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Manychat For Amazon Sellers - 5 PROVEN, Copy & Paste Flows For 2024 (Part 6)

teacher avatar Sumner Hobart, 7-Figure E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Is This Class Right For You?


    • 2.

      "Manychat", "Facebook Messenger", "Chatbots"...what the heck is this stuff?


    • 3.

      IMPORTANT - Manychat March 4, 2020 Update!


    • 4.

      Manychat Walkthrough Overview


    • 5.

      Growth Tools - How People Get Into Your Flows


    • 6.

      Manychat Automation - Results While You Sleep


    • 7.

      Real-World Example Manychat Flow


    • 8.

      Flows - The Lifeblood Of Manychat


    • 9.

      Manychat Settings - Integrations, Custom Fields, Templates & More!


    • 10.

      Templates - How to EASILY Share & Receive Manychat Flows


    • 11.

      EFFORTLESSLY Sync Google Sheets With Manychat To Automatically Capture Data


    • 12.

      BEST & EASIEST Way to Set Up Facebook Ads Using Manychat.


    • 13.

      ALTERNATIVE: Connect Manychat To Facebook Ads With JSON Growth Tools


    • 14.

      Manychat - Not Just For Facebook Messenger Marketing!


    • 15.

      FLOOD Your Amazon listing With More Product Reviews WHILE YOU SLEEP!


    • 16.

      Make The “24 Hour Rule” Irrelevant With This Secret Hack


    • 17.

      FREE, Stunning QR Codes That Build Your Brand & Get Reviews


    • 18.

      REAL-WORLD Amazon Product Insert Example


    • 19.

      HACK #2 For Beating The "24 Hour Rule"


    • 20.

      Automatically Build A Custom Audience From Your Manychat Subscribers


    • 21.

      Let Manychat Grow Your Audience For You


    • 22.

      Build a List of RAVING FANS So You NEVER Worry About Product Launches Again!


    • 23.

      Effortlessly Distribute Single-Use Coupon Codes With Manychat


    • 24.

      Simple, Cheap & EFFECTIVE Manychat Landing Pages


    • 25.

      Capture More Sales With The 'Product Promo' Flow


    • 26.

      The ONLY Links You Should Be Using With Manychat!


    • 27.

      How To Trick Amazon's Algorithm To Get What You Want


    • 28.

      LAST STEP!


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About This Class

★★★ Gain INSTANT Access To 5 PROVEN, Copy & Paste Manychat Flows AND In-Depth Tutorials On How to Use Them SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED For Amazon Sellers That Can SKYROCKET Your Reviews, Rank & Purchases! ★★★

(EVEN IF you have no idea what the heck “Manychat flows” or “chatbots” are.)

Did you know over 1,000,000 new Sellers have joined Amazon this year alone?

And that number goes up every single day.

Amazon has NEVER been more competitive than it is right now and many Sellers have no idea how to adapt which can leave you trampled in the dust with less reviews and sales than your competitors!

Luckily there is a solution to not only surviving but DOMINATING your market with ease to join the top 1% of Amazon Sellers by tapping into the INSANE power of Manychat & Facebook Messenger Marketing!

Let me introduce you to the Manychat For Amazon Mastery Masterclass.

By the end of this class you are going to MASTER Manychat for Amazon and….

  • Save HOURS of time & stress by effortlessly copy & pasting proven, pre-built Manychat templates & Manychat sequences into your very own account in just 3 clicks! (Lecture 3)

  • “Manychat”, “chatbots”, “Facebook Messenger marketing” and other confusing terms DEMYSTIFIED through clear, concise, & thorough tutorials so you can LITERALLY go from complete beginner to expert TODAY.

  • Build a list of RAVING FANS so you never worry about product launches again! (Lecture 26)

  • FLOOD your Amazon listing with more reviews WHILE YOU SLEEP! (Lecture 18)

  • BEST & EASIEST way to set up Facebook ads using Manychat step-by-step. (Lecture 16)

  • Make the “24 Hour Rule” irrelevant by EASILY integrating email with ALL of your Manychat flows. (Lecture 17)

  • EFFORTLESSLY sync Google Sheets with Manychat to automatically capture vital customer data so you don’t have to waste any more valuable time! (Lecture 13)

  • FREE, stunning QR codes that build your brand and get reviews in as little as 9 minutes. (Lecture 20)

What gives me (Sumner) a single ounce of credibility to teach this topic?

As an Amazon Seller myself as well as a Certified Manychat Agency Partner, I know EXACTLY what it takes to not just survive but THRIVE and dominate the Amazon marketplace using Manychat + Facebook Messenger Marketing and I’ve helped HUNDREDS of other sellers do the exact same by providing easy-to-follow, copy & paste templates that can SKYROCKET reviews, rank, and purchases.

But don’t just take my word for it!

Here are just a few raving fans of the Manychat For Amazon Mastery Course…

★★★★★ “Great course as it provides the exact info I was looking for to re-launch my Amazon product! This course is the future of Amazon marketing as it automates the launch and helps to improve ranking and review counts from the Manychat flows provided in the course. Highly recommended!” - Sunil C

★★★★★ “Easy to follow. Kept things simple and had great real-life examples for each stage. Really helpful, thanks.” - Chris M

★★★★★ “Not too deep but enough where you can go from 0 to integrating many chat launches for FBA (which should be the goal)” - Urirahimi R

★★★★★ “This was a great course, especially for beginners. Sumner really walks you through step by step. I also loved the you can just download most of the Manychat flows and customize them to your liking. That alone saved me a ton of time. 5 stars”- Loreana F

★★★★★ “Really nice course. The videos are very clear and perfect for my needs. Great work!” - Daniel S

★★★★★ “Very good information, I tried to do it the JSON way and it kept bugging. This is so useful!!” - Andrei

★★★★★ “Lots of good stuff, Sumner doesn't hold back and provides a ton of value!” - Gonen T

★★★★★ “Sumner's a fantastic teacher - he really breaks things down in a thorough, easy to follow way. I've subscribed to the other courses around Amazon selling, I'd recommend them all!” - Nathan M

The content of this class is going to give you INSTANT access To 6 PROVEN, 2024 copy & paste Manychat flows AND in-depth tutorials on how to use them SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED for Amazon Sellers that can SKYROCKET your reviews, rank & conversions in just MINUTES, EVEN IF you have no clue what “Manychat bots” or “Facebook Messenger bots are”.

ZERO RISK: If even just the first few videos of this course don't have a profound impact on your Amazon business all you have to do is quit watching and all you've "lost" are a few minutes of time.

You literally have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

START WATCHING NOW and effortlessly soar past your competition to join the top 1% of Amazon Sellers today.

I look forward to seeing you inside :)

- Sumner

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sumner Hobart

7-Figure E-Commerce Entrepreneur


Hello and welcome to my profile!


Im so glad to have you here :)


My name is Sumner. I’m a serial entrepreneur who has generated over $1,000,000.00 in sales of my own products across a wide range of platforms including Amazon FBA, Etsy, Walmart, Pinterest, YouTube and more.


I’ve taken all of the life-changing business, eCommerce, and marketing knowledge that has completely transformed my life from a depressed college graduate to a thrill-seeking digital nomad and business owner in the form of in-depth and affordable classes here on Skillshare.


I’ve been blessed to be one o... See full profile

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1. Is This Class Right For You?: Hello and welcome to the ManyChat mastery class for Amazon sellers. Hi, my name is Sandra Hobart. I'm a full-time Amazon seller and certified ManyChat agency partner. And I've had the great opportunity of helping literally hundreds of Amazon sellers simplify ManyChat in chat bot marketing in order to generate significantly more reviews, increase rank, and so much more. And I'm here to help you do the exact same in this class, you're going to gain six of my proven pre-built ManyChat templates for 100% free ManyChat and Facebook Messenger about, explained and simplified how to skyrocket reviews and your Facebook Messenger list with the product insert flow, how to get more sales every single month while growing your list with the lead magnet flow. How to rank and get more reviews for brand new Amazon products with the auto SSB 2 flow, little-known hacks to setting up ManyChat Facebook ads the right way, and so much more. All resources mentioned throughout the lectures can be found in the project and resources section. This class, if you have any questions about any of the course material, let us know in the discussion section of this class and we'll get back to you with answers as soon as we can. And lastly, once you get a feel for the class material, we would greatly appreciate your honest feedback here on Skillshare and we're really excited to have you. We're here to help you as much as we can along this exciting journey ahead. And let's go ahead and get to the first video. 2. "Manychat", "Facebook Messenger", "Chatbots"...what the heck is this stuff?: in this video, I'm gonna briefly cover Manning chat and Facebook Messenger's what messengers are all that on really quickly and can show you how powerful important this is. So even if you're just getting started or already feel like you have some experience, this could be very important, especially at the end. And I'll try to keep everything concise and also informative. So getting into this before we understand what messenger bots are, we need to understand what messengers are right. So what's most commonly known is Facebook messenger, right? But there are many different messaging platforms, including we chat WhatsApp, Instagram, even linked in messaging, right and basically, and this is how I understand it. How I like to describe it is messenger platforms are a lot like texting right there, kind of like APS for texting. Okay, And you may think, Well, why is that important? How is that relevant at all? Well, it's a way to interact and communicate with your customers, okay? And there's some very, very innovative ways you can do that. So in one way it's like texting another way. It's like email, right? Like email marketing. I'm sure you white significantly better especially right now, then email marketing and why messengers, truly, I truly believe are the future are definitely part of the future of marketing with communication. All right, so that's what a messenger is in. Manny Chat is a specifically a Facebook messenger, but Okay, So what is about, what is what is making chat? What is this? I get what messengers are. And Teoh kind of explain this. I have this little kind of video that kind of show you how this works. And this will make a lot more sense when you see some of the flows you'll pick up on it really, really quickly. But basically, you create these pre defined flows. Okay, These pre defined messaging sequences. So an example could be your You're giving a rebate on your product in order to launch a product. This is one of many examples. Okay, so maybe I'll say you're running Facebook ads to an audience. Okay, So you're running facebook ads. People are scrolling through Facebook. They see your ad. They click on your ad on that takes them into this sequence, this message or sequence that you've already built. So what do you have already built What does that mean? So there may be abutment Says, Are you Are you ready for your rebate? Yes or no? They click either yes or no, right. If they say no takes him the one thing that takes into a message that will say something like no worries. Let us know if you're interested in future. Even click here. Boom. Overblown, right? They say yes. That may take them to say All right. Also, in order to get to read a do X, y and Z okay, And then they do X, Y and z right then, another message policy was that great? You know what your pay Palin For info, they take the PayPal info that PayPal info is automatically sent to a Google sheet and I'll show you how to do that again. And that's just one of many. And then maybe later you can even follow up with them and ask for a review right And ask that they be willing to review product all automated. So, you know, the baht knows. Okay, this person clicked on this button to buy the product on Amazon, so I know that they bought the product. So we're gonna follow up nine days later, or 14 days later, or never and ask for a review. And then it's going to say something like, How is your experience Great, Not great. If it was great. Hey, would you like mining? Leave us a review If it's not great, you know it's center right and that I'm just making that up. Don't actually copy that, because that could be a gray area within us, but and that's basically how it works, right? Pre defined flow, a pre defined sequence and you could reach out to an email list to get people into that sequence. You can run Facebook ads to get people in that sequence. You can share it on social media like Facebook Post or on LinkedIn or Instagram or in the YouTube description section. Ah, lot of ways to basically get get people into this flow, OK, and then once they're in there, basically it's a machine. It's a robot kind of a robot that will that can ultimately save you time and making money, and I'm gonna show you guys it'll make more sense. We look at specific sequences, but that's the overview, so hopefully it's helpful to check out the next slide so we know what messengers are. And now we know what bots are. Lie specifically, Manage that. And why Specifically, Facebook messenger. Right when we said there's so many options. Well, Facebook messenger has 1.3 billion active users with eight billion messages sent per month between businesses and customers. Okay, Um so basically, just like launching products on Amazon were tapping into traffic into a community that already exists and leveraging that to ultimately profit. The same thing is true with Facebook messenger and basically the best tool. The best way to tap in to that community is using manage chat, manage. That is basically what we're gonna be using to kind of create and craft Facebook messenger sequences. Right? That's why we're choosing Facebook messenger specifically, although I absolutely believe and I know that there will be huge developments and some of those other messaging platforms that I mentioned earlier. Okay, but for now, this is where the opportunity is on the greatest and lastly again, as promised, something that really blew my mind. This is truly incredible. And this does hold up. This holds up with my own testing as well So for the longest time, right? Whatever. You referred to a list in marketing, people would often you would kind of referring to an email list. Or that's what people usually think. Now you can build what's called a Facebook messenger list, right? Basically, people who opt in who subscribe to your sequence, right? So, for example, you could have a piece of content. Hey, if you want this piece of content, click here they click and then it takes him to your to your Facebook messenger sequence. Right? You're maybe shot sequence. And in there you give them the guide and in return, right now, they're subscribed. Okay, so now they're subscriber, right? With the email. I'm sure you've seen that before on a website. Hey, want more? You subscribe to your newsletter, right? And you enter your name and your email. Now you're subscribe to the email, right? So just like you have email subscribers, you have main area Facebook messenger subscribers or also called Mantex subscribers. I kind of use them interchangeably on. And there's a pretty powerful things are ways that Facebook Messenger compares to email, which again, this is this is why we're using this white so powerful, especially for people who are brand new to this. Okay, Like like I was. So with email, you can expect an average open rate of a little less and 16%. With Facebook Messenger, you can expect an open rate between 80 to 90%. It could even be higher than that, right? Even you have 70% would be extraordinarily higher than a 16% with email. Okay, so that's number one. Number two CTR. I see sharp first to click through rate. So basically, when he sent out a message right, we can expect with email, 16 people toe actually open it. We can expect with Facebook Messenger at least 80% on average to open that message, right? That's already powerful. But that in that right, maybe let's say you have a link to your Facebook group. You have a link to your Amazon product, right? You have a link to something. You want to get people to click on that link and taken action Well, with email, you can expect about 2% to take action to actually click right CTR. That's click through rate, so it's actually click on the link that you're providing where with a Facebook messenger? That's anywhere from 20 to 40% or more. I've had I'm actually cases where it's been significantly higher than 40% which is powerful . So with all that being said, OK, if you have an email list of 1000 subscribers and you have a Manny chat list or Facebook Messenger list with 1000 subscribers right, the exact same number of subscribers you can expect when you send out a promotional you could send out any kind of a message that you send out a message. Your subscribers. You can expect to get four clicks with female on average, where you can expect 160 clicks with Facebook Messenger and using management. That's how powerful this is. So think about how much work and money and time and effort you have to put toward building your email list. Okay, versus how much time, money and effort you can put toward building a Facebook messenger list. You can get a lot more results in a lot better results with a lot fewer subscribers. That's the that's one of the beauties of this, and there's also some functionality that I'm gonna kind of dive deeper. That's not completely the same with email. That's a little bit that we can kind of use basically some greater kind of functionality, which I'm gonna talk about more in this course, but really exciting, really powerful stuff. I hope you guys were excited cause I know I am eso with all this being said, let's go ahead and actually get into it and we start building our first flow. 3. IMPORTANT - Manychat March 4, 2020 Update!: I want to make you aware of a very, very important update that has been made to be faced with messenger platform that will absolutely impact your manning chat flows. And I've just completely finished as of the making of this video went through and just completely redone almost every single video in this course, every single flow available to be fully compliant and updated with this policy change. And that policy change is that as of january 15th 2000 and 20 there is no more 24 plus one rule. Now, for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, basically there is a rule that Facebook messenger has or ever had, where you could send promotional content. Okay, so somebody interacts with your flow, somebody interacts with your body. And by the way, if you're branded a man shot is gonna make sense later down the road. So don't freak out. Just take this with a grain of salt. It'll make more sense later. But when somebody engages with your flow, are engages with your with your facebook messenger, which could be you know, someone sees your facebook page, they message you. Hey, how late Are you open right or what? Other products you have available, Whatever that maybe you had 24 hours ah, window of 24 hours to respond to them with any type of message, including promotional content. And plus the plus one means that you could also send one piece of promotional content after that 24 hour period. Okay, so let's put this in the context of Amazon, FDA and Amazon sellers. In this course, I provide a product insert flow you used to be able to write, basically get people to scan a code. They would scan the code. They would get some free stuff so I could be free. Infographic o R. Video guide Maybe it's a 15% off coupon code, a warranty, whatever it may be registered. Some free stop. It's free to you. It's free to them highly, highly valuable. And then you follow up seven days, 14 days or 21 days later, asking them to leave an honest review just saying, Hey, would you mind leaving a review on Amazon, which is totally with in terms of service in terms of Amazon's terms of service, so used to be able to do that Because you could remember, you could you could follow it within 24 hours, plus one more time. So if you want to follow up a year from now, right, you potentially could have done that. I guess, if you want to, which would make sense. But But now you're only limited to that 24 hour window. Okay, see how that makes sense. If you have questions about this, let me know. But essentially, what that means is, if you want to ask for that review, at least within Facebook messenger, it has to be done. Within the last 24 hours. Somebody has has interacted with your body. So for example, so you can't, you know, follow up one week or 14 days later because that's not 24 hours, right? That's that's many, many, many more hours in 24. So that is called if you haven't already, this is definitely causing some some ruckus in the community. Because any time people need to adapt, a lot of people just freak out. Just quit. Which leaves awesome opportunity for us who are staying here. So, yes, there is some limited mobility within Facebook messenger, But you have to think about it like this, right? There are two sets of chimpanzees. Bear with me. There are two sets of chimpanzees. There's one with that has one has to bananas and one has zero bananas. OK, One group of chimpanzees. The researchers took away one banana in the other group. They gave the other group one banana. So So Originally one group had two bananas, one drip at zero bananas. Now both groups have one bananas, right. They have the exact same thing. But guess what? One group, the one that got the banana taken away from them were angry, so angry and upset. And the other chimpanzee group were so happy because they got a banana. That's how it promises ties in this. How do you think about Facebook? Messenger? Yes, Facebook Messenger may not have been is great in terms of the mobility and functionally as it was before. But it's still a phenomenal opportunity. And I promise I'm gonna prove that to you. I'm still using it myself. If it wasn't, I wouldn't use it myself. Obviously, Facebook would make all these changes and then it be completely obsolete. Facebook wants to make money to and once wants us to be useful. It's not advantageous for them. But this is a really, really great opportunity and should absolute look at it as an opportunity, because that's exactly what this is. I'm gonna show you how it's still worth it, and in ways that could even be more worth it than before with all of the flows that have updated. So I just want to make you very aware of that. It z one of most important changes I've see you in a while come to the platform, which is why I made a whole video dedicated to that and even went into a chimpanzee example . Teoh try to highlight that. So, yeah, you have to any kind of promotional content. That's like asking for a product review giving a coupon code things like that. All that needs to be done within 24 hour window, but some work arounds. I'm going to show you some work arounds. You can use very inexpensive paid messages through Facebook retargeting ads. You can also for free use email that's a newish feature within Manning. Chat at least of the making of this video that where you can actually email is very easily integrated with man chat, and you can send e mails from Manny Chat So you can actually said that you can collect emails and then send emails at any time because the email exists outside of the messenger policy platform. Right? Because it's not a Facebook message. It's an email. Okay, so they're absolutely workarounds. It's a really great opportunity. I just wanted to let you know, very aware of that. You can read all the details for yourself, which I would highly encourage, but yeah, this is a very important update. Uh, read for yourself. If you have questions, let me know. And let's go ahead and get into the first video. 4. Manychat Walkthrough Overview: in this module. I'm gonna be showing you an overview of all the functionality that you have with your mani chat account. So essentially, I'm gonna be covering each section and pretty much each video here they see on the sidebar of your main shot account. Now, if you don't really have a major account, this would be the time to get one. It is you get the free version to start off with, then kind of learned through some of these videos and see how you would use mainly chatters . Hopefully see the value. If you don't already in manning chat. And then from there you will need to upgrade to the pro version, which is currently on Lee. $10 a month. Even if it doubled or quadrupled, that would still be worth it. It's honestly 10 best dollars I've ever spent every month. No, I'm not affiliated with many child. I just love using the tool. I don't make any money, you know, promoting them or anything like that just to let you know, um and it's very, very valuable. But again, you can kind of wait to see the value first before buying, but I will let you know that you will need a pro main shot account to be able to use some of the tools and functionality in the way that it's used. But there is a lot of great things you do with the free version. So go and do that. If you have already upgraded pro, and then your account will look something like this. Now, um, maybe chat and Amazon and in many things, right? Anything on the Internet changes relatively frequently. So your dashboard and some of the things that I cover now you know, some of the flows that I cover. Just all the future content may not look 100% exactly the same as what, your dashboard or what your account may look like. And that's fine. Okay, any major update, I'm gonna do my best to re record, you know, completely, you know, let you guys know on any future update. But anything kind of minor either aesthetic or really minor, small functionality that that really isn't may be worth updating an entire course for, you know, just keep that in mind. It may look a little bit different, but no big deal. Make sure I I alert you for anything. Any major changes, which actually why? I'm re recording a lot of videos at this moment, right? So with all that being said, Okay, let's go ahead and get into in this video. I'm gonna cover briefly the dashboard, the audience and the live chat section. Those are the top three that you see here. So we'll start off in the dashboard section again. This will look something. Once you sign up for an account, this will be the default page. Really? Honestly, I don't spend a lot of time here. It just gives you some high level I'm statistic information. So, you know, we can kind of see active subscribers over time or we increasing, decreasing, etcetera. We can see that you quickly see this total subscribes unsubscribed, etcetera for any given day or time. Period. Scroll down a little bit. Not too far. I don't want to give you guys all of the data, but I mean, see other information such as active subscribers, language, gender at several. Okay, so just very overview. If you want that data, this is a great place to kind of go in quickly. Access that on an overview, But again, don't spend a lot of time. Here s Oh, but I do want to kind of briefly cover it. So that's number one. Number two is the audience section, which can access over here on the left hand side. We're gonna go ahead and click audience. Okay, so we're here in the audience section and I've blurred out. I'm not. It's not blurred right now, but I will blurt this out by the time you're watching. This is not to give away sensitive information. But here you can see kind of a little bit more deeper information on a more granular lower level than we were on the dashboard of your audience Name gender status. When they subscribed, you can see different tags. So you'll learn about this a little bit later when we start covering flows. But basically, as someone you know, they're gonna you know, basically get into your sequence or look at your sequence of your flow and they're gonna pick you Yes or no if they pick. Yes, you know, then we tagged them with a certain tag. If there know that we take them with something else, etcetera, etcetera. And they could be involved in multiple flows, so tags are kind of one way of organizing and again I'll show you how that works later. Right now, you don't really need to know that as much. This just where your audience will be kept. We go over here to the filter sections, I'm gonna click filter. You can select certain conditions to filter by. So this could be useful if you maybe you want to unsubscribe certain types of people or certain tag certain specific individuals, right? That maybe for whatever reason, to want to unsubscribe them from your bought or from a specific sequence you can do that in order to find them instead of just scrolling through and sifting through you quickly just filter and find them, uh, relatively quickly so you can filter people by tag, which we'll cover later, along with a whole host of other things like gender, their location, language, time zone, their name, etcetera, really easy to kind of find. And you can exclude on another thing that you can do in this action and one of the most popular one of the most powerful okay, is creating a Facebook custom audience. Okay, so you can take your mani chat audience or your Facebook messenger audience, and you can create a custom audience on Facebook. So what if you're not already familiar? Essentially, you can create a custom audience on, and you can basically run Facebook ads to this audience. Okay, so that would be known as retargeting ads because they've already kind of engaged with you . And then you're kind of retargeting them right with a Facebook ad on. And the way you do that is by creating custom audience. So you create a custom audience that allows you re target. We could also do with that custom audience, which I'll show you in just a second. Actually have a video on this specifically. So don't worry if you have questions about it, I'm gonna be covering that. But what you can do is create what's called a lookalike audience. So essentially you have your custom audience, which is made up of a certain members. You can create what look like that is an audience that looks like that has similar characteristics statistically to your current audience. So, for example, if you have, if you have this huge list of customers, right, a man shot list of customers. Well, you create a lookalike audience, you can target new people who are highly likely to become one of your customers. Okay, so that's that's how this really it's very, very powerful in the way that you will do that is go over here to balk actions. All right, scroll down and you can actually export P s I d s okay. And gonna have a whole video on this. But you would export this, and they would upload this and your Facebook ads manager to create the custom audience. Okay, this is one of most popular features, one of the most powerful. So that's why I want to highlight this specifically. But again, you can, you know, select individual or a group of people remove a specific tag. You can subscribe them to a sequence unsubscribe set a custom field. You didn t that here, which again we're gonna you know, this will make more sense as we go on. And then lastly, in this video so it doesn't get too long. Is the live chats. We'll go ahead and click on live chat. All right? And right now I have zero open live chats Essentially, if you were kind of initiating conversation with someone who's interacting with your Facebook page right or with your your messenger bought, you can see the conversation right here and just the way to kind of respond to them in your main shot accounts. You don't have to like, you know, you open up a new tab, go to Facebook Messenger and communicate that way and then come back. I don't use this too often again. These top three. I don't use them too. Too often. Audience. I will use that again for mainly for custom audiences. Or maybe if I need to tweak things a little bit. But overall, you know these air pry a little bit of the less used sections, but so important to cover on. And that premise concludes this video. If you have any questions, anything that I missed that you'd like me to cover from now and on through the rest. Of course, please let me know in the Q and a section below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. So that concludes this video. Let's go ahead and get into the next one 5. Growth Tools - How People Get Into Your Flows: In this video, I'm going to briefly describe many chat growth tools. So if you login to your mini chat account, you'll see that on the left-hand side, if you scroll down, you'll see a section for growth tools. Now, when people think of chatbots are many chat and most people think about many chat flows. Many of which these flows have already pre-built for you, okay? So flows are basically asking a customer or subscribe or I should say question of, would you like this yes or no, entering your email? If they enter the email than this happens, if not than this happens in all that, right, that kinda pre-built flow which we're gonna get into, okay? But the way that someone like a subscriber goes from, you know, whatever they're doing to ultimately being subscribed in enrolling in and being active in your flow. That connector between the person and the flow is a growth tool. Okay? So if you click on the growth Tools section here you can see all of your growth tools in this case, these are all my own personal growth tools. And you can see that there's literally dozens and dozens because I'm always testing and free to create a new growth tool. What you'll do is go to the top right hand corner, click on new growth tool. And again, keep in mind in this course I have created many flows and growth tools for you already. But if you would like to kind of experiment, which I definitely encourage you to do. And if you have different objectives, maybe even for your own website or things like that. Here's how you can kind of find the growth tools and create your own, which is very, very easy to do. So first, we have all these different kinds of growth Tools. And you basically select which growth tools best for your objective. So they're different goes tools for different objectives. Here we have overlay widgets. So these are basically you can have a bar, a slide in kinda module, Facebook modal or page takeover kinda form for your website. So you can basically sink many shout with the website. Right now I don't have any content about this specifically, but I may be working on some things for sharp five since this is right now for Amazon. But just something to keep in mind if you do have a website and we'd like to get people to opt into your flows. Here's a way of getting people on your website to then get into your many chat flows. Again, growth tools are at the connector between basically turning a person from whatever they're doing into a subscriber, into your flows. Okay? And that's how it works, right? So in this case, number one, it's the website. Number two, it's also the website. Or other places you can make these widgets so that are kind of these embeddable buttons or a box. So you can take this basically code or embed this on different pages on your website as well. Or wherever. I get a little bit more advanced and may have some more content in the future. But the majority growth tools and some of the easier ones kinda get started with are these other growth tools down here. And this is what I personally use with the majority of my Amazon business and all my other non Amazon businesses. And what we'll be covering most of the course. So number one, we have landing page. This growth tool is basically where you can create a simple one-page website, or also known as a landing page, where you can offer, for example, a 10% off coupon code for your Amazon products. Then basically someone who's kinda enter into your flow in order to get that 10% off coupon code, okay? Or you can give a free guide in return again for them, opting in the flow may be giving their email or whatever it might be. So that's a landing page, a one-page website. Number two, we have the Facebook reference URL. This is basically, and I use this a lot if you ever want to send a link to get people in your flow, this is what you would use. So this is basically just a link. You create a unique link, someone clicks on that link. That's what gets them into the flow. Ok, here we have Facebook comments, which this watch would be removed soon and replaced with Facebook comments 2. Based on my own experience so far in research, so far, these are a little bit glitchy, so I don't have as much content about this yet. I'm, I'm I'm kind of working on something maybe, but I don't really see a huge need for this right now, however, definitely worth kinda testing out if it makes sense for your goals. But what you can do is you can have a Facebook post and have people comment a specific term, phrase or whatever in your Facebook comments on this post. And that can optimize into your growth tool, okay, or into your flow. That's the growth to that oxygen into the flow. Next we have Facebook ads, JSON. So this is specifically designed to wear on if you want to run Facebook ads and then connect your Facebook ad to your many chat flow. This is how you would do it. Basically, what you'll do is you'll create the growth tool and I can actually just quickly do that right here. I'll just use an overview and I'll show you, oh, go more in depth into each of these where it makes sense when we discussed the corresponding flow. So you could create ads in many chat itself, which I recommend it's easier to do. It's, it's, I find a lot less erroneous. So I prefer this where I create Facebook ads in many chat instead of going to ads manager. But otherwise you could proceed with JSON growth tool. Go ahead and create that. Okay, and then if we look at the setup here, so basically what we do is we just so we have the growth tool here. We can rename it, and then we can replace the, the existing flow with whatever flow that we have. So we can just, this is where we replace button, put whatever flow you want to connect to your Facebook ad. This is where you would kinda connect the flow. And once that's done, you name it, you connect the right flow. Then the setup here, we copy to clipboard. We're going to copy this. And then we're gonna paste it into our Facebook ad creative section of our Facebook ads and Facebook ads manager. And I'll actually show you how to do that. If setting up Facebook ads in many Chet doesn't work later down the road, but that's just kind of what it is and how it works. It just as big bunch of code that's automatically generated, you copy the code, paste it. Honestly not that difficult, but a little bit more advanced and I'll talk a little bit more about that in future videos. Ok, so we're almost done. Let me just go back a couple more. If it allows me. There we go. Hopefully it. Okay. So we have JSON. Next we have QR code. So I don't usually like using many chats QR code Growth tool because it's not as pretty, it's a little bit less customizable, but it is simple and easy to use, so it's definitely an option. What I recommend and I'll discuss this later on in the course, is I prefer creating my own custom QR code, which is free to do, and it's highly customizable so I can make it look and pop a lot more to where when someone, basically, for example, if I have an Amazon product insert or kind of like a thank you card, I can basically say, hey, status code with your phone to get this free guide to get a 60 day warranty, to get 15% off your next purchase or whatever it might be. I could use many chat or I could use my own custom, which is much more kind of appealing. I can customize it more. I can put my own branding in there. And that's what I prefer over this, but this was a little bit easier to use. That's kind of the benefit. Okay. So if you want to know where it is, this is where it is. We have customer chat. This is for an hour. We'll be testing with this actually right now it'll have enough traffic yet to my new site to really have some statistical significance. But you can't embed this customer chat widget on your website for frequently asked questions too, where people can kinda communicate with your BOD. Specifically would frequently asked questions. Maybe it's about, you know, you have a Shopify site, maybe you want to, you know, a lot of people ask about shipping, about promotion, details about whatever it might be. You can use the customer chat to kind of automate some of that, which is really powerful. And that legacy currently testing with, although it is outside of Amazon. And then lastly is the checkbox. I think this is a little bit newer. I've never used this. I haven't yet had really a need to use it. But if I do you ever find a need, then I will, of course, update the course and get a little bit more broad and I haven't used it. I'm not too familiar with it because they haven't had her need for it. So these are the kinda again, these are the majority of the growth tools that we'll be covering is kinda right here in this section. But in case for whatever your specific objective is with your business and you want to kind of play around and expand a little bit within many chat. Here's where you can find all the corresponding growth tool. So I hope it makes sense. Of course, if you have any questions, general questions, or specific questions about your business, you know, I'm here to help. So it can be clarity on anything. Let me know in the Q and a section, I will get back to you as soon as I can and without further ado, let's go ahead and get into the next video. 6. Manychat Automation - Results While You Sleep: So now we're going to look at the automations tab. So long back into your many chat dashboard. If you haven't already, your scroll over on left-hand side down to this little kind of nucleus over here, which is the automation tab. Okay? And within automation we have four sections, at least as of right now. And many chat is constantly updating. So it maybe in a different place by the time you watch this video. But right now we have flows, keywords, sequences, and rules in the automation tab, and I'll briefly cover what each of these are. So number one, flows, this is what we are going to be diving in a lot deeper in future videos, which will make a lot more sense. But these are these automated, you know, basically sequences these automated kind of maps that you build out. And then you get people to come into these maps and kind of self segment themselves out. So asking them questions like provide your email, you know, yes or no, if they do provide their emailed and they get this sequence, if not going to get these sequence, and so on, right? So that's what flows are. And we're gonna go ahead and do a lot more detail, sorted a lifeblood. And what most people think about when they think about many chat is many chat flows. Ok, so this is, we're going to find your many chat flows. Next, we have keywords. This one's actually really cool, and I'll go ahead and click on that now. So with keywords, what you can do is when someone messages your Facebook page that's associated with your many chat account, and that message contains a very specific keyword or specific set of keywords, then you can send them an automated follow-up message or even automatically send a message to enroll in your flow. Okay, so a really simple example is, so here we have if someone messages your Facebook page that says stop or unsubscribe, well then what happens is we send them a message for a given the option to unsubscribe from them bought. Or what we could also do is just automatically unsubscribed them. So we need to give them a message asking them, hey, would you like to unsubscribe from our bot? Or you can just automatically on unsubscribe them, whatever is up to you, but really simple. Another one here we go is when someone messages your Facebook page and they say, Thank you, thanks. Thanks. You know, all the different versions of Thank You or Thanks. Then you can send an automated message back to them that says thank you as well, right? I get really, really simple. And how you can build your own custom is what you do is you click on new keyword, okay? So you can either say the message is exactly this or the message, and I usually use this one that message contains and then whatever keyword. Okay. And then once you do that, you can, you can, my head's covering it right now, but you can send them a specific message. So it can either just be a default reply like thanks or awesome or good. Or you can send a message that says something like awesome. It sounds like you're interested in X, Y, and Z. Are you interested in this? Yes or no? And if they say yes, then you can enroll them into your flow. And if not, then say No worries me anything, let me know. Okay, so pretty straight forward, right? If someone messages you with certain keywords in their message, then they get a certain message back to them. That's all. It is really simple. And depending on your objectives, that could be, for certain sellers that might be more advantageous than others. But I do covered this in a little bit of detail because there's a few places that I do use keywords with my own page, which I'll cover later in the course, but that's where you can find keywords really cool. Definitely makes sense for, especially for frequently asked questions. This could be a really good area for you to utilize. Next we have sequences. So sequences are very similar to flows. They don't look the same when you're designing them, but they ultimately function very, very, very similarly. So you can think of sequences is just a different version of flows. And you may be thinking, OK, well then what's the point of having them when I mainly use them for and what kinda makes the most sense for me is for most of the flows that I've created. Those are within the Facebook Messenger kinda chat bot, right? So people interact with that through Facebook Messenger. And then what happens or what I can do is, for example, if someone gives me their email it, let's say I have a product inserts on my Amazon customers stands by product insert or clicks a link. They get into my flow and they start interacting with my flow and then they give me their email. What I can do is whenever an Amazon customer gives me their email in one of my many chat flows, or I should say, you know, one of my Facebook Messenger flows. Then what I can do is I can have a rule to where once they give me the email, they get sent an automated email sequence. Ok, so and we'll go more in detail on sequences in this specific sequences that I use for my own Amazon business and that I teach here in the course. We'll go into more detail about that. But yeah, so you can just kinda create a And I'll just kinda show you a pre-built sequence. So we'll just do like example just as a quick overview cranium message. So here we go. We can say we can wait a certain amount of time. It can be a day. It can be immediately. Right. So immediately there we go. Immediately at a certain, you know, certain time intervals from eight and to 22 on any day or specific days or whatever, right. So we can save to wear it when someone gives you neither email in the flow, boom, they get sent to the sequence. The sequence starts, you know, either, you know, immediately when they give you the email a day after they give me the e-mail 14 days or whatever. And then we go ahead and we either select it, select an existing flow to use for a sequence, or we can create a new kind of flow or a new sequence from scratch. And again, usually when I usually create new, It'll have usually like an email sequence. So it might just be one email to emails, whatever it might be, but it's an automated email sequence. And yes, you can't send emails through many chat. So many chat works with Facebook Messenger marketing, with email marketing. And actually, another no sign-up to keep in mind is soon they may be rolling out Instagram, messenger marketing and WhatsApp Messenger marketing, which would be really crazy. And I'm really excited for that because all, all create more content once I kinda gets rolled out. So hopefully that makes sense. You have questions, let me know, but it'll make more sense once we actually, you actually see the sequences that I've built out here in this course. But like I said, just to restate, I'll usually have Facebook Messenger flow when someone, for example, gives me their email or they get a certain tag applied throughout the flow, then they're automatically sent to one of the sequences that goes. And usually I uses for email sequences. So hopefully that makes sense. Bugs that if you have questions, let me know. And then lastly, really simply our rules, okay? With rules. Rules are the glue or rules or the connector between your flows and your sequences, as well as other actions as well. It's not just limited to that. So basically, what a rule does is, let's say you have your mini chat flow built out, your Facebook Messenger flow, it's built out, good, it's ready to go. You have your email sequence built out. It's ready to go. Great. Well, how do you connect the sequence with the many chat flow? You connect them using a rule, okay? And rule is really, really easy to understand. So basically, ok. We have a trigger and an action. Okay? Trigger is when this actually, it says right here, when this action happens, then these actions take place. Okay? An example of a trigger could be when a specific tag is applying, it'll ask me to enter the tag. So when someone's in my memory chat flow and they get a certain tag, then I can, for example, I could subscribe them to a sequence. I could remove the tag, I could notify admins, for example, let's say that someone, I ask someone, Hey, how do you like your Amazon product? And they're like, hey, I had a terrible experience, right? And they get tagged terrible experience or negative experience. Okay. Once anyone gets tagged with negative experience, I can have a rule set up to where the note the admins of the page are notified because then I want to personally deal with that negative customer to where they hopefully don't leave me negative review and give them the best customer service that I can. That's just a random example, but there's a lot of things you can got to play around with this. I have direct specific examples for the flows and sequences and the rules and everything else here in the course, which will make more sense when we go through that. But just for reference, if you want to go back and kind of play around and create your own rules, sequences, flows, keyword triggers, all of that. That's where it can be done as the automation. This is, this is this section here is where I spend the majority of my time. And in the second amount would probably be in the growth tool section followed by the settings. I do a few things here. They're in settings, maybe integrating Google Sheets, integrating mail chimp, integrating Flavio, different integrations and things like that, which we'll get to in the next video. But hopefully that makes sense. All this can be found in the automation flows. This is lifeblood. The, what most people think of when we think of many chat where these pre-built kinda flows are sequences, we have keyword triggers which we already covered, sequences which are very much like flows. I use it more for for email sequences. And you can set certain delays, time delays, you have multiple sequences are just kinda, you know, one sequence and rules are what? They can connect flows with sequences that can notify admins. If you do all these different kind of things that when X happens, then y happens. That's basically what a rule is. And it's really kind of unlimited what you can do with it. So that's where it is. Under automation hopefully makes sense. And then let's go ahead and get into the next video. 7. Real-World Example Manychat Flow: So you may in theory, understand what a man in chat flow or a Facebook messenger float is. We still may be kind of confused about how it actually looks or works in practice. So that's why in this video I'm gonna quickly run through a demo of creating a flow from complete scratch. This is totally an example. So don't just use this again for all my other flows. You just download directly and then edit wherever you want. In this example, I'm just gonna kind of create this from scratch, which you shouldn't have to do at all stages. Much time It's possible, but because you want to hear is kind of how to do it. So go ahead and head over to the flow section of your main strata counters on the left hand side. Click on flows when you're ready, creating flow Just go ahead and create new flow for flow. Name will do. Example of course flow. OK, go ahead and name that right. Every flow needs to begin with a starting step. Okay, so when so again, like I said, people, can you click a link and get to this point, they can, um scan a QR code and get to this point, they can click on Facebook and get to this point. There's a lot of ways to get people, but this is the starting point of your flow. OK, so this is where everyone like when you click the link, it opens Facebook messenger, and this is what opens up. Okay, This this first message. So here we're gonna go ahead and just say, uh, you know, would you like this free thing? Whatever it iss OK, And it will make more sense when you see other flows. But I'm just using a zone example on then really quick, we'd say yes or we can put no pretty straightforward, right? So depending on how people click, right, if you are interested, they're gonna get one message, and we're gonna send them another message. Okay, so they say, yes, we're gonna send them a message. If they say no, we're gonna click down here, we're gonna send them another message. Oh, and by the way, one quick thing if you open up your if you want to create new flow and kind of follow along with what I'm doing, which you definitely don't have to at all. But just because you want Teoh and your screen looks different than my screen, that may be because you're not in the basic area or not in the flow builder form. You're in the basic builder. So right now I'm inflow builder. But what happens if I go to basic Builder? It look something like this, which is really difficult, in my opinion. I don't see anybody else using this. It's really tough to use. So if your screen looks something like this, go to the top right click on Go to Flow Builder and go ahead and do that and that'll kind of fix it or make it look a little bit more like this. Okay, so when someone gets into our flow, it's they get this message. It says, Would you like this free thing? And that's on their Facebook messenger, like on their phone or on their laptop, wherever they're using, they're either going to say yes or no, or they're not gonna respond so off. The people that say yes, we're going to send them another message that says Awesome. Here you go dot, dot, dot OK, and what we can do to make this seem a little bit more natural has add something like a delay. Okay. What that does is it just kind of delays the message by three seconds. So as soon as someone clicks, yes, usually immediately, they will get the message. But because we put in the three second delay, it delays it a little bit. Okay? And we said, Here you go. Um, we wrote that text. We can give it to them. Whatever this is, maybe it's a file. So we we add down here the file option, and then we click on this, and then we upload a file, and this is the file that we'd be giving out to them. Maybe it's also maybe it's a video, right? Maybe it's a video guide or something, and you want to give it to them right in here. Okay. Or maybe it's a link, So maybe you say All right. Here you go. Uh um actually, let's let's say it's like a guide. Awesome. Let's redo this little bit. Click the button below. Click the button below to get your free guide, the exclamation point, and then we have something like, Get my guide. Okay, and then we're gonna open a website, and we're gonna open whenever a website is. Let's see you, W I do not know why my laptop is not working today, but it doesn't matter. He's entering whatever you want. Like that. There we go. Um, So, yeah, so just some different examples of what you can do, you know, because people chose this, then they go here, and this is kind of the basic building block of how this works on. Then, you know, you can send a file, you could send them to a website, right? And then, uh, you know, let's say everyone that clicked and went to this website we're gonna at a tag. Okay, so he gets to go and drag this year. Action. We're going to add a tag. And our tag is going to be, um, interested. Interested in guide. Right. So these people were interested in this guide, okay? And this is really great, and I'll show you how this all plays out later. Okay, So I know it can seem a little bit confusing, but I promise is gonna be helpful. And you're going to realize that it's helpful. Hopefully. So, uh So basically, you can go back through and everyone who has this specific tag, everyone who is interested in your guide, you could segment that audience created custom audience and Facebook. As manager, you can send out a broadcast or specific messaging to those people write. This helps you keep track and organize all of your all of your uhm uhm subscribers. Okay, let's go back to this message, right? Uh, no, I'm not interested. OK, let's see. We'll say, um, let's say Let's do something else actually said upsetting them a message. Let's let's do a user input, okay? Because we have the option off text or user input of many options. But this is just one of the basics as well. Let's interim like we're so sorry. Teoh Here. Um, what can we do to make things right? Okay. And then they can enter in, you know, they can enter a response in here, and we can save that response versus them. Just messaging our page and nothing gets saved. Okay? And then we can add a tag here, right? So everyone who who responds to this they were sad, sad people. That's the tag we're gonna add whatever. Whatever you want, whatever makes the most sense. OK, so these are just some options here, Some other things that we can do it again. This is not gonna make this flow will not make any sense. But it's just, for example, purposes. So right now, as you can see, we're sending when someone clicks on, Yes, they go to this message. But let's do something in between. Let's let's delay it a little bit too and add what's called a smart delay. Okay, so we can wait. Let's say we want to wait for whatever reason, we want to wait two minutes. Okay? We're gonna wait two minutes, and then we want to send this message, okay? And by the way, guys, when things look a little bit messy, go over here to the auto, arrange steps, click on that. It'll kind of help us, uh, space things out, even things out. So now we've updated the flow. Would you like your free thing? Yes or no. People that say yes, they wait at least two minutes, and then they're sent this message, okay? And we do anything we want kind in between here, right? You can do that any of these other steps, right? This is so much functionality. Um, something else we can do right on the starting step. We get automatically at the bottom here, continued to another step. Then, from this step, let's to say let's do something else. I won't make his to too long. I'm not gonna cover every single detail, but I will. But I will cover enough to where you get a good understanding. If you have any questions, let me know if you like this video, let me know about that as well. There seems like a change. Let me know. Eso if the kid addition tag is sad, sad people, we're gonna do something. OK, so let's say let's actually redo this instead. So within no. Here we originally went directly to this message. Let me exit So with No, because this message, we're gonna change that. So now we're gonna tag them. I'm gonna add a tag of sad, sad people, and then we're going to send them this message and said so we can honestly just kind of doing this if we want, because kind of repetitive. But now So? So if the tag, the tag Assad's on people, or if the tag is, was it, I forget what the other one was. Whatever this other tag we just created was interested in whatever okay or the tag is is interests did and guide. Okay, then we're going to take a special action. But first, we have to take this one as well. So that's why it's always important to just a little tip tag every step. So, ad tag, This is going to be Inter interested in guide. Okay. And there we go. So we're gonna do it on the beginning now instead of the end. But I want to add it to the end. Just so I kind of kind of made sense. Then we're gonna arrange. There we go. OK, so people, so think about it. Starting step. People are either going to say yes. No, or they're not going to respond. Okay, so if they say yes, great. We took care of them. If they said no. Great. We took care of them. It didn't respond. We want to care of them too. So, uh, we're not automatically continue if the tag is sad or is is interested in guide, right? If we already tagged them. We're not gonna do anything today, so we leave the green blank. But if they didn't basically, if the the red shows that they didn't respond, so they didn't respond. We're going to have a smart delay of 23 hours. So kind of within that 24 hour mark within 23 hours, we're gonna follow back up. Okay, So which one? We wait 22 hours, then we create a new message that says, um, are you sure you don't want it? Are you sure you don't want it? It's who? There we go. Super cool, Right? And then we can give them the option again. Ah, at a button, we can say. Sure, Um, or we could add a button that says, Leave me alone. All right, then we can add a little, like, angry face. There we go. Leave me alone. Um, and then based on that, right then we can have different and so on and so on. Ok, so a lot of different functionality, but this is just kind of how it works, right? And how you build a basic flow. I'm not going to go into everything. If you have specific questions about certain sections, let me know. But this is a really good kind of building point to go off of just to give you an initial understanding. But we go in a lot more depth, and I'm gonna give you a lot more kind of robust flows than this alone. But but yeah, this hopefully gives you idea. Basically, somebody's given the message and they're given a couple different options, depending on how they act. Then you get sent another message. Eso they say yes to get one message. They say, no. They get one message if they don't say anything at all to get another message, and you can see how this could easily kind of really grow and grow and grow on itself, right? Because you got to keep doing this and keep doing this. And it's kind of like this exponential increase of this kind of almost looks like a Web. Um, but not to fear. It's all very logical. Literally. It's very, very logical. Very kind of common sense stuff, step by step. But it can definitely get overwhelming, Which is why I kind of I don't just give you the flow and then say bye. I kind of walk through it with you on answer any questions that you have. So So this is just generally how to set up a flow just to kind of give you an understanding of how it works yourself questions. Let me know the Q and A section, and let's go ahead and get into the next video. 8. Flows - The Lifeblood Of Manychat: So one of the if not the most important aspect about maybe chat, right? Our Facebook messenger flows or main shop flows right, Creating them, accessing them all of that, right? So you can access all of your flows If you go over the left hand side go and click on the flows section That'll take you to something. Looks like this for me, this is very, very messy. But if you have downloaded any my flows, my templates and you're wondering where are those flows? I'm trying to find it. You can go up here to the go to the flow section, go here to the top kind of center and then you can search, You know, specific keywords. Try to find that flow and you do that relatively easily. You can also create separate folders. So, for example, maybe you're importing from different places. Or maybe each flow has a different purpose. So you can create folders and they just kind of drag and drop different flows that you have into those folders. So it's a really great way to keep all your flows organized. You go back if you like. How I thought I downloaded this flow Where can I find it? It would be in this section and then also, this is where you can create new flows and go and create new flows in the top right hand corner. Very simple. We're definitely gonna be utilizing this section in future videos. When I actually show you step by step, You know how to set up some of these flows or a kind of cover? Something slows. This is this is where the beginning point would be. You could also head over to the growth tool section. To click on growth tools, click on new growth tool on, and then you build out the growth tool first, and then you can go ahead and go right into the flow so you can either create brand new flows here in the flow section, or you can also create new flows in the growth tool section. The only difference is with the flow, you can create the flow separately, create the growth, will separately and then connect them together later. Or you can do them both kind of not at the same time, but sequentially like you know, together. So you could do that in the growth tool section, right? Either way, it doesn't matter at all. I just whatever you whatever you really feel like doing, but just want to clarify that concern people have questions about It s Oh, yeah, that really covers the flow section again. We're gonna be kind of going into more detail all the sections in future videos. If you have questions, let me know the Q and A section. Let's go ahead and get into the next video. 9. Manychat Settings - Integrations, Custom Fields, Templates & More!: So the last quick walkthrough that I wanted to show in your mini chat account are your many chat Facebook ads and settings. So if you log back in to your main chat account, to your Dashboard, go ahead and head over on the left-hand side, going, click on that little Facebook ads icon there. This is where you can actually create faced with ads in your many chat account. Now, in order to create these book ads, you need to have a Facebook ads manager account. And then you need to integrate your Facebook ads manager account with your main chat account, which if it's not already done, then if you get to this page, you won't see this like I have here. And there'll be kinda some instructions for you to connect your account together, okay? And we're going to talk about this more in the future, but just kinda really brief overview. I recommend if you are planning on kinda running Facebook ads utilizing many chat, I generally recommend to set up your Facebook ads in the many chat platform itself, because you can either set of Facebook ads here in many chat or you can set up Facebook ads and Facebook ads manager, which is what most people think of. However, when you're specifically creating Facebook ads integrated with many chat, there, I've noticed that there are certain issues when he tried to set up Facebook ads in Facebook ads manager, create a JSON growth tool, and then copy that growth tool code and then paste it into Ads Manager. I found that there's issues there. It gets a little bit more complicated as well, where it's a little bit more seamless when it's done natively here in many chat from what I found. So if you want to use Facebook ads with many chat, this is the place to go and you know, Facebook ads manager account. So go ahead and create one, sink the accounts together and you'll create the ads right here. And I have a video on this in the course later on. So we'll get into a lot more detail, but just want to give you an overview. And then lastly, Number two is we have the setting section, very important section. You'll be spending a little bit of time in here just kinda getting certain things set up correctly. And just a few things I wanted to point out, but you can go ahead and scroll through all these tabs. I know there's a lot, but there's a few important ones that I want to kind of call out. So first we have the custom fields. So custom fields we'll talk about in more detail later. But basically, this is kind of a way of, of many chat storing data about a specific maybe growth tool that you have, a specific subscriber or set of subscribers or whatever it might be, some custom fields. When I reference this later in the course, this is where you're gonna go, is right here. We have tags. So these are all the tags that you've created, all the tags that I've created. And what you can do here is if you create too many tags, maybe some are redundant. You actually go through and delete some of your tags to kinda clean things up in order to do that you come to the setting section than tags. So that's where it's done. If you want to clean up your tags a little bit, if there's a little bit, maybe too many that are redundant. All right, scrolling down, next, we have payments. Okay, so you can actually begin to accept payments in many chat. I, based on my own research that there's been a lot of issues so far of payments being accepted to main chat. There's certain rules about this. So I haven't currently used this functionality yet just because it's on the issues with it. However, I'm still testing and in the future, I may start integrating payments within my own many chat flows. And if that's the case, then of course, update flows make updates to the course. But something that might be worth checking out or playing around with is here. Next definitely very important is the integrations. Tab. Integrations is basically just as it sounds, you're integrating many chat with different external tools. So for example, I talked about how to set up your Google Sheets account with Manny chat to wear. As people go through your flows, are subscribers kind of go through your flows. There data can be captured and then automatically update it in a Google sheet. So you can just check on the Google sheet every once in a while and you can see the data is being updated, which is really, really powerful and it's great to kind of have that backup of data in case anything goes wrong. So I talk about this later in the course, but Google Sheets is a great integration. Another one, if you have a Shopify site, you can integrate Shopify as well. Club V0, this is an email marketing software that I am using and I've integrated with many chat in my other accounts. You can also integrate Mail Chimp, Xavier, and there's other allot of other integrations as well. But if you want to kind of connect anything with your many chat account, you would do so under settings in the integrations tab, Scrolling down a couple other ones would be billing. And then lastly of importance, we have the installed templates tab. So you go ahead and click on that. Scroll up. And this is where you'll find any many chat templates that you actually download. Okay, so what I've done here in this course, and this is why I kinda call it out in the intro of this course as well as in some of my other videos in the description section, you'll find a link to a many chat template that I've created. That is basically a template that includes all of the flows, rules, sequences, keywords, and every growth tools and everything else that I've created for you, prebuilt, all done for you. It's all there with net one link in the template. And you can kind of go ahead and download. And once you download that template, it'll automatically be added here to this section in your settings section and in all those corresponding elements. For example, growth tools will be added to the growth tool section. Flows will be added to the automation section and so on. Okay, so it's automatically done for you. But if you ever want to go back to the template and just kind of make sure that you're getting everything. It's all there included and just kinda see what's there in the template. You can go to Settings, click on installed templates, and then you can see the template. And in kind of clicking the more detail anywhere here. And these are just three that I've downloaded from myself. Just kind of look at. And that's, those are kinda the most important parts of the setting section. If you have any other questions about this section or anywhere else, let me know in the Q and a section, but should be pretty straightforward. And with that being said, let's go ahead and get into the next video. 10. Templates - How to EASILY Share & Receive Manychat Flows: in this video, we're gonna briefly cover and touch on the templates section. So again you can access the template section, go to Maine, shot, hover over the left hand side all the way down, or almost all the way down to work, says templates. As you can see here and go in and click on that. And it's actually you may be wondering what are templates or where their purpose templates are away in this specific example, I should say of kind of sharing or or receiving a variety of sequences and flows and rules and different things like that. So instead of having to manually go through right. So, for example, in my case, I want as part of this course, you get access to all of the flows, rules, sequences, keywords, settings, all these different kind of functionality. And instead of going through and just one by one having to download those into your main jet account, what I can do is I can take each of those create what's called a main shot template. You can create one yourself if you would want, but again, pride in your case, it would make sense. My case. It does I go and I created template. I basically tell me, and I want this this, this, this and this All these things included in this template that I named the template, and I make it available to download for for everyone who's enrolled in this course and easily just with a few buttons, download and download everything. So it's a way of kind of saving time as well as improving accuracy because you make you now know that you have everything that you need. Um, because there's for example, you may have a flow that has a certain rule, but if you just download the flow, you wouldn't have the rule associated with that. You have to download both separate or create the rule on your own. I should say so. So so it just it makes things a lot simpler, and that's really the purpose for you. But like I said, you know, to create your own template and share it with other people, this could actually be an opportunity. It's not the purpose of this course, but something that you can dio would be. Hey, there's certain businesses that could really benefit. For example, I can already see here restaurants, real estate, coffee shops. I've looked at the commerce side. It's OK. You know, there's a reason I'm carrying this course and you can't just get that. But you can go ahead and take a look for yourself and all these different options. You can create templates, create specific flows and rules and all that kind of thing and actually sell them or give them away for free is a very high, highly highly valuable piece of content. Would be very valuable, you know. So that's something you can do something to consider. But yeah, that's so you know, if you haven't already go ahead and download my template, I've already included that in a believe right at the beginning of the course. Um, you have questions about where it is, let me know, but should be fairly easy to find. With a few clicks of a button, you can download everything, all my information, all my knowledge very quickly in your own main shot account, instead of having to do it one by one. So that's really the overview four main chat for this specific purpose. Like I said, if you have questions, let me know. But let's go ahead and get into the next video 11. EFFORTLESSLY Sync Google Sheets With Manychat To Automatically Capture Data: welcome to the manage that flow module in this module. I'm gonna specifically be covering individual mange outflows that specifically relating to be highly, highly valuable for Amazon sellers, specifically because up to this point, I've kind of been giving more value in general information. But here's where really dive deep. I give you specific flows. I go through it in detail So you can better understand why I've done things the way that I did. Why it's so effective on then. Also some ideas for potentially kind of customizing and changing for your specific needs. Okay, so that's just kind of what covers this section. And we're gonna start off in this video just quickly going over, which is really, really simple sinking Google sheets with your man shot account. It's very easy to do, and as I've said before, you head over to the settings section on the left hand side to go to man shot the far left click on settings. Once you're there, click on the integrations tab in the top kind of over top right section. Little little kind of that little bar at the very top click on integrations and Google Shoot should be the first option that you see now If you already have a Google Sheets account or if you're not really for nuclear, I guess I should backtrack a little bit. In case you're not familiar. Google Sheets is essentially, like Microsoft Excel for Google and its online. Okay, that's that's the best way I could compare it. And it's a great way for storing and organizing information. I'm gonna show you a few different ways it can use Google sheets. This is gonna help you save a lot of time and keep stuff really, really. Or keep things really, really organized with some of your flows. And I'm gonna were gonna be referencing this more in the future of videos. So that's why I just kind of want to show you briefly how to integrate. Yet it's like Excel for good. For Google, it's free to set up an account. Just go to Google. Just type in Google sheets if you don't really have it, created an account using a Gmail account. If you don't have a Gmail account and go ahead and create free Gmail account, you know that's a totally separate video of you have questions. Let me know, but should be very, very straightforward. Once you do that, you have a Google Sheets account, which is free. You just go here. You'll there would be like if some very self explanatory steps. But this is kind of where to find it. You'll hit something that says, Like Connect. They don't ask you, Please log in to your Google Sheets account. Then you'll log in using the Gmail associated with your Google Sheets account. You know your email, your password hit sink and then boom it, sink together and then I'll show you how to use it. And how do you use it to organize really save you a lot of time, but very, very straightforward. That's kind of overview about the molecule. That's an overview on Google sheets. If you have questions about this video or anything else, be sure to let me know the Q and A section, and let's go ahead and get into the next video 12. BEST & EASIEST Way to Set Up Facebook Ads Using Manychat.: in this video, I'm gonna show you how to set up Facebook ads within Manage Chat, which is very easy to dio. So head over on the left hand side to growth tools, undergrowth, tools. You'll see the option for ads. Go ahead and click on that, and what you'll need to do first if you haven't done this already is connector adds manager account. Just like a couple buttons to set everything up. If you don't have it, adds major account. That's what you need to run Facebook and Instagram advertising. Then I recommend setting that up. Now it's free to dio Go ahead and set that up. And there's a lot of great tools that come with ads manager. Or would that come with kind of that whole package that I'm gonna reference in a second? Once you do that, go ahead and click on creating, you add. You have to select your account, so go ahead and select mine. You can either using existing campaign or create one new this example. We're gonna create a completely new campaign, which is likely what you will be doing for campaign type. I recommend messages right, and it depends on what your goal is. But generally, this is what we want to use if we're using manage chat flows specifically right, because we want to basically someone to click on her ad on and and then ultimately respond and messages right and get into our flow. So messages is what I'd recommend, which is also with the man she recommends. You can set a campaign spending limit, so I might set a limit of 100. I don't want to spend over $100 for this campaign. It continue, and we're going to create a new ad set. So this are targeting placement, budget, all that kind of stuff. So creating a new ad set. Okay, it's gonna be click to messenger because people are gonna click in order to get messenger on. You can name whatever you want. You can name your campaign ad set and add group. Kind of like if you're freeloaders names on BBC, right? It is the campaign level at group level in an ad level. Same kind of idea here. So you name it. Whatever you like internally doesn't affect the ad at all. Because you can name that here to include custom or look like audience. So if you have a customer look like audience that you want to target. So, for example, if you already have ah, list a huge list of customers and you're going to be launching a product to similar customers are todo the same customers that they would be interested, you could use a custom audience. You could also turn that custom on its into a lookalike audience. Right? Take all of your past customer data creative look like audience and then target. That would actually be better to start with if you have that. If not, don't worry again, especially with this example. We're going to use kind of a rebate giveaway, which is very, very generally you're targeting, right? Have a phenomenal product. It's actually relatively easy to get people to opt in that way. Okay, so in this example, we're gonna do the rebate give away, so it won't matter as much. So for this example, like I said, it's a rebate we're gonna use a fishing tackle writes. It's a fishing gear, so our target audience is gonna be fishing people. I don't if I can say fishermen, if that's politically correct, but fishermen interaction were going to say fishermen because let's say we've done the research and we found that the majority of our audience or men now, before you even get to this stage at all, and they should go without saying you want to make sure you do extensive research, do your research on who your target audience is. Okay, when a lot of Amazon sellers do, or people telling Amazon is, they know a lot about the product details, so they know nothing about the audience. What's what are a couple of great ways to learn about your onions? Well, Number 1 may be the most powerful read through Uh oh, at least 100 reviews. I'm serious about this. Read at least 100 reviews from your top competitors that have the most similar products. Okay, so if you haven't already read through, your reviews have already have an existing product. But if you don't write, read through your competitors reviews and you can understand who is buying, why are they buying a K A. The benefits, what events or what activities or what reasons are they buying like, What's the functionality? Kind of some of the features and also their biggest pain points. Okay, it's very, very important to understand. And as you start reading through the reviews, you're gonna notice. Wait, um, you know Bob Dylan, Jake, Mark, etcetera. You sound like you can. You can assume here that most of these are probably men, especially given what the product is. So if you find that the majority of names left on your competitors reviews are male, then you know you should be selecting men. So unless your your target on answer as you're doing your research, your your audience research If you find that is really is 50 50 then you can do all gender . But it really recommend. And this something that a lot of people fall into eyes trying to please everybody focus on your main target audience. So 80% of people that buyer proctor men 20% of women then make ads targeted toward menu can ultimately create both. In this case, right for rebate. We really want to hit on a rare specific market, and we're not going to spend a ton of money, right, But in general, right for your copy, if you only have one shot if you can only you know instead of trying to be too broad and cast too broad of a net, you're not gonna catch either. So get really specific. That's just my recommendation. Okay, so So, yeah. So Number wanted to read through customer reviews. Number two would be using tools like seller tools Helium 10 to find Amazon specific. He were data using something like a free tool like Google keyword planner that could help you find keywords. They relate to your name so you can kind of getting understanding off. You know, you can see certain keywords If you were typing in for a particular product, what else were they typing around that right? That could give you some insight as well. Potentially depends on what your product or market is, but really, the reviews are really, really big. And then also another one. It's really big. Is Facebook audience insights. If you haven't already used that highly recommend, I might make make a video about this in the future. The guys want a video comment, let me know. Just send a message to me. Write it down in the Q and A section, and I will give you guys a video of enough people ask. But it's kind of outside. The scope of Maine in China is specifically with Facebook, but basically, if you're not familiar, go ahead and google it. Basically what Facebook audience insights is is you can enter in some data. So there's inputs, right? So just, you know, enter in what you already know about your customer on, and then Facebook is gonna give you MAWR Data on that, for example, is like, Hey, I want to figure out, like people that are interested in these type of Facebook pages are in fishing overall. Or, you know, you know, uh, empty nesters, right? Parents whose kids moved out or whatever it may be. And then Facebook's gonna give you more data on Facebook pages. These people like, um, another. There's a lot of other information, and I recommend that you kind of look that up before doing this. For sure. It's very, very powerful. So reviews, especially keyword data and then also Facebook audience insights. Do those three. Before we get to this point, I just want to make it very clear, because I don't want to go through a breeze through and make it seem like. Oh, I didn't do any work beforehand. It's very important. Step. Okay, which is why I'm calling it out. And hopefully that will help you now. So yeah. So we've done the research, and again we're targeting. We have a fishing product, a fishing product. So we want to target fishing people, and we find that our target audience is definitely men age. Is I totally making this up, guys, So don't don't use this. It also that's a 24 toe, 24 to 44. This could be a little bit wide, right? It depends, but I'm just kind of making that up as we go do your own research targeting location. So anyone who lives in and then in this case, right, we want to do United States, so us. Okay, we want to make sure we talk. People who live in here, right? We don't want unnecessary wants people who are visiting the U. S. And then leaving unless again, it's specific to your product. There's so many products, right? I'm sure there are certain exceptions. Been generalized to choose who people who live in us. If your ad and your flow is gonna be in English. I'd recommend choosing English into English. US. Um Oops. OK, fresh. Okay, English. You there should be English. All there it is. I meant to click that so English, all UK, British again. Unless it makes sense for your product, you can change that on and then targeting right. The most important aspect of this entire thing. And there's a couple ways There's a few ways to target, right? This is one of the reasons Facebook ads is so, so powerful. Is there so many things you could target? Right? Like I just littered type in fishing. And there's all these options right there. Fishing techniques and wreck fishing, fishing line, trolling, fishing, right, Fishing rod, fishing net, etcetera. OK, so a lot of different options here, but let me just kind of tell you something. Give you a little kind of tip, maybe a little gold nugget for some of you. There are two different types main types of targeting. There are fact based and algorithmic based. What you just saw here? Okay. Our algorithm are mainly algorithmic based meaning These people have expressed interest for example, this right here fishing overall, this individual or these people that are in this category that Facebook is classified are inter like have expressed interest in fishing, at least algorithmic lee. So this could be a great way to target. But I prefer to target fact based so somewhere what do you, in fact based? Well, using a tool like Facebook audience insights or just having insight into the market that you're targeting? You should know certain Facebook pages that people in this audience specifically like certain magazines these people like and websites people like, right, eso. So those air facts, right? Certain, for example, let me type one in. So we have a bass fishing, I think. Yeah, I think it's this one right here. Um, what was the bash? Fishing favorites. Where to go? There it is. Oh, never mind. I talked to the wrong one. Anyway, it is a I think I can find a real quick. Yeah, there is bass fishing favorites. So this is actually a Facebook page that specifically looked up using Facebook audience insights for this category just really quickly. So this is a Facebook page that people in this audience like, Okay, that's a fact, Right? Fishing? That's an algorithmic. Guess that's an estimate. Could be very good estimate. Right. So I like, I I just recommend Just think about that and try to find factual things so different. Maybe demographic information or Facebook pages, magazines, you know, websites that specific people like and follow its for me. What I found tends to be more, a little bit better. And if your audience is still pretty small So generally I liked issue for an audience of around a 1,000,000 again, I just wanna make this clear or no, if I said this already, I'm not a Facebook ads expert. I'm still definitely learning. I know a lot about the platform and have used it a good amount, but still learning. So don't just take what I say is gospel of the contracts for somebody else Just trying fact check that. But I want to share everything that I've learned that I use personal with you. So I tried it for this type of like like a rebate, like a general kind of reaching out to a cold audience. I like it to be around like a 1,000,000. Or maybe like, you know more than that. But not to too narrow. Okay, that's the key is not to too narrow. Otherwise, there's not enough audience to kind of go around. So anyway, so right now this would be very, very low. 19,000 very low, right? So we want to try to get more to a 1,000,000. So if you're doing all these kind of different Facebook pages and websites and magazines, another demographic information, right, even, you know, relationships that this is the key to your buying. Don't just guess like you should know, right? But like relationships as our education level, Right? Did you graduate college, By the way, um, you know, there's not not saying thing, but generally, college grads tend to have higher disposable income than then. Maybe those who just dropped out of high school or didn't even go to college, right? Not saying anything, which is generally, you know, that is, that is true. So used to be ableto target based on financial household income. That's no longer the case, but that's a way to kind of work around if you do have a more premium product or is that if that's kind of your target audience, that maybe you should look into what level of education does your does your audience kind of What's their highest level of education? Right. So they're just going to keep in mind if it's not super pertinent to your product. Maybe don't include it. Don't just guess so hopefully that's helpful. I know I'm taking a lot of time, but I'm hoping this is helpful. So, yeah, you kind of just keep adding and adding and adding more. Ah, and I like to narrow further. One thing I always like to include, especially when I'm doing these kind of like rebate or Amazon promotions is Amazon. Let's if it's here amazon dot com Just a general against algorithmic. But a general interest in amazon dot com because obviously, my sales for Amazon so I don't want it target people who are gonna be interested in buying on Amazon, okay. And something else I've seen other advertisers do is kind of funny is, uh, excluding people, right? So you have the option to exclude ah certain Are there certain interests or audience And you also have the option to exclude certain locations. So this could be useful to you because maybe there certain products. I don't know why this would be the case, but maybe a certain products that if you're in the United States, this product is not allowed in the state of California, period. And that could be the case. It's not a lot of California, so you may want to make sure that you exclude California in your targeting. Okay, Another thing you may want to exclude. Okay, I've seen a couple of people do. Is some people okay if they if they're running an ad that maybe break maybe kind of gray area of terms of service on, and I'm not saying you should do this, but they'll exclude the Seattle area, which is where Amazon's headquarters are. So the excluded, very specifically kind of around a certain swell minor radius around Amazon's headquarters again, a little bit paranoid. And you should be breaking Amazon from service period. Just something funny I want to share. And then, lastly, they also will exclude anyone who has their employment status is employed by Amazon type, and I don't think there's some limitations when you're using Manny Chat versus going into ads manager. So what you can do is create your audience in ads manager and then just and make make that kind of an audience and then use that audience here in manage chat. Okay, but yeah, Amazon. I don't think they have. Maybe Amazon and Pool lawyer. It doesn't really matter, but no, they don't have that here. But they do. You have that And adds, I'm Andrew able to select that you can exclude people who work for Amazon. So anyway, uh, just a side note and fill this up. I want to get around a 1,000,000 personally, Um, And from there we'll go ahead and hit next. OK, so this takes us to actually, let's go back one real quick. Yeah, We want to go to placements. Okay. So once you finish audience, go on and head over to placements, we're gonna hit edit placements, okay? And for this again, doing kind of a rebate. And when we're using manager Okay. When we're using messenger bots. Um, we want Teoh not have instagram. Right, cause people won't be able to interact with a robot. You can leave messages. I'm still playing around with this messenger. Should be fine. Right? Is already on messenger marketplaces. Interesting. Basically faced with marketplaces like the Craigslist of Facebook, it's like Facebook's Craigslist, and it's basically people going there with buying intent and buying really cheaper products . So this could be a good place to target. Just generally eso I just like Teoh get rid of Instagram. Just as a really basic kind of function can leave it on all devices. That's fine. Yep. So there's that and then budget and schedule. So in this case, you know, I, like, start up with about five bucks a day. I have lower competitive products, but I would recommend starting off lower. And if you need to increase later on, you kind of increase your budget later on. But, you know, start low. And unless you're in a very competitive nation, you know that you need to do some more rebates right? Then maybe start a little bit higher. Okay, run ads continuously starting today so you can either trees to start set a start in end date. If you're afraid, you're gonna forget that maybe you do that for me. That's not a problem. Because I may want to end up running my promotion longer than I expected. Right? Maybe more than seven days. So I want to let let it run. When you have a campaign that stops and you set it back up to run, it can cause some issues. So I like to set it run ads continuously, and then you set up a notification to turn off my advertising at a particular day. Okay, that's what I do. But if you're really worried about it, instead of starting end date as well, if you really want to automate the entire process next week, it continue. And finally, we're gonna create our ad. So I know that's probably the longest time that I spend isn't is an audience research figure out the audience and targeting and all that. Um, and ideally, you know you can actually create to add groups, depending on how larger budget is and kind of figure out what audience responds better. You could test your creative, which we'll talk about here in a second, Really a lot of options to a B tests as well. All right, so for this example, it's gonna be really simple where screens a single image. That's really enough that we need for give away. So I'm gonna go ahead and include an image here. So I went ahead and included a new image that I made using canvas dot com. I think it looks pretty sharp. Canada is a great place for after this before, for it's free to use and for making any kind of graphics with advertising with content really, really easy to use. Really beautiful images that you make from it and you really powerful. So I went ahead and selected this image here, then for text really said I'm not gonna go through and write down a whole huge list, but basically, you know, you could say something like, um, like, free, free tackle giveaway like Get this for free. You know, whatever this is, our message is for a free message, us for free product. You know, it could be something like that. Free tackle, give away and then you want to explain a little bit more about, like, you know, for a limited time to raise awareness of our brand. We're giving. I don't want to write all this out because it just kind of a waste of your time, but free time will give away. Um, we're giving away, you know, X tackles for a limited time to raise awareness, click below. Teoh, get your etcetera. Etcetera. Right. So you're doing a rebate. Just make that very clear. You don't want people clicking that and then and then them having kind of a different, different understanding of what the reality is. So if you're doing rebates, make sure that's very clear. It doesn't matter. Ask for me. It's the targeting. The images really, really key. Of course, the copy is very important. Um, hearing description like to have something like a limited time. Only something like that. Yeah, a limited time only, you know, headline messages, you know, message just to get messages. To get this for free or free whatever. Give away. You know, whatever kind of makes the most sense with what your objective is and then protects my money. I may include depending on what I end up using. I may include Just give you guys some of the text. Example text that I use in the resource is section or somewhere. You. So you guys can kind of know and maybe also include a link to canvas That's really helpful as well on. And then from here, we'll go ahead and hit next. Once he called action message pages. Leave that as is hit next. We're almost on, guys. Okay? And then finally write our message. Maybe like you may be thinking right summer. So where do we sink up? Our flow. Okay. Well, actually, the way that we're gonna do it is we need to create a message, so could be, um, bait on X product ups will do like smiley face. Okay, So you want to create that? So here. Right. So basically, you have to create a button that leads to your flow. Okay, so we're gonna go to flow, right? And then we're gonna selected flow. Oops. There were selected flow, and we'll go ahead and select the flow that way. Okay. Done right there. So yeah. So just keep that in mind. This is gonna be the first message someone sees. And if they're interested that it continues on. So if you need to kind of change up the beginning of your flow to kind of match this, just keep that in mind. Right. Uh, this is the way people are gonna get opted in. And once you do that, you go ahead and send a facebook, and everything is going to go right from there. You'll go ahead and pay, and things will start running really, really simple, ultimately to get set up. And this is a better way. A lot of people that will do is will create ads and Facebook ads manager and try to connect their flow to the Facebook ad using Ah, Jason Facebook. Jason. That could work, right? But I found that this is definitely better when everything's done within Manny chat. So something to keep in mind. And if you're having troubles with ads manager, which I know a lot of people recently have been than to try this option out to create the Facebook ad within main chat. So I was a little bit long. Hopefully find the tips and things like that helpful again. I'm not a facebooker expert. Um, a I'll try include some links or, if you need more resource is let me know when I'd be happy to provide some or for learning about Facebook ads specifically very, very powerful. But it does take, you know, work just like selling on Amazon to get it right. So, yeah, I guess on a helpful you have questions, let me know, and let's go ahead and get into the next video 13. ALTERNATIVE: Connect Manychat To Facebook Ads With JSON Growth Tools: Hello and welcome. In this video, I'm going to show you two easy and quick ways to connect to your many chat flow to your Facebook ad, both using first, the native many chat Facebook ad integration. And in second, the many chat JSON and growth tool, which are very, very easy and we'll cover now. So first way on the way that I actually personally prefer is if you would like to connect a MiniTab flow to a Facebook ad and question, you can actually go here, I'll log in to your main shot account. Scroll down to the ads section of your account. Make sure that your Facebook ads manager is sink, which if it isn't already, should just take a few minutes. Nothing difficult does follow kind of the steps that many chat lays out. Once you do that, you can actually create a new ad and go through the entire kind of process, like you wouldn't Facebook ads manager here in your many chat account, ok, so you can do it that way. And I find that this kind of integrates a little bit better. However, Last time I set up an ad here, it was a little bit limited in terms of the ad targeting things that I could do compared to what I could do in Facebook ads manager. Ok, so that's kind of one of the downsides. Otherwise, if it flowed kinda really well. And this is way number one, fairly easy to do. Number two is also easy to do. But a lot of people get tripped up by and that is by using the JSON growth tool. So here's what you wanna do by using the second method. I'll show you how it works. You'll want to go ahead and create a new growth tool. So click on new growth tool. And specifically we want to create a Facebook ads JSON growth tool. So this one right here with a thumbs up. So we're going to click on that. So you see here, may actually ask, would you like to try add instead? Ads are what we just went through here. Kind of that native integration within many chat of setting up the ads right here. And we're going to say no because we want to do the JSON and we don't want to see the message again, so proceed with JSON. Ok, so once we create this growth tool, we need to connect a growth Tool Tour flow. Remember, rho tools are the way that someone becomes a subscriber in your flow. It's, it's the kind of the connector between the random person and your flow. Okay, so we can rename this whatever we want. Pride, I want to leave it as 66. So maybe we want to change. That. Doesn't really matter. So you can name it whatever you, whatever you want, but we'll call it Facebook JSON example, okay? Save. And then the second thing that we wanna do is this JSON growth will, will come with a default flow attached with it, which we don't want. What we wanna do is we want him to replace button and replace whatever flow that they have by default with the flow that you want to connect to your, to your Facebook ad. Okay, so go ahead and click on replace here and select whatever flow that you want to replace with. Once that is done and that's connected, that's obviously the first important step. You'll want to click on setup. Okay? So inset up, scroll down. We see all this code here where we're gonna wanna do is copy code to clipboard. So we're gonna go ahead and copy that. And I'll show you exactly where to use this code. So it looks like a big mass, but honestly it's not that difficult. He's gotta make sure you insert it correctly. After we copy this code, we're going to go to our Facebook ads account, okay? And if you haven't already created your AD, go ahead, create your campaign, your ad group or ad groups. And then once you get to the ad level, okay, which I'm just using this for example. So I don't have anything filled out here. But once it gets to the ad level, which you can see here, right, we have campaign ad set in an ad in Facebook ads manager. Okay. We're going to scroll down until you see message template. Under message template, select the advanced setup option. Under advanced setup, we're gonna go ahead and click Create, ok. So click the Create button. There'll be something kind of default right here. What we're gonna do go to the very top left, kinda that top-left bracket. We're going to select all loops. Just give me an issue here. We're going to select all and delete, which I'm actually just having to drag. Oh, there we go. So I've selected everything. Let me go back up for a second. Sorry about that. And we'll go ahead and delete all of this out there. Empty JSON, that's what we want. Okay, so we want to clear out what was already there and enter in our own JSON code. So we go back to many chat. We should already have this copy, but just to make sure it's copied, great. Back to Ads Manager. And now we're simply going to paste our new JSON code here in the advanced JSON setup. Okay, so once that's set up, great, so we're gonna go ahead and hit the save button, which I might be covering right now. Hit save and finish. There we go. We're almost going to go. There's still one more important step. So you wanna make sure that you preview in messenger to make sure that everything is sinking up correctly. Something else to keep in mind as well that I've seen some other people getting an issues with is as of last time I checked, unless I were trying to set up an ad. Your first message in your kind of with this JSON code. Wherever this JSON code leads like that first message in your flow should not have the user's first name right there. That, that is an example of something that could actually present an issue. So Facebook may give you this issue and give you this error number for whatever reason, a lot of people have been doing this and I began a lot of questions. So I want to call this out an error message. And again, there's all these different areas API get, but there's one in particular that could be checked your flow and make sure that you're in that kind of beginning message. You're not utilizing the person's first name in that first message, just take it out if you are and if you don't know what I'm talking about, if you're if you're not using anyone's firstname, don't worry about it. Just make sure that you preview to make sure that everything is flowing correctly, okay, which is obviously very, very important. And once you see that everything's good and sync it up. Great, continue on with your ad. Finish up everything, make it look nice, hit publish, and it's ready to go. Now, your many chat flow is linked up with your Facebook ad. And those are two easy and relatively fast ways of doing it. And look forward to seeing you in future videos. 14. Manychat - Not Just For Facebook Messenger Marketing!: Another incredible feature that you can use with main chat is actually the ability to send e mails. Okay, there's a lot of talk always about what's better email or messenger marketing right? Which which one's better, which which went out, performs well, in my opinion, why not do both? Okay? And what's really great is that a major has that ability to wear basically to kind of summarize. You can collect people's emails within main chat and within Major, you can also send people emails, create the email sent out the emails, all of that within main check. You don't have to leave, Okay, So you can either you know, you something like mail chimp or or other kind of email providers. And you can integrate those with Main shot. Or you could just use may check, which is what I'm gonna kind of cover because it's gonna peel toward everybody. Okay, so in order to do this in order to kind of enable this ability to send emails using man shot, what you're gonna do is head over to the settings section over in the left hand corner of your main shot account. Click on settings. Go to the top kind of Finbar right at the very top scroll all the way over the word, says email. Go ahead and click on email, and then for your your screen will look should look something like this acceptable, say, disabled. So you want to go ahead and click on either the except degree they'll pry has in terms of service. And you make sure whenever you see a terms of service just is a rule of thumb, make sure you do read that, Okay, because there are certain laws and rules in the United States and other countries in terms of using email marketing. So you want. Make sure your abiding by those rules make sure you read through that, Um, and do what's comfortable makes sense for you and obviously abides by the rules. So you make sure you have to read through, Click Agree on, and then I'll ask you for some more information, including your contact info. So you need to give your company your company name and address. This is for legal purposes. It's not an optional thing. Do you wanna make sure you do that? So just include your your company information. Um, include make sure you re three terms of service had, except it should. Let me take you like, a minute or two minutes to get everything set up. Just click a few buttons, read through a couple of things on, go ahead and click on enable. And once you get enabling, once you feel that all of the necessary fields, you're not eligible to start collecting and sending emails using Major, which is super powerful. And I'm gonna show you actually how to do this in the first floor that we cover with that being said. So there are a certain number of free emails that consent, as you see here, depending on your subscription account. Okay, so in this case, I can send 500 free e mails with this account specifically after the 500 mark 501 500 to etcetera, etcetera. I do have to pay for that with that being said. Like I said before, people flinch at the term paid. It is so inexpensive. It's so worth it. Last night, I think it's like 5000.3 point 003 cents per email sent extremely cheap can be very, very profitable and useful eso again. You can just in your mind you maybe don't you set out that many emails every month. You keep it underneath that 500 free limit mark, but if you do go over 500 you can look your main shot and again because because they may very well update this soon. It is paid per email that is sent or for certain. You know, when you go over, you do have to pay for that. But it's very, very cheap, at least as of right now, and I foresee that for the future as well. So anyway, this could be free. If it's not free, it's gonna be very, very inexpensive. And again, I'm gonna cover everything, and you could decide what works best for you or not. Eso yeah, that's connecting email and utilizing email with Manage chat. If you have any questions, be sure to let me know the Q and A section, and let's go ahead and get into the next video 15. FLOOD Your Amazon listing With More Product Reviews WHILE YOU SLEEP!: in this video, we're gonna cover one of the most powerful flows of the entire course, which is the product insert. Manage that flow. So what most Amazon sellers do well, what most Amazon sellers do is number one. They may not even be using a product insert or sort of kind of thank you card included within their packaging. And those who do have something that's that's like, you know, thanks so much for purchasing would really appreciate a review. The problem with this is your customer when they get this message has not even tried the product yet. So having the leave you review. So mostly cards end up in the trash on their completely worthless and a waste of time and a waste of money instead, what you can do, using manage chat is first provide value, so someone gets, you know, the product of the order. They open it up and they see Oh, here's a prototype word. That's what I expected. But then here's something that went above my expectations, and that is it could come in the form, and I'm gonna show you this in a second. But this could be a video guide or an article or Facebook post on, you know, five creative ways to use your product or instructional guide on how to use your product. You could enter them into wind for change 1 $25 monthly Amazon gift card giveaway. You have them enrolling your 60 day warranty. You can give them in 15% off or 20% off coupon code for future products or for other products. Potentially. So a lot of things you can do, and you kind of add value first and then later follow up. Once a. The customers had a chance to use the product and be when they have you've kind of gone above and beyond their expectations. So now you've turned them from, like an average kind of satisfaction level to very, very satisfied, very, very happy. And then, when they're in that state dense when you ask them for the review. So that's kind of the overall premise on basically in the tactical way, right before we get into this, how it works is you will have both a QR code. And by the way, I'm gonna give you an example of this in a future video. So don't freak out. I have a lot of I kinda have to backtrack, work backwards. But it'll make sense if you just keep watching the videos. So, uh, you'll have both a cure code and a link. So someone could just kind of type that link a word for or letter for letter. I should say character for character into their browser and that will get them right here to where we are in the starting step. Or they can scan a QR code, which everyone is easier for them. They have multiple options. They just scan a QR code with their phone click on the link that appears on the screen and that will take them here so they can scan a code or they can enter the link manually. Either way, it's gonna take them here. This is where you're gonna deliver value, and then the body is gonna take care of the rest. It's all gonna be automated, and ultimately what is going to do is generate more reviews for you ethically on autopilot . So that's kind of the whole point of this is to really for every sale that you make you significantly increase your likelihood of getting a review with that sale. With all this being said, let's go ahead and take a quick look at this flow. And by the way, guys with all the flows, you may notice that when you download, it's slightly different. If there's any time I need to update flows to really to adapt with changing policies or updates or or I just find better ways of doing things like minor things, I will update that flow so it may not look 100% the exact same May I noticed or something I missed here recording the video, and then I go back and kind of add that or people ask whatever it may be different on. That's okay. So with all this being said, let's go ahead and actually get into it. Now, um, by the way, can download this flow in the resource is section of this video starting step. Once they click the link or they skin with the code, they're gonna get to this message says, Hi, Southerner. Thank you so much for your purchase. It honestly means the world to us and it, Senator, stopping there, we say, as promised, click blow to get your free guide on X ways to use. Why Product Right? 55 Creative ways to use your product of video guide. This could be a YouTube video. This could be a video on Facebook. This could be a Facebook post. This could be an article on your blog's site. There's a really a lot of options. The key years to make it valuable. You could create Infographic could create an e book, right? There are a lot of ways you can, um, provide value, and right now I have You can get a guide and I send them If I just clicking this really quickly, Um, I send. This is you can see to a website right now at facebook dot com. You can send a website. You could say if they get my guide and you have a download, you would instead of sending them to a website you would send you would want. They click here, you tell him to another message. It says, Great. Here's your download, and then you give the download to them in the form of a file, which will show you right here. We scroll down. That would be you would enter this option here really, really caught the common sense stuff you can add or manipulate as much as you want. Really? Pretty straightforward, I would say. You just have to get in there and start testing on your own. That's the best way to learn eso. So get the guy five seconds later. Also, enter your email to officially enroll in her 60 day product warranty. Okay, so you have You'll have to make sure both of these, whatever your incentives, are there, written on the on the your product insert. So in this case, we have video guide and product warranty. In my opinion, for me and my products, these were the two most powerful things that I can offer that are really gonna fulfill my purpose and ultimately generate reviews. And I'll show you why. Okay, so this is what I recommend. But again, you can do whatever you want, and it definitely depends on the product that could make It could be different depending on your product. So this is what I have. This was written on my product insert. And so here we have get the guy, they click. It takes into a website. They give the guide. It's awesome, you know, watching a video or whatever it may be, that's great. And then five years later, we say, Enter your email to officially enroll in a product warranty. Well, those there thinking, why not? So the benefit to them is six year warranty. The benefits you is you've already I'm captured their data and their information with Manny Chat taken later, used to create a custom audience in Facebook. You can retarget these customers. You can collect other data in interesting data about your customers and actually helps you develop your product and develop your audience. But then here you also collect their email. So now you have them in both. That's the key here. Okay, so from this step right percentage, people are going to enter their email. If they do, right, we tep well, everyone we tag them anyway. And then anyone who entered their email into this field here Okay, it is very easy for them to do, By the way, it's easier than a landing page. Um, if they enter their email, we send this message Awesome. Confirms you confirm that you've opted into or six day warranty program again. I would highly recommend you read through. So we're going to Maine shot. You have to go for manage chat, go to settings. I've already showed you how to do this. And then so go man shot settings top kind of right area email In that section, you'll have Teoh, you know, read through the terms of service highly recommended reading through two terms of service first, and you can decide if you want to add or delete messages or changed the wording of messages that simply after you I just wanna make sure that you do that. It's always, always important. Things can change whatever. And there definitely are federal laws about SMS marketing as well as email marking. So you want to make sure you brush up on that? Okay, that's a quick call out. I'm very important to dio. Excuse me, and we sent awesome could to confirm just to make sure that they opt in their officially opted into the click confirm. Once they do that Major, it automatically opts them in to the officially ops, um, into the email and we update a Google sheet so you can do this if you want. You don't have to We updated Google sheet, and that's gonna automatically keep all of the emails that we collect, right? First name, last name, and you do whatever you want. So what I recommend doing is creating a thing. Show you an example. So we have our spreadsheet worksheet is a sheet one, and I recommend for your, um, for your Google shoot to have four columns. So column one first name calling to for last name three is email and then forced opt in. True or false. Okay. And then at the step, what's great is man that's gonna update your google sheets. You have the Google sheet. You just create a sheet, literally, like five seconds. 10 seconds. Very, very short. Then you go, uh, and make sure that Google Sheets is connected to manage chat. Once that's done, you click. Um, tips. Try to cancel this. You go here, click on actions. Okay, then, with this action, we're gonna go to Google. Sheet action were in a set in action. We're gonna insert row and so on and so on and then just looks exactly She's a spreadsheet and so on. Okay, So very, very straightforward. That's just kind of how you do it, in case you forgot which is going to go ahead, Delete that because we don't want that. So we insert the road that automatically updates and keep track of all of our emails that we collect. We also tag them because they're 68 warranty subscriber there oxidant greats. It's all done automatically, which is great. I even have some notes here. You know, just, uh then have already be stated. So we sent him a message after they've been added, You're in. Uh, we'd like to let you know that we may send useful information, special offers, news and alerts. An email message stopped to unsubscribe it any time. Just let them know, Right, cause you don't want people who want to unsubscribe to not be able to or make it very difficult for them to, because we're gonna do is upset that it's not gonna benefit you or them at all. So you want to make sure that people who when I'm so sure I'd make it very easy, okay, so very straightforward. So far, right percent of people opted into our email. And also, if you notice that was degree, that's everyone who often endure email. What about people who did opt into her email? Right. Well, that's the red Here. You see this red little thread that's kind of hidden. It takes it. It ultimately takes them to the exact same place which is right here. Okay, which is after this point, right? Which the last time they've engaged with your bought. We wait 23 hours because you have a 24 hour window. So we want to kind of go right within that 23 hours later, we follow up and say, and trying to offer even mawr value. OK. Hi. First name is a special Thank you. We would like to give you a special 15% off all future product purchases. Click below to get your code. Right. So even mawr value they can add. So some people going to get my code. So we're gonna say no thanks. And some we're going to not do anything. So of those who say get get my code, we take them is a repeat customer, right? Awesome. Let me grab your code. Three second delay. And then here's your code. Uh, right here. Click below to purchase it on Amazon. Really straightforward people say No, thanks. We say something like, um no worries. Is there anything that we can do for you? If there's anything we can do for you, please don't hesitate to reach out. Also, once you have a chance to use your product, we greatly appreciate your honest feedback, which can access back here at any time. Okay, so, uh, this is the same ending. So this is it. People say no, they don't want the coupon code. If you notice with the coupon code, they get 15% off. We we wait another 23 hours again because we can Onley message people promote with promotional content within a 24 hour window. So this is the last time somebody engaged, right? They clicked. The goddess measures that click some buttons. Great. We wait 23 hours and basically send the same message as we did with the others. Okay. Which is we know you haven't had chance to use your product yet, but when you do, we would greatly appreciate your feedback, which you can, you know, access back here at any time. Okay. Something along those lines. Eso This just basically keeps the ask for review or there you ask for their opinion. As for their feedback right here in their messengers or if they ever come back, Teoh. You know, maybe they want to solve a problem. Or maybe they're like, super excited. Want to tell you about it? Which, if you have a superior product spirit number, customer service, it absolutely happens if you don't don't expect that to happen, but it's here in their in box. It just may not. You skyrocket reviews as of itself alone. I'm gonna show you some other ways that you can. You can do that, but it increases your chances, in my opinion, because basically is a piece of content right there at all times that they can access and they can go back to at any time to easily leave a review. That's kind of the last message that I would like to send to them. I'm just kind of to keep it in their mind as well, right? I also mention, if you have any problems, come back and ask us, and we'll do our best to make things right, which is completely true, right? So that's that's kind of how that works. And then we see the people who, um, who did not, uh, who just kind of ignored right? Who didn't click that they wanted the code or that they didn't want the code. They just didn't do anything. Then we wait 45 minutes, um, and sending that same nationals, right? Just check back in here if you have any. You know, if your product is great, if it's not great, whatever. And that's it. And then we leave him alone, okay? And then percent of people will come back and they will come back to their messenger, though. Click on these buttons. OK, either product is great. Product is not great. If it's great, we take them is a happy customer. We sent in this. That's so great to hear. Would you mind taking 30 seconds leaves review. We greatly appreciate it. Then. This is a link to your Amazon listing so they can easily leave you review. Um, and if they haven't left feedback right, so we tagged them. If they do this, we tell them with positive feedback, some people will get this message and they won't follow up. So what I like to do personally and you can decide if you want to do this is you know, we say, hey, would really appreciate a review. Maybe they ignore it. So people that ignore it, you know, if they haven't been tagged, that means they've ignored the message. We wait 23 hours, okay? Because within that 24 hour window and we say, Hey, so I just want to check in and see if you were able to leave us a review. Is there gonna be yes or no? If it's yes, we say awesome. Thank you so much. If they say not yet because they could have seen it and then just gone on their own. And Ghana, Amazon or something like that to that, That definitely happens. They say, Not yet. We say no worries. Uh, we would really appreciate. Maybe you could change the wording around a little bit. Maybe. Or maybe that's the one change that I'll do. You know, I would really appreciate taking some time to leave a review on Amazon. It only takes three seconds. Here it is, right? Just a message like that may change it up a little bit. Pretty straightforward, right? And then, lastly, guys pretty much the end of this flow, but I'll show you a couple things that a lot of other sellers aren't doing that I'll give you a competitive advantage. So, yeah, people that had a bad experience, we take them is an unhappy customer. And then we just say, Hey, I'm so sorry here. Please let us know what we can do to make things right cause we want to catch that negative experience. And it's shocking the percentage of people that truly negative experience that when you solve it and when you're super kind of them actually become your biggest fans, that's happened with me. It certain places I've gone like a restaurant or a tool that I've used that was just there's a glance or there was something really bad that happened. But because the company did their best to make things right, I went from being like getting ready toe right, a one star review on Yelp to like, Oh, I'm like a raving fan now, right? So So just keep that in mind so you want to solve problems as quickly as possible, and that's why I've out of this little kind of action here to wear When somebody fills out this field, it shows that option there, a happy customer and it notifies. You says, Hey, somebody did something that you want to know about. Go check it out and you click the link and we'll send it. So this will notify the admin of the Facebook page that this, uh, flows connected to All right, so that's the end of this flow. I know it seems like kind of a lot, but really, guys, as you can tell, it's very, very much like common sense, like step by step, just kind of thinking in that way you can add or subtract as much as you want. Um, and you may be thinking, Well, summer, how many reviews are we really gonna get from this? Well, to be honest, this is fairly new, so I don't have a ton of data on this Specifically, However, there are two additional ways I'm gonna have to additional videos covering those, and they're not gonna be as long as this. So don't worry about it where we've captured their email and we've captured the remaining chat data. So there's other. There's two other data sets would capture that we can utilize. So with their email, we can actually have an email follow up, which I'm gonna show you how to do. And it's all automated, so you don't do this manually, right? So once somebody enters their email, we could automatically follow up with them via email through Maniche at 14 days limp. Later, send them an email that says something like, You know, we'd really appreciate your feet or like, you know, how is your experience? Band is great as it doesn't suck. You know, we really like to know. And other people that say It's great we can send them to your Amazon listing of those that say not waken Solve the problem and again, read through Amazon's terms of service for yourself and you can decide what you want to do or not and edit as many as much as possible. But one. We have a message here that's in their Facebook Messenger app that they can access at any time. Two. We're gonna have them. We're gonna send an email out to them, you know, anywhere between 7 to 14 to 21 days after they scan this code, right? Once they have a chance to use the product, and number three is being set up sponsored messages, right? So we can actually advertise to this audience very, very inexpensively. So you decide if you want to do this or not. But ah, lot of sellers are gonna take advantage because once they hear the word paid, they freak out, run away. It's very, very expensive. Can be very, very ultimately profitable and be very worthwhile for you. I'm gonna show you how to do both in the next videos on. That's kind of how this whole flow works. Eso you have the flow itself, following up the email and following up the S sponsored Facebook message and all those combined. This makes us a very, very powerful flow and will absolutely give you an edge over the competition. So without further ado, let's go ahead and get to the next videos. If you have any questions, as always, living on the Q and A section, so let's get to it 16. Make The “24 Hour Rule” Irrelevant With This Secret Hack: if you recall from our product insert flow video. We collected email addresses via, you know, providing 60 day warranty in return for their email. Right? Once that happened, they clicked. Confirm, right. You want opt in or not, just to make sure they click. Confirm, um And then we, you know, store all the data into Google. Shoot so we know who's on our list or not. But also, we tagged them, right? So now everyone who's not their email has been tagged as a 60 day warranty subscriber. Okay, with that tag, we go over. Okay, so, uh, they should all be included. But if not you just double check for yourself and see this for yourself is always going to do that. Good automation. Scroll down to the bottom. Go to rules is on the left hand side of your main shot account. Once you're there, you're gonna create a new rule. Um, so crazy rule looks like this. You can rename it to product, insert email, follow up if you don't have this already on and then tag applied. So whatever, this is my zoom in. You can change this tag to whatever you want. It to be, but just make sure that this tag is the exact same. Is this OK? So when when this tag is applied, this happens. Okay, So when X occurs, then why happens? Okay, just make sure those were the same. That's that's key. Okay, Very straightforward. So once his tags applied, then this happens. Okay, so tag applied, then this action happens, which is subscribed to sequence. So that's what you want to treat. You want to subscribe to sequence and for the specifics specific sequence. Uh, you're gonna use the one that I'm about to go over right now, which is the product. Insert email review. Follow up sequence. Okay, so let's go ahead and build that sequence out. So you want to create this rule first? What, you want to actually create the sequence, but I want to show you in chronological order, otherwise might be kind of confusing, but so number one, we actually set up the sequence. Number two. You set up the rule, but this is actually kind of how it works. Like someone gets tagged and they get to the sequence. And here's with sequence. Looks like Okay, so product insert email review follow up? Yep. We're gonna click on that. So you can just in your case, you create a brand new one. You can name it this or whatever you would like again. It should be. If you've already download my template, that should all be included. If it's not Dan, um, you know, you kind of recreated easily on your own, but again, should you should all be included. So hopefully So what happens is that you just wanna get, gets tagged. We wait 14 days and then any time between eight and 22 8 hours and 22 hours. Okay, on any day we send this message and the reason for that, you would just do after 14 days, right? But basically, we want to send an email follow up asking about their feedback, but we want to do it after they've had a chance to use it. A product, right? So that could be seven days to maybe 21 days. That's generally what all testing kind of send, um, the email that will send as a follow up. But like I said, we've already checked their email. So we wanna wait 14 days and I like Teoh, uh, send it within this time range because this is more likely people actually going to open your email, okay? And we're going to send this sequence, which is as follows. Okay. So really, really, really simple. Something you've kind of almost already seen before, but a little bit different. So again, we're so you may be thinking well, somewhere. How can we send a message 14 days later when there's the 24 hour rule, right. Aren't we only allowed to send promotional content within 24 hours of someone interacting with our with our robot with our Mandy Chatbots? The answer is yes. That's for Facebook. Messenger. This actually really awesome. We can send an email to our customer inside of Manny shot. So you don't necessarily need male chimp or any of these other tools. You can just use main chat as that tool. That's part of the reason. So powerful. Okay, so how you would started to go over here and we're gonna click on send email? Okay, This is the option to this is a, uh, newish option. You can send an email, and this is what it will kind of look like again this would all be download for you already . If you have any issues, let me know for subject. Um, I like to put something like, Do you remember me? This is one of the highest open rates that I've had yet have tested a lot of subject line, so that just little tip for you, little free thing for you, Do you remember me is a great way to grab people's attention because it's really where I do remember me. It kind of ties in with your product as well. And then a pre header. I like to have something that says this, requesting information about your Amazon product order. So we make this inside of man shot, but this is gonna end up in their email, not in their Facebook messenger in their email. Okay, That's really powerful, because now you have a message in their messenger inbox, and you have in email in their email inbox. Okay, so we're spreading out as much as possible, right? We're in as many places as possible. So high, Jon, this is something from the aims escape plan. And I was just wondering how your liking your product so far I would greatly or we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Right. Very straightforward. Very simple. And eye catching and to the point. Um, And if you want I like that. I like to use gifts a lot, but it may not make sense for your product. Maybe you have a nice little image, whatever it may be. Or maybe don't include anything at all. But I have a gift here of, um uh, a funny little gift. You look at that on your own, but so I greatly appreciate your feedback. Either they had great experience or not a great experience if they had a mediocre experience. I don't really care, you know, as long as they didn't have a bad experience. Don't really care. So this is all I really care about. Uh, and for everyone who says not great, what happens is we actually send them. So they click on the email, it sends them a to messenger. Okay. And we say I'm you know, John, I'm so sorry to hear. Please let us know what we can do to make things right. Something we've already seen before. But we can quickly solve any problem that they have. And the reason that what you could do is instead of sending so these two buttons and people toe Facebook messenger domain shot, What you could do is heavy button that just sends people directly your Amazon listing to leave a review. You could do that to say, Hey, we'd love to hear your feedback. Uh, we really appreciate you take 30 seconds to leave an honest review this after you delivered so much value. You could do that. But I like to do this for me. I would be more inclined to answer and respond to them if I had a great or not a great experience personally. And I found, in my opinion, better success. But I still should probably be tested a little bit more. So that's why I have these just just so you know. But you could do whatever you'd like because technically, this is a gray area within Amazon streaming service. Actually, it breaks ambulance service service. Technically, um, but this is kind of outside the Amazon kind of ecosystem, so I don't really care as much on this. I honestly is ultimately give a better customer experience better Amazon customer experience. Ironically, even though it kind of breaks Amazon's terms of service. So I just want to let you know that, okay, with all that being said, you could decide if you want to keep these two buttons and send them to messenger or just send it directly to your Amazon listing. Talk to you. So for everyone who says great, we tagged them as a happy Amazon customer. And we send in this message in messenger because think about it. This is them initiating getting back into your box so you will follow up with them by email 14 days later. Then they come. They come back of your body. So they've reopened at 24 hour window. See what I'm saying? You have questions about that, let me know, cause I know it can be kind of confusing, but But trust me, I thought this all through a lot and consult with a lot of other experts or people using man shot. So So no need to worry. So John, so great to hear which might lead taking 30 seconds leave us a review would greatly appreciate it. Here's the link to your Amazon listing for everyone who didn't leave positive feedback. We wait 23 hours because again they reopen the 24 hour window. So we follow up 23 hours later and say, Hey, just want to see if you are able to leave us a review. Yes or no. They say Yes, Awesome. Thanks so much. They say no, we weren't able to leave. You review. No worries. If you would really appreciate it. Whatever kind of wording you want to use, you can leave it here, right? Just kind of act is a net to capture as many positive reviews as possible without being too spammy. So, yeah, this is how to send an email outside out of managed app. You can send emails at any time. You contend this a year later. If you wanted to. I don't know why you would, but it falls outside of the your building, your email list and your main chat list at the same time and are utilizing both tools toe ultimately generate reviews just very, very powerful. I'm sure you another powerful way which is using sponsor messages and also one last really quick tip this just want email you could send if you have other information. Maybe you have other. You know, it could be infographics or piazza re books or articles or whatever it may be. If you have other valuable content that you would like to give or engage with your, um, your your customer. Maybe you have your Facebook group you'd like to like. Let them know about that all the value that's in your Facebook group for your brand. You can do that with multiple emails is just one example. So there's think about it. Here's literate. Take this exact same idea. Copy and paste it into Seo. Let's say Let's Dio three days later, I do this, then five days in seven days and 10 days and then 12 days and unfortunately you know, whatever. If you have this whole content marketing plan, if you want to add one extra email, maybe you just want to keep this email. Whatever it may be, I just want to let you know that you have a lot of options, and I also keep in mind that you do, depending on your account, you will have limits for me specifically with this and I believe would be the same case for you but could be different with a pro account, you have a limit of 500 free emails, and then after that limit, you have to pay per additional email, and I want to get this correct. I believe it's 0.3 cents at the moment and could change by the time you're watching this video. But it's very, very, very inexpensive. If so, if you're sending out valuable content and your I'm going over the 500 mark. But it's valuable and you're engaging with your audience, I m I mean, it's absolutely worth it. T pay that small additional amount to send those additional emails again. Assuming that you're getting good engagement, click through rate open, right, all that kind of stuff. What you gonna track here as well? So, yeah, that's how to use email with main shot, very powerful, super exciting stuff. If you have questions about this, let me know. Without further ado, let's go ahead and get into the next video 17. FREE, Stunning QR Codes That Build Your Brand & Get Reviews : in this video, I'm gonna show you how toe create beautiful, highly customized QR codes for completely free easily and simply using QR code monkey dot com. Okay, So, essentially, what you're gonna use this four is you're gonna create your thank you card or also known as your product insert cards. Okay, they go it in along with your product within your product. Packaging customers are gonna open. It's gonna say something like, Thank you so much for your purchase. Click. Er sorry. Scan the code below with your phone to get X, Y and Z, and I'm gonna give you guys an example if you haven't seen already, I'll provide an example of an example product insert card that you can use using canvas, which is another free tool. But that's for another story. This I'd create the QR code to make it look pretty customized all that because if you go over demeaning chat and click on create new growth tool, you scroll down, you'll see that you could actually create a cure code within manage chat. But as of right now, the cure code isn't, in my opinion, the best. It's pretty ugly. Um, and this kind of helps you in terms of branded elements. And again, it's still free to do and very easy. So that's why I like to use QR code monkey over Mein Schatz cure code. However, this could change. And if you prefer to use ah mein Schatz own cure code option Feel free to do so it will be . If you understand, how do you cure Could monkey then you easily know how to use this tool. So, uh oh, yeah, we'll go ahead and get into that now I guess I got to click out of that. There we go. OK, so how we gonna start? Uh, step one. Gotta cure code dash monkey dot com and it'll take you here. Now what we need is a link, Okay? Cause someone's gonna scan this code. It's gonna take him to this link. So we need to include a link to our manu chat flow. So what you can do is go undergrowth tools. If you haven't already urine to create new growth tool and you're going to create also, let's go and show you again. You're gonna create a messenger reference. You are all right here. Messenger ref. U R l That's when you're gonna create and already have an example here is actually the rebound counter. Um, which doesn't really matter. Wills pretend like this. Is that the flow that we want? So go ahead and click on your the flow that you want or I should say the growth tool that you want that connects to your pride concert flow You're going to set up OK, And now and set up you now have the You are Okay, so this your out takes people to your flow So you could either click on this if you click on this and take it into your flow or if you copy this and then paste this within, let me just there we go pays this within, um, ul section of your code monkey. Then any time zones games, this they go into your flow really is easy is that And again, this is the most important point. Okay, so just make sure you do that. Just some other tips you can do You can change the colors to a single color. Can have a Grady int, right? Like let's say I don't know. Let's just do read that Sounds cool Or is it there? Do you read? And we'll keep it at black And let's dio radio, Grady. And I'm just messing around here. Um, and I'll show you kind of how it changes. So the color you can change, you can add a logo which are definitely recommend doing so you can upload an image or you can use one of these pre selected. So I just went ahead and I'm going to select um, the red YouTube logo right here. Let's to say I'm maybe I want to make a code for YouTube. Um, we're going customize design as well. Whatever, however much or as little as you want to do, um, eyeball shape, do eyeball shape this I frame shape this. I'm just choosing random things here. And then, um ah, what looks cool. This looks cool. I'm to I'm too much of still too much of a perfectionist where I actually wanted to look. It's gonna look terrible, but it's OK, then. Lastly, go ahead. Over here, I like to put this to the highest quality possible. So it's not pixelated when it's printed anything like that. So move it from the middle to the highest quality and then we're gonna do is create QR code . And then you can kind of see the monster that you created. Um, she takes it there we go. So, as you see, uh, look bad. Maybe something for, like, music. It could work. But like I said, you kind of look at it and test some of the different elements. But, you see, I changed all different elements. Highly, highly customer, customizable. It's free to do just kind of tweak with it until you get what you want. This is gonna actually and, you know, by being more customized and more beautiful, which you can do, which is unlike what I did. But it increases the likelihood of people scanning it makes it more eye catching. I make you look more professional, in my opinion. Overall, because it's very is very professional without having hire a professional. So once you do that, it looks good. Go ahead and download. As a PNG. You'll either. You can use this within Canada if you're creating this on your own. If you have a graphic designer, if you're using photo shop or illustrator, whatever you're using, just download this and either send it to the person making your thank you cards or send it to yourself if you're making your own thank you cards to download on. I would definitely recommend testing this after it's downloaded and printed, because you can go ahead and scan with your own phone. So scan the code and see if it works right here on the screen. But you want to make sure you tested efforts printed as well, so it makes you download it print, print an example. Scan it and make sure that everything's working and functioning before you know You include these and thousands of units or hundreds of units of your product. But again, it you know it should work out. If there are any issues, you're having issues. Let me know. It could be a technical glitch within Manage chat. Just keep that in mind as well, which it shouldn't be. But just any potential issue. Just make sure you troubleshoot first again. So that's one way and one other quick tip. I just wanted to kind of throw out. There is a lot of times people talk about Should I have a QR code, or should I have a link so that people can, like literally looking at Lincoln type the link into their browser. Why? Don't have both. Okay, so if you look at the example that I'm gonna give in terms of it Thank you, Carter product insert example. You'll see that I've included both, um and so you can either scan or you can let me just go in. Type the your out into your browser, and you get to the same place. Okay, Um, so you can do that. And something you can do? Yeah, You can copy this again. You go over to a site called bitterly. Just type in bitterly into Google Crane. Free account and all it does. It's really, really straightforward. If if you want me to make a video on it, I can use Copy this. You paste it intimately into this tool and hit generate. And what's gonna do is generate a short euro for you. So something is much shorter. So this is super long and confusing. It looks kind of weird. Like Spammy. I don't know if I would take this in. Are you? No longer It is. The more likelihood you're gonna mess up, right? So it's gonna mess up typing this into their browser. So what you can do is shorten it, and you actually also customize it. Okay, so you can click on the customization button and you can write, you know, um, you know, whatever tax it could be, you know, blank customer. Thank you. Card like product customer. Thank you. Card. You know, whatever your product name is, your brand name is right. Like like sunder products. Thank you, Customer. Yeah, whatever. It may be something a little bit shorter or easier to like. Type in. That's one way of doing it. And if you're a little bit more technical, if you don't know what I'm talking about in this next little piece which is the end of the video, I promise. Then just ignore it. It's fine. But if you're a little bit more technical, you can take your domain, create a sub domain that's like, you know, has the term gift in the sub domain on. That could be a really easy way as well, and it's a very branded way. But if you don't have access that you're not really sure you don't have maybe a domain Yet for your brand, you can use Betley. Um, who the link to bit leads for you use. If you guys want me to make a video on that, I can. But again, it should be pretty straightforward. But this is how to create a QR code, and you can also have a link the people can type in just significantly exponentially increasing the likelihood of people scanning and getting in. And guys, the most important way to get people to scan or to enter this URL under the browser is to offer as much value as possible. The more valuable thing about it, like a magnet, the more valuable your offer is, the stronger your magnet is, and the more customers you're gonna suck into your magnet, right, it's gonna be good for them. It's gonna help them and provide value. It's not anything devious. It's very, very is a very good thing. So just keep that in mind. I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions at all, definitely let me know or any anything else as well. Just let me know the Q and A section, and let's go ahead and get into the next video 18. REAL-WORLD Amazon Product Insert Example: So in this video, I want to give you an actual example of a potential thank you card that you could use or some kind of template. Okay, so I know we're not all graphic designers. If you are, then you priority. Good. If you're not a graphic designer, you don't want to pay for expensive tools like the adobe sweet like photo shop illustrator . Things like that really, really great tool that I'm sure if you're in digital marketing and all you've heard before and that is canvas dot com canvas basically place to create very professional graphics easily. And you can actually use a free account to do that. I think there's also a paid Can't account that has some or diverse options. Excuse me. Uh, there's more options for $12 a month. Very affordable. You can definitely use the free version. It makes it very, very easy, which is awesome. So go to camera dot com. You can create free account. Once you're in, you will. What you'll do is you'll create a new graphics you click on, create your first graphic, create new graphic, and for me, I chose you have some different options. Type in the search bar. Thank you. Card. And then you'll get something that looks like this. And you actually a few different options. So, um, you know, if you need help with candle again, this is a canvas specific course. There actually are courses about Canada. This is not that course, but I just want to give you some overall information and just kind of show you maybe something I would do for my product. Insert. So one thing that's really great is you can actually pre chew. So, for example, if I go here to the top left and I choose templates, I can select from a few different templates here. Okay, So I have. So I just went ahead and type. Thank you. And again, Yeah, these air a lot of cards that are geared for weddings. But you can really get a lot of great inspiration depending what your product is by looking through some of these different cards. Right? And you are some of these different options they can absolutely customized to your product . Specifically there. So many different options already done for you. The the fonds, the type, And as you see here, I actually chose this one just because I was feeling like it. But again, you want to make sure it fits within your brand. Don't just choose one, because it looks good. Make sure aligns with your brand, Uh, logo typography, your colors, all that kind of stuff. Very simple. So I go ahead and select one of the themes, and then I just fill out the front in the back. What I do is I create, So I just go ahead and I could do that. That creates a new page. And I have one pages. The front one is the back right here. Okay, so for the front, obviously something like, thank you or thanks so much on then I want to have a short Texas possible. Keep it as simple as possible free video guide and six day warranty on back, not even a full sentence. You can add or remove as much as you would like, but you wanted to is close to the point as possible, which is gonna increase the life then people actually following through and it makes it look a little bit nicer, aesthetically so very to the point. Free video guide and six day warranty on the back. Great. There's gonna turn it over. It's very easy to do what you want to make sure you call that out on the front so they turn over to the back and yeah, this doesn't look the best. I might still work to make it look a little bit better because you see some terrible it looks fairly good. Especially the fact that this is not coming from a professional graphic designer. This is coming for me. I literally set this up literally less than 10 minutes to set this up. Everything so very fast, very professional. And you can work on it as much as you would like or get some input from family or friends to make it a little bit better. What you can do is so I just duplicated the page. Remove the tax. What I did is I took this. I copied this tax, pasted it here and then entered this text. Okay, that says, scan this code with your camera and they know it's with their phone camera. They're not gonna go on, get outta DSLR camera and take a photo. So you'd be a specific or whatever you would like. I know some sellers will even have step by step process, but I like this because it's pretty to the point. And I have both agency. I have both a cure code on top and then a link on the bottom which will cover in just a second of first. Scan this code with your camera or enter the or L below in your browser to receive a free video guide on how to use X product and to enroll in her 60 day warranty. Our product warranty. Right. So you can you can add more detail. You can change what you're offering, right? This is what you're offering. Obviously changed that text, but make sure whatever you're offering perfectly links up with the your main Jeff Lowe. Okay. Obviously it shouldn't should go without saying, but just make sure you do that, Okay? If there are any changes, got to make sure that you update that accordingly. There always similar. OK, so that's the text. And then how do we get the cure code and in the link? So I've already shown the videos on the on the cure code, but I want to show you some aesthetic. Um, ideas. Okay, so what I did here literally. I went to Canada. I took a screenshot of this image, so I just on a mac, it's command. Uh, was that command for can shift forcing a command ship for I have muscle memory. Can't remember it in my head. Take a screen shot of this. Go to color image color picker dot com. You just type in color picker from image into Google and this will be one of the top results. All you do is you enter in your, um you enter in your your image, you upload your image and then what you can do is just click on any part of the image. And as you see over here, the color code changes. So if I want this color, it shows me this color. If I click here, it shows me this color and so on. You know this color, right? So I can get any color to kind of keep things consistent. If I wanted very specific color, I can get the the HTML code or the color code right here, so I can copy that. Then I go to cure code monkey, right Let's say I have to update the link here, but let's go to colors. And as you see here, I very you copy and paste in here. So you go from color. So you go take a screenshot of your of your thank you card. Go to color picker image color picker dot com Pick this specific colors you want would like to use and you just play around with it and you won't get it right in the first time. Just play around with it a little bit, start adding colors. You see, I chose colored radiant custom eye color, etcetera. Right. And you can kind of see the layout right here. Um, and for background color, what I like to do if we go back really quickly, I want to choose the background color right here. That's what I use for this background color. So it so it. So it lines up perfectly and doesn't look weird. Okay, so that's the image or that's what the coloring. You can upload a logo logo if you would like. If it makes sense, this is an example. That's why didn't do it. Customized design again. All these different options here for ways you could customise. We'd even do this instead. And whatever. You know, whatever else over here, click create QR code with it. Maximum pixel quality. Um, and you can just customize it until it looks, you know, with in line with your brain and looks nice and pretty is as less ugly as possible. Right? That's the goal. What do that downloads you're gonna download? You're gonna go back to Canada, then you're going to g o. I'm covering it. Oh, actually, here. Click on upload and then your uploaded here. Okay, so you upload it here once it's uploaded, you just take it, dragon, and then drop it over here, and then you can resize it. You can resize it all that kind of stuff and move it around on. What's great, too? They have these little kind of lines here, so I can kind of make sure it's nice and centered with everything else. It's a very easy for the cure code. Now, you may be wondering about the, um, the link, right. So I'm using bit Lee in this example. So if someone types in bit dot li slash customer thank you, it's gonna take them to a certain your L. In this case, it's going. If you do this on your own feel for you, try it. It's gonna take you to cure code monkey dot com That's that's that's where it's going. But in your case, you would take him to your main sequence. So what you can do with this? Go to billy dot com. She looks like this. Create a free account, and what you do is you enter in, so it's you go to billy dot com. You click on the bottom right hand side. Say, create your al It's an orange buttons click create. Then you enter in your many chat reference you're l entered in there you click. Ah customize you click create and what we'll do is we'll shorten it for you, Right? So better usually looks like bit dot li slash You know, one to a 576 h c. You know, that's what it looks like. So what you can do is just go delete it and then write whatever you'd like. So then I delete this and then I can write whatever customer. Thank you. Know whatever. Whatever you like in there, you can title it as well. So I put cure Could example. It could be Ah, Special customer. Thank you. Could be your title. Whatever you'd like to do, go ahead and hit Save. Once you had saved, you can copy go back to Canada and then paste. And there you go. So now you have both a QR code and a link. And you have a thank you card that looks pretty That's literally free can be free. So it's free. Easy to do highly, highly effective. And like I said, I might do a little bit more work to make this look a little bit better because it is a little bit kind of blocking or chunky, but it doesn't look too bad, So especially for doing it for free. Eso uh, yeah, I just wanna give you guys a specific example. Oh, quickly. In case you guys want, I have the thank you card here. Go ahead and screenshot. If you'd like the thank you free video guide plus six day warranty on the back. Okay. And then we're gonna go down here just to show you again. QR code, scan this code with your camera or enter the URL below into your browser to receive a free video guy on how to use X product and enrollment into our 60 day warranty or 68 product warranty that include the Billy Link below. There and there you go. Really simple is that if you have any questions about this again, I'm not a graphic design expert, but I'll do my best to help let me know the Q and A section, and let's go ahead and get into the next video. 19. HACK #2 For Beating The "24 Hour Rule": in this video, we're gonna cover men, chat paid messages. Something is very simple and very, very powerful for you. So what is it? How does it work? So it's actually paid messages are just as they sound. They are messages that are delivered to the inbox of a specific audience that you select. Okay, so you send this message into the in box and it's paid, so that means that this can exist outside of that 24 hour window rule. Right? Remember, we have toe send promotional concept within 24 hour window organically, but by using paid messages, we can actually send it at any content. Well, not any content, but we in center promotional content at any time, so this could be very, very powerful. Specifically, You know, if you are collecting, you know, main chat data and growing your manage chat subscriber list, right? You can reach out to that list. You know, if you're doing this via product on product insert, you reach out to all those people who have scan the code because you know that they are. They've been tagged as an Amazon customer so you can reach out to and send messages here of your Amazon customers via Facebook Messenger asking them to leave and Honest reviewer just asking them for their feedback. Right? So very simple to do what you would do is head over to broadcasting click on paid messages . It's basically like a broadcast that's paid. That's why it's under the broadcasting section, since there's so many limitations now on broadcasting. And by the way, guys, paymasters could be very, very inexpensive. I know there is one. Someone I know is getting as low as you know. Open rates at 10 cents, 10 cents per open, which is pretty crazy. Cheap, up to 40 cents. Could it absolutely more could be less. It really depends. It depends on your audience size. It depends on a variety of factors. The audience type, the audience size, what kind of message you're sending when you're sending the message. All those kind of things. There's no definitive answer on this, but it's worth testing, and it could be very, very worthwhile for you to do so. Click on paid messages you get to a section here where you basically create your message. In this example, I've created something very simple that is Hey, how are you liking your product so far? Or if you like your products, of course like that, either I like it or dislike it. Very, very simple and straightforward. And let's say I want to send this out to everyone who has not yet left in Amazon Review either positive or negative. They haven't been tagged yet, so they haven't left an Amazon review yet. We know that there on Amazon customers, so we want to reach out to them on. And, you know, if we're using email, we're using the organic, you know, Main Chat Messenger system. Then we're also using paid messages were without trying to be too overpowering, right we are. We're getting them on many different touchpoints and really increasing highly increasing our likelihood of getting reviews and doing so very inexpensively. Guys, in the end of this, it's very, you know, reviews have a monetary value. Each aims on review, get has a monetary value attached to it, even though you may not know what that is. So if we're able to, you know, get reviews at a lower cost than what the review is worth, then it's that's that's profitable. Okay, I mean, I would encourage you to kind of determine what your Amazon reviewer positive review is worth to you. Right? And what Negative. What? Each negative review is also worth you, cause that could be not a good thing, right? So little simple message. Then we're gonna go to settings and you're gonna select your audience again. This is very, very important. So this is why tagging is so important. Because I've already shown you kind of have to this before with an audience. It's very straightforward and using to go in and kind of do it yourself and you'll see fairly easy. You literally go in and filter and choose. Exactly. I want everyone who has this tag excluding people that have this tag, etcetera, whatever your goal or objective is. So in this case, maybe I run this type of ad once a month. Okay, I run this once a month, and I want to take everyone. You know, it may be in the previous month who purchased my product in the past 21 days or whoever who enrolled into my scan, my QR code, right? And then I want to target them for a week. You know do that once a month. Then you know I want to target everyone who has. They haven't. They're not tagged as a happy Amazon customer. They're not tagged as an unhappy aims on customer, but they are tagged as an Amazon customer. So basically want target. All Amazon customers, minus people who are they left a review. Really simple. It's very logical, straightforward. So that's the audience that I would choose. So I is just a dummy audience right here. Beaches that audience your budget. Really? How much do you want to spend? It could be as low as five books could be as high as $50 or more. It could be a lot more if you wanted it. Teoh, Um, but again, you can set a lower budget just to start off with. And they kind of get a sense of Oh, this is how much this type of ad costs to this audience, etcetera and start weighing your costs. But again, complete depends on your objective there. This isn't a Facebook ads course, unfortunately, so I can't give you as much help there. But I would suggest start going lower, and if it's not enough, then increasing later instead of just having a huge bid. Okay. Or a huge budget. You can, uh you could have a bid control. So, like, I only want, you know, to spend this much per result, But I like to just kind of set a budget and leave the bid alone because that kind of messes and I get a lot less results in just a lot less. Especially not such a small audience. I like to leave the big control blank. So I said I said a budget, and then lastly, set your start in Ende and hit Publisher. You're gonna go really simple, right? Easier than other Facebook ads, right? I'm very, very simple to do within man shot very, very powerful. And again it depended completely. Depends on your objective. What? You're trying to dio again. You know, if you're trying to follow up with customers who you want them to leave you a review and you're gonna ask them then kind of Saturday. Okay, I'm gonna do this. You know, once every month you get your kind of manly. I'm gonna target this group Now, on my sending this message, I'm gonna do that once a month for 12 months, right to be very, very little amount of time, not a lot of money and yet really great results. And by the way, if you've already been collecting main chat, you've been growing your main chat list. You can retroactively go back and followed with everyone who has already subscribed to your product, insert right or is already tagged as an Amazon customer and rector actively go and reach out to them. That's the low hanging fruit right now that you may not be aware of. So if you haven't done that already, something to consider, go ahead and do that. If you have any questions. As always, let me know in the comments below, things are always changing. I want to make sure I'm on top of it as much as possible. That's what you guys paid for. So I want to do that. Um, thanks much for watching. Let's go ahead and get into the next video 20. Automatically Build A Custom Audience From Your Manychat Subscribers: in this video, I'm going to show you how to create custom audiences inside of Facebook ads manager using data from manage chat. So if you already have a Facebook account, you will need to get that it's free to do. Go ahead and just Google set up Facebook ads account. This is not a Facebook ads course, but I do want to provide some detail into that. If you're not familiar with custom audiences or look like audiences, I would highly recommend you look more into that and learn a little bit more on your own. But just to really summarize a custom audience essentially allows you to collect data on a certain group of people and then re target those those people specifically with with retargeting ads on Facebook. So, for example, in terms of an Amazon FB a sense right or Amazon products, you could collect your customer data using your product insert. Okay, some people scan that collects data on who those customers are. You can retarget those customers and try to sell them on another product that's similar to your product. You can retarget them t try to incentivize them ethically to leave you an honest review writer. Just encourage them, I should say, to leave you review and all sorts of things, right? You could just kind of It's basically reaching people with Facebook ads. There are a member of this audience, and it looked like audiences are basically different people. It's a whole new audience that have statistically similar characteristics to your custom audience. Okay? And again, if you're lost by that, if you're not already familiar, I'd have to recommend learning more about it. If you have questions definite, let me know. But let's go ahead and actually get into this now. So you need a man shit account. And if he spoke as account to do this, you also need to get some initial data or some subscribers. Okay, Once you do that, have all those things together. Log into your main chat account, uh, select the Facebook page that you would like to create the custom audience for head over to the left hand side. Click on audience. And once you're here, what you want to do first is filter your audience. Okay? So, for example, if you are using man shot for a lot of different things, like I am. You have all different kinds of people in your audience. Um, you want to make sure that your specifically targeting a very specific group of people, for example, just making this up. Let's say that half of people who are part of your audience, they're subscribed. Your main chat bought half of them. You know, they downloaded a free guide that you gave them. The other half actually bought something from you or bought your Amazon product. You don't want to put this all in the same audience cause they're very different types of people. You want to keep those kind of separate segmented. So I think Just think about what your goal is, what kind of audience you're trying to create and then filter data based on that. So, for example, I only wanted target women or men than filter and on Lee Onley feel. Try. The people who are men maybe only feels about people that have the tag Amazon customer or bought Amazon product or things like that. Maybe you want to only include the tag left five star feedback, right? Whatever it may be you want, you know, segment by specific tags or conditions or whatever it may be, filter first. Once you do that, go to the right hand side. Click on bulk actions when it had to do that now and then scroll down toward says export PS ideas. And I'm gonna go ahead and click on that. Okay, so basically, what this has done is it's taken All of the data relate all the ideas or the Facebook data regarding our audience that we just filtered and were able to upload that now. So we downloaded this remaining shot now, were ableto upload into Facebook as manager and very, very simple. So, uh, once get this icon right here, just go ahead and click download once that I've already done that. Someone go ahead and head over to ads, manuals, your money now and what you're in ads Manager. Go ahead and click on the Create a custom audience, cause that's what we're doing here. So click create custom audience. We're gonna select customer list, cause that's what we have. I should say that's what Major gave us. Use a file that does not include LTV LTV saints for a lifetime value and we do not have that information yet, So we're gonna like that option. Okay? For the original data source you want to select from partners because it's from our partner , which is managed that it's not directly from the customers for at a new file. We're gonna upload that file that we just downloaded. So there we go. I went ahead and upload that there, and then we want to name our audience. So in this case, maybe I'll dio example custom audience. Whatever it is, it's all up to you just to keep track on your end. I removed my head over here. Okay, I named it. Now I'm gonna hit next. All right, so this is so do not hit, upload and create. That's what a lot of mistake people dio these air. Not phone numbers. Okay. What you want to select Goto go here to Ah, this tabloid says phone number, select all the way down to Facebook. Page User, I d. And as you can see, yes, this is the correct data, right? It's very similar to the data that we have here. This is what we want to select, period Facebook page views, right? Do you go ahead and click that? All right, so think about it. People interacted with remaining chat bought image. And they did that, you know, through I Facebook page, right? It wasn't just, like, who are they messaging right there messaging some facebook page. So we need. So whatever page they were messaging whatever page they were associated with and how we got there data, we enter that pages, I d OK, so forgive me if you don't have one product and you'll have one Facebook page. Very simple, but just keep that in mind. Okay? So we need the Facebook page that's associated with the communication of this group. We need that page I d. So what you'll do is you'll head over to your Facebook page with in this case is something . Hobart, I'm gonna go ahead and scroll my face over this way. Um, we're scroll down to the about section. Okay. So scroll down to about, uh, go down, scroll down until you see, um, all the way almost at the bottom. It says Page I d. Okay. This is, uh this is your Facebook page. I d This is what you want. So you go ahead and we're gonna copy that. We're gonna go back to as manager We're going to click. Enter Facebook. Page I d. So we went ahead and entered our Facebook page I d Once you enter the I d Go ahead and click. Add one page. If you have multiple, I guess you could add multiple. But that's never really been the case with me. But you have question about that, Let me know. Move my head back over here. So we've entered that ingrate scroll down in the bottom. Right. Click on upload and create. Okay. And you should get You shouldn't get any errors, right? There may be some that aren't able to for whatever reason, but overall, they should be able to create your audience. Right now. Yes, it is below 1000. I forget what my audience was. But now you've created your custom items. So now you can run ads this audience. You can use this to create a lookalike audience. It's right there. And in the next video, I'm actually to show you how to automatically through Maine, shot without having do anything manually, like every month or every week or whatever. I'm gonna show you how toe automatically feed and continually update this audience via manage that. So really talking about that. If you have any questions. Like I said, let me know the Q and A section and let's go ahead and get into the next video. 21. Let Manychat Grow Your Audience For You: and the pretty This video I showed you how to create a custom audience using the data that main shop provided. It's relatively quick to do right, not a lot of work. However, if we can automate this process, how much better would that be? Right, Instead of us having to do this every week or every month of updating this custom audience , we can actually have made shot update the audience for us. Okay, which is really beneficial. Alright, so I've got had created this flow. Uh, this will absolutely to be edited based on your needs and this is just purely used as an example. And you can use this along with any of the flows that I've given you now, the kind of understanding the flows you have an understanding of custom audiences and how to create them, depending what your objectives are. And if there are certain custom audiences that you want to kind of build over time, adjust automatically, grow and build, you can do that using main Chet using the following flow. So let's go and get into that now. Eso very, very simple. Step one, you'll have some kind of message. Whatever that may be in this case again, totally an example. But would you like to be added to our Facebook custom audience? Obviously when asked this, But, um, let's say, would you like our for example? Let's say, Are you interested in a free e book? Are you? Are you know, if they're an Amazon customer on they clicked on the 15% off code or they click on the 60 day warranty or whatever it may be, it could be anything. So yes, please. And no, thanks. So for everyone, it says no thanks. Yeah, whatever. We put him down here for everyone who is interested in whatever we're trying to sell or whatever we're pushing, we send them to this action, OK, before they continue on. That's the key, Guys. This this is what you'll insert the depending on what your objectives are and what you want to do it. This is what you're going to insert into your flows potentially and let me quickly go through it really quick. So what you do is you create action because click on action, you're gonna scroll almost down to the bottom Basically where it says Facebook custom audience. Go ahead and click on that. Okay? And it's gonna take you and it's gonna look like this. OK, so Facebook custom audience, Uh, then it's gonna ask you for the following information. And by the way, if you haven't already sink and approve your at account, you'll need to do that first. That's why I already said that to do that in the beginning, so may not look exactly step by step like this if you have not sink your account yet, but once you do, it should look just like this. Um, so you select that action, then may I ask you, subscriber should be should be removed or added to it out. And so you can do either one. In this case we're gonna add. We enter it, you have to select your at account. So if you have multiple accounts, have multiple options, if you only have one out account, just one and then you select out of that ad account, which custom audience would you like to update? And you just choose the one you like to update you hit save on and then boom. There you go were very simple. Then they continue on to the next message. But you can insert this in so many different places and just passively, all on autopilot, grow, accustom audience or grow multiple custom audiences within, uh within adds manager without having to do it manually. So again, that's the whole point. Is saved time make money. I hope this helps if you have any questions at all. Absolutely leave those in the Q and A section below, and let's go ahead and get into the next video. 22. Build a List of RAVING FANS So You NEVER Worry About Product Launches Again!: in this video, I'm gonna show you how to grow your email list your main shot list and ultimately generate more revenue using the super simple and super powerful flow. This actually one my favorite flows. I use this all the time with a lot of different things that I have a lot of different pieces of content that I have on is very powerful, very effective on Have a recommend, you know, the grand How did you realize this with your Amazon brand, right, Really grow that brand outside of Amazon. So essentially, in a nutshell, what this is or what this flow does is you have some kind of valuable piece of content. This could be a video guide. This could be just a physical guide, an infographic. It could even be, you know, whatever. Any book, a recipe book, you know, whatever it may be, um, it's highly, highly valuable. And maybe it cost sometime or some money to make up front. But then after that, it's free, right? Don't to reorder this right. It's kind of like a digital product, in a way. Okay. And you could promote this digital product on your Pinterest account. Instagram Facebook. You could run Facebook ads to this. You do a whole lot of things in ways to get traffic to this flow, right? With those just some examples of ways to get people in this flow basically, you know, saying, Hey, we have this free piece of content Super valuable, super whatever. Click here to get access right. Then they click, and it takes them to this flow. That's how people would get in. That's kind with the slow does. And basically you give this highly valuable piece of content or whatever it is a digital product that you're giving away. You give it away in return for their contact information, which really helps you grow your list. And guess what? You could do this before you launch any products on Amazon and use this to start growing your main chat list in your email list. And guess what, Then when launch day comes around, you can reach out to that list on and promote your product, and that's the way that you launch your product. Okay, I think this is one way to can help you build your list. I should say very, very powerful. Can't stress that enough yet so many people don't see the value in it cause, like I'm just building an email list, I can't get into it, But, um, it can really help you out. So starting step, maybe have a Pinterest. I have a pin. I have, ah, Facebook Post. I have whatever. And he said, Hey, you want this click years? They click. Take them right here to this message and I say, Hey, John, enter your email to gain instant access to the free Amazon FBI field guy. That's the example I'm using here the free F B A field guide, which is very, very valuable. If you don't have it, you can get it for free through my Facebook page and my Facebook group. Here you will receive my exact product research criteria, email, marketing sequence, supplier templates and so much more. And if you notice right here, what I like to do this little hack I went on my phone. I downloaded my the Amazon FB a field guide that that I created. I download it to my phone and they made a little screen sharing video where I just and I'll show you the real example of where I just scroll through the guide to show people exactly what they're gonna get to incentivize them to get the guide. Right. That's really cool. I kind of if you have an e book, you could have, like a Really. It could be really, really simple plain video you take with your iPhone of you, like, slowly kind of going through each page just to show people what's in store for them. Like what? What they're gonna get for free just by giving their email Really, really powerful. Really effective. And actually, I'll show you the example right here. So this is the video that I created very, very simple to dio. This is the FBI guy and I can scroll a little bit faster. They can't just stop and pause it all the time. Like I might as well get it. Anyway, it's free. So I just kind of scrolling to show them what they're going to get when they subscribe would give their email. So So, yeah, so always say is you want this Enter your email to get all of this so they just enter their email here. Then we tagged them, and in this case, f b A field guide subscriber. That's what I'm gonna tagged them as. But, you know, depending what your guide is, you're gonna change that than what I also do is I insert around Google Sheets. Okay, we have FB a field guide subscribers. All I want is your first name, last name and then their email in their email, in this case, right? I tagged him his lead magnet subscriber. So that's what their email is, right? And I can actually show you that really quick. So exit. Except that we go here where people are entering their email. Okay, Email. Save response to a custom field lead magnet subscriber. Okay, so that's so you know, when I tell Google Sheets Hey, main chat, take lead magnet subscriber and enter that and the email feel that's because I name this email. It could be lead Mannion subscriber email. Honest that you could do that as well. Um, instead, Right. But I would change some things up. So whatever you want to name it, just let you know that make make sure within your Google sheet, and then whatever the custom field is here in this little, little little purple button are the same. Okay. And then on Mac, we're gonna automatically continue. If they've subscribed to our field guide, we're going to send the message. Is this Thanks for subscribing to download Click download below to get your guide. Then we provide it right here for them again. You could have a link somewhere else, but I like to have everything right here. I don't want to send them off to another page or anything like that. So, um so how you do that is just upload a file. So you go here too, file. Then you upload your own file and put it here. Then this should be good to go. They can download, and then what? I also like to do. Guys, this is a great way. So you grow your main chat list your email list and you can grow your facebook group because think about it. People are using Facebook messenger to communicate with you. They already kind of on Facebook. Very trust facebook. So at the end of my messages, if you're iron doing this, I would definitely recommend doing this very, very popular right now and very powerful. Powerful, powerful is to grow a Facebook group for your Amazon product, okay? Or your Amazon brand or your your Bradenton exists in transcend outside of Amazon. Right? That's that's the goal. And that's the point. So also join our Facebook group today for more valuable in free content like this, Right? Something like that. Right on bacon. Just so they get the guy, they're super happy. Sure. More free content, more free stuff. All join the Facebook group. And then they joined to grow your Facebook group email and main chat all the same time. Very powerful, you know? Yeah. Everyone who didn't respond where is gonna send them a follow up messages says, hey, just quickly want chicken If you wanted this. If not, just ignore it. But if you did want this entering your email, okay, that's it. That's all It is. Just a quick follow up. You don't want to do it too many times. Otherwise, you really upset them. And that's not the goal. That's very, very bad. So yeah, very, very simple, yet very powerful. I use this a lot. You can see that for yourself, with all of the content that I have my Facebook group Facebook Page on YouTube and all those places Instagram and Pinterest. If you're not following me there already, I'll be creating a lot of content. They're very soon. So So, Yeah, the saddle. How you utilize this? And one last quick tip. I want to give or one last thing. I want to kind of mention, you know, your people give you their email that you send to them within Facebook Messenger. You may be thinking, Oh, well, maybe they'll be expecting an email Or should I be emailing them? You can if you want again. There's that limit. There's that account limit per month you have. For me, it's a 500 emails per month limit. But if you want, you can absolutely like we did before. I've already shown me how to do this before. If you have questions about it, let me know. But create a rule toe where any time someone gets tagged with with F B a field guide subscriber, anytime that tags applied, then you send them a sequence. Okay, And that sequence is basically just a email, Okay? Just it could just be one email that says, you know, Hey, summer, here's your guide as requested else would be sure to join our Facebook group if you haven't already something like that, right? And you said that also by email and with this flow right to do just this and keep it simple , we could also send an email on again. I've already shown you how to set up rules, how to set up sequences. You can refer back to the product, insert flow where I talk about all that kind of stuff very, very powerful. But to keep things simple, you can just do this and have a lot of really great success. So you have the questions, let me know. Without further ado, let's go ahead and get into the next video. 23. Effortlessly Distribute Single-Use Coupon Codes With Manychat: Hello and welcome to the video. I'm really glad for this one because I've created a brand new many chat flow for you based on the request of some of the students here in the course. And specifically with this flow that you see does, and we'll go through it, which is honestly pretty simple, is it distributes single use coupon codes to your many chat subscribers. And it's a relatively easy process. What we're gonna do is basically create a list of kind of single use coupon codes. Distribute those coupon codes using many chat with the Google Sheets integration. And this is a couple of things that need to be done beforehand, but this flow is now available and it's called single use coupon code distribution flow. It's now available as part of the, with all the other flows and growth tools and everything else in the many chat template. So you can find it in the template. You can also find a link to this specific flow that you can clone into your own account in the resources section as well. So with that being said, let's go ahead and set everything up. So two steps to set up. Step number one is, well first you need to make sure that you are Google. You have Google Sheets account integrated with your many chat account. So if you haven't already done that, go to Settings, click on Google Sheets, are gonna integrations then click on Google Sheets. You'll be able to do that very, very simple. And I have a video about that already. Assuming you've already done this and it's very simple to do. You'll create a new Google sheet in your account and you can name it something like coupon code distribution. You see here that I named it single use coupon code distribution doesn't matter it just for your personal organizational purposes. Next, what we're gonna do is go to our Amazon Seller Central account and we're going to generate a list of single use coupon codes. We can generate a CSV file, copy all of those codes as many causes we want to give out. And we can go ahead and paste right in here in column B. So you're going to have column one or column a is going to be called ID column B. You can name it coupon codes, promo code, single use coupon code whenever you want, something like that. So single use coupon codes. And we're going to take all the coupon codes that we generated from our Amazon account. We're going to paste them into column b here, as many as we want. Let's say in this case we just did ten, right? Then for ID, all you're gonna do is you're going to number these on a scale, starting at one and going up to as many coupon codes as you have, which in this case is ten. So we go all the way to the end. Boom, there we go. So ten, perfect. We're gonna go really simple. Ha, so Google sheet, that's how you set it up. That's step number one. Step number two is we need to create three custom fields. Okay, how are we going to do that? Is we're gonna go to settings. Then we're gonna go to custom fields in our mini chat account. And then we're gonna start with User Fields. Okay, so we're gonna, so of the three custom fields, two of them are going to be user fields and one of them is going to be a bought field. So with user field, the two that we're going to create, the first one I have already created the so that's why I'm, I'm searching for right now. Okay. The first one we're going to name coupon underscore code. And this is going to be a text. So coupon code could want underscore code text, okay? And then number two is going to be user underscore coupon, underscore ID, and it's also going to be taxed. The exact wording doesn't matter. I'm just using this for organizational purposes. So you don't need to have the underscore could just be, you know, there'll be a dash, it could be a space or whatever you want and you can name it whatever you want. But just to kinda keep things consistent, that's what we're gonna do. User coupon ID is going to be one. It's going to be a text because you can choose between texts are number this one's text. And then like I said before, coupon code as well. So those are the two coupon code and then user. Coupon ID. Alright, so boom, really, really easy to do, just literally a few seconds. So that's what we're gonna do here for user fields. And then we have our one, Bob feel that we're going to create. And this is also going to name it coupon underscore id. So it's gonna be called coupon ID. This is going to be a number, OK, so it's not text, that's a number and we're going to set that number to one for now. Okay, so, so that's a one and we're just going to kind of leave it. Leave it as is for right now. I'll show you why that is. So we've set up with three custom fields. We've set up a Google Sheet. Perfect, now we're ready to dive in to the flow itself. So we're here in the flow, which again you can access in the resources section, we're just going to zoom in a little bit. And the purpose of this flow, by the way, is wherever you want to distribute single use coupon codes, simply copy this flow. And what you can do is just kinda of any, all the flow or a part of it. You can just click, hold down shift, loops or sorry, hold down Shift and then click and you can drag like I did here, and drag as much or as little of the flows you want and then paste it into any many chat flow that you want to distribute single use coupon codes and just make sure it's connected correctly. But you should be able to kinda copy and insert it wherever you want it to be. If you want to use single use coupon codes and if you don't, no worries it. But if you ever do out in the future, you know, have this at your disposal. So we have their beginning message here, which is just simply get your unique coupon code here, right? They have a button where get my code. So they click to get their code. What we do here is an action, and you will not only just have this action up and what we're gonna do is we're gonna get a row by value. Okay? So we're basically we want to pull data from her Google sheet. We wanna pull the the promo code and then insert here. Okay, so in this case, we have just selected your spreadsheet, select whatever worksheet it is, and I forget what in this case, maybe it was OMB was put 25. We'd it's 25. Again, you don't need to have a name for this was for a previous example, but just enter in your worksheet name. Okay? So lookup column is going to be ID, and then you're lookup value is going to be coupon ID, okay? So just, you can just find it easily by, you know, start typing in coupon ID. Boom, there it is perfect. For Google column titles ID is going to match user coupon ID and then single use coupon codes, coupon codes. So it kinda matches up, well, we got ID with ID and the coupon code with coupon codes. So pretty straightforward, right? And then we're gonna go ahead and hit Save, which I've already done. So is hit cancel. But that's kind of how you set up that action. They're pretty straightforward. Next, we're going to have a condition where we want to make sure that the user coupon ID is equal to coupon ID. Remember, one is a user field and the other is a bot field. And we wanna make sure that these are equal. If not, okay, if they are not equal, we're going to send them a message says, Hey, sorry, doesn't seem that there are any coupons codes left today because when they're not equal, that means that. You know, if you had ten coupons, then maybe that would have been the 11th. And you wanna make sure that they don't go through the flow, right? Cuz you don't have any coupon codes left. So you just say something like, hey, sorry, it doesn't look like there's any coupon causal up today. Feel free to check back in tomorrow. Or you just say, hey, sorry, we're out follower Facebook page for future updates whenever you want it to be. And in this case, they can check again, and they check again. We send them back through here. And the same thing can happen until there's coupon codes available. Okay, so that's all that this does. Without over complicating it, just make sure that there are enough coupon codes to still give out from our Google Sheet. So if no, that's what happens. But if yes, if there are still promo codes or coupon codes that we can give out, we're gonna increase our coupon ID field by one, okay? Because basically when we give out one coupon, somebody gets it, then we want to move to the next one for, for the next person who gets it and then move to the third. So it's increasing by one every time someone gets a coupon code, if that makes sense. So otherwise, you'll be giving up the same coupon code multiple times if he didn't increase by one. So that's why we're doing it. And just make sure that that's set correctly. We're gonna set custom. And the just a clicking here just to show you, you go to set custom field. You're gonna go to increase coupon ID by one. That's how it's going to be set up in case you need to reference it. And then almost lastly, firstname, here's your code. You're going to insert a custom field which would be automatic here, which is coupon code. Let me just click on the message for you. I can do this again. So for example, if you want to insert this, right, we're gonna go here to the kinda brackets. I'm going to type in the coupon code. So now I just repeated it twice, but I'm, I've already done it once. I'm gonna go ahead and delete that just how you do it. So Sumner hears your code, coupon code, simply copy the code and use on Amazon. But you'd have a link to Amazon if you'd like or wherever, right, then this doesn't just have to work with Amazon and can work with a variety wherever you want to use single use coupon codes. And then I always like to have a tag where I'm very specific about the action that the user took. And in this case, the user clicked to redeem the single use coupon code. Okay, so now I know that in my, I could also do if I really wanted to, if I'm worried about people who are doing this on multiple times, I could also go back to the beginning. And here I could set a can, I can set another condition two where I have this condition here. Maybe I can move to another condition where I say, if someone is tagged as click to redeem single use coupon code, then, you know, then I need to send that, you know, I need to tell them, hey, it looks like you send them another message that says, hey, it looks like you've already redeemed a code. And if not, then they can continue on so I can send another condition, just kinda filter out anyone. I'm trying to go through it like another time. I would do that by creating a condition. And then anyone who's been tagged already with this tag, I know they've already gone through the Flow. I don't wanna go through again, so I just send them a message, hey, it looks like you're already gone through, but if there are, you know, it's up to you what you wanna do with your business. And if you want to just something to keep in mind that you could add that there's other ways you can kind of build out this flow. But hopefully this provides a very good base for those of you who have asked me and wants to create single use coupon codes. There you go. It's, it's there, it's free to use. I hope you find it immensely valuable. And if you have any questions about it, of course, let me know the Q and a section. And without further ado, let's go ahead and get into the next video. 24. Simple, Cheap & EFFECTIVE Manychat Landing Pages: If you are using social media accounts to kind of build your external presence outside of Amazon, really build your brand, which if it's not something you're already doing, Definitely something you should absolutely consider. What I see. A lot of newer sellers, especially something a mistake that I made earlier on is that I would send traffic directly to my Amazon listing. Okay, so, for example, if I have an INSTAGRAM account Pinterest Facebook, I write articles. I partner with influencers. All this kind of stuff, but I would do is I would I would give them or include a link to my Amazon product. Okay, so my product on Amazon and that's not a good idea. And here's why. You may think, Oh, if I send my traffic to Amazon right, though, bah. It's a lot easier for them to buy and isn't that is not. What I want to do is sell products. Yes, but when you send a bunch of traffic to Amazon, either cold or kind of maybe warmish traffic, a lot of these people aren't gonna buy your product. There's kind of curious or they're interested. They see their Oh, that's cool. Maybe I'll buy it later and they leave. So what happens is you get a bunch people visitor listening. But very few people actually end up buying. And with a dust, your conversion rate or also your unit sessions, percentage rate is it decreases. So your conversion rate for your listing goes down. And when your conversion rate decreases on Amazon, that's actually gonna hurt your overall ranking. Because ambulances Oh, you know, I guess people don't want this product as much as this other product because you know when , when? When? If Amazon says, if we send 100 people that this listing, let's say 20 people are gonna buy. But when we send 100 people to Sumner's product Onley, 10 people are gonna buy. So we need to show the one with the higher conversion rate over the one of the lower conversion rate. So ultimately, your listing gets seen by less people and the ranking actually can go down because because because of the reduction in conversion rate, all this being said something or what do we do? Well, you could try to learn how to use landing page software. You could learn HTML encoding and all that kind of stuff. You could pay $50.100 dollars or more per month for landing page software. Or you could use Main Chat, which is currently $10 a month, and use their landing page software. I'll give you an example and show you what I mean, how to use that. All your questions shall be answered. Let's go ahead and do a real example. So first I want to show you guys what I'm talking about. So if you got a new you go to the growth tool section, click on new Growth Tool, scroll down. You'll see there's an option for landing page. Okay, A landing page of our Explain this, but just to restate briefly, it's a one page website that has one specific purpose. Okay, um, this is very good. If you're trying, if you're if you want to do, for example, um, promo codes like, for example, click here to get 15% off. This could be a really great place to kind of host that or toe have that. Another example could be give this infographic or this video guide or this or this. Pdf for this e book. Ah, recipe book you know, whatever it may be, you can kind of have a landing page that talks about it and convinces people to purchase. And I'll show you some of the benefits with that on ultimately want. What you want to do is, instead of sending people directly from your social media or from an influence or you've partnered with and sending that traffic directly to Amazon, what you want to do is send that traffic instead to a landing page, a very specific landing page. And then you can send that traffic toe Amazon. But basically, the landing page acts like a net or like a filter. All right. It's kind like sifting through gold. You only want the gold, right? You want all the dirt and all this crap to fall through, and you only want to be left with the gold. Well, same thing is with customers, you only want customers who were gonna buy. So this landing page acts like a sort of net or filter that it catches all the people, all the people who are interested, they're gonna learn about regular maybe. Yeah, maybe later. But then there's gonna be a percent of people who are really interested and want to buy your product or who who want to. You know who. Learn more about your brain and get your information product or your or whatever. It may be your digital product and then later, by your your physical product, right. So instead of, you know, standing all the Amazon produces your conversion rate and sends it here filters out the best and only the best will end up going to your listing. I'll show you how to do that. So all right, so that's the option. Excited here real quick. Let me show you a real example that I use now for my Amazon product. But I use this for my own. Um, I guess brand You could call it, uh, because this. So here's the set up. If you create your landing page growth tool, it will look something like this. It's really awesome. It's fairly easy to use and customizable. So you have a heading right here, which I've put, you know, watch this very straight to the point and my subheading says, Click. Now we'll move myself out of the way. Let me move myself out of the way. Click now to get 90% off summer's 18 hour Amazon FDA course, right? I want to be his benefits based as convincing as possible, and this could be a really great opportunity for you. You could have on image of your product or of your of your digital product or information product. It could be a video of your product, right? So again, you can use this for a whole host of different reasons. One thing you do is like I said, Click here to get 15% off saving here. So that's what you could do. You click now to get 15% off X product, and you have a little video about your product or an image of your product of really beautiful image of your product. Or you could do the same for, like, an e book or something like that as well. Okay, so what? So that's you kind of you create heading subheading. All that be benefits based. You use this as an example you can link. Like I said, you can see it's all right here. You can link your YouTube video here. If you already have a YouTube video, I think you'll also probably Facebook video. It's on your Facebook page, etcetera. Pretty simple to set up, then basically people Oh, like they learn about me or they learn about my course. In this case, they're like 90% off 18 hours. Wow, I definitely want this. So instead of saying them to my you to me course I give them the code in their messenger and only the ones who are interested they that really want my course there, gonna take that coupon code and then they're going to go to my course. I'm gonna have a link there to my course. Then they go on, go to my course and I only get the students who are actually interested and not just everybody in their mom, you know, clicking on my course and not buying it. So So people click this button when they click this button, they'll get a message that looks something like this. Your code has been sent. Click now to view your code. Then once they click this button, it opens up your main shot flow. And again, the main chapel can be whatever you'd like it to be. In the next video, I'm gonna cover a unexamined all of something that works in line with this in terms of a percent off, since it is something I haven't covered yet. But again, you could use the lead magnet flow that I covered in this course. Or he could use the promo flow that I'm gonna cover, which basically distributes a coupon code to customers and then sends those customers to your dear listening and actually will increase your conversion rate and ultimately could generate more profit for you without having to buy expensive landing page software or learn coding so really powerful. Go ahead. I'll get my coat that will take them into the flow, cause this is still the growth tool. The growth tool connects to the flow. So this growth tool connects to the flow. So they click, they go to the flow. Maybe I'm a bit more confusing, but really simple. Yeah. So if you have questions, let me know. Last thing, uh, right here. We want to go to set up right here and set up. Let me close this again. Sorry. So click all the way over to set up here something to do as well. If you are running any Facebook ads or even if you're not, I highly recommend it. Where you want to do is create a Facebook ads account. If you haven't already, it's free to do so. Just Google. How to set up Facebook Ads Account again. That's outside the scope of this course. Set up your account, and once you set up your account in the top search far Within adds manager, you can type in the word pixel. Just type in the word pixel and you'll get to a site or get to an area of your ads. Andrew Counter Business Manager Account where you're given what's called a Facebook pixel idea. Look, something like this is a bunch of numbers and things like that. Take that code copy and paste it or copy it and then paste it here. Where? Into your growth to under your landing page Growth tool under Facebook pixel I D. So what is the purpose? Is was this do so? Number one, this is free to do so I'd recommend is doing this on its own because this is gonna give you free data, and what you can do is this pixel. There's Facebook. Pixel is going to collect data on everyone who visits this landing page because obviously, for the most part, are it should be the case. Most people that come to this landing page are probably somewhat interested in your product . Okay, So are your information product or whatever you're selling or giving away or whatever. So so you can collect data on people, visit your patient, getting understanding of you demographically, uh, you know who's there. But also what you can do is create custom audiences and look alike audiences. So let's say people going to landing page about your product, it looks interesting. Oh, that's cool. But then they leave you what you can do because you have this pixel. I d. Is. You go to Facebook ads manager, create a custom audience of basically retarget everybody who visited this page and send them an ad. Um, you basically, maybe giving them more of a percent offer or helping them educate more about the product or whatever it may be to try to sell them with a retargeting ad and ultimately get them to your to your Amazon listing or give them back to the landing page, whatever it may be, right. So you can use this for retargeting ads. You can create custom audiences you can create. Look, you create a custom audience. Then you can create a lookalike audience. So obviously people who are getting to this page are who are interested. My product. I want to try to target them on Facebook's integrated lookalike audience. Target them that way. But you can't do any of that unless you have the pixel idea it's free to do. It's gonna give you free data at the least. And then if you ever decide you want to use Facebook ads, you can create custom. Audiences look like audience, all that kind of good stuff because you have the I D said set up from the beginning. So be sure to do that. That's just kind of an important last step on again. It's really up to you whether you want to use this growth tool or not. Depending on how you use it, you're gonna have different flows connected to it. But in the next video, I'm gonna show you flow that can really sink up well with this that I have used myself and used it to literally that make money for myself. it was a lot cheaper and maybe even more effective. That's another landing page software. So over time, this helpful. I know a little bit of a lot and I talk a lot. So you have any questions? Definitely. Let me know. Let's go ahead and get into the next video. 25. Capture More Sales With The 'Product Promo' Flow: in this video, I'm gonna cover a very simple yet very powerful main shot flow you can set up. And if you've watched the previous video, I covered how to set up a landing page within main chat. Very simple, very effective. And you can use that with your social media. You can use that to drive traffic from an email list from whatever it may be. So you could get a uses wherever you see fit. And just one example would be taking the landing page example that I covered. And then also, I'm sinking this flow with that landing page. That's one option. You could create a messenger reference. You are l growth tool, which is basically a link. So any time someone clicks on that link, it takes them here. There are a lot of ways to get to this starting step, and that is up to you. Okay, so I just want to make that very clear before I start. And if you have questions about this or anything along the way, just let me know. But again, very simple. And you can edit this and kind of change this toe where it makes the most sense for your product in your business. So starting step. All right. We have Will Ferrell and guys, just something I like to do personally to kind of stand out a little bit more. And what I believe in increasing my click through rate is adding these little gifts, these little kind of fun gifts again, it does make sense for your brand, which for the summer Hobart brand. The aims escape plan is which is the brain that I have personally, um, that's that's definitely more my taste. Uh, and so anyway, that's just little side note, but you definitely don't have to eat whatever you'd like anyway. Starting step here. Congratulations, Sumner. Enter your email below to get your code for 15% off. And I might even add something says limited time only. Okay. Like in parentheses. Right. So someone clicks, they get to this message, enter your email for 15% off. And what the reason I do this or I like to do this is because I collect their data via Manny chat. Okay, because you know, the PS I ds can create custom audiences and look like audiences from that, but I'm also collecting their email data so I can, you know, potentially depending on how I use this. I can use their email data for again for custom and look like audiences. I can use it for messaging purposes specifically, but again, I said this before, but any time you're collecting email or any kind of information, make sure you're following. Amazon's are sorry. Well, Amazon serves the service, but also Facebook's terms of service. Are there certain laws about email marketing, federal laws about email, marketing, text, message, marketing things like that? So be sure to read through that thoroughly first, before kind of doing any of that to make sure your 100 sent clear, and it makes the most sense for you. Congratulations. First name. Enter your email below to get your coupon code so they enter in their email here, and I'm gonna go ahead and clicking here. So you kind of see for yourself. So we have email, and then you I like to leave this gray right here. I don't want to save it to a system. I want to create my own custom field. So here, just enter whatever you like. In this case, I'm gonna enter Amazon. 15% code, subscriber. Okay, cause that could be got 15% code. Um, so I wanted So that's what I'm gonna save. I create my own custom field. If there's any air with a message this textures is, please enter a correct email address. Here's an example on the also have the option to skip if they choose which which you can choose if that makes sense for you or not. So so get the enter your email. You get the code. Great. Everyone who enters their coat, we're gonna add a tag that says 15% off promo code subscriber. And if you'd like to keep track of this, um, and collect your emails, right? Number one, you could use a new integration like mail chimp. But if you don't have mail, chimp or anything else on you want to be is cost effective and you're just starting out. I recommend doing is using Google sheets. So every so, any time that someone enters in here, we tagged them. OK, Number one number two is we add their information to a Google sheet. Okay, so all you do is you click on action, click on Google Sheet actions. Okay, And then you'll have this option here to add a row or insert a row. So we insert row, we choose our spreadsheet, which is Amazon 15 office percentof subscriber. We select the worksheet, which in this case, your sheet one and then many chat data. So depending on what you have, it could be a simple Is this your Google sheet? Has the columns, his first name, last name and then email. Okay, so you remain high data, you know, First name goes the first name. Like, this would be last name. Actually, that was a test. The last thing was the last name. And then for the email, remember, we just named our email field Amazon 15% code, subscriber. So that's that's the field that the enter their email to. So that's what we enter in here. Okay? And you can always preview this, which I would recommend doing. So we're gonna go ahead and save, publish and out. Actually. Go ahead. Publishes now. I would always recommend previewing your flows every time to run through everything, make sure everything is looking good, and you may catch mistakes and errors like that. So you run through your flow looked the flow itself. Make sure everything's good. Go to your Google sheets. Make sure everything updated correctly. And now what's really great about this flow? And I'll cover the last two really quick steps. I was really great about this. Flows your again, capturing your main chat information and quickly and easily without them having to put it. Hardly any effort at all. Also capturing their email address and your So you're building your email list your man chat list. You're generating more sales. Very, very powerful. Okay, um, we're gonna go ahead automatically continue. And as long as that, if they remember, we're tagging anyone who's entered in their email. So if they're tag is this we know that they have responded to us and they haven't responded . We don't want to bother them. Maybe again, right? We don't want we don't want to. We want to send them a different message that I should say so if if they entered in their email, we send them this message, which is awesome. Let me grab your code, right, cause you know, give us your email will give you your code. Let me grab your code Here's your code from 15% off, you insert it here and then just click here to get 15% off. Very, very simple and straightforward. And here I've written a little note up here. This is a really great place for you to include a two step your L or ranking euro. Okay, so there's a cycle healing 10 dot com for its last gems. This is a free version is a free part, I guess, of the healing 10 website where you can generate your else. I can help you rank so you could just included a link to your listing. Or you could include a ranking your Hopefully, it'll give you some ranking juice and help you actually increase on and help you with your s you a little bit. So So there's that and let's say everyone who didn't respond, what do we do with them? You could just leave it at that and just not Or, uh, you could include this here, which is basically like a net. It's it's a messaging system. It's like a net that catches people who didn't respond So 23 hours later could be five hours 10 hours, 23 hours. Whatever makes more sense to you, we send them another message says hello. First name. So high summer. Just want to check in to make sure you wanted your special promo code for 15% off. If so, just enter your email and we'll send it your way, In my opinion, fairly non intrusive. This is last email I'm sending. I will never send up another one that would definitely be obnoxious. Maybe this is even too much again. Maybe it's worth testing, though. So? So if they enter their email, we tagged them. We insert their own Google sheet just like we did before. Ah, and then we, uh And then we do the same thing that we had before Where everyone that says that is tagged everyone that enter their email. Great. We send them actually the same message where we give them. Remember? Awesome. Let me grab your code. Here's your code. Buy it now. Right. Center to that same message. So we, you know, being as efficient as possible and everyone who doesn't respond still leave him alone, right? That's that's definitely you know, I would definitely leave it there, so yeah, like I said, As you can see a lot more simple on some of the other flows that we've run. But this can help you generate more sales and grow your email list and grow your main shot list all of the same time. Very powerful and very simple. If you have questions, let me know in the Q and A section, and let's go ahead and get into the next video. 26. The ONLY Links You Should Be Using With Manychat!: the more decisions your customers or your subscribers have to make, the less effective your overall marketing efforts we're going to be. And the same holds true for a manage chat and Facebook messenger marketing. So you may be confused like, Oh, well, that makes sense in theory. But what does that mean for us? On specifically, I'm gonna briefly discuss the topic of deep linking. So imagine this scenario. Your friends send you a link, Teoh One on my incredible posts on Facebook. Right. So Facebook posted I made on my Facebook page. They send you a link to that post on you click on that link and depending on what phone you're using it also, depending on the time that you're using this because updates can be made potentially after this video assed things are always changing, but it's still hold true for for the future. But depending on what phone you're using, you may click on that link and then your smartphone will ask you, Would you like to open this in the app, for example, in the Facebook app, Or would you like to open this in a Web browser? Okay, that's a decision that they have to that that individual has to make on, and that ultimately makes it my post less effective. Okay, So how does that translate for us or or how does that play out for us? Well, what we can do is use deep links instead of just standard regular links on what they can do or what deep looking conduce is. And that in that same scenario again, And you know your friend since you got post or a link to that post, you click on that and it takes you directly to the Facebook app and shows you the post right there on the Facebook app directly. So you don't need to make any decisions and click. Do I want this? I want that. Maybe I'll just quit. Maybe I won't do this. It can take you directly there and reduces any kind of customer friction or resistance and really improve even slightly beautiful slight improvement over all of your marketing efforts. So how does this translate to get to Facebook messenger and manage chat for Amazon FDA? Well, number one is our where you can use this, I should say is number one option is to use this for your links to your product pages or your review page, right? So if you want a customer to leave, you review and you have a link of your you know, the review section of your product page. You can turn that link into a deep link. OK? Because people are likely opening up Facebook messenger on their phone. It can take them directly there and the number two. How you can use this as well is potentially, you know, if you have a cure coat or a sub domain, and if either one of those or both of those direct to your mani chat um sequence or your main shot for your Facebook messenger flow, then you can also use it there. Those are just two examples. We could really use this for all for many different areas of online marketing. But obviously we're gonna kind of specify and talk about how we can use it here. So how we use it is very, very simple. Guys, it's free. It's simple and can improve your results, even if it's slightly so. That's why I want to share this. So just as an example, we're here on my Facebook page um So I'm just gonna go ahead and copied your l which actually have hidden right now. But but yeah, I just went up here, copied the URL, and I'm gonna show you what it is. Paste it in here and where I am right now is your AL genius. I'm gonna include a link to this below, in case you have any issues with the link. The your l A s a p p dot u r l g e and I dot us. And that sounds so its app dot You are el genie dot us. Okay, So just in case you have any issues with the oral, we can just type in free online. Deep linking generator. Very, very simple to find. And you don't even need to use this one there. Many available. And what you do is paste. It looks like I've done here. Okay, then scroll down, Teoh. Customize your your link. So depending on, you know, it could be, you know, review. It could be, you know, product dash review. If you're may be asking for a review or it could be a free gift, maybe if you're using this is a product insert or a sub domain or whatever. It may be right, just kind of use two or three words. Separated by Dash is just as an example. You can do whatever you want to customize a little bit, or you can leave it as is. But I would recommend customizing it because customized links can prove clicks up to 35 34% or even more, depending on the instance. So I would definitely recommend doing that, Really, that simple Pacer Lincoln. There it generates a new link for you, and then you go ahead. You'll hit, composed, deep link and then use that new kind of deep link, just as you would have the regular link on this could ultimately improve all your marketing efforts online, including with Mein Schatz, Facebook Messenger. So have you guys found this little tip helpful? And it really improves your marketing efforts. If you have any questions at all, be sure to let me know in the Q and A section. Uh, and I look forward to seeing you in the next video 27. How To Trick Amazon's Algorithm To Get What You Want: So I just want to give this quick video update and essentially to really make things as simple as possible, not waste your time. Amazon tracks data are essentially your l's that are directed from managed to Amazon. So if you have a link in your manage, shot flows at any point and that major flow directs to Amazon. Amazon tracks that and knows that it's coming from manager on specifically. The reason that we know this now is that Amazon actually tags and kind of adds a snippet of code to that girl. I'm sick intestines with yourself. But again, I'm not gonna waste your time. I'm going to show you, you know what to do. So number one, what that means is Amazon's. Obviously, you know, they may have been doing this before, but now we know for a fact that Amazon is obviously categorizing this data. Anything specifically set for may be trapped. The result is it could be fine. It could mean nothing or Amazon could be treating this track differently than other euro traffic. Okay, and by differently, it could actually be worse, right? That they could you know, that they could be for whatever reason, you may not have as much ranking power if Amazon seasons for a man shot or whatever it may be, or could be nothing. But just to be sure, something that this is something I learned from other Amazon sellers in this something that I've done with my own, um, flows is what I recommend doing is going two bit li dot com. Bentley is basically your l shorter and essentially we're going to just kind of recreate. Are your Ellen Bentley kind of generate a new your el That goes to the exact same place and does the exact same thing is before. But in this way, when we create a bit like your L, then when we send traffic to Amazon, it's absolutely to treat it as any other euro. At least it's not gonna have that kind of little snippet of code. I'm showing that it's remain shot. Okay, so go ahead on time for free Bentley account. She just typing bit, lean to Google and find it this way. What you have a free account go up here to create I'm just gonna go ahead and repast. I put just facebook dot com, but basically whatever you are out that you want. So maybe you're using a two step. You're out. Maybe you're using you going directly to your product page or your review page or whatever it may be. Take that you're out, that you're using main chat exactly as it is. Go ahead and pace it just like I did here. And then you're gonna create kind of a new you actually customized. You could leave it like this and just copy. Or you can actually customize this to whatever you want. Um, so, like my your l write whatever you want it to be, you can customize it or just leave it kind of how it was. There's type in random letters. Copy this. So take that your out. Put it in here immediately. Created new your l copy this right here and paste it into your main chef Flows wherever you are using it, you just click to test it. So when it goes to Amazon just to see if it's countries like any, any other euro, which it should be, should be the case. And if you have any questions about this or anything else, let me know. But hopefully This is just something really simple kind of implementing something to kind of keep in mind when creating your main chat flows and sending traffic to Amazon. So what we find helpful. Like I said, if you have questions, let me know the Q and A section, and let's go ahead and get into the next video. 28. LAST STEP!: Congratulations on completing the ManyChat mastery for Amazon sellers class. Seriously, did you know that only 10 percent of students make it this far to this video in the class, which literally means you're one of the top students who has ever enrolled. So congratulations again to you. And there are only two things left for you to do. So first, all of the information in the world means absolutely nothing unless you take action. So what I encourage you is you now have all of the knowledge, tools, and resources that you need to make serious improvements to your life. Take one thing, even if it seems small from the class and apply it today. And I want you to promise me this because even if you take a small step, this is going to create a snowball effect that can have a tremendously positive impact on your life. And of course, I want to encourage you if you have any questions or hesitations or anything that you need help with, or you'd like to share your success in the future with me. Remember I'm here all times to help you in any way that I can. So don't hesitate to reach out. And number two is if you could take 60 seconds to leave your honest feedback about the class, that would be tremendously helpful to both myself as well as hundreds of other Skillshare students and we would greatly appreciate it. 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