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Make a Quilted Jacket

teacher avatar Rawyah Sami, Quilter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      what you will need


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      bias tape


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      sewing the jacket


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      thanks for watching


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About This Class

In this class I will show you how to make a reversible quilted jacket, without a pattern. You will only need a sweatshirt, scrap fabric, and your sewing tools and notions. 

This class combines patchwork, quilting, and sewing. It is for the intermediate sewer/quilter. 

You will enjoy your finished jacket and will probably make more than one, for you and the family. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Rawyah Sami



Hello! My name is Rawyah and I am a fabric lover. I make quilts and sew bags. Recently I became interested in finding ways to recycle and reuse fabric leftovers. And on my Skillshare channel, I will share these ideas with you, plus other sewing projects and techniques. Thank you for following me. 

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Level: Intermediate

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1. introduction: Hello and welcome. My name is Rawia. I'm a longer-term quarter about maker and a pattern designer. Welcome to this class. In this class, I will share with you how to make a reversible quilted jacket from an old sweatshirt. The steps are simple and easy and you will definitely enjoy your finished jacket. 2. what you will need : Here's what we will need in this project. A sweatshirt that is two sizes bigger than your usual size. Scrap fabric from your stash. Threat. Pins, actually lots of pins. Scissors, paper and pen, cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler. A sewing machine with a patchwork foot and a size 16 needle. 3. cutting: First thing we'll do is turn the sweatshirt inside out. The reason I do this is because it's easier to see the stitching and to know where you should cut. We will remove this stretchy parts of the sleeve and the bottom of the sweatshirt. And the Huddie. We don't need them in our quilted jackets. So I'll do next is cut to all the sweatshirt parts and separate them from each other. Which means I will cut the sleeves and separate them. I will cut the back and I will cut the front. And I will end up with four separate pieces. Add a note to each asleep to know which one is the right sleep and which one is left sleeve. I have now separated the back from the front. I will take the back folded. This is the front of the sweat shirt. I have folded so that the soever sides match. And here is the folder that shows the center of the front of the sweatshirt. I'm gonna take my scissors and I'm going to cut the front of the sweatshirt into two separate parts. Now we are done with cutting this MOOC. Two, He's seeing and quilting. 4. patchwork: To make the outside of my quilted jacket, I have used scraps and my stash. These are leftovers of a quote that I've shown several years ago, and peace the scraps together randomly with a quarter inch seam. And I ended up with this big piece of pieced strips. If you would like your jacket to be one-color, just use one big piece of fabric. It doesn't have to be pieced. However, it does have to be quilted. So now let's prepare our our sweatshirt. Take all the pieces of your sweatshirt and place it on the piece of fabric, pin it in place and use as many pins as possible. We do not want the fabric to shift while we are sewing. Repeat with all the sweatshirt pieces. Don't forget your sticky note. I will take this piece now to the sewing machine. And so a long based ng switch around the whole thing. All parts of the jacket now are wasted and are ready for quoting. 5. quilting: Now that we are done with the patchwork part, let's talk about our quilting options. For the inside of the jacket, I have picked four yards of the screen fabric. It will be also the bias tape fabric. Quilting option number one is to quote the jacket by hand using Pro cotton thread. Quilting. Option number two is to call your fabric with straight lines using grew walking foot quilting option number three is to do free motion quilting using your free motion foot. As I have a longer machine, I decided to save myself some time and just to quote my jacket pieces on the longer term and do simple stippling. I based the edge of each piece and then I quote the center of the piece. When you are done quilting, take your jacket pieces from the sewing machine, accord along our machine and cut all excess fabric. Our jacket pieces are done and ready to be put together. 6. bias tape: All parts of the jacket or quilted and are ready now to be put together. However, before putting the parts together, we will make the bi-stable. My favorite way of doing biased. Taking a piece of fabric, a square piece of fabric, folding it corner to corner. Or they again, taking my ruler, cutting of the folds, turning the triangle. So now that the straight edges on my left side and then cutting a 200.5 inch bias. Depending on the size of your jacket, you will need from three to six yards of five-step. The jacket I'm making is a size medium and I needed 4.5 yards of phi statement. I will now take the strips of fabric to the sewing machine, match the diagonal line. And so a quarter inch seam. My vice shape now is ready and I can start putting my jacket together. 7. sewing the jacket: We'll start with the back of our jacket. We will take it late flat with the outside facing up. We will then take frontal parts of the jacket and lay them. With the inside of the jacket facing up. We will match the shoulder seams together and put them in place. I'll take us now to the sewing machine. And so a quarter inch seam on both shoulders seems remember to use a size 16 Nieto on your sewing machine. Now that both the back and the front of the jacket are sewn together at the shoulders. I have raw edges here, so I will use my bias binding to cover these raw edges. I'll take my vice binding. They sit on the shoulder and measure and cut. And I'll use this piece to cover the Raj's. Now the shoulders are done. It's time to sew on the sleeves. I will start first with the left sleeve. So here's the sticky note that I have pinned to this leaf to help remind me that it's the left sleeve. I will take the sleeve now and pinned to the left side of the jacket. Take your time sewing the curved seams. When you are done sewing seems after clipping. So on the bias tape. Now the left sleeve is attached and I've added the bindings sewn on the binding and covered the Raj's. However, as you see here, the sleeve is to open. So the next step would be to so Steve closed, come here. And then so the left side of the jacket closed. This will be in two steps. The first step will be sewing the sleeve clothes side of the jacket and then adding the binding. Take your time when sewing over the thick layers of the fabric. The left side of the jacket is completely finished. I have sown the sleeve to the front and the back of the jacket. I have added binding to the sleeve, to the shoulder and to the side. I will repeat the same steps that I've done on the left side. To attach the sleeves and bind the edges on the bright side. Our quilted jacket is almost done. I have sewn binding to the inside of the jacket on both sides. And I have the binding to the to boast leaves. Another option for the insight seems is not to bind, but to do a simplest exact stitch over the raw edges. The only thing remaining now is attaching the binding to the top, the front, at the bottom of the jacket. And then we will be done. The edges of the jacket the same way you would find a quote. 8. thanks for watching: Our jacket now is complete, finished, done, ready to be worn and enjoyed. Thank you for joining me in this class. I hope you have enjoyed watching the steps of making this jacket. And I look forward to see the quilted jackets that you will make from your sweatshirts. See you soon in another class. Bye.