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Magical Majuscules : The Letter K

teacher avatar Tracy Roach, Calligrapher, Letterer, Crafter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      K (1)


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      Project and Parting Thoughts


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About This Class

This is the eleventh class in the Magical Majuscules Series where you will learn pointed pen flourishing for upper case letters. This class will teach you 5 ways to flourish a capital K. You will need a pointed pen, ink, and dip pen friendly paper. I recommend HP Premium Laser Jet Paper

Meet Your Teacher

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Tracy Roach

Calligrapher, Letterer, Crafter

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction : Hey, guys, this Tracy Roach. This is another installment of the magical magic skills class Siri's. Today we're gonna be learning five different ways to flourish. The Capital Letter K I hope you enjoyed today. Let's get started. 2. K (1): All right, Here's our first letter. K Que is a fun letter. There's a lot of fun things you can do to it. This one is going to start up here. This is a three stroke letter. At least this version is So you're going to do that Big J stroke. We always seem to start with gonna come down here to the top. You go down, stop and go back down the other way. And they were to come out with a little flag out here. So let's put these together. See here. We're gonna dio j stroke ended the loop there. We did a J like that on the last class. They were gonna comic come out like this, Go down like that, Better stroke at the side. So big J stroke end up in the loop there. Started here at the top. Go back halfway down the height of your letter there, stop and headed back out that way, and then we're gonna finish it off that flag on the side. Let's put it all together here. Sometimes I like to really bring that and exaggerate. It kind of makes it look over the rest of the word. This is a letter. You can do that with overtime here. And if you want, you can loop this back and see this. Since kind of looked all the way down, this one kind of stops at the top. Will be more Tanase. You can see there. We don't eat comparing this all the way down here. Just a little variation, but it makes a difference there. We're gonna work right? The word kind. We should all be kind whenever we can be Bash this production finished K first. You can always go back. It's a nice thing about that And do karma because if you're not kind, you may not fun for me to be very nice. There's our first letter, Kate. 3. K (2): Alright, K Number two This is a two stroke K. Let's start down here. We're gonna go in the a loop over and down, back up, around and then down and back that way. Kind of like a J strict. But we're not starting at the top, riding a little leap at the beginning. And then just like the other K that we did down then that film that way up at the end. So start with. Start with that. That's your J stroke there. That and that over time here, blue into your J Strict. Later, we'll stop right there down generally getting Beckett. Put that all together for you one more time. Go now let's do knife. My husband has been recently getting into knife making, has been been playing with some Damascus steel and stuff, and it's really need to fund which him get into that Kraftwerk I am for a next one will do the word neck. Some of us have a neck for travel. Hope that's not you. Sometimes it's me. I'm not gonna lie. Wait. There's a number two 4. K (3): All right. Here is K number three. This is a little fancier than the other two. We did, but we're gonna break it down for you. We're gonna start up here. We're gonna do this. Big J struck again. Don't we always start with that? And then we're going to stop right there, And then we're gonna go out the side with kind of a little flag, and then over here, we're gonna start with this little loop, and they were go down into the top, right of the K and back down into the lower right of the came. We're gonna finish up with his big, sweeping curve over here. So let's break it down. Not as complicated as it licks. There's our famous J grant us out with a little flag, gives you this little curl right here, and that's gonna lead into that down, stroke home the right top of the K and go down into the bottom right of the K down stroke. They were to finish off with big, sweeping curve over their former time. We've got J flag at the side, a little curl temporada que right? Okay, big sweeping curve. All right, let's put it all together. We got first stroke J round back up, and after a little flag, we've got this little curl right here. It's gonna run into that K part there and then down Luke, back up a little bit and then big sweeping thing, and it's going to go all the way across there. It's gonna create some interest there. You have to be careful that you've got your lines really thin and clean right there because you don't want to get it too cluttered since we're crossing 123 lines with that one curve. So you want to I won't keep it clean, you know, Wanted to look to messing. So since strokes there, dio we were down there, okay? And from our words, I'm gonna write Cool it. When I was little, I always wanted to have a coolant, but I think they're kind of mean. From what I've heard now, as an adult, does an adult who has kids who were forever wanting impractical pets? Yes, they will pass on the crawling out, but they're very cute. One mind holding one in a controlled environment. Okay. And from another word, what's right, Kudzu. I am from Eastern Sea, and we have cuts you all over the place. It is a curse. It's pretty from afar. But if you're not a famous snakes and I am not, you don't want to get in the cat suit. That's a pretty work, Thomas. And I think finish it off there. All right, there's K number four. No, I'm sorry. I did begin a number three ended that almost less clothes. So that's gay number three. 5. K (4): Okay, this is K and number four. This is a little bit different. We're going Teoh and almost like we're making a capital. L keep that. We're gonna have a stroke at the bottom. I don't need to wipe my pen really quick. A little bit of fiber on the in there, and that'll drag right through that ink print. It starts right here and goes up into a loop down, loops up again and ends up there at the top. And then we can make that second stripped down there at the crosshatch kind of pull it back down to make a little, little and heavier place there at the tip. So start with that. Go into that in the same end of the K that we've been doing. But we're gonna pull back down a little bit there. Still over time here, they're kind of loop sand and a little hasty without be careful. There. Spend it all together here. Just a little bit different shape. It's got Sema. Have the up strokes and some different places. It's a little more visual interest. Your pin up there, right through the ink again, like I have been doing here ago. All right? We'll do a couple words here. I'm gonna do. King. I think this could be very regal. Make sure it's gonna go run into the high instead. Moment down. Hey, is generally a word that connects very well to the next words in the letter. And do you kiss? Who doesn't love a kiss? Here we go. And there is letter number four. 6. K (5): Alright, guys, we're already at number five and this was just kind of a swooping kind of a simple K that I think, really, Elliott Pretty. And this one is going to start with kind of a closed off C shape. It's going to stop at the top, but you don't have to lift your pan, just go right on down and pull it down into a very simple by J and just pulled back down a little bit to get that heavy dot there at the end and into the second, we're gonna start down a little bit and go up and down into the top right of her pay. Then we're gonna bring the bottom right of k down, but loop it back up over for a little more interest. So this c shape way have done this C shape and a lot of her earlier magical magical classes B and C and D e for sure. Most of most of the earlier ones have featured that more so than the J. But a lot of them featured the J shape as well Dale into that dream shape, like down a little bit. Wayne Hirlap around like that that one more time loosed off. See? Change way. All right, put that together. Okay, Okay. Do it again. Near you. Or And I'm gonna write a couple words with this did, kiddo, my kiddos, or some of my favorite world. Most of the time, I'm not gonna lie there all in school now, Finally. And that's what's allowing me to fill in these classes. So I am grateful for the free time that I have for that. But I do miss him by the end of the day, you know, and we'll do kayak Full disclosure. I have never been in a kayak. Probably will never be in a kayak. That's a fun word. This is a little more whimsical in so many others. Whimsy is good. Here we go. And that is our fifth and final letter K 7. Project and Parting Thoughts: All right, guys, we've been through our class. Um, go and say you might hear a train in the background. I apologize if you two and while they run for a set of train tracks so they come through pretty frequently. But And here we have our five letter case. A little ink splatter there. Sorry about that. And for your class project. But I want you to do is just pick whichever is your favorite K. And then write the word of your choice. Go ahead and upload it to the project gallery so we can see what you've learned today. I think I'm gonna pick this number three. This is the kind of complicated one or simple to break down, but it looks complicated, but I think it's really pretty. Do that. And I write the word kaleidoscope. That's a fun word. It's definitely one that I had a look at. Make sure that I was spelling it right. - Nice Lord. My, my a little bit of paper fibres on the end there Better to take the time to wipe it than to end up with a blotchy letter. Sometimes that happens anyway. We tried. Avoided. All right, That has been the class for the letter K. Thank you guys for sticking with me. Hope you're learning, Aton. Hope you watch the rest of the classes, Onda. And be sure to follow me so you don't miss. When I upload new ones, we're gonna go all the way through the alphabet with this, So I hope you guys will stick with me. Thanks. And have a great day.