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Lower Third #1: Learn How to Create Cool Lower Thirds in Adobe After Effects CC

teacher avatar F. Alamadi, Motion Graphics & Animations

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome to Lower Third #1 Class


    • 2.

      Introduction To After Effects Interface


    • 3.

      Creating 4K and FullHD Composition


    • 4.

      What is PreCompose


    • 5.

      Organizing Project Structure


    • 6.

      Preview Lower Third Title 1


    • 7.

      Technique 1: Keyframe Interpolations


    • 8.

      Technique 2: Time Remapping


    • 9.

      Technique 3: Adding Color Control System


    • 10.

      Designing Lower Third Title 1


    • 11.

      Animating Lower Third Title 1


    • 12.

      Render Lower Thirds


    • 13.

      Thanks and Wrap Up


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About This Class


We highly recommend you to start from the First Class (Lower Third #1) of this series. because we have talked about the basics of After Effects for new users and some useful techniques that we will use them in the other 5 classes.

Class 1: Lower Third #1

Class 2: Lower Third #2

Class 3: Lower Third #3

Class 4: Lower Third #4

Class 5: Lower Third #5

Class 6: Lower Third #6


Hello Everybody

And welcome to another really great after effects tutorial from Video Course Center.

As you may know, lower thirds are really useful when you want to help audiences to know the person who is talking to the camera or use them as a title for introducing a movie, project, and so on.

We have a series consist of 6 separate classes and in each class, we are going to learn and use essential techniques that are really necessary for creating awesome lower thirds. I highly recommend you start from the first class of this series. because we have talked about the basics of After Effects for new users and some useful techniques that we will use them in the other 5 classes.

You can find the links for other Lower thirds classes in the video description.

In this class, we’re gonna learn how to create this lower third in after effects.

  • First, you will learn essential techniques that are necessary for creating our lower third in this class.
  • Then we’ll build our Lower Third using Shape layers, texts, masks, solid layers, Text animators, and some of other After Effects built-in tools.
  • Next, I’ll show you how to animate this lower third using keyframes.
  •  And finally, I’ll show you how to render your Lower Thirds with alpha channel so anyone can use it in any editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, and so on.

This class is very easy to follow and even if you are new after effects user you will be able to follow along!

This course is appropriate for all After Effects users (from Novice to Expert).

  • Do you want to be able to create your own professional looking lower thirds and titles animation?
  • Do you want to create cool animated lower thirds titles on your own instead of paying someone else to do it for you?
  • Do you want to learn how to create professional lower thirds package and sell them in After Effects Marketplaces?

So, you're in the right place at the right time, This class resolves all your needs!

This is The Most Complete Guide to Lower Thirds and Titles Animation in Adobe After Effects. This course covers all essential techniques that are really necessary for everyone who wants to become master in creating video titles, titles animation, kinetic typography, motion graphics, and dynamic shape lines techniques.

So! What are you waiting for?!

Enroll now and learn how to create cool and professional looking lower thirds in after effects.

So, let’s get started:) 

See you in class!


Classes Previews:

Class 1: Lower Third #1


Class 2: Lower Third #2


Class 3: Lower Third #3


Class 4: Lower Third #4


Class 5: Lower Third #5


Class 6: Lower Third #6


If you are new After Effects user please watch this course from the beginning so you will get a complete overview of After Effects.

Thanks for enrolling in this course and we hope to see you inside this online video course!


Enroll & Enjoy!



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Video Course Center 


Meet Your Teacher

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F. Alamadi

Motion Graphics & Animations


High-Quality Training: Motion Graphics & Animations



I'm here to create online video classes to teach you how to create awesome Motion Graphics, how to use After Effects to create Lower Thirds, Titles Animation, Visual Effects, Slideshows, Openers,... and other interesting video effects in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and so on...

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1. Welcome to Lower Third #1 Class: Hello, everybody. And welcome to another really great aftereffects tutorial from video course center. In this class, we're gonna learn how to create this low offered in after effects. First even learn essential techniques that are really necessary for creating or lower Third in this glass, then will build or Lowther using shape players, text masks, solid layers, takes any matures and some of other after expecting tools. Next, I'll show you how to and make this law 30 using key frames. And finally, I'll show you how to render your lower thirds with Alpha Channel so anyone can use it in any editing suffer like other a premium pro final cut and so on. This class is very easy to follow, and even if you are a new after fix user, he will be able to follow along and run now and learn how to create cool and professional looking lower thirds in after effects. So let's get started. See your glass 2. Introduction To After Effects Interface: hello and welcome in this lecture I want to talk about it will be after effects interface If your current interface doesn't look like mine don't worry. I will teach you how to customise and change these layouts. Now I will talk about important aftereffects panels for new users. Here on the left side, we have project window. If you want to use any external files in your projects, I mean photos, videos, audios that sets right. You have to import them inside these window to import files into this window. We have two methods. Let that one from menu, you can select file imports. Five. Method to double click inside project window and select your file stream force while importing footers, we have two different options. You can import a single file or if you have multiple number files by traveling on these inmates sequence option. You can import multiple fights as a sequence. This is F X Consul panel. Here you can see all effects apply to a layer toe. Open this panel. Select a layer in timeline and heat F three on your keyboard or from many or select effects at X const. Run here You can manipulate settings on effects apply to a selected layer in timeline. Okay, this is tools panel here. We have some tools that we will use them a lot. Try to memorize hot case for these tools because this will help you to work faster in adobe after effects. If some tools are disabled for you right now, don't worry. When you add layers to a composition, you can access all these tools. This is foot is window on. If you want to see a preview of a video or image, you can simply double click on it in Project Window. Now in food is window. You can move time in the kisser Kilic onset in point on, then move time indicator for more on Gillick onset outlined. By doing this, you can make a clip of this footage. Also, you can click on the middle of this clip over these lines on Move this creep through time. This open calibrations shows a start time or frame off the grip on close curly braces shows end time or frame off. The clip on this number showed the left off the clip. All of these numbers are based under timecode display format if you hold Council key or Komansky under keyboard on left click on this number, you can change timecode display formats. Okay, Put your time indicator at the frame. You want your clip to start now, to insert this clip inside your composition, we have two options. If you click on overlay at its bottom. As you can see, your clip will replace at current time in together position. I hit control Z to undo. And if you click on ripple inserts at its button, as you can see, all below leers really exploited at your current time indicator position on All right. Side parts off this pleated layers were shifted to the right on. This clip would be inserted within these two sections. Okay, this is composition window. This window shows everything that is available inside your timeline. I mean, videos, photos, text effects, masks, cameras, nal objects, etcetera. OK, this is preview panel. This is where you can make preview from what you have in your timeline or composition. He every adverse frame previous rain play bottom Next frame on last rain mutes odio a new options. Yeah, You can change around prevue shortcuts. For example, you can set it to non pat zero. All you can select from menu composition Prevue play Collins Preview said French to work area. By doing this, you can see a preview off all layers in timeline that are between work area start handle on work area and handle, and also here you can select a proper from rate. Here, you can set the resolution. If you want to see your compositions in high quality, you can set it to full. If you select Colin time for play from option, then by pressing zero keep reviewed with the stock from Colin Time indicator position in your timeline. And here we have some other options that you can play with them. Here we have in propellant. In this window, you can see what is the position of your cursor. Encompass your window. Top left corner is the original coordinates for your composition. I mean, 00 on. You can see that these numbers are changing as I move my mouth in this minnow. Also here you can see the RGB a value of for each point under my cursor in composition window. This is FX and perceptible. He have you have lots of different effects and presents. At this time, you can see all the default aftereffects pull against and presents. And if you add some other plug ins or presets to after effects, you can see them inside these panel. If you want to add an effect to a layer of you have two methods. Methods one so like the effect from effects and present pendant and dragged over the layer With a two, you can select the layer in terms line then in effects and precept on the double click on an effect. This is character, but if you add the text in your composition, you can change text properties in this window, for example, you can change for the slide text size, said the leading I Mean a spaces with the multiple rows off texts tracking for characters. I mean spaces between characters at the strokes, changes, scales and some other options available here you can use to change Texas. Thanks. Here you have paragraph panel In this window, you can change former off the text, for example, allowing it to the left, center and right to change text alignment. Simply select your text in timeline and by clicking of these bottoms, you can change text alignments, and here you can change text justified to distribute your tax evenly between margins. This is composition area. On the left side, you can see all the layers you have used in this composition, and on the right side you can see visual representation off the layers. Yeah, you can at key frames two layers, the right, then change timing off layers. You can add a script to a specific effect off layer on other features that you will learn more about them later in future videos. Now I want to talk about these small Watson's available here these I button shows or hides videos. If you hide this layer, then it won't be rendered in final video by old your button you can on or off audio. For this layer, Saleh bottom will show only this layer and hides all other layers. If you hold all K and left, click on Sallah Botton. Then he will turn on solo for current layer and turn off solo for other layers on this lack bottom. Well, luckily on it is useful when you want to avoid accidentally selecting this layer, and here we have some other items that we will talk about them in future lectures. This is render cure window in this window, we will render or final composition. Yeah, we will make a video off projects. Don't worry, I will talk about all essential parts off the Render Something's window. In a future lecture, we will talk about how to render high quality with those with the small five slice. How to add some great comparisons like H 50.26 Work your comm Purcell list if you don't have it here right now, and many other essential tips. If you can see some of these panels, you can open video menu and show or hide panels. For example, I add vehicular on brushes panels. Also, you can change each of in the position by clicking and dragging the window. You can see some highlighted areas around the windows on. You can place your window wherever you like. Toe unlucky panel right click on paneling and select on back panel toe. Make it float onto Duckett to apartment window again. Simply click on paneling and drag it over near window and live it on one of these highlighted areas on to close a panel Right click on panel aim and select Calo Spanish. If you want to have a specific Palos every time you open aftereffects, you can save your work A space. To do this, we can close unwanted panels or at parents that you need and rearrange them and finally choose window working space. Save as new working space on Give it a name, for example, My rocket space and he It's okay. Now, if you see each to another working space, then to recover your safe aftereffects interface, simply select window working space and click on your saved layout. Okay, This was the basic introduction to aftereffects interface on. As we go along, he will learn more about this amazing interface. So I hope you have injured so far on I see you in next lecture. 3. Creating 4K and FullHD Composition: in this lecture, I will teach you how to create compositions in after effects. But maybe this question has crossed your mind. What is an aftereffects composition, and why do we need it? Work on fights in after vex, you need to place them in a composition. A composition is a container that the stores layers of video, audio, text, etcetera. Compositions are essentially independent timelines, so you can think off each composition as being a separate movie project. Then your projects gets more complex. You start having several compositions for different parts of the project. You can even use some compositions as layers in other compositions to structure your project. Okay, In this picture, you will learn how to create four K and foolishly compositions to create a composition. We have three methods. Method one from many of select composition. New composition method to in project window. Click on these small bottom Method three. We can drag your footage over these small bottom. In this way, your composition, size and information will be the same as your footage. Okay, let's delete it, and it's start creating a new composition from scratch to create a forca composition from Menu Select near composition and use these settings in name field type, for example. For K camp, you can change it later if we need it. For preset, select NTSC Devi for with type 38 40 pixels. If luck aspect ratio is checked, please uncheck it. And now for height type 2160 pixels. Now again, check luck aspect pressure for pixel aspect ratio. Select escort pixels. This would create perfect score pictures. It means for each pixel height equals with for frame rates like 23.976 for resolution. Select half for now, but you can change it later for a start. Time code Type zero on for duration. Type 10 seconds, said background color to black. You can change it later if you need it. Okay, to save your time and every doing all these steps each time, you can save preset from these settings from preset, drop down, select custom and then click on Visa Small save button and give it a name. For example, four K videos. Now he's okay. If you want to change background color, go to composition settings or in all the versions off aftereffects. You have to select background color option in this menu. If you want to rename a composition, you can change it in composition settings or heats council K. You can for name it here. Also, you can select composition in Project Window and heat, return on your keyboard and now give it a new name. Now, if you want to create another four K composition, you can simply select near composition and give it in your name and from preset drop down menu. Select four K videos preset on heat. Okay, now to create a foolishly composition from many a select near composition and use these settings in name field type, for example, foolishly camp. The only difference between foolishly and fourty composition is very dimensions, so from preset drop down because, like four Calvados and then simply change these settings for with type 1920 pixels. And for high type 10 80 pixels, all the settings are same as 40 composition and from preset. Drop down select custom and now click on save preset button and give it a new name, for example, fully actually videos it. Okay, now, if you want to create a new composition, you can simply slacked near composition. That's like one of these presets for Calvados or full STV does. In these scores, we will create love authors or titles in four conformance. So as like, four K video was preset. Now you can import your footage or audio files into this project. We have two methods for this action. Select file Import file or heats Control. I or you can simply double click inside Project Window, and it will open imports window for you. It's like your foot. It's and hit. OK, button. Now you can drag your footage into this composition and you can start working on it. Okay. Thanks for watching and see you in next lecture. 4. What is PreCompose: in this lecture, we want to see what is per composition or beautifully. ProComp on by Duveen ate it for composing simply means taking one or more layers that are already in a composition and turning them into a new composition off their own For composing makes multiple layers do similar things. It also sets the new composition to the same resolution as the original composition and set the new compositions beginning at the beginning off. The orginal for composing is good to use when you want to apply complex change toe on entire composition. Now that we know what it's become, how to create it. Two per compose one or more layers, select them and from many, or choose layer per compose or heat shift control. See on give it a name or right click on there in timeline and select for composed. Of course, this option is not available in all the versions off. After facts, notice that the layer is now a composition within the original composition on the new composition has appeared here in your project window. That's a per composed if you still want to manipulate the original layers that would click on the pro composed in the project window that will bring you inside The per composed on the layers will now be available for manipulating. Okay, Thanks for watching and see you in next lecture. 5. Organizing Project Structure: If you want to create your projects to sell them in marketplaces or even if you want to create them for your videos, we highly recommend to organize your projects. This is very important a step, and this may accept projects qualified for marketplaces and also understandable for your customers. So try to use these standards in all of your projects. In this lecture, I'm going to show you how to organize your projects for video hive marketplace. If you want to sell your products in other marketplaces, you can download their sample project template to see how they have organized and then try to follow their standards. Okay, let's explore how to organize our projects to create for others, you can simply click on create in your folder bottom or in this empty area, right click and select new folder. Now here you can type your folder name and heat return on your keyboard. If you want to rename this water later, we can right click on it and select rename. Or you can simply slack the folder and hit Return. Renamed the folder and again press return to Change folder structure. You can select it on drag it over an existing folder, and if you want to bring out the folder, you can select it and drag it through this empty every. Now this holder will be in the road. Now they will analyze a stand up for their structure for a video of template. Here we have several foreigners inside Project in, though. Assets. No authors or titles, reviews, renders and solids inside. As this folder of you have at least three folders, Audio logo's on media's to import each one, you can select it on import need that fights inside the authors or titles. If you have all of author scenes on compositions, this is the level 3rd 1 Main composition, as you can see, are the authors have similar structure. To improve your Vogler, we have to compositions, sequence, composition and cattle composition. Here in seconds composition. We will add a little thirst compositions one after another to make a sequence off them. This is a great way to show your lower thirds separately on in a full screen mode. In cattle composition, we have all off all authors on the screen. This will help your customers to have a quick overview off all of authors available. Inside your package, we will add or low authors toe these two compositions as we go along here In Render folder , we have several render compositions. Each composition has its own dimension that you can see in comment area. Try to create these, render compositions and drag your seconds composition inside each of them and then change. It is scaled to fit. We will create olive or low authors in four K former so or seconds. Competition will be also for Kate now to create HD seven to old render composition, you can open composition near composition and from pres it drop down menu. Select four K videos item and now top these settings for with type 12 80 pixels on for height. Type 720 P. Excels on for composition. Name type. Render HD 720 now from preset Drop down. Select custom on. Then click on save preset bottom and type HD seven to overdoes. Okay, we have this camp in our project window. Now double click on this Orender composition and open it now. Drag seconds composition inside this Randall composition to make sequence composition fit inside Visa Small camp. We have three methods. Method one selected on heat s on your keyboard on now is scaled down sequence competition until it fits inside the window. Method two. As we have typed in comment, area HD seven to Old E 33 persons are the four k composition, so we can simply type 33% in escape property. Method three. Select sequence composition and from menu select layer Transform fit to come for heat control out f to fit it to come. I love your solids. Nal objects at just Malaysia's on other staffs, the after customers don't need to touch. Have to be here inside sides. Folder. After you finished your local thirst package, I highly recommend you to clean up your project structure on. Remove unused footage or the use videos on other fights that you have imported inside your project, but you have never used them. By doing this, you can make a smaller aftereffects five size and more. Arrange project Fine to delete honest files from menus liked, removed and used footage for organizing for others. I highly recommend you to use this a structure and try to name all of your files and folders correctly in Maine. Project folder. We have these self owners assets help documentation and project fights. Here Inside Assets Folder we have audio logo's affect and Media's before the Assault Media Project Video hive. Don't forget to delete all the files from your aftereffects project window on also from old your folder. You only need to provide a downloading for audio in project description. If you use Lagos in your project, put them inside logos folder. If you use any videos containing effects like particles, light effects, smokes, optical flays and something like this, put them inside. Effects folder for Media's were commend you to name them with this structure and use numbers at the end. For example, media there one media zero to etcetera for your media as you can use photos or videos. Policia PDF tax or your video tutorials inside Help Documentation folder. Your customers really need them, especially if they are new aftereffects. Caesar's on. Finally put your final aftereffects project file inside Project five Further. Okay, this was a brief description about organizing project structure and fathers to make a projects qualified for video Hive marketplace for other marketplaces, please follow their sample project template fight that is available to Donald in their websites. Okay, thanks for watching and see you in next lecture 6. Preview Lower Third Title 1: hello and welcome in this class. We are going to create lower third number one, but before that you have to talk about some essential techniques that are really necessary for treating lower third key frame interpellation. Utilizing this technique, you will learn how to create a small for animations by converting linear key frames. Too easy East key friends. Also, you will learn how to work with graphic detail in adobe aftereffects. Time remapping Here You will learn how to use this feature to create in and out animations for your lower sites. By using this technique, you can create your Lawford's and title animations faster, adding color control system. Yeah, you will learn how to create an effective color console system for your aftereffects projects, so you will be able to change all colors in your projects easily with a few simple clicks. Let us start exploring these essential techniques, and then we will start creating or first low affect facts for watching and see your next lecture. 7. Technique 1: Keyframe Interpolations: in this lecture, I want to talk about key frame interpolations that are essential technique for creating a smooth animations. Now I want to talk about two types off key frames, linear and easy ease. Here we have two boxes with no key frames and movements. If you're scrap in timeline, I mean dragging Throw your aftereffects time that you can see that they don't have any movement now. So, like these two boxes and heat p on your keyboard to see position property of these objects , the peaky is short guard for position now in from zero. Click on these to a small stuff. Watch to create key frames for position property for both off these boxes. By doing this action, we have created key frames. If you want to move key friends, just select and drag them on. If you want to delete them, simply select and hit the late key on your keyboard. Or you can click on this. Stop what and tenets after deal it all key frames for this layer. Okay, let's undo some of these actions by pressing control Z or common Z. Now we have only key frames on frames. Eo Now go to from 30 and selective. These two boxes on hold shift key and move them up, holding shifty. Help us to move objects in a straight line. Now, as you can see both off them, start and end their movements at the same time. Start at frame zero on end at friend 30 on. The movements are exactly signal to each other. Venue at key frames to an objects by default. Aftereffects. Make those key frames linear. It means a constant rate off change from funky frame to the next Select K Friends and hit Shift F three toe open graph editor, Or you can click on this small graph. It is a bottom up here in graph little. We have two axes or central axis indicates time or frame on vertical axis indicates speed. I mean pixel per seconds or value. If I select leaner key frames, you can see in graph editor that the speed of this movement is constant from from zero to friend 30 and it means this objects move at the same speed in all the way, from from zero to fend. 30. Okay, if you like to have a smoother animation, but these two key frames. You can convert these kid from ST Easiest I to do this against, like, these position key frames for Eazy E's box on right click on one of them and select key frame assistant Eazy E's or can simply hit F nine under keyboard that is short got for this action. You can see that I can of these key frames has been changed. Now, if you hit zero key and number of your keyboard to play the animation, you can see these two boxes start and end their movements at the same time again. But their movements between these two key frames are not similar to each other anymore. They have different speed when they leave and arrive to key frames. Now select these two difference and hit shift F tree toe. Open up graph editor. As you can see, this graph is very different from linear graph. OK, To create more interesting moments, I highly recommend to select this end key frame and drag this handle to the left to see 90% for influence property or against, like this key frame and right click on it and select Kiefer in Velocity and Incoming Velocity section and have 90% for influence Box on press. Okay, As you can see this box, start this movement at speed zero in frame zero on. As we scrap in timeline, it reaches to the highest value for a speed and then it starts to decrease this but gradually until in frame 30 it reaches to spit zero again. Now, if you play the animation by pressing zero key on your non pat, you can see very a small sir animation for easy east box. This is the magic off key frame types in after effects. I highly recommend you to use this technique to create interesting on eye catching animations for their shapes and even your text movements. We will use of this technique while creating or low authors and titles. If you want to learn more about key frame interpolations, please visit our website. We have a good article about Kiefer interpolations in aid of after effects on there, you can find more details on descriptions. Okay. I hope you have enjoyed this tactic and see you in next lecture 8. Technique 2: Time Remapping: in this lecture, I'm going to teach you how to use time and mapping technique in your animations. Okay, for several, I'm going to create a box shape in an empty composition called Box Camp. Don't worry, I will talk more about shape players in the future. Lecture. Okay, click and rectangle water in here to create a box, choose a color for feel color, then click on struck options. And so, like first item to disable struck for this shape. Now in competition window click and drag to create a box selected in term land and hit Return and rename it two bucks and again hit return. Now we have a box shape ready to inmate. Select it and hit P on your keyboard toe open position property on from zero. Click on stopwatch to create or first clear frame at this position. Then go to from 30 and click on this small diamond to create another key frame in Friend 30 . I want this shape comes down from zero through 30 South Gilligan Selection tool on in from zero. Move this object to the top outside of this screen to move the object in a straight line. Hold shifty and then drag it to the top. Now, if you hit zero key a number of your keyboard, you can see that this object comes down from from 0 to 30. But it's animation is not too interesting. So to make a smooth on interesting animations like both key frames and then right, click on volume key frames and select K from Assistant Eazy E's or hit F nine shortcut. Then right click on the last key frame and select key friend Velocity on for incoming velocity type. 90%. It's OK now click on Brand Preview Button up here to see the animation. It's great, isn't it? Okay, I want to put this composition inside another composition, and then I will use time and mapping techniques, so I recommend you to add some markers so this composition it will help us later to place or time remapping keys. Incorrect frames so they select everything but clicking on an empty area in timeline. Then place of time down indicator unfriend 30 and from many of select layer, add marker that would click on marker and type in revamped. This box stays for 30 frames on the screen, and then starts to go up again. So go to friends. 60 on this time to create Markle, I will use another method. Hold on key on on your non packed first multiply or a Starkey. This would bring up composition market window type, exit in comments section and hit. OK, now goto and frame. I mean frame 90 on again, create another marker and name it. And now I will create another composition on. I changed its name to sequence. Now I drag box, come inside this sequence composition. And as you can see, we have all the markers over this box. Come now, it's timeto Add china mapping property so red click on box com Player and Select Time Enable time remapping or heat control All T Now you can see that two key frames immediately created for this box. Com player If you can't see these key frames, select box cumplir and hit you on your cable. Now go to from 30 over in marker and click on a small volume on to create a key frame at this frame. We want this object estates 30 frames under screen, so go to from 60 over exit marker on type 30 in value section for time remapping. So if you're scrap between frame 30 and 60 you can see that the value is constant and it shows 30 and it doesn't change at all. Now go to friend 90 and select Last different that is created. But after facts and hit late on your keyboard to delete it, we want this box to go up again when we are at friend 90. In fact, we want this object goes to the first position. So select first key frame at from zero on press concert, see or select edit copy to copy this key frame into memory. Then go to friend 90 and press control V or select edit paste to pesky frame from memory at frame 90. Now, if you're scrub in time land or if you press ramp, review bottom to play the animation, you can see that the box comes down from frame 0 to 30. It will estate from from 30 to 60 in this position on then, from frame 60 to 90 it goes up again to the first position. Okay, maybe you want to have different animations for incoming and outgoing movements. So how we can do it if you want to have different animation in outgoing part, I mean after exit marker, so you don't need time and mapping, so you can delete these feature by selecting it and pressing. Delete now inbox camp composition. Go to frame 60 and click on a small diamond to create a new key frame here, then go to from 90 and select box shape in composition. Window on hold shift key and drag it to the left. Now right, click on third key frame in exit marker on select key friend. Velocity on in incoming velocity influence type 30. Trade on for outgoing frosty influence. Type 90 persons it okay on for the last key frame. If it's now a linear key frame, hold console key and with your left mouse button, click over it several times until you see this diamond shape. This would make Efraim linear. Now police the animation on as again, see incoming and outgoing and emissions are different. Okay, By using these techniques, you can create lots of creative animations. Go on and try to create more and more animations with on without time remapping property. Okay, thanks for watching and see you in next lecture 9. Technique 3: Adding Color Control System: Maybe you want to create a collection off 30 or even more low authors or titles. So if you decide to change all their colors, you know that it is very time consuming process to change all colors manually. So here we will teach you how to create an effective, useful and simple color control system to change love. Authors and titles color immediately in just a few clicks. Okay, let's see how to create a color control system. First of all, we will create a composition with these settings for name type color system. These settings are not necessary and important For this composition. You can simply select your four K present or any other presets available here. For with you can type 38 40 on for high type 2160 for pixel aspect ratios like square pixels for from rate type 23.976 for resolution, set toe half on for duration. One frame now from menu Select layer, New Knowledge ECT or Press Control Chief out. Why in color system composition, right? Click on a logic and select reveal liar source in project in Project Window, right click on DNA logic and select rename or simply press return under keyboard and changed its name to color settings in color system composition. Click Unknown Object and select it, then press F three on your keyboard toe open. FX Consul vendor for this object and click on this lock water to hold this hearing. They're open while walking in after facts. We have two main items in, or titles or low authors, including texts and shapes. For each item, we will create four color presets. At first, we will create for color presets. For text, be sure color settings layer is this the selected and then from menu Select effects expression controls color control. Select this color property, and he returned to rename it to text one. Now we text one still selected its console D or command E three times. To duplicate this item, you must have to export text to text, tree and text. For now, you can change color for each one of these color properties. Now we will create four color presents for shapes. So select last item on his control de to duplicate this item, and he's returned to rename it to shape one. Now, with shape one still selected it controlled the or command E three times. To duplicate this item, you must have shaped one shape to shape three and shape for here. You can also change color for each one off these color presents. Now click on an empty era in FX Control window to de select everything, Then heat control a on your keyboard or from many of select edit, select all to select all items and click on this a small triangle to close all items. Yeah, you can see that we have four color presets for each item. Now I want to show you how this color console system works. So I create a new composition with four K preset for name type might come Now. I click on this tax tool and type a dope after effects to connect the color off this text. To text one property, we need to add a feel affect to eat. So from menu, select effects generate feel or in effects and preset panel. You can type feel and from generate folder drag feel effects over text layer. Now you can see that feel effect will be added to taxslayer. Now we want to connect this Phil effect to our tax on property in color system. Click on color settings window to activate it again. Open text one preset in my camp composition. Select text on open its strangle, then open effects to see feel effect. Or you can select the text layer and hit E on your keyboard. Toe open all effects applied to this layer. Now open feel effect on hold out key on your keyboard and left. Click on this stopwatch immediately. A script will be added to this effect. Now click on this. Pick it. I come and drag over. Text one color item Now, if you change text one color preset. You can see that the color off text layer will be changed immediately. Now I want to connect a color off line object to this color console system. We have election about creating shape object so we don't worry. At this stage, I will teach you everything about shape objects in a future lecture. So this, like everything in timeline by clicking on an empty area killing on these pen tool to create a line now in composition window, click four times to create a line you can hold shift key to create a straight lines, click on feel options and select left I can I mean none for a sock. Click on color and select yellow color for now on for a stroke with Type 10 rename it to line, shape, select line, shape and open its structure by clicking on contents. Shape one on a stroke. One in color settings panel open shape. One item now hold all key and click on color stopwatch to create a script for this property . Click on pickup. I come on drag over. Shape one color. Now, if you change shape one color precept. You can see that the color off line layer We will change immediately. Okay, when you create each item in your lower thirds or titles, don't forget to use a vase technique to connect them. Tow this color control system. Now. By using this technique, you can change all colors in your project of with a few simple clicks in this color system . Composition to change color presents, open color system composition, select color settings, nal object and hit F three toe open FX concert panel. You can apply different colors to each color, preset and connect each text or shaped toe one of these four presets. You may want to have more or less presets. It depends on you. OK, thank you for watching and see you in next lecture. 10. Designing Lower Third Title 1: hello and welcome. In this lecture, we are going to design over third number one on the next lecture, baby work on animating this lower third, but before we start creating or lower thirds, we need to create two compositions seconds composition that our love or lower thirds will be placed in it. One after another on cut on the composition that Allah Bolivar third will replace on your screen next to each other. So at first, let's create or seconds composition for our menu. Choose composition in your composition for composition. Name type sequence from preset drop down. Select for Calvados. So, for with we have 38 40 pixels on for height, we have to anyone 60 pixels for pixel aspect ratio. Select square pixels for frame rate. Select 23.976 Set's resolution to fool. It's that time code zero said the oration to three minutes on for background color. Choose black. Okay, now, if you want to use the media file, I mean a photo or video as a background for this sequence composition. Select Media's folder from many or choose fight imports five. And choose a media fine as a background and be sure that this important circles option is off. Then click on import water. Now we need to create a composition for this media, So create a four K composition for name type media camp. All the some things are okay and so we don't need to change these settings. Drag media file into media camp now open circles composition on drag media. Come into it on If you want, you can Hiti and decrease capacity value. Now we want to create or cattle composition from seconds composition. So select sequence on from menu. Choose, edit, replicate and change its name to catalog as we go along. Reveal place all of all over thirds inside this composition next to each other. Never click on cuts on the composition to open it. Select media. Come on now, live on to add an affect it from many a juice effect. Baylor and Sharpen got similar. Increase blurriness and turn on these repeat edge pixels on. Now I want to apply another effect. So from many a Jew's effects color correction teens to make it a black and white image. If you want, you can change the opacity value and as a final step luck media come in both sequence on counselor compositions. Now it's time to create a love affair. So selected these main lower third folder and click on Create a new folder, Bottom and changed its name to lower 3rd 1 from many a choose composition near composition on for name type level 3rd 1 For this composition, we need to change with on height for with type 2500 pixels on for height type 800 pixels. All the other settings are okay except the duration venue to change it to eight seconds. Okay, now let's create or first text so silicon textile and type your text. For example, arts director Nicole Johnson there were killing context to select all characters and had just phone size. And now you can change Texas style to create more interesting texts. Open Parker of Panel and be sure your text alignment adjusted to left Align text and now renamed Text Layer to text one. OK, now it's time to add or second text so picky context to end type your text, for example, visual effects supervisor graphic designer. I just phone size for this text, and now again, you can change their style to create more interesting texts. Renamed these text layer to text to and drag it below. Text one layer his console or comment key as like both text layers and in allying panel. Click on horizontal left alignments, now at just expositions by holding shift key and pressing arrow keys on your keyboard. Okay, these are or text. Now we need at some box shapes, so this composition to create more interesting on eye catching glow effect so silicon rectangle to In botton. Select a color for feel on for a struck killing on the stock options and select none. Now drag a box over text one layer. Rename it to box one and drag it under all text layers. For box one. Open contents rectangle. Want rectangle path one undock size option and adjust its size. Celik Box one on text one and align panel. Click on vertical center alignments. Now we need another box shape so solid Box one on from menu. Choose edit. Replicate hopefully after fax, rename it for us to box to automatically open field property and change its color to a different color. Select box to layer on hold. Shifty Empress left arrogated to move it a little to the left. OK, now it's time to connect all these texts and share players tour color control system. So open color system composition. Select color settings. Hit a three or from many of whose effects effects control and click on this lock button to activate it. As you can see, he have You have some color presents for text and shapes. Now go to lower third born composition toe are the color to text layers. We need to add an effort to them called Phil. So from menu choose effects generate feel in FX control Panel Kilos Free panel open text. One effects Feel to connect. Feel effect or color system holds all K and left click on color stopwatch. Now click on this speak clip icon and drag it over the text Color presets for text to layer followed the same process to connected to a text color Presets selected an apple I feel effect close Fill panel. Open text to effects. Feel old RK and left. Click on the color stopwatch and click on the speak Rip Michael and drag it over a text color presets for box one layer select box one on open content rectangle one freely one again hold bulky and left. Click on colors. Stopwatch. I click on this picture Michael on drug it over the shape color presets on for box to layer . Followed the same process to connect it to a shape color presets selected on open pills. One. Hold alky left, click on color Stopwatch on, then Kilic on Pickup Aiken and drag it over in shape. Color presets. Okay, now all the tax and shape bears are connected to color system. You can adjust position for all items was selecting all of them, impressing aero case. Okay, live on or low author to come into this ST in three seconds. Then we wanted to stay on the screen from Second Tree to 2nd 5 and finally goes out off the screen from 2nd 5 per 2nd 8 Now we will at Marcus for these important times, so go to second tree or Type 300 in this box from many or Jews layer at marker or hit a stocky on your non pat. They would click on this marker on in comment box type in Now go to 2nd 5 or in this box Type 500 on this time holds all key and press stocky on your non fat and in comments box, type out. Now it's time to add this. Lower 3rd 2 seconds. Composition. So open seconds. Composition. Activate project panel on drag lower. 3rd 1 in two seconds. Composition. And finally at just lower third position on the screen. Okay, this was designed in part of lower third number one. On the next lecture, we work on animating this lower thirds. I hope you have enjoyed this score so far. Now, I encourage you to watch next video and learn how to animate your first amazing glove 1/3. So thanks for watching and see you in next lecture. 11. Animating Lower Third Title 1: hello and welcome. In this lecture, we are going to work on admitting global third number one for animating text and shapes. We have two methods and making but position property on animating by anchor point property . I will show you how to implement these two methods. Personally, I suggest you to use anchor point technique. But pay attention for this point that if you want to use on animate a scale property during your animation, you have to use anchor point methods carefully. In this case, you can also use position methods. Okay, select one of these text layers it a on your keyboard to load anchor point property and then hold shift key and press peaky to load position property. At first I animate or text by position property and then I will use anchor point methods. Go to 2nd 3 Click on position stopwatch to create a key friend, go to the beginning off the composition, hold shift key and drag this text layer to the left. Now, when I scrub in timeline, you can see the result. But what happens if I want to change the position off this text layer in the middle of the path. As you can see, if I move these text layer somewhere between first key for him on last different after facts, we create a new key frame for us and now watch text layer movement in the situation. And of course, this is not what we are looking for. So the lit middle key frame created by after effects. If you want to move an object that is animated by position, the best way is to select the position property off the layer and now watch that all key frames are selected. Then put time indicator over one of these key frames on now move objects on the screen. Now, if I screw up in term land, you can see new position on animation off this layer. Okay? I hate control Zito under this movement, and they get key frames for precision property or click on these stopwatch to delete all key frames at once. Now I want to animate or text layer by anchor points property. You can see that's currently anchor point this place here. Now I use a repetition anchor point tool to move this anchor point to the left. So Gilligan left arrow and press reposition paint. Now you can see that anchor point Move to the left critic Efraim over in marker. Then go to the beginning of the composition and change anchor points value until this layer goes out off the screen. Now I want to change the position off this layer in the middle off the path. So if I move this layer to another place, you can see that after effects we not create new catering for us on. If I scrub in time run, you will see that or object will move correctly by this ethnic. You can always change their position at any time without creating new key frames. Okay to create. If Mr Transitions select both key frames on right, click on one of them and select K frame interpellation and set special interpretation to linear. Then select Lasky frame. Choose, give him assistant Eazy e's or hit F nine on your keyboard. Now, right, click on last care frame and select K from velocity on for influence in incoming velocity section type 90 persons. Okay, I will repeat these steps For text more layer select X one and press a toe open anchor point property. Go to a marker in reposition anchor Point to click on de Ferro and press into position bottle and for anchor print created key frame. Then go to the beginning off the composition and change anchor points value until this layer goes out off the screen. Select key frames. Right click. She was key for him interpellation and said a special interpellation to Linear Select Lasky Frame and Jews K from Assistant Eazy E's On Now, right click Alaska Frame. Choose given velocity on for influence Type 90 persons now select true box shapes. Press a key as you can see Anchor point for Box one on box to are not placed correctly, so select both off them on in reposition anchor points panel. Kilic Left Arrow and Price reposition bottom. Go to in market time and create key frames for anchor points. Then go to the beginning off the composition and change anchor points value until these two layers go out off the screen. Select key frames what's unique. Jews keep framing population and said interpellation to linear. So like last key frame and juice keep from assistant Easy is again right click unmask a frame and select keep from velocity and for influence type 90 persons. Now you can see what we have created so far for this animation. But if you want to create interesting animations, I suggest you to make offset for objects and texts. I mean, we can add a delay to each item to come into screen. To do this, select all items on Hit A on your keyboard to see Alky Friends created for Anchor Point Properties, Regan's Box one to come into a screen first, then box to then text two and finally text one with the little delay. So go to foreign five and select these three items on move first key frames to this time. Now select these two key frames on hold, Arche and Press Right Arrow key five times and finally select first key frame off decks, one on hold, all key and press right Arrow key five times to make five frames Offset. Now, if I scrub in time right, you can see that all items are coming into screen with delay and offset. Okay, now open sequence composition to complete our animation for this lower third, we need to add a property called time remembering right click on the 1/3 1 on select time enable timely mapping. Go to in marker and click on this diamond water to create a key frame over this point. Here we want to hold or low effect from 2nd 3 to 2nd 5 So select the key frame at in Marker and from many, which was added. Copy. Now go toe outs, marker, then place it over out marker by choosing edit paste. Now go to the end off the author composition he had. We want all items are lower. 3rd 1 go out of the screen like first key frame. So did it. Lasky frame. So, like first key frame and Jews added. Copy then, while you are at the end of the clip, choose edit paste now or lower thirds comes into a screen from the beginning to 2nd 3 And as you can see from second free to 2nd 5 this number is ecstatic. On or lower Third will stay on the screen. I'm from 2nd 5 to 2nd 8 It will go out of the screen, and in fact it returns to its first situation. Now we can see a preview off this low effort. Put time indicator at the end of the script and press Anke to move work area and handle to this point on motion blur for this low effort on also, activate motion blur bottom now for restaurant review button or heat zero K on your non path to see a preview off this animation. Okay, now we want to add this lower third to cut a lot composition. So select lower. 3rd 1 on Jews. Edit copy, Then go to cattle composition and choose edit paste. SelecTV is lower third and hit s key on your keyboard to load a scale property and decrease lower third size on finally adjust its position in this composition as we go along, we will add other lower thirds through this composition. Okay, we have completed the 3rd 1 I hope you have enjoyed the score so far on also, I hope you have learned new techniques during these lectures. So thanks for watching and see you in next lecture. 12. Render Lower Thirds: okay, in this lecture, I want to show you how to render your love authors and titles in a job after facts. So open seconds composition and select one of your law authors and from menu, choose edit Copy. Now open one of these render compositions. We suppose you want to render a lower third over a four K video so open. Render four K composition now from many, or choose edit paste. Here. You can drag your media into this composition as your background. But if you want to render of is low effort with offer channel, I mean on transparent background. Delete voicemail your file or hide it now if you click untangle transplants, agreed. Bottom. You can see these checkerboards that it means your background is transparent. Maybe you want to change the relation of your lower thirds so selected and hit you key on your keyboard to open time. Remapping key frames, as you know or lower Third comes into the same during first key frame to second key frame. Then it will stay on the screen from second key frame to the third key frame on. Finally, it goes out of this screen from third key frame to the fourth key frame. So if you want to have your lower third for longer time on the screen, you must drag and the fiscal IP to the right to make it longer. Then select these two key frames and drag them to the right. During Dragon key frames, you can press shift key to a stop Lasky frame to the end off the clip. Now, if I scrap in timeline, you can see that or lower Third will stay longer under screen and finally are just work area handles. If you want to change composition live, you can heat console K Tau open competition something's window and change duration here. Or you can drag work area, start and end handles to adjust the composition live. Now it's time to render this low effect, so select. Render four K competition from menu. Choose composition at to render queue or heat console M. Here we have three sections. Render settings outwit Marshall on out with two in vendor searching section Click of this option you have You have four main options Quality resolution from rate on time span. Set quality to best said resolution to fool on activate use comes friend rate option. Or, if you want to render in different from rate, you can choose this item. For example, if you want to render a video for you tube, you can set it to 29.97 on for time span. Set it to work area only. It's OK. Button in output module section. Click on this option Informer Drop Down menu. You can select different formats. Quick time is a good format. It creates that's move or that and before files for you. Based on which compressor you want to choose here in video at sport, you can choose your video compressor. Click on format options to see video codex available for your selected video format, in this case, for quick time here in video Codex Drop Down menu. You can select your compressor H 0.264 crates, almost the smallest file size with great quality. I had you recommend that if you can see it's going to 64 compressor here, it means you have to insult Rutan player on your system, so with it Apple website and download latest quick time program for your computer and restart your aftereffects. Then you will find this compressor in this list. But remember that if you want to render your loafers with all four channel, I mean on transparent background, you have to choose animation compressor because each 0.264 does not support off a channel. As you can see, if I choose, explain to six for as my compressor now in channels, drop down menu RGB A plus Alpha option is disabled, but when I choose animation as my compressor, then this RGB, a plus off option will be enabled. And it means my videos rigged Orender with Alpha Channel. If you have audio in your videos, so you must like, hold your art, put on option and here you can adjust your audio settings. It's OK button now in Article two section. By clicking on this small arrow button, you can see different options for naming your output file. For example, you can choose company company on dimensions, company on frame range and some other options that you can use them for naming a rendered finds on. Finally click on this name. Select your destination folder and choose your file name and heat. Save bottom. Now you can print surrender bottom. And in composition window, you can see purview off rendering video. But if you tell on your caps lock button, you will freeze and disable. Refreshing this preview window by doing this action, your render will be faster and it will save you a few minutes in rendering process. Okay, I hope you will find this lecture useful on if you have any questions about rendering your videos in after effects, you can post your questions in discussion for or send us email. Thanks for watching and see you in next lecture. 13. Thanks and Wrap Up: Hello and congratulations. You have reached the end of this class. I hope you have learned new techniques in this class. Now I highly recommend you to watch all six parts off this nor third serious classes to learn all essential techniques in after effects, you can find links for other law. Third classes in video description. Now it's your turn to create your creative law thirds and post it here. Or send us we're email and let me and other students see your awesome law offense. If you want to learn more about after facts and to be a master in this suffering, we ask you to visit or portfolio here on Visit our website with a course center that come regularly because we are working hard to create more and more online video courses for Adobe after effects on other related suffer about filmmaking on video editing. Also, you can follow us or subscribe to or cello on social media networks like YouTube, Facebook, instagram, etcetera to see or legis updates on or free video tutorials. And if you have any questions regarding lectures, effects and techniques you have learned in this class, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately by email or posted questions in the discussion for reveal. We're really happy to answer your questions. Thank you so much for being with us until the end of this class, and we would really appreciate your taking the time to write a review and liberating for this class. This is simple step for you, but it means a lot to us and we hope you have found it at five US operating class. Thanks a lot again for enrolling, and I hope to see you in or other online video classes. We are ready to see your awesome lower things. Thank you on by.