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Maya : Game Character Making Part 01- Base Mesh Creation

teacher avatar Nexttut, A Specialist in CG Tutorials

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      02 Understanding The Concept Art


    • 3.

      03 Preparing Reference Image For Maya


    • 4.

      04 Creating Project Folder


    • 5.

      05 Setting Real World Scale


    • 6.

      06 Modeling The Torso


    • 7.

      07 Blocking The Hand


    • 8.

      08 Modeling Leg Base Mesh


    • 9.

      09 Modeling The Palm and Fingers


    • 10.

      10 Modeling The Eye Ball


    • 11.

      11 ModelingThe Eye Lid


    • 12.

      12 Modeling The Lip


    • 13.

      13 Modeling the cheek


    • 14.

      14 Modeling The Nose


    • 15.

      15 Modeling The Skull Area


    • 16.

      16 Modeling The Neck


    • 17.

      17 Modeling Ear


    • 18.

      18 Attaching Head with Body


    • 19.

      19 Modeling Mouth Inside


    • 20.

      20 Shoe Base Blocking


    • 21.

      21 Modeling Shoe Lace


    • 22.

      22 Modeling Shoe Lace Knot


    • 23.

      23 Modeling Cap Base Mesh


    • 24.

      24 Modeling Cap Belt


    • 25.

      25 Modeling The Spec


    • 26.

      26 Modeling The Locket


    • 27.

      27 Modeling Sketboard Base


    • 28.

      28 Modeling Sketboard Wheels


    • 29.

      29 Modeling Wheel Conecter


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About This Class

In this class which is the 1st part of Game Character Making Series, You will be learning the Maya Modeling process to Base mesh Creation.

It's a beginner level class but you need to know the very basics of Maya before taking this class. If you don't have any prior knowledge of Maya then watch my course Maya Foundation Course here

By the end of this course you will learn

  • Maya's powerful modeling tools
  • The process to start any character model in Maya
  • Face Modeling
  • Body Modeling
  • Mouth Modeling
  • Shoe Modeling
  • Spec Modeling
  • Sketboard Modeling

So without any delay expand your Maya Modeling skill by Enrolling to the class. I would happy to see you in the class.

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A Specialist in CG Tutorials


Welcome to Nexttut Education, We only create courses with highly talented professionals who has at least 5+ years off experience working in the film and game industry.

The single goal of Nexttut Education is to help students to become a production ready artist and get jobs wherever they want. We are committed to create high quality professional courses for 3d students. If you are a student learning from any local institution or a 3d artist who has just started working in the industry or an artist who has some years of experience, you have come to the right place.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome you to this class, which is the first part of the game character making. And in this, but I'm going to cover the best mess Crescent Topic. So that is the first stares off creating a character in this entire class. I'm going to cover the best miscreants. And by using Meyer how to use my tools to create your best mess, I'm going to start with the head in the body, and then I move forward to do the Sioux, and then I'll go back to the calf on dial, do the speak up, the better the locket under and finally at the end and do the skateboard. So by the end of the scores, you are going to move a lot off morning techniques inside Meyer on my personal techniques. So I hope off to see you guys in the glass on this is not Incan Journal signing out. See you there 2. 02 Understanding The Concept Art: in this lecture, we're going to evaluate the concept. Act this. Let's see, what are the objects there? We need to model one of the middle type so that we know them better so that in sculpting stays are in desperate straits. We can use our mind can use references, Mrs according to that. So let's stop. So this is the character I'm going to do. And this is not my character. I have got this from Google by Googling you can find it, and I thank you the concept artist. I didn't find his name, but it's a beautiful job. So this is the character. I'm going to two and let's see what are there. So the character has a gaffe you can see and they just get bored. These are the band the Sioux. It's a converse who looks like a canvas. There's some small bars, like the locket and the hanging straps. This big is there on the skateboard has listened in details like the whales, and there is a damage. So they that that things were going to do on if you see it from the metal prospect. So they're cloth. Obviously the gap looks like cotton. So they Steve's going on there on the desert band. Did a mat kind of surface. Got obviously, doesn't have much Sinus. There's the body with has some kind of Sinus Come Basu on the socks is there? So it's a metal there the locket on. Obviously this big is a matter I think the skateboard is is they would obviously we miss out the hair. The hair has a ribbon ban to it. So in the next lecture, we're going to set up the reference, um, is in force. 3. 03 Preparing Reference Image For Maya: or in this life, so able to pay for this image for Mayer. What I mean by preparing. Dismiss. But people means I moon. Let's check whether the first problem is undecided mismatches with each other so that when we actually do more than in Maya, we don't get mad because off mismatching. So if you have some expert in some kind of experience morning, you know what I'm talking about. So it's a match it the side of 40 minutes. The second thing is crop it toe front. Amiss and deciding is because if you don't do that, you need to take this holy minutes in front of you inside view. You can go. It's it's not a wrong thing. You can do that, but in this guise, I don't want that. I want to keep this to separate. So let's strong distance and let me tell you something inside for this. So let's take this amazing photos up or the fried take and take this to the photos of On Wanted Open. Then the fasting user changes whether the images are lined off it each other. So let's for that. Let's use the rulers so you know that losses here. This scale like thing and you can you can turn on that on view or us. Okay, so it's alright. Don't until if it's more, just go there. View on Don't under us, man. So you have this skill Aiken to just go to move, tool and hold the left mouse button and drag. It will get this line. So this board that on the top of the character Andi again dragged from their again. Hold left mouse and rack. Put that in the leg. You can say I stayed the John Toland June to split two to conceive a perfect formatting with other. So, as I said a little, it is a very good concept up, which is perfectly your messes. So whatever. If this doesn't match, for example, if it's a bigger, it's smaller you have. Do you know by this putting these two lines So it foods, for example? Just let me so you just just tell this thing and just for for example, it's like this. It's only people. When you pull those lines, it it's a little bigger than this. So, for the first thing you do is select one to keep like the front. Keep that image. Don't change that share. The very mish anchoring to this. So here, um, changing the sidedness ever into the front, amiss with a select the side of Mazen. Obviously, I got the hand from this front Grants. Well, got my point? I think. Soon I wanted to select and scared that properly. You can use this acting galore. In this case, I think I can use the alumina lasso tool. I believe you have the basic knowledge of four goes up. You don't don't. What am I telling you? This tool. Just take that tool and Clegg toe. Get all those contact points and select. Select all those. Then again, transform control de place control irritating for transform controlled the whole sipped on Goto. Connor. Hold a litmus, Burton. Andhra. I just tried toe it. Can one tryto for that online on that line. Okay, so now it's matching couple, but my hand is gone, so I believe you got a point, and I just let me on do that. Okay, Greg. So if you're in, it doesn't matter. This is the way the skin one image on just mastered another one. The second thing is just straight of face. Peters if they are matting with each other, so if the body doesn't match properly, it's OK Still, but the face of masterfully Lee. If I boot and there's on the leaf, it sued again. Exactly. Imagine it is the names that over here so lips will be on that line. A face is crucial. It's very important for beginners because if the Fed doesn't mats properly, it's very difficult for beginners. Toe probably Morninto used this reference. Amazing Meyers. Oh, so this term makes you a full face mask as well. In this case, it's off recommitting. So no is so And then I'm going to the third step, which is cropping. The image is like straight the crop tool here. This thing physical corruptible selected on this drug. In this case, I actually I want to take this image with alongside Willem front amiss. So this crop it onda and like here, if the side faces coming, it's okay and more problem I can It is that or like import of white presenter, you get the 40 mess. If you want to clean this off, it's OK, but in this case, I don't feel it's, um, problem. But me just let's keep that Andi This said dis emit Goto Well, Savard's sofas is a peck on in your want, but I'm definitely put this amazing future in my Project folder. I'll tell you what is the present folder in the next lecture. So that's putting name but your use. I'm telling one point. You should remember that that is, putting a space iffing them. Don't just put your name like front or side. I have seen more students do this. Just put front or side while saying, Put a unit name like I mean, you nickname is just put, for example, Let's put any which is make active name. I have given this on. So let's put Ellie underscore front. So this is a unique name. If you don't have a unique name on, do you always You do days like you just give it from our side name. So what happens? You must have different mazes, as as the same name in your computer. So what happened is when. Sometimes Meyer called, Does he misses into your into your view because if you don't say the project, the bodies to a different project. On inside that project, there's a mess which we just called also front. So there's a problem that emits can be opened to your project. So that's a no anything tojust put a unique name so that, you know, doesn't any minutes. We just call it the Front. So you defying definitely have seen lot of assurance faced this problem. So this poodle unique name to this I said this on again. I need to say this item is as well So I need to undo Roe the school and made it step backward. They get to the same thing crop tool selected and that's do this along with that stay that enter saving man's save us and just says the name E f gentle named Drew site. Okay, the saving Let's open along front imans, there's one tonight Just forget to do which is the depots you can see the pores the character has is perfect, he pulls. I don't want this post, although it's not wrong, can use you can to depose model. I have done a lot off people's morning, but in these days we're doing airport scatter. Hey, poses something like this. Let me sore Hewlett, let me take the brush tool and it would draw for you. So the opposes like this. The hand should come like a on the legs should be in Angela's. So this is gonna Ebel's. Yes, I believe it's better than the keepers because it's a more kind of relaxed pose. You don't have to take a hand some a star off. So although Depots is not had but other in those days were doing this in products. And so what happened is in came the Lincolns on the sword and those kind of details that constand on the morning, right? So if the model is in this pours, what I've found is that uncles comes in this angle down or dangle. So it is actually not true when the hand is in the rest position. So that's a problem before more than this in airports, it is very close to normal. So the on fourth of the sudden move like this hanging anto like in this angle, that will be fine soon. A bone. It's not a compensating to talk, but I want you to do because I found this more health food. So that's the to prove that the select hand. So let the sound duplicated to duplicate Just wrest control day And you get that here on, then press control day to transform. Didn't say the by word. If you have voted from here, If you go take a mouse to the corner, you'll find this this Aiken. If when you wrote it, you'll vote from the center. I don't want that. So let me move. The Bible at the center is called by were just moved that through the center of the hand. Here, here, maybe leprosy. Yes, from Go Frank, just pull the hand. This angle, maybe fine plate millimeters on wanted things Take this. It'sa It is It is those kinds because the process you can place the open college racket looking bored Or you can do that from here. Jewel from year disip size of the process can do that. Once I have done with this hand, I don't implicated the other side is controlled t to bring the transform a problem for the pilot on the same tear up the character this time because I want to for this hand. Exactly. We decide. So just for Didn't the right look inside to anywhere in the in this area on dis chose free for Asian down. So oh, I forgot to double click it. So this do clever that before you I will slave to roughly get in American right click here to pick it. Leroy controls you to duplicate the duplicate that and again into the same thing. Control duties Foot the Bible Point Year center, then play presenter. Then I can take those out from this image or I can paint white color. In this case, I can pain because background is white. Let my pain within this bud's us. One of the men is a bit Are you gun selected the selection tool and you can see like and feel the color so so you can download the Hammond. Let's do the leg. Select public did it. Control is the sad cut, then controlled t to bring the transportable. So again you feel if you actually, if you put the leg like this, that's also that we'll find difficult for more than the band inside here. So that's why it's important. There should be some kind of gaffe notto be the band there and do it any more than the ban so and the public and then again sprightly, duplicate the layer and control Tito. Bring the transport building. Moved this cliff, the poor is under Okay, use the lasso tool of a little lassitude toe the select This area is unwanted idiom To select those This is for the white color before the white color take the pocket tool, which is inside here for herself, has dropped down tools like if you see a triangle to next to a tool this small, very small, right side bottom triangle. There's a black point cranking. Hold on. Let most button you'll see the holder down there. You may not see the pain control, so if you don't see that, just just hold your left. Most button here on the radiant aura, you find payback. It'll take that and click here on again to deflect. You can go to select and de select so fine, it's Tony. You can say my stools a little bit in right now, so and one that but, uh, I can go. I can do it. That's with my ass. Oh, it's no big deal. So let's say that demands. We've warned. Escape the big again this lissome well on how to deal with frenzy. Mrs. Okay, let me stop this lesson here and see you in the next lesser. 4. 04 Creating Project Folder: in this lecture, I'm going to tell you how to get a project folder. But before that, I really want to tell you what is a present folder, and I'll tell you the importance of it. Let me show you how I present for the new clacks. Let's go toe documents and inside that we have a bite of food. Present folder inside my folder. And if you go toe the project fuller, it's a project, and there's a default project full. You can see that inside that the fourfold Oh, there are so many folders call and that different named on the throat of always. Actually, this root folder is called Project Folder, and these are the soft full of prose. It folder is a container like things to organize. You walk. Once you create a project, the bottle is it to that project. So but it's something my looks for the texture on bond, some other important things so that they can be imported automatically. So project again is the folder is nothing. It's just a fuller to organize you works on my are automatically creates all these four loads you don't have to create manually once you understand. What is the prospect? Fuller. Now, let's see Hoda created. Okay. Inside Meyer are to create a project for really need to go to the file menu inside that you'll find a project that I would inside that data with the project Win Toe Upson Klegon, that Epsom Project window. Here's the floating window called Project Window. So here we can see that some absence here. So current project, it is default whose have not said any project. So to OK, the project folder taken this Aiken new played in that. So now it has created a folder on this self older. So this given name to the folder. So let me give something like Ellie, any character project you can give anything, anything you want. Alligator project in this case on the locus. And it's important to know that we're going to do this. So I I obviously changed my Lucas in to my local drive. Maybe my e drive. You can put it anywhere in project. So I want to put that inside my golds as my temp cause mine, you don't want to see all this thing. So I want to put that year the select You don't have to select anything inside. Just select this, um, partier. So you have this part e modem cost whatever deter on Yes, though project itself on these. Had those sufferers just we waas there. So this had those cell phones that you can send this name but either coming to you not to chase those name. But if you want to, you can accept it. You can check now by going mine distance need. Dr My Terry cores Mine for me, The gold in course, you can see there's a fuller called alligator Project on inside that folder. You can see there are so many saw folders to put those files inside this folder. So, for example, against you sorts of the scene file inside the scene, full you sleep, said the friends images inside the source emits pulled, although you can put anywhere. But if you put those reference amiss inside here, I'm let me do that. Distance electoral forward and side immense. Guard those from here. Good state. That source emits best. And why I'm telling to put those prints Mrs inside this source in this folder because what Mayer does is my automatically looks sources for low for images. Two important messages. So I have put it there. So in reference to mrs inside the socialist folder So you can see if I let me go back to my on I want to important see Mrs or get to bring the 40 Mr the Front View Let's click on the second is the import I can office. Um, all you can goto the view in this plan on importing is either way, you can important mess this Clinton in 40 minutes on you can see it's directly go to the source emits Ford. I don't have to go anywhere else to find it. So this is the reason why I was saying and that you support the reference Miss Inside. So Seamus folder Although you can put it anywhere you feel oneto but it report and this is the benefit just like the front immense. Open it. Do the same thing in discuss I'm clicking on this icon split in the second Every view has that I can just laid on the side view my spellings on the wrong I'll give me select that. Okay, So my name is Is that there? The next thing I would like to do is just move them our from each other, so that I can actually model in in the artisan toe in the center to select the front women's street here, select the front emits onboard state the move tool. Here I moved them to the minus z e. I can see them in behind my grade here in front, here on the side. Views like that move that minus X axis so that I can see in the side view behind the Great . Then the second thing I definitely do is taking with 40 minutes is a lying to the center black line, which is mine center area. Off the front view the select image. You can see it's not aligned. Just moved. Adam is and just Lango closely toe view. Just move it. You can select the move to here and select move Ege. I'm looking at the most so that I know it's centered. You don't have to both be perfect. Just line that on. The third thing I do is putting this reference mrs Inside layer so that I can easily Heiden saw them as my whisk. Andi cannot also put those in reference more so that I can see those. But I cannot select or move them accidentally. So just select those refreshments Drug hold, left, mouse and drag. You'll get this rectangle on, then click and this cycm the last item. But make sure you are in display, and then you click in the second. Once you selected, then click on this icon to check whether they are on in this layer or not. Just click on the Via. I can hear these for visibility so you can see easily against, so hide them on. I definitely put a name to the layer because in future and find it easy to find that left just poured and name anything that friends maybe seven. If you play here in this black media click will get a D Eigen deeds for template. You can see it's not that useful in this case. What it does is it gives that object in a non selectable more. You cannot select the object. Mom, I need to make mothers in your family so you cannot see them in said it. So that's a problem. So here I want to select our fact, like again, it cycles between normal to template to reference again. In fact, like it goes against normal. But I can select my difference and move. If I click in reference more, It's again. See, it's still not selectable. You cannot select it. But it's inside that more which is many of cell for us in this case because we want to see it. Okay, this is the reference set up in the next letter. We're going to start moral in Italy. Let me stop this lesson here and see you the next lesson. 5. 05 Setting Real World Scale: you guys in the salt? Listen, I'm going toe skill, the reference amiss to a proper real world scale. So what I mean by real world scale is right now, Mayer, it said. Two centimeter. So if you take this grid line distance, it's once in Demeter. So it's by default. I want to give the character proper real while scale. So right now the gag to hide is six centimeters. Oh, it's not realistic. There's no humans off six centimeter. Let's do that. But before that, I should. I want to tell it what is the importance of it? It's a good habit, toe model character in real world scale, because what happened when you actually who moved towards the dynamic phase, our audio do? The head recalled in the enemy's dynamics. Totally difference on the scale. So it we have differently with a different scale, so it doesn't do the same thing with the 5% of the globe and five feet blood. So then there's the lighting. Lighting also defaults with the distance of skill. If you get is very tiny, the result could be very different than you gather. If the your character has a good the little skill. I always say My story is to do it on the stat, but you don't have to do this to understand. You get do in this scale the whole moral. And after that you can scale. The model can give the proper scale to the modern. Doesn't matter, but makes you you do that before dynamics and lighting. So that being said, Let's get started and let me tell you how toe tend to my own. It's set up. So let's goto windows setting for friends and inside the preference you'll see there's a setting scategory inside category to spring in the settings, and you will see a walking units there on inside that working units. There's a linear, and that's said to Centimeter this miles by default, you set up. You need to tense it toe inter foot until it doesn't make any difference to your modern. It just put the grid lines according to this. If I said fit on and you can see now the green lines in everyone fit now you can see how our model it's so tiny. Now let me show you how toe set the character. Exactly three. Fit for that I'll take it. Polygon que. Let's take a volatile Cuban. Just put three here now. Now it's a three feet. Q. Once you said the Cube, select your refreshments on scale. Those but greater scale those at the same time don't scale individually. Otherwise again, you can miss Mass. That is the skin. On Friday, Prudence at the Cube can see it's close to three feet now. Then, against movie off images outside did this. The last thing I want to do is to move the reference images to the prospective. Great. I think this and you can see it, my skinning. We have accepted that reference. Ament has pulled that back there. No, makes sure it's exactly in center. So I'm looking at the most or something else just to look at any features at the center. So that's it for this sort. Listen and see you in the next lesson where you start the morning 6. 06 Modeling The Torso: in this lesson, I teach you how to do that, so blocking. So with that being said, let's get started if you don't know what it starts, so also is the body without ham the leg part. Send the body back. For that, I'll take a policeman cylinder and kill the cylinder. Appropriately, according to the body, is scale from the centre Andi Scale from Y X is to get the height of the torso. If you want to see the back side images at the same time, with the model, you can turn on the extreme. Or that is inside. Sitting men one X ray and these extra joins as well. So don't click on that. That's what joint the spring in the X ray. You can see the back side. It's semi transparent right now. The skilled object appropriately, like this Caleb. The particular height after partisan in the cylinder, goto imports and decrease this value. Subdivision access put 12 Just makes you you have on is at the center because if you put for example, 10 I don't think it's the eyes and I don't thing because you don't get UNAIDS at the center when there's snow is at the center. It's difficult toe deal. It help up the character because we're going to do help of the character, and we're going to use the middle demoted tool toe flip, one of together, huh? That's why I just make sure you are putting something. For example, eight or two Aleve. I like to a value, so it give me enough on it doesn't give me too much. So this put a value, is give you and is at the center. So with that being said, let's go to the side view on bushes and that accordingly, like that I need some is roof along the high because the body is not a perfect cylinder, which is straight. We need some divisions along the height, So just give five five divisions again. That principle comes to here or you don't want to give too much polygons. For example, you cannot handle Toronto polygons, right? So it's too much to nuclear basic big block step so that we're in the block. In states. This tryto keep minimum divisions as you go for the gun art, Then goto vortex more right click good for text more than just move or scale of rotated those vortex and try to get that arc of the body on the side view a Cilic drag ons drug toe move. I'm from the front view. Try to scale and dread to get that body. With its changing, you can see the chest area is more whiter than the West. So let's try to do that to select the tough area on scale. That scale those waters has from the centre can scale those, and it's perfectly matching. There's a scale them here. Try to get this same. You don't have to be perfect. Just read to get that over. It was this line should be at the next best here on you can see the neg basis, not Perfect Illustrated's. It's a 45 degree angle there. Just moved that there. Now I want to extrude the deltoid part, so for that I need one is low fia Andi another is that the immediate? That area they entered is Luke Tool and just our denies group here. Andi Arden is look at the meat of this area and there's there is in his loof bottom of the handier. The corner on there's an is doof exactly at the Delta line on design is that by just Porter at the media, it's don off the extra more here and before you extrude the hand, they'll do it but makes you do you make them a circled round Sepp, for example, I want to extrude this poor faces to create my delta. So I just tried toe give them a circle said so select the vortex and go toe Move to the right Click on the move Tool said the move from world toe number. What it does is it allows you to move the vortices a longer soffit. I can move the vortex exactly along the surface. Fred, get that arc savior. Let me move this tree upward. I bid so that doesn't make that long Overall said there So just something like this. After get this set, you are ready to extra a selectors four faces Goto it messman One extra are you can use the salt cod K control e This Move them already consist. Use that man of later islands. This Portis is here. Don't extrude this area as the hand just moved them here. The hand will be extradited from this area down work just makes you do you get this separate here. As you can see, it's it's not looking like a hand here. It's going in Texas trail, so it should be a little rounded and this area incident inside that months since to pull them out, being them out and just move. Ardant is look here, toe make it. It'll around it because now I have just two faced on this really straight. So to make the hand proper round I knew that list four faces or eight vortices so just are in is life in In between this area is goto my stools and insidious little. Before I actually used the tool go to Dobson Box Andi, don On this Upson inside of it is for what it does is when you are with this Hobson on Oh, when you are an extra bit, try toe try to create that control But in this case, it doesn't help us too much. So let me. I hated that. After creating the delta part, let's delete the half drug on 1/2 and to live the top video, do the bottom as well. You need to create this angle angle up this leg. So this move all this off to get that angle there, Select this two ways on just breeze. Those since this scarf time from the new tow plane so that it creates that wrongness their smooth, thes mortis is And just make that that in virginity a little little angular like this on Gillet the bottom face of the hand. That's it. That's our not so as mad and belong. Order is the basic limited Saudi use. The best divisions how to use insert is Lou. With that inside it is flu ups. Um, gone on off on. We used the stool to create that leg breeze area. With all that launch, let's jump to the next lesson on in the next listener going toe. Create the hand best 7. 07 Blocking The Hand: in this. Listen, I'm going to do the hands so the start. So let's create a cylinder. Onda. Exchange the reasons to eight because I have a divisions in this area. So, in orderto please this area, I need to give the same amount here. So it's here age. So I need to put here eight as well. So that's skills and poses on that scale. It first on move that door skill that a little bit rotated. Okay, with the angle of the hand and skill the hop on grid that height again Donald accepts. And here, Or you can use this suckered I can hear displayed in this toe White square There skill scale it properly in order to clear the hand save we need toe put some divisions Elena Hight here. So some dozen height it's one right now is just poured five year. You don't have to put exact numbers What I'm putting here to a dismal rules for this. Just just keep in mind. You don't put but you must there because if you put like a 10 it's difficult to like. I just I'm clear the basic set. So others in the blessing in the basic stays Just put Lord the reasons that you go, it can art letter. Let's scale does and try to get there and sit there. I didn't do that. Is that that just move this here? Interested was ism scaling Go to side view as we move upstate to the proper Lucas. And here you can see the hand is fully straight and this is not the person we want because this is own realistic to create the palm of the hand we need to just I just saw that banned from the at the elbow Just moved is a really good forward like this on now. It's fine on. Let me more's the hand with this. So So you were going to breathes between this to assess border EDS So I have deleted all those in between faces. They're so in order to breathe, you need to combine first if you don't combine. What a pen. Please don't work because there is only works on a single object. So now this to our separate objects. So you try to breathe. It was your notebook, so just combine them first combined, then you can go to is more than to select both the polarization Stop of African days Hold sit on Dole Freak on. This is to select the whole Poritz after selection, Goto headedness and click on the bridge. Upson. Here we can see there's two problem. One is have lot of divisions in between, which is a unit to drop this absolutely Algeria. Just Meg Jiro on the other thing is, it's being to stay to correct this problem while you breathe, you need to say this place off set. So just for the mouse on top of that and just hold like most on drag you can see. Now it's offsetting. If you keep doing it, we'll see. Is God puffing? Then? Just you can see this area is a maze so we can move this vortex manually. Let me tell you another way. Toe smooth this area. Go to the sculpting year. Goto this ups, um, it was just the smooth Russ. Andi can't go on in the world for Monterrey It here. Or you can do that from here where, Freeman said. Then you can see there's a big circle outside that is the blast radius to decrease that brought serious. You can double click in this tool on DFI. You can because the Valya 19 just put something less than that. Or you can do that through the South. Cartridges. Hold the B B G B for ball by holding biggie and with the left mouse button drag, you can decrease or increase the growth size. Once you said that prepared size, then you can just hold left most on dragon surface till skull. You can see it's, uh, beautifully, very, very easily did that. Okay, so that's it for this. Listen, in the next lesson, we're going to create the leg. 8. 08 Modeling Leg Base Mesh: in this listener complete the leg based Miss So there's no different technique for that. So it's very similar to the hand technique so I can take a cylinder and do the same thing. But before I put the divisions there just count. Almost divisions are here because again, we're going to breeze the leg with this area. Soto count, this is you can do this manually But I'll tell you this technique to count easily The goto the display up menu here go to heads up display in Thonon Poly Count There's ups, Uncle Paulie councils click on that. So after turning on that you can see here there is a menu We just like goddesses is this face so you can easily count your polygons now. So just double click to select the whole entire Islam on You can see It's that Dennis, what are these numbers, If you wonder what are this? No. Must let me tell you, uh, this everything has treated overly like Is this has free for this is history. So this first obscenities at the whole and they're seen on this area is the selector object on this area is the selected AIDS So now, right now, you can see it's 10 selected. Raised to 46 on 3 46 for the whole. So there, missy. Okay, so it's Stan. So here we also put then on, but so that we can praise letter this put down and again this to transform that scared that move, subject there, strewed it and get that angle of the leg can see Just skill that toe. Get that length of the leg there on. I just did and try to get the proper angle. Okay. You're Merrick Garland extreme. Or here. Then let's put some divisions like the hand. It's put five defendants here as well. So because this led Teoh Putin is look exactly at the knee on scale that from not just the city of it for this this is look at the cafeteria. So this again moved that idea to the ankle lady and skill that this is the nettle from narrow stadia. Okay, lets see that from the side view. Just move the whole and their object to line off here. Here, you can see the the got better of this leg, so just try to get that this to moved this area back like that? Skill, This idea. You can see from the fraud view. It's properly matching with the week or from the side angle. It's wider. So the scale in one access so don't scale in again from the center. All you can miss here, just move. That demands skill. This it advertised. The widest radius is killed. That dream s the difference. The city and maybe a little way. Okay, so Bordeaux is here. Andi, let a gap between vote the body and the legs so that the breeze comes there is just delete all his face is from the top and to select and delete from the keyboard. Then again, as you remember this combined before you please combined those and then select the whole is Luke Porter is loaf then, please. It's a mess Bridge. You don't want this divisions to be here as by default. You can send that inside the Hobson box. So Goto just let me on Do and go toe the this time the absent boxing, please. Ups and bus. Andi here you can change the value. This bridge you can see is perfect. That's it for this lesson in the next lesson. Like I'm going to do the bomb on the fingers 9. 09 Modeling The Palm and Fingers: in this lesson. I'll do the bomb with the finger. So let's take it You for the bomb base, so you can see if you check your own hand. You'll see that the bomb, Ilya, The basic step of the bomb Media is it box? So it has a week, a date or height. So let's take a Cuban scale and grilled that box. You hear their box? It is this move that Andrada dead. The city are okay just like this. Put that like this. Okay, so for the fingers, we need to put some divisions here. Andi, In this area for the front index for the front four fingers, I put three divisions here. It's four in the suburbs and deputy and true in the with the area. So now I get an extra four fingers here on one of the tongue will go to the side area. So we for extra let me at this a bit so that it looks like a hand. Now it's more look like a box. Just remove this city as a skillet to get the city, and if you take your hand, you'll see the hand is not flat here to let let me move this area's ist big toe. Get this. Are care like this. Okay, on If you see this, it is a bit rounded with I feel like this city. Eyes no like this. So after doing that, then let's select this this four faces here. I'm one thing for her to do is the scale this idiot? Then let's extrude this this four faces on when you extra make sure you don off the defense's together so that they all extrude individually. Click on here, just keep faces together. Here's a screen Don't off what it does it when it's off, it extruded every physicist Individually, you can see if I squeak on the scale a scale. You can see every faces, individual extra, then a extra again to extra Again. You can press Z Oregon again to speak of next to absent the next you, you can see, are four fingers. They're just moved them. The middle of the ring finger is longer, then extrude this face to get home. Just a student. Just move in this angle with this angle. So the little these physicists and it's Morse this with that. So here there are eight. Is this, um less Jake here? Good. Heads up. Display. Atonal poly. Count on double freakin dead's. They're 10 are here. We have eight eso most to work. This is here. On to what? This is a in decide as well. So that balance. Let's combine this too. Andres does select on bridge so you can see it doesn't boot five divisions there. Because if you remember last time we existed that divisions inside Dobson box to Geo. So my agency perfect. So this is the hand best. Okay, hopefully you understood all the techniques from the door. Soto hand leg and the pound finger. Beth. So in the next lesson, we're going to get the head. 10. 10 Modeling The Eye Ball: for the next few. Listen, we're going to clear the head in this. Listen, I'm going to create the Bible. So for that, I won. Let's take a Taliban spear from the sale for from the men. Andi are just the evil in proper scale and the proper position you know you're going to create it. Was Julius off ice? One would be the wet player off outside, transparent on one lobito inside. ExcelAire sister scared and position it properly on Routed the spear so that this pool you can see this is our country. Come to the front. Yeah. To rotate this pier 90 degree like this started 90 degree and poses. Um from the formerly was well, disease looking bigger. So gotten eyes. Most of the times they're bigger. Come back to the realize. Good to gona on. Then let's duplicate this before difficultly. Let's check what would be a lie decides So this line could be a better suit. Okay, just duplicate duplicate this. I will give it a name. Tragedy file. Let's give it outside. I duplicate this object this control de to duplicate and changed the name to inside I inside I just revolt. Selected by holding sit on drug to select outside I am control. It's to hide their strength. Really? So that we can work on this inside I Then let's select all this physicists just to select this face and shit. Double click on the side toe, get the whole face, look there then grow the selection toe grow The selection around this selection thistle saved and get them to grow didn't die this area. So here in this guests my I this would be in your bigger than and this may be the next one . Yes, so this would be my eyes. So let's let's extrude this inside. Oregon just pulls this inside as well. Just pours against during the selection by sipped less than then again stream the selection just right to create this Curve it inside. Sip like this. Um I may need to put on airs Looked as just go to my stools and give it as Lou Fear toe Get the crisp sitting there you can see the saving as well change So if I could do something like this then so the last year in by going to display sore so last hidden is outside I on do the opposite here. What we did inside is reposed that inside we are going to pull this outside. So that's again Do the same thing. Select. Grow your selection. You can also grow from the minnow is select and grow You How are you gonna bring that to yourself as well? So I'm just using hard Qi which is saved and great of them. Select this area again. The whole idea City, make sure you are selecting to the point. Okay, so this area live in desolate. This this'd yes would be come outside a little bit and can string this saluted like this. Onda Let's give it transference layer to this. So by right clicking Goto assigned favorite matri Um chooses sign Imagine for would be better for this school phone on We can see the highlight is the nice There on Goto The phone material here increased this transfer into to the end here. We don't want any more blackness there. It should be fully transparent on you can see No, our eyes is ready to go So that's it for this lesson. In the next lesson, I go toe do the surrounding I skin 11. 11 ModelingThe Eye Lid: we left here in the last lesson. When this Listen, we're going to create the surrounding I skin area. So for that, let's take a Celinda. How are you gonna take a bite if as well, let's take a life, Onda, uh, just participate and rooted this pipe like this 90 degree on golden its imports on because the divisions toe something like to ever for a very fuel on the actually, let's put a 20. Yes. So as a starting point, it would be better to put eight year next get it down to smaller protests in here on board that here just to go to the side view If you wonder how I'm changing the view as you remember in the hot box classes I told that you just put the space button You can hold the lip nose at the center and you can choose here. So let me delete this. This all faces. I don't need this, Physicists Andi, let's this organizer list existence. As I said, this will be my corner and this will be my I can't decide Icona, Let's put these area You can see in the world from world just to go to a few more biting for in a few board and organized this idiot right? What if you don't have to be exact in the city now? I just tried to active over, have a broken stadiums, always who take few divisions and try to get the basic form of basic safe of the character . You shouldn't take much polygons and create bigger forms. So now, right now it's flat. You can see this convert. It will be lying on the ice, so this cannot should go backward. Let's take this backward here. Good side view and ballistic all the what? This is a little back where, um, lives first. Let's step move this Garner. A little backward can see the governor is here, so let's put that back okay. And let's move these two witnesses as well a little bit tryto create that arc. If you see that front of view yeah, that's will be like this is cut off half circle on. Let's move this as well. You should be exactly no messing die comforts of their You just try trying to get in that just that not against is better. Just it's trying to get the front I safe when you go to decided which would look like this to smooth this back way The words just moving forward Next less extraordinary days of guys Just double click this area on Xtreme This good witness and extreme and extruded toe Get that thickness of the ideas area Let me squeeze to the world Morning and see if I move right now it's zin local more so I just want to move straight Now it's going it little bit down out here. I don't want that. So just click on this icon to switch to the local door. Alexis Then move here. Okay? Andi, if you want to scale, I want to scale a little bit here to get the Anglia. Just click on any scale Upton here to get the scale medical a grand scale it from the center. Just a little bit to get the Angan. Yeah. Next a gun. Extrude this This border is on this storm. Let let extraordinary local jail axes eso that the skin like goto the inside there. Okay, so next go to the firm view that's existed outside line bigots to know outside, they're just remove on dry toe. Pull this line as the eyebrow line There, you can see that I belong there just tried toe. I tried to mimic that regrettable, similar in that line from the side view. It should again a little around it. And you see that from the golf. It should come out a little bit, Di Braun, because there's the warm and you should be not in the same plan. So now it's going to the opposite side. Just moved there back. We need to extort this to Is this because we're changing the loo? Fear top Lozier Select These days and extra, we can also extra from the self. This is the extra icon this extra from there sexed, you're goto the world more on extrude. This line, if you can see this line, is not perfectly straight to straighten this leg. What you do is just select all these three vortices on go to scale, tool and scale in X axis all the way to on the opposite side. It will be aligned to a perfect line. Then we need to snap this to the exact center line so that when we duplicated to the other side, we only get any any cabbage in the store for that not to happen. Let's let's move that to the center for that. Let's Donald snapped. Agreed up some. Then, by using the move, told us to move a little bit. It will snap to the line. Then don't slobber again. Let me just just this idiot The city as should goto the center of the laws this low should go like this. Onda stride do bring this. What? This is a little backward because we're still going to extremely more hands. I'm trying to know. Get Thanks. That was something there. You don't have to. We too concerned about this was just trying to get this idea on. If you see this, this more Syria, it should come out right. If you see from the side views gone out like this The nose reason the north to select those area like this on D C from the side is, um come out like this on next less boudin is Look here because what is happening here is it's going. The skin is going straight to die. Verlaine. So it should look like there's a deep line on the skin is like on the eyeball. So for that, let's put a nice look. Go to my stools and it says the incident is looked at and Boudin is loof in this idea on Let's move the whole A's luv living inside and from the side view It's soup Look like something like this. You should get this this angle, because here is this is only the skin lying on the table. So we should get this on then. The ago is going up again on let me just at the stores a little bit in this area in this area, this elite are you can say downright bag and a Serb a little a little bigger like this. Andi, my ice. It is not perfect yet to split down this area. Um to say still, Michael not is not defined for that. I need to put one boys here on. Then we cannot just that two guys I got so you can see I'm using the menu and I'm using also the marking member, which is the more faster way to bring against is the stool. Sit and write mouth to get this market mental here, you can see there's the insider's look duel on. Just select here. Distract that on. If you can see, Lord is something when I are did my is located its chance this office a little bit. So that's because of the Epson. Inside the is ludicrous is called inside it is flow the stone off if you don't want them on audio Israel, where most of the times that very useful in organic character morning Because most of the time you want to actually it cough. That is after adding, like I'm doing this manually right now, so that's a very useful of some. So now do the same thing in this side as well. Let's put Do is look there to hold this gonna, because when I pressed three, like, look more rounded here, if you don't hard. But this time I'm definitely I want toe down on that up some before I actually are Islam. His, Goodwin said, is Lubin. Don't on that absolute and that is love. You can see it helped me toe artist, that is Logan to spark the is from here, but again, I need to read a little bit the city because it it made his round. Khanum. We don't want that give that girl not advise there on I'm from the side view as well. This Jake, whether it's perfectly yes, is perfect on. Okay, that's that's it for this lesson. We made this surrounding I by extruding by using a cylinder and extruding. So in the next lesson, I goto I'm going to do the mouth blogging. 12. 12 Modeling The Lip: okay. And this? Listen, we're going to do the mount blocking. So let's take the Viet Polygon too. Although can't do that exactly like the ice by using his polygons wife. But this time I'm taking the publican. See it? Polygon Tolia. So great polygon tool on by this tool, you can click and create Polident. So let me do that. Let's first click on the double the nose on. Let's kick a point here. Um let's kick a ball. I'm here. Here just I'm fooling through by offsetting to the Labe and see on here on this This again . Go back here on like you can see the stern done off the city more you can see. Just cool and clear the mall tip There you don't have toe put exact numbers or to master blind. We can always our parliaments. So now just hit Enter together believing there you can see it Don't black because I have turned off the two sides lighting off some from here from the panel lighting, you know? So what it does is it sold you? Which is the normal side? You can see the black black side is not the normal say So what we can do is just to select and go to mass displacement here on reverse it here to reverse the mama the normal and you know it. Always look outside Andi. You can see the Piper days here. Just go on, go to the modified center. If I want to bring the Bible center, then go to side view on Let's Freidel try to save like the league like it's flat because you drew it inside of porn. Do so. That's why it's flat. So we need to just go to side view. Put pull this line in between the live, just goto the lip corner there and smoothed them back and see it from the side. View there and this locus and put them back on again again here, like the eyes exactly. Just tried to get the round. Saved the hop around set. You can allergic a model from the top of the front, down our angle to see whether it's perfectly lined up. A perfect sick and see. Still, it's close. I feel we need to take this back on as well. Who does? You should bring this part. Excellent. Pull what they're then let's extreme. This is to get the actual leave. We're now still in the skin area. Extra This area go to extra aggressive, right? Like Oregon again Extra from here, then extra here to go to scale more to scale. Those, uh, scary here to match. Listen, control and drag to de select the city. Has this move this idiot line off the center line? Let's put this a really backward to get thesis savior you can see by actual My leaf is very off. I'm so they're just put the city back. Sit back and you can see they're not connected right to connect them just to either You did this person or extract this again and that would be that would be a good thing eating. Let's do this place on extra. This is against to get those connected. It is just saved. Double click here to get the bath on extrude in just extra them unskilled him. That's it. Scale extreme there and try to line them with this on. Move this idiot this city and almost writer meant in an upset proper Absolutely. The distance on between this lane and this lane, So don't do some knives bigger said then this area's strike lamented that at the end, that will give you very nice is floor and is distributes another. Ah, here you can see it's to go backward the mouths of look like this popping out. So it's not in the flat idea. This idiots would go back. And so like this on get moving this lane right here. Obviously, if you see the live is wider than from the Sybille, then the problem. This is a problem of concepts are not matching exactly with the front view. In this case, you need to choose one of them to go it on toe magic on, then legs extrude. This is to get them. One more race lives around Islam. So select the Syrian extra again. It's like this scale of unused that man a great treasure again from the side views. As you can see, I'm walking back and forth in front and side view and sometimes in perspective, on dime, like taking in different angle. So these things are very important. You can do it more than in just a single view. If you do, then you will be in problem like your mortal will be flats and its hard toe, a zest when you have a lot of providence. So it's important that you on just every is every politicals as you go by, no visualizing or analyzing from every angle. So against that, that's our mouth blocking. So obviously it's not completely it just the block in the next lesson, we're going to do that CKD and will connect the mouth and the eyes together. 13. 13 Modeling the cheek: Okay, this Listen, we're going toe, expand the cheek area and will morse with the ice and live. So let's do that. So let's start from more. Xenia, if you don't underwear from unsavory from here, this icon all you can go to saving and don't annoy everyone. Today we can see we have not same amount of phases toe march there. So as you can see, I have 12 ways here. A supposed to hear. I have oneness. So I knew one more is here. So let's put on is what? They're going to insert a slope in this drug here. We must be doing this to before in March. We need to combine this truth so that we cannot more. Sir, please. Between them Go select both of them and go to Mass minnow combined them. So what about x? More than select this true vortex goto treatments and monstrous center. So the select this time I mean blessings iki Jeez, that repeat two loves. Um so to select that here you can see we have pointed One more is with there, So go inside his little on our one is there, So just select this to overtax your separately. Quite you have selected the parties is you don't. So you the vortex context sensitive men who is has the most vortexes on more vote extra center often. So we cannot this true this most days you can see that the using off marking, you know, increases your speed off work. So that's very important. I used to practice them on. Meanwhile, you should always check your moral and I just Well, it needs your just rental. You cannot drink granted somewhere you have ah, register already. Just are driving back and forth and system or whenever you feel something you see something is just not right. Just as just there on your morning will be no good. Okay, then let's put one more is look here toe. Let's bring this would expect back on dry toe of resolve orders. All the is loose. You can see this will be distributed properly. Next lists district insider's look to again and good and his look here again. As you can see, the incident is floor up, son. Inside, these loop is very helpful here to select on Mars again on again, as you can see again and again I'm trying toe averaging those goddesses to get a smooth, very good looking smooth. Ah, mess. Here's some of this area a little bit and you can also use the extra helps. And to see through your model, you'll find that inside this setting Mineral xperia or you condone this this quick. I got there to Donna Form X ray. So just our justice Onda. Things don't just just everything toe limits. Try to understand the safe off Cantor. It will help you toe exist obviously. So bring this cereal you put forward here because I'm going to extrude this city again and more sweet this area so go to is more and select. This is still this is double click to get the whole is parcels with their extrude the Syria on. Dig them in backward. Take this vortex and moors with this one, okay? And try to try to put this is roof like this we are obviously making the base mess so you don't have to be must concern about the flu because we're going to get a point again after high police or in this isn't just to move his closer that it's a practice so that we movie topo You know where to go, where there's looks ago. So this practice of there I'm trying to know Alvarez every exists and trying toe curve all those is this noise loose a beast straight in straight line. I'm looking everywhere to improve their toe. These distribute there's loof are toe. Just love them. It will be more so. As you can see, it's not getting better. Okay, next extra once more. This this is a trivia test. You on this time it'll Mars with this one school board days as on school them back and select these tortoises on Go go, Burdett Mess and most recurrent center. Let's put this three or decision, Flip it inside there like this. As you can see, the flu is going again. Up work there in this area this'd, Yale and loosen literally wears is just move this to a little bit inside there. They live there. Okay, so that's it for this. Listen, we connect the eyes and the leave and we made the cheek area. So in the next lesson, we're going to do the nodes extra 14. 14 Modeling The Nose: everyone in this lesson, we're going toe. Do the award's extra struck that select this face on extrude to us the front Andi extrude using the move toward you can say there's a this book to fix this. We need to select all this all you can just go to the object moored and just assigned the material again. Just gorgeous and fabric material. Andi, choose the Lambert, or you can go to the existing Metreon. Choose the Limburg one nighter. So it's a problem regarding the material assignments off. Okay, the North has been Excuse Here. You can see there's a face in the side. We don't need this versus Relate their face. And where did it go? Just go to the side and try toe aligned this area. Just remove Fitbit here and just moved the city and writers refined the safe. There from the side view on from the foreign Viewed should be like tampering to us. The front. Now it's like infernal! We'll just move. This is a little closer to the center on so that we get that Tafel Fichter. You can see the from the base, that deepest epoch, so OK, so now let's go do the last truck. Do the master to select this face and extrude this and offset it here can hold control and drive. The city has a slip most right By holding control actual, it decreases and resist this value very in a very tiny proportion. So that is very controllable. Just select an all. You can also use this man ability to scale all you can use the skeletal as work on. Then let's extra again on this time to move inside. I'm right now. It's in local more jump into Walmart. Unmoved that What's the top? Okay, this is to put that there. We don't have to define the most. Here will do that inside zebras for the best mess. It's enough. We regard the nostril there and we got the extras on there. That's it for this lesson. And in the next lesson, we're going to do forehead under Scalia 15. 15 Modeling The Skull Area: we're getting this. Listen, we're going to do this college too. So let's do that to select this dark area like from here toe. Maybe this is his double click To select the Holy has looked an extra Does is just goto the side view on Just moved those Becca on breast. Easy to repeat. You don't have to again issue that on a little backward. Keep doing the still the back back end of the school. They're just kill in this. Access the eggs axis to make a delivery straighter from the top. I'm just again extrude and moving backward. So this area on Dhere unit to rotate it Because if he was just imagine Look for going toe in this way. So it's a bit ridiculous. They're sported on extrude rooted and they stood there. Maybe you managed to drink a little bit and then just just block it. You don't have toe get the perfect circle there. Select courtside view extra. You're and again smooth Here. There's big gaffe with one that just we need. Actually, this is looks go near by the year there to move this. But this is to our star here. You don't have to put that exactly under year. It's offset it big. Yeah, Onda, if your model is, like like day, so we don't have enough Giamatti toe Make it around Dermody. So just to go toe in today's little on good lab stand down on this in 30 days flow so that when we are gone as low, it automatically adjust that flu. You need to conceive. If I go to the back side, it's a religious traitor. And why access like this on here? There's a problem C. Hayes were down there is just remove the front view. Just move on dry to get the brown. With school there from the front, Angan tried to get that sit there. Just move them outside from the front. Go to the dog. You so sick from these views, like front and dog inside Andi, just your mortal, according to those, and see the cities were outside there. You don't have to be exactly perfect because we're going to give us ah letter so that we can access. There are you can going to save change the same anyway. They're just get the messier with days flow again. The issue is not that important here. So practice to create good locally martyrs just extra and take those he has been but ordered them a little bit. And this You may need to skin every bit scale down those because this it is a little thinner than the scholar here. Start on his loof in this area, we can actually extrude this Jolin once again. So that in to meet with this is look there, Select from here on here. Extra that. Go to the move tool and move them backwards. There. And this on. Select this tour this season. Go to where it missing Moore's can use the monster center. You can use Mars here. Amusing Monster Center is most this to as well We're gonna do the neck in the next lesson. 16. 16 Modeling The Neck: again this. Listen, we're going to do the neck for that. Just select from year to year to select this double click here and select. This is trouble for here, Too good Powell, the partial instructor. Let's extrude this area to go to extra prayers and go to the wall access and moved them to us. The bottom you can see yet it's not in a proper separate from the front against saves to white. There I goto text more, select all over Texas on scale them to stretch in the bottom there. Onda, we need toe. Was this area a little bit inside? Because it's true outside, their neck is too wide. I just moved This is this as well just to appear that round it. Look there. Okay, so then let's are some is look there this play can I just put on is Look, I can see on the front It's still a little bit wider, but that thing before smooth Granted, there are a lot of Gemma to going in this very tiny, narrow area so we can do want to weaken Mars here, just select we can select, actually pre there on go to where it meets and most two centers to most them. Andi, delete this to Is this this is Look on. This is Trump's is diligence to deal. It is. You can go to Eric mess and use the diligence ups in their abilities and vortex. Don't use just the delete key, because what is, uh, what it does is used ability on your keyword. What it does. Is it just a little a is? I'd let the voters is there. We don't need this. Actually, we want to get rid of the vortices at work. So to delete that goto treatments details and protects all you can do all the control key until it. So just like this, Andi, delete this center is as well to convert that you weren't there. Now it's easy to do it because they're less is a war. This is there and easy and just him for their selection. On the bottom part, you can rotate a little bit to master body control there on beautiful beaches, too. No breeze or more. Okay, so that is the neck on in the next. Listen, we're going to do that year 17. 17 Modeling Ear: again, this listener I going to do that year? Actually, in this case, we don't need to create a realistic here, so it's a very simplified, our catatonic here. So for that, just take a cylinder area on. Just move that and pushes end up to the year locus in on. The important thing here is to this, Jake. How many is this? That they're in this border area so that I can pull submission access here If you put the same Bolivia, it would be easy to Mars with this area. Let's account this. It's I think it is. This our account this you can goto display and Donald the heads of this paypal account. Yeah, on Ben. Just double one of these tools. Let all is there. You can see here it's eight. Is this alluded to put exactly eight in the subject and access here. Okay. So because I'm going to actually wrote it this leg like this, I always stew. Let's move it. Scale, ability, scale a little bit. Let's try to get the skin there just on skill here from the same. What you need to do is just just select all this physicists by selecting the Smart X and old control F 11 to convert that selection to fest no extra. You offset little bit because we want to get that year thickness there. Then you need to again extra this to go inside to get the depth there. Then again, next to on offset this time because actually worded. I'm looking for his educate that you hold there. As I said, we don't need. We don't have to create a little stick, but it interested you here. This is the back side of this face. We were going to delete this anyway, Just let's just delete their first. It is hard to select now because the what that's like Texas inside, select and delete on now against select this country life 11 toe Convert the selection on extra again this time to move on, Move a little bit forward as well are going to move the exactly side. So, yes, this is ready tickle and just I need to extract this area. I'm not. The whole area is from this his loof. Still, this area extra them because you don't want any more death. There must extra. They required a little bit. Can them. And now if you got here, it's 10 and we have eight year. So you need to actually put one up to, is there? What I'm gonna do is I can do one thing that is just dealing. This morning's it makes a triangle there. It's OK. Just exactly do the same thing here. Just delete that on. We get a triangle year in the same loof inside here so we can put on airs. Look, they had to make the squad just like that. Now you up eight days in the board. So now we're ready to freeze or Morse this with him. Witness to that. Just pull that in the position to now I can see and And this it is. There's a lot of gap inside. There's this move and Dr Field that gap there. I think when you drive just that as well, so there yet is here to stay this on our faces to inside there is a strong move. I'll say this protects disparate Dave's this whole line. Okay, then let's breathe. Let's combine them first on the selected for arrest, both of them just here and select this bullets because you know they have the same number of phase s it's gonna is gonna walk. So let's see Rich, because you see and if you feel some kind of Jewish in the visit you what you do is just send the police upset. There's drag here. Do you get the right direction? So, like this in some idiots, Perfect. And some idiot There's a little twist to that's because off are not aligning. There is this probably. So that's OK. It's not a big do exist. This'd ideally bridge inside on a minute to move this vortex a little bit outside. This would take such interest on a know it. This it is very kind off Macy there. But its OK, we can do. We can clean that inside gibbous, and they're just say so in the next Listen, we're going to most the body and the head 18. 18 Attaching Head with Body: okay. And this? Listen, we're going to Mars the head with the body. This first counter is, is there go to his more than select from here to here. Don't just double click because on the whole will be selected. The whole Israel. We don't want that. Just select here. Symptomatically here to select that look. You can see it's sixes. Let's see here. Select few on here. It's also six s, so we're ready to go then. If you noticed you have some difference in numbers, so you can try either. For example, if you have six year, if your eight year so it can increase this to HR, you can because this to six you have to do that. In this case, it's perfectly matching with each other, so let's combine them. Good makes combine on gets breeze them so this breeze good read it makes and bridge so it's fine. I need to tweak a little bit, though you can see my center. Is this an outside first? Let's select the whole is Loof is The border is reappear on just to select a multi area so called control and drug dissident. But carefully like this and see, um, yeah, for fact, let's Lando's has looked to this land that different ways to do that. One is a scale bigger scale Tolan scaling the X axis to aligned those in a single plane on . Then you can move or snap those is. This was a line that says through the center origin. Let's move this for takes a little bit downward. Don't off the greed. This idea is not proper smooth. Let's use the Mulligan sculpting smooth for us here on. Let's take that dress and just just hold the left mouse and just spend on the surface. Their usual are gesture or you getting hold. You sit with him on Do you can just called on that morning and see it's quickly. But, uh, again, you may need toe justice again today about a video. If the whole Fortis's their scale them on, snap them. Tow center. Okay, so that's it for this lesson in the next Listen, we're going to do the mouth inside bucket there to see you. There 19. 19 Modeling Mouth Inside: Okay, we're going to do the mouth inside pocket in. Discuss. Let's do that. Let's select this. Is this off? The multiyear from this is toe do this is this double? From here on, let's move them backward from the side angle. You can see Actually, it's labor and it goes up there than it goes again back and it's we're looking for kind of this year. There was just move extra unskilled, big toe straight in the days repay, then extrude again on again to the same process. But this time here, I want that upset there. So the select Andi Scale those two is this hour from each other there. So this two lines are a meter that this move backward and they can do the same thing. Ex to move on skill A little bit off there like this. Then again, extrude, move on here again. It's going to come back and come down here. Then again next. You. So we look kind of this thing. We're doing this because we don't want to like when the character open his mouth. He doesn't so any blank space there for that reason we're doing this so that some things will be inside there, or if it's there, we can test it as well. So and this area, let's breeze this area the select, the top two here on and led him to. So the I got selected back. OK, select here and just breezed. That idea on let me put one is Look here, inside here on Let's try toe, please. Or you can use the app in public until azalea So they stop Pento Mulligan on Click Here here, Chris, Why to bring the polygon, Then click again. Do the same process. Also the I got the wrong if you like to me, if you got the wrong it's just hit backspace to go back on again. Lazier than hit enter for the last time. Okay, just to are Donald the same. Just need to take a little bit in the serious ist. And there's it. Tips. You can use your open down your okey to move between more. This is it's very useful. It's difficult, reads certain board. This is you can use that Just do. Separate is a deliberate. That's fine. That's enough. If you breast regional, you can see it's got this kind of said there inside the mall, so he had. The business of the body has been finished. In the next lesson, we're going to start the basements of the soup. 20. 20 Shoe Base Blocking: in this listener going to do the Sioux soul first. So this area, just for that let's take a polygon que yeah on by taking polygon. Q. Can accession do the same thereto? Cream there, said Skin. And was this in there? So one other thing is I'm not going to actually follow the front view reference because you can see it's not correct. So I'm just to rely on the side view, and I'll do the front view according to how I feel. I feel that it's correct. Put here on most full of the side view area we want, actually, school Soul said, which is small round back of the front. This golf here soon are some divisions there to bring those step. Just put fear before aunt just put something in the dead 30 as a. It's really good for the fight instance. I select this is selected and go to so on. I select select use Elector can use control one for that. It's trying to bring that sentenced skills. The Syria can just remove these backward this gun nuts. It'll want governor there. I can also scale the city I a bit. Struve dissented, toe get that up there on this idea. I'm gonna just I'm going to just remove these, or this is inside a little bit. Okay. Will you do this? I recommend you to have some kind of reference there. So this truth and we need it. Vieira's Ernest. So the soul is very close to a food stamps, so you can follow food, say, buzzing. Just for it to get out of this kind of safe here, Not the city of failure. So Bill, convict inside. Yes. Okay, so it's a basic a su said, but you can follow a difference for detail. Close of a look. Let's press control one again to see everything you can see. We went outside there, just moved them back there. Smelled it back toe here. All just You can scale them as a whole, I think. Speaker. Okay, so this is the sole lady and you can do is just pull some A's. Look there. Put one is love here on and his life years. Well, when pressed three years movie object, you can see there is still there, but it's a little bit smoother now, So this is all soul on. Let's do the body. But here to get this Safeya. What I can do is select this faces and go to edit mess on duplicate those faces. I can also use any kind of primitives as a starting point, but if I duplicate it, it's already matching with the base. Said there. So that's the benefit. The select? No, just extrude their to get the tick NASA fight on. Then we need Does this coverage. We need to create that cough. This move. This is this on the see if here's you need to move This is this to create that cough Select . This is we went together cough like this as a whole. It went through outside their just being them back. We can just move this ideally with backward as one to create the suor unless there the nose of this week and say Just bring them back. And they said, yeah, back again. Don't have to be perfect Can do that letter and looked off. I believe it's so it has a gore fear, but I'm not sure because that my friends is not clear about that. Just let do that. Just create this cover boot. Okay? You can see this too backward there. Just like this extra that pissed. I could have moved that. But I need a is look matching with this area and so that I'm going to smooth this objective Mansiz with the soul. So now just six to it's straight in a bit on Just move this decided. But inside there the magic, the sore delete this faces Did this faces and dig all this goddamn persistent Wintemute to Syria. But this I just want this area so that the food can be stay and say I'm let's do this part The site back for this I'm taking the I'm taking the clip polygon tool from my stools. Grateful, even tool Just draw this area. This kind of said, they're just that that, uh, you can see that's going back where there just there's the whole saved puts a mixed up here year on here. Presenter, we can see it's a flattened piece of political there. We need to make that live around so that we can get that said there this first reverse the display. It's just this remember votes. Then go to the multi Cottle, which is inside the mess trolls and multi cart, Let's put some continues, is if there ladies, I many could. We get a bit there in Houston, vertical lines there can cool I need one is hooked here just And then let's move this. That wouldn't clear that, Brown said there. So just let it that smooth that this this should come to the center of the soul there and scale it in this area on just dry. Do try to get that said Brother on Drag Magic The soul, it's imagine the soul Probably That's good this, say, vis a fucking straight with one that it's a big and liberty wrong day. Consider should go a little bit inside there. But this Sina's go to Britain side has very like this. Let's put on his lip in between this idea. Yeah, you can see the is look didn't go all the way because this this place is an insider fair. So that's why so strict with Annan students here. Unless use them on takeoff tour to get these things like food and disappear. Connect here to here. It's boot. You did it is what makes donate that right now. Okay, so now let's meter this to the other side. Just goto mess middle geometry Go Dobson box and choose the proper access here, which is in this case, minus eggs. I want to go to this side, which is the minus Excite. So which is already said to just meter? Get the full warning that on obviously decided snow. Imagine, Soldier, because this side of soul is a little inside there, so destroyed and much mass it dead Can't Don't have to be perfectly. It's like a perfect just pulls them. It's moved this aerial bit to get us carbon food there. Okay, he looks nice on. Then let's do this inside said there for Dad. Let's let's extra this is this extra decisions just extra or and can just to give it thickness there on, then extrude this time Just move like this Smooth on, dissed extra again and move. Can the hell can actually move? This is a little bit off so that it does. Is this design here on this area as well? Just just move a little bit in this idea. We don't actually, I want this toe stick out there is too low for a bit. And dreidel dreidel played that layer kind of think this layer is top up that left just on Drink to that This word the fast, more There on we can always masters probably inside Jibril's destroyed To get the things done you just feel on create all the species smooth garbage downwards This'd is again, As I said, Just try toe, get that clearing. I think they let's give them the debt. So this extra the whole face and give them in thickness. There is this extra insight on he was the moment they're just good or okay. Now let's first extract this idea because I ex student there from here. So let's just extract the Syria could read it miss an extract So now excessive basically excessively basement from here to be here the two years ago. So give it said thickness as well. Just extra and give it the thickness. Mr. Lets us inside of it on. Give it thickness as well is a stretch to thickness on Sylhet board would reverse. So you can see we got something there on to sculpt on inside zebras. But still we need to call tomatoes. Look, toe, keep those comments there like this area just Goto today is love and put on his lip here to keep this a yourself, they can put on Islam from this angle A and just to get this gonna decide now, if you'll smooth it by placing three, you can see it's very, very fit that I can do that the green as a here Just pull down his weapon this angle So it's going all the way here on sport. One is we didn't decide to give this gonna Rasel put the same thing here you can do how important is look dissing this idea as our first again. The problem is it's a hand side of face so the Islam didn't go all the way. So what I do is strong, though. Go to the first thickness just there's the thickness there I did the inside I would think to look Dad on Fix that first This is a and said This is what I do is just three days from there The state that is to all the way here It was all you can did. They is from you two years of we just pulled on his good fear to hear no again This there's Luan just are just upset from the less extra give the thickness there now against it is a problem off vortices sticking out like this. So the problem is because of the very close is left there Just Bandidos we have to are those is lives up to that directly. Just related an extra again. Go on through stare miss. Okay, now we're gonna go. Does is low Put on his robe here, here on and decide to say those words Just onder Finally, let's reverse this to get that moments right, Onda, We had done it The blocking This lesson we're going to do the Sul is part in the next lesson. 21. 21 Modeling Shoe Lace: you guys in this? Listen, we're going to do the sole assess, but before that, I'd need to tow. I need to complete this area. So this time I select this idea. Select all this from here till here all these faces just select one verse and double click under the then extra that go to side view Smooth that t here on make it flat by scaling it in. Why access is my death flights so that you don't recognize there on Let's pull some ISRO fear maybe wanted to to go to in today's low pond Put one is there on go to the front view and the scale Really big It's going totally straight just to afford that discreet that god there you because on this area as well it's the sword cannot I think just this Select and go to the front view and just kill them just to did a nice smooth got there. Okay, let's extra the inside. But this part select goods first inside faces. Now this polygon is in my waist was just hide it and then extrude it again this time not extra in the full part here. Just select from here till here. I believe to be okay. Yeah, And next to on this actual and move was the dog there this following that sip a Guinness tool on move. I'm trying to get that said Magic saves a stroke kept in between on the connects. You still here and we can keep this. It would be nicer if we keep a several golf there on. Let's say just to say Let's say that you are still a bit then on hide that object by control sipped edge or you can go to display and so on. So last hidden to that food, you can see it's going outside the object in just skin that this Scotto is more and directly days to get days look than skill. Just write roughly for dead inside on to scale the job as well. Just put that inside the suit. There you can see this. This side is not a Samos to decide. So just let's try toe Fred moment. And that saved that problem created symmetrical step. I just with this background, and I believe this will go aback orbit. So were donated. The base of the Sioux and let's go and create the laces so you can see the laces. Let's look very complicated to do, but let's simplify it just to make some pieces and join them. You don't have to create asshole as well. We can do those in diverse. So this create analysis by getting in creating a cube. Or you can just create from garbage. Well, since just they could Cuba and let me feared one here didn't take that course. Who isn't that they're so just scale it on skill in this way on Let's Put scale with this were as well. Okay, so it's a gunman. So So it should be a little flooding. They less is. You have seen that and you can add some is Look there in wheat, I'm adding like six s. Look, move a bit. So what? I'm trying yet Teoh the So let's go to the hole there so that it looks like the less is going and say Teoh it custom. I feel this techniques of the laces now big. Okay, Ana, we don't have so think about the details right now. We can do that inside. Jeepers, just just the basic Safeya on. Let's put that on disposes in and to pick up those. Just take that. You can see it's still bigger compared to the Souza skillet on dry. Don't put that in a way that it looks like a single laces going down. Just scale it fluid. The gap between these area is a bit too much sweating. So let's district. Is that a bit by moving this idea? Silica All this burgesses you this carefully, honey control and dragged to the select. All these witnesses just go to form view hit, have to frame quickly and move. As I said again, don't have toe digital here. Just be needed basements toe scrawled inside. Shippers just but that did it. You then duplicate it duplicate and there's I don't get in your way like this. Politiken You can just wrote it like this one. A. Typically so that this is the bottomless. You can't just amazing. This is This is going to the hole and then it's coming again back there. Believe here. We don't need that. That was of wrongness. Dentist straight in it for their but in the angle. Now it should goto the second older. You can also just meeting sex and because the soup based there is a curvy on gun. Do that with this one as well. Just don't and the sorts little by pressing biggie beef a ball and then just move on and to get that look off. But you don't have to do this just a silly. Or if you want the duplicate again this pattern and, well, Chris, that there. Now it's go. Now it's super cool like this. A little bit angular like this. It's going under than this in this on. Do like this will go this group 11 time. Didn't you just need to put it probable way Select the Syria. You can use sub selection again. Just two club this same man and then you're gonna have to exactly exact, because we don't have the whole right now. So just because it's to duplicate and then put that there here. Just shorted it with that outside there. Brendan, Outside. Okay, so just like this, then this is one side. Then we need to duplicate the whole part. Yeah. Then we need food. No, select all this on the cricket is and skinned is is this make a group and could modify center by what and skill in a negative way like this to get up. Was it there with all that launch? Let's let's jump to the next list. 22. 22 Modeling Shoe Lace Knot: Let's do the Solis listen in this class, so let's start from a cough. Just Goto create and takes car tools and civic auto on. Just what I'm creating years is just hanging about it. They're not. You can just go and start creating the cough there. So the chilis first draw that, not that border thing. You can see when there's not this tube or this is control D and just goto being upset. Survivor. Yes, so that we can scale you the skin that so we got to board there on to get the cemetery. Let's create another cough and what's my plan is toe. Use the surface extra or so. Let let me get the profile car fear. So just go to front view and get it for Fike off this square, he said that the little square said it's created a dining profile. Cough. It's hard to see. You can see you press so this my golf. I need to close this, cover another close goto car from a new and choose open and close. Okay, so let's try to make the wheat ear as same as this area. So after this, just select the profile cough. Then select the bad cut by holding the city. Then go to surface and Jews extra. Or But before you click on extra Just Goto Dobson Box and makes you that we have the correct off some years. So that's triple reset it in case you have something else. Se Teoh. Just choose our part and component Xperia. So you get up said that Just just make sure this wheat is master with this unless year. So I believe it's it looks like a bigger to scale this profile over. You can attend the set by changing the profile called because the history is still there. So the scale it on bridal Master Sida. Still, it's bigger, so let's do the same thing here to select, discover this curb and go to surface. I don't have to go again inside and absolute said that extra, and this time it turns black because what happened is the nerves the way we scaled Karpin minus it, make that surfaced reversed. In order to correct this, normal problems go to surface and reverse genetics. And so in noticia there to reverse up someone is inside miss display, which is for polygon and this absence for north geometry. When you use carbon cough with surface extrude, that's a north vehemently. So you know, toe reversed enough normals, You need to go. And here on diverse checks. Okay, so boys ready? Just remove that toe the locus And there so that we can again just sick. Now I believe this little to Bigas. We'll just go and select the curve there. Yeah, again. So you want another up? Some which is masking. Just go get distorted the object mask. So then select a cough. Now you can see the Colter skin them, Scale them back where? Just move all You can also add that object as well. Yes, I was just a cough. A little bit like it's hanging there just again. We're not toe using this here again. You can always come back inside. You goes and do that. Okay, so they illustrate the center not to create the Nord List. AIG Golf Circle on again will use that same technique to extrude that profile co It's duplicate this circle and rotate it. Just try toe, do something like this and just move it. There's this try to do. One circle is going inside one The circle. Select this profile cough, Select the things golf on. Go to surface Extra on. Do the same thing here. Nature. You can see they're very tiny. So let's do something. I believe they're correct. Actually, Have the bigger cop there. Just cilic them and scale them against tryto intellect them by wanted the okay, this do like this and just kill this so that the again a little bit ticker So that like this. But I don't want to change this area. So what I can do is just delete the history of this two objects goto it on Dubai life history. So then to connect some breaks there. So now if I It says this golf to only affect those truth there. So I don't want in this way scale this way, live with this way of being so that they look like they're fighting off there and just move them to the Lucas and big still scale. Those golf Oregon skilled those object as well. Just something like this. You can see the looks already like a not on, but again, there's only upside off changing the surface points there Move makes you own select anything we got. The North Time triggered the boar Onda. We need the hanging persons up in order to do that again. The same technique This created girls by using the civic Octel. Andi, this has come down from here on its boot. Yeah, don't go there then duplicate that cough center fiber. Bring the pilot there until d duplicate and just minus scale. Those to reverse the safe there. Like this. Then let's poses in them like this. Okay, then I'll excuse this golf again. I don't want to affect this area, so just delete the history of this too. In fact, I've history because I'm going to again change this state because these are exactly the same like this. To let this one first this one then good surface extrude against like this. This you can press G to repeat that tool now considers to round there to scale it to get the sit there like this liver skill. This like get this office reverse reverse does go to surface and reverse direction there. Okay, so we're ready to go there And then finally we can art as a simple a cylinder. That too, in the safe They're just history dealing with this subject and distorted the golf their toe . To get this angle of this less then where they can do is just go on skill The end part of the list there like this so that the cylinder are does with that. So let's take a bulletin. Celinda, the very dinos and India on create the last plastic is there to complete or less school and skill Make it a diner t nut. You can hold control and scale this to lock this access and use this to access spillage. Get angle there and you're ready to go. There was selected good lies upon more We don't have any is here just to go to I support more drag this eyes upon from there to here use the insert I support tool to get actual eyes upon there so that I can go and only justice Sylvia Live it Morty. No, that this cool intersect there properly like this. It's a really longer than that. This do the same thing that scientists called Get it strong, Did it again. It's our some ice upon here because you don't have anything there. iStar So I'm holding seat by dragging good surface inside eyes upon then Goto control vortex. Skill is, and I'm just OK the next Listen, I'm going to do the cap. There's geometry. Let's go on, get started with that. 23. 23 Modeling Cap Base Mesh: Hello, guys in this. Listen, we're going to do the cap base, miss. So let's start from a cube. We construct from anything I would like to start from a cube because the then see the details are going this way. If I take a spear, all the particulates is will go towards the point. So I don't want that. So let's take a cue for that. This article number off is this. There's this. I don't want the bottom part of the Q. Just go and still have of the Cube there on. Now it's a perfect box. We don't want that absolutely, too. I just that, as around said, there it's over around the Gaff. So for that too quickly do that the select this. Go to a witness and apply of rest vortices. What it does is it averages the vortices porches and so it doesn't add. Any divisions are, like, smooth on. So it's only of this is the water sport is, and so it's very used with this place Z to repeat that accent. Andi. Now you can see also because is the volume actually loses the volume so we can scale again back. But Now, if you see the overall shape of the Cube is now with around around itself, with that is full. Still, that is. Flu is there, so we can very quickly do that are now. Let's go to the side view and just writer mats master with the side angle there squeaker mats with the difference that just pull those vortices. You can also use the soft selection as well. Just hold B and drag your mouse toe because the followed there's are this. It is softly. You can use the exit Epsom to see through that select. Just try to get overall stepped on, and we create these details inside us. So I'm not going to do in that in my right now. I need just this base step on. Well, we can do everything in such a plus there, so we don't have to do all these things here, just just the basic stone of the exit there on this district, the cab from phone viewers will exist, conform to say, There, you can see it's kind of off narrowing down towards the top There, this is the Togadia. I'm It's going backward, and it's getting way that there. So let's, uh that means let's scale This phone did a little bit to get the narrow like this. Yeah. This city has a live live it like this on. We don't have to do anything more. Just get the thickness there by extruding on the whole geometry. Just X Trudeau's. I'm going to take this. You can again extra outside. And this goes, I'm going inside there just a little bit. If you go inside the reverse, normals get reversed there. So go to Mr Split to reverse it back like this. Okay, so we got the best message gaffe. So in the next listen, we're going to do the straps of the gap, so see you in there. 24. 24 Modeling Cap Belt: Okay, let's do the strap on the lock. So and studying on the strap from a cough on bulletin strokes. Well, let's do them. So let's take a poll even first. But even Cube on this place, that unskilled skill that little smaller there on, just narrow it down. So I'm trying to do Here is the small section of the strap. Just scale it. You can see this drop Will. It is here on this the thickness. So just that Here. Okay, scare little bit. When Then let's actually bright golf. You can say there's a light called there. So that's where the civic off? Yeah, and start creating the cold. If you want to create a straight cough, then you can hold sit on Dr A Zip conflicto, create a sit straight cough. But in this because I don't want it for fixed rate council, it kind of hanging there just like this. It's inter to complete, um, the score center by one being the vibrant back and just phoned the cough Improper Lucas in , Then goto the first more and select the face. This is a political geometry and in this case I'm extraordinary. Polident face to a cough. Two sips a little cough Goto edit mess. Extra or not surface extra because we're not extruding it. Cough with Gove Were extra Republican face in a golf. So that's good. Ready, Miss Extreme. You can see that has been extrude, but it's, ah perfectly straight in order to matter. The carving new divisions in between the extremes. So go to divisions here in crystal divisions. So are you. Includes the divisions. It better not deform with the cough. It better save with the car. So just I think it's a little whiter than the image Scale this and get the size. Yeah, so do the same thing in the side. But I think we can reuse the cover here. So let's do the history of this subject so that we're going to use that car. Take this golf. Andi, put that in the side on can. What we can do is reverse this God save little bit all your gun. Just go to control. Vertex intends the same A little bit. Two years can pull this move. Oh, good. Ongoing Again. Used a safe control. The duplicate it And for that, their cases to build all this face is actually you also got up extra that duplicated face. So here I'm doing Just just feel this murder media by just double taking the border age here on goto maize and feel whole toe fill the holder and selecting this face and the curve again. Extra adapt. Okay, then goto divisions like this If you accidentally you know, get rid of that extra or you can find that just goto importancia. You can go back to the extra inputs, their divisions canon, Krizia So OK, so there's that the stress and let's do the lock their strap Look then Well, kind off in this Listen so this political take a political Cuba again on If you can see that concept, it kind of like three extra so district Well, you can kill scale it scored of this Buell on for that in locus and scale it this smaller put that like this and what it can do is just good imports and are some divisions in depth Subjects and debt are three def isn't there so that we get 36 in here. So there's select in this physicist I think we need more than that. I wouldn't want to 3456 And actually So let's do that. A stick. A strict, actually 56 un select on every alternate face so that we get it on. No gap there between all this extrusion like this, I'm gonna also kill them in the breeze earlier. Like this in the bit. Or what I can do is just select the toughest They're available. Suit. Our strap is a little bit ticker. Let's see, just a little bit more so that the strap can go inside there and select all this fares Extra libit offset. What I'm trying to get here is I'm trying to get it in the hole there so that it can intersect there. That's extra again. But you don't have to do this with the one. Do this to their a little good details there, So it is very basic. Okay, so just do this sizes again. Take a Mulligan. Q And this Guess what I do is just make this object select, select this subject. Make it like object by clicking here by doing it Live object. I can create a polygon. Keep exactly on top of that. Before that, you just don't under interactive clear some here on discrete, a polygon cube. Now this object is life, So it allows me to create in double that I didn't see so it said good, quick, where toe get the posts and quickly against did it skill. And so that's dropped on that side straps into luxury This idea. So what I do is select this place extruded. Get a little bit so that that can on that base can enter here in this extra you again and just go inside there. That's it. Very, very a small little. Now we have to put some supporting is look there because if I smooth this, it would be like this. So let's put some his layoff goto my stools in today's love makes you this upset is off in Saturday's floor. This click on out here drug. I want to make this corner serve as well. Just put. And he's looking deciders were just yes, and in this as well the sport, whatever you need, detriment in the sape now compressed three and see their schools do the same thing with this subject. Andi believe still this business of kind off very, very no white just make those unless bottom is look, toe mend in this Same for Danny's LaPierre. Put some heads. Look, they're just on his little fear. You here One is here. Here. I can sell you one other of some, which is very useful in this guest. Just selected and compress control. Want to isolate Andi? What? I'm going to So you is Scott Festival or multi goal. So take the multicultural here, but you can do it. This is you can actually whole saved. And you can drive from outside toe the opposite side, and it'll project is so it's very quick. We can put two. We didn't have to put, like one by one by one. So let's press control on again. Toe, bring them back to select and do the same thing with the straw Basel because it doesn't have any Supporting is from Texas. Put on his roof. Your city. Okay, we're going to do this bag in the next lesson. So see you there 25. 25 Modeling The Spec: again this. Listen, we're going to do the speak. So let's start that top six and is a straight more kind of straight. And this is Yousef under with the site frame. So this dude of this first, But my plan is to take a bullet in Cuban. Just a breeze, this area. So let's see that. So this polit take the polygon. Okay? My interactive pierce on his own. Just don't up that take a polygon killed on its Majid This idea. So I moved that again. Back to that Lucas. Unjust. The city is a colorful I like kind of like this mess. So this this proved that you can do that. They're no problem just to select years and scale this area like this scale toe the fully cover area. Insist to the outside line on make sure the death is okay. Like this. It's okay. I am just like it. Live it down. And what we can do is just scale this Loria like this Clear the angle there on. I feel it's a little bit wider still. Just just remove this idea off magic. The references, Mr. Creating this angle is very important because I'm going to breathe this face and this pace . So the angle to be there. Otherwise, if its flag, the reason would be like this loosest. Let's see, Select the world side face there boot to safe s It's like this too fast extrude a little bit just extra, really bit here on scale. Those area is too flat on that. Okay, you can see thicknesses. Not even that just tryingto get that even thickness. There's just moved this area a little bit. They didn't have to exact just prior to leaving it out on. Then again, go to face more this time I'll use breathes to get this whole round except good reddit mess breeze and makes you or you don't understand but flow score or smooth. But instead of Lena this create on goto divisions and are some divisions there. Just go look uh, just inside golf coated control disease on let's try to know, make it a around by yuzu discomfort over Dex and pull those I don't like this again. You can go back and you can be increased the breeze divisions there just go and depressants increase those to get a perfect roundness there on beginning and gone off the masking and easily select the cough and go toe that control Vertex. Sometimes it's hard to select in control. Vertex. If there is a background, the maze of something, so go outside there and go to control, protects more on make Syria. You're dragging on his Contra politics, although a digital against electrical on select the references backside. So okay, we kind of got get it. So let's do the Connect Park in which well connected here, Alexeev just around the objects election year and go to face, Go to front view and see. I mean, this is This is the connect, but their soul. It's, I think, this face. I believe you can take this fierce on extruded like this. Andi making it's bringing forward so that it can go up to the moods. Andi extra again. This time it will be the center, so just product and scale that to straighten it on, delete that inside face because we're going to meet it so it doesn't have there's just move . So the locus and they're just delete the history and move to support this in the glass properly start our friends, our scale. It brighter mats. Yeah, I can see this big is a little bit angle to this. Try to get that floated it on. Just try to get that angle on. Let's snap the center. Yes. So that you can meet her That holds big. They're not going to meet her right now because that you don't. I haven't created that side. Understood. Not this area. Exactly. Okay, so now it's kind off. Very well. Not much area there to actually get that next year. Let's go create the site aside, friend. There. So do clear that this extra this area I can use. This is just enough. Move diseases if you don't have any, is nearby. Just Arden is there. You can see the end of their friends. There is a little little sex and it's coming out aan den. The frame is understood. That sex. Um, just all you can take any reference as a detail if you want. Oh, digital area or get now This, my friend and, uh, yes, duplicate this face. You just go to a litmus duplicate. I don't want oh, extrude that base. So I want to I want to make the side frame. It's every piece. So just select this area and so make sure yeah, select this face. Now I can extra this or I can do is the better ways I didn't creating it called on just extra the face with that cough. So this select on, just hide everything there. You can see the reference actually just on on. Let's create a polygon. Let's create a civic off on Let's create this by holding Sit. You can create a spread line on debts. Grigg, if you want oh, like, create angle here. Just release the seat on Just argue borns there. Okay, so now we we created age inside boozers. It will be in the center. Just go on, send a fiver to bring the driver than moving to the year. You can see it's perfectly not messing with decided minutes. So we have to kind off menace. Compromise it that So let's on hide those go to this place so on. And so last Hagen on Dhere. A gun you can see is kind of very this will be on on the character here. So on my it's kind of more matching the defenseless E. But in the end, do it's We can rotate a little bit so that this parts have been the year on this part who is like, facing to us that idea. So this movie it scandal to not just rule Oregon pull the year off element so certainly agrees us to create the glass. Probably let safety you can just accessed. Okay, then let's select this face. Are not this first actually really difficult at that base. Just select that face. Cancel it. The golf on goto treatments extra you that. Now you can see We need some revisions to give that roundness. They're just put some divisions there. Okay, Now you can see it's kind of looking like on there's a other thing we can use in car back shoes and is you goto extrude. You can find it tapper of some just increase that are because that will get you extrude happening to us the end. So you because it it would be like Tina. So in this case, I kind of like this, So yeah, so this is interesting with the body there, So we need to we can rip it with the car, so selects off selection mask here and select the card there. Go to control Vortex on. Let's going awarded the Syria of it Straddle like this. Yeah. Okay, so once it done now we can let me just this idea as well. Just a bit. School Thunderbird. Exe. Yeah. Going down there starts fine. Just a bit. Now what I can do is again meter this whole sex and just combine these two toe Make it one piece so that we can mere that one. Go. So now selected goto mess mirror geometry is by default in minus X So it works. If it don't just select and change this access here. So now I can see you it ready? It looks like it. Specter And in the middle, sex and still like I know I don't like this area. Just let's dig. This is drawn up much area there, so just delete this. Let's see him A different side of spam industry breast realist. Yeah, Still, it's kind of fall. Very ugly looking center there. Just put this back kind of off, okay? Yeah, fine. So let's ah, take the opportunity to meter the body as well. Just select object press all days too high on selector process there. Okay, so before the meter just shake up center. But this is this. What does exactly lying to the center is there so before does is select everything in the center. Make sure you don't select anything inside the mall. They're so I mean, just inside in vortices. It's okay. We need that. So And make sure you don't select any knows. Inside bodice is always They will snap on this remorse with the border there. So we don't want that like this war. This is sport. This is Just check those carefully. We don't need this on once you Guardo's on skill them skill them. And what exacts is here muskets. And you can see I could have gone something. Could have selected some on Wonder what? This is daring. So this No, it looks okay. Let's see. Select everything and you can see how it changes there. So known less snapped this whole Lex and scruff to the center or this us integrate their on lives mirror this go to mess middle geometry after media use ideology but that the center is more stern by the selector breast free to see flex Bring them back by controls the bet's off. Go to displace who also last again. So we kind of don't let the give on this pick. Next. Listen, we're going to do the locket. 26. 26 Modeling The Locket: or gain this listener going to do the locket. We have not done this sudden bandits, so I would blind toe do those in marbles. Designer. So now we're just going to do the work It here It has a square. So basic Look it there on the look. It's a little you can see it's a score best, except it has a rounded from the whole toe hanging there. So let's do that by taking a bullion cube. This makes you just took fear. The base of the local here more on just for this ended up Ross models just don't have to be perfect. They're just just move that locate toe the body there. I'm kind of doing there on the surface. Okay? It looks a little bit different than that. Some concept. Um, actually, I kind of do like that. I can't like that contact better than this. So the thickness, obviously two months dances use the skeletal. And because the strictness there just like this on what to do next trees to take a problem by there and to create that whole take a bulletin pipe and destroyed it. It 92. Okay, so that straight up. That's a scale. Ege Cantona. More for more If you don't see in the problem. Off check dances Tom Formal so they help you scale this area. Remember while being what it is on the small base. I'm getting here just straight and just put it here. Don't want so much apology since. Right now I can add against mooted letter just because I'm going to crease meme this area with the cylinder and Cuba so it's ju is declares the divisions. Quite a bit, I may mean is because it to 12 movie Nemesio. Just check. Yeah, it would be fine. So what I do? Who is any Stowe Breeze? The bottom part of the bite there with Cube. So let's align them. The bullet side views this *** for their lines. Scale of it. It could be a little Tina like days. I'm just misses, Breeze does. To freeze the blonde is to praise this Bottom four faces so energy too breeze that I need for physicists here as well. So just take the divisions here, which is the with the divisions, unless port four year olds combined both of them, so that we can raise them on. We're ready to brace there. Just like this for fest has select this. Professes on just breeze Go toilet, my son Bridge. You probably pulled some divisions in between there, but this gets its ok and say I obviously do need some divisions in the side toe. Kids, this is a little harder when I smoke, Keep there and inside to us was a sport there toe so that when I smooth it can be Give heart there. Okay, show kind of this but that forward to just narrow the offsite elevate. So do is select says love unders Caleb it I believe it was like that. So strip either have to because the side of this this sucker here scale of it on this I'm telling a bit kind of trying to do that. Let's put some is live here. So I mento some details inside, devious in this area. So I need some proper distribution off polygons there So they put some is love over here it's away. All you can do is if you want to just divide it in a proper manner. Still divide it evenly when you can do is just goto on my stools and in today's looked Olafsson, we can do use the multiple is lobes and you can put here somewheres loaf. If I put five on disk leak, you don't have to track you get five divisions evenly across this idea. Just reset it. Okay, so it's a good the look at their on let's do the bite does is to hold the locket to make the wife. What I do is just just make the body list smoother. Just bet smooth there or I can do is can also press tree and keep it like that. This selected and go make life. So what it does is it allows you do snap on this office right now. Let's go on to the Gulf till there on screen the gulf there. So let me do the Gulf quickly. So that's the thing. Really little there. Fine. Now I got to say the car is on the surface. Let's create all around the body neck, new toe, putting live closer in this area because it's going march bending there. If you call like this, it may benefit. Dance. Just Max pester bag. Go back. I'm just pulled sub, isn't it? Borders is there, it's just too no, bring that separable. It's hates hangings and so very straight down. This this like this. End it on. Let's close this cover. It's no open cough. Andi explores this by Goto Kaufman When just use open and close, what it does is if you cough is often that convert that have to close the harvest close, then it convert that to open. So that's used that this is. Then let's a little object. It's no selectable you gonna see because my glide then just select understand off this midlife No gun. You know your cough Thetis, go the history of the golf there so that we don't need and make like jobs and home history and that just good, let's make this or send a vibrant of being the Bible there back. Obviously we're gonna we're gonna do the closets under about the body so it would be like non penetrating. They're just we need to move that forward again. So for this time, it's OK just to go. The cop that let's move this car runs a bit so that it like this school one is coming from your going through that smacks Eudes in the center. Because when we are the volume to the gulf, it can penetrate there just to this forceps. I just put that inside in the center. Aliens forget we managed to drink in a bitch over because again Venator densest, move forward a little bit on off a little bit. Syria could be and live it up. Okay, Let's, uh, take it. Gold there extra that go along this golf. And this is this a bail profile call? Make it tiny everything to the figments of their bite there, make it train and then select this one. So I got this selected. First, it's this Select some art is very important here to select this profile for stands like the part here that's like the part. If you find difficult to select here this don't know this mask off. Following on here, football objects election, Then select is good surface. And this click an extra you against. He is too wise to take just because of the history. You can modify the profile, um, simultaneously the object, which is the whole book. Just make Attila okay, Something like this. It still look like Levitan of this could be right. We can keep it a little of take like this because it's a Catholic moral and we can exaggerate details the bit. Then what we do is converting this piece of Gemma tutto publican because cannot taken or subject into zebras in order to protect this object into the glass. We need to convert this to follicles. Now it's enough geometry in order to in order to convert it go to modify cell adopted first . I'm not able to select because I've turned off here. Just switch up that selected go to more. If I come back here, we can see there are lots of lots about off seems to come. But so what? We're going to use this NAFTA Polycom. So go to the sandbox and you just make it really said here on day off some I'm gonna say it is the forceps. Um, I chose it. Tastes triangles to court. I don't want trying and step. So then I choose compare points so all we can choose county the so count will give you an awesome to put some values off. Mulligan can choose how many poisons will be there. So it would be great or you can use country points will pay. Would you like You will see Where is the line? A little Putin is. Look there. So in this case, I'm going with counts. Just put 400. Maybe just roll seal. Rachel, You see? I see. Now there's the moths on the political. Both geometry it there in order to select the knobs to school here on choose like polygons . Office off. So now don't enough surface is allowed to select? I can see if I delete this. I got the Taliban because but But you can see it's to Lawrence. So let's undo it. Lists for some more values here. Like maybe 1000. So get that apply here on my see what it does to me. When I smoke there, it will build care. But the idol broken a problem strong. Okay, so here we go. The locket is met on the next lesson we're going to do so is the skateboard. So that's a province the cantor is using. Stood out in the next lesson 27. 27 Modeling Sketboard Base: okay, in this lesson are going to do with the skateboard here. So basically the body. So let's see some images you can see from the concept act. The body is like basic square piece rectangle on, but it has to know golf do is to side Ellis Watts. Um, Alexa season reference amazes. So I got this referencing eyes by googling You can just school scan board or something like that and you can see here this it's not exactly flat. It has a golf off at the center here. The bodies like like this tendency on it no going off to us the both hand, I'm probably and they use it to norms. Just put that fit. And it was like, Come up like this. So maybe I have not scary. Boring? No, I have not used an escape goat. So just three spot on bond. Obviously, the holes therefore wills and the connector part. So you need to do these things in this. Listen, I'm going to go just the body. Let's start from a Cuban extruding that through this I'm got this and this gulf on this off site said. So let's do that inside Maya So for that, I didn't start from a Q on just extra that through this area I can use a golf. Let's use a golf. Let's take a polyclinic. You first to ask you on sport. You can see I'm doing in a very in offside down there. I'm just actually DEA created again, just rolled it there foot discovery and just maybe can put years. Well, just max your identity to get that fizzing angle there. And if you see here this week is very, very nor low there, just ensure the weekends at this Get a week there on again goto right side. And this time I'm going to create a cough by using this specific cultural. I'm just create golf are two or three points for ones to get this point. Kaavya, I've been just This is the center part basically very close to stretch land just then. This is a very normal off the bite co via it doesn't have a very smooth cough. It you can see from the reference message, but age till you get straight under spending here and C is so this is a golf on extra defense. This first on this edge. We're putting on extra lutely on this icon. Oh, I can use the extra two from here. All you can use the Sakaki control e on this in this situation concedes going straight to the end because it doesn't have any divisions between. Let's put some division that exists. Hold your mouse on the divisions, then hold the left mouse and drag to get the divisions. Is your automatically deformity golf there? Sport Enough Don't have to put so many dances. Just put enough because we're going to Ah, smooth it anywhere. Something like this, maybe, or on the two more just like this. Let's up with that. The side God let me just hijack actor there. I just don and don't, um, or just 16 year Hyok actor go to display from here Height. You can hide hide selection all you can use control edge. Let's put some is loose so that we can make it around in the site and the side as well. So let's put some sgps oh, in the last class and we saw you something like Inside has looked on with multiple leads loops, but this time I want to solve some different techniques to arts, Um, even divisions. So let me tell you just that. So you know to do that. Select one of the say's just hold control. Right leg. Good ways. Ring utilities. You can see that. It's in seven o'clock forces, and you can see on this often. Go and you can see there's a obscene call to Israel and split. Go there. Just let the miles there you got one is Look at the exact center in order to get multiple here. So go to the import ear. You After you are this, you get this in party a police played ring that played in that open. Then you gonna do is tow dance this relative to Morton to split that will come that drop down and just multi. And what you do is just report this division's whatever you want. So this will be helpful if you used to know any primitives at the imports level. In this goes, I'm gonna I'm gonna happy with this free here. So let's make this side cough, which and in this guest I want to solve another off sandwiches. The move tool on decide things off. Like this trouble flick drove from this. And you can see now if I move, it goes off frantically, which is okay in first glance. But you see, it's not following that. Let me go to the side view too slowly that you can see. Let me undo. If I just move it off, it goes outside. Doesn't follow this country. It will go in this angle for that district. This chance this to complement and you get the angle there the first hunger through that this way. Who sends its component? It was grows this. So you want something like this in the side, just like this. Just move a little bit more to get a smoke around there. I don't want you to get the perfect gun around minutes because they're going to smooth it. Do the same thing here. Select Still, I'm that component more until I chance that I mean that more just selected ability decide is a little less govt than the upside there. That that's the backside. Ready. Okay, so this is on. The last thing would be if you do you check the meds again. The change just discussed earlier. Just this is a little golf. Said there. I don't know why it is. They're just They're just Let's select this idea. Maybe let's change this wall access to move this world access to wall pushes on Now I'll tell you the circle to do that. It's not exactly a sucker, but it SSM marking men. If you hold the view on left, most button you get this marking man which has all the roof to lob sins now we can do is go toe just a wild access A component there. In this case, I want to go world Really? Jamal's World War You want to go to a component you can quote competent so again just re page whole w and left most button, they can get the move to settings. It also applies with wrote it and scale. If you hold their corresponding sad cards, we collect the malls button, we'll get those my community so less smooth is a bit Yeah, so we're done with this. But on in the next Bob, we're going toe nuclear the wills and joint there. So see you there 28. 28 Modeling Sketboard Wheels: okay, in this lesson, we're going to do the will. So let's first hide these objects from the scene. Select all the subjects and goto display height, height, Lexan. So let's first see some reference images I collector. So I like this reference missus, and although I have some more referencing with this, you can say you can do what we like. I'm going to do this one. So let's do this will rubber part first. You can say it's very flat here and stunning turning inside there, then the dream kind of thing and the not bold there it was. First do the rubble back. So to do that, you can see it's straight for, writer said. Life you can use but weakened by. If it's very no identical, let's take this on and let's try to bring that proportion. There's first. Let's rotate it to 90 degree there so you can see how handy this is too late. You know something really there for less. It almost looks like we have got the perfect weight. Maybe just a little bit. We can increase the height there just a bit and see alerts, whatever it through the struggle you get the proper proportion first, then this will be the thickness. There you can see the thickness. AEA is very less Let's let me to speak this that thickness there scored thickness, and you can just select the name and come full control and wrap middle. Drag me the mouse. So now let's let's put some bevel dance. Select this to wages on Goto. Eric Mischa's people so that we don't have a self is there on the rebel. Practicing is very anything. It's too much for right now this whole control and drag here, I can choose how you know how the gulf to their stake this of girls, but that I kind of like this one. So confess tree to see 40 doing, then let's do the same part so we can you can take a Mulligan wife off. The best way is to just duplicate this idea from their good credit miss on Duplicate. Or you can also add to extrude that back. But I'm going to duplicate it and go to object mode. Select both control drag that would say we need the thickness. There's just extrude the subject and let's get the thickness there and see the thickness off the city and toe existed there. Then again, extra press g to repeat it and then move again. This time I'll skill as well because you can say that No, it's going inside and there's again playing, changing there. So again, extra or for the last time, I believe on disobey this. But I think it's going in. Then it's going back. The mid sky come back again, actually, just just remove. I'm in the local mode right now so that whatever I'm doing it decide it's going to be decide as well just just makes your skill so that we get that effect here. We'll get then again extra Andi, scale it together. Flag plane there. This plan now average to put the board there before putting the ball just looks are some So putting his looks that when you smooth this is this way will hold the save off The hard is there if I three right knowledge and say Although it looks nice but like this, this is sort of being delivered data They say their offense emitted Libit, you can just select This is Logan scale of it because that safe is well is going like inside a bit. Okay, Like this. And let's isolate this all just select operates old age toe hide on electoral jester and let's select the space and sell it the whole loaf like double clicking the *** faith Then extrude this again. And just this time, suppose inside this kind of thing. Now you can delete this area while I get extra again and just move a bit. They're inside so that we get aloof in both side there no less fresh tree and see Now look . School seeing express control sipped age to on hide or go to displace So last hidden. Now let me see the reference to miss our. This is our ability. Harlan Andi That's inside. It's It will be okay. Let's take the incidents. Look, tool. Let's art here. One is roof on. One is with fear. I want to our to Israel's here. So what I do is just goto my stools. Incidents looked a lobster box on chosen, such with multiple is, loves their tone. Just flick to get those to bring that scale tool and skilled them outside like our from each other, so that the end off getting here. It's saying as well. So then let's put some Israel in. Decide as well. Just it's changed this to are. You can reset it together. Default option there. Oh, yeah, Maybe we forgot. Here one just Okay, So American Breast free to see the smooth. Now it's cool and looks nice. Just I want to see the city assist. I feel it's a bitch outside. Oh, just just scale the whole bees in this access x axis so that they don't come so out. We need a little thickness there just like this. Okay, so you don't have to put any details tweet, because we can do those in Taiji bro's, or even say it's very no clean it, there's more bad trades or something, but if you want to do those, you can do this inside zebras easily. All you can do those in my as well by putting some no polygons, small small parliaments and duplicating them all around. And let's do, though not board there so you can see the world has around seven here. But it's like Angola on again, changing to Brown said. So that really save. Let's do that. It could be a little tricky answers to I do intend Mayer, but let's see what you can do them. Let's just I've decided those Let's take a bulletin again, Celinda This time Andrada out it to 90 degree in this axis, which is jail in disgust. Distressed 90 degree on. What they want to do is this list. Make it six for submittal access. This is the Lindsay. This is the angular body, Andi. I'm planning to Lake created and glib cylinder, and I'm planning to take us in and round cylinder, and I'll try to brings them here so that the objects, like transplanted from this flip to this set between that. Okay, so also its six right now. So we have six side upon a cylinder here, so let's take it again. Another cylinder. But this time will try to make it No around said just again, magically on this time, let's scale this one. It's a teen and obviously whiter than that. I'm doing this bad right now, so let's make it everything A. Put it back. So now the challenge is to how we can actually breathe. Morse them together. So the thing is, actually, let's put here Let's first make it. Actually, let's move it. Go, go Edit Mace and this art divisions because if you actually smooth this subject right now, it'll turn like this. Jail obviously had some divisions, but also the same as, well, change. But actually, we don't want that in this case. So what I do is just go to here and just our divisions. It does, actually. You can see what it does. It only our divisions on doesn't tend the Sable project do. In this case, I want that. So let's see. No, just delete this faces off the cylinder back and possess. You don't see this business that's select until it does on Let's count those. Is this at the border? So to count, I'm not going to do it. Many letters go to display and had stopped display here on Don't really count. So that just double click the border it so that we can just follow this eight days. Here, look and shake. The last stop, Sonya, were just too well right now this is the selected in this category. This is for the holes visible objects. And this is for the selector object. And this is for the selector edges. So we have to Well, with this. So what they're doing with this cylinder so that I can please them is keeping the same value here. So let's put 12 as well here with the sub isn't access just put to wealth? No conceive Israelis met ing is all ready matching on Let's try. Actually, the problem is, if you do this way, the problem is actually if it's moved, if it's not this object. After breezing, he told again, tone like rounded. What I do is actually me to put some more is this. They're just can select. This only consist how inside a is go upstairs just to keep along the lines there. Good miss you makes you aren't in like to use this to every angler. It's can't. The heart is when we smote. No, I can see it's beautifully Heart is now. Let's see how much is this? It has. So like it's 24 words or less this sports 24 year instead of 12 24. No, what I'm going to do is just breeze them so before breezes less dealing this faces here. So, in order to select this face as this go do. Oh, just select this vortex and press control. If 11 all you can just go to select on the convert off Since there, what is the converts election up? Sonia professes on. Just do it on now. You can see we can just combine them on Greece them because they all the both had the same number of followers at the border. Just this carefully selected border. Yes, this is troubled Lee on Dhere typically go graded some trees. If you want to put some divisions here as well, you can do that or you can see it looks like a little bit to stay. So in order to fix that dude, since this based off Sadia, you don't see the twist there. So keep doing it until you feel that this this is what you want. You can say it's more straightforward. Now I didn't do is the splits, poops and red alike supporting his moves. You can also put supporting his roots by using multi car tool. If you hold control, Andi just hope over and is. You can see this and just click to Art and I still multi. Kulti is a very versatile tool. You can do many things like you can just click and lard is loops. Manual is groups there on the gun. Backspace. Just keep this back on. And yes, he used This is Lucas van. Just move. So this is my balls here. This poor honest, a few years, we'll just keep that safe. They're just okay. So this is a complex part off a mess. We can always just long how to, like, get this kind of complex it very easily by, like, combining two different safe my freezing them. So in the next lesson are going to do the connect, it will connect apart on that lesson toe seam there. 29. 29 Modeling Wheel Conecter: okay in this. Listen, we're going to do the connector piece so that we can connect this will. You can see we have made a very big we'll just select the will and control press controlled you to make a groove and skill that when you when you make a group by what is by default here because they say things inside the group is said to or isn't so That's you. We want to change it to even say Inter presenter so that when you groove the Bible, the Bible to be at the object. So in this case, no problem. Just go to modify center by vote, doubling the vibrant here its scale. And this put God aside, you honest make the proportion. That's Toby. Right now the scale and get the size on discuss it with the connector will not be visually must. So what we do is make a very basic and not that detail, because I'll get toe serving four question. It's not gonna see much was of the backside there. So you don't have to do our details in such idea, which they're not going to visible much. We don't don't want to spend unnecessary times and those. If if you're gonna saw those parts in some rendered starts from some angles, then that's OK. Let's do those connectors. I have something Mrs you can now download. These images through Google have addressed this generally Mrs, with the cords you can download from their sister can see Basically there two parts with this part is connected with this on this party's connector by this board there. Let's make very simplified connecting base. So let's do this first Rescue elicit. Take a Cuban this extra you and just do this area. So let's let's make that Let's take a Cuba and scale it, Okay? So just let me see what I'm doing here. Now goes to do is to just make a groove on wrote that it's 90 giggsy and just suppose to do you I just hold their on the road. It it's O. J. It stands, actually days therefore snap product. You can hold a day, a day for jungle and again just rotated. So now I can see where alliance So it's much easier to do right now what I'm doing The skated was it? As I said, I'm not gonna do in veggie. Tell this back so scale it. You can see. I feel I waas reference images unload many times in between. So sorry for that. Just let's put some divisions in were so that we can test extrude er bad on also in debt as well, letting scolded in this problem just extra. This area. Just get to get that in prison is something's there holding its closed, their just pregnancy There's full nor boards there as well. Just spoken to protect this and pull that there. So again, it's a useful thing to reuse your moral existing model if you can. So to save time. And you know that time is money and thing is very serious, if you like. So yeah, I think that's why what one thing? Let's do this part as well. It's a kind of cylindrical part, so it's not exactly square. So let's take a cylinder on Brodet it like nine tragically again and holding Z while I'm rotating, then brought it and scared move to the pro Jason and just trying to create that said there and this. It's actually going inside there, This whole control, when you scale from this access so that it's locked down there. If you're scaled from the center, this is a victor, just skill food. There on thing I'm going to do with this lets because the subversion access to a little bit like 12 maybe was less. It's let's try to create this safe so that we can just Bennett said, The North Pole from there, So just Putin is to, is there? I think we support to wear the three years and see if we can put legs and six there. Let's extrude this full fares and pull them out. When you fool, you can see they're going in their normal direction. So I don't want that. So just sweets to all access. Then move so that they all go in a single access on. Just you can see. I can also justly be happening down there to mimic that idea. Okay, on c do more again, I can just move. These two exists off those vortices little forward toe. Get that round. Is is there No. Yeah. Okay. So let's smooth this this arson is Look there, Here on Decided to keep her safe on a compressed three. You can see the safe if you want to make the whole to like, look, bring the world, we can use brilliance there. So just let me out on his Lou fia on Let's smooth this object Google mess and smooth So that kept smoothing and bring some divisions there. So now let's use 1,000,000,000. So for bullion went to again take a cylinder so that we can cut out that safe from this existing safe. So people lovely. No Williams. So steak on scale it, move it position and scale. You object so that we get the proper hole there. Okay, Just makes you'd your objectives, like directly penetrating there are just crossing belt it there It's If you pulled like this then though you will not create a little hole there sec on this tribe billions to select this one first and select this one second. So first elector will be there Seconds like there will be minus from the first little select this one This one Then go to mess on billions difference I didn't see easily God, that what makes you were not You can't actually move it anywhere They tried to smooth. You can see that this other artefacts because Actually, bullion is these are not continuous, so that is the problem. So give it like this. So that's why it's moved that fast. Then I did this. No problem. Let's take this. Andre used this as a bolt there. Let's holds a and rotated 90 degree, or you can pull the Valeria. I make sure that all things that line off to the center, like you can see it's not lined off to line up the center whole eggs and move it. Just not the grid on really just took all that big pulled down like this, we can go to the bottom. He was very by holding space bar whore left. Most button can choose here. Um, yeah, but of you oppressive on just I can't see the legs wrongness. There's a sport permitted, but you can see. Then let's pull some is go fear and less Penis. This classier pulled a scoop here on here. In this idea in this area I'm not going to put is live in close to this is because I want to make it around step. So if you smooth wrong, you can see it's around said you want toe. Make that square can. So I get this safe. Let's just American Dad said like this. Okay, you can put some wounds. They're like to stoop, lick it and make it a little smaller. And just pull that in four calmness of that piece at this gun from the moving to that side and please. Then select both and control day to the picket boat were completed. This just me toe klik it to select this growth. So it's all in a group to select this part. Well, this group it so there you can duplicate that. Just you can see the pipe. What is our dollars in now? It's very helpful. Actually, I can do is just controller the and put minus one in Scale X so that it played that side. So it's a very useful freak toe like duplicate and flick to the exact opposite side. You fell by what is at the center off origin and you more you want to actually flipped object exactly that side as a center that so now we can do is just put this away this part and just duplicate it on. Let's put that back side there makes you Actually it's bees. My here, honest finished this city as we lived it because actually have not put us, um, I looked a holy defense motive becomes very around, Recep. So what I do is just extrude decide face when indeed it just select symptoms quick toe against, like, the whole bath there on the next to then go to offset this offset a little bit. And what I want to do is just go understood foot a little bit Thickness is that I wanted Lubitz wrongness there on. Now we can put a maze. Loves to make this land really hard. Car connects like this all you can do it just it will be better. I think if we select all this place to select this places on, grow this election or you can actually let me go to the top view until I want to select all this faces here. So select here from here like this. Andi received greater them toe. Grow your selection. Yeah, we missed this one. So select this one and save the public here to get this and do the same thing at the bottom here as well to get this. So what? I'm trying to do is to get a look round roof to add cereal inside discoveries. So what I do is just extremely and offset a little bit so you can see rounded low. But the hole is like that. So now I feel smooth. Did you get this flatness and the strongest looking? So it going cures the skateboard morning here. And this is also the conclusion of the Sexton in the next new sex, and we're going to longer in departments is Marber's design. How to use that software toe? Create good looking or realistic clothing jumping to that letter and lots of new things See there.