so you can do this odd if you don't want to increase the length that you can do it manually. So again, by using top selection as well. So let's go select this thing, Donald Sub selection again. You can use this to do that. So let's select and scale can do this as well. Okay, so here's my spool. Andi Press three To look to check our spoon looks good, but I'm losing this note thickness here. It's getting too sod there, so I'm going toe ordinators. Look there, Let's go to it. It may or May stools. Insider's look on Adam is at the center, so let's press three again on the keyboard. Now begin. Say it's holding much better that take notes. I can see that from this highlight. Okay, now, let's put some details here, so I'm going to select all this faces Stone off this sort selection so that select all these faces begin again. Select easily by the selecting This is and this is so just hold saved underwear. Click toe, Get the in between. It is so here. I've selected days. Looks here. Now I'm going to convert. This is look toe face to select all those like miserable faces. So let's whole control. Right, mouse. Then go toe to face here on then to fess. So to select the faces. Okay, I'm going to extrude it on, then upset it So doesn't inoffensive details s a very simple thing. Okay, then I'm going to extrude again by pressing Zeke e. Then let's use this room, Blue manipulator. Give it a death kind of thing There. Something like this. Very simple design. Okay, so let's deliver the car. I just see, as you can see when I delete the Gulf. No giving me, buddy. Old result Here It's, like, kind off taking all those extruded with it. So let's do one thing. Let's select this object and delete the history. Good. All about the history. Once the history is dilated, then it can affect up model animal because there isn't any link between those two. Okay, so this is my spoon here. So in the next lesson, we're going to see how we're going toe do this glass 11. Glass Modeling: offense in this video. I'm going to do this glass, No flower. Hold American. See here. So the basic save of this glasses, square or cubicle. So let's start from a cube, So I'm going to start from a Q on this time, I'm going to turn in. Let's go to create and Polian Primitives Don't on interactive Jason there so that when I click on the Q, it's don't created by here automatically. It's a loan me to create in your head on the scene on Let's Go Back to select All Select this object. So I want to create that Q on top off this no table so I can select this model and click on this. Make life off some here, or you can do that by modify and make life Click on that. Now it's alive. Object on now, my cube on my political creates and motives interactive. So when I click on the Q on this is a live object I can directly create on this object. So now let's drug. The first drug would be the base of the Cube. On the second round would be the height here, so no, I have the Cube here. Now let's go And art. Some is loops. Maybe one, maybe two subdivision in the height. That's fine here, So I'm going to directly to select this loop on. Let's so now I have come down off this make life of some other ways if you like Do anything is gonna snap about getting to this object when it's a live object. So let's don't off this so that we can work independently. No so lets you can see. It's like getting narrowed here. Some like the bases wider. So I think I should assoc like the best and scale it to make it a little wider on like feel . It's revealing why it is. Let's go to the front few through check it. I think this is fine. Yeah, so getting writer. So here I'm going to are some public like it's loops here, so let's go to my stools. In today's loof, one is low. Fear one is low. Fear. Select it so I can't see. There's a little girl, just terrible. God said that something like this. Then let's delete this talkfest because because the glasses hello there salutes Deal it Now I want to like make all these four corners rounded. So let's go to my on double click on the car nuts to select all those corners. Once it's selector, let's go and bayville them. Let's decrease the fraction. Yeah, let's increase the segment in between that. So maybe to I'm not going to give, like, more than two numbers here, because my plan is to smooth the object letter by using this move here. So let's keep it on segment here on. Let's let's isolate this object because this stable is on the way. So let's I can isolate this object by clicking on this little icon here. So when you isolate, the only selector part is going to be visible. Everything else is like hidden. So let's select this bottom. No love here, another agency when it definitely it's not selecting all those exists because it's not a loop is loof because this side is like like an insider faced, which has more done for is on in this Citrus. Um, this is is not an is look. So in this situation, and I can easily select all those ages by just selecting this face on, convert this fish to aid selection by this whole control right click on, then go toe to AIDS onto ages to easily convert their faith. Selects Intuit's We. Once I selected this is Let's go on level. So here I don't want a big, like, kind off roundness as as this corner particle cardinals. So it's kind of tight. Let's again put one segments there. Maybe something like this. Okay, then let's go on and I can do one thing. Let's go and give the thickness to it. So let's select this whole object in an object more like this, and then click on this extra on. Let's give give it the thickness you can like extruded outside or inside. So maybe let's so this is my glass here, and I'm going to give some No, look, look to hold this goodness, because when when I going to three press three, you can see it's like losing its volume there. That self angle. So I'm going to insider's look toe go to my stools. Incidents looked old, so click here and click in, said one. So just put two lines there pastry to check can see. Now it looks good. Andi, I want to hold this this kind of gradual. So So let's put two is loose there outside it. Something like this to hold this same pageants a little bit against this angle on. Now, if you see the top is not even, it's kind off on live in cept it's kind of very organic on leaving. It's not like a very like flat SEPTA for that. I just need a lot of polygons here for that. Let's smoke it. Let's go Mets and smooth click on Small We can see now. I have a lot of polygons on under Mrs Smooth. Let's put do here instead off one, so I'll get a lot of more polygons. CIA. You can see now I have a lot of polygons on. It's a very small piece now. I don't have to press three now. It looks smooth. Now Let's go and select some vortex like like this, and press will be toe Donald sob selection called B and left Most track toe. No decrease this this fall off and just randomly like give it, give it an organ, accept something like this and something like this. You cannot just the for love to like get your effect properly. If you want to, like, modify very tight idea. You need to have a type full of so against the night looks organically saved and will design. So let's see. In the next video we're going toe tackle this flower things and this inside water. 12. Creating Paint Effects Flower: Hello, friends. Welcome back in this video. We're going to see how to do this Flowers by using Meyer Band impacts. So before I do this flowers I didn't to do this. This water inside the glass. So for the water, I'm going to No, first, let's freeze this object here. So let's go toe deal by Taif, his Trouville it and then freeze. It would make 45 freeze. So now it's a very clean piece here. It doesn't have any history and any transformation value. Then duplicate this object. So that's press controlled the and now it's freeze here. As you can see, it doesn't have any value, so I'm moving it to the side so that it's easy to work. Then I again poor Jiro toe night. Bring it back here. OK, so that's why I just froze that. Okay, so let's let's sit. Let's praise be to don of this, Okay, let's say the water level is somewhere at at this idea. Maybe this gonorrhea. So let's select one loof that maybe when looked and Gillet undo the inside thing. So deal it, then double click to get greed of this dog bite here. So now I have this, okay? And I don't need this inside part as well. Solar's. So I just need that entire part. I don't want this outside by, so let's do it, kid. So you can see now this is the inside part there, and I'm going toe. This will be the water. I'll feel it. But before I feel it, I want to create all these flowers. So let's see how we can use my apparent effects to create these flowers. So let's select this object. Andi, go to generate Miller here. So let's go to Zenit men and fast click on Make Pen table. So by clicking on this Upson, I can paint any paint effects maze on top of this object. So let's first click on this. Make dependable so this object would be printable Now. Now the second step is once you've make made it plain table, then let's go back to Jeanette Menu and click on this get boss option. Well, you click on that usually open browser called Content Browsers here on day. This is kind of alive, very off Meyer. It has a lot off beautiful mrs and paint effects, Mrs. So if you go to this area here. Paint effects Scott, over there on you can look for the flower group are maybe flower May school So we have to absence Here you click on this full flowers pulling again See, it has like my has lot of bite awful models. So let's say I'm going to use this sunflower so that selected. So now I select that by left clicking. Then let's go. And as you can see now, once I select that my mouse cards has changed toe like a pain are like a pencil. No, When I lived most drug I will create like this band impacts mess OK, so now I I want a bigger mess. They're bigger flower. So for that I need toe increase this breast size by placing by holding Beaky Andi left most a It's like a sub select and fall off. So when I increased this then left most drag Okay, so I can again hold on left most track to make it a little bit bigger. I think this is too much solar because it's so I'm going to create pulled through flowers here. Okay, so if you just hold on drag you can create a lot off my bunch of flowers there. So I'm going. I'm just clicking and dragging a little bit. Then, like releasing it. So let's treat floured off this one and let's select this one on. Let's do some more so I need to increase the gross size for this one. So let me show you some other ways to, like, maximize the scale here. So let's create one or two here like this and they left. Let's close this window. Let's say I want to scale this flower. So let's select it and go to attribute. Editor, Click on this This third Upson from leapt. This is the A tributary turned on, you can see No, this is stroke safe something. And if you go to this on the hill up being which is the name of this flower believe you can see obstacle global scale. You can increase this value to scale that paint effect. OK, you can do this. I don't need this one that is outside there. So they selected on do the same thing. Let's go toe the he la pink. Okay, I have never heard about this name before, so I thing Yeah, so something like this. So I got my flowers. Now let's let's move this object and you can see when I moved this subject, the flowers are like following it because those flowers are created on top on that object as a printable object. So let's select this on. Click on General Box and put Jiro toe Bring that message to the glass here. Okay, fine. So here I have my flowers, and I think I need some more flowers. Okay, I think I don't need this. This is too small There on. I want to increase this sort of school, increase it something like this. Okay, as you can see, the penetration that's bound to be happened sometimes because because of this no radio, something you might need to move it. Something like this. I'm not just it. Okay. And the final thing I want to do is converting this paint effects toe polygon because now it is a paint effect subject on if you are going to render this milieu model of your seen using are known are normal, is not going to render these things. So if you are rendering in Arnold for a beautiful like final piece. You cannot render these flowers. Let's see if I ended it. Let's go toe. No, Our goal here and let's click on this render tab. So this is my previous lender. I was shaking, so you can see now it's black. It's because I don't have any light there. So let's take Let's go to Arnold Self here and click in this animal area late. I'm skilled this light. Okay, so you don't know anything about lighting? That's fine. Just follow me. So is my area light on? Let's say it did. I'm purchase on it on. Let's render it now click here uniquely cared. Your view. Good render and you get a like emits. So now it's still black. It's because the intensity is too low there. So let's put something 1000. Maybe Andre in the unknown. It's a lot off, like like now you can see my seen is eliminated, but the flower is in there. It's because again, this is a paint effect on Arnold doesn't render that only my A software can generate. Okay, so now the solution is to convert this flowers from paint effectual polygon. Let's go to modify, to convert convert and look for pain defects to polygon Upson. So I think, is that parent effects toe polygons? Yeah, this one Goto upson box. They don't have to go to apps and books. Let's convert pathetically now, as soon as it is clear on that convert, the texture is gone. It's because now it's a polygon object on now we have been accepted more. In order to see the texture, I have to press this harder texture in our press. Six. A new keyboard to see the textures. Now you can see when I render it should be rendered. Okay, so this is one reason why you want to, like on what your pain affects flowers to polygon. By using this convert mental on want you convert it. You can easily modify the steps because it's a simple polygon object. Now you can just select on delete this leaf if you want. Oh, so this is more like flexible toe. No, do this deal. It kind of things Yet on. Let's say I want toe move this flower inside so I can again easily selected on Bring the Piper toe the center. Let's use center paper. Oh, Saudi. I totally forgot a Godel flower. That's fine. Let's move it So you can do all this kind of things in the next. Really were going toe compose all the things here we have done on. We'll make the comm poison. 13. Organizing The Scene: in this video. I'm going to paint up the scene and I'm going to make the completion toe. Yeah, so let's get started. So the first thing you can see? No, the whole table is combined to one piece, but the better ways to like combine them according to the material, and you can see the top table top is old on. These bars are like from I don't so it's a better way better approach to combine all this. I don't pieces to one piece on this like give this old a separate. So now it's a single combined object. Let's again goto Mace and separate it. Now I'm going toe. Select everything else the tabletop on let's combine, combine them into one place, so let's combine on whenever I combine. I always turn to, like, delete the history. I don't like the history after combining, because it's sometimes give some kind off like weird results. So let's deliver the history now. This is my mess. Under Visine Off, like combining according to the material is it's easy to like assigning material latter for texting purpose. So it's easy to select the whole thing and give it a I don't material and give the old things and give give a wood material. So it's easy from that perspective. So now, now this is my table at top on this, so I have two pieces which makes the table. Now I want to make them or keep them inside a group so that I can easily select the group on. Move them around. So let's go to windows outlining here. So this is a different window. Were like going to organize the scene again. Like you can say, this is a like a list of you off your seen on. Everything is listed here on you can rename from here you can make groups so you can see before I'd like grouping everything. Let's select everything that's history late, so let's go to it on Delete the history. So let's select this to see, like this one, this one on Let's go to edit and group. So now they bought inside a new group here on now, double click the group to give the name, so I'm giving the table. Okay, so it's a good, like organizing thing to organize your whole scene, so let's get table even. You can give individual possess and unique name here you can like in image by president Double click like the top you nicknames and maybe the friend. Okay, like this. So yeah, so do something like this on this second thing is, once you do it, the group Vibert should be under there somewhere. So let's go to modify and center Piper Now I'm changing the group paper on. Then let's go Toe rounder. Side view is D on. I don't understand degree always pulled the late Vibert to the bottom. Here, let's Presti again so that when you scale it scale the whole thing, it's going to stay on the floor, okay? Because the pilot is there again again duplicate. I can even wrote it. So still there different places. So that is the difference between combining and group. If I, like, select both of them and combine, I cannot select separately, but in group I can step select separately on against, like, the whole group from here. Okay, Andi, I can rotate our scale if I leg rooted like this. It's gonna give me or drizzle like this because I'm rotating individually and by what is not at the same position. So every individual piece has their own Piper on and they might be in different places. So for the group, group has a single pilot. So that's why group is better to like. Like hold all your process and still that, like independent Bucket. So do all those things here as well. So let's separated on. Let's make everything else except this as a single piece because there's a died in peace. So let's combine. Let's go and combine on again. Deal it history after combine Good practice. Okay, Now let's select both of them on press control Z this time to group, which is the sort cut of growth. Double click on love putting the name chair. OK, so again, I just want to duplicate it when you duplicate like this. And let's say you duplicate like this on you were trying to rotate it. You can give you again or result everything fall apart, so make sure your honor duplicating are rotating like this duplicate the group so press select the group from outline, then press controlled the duplicate move. Now I have selected the group so rooted it okay on for senate here. Okay, let's for this in the results name. You can also double click here to give the name. It says Spoon. Let's go to front view or some side Puma be on. Put it on the table on. Make sure every pieces is skilled properly. Okay, so let's move it. As you can see, my like spoon looks black. It's because of the normal direction. So let's go toe No mess display and reverse the animals on. I get even smooth. Did miss on smooth If you were smooth using the smooth then don't use this three absent We just are smoked Preview. Okay, something like this. It's ah never put like something with a straight manner. Something like this. Let's rotated so that the handle faces a 45 degree there on. Let's duplicate all this basis controlled the duplicate and place them randomly on the table. Make sure it doesn't penetrate. All does. This is a 1,000,000 Gabby there. So Yeah, it looks good. Now Andi still directs. Um, you can see inside the old planner there. Some empty groups like this. These groups are empty groups. This is the group Aiken on. If and I couldn't doesn't have this plus thing that means that's an empty group. And clean up this scene. Goto file. Optimize insights. Click on that and press click on OK, you can see the empty groups are gone now. So Maya went there. I'm just deleted those empty like groups. So there's that call like optimizing the scene and organizing the scene on these things are very important in approx in a moment. So make sure you're practicing all these things from the start of your journey on your giving name to object, your grouping it properly. We're combining it properly on you would like putting the pilots. I like the purple areas so that everything will, like, optimized and like what? Correctly So here. I'm stopping this video here in the next video, we're going to see how we can lighting this scene. 14. Lighting The Scene: Hi. Welcome to this final video of this class on in this video. I'm going to so you some basic lightings inside Meyer so that you can render out your final outputs. So let's see how are going to do it. So this is my scene here. First of all, I need something of the background as my backdrop to feel the background. As you can see, we don't have anything there, so it's an empty area. So let's go toe create on. Let's use the civic or tool to create that. So let's goto this view on. I'm going to, let's say from this decider camera would be facing towards this and this would be the background. So let's do something like the floor. So I'm creating the car fear as my floor here on when it's passes that object, Let's like Don this golf like the wall on its kind off a girl so it will give me a good setting setting there presenter. So here is the card on. Let's put it here somewhere unlatched duplicate this car on. Put this to say, and then select this on this search. Select that one, then go to surface unloved. So we'll get its surface from this girl toe this card like this on when I rendered it from this angle, I have something there. Okay, Something as my background. I'm known. It's let's start setting up our lighting. So we're going to render using our no holds. So are no leads. The hard part, it ended there. So for a note, we're going to use our no lighting here. I'm no light. So goto this miles are no itself. Here on take this Arnold idea light. So this my annual area light, then scale it on. I'm going to put one light from this angle you can put from any you can put from any angle . So I'm going to I'm going to try like like some window is there. And some heavy light is coming from that source. So Okay, something like this on, Let's increase this intensity because are no tend to, like demand lord off Bolivia. So let's render it first. So click on this icon. Besides this, I I can just the 2nd 1 So click on that on that you can see it looks totally black. It's because it's not because off our lighting. It's not working so like light is working, but the intensity is too low. So let's put, let's say, 4000 something. You have to experiment all these things. These things are dependent on the sin scale. Okay, then let's surrender. You should have. You should see something here. I can see now I can see. See my models there. Okay, let's close it. So I want this light toe no more heavy, so let's give some more. It is something around 15,000. So again you have toe put the value and experiment and render and see if it's working. So yeah, so I think it's working for now. So I have this like on. Then let's put some feel light and you can see if this is my men light source on this decides that totally dark because off from this angle doesn't any light. But in real life, if it's a single light source, still were going toe, get light from this angle. Because of this light behavior, the lights turned to bounce around. Andi will get like light from different angle from different are diffused lights. So let's put put their light we get again duplicate this light. So let's control D and duplicate this light controlled the and duplicate this light on This is my key light. The men heavy light on this would be my feel. Like just to feel the dark. India are took like mimic the bounce light against on Let's put from from this suppose it angle like this or you can say from Libya. Top top down, angle on, obviously, for the feel light on for the bounce light, the intense it will be less so. Let's put something around 4000 or 5000 again. You need to experiment. Okay again. Render. So it's put value and surrendered to see if it's working. So Americans see it looks good. Okay, so the final render I'm going to take from this angle. So let's see from this angle if it's working on, if if I'm going to render from this angle, this will be the empty part. So I'm going to rotate this floor back, drop off a little bit like this so that I don't see that MT. Area. Okay, so it's looking good, but I think I think let's change the color of the light, so I'm going to select this light on. Let's go here and use this color temperatures click on this and now it has 6 506,500 Kelvin , which is a real world like value. So with this really will get a white bright light you got. You get this light in the real world, admit mid noon. So if you decrease this value, you can look for this like color. So, as here says, reckless, this value let's say you want, like your Lewis stink color. Let's say you want, like, morning type of color. So that time the Calvin value is low on. Let's put 4000 around 4000 again. See this color automatically sense to Eloise on because of this low Calvin value from the more you go down here, the discolor be like core red ordinance, maybe heavy year low kind of thing. So let's see with this yellow, that sender. No, GNC. It's kind off. It's kind of a light. Balls are no and say it's too much yellow. So let's put 4500 something because I don't want that much off yellow toe that white color Chris presenter and render it again. So once you got this window, you can click on this first icon toe. It is end up the scene. Okay, so I'm going to increase the intensity bait. So now I have 15,000 less. Port 20,000. Let's see how it works. It may be a little bit less yellow. Maybe, let's say 4800. I see something like this. I like this. I like this color. So there's a little teamed off Norm Yellow. It looks like morning are on a less. I'd like to have a like, different color tone. Let's say this is my yellow sculler, and I like to have a bluish color tone, so it would be like cool and hard color mix. So the rare yellow is card color and the blue is cool collector. You will give a good looking in May, so let's select this light. You can select a color from here. Roger. So now we can take a Nikola to the lights, as you can see. So let's let's give something like buoys. Okay, let's see if it's working. So as you can see from this Cerro angle, we're getting a little bit bluest own. I think I like to have a little bit more intensity on this light. So let's increase this intensity. So let's take it from four to maybe seven on. Let's see if it's working. I can see now the blue like Dench two prominent herb it because of this light in density. Maybe increase deliberate more. Maybe 10,000 on Let's increase this little bit more. Let's say maybe 25,000. So you're lighting is like this unit to, like trial and error the exact value on the exact look and feel unit toe like desperate render a lot. No, I like this brightness of this late. And so now I'm going to use Take this light on. Let's put put the light from the tough, very subtle bonds kind of flight. When there are so many lights here on its soup, like from top, there should be some Lighten on. Let's let's make it way subtle. So let's make it maybe 2000 or something. Andi, I don't want this blue there salutes. Let's make it white. 2000. Let's see. I think I think I like this minutes now. Yeah, I think I like this one So let's see. This is so final again. This days is the look development. It takes a lot of time. So let's say this is what we like on Let's render for the final output. So now it's a very small piece on. You can see there are also many noises on the men. So let's close this on. Let's go to the settings. Render settings on this click on this icon on Goto this unknown rendered staff. I'm interest this camera A which is the sample here. So let's export five or six. Maybe on let's go toe common here on increased the image sides. So now I'm going to render this no one Jew eijiro sites which is my like rebelling size here. So one drawer eijiro would be my final render image size Andi Yeah, I'm ready to set and let's render it for final time. Scared on tour India. So it's gonna take Sometimes I'm posing this video here on once it furnace. I'm I'll come back. OK, this is our final limits. We took around five minutes to complete. You can see it's quite good looking. So this is our in final render. You can save it by this right looking Goto file seven minutes. Makes your inside that Upson box the color maintenance men teammates turned on. So apply. So let's go to file seven minutes and save this image where we want on your Dextre party on drive. So here I am wrapping up this class and thank you very much for watching this. Andi, I hope you learned something out of this class. Please keep an eye for the next release of the city's till then. Bye bye and take care.