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Mastering TikTok: Stop Scrolling & Post Your 1st TikTok

teacher avatar Taylor Loren, Head of Marketing @ Girlboss

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class Project


    • 3.

      Why We Love TikTok


    • 4.

      How TikTok Works


    • 5.

      Meme Mentality: Going Viral


    • 6.

      How Trending Audio Works


    • 7.

      Analytics: Clout Chasing


    • 8.

      Shooting a TikTok


    • 9.

      Editing: Effects, Duets, & Stitch


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    • 11.

      For You Page: Tools & App


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      Smooth Transitions


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About This Class

You’ve seen the dances, the voice overs, and viral challenges. TikTok is a fun, new, participatory social media platform- and NO, it’s not just for the kids. 

In this class you will learn how to shoot, edit, and optimize your TikTok’s for more views, and how to navigate the TikTok ecosystem so you can stop scrolling and start posting.

We’ll Cover:

  • Debunking myths of how the TikTok algorithm & For You Page works
  • Creating & editing your TikTok videos like a pro (including transitions!)
  • Optimizing your TikTok video with text, captions, hashtags, & effects 
  • Demonstrating how to create a “meme mentality” and to help you go viral on TikTok 

Who is this class for?

This class is designed for anyone who wants to create engaging content for TikTok, each lesson provides step-by-step instructions on how to master the app in your own creative way. Whether you’re an individual who just wants to create TikToks for fun or a brand looking to expand your audience, this class has something for you!

About me:

I’m a  social media strategist, content creator, and Head of Marketing at Girlboss.My TikToks have amassed over 50 million views, and I’m here to teach you everything you need to know about TikTok so you can start creating your own! 

Don’t forget to use the class hashtag #tiktokwithtaylor so I can see your TikToks!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Taylor Loren

Head of Marketing @ Girlboss

Level: All Levels

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1. Introduction: What if you could have zero followers, post once and get a million views on your video. That is the power of TikTok. A social media platform that cares more about the content you create and less about the followers that you have. My name is Taylor. I am a brand builder and social media strategist and I am so excited to teach you the secrets to going viral in this TikTok masterclass. My TikTok have racked up over 25 million views and I can't wait to share all my tips, tricks, and strategies so you can become a TikToker too, and if you think this class isn't for you because you can't dance, well, don't worry, neither can I. TikTok has evolved to be so much more than dancing and you'll learn all about storytelling through the lens of TikTok and I'll start thinking with a meme mentality to go viral. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started. 2. Class Project: Welcome to your TikTok masterclass. Today you're going to learn not only how to use TikTok, but also how to have a creative TikTok mindset. By the end of this class, you should have the confidence to stop scrolling and actually start creating your own viral TikTok. We're going to be sharing all the details about how TikTok works including the elusive TikTok algorithm, and sharing secrets I've learned from working in social media for over 10 years. You'll not only learn how to use TikTok, but also how to have a creative TikTok mindset when creating your content. You're going to learn how to shoot, how to edit, how to optimize TikTok videos to get more views. I'm going to walk you through how to use all the features in the app. I'm also going to teach you how to spot TikTok trends and jump on them quickly, and show you advanced tips like how to edit videos in other apps, and how to create your own TikTok Transitions. Whether you're brand new to TikTok or you just need some help getting noticed, this is going to be a super fun and super productive class. Your project for this class is pretty simple; create, edit, and publish your own TikTok using the skills and strategies that you've learned. You can upload your project when you've completed the class. Since this is a social media class, of course we have a class hashtag too, so tag your videos on TikTok or Instagram with #tiktokwithtaylor so I can see your videos hype you up. If you have any questions, feel free to dm them to me on Instagram. My username is @taylor.loren, or you can follow me on TikTok @taylortoks. Get comfortable. Grab your phone and settle in for your TikTok masterclass. 3. Why We Love TikTok: When it comes to social media platforms, there are a lot of them to choose from. What makes TikTok stand out so much? Why is it now exploding and popularity? Because it's just fun. TikTok is an app that serves you up an endless stream of short videos all under one minute long. It's a super personalized experience because their algorithm gets no exactly the type of content that you will want to watch. Which keeps you entertained and scrolling through the app. TikTok was the most popular app of 2020 and it's only growing. Right now almost 700 million people use the app every single month. The average user spends over one hour in the app each day. I told you as addicting. TikTok is the opposite of Instagram. You could have zero followers, post one video and get a million views. That's because TikTok is built on a content graph instead of a social graph, which means that you don't need a big following in order to have your videos seen by thousands or even millions of people. On Instagram, you have to have a following in order for people to see your content, but on TikTok, the algorithm will show users content from both people that they do follow and from people that they don't follow. While on Instagram it's all about growing your following, on TikTok It's more about the actual content of your video and how many views that video gets, and less about the followers. But what really drives TikTok isn't the features, but instead the culture and the community. This is why Instagram hasn't been able to easily replicate TikTok's success with reals. TikTok has its own culture full of its own trends, slang, sounds, and inside jokes. If you don't believe me, you just need to take a look at the music charts, where songs that are popular on TikTok end up dominating the charts. After Doggface208 shared this now iconic video of him skateboarding and drinking cranberry juice to the tune of Fleetwood Mac's, Dreams, it introduced the band to a whole new audience of Gen Z fans. The song ended up entering the billboard 100 for the first time, 43 years after it was released. What makes the TikTok communities so unique is that they co-create with each other. Which makes it a true community. Users can take the audio of one video and use it to create a totally different video or they can do a video to share their reaction or add some new perspective. This co-creation is what makes TikTok a true online community. Because unlike on Instagram, TikTok is focused on how a piece of content makes you feel, and it's less about the aesthetic of what it looks like. Remember, authentic over aesthetic. On TikTok, you don't need to have perfect lighting and an Instagramble home in order to get high engagement. A video can be made in your parent's basement, but if it makes you laugh, cry, shocks you, teaches you something, or it just makes you feel some type of way, it can become a vital piece of content. It's not Gen Z that's loving TikTok. Contrary to what you might think, Gen Z only makes up 60 percent of the app, and TikTok is seeing the fastest growth with millennials and Gen X, which leaves a room for everyone on TikTok. Finally, while dancing videos help to popularize TikTok, it isn't a dancing app. TikTok has evolved to feature a wide variety of videos which come in all different forms and links. Let's take a look at the seven main types of TikTok videos. First, we have dances. Like photographs on Instagram, dance credit is very much a thing on TikTok. Really good dancers will create their own dance to a song which can then spread like wildfire on the app and the other TikTok users will then learn the dance and create their own TikTok with it, which just makes the dance grow even more popular along with the song that they use to dance to. As you'll learn in this course, you don't have to be original on TikTok in order to be successful. A lot of TikTok culture relies on following and replicating trends but just adding your own spin to it. Which takes the pressure off of you to be super creative all of the time. Another popular type of TikTok is voice over videos. Where you create a video and then narrate over top of it. This example of a mom making lunch for her kids is a good example of how you can go viral and be popular on TikTok without ever needing to show your pretty face. Thank you, little yellow monkeys to decorate the food and for the note. I am writing you're my moon, and my sun, and my star. Just like on YouTube, vlogs are another medium that people can create for TikTok, except they're limited to a maximum of one minute and they're usually just a visual diary of someone's day. Lip syncing is another popular type of TikTok video, but not the Britney Spears kind. Lip syncing is similar to acting or sketch comedy and usually centers around people lip-syncing to a popular or comedic sound, like a scene from keeping up with the Kardashians. Instructional videos are also really popular there in TikTok with people sharing their best hacks, tips or education about a subject. How to light a candle properly the first time so you don't end up with candles that look like this. Step 1, light the candle. Step 2 relax. Do not blow out the candle. You want to burn the candle all the way to the edge because candles actually have memory. This is why the first burn is so important and you want to burn it all the way to the end. If you blow it out too soon because of the candle's memory, it will only burn to where it initially burnt. It would never reach the edge here and that's why you end up with all of this which is wasted candle. This is actually how I first went viral on TikTok by showing a video about how to burn a candle properly. The tips blew people's minds and my video quickly racked up over 3 million views when I had about three followers. The video itself wasn't anything special, but the content really resonate with people, and it that made them feel like they learned something. It kept them really engaged. Instructional videos are a great way to showcase your expertise on TikTok about literally any subject, even candles. Now, trends are a whole genre of TikTok videos. Basically, it's a type of TikTok video that goes viral and is then replicated by other TikTok to users by using the same sound or hashtag. TikTok videos are all categorized underneath a sound. If It's a challenge then it will have a hashtag that everyone uses, which makes it easy to see all the videos for a specific TikTok trend and get inspiration for how to make your own. Finally, people love to tell stories on TikTok. Whether it's nearing to the camera like you were talking in an Instagram story or putting in a story together with texts and photos using the green screen feature, there are tons of ways to tell, entertain stories on TikTok. But with 700 million people tuning into TikTok every month, there really is a niche for everyone and everything. 4. How TikTok Works: Now that you understand what TikTok is, let's talk about how exactly TikTok works. Just like Instagram, TikTok is divided into two main feeds, the For You page and the Following page. The main screen you see when you open up the app it's called the For You page, which is basically the equivalent of Instagram's Explore page. On the For You page you'll find a constant stream of new trends and videos at the TikTok algorithm thinks that you specifically will like. This is where people spend most of their time in the app. Compare that to Instagram, where people actually spend most of their time in their main feed looking at content from people that they follow and then sometimes they'll go and take a little look at their Explore page to find new content. But on TikTok, it's the total opposite. People spend most of their time on the For You page consuming content from people they follow and from people that they don't follow. Then sometimes they'll go take a look at their Following page featuring, you guessed it, videos from people you follow. There's also a bonus Learn feed that features educational and instructional videos. If you click the little light bulb in the left-hand corner. How does this For You page and TikTok's algorithm really work? There's a whole bunch of rumors and myths out there, but I'm only going to be sharing with you the facts that TikTok themselves shared about how exactly the For You page works. Every TikTok user has a completely different For You page that is personalized for, you guessed it, you. If you're new to TikTok, it might take a few days for the app to learn about what content you like. But once it does, you'll be served an endless stream of videos that are catered to your interests. Your For You page is tailored specifically to you based on the videos that you watch all the way through, the videos that you like and comment on, the people that you follow, and even the content that you yourself create. The For You page also takes into account your language and your location. Despite it being such a big app with so many people, it can actually offer you a hyper-local experience, right down to videos about the city that you live in. For example, I'm Canadian, so I see a lot of Canadian centric content that Americans probably wouldn't see like Canadian Check. Canadian Check. One more tip for the For You page. If you press and hold down on a video, it will give you the option to save a video to your favorites or to see less of videos that are like that video. Faving videos is a good way to keep track of videos that you want to come back to. Personally, I like to use this as a way to keep track of different trends of videos that I might want to recreate myself. When you come across a TikTok video that you don't like, you'll want to let TikTok know that you don't like it by clicking on the "Not Interested" button to see less of that type of content. This is going to help train the algorithm on what you do and what you don't like. Now that you understand how the For You page works to serve you up content, let's talk about how the TikTok algorithm works to share the content that you create with more people on TikTok. Since TikTok is built on a content graph instead of a social graph, you already know that you don't need to have followers in order to have people see your content. How do they see it? Every video that is posted on TikTok is shown to a small group of users, which means that technically every video hits the For You page based on how your video performs with that small audience, the TikTok algorithm then decides if it should be shown to a larger test group, and so on and so on. Your videos are also shown to your followers too, but the real magic of going viral on TikTok comes when people who aren't following you engage with your video. When deciding to show your TikTok video to more people, the algorithm takes into consideration: time watched, the length of your video, and how many likes, comments, and shares it has. It's better to have a shorter video that people watch all the way through or need to watch again in order to get it all, instead of having a longer video that people don't watch all the way through. But at the same time, if you have a long video up to one minute long, that people do sit and they watch all the way through that one minute, that shows that your video is super engaging and it has potential to be shown to even more people. That's why [inaudible] TikTok's have been so popular. There are long, but since their instructional, people want to stick around to see the final result or learn all the steps in a process. So it really helps me in the algorithm. Your goal is to create a super engaging TikTok that catches people's attention so they stop scrolling, and then keeps them engaged so they keep watching all the way through your video, and then should spark something inside of them that makes them want to like, comment, save, or share your video with others. Now, we're going to go more in depth about hashtags later in this course. But hashtags do play an important part in the TikTok algorithm because they help to categorize your content. If you're using hashtag candles, it tells TikTok that your video is about candles, so it will then show that video to other people who have engaged with candle videos. Or if you're doing a specific challenge video, using the challenge hashtag will help TikTok share your video to other people who are interested in that challenge. We'll go over some different tips on how to create and optimize TikTok's with the algorithm in mind throughout this course. Next up, we're talking all about the philosophy of going viral. 5. Meme Mentality: Going Viral : One of the coolest things about TikTok is that your content has the potential to spark big trends and become a part of TikTok culture. Now I want to talk to you about the secrets to going viral on TikTok. I've created quite a few viral TikTok videos, and I think it's important to let you know that, while some of them follow this format I'm about to show you, some of them are just super random, and that's what makes going viral fun, it's not predictable. If It was predictable, everyone would do it. Some of the most viral moments and the biggest memes don't have any explanation to them, except that people had a strong emotional reaction to the content. Watching this TikTok Masterclass isn't going to automatically turn you into the next Lil Nas X or Kombucha Girl, but it is going to help you think about optimizing your TikTok videos to, A, evokes strong emotional reactions, and B, optimize videos for more views. First, I'm going to teach you some best practices when it comes to creating memes because a lot of TikTok videos are just memes in video format. Then I'll walk you through how to apply your new meme mentality to your TikTok videos. When you're creating a meme, you want to evoke a specific feeling in someone, or basically you want to make them feel some type of way. Most meme structures center around creating a scene that someone can relate to, which is why common meme captions will say things like, "Me when blah blah blah," or, "The feeling when blah blah blah." Don't just take my word for it, Psychology Today says that people are more likely to share content when they elicit a strong emotional reaction. These could be feelings of shock or anger, or it could be having your mind blown with new information, or a video might just be really freaking funny. Another factor that goes into virality is your relationship with the person who posted it, and research shows up being closer with the person who shared the content can increase the likelihood of someone sharing it. What's a great way of making someone feel close to you, even if they're an Internet stranger, relatable content. One of the easiest ways to make your content relatable is to write your captions or your texts in the first person. So instead of saying something like, "The feeling when you forgot your lunch," you can say, "The feeling when I forget my lunch," or even better, you can just say, "Me when I forgot my lunch." On TikTok, you'll often see captions and texts that speak to a generation as a whole, like, "Millennials when they forget their lunch," or, "Gen Z when they forget their lunch." There's definitely a bit of a culture battle on TikTok between those two generations, and creating content that taps into someone's age is another way to come across as more relatable. Another way to evoke very strong feelings in someone which can make you go viral is to tap into nostalgia. This could be from bringing up a specific memory, a feeling, or an object that someone might have forgotten about. For example, this video about Gen Z discovering flared leggings went super viral because millennial women had very strong feelings about yoga pants coming back in style and the fact that Gen Z was now trying to rebrand them as flared leggings. I know. If you want to learn more about how to make memes on social media, make sure you check out my YouTube channel when you're done, the course. I have a whole video there that goes in depth into exactly how I make viral memes for social media. Now that you understand more about what makes a successful meme, let's talk about how to apply that meme mentality to TikTok videos. One of the things you'll want to keep in mind when creating TikToks is your niche, or as you say in America, your niche. [MUSIC] You don't need to have a super specific niche in order to be successful on TikTok, but a narrower scope does help when it comes to thinking about ideas for videos, and it will help you get more followers because they'll know exactly what to expect from you if and when they choose to follow you. But I don't want you to feel like you have to create a niche in order to start creating on TikTok. Your niche could be something that's super wide like lifestyle or comedy, or it could be something super specific, like this account that is literally just about how many pickles this person received on their McDonalds Burger that day, or this account, which shows what a mom is making her kids for lunch every day. If you don't know what your niche will be now, it's likely going to come about organically once you start posting to TikTok. So really, don't worry too much about this. In my case, I somehow stumbled into the candle niche. I didn't even know that existed. I like candles, but I also just think it's a really fun to find ways to incorporate candles into different TikTok trends. Because of that, I'm going to be using candles as the example throughout this video. So what's the best way to go viral on TikTok? Spend a lot of time on TikTok. I'm serious. Content evolves really fast on TiKTok with new trends being born every single day, and the key to going viral on TikTok is to jump on trends and find a way to add your own unique spin or take on the trend. So for example, there's this TikTok trend where people just hop around the room to the beat of the music. But the thing that makes it funny is the caption text that you choose to add on top of the video. It's a super simple concept, and all it requires is for you to use that meme mentality to come up with a relatable situation that would evoke strong emotions on someone. That's where having a niche comes in handy. I can now look at this trend, and instead of trying to pull a creative idea about anything out of thin air, I can instead think about situations that would involve candles. As the saying goes, restrictions breed creativity. So in this case, I can make my own spin on the video by saying, "Me every night, blowing out all the candles in the house," or "Me on my way to hide all the candles I just bought before my husband sees them." Or another example is the POV trend, which uses Ariana Grande's song to show you are pretty and then show you're ugly, and then it flashes through pretty photos of yourself. You could simply recreate this trend by following the same pattern to everyone else's or you can sit down and think, "How could I put my own spin on this with my niche?" So in my case, I can share a pretty video of a candle, then show some ugly candles where they're all melted and gross, and then flip between some pretty photos of candles. It's really not that hard. You just need to spot the trends and then re-invent them with your own personal flare. Besides spending a lot of time on TikTok, there are other ways that you can spot viral trends. TikTok actually makes it pretty easy for you to get ideas on what you should post by showcasing the top trends and sounds on the main Discover page. To find the Discover page, just click on the magnifying glass button, and from here you can easily see what's trending right now. Click on a trending sound to see what video trend it's attached to. Or browse through the hashtags to see some trending content. This should be able to spark some ideas for what type of TikTok video you want to create and jumping on trends is the best way to have your videos seen by thousands of people who aren't following you. Remember when I said that some viral videos just can't be explained and some can, I have two examples I want to deconstruct to help you understand exactly why they went viral. The first one is this video of moms lip syncing to potential breakup song. This TikTok has over 75 million views. It became so popular that there are now multiple memes about this video becoming a meme. Why did this video skyrocket into virality? Well it's pretty funny and cringe as the kids would call it, but it also use a trending song and it matched the sound to the type of videos that people were creating. The song was released way back in 2007 and part of the reason why the song originally started trending on TikTok was because it evokes strong feelings of? You guessed it, nostalgia from childhood. Lots of TikTok videos use this song to show off a group of friends lip-syncing to the video and creating their own mini music videos. Because TikTok users had a reference for both the song and could easily recognize what the video was supposed to look like, it made the emotional reactions to this video even stronger which only helped it to go viral. What can you learn from this, staying on top of TikTok trends is the key to going viral and pairing the right song with the right video concept, can help your video grow really quickly. Here are some tactical tips for making your content go viral and get more views on TikTok. Before you can even go viral on TikTok, you have to make sure that people stop scrolling and start watching your TikTok. That's why creating a hook at the beginning of your video is so important. A hook is basically anything you can do to catch the attention of a user. Some TikTokers will do this via an action like running up to the camera or saying, "Hey, you.'' You can also do this by using texts that picks people's curiosity and makes someone to keep watching to find out what you're talking about like clickbait. With my first viral camera video, the text said how to light a candle properly, which caused a lot of people to be like, "What do you mean?" There's a right way to do something so crazy simple, which is a strong emotional response. Another candle video I made that got nearly three million views, I used texts that said, "Is lighting the goober candle a mistake?" Okay, candle lovers, it's time to light the goober candle for the very first time, which grabs people's attention, and then I reinforced this idea with the caption that said, "I don't know if I made the right call here." People would want to stick around and watch the video to see if I failed, because sometimes using a negative sentiment like mistake, can actually evoke a stronger emotional response than something positive, and because I kept people's attention and they watched a long video all the way through to the end, it signals to TikTok that this was quality content and they showed it to more people, and the next thing you know, this dumb little video has gone viral, so make sure that you are using the hook to grab people's attention and to stop them from scrolling, and then make sure that you are using overlay text to keep people entertained and watching your video all the way to the end. The second video I want to use as an example is one that I made for the Girlboss TikTok account which was posted on the day it was announced that Kamala Harris was the new Vice President elect. It has racked up over nine million views on TikTok and over 40 million views across all social platforms. There are a few reasons why this video went viral. It used a sound specific to TikTok's community, it featured a transition, and it used text to evoke a strong emotional response. I actually made this video about a week before this all actually happened. The sound that I used was created by a TikTok user around the time of the VP debate and it featured Kamala's iconic, I'm speaking line followed by the song Girls in the Hood by Megan Thee Stallion, whose music is really popular on TikTok. While this specific sound was used a couple of thousand times before, the audio itself hadn't gotten super viral yet which meant that for most people watching this video for the first time, the transition to a different song would surprise and delight them, which is a strong emotional response. I saved this sound to my favorites and then I came back to it when I was prepping for election content. I edited a couple of clips together, so it transitioned to the clip of Kamala opening the doors when the music change and I saved it to my drafts. Now before I posted the video, I was monitoring social media and I saw that a lot of people were posting the phrase "Madam Vice President", which was a very powerful phrase because this was the first time the world would say madam instead of mister, so I then made a change and I added the text on top in a dramatic way, adding a short caption that just said "Ceiling smashed." I posted it and boom, it blew up and then went crazy viral. What can you learn from this video? Timing is everything. Being on top of TikTok trends and using them while they're just starting to trend or are right at their peak is really important for going viral, because the bigger a sound or a trend gets, the more people will be looking at the sound page. If your video is already one of the top videos because you were early to the trend, that can help you get even more views. In this case, I took a sound that was starting to trend, posted it at the exact right time while using music that I knew that TikTok audience would relate to, and then I used a transition and simple text to add some drama and make people feel some type of way, whether that was happiness or anger. Add all of those elements together and the end result was a piece of content that people want to watch over and over and over again, which signals to the TikTok algorithm that this is some really fire content, so then TikTok shows it to even more people. This my friends is the definition of a viral loop. 6. How Trending Audio Works : Sounds are the engine that fuels TikTok especially for viral videos. It's easy to simply add a song to a video, but one of the things that makes TikTok unique is that every TikTok video has the potential to have a viral sound. When you publish a video in TikTok an original sound is uploaded with every video. People can take the audio from your video and then create their own video with it. This has led to a lot of unique and viral sounds like the Harpist who posted a video of her playing and Odessa song, which became a huge trend that millions of people created videos with using her sound. But it doesn't have to be musical in order to be popular. Simple voice overs can also become popular trends like this IKEA Mirror example. Okay. All, this is the best thing I've ever purchased from IKEA. It is this giant mirror, I think it is eight by something, but everywhere else it's pretty much like four or $500 plus. This is $100 and something, best purchase ever from IKEA. People took this audio and then used it to create a TikTok that shows off how they style the same mirror in their own house which became a super random yet popular TikTok trend. This is also why clips from TV shows or movies can go really viral on TikTok. A lot of the time they are short sentences that are taken out of context like, "I feel fine, I just carry myself to sleep every night.". I feel fine I just carry myself to sleep every night. Or, "Don't be suspicious." When it comes to discovering trending sounds on TikTok, there are two ways to do this. Anyone who want to find trending song to use, whether that's for a dance or background music, the Sounds page will help you out a lot. To get to the Sounds page, click on the plus button to create a TikTok and then click on the "Sounds" tag at the very top. From here, you can discover new sounds and view all of your favorite sounds. Under Discover, you can see recommended songs for you and view different playlists to get suggestions based on the vibe that you're going for. The TikTok viral, new releases, and featured playlists are a great place to look for trending sounds. When you find the sounds you like, just click on the "Save" button to save it to your favorites which will make it easier to find the sound you want when it comes time to creating your TikTok. If you click on the Favorites tab at the top, this is where all of your save sounds live. While it's easy to search for songs, it's very difficult to search for original audio, like those viral voice of a clips or remixes of songs. This is why it's so crucial to save any sounds you come across on your page that you might want to use in the future. To save us out and just click on the Record in the right corner or on the name of the sound. This will bring you to the sounds page and from here you can click, "Add to Favorites." See how many videos use this sound and what the original video was. When it comes to music, oftentimes a specific song that's trending on TikTok will have a specific trend or video concept attached to it. For example, the song, Where Is The Love by the Black Eyed Peas, which was released way back in 2003, has had a resurgence again, thanks to TikTok. But it's not the lyrics or the chorus that made it popular, it's actually the opening beat. That's why you always want to check out the Sounds page before you use it. This is a really easy way for you to figure out what type of videos are being created with that specific sound, and it also helps to give you inspiration for adding your own spin on to the video. In the case of Where Is The Love, if you search this sound on TikTok, you'll see that all of the videos are related to the trend of people hopping around their rooms with a simple text overlay that says something like "Me on my way to." This is why it's important to spend time on TikTok and pay attention to the culture and trends. If you just saw the song treading on TikTok and decide to use it as background music in your video, to be honest, you will look like a fool because it shows that you obviously don't get TikTok and why that song is popular. When it comes to going viral, it's possible that your sound will go viral and save your actual video. Having a hit sound can bring a lot of new people to your profile and your original video because it's an endless viral loop. The more people that create videos with your sound, the more people see those videos, the more people save or use that same sound in their own videos and so on. Let's take this video I created for Girlboss as an example. I have, in my career been told many times, it's not your time, it's not your turn and let me just tell you that I eat no for breakfast. I remixed an audio clip and I added a Beyonce song to the background to build suspense throughout the narration and then have the beat drop at the most dramatic part which is a common trait to TikTok trends. To help grow the Girlboss account, we wanted to encourage people to use this sound to create their own video to show how they eat no for breakfast. I renamed the audio, I eat no for breakfast. If you realize people are starting to use your audio, you can name it something specific instead of having it just say, "Original audio." To do this, click on your "Sound" and then click on little "Edit" button next to the title. Enter a title for your sound and click "Save." That's it. But be careful you can't change the name of a sound once you have named it so make sure it's the one you want it before you click Save. Now, when it comes to your project, if you are creating a TikTok with an original audio, make sure that you go in and name your audio. If you're not creating an original audio like voice over, use these tips to choose a TikTok sound that fits with your video. 7. Analytics: Clout Chasing : Before we jump into how to create your TikTok, that's coming up really soon, let's talk about a few more areas of the app that you need to understand first. One of the first things you'll want to do is switch to a TikTok Pro Account. This is a free option that doesn't affect the performance of your videos in any way, but you want to switch because it will allow you to get access to TikTok's free and powerful analytics. To get your TikTok Pro Account, go to your profile and click the three dots on the right-hand corner. Click "Manage Account", and then click "Switch to Pro Account". From here, you can pick a Creator or a Business Account. I would recommend choosing a Creator Account because Business Accounts actually don't have full access to the Music Library due to licensing issues. Complete the rest of the steps and when you're done, you'll be able to start getting analytics for all of your TikTok videos. It's important to know that this isn't retroactive, so you won't be able to get detailed data on your TikToks until after you've switched to a TikTok Pro Account. On the Overview tab, you'll be able to see the total number of video views, follower growth, and profile views that you've received from the last seven or 28 days. Now on the Content tab, you'll see all the videos you've posted along with how many views they've received in the last seven days. You can click on each to see detailed analytics like the number of likes, comments, and shares that they each received, along with the average watch time and the total playtime. You'll also be able to see where most of your views came from, whether that's from the For You page, the following page, or from viewing videos on your profile. You can also see what countries your video was watched from, which gives you insight into your audience demographic. Now if you go back, you'll also see a trending video section on the Content tab, which shows your videos ranked by fastest growth. Now see, it's totally possible for your videos to get "Picked up" by the algorithm long after you've posted them, so this is a good place to find out if any of your older videos are starting to trend on TikTok. Finally, if you go to the Followers tab, you'll be able to see detailed information about your audience like their gender, where they live, and when they are most active on TikTok. This will help you understand when the best time to post on TikTok is for your followers. Generally speaking, the best times to post on TikTok are the weekends because that's when people are spending the most time watching TikTok videos. Fridays is an especially good day to post because if your video is a hit, it could potentially grow faster throughout the weekend as people are spending more time in the app, it gives it a couple of days to grow. Let's go to your TikTok profile. It looks along with your Instagram profile would and you can even connect your Instagram and your YouTube pages to make it easier for your TikTok followers to find you on other social media platforms too. Like Instagram, you have space to write a short bio and once you start collecting new followers, you'll be able to add a link in your bio too. Along with showing how many followers you have, it will also show how many likes that you have received on your profile. Because after all, it's all about the engagement on TikTok, instead of your followers. Besides the icon for your Instagram profile, you can click on the "Save" button to access all of your favorite videos, sounds, hashtags, and effects that you have saved, these are private only to you. Obviously, your profile displays your TikTok videos, and this is the only place where you and others can see the total number of views that each video has had. This is also where you'll be able to access your drafts, which we'll teach you a little bit more about later on in this course. Once you've filed in your TikTok bio, it's time to create some TikToks. That's coming up right now. 8. Shooting a TikTok : It only took us eight videos to finally reach the point of actually creating some TikToks. Are you guys pumped? I'm pumped. Now that you understand everything that goes into making an amazing TikTok, it's time to create your own. The best advice I can give you is to not be afraid to fail. The more you post, the more engagement you'll get, and practice really does make perfect, but you can't be afraid to fail. The best way to learn TikTok is to just show up and have some fun. In this video, I'm going to cover creating TikToks within the actual TikTok app, and then later in the class I'm going to cover how to create TikToks using other editing apps. It's really good to be able to understand how to create TikToks both natively within the app and outside of the app because there are times when you're going to want to do one or the other or both. Honestly, I think that making TikToks outside of the app is actually easier, but some people say the opposite, so I think it really just comes down to personal preference, which is why I'm going to teach you both ways. Good news is that the TikTok app is jam-packed with editing features for making really sick videos, so you don't need to use another outside app. You can do pretty much everything right within the app. Enough talking. Let's just do it. When you want to create a TikTok, you're going to click on the middle "Plus" button. This brings up the shooting screen and a whole bunch of features, but don't freak out. By the end of this class you're going to know them all. Probably the best thing about creating TikToks in the app is that it makes it ridiculously easy to record video along with a song or an audio track, which is perfect for lip-syncing. From the main screen here, you can choose to create a 15-second or a 60-second video at the bottom. The 60-second option doesn't mean that you have to create a minute-long video, it just means that's the maximum that you can create. If you want to use a song or record a video that's longer than 15 seconds, you want to choose the 60-second option here, but it can be 30-seconds. That's totally fine. Now, actually recording your TikTok is pretty simple. You just have to hold down the button and it records, just like the Instagram Story would. But if it was really that easy you probably wouldn't be watching this whole class, right? First, we are going to create a TikTok that only has two different scenes. I'm going to use this video from the Euphoria challenge by Addison Rae as an example because it's a pretty simple video to recreate. [MUSIC] First, you want to choose the song or audio that is going to accompany your video by clicking on the "Sounds" button at the top. This is where your favorite sounds comes in really handy because you can just click on the "Favorites" tab and then easily find the song or audio that you want to use, and click the check mark button. Once the song is selected, next you want to choose where in the song you want to start recording. In this example, the song is 35 seconds long, but the trend actually starts at the point where she sings, "I don't want to feel." We're going to use the "Timer" button to determine where we want to start and stop recording. [MUSIC]. We'll drag the song over until it reaches the point where we want to start recording, and then click the "Check" mark. If you're recording a TikTok with multiple scenes, you really want to make sure that your scenes are switching at the right exact moment, which is usually when the beat of the music will drop or change. Next, you want to use the "Timer" button, which is the perfect feature to use for this because it basically acts as a self timer that will automatically stop recording at a certain point. For this Euphoria video, we're going to drag the timer over until the beat drops. From here, you can then choose how long of a countdown you want before your video starts recording. You can choose between three seconds, or ten seconds, I'm going to choose 10 seconds to give me some extra time to get ready. Then just click "Start countdown", it will count you in, and start recording. Next, you'll record the second scene of your TikTok video. In this case, you would have to go and put on a bunch of makeups, set up your LED lights, and then fall back on your bed. In this example, the music simply runs out after a couple of seconds, but if you're using a longer song or audio, you can simply stop recording and it will end your video early. You don't have to actually keep recording the entire length of the song. What if you want to record a TikTok dance instead? That's where the handy-dandy speed buttons will come in really handy at the bottom of your screen. I'll let you guys in on a little secret. Most of this super fast dances you see on TikTok aren't actually super fast. A lot of TikTokers will record their dance videos in half-time by clicking on the "Speed" button, and then clicking the "2x" button. When you do this, it will slow the song down to half speed, and you can record your dance slower. Then when you're done recording, it will look like it's regular speed. I can't dance, but you get the idea. Now, back to creating TikToks with multiple video clips. What if you want to create multiple scenes in your video instead of just two like we saw in the euphoria example? It can get really complicated, so I'm going to show you my super secret, super successful method of recording TikTok videos. Pay attention. The key to shooting and editing your TikToks is to mark all of your scenes in the app first, and then go back and reshoot each scene individually, in any order you want, using the "Adjust clips" feature. Let's see this skit about sex and the city as an example. I threw up. I saw the ring and I threw up. That's not normal. That's my reaction to marriage. What do you think you might do if he asks? I don't know. Just say yes. It hasn't been long enough. What did the ring look like? Well, that's the other thing. The ring was not good. You can see that there are multiple scenes being recorded, and if you filmed everything in sequential order, it would be really hard to constantly be changing your costumes and switching between characters, right? Instead, you can mark the length of each scene by recording the clip, and then go back and reshoot each one in any order you want. Here's how it works. We're just going to press and hold to record for however long the scene is. In this case I'm going to record, "I threw up. I saw the ring and threw up. That's not normal." Then I'm going to stop recording. Next, I'll record for the length of each person talking. Again, you don't have to actually be recording video. You just want to press that "Record" button to mark the scenes. When I'm done doing this, I'll click on the "Check" button which will take me to the editing screen, and from here I'll click the "Adjust clips" button where you can trim each video or click the "Start over" button to reshoot that specific scene over, and over, and over again until you get it just right. Remember you can still use the self timer here to record yourself. This is basically a way to save time and allow you to shoot your TikTok video in any order that you want. By marking your scenes first and then rerecording them, you can do things like record the after before you record the before part of your TikTok, or in this example, you can easily record all of Carrie scenes while you're in your Carrie costume, and then change characters and outfits and record different scenes. Here are some other things you need to know about recording your TikToks in the app. To flip your camera around, just click on the "Flip" button at the top. There's also a "Beauty" mode which you can turn on or off, which basically just smooths out your skin a little bit. Underneath all of that, you'll find the "Filters" button where you can choose to record your video with a filter. There are a ton of filters to choose from, and you can choose how intense you want the filter to be by sliding down the little bar at the top. My tip is to not go too crazy with the filters, you want to stay under 20 percent. The most popular filter by far is the G6 filter. This is what all the cool TikTok teens use, and as they say, G6 does hits different. Now, the final thing you need to know about shooting your TikTok in the app is that you don't have to finish everything right away. Now, this is going to make me sound a little dumb, but when I first got on TikTok, I didn't know that the "Drafts" feature existed, so I would keep the TikTok app open on my phone all day until I was done recording it because I didn't want to lose my video. But thankfully, you can actually save your TikTok videos at anytime by just clicking the "Next" button until you reach the posting screen. From here, just click on "Drafts". When you want to pull up a draft to continue shooting or editing that, just head to your TikTok profile, click on "Drafts" and then click the "Back" button. This will take you to the editing screen and you can go back to shooting by clicking "Continue shooting" at the top. One thing that's really, really important is that you must finish all of your shooting before you can start editing and adding text, otherwise if you go back to the shooting stage, you're going to lose all of your edits, and no one wants that. One way that I really love to use drafts is if I'm creating a before and after TikTok like a makeup transition. When you're feeling yourself and you're looking all glam, you can record the after scene to multiple TikToks and then save them to your drafts. Then later when you have no make up on, or you just woke up, you can go back and choose a TikTok that you like the most and record the beginning part of it to show the full transition. This has been a really long video, but there's been so much to cover. In the next video, I'm going to show you how to edit your TikTok in the app by adding effects, more filters, voice-overs, texts, and so much more. 9. Editing: Effects, Duets, & Stitch: Now you know how to shoot and create TikToks in the app, let's move on to my favorite part, editing your TikTok. In this video, we're going to cover the in-app features, and then later on this class, I'll tell you how I create and edit TikToks using different apps. But first, let's talk about how to create a TikTok with videos from your camera roll. You can click on the bottom right button that says From Device, and this will pull up videos or photos in your camera roll. Then you just select the ones that you want to import for your video and click "Next". Then there are two options, Sounds Sync and Default. Sound Sync is basically a feature that will automatically edit your videos to go along with the song that you've chosen. Basically, it's AI that will have your videos switch and match the beat of the music, which is pretty cool. If you want to have full control over editing your video instead though, you can click on "Default" and from here you can trim your videos clips until you have the video that you want. But, you can't listen to the sound while you're doing this. So if you want to do a bunch of trimming, and editing, and cropping, I would recommend editing your video outside of the app, which you'll learn how to do later on in this course. Now, once you've completed shooting your TikTok in the app, or you're done uploading clips from your camera roll, you'll reach the editing screen. From here, you'll have access to the Filters and Adjust clips button on the side that we've already reviewed. Below that, you'll find the Voice effects and Voiceover buttons. Let's start with the Voiceover button which is a really easy and intuitive way to record voiceovers for your videos. All you have to do is click the button, which will take you to a new screen. From here you can just hold the button down to record audio, like you would record an Instagram story, and if you mess up, just hit the back button and try again. Here's a TikTok that I made on how you can record high-quality voiceovers. It might give you a little bit of a laugh too. Want to know how to record high-quality audio for your TikTok voiceovers, will just come to bed, grab your duvet, and go underneath your duvet covers. This is going to create audio that doesn't have an echo and sounds really crips. Now, once you have recorded a voiceover, you have the option to add voices effects, which you can access by tapping on the voice effects button. You can just tap through the various effects and apply the one that you want. Some TikTok trend videos will feature a specific voice effect, like the microphone effect. This is how you would replicate those. Okay. Now let's jump into the bottom buttons of the editing screen. Under effects, you'll find a lot of options for editing your TikTok video. Now, honestly, I think that less is a lot more when it comes to TikTok effects and you won't find people adding tons of glitter, and sparkles, and transitions, to their videos. Remember, authentic over aesthetic. To apply an effect to your video, just press and hold on the circle at the part you want the effect to appear in your video. For example, the bling effect is actually a pretty popular one on TikTok, which adds a little sparkle to your video. For example, you might want to add this after a transition to add a wow factor to the after. You can also click on effects to add effects like Long Face to your videos or head to the time tab to add a slow-mo or reverse effect your video. What you really need to care about when it comes to editing your TikTok is adding text. Now, I'm going to be real with you, adding text to videos using the TikTok app is a huge pain in the butt. Which is why I personally like to add text using other apps because I think it's a lot faster, but like I said, it's good to know both, so here's how you do it in TikTok. Click on the "Text" button and type in the text that you want to appear like how to make your own twisted candles. Choose the font and the color that you like and then click "Done". Now, go back to your video, click on your text, and then click "Set Duration". This is the super annoying part. From here you can choose where in your video you want your text to appear and for how long. When when you're happy with your results, go back to your video, click the "Text" button, and do it all again. In this case, my hook is going to be "for only $2", to get people interested in how they can create this cool candle trend for less. I'll then edit the duration and make it so that the text appears a second after my intro text. You then repeat this process over and over and over again until you've added all the text you want. The reason that this can get really annoying is because if you have a long video, you have to keep watching your own video over and over and over until you reach the point where the text pops up in order for you to edit that text. Anyway, like you've learned, text is a great way to help your video go viral because you can use it like clickbait, to hook people in and keep them interested. In adding text, you want to avoid these areas, otherwise your text will get cut off and you will look like a TikTok noob. The best thing to do is basically keep the text in the middle of your video, not too far over to the side, not too low or your username and caption would cover the video. When you're done adding text and you're happy with their TikTok, click on the "Next" button which will take you to the publishing screen. From here, you'll want to write a short and sweet caption because you only get 100 characters to use in your captions. My best tip for creating captions is to use your captions to complement the hook or text that's in your actual video. Think of the text that appears on your video like the heading, and then think of your caption as the subheading where you can add a little bit more context or information. Now, this is also where you'll want to add in your hashtags. Hashtags on TikTok are once again, the opposite of Instagram. On Instagram, you want to use really niche hashtags, whereas on TikTok, you want to use more general hashtags. If you're a hairdresser, you might use hashtag space bun tutorial on Instagram. But TikTok, you would just want to use hashtags space buns or even hashtag hair or hashtag hair tutorial. Remember, hashtags help the TikTok algorithm categorize both the individual video and the type of content that your profile posts. It is good to use hashtags, just don't go crazy. I would recommend using 1-3 hashtags per video, and always use hashtags that are actually related to your video. A lot of people on TikTok will use trending hashtags, even if their isn't related to the actual trend and this just makes your account look spammy, and it isn't very helpful to the algorithm anyway, so avoid doing that. Next, you'll want to select a cover video for your TikTok which is super important. You can drag the video to a specific part that you want to use for the thumbnail and you also have the option to add title text which will appear only on the cover image and not on the video itself. Cover images are really important because they act like TikToks version of the YouTube thumbnail. While most people will see your video from the For You page, when people go to visit your profile or they click on a sound page and see all the videos under that sound, your thumbnail is what will entice someone to go to click to watch your video. Now for the final things that check before you post your TikTok. Make sure that your video is set to public if you want to share it with everyone, or you can choose friends which will only show it to people you're following, who also follow you back. Then you want to make sure that all the buttons here are green, which allow people to comment on your video, duet it, make a stitch with it, and save the TikTok to their camera roll with your username in the watermark, if that's what you want. When you're all set, just press the "Post" button to publish your TikTok. Or you can click the "Drafts" button and save it for later like if you want to post it over the weekend. Congratulations, you just posted your first TikTok but it doesn't stop there. The next step is to engage with your community in the comments. TikTok is all about the comments and it's common for comments to get hundreds or thousands of likes themselves. If you have and intriguing video, you'll likely get a wide array of intriguing comments. You can also be the first person to comment on your video by asking a question or adding additional information like where you got items in your video or drive people to the link in your bio. I can't wait to see all the TikToks that you make. Don't forget to add our class hashtag, #tiktokwithtaylor to your TikToks. While we're at it, don't forget to share what you've learned with your Instagram friends too. You can follow me at @Taylor.Loren on Instagram and @TaylorToks on TikTok. Okay, so coming up next, even more special effects like green screen and I'll show you how to use duet, stitch, and more. 10. Co-Creating: All right, you all. Let's hang in there, only a couple of videos left in our class. By now you've learned what makes a TikTok go viral, how the algorithm and the For You page work, how to create and edit your TikTok, and now we are going to level up and take your TikToks to the next level. Now, we know that one of the things that makes TikTok's communities so special is that people co-create with each other. Both the Duet and the Stitch features allow you to basically remix someone else's TikTok to add your own reaction or response to their video. I'll give you an example. Remember those lip-syncing moms? After they went viral, their daughters made a duet to that video, and that video got over 60 million likes. This then prompted an entire TikTok trend where people would duet the original video and guess different things about each mom like guessing what their kitchens would look like, or guessing the cars they drive. This is a good example of how the TikTok community really gathers around viral content and makes it their own. It's like one big Inside joke that you don't really understand if you're not actively participating on TikTok. To create a duet, just go to the video that you want to duet it with and click the Share button, then click the Duet button. One thing that's important to know is that you have to record your duet live in the TikTok app. You can't upload videos from your camera roll. The standard duet layout is side-by-side, but if you click on the Layout button, you can also choose different options to use instead, if you want. The other type of TikTok you can use to remix someone else's TikTok is called Stitch. Which gives users the ability to clip and integrate scenes from another user's video into your own. Basically, you can start your TikTok with a clip from someone else's, then add your own spin or reaction to the end. Tell me that you're a millennial without telling me that you're a millennial. All right. Bet. To create a Stitch, go to the video, click the Share button and then click Stitch. Now you can use the sliders to choose what part of the video you want to use, click Next and then record your own portion. Like duets, you aren't able to upload these from your camera roll, you have to record them in the app. All stitched videos will play the other person's video first and then your video is second. What's the difference? Not a whole lot. Duets show both videos at the same time, whereas with stitch you only see one video at a time. But the concepts and the usage are pretty similar. Now, not to make things too complicated, but in the last video, we talked about editing effects. There's also another type of effect that you can use on TikTok too, and they both have the same name. You can access these effects when you go to shoot your TikTok. Just click on the Effects button in the left-hand corner, from here, you can flip through different categories of effects that you want to use. Something you need to know about these is that the effects are usually tied to a specific TikTok video trend. For example, the purple flame effect is tied to the leave my body trend, where people dance to the You Already Know sound and add text describing what's leaving their body. Personally, I don't think you'll find yourself using these effects too much, but this is where you'll find them when it effect inevitably starts to trend. The one effect that will never go out of style on TikTok is the Green Screen feature which allows you to add photos or videos behind you, like a slideshow. You can use this feature to tell a story, share a slideshow, or just let your imagination run wild with possibilities. To use the green screen feature, navigate over to the green screens section where you'll find a ton of different options. The most popular ones are adding either videos or photos. Just click on the icon and then you'll see a Plus button appear on the screen. Click that and you can scroll through your camera roll until you find the video or photo that you want to add. Then record your video like normal, and if you want to switch to show other photos or videos, just stop recording, upload another one, and continue recording. 11. For You Page: Tools & App: Now that you've mastered everything about the TikTok app, it's time to turn to tools outside the app to help you make incredible videos, and optimize your TikTok presence. I've mentioned before that I really enjoy editing TikToks outside of the app, and that's because they give you greater flexibility. Because if you're in a rush, you can just record a few videos on your phone and then space them together later, without having to set everything up perfectly within the actual TikTok app. For example, I'll record most of my candle voice-over videos just using the video camera on my iPhone instead of creating them in the app. To me this comes in especially handy for transitions which you're going to learn about in the next video. But if I want to create something like a lip sing game video, then I will definitely create that TikTok in the actual app. It all comes down to personal preference, but I do find that recording voice-overs, adding texts, and editing transitions is a lot easier using external apps. If you're like me and you want to re-purpose your TikToks for Instagram reels, or you're shooting a YouTube video, and you want to edit parts of it together to make a TikTok, you'll have a lot more flexibility using a specific video editing app. You can also have more access to different fonts and different filters so you can make your videos match your personal brand better. Don't be overwhelmed, in this video I'm going to show you exactly how I edit my TikToks in different apps, right from my phone, as well as share a few other TikTok tools that I think you're going to find super helpful. First, let's talk about the video editing apps that you can use, and then I'm going to show you some other apps that you can use to edit the aesthetic of your videos, plan and schedule your TikToks, and drive traffic from your TikTok link in bio. First my number one favorite video editing app is InShot. I mentioned this in my other skill short course that I have that's all about Instagram, but if I could only have one content creation app on my entire phone, it would be InShot. The app is totally free to use, and if you want to upgrade to remove the ads, it's only $20 for an entire year. I'm going to show you how I made that viral Camala video in InShot. You open the app, Click new, and choose what video clips you want to import. Now, here's one of my favorite features, you can click on the Canvas button, which will let you choose the size of your video screen, and then you can Crop your video, to fit the TikTok size. Or if you're making a video for an Instagram feed video, it'll have all this different sizes as options for you as well. You can easily move around the order of your video clips, and you can also trim them so they fit your music. Speaking of music, here's my hack for making your TikTok videos perfectly sync to the sound that you want to use, even if you're not editing them in TikTok. On TikTok, find the video that use the sound that you want to use, and then save it to your camera roll. Then in InShot, Click music and then Click tracks. From here you can extract audio from any video on your phone, and then drag the audio track until it syncs with your video. If you wanted to record a voice-over, you can do that in InShot too, using the record button. Now, when it comes to adding text, you can import your own brand font InShot, or you can choose from one of their many fonts and colors. They just have a lot more selection than what's available within the native TikTok app. From here you can choose exactly where you want your text to appear, or disappear. If you're going to be adding a lot of text to your video, or you're creating captions, it's probably going to be a lot easier, and more efficient for you to use an editing app, instead of doing all that text within TikTok. The app is full of other powerful editing features, and while this may seem like a pretty simple edit to create, it's a good example to show you how you can get creative and make TikTok videos with videos that are in your camera roll, instead of having to set up and create everything in the app. There's so much flexibility on TikTok, you can really let your creativity shine in anyway that you want. Now when you're done, just Click the share button and save the video to your camera roll. When you go to TikTok, make sure that you don't just upload your video right away. Remember, TikTok is all about the sounds and you want your video to be synced to the actual sound that's trending, and not just upload that sound again yourself. You're going to go up to sounds, choose your track, and then make the volume on your original video zero. Double-check that it's all synced, and you're ready to post. InShot isn't the only video editing app that you could use. Other ones that are really popular include Lumafusion, Adobe Rush, or even iMovie. Now let's talk about some other great TikTok apps. If you want the ability to edit the aesthetic of your TikTok videos, just like you would edit a photo for Instagram, I recommend the Tezza or VSCO apps. Both of these you have to pay for the ability to edit videos, but in my opinion it's worth spending the 40 bucks or so per year, because then you can use this to also edit videos for Instagram stories, or even your YouTube videos. In these apps you'll be able to adjust everything like the brightness, and the contrast, or you can add dreamy filters to make your videos pop. Just remember, less is more and authentic over aesthetic. Now when it comes to planning and scheduling your TikToks, I've already filled you in on how you can use drafts to save your TikToks for when you want to post. But if you want to create a content calendar, so you can plan out your TikToks, I would recommend using Later. You can visually plan and schedule your TikTok videos on the web. You actually get a push notification with your video, when it's time to post. This is especially helpful if you're planning out your other social media content, and you want to have a bird's eye view of where you're TikTok videos are going to fit in with your Instagram posts, for example. Finally, let's talk about how to drive traffic with a link in your bio. Now you can add links in individual TikTok videos. The link in your bio is a really powerful one. If you have multiple places that you want to link out to, I recommend using the app Milkshake, to make yourself a little mini-social media website. It only takes a few minutes to set up, it's free, and it will allow you to create an on-brand experience, to share whatever links you want people to visit. For example, girlboss links to their job board, newsletter and podcasts. For my personal profile, I actually created my own little candle shop with links to my favorite candles and accessories. That's it you guys, we just have one more video to test your expert TikTok skills and that is creating a transition. 12. Smooth Transitions: Last but certainly not least, let's talk about TikTok transitions. Transitions are basically editing tricks for transitioning from one scene to another, and some of them can be a bit tricky to pull off. But when a transition is smooth, they look really impressive and your followers are definitely going to comment on your transition skills. Here's an example of a flawless hair flip. It's essential that you learn how to create a basic transition because if you want to be able to jump on TikTok trends, you need to learn how to do a transition. There are always new transition trends popping up, but you'll be able to use the same basic concepts for all of them. You can usually find TikTok tutorials on how to do specific transitions if you search for them. The easiest transition to do is to just cover the camera and pull your hand back to reveal the after. If you're ever stuck, you can just do that one. But let's use a jumping transition as an example, which is probably the second easiest one to do. All you have to do is jump in the air and when you land, it will transition you to a different outfit or a different place.[MUSIC] Keeping your objects in the same spot is essential for smooth transitions. Marking your place on the floor or recording on a tripod will help you to create these visual illusions. Using the TikTok app, you can mark where you want to stop recording and then just jump in the air right before that. But honestly, it's going to be pretty hard to line up exactly where in the air you were when you go to jump again for the after scene and it can look a bit choppy. This is where editing your TikToks in other apps comes in really handy. In this example, you could just record yourself jumping in the air, record yourself jumping in the air again in your next outfit or different scene, and then edit your clips together so the scene transitions at the exact same place in the air. Now, let's use the wipe it down challenge as an example because this went super viral partly because it was an impressive yet easy transition that most people could actually, well, pull off. I'm going to teach you guys some tips and tricks on how to do a clean wipe transition. To make this transition in the TikTok app you would record each section, making note of where your hand is in each video. Then, using the Adjust clips feature, you would go back and rerecord the middle section, ensuring that your hand is in the same place. If you were to record this in a different app, you would be able to get a lot tighter and line everything up so that it's a bit cleaner. The same thing applies to the hair flip transition. You could simply take a ton of different clips of you flipping your hair around and then in the editing process, choose which one worked the best instead of having to shoot and reshoot just one video in the TikTok app. The key to the hair flip transition is making sure that your face is the same distance away from the camera in both of your clips. This is why marking your spot is super crucial for a seamless transition. If you want to take your TikTok project to the most advanced level, try to create your own transition and don't forget to use the hashtag TikTokwithTaylor so I can see all of your amazing videos. Transitions are hard, I'm going to be honest, but the more you practice them, the better you'll get. Again, TikTok is all about showing up and having fun. 13. Conclusion: Congratulations, you have just completed your TikTok masterclass. In this class, you've learned how to master the meme mentality so you can create viral videos that evoke that strong emotional response. You've learned all about how the For You page and the TikTok algorithm work, how to shoot and edit your videos both in and out of the app, how to optimize your TikTok for more views, and even how to create your own TikTok transition. I am so proud of you for making it all the way through this course and for having the courage to jump into a new social media platform and put yourself out there. That's a really scary thing to do and you should be proud of yourself. Now, remember, the biggest take away from this class is that you want to focus on being authentic over having the perfect aesthetic. Show up on TikTok, and don't forget to have fun. That's what the platform and the community is all about. I am so excited to see your projects, so don't forget to share them on the project page and on social media using the #tiktokwithtaylor. If you have any questions at all, feel free to DM them to me over on Instagram at Taylor Loren. If you want to keep learning about social media, be sure to check out my other Skillshare course, which is all about creating an authentic Instagram brand. I have had so much fun teaching you this TikTok masterclass, and I cannot wait for you to have so much fun creating your own TikToks.