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Made You Look | Poster Design #4 | Vegas Baby!

teacher avatar MadeByStudioJQ, Love What You Do

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction About Class


    • 2.

      Grid based layouts – Adobe Indesign


    • 3.

      Presentation – Adobe Photoshop


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About This Class

Made You Look | Poster Design #4 | Vegas Baby

Using Indesign & Photoshop to create a series of neat grid based poster designs.
Each unique, yet work together as a brand. Using my own photography to help balance the composition.

Hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing feedback and also seeing you designs.

Download free source files here

Follow my latest designs on Instagram and tag when/if you post your designs :)



All Works Copyright © 2018 ∆ Studio–JQ ∆

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Love What You Do


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Design Graphic Design
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1. Introduction About Class: have you guys welcome back with golden crowns and half months to get your kid. Bring your fourth poster from the school show Siri's. I want to go back to my made you look product from last year on. Give you guys a bit of a different presence on the places I use allows on grid sort system . The the interesting thing about this project is that I have actually using my photography. I actually enjoyed doing when I went out to Las Vegas in November, so I wanted to base my pace design on my experience there just to show you how to balance up compositions with type using shapes, my photography, keeping a thing, the dark thing running through, but was he could go into color and stuff. But I'll just give you clean monitor kind of look for these. So, yeah, let's get good 2. Grid based layouts – Adobe Indesign: right now, we re landed in design itself. This is the design we're gonna get full today on a day free variations off my French class with three different designers. Um, just gonna show you how I take inspiration from shapes or from whatever is in the image to create composition. It will be using the elements that are called here. Keep things consistent. Ah, yeah. So let's get good. First of all, amusing this size 24 80 35 breaks. This is the size had 2% size off the PST market that I knew. Obviously, you can get by any full A three whatever, but just give example in case you use the source files the grid. I'm gonna go for make my guys up, so I'm gonna get for 20 0 Got so 14 Sarah ongoing that Not to the page, but to the margins. Because I used the margins as a guideline to so first of American to play one. This was, um this was a course. Prints were on the helicopter over the Grand Canyon Already. Can't say this is where you can overplay because we've got the greatest locked the grid up . So go. We're not guide size than they won't move about on first once we get all the elements in. So I'm not going to give you the boundary of my major look, because this would be your aim paste, er so I just want to elements of what I got here. We got fun. Let's make around four. So one needs to look the same. The size of the formal sector is going to stay the same, but her composition that will be slightly different. There's also a random. It's plain to see. Um, just to see how things come together we're gonna get for something like this can just keep into that. It's the grant when you got it and just stop. It fits. Three. Take these elements is just a play on on the U. S. Flag. But I think the lines worked really well. Just a great loss. Locked the background. Just a shame. What playlists? There's just these shapes. Just draw with shape there. That sandal even started on these there it's on. It can just get bodies with the of Each one is consistent. So as we're going with the horizon under the gay, all the way across these still playing against doing used, like, speak, margin hair, bring in the pre in the text, make it so I want saying no, My ugh. This sounds like they I need something at the top. So I would get one of these lines again with the With that I like to play with small elements with them obviously looking, you need to look from far away to see how things balance out. You might not, right when you're zoomed up for that, when you zoom out right now, that play line up top of their no, everything's tests on the side. So they would be nice and relying too with ease. This flag, Yeah, very loose lines up there on this one was called flights of that small text. You could even get also the image itself stand on the grid. I don't know that we're gonna get why instead, for like, a lap in it always had to stand the great, but I think it's best to you to do so. Get another start on that. See how these lets you wanted. As you can see, when when he moved the elements, it lines up to the kites. She's really hopeful. Just put in, please. If you request, you can have the source files than you can play of it. I also give you the the PSD files. Eso You can put it into a presentation of South and show on social media sector by making little little parts of information but making them interest and said using like a book like this. So it's not just poor intact. That's not snapping for some reason. So good news. And the grants, I think, is my good soon our inner some printer, these in maybe lineup with the, well, guys about the noise in the background. That's that's one design we deal with that one again you can play. This is in the middle of States that they were locked. Teoh. That's what was missing. I think there's not a lot down here, So just a parent's things up in the cooler brother with. So yeah, it's parliaments up in the corner and then we get on to the next one. Okay? So just duplicate that again, keeping the same elements Wonderful Seasons products in this one. It's a couple of so they bring in the image. Let's get for bigger image on this one was really last one. When you're doing photography, um, just get something a little out of it. Actually, it's all your own creation that I'm sure, like so you can get over the many of the lines here. Daniken, able alimentary with shapes to a little bit longer, could show that there's a bit of I've good, all you could even just turn it around. So that administration, the trees, people, that's it. Kansas, using all the same elements just for consistency, for the for this settle to in. So when someone sees that they see a brand a collection which shaped if information. But they live in the same family, I think so. It is important. Let's just get one star could even have these coming off the page that it's about not putting too many elements in, but enough to make it interesting. Okay, and let's see how this can work. Image. This one doesn't need a lot of it. What do you like? The challenge of using the same amount of enemies. It's just a personal traveling to try and get in the same same parsing shakes same text, but to make it a different is good. Your challenge maybe looking good. Uh, okay, so it's going on strike. Well, uh, we found him, but it's not pretty Courses different already, but it shows the hustle on the strip. Tried. I think this the lines me that 71 more and then afterwards were put them in their presentations and you'll see how they come together. This one was a great pitchers. This one's going to clip it. What we can do is well, actually, I should. But then just use in right cycles. We can put one in a circle too, that show off the councils of land. Just paste inside there, off center again. Court will censor going to give this one a lot off or even spaces to write aligned. Line it with the circle My grades Skip these lines from here. They want to do too much. This one No, like symmetry. Okay, get all the information. This the girl on the the vital lines bread here. You know the good rule. Never put lights on lights. He never put the word text on a white background. Uh, you can play with the contrast in stuff t do that if you need to do so. Still information down here. So this called off of it when you put them to go. You can see that kind of look how they looked together. Exactly what? You can take a look. Good watch turned up. Then you need to look for the neighborhood afterwards. Just gonna see how this might work with another word of shapes inside it. So they got a bit of the circles taken up the lines that complements the image is something differently. Good. What loss? I think the star should get just in the middle of Can General Grant. There are three different designs using the same elements. Um, no, it'll furniture, but they look different, but in the same family. So now we're just take them into first shot and see how they work together. 3. Presentation – Adobe Photoshop: so I know I'm exposed out. Is the ps ball into fair to shop? Save 100%. Uh, then you can see how it works here. Looking nice in the presentation. I haven't made the background Turnley blacks. You can't see the whole process. It just like like, great from there. And I just want to say how you some of the elements from that poster in actual presentation itself. So using the lines to quote complete what's actually in the poster clients love to see how you can put the project together by not just using the content, but how the who Brian works together on I think is interesting. You don't just have the post that you have something behind something to make it jump out, not make that too busy, but enough to see to make the I works. You can see how it all fits together, something that looks ready, really good. Wanting to do is put the other ones into this template and see how they work together. Um, yeah, I think I think I said so. I'll be really interested to see if you can use only during photos in your in your designs using this grid based design on before 20 feet about it so