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Make Fun GIFs for Instagram & TikTok with Animation in Procreate

teacher avatar Maja Faber, Surface Pattern Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Your Project


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      Motion GIF


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      Reveal GIF


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      Changing Colors GIF


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      Text GIF


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      Export the GIFs


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      Use Directly From Your Camera Roll


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      Upload to GIPHY


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About This Class

Learn how to create cute GIFs in Procreate, to be used on social media in this fun class by Maja Faber.

You will learn how to create 4 different types of GIFs; the motion GIF, the Reveal GIF, the Changing Colors GIF and the Text GIF. We will use the animation assist tool in Procreate, and I will teach you how to export the GIFs, and upload them to GIPHY so that your GIFs can be found in the search result on for example Instagram and TikTok.


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Meet Your Teacher

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Maja Faber

Surface Pattern Designer

Top Teacher

If we haven't met before, I'm Maja Faber, your pattern-loving teacher and fellow creative.

I'm here to help you every step of the way! I've been in your shoes! Yes, I'm talking about YOU I've been frustrated, overwhelmed, and wanting to give up more times than I can count. Learning a new skill is hard! I know the struggle.

After spending years of trial and error, trying to find my style and my unique path in the surface pattern design industry, I found my love for creating patterns in Procreate. My creativity started to blossom, and I haven't looked back since then.

As a surface pattern designer and educator, I've helped over 100,000 students grow their creative practice and overcome creative blocks through my fun and easy-to-follow online courses. I'm excited to h... See full profile

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1. Intro: Do you like to use the gifts? Well, I do. I just think that they add a bit of fun too. For example, my Instagram stories. For me, gifts are also a quick way to communicate something with my followers. For example, a thank you or what my Monday Moody's, I might have favored. And in this class, I will teach you how to create your own unique gifts on your iPad in Procreate, and how to use them on Instagram and TikTok. We will create four different gifts, which I call the motion gift. We will give the texts and the changing colors here. These are for simple types of animations in procreate. When you know how to create them, you can make all sorts of gifts and animation by using one of the techniques or combine them to create more complex gets. After we created our gifts, you will learn how to export them, how to use them from your camera roll directly on Instagram. And I will also show you quickly how to upload your gifts to give free, which will make them available in the search results on Instagram. This is a fun and easy to follow class for beginners so quickly want to create some fun, unique, cute gifts. Take this class, you need an iPad, procreate, and some spare time. Because this can get a bit addictive once you've gotten started. 2. Your Project: Your project in this class is to create a few gifts using the techniques that I teach you in class. You can choose if you want to share one of the gifts or if you want to create all four and share all four in your project here in class. I can't wait to see your gifts, so please do share them as a predictor in class. And if you use them on Instagram, feel free to tag me with my app favor. I'm so excited to see all of your fun gifs. 3. Downloads: In this class, I'm using our favorite company, mono line number one and number two brush. You can download this for free on my website, my slash freebies. I will also share a link to the freebie in the description of this class. Here, you type in your name and email address, and you will get five free premium procreate brushes from us at Faber company delivered to your inbox. So if you want to use the same brush as me in this class, feel free to download our premium procreate brushes on my website, my slash freebies. 4. Motion GIF: Okay, so let's get started with creating our gifts. We will start with the first type of gift, emotion one. As you can see here, I have created a few different gifts already and uploaded them to Giphy, which I will show you how to do later on in class. And I will use some of these gifts and show you how I created them. So let's start with the motion GIF. And this is the result that we want. So it's some kind of object or it can be text as well, that moves in a simple motion. So let's get started with this type of gift. I will tap gallery again. In Procreate. I tap the plus sign at the top right corner, and I will create a square canvas. I've found that for gifts, thousand pixels, square works good for me. Gifts generally are pretty low resolution. If you scale up gifts when you use them on, for example, Instagram, you can see that they often are a bit pixelated. And I think that you can go down in canvas size when you create your gifts. But I feel that the brushes that I use works better when I have a bit largest size like this, thousand pixels square. So that is the size that I will create the gifts in this class. I also make sure that I have the standard sRGB color profile. Then I tap Create. Okay, so let's get started with drawing our objects. You can choose to draw any types of objects you want. Of course, I will draw a simple type of flower here so you can follow along easily. But if you want to draw something else, feel free to do that. The very first thing that I will do is to turn off my background color because I want my gifts to have a transparent background. And I want the flowers to be white. Personally, I really like white, simple gifts. I think they look really good to the content that I share, but you can, of course, draw colorful objects if you want. So let's get started drawing our flowers. I will choose white as a color. I have a little color palette here, but you can choose any color you want, of course. And I will draw one flower on each layer. So first, I will just choose the favorite company, free mono line brush. I really like this. Mono line number two brush, which you can download for free on my website, my slash freebies. Together with these other five premium procreate brushes from us at favorite company. So let's get started drawing a flower. And I'm filling in the flower. I'm drawing one flower like that. And then I want to make sure that I can fit into more flowers about the same size. So I will just tap the Transform tool and drag down the size of that flower bits so that I can fit two more flowers on the side here. And then I tap the Transform tool again. And I know that I want this whole flower, including the little dots that I want to draw in the middle to move at the same time. I might as well draw that dot on the same layer. If you want your different colors to be able to move in your animation differently, you need to place them on different layers like this. But I know that I want my whole flower to move as a unit, so I will just swipe those two layers together to merge them so that I have one flower on one layer. Then I continued to add a new layer and choose white as a color. And on the new layer, I draw another flower. Then I add the little yellow dots. Draw that in. And I add a new layer to draw a third flower groups. I didn't like how that one looked. So I will just redraw that. Let's try that out and add the little yellow dots like that. And now I can choose if I want to re-size or transform this flower in any way, I choose the Transform tool and I can re-size the flower. Make sure that you don't scale up the object too much because then you will lose the resolution. But scaling down is fine and you can rotate it a bit without losing too much resolution. Okay, so let's move all of these flowers to the center. So we'll select all of the layers by swiping to the right, tap and drag. And I can turn snapping and magnetics on the settings and the transform tool. And when I see the yellow lines, it's a little bit buggy here, but there is in the center. There. I turn off magnetics and snapping because I don't need these objects to be exactly in the center, just so that I can see how they look. Okay, so now we have three different flowers on three different layers. Normally when I draw different motifs like this, three different or more, I keep them separated on layers. First so that I easily can change the size or rotate them or redraw something on the separate motifs easily. But when it's time to start to create our animation, our GIF, I will merge these three layers together so that there are three flowers on one layer. Now, we will start our animation. So tap actions, canvas and Animation Assist. And here you have a little control panel where there's some settings that we will look at in a moment and you can add frames. But first, we will duplicate this layer. So in layers panel swipe to the right, duplicate. And then you can see that it popped up a new frame down here. So it soon time to add some motion to these flowers. But first, let's have a look at the settings. You have some different settings down here, loop ping pong and one shot. And we can try those out later on when we have added some motion to our flowers. We can also try out what happens with the frames per second setting. These settings that has to do with the onion skin, I rarely change when I create these really simple GIF animations. The onion skin is what you see over here, is basically a guide to show you where your previous frame are in your animation. That was a pretty HC the animation. So let's just pause that. You can see that depending on which frame you have choose down in the animation, assist, you see different anions games. The frame that you have chosen are always the solid one and the other ones are onion skins. And we can also change the opacity of the onion skin to try that out. So you can choose yourself. How solid are transparent? You want the onion skin to be. Normally, I don't tap the Add frame down here. I tap Layers panel and add a layer, and that will also add a frame. But now I can see that we have moved around this layer bits. I will just delete that and duplicate the first layer again. Now we will leave the settings for now, and I will choose the selection tool. Make sure that I have free hand selected. And I will just draw a selection around 100 flowers. Tap the Transform tool. Here, I want to make sure that I don't have magnetics and snapping turned on. And I just want to rotate the flower a little bit. So as you can see, the onion skin shows you where the original flower is. And if you want to add the same angular non flowers, you can tap the little rotation tool and add an angle. But I don't need my flowers to be rotated exactly the same angle. So I will just rotate it a bit and then tap the Transform tool. Then I head over to the selection tool, draw a selection around the second flower, tap the Transform tool, and I rotate the other flower. So my idea is to just rotate the flowers a bit to add some motion to this little GIF. Now we have two layers. And as you can see, the first layer is where the onion skin is. The second layer is the solid white flowers. If I tap play down here, you can see that it's quite hectic animation. So if we tap Settings and drag down frames per second, you can see that it's a bit more calm. You can choose whatever frames per second you want here. I like it to be calm because I often feel that the gifts can be a little bit annoying if they are too quick. And now you can see what happens when you choose ping-pong. One shot. Okay, so something like that. Now we have added motion to our flowers and it looks good. So this actually is a finished animation. If this is the look that you want. If you want to add some more motion, we could, for example, add a new layer and asked the second layer are going rotating to the right. I might want to add the first layer again, so I duplicate that. So that the flower goes kind of 12. And then I want it to go back again. So I duplicate the first layer again. I select the flowers and I rotate them a little bit to the left instead. So let's see how that looks. Now we can play. This almost looks like the flowers are waving, which I like. You can choose this different types of settings. Loop means that it goes from the start to the finish all the time with the frames. Ping pong means that it goes back and forth. One shot means that it only goes one way. 1234 frames. Normally, I have mine on loop, but you can choose ping-pong if you wish as well. It all depends on the look that you're after. So this is a kind of cute animation, and now we have four frames per second. In this animation, this GIF is finished, and in the end of this class, I will show you how to export it so that we can use it. But for now, let's move on to the next gift that we will create that reveal, GIF. 5. Reveal GIF: Okay, so now it's time for the second type of gif, which I call the reveal gift, but it could also be called appear GIF. Maybe. This is an example of how that type of gift could look. It's something that appears or reveals. In this example. It's the text, the different letters that appears. Before this class. I thought that we would draw a rainbow and that it will reveal itself or grow to become a full rainbow. So let's start with a new canvas. Again. I will go for a thousand pixels square. Once again, just as we did before, the same size, now some pixels. And the first thing that I will do once again is to uncheck the background color so that I have a transparent background. In this type of gift, you actually draw the full object. And then we can go backwards and rear-wheel the full object as we create the animation. So let's start with creating a rainbow. I will start with yellow color. And for this purpose, I think that I want to use the monoline brush. With the monoline brush, which you also can download for free on my website. I draw the first part of the rainbow. Let's try the size and see which size we want. I think that I will go for somewhere around 40%. I will draw the very first part of the rainbow. If you think that it's hard to draw when you have a transparent background, you can turn on the visibility of the background color when you draw your objects. And then we turn it off again when we create the animation. So as I mentioned before, I normally create one layer per motif or per object that I draw in the beginning so that it will go quicker to delete different parts of my drawing if I want to do that, and then I will merge them all together, the layers before we create the animation. So we'll tap to add a new layer, and then I will draw the next part of the rainbow. You can tap and hold if you want this type of more even looking stroke or tap one more time to get a half circle. But I don't want that look. So I will just draw. And I won't mind if it's a little bit rough in there. Just a tap once again, and I will add an orange ball, something like that. And one more layer. Let's add a green. Now, I can see that I want for rainbow to be a little bit more narrow. So before I draw the last part of the bow, I wanted to purple stroke here as well. I select all layers, tap transform to make sure that I have free form selected. And I will just adjust the size here a little bit so that I can fit one more stroke. Outside of the green stroke. Then I'll add a new layer and add purple bow outside of the green ones. Okay, so here I have my rainbow and now I think that I can merge all of these layers together. And then I will just erase the bottom part so that it's sharp in the edge here. And I will use the transform tool with free form. It's maybe just pull it in a little bit because I like this little bit more narrow look, something like that. Now we have the first layer with the motifs. I will turn off the background color. And here we have our original rainbow, which I will duplicate. The first thing that we'll do now is to turn on animation assist. And then I will start to erase some parts of my rainbow. So with the mono line brush, I can test the size. And I will erase. The small part of my rainbow. As you can see, the onion skin over here will show you which part is the original and which part you have deleted. If we turn down the opacity of the onion skin and might be a little bit easier to see when you have a transparent background. So now we duplicate the new layer where we have erased a part of a rainbow. On that layer, we erased another bit of the rainbow. So I just make sure that I erase the same amount of the motif on each of the layers. Now we'll make the GIF look smoother. Maybe something like that. I duplicate that layer. And I erase a little bit more, duplicate that layer. Then I go on like this until I have erased the whole rainbow on the last layer. And on the very last layer. Maybe I want a little bit left on that one. And on the last layer, I just make sure that I erase every part of the rainbow. Now we can play. And I can see that I have left some parts there, so let's see where those parts are. I will drag down the opacity of the onion skin. And here I can see that I left a little bit of the purple and over here also over there. So I just move through all of the frames now and make sure that I have erased everything that I want it to be erased on that frame. So let's play it again. So that looks pretty good. And let's drag down the frames per second. So here I have my rainbow growing. If I choose Ping Pong, you can see how it looks when it's the right direction. I usually use loop and then you can see that it goes kind of backwards. So what I do then is to change the position of the layers. So I will just drag the layers so that the full rainbow is on top. And drag the other layers beneath each other in the right position. Oops, that one ended up there. Okay, so let's see how that looks. Now the rainbow is growing. I think it looks good, but I would love to have a pause where the rainbow is full. So if I duplicate that layer, Let's say that I have three copies. The rainbow will stay full for y. I could even try to duplicate the layer, let's say two more times so that I have five layers with the full rainbow. Now we can see how it looks. Yeah, I really like that. Look where the rainbow kind of grows and then it stuck in the full position for awhile. Yeah, I'm happy with this. The settings, our loop and five frames per second. And I have five full rainbows at the top. And then the players with the deleted parts of the rainbow. That is how you create the reveal or a peer type of gif. And as I mentioned before, we will export this later on in class. So let's head over to the next lesson first, where we will learn how to create a text GIF. 6. Changing Colors GIF: Okay, so the next type of gifts that I thought we would create is the changing color gift. And it will look something like this. It was a little bit crazy here, but objects that change colors. I thought that we would just draw one heart and heart could change color. Let's add a new canvas, thousand pixels square. And on a new layer with the monoline two, I will draw a heart, something like that. And maybe I want the bottom part to be a little bit more point D. So, whoops. Just erase a little bit there. Yeah, that looks good to me. With the transform tool, I just placed the heart where it's about in the middle of the canvas. Now we will create a few different color versions of the heart. And the first thing that we will do is to duplicate the layer. And you could just tap and drag a fill color here. But sometimes it can get a little bit weird in the edges when you feel like that, depending on your brush. So I will just redo that duplicate that layer. And the easiest way that I think to make sure that the whole object is filled is to swipe with two fingers to alpha lock or tap Alpha Lock. Then with your new color selected tap Fill Layer. And now your whole heart is filled with a new color. Then duplicate the heart again. Choose a new color. Fill layer because you already have alpha lock on that layer. And then once again duplicate the layer. With the new color fill layer. Duplicate the layer and fill layer. Now we have 45 versions of the heart with different colors. Now it's time to animate. So we turn off the background color and on animation assist tap play. And here you can see a very crazy animation. So we'll just bring down the frames per second to I think maybe two looks good on this one. And I will choose loop. There you have your color changing GIF. So let's head over to the next lesson where we will create the last type of gift that takes GIF. 7. Text GIF: Let's create the last type of gift that takes GIF, like this one for example. Let's head over to new canvas again, a thousand pixels square. For this text GIF, I want my text in whites. I will turn off the background color directly so that I can see my white text. And under the Actions panel, I tap, Add and Add Text. And here we can choose to add any type of text. I will write vacation and select all. I want to go for one of our favorite company fonts, maybe the bubbles one, or chocolate chip or chunky monkey. I can decide, but let's go for Shoko shape. Then you can choose to make some adjustments to your font with the kerning or all types of different settings. I will just add a very simple text here. And I might want to add some elements around it. Let's see. So when I've changed the font, I tap Done, and here I have my vacation word. Let's just use the transform tool and place it somewhere in the middle of my canvas, vacation. Now, you have a text layer. And now we want to restaurants this layer so that we can create either motion GIF or GIF or color changing GIF of this text. So what I will do is to tap vacation and tap risks, Rasterize. Now I have rasterize this layer with texts so I can go into the text tool anymore. But I can however, change, for example, the colors just by tapping and dragging to change the colors of the letters. I just want this text to be white. But I think that I want that to kind of grow and Pope. So let's try that out. It will be like motion. 8. Export the GIFs: Okay, so now it's time to export the gifts. You can do this when you're inside of a document like this or when you're in the gallery. Let's check it out how you do it when you're in a document. So tap the Actions panel and tap Share animated GIF. Here you can choose how many frames per second you want, so you can try it out and see if you want 594. Let's choose five for this one. Generally, I just keep all of these settings as they are. And then I tap Export. Now I will save this image to my camera roll. Then I will go ahead to the next gifts. And here I will just select the rainbow share animated GIF. I can see how it grows. I think five looks good here too, so I would just export that one. Save image. Select the heart. Animated gif. Frames per second. Two looks good for that one. And save the image. Then I will choose the vacation text. And let's try ten frames per second here. I think that that looks good. And then I will tap Export and Save Image. Now I have all of these four images on my camera roll. They might be a little bit hard to see as they have a transparent background, but they look like that. You will see them more clearly when we upload them on Instagram or on Giphy. Let's head over to the next lesson where I will teach you how to use the gifts on Instagram. 9. Use Directly From Your Camera Roll: Okay, so now we will use our gifts that we have created on our Instagram stories. And first, I will show you how to do this without needing to uploading the GIF anywhere else except your camera roll. And in the next lesson, I will show you how to do this by uploading them to give fee so that your gifts can be found in the search result on Instagram. But first, let's try out to create the story and add your GIF without needing to uploading it to anywhere. On Instagram. I will just tap to create a new story. And I would just add a photo for this story. So to add a GIF here directly to your Instagram stories, I go to my image app and I tap the gift that I want to add. Let's say that I want to add a vacation GIF, tap the share button, copy photo. Then I head back to Instagram. Instagram pasted from photos adds thicker. Here, you have your GIF. So that's pretty cool. With this method, you can use your gifts directly from your camera roll. No need to upload them to anywhere else. But if you want you gifts to be searchable for everyone in Instagram, for example. I will show you that in the next lesson. 10. Upload to GIPHY: Okay. So now it's time to add our gifts to give fee, which will make them available in the search result on Instagram. Like this. Here are all of my gifts that I've added. So let's head over to your browser. I'm using Safari here. I login to my GitHub account. If you don't have a GitHub account, you can create one for free at I have just applied and got verified on Giphy, which means that I can see how many gifts use. I have some other statistics. It also means that my gifts are searchable. If I would, for example, say, Happy weekend, y, whoops. White text. I will get my GIF down here. This is my GIF and I have just searched for happy weekend white text. So this is what I would say the biggest difference on being verified on Giphy or to just have a personal account. If you verified, people can search for what they want their gift to include. And your gift can be viewed in the search result like this. If you're not verified, you can still be found in the search result. If you type in your username. If you don't have a verified account, you can share this with anyone who wanted to use your gifts that they can use at your username on Giphy to be able to find all of your gifts. So this is the perk of uploading your gifts to give me. That way you have them all in one place, even if you just want to use them for yourself. Or if you want to share it with someone, your followers, your friends, or whoever might want to use your gifts. So let's head over to give fee. On the iPad. It's been easier for me to use Giphy in the browser than the app on my phone. It works good with app as well, but you can try it out and see if you like the app or if you like the website. I'm using the website here. Then to add your gifts. When you created your account, you tap, Upload and give choose File Photo Library. And let's say that I want to add the vacation GIF and tap Add. And here I have my vacation GIF. I want mine set to public, and then I can add tags. So generally I add some tags that are relevant to the GIF. So here are some tags that are suggested. Let's use typography. And then I can just add vacation. If you use a comma in between, it will add them as separate keywords. So vacation, why? Ticks? Growing some. Q, bold, sunshine. Whatever you feel is appropriate to your GIF, and then you tap Enter. Now I have all of those keywords in my GIF. I also always add my name, my favor to all of the keywords. Then source URL. I usually use my website as source URLs, so I just copy the URL from my website, paste it in here on Giphy and tap Save. And then I tap Upload to Giphy. Then the upload is complete. I don't know why it logs me out a little time. It's strange, but I'm logging in again. And here I have my vacation gift. Sometimes it takes a little while for the gift to be visible on the search result. But we can see if we can find it already. So let's just search my name. No, it hasn't arrived yet, but it will arrive soon in the search result on Instagram and for example, TikTok. Okay, so let's have a look at TikTok. And the TikTok app on the iPad doesn't seem to want to switch to landscape mode. I generally don't use that TikTok tap, the TikTok app on my iPad. I use it on my phone. So I will just turn my iPad around so you can see what I'm doing. Here. I have uploaded a movie that I would like to share, and then I tap stickers. And here it says search gifts. So let's try out to type in my favor. And here I have all of my gifts. If you don't find your gifts by typing in your name like that, use the app and your name. Here, you should be able to find all of the gifts that you uploaded to give fee when they are reviewed and approved by Giphy. So now we can use again here on TikTok as well. And it looks very blurry because it's on the iPad. And normally you upload TikTok videos to be viewed on your phone. The gift will look better when you do this on the phone. So that is how you upload gifs to Giphy so that you can use them yourself on. For example, TikTok and Instagram, and share them with your friends and followers. Feel free to check out my gifts if you want to and use them as you wish, of course, by typing in my favor in the search results on Instagram or TikTok. 11. Thank You: That's all for this class. Thank you so much for watching. I hope that you had fun creating this cute gifts with me. If you liked this class, you can hit the Follow button by my name to make sure that you don't miss out on my future classes. You can also tap my name to go to my profile page here on Skillshare where you find all my classes available to watch. For more brushes from us at Faber company, go to my slash shop where you can check out all of our premium Procreate brushes and other digital design assets from me and my husband add favorite company. If you have any questions at all about this class, please ask them on the discussion page here in class, and feel free to leave a review to let me know if you enjoyed this class. I would love to hear your thoughts. Make sure that you share your project here in class. If you post it on Instagram, feel free to tag me with my app. Favor. Thanks again for watching.