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Make your own logotype using hand lettering and vectorise it for use in print and social media

teacher avatar Gabriella Buckingham, Artist - Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Who is this class for and a tiny bit about me


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      Tools you could use


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      Getting started


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      Experimenting with different materials


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      Earlier experimenting


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      ... and a little more


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      Your project and another helpful tip


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      Scanning and cleaning your work


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      Vectorise your work


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      The End


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About This Class

This is a beginners class about creating hand lettering using your own name or business name to create a logotype in Adobe Illustrator for use in print or on the web. Experienced designers might find it interesting to watch simply to see someone elses process. You will experiment with a variety of media, scan your work to Photoshop and ideally bring this work into Illustrator to Image Trace.  I hope it will inspire anyone who hasn't yet used their own handwriting or brushwork to make lettering. If you don't have Illustrator you can still achieve everything in Photoshop - you just will not be able to scale your work up. I have written a whole print out about what to do in that case which you will find in the Your Project class notes.

I’d like to show you how I create logotypes for clients; my style is very free and expressive rather than tightly controlled. 

You will learn

  • to explore your chosen word/s in different ways with different media using your own handwriting  
  • to develop word shapes bearing in mind the end use you have for your logotype
  • how to tidy up your final black images in Photoshop
  • how to vectorise them in Illustrator
  • how to colour your lettering, save, use and export your files

You will need access to Photoshop, and ideally Illustrator but you do not need advanced skills in either programme. If you do not have access to Illustrator you can still create a great logo. You will simply need to work at a reasonable size as you will not be able to scale your image up once it has been created in Photoshop (not without losing quality).

This is a simple class, but quite long class,  that I hope will inspire you to trust your hand and enjoy the surprises of chance mark making to manifest some lettering that will always be completely unique to you alone.

It's a class for anyone who wants to create an individualistic logo but particularly for small creative businesses who up until now have mainly used off the shelf fonts for their invoice headers, websites or promotional material.  You’re going to create something totally unique to you that enhances your brand or just gets you started with a look for social media icons. The beauty is that once you know how to approach this you can refine it as your business changes - should you need to.

Try a project and comments would be much appreciated.

If you've enjoyed the class I'd love it if you would review the class ( totally forgot to ask for this in the videos) and follow me on Skillshare, (you will then be alerted to when I bring out my next class ).

Print off the class notes, tips and further reading to keep to hand as you work through and I can't wait to see your creations!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gabriella Buckingham

Artist - Illustrator


Hello, I'm Gabriella

I've been working as an illustrator and fine artist over the last three decades. During that time I worked as an in-house Christmas card artist for two years and ran my own children's gift brand for ten years; right now I am a full time fine artist, art mentor and online teacher. I now live in North Norfolk near the sea in a bungalow built in 1929 with my husband and two teenagers. We have an untamed garden full of birds, hedgehog visitors and even the odd deer that finds its way through our hedge and eats our plants! Most annoying. I have a free Facebook group for those that want to be Brave in Paint - all levels welcome. I hope to inspire you to create the work you dream of.

&... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Who is this class for and a tiny bit about me: Hello. I'm Gabriella. This is my very first girl share class. It's aimed at beginners or people who have never tried to do any hand lettering before on just fancy experimenting. I've designed the class so that you get some inspiration initially on. Then you can watch me, uh, for quite a while, experimenting myself. I don't quite quite a wild as I would like to you, because I had questionable area to work into knows, to fill in the class. There was a lot of them for me, but this is definitely an unintimidating class, and all I'm hoping is that you will experiment. Andi is ideal for you. If you love your handwriting, we've never trying to do anything with it. It's also great for you if you're an intermediate designer. But perhaps you're used to purely designing with fonts, and you've never had to go with your own handwriting or your own hand painted lettering. I'm really happy to give feedback at any point in your process. If you just want to do a few roofs and post those in the project gallery, that's fine. I can let you know which I think most effective, um, have a go and see what you can come up with a little bit about me. I've been a professional artist and illustrator since 1990 when I left our college. I've done also things I've done. Children's books, hundreds of reaching cards, magazine editorial illustration over a wide variety of things. And I also have a shop on, not on high ST dot com called in paint paper Andan Etsy Shop in paint paper UK. So I have earned my living as an artist ever since Then, use whatever tools you have lying around. As long as they're dark materials, then they're perfect. I'm going to show you a little video off the tools. I used to give you some inspiration. Okay, See, in the next video or other, I'll see you in the one after that. Or possibly the one after that. Okay, Bye. 2. Tools you could use: way, - okay ? 3. Inspiration: this inspiration here is my own work. I've got my own name Gabriella Buckingham. This for my administration and fine art. Andi, for my design work. I having paint paper and I also have a brand a gift brand with this name. I specifically designed this as three separate words so that I could have a long line off the words Onda also make it work for a circle or square for social media. So that's how I did that on that one is, um it was created with a wooden diff pen with a metal new um, and I'll show you in my in the actual work section. The approach that I took to do that to do that that's that one. Something very different. Is this one here, which I don't think is alive, um, logo anymore, which is a shame, but it's really beautiful. Very delicate. One is actually looks as if it was done in watercolor, um, and then slightly darkened. I think this is probably it was probably left as a photo shop illustration, which is why you can see along the subtle radiance of water color. I know it is possible to get that on, uh, in Illustrator, but it's it's not. It's not easy to get the subtleties on, then still make it scalable for the future. But that's very beautiful, sophisticated look and yet still very definitely hand done, but combined with a standard typeface. So that's something to bury, mind you condone, create something very sophisticated with something hand drawn or painted. Now, on to some more inspiration, I've collected just a few website examples that I really like. Donna Wilson is an example of some of a really bold, fun handem piece of work. I love this. You notice how that the end there is back to front on this looks like it's almost been cut out off black paper, so that's another option to I haven't gone down that route in my examples that you'll see later. There's something to bear in mind. You can be incredibly inventive, something else very fun on Get Extremely simple is the printed peanut You can see here that she probably drew this herself in black and then converted it to yellow in Illustrator, and it's it really isn't very much in keeping with Louise's work, and you can see here she is again. She's either she's used a poor typeface in a very compatible style or she's done that herself. I think probably because you can see she's used it throughout her website. That is, it must be a either phone. She's created all a typeface that she's bought, but it works very well with this simple lettering here, and you can see that she's combined capitals with the odds. Um, this is a little bit more leather case in feel, so it does convey a very fun young image. Here's my ink pain paper again and you can see our combine it with my Gabriella Buckingham . This is my Etsy shop. Um and I know obviously I want to be known as the creator of In Pain Paper. So I started to incorporate my own signature on my branding this one here, Mikel Room Z. I think it's beautiful work so well, the only thing to watch out for with this style is legibility. When I first came across this on the Internet, I thought it said Mikhail kill Mzee, but that could be me because I thought this was a broken K or or or even it could be a V with an eye. Ln so once you know it's Rumsey. It's quite obvious. And again, this person has used a lower case. R for the second word off the logo. Look, the type I. I think it works very, very well. It's a sophisticated look again, combined with a very crisp graphic typeface that would have been bought, bought off the shelf from Was it called Gone Blank now. But from one of the front sights, my fund stop comes that it is the most famous one. There are many others, this one here, Jane Foster getting her subscription so that for she's used her signature here, which works really well on a really fun graphic that she obviously designed herself totally in keeping with her work worked brilliantly. It's strong, clear on her work. Has has very much has a young appeal. Um, it's sophisticated because it's actually not that easy to make such strong keat things that appeals Children and at and adults um, it works well, and she's got a little pop of color as well, which links up to all her pages next, her pages. So that works really well. I think another fun one I Love is Samantha Stass designs. Samantha is an artist. Onda common artistas. Well, she's no good to be concentrating a lot on her painting, but I really love the very simple way I'll just see if I can blow it up. Show it to you in the larger format. Bear with me, Kenya. I love the way she's done this design. It really does look as if she's taking a paintbrush and decide to shoot. Just take a time and paint these letters. Arrange them beautifully on guard designs at the bottom, and you noticed that space that she's put between each lesser, which makes it look very considered. And yet it's cells. It's slightly after setting off center with the little lady bird coming in here. Um, which adds a riel. Well, I wouldn't say home made feel, but it's it's, um what would the world be? Uh, informal. I think it's probably best were informal. Andi, Slightly off beat, definitely, and it very much fits with her collages that she's showing here. So I left and this one is beautiful. It has a very textured look. I'm trying to imagine what I think this might have been done with charcoal or crayon, possibly his own route photography. And they also have other typefaces. And on they have a very much harder I would say crisper, um, typeface again up here. But it is. It doesn't. Joe. I think it worked well, but this is really particularly loved this. I think it has a riel flow about it a bit like the flow of the waves around the world. But that's just my interpretation. I certainly didn't get that from her. This is my own one again. This is my handwriting on a text ID card. And I show you, um, which how I created this later on. In the next video, Natalie let a cheese when my favorite artists actually love her work. But look how simple her her logo is is her name on Paris, which is where she lives and works. But again, it's got little quirks. The l miss. It's like little fish and again for let a looks like a little fish. If you didn't know if you hadn't seen naturally and you just saw that you might wonder what that word said on its own. But because you've seen Natalie, you can work out. That's an L. So you know, that's an L. So bear that in mind. Don't be afraid to slightly subvert letters. Play around with their shape because you can create some very individual things. Naturally, is ah, really famous ex successful artist? Um who paints who purely paints? As far as I could tell. Look, I've seen actually beautiful And here's another of my favorites. Monica is a friend of mine. Look, a Fallsburg, Andi. I'm sure you will have seen her work. She's become incredibly famous in the last few years, but she would have drawn this by hand. For sure. That's her style is extremely recognizable, very fun. And look at this. Facing is irregular. Um, the underlying really holds it all together. And it's a Ziff. It's got a life of its own. Traveling off. It's likely getting smaller and smaller. It's wonderful. She's great artist. And if you haven't come across there, I suggest you go and have a look. I work very impressive. This one here, at least, Attorneys, this is gorgeous. This is This is something that appeals to me very much. I quite fancy having a go do my own name in this in this way, it's deceptively simple. I think probably we could all achieve that. If we if we just play around for long enough, that appeals to you, go for go for it. I think it's lovely. It's a very informal, um, quite feminine and yet really bold as well. This one here is a completely different field. I I can't be sure exactly have it how that was done. But I would say that it it is likely to be hand hand done, but it could also be a typeface that's been played with in Illustrator. But there's nothing to stop you creating something like this yourself. This is a very strong, quite masculine logo. Um, but you can imagine if you if you drew or you painted with ink separate letters to make up your word or your logo. Um, you could then going to Illustrator and you could cut. There is areas that that looks like a very Chris end to the sea. Ukrop that off Same here. You could clean up the edges. You could trim it, you could. You could shape the type in any way, any way you like. Uncreative. Very unusual image on this is fun to see the way that the the letters slant towards each other. But if they've been squished from the side So it's a very energetic, bold statement look very different from all the other ones I've shown you. Of course, another place for inspiration. This Pinterest. But this is the board from my own Pinterest site. This is my lettering board. I don't have it actually have that many pins on it. I've got all sorts of boards on. I need to cut more, but you can search Pinterest forever. We get wonderful lettering. This is interesting here. Drawing letters shows you how you can go from something very simple to something much more ornate. So it's worth having a good look at that. There's one I've already showed you. We kill Ramsey Onda, um, Samantha's You're welcome to go and have a look at that. But there's plenty of inspiration on Pinterest is I'm sure you know thes and lovely. Simple letters. Yea a I look at the way they run into each other. This is this is really fun. Um, Yusef lettering? I haven't say definitely something to think about. If you've got a short word that you want to create as your logo. You could even repeat it in that way. That would be lovely. Um, lovely. Look, as one who I lettering examples the card that I did. What's more, down here, it's very old. I hope that's given you some ideas, but how you want to approach your work. So let's move on to the next stage where I show you some of my scribblings. Okay, see then by 4. Getting started: Okay, The first thing you need to do is get yourself either a pencil or in my case, I'm using a sort of buyer Oh type thing, because I wanted to be able to show up for you on this video. Um, I don't normally start by sketching things very in a very refined way, but it really does help if you're not quite sure what format you're going to do. Um, Andi, what style you're after to really experiment, to think about it right at the start. So I'm going to start with my name, foot, purpose of this exercise. I'm just gonna write it very simply and then decide how I'm going to play around with it. That's quite a long name, as you can see, where there are lots of ways to treat this. So you want to be thinking about, um, how you're whether you're going to be creating a logo that fits in a circle or a square, which essentially, obviously that doesn't look very square, but essentially, that's filling up a similar area. You may have one word or you may have two or even three. If you have one word, you might be lucky enough to have like I do. You actually hear? I have a descend er so I can make a lot off that g in Buckingham. Um, obviously that's to it, Gabriella. And then Buckingham underneath on that g fills up that space and really nicely equally. You may have a name that has a lot of, um, offenders like teas or for long Els, for example. Anyway, have a play around with that. This is one I did on a scrap of paper last night. Funnily enough, Andi, you can see there what I'm talking about how that would feel a circle really nicely on. This is a completely different stone, which I really like as well. And again, I played around with the idea of stacking the you in the C on top of each other, which would then condense this space. So that's something I'm going to try in a minute just to see how that looks. But that one side for now. So take your pencil, Andi, All a bio. And just start sketching out thinking about the approach you want to take. Simply write out your word, your name in your handwriting and see what comes up, there's something like that isn't particularly legible, but you can keep working on it until it is vegetable equally. You could have something like this signature and then have something printed in a fund underneath, and that signature could actually be distilled. Eventually, you could have, in my case, Gabriella fee and then the name underneath Gabriella became studio or something like that. Um, this style is one that you would develop with a fine in clip, possibly, and that would become quite an elegant style. You may like You made very much have liked the printed peanut look, which was really, really simple. So he get there. You could decide whether or not you want upper and lower case letters. What do you want? A strange mixture. Perhaps this is nothing like hers, but they were very, very simple shapes. So in the releases, no go. And I think she would probably done them in a crayon or on texted paper with quite a thick felt tip to get a slight sort of wobble them. So that's a sort of very simple style. It is difficult with justifying pen to do something that's bold but similar to that little sketch I showed. You have Iran. I take my name. No, no. Do you some strange geometric shapes with it? Tell them in you get the idea. This is a much more bold in your face sort of style, but more dramatic. And, um, attention seeking, I would say for sure some assistant necessarily lend themselves to this, as you can see, but there aren't actually really any rules you could be. I'm not suggesting you do this, but just don't be afraid at this point to experiment because that that actually really know it actually looks more like a lower Casey than an the capital just filling in that block, which is quite interesting. So are you going for a bold or dramatic style? And I suppose the other look to think consider, is whether you're going for something that's really fun. It's okay for a fun style. You might want to, um and I'm just literally thinking of top of my head. Might want something that has a lot of movement. You might not want your entire name. You'll be, probably if you have doing something very fun. You probably got a brand name rather than a a signature. Economists. Eponymous brand is the word. So think about that. Whether you're going for something fun, I'll show you a few scribbles I did in pencil and hopefully you can see them. So I played around with the idea of having Gabriella be studio the descended here we've already talked about. I also looked at mixing lower case and upper case letters in a quite a logical way. So I got a lower case g here on another case. Be which I actually really like that that this particular look sort of bored lines fun, Andi. Bold and dramatic. I would say so. Hopefully that gives you some ideas to get sketching with. 5. Experimenting with different materials: for this next stage. Try to experiment. Perhaps using materials that you haven't used before or not used in this way to the lettering. That would be a good idea because you are always surprised by something I find for me because obviously I don't want to bang on for ages. Um, I would like you to get started. I'm going. Teoh aim to concentrate on doing something a bit like this in various materials. Said that you can see how the materials affect the shapes of the letters and that sort of thing. Um, obviously, that's for me. I want to go for a more dramatic, expressive logo, so that's the sort of style that I'm going to be concentrating on. But I may do some metal scribbles of other styles. We'll see. So that one Andi, what else did I like? Well, it's very much based on similar to that, but I really like this as well at the moment. My current logo for my illustration website is very similar to this, which I do like, Um, anyway, yes, I was going to get off on a tangent and took about my own brand, but that's not you. really don't need to hear that, Trust me. My husband put up with it for years. So anyway, I must get on right for me. Let's put that less. I've got little guide. That's the thing. You must experiment in the previous stage with your sketches until you feel you've got something. You really what you're really excited to work with. So start with that, Andi, My favorite approach, which is this? Think see what I can come up with? So I dipped my ink pen into the lid. That's what I got the angle of this pen nib right? Actually, just twist it around. Do you want to come up with? Looks more like a cue for detail. It becomes a G. This sketch paper amusing is wonderful. It's really inexpensive. It's just daily around the student sketchbook, but I love it because it doesn't bleed and it takes quite a lot of wet media. So I'm not getting exactly the same shapes with this because of the nip, but that's interesting to me. And also obviously I'm going to run out of space. But again, these are all separate letters, so that doesn't matter. You don't be too precious about it. And you can hold it in a variety of ways. See what happened. You can still see this on camera about a check. Oh, yeah, Just I'm looking at that to me already. If you look at it as a word of G is screaming out, I'm to no room. So you would go back and try and make that matter, change it in some way. I quite like the way that it was like someone taking a bite out of that on something. So now I can just trying my animals out. I'll do up here because why not do one like that? And then we'll do you one of the little flick, maybe actually, to make it more like the e just a line you could then get a brush and dip your brush and she rink, try a different approach just to see what happens with the ink betting on this on the style or the design that you love, Minister from your sketches and just see how creates a much, much more different thanked this one. I'm looking at this space between We'll run the height of the A in trying to match the I to be to the space that's left behind that I wasn't trained in calligraphy or or lettering. Really, I did a year and 1/2 of graphics at my art college, so we did look a type a bit. But I tend to be dreaming about painting at that point. It's a little some world is not all sunk in, and some of it has sunk in. I guess so. This has a much more organic look than that. That one is very bold and stylish. I would say in this one so much more arty. So just play around. I mean, you may know already the look that you're you're gonna go for, and it may be nothing like this. So that's why I'm not gonna go and do my whole name. At this point. I may just do it, um, in a time lapse or something, so that you can see that might have ended up. You can't actually see that, can you? It's their, um I'm just feeling this after I filmed and you could see eventually split giving contact of their, But I wanted to show you it's got a rough effect, and I think, Um, if that makes it more fun in atmosphere, if that's the right word, then this one up here I've carried on doing some or lettering experiments as well. With this one, I've got to be careful that when it's reduced very small, this isn't lost. So I'm going to have a look at that and see if it works. Okay, lets carry on. Try out some of your drawing materials. It's particularly good for something like that, I would say. So that's what I'm going to go for now with my during pencil, which is kind of a Khamtay. So it's like a cross between a pencil and chuckle. Really feels quite me. That's right. Squeaky, it's got some to that right. Have a go and I'm trying keep within the camera. So I'm sorry about previous dear. This has a really sketchy look. Dry material like this is so much more controllable, therefore, I guess, predictable, but it still looks quite free. This look and it's relatively easy because they're very simple. You're keeping to follow simple geometric shapes. They're strong. They're it books. It works well. So that's that. No, I try it in crayon. Get much more rough. Thanked Something like this could work well with black paper and collage like the Donna Wilson logo. That was lovely. Really like that. So don't be too precious. You're still experimenting. So go a bit wild and see what you can create tells. Oh, yes, Junco. In the next videos, you'll see I actually recorded those before this and the less systematic sexually say, uh and you don't have to watch them, but there are some nice tips in there. So that's why I kept them in cause I spent a lot of time filming. But this as this is my first ever feel share close. I'm just learning how to do things. Well, how I think I should do things. You see, this is incredible. You get on the main amazing effect now, I've only got small space here. But if you have, if you got your desk, you're not filming yourself, and you've got large a three paper, even a one. Because remember, you can scan things in pieces if you've got separate letters like this. This is a very, very different from doing a script sort of fund. When I dance, it was really striking. So you have fun with experimenting with charcoal? Definitely. If you're going for a bold look, that is. That's that, um my wedding pins. I love these. I'm going to write everything down for materials. Are you using A In a piece you can print out. Excuse my finger than covered in ink and old nail lunch. Um, this is the leading 1 to 55 calligraphy pen, and this is the thickest one I confined. There may be others, but I think this is the next one I love to use this I'm going to do for this one. I will use this as a template and all you met getting my name in the bottom there. I mean, the whole thing, right, it's I got two quite different days here, but that doesn't matter. I might decide that I like both. Or I could duplicate that one and put it here. That's the beauty of computers and photo shop in that something. So I'm making quite a spiky be Yeah. Why do you want to think about is the height of letters? So I've tried to make this be similar heights, but it's just doing it by I, obviously. But again, you can play around with the scale once you've got the more than two close shop or illustrator. So here I'm going to try stuck in my you in my C before I do the cave and see if I can end up with this logo is a real bookie piece of work. It may not quite happen that, and there's a little bit wide the g to make it the height of the sea. Yeah, I haven't finished to do that, but that's what the experimenting is full. I still think there's a way, because if I I'm just about to get the paper, I still think there's a way to make it fit. But I might have to make it more of a They go like that rather than just a rectangle. That's where you experiment equally. I could put more spacing, but in the top what? So that's something to keep on refining here. A few more examples I did earlier on playing with the thick or uneven thicker um, nip with my cartographic and a pen holder on this happened accidentally, which I released off. It looks almost like a wave curling round because of this. Splashes just happened, and I played with using the fine tip the fine name as well. Onda. The brush dipped in ink. Here I'm here and some more capitals. As you can see, I struggled with my Jeez. That's probably the best one to fit with this. Yeah, No, I'm going to experiment with paint. I've got some really rack tackle brushes here which look terrible. I've got loads of them, but you can get some wonderful strange effects with them. I'm just going to take my high float, which is this one. It's very like ink, really golden high, flown carbon black and show you sort of effects. You can get the area again. Bowles Expressive style, which is what I really like. It's probably slightly too messy, but you can strengthen it and you could also crop areas and you could layer areas. It doesn't have to stay exactly like that. That's one effect. And imagine if you did that on a much larger scale, then you could. It wouldn't seem quite as messy. I don't think because everything would be stretched and you'd have a lot more room for manoeuvre. You could take a, uh, on again a square Take brush. This one isn't actually really good condition. I was quite a new brush. Do something, Sebold Oh, very delicate and refined. Is there something like that? Could work really well for a delicate, refined brown's. If you paint it large, you can reduce it quite small and it will keep its definition because strikes are quite thick Apart from here, that's the only area where you might have to watch can play around with it and see how it works when it's reduced much smoother. But if you got it that big, you know how it white Look, if it was scaled up again, something like that. If you wanted it to be billboard size, then it might be too delicate. So you need to work with a much larger brush in this to create something much bigger in the first place. But then again, the beauty of vectors is that if it is there in in vector form, it will be there when it enlarged. So don't worry too much about that. I don't think many of us have got our names on at billboard size anyway. Too much to worry about this sort of brushed does lend itself very well to geometric shapes , which, of course, that's his own. And this one I did with my brush pin the pin till maybe a and I also experimented a bit more with the crayon pen and the charcoal. And this here shows you how you could also split up one word and make it into more of a blocky shape. That's almost, um, does it remind me off Charles Rennie Mackintosh? Nowhere near is elaborate or beautiful, is that, But that just gives you an idea how you could break up one word if you wanted to make it mawr unusual and more like a monogram or something. And there I was experimenting. I made little new to myself. No happy with that, because I I looks like a nail. So just play around until you're happy with how things look that works up, works much better. I feel I've got a giant fat brush here, so I'm going to see what letter shapes I could make with that. I'm going to use Buckingham this time instead of Gabriella, except I probably only be able to fit own Buc or something like that. So I'm just using a dry brush. But I've dipped into my high flow. Um, so we'll see. I'll try a rounded shape first. This is on my lovely textured card. That's a very illustrative shape. The kind of more ink. I mean, paint it is similar to Inco really would get a very similar effect. It's just slightly thicker. Try something a bit more. Maybe there's a little bit more spiking. Perhaps. Did you get a very, very similar effect with that? Not right on my photocopy paper. See how it is? I think it's quite important. Um, when you're experimenting, you really have no idea that I don't know how this is going to work. You don't really want away. Still your best paper? Mm. Sweat pretty. Just like the edge of a flower you could take. You're find a paintbrush and do something like that. Like that. Almost. See another one here. So that shows you this is what this is. What I love about this process is just discovering things. It makes it really fun. Do you like clothes implants, huh? Okay. But I'm gonna get my paintbrush in quite soon, because it's gonna be very dry. In a critic, you really have to wash your brushes thoroughly so that you don't ruin them. Spit got a bit too dry Now, baby Got back is really worth continuing to experiment with paint because you will discover either that you love the effects that you get or that you really don't. But it's with finding out. You can use brushes like this with a flat edge. I very much enjoy using. I'll just try some with slightly thicker paint. This course lends itself to really fat type, but you can also use it on its side, yeah. 6. Earlier experimenting: Now we're getting to the fun part. I'll show you. This is this is actually part of my in paint paper logo. Here. I did this. This is the actual artwork that I ended up using. I can't actually find the paper part, but I used to make this. I used this pen. It may have been this name, or it may have been a fatter one, but I did it in quite a strange way. I didn't use it in the typical italic sense. I got lots of ink on it, and I literally just played around. So for this exercise, I'm going to use my own name to try to create a logo type. I may or may not actually come up with a result I'm happy with. But the main thing is to experiment, and I'm going to use lots of different materials to play around with my name so you could use your name. You may have a brand that you want to do some artwork full. Okay, let's get started. So, what I do with this just to get started? Addict, listen to my included here. See what I can do, right? Okay. Actually, see camera now, so I'm just going to try and relax and see what happens. Uh, I love the random effect, but you may not. You may want to have a very sophisticated, um logo that has no strange quicks to it. You may want to use all capitals, for example, something very quirky, but this is I would always just warm up by playing around. I mean, it is really messy, but I like I really like See how that's very thick there. Um, the variety. It is a very expressive style. I mean, this this paper that I'm using, I really like and it's not expensive, which is great, is actually a daily round. Me sketchbook is a three. It's a gradual one, and it's a 160 GSM paper. It's really good because the ink does not bleed. You may want to do, um, experiment with charcoal. You can get really strong effects it like that. No, go that I showed you in the inspiration. This is really, really simple lettering. I'm just warming up. I'm literally coming into this cold and you can see I'm not doing anything very impressive at all. I'll every last I'm gonna have to move this sketchbook around a lot because I can't just turn over pages is still going to so much right to do that. I still want to go with that charcoal. I think it could be really fun nationally. It's trying way before I carry on with that. Just show you some other lettering that I did with ink, cause you could if you had a logo that was just letters. If you want to choose your initial, say, this is an example here that I did, um, again, with an ink pen like this, But you can see a wider nip. No one here, very wide. One here, just like that. Um, you can create some really strong letter shapes Andi again in this area. Use this to point with in this area here. The ink ran out, but it left a lovely find stripe. And then I just decided toe make this pattern. Um, so that's a very decorative. You mean something like that would work well in a logo if you had initials, because it's it was just part of a long word. It is going to get completely lost, so it works very well on a simple form. Similarly, this w this is a very foot family. Look, something like that might work. Well, if you had a luxury brand, it looks like the frills on the edge of some knickers or something. Um, I see this is one I did inspired by some French lettering. Um, I think that one. How did I do that? Oh, yes, I've got a metallic pin again. I love you. Tell it meant like this when these heading pens. Um, it was obviously a wider one than this. You can get them up, Teoh, I think half a centimetre wide. Andi, I used this textured paper. I've got some here. So you it's actually this is actually some. My card stock, which I draw on sometimes goes off a new game. Print things when you're creating new designs and they don't print quite what to expect. And you end up with plenty of spare paper like this, For example, I did some lettering for friends, son. His bath and printed out completely incorrectly. Anyway, it's great to useful drawing on. I did, uh, star here in In the penlight. This on the texture paper. Okay, lets see what happens with this Can lt we're going to use think will depend here. I do, g. You know, You see, you could strengthen this. It is what I like to do. Just making a decorative object. Really? This isn't necessarily, but if I had a be next Unfortunately, my name is, uh suggests great Britain, which isn't ideal, but I think for for your own logo, I quite like that. Almost looks, um, Micah. Some some flowers, los seeds starting to grow or something. Could be a good one for God. You could have little the lettering on here. There was a garden designer. Anyway, that's just on idea, You know, garden designer, garden design. I get that bit. The beauty off, doing things like this is of course, you can go back and you can edit. You can get rid of this. Get rid of this bit here that I was just crippled around and you consent to everything, clean it up, take out bits. If I didn't want that, I could I could mask that off and cut it out. So yeah, computers are incredible. Right? Okay. So I was going to show you how I use this so to pen on here. So again, if I'm you to use my own name that say, I wanted to do Gabriella in Capitals, I could actually work this small if I wanted to. That's the beauty of actualization. Do you scan it in? He's got a lovely rough effect. I'm gonna run out of space here, but you get the idea. I'll call myself Gabriel Area. Now, this one I created this what I've just done without Cameron. That's funny how it's so much easier when you feel nobody's living. This was created with this pen and I didn't use it exactly on its on it exactly like this. I used it as I showed you earlier, much more randomly. Start slightly on the side and then changing the angle on. Then I found that it filled up. You can get some pretty amazing old effect. That's what I love. Though I love the happy accident. This is as you see, this is no no time talking to camera. So miss it If I can't do, I can't talk and create at the same time. So she quite hard anyway that gives united. Least you can see how well it can work when your purely in the moment and no recording yourself this one on the left This created with this thing brush. I think it's I guess it's a two. This is the pro lean pro Arte Brush. I love these guys. They really robust. Andi, I really Look, I look out for ones that have slightly squarish tip when I'm buying them in person. But I often order on mine for that. Something I haven't tried yet is the dip pen, the simple department of fine nib. Obviously, you can get a much more refined on delicate look, sort of really script like this could work beautifully for, ah, very feminine business. Perhaps, um, a wedding photographer may want this. I mean, if you have a branding where you're sending out beautiful business cards, I'm thinking of type tags like you have on clothing labels. Um, but I hope that that's giving you some inspiration. I'll show you a few more things that I have lying around, which might help. That's why there's obviously the inspiration video that we looked at earlier things again. This is Josie. This is done with, um, one of those fat pens. Uh, was it? No, it wasn't. It was done with a a brush. That's what was done with a brush. And then I used an ink pen to draw these little loops. But I think that's probably again. That wouldn't really necessarily work with a Logan. Here's another one. Another treatment with with brushes. This one was all done with one of my fattening pens on my instagram feed. I like Teoh every month. I do. At the start of the month of February. The first, for example, I did Ayhan drone message to say, finished products, That gun thing. Um, this one here shows you how you could do a very striking Lego. This is quite very rough. But if you had a four letter word is your logo, you could do something like this. Play around with placement of the letters on, perhaps introduce if he had ah, administrative, um what do you call them? I think I'm gonna start this bit again. But anyway, if you had a Nikon festival, it an icon that you used as part of your branding, you could introduce that into a letter. If you happen to have a no for example, some of them contain it. That's part of the lettering that could worked really well for you and strengthen your brand. Of course, you can bring illustration into your work. If you have a website, you might want to add illustration that you've done in a similar style to your to your lettering. And this is an example. Have one minor. Me I would do. I do intend to do a self portrait at some point. This isn't me, but you could have something that links very well with your logo. If you have the same style, bring into your lettering. Obviously, you could employ an illustrator if you don't do that yourself. This is some lettering I did to illustrate a recipe, Um, for Apple Crumble. And I was inspired by this having completely randomly, and I wanted to strengthen it and yet make it much more of an illustrative element. Andi, this is I was inspired by Star and East, even though these don't look exactly like star unece. That was one of the ingredients and they have little, um it's a teardrop shaped seeds in them. Um, and that's what inspired that. I think works quite well. I'm continuing to experiment. I used for this one. I used this. The my fattest edging pen. It's 5.0, Um, but you can see it started to run out. But this is not almost not lost, because with something like this, there's enough black in it that you could take it into Photoshopped and use curbs as I'm gonna show you, or rather, levels. I'm going to show you how to do that, Andi. You could boost it so that there's a lot of black and it taking into Illustrator on you'll find. It'll be it'll have a quite a grainy textures that be interesting to see how it comes out. But it's not. If you particularly you did something like this with the slightly worn out felt tip. But you really loved the shapes that you created. You could probably use it. There's ways to fiddle around that sea, but now I'm gonna take the same pain and actually dip it into my ink and see how that works . I don't actually right about that. Well, that's the beauty off doing something like that, those that you just keep on going and going until you have something you are happy with. So don't worry if if you if it takes you 50 times to get a few words that you really like the look off. That's fine. One I did earlier that I I'm not sure my court on video is this, um, this paintbrush piece again. Just this brush used on its side. And I love I've underlined that there because I really love that. I probably the most difficult sort of lettering to do by hand is the expressive and yet formal and delicate. That's something I'd have to practice a lot. I can use my own handwriting. Um, but it's not easy for me to make it very, very elegant. It would take several goes, Um, I think it can work really beautifully on brush. Pen is, it is a good tool for it, as is a fine paintbrush. This is what I did earlier, but I think I may have already shown you, um, we're about to show you I had to do a lot of filming on, and it's a little overwhelming. Um, but it really is a case of trial and error for me. It may not be for you. You may be a really experience a calligrapher. He was not so usedto doing expressive work for me using this brush pen. I'm just always tempted to do that and turn into something illustrative, because that's what I love to do. A really awful These happy accidents, I'd like to say, um, but please, do you have a play and see what you can come up with? It was likely fed up of doing my own name, so I wanted to try something else. When you go, keep creating. 7. ... and a little more: we nearly there now? It's actually getting really dark here. I'm starting to snow, so I won't keep me much longer on. I'm just going to show you a couple of things I didn't show you in the other videos. Um, we didn't play around with wax crayon. I have no idea what's gonna happen. I'm just gonna do something very simple. Um, how about the name Abby on textured paper? Well, ever. In fact, I'll just leave it, AB, because if I try and do across here is going to be too bumpy, Um, you can even try scribbling. I mean, that's an incredible effect. I haven't actually bean as adventurous as I wanted to be during these videos, but hopefully, when you get started in your own time, have nobody watching you. You can really go to town. Experimenting letters are incredible. I was watching one of Jessica issues videos over it earlier today, Looking at the work that she did just before or many Thank why she became famous. Um, absolutely stunning. Where she did such incredible writing all the letters that she created. Andi still does. Um, I'm getting sidetracked. So what? I'm trying to get out is that there's endless possibilities and you can create something completely unique that nobody else is gonna have fuel for yourself. And that this one the brush pen really similar. I always want to do any really, really similar to the small. The doesn't The texture doesn't have a lot of effect on it. And this is possibly slightly too light. You could play around and see what you can achieve. Um, with that, perhaps, if you might have a black black one, which would be better. Anything else? You can try A during intense pen pencil, I should say, has much the same same look as the crayon, except it's much finer. So fine nines. But it does wear down fast, so probably not as effective. Okay, well, I just wanted to show you that. And also a few things I didn't show. You have your own, um, a bit of brushwork with with the white paintbrush, more brushwork that was actually believe it or not done with the thin little brush on DSA mink. Um, this one is the large square brush I just showed you for. I liked the way you can still read that says G A b again that this should, this could be a logo. If you had initials in your brand, you could create a sort of almost like and again organic shape with your, that is, and that could be your logo. And then you could actually explain what it is. You could say your full name or the full name of the business. Underneath is a lawful lot of different things. You could do really rotten. I had to go with Chuckle to see how that would work. Andi, you can get some really interesting effects. I like this effect very much, which works because it's just a few letters. This one here I didn't lower case. Um, you can see that's up a case, but I don't know how successful using chuckle would be, really, But you can. You can play around and see. What do you think? The main thing is, you will need to, because it's incredibly messy, so you don't need to go out and buy some fancy fixed it. Hair spray will do Justus well, but I would suggest that you get that scanned in very quickly. If you want to use it, I do actually quite like that one. You can see. Look, my fingers already. It's all coming off. This is the one that I'm going to play with to create a A logo type for myself. I'm also going to put even though this one isn't successful in the Actually says Gabriella , I'm going to scan it in and show you what happens to it with it being quite faint. Um, this one I'm going to scan in just because I like it. I want to keep it on. And the star here? I've been scanning, and that's it. So you may go through, of course, on my favorite brushstroke, I but I can't actually lay my hands on that in a moment. I've got piles and piles of paper here, so you go off now, Andi, get your favorite pieces of work under the scanner, and I'll show you what I do with these. Okay, So you saying bye 8. Your project and another helpful tip: Hello again. Now it's your turn to get cracking on. Go wild with your dark materials and create some wonderful lettering. Whether it's for you or whether you're working for a client, I'm I don't see what you can create. I do have a tip for you, though, because it's so messy. One of the things I find incredibly helpful is wet. Wives happen to handle times, honestly, my desk Whenever I do this, whenever whenever I wear, we think I always tip the in count into the lid of the bottle, which is is very practical. But when if you're resting something on it honestly, nine times out of 10 the whole lid goes all over the place. So keep those toe hand. Or you may be far more sensible than me and have a proper in dispenser, which isn't going to tip over. Okay, well, good luck with alert. I can't wait to see what you do. I'm gonna be checking the projects every day. Onda. I'll respond to everybody. So ask me any questions you like, and I'll do my best help. I can also, if you get Stark, I can suggest ways that you could go If you're confused about the look that you're going for the style that you're Amy at, then please do ask me. And I'll do my best to help you and suggest a few things. Okay, Right next. I'm going to scan in all my work on. Do you can see the exciting scanning process along with the wonderful sound effects off my scanner? Okay, seizing by. 9. Scanning and cleaning your work: now I'm going. Teoh, get the overview of some of my work standing. I'm just full just for him. Purses off this exercise. See, I have really got them in the right place, so I need to move everything I'm using on EPS on perfection. Little A four scanner is the Exxon Perfections. 1660 I don't even know if you can still get them, but I think I probably had it for of at least 20 years. Right, So I got it on slapper. Scanned black and white, 256 graze. You could have it on thousands of grays, but I think in this instance it doesn't make a lot of difference. I got on 300 resolution. I think for this I might bump out a little bit. It doesn't hurt to their quite small images. It doesn't hurt to have a really high resolution, and then it will get us much information. That's possible. Drag your cursor over scan people. This is a thrilling bed where you get to hear my scanner wearing away a marvelous trouble. Is there anything I can edit that out? So the top one, I'm going to scaling that in so that I can show you what happens if your work isn't. Isn't really black enough. I'm sure will be up to get something out of it. Let's see. I'm just got to do I've got to do something else. But for the purposes off this I think I'll stop scanning now so that I can move on. Show you what you do in the next stage because you can quite easily do that. Do that yourself. You know, you don't need to watch me scanning everything in, right? If I go to my pictures, then I should see those scans there. Any art? If And I dragged them into voter shop victory that will come up Does. And now I can take start with this one drug, my curse across it. And then I'm on a Mac. I'm afraid I don't know what it would be on a PC, but I guess command l outcome the levels well, you would drag this side in and this will bake alot blacks blacker. But if you can see that changing a lot about the blacker and then you can listen up the whites who don't take that too far This particular one. You can see it's a lot stronger already. You want to aim for quite a evenness between the mid tone, the blacks and the whites. You could bring them all really close together, But you'll see what happens when I do that. It gets very solid. And if you like that look, then go for it. It's about playing around, see what you like. Um, it has lost a lot of the subtleties. I prefer it. It's more like that. But we've yet to see what happens to when we take it to. The illustrator needs to be fair back, but it will lose. It will definitely lose something when is live traced? I believe that one. My bat. This one here. They're so black already. But we'll see what happened when we do levels to make it really black. And then just brushing at the white slightly to re lose some of those greys because you won't that will not be picked up. Graze wouldn't be picked up in illustrator his press. Okay for that, Then I'll go down to the next section pan. This is what I'm going to use for to see what it would look like as a background color, Full background shake again. We will definitely do some of the subtleties, unfortunately, but it makes quite an interesting RT shape, I think. Okay, that's the scanning. And the next stage will be to take it into take those images into illustrator, which I'll do it in just a second. Got to show you how you would clean up your work in photo shop before you take it in tow. Administrator. That's intervals. My tools now, uh, interesting. Yeah, right. Okay. So you can see all these in response Here. Just go. But closer. My lawsuit all is quite temperamental. That could be because this is not a C C copy of Foti shop. It's And it's why I was lucky enough to Well, we could have it two ways. I was quite lucky enough to get am package off. Ah, first shop package so that I don't have to pay every single month. Um, I paid a one off fee, but you do wonder if, um, it's incompatible with updates in the back. Yeah, I'm just decided I'm going to take this part off. We're worried about that because I'll exclude that my quite like this little messy bit here , so I'll leave that just looking for any other little spots you take. You could take these out in in the Illustrator once it's been live. Trace book was not as easy. It's particularly something like that. That's better. Stephanie. Right? Okay, that's probably enough for that. So you do that with all your work as well. Just take off the little little bits that you don't want that close to the type. There's something else I scanned in. This is one of the charcoal things I did. I actually had another look at it, and I quite liked aspect of this, so I won't bore you with trying to clean that up. Now I'll go and do that on my own, but I will have a look and see what happens to it in Illustrator. I think it is not going to be entirely successful unless I boost the levels of this G on its own. That may work, but I'll try a couple of variations and see what happens okay onto illustrator next 10. Vectorise your work: right. I'm in, Illustrator. As you can see, I've already brought a few things in here. I'm just going to live. Trace this charcoal sketch. I darkened this G slightly in photo shop, and now I'm going up here. Toe image trace. Um, I have got my own setting gabs first attempt, which was the very first, um, adapted image Trey setting. I created that. I tend to use this now that I've set that up. We'll show you how to do that for a little while, so I'm gonna press that it always comes up. Um, press. OK, if you look closely, I'll just blow the sub. You can see that in a straighter has found all the different shades of gray which, if you wanted to keep that, it would be rather tricky. I've never actually tried that, but I know it's possible to select same and keep all these different shades off off color, but it would take ages. I think there's a variety of different ways to do that. But just for now, I'm going to see what happened. If I expand it, it can tell the difference between although different shades. But usually when you select something like this. If it were all one color and you wouldn't get this question mark, that question mark alerts you to the fact that there's more than one color in everything you selected. You direct. Select a letter. You'll see. It's only selecting the same color If I hit Happened, hit on black Here it's elects all the black it can feel and see, not feel that it can see around that area so you could change that black into a color. But that's not what we want to do for this. See, what happens if I change it all into one color are simply ignore that question mark in my case. And then I go over here to choose a color. I'm just gonna go off screen slightly. Andi press a yellow in my library de select were clicking anywhere. You'll see that actually illustrate has ignored all those tiny little marks you blowed up really big. You can see it's just pure solid yellow, which works really well. If you want this rough sort of effect, it does pick some of it up. If you wanted lots of different tones and color, that is a whole other matter. Um, and you need to experiment quite a lot. I think in the live trace stage. If I go back, I go edit undo color and had it under expand. Tracing This will take a while. But if we undo everything, go right back to live. Trace. Then you couldn't have a go at all the different types of life. Trace. Uh, but it undo image tracing. So we got back to the charcoal. Um, if you're going to hear God hi. Infidelity photo which will preserved all different shades. Three color, six kind of 16 colors and shades of gray, black and white logo. Let's see what happens with that. I think you will lose some of the delicacy of it. Yes, you see, that really simplifies it. I think I like the 1st 1 best at it. Undue interest racing image trays. But against this attempt on, then select my yellow Okay, D slick. You can see how still has all the information as to where all the other colors were, except that we've or rather I have turned alot colors all the different shades into just the same show together. Click off. You can't see a way out. Minds. It's incredible. I'm just going to select this G and make it a little bit darker so that I don't lose all this detail when it goes into Illustrator. So I bring up my levels, moaned, tell on and drag the darkness up. What? I don't need to lose much of that at all. Actually, Trump bring That makes it even darker so that I get as much of this is possible available to me when I go into illustrator captain around here, well, that's better. Okay. And then maybe here, too anywhere that's slightly grey, you will risk. If you wanting solid color, you'll risk. It was straight to seeing that as several colors. That is why Dark Black is going to give you loving, clean, flat color unless you are trying to convey something that's completely hand painted. And that is the look you're going for se. It's finalize this back to illustrate it. Truckee. You could see the difference between blacks some good use, my first attempt setting, and then I'll show you. After I've done that, I can show you how he could alter that and even create a new setting. This is the only way that I actually remember. If you go up here, you'll see now that you have. But I've traced that this little box, the image trace panel access to that pops up. You click it up, come the settings I've just used you could then Troy, to change various aspects of what you've just done. And if you prefer that you could save it, um, a different way. You manage presets, save us a new preset or delete or rename. So if I wanted to change the way I do things, I could just rename it if I wanted to create a new one that saving you preset. I'm not about deleting. I don't want to delete this, So just click off. I'll do. I'll show you one thing that makes a really obvious change at the moment. I had it set to read 25 colors, but if you wanted to get all detail and you wanted to get much more grey, you were drag it to more colors and you'll see immediately. Have. It will change that. This is not what I want, But this is just so that for illustration purposes, you can see how these sliders will affect things some more than others. Definitely. Just take a while They are. You can see it's noticed where I've bean, where I went Teoh to change everything. This isn't quite such a a great example, because a lot of it was quite solid in the first place. But it has picked up ALS. The difference is that it could see expand. And now I can change it to my yellow over here in my library, which has taken the place off cooler. Although it's exactly the same adobe color settings. Okay, I like that. That's phones that fund and bowled. Well, I think so. I'm just gonna put that to one side again as well. And I wanted to show you what happens when you do have something that's a bit too grey. Although did with this one is I just slightly lightened it, um, on a slightly darkened it. So it's not as black as I would normally do it. I just wanted to show you what happens. I use my setting. I was used. This will show you how illustrator will see ALS, the different variations of gray, which makes it very tricky to use. Unless that is the effect you want. You could just leave it that way. Some people have gray as one of their brand colors, perhaps. Oh, actually, I tell. And I look at that that surprised me. That really describes me. It was really well, goodness may. Well, I'll leave that in. I know I look like a bit of a full having said that. But now, if you go back to here and you adjust, you'll cover. Tell the accuracy to go to the maximum. Let's just see if it actually has. I noticed all the different shades of gray. Not if it doesn't, then I really am matter loss. Your guess is as good as mine. This is why it's so important to try all these things. I actually really like how that looks. It just shows you the main thing. Although, yeah, it does. This is this. See, that is what I was expecting right from the start. That's actually really difficult to use. You'd be there forever, trying to select all those different shades of gray. So if I go back, I do really like that. And I think, for example, that that could work well for a wedding business or a florist on the business card, that sort of thing. It works really nicely. So I'm gonna keep that. We'll just leave. It is gray because it was appeal. Definitely has an elegant look, that style. This is one that I put together really recently from some of the lettering that I showed you in the experimental stage carried on and that created this, which I do do you like? But I may want to make that a solid, a solid G, but I wanted to think about backgrounds. Now Trevi Yeah, that's going full black and white logo in this case, I know that it will tell me, um, that the white is still there when I do my setting that I created my gaps first attempt, it actually cuts out all the white. That's just the way I set it. But I didn't want it to see white, which is really useful, because then you don't have to do what I'm going to have to do. Now. I expand. This tells me I've got two colors, so I need to slept the white and delete that. So I go to the direct. Select two. Let me take off us. Click on now it's selected a white, so I just go control command eggs and it treats it as you may notice. On your texted shape, we enlarge it. We get this echo off some of the texture which for a good vector, he do not want to have. In the past, I've taken this shape into photo shop and selected the color there. Andi just filled it on that on That works. But obviously that isn't a vector. It's fine if you're keeping everything small, but if you want to scale it up, we'll need to get rid of this. And the way I've discovered recently is to select it, select your shape and then go up to make love paint group. Now, I've got redo here because I just don't need to check that it works. So I'm gonna press that. But you would go to edit make live paint group, And then if I click off this on a large, you can see all those horrible little white bits have disappeared. And we've now got a joined group. Yeah, play around with full moting. This is obviously suitable for business, but not much else at this point. Course you can. What kind of object? Arrange. Let me double click. I'm just going to show you quickly how you might prepare something for print in illustrator. Not something I normally do. I tend to work in a photo shop and finished things off there. This is the printed dot com business card template that I downloaded from their site. If we get rid of all the lettering, we can see what we're working with. This area here has to be kept clear because that's gonna be cropped off. Okay, I'm just going to do very quick business card by no means thought out, but it just gives you an idea. This is the background color. So I'm going to change. I want to show you her simple. It actually is. Then select. This, I think is really pretty. Andi, I know it's going to be enormous when I pasted onto here, but I like that because I'm just going to use a little section here. This almost looks as if it's away or something. And then I'm going to use my orange text here. It copy and jewelry. This I need to be much smaller. Object transform scale. It's already done 50% but I want to do it again. Okay, It's just a look. Yes, a little bit smaller than I think. Scale. That's useful. I would put 80. Okay, Obviously you can play around with proportions and colors and spend a lot of time getting something to look really beautiful. Take my cream star over. Object transform scale. I'm not. That's just the beginnings. Obviously, you then put your know type in here. I'm just going to leave that like that so that I can show you how you would make a clipping mask. I mean, my rectangle tool. I carefully draw. In fact, I'm going to leave even more bleed on it. I don't think there's any harm in doing that. So I'm going to create a rectangle. Now turn this into a transparent front and then send it to the back object. Transform object, arrange sent to the back. And then we do object. I didn't copy and it paced in front. Not sure if that's what he's draw. Another rectangle is exactly the same size. See what I've actually done. Let me see 10 girl try cooked another one. Uh, okay. Object range into the front. Let me just see if I copy this over. Now do this. And the object clipping mask make we have, well, outwork. The main thing is to have a transparent rectangle at the back and then another transparent one over your artwork on the final layer. Then you can go to file export. Now, this is for screens which this isn't. You would choose that option. I would choose export for print, which is export as, and then you choose where you want to put it. In my case, I always put things like that on the desktop because then I can find them easily. I have many things on the desktop and then you choose your format on your printer will tell you the thought of file that they want, whether they want 30 shopper tiff or some other from. And then you would press export. And there it is, preparing your work in photo shop. Once you have everything beautifully colored in in illustrator, you can take it to photo shop safe in the knowledge that you've got a lovely, crisp edge to everything that you've created so I've for speed sake. I've already copied all of these by selecting them on copying them over to filter shop in different layers. We'll go over there now. This is a template from printed dot com for around sticker. Andi. I placed the peachy background on first and then I adjusted. They capacity here so that I can still see the boundaries. I have to make sure keep type out of this. Some pale peach comer. Anything inside the really pale peach is absolutely fine on. Nothing should get over into the pink here, So I'll leave it like that for now. And then the next layer and then my logo again. I made it really? Sure. I made really sure that it fits within the white just here. I'm here particularly. And then finally the little Star You could probably put two some text around here. This is quite a small label. It's only 2.5 centimeters across. Now I'm going to raise everything up to 100% again. Make sure that I have before then sent after the printers, assuming I was going to send it to apprentice. This isn't an actual thing. Okay, that's how it looks on die just for you. I have made a little frame so you can see how it would look really simple on export it. You simply save it as whatever the printed needed to bay. In my case, this was a pdf, not a PSD file. So I would just simply come down here, find a first short pdf save it to my desktop and then uploaded to the web footprint. No, it really is your turn. I cannot wait to see what you do. Have fun. Good luck. 11. The End: Hello. We've reached the end of my very first feel share course. I do hope that you've enjoyed it and that you've ended up at the very least with, um feeling that you want to continue if you haven't actually managed to create a logo type . Um, hand washing is is great fun. Uh, and as you know, I love the element of surprise that you get with it. If you want me to comment on your projects and you haven't had time or you're not intending to upload thumb here, then please do find me on Instagram. You can use this hash type. Do you see that? It's been in nearly every area off the screen. The reason why I panicked amount only there is because I didn't tell you this, but I actually broke my mobile phone holder. So currently my phone is taped up against the window sill. More realism. The window edge. Andi, It just the tape just moved. So maybe that's my So do you come back again? I'm going to do civil courses. I am a fine art painter and illustrator. I've had nearly 30 years experience now as a professional artist, So there's a lot of things I could teach you, Andi, because I have actually enjoyed this course. I will be back. Be warned. Please do. Follow me, Andi. I look forward to getting to know you better as well. Thank you. Bye.