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Magento 2 Essential Video Training

teacher avatar Alex Kostritsa, Project Manager in E-Commerce

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Selection of Web Hosting for Magento 2


    • 3.

      Installing Magento 2 with CLOUDWAYS


    • 4.

      Talking more about hosting...


    • 5.

      Pointing a Domain to your New Server


    • 6.

      Installation of Putty for efficient work


    • 7.

      First login to the server with Putty


    • 8.

      Installing Magento 2 Sample Data


    • 9.

      Magento 2 Training Goal and Core Functionality


    • 10.

      Magento Store Hierarchy Part1


    • 11.

      Magento Store Hierarchy Part1


    • 12.

      Magento 2 Dashboard Overview


    • 13.

      Displaying Data in Convenient Way


    • 14.

      Product Types


    • 15.

      Simple Product


    • 16.

      Configurable Product


    • 17.

      Grouped Product


    • 18.

      Virtual Product


    • 19.

      Bundle Product


    • 20.

      Downloadable Product


    • 21.

      What are the Product Attributes


    • 22.

      Creating Product Attributes and Attribute Sets


    • 23.

      Customizeable Options


    • 24.

      Related Products, Upsells and Crosssels


    • 25.

      Users and Roles


    • 26.

      Customer Groups


    • 27.

      Order Status


    • 28.



    • 29.



    • 30.

      Catalog Price Rule


    • 31.

      Cart Price Rules


    • 32.

      Creating a Coupon


    • 33.



    • 34.

      Email Templates


    • 35.

      Magento Marketplace


    • 36.

      Installing New Extension


    • 37.

      Changing Theme


    • 38.

      Command Line Tool


    • 39.

      Magento 2 Modes


    • 40.

      Securing Magento 2 with SSL Certificate


    • 41.

      Payment integration with BlueSnap


    • 42.

      Thank you!


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About This Class

*BESTSELLER Magento 2 course that gives merchants, marketing managers, and other admin users all the basic information needed to setup and manage the successful Magento 2 based e-commerce business.


  1. Magento 2 Essential Video Training
  2. User oreinted Step-by-step guide
  3. Over 39+ video lessons (4.5+ hours of video from A to Z)


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  • Pete Preston

Its a great match and Alex is doing a stellar job of granular training. I love it.

  • Ariel Morton

Pretty straightforward stuff...liked the general overview and breakdown of it all.

  • Vyacheslav Leonov

Course is very useful. This course will help you to start with magento very quickly. Thanks to author!

  • Siva

I am completly new to this world of ECommerce -Magento , it is helping me a lot

  • Hans C.

Practical course. Does exactly what is says.

  • T.Shadi

Great Course , Very professional and Easy to learn :-)

And many, many more...

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alex Kostritsa

Project Manager in E-Commerce



My name is Alex. For more than 10 last years I've been working on the role of Project Manager in an Agile environment. I have experience working with different business domains including e-commerce, social networks, and gambling. As a Software Manager, I try to keep myself tuned and continue self-development. As of now, I am a holder of the following certificates which confirms my knowledge in various areas: KMP, APM, PSPO, PSM/CSM, CTFL, CTFL-AT.

Hobbies: Sport, History.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hello. Thank you for your porches. I really appreciate your selection in my video drink. I will try to explain everything from scratch will go from They were beginning from selection. All were poisoning from installation. And we will try to cower all major areas off my gentle triplet. For I suggest you towards you These training step by step from the first lesson and step by step to the last lesson in this way you will have a full picture, how to work with magenta, how to manage it. And you will have a better understanding off ALS The major errors. Cowards in the scores off course. If you already have experience working with my gentle and you would like to highlight just particle are subject Then you can select coalescence according to your needs, your wishes. But in the other cases, police spanned a little bit more If words and go through a lesson step by step once again. Thank you for your porches. I really appreciate it. And I hope you will enjoy watching these training. Thank you. 2. Selection of Web Hosting for Magento 2: selection of Webcasting for Magenta, too. In this lesson, we will talk about options that we care phones at what cost? In marketplace on, we will talk. What's causing? We should select for my gym. 22 The main sink your is that magenta is weary Soul it down I could say enterprise little solution. And it means that and $2 hosting probably want to work for you. So you need to you select something specific, something magenta do oriented, and things go pose this lesson. We will check several options. So I'm gonna open my browser, okay? And let's George for Magenta too. And I will open just a number off links from the top. Okay? And let's go one by one. So, for example, a to hosting. Ah, they see. Is that the support? A gentle too Ah, the provide different plants. And probably it's an option to see there. The only things that you should ask Semi's or actually deacon to the details his weathers A provides magenta to installation is this could be ah, pretty complicated thing for newbies, But, uh, that's a zero option, and it looks, uh, they support ever seen needed for magenta. Ah, that's corruption is, um, glad ways cloud waste is actually agree Choice. I will use glad ways for my demonstrations. So as it's my choice, so I can suggest it. It's a good option to consider. Ah, what else we have, uh, next is ah, zero super white commerce with closing for magenta. Um, we can see. It's also I think, ah, worse to consider And finally, uh, simple service because they do have some magenta random glance as well. And you could see they also provide free to Makoto to installation. So that's ah, valuable point. Especially if you, um, one spent force. And do you go into the details how to get this insult? Ah. So, um, practically, um is the goal of these lessons to explain Use that to dollar housing, warm toe work. In most of the cases, you need something specific. You need something magenta to oriented. So browse around short on google hands, legs the right option. But once again, my selection lease, um, glad ways. And ah, according to my experience, towards spread defined, uh, Sanks for watching and seeing the next lesson where we will start magenta to installation 3. Installing Magento 2 with CLOUDWAYS: installation Magenta Dewey's Cloud weighs Let's learn how to quickly Still magenta Two weeks, cloud way service. So I'm gonna like my browser gay, and I'm gonna go to Cloud weighs. And if you follow me, uh, police greed and I count here, uh, get started for free and you'll also receive some benefits. You will probably able to use their spatial, which will allow you to use ah, web server for a couple of days for free. So you can just them this way. Eso I'm gonna click bled four because I have already a customer, and I'm gonna look good news. My credentials. Okay, here is interface is very simple. And, um, actually eight forward to on the page where we could start for all. So I'm going to select Magenta in scope of publications and gonna select portion too. Okay, I'm gonna call it a magenta, and I'm gonna repeat surname is Magenta as well. And, uh, select your project. It's something that you will need Teoh to create, but simply type as a name off your project or your business. So the next point is, we need to select where we're gonna cost our magenta and Ah, I prefer digital Ocean Show. So I will leave deception. The the next thing is the heart of our configuration. Basically, if you're eligible for free trail derailed them, they will probably offer you just one gigabyte. Oh, from But according to my experience, magenta neat at least two gigabytes s. So I will select two gigabytes of from here. And of course, price is a little bit car, but that's, ah, thousands that needed to run magenta smoothly. But of course, if you just want to install it and see whether it works or how it works, you could stay with one gigabyte location. I'm going to select Frankfurt because I'm located in Europe and practically that's all. You're ready to go. I'm going to click National. And here is installation process and according to ah, for cost, you two will take around seven minutes. So let's wait for some time. His relation is completed now. Looks fine. So let's ah, try to open our install it magenta and let's see co tours. So here is, uh and maybe address a Web server from what they see. And, uh, we have some details here. Ah, another service for example. Not your gig. Actually, it's It's all related about their web server. So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna try to open Magenta to see how it worse. Well, let's click here, count. Uh, well, let's try to open website application you wrote every time when you want magenta shores, time, age, creed, cash and Lord me take a little bit more is unexpected. So that's fine. Okay. Ever since it was good here. Okay, lets tried to again Was our credentials to desert board off my gentle toe. Okay, here's use your name. Conference garrison looks fine. So we have, uh, new installed magenta on the web server. We should locate it with digital ocean, but service provided by cloud wakes eso the next things that were going to cower is how to point aerial domain. Name two z's, uh, you magenta installation or to this website? Uh, this will be covered in the next lesson. So thanks for which in this one. And seeing the next lesson 4. Talking more about hosting...: Hello, my gentle students. This is an extra lesson them in this lesson, I would like to our coast in question one more time. I'm getting questions from you about which wasn't to choose from different options. And some people actually asking me, Hey, Alex, I am facing some difficulties with my hosting company for some reason. Reason magenta were slowly or my gentle doesn't work as it expected. Some error since so on and so on and then continue gauging this from time to time. So from my experience for over two years, I'm using Cloud weighs company on their advanced package reach actually provides to G so grim and it actually, uh, perfectly fine form a gym it towards Good according to my experience, ever since moose. And if you need more resources, you can always add them. So my recommendation is to use Cloud weighs housing company, especially if you're about to start. Also, I talked to them and we managed to find a discount for all my students. So if you're watching this scores, it means that you're my students and you can get benefit of using a discount coupon as a coupon. This my Gento do. It will be added to this video lesson and feel free to use this coupon. It will give you, uh, their advanced package with two weeks off Ram dedicated for magenta, especially special pickets for Magenta, for only $10 for the first months. And if you you will see that this works fine for you, feel like it. You can, of course, continue to answer each to regular basis. So that's what I am trying to say about the question. I am just here in my experience. And if you like, get benefit office this coupon. If you're my student, please do this. It will save us some some money. And of course, you will be able to manage weather records for you or not. Once again, thanks for wishing my course I really appreciate. And those the best 5. Pointing a Domain to your New Server: pointing at the main name. Let's talk how to point to the main aim to your and you agreed that web Sahrawis Cloud weighs. So I'm on a beige server pace. And they do have just one sarah that we recently created in prayers Lesson. And, um, if I click on it on defy launch application related details, I could see that my domain is hosted on these actually not domain. But my magenta is costed on these two main. Let's click on it and we see these, I would say ugly domain name. It's not business friendly. So what you would like to do we're going to replace this. Not friendly. The main aim. We Sampson, um is it is friendly for for business were normal domain name eso Let's do that. I'm going to return back, and I'm going to go to the main management. And here I will need to indicate my reald remaining. So in my keys is gonna be my Gento too. Dudes, that come okay, and I'm gonna click safe cheese. Ah, it will need a minute or humanist stool princess. My request. So let's wait, okay? And we have, um, replace it. The main aim to my gentle 22 dot com. How our That's not That's not all. It will try to open our website using these The main name. It won't work because we also need to make some changes or adjustments on the registrar side for through the main aim. So I have registered these the main Louise named cheap. So I'm gonna go to name cheap. Okay, This board I'm the Middle East and here is ah, domain we are talking about and the political manage and on these beige I will need to advance the EMAs, Let's click on it and we will need Teoh greet a record. A record is a record that will forward all requires request that will come to my gentle to the to not come to a particular i p address. So we need to find out BJP address we should use for any records. I'm going to return back to Cloud weighs and I'm going to click service and here's I'd be address off our server, so I will need to indicate it when I open it and I'm gonna copy, okay? And I'm going to return back to demand a registrar website. I'm going to greet you. Record a record. I'm going to use these, Sybil it And this means that it will affect entire domain name and I'm gonna enter. And they'd be addressed here. And no, let's select one minute How we worry Could go with automatic as well. Save changes. Okay, unless get rito those records, they are no longer needed. So, uh, what we expect to see you expect when we opened the main name my gentle 22 dot coms that you will bring us to our magenta Sarah result magenta installation before it was reachable using this address. So let's let's try I'm not sure if it will work, because because Dennis propagation may take some time. Um, but let's try. I'm gonna open UTEP, and I'm gonna Taipower demeaning. Can't. It doesn't work. He's still forward out, Still named cheap. Okay, let's try to open a website in you browser window to avoid indication problem. So I'm gonna open new browser window, OK? And I'm gonna taipower demeaning. We had it worse. We could see our website. We could see our website and it worse directly. We are our domain name, um cells. That's How are you? Good point. Your real domain name, too. A new agreed that Web services cloud weighs. Thanks for watching and see you The next lesson. 6. Installation of Putty for efficient work: I would like to talk about worry interest in utility or program as that they found to be were useful When you Mellish, Web servers and actually science, our magenta is located on Webster. We will need these utility or similar agility, but I will stick to the ones that I use, so I will give you some information in it. Well, that's open browser. Okay, you know, let's find booty. Can we have booty software? That substance attack suggested to install on these utility will help you Teoh connect to your Sarah where it's Muslim and use common line where effective. I'm sure that booties available for Windows on Windows User, but from what I know, what is also available on Mark Well, it's chick how same cities. So I'm not sure how to install it on Mike because when this user about if we're speaking about windows, just done a lot Installation file, uh, M aside, extension around lunch. It helmed the intellectual installed, which is software on your computer. And then the next lesson the world took how to use it. I ordered the half. I can hear the software, and in the next lesson, I will show how to use it. Uh, thanks for Washington and seems the next lesson 7. First login to the server with Putty: by now. You should have already installed Pootie soldier. And in this lesson, well taught how to use it and how to connect to the web, sir. So let's opens a browser, okay? And let's, uh, open our We're putting service glowed ways. Okay, I'm gonna go into platform, okay? And I will need to again, Let's wait, can't. Here's our web server and, uh, what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna look into our Sara were, uh, put your software uses, uh, fallen credentials. So I'm gonna copy AP address, and I'm gonna watch, put on things the first screen on the default screen on a horse named maybe address. I'm gonna put on a pair dressed so far, Web server. I don't, uh I'm gonna Corpuz user name. I don't here. I'm going to confuse when you click open it actually start to connect into the Webster and it warn Use it. You don't have specific A for security purpose, but there's that's fine. Later you can dig into the details and created, but as of now, I'm going to click here. How time Going to use the user names. That is that they found in sort of the deals. Credential speech. When the type it hand, I'm gonna type passwords that he's hiding here. I want to get a copy online When I pasted here, it's here. Right, But the ones most okay held. So we're on the Web server on weekend. Manage it so we can manage my John turn. We can do whatever we want to. Is credentials, I'm sure. Ah, when you deal with magenta, you need console from time to time. So consider Pootie or similar software to be installed on your computer to do different things. Thanks for watching and seeing the next list. 8. Installing Magento 2 Sample Data: in Still in sample data on magenta to platform. Basically, it's very interesting lesson. And I practically use magenta sample data for my video tutorials. So I think if you will need to find out how to configure Majella, it will be useful to install sample data so that you could like into dashboard chancy, however, seem configured. So I will tell you how to install it. And the first things that we're gonna do. Let's lunch our browser and let's open our web server. And, um, let's start using, uh, our put the application or any other, uh, come on line, client. So I'm gonna type Ah, and maybe address off our up, sir, and I'm gonna connect it. Okay? Yes. I'm going to go if you're Mitt and then we're gonna use my credentials. Okay, So the next thing is ah, fallen. We need to make sure that before we actually start to, um instill Example Data, We can't write permission on the files. Wonder Magenta Falls. So, what you need to do, you need to go to, um, publication, select your magenta obligation. And here ah, application settings. Ah, large. These option reset Permission. OK, and let's wait for this process to complete. It may take some time. Okay, so now let's check our website. Just mixtures of diversity is right. Okay. Everything looks fine. And, uh, what you're gonna do now we're gonna Schorsch in Google for on Cloud Louise. Ah mahn Gentoo to simple data. And there is article called two. Gather the sample data installed. Okay. Practically. We need to use to basic comments. So, uh, let's return back to, uh, console. And from here, let's go to the end directory with magenta installation. It's very important to go directly to the director. Okay? Helmed. Ah, I'm present top bottle on my keyboard and display me some folders. And I wanted to go to the full answer folder. Some digits. Hand cloud weighs, helps not come. Okay. And as the next folder Reese, my user name. I seen count here public html as it's where my gently stored. So you'll have similar pass to your magenta home Director. If you use Google always and from here, I actually, uh, ready to start the process. So let's return back to the browser and let's start executing the Commons. The 1st 1 is a fully okay. I can, um, try to execute this comment up front about time. Not sure if it will work that way, but that's right. It doesn't work. So you need to execute it to yet Ph b handler. So let's, uh, type beach be being and then comment. Okay. Hell, it started Teoh Tehran, and each asked me for some user name and password. Basically, it won't me to, uh, provide uh, provide actually toe it. Want me to, in short information, through him. Google Market, please. Let's to return back to browser. Well, let's go to Magenta official website. Yeah, I'm gonna look you. If you have a county, it's you will need to reduce your e. I was like the insole. He brings me to this page and here I'm gonna click marketplace and each Ford's me to market , please. But it's not correct sometimes. And these website doesn't work as expected. Let's return back and I will likely marketplace again. Okay, Now I rest Looks ok. And here I'm gonna go to, um Artis Keys helmed Ah, I have a magenta installed on different domains. And what you want me to do You need to create new key and in searcher domain. I've already do that. So I have several insulation on different domains. But as as off now we're speaking about magenta to to that count. Imagine the to to. So I'm going to copy and public and private public. He is going to be used s Ligon or user name and as boss work I'm going to use prior with you. Okay, let's see what's happened. And as here, it asked me whether I would like to safe looking in passport and I would like, So I will house for us. Now, let's wait to see what will it happen? Actually, the sports s also is not very fast. And it may take from minute and even more, uh, to complete sample data installation. So let's wait, Okay? And it looks we have, uh, installed sample data for what they see. There is no era. Knows there is one there, but I'm not sure if we will really affect us. I don't think so. And, uh, what I'm gonna do and whether tried to refresh our website to see sample data am appeared. No, not now. Okay. I think we need to execute one more comment Well, that's trying, and it will still take some time. So let's wait. Execution of the government is finished now. Ah, let's tried to open our absent to see whether simple about these well below. Okay, I'm gonna refreshing. Let's wait for sometime. Forest Law to usually takes march more times, and you send the regular lot because it needs to create cash and other stuff. Let's wait, okay? And great. We have simple data available. Everything looks good so far from the front end side. A lot slugging to the dashboard. Justin, make sure that they were seeing the worst. So I'm going to return back to the dashboard. Okay. Outside of details hound. I'm gonna go to dashboard. Okay? They're going to use for my organ name. Let's wait. Spend my possible Really? An example that a secure because he some numbers some, uh, sales. And if you go to a hotel of products, will see a number off products and they think number of different contiguous sense on and so on. Well, let's wait for a second, okay? And here is the list off sample products, So everything looks fine. Everything looks is that we were expected anti. If you'd like to plea with sample data, you probably need to install it by full in my instructions. And, um, find out how ever seen worse by on a step by step by, Full In my video tutorials, you could also install sample data on your website. Yet hes going life one day count. You'll just and go around. Um, find out how ever seen War center move useless content for yourself. So that's how ah, this could work for you. Um, don't, uh I hope this will be useful to know. So thanks for watching and scenes and next lessons. 9. Magento 2 Training Goal and Core Functionality: thanks for continue wishing my training in these lessons. I would like to talk a little bit, and I would like to highlight Army train goal as well as did your mind waters core functionality or core feature. So let's discuss Point number one, our main dream goal. He's to learn magenta from the end user point so that you can manage it confidently as well as build your own store on magenta to put for Is that the main go off these training? However, it's not easy to achieve this goal because my gentle has dance of difference options and features available. So what you're gonna do, we're going to focus on Lee on main or commonly used. Features that will be needed for your day to day operation will go to those future stairs core features or core functionality. Be a war of this meaning because we will use this urine Z scores. So let's continue our education and see owns the next lesson 10. Magento Store Hierarchy Part1: Before we start exploring my gender into the details, I would like to focus your attention on one very important and where demand future is this future is known as my gentle store here are here or my gentle school curies Was this future Eat headroom down and it has a number of different options we share not available. Let me briefly explain you is a poor, poor souls assumption practically as a main aim off magenta scope. More magenta Here are he. He's to give you an ability to create as much stores as you wish from one dashboard. So currently we have just one store my gentle to that CF. But in theory, we could create as my store as we wish, with different directories with different products and, uh, cause them on separate the mains. And but all of them will be managed from one single data board. It's very convenient for big business. And, uh, that scholars, they usually he used my gentle installation. Uh, let's learn a little bit more about this feature. I'm going to click on the cycle and indeed forwards out to my gentle website here. We have some explanation on some picture that actually explain us how it works by the 4th 1 win stole my gentle it automatically create website a level it automatically create store level and story. You will. And here we have some kind off explanation. Uh, how each level works practically on its purpose. What's her turn back to our installation? Our website? Until let's go to store until its findings option whole stores. I'm going to return back to article. Let's compare these. Do what we have on our site. Uh, we help through levels, website, store and store. You, uh, part of level, Of course, Until let's return back to our section and we do have the same here. We do have meanwhile website, which is a website level and actually for yourself. You could associate it with particular domain in our keys. Magenta toe that cf his only we help store level. Uh, we do have store level here as well. And in your mind you could associate it with particular director and particular Ali stuff products. And we do have story you stories actually mandate or a level as well. But in general, you can consider it s localization or specific language. So, um, from this point, we can greet new website similar to arm a gentle toe that see if that could be absolutely different demand. We can create a new store which will have a rood director was particle or set off products found. We can have any any localization or translation for that website. We can also create a number of different store views or different localization, or we can have a number of different stores or different do doctors who is specific set off products for each website. I'm gonna explain this in details in the next lesson. But the main conclusion off this lesson is that we could have a number of different websites or stores manage it from one place from one dashboard. So let's continue digging into this and see you in the next lesson. 11. Magento Store Hierarchy Part1: Let's continue reviewing functionality, which is no nous. My gentle scope for my gentle here are his structure. I prepared some example for you, so I hope it will help us to. I understand their way. Has this functionality works? Allots imagines that we installed my Gento and we decided to install it on the main name Gadget store dot exquisite. Let's say we sell some judges. We installed my John Doe and we, after magically received two reels, created Phil Slow. He's website. He dissociated with our domain name. Second level, this store. It's associated to his particular directory out category squeeze, particle or products. And finally we received store view on the English language. It's associated to easily kill. We were being were happy. But later in a couple of days, we realized that we need one more Web store for our toy business. We did your minds it. We want to have Aziz, uh, a store on the main name. We just call it a toy store that he x wise it. So we went to our magenta dinner board, open it section store and problems. It points created new website with the main aim Torrey Store I thought the X wise it. So now we have you website but, uh, we don't have store and story you so far. Then we started to think about our business model. And then we realized that we want to separate regular customer from wholesale customer who mild So we created specific store for regular customers. And, you know, we decided that we want to help to language who are such customers. So we agreed that English language French languish on story level and assess for other type of customers, which we want to call wholesalers. We greeted Separated directory or Catella cough products helped. Um, we want to display these particular part website for them on English language only. So let's imagine that a regular customer opened our website out while browse and they realized that they want to wire held that there wholesalers is a and click it on somebody on our website. For example, are you wholesaler on the tortillas and did forward at them too? Aziz Euro Toy store. Not the exquisite wholesale where they've seen different structure off directory, where they may see different design on terms for pushes products as well as product, could be available with minimal going to do for sale. And from that point C Could you? You are website toe only on English language. So if, uh, they refused to buy bulk orders with us, they married to him back to or regular store on, um, they start to see Directory may be different way, and they could use benefit off two languages. It's how my gentle scope or here or here functionality works, in short is just and brief explanation. But all I hope it given idea how you could benefit from using this feature. Thanks for watching. And let's continue our exploration off. Magenta Z owns the next lesson. 12. Magento 2 Dashboard Overview: thanks for continuing, which in my training in this lesson will talk a little bit about new magenta two days board . Uh, the new dashboard looks really, really nice. It's really attractive, found and clear from the navigation point. So we're on the home page count. We have summarized information over different activities here, for example, he half lifetime sales and were shorter lost orders. Lost your terms. Dull picture storms bestseller Masoud product. New Gostin Rose customers ound Islam DT is not available as you could see here about as a reason for that is because we're on the demo store, so no activity here is Therefore it's empty. We could do and enable dated to be displayed in charge by clicking this link So practically , uh, that soul in regards to the dashboard home, which let's quickly review user on different terrorists. So sales a raise. It feels, too. We could see orders here. Invoices, shipments, grated mammals, 1,000,000,000 agreements, transactions. The next one is a product. We could manage products here. We could manage metallic and categories here as well. Uh, is the next one? Is that customers? We could see customers here on. We could manage them from that point and we could see who's online. The next one is marketing its worried Ah, Seoul it uh, a section. So, policing, where sometimes do you instigated? Uh, the most, uh, business critical, in my opinion, are catella price rule and CART price rules. So police investigate, Does he sound? We will talk about boast particular, uh, futures in separate lessons as the next one is a content. Ah, here we could manage page blocks, widget account, mind the shower. Uh, template. We have a really, really nice area off reports where we can reach almost any reports related to different activities. Let's move one house, the next one is the worse. Ah, here we could manage stores. We could manage different options. Like Texas currency attributes, product attributes, rating count Hauser setting related to customer groups. And finally, system system is a place where we usually make and you shall configuration of the store as well as could use. Due for an option to maintain all store such as import export features, guest management, but cops and so on. So practical is its soul. I'm going to close it now. I would love to continue discussing the dashboard because it's really nice by announcing that it will be efficient way for you to learn about these options. So I suggest you to go strolls and menu items by yourself and check what options. One data. I don't know what information you could finds there. Sanks for Continue wishing on CNN's The next lesson. 13. Displaying Data in Convenient Way: Magenta Duke has very nice features that allows to display the required data in a very convenient way. Let me show what I'm talking about. I'm going to click sales on select orders. Okay. And here, health beige display the warders that we have. And as you could see, we display different data. Would display porches Point Porcher today the bill name sheep name Grant. All dog around total porches. Date of action. And so, um, that's related to default. You, for example. Let's say I want to get rich off purchase point and I want to get rid off. Um, Toronto Tomei's I'm going to click on columns. I'm gonna find this, uh, contributes grand total base and pushes points and I'm gonna disliked and, as you could see as a disappears from here. And let's say I would like to it some other information. I'm going to return back to columns. Let's say I would like to it, for example, be all undress and customer mail. Okay, look, look here. And as you could see, the required data a periods here, so I could to you what exactly I want. So it's very convenient. Very nice feature and Let's say I would like to Seems this you own permanent bases. In this case, I need to click on default to you and click Save us. And here I need to write is a new name off. Thanks you. I'm going to skip this now, But for your information, it's very convenient feature that you could use okay on the next options that that would like to discuss his export export to use a nice futures at the house, too. Export orders or other related to CSP file Oryx Excel file so you can use it on download attempt work on your computer. Uh, one more note. These functionality practically available everywhere so it quickly come products okay of the same functionality will if you're here in their Augusta's of products. So ah uses, uh, configure data is the way you like it to be displayed. It's very nice. It's very going beyond future. Thanks for washing down. See you in the next lesson. 14. Product Types: Hilo students. Thanks for continual. Which in my lessons Ah, we're on the nice, actually, very interesting stage will start exploring the products and magenta have plenty off options, which we could you review in terms of products. So we're on the home page off dashboards, actually in the dashboard and let's move one. I'm going to click products and I'm going to Greek italic on. We have a bottom in nice orange bottle here at product and let's click on the drop down section, and we have a different type of products here we have simple product. We give configurable product groups product. We shall product Bandel products and the inaudible products. So my gentle DEET very nice. In this particular area, we have, ah, options to select from, and let's briefly discuss the purpose or actual nature off each product type. I'm going to return to my type of representation, and I'm gonna open it now. Down the well quickly. Uh, check the definition off which product and little discussed saw a simple product. Simple product is just physical. It that was a single esque EU. So, for example, this could be a watch. Ah, this could be a glasses. Uh, this could be, for example, cop or were tower in particular configuration. So that's what we call simple products. The next one is a configurable product. Ah, let's check the definition. Configurable product is a single product with list off options for each variation. How we're each option represents a separate, simple product with a distinct sq. So here is example. For example, we're selling jacket. Um, I am not a big fun off brands, but ah, I were comical figure. And, uh, you know, this jacket will be different sizes on different colors, So each variation, each particular variation off size and color, is practically variations that will be coward by configurable product. So we creates a country girl product with different variations. Oh, Aunt Ah, Each variation has its unique SG, so that's what we call configurable product. So once again, this could be, uh, jacket, but brought practically. It could be whatever, but jackets is a nice example, or short with different sizes and different colors. So that's where we're going to use a configurable product as the next one is a group product. Let's check the definition. I group products are a number off stand along products present it in group. So, uh, in the braves example, we have seen particular products on different options, size and color. In this, in this example, we will talk about separated products. So let's say we have a nice jacket. Once again, I'm big fun of jackets and we have pants and short and shoes that will shoot. Do this jacket. So what? Someone by altogether, it will look really nice. It will look really nice. And this'd actually Kitty is very suitable. So all, uh, stand alone products. But if someone actually we're all them it wants, it looked really nice. So it would like Teoh create the group products where we like to over Aziz four products jacket bands short and juice in lawn. Single product patient. And that's Ah case when we will use that group product, the next one is a virtual product. Let's check the definition. We shall product are not Danja ble products and are typically used for products such as services, memberships, warranties and subscriptions. So let's ah, duck a little bit. The Moses social product is not the physical product, but it's still delivers value. For example, Uh, I indicated Give short icky. So if someone Porteous gift certificate, they pay the bay, but more likely will not sheep sums into them. We could we could sound some, uh, papers, of course, but more likely we will. Not a little sense. Um, like digital go to wish, Uh, someone that were actual is a person who who order will able to use one day and obtain some benefits or actually poaches the products. So it Sampson virtual, but it's still delivers a well. And the good example is gift certificates or extended warranty or something exit. So that's more one than we have a bundle products here. So let's JAXA definition Bandel. Bronek lets customers build their own room and assortment of options, and I have several examples here, but let's talk about desktop computer. So, um, a lot say where in hardware business? Andujar selling can be course. And if you would like to over, uh, deck stop case to the customer count, he actually may cost $0 and Wednesday select uh, the case. Ah, they come actually select hard wars. It they would like to obtain. Uh, they could select mother board. We could over several motherboards to them. They could select Cebu. We could actually provides them with, for example, Intel, CPU or AM de Cebu. We could also, for them RAM memory. This could be 16 gigabytes or 32 gigabytes. We could also offer them hard drives. This could be SSD dry for a just regular hard drive, and customer could select exactly what they want from his options that we offer. So that's what we call a bundle product. I'm finally downloadable product. Let's jackets definition had digitally downloadable products that consist off one or more files that are downloaded. So here is ever since. Very simple is this could be ever since that will need to be downloaded. This could be a we dio, for example, this could be a video training or software or program or something like that. So that's what we have on the board out. My Gento really, really nice from this point. It offers different product types, and, uh, I'm sure you will find the one you need for your business or you will use several off, uh, offered product types, ends up common set of lessons. We will actually review each particular product type in details. Ah, we will learn how to create it. Count. Uh, we will learn how to manage it. So follow me. Continue with Denzel Essence on CNN's. The next lesson. 15. Simple Product: thanks for continual wishing my adolescence in this particle or less. And we're gonna talk about simple product. Simple product is where it comin out. We will learn how to use it and how practically you can have it in magenta. So I'm gonna actually open our website. I'm gonna open thine 18 innuendo. Okay? It's our website with sample diamond data. So I'm gonna add some product. In my case, I would like to it and back. So I'm gonna open category bags and we have 14 backs here, and I would like to add one more back. So let's do it. I'm going to return back to Dez board. I'm going to select products Catella. And here I will need to select a button that product and drop down selection with simple product. OK? And, uh, that's, uh, wait for a second. Yeah, before I will actually start fill out that fails below. I would like to inform you that we have contributes at here. I will have a separate lesson where I am going to cowards this, so don't actually ah think too much Apologies. This actually really important. And I will try to explain this, but in this particular case, we will select it selected on the wall Select back because it's already configured website . We already broken. Figure it sets off attributes. So I'm going to slide back because I'm going to add back Count will start filling the information accordingly. So the next thing that I will need to do I will need to fill out the product information. And I have prepared some data. Let me show is inundated to you one second gay with health. They in my note again, there's gonna be a real back which cost $89 with quantities £100 to his description and image is okay, Count, uh, will, uh, removes us from Zach's screen. Okay, but I will still uses data, so the product name is gonna be real boxing gym back back. Okay. On that core, Pete, its key. You. We have asking you already prepared. It's gonna be phone, sq as a Bryce is 89 95. Okay, is going to be taxable boots, and we have quantity. 100. It's in Stark. I'm gonna skip wait category, so I'm going to select back. Okay, let's use church field. Okay? And uh, contrail manufacturer. I'm gonna skip this for now. On the activity. I would like to select some activities related to his back. So practical is this June back? That's for gym pound, of course. EADS. Worse for sports, for Heekin and ah even think it works for travel. So I also like this one as well. So style it's setback back. Last found finds us here is a backpack material. I'm much sure. Exactly, But let's elect callous. Okay, Gold or black is fine. Count s trappers adjustable. Absolutely futures. I'm not sure, but I assume that Ah, one of the main future. Always this backpack, it's waterproof. Okay, you can now have another section related to content. Let's open it. I'm going to click on the half. Ah, description for this product. All that's unsorted. Copy paste. Okay, let's do it. Four short description as well. So his arrest Ah, options are not mandatory, but I will still need to add images for the product. So I'm gonna select prepared to images. Okay, count. Ah, One more things that, um I think we still need to double check its church and giant optimization. It would have made a title and Medicare Worse, we share all over. Do break on Fugard's and I will still need Teoh at meta description. Practically that's not mandatory. But I would like to end it in the poor puts off sale charge Engine optimization. So your old key practically, uh, eight will generate. Nice. You're lucky, I think. But let's double chicken on Teoh, therefore, I will keep it. Ah, the rest are optional. Count. Ah, it doesn't make much sense for us. So, uh, seems to we are, Don. Let's see. I'm gonna breasts a bottom. Okay, Let's wait for a few seconds. Ah, okay. We're waiting. You saved is a product. Nice on. Let's and return back to our website backs category and we care for Gene. Lots of pressure to see. Is there any change here? Okay. Uh, okay. 15. Now, let's try to find this product. Damn going there. Click on the second base. Okay. Nice. Here is our back. Real boxing gym backpack. Let's open it. Okay. On as you could see, we can description cure. We have a short description. We have far nice description. I mean, full description was any explanation off the back with support processes back and so on its own, we have more information. Top Deb. Where we can see is ah, uh, Lightman's DV two style material color trap. Randall features overseas back and we have also tab reviews. But so far nor use for this product sense. We just at it. So that was actually the lesson. How to two adds a simple product. It was really easy. Ah, one more point that I would like to mention Is that to be skipped? Ah, we escaped. Ah, the fallen field. I mean euro key As you remember, whiskey pitted. And as you could see, we have real nice. Ah, you're lucky we should revel in to the name of the product. So, magenta knitwear well, here. So practically that's all. The only thing that I will still want to show you is how to find this product from the beckoned. I'm going to return to the products you tell it, and they already have filter breaking. Figure it to the charged armory will. But let's removed and let's do it again. I'm gonna type. We will hear. Okay, I'm going Glick up life a little can. Here's this this product so If you would like to change something, we need to open it again and, uh, change here or tell everyone So. That was the lesson related to the simple product. My gentle designed to wear nice workflow to ads, simple products as well as our other products, which we're going to review in the next couple of lessons. Thanks for washing and CNN's The Next List. 16. Configurable Product: thanks for continual, which in my adolescence in this lesson will learn how to create a configurable product. So I'm in my gentle to Dez abort, and I'm gonna go to products. Okay, Catella and we're going to use the following bathroom. Uh, I'm going to select configurable product from the drop down. Okay, but before we actually start working on creation, let's on Goto are upset. I'm going to open our website in UTEP. Okay, I found my new configurable product is going to be a jacket, so let's check what we have in jackets. Now I'm gonna go to man tops tickets. Okay? We have, ah different brothers here. Let's say we would like to open this one, okay? And we care offices. Montana win jacket. It's practically a model. And we have different variations. Three colors available and fallen sizes are available, for example, let's click on red and what's great size large. Okay. And we could see a they require it or selected parent here. So, wearing on that one more jacket hound, uh, let's see. Let's practically see how it works. So I'm going to return back to, uh, this board pound. Uh, we're gonna feel older, Acquired fields before I intellectual start filling them. Now there are a few points Point number one, this every gardens The attributes that once again I will have asked on the lawn or separate lesson where we're gonna cowards this. Since this website is already was content int, it has pre configurable number off attribute sets. I'm going to use the existing one, but we will still cowers the sound. I hope you will understand the way towards. So I'm going to select substance from the drug down. Let's click on it and I'm going to select something that relates to the jackets. I think it's stopped. Okay. Sound like you have prepared data that I will use to create is a new product. Let's refer to this NATO. Yeah, if heat recorded somewhere. OK, And here is a data early. Does a brother as is gonna be comical figure man's eject sauce. That's just for your information. So I'm gonna remove this, uh, both now and let's start feeling as they required fields. Okay, so is the first on these product name. Uh, the 2nd 1 is, uh sq. Okay, The price is the next one is gonna be a 79 95. Okay? Yes, it is gonna be taxable. Good. And I'm gonna keep the majority off options except DVD. I'm going to slide this. My jacket. He's for outdoor. He told the wars for GM pound, eight wars, four sports again. I'm going to select style jacket and I'm gonna select materials the jacket. There's gonna be a long I'm gonna skip with these because I'm not sure. And I'm gonna skip several other options that they could select. So the most important stars here we have for section configurations, and that's practically the section where we will at available, wearing off particular model. So I'm gonna click on create configurations. Okay. Townsend. You, uh, window ap ERT, and we have ah, here. Selection ALS color for months and size practically would have selection off attributes that will be used to create different variants. So let's ah, return back to the website. And here we have just to a tribute. We have color and size, so I'm going to do the same in our case. So I'm going to skip for month, and I will use just color and size. Okay. Uh, well off course, it's possible to use the foreman, but I am almost sure that it may create some, uh, misunderstanding to the customers. So let's create are configurable product based on two main attributes, like cholera in size. So I selected most, and I have skipped former and I'm going to click next here. Okay, Don't, uh, here I will need to select the colors at the half in stuck so I carefully, let's say, black blue jacket. I also health white. What's a zits? And that's all. And let's elect sizes that we haven't stuck. We have small medio large, an extra large. Ok, I'm gonna click next. Here. Um, is this, uh, sort step? It's pretty important. Let's air use the available options. So the first option is he may use, uh, So what we have here? We have three options. The first on this apply single set off images to all excuse or practically doled variants. Now, uh, that's not our case, because I want to show to the customer different colors and each color will have its own a skill. So it is not my case. I'm going to skip this one. The next one is apply any images by attribute dish esque. You know that some things that I'm going to select. So I want my customer to see different pictures. I mean, on the pictures, they will see different colors according to their selection. So I'm going to select. Color is exaggerated that I'm going to use and let's applauds in which is off which particular color so black. Let's select black jackets. Okay, I'm gonna select as a configure product folder on Let's Select Blick. Okay, careful. Three black Want to stream? We just related to the black. OK, let's move one. The next one is blue. Uh, let's select blue. Okay. 123 40 minutes related to blue. Unlike select images related Dwight. 1234 and even five. OK, get what steps We've made a selection. Now let's move forward. And the price. Let's Jack Productions. Do you have here apply single price tool askew out. Other option is supplying the prices by educated Do she's que so I'm going to select this one. But let me explain why I'm going to select it so practically if we want each parent, Uh, if you want to have ah where in three different prices. For example, we have a very purple or black collar, and we want to sell it for an extra price is then we should select, um, these options where we will able to set, um, specific price for each variation. But in my case, I would like price to be general generic for Ole, uh, for all collison models for all colors and sizes. Therefore, I'm going to select this one apply single price tool excuse and my price. So for this product is gonna be 79 95. Okay, count here is a quantity. It's similar to the price we could set Apply single quantity to each sq. So, for example, we have black tenants stock and blew half 15 stuck. So if if that's our case, then I'm going to select apply unique quantity by a tribute to each sq. So I will able to determine quantity off each available sq or wear. And but in my case, I would like to said generic Well, you for, uh, all excuse and I will say is that they have 100 or full available where ants It means that I have what kind of job black one had a blue and the 100 or white, so that blessing will going to deter Teaches Q 100. So will apply for each sq 100 practically a solo on this page. Once again, police carefully review ALS options. That just example. In your case, more likely you will have different quantity off different variants. Probably that will be your key. So So I spent a little more time and and said, the appropriate quantity for each parent or sq. But that's not Mikey's just demonstration. So let's move one. I'm going to click next. Okay, out here is what we have on the summary page. Just how to look. So we have one hundreds off for black. For each size, we have 100 for, uh, blue 40 size, and we have 100 for white for resize and of course, hours. Bryce is equal everywhere. So we have 79 95. No matter which collar or size, you select. Okay? And then went to click next here. Okay, let's wait for a second ound. Here's our, uh, current variations that what we have I don't really looks good. All I need to do I need to add May. In which Gail, let's at main English. Okay, I I was English where we shows a product and a number of colors that are wearable. Okay. Okay, uh, practically is its soul. Well, as level check dance seems everything looks OK. So let's try. I'm going to click safe now. Okay? Lets wait. It's uploading the images, so it might take some time. Okay. It's a says that you saved the product. Okay? And let's try to check our website and let's try to find this product. I'm going to return back to our website, and I'm going to select tops, pounding millet legs, tickets. Well, let's see if our product appears here. Yeah, let's go to the next patient. All product. Okay. Probably will be something. Let's double check. All right. Uh, cane stuck dungarees. Well, miss to select the bigger I see. So let's select Jacobs here. Yeah, let's try one more time. Okay. Let's, uh, refresh. No luck so far. Let's double check. I think you owe me something. Okay, Well, it could be possible because off cashing, um, let's ah, cleans the cash to see if with helps. Okay. Ah, let's go to system. Ah, cash management. How? Let's refresh our Kish Hay River. Okay, And now let's go to Dobbs jackets. Okay, Now, let's see you far Product appears here. Okay, again. We could see our product here on a great show. Just some information for you. When yet New entity, New product sometimes. See, he too will be needed to clean the cash. Practically magenta automatically cleans the cash if it's configured appropriately. But it's not happened every time when you want. It happened according to the schedule. So if you are actually working with the website and you need something right after you've done the change, you will probably need to cleanse a cash. So be aware of this. So I'm going to open our product. Okay? Ound uh, here's our ticket. We have ah title. We have price. We have, uh, collars. What say we would like to select blue on size? We do okay. Out here is a blow. We says image Is it to be used for this Farrant Okay. And we have some highlight. Mons is it was selected. Practical is its soul. Just one more sing when you let the products configure products on your website. Be a little bit more careful when you are actually a select in quantity. Yeah, for the where on door, sq. In my case, I've set a generic quality off 100 for all available excuse. In your case, you will probably need to spend a little more time and to configure, reach sq independent in terms off quantity and probably even in terms of price. So that's all for now. Thanks for washing and CNN's The next lesson. 17. Grouped Product: group product that's quickly discussed, which is a group product, and let's learn how to get it. Greed. So a group product is a product which contains a number off separated or stand alone products. Practically it's a particle or a webpage where we released stand Alone product. So let's return to our website unless discussed this to narrows it, we're going to use in the demonstration. According to me, I would like to create. Set is going to be sports at that. Contains jacket, pants and bottle. And the main point is that I'm going to sell the set for those who like judging. So there's gonna be drugging set. I'm going to use several stand alone product. Let's find them because the ball just let's find the chicken. Okay, Political do injected selection. Let's, uh, find the ones that I like. Okay, I'm going to use cannot be trail jacket. Okay, eyes, it's going to be Feels tight. Um, let's finds it bends. Let's go to bottoms Bounds. Yeah, let's find Depends that I like Yeah, I'm gonna so like, subcategory pens here. Okay? Don't let's go to the patient to I don't I like Gil Insulated drinking pants is there, designed specially for judging. And finally I would also Oh, for a bottle. So a bottle of water, I'm going to go to gear fitness equipment. And here is a battle that we'll also include into our set or group product. So let's great it. Let's do it. I'm going to return back to the judge board. And here I'm going to go to products. Uh, tell look. Okay. And I'm going to use the full on bottom and products. I'm gonna click on drop down selection. I'm going to select on group product Gay. Let's wait for a second. Um, okay, let's fill out the necessary fields. So attributes that I'm going to skip this time because it's where he customized product. The next point to the product name. Of course, I have to create the program. So in my key, since he's going to be complete drugging set. Okay, count. Uh, I'm gonna escape Hauser. Fields. As you could see there, there is no, uh, feel related to the pricing because we will use tender on products and they already have their own prices. So the most important is the full in section product. Let's uses bottom to find the product that will be included into this group. I'm gonna click products to group found. Forest is a jacket. Okay, I'm going to use filter bottom to find this jacket. From what I remember, that name off the jacket starts from canopy. So I'm going to type. Gonna be here, okay? And I'm going to click. Apply filters. Okay. I'm here with health. The's jacket cannot be trail jacket found their number off different variations. I mean, color sand sizes. But I'm gonna go for just black on Teoh. I'm going over three main size, small, medium and large. So let's select, um black small. Um what medium on black? Large. Okay, I want to be already. Well, that's good. Leak and selected products gang one oclock. Now we have three products here. Now, let's do the same for the pants. I'm gonna quick at products to group on more time. I'm going to ask, like, filter around this time, I'm gonna type the name of the pants. From what I remember is a started tones ago. Okay, I'm on the quick up life filters, aunt, and we could see our bands, and I'm going to select black, small, black, medium. How, like large. I'm actually not sure about the size of surgery to sew this research before, but let's say that such a to use a small thing, this one medium on, uh, 34. Let's say that we consider it as large. So I'm going to click, had selected products. You know, we have been snow. And finally, let's at our bottle products to group Filter. And I'm going to use the name of the bottle, but practically I'll dive. Just model. Okay. And here is our model. Okay, Nice. It's like product. So we have our set, Uh, these set we're gonna offer to South who like jogging. And we have a nice jacket. Three sizes. We have bands, three sizes black and we have a bottle that is also useful. If you like drugging. Let's had the image for set. I have prepared something which Okay, let's find it. Group product can't. Here is image, okay? They're practically isn't soul. Let's double check. Yeah, I think ever since final um, just one point. Mystery meat to select Citigroup. Let's select Sets day. Well, let's try. What's you? I'm gonna click safe now. Well, let's wait for a second. Okay? Let's return back to our website and let's go to sense. Okay. Nice. Here's our set. Practically. Um, you sees that the price is very low starting it because he'd consider it the lower prices to them that is included in the set and bottle. Of course, it's cost. Not much goes just $7 But let's open and see how it doors. So we have ah, picture over this set. Uh, it's a jacket, bounce and bottle. And we have least often the brothers here. So we have three available, like, color sized off jagged. Okay, we have, uh, pounds, uh, different sizes. For some reason, I could see just to size here, but I think we missed one. And you're in the creation under He sees a bottle here. So practically eyes. That's how is the product works. So it's separate products? No. Let's say that for whatever reason, I would like to buy just we don't like jacket, okay? And I would like to buy two bottles. I like this bottle. So, Like that it. So I'm gonna go get to card. Okay. Let's check what we have in our card and as you could see with health bottle, a separated product and the same is for jacket. So, um, summarizes the above the summaries fallen, we could say, or we could consider that group product. It's something that, uh, we could go like particular page, where we at least products which more likely have some kind off relations. So is that so far? No. Ah, thanks for watching and scenes the next lesson. 18. Virtual Product: virtual product in these lesson. Let's talk about the usual product. So I'm in our dead sport and let's go to the products gate, Delek found. Ah, as always, we will use the full in Belgium. But before ah, we will start creating unusual products. Let's a return back to our website, Okay? And let's quickly discuss what is We're show product. Practically we shall product could be any things that more likely will not be sheep. It off course it's possible to shoot here till product as well. But more likely is it would be Sampson. Did you like warranty, give certificates or something like that? So in our case, I pray that the category court gift on services on in this lesson we'll learn how to create a virtual product for all my gentle standpoints virtual product. He's practically almost the same as a simple product is. Only difference is that we shall product has no wait Cumin. Wait. So let's return back to the Dish board and unless creates official product once again, there's going to be a gift certificate. OK, so I'm going to click on at Product button on selection, and here I'm going to select virtual product. Okay, let's wait for a second. Okay, Let's go live life like a gift. Certificates on. Let's indicates a Valley 100. He told cause the same 100. Okay, I don't. Here. I'm going to select a good degree. Give to services. Okay. I'm gonna uncheck falling attributes. Gay ound, um, let us like his image. Your show. Okay, Solve Practically is. It's all just make sure that attempt has no wait. Is that the main difference from the magenta standpoint in terms off creation, off virtual products, So Ah, I think we are, Donald. Let's try. Let's say what. Okay, let's wait for a second, and now let's return back to the website. I'm going to refresh it. Okay. So far, no product. Ah, well, that's Ah, double check to make sure that everything was done from our set. Okay, I think I found there. We missed ah stock. So us said in stock. And let's has a quantity of hearted, for example, or 1000 doesn't. Right. Okay, let's turn back again, can when they're fresh. Okay. Okay. And here is our gift to extricate. Practically. You're selling if card for 100. Okay, Well, let's check it. We could even try to purchase it to see how it works. So I'm gonna pushes it. Became gonna press at the card helmed. Ah, let's go to check out beige. Normally, when we check out something, it also tried to, ah, calculate shipping price. But in this case, it doesn't get calculate anything. So if you could see just 100 in total we have the same 100. Uh, let's, uh you let's figure this process completely, okay? And I'm gonna order it on Wyatt us practically ordered process is almost the same s while you're abortions. And regular product is the only difference that there is no fee for shipping. So I'm gonna click the bottom place an order, and we're done. Practically is its soul. So from a business standpoint, Ah, a business manager or Stammel, someone who is actually managing the Webster will need to provide the custom where we give certificate. Practically more likely. There's going to be some court. Uh, that could be e mailed to the customer practically. It's up to you to organize the process off selling virtual products. From my standpoint, I just wanted to show you how to create them. And once again, the main difference between crucial product and simple product is that was the 1st 1 has no wait. So my gentle start to consider such product is very short sinks for washing and scenes the next lesson. 19. Bundle Product: Hello, students. Thanks for continue. Which in my lessons and this lesson the world discover what this bundled product and how to use it. We are in this board and I'm going to return to our website. Okay, if you remember one, we created a group product. We practically created some page where we listed a number off separator or stand on products. Let's chiggers And here's a page And here is the list off separated product. Ideally, we wanted to sell them together, but, um customer Goodbye, Something separately so they could buy. For example, is this jacket on? They could ignore his other. Let's try OK on that. You could see nowhere here and we just help one product in our basket, So I'm going to remove it. Okay. Helmed, uh, if we are speaking about bundle product them somehow it's similar to the group product, but ah, customer will need to make some selection from over at least. And, uh, for example, we could know for several GIC it's for customer. We could overall, several pounds. Uh, this could be different brands, and we could offer, for example, different bottle sore and in our case, will offer different shoes. So let's let's strike to create lower example. So it will be more clear. Aggressive. I'm gonna return back to are dead report. Okay? And I'm going to go to products. Get Delek count here. As always, we will use our probably about on the product. I'm going to click on drop down selection, okay? And I'm going to select bottle product. Okay, Okay, I'm let's create some name. It's just gonna be sport Bandel game. Uh, well, that's one I'm going to select categories is gonna be sense. Okay, Um well, that's more. And here is the most important section practical. That's where we're going to create a configuration for bundle product sell. First option is together or separately in this selection will only to determine whether we will send a sighting of the customer together or separately. So I'm going to live together and let's move on to the next option. Practically is. It's where we'll start configuring. I'm gonna click adoption. Okay, count. Uh, first item is going to be jacket, so I'm gonna type here a ticket on. They will type jackets because we will over several GIC. It's for a customer to select Toral. And now let's click on their at products to option on. We'll select and particular models. Okay, I'm one of those filter, and I'm gonna share short jackets. Okay? I'm going to click Life Filter. Let's around. Unless that'll act. Seven old tickets, Okay? And I'm unimpressed and selected brothers. So we are done with jackets. Ah, the only things that we'll need to define this quantity. These quantity means how many jackets were going to sell to one customer to one hand. So practically most of the customer will buy just one item. We're not wholesalers in most cases, so I'm going to type one everywhere I call. Was it clear? That's more one. Ah, the next one. These ah bands. Well, that's like adoption. Let's create configuration for £4. Okay, let's use rate about them, for example. So you will see how it will appear. Let's, uh, held several pants. Okay. They just filled or no, let's that bent life filter a lot. Said three different items around the block. Okay, what's more, one Finally, let's greet shoot. Okay. How once used checkbooks here? Rugs. I'm gonna shoes here. Care Oh has defined the quantity so very going to sell one peace we're gonna sell. We're going to sell one item. Okay. Uh, hey, seems that's all. Let's try to save it. Okay. I forgot to add the picture. Let's at the picture. Okay. Picture ongoing. Gonna click safe. Okay. Oh, that's, uh, return to our sense. And here's our new product is the product that we just recently created. Bundle product, helmed, as you could see, Start from 160 it could take up to three. Counter rotating. So such a big difference. Calculated in the following way, it calculated the most cheapest combination and the most expensive combination. And therefore we get two Ellis while how does 60 as the most stupidest combination off items and 380 is the most expensive one. So let's let's check this product. OK, here is what we're practically buying count accuracy bottom which will allow us to customize the order. I'm going to click on it count. As you could see, it would have drop down selections for jacket, for example. I would like to go with scandal be on 20 to 1 as we define it while we configure the product the next one is a pants we selected to radio bottom. So let's so, like to each pants we would like to buy. For example, I'm gonna go with Caesar. Okay, Um, let's elect shoes, Uh, that we want, for example, Nike. And as you could see what half, uh, check boxes here. So award. The total is 207. About 95. Yeah. I waas breasts. The button at the card. Okay. Under hills order here. That's how is the bottle product works. So hope it makes sense for you whether you would like to use good product or bundle products there. Break two different about the main thing. That in Bandel product you allow customers to make their own configuration according to Europe, in defiance in errors. So thanks for watching this video and see in the next lesson. 20. Downloadable Product: my congratulations. Students were on the last lesson related to the product types. In this lesson, we will learn how to use downloadable products. We're in the desert borders, and I'm going to go to products. Get that look. And there's always two. We're going to use her a lot about the Net product. I'm going to click on the drop down selection on gonna select downloadable product. Okay, again. So let's ah, create some lame, Okay? Just let's go. It, like downloadable product. I'm gonna types. I'm Bryce. Let's see, $40. Okay. Uh, 2100. Okay, I'm going to sound like category. I'm gonna place it in gift services down hole that sets eye movements. No, my already prepared to image. And here is the most important section here, where we actually can at the product that will be downloaded by our customers. So I'm gonna confirms this check box. It's already confirmed is the all laudable product, and it's check it so yes, on. Let's use the following bottom at link here. I'm gonna type some title, for example, Don't look dio training. Oh, okay. That's that's ah, titles a lings it will We use it for download. Corpse found Heurich have two options. I can upload file on Magenta Webb, sir. And we will because that locally or I could indicate your l practically to some other Webster error. In my case, I would like to make local a plot, So I will go with upload file. I don't. And now I'm going to click morals files here. I will need to don't indicate the application or particular file. In my case, I have prepared zoo file. I'm going to select it. And while it uploaded the file, I would like to make some comment. It is possible that you might face some problem while you're employed in your files. The problem make happen because off incorrect file permission eso make sure that your magenta have properly configure its user permissions over all the files I found. A second common problem is ah, problem related toe PHP ini configuration. You will probably to check whether your PHP ini file have right applaud limits. So that's to come on. Problems that you might face while using is and functionality. So in our case, the everything looks fine. We have uploaded the file which is called Downloaded that zip. We could those indicate some sample, but I'm not gonna do this now. I'm gonna skip this count. Seems that's all I'm gonna click safe. No. Okay. Okay. Seems hours and love is good. Let's check this product on our website. I'm gonna open UTEP. Let's go to our website. Okay. Gift in services. And here is a product. Um, let's open it. So it looks like a regular product. We just ah, we can make some descriptions. That is the laudable. But from the user standpoint, it looks just as a regular product. Ah, let's try to purchase it to see how it works. So we'll go through the old cycle. I'm gonna have to cards this product. Okay? I'm gonna click here on go to Chicago. I'm gonna out to Rice, okay? And we're in my account. I'm going to click on their car, but on again, And I'm gonna present voltage coat down here. I'm gonna compare my portions. Sound place an order. Okay. It seems we are done. Ah, let's find this order in the dead report on Gunnery dashboard sales handlers. And here is the order number six $40. And it has stage of spending. So, as of now is disorder is not available for me. If I'm, uh, actually, uh, Jake in the to Rome White Customer Co. So as you could see its banding count when I click my Donald Herbal Products, it's available here, but I have no chance to download it. So I have only to consume. Disorder as completed in Dashboard has store manager and then as user, I will be able to download it. So let's do it. I'm going to return back to the dashboard and I'm gonna opens its order. Okay, Hound, to confirm the sordid toe. Actually, to change the status, I will need to clicking noise. Okay, on my ongoing confirm it. So meet the noise. Okay. And if ever since done correctly, should be complete now health. If we return back to the customer dashboard, let's refresh it and expect to seize it. It will be available for downloading. And yes, as you could see, the link appeared here. Donald, with your training now, you frank, click on the link. It's start no load in the file, so this could vanishing. And this could be able case young, um, video training on. So, uh, practical is it's old and it was the last lesson related to the product types I hope you enjoyed. Now you have weather understanding which product type should be used in different cases, and you have understanding which product type is more appropriate to your business sinks for washing and sees the next lesson. 21. What are the Product Attributes: Hello, students. And welcome to the product attributes lesson in this lesson who will discover which is product attributes. And in the next lesson, we'll talk about creating product attributes in Magenta. So he appropriates on presentation for you, Uh, on the picture, you could see it closes. Uh, they're located on the left side and on the right side, you could see hardware. Um, our clothes contains three items George bands and choose on. We could call any of those items closes even choose We could go, let's closes. And, uh, we could meet your any off full and items. I mean, short pants or shoes in terms of size in terms of color. In terms of my two year old brand and season on the next night, we care hardware. I'm very good. Goal, Elson display. We could Gold Ram. You could go see if you ask computer hard work. And we good measure, uh, those items in terms off display resolution, for example, or display sites she abuse beat or Cebu type ram memory storage, graphic guards and so on. Ah, if your speech into magenta, uh, I'm gonna switch and I'm gonna escape's green now. Okay? Ah, we have in magenta in section stores. We have attributes and interprets half to levels. They have level oneness at you. Beset in our case. Attribute set is what we call closes if we're referent to our picture and, uh, product edging beds are the forward measurement, uh, items like science scholar material. Brandon Season pound the same Miss your computer hardware is going to be a tribute set and displaced Purim story graphics are going to be probably vegetables. The purpose off attributes that is to combine related product attributes as it will be used it for a particular group off products That's Amanpour yourself. Always attribute sets. UH, actually is that's used for convenience to manage, store inconvenient Wait. Another point is that we could not meet your computer hardware in your himself. Ah, attributes is that they're related to the closest because we could not meet your computer hardware in terms off season. Orange arms off material. Yes, we could use some size or color it disposable, but in general those attributes are more related to closes, and it doesn't make my sense when we will Amedure computer hardware in Terms off collar or my two real. And what's worse, we could not meet your ah close in terms of this place of you reminisce on, therefore, in magenta health. Nice future. Like attribute sets like container on this container contains number off attributes, which will be used for a particle of a group of products. So once again, I'm going to return back to the dashboard, Attributes said, is what we call closes or computer hardware are like containers. Imagine in your mind containers and, uh, product in tributes, our size scholar material brand season display, CPU, RAM, storage, graphic and so on. Uh, so I hope it makes sense. And now you have understanding, or what this product attribute and product attributes. That and in this lesson will discover how to create this in my gentle 22. Creating Product Attributes and Attribute Sets: Let's learn how to create the product attributes before we actually start to greed something. Let's go to our website and let's discuss this too narrow. I'm going to open our website, okay? And I have created a number off products here practically the same product. It's the same model off shoes. Yeah, but we have different variations here. We have different colors. So we have black and white and we have different sizes. Okay, so it's a number off simple products. Ideally, I would like to have one product I would like to catch. Want configurable product on. They would like to have eat to display different variations over this model. Let's open, Jake. It's OK. And practically jackets are a great example off what I'm looking for. So we have, like, one model of jacket on different variations, and I mean different colors and different sizes. Okay, so let's do the same for shoes. Well, let's do it. I'm going to return back toe are dead, sport gay. How now I'm gonna go to stores, and here we have subsection attributes. I'm gonna clean product and here have leased off different product edge of its in our case we would like to use. Just told them we would like to use collar because we have shoes in two different dollars on we would like to use size. So let's go one by one. Let's open color attributes First round. Let's check if we could use it. Okay, so I'm gonna type color here. Okay, Now let's open it. So, uh, what you're looking for? We're looking weather. It has black. I don't white scholar and the S cities. So we have two colors. Black and white. He fired. Turn back to our website. Okay to shoes. Then we could see that we have just two car black and white. So is this Adieu. Boot is gonna work fine for us out. We will use it. Okay, now let's return back. And now let's try to find size with type size here, okay? And let's hope it around here. We have a different sizes. Extra small, small, 75 centimeters, medium, large, and so on. And so on. But nothing about shoe sizes. Nothing about Sikhs said Owen. Sound that life as we have, we have here 75. Okay, Aunt, it doesn't seem that we could use this century with. So there are two options. We could modify this attribute. We could add new rows so we could add They require the values is it to use? Uh, here? The baby actually needs here. I'm in size. It's like 77.5. And the other option is to create practically and you agile visit we're gonna use for shoes . So, science, in the scope of this lesson, we're gonna learn how to create the attributes. Let's lose a step number two. So let's create brand new in tribute. I'm going to return back. Okay. On that, I'm gonna click head new contribute. Let's make some lame. Uh, science. We are going to use this attributes for shoes. Let's type shoes. Sighs. Okay. In these drop down, we have a number of options. I'm not gonna review uh, holds that, but I would like to highlight just to the 1st 1 is usual switch visuals, which is practically is what we have here. Do the same cholera it labels. And that's what we call usual. Switching my gentle okay. And the other one is decks switch. Okay. Decks, which is similar to the falling. So here the labels Wiese. Ah, late. There still are symbols. Okay, science. We're speaking about sizes, sizes because we're going to create sizes for shoes. I'm going to use text wish. Okay, Next, would. And wow, let's fill out these attributes required Wellies. So I'm going to click at Switch, and I'm gonna type sizes. So let's start from seven. Was an someone about five. OK, is on eight. Is an 80 dot wife. Okay, is in line. And I think that should be enough. Let's double check. I'm going to return back to your website. Okay, so we have someone but five, 789 And is this going to be coward by fulling? Well, he's is that we just recently enter it on. Always type. The value in switches will switch practically. That's what going to be displayed on the front end to the customer to the user game. The first columnist for Back and Purpose, mostly. So we have feel it. Uh, they require the size is what next? The next step east. Let's check advance, attribute property. Okay. And ah, here. I would like to leave his option as it is, except the one school. Ah, sweet Jesus. Option to global. If you are not sure about my gentle scope, please recheck one off. My bravest lessons were I explained my gentle scope or my gentle levels. Okay, so let's switch this option. Now, let's go to manage labels and we here nothing here. So let's continue. I'm going to click on storefront Properties, and here I would like to Karl, I just one option. Ah, he used in broader policing. Now this option is responsible to display the attribute on the listing page. I'm going to click. Yes, here as listing page. I'm speaking about the fallen page. So if you would like to displace etcetera, But here we should always switch. Is this option Two years And that's what we just need. Okay. And here you could also consider on other options. But as off now, I'm going to skip them. So I'm going to click now. Safe agent. Okay. Okay. As you could see, my gentle, uh, shows some modifications here. And when you create, you attribute, it is necessary to clean cash. So I'm going to press cash management, and now I'm going to select all available cash books. Alec, leak some meat. Okay, so we have clearance cash ever since should be final, and we have created a tribute we have created product attribute. Shoes size. Now let's put collar and shoes size into one single attribute set that we're going to call shoes. I'm gonna go to stores, and I'm going to select in tribute set here. Okay. Out. You already half a number off pre configure. It attributes sets for different purposes and different prize. We care for back for bottom, for downloadable and so on and so on. And now we're going to create new hit you. But set where we'll put to product that it was the 1st 1 is collar, which he's already configured and works fine for us. And the 2nd 1 is shoe size, which we recently agreed. So I'm going to click and Richard, but set, Let's call it shoes. Pound is going to be based on the fault. Okay? I mean, default attributes said so I'm going to click safe now, okay? And on this page, we have to configure our set. So currently he said contains the full of vegetables. They're they're all listed here. Okay. And, uh, we need to make sure that uh, it's have to, uh, attributes that we're gonna use. So in our case, we're going to use caller. Let's let's make sure that color is here. So I'm gonna eat it here, and the other one is shoes size. Okay, so we have added most. Now I'm going to click safe. Okay. How do we created new attributes that now let's return back to our website and let's finally discuss what you're gonna do. No. Now we're going to create a new product, a configurable product waste on our newly created attributes said that contains two different product attributes that contains color and shoes size. So we're gonna put all those products into one with different variations. So let's do it. I'm going to return back, and here I'm going to select product tell. Look, I don't, uh, at broader button, and I'm gonna click down and hearing with a select configurable product, OK? And let's elect our newly created digit bits that here. So we called it shoes. Let's find it. Here it is down. A Let's create is the name of the product. We can simply it could be based it from the listing beach, okay, and I'm gonna remove size because it's useless. And now let's ah Korpi Price a d 9 95 So I'm gonna type 89 95 here. I'm going to skip this quantity and I'm going to select. Ah, here is the contiguous it we're gonna use, Aunt, we have continually gold shoes, and I'm going to select one more point. Why s keep it stuck? Because I'm going to use configurable product pounding configurable product. Each variations has its own manageable. Stuck. So? So I could not deter mined stock for for a model, I will need to determine stock for each sq or each variation. Therefore, I could keep it. Okay, so let's keep it. And let's create a configuration for our configurable products. I'm going to click create configurations out here, alleged that her mind which attributes we're going to use, and as we discussed, we just need to we just need caller okay, color and we need shoes. Sites that what we recently created shoes size. Okay, so now I'm going to click on next and here. We need to determine the colors that are available in our case. We care just black from the white I love that remind. The sizes that we have lesser come back toe are beige catella, quiche and let's check several. Besides, so here we have 77.58 and nine. So let's select them. 775 eight on, like 20. And now let's click next here. We need to configure our product. So, uh, I'm gonna select. Apply unique images. Bite a tribute to each sq practically have already recorded the lesson about creating a configure product. So please reject if you feel in yourself not very comfortable when I'm selecting those options. But if to explain quickly what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna indicate images for each available colors. In my keys, I kill two callers. Black and white is therefore I selected deception. Now I'm going to select your collar. Okay, Don't. Here I will applaud. Seem we just related to each color so black. Let's blows up like image and white. Let's a bloat. Was the white thing that you're gay? No price, uh, I'm gonna a blessing the price tool. Excuse. So I will type 89 mighty five here and quantity. I'm gonna buy single quantity. Too easy. Excuse. So I'm gonna type hunters here. Okay, Mom, going to click next. Okay, around here, we could recheck our configuration. Um, it seems Everson Fine. So I'm gonna breast next, but, um, and we have configure it and you configure product that contains, uh, different variations off. Ah, the same mike shoes model. Okay. And I'm gonna get meaning. We should know. I will use a black one. I'm practically That's all I'm gonna say with No. Okay, let's wait for several seconds. And now let's return back to our website to see with this product. Uh, beard. OK, I'm going to refresh this page. And what's ah. Finds this product. So here is our newly created conjugal product, and it contains two collars on different sizes. Practically what you've done, we created a new product is that now contains different variations, so we don't need to greet and number off standalone simple products it because it's not convenient. So we have just want single product or single model with different variations. Let's open it. Okay, count. As you could see, health different colors here. Let's select white and seven. The five. And ever since it was good to works, don't, um it seems great. That's what you wanted. So now I'm going to return back to dashboard. Okay? I'm gonna go to products intel. Look, I don't as a lot of things that I want to do. I want to remove the simple products because I don't need them anymore. We already have configured products with different configuration. So let's remove the simple products. Okay, I'm gonna click here and select all the products that I want to remove before actually removes them. Let's return to the website now. Just one more time. I would like to remove all those products. Three black and two white. Okay, so I have selected them cure and long on the press, will it? And now let's return back to your website again. Unless refreshing. Okay. And ice. So what you have done? Uh, we organized our listing page. We created configurable product for particular model off shoes, and we put it all variations into it. And the most important thing here is that we have created a product, attributes shoe size specifically for shoes, and we also created product attributes, said that we called shoes and we included two product attributes into it. So we included shoes size attribute on being called it cholera tribute into the products that shoes. So I hope now you are more or less familiar with Engibous, and you already have understanding how to use product attributes, sets and brother Gadjah bits. Ah, thanks for washing me and seems the next lesson. 23. Customizeable Options: customizable options. Let's talk about them and let's learn why we may want to use them. So we're in dashboard, and I'm gonna go to products, okay? And Cadelago. And here, let's use our product. But I'm likely going, okay. And it was scrolling down a little bit. We could find a top goal. It customizable options. Okay. Practically customizable options are the same as a tribute, however, is the main difference is that customizable options are dedicated to a particular product. So if we create something customizable here, it will be applied tour affecting just these particular products and to eat will not be shard between other products. So that's the main difference. Let's try to use customizable options. So I'm gonna scroll up and fill out all the products fields. I'm gonna get a belt. I'm gonna stylish belt, so I will call it Stylish Belt. Okay, uh, it's gonna cost 29 95. It's flexible quantity. Let's put them in stuck. Correct. Good to agree. Let's alive belt. Okay. And, uh, that's it. Some pictures. We're gonna have to picture black. Well, okay. Uh, now let's opens is Deb. Let's try to use to my something and here we're going to create some option or contribute in other wars. So let's great two attributes were going toe measure our bells in terms self size on injure himself color. So I'm going to start to be size here. Okay, Let's select option type the way it will be appeared. Someone. It's like, Drop down and let's had several sizes here. Let's set. So to four. 36 sir, Change for okay, of course, we might want it. Excuse here about that would notice. Uh, the next point is, do it as a rigid built. So we're going to use, uh, call or no. And when I screw up a leak adoption again. Okay, let's dive color here. Well, let's select the same violence election. Okay, let's have two colors. So we have two images black and song at two colors. Black, um, balloon. Okay. Don't, uh, practical is its soul. So we have added attributes. We added it to its size and create a tribute color and different variations. And those variations will be dedicated to this particular product. Stylish. Well, so these attributes that we could see here will not be shared between other products Since That is the main difference between customizable options or, in other words, customizable attributes and regular attributes, which were viewed in a one off. My bravest lesson. Um, so let's go ahead and say, Is this product to see how it works? Well, it looks safe. No. And now let's go to our website. Okay, man bottoms, bells And here's our belt, stylish about Let's click on it on. We have to introduce here size and color, and we have all variations that you enter it while they created. So we have sizes and we have colors. Let's select something and let's head it to car someone. It's like 36. And here I'm gonna selectable, for example. And now I'm gonna get to card with them, okay? And we have some product cart. Let's reviewed. We have stylish belt on the most interesting part it let's reviews, attributes or charity. Teresa goes a struggle going on that click see details, and we have the products that we recently added size so to six and colors blue. So that's house customizable options or, in other words, customizable that your bits worst once again, there could be many reasons why you may want to use them, but it should always remembers it. Those options or attributes we share customizable. They're dedicated to a particular product, and they're not terrible to other product. So if I want to it belt again, OK, I will need to create the same age abuse, of course, if I want them again. So that's the main point. Uh, Sanks for Washington and scenes and ex Lesson. 24. Related Products, Upsells and Crosssels: related products, up cells and grow cells. Magenta provides worry interesting functionality as it is related to marketing. Found in this lesson a little talking about this functionality. Before we actually start to do something, let's go to our website Unless discusses. Turner. I'm gonna go to Homepage and let's select some products. For example, let's go to a man, tops jackets. I'm big funnel jackets on Let's select some gigs here, for example. Let's work weeks on Donna win, Jake. Okay, here we have a broader beach where we displays this product down some information about this product. But of course, as a business owner or sellers, we'll like to sell more count. It will be great if we could go for other product on on this particular patient to the customer. Those products could be related to this one. Or they could be more advanced and force it for post my gentle price, a Swiss functionality that the school it related products up cells and growth cells. Let's return back to our dashboard. Let's find this particular jacket on. Let's reviews away. Does this functionality worked? So I'm going to go to hell down here. I'm gonna sure shore, Montana. Win. Jacket. Okay. I'm gonna use filter. Um, I'm gonna type Montana. I don't I'm going to select, uh, product type considerable. Okay, pound, Here is our jacket. Let's open it. Okay, now, let's go down. Let's scroll down. And one of those, uh, sexual our college related products of cells and gross cells. Let's open it. And if you're a week off, three bottles, two mothers. Ah, the 1st 1 is as a button where we could add related products. So as related products, more likely when they were selling a jacket, we could also offer to the customer other related Jacobs. So let's click on this button on Let's had several related tickets. OK, Okay, let's wait for a second. Let's use filter. Um, let's select go on funeral products here. I don't want Stipe Jacobs here. And let's like several jackets is it will be more or less similar Tuesday. Wanted to are selling, so I would like to select he peril calabria. Um um improbable is it? So, uh, I'm not going to select were on because it costs higher and the same for I Landau. Okay. And I'm gonna click and socks products so we have selected to related products. Is that somehow related to our main product, which is Montana? Win jacket. Okay, so I'm gonna return back. And now let's let select obsolete products in terms off obstacles we usually means brags. It are more expansive, more advanced. So let's electoral obsolete products here. Okay, I'm going to use full Surround him. I'm gonna type here jacket and I'm going to select calling funeral product and let's select something more grass. Let's imagine that Oriole Landau arm or advanced jackets because they're more expensive. So it's like, OK, l'm Let's, uh, probable select some Chanel's one select don't me Hilfiger also. Okay, how Leslie got selected products. And finally, let's elect grow, sell a product across all products. Could be anything this could be backs, shoes or whatever you think might be interesting to your potential customers who buy a particular product. So let's had several grow sell products here. Okay. Lets like some backs. For example, fusion backpack. Ah, strive shoulder back. Okay, what selects him? Let's also select some shoes. I'm going to use filter. I'm gonna type my cure and select going to figure all products. Um, let's elect something else, for example, Water bottle. Okay. Okay. So we have, Ah, the fallen configuration. Now we have several related products that are were similar to the products that we sell. I mean, Montana win jacket. We also select that some more advanced products that cost ah, higher. And we seems that they're more more advanced. How they might be interesting for our potential customer. And we also selected some, uh, other products that potentially could also, uh, be interesting to our customer. Was elected fusion back bag. Some other, uh, shoulder pack. We selected shoes on some bottle. Okay. And now let's save this configuration. I'm going to click safe. Okay, Let's wait for several seconds. And now let's return back your product. Montana win jacket on the front end. Besides, Okay, And here is our products. Let's refresh the base to see the change. Okay? And here we could see our changes. So he off related products here as we selected to product that we think are related to our main one. Ah, here. We could find mawr expensive and the dots and products as it's what we call up cells. Okay. And if we had something to card. Let's it, for example. Greens fall and then go to you. Undated cart. Uh, Paige, then we confined grow sell products. Here we select several backs Shoes on model. So that's cows, uh, up cells. Cross sells out related product works in my John doe. Uh, this is very valuable from nationality in terms of marketing, so use it and hope it will help you to make more sales. 25. Users and Roles: Let's talk about users and rolls in magenta, too. We're in their board on the main page. And now let's go toe system. And we have a section here permissions we could at new users in all users. Andi quit and create you roll seen user roles. OK, eso, let's quickly discusses Too narrow. Let's Imation's it. We need someone to help us with sales. So we actually need a sales person who will able to manage their orders. Our first of all, we will need to create has Pacific user role for this person. So I'm going to click on user roles. OK, down here. I'm going to click on a neural. Okay, on Let's schools. This are old sales. Don't. Here. I'm gonna dive my current super admin password to make sure that Hef enough privileged to create Errol. Ok, and now let's go to the depth hurl resources here. We need to determine which parts off the website, or practically which parts off dashboard will be accessible to this particular role. As we discussed, we want to help someone help us with sales. So let's select the full in section sales. Okay, practical is it? So I'm going to skip his other sections and knowing the neck click safe rule. So we have created a neural on recalled this role sales. Now let's go to system Holy Users. And now let's create an account for these sales person. I'm going to click add new user, and here I'm gonna fill out those requires feels so the user name. Let's ah, greed the full on user name John Doe. Okay, let's call this person. Run. No. Now let's type someone will related to this person here. I'm gonna die. Password. Thank you. And when they come from Ah, here when you to select the look ill For For this person, approximate speaking is the language. Shoaf had mean interface here. We need to select whether we're going to activate this account or not. So let's leave active. And finally, we need to enter our current superintendent possible. So I'm gonna hands or my boss force here. Ah, let's click User rolled up on this page. Let's select several for this person. So I'm going to select sales. Okay, along gonna click safe user Well done have created a new user based on specific user role. Now let's like you using the credential of this user to make sure that everything works the way we expect. I'm going to open a browser in new window. Okay. How's that? I'm going type. His address was a dashboard. Okay. And long. Gonna, uh, enter the credential off this person. Great. We good looking into this account around, as you could see, hours and words the way we expect is the only sales section is available to us because we're Scient sales role to this person. So we quick sales. We could see all the features related to sales uses feature to create new roles as well. And new users ancestors help you to manage your business. Ah, thanks for Washington scenes. The next lesson. 26. Customer Groups: Hello, students. Ah, thanks for continuing. Which, in my lessons in this lesson will talk about customer groups and we'll learn how to greet a new customer group. How to assign these group to a particular customer. So we're in debt sport, and I'm going to go to stores. Okay. And here we have a subsection other settings, and under the subsection, we have a menu item called customer groups That's click on it. Okay, Pound, we have, ah page customer groups now where we could create or configure on existing customer group. So from the box, by the fault, we have four customer groups we have, general, not like it in retailer on wholesale. How what we're gonna do now? We're going to create a new customer group. I'm going to click, had new customer group bottom, Okay. And I only have to fill out one field, and I'm going to select text glass. So let's, um I think about so narrow less creates a group for people who drop ship. So I'm going to call this and group drop shippers. Okay. On at Dex class is a mandatory selection. We need to determine text class for these customer group. Practically. Now we have just one text class retail customer, and I'm going to leave this option. Is it eso? No, Let's click Safe customer group. And as you could see what half a new customer group appears here, drop shippers. Ah, the next. Think that you're gonna cower? We're going, um, assigns these group to particular customer. Let's go to customers. Okay. What customers? However, let's elect one the for customers, for example. Let's elect Veronica Costello. I'm going to click and it's here. Okay. And on the left section. Customer information. I'm going to select account information. OK, around here, we have a group setting and I'm gonna change. General, too, on drop Shippers. Now I'm gonna click safe customer. Okay, let's wait for a second count. We have successful change group. For some reason, it doesn't display it's here, But we could go to the customer profile. Let's do it again. I'm going to click, ate it. And as we could see, this customer is assigned to a group drop shipper snow. So Iverson looks fine. Everson looks is the way we expected in this lesson. We are not gonna cower how to create a specific Texas or how customer group could give benefits. Teoh Customer Who Assigned to Eat We're going to coward these in a lesson related to text glasses. Sound lesson related to marketing, which will include car truths and price rules. So, and scope of this lesson, we learned how to create customer group and how to assign a user to a particular customer group. Thanks for Washington down scenes. The next lesson. 27. Order Status: orders. Data's Let's learn how to create and manage hoarder stages in my agenda. I'm gonna go to stores and you hear from option or there stages. Let's click on it. And on through space we could create and defy order. Status is let's quickly make some determination before we continue in magenta we have two different meanings Is the first meeting is status. Status is something that you could modify and greed how we were There is also other meaning which is called state and state is something which is already pretty defiant and could not be modified. We have eight defiance states in magenta. Let's reviews them. I'm going to click on a side state to state and I'm gonna click on drop down selection Order State. Okay. And here we have eight per defined states. We could not manage them on. We could not modify them each new status that we're going to greet. I'm in custom status should be waste on one off those states. Okay, so we have canceled state. We have closed state. We have complete date. We have payment reviews, date processing, stayed on whole state, banding state and bending payment Steed. Okay, Now let's discuss our scenario. Let's imagine the situations that after payment is complete, we want to create and use datas, which would will call requires bacon. This status would mean that payment is completed. And now order needs to be Beckett. So let's he used complete state, complete state we're going to use because complete state means a zit payment he's received . So I'm going to go back, okay? And then going to create a new status, ironically, create new status. And here, let's fill out that required feels. I'm gonna type a za quote for disease status, usually as it should the lower keys. So let's type require banking. Okay. And let's screed normal label. We're play Billy. Some things that will be used on our site. I don't way can type it the way we wish. Okay. On day, I'm gonna go be false to reusable, so I'm going to click CEF State was, and we have this new ah stages here. Okay, currently, it's on the available because we have not assigned any state to eat. So let's do it. I'm gonna click a science status to state No, I'm going to select your our newly created state to require bacon and I'm going to select state complete, which will be used as basis once again. Complete is the state which is used after customer made their payment. Okay, now let's reviews the fallen checkbooks. The 1st 1 is used. Order status hasn't felt. This means that after payment is completed, we will automatically tags is orbiter will require pick. So in our case, I think that's make sense. So let's use it. Let's check his books and the other one visible on storefront. But this means that customer will able to see this status. So let's check this box as well. No, I'm gonna quick, safe still this assignment. And now let's go to our orders. OK, I'm gonna go to Sales Horner's and we have one order here with State do Spain. This means that is the order received. But payment is not completed. Its opens disorder. Okay. And let's imagine that we have received payment for disorder in order to reduce his Let's click on invoice. Okay. And let's confirm it at the bottom of page. I'm gonna click said meeting always. Okay. And now the state is always this order is switching to require breaking. So if we will return back to sales orders, we could see that. Is this particle or order? Kevin, you stages require bacon, sort of to summarize. You can create as much the justices you need and organize your work flows. That way You wish how we were. Always the state uses should be always based on states we share already prettified. Thanks for washing and soon is the next lesson. 28. Taxes: Texas. Let's talk about Texas in Magenta, too. Before election. Let's start explaining something I would like. Teoh let you know that Texas are pretty complicated stuff. So if you need Sampson custom, if you need to something advanced in terms off Tex configuration in my one to find the expert. But if you want to create simple text rule, I think that my example will be a good basis for you to understand the way it works. So let's go. Uh, we're in dashboard, tend. I'm gonna go into stores, okay? And he'll have subsections called Texas and we have text rules and eggs own and rates. Let's go to bag zone and rates has the feel step. I'm going to click on it and we are here. Uh, we will start from this page before I intellectual start creating new techs. Rate a less quickly discusses tuner. Let's imagine the situations that ah, our business located in Maryland state in United States and on these state, requires to pay extra tax for those who buy locally. So, for example, if I am citizen off Maryland State and I am buying from a windows, it is located in Maryland I will need to buy extra text. Okay, so that's a major, this situation, and let's start, create and text for a Maryland citizens. So I'm going to click at new techs rate here. Okay. And here I will need to fill out. Ah. Monday drove feels, uh, first of all texts he didn't to fire. Let's calls this text identifier text name and other wards as Maryland. Good. Uh, the next thing is the postcode. I couldn't identify Kate called range here, but I would like to cover all deep cuts off Maryland State. So I'm gonna put start here. Okay. The next point to state science You are talking about Maryland. Let's elect Maryland here. Okay, Maryland. Okay. And contract. Believe United States, of course. And a raid percent. Let's say that our text rate is going to be 10% so put down here, okay? And now I'm going to click save rate. Okay, so we have created down percentage text rate for marlin. Okay, Now, let's applies these texts rate for all retail customers who located in Maryland. So I'm going to go to stores again about this time. Let's elect decks. Rules. Okay. Down here OS at new decks rule. Good. And let's go this textural Maryland as well. Now and here I'm gonna selects tax rates that we recently created Maryland and we have were important. Tip your additional settings. Okay, I'm going to click on it. And in drum down, I'm going to select retail customer practically. It's already selected, but make sure that it selected because I want this textural effect, all my retail customers. So if you have other customers group, you could select them here as well. But in my case, I would like to cover retail customers. So these heightened we selected taxable boot. He's also selected, which is nice. It means that it ourselves, the goods we share eligible for Texas. Uh, priority. I would like to live as is on seeing for sort order. I understand. Looks good. So I'm gonna click saver along. Okay. Okay. And we have created new textural for Maryland, and actually, it's called Maryland. Now, let's go to our website. I'm going to open it in your window, okay. And here a let's again to user account. I'm going to go exciting. And I'm gonna well again, always my test account. Okay? don't Let's go to address book. As you could see, I register it as citizen off United States Maryland State. Okay, so I have this information in my willing and now let's see how actually a Texas is going to work for us. I'm gonna go to the main website page gay, and I'm going to select something for forward. They're left. Let's go to tops, Jake. It's OK. Let's elect some ticket. Let's fortresses, for example. This one, it costs $69. Actually, I already have some A product safety in my cart. Let's reviewed. Okay, we have something for $42. And let's at this product as well. For example, Blue Small. I'm gonna go get to Cardinal. How do we have a total of two products? We saw total Bryce 100 due out. I'm gonna go to go to check out. Okay. Uh, I will need to select shipping address. Let's leave my default shipping address. How? Here I will need to select sheep in mattered and actually shipping option. I will leave as there was optioned the discourse. $10 they were going to click next now. Okay. And let's carry full ear of your just summary, and that's the most important. So we have to products for 111. We all said it $10 to cover shipping. So half, um, 200 $21.21 dollar. But as you could see, we also have I want to record tax on behalf allowing dollars here, and $11 mean 10% out off 121. So as you could see, Texas works and it works for us because we're from Maryland. So if you need something similar, if you need to greet a specific decks for a particular region or state, or if you need to create Texas for a particular customer group, follow my example, and I think it will be useful. But if you need something complicated once again, I suggest you to hire an expert. Thanks for watching and seeing the next lesson 29. Currency: currency. Let's learn how to Sadak multiple current zones. Website. So we're in desk boards and I'm going to go to stores gay and look him a subsection call. It's currency here. Well, that's go to currency rates. Okay, count here. We have an option called options. All its click on it count. Is that the place where we're going to go finger a currency? So by default, by the fault with half old prices in the United States dollars let's check is this I'm gonna go to our website, okay. And let's select some degree. For example, woman stops tickets. So as we could see gold prices here in United States dollars okay on allow. Let's imagine the situations that we will like to add a new currency. For example, Europe. Let's return back to the dashboard and let's use allowed garden sees. I'm gonna find your here. What's fired it. Okay, here's a euro, and I'm gonna press and keep control bottom only he worked, and I'm going to select your Oh, no. Okay, now let's scroll down just to make sure that United States dollar we selected so we'll have to gardens to selected now. Now let's also scroll down to re use of other options. Um, the most important here is service. Practically. Service is an option of where we could select provided who will, uh, Sandridge stores. Now, we have several options here. I prefer to use Pfizer, but it's up to you. Eso you could select yahoo or whatever. So let's Alief Pfizer around here I'm gonna click safe config Uh, no. Let's go in cash. I'm gonna click your on this base. Let's elect oh, Jim Boxes. How? Let's click some meat. Okay, No, let's return to our website. Let's scroll down a little bit and let's refresh the website. So is the same. Prices are in dollars. However, let's screw up a little bit and we have a new option Shear us dollar. And here is the scroll down icon. Let's click on it on. Let's electoral Okay out as you could see prices in euros. Now they're a little bit lower because hero cost a little bit higher. Eso we have now to prices on our website year or United States dollar. Okay, Um, there is one thing that I would like to cover its couples. This lesson Let's turn back to our export. Okay, Now let's go to stars. Currency rates again. Uh, if we would like to adjust rate manually, here is a option where we could do it. For example, if I want one, you're to be equal to $1. I'm going to type one here. Okay, So what, you re sickle to $1? How not? Let's quick, safe currency rates. Now that's clean cash. All the same. I'm going to select old check boxes, Actually, except me. No, let's return back to the website. Let's scroll down. So we have $75 here. Let's refers this page, what's select Euro. And we have the same 75 years now. So we have mentally adjusted our currency rate, and we see to my gentle that $1 is equal to one year. So that's how you could create multiple currency on their website and adjust currency rate . Mannelly, I hope this lesson will be helpful for you. Uh, thanks for watching and scenes. The next lesson 30. Catalog Price Rule: Cadelago Bryce rules. Let's discuss how we could use this useful magenta feature, which is located in scope Off marketing. Eso were in some category were in tickets OK, and we're selling our tickets as regular price now. So the $3.36 on its own and those prices are regular. Now let's emergency situations that we would like to discount a lower men's jackets for 20% as this could be for any reason, for example, due to holidays. And in this case, Catella price rules is a nice option to on get this Ryan's the way we want. So I'm going to go to their board now and here I'm gonna click marketing and Catella Price Rules, which is located other promotions Subsection What's going on? It uh, what's, uh, click and new rule? Okay, now let's fill out with goals at, uh, necessary feels so real name. Let's schooled 20 Wolf Man's Jake. It's okay. Website Uh, we don't have any other websites, so let's like it's simian one. Um, off course it's active on Let's elect on groups that will be applicable for these rule or discount. I'm going to select all okay from two. It's a schedule here. We couldn't indicate the date When thes discount or rule is going to start on, one is going to finish. I'm gonna leave both options empty. And these means that I'm creating its four lifetime so it will be disabled only when they will turn off in Manila. Priority. I will leave it empty as well. But the most chi sperry or it is a lower while it starts from one. So one is the most highest priority here. Conditions condition is attempt where we're going to create this rule. So let's Glick plus icon unless her use options. Ah, we're talking about category, so I'm going to select category here, okay? And we've been talking about get agree ments, jackets. So what's click this icon and let's select, uh, man, uh, tops Jake, it's here. Okay, basically, you could review interruptions. You could, uh, make wary, flexible configuration here while you're playing with options. But I would like to create very basic example in scope off our lesson. So let's leave everything as is and let's go ahead. Now let's review actions, uh, imply a blast percentage for regional. It means it. He to affect the original price. I'm gonna leave this option because that's what I wanted to do. But you could also use some other options. Discount? Um, out. We've been talking about 20%. So let's put you into here and finally discard subsequent rules. I'm going to click. Yes. And I always suggest you to put years because in the other case, if you have several rules, it may applies them together. That's not what I want. So let's put yes, it means that only single rule will blight. Okay, No, let's click. Save on. Now let's return back to our website. Let's refresh these category to see if our price Ah, change it. Okay, can't a Nothing has changed. Price is the same count. Um, actually, it's not an error as it's happened, because magenta, I need to re index configuration. Let's go two days aboard and let's go to she's thumb in the Spanish Mint. Okay? And we have read here re index require it and its related toe catella cruel product that some things it is associated to his Catholic price rules count. Um, there are some options. We could, uh, wait some time. Okay? We could wait some time, and it will be re index it automatically if our Cron job was running properly. However, I am not going, going, going to wait. I'm gonna make a forceful or indexation all right. Now. So for the purpose, I will need to lunch with the application and initiate some governments from to come online . So you already familiar with Pootie? If not, police review one off my previous lessons. And, uh, now let's start putting. I'm gonna move down the screen, OK? And I'm gonna launch put you okay? Sure. I'm gonna enter his i p address off my Web server. Let's find it. Okay, on going to click open, though. And now I'm gonna look into my web, sir, with my credentials. Now, I'm gonna go to the director. Is magenta to installation? Okay. In my case, I'm using digital ocean and magenta located in who are W W w HTM my own agenda. Um, I'm gonna initiate the comment which will make rain vexation. It's a beach. Be being magenta index or index. Okay. No, let's wait for a second, okay. Everson looks fine. And now let's return back to zero. Browser. Now, let's refers this page. Okay, I'll be here for hours and ready here. So that's great, my gentle. Also ask house to Queens. Akash, Let's do it. I'm gonna select all the check boxes and accept me to hear. And finally, let's return back to the website. So we have the old Bryce here. As it was, nothing has changed. And now let's refers the base to see if something will happen and great it works. We have price, decrease everywhere and and waste on calculation. It's 20%. So that's how catella price rule works off course. You could create a much more complicated configurations in scope with my less, and I just wanted to demonstrate the basic functionality on every time when you create new Delek Price rule, don't forget to rail run my gender green Sanks for washing and scenes. The next lesson 31. Cart Price Rules: card price hurls. Let's talk about this very interesting and very advanced functionality off magenta two plus for I'm gonna go into marketing and under promotions. Subsection, we have guard price rules. Let's click on it. Okay, and before I will actually start to create something, let's make some on definition and this definition is falling zonal for responsibility off a Delic price rule sees actually, Catella Academic of products. But card price rules are responsible for shipping card. So this high level explanation should give you understanding whether you would like to use cars, Bryce rules or catella price rules. So, no, let's create something. I'm going to get a new rule count before I will actually start. Fill out A told they feel. So that's quickly and discuss Genero. I'm gonna hoping customers in UTEP out As you know, there is a sort of customer drop shippers, and we do have a group for dollars customers. And let's see major the situations that we would like to provide extra benefits for all drop shippers. So we would like to provide them with john percentage permanent discount. So we're going to greet a card price rule. We should will deduct down percentage off a regular price for old rope shippers. So for all people who associate it with these groups, So let's return back. Okay? Now, let's Ghozi's ah, drop ship being down off. Okay, I'm going to select me a website, and I'm going to say drop shippers here. I'm going to ski pole assholes. Fields. I've already mentioned some of them in one off my purpose. Listen, conditions, conditions is we're advanced functionality. But in this time, I'm not gonna select something here because I would, like, is he is card price rule to be effective for older products. It states believe blank for all products. So I will leave it blank. Now, let's go to actions. Actions. Let's set don't percentage. Okay, pound labels is actually how it's going to be displayed. So I'm going to live it as empty. Uh, what's click safe? Okay. And here's our rule for drop shipping customers. Well, it's her turn back, and we have a particular customer associated with Lisa mail on these customer. He's on. This customer is a member off drop shippers group. Let's go to our website. Okay, now, what's um hello again using credential sold this customer, okay? And we have like it in Let's go back to the home page. Well, let's elect some category, for example, tops. Jake, it's OK, and we have products listed here. And let's say that you would like to buy one of the chicken, for example, This one. Well, it's like some color in size and let's go get to carbon and the most interesting sink is going to happen. Now let's go to, uh, Jackal Page or two shopping cart. Let's elect. She won medals and let's review the order Summer. So this product costs So do $3.60. But for some reason, we see the discount here $3 ST Statistics Sense. And it's because these customer, this particular customer is a member off Drop Shippers Group, and this group is coward by shopping cultural, which we just recently created on. It gives dumb percentage off the regular price, so that's just very basic example. What you can do with Schukin cultural, However, if you explore other options, if you explore conditions, you could create much more complicated combinations out. Use it and worry efficient way Sanks for watching and CNN's The next list 32. Creating a Coupon: coupons. Let's learn how to create coupons in magenta, too. I am in the dashboard, and I'm going to go to marketing and on their promotions. We have card Bryce rules. Let's click on it. And Akira, Let's click. Had new rule practically were on the page, which usually used to greet you Got price rule Howard. This page is also likeable for coupon creation. In the minutes I will show you how before well, actually start to create a global Let's quickly discusses too narrow. Let's, um, Asians that common qualities black Friday, and we would like to create a coupon for this holiday. So let's call this coupon book Friday and let's defines a year 17. What's more, one I'm gonna leave. This option is active because I would like this open to be active website. I'm going to select our website customer groups. Let's define customer groups which will be eligible to use the coupon. I'm going to select all the groups in my case coupon. Here's an option which allow us to create a coupon, so I'm gonna click on it. And here on whether to select specific open here, I will need to define a coupon code Science. We are talking about black Friday. Let's go. It black Friday as well. Okay, I was defines the date. 17. I'm going to scroll down conditions. Ah, here. We could create very custom condition. For example, we could select category off products which will be capable for this coupon. However, in my case, I would like this coupon to be a plea capable for all the products. So I'm going to leave this option without any change actions here. We need to determine and discount percent. Let's, uh, set sergi percent discount. Let's move on. And finally, labels I'm gonna hold. Use this option without any chase. Now we're ready to save this coupon, and I'm going to click safe. And here is our couple. Like Friday 17. Let's check how it works. I'm going to open our web sitting UTEP. Okay? I'm going to select some product. For example, let's elect these, uh, train there rejected and let's, like, some color and size. Hell, let's send it to card. I'm gonna go to she called Page. I'm going to select she'd been mattered. And here is another option where I could enter my coupon. Let's try our coupon like variety 17. Before I will actually Khaliq applied discount. Well, let's double check the price. Our current prices 66. Let's click on this bottom and let's see what will happen with the price. Okay? And we can't find your record here this count, like Friday. And it saved us $17 or 30% in which we did your mind during your coupon creation. So ever since looks as expected and our couple works fell free to create as much coupons as we need for your business. I hope it will help you to make more sales. Thanks for watching and scenes. The next lesson. 33. Newsletter: newsletter. Let's talk How to create and manage newsletter in Magenta, too. We're in their board on the first things that we would like to check his newsletter configuration. Let's go to Stars. And here on the settings we have configuration that's click on it and let's find the depth gold customers I'm going to scroll down. And here we have customers. Let's click on it, Hannah, Let's Click Years Leather And here we have General Configuration for newsletter. Practically all the settings are configured. I was away. You're more likely need. So I don't think that you will need to change something, but I suggest you to double check all the settings here. This is the first sport that you should know. The next thing is creating new ledger template. Let's go to marketing. And let's, uh, find under communications unusually their template. I'm going to click on it, and sure, I'm going to click a new template. Here is a place where we could create and use letter template. For example, let's say that you like to send some kindof email related to Black Friday sales, so let's goals is Blake Friday sales. Well, it's, uh, rupees. The same here. Okay. And send the email, for example. We could put here is the name of water store. Or we could leave customer support. It more depends on how we would like to rivers and ourselves. The next point. This, as in their email, I'm gonna leave as I mean email off my magenta store. And here is body where we could types on message and links and links to the product at some specific text, for example, coupons and so on and so on. So, for example, let's say hello. Um, during, uh, got me black Friday, we would I liked you for you. Uh, coupon That will save you, for example, around when I'm done, I'm going to click safe template. Okay. And here is a template. Now, who would like to start sending it? We need to select these option from the ground selection. Okay, count here. We need to determine the date when you like to be sent. For example, 24 on time when we would like it to be sent. Okay. 24 year sexual, a black Friday. So I have indicated the date and long winded. Quick, save your letter count. Where you know where we could check the status? Actually, is a killer case it on their marketing, and usually they're que on here it have basically tales when it's queued to be sent. What is the subject? Whether the status How many protests on how many recipients? Another point that you, ah, may want to know. Easy reports. Okay. And here you could find, uh, use later. Problems reports. You can track Weser then. Usually they're worse. Okay. And if not a U. S. A number off the records here related to their sore problems practically since All create newsletter. It's very effective way to communicate to ease your costumer sound to sell more. 34. Email Templates: email templates. Let's learn how to create and mileage email templates in Magenta. We're in dashboard town from here. Let's go to market, think and under communications, we have emailed templates. Let's go to connect, and here is a place where we could manage your mail templates. So far, we have no customer email templates. Eso Let's go ahead and create you want. I'm going to click in your template and here is a page war because greet customer Meltem plate, Um, by the fold Magenta have a number off pre built email templates for different purposes. If we click these scrolled all night come template, we could see a number off different email templates for different purposes. For example, remind password, reset passport, no ginger male contacts for and plenty off different other mild templates. And let's say that you would like to customise new order to place you under Template East template that customer receive after a place in order. So let's find this template you order Hello, what's loads The content does this template. I'm going to click load template, and here is a content, and it seems that you would like to replace these texts. Thank you for your order to something different. For example, we appreciate visit. You form your it from turning. Okay, of course, you could make much more deeper configuration. Sure. And you could customise variables and Hauser text and you could have new content. But my goal is just to give you general explanation how to do this. So we have changed the text. And now let's create name for this template. Let's call it my you order template. Okay. And now let's click Save template. So we have created new template based on new order and we call it It's mine, you order template. Yeah, Let's reviewed I'm going to click preview And here's is how it looks. So it looks very nice And we started from where? Appreciate that you order from my main Webster off course. This will be replaced with all store name. I'm going to close this. No. And the next point is to set in configuration for Magenta to use this template instead. Off default one. So let's go to its doors configuration. Hell, let's close this step now. Let's scroll down. We're looking for customers. Oh, sorry. Not customers about sales. I don't Ah Let's click on sales in miles Alma, Hef Step order here, and it's related to a new order. And let's find new order information to plate option. We hear from the order template we just default on. Well, let's, uh, check this box and let's elect as the new ones that were recently created my new order template. Let's select it. Let's click Safe Country found one more steps that we need to accomplish used to clean the cash. Let's Quinn's occasion. I'm gonna like adults, your boxes, angry crawfish. So now ever since should work the way we want. So we have changed at the fall template to custom to play that we created. So in that way you could create as much custom deploy its as you want count and manage them in that way. Thanks for watching hand scenes. The next lesson 35. Magento Marketplace: magenta marketplaces agreed. Source off extensions and templates for magenta I highly recommend to you displays because all extensions that you could find sheer are well secure Town well designed before an extension appears from the marketplace. It should go through protests, off verification, and I should make different quality standards. Magenta Jim, Magenta technology experts will analyze new extension Norton Place. And if for any reason it doesn't meant particular criterias or court standards, it will be rejected. So all the extensions that are available here have good quality. And other point is that porches in an extension of your you could easily install it from your magenta dead report. So I highly recommend this place as a great source off extensions and templates. Thanks for watching and seeing the next lesson. 36. Installing New Extension: installation of extensions. Let's learn how to install an extension to magenta to platform. So we're on the website practically were on a magenta marketplace, and that's a place where we would like to find them extensions that organ installed. So I already spent some time and browsed around and found several extensions that, uh, will take in consideration. But I have decided to install one simple X station. This is extension school. It's, um, broad equations. Okay, let's find it Well, as into short. Okay? And let's select magenta to here because we're looking for extensions. That compatibility is magenta to and wash in, uh, 2.2. Okay, so we have a product situation that is extension I have mentioned Let's open it and actually what it will give us. It will give us an ability to implement the full inform into the product page and from using that form a customer or a person who would like to ask question well able to write something, and we will receive a Z email regarded the particular product from where it was submitted. Eso Let's install this extension and the first thing that we need to do it into pushes it. Even so, it's free. So I'm gonna leave this option community because I'm instilling magenta community. And I'm gonna ignores the support section because I don't need any support. I will go by myself. So I'm now actually clicking into card bottom. Okay? And we have something in our basket. We do have this extension, and here I'm gonna click Golden Scout. Okay? And on the space, we calf has falling. No payment information required. And it means that extension sri and do have a zero price in order. Summer. So let's computers a portrait sound. I'm going to click place. Order. Okay, we just pushes it. An extension here is order number, and this is great. Uh, the next thing that we need to do, we need to go to my gentle dashboard. So I have magenta Open it in first step. Let's open it. And from here, let's go to, uh, system Webb said that were and you're less bleak on component Manager. Let's wait for a second. So practically each extension is a separate component, and we do have, like, or 100 compliments. And we do have, like, 12 components that are waiting installation and recently we pushes it on extension. And this means that we pushes it. New component. So what? We click sink? Ah, this world means that magenta will synchronize with the marketplace and we'll check weather . We have something you for installation because we Porteous it in your extension. New component. In other words, we expect to see well asserting here because something new appeared for installation. So let's do it. I'm going to click sink and we'll see. Okay, we can't even 14 here. I'm not your wife for Dean, but definitely it means that we have something. You for installation? Probably. I did something before and forgot about these, but we'll figure out now, so I'm going to click Install. And now let's find the extension, which we recently porches It. I'm speaking about this extension product question. So let's your story what's sure for it. Okay, I'm gonna do contra left to be more accurate. Okay? Okay, I actually, I sure which one I should install, So let's try another fumed I'm going to return back here. And the celery each is, um age wars. So it's it's yours for major wars here. Okay, we have a major war swan component and major wars. Two components, practically from one to understand his extension, which reports use it comes with two components that should be installed together. So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna select these two components, Okay? And now I'm going to click. Install before magenta. Confirm is the installation it will need to make some originals check to make sure that our environment mads a minimal requirements sounds great. Terrorists. Eso Let's click. Start trading this check and let's wait for sometime. I'm going to close this thing. Okay, Count Gordon to the check. We're ready to go ahead and install the competent or extension, so let's click Next. Um, each extension actually had new got to your magenta gold base aunt. It's highly recommended to make a pick up and point eso Sampson will be broken. You will able to restore the data and your privacy. Working configuration. Eso Let's click greeted pick up Now Let's wait for sometime. Just may take several minutes and doing more. Okay. Great. The backup is ready on. We can go get and continues installation. I'm going to click next before I will actually president still, but I would like to open our website gay. Let's do it. And the reason why I would like to open it because I would like to show you the way. How is the product Facial looks now before we actually and this competent. So let's click on any product page. Let's open it. And here is our product page. Is that how it looks? And we expect some words, the bottom somewhere Here I sing. Ah is, ah, product equation for after is a component installation. So let's return back to the dead aboard and let's find out like legs and still bottom. Okay, and installation is started. It also that may take from several minutes to even fly for more minutes. And, uh, we have, ah, gone. So look here and all the installation comments will be low. Get here and we will able to follow the installation. And once since install it, it will direct us to Success page or two bay trees error. So let's wait. Let's wait to see the results of the installation. Okay, we have successful installed magenta component or my jumped extension. Actually, um, it contains two component in scope, A one extension so We have guns installation on half sexist message here, and it's great. So the next think Let's go to back to set up tool. I think it will bring us to there, said the Wizard. Okay. And the next point is that, uh well, that's, uh, hoping Dashboard home page. Okay, can they didn't want work that wait. So let's, uh let's do another way. Kalas, go to admin. Basch director again. Now let's go to okay. I actually see with Kevin, you I can cure major wars. Well, let's click on it, uh, for some reason and doesn't want to work. Let's cleans fish. Let's reload the page. Okay, let's try again. Dan doesn't work. Uh, it doesn't mean that there is a Mr Ankle has tried to go to go to system. And let's go to, um, not the system about stores. And here lies good to configuration again. We have made yours here. And here is a component that we recently installed. Ask a question. Well, that's really good. And let's enable it. Okay. When you were unable something something significant, you need to do cleansing cash. Always. That's as a mundane gery point. So that's going to fish. OK, And now let's ah, try to our friends the product page to see if any change a pure to cure. Okay, Great. And we do have asked here, uh, I don't It means that has this, uh, extension started to appear on the product page? Let's click here, and we do have for according to the descriptions that be careful on Extension Beach. So if we go to the extension page, we could see that such forms should appear on the product page. And we do have the same form on our product patient. So ever since, looks fine ever seen. Look is the way we expected. And once again, this was very small. And these installation off simple extension. But my goal was to explain you how to use my gentle marketplace and how to install extension using the magenta Component Manager eso I hope you now have a clear understanding of that. And you will able Teoh customize your magenta installation with extensions that you may need for your business and for your success. Thanks for watching. And CNN's the next list 37. Changing Theme: Let's talk out to change the template in magenta too. By now you should already know how to use my gentle market. Please. And I have already Porteous it some free templates. So let's find them. I'm going to go to my profile, okay? And here I'm gonna go to purchase history and I've Porteous it, uh, absolute seem and probably some other Um, yes, a beast. You I will support you said this one. So now let's talk how to activate one off those steel. I'm going to return back to the dashboard and here I'm gonna go to see stem website the Wizard and I'm gonna use a component manager Practically installation all for new template is the same as installation off new extension. So let's wait for a second and let's activates necessary components related to seem installation. I'm going to click, install and let's define as they require it, um, component. So if we are speaking about, uh, these you theme, then we may want to activate as a fallen extension. I have selected it and I'm going to click in still here. Okay, let's lunch regulars chick more gates soon. These, uh, particle er template is not compatible with our current one gentle worship. Um, so we will not install it. Let's return back to company manager and let's try to do installation. Off is Arthur Ronald issues. Uh, absolute. Seem Okay, I'm gonna click and still here. Well, that's open. Accepts alert soon. Okay, Aunt, uh, what's turn back? Okay, so I think a Swiss up is actually is absolute team, so I think we have no other choice but to try to install it. So I'm going to select also, we stop related extensions. Okay. How long on the click and still here? Well, that's lunch. Regulars trick. How that seems it works this time. Okay? It seems that we are succeeded here so we can go ahead. I'm gonna make it a cup. And now let's wait for several minutes. Okay? Great. We have created the backup. I'm gonna close this thing, and here I'm gonna click next. Um, we are ready to install a candy. Actually, here is the least of extensions. Extensions is that they're going to be installed. Ah, looks for and for me. So let's try. Let's go against Oland. Let's see what will happen. And here is the installation process. So let's follows a look. You know, let's wait for the results. Maybe that we kept, uh, success message. Sure. And it means that Harrison looks fine, at least so far. So I'm gonna actually opens at mean area, and we'll go from there. Here. Let's go to content configuration. I'm gonna open into UTEP. Well, what's check was there. We kept new option here. We have absolute right. Let's like it. And we care for everywhere. Absolute now. So that way change. The demon we have is a new one selected. So, as always, we need to clean cash before we can see as a change on their website. So let's do it. I'm gonna go to cash management and care. I'm going to select home check boxes and click, refresh and well, let's try toe on our website. Okay? Acreage, we have for new demands. You could see my gentle, absolute off course. It's not configured, so I'm not sure if we will see the product somewhere here. Um, yeah, we could see them, but we could see that a number off, same as blocks are not configured. And that's something that we should demand But once again, as the goal of this lesson was to demonstrate how to change the theme or template in magenta toe. So you should for just it I recommend you to use magenta marketplace and off course for, uh, your business. I would suggest you to pay some dollar sent. Um, Porteous, nice looking team for your beans. So you could Portia sits on marketplace, then install it using the component manager and finally change it in magenta, their board. And of course, you will also need to make some kind off configuration for is a new team which, uh, you could install so sex for Washington, I hope is this will be useful for you on CNN's The next lessons. 38. Command Line Tool: my gentle to come on line two. Let's talk about this interesting future. I'm going to open a magenta to official website and they have docks and we have some explanation Share on what is on common line tool and how it could be used. I will leave the references for this last one. So you will able to, uh, check it by yourself. We're here for a number of comments here. So, for example, who like to run Cron? We can actually forceful Execute this comment and it will around the crowd. And if we would like to clean cash or enable cash, we could execute this common tent A to do what we need. And of course, there's much more different useful Commons that one time you will probably need to execute eso in this lesson. I will briefly explain how to use these Magenta. Come on, line two, I'm going to connect to my Web server with magenta installation. Okay, I'm going to insert and they address here and once again, I would like to confirm the time using Pootie software according to my opinions were useful and easy to understand. So let's open it and I'm gonna like in his rich user who is my boss? Work. Okay, well, that's open on full size screen. And before actually start executing something I wanted to go to zero derogatory with my gender installation. In my environment, I'm going to go to CD War, and I'm really w w each temo magenta. If you have other environment, it's very possible that pass to your magenta installation will be different. So when you go into root directories, magenta installation, you could execute, um, my jump to come on line two. So let's, uh, do a sample execution to see how it works, So I'm gonna type, um, HB uh, being mm, my gente and some. Come on. Let's, uh, try health, for example. Okay. And we have, uh, general over you over this common line tool here. And, um, is that simply that we called this common worse? And for example, if you would like to check all the available co months, let's do the fall. And let's type, uh, be, um, Bill, my Gento ound policed and each of display us and actually displayed all the available commons has that supported by disease on Come on, line two So, for example, if you would like to work with sample data that we should use be sexually, who would like to stop something, we should consider this section and, for example, who like to clean cash, for example from the coma line, we could use the distraction and use. Is this particular comment cash clean? I saw that just brief example. I am almost sure that you will need it to use this actually to from time to type. So be careful. But don't worry to use it just to use it carefully and rare. Reach information about the common just to make sure that it will be executed in appropriate manner. Practical is its soul. In regards to this lesson, thanks for washing and scenes the next lesson. 39. Magento 2 Modes: my gentle much Ah, magenta could perform in a relatively different weight. And this very pants on the motor, which is actuated uh, practically magenta, have three different months as the 1st 1 is the fault. Multi default melted some sins that you get from from the box when you stalls magenta. The second motives production mode. It makes magenta pretty fast and it enable some occasion, but is ah, bad thing is that it's not friendly for the development and final is areas that the weapon , which makes my gentle, slower. But the good thing is that a magenta become friendly from the development standpoint. Eso Let's see how it works. I'm gonna look into my Web server using the Buddhist culture okay, and a lot of losers. And let's go to ah, Home directory with my gentle and what's Jack Richemont? Is Carl actuated? I'm gonna type Comment BHP um being magenta deploy more show. Okay, Aunt. Guard Lou Half uh, default mode. Actuated. Uh, practically I'm not a new experts here. I will be fair, but I tried to find some difference between development and production. Mud and ah, helm fault. Much difference. I see production makes magenta even a little bit faster about default mode is also fine for for production purposes, a world. But still, if you are switching your website life if you go life and, uh, you have ever seen configured, I suggest you to switch on production. So let's do this now s example. I'm going to switch to a production. Well, I'm gonna like beach be being gente um Deploy Lord sad production. Okay? And it will now reconfigure my gentle for maximum performance. Let's wait for some time, okay? And as we could see, uh, there are no errors on. We have siege it magenta successfully to production mode. So what it means it means that it will perform on a maximum possible speed. Why didn't the same time? It will be not where friendly from a development standpoint. So that's how you could teach magenta between different modes and get benefit off each particle or mote. I hope we will sell a Pio Sanks for watching an scenes. The next lesson 40. Securing Magento 2 with SSL Certificate: installation off as a sole short. If icky in scope of this lesson will talk how you can quickly and easily install has a soul certificate if you use cloud ways for posting service. So I have fresh magenta installation here. And as you could see, we have, uh, some. But label here, it shows us is that connection is not secured. And of course, it's a big problem. If your website this published hound, uh, you would like to deal with real customers, probably they will not buy from you because of that. And if you are hosted, Cloud weighs its were easy to fix it. I'm going to go to my dashboard and I'm going to select these server here is magenta to foods that gay. And here I'm going to go to application, and I'm going to select my magenta installation. And we have, uh, left menu here, and there is an option as a self certificate. Let's click on it. Now let's fill out the necessary fields. Actually, just two fields, email address and the meaning. So I'm going to indicate my riel email address here. I can't hear I'm gonna and gate these domain names gangwon. They removed his Did you be? And Huzar Sambol. So we should see something like, uh, straightforward domain. No other characters. And I m practically is. It's all all I need to know. The east to click, Install certificate. Let's do it. Ah, installation usually takes me doing several minutes. Eso Let's wait a little bit, okay? I'm, like, half message. Is it, uh, certificate installed successfully. Let's take a look. I'm going to return back to the website. I'm gonna open it again. Okay. And now let's try to open and twists Https. Get great than we have, uh, green label. And it means that our connection is secure. So, uh, now our websites is ready for production in terms off security standpoint. Ah, if you are hosted another reporting service, it's not the problem. Of course, you can ask them to install certificate for you as well. Usually it's ah, uh should be bad with extra film, but very depends on the costing. Several to choose. For example, As I mentioned already, cloud was provided for free, so don't hesitate to contact your Web hosting company is the issue to help you to get this configured. But once again if you are hosted with called ways, it's where easy Has a demonstrated you in just a minute ago. Ah, Sanks for washing count, See, use the next lesson. 41. Payment integration with BlueSnap: payment integration. One day you won't to integrate your magenta, but for always payment system. And there are many different payment systems available in the market. Some of them are unknown. Some of them are very popular and leading the market such as PayPal or Brain DRI. And of course, when it's Diamond Teoh integrate with payment solution with the payment system, yours started to think about security and you're started to think about convenience, whether it will be convenient for you to accept this payment where weather it will be coming in for your customer to use this payment. And, uh, in these lesson, I'm gonna show you were a nice and very interesting solution. It's gold blue snap insured move Snap is all in one payment platform is that allow you to accept within one account a number of different payment systems. So even when I can't with blue Snap, I could give you ability toe PayPal, different grated card payments, easy, ours on different transfers and many more So that's all in one payment solution. And it's extremely useful for us business owner because you have one place where you manage your payments, and it's very convenient for customer because they can base a variety of different payments . Let me quickly lines there promo video in just for the next search of 40 seconds where they collide there may and benefit. So I'm going to click on it and it'll seat for the next Sergio for two seconds. In a way, business is simple. You sell something. People buy it with money, But money isn't simple. You need to process credit card details and accept options like PayPal or Apple pay. You also have to accept payments through mobile marketplaces, any wallets? And what about subscription models, global banks and currencies, invoice payments, manual orders and so much more? All the software solutions you use could get a bed tangle. You could simplify with an integrated solution, but you worried that that might limit the payments you can accept and limit the business you can do that simply can't happen. Fortunately, okay, way just seemed this video. And as you see, the main highlight minute is that bluestem could actually replace Ah, a number of different payments. Okay, when one account with Blue snip allows you to accept ever right to different payments and leads extremely convenient for yours, the business owner out for your customer because they will be able to pay, for example, with PayPal. A great car to your a cr shand. Many more eso in this lesson. I will explain you how to get on the board to his blue snap and how to integrate this payment system with magenta toe as the first things that you need to do is to go to their website and there is a bottom talk to sales. I suggested to click on it and to talk with someone from Blue Snap sales team. And, uh, the main thing here is just to make sure that your business comply with the rules with their holding its out to make sure that they're your business model is acceptable for them , wants is done. The next thing is to send up with them. You will need to fill out this form or probably were life shows. They will able to, uh, accept your request for account and usually takes between one or three days to get account activated. Once you hear account deactivated, you will usually get to our counts. If I click lagon, there is a sandbox and production. And, uh, they're absolutely identical from the user standpoint about the means incurious that sandboxes used for test purposes. And when you use 10 bucks and insert greatest card payment, eat one charge. But production is, and there really is a real environment. And, of course, Aziz Sampson that you will use for your customer payments. Eso That's only difference. They're identical from the operational standpoint. But in the first step, when you send books, you won't be charged when you insert grated carpet. Okay, so let's say you have an account with them. You have both sandbox sounds. Real account production one on. Um, you're ready. Teoh, get my jumper integrated. Resist payment solution. So your next step east Teoh open. Uh, guidance. I actually help prepared. He's here. It's Ah. Well, bones and Blue snap website. Don't, um ah. Directionless through steps that we will need to accomplish to get these, uh, payment solution integrated with my gentle too. The first things that we need to do we need to look into our easier production or sandbox account. And after rice Sorry, be where we have magenta hosted eso Let's do it. I'm going to return back to their website and I will go to production. Because how old are you? Have some experience in integration. So I will be straightforward and they will go to Production one. Okay, I will need to authorize No. Okay. And your I wanted to go to settings, eat the ice settings and we have a field here. It's authorized it. The address on here is the least off. Authorizes DP addresses. Ah, I already have to write. Some might be addressed, but I will remove it on Ah, I will repeat it from from scratch again. So the goal here is Do indicate a B address off Sarah where? Where my gender is hosted. And it means that this era will able to communicate with bluestem. Eso Let's find Xabi adrift off server. Where here? Magenta hosted. In my case, I'm hosted with Cloud Weighs on I P address off My server is, uh, this one. So I'm going to copy it and I'm going to return back to I b i settings and I'm gonna base it here. And this is kind oflife life Hakko. It will be coming in for me to copy and paste it here one by one. Okay, I have authorized, and they'd be address off my server with magenta installation. Actually, here is magenta installation. And as a P address hold. They said we just after rice on the next step east to, um, purchase are actually down along this extension from, um, a gentle marketplace. Let's do it. I'm gonna open marketplace in new window. Ah, and, uh, I already I think of it didn't guard double check. Yes, I have it on guard. Uh, you will need just to select easier, enter press or community addition and added to cart. And from here we will go on going. I'm gonna click on gold to check out, and here I'm gonna start. My, uh, credentials are cured. Just make sure is is there is no payment. Count your information and let's Glick place an order. Okay, We have this extension available for download now. So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna don't load it. Could lead down a lot. Ah, so legs aversion. I'm going to use the latest one on the Have it downloaded to my I don't want folder get, uh, what I'm gonna do now. I'm gonna, um, based it on my desktop for convenience on the next things that I need to do, I need to unzip it. So I'm using ah or our problem. But it doesn't matter whether you use right or is it or any other, uh, sold her to, uh, come back. So I'm going to go, Okay. And, Rachel, come back all the files so we can visit files here. The next thing that I will need to do according to the guidance used to applaud the extension files twosies director, Let's do it. So here, I will need some kind off FTP connection or sftp. In my case, I'm going to use sftp connection, and I will use a program called Win s A P. Okay. And I'm sure I'm gonna indicate my server details. So here, I won't sort. User name boss for philae owns a crossword helmed able to wrestle. The server is a hosting, okay. And I need to go to applications. Um, Arthur Victory public html and we have magenta files here. What they need to do now, I need to make sure that I have these directory past Well, about in my magenta. Most likely I don't have invited fold, but I will need to create it. So let's create it. We're in a PP or application and short. Then we need to create the folder Cold court. I'm going to click F seven in witness IPI to create new father The next folder Reese Blue snap. And finally, is that what wants to on this payment? Okay. And now let's blow old files. Um, hold the files from, uh, uh, that we don't will. The twosies. Um, director, I'm going to go to desktop because we have the files here. Count all I will need to do to copy all these files. Do the, uh, full in past. Well, let's wait till it'll be while it's Koppett. Okay? A week f governs of files, Aunt, uh, we have finished step mom or three. And now we will need to execute the number off comments from the command line. Once again, there are a number off options help to do it, but I'm going to use put the application I will need to connect. We, uh, um s s h or shell to the server. And once again, I'm going to use my server credentials to do this boss words again. Uh, here I will need to go to my jump. The director. So I will type ls to see where I am in. Or actually what folders are available to me and I won't even go to applications here. I will need to g 02 user from cure. I will go to babbling Gosh demo pound two year in magenta Director So it's a place where you can execute the Commons. Now let's return back to the mental. And according to the mental is the first Commons that we need T execute is a fallen being magenta stumping. Great. Let's drive. Okay. Um next government. He's Teoh. Um execute the fallen comment is the next step. What's dude? Okay, Final final final is the lost Girl. Monti's these one. Okay, this government is not a mandatory now, but I still said suggested to execute it to be on same site it one Brokenness since all, no words, But still, in your case it does. This might be needed. So we have executed the number of comments and the next step is to clean cash. Well, let's look in tow arm a gentle did report my user name my boss. Work hopes by mistake. I click for about your press work. Okay, we're in dashboard here. We need to go to see stem cash management flush with cash. Okay. Finally, we were ready to get these extension actuated, so let's check out to do this. We need to go to the stores. Configuration sales. Hammond Med. It's gallons. Do it doors. Okay, The next point is, configuration is the next on this sales down payment methods. Let's scroll down to the bottom. Other payment methods. And we have blue snap greeted David card payments here. No. So there are a number off feels that arm undated To be completed or mandatory. I could say so, and we will need to fill out them to make sure that extension works. So the 1st 1 is enabled The solution. As long as you ready to go click. Yes. Ah, Mort. Monday is also very important. You need to select your either send box if you use distant environment or production. As in my case, I'm going to click production. Ah, sure description. She see payments. Ah, hold conjures. Allowed the cam gonna skip Aziz, uh, FBI user name. Let's copied from here and ah, FBI Bosworth headed Store it elsewhere will compete from share. Okay, that's click safe Config. What game? We have saved configuration and what I'm expecting for. I'm expecting to see this payment option on check out page. Let's try. Let's see, Let's go on to the website. Let's click Shope New Yoga. Okay, now let's add these back to shopping cart for some reason. Eight. Want to work with me? Let's go to Jake. It's for example. Let's go here. Let's X ice collar article. Let's click. Add to cart. Okay, we have these jackets and cart. Let's go to check out page to see if the new payment option is now available for us. Okay. And the sciences? First time fortunes. I will need to reduce her. So let me reduce her quickly. - Okay ? And let's simulate for just I'm going to click next now. And will he have here? Great guard David, Guards payments and it's blue Snap. Let's click on it. Okay. Found. Ah, the reason why it doesn't work. Is it because your website have to? Well, it SSL certificate. I think this was configure it already by me, but let me double check. Yes, it works. And let your wife doesn't want to work your what's force it okay. And we have just the necessary feels to completely are real payment. So if I enter my created cars the Dales now he will charge me for 50 things dollars and my payment will go to Blue Snap. And, of course, once again way Just contribute credit card payment. But you can enable people you can enable easy Osh and many other options in your blue snap configuration on the count site. Practical Is it sold? Thanks for watching make life much easier for yourself as a business selling there. I don't do the same for your customer as they will have a variety of options to use for payments. Thank you. And those the best 42. Thank you!: Hello. Thank you for your time and your affords that you've spent to which these video training. I really appreciate it. And they hope that today you are much more confident with magenta. No matter whether you have business running on magenta or you would like to start it. In both cases, I hope you fell yourself much more confidence than it was had the wear beginning over this course. Uh, once again, I really appreciate your choice. Uh, I hope that information that you now have will help you, and you will be more efficient working with my gentle do platform. If you liked the scores, police like it out recommended to us once again. Thank you. And all the best.