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Look Your VERY Best – Learn about Color, Style & Fashion

teacher avatar Astrid Feichter, Coach for Color, Style + Image

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Promo Video Look your very best


    • 2.

      1 Hello + Welcome


    • 3.

      2 This Course At a Glance


    • 4.

      2a Quick Peak into Color Analysis


    • 5.

      3 The 1st Impression


    • 6.

      4 What is Image?


    • 7.

      5 WhyColor+ImageConsulting?


    • 8.

      6 Where does it actually come from 01 25 2016


    • 9.

      7 What makes a color YOUR color?


    • 10.

      8 Why do I need this?


    • 11.

      9 The best Color in the whole World


    • 12.

      10 Spring


    • 13.

      11 Summer


    • 14.

      12 Autumn


    • 15.

      13 Winter


    • 16.

      14 Color Analysis


    • 17.

      15 Color Analysis how it works enhancedAudio


    • 18.

      16 How to use your color chart


    • 19.

      17 The fabric influences the color


    • 20.

      18 Body Types


    • 21.

      19 Fabrics+A for every Body


    • 22.

      20 Put your figure in perspective


    • 23.

      21 Discover your Personality Style


    • 24.

      23 Personality Styles at a Glance


    • 25.

      24 Natural Sporty Type


    • 26.

      25 Classic Type


    • 27.

      26 Boyish Dynamic Type


    • 28.

      27 Romantic Type


    • 29.

      28 Dramatic Extravagant


    • 30.

      29 Sexy Alluring


    • 31.

      30 The Perfect Wardrobe


    • 32.

      31 Create your own Look Book


    • 33.

      32 The 7 Rules to Shop Wisely


    • 34.

      33 Thank you


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About This Class

  • Discover what the right colors can do for you - with comprehensive background information about how/why it works, the history, the characteristics of each color type, etc.
  • Analyze your personal color season, choose the very best colors that will flatter your natural beauty.
  • Learn all about the different shapes, determine which body type you tend towards to.
  • Take the Personality Style test, let yourself glow with the perfecting fabrics, pattern and jewelry & accessories.
  • Feel confident creating your personal style with YOUR colors, lines, fabrics & accessories – beyond trends.
  • Organize your wardrobe perfectly.
  • Become smart at shopping, only buy 100 % pieces, save time/money in the process.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Astrid Feichter

Coach for Color, Style + Image


Hello! I am Astrid Feichter, and I am thrilled to be your personal Color, Style & Image consultant. With a strong European flair and a keen eye for fashion, I am here to guide you towards finding those perfect shades and styles that resonate deeply with who you are. Wearing your best colors will make you look younger, healthier, and slimmer!

A native of the picturesque Salzburg, Austria, I will bring that special touch to your wardrobe. With over two decades of design expertise and a keen eye for color and fashion, I successfully helped thousands of people in the US, and Europe. Whether it's redefining personal styles or decluttering wardrobes, I have always aimed to bring out the best version of every individual and to simplify their lives.

The role of a Marketing & Desig... See full profile

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1. Promo Video Look your very best: Hello and welcome to this course. My name is Astro Fighter, and I will talk about color, style and image. Today I'm gonna show you how you can look your absolute, very best and what the right colors versus the wrong colors can do for you. With over 20 years of experience in design and color and image consultancy, I have helped hundreds of women and man discover their own personal style, organize their closets and just simplify their lives. I guarantee you, when you will wear your personal individual colors, you will look younger, healthier and slimmer that we want it all. Also, in this course, you will learn a lot about the individual color, seasons and their characteristics. And I will show you how you can determine your own personal color style, which is the basis for a long lasting successful image. No more costly mistakes in the future, you will be able to shop focused according to your sense of style and budget. At the end of this course, you will also learn a lot about the different body types and which fabrics and accessories each of these should wear. Sounds exciting. So let's get started 2. 1 Hello + Welcome: Hello and welcome to this course. My name is Astro Fighter, and I will talk about color, style and image. Today I'm gonna show you how you can look your absolute, very best and what the right colors can do for you. When you wear your personal individual colors, it will make you look younger, healthier and slimmer. Who doesn't want that right? Also, you will learn and hear a lot about the individual seasonal kala types. You will be able to create your own style and save time and money in the process. First, a little bit about my background. I have over 20 years of experience in design and color and image consulting have helped hundreds of people discover their personal style, organize their closets and just simplify their lives. I have helped women and men built wardrobes that are stress free, modern and fashionable, my European background in my feel for fish and give that special touch to your wardrobe. Having Bean an instructor in Europe for many years, I am now so excited to show you how to wear colors, lines, prints, textures and fabrics that make you look and feel your absolute best. This is the basis for an authentic and lasting image. Sounds exciting. Then let's get started 3. 2 This Course At a Glance: let me give you a quick over few about what we're going to talk about in this course today , I will give you some background information and a lot of inside about the first impression . What is image? What does color image consulting do for you? I will talk about the history and where this knowledge actually comes from. Then you will see what the right colors versus the wrong colors can do for you. And then the major part of this course, I will show you the characteristics off the individual seasonal kala types. You will learn how to do your own professional color analysis, and in the end of this course, you will learn about the different body types and which fabrics and accessories are best for each of these types. So are you curious which color season you belong to? Stay with me and you will be able to discover your individual color season soon. 4. 2a Quick Peak into Color Analysis: No, I'm here with my friends. You today and I would like to show you how the practical part of the color analysis work and a Z I told you before. Units on silver and golden told Scar. You see, you place yourself in front of a mirror as close as possible. You need to have a good day light, so preferably no direct sunlight. And then I don't wear any makeup and just start in front of the Europe, comparing the silver and the gold tones. I always start looking at the chin line first, so try not to look at the color. Try to concentrate on the face and what the color reflects onto your face. This can take a few minutes or go back and forth and really take time, because this is the basis for the following analysis. We just want to see which colored light brings on your face so I can see that would cilia Here, for example, I see that the golden tone, which is the yellowish color, so the very warm tone brings like a reflection on her face that makes her chill lion look green and skin doesn't look so even And then when we compare it with silver, I see instantly that her Children nine is very defined and the skin tone looks very even. And then I go, well, a little more towards the lip area so I can see on top off her upper lip. There are still some shadows coming up, so the skin doesn't look this even and little sparkles may come up that I usually not here and with silver it's absolutely the contrary. She looks fresh and the skin looks really invent And now we look at the eyes in the area below the eyes. And also here we see with gold, which is the yellowish home a little circles come up that she doesn't really have. And with silver the area under the eyes looks very fresh and also the eyes look clear and the eye sparkle more so that the white of the eye comes clear. Aware us with gold, I white looks a little more yellowish, so this is the first step and now we know that she is a brutal color type. We will continue to compare the two members off the family that coltan, which is sama in winter So on this side we have the summer and on the right side we have the window. Both are cool, but this test intense to show us. If Sylvia it's more powerful. Primary color is very contrast e or if she needs more softer version because what we want to reach is that people look in her eyes and say, Wow, you look great today and not wow, what a what a powerful royal blue flowers in this way too intense. So even if she doesn't like all of these colors here, we test isn't softer or more contrast. Diversion. And as I told you before, in this every night, it's always important. The combination, the personal combination of skin tone, eyes and hair color So not every some summer type can wear all the colors. There will always be some favorites, but let's start and see ourselves. So this is a very, very boring pink. This is probably not gonna be the favorite of Sylvia Sportal, so I skipped that quick. This is a real primary winter rate, and I would say it is cool told so in this case, this part is okay, but it's way too now. for Sylvia, so it's overwhelming. From here we have a soft summer cream, which looks lovely, so this will definitely be one off Sylvia Sylvia favorites. And then we have Royal Blue from the winter. I think it's too intense, but I really love this soft, grayish blue version of some type. And always remember, it will do exactly the same. When you go shopping, always think about the silver and the gold. Then it's very easy for you to tell if something is in your color range or not. Regarding yellow and red, there is to say that ready and those bring the readiness out of face. So if you have a little readiness around the Austin, you shouldn't skip yellow. Wasn't rates probably, but this is too intense anyway. But 11 and purple tones. A beautiful facility. A. So they are really great. We'll get more into that later definition of the perfect colors. This is a wintergreen which works will. I mean, general, I would say that I won't preferred a softer version because we are testing the dominance here. We're testing which policies and Sylvia belongs to, but since she can wear green so beautiful, she can stretch that a little bit, go to the winter type and correct one of her favorite colors. But in general, I would say the softer version makes her really, really looking great. And then the next time there is soft low. It's not a favorite because yellow doesn't make her eyes shine so, and it also brings the redness the redness a little bit. So Mogens is usually 100% winter color. But since Sylvia's hat tone gets a little bit off this salt and pepper look, which is very beautiful, I think she can mix some accessories in Magenta off USIA is, the Americans would say. But I think this would really look great, especially in a combination when she softens it with her perfect Greek tone. I think this really looks really lovely, and this is for me. The 100% signed that Sylvia is a stomach time because this is very so bluish gray and it looks like you put a layer of powder over, but it's just really beautiful, and you look in her eyes and you say this is for 100% color. I just wanted to show you one more scene So I draped all the very contrast winter colors around. Soon you're here, and I think you can see that they really overpowering so kind of a whelming. Don't you agree, Syria Touch. Now I'm gonna show you the very best colors. So this is the summer palette. I feel more comfortable and I can see you smile when I when you see your face with your more soft this tones. I mean, there are many more. These scarves only intended to do the analysis. But now we can 100% say that Sylvia is a soft tone somewhere type. We can continue to do the personality style so state you. 5. 3 The 1st Impression: Let's look at this very interesting study coming from the University of Columbia. First, you've probably heard this before. The first impression is being made in only seven seconds. This is not about being superficial, but no matter how we act or what we say or how we express ourselves, people will always judge us from our appearance first. And if we observe ourselves, we know that this is true, right? I have had experiences when I visited a course, and it took me a couple of minutes until I could concentrate on the content off the spoken word because I was so distracted by non verbal signals. According to this study, 55% of our Karisma, the first impression we make is based on non verbal signals we're sending, and that includes our body language, the facial expression, the eye contact with the audience, Theodore sometimes ah, voice and the apparel, the way how we addressed. So now we know that the first impression is being made in seven seconds, and we all know sometimes there is no second chance for the first impression. So why shouldn't we make the very best one 6. 4 What is Image?: Have you ever asked yourself what image is one part of it, which we want to talk about is our appearance. First of all, it's not about fish entrance or wearing a mask or costume. What's most important is what's inside. We want to create a balance and harmony of our inner being and our appearance. Don't we all want to come across as an authentic person? And also we want to be as attractive as possible? Right? That is the goal off image consulting to be authentic, highlight the best in us and feel good about it. People will feel that, and in this way we will be able to bring our message across at the right time, and you will get a lot of positive feedback. Let's move over to the next topic. Why Color and image consulting 7. 5 WhyColor+ImageConsulting?: why color and image consulting? Because it is simply the way to look your absolute best. Based on your personal skin complexion, your hair and eye color, there are colors you should wear. The four types are called spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season has their own set of colors that will look best with your personal skin tone. Once you have found out which kala type you are, you should wear the very best out of these colors based on your individual complexion. Together with your figure type, which can be either apple payer, hourglass or rectangle, it determines the colors and cuts that will flatter you most. You will have no more costly mistakes will be able to shop with focus and according to your individual lifestyle, needs your personal sense of style and your budget. This will allow you to create color combinations that no one else can wear the same way like you and create your personal appearance. And the great advantage of knowing your color type is that it lasts your whole life long. Wouldn't it be great to never buy a wrong piece of closing anymore? But on Lee, your very best colors So let's go deeper into the world of colors and how you can figure out which ones fit you best. 8. 6 Where does it actually come from 01 25 2016: Where did the dye apology off the seasons actually come from? It all started at the beginning off the 20th century, when a Swiss born out professor, Johannes Written, asked his students to paint harmonious color wheels. He very soon noticed that his students were choosing colors for the artworks that were related to their personal skin complexion, hair and eye color. Professor Etten created the phrase off the intuitive sense for colors. After several years of studies and observation, he published his findings. In his book, titled The Art Off Color Professor. ITN suggested that people belong either to one off the Four Seasons spring, summer, autumn or winter. The typology of the seasons was born, and this season on theory was soon accepted in the fashion industry off the sixties and the seventies were is still popular today, or them and spring a generally warm toned and winter and summer have a cool, bluish undertone. Let's go ahead, and the next chapter I will tell you why is that 9. 7 What makes a color YOUR color?: I can't imagine you are already curious how a person's skin can be cool toned, a warm toned as we heard the collar type is determined by the skin, eye and hair color. The skin tone, though, plays the most decisive role. The basis on the tone of the skin is genetically given. It is predetermined because of Hamel glow being which is the color off the black. And it influences whether we have cool or warm tone skin. Also, we all have carrot ing, and it is also genetically influenced. Which amount of carrot in will be safe from our nutrition. This combination off Hamel globe in and carrot ing creates a warm or cool tone skin. We all have both, but one is predominant after reaching the age of 10. The personal color analysis can be done since the pigmentation at that point will last our whole lifetime. Even though your skin may get something and become darker, your unique color type does not change. So what makes a color warm and another one cold callus become warmed you to a mixture with yellow and red, respectively. Through both of these shades, callus become cool due to a mixture with blue. It is all about the mixing ratio and the nuances off the shades. So, for instance, it is possible to create a very warm blue tone and the very cool red color. 10. 8 Why do I need this?: Why do I need to know if my skin is warm toned? A cool toned? Wouldn't you agree with me if I say we all want to be the best? Me I can be with all my years of experience having analysed in consulted hundreds of people , I guarantee you that when you wear your personal colors, it will make you look younger, healthier and slimmer. That's a great promise, isn't it? I can guarantee you that the wrong colors will make you look pale. Accent wait lines and circles under your eyes. Poor's might look bigger. Freckles and readiness may stand out more and the most important thing. You may find that you look older or that the color pops out and makes your face fade into the background. Where is wearing the right colors will do exactly the opposite. The right colors will accentuate the best about your complexion. Minimize lines, shadows and circles and make your eyes sparkle. Also, your skin will look more evenly and your skin your face will look more defined. Besides that, you will have no more costly mistakes. You will be able to shop focused according to your personal sense of style and budget, and you will save time and money in the process. 11. 9 The best Color in the whole World: best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you. It has never, Bean said, better. So let's take a closer look at the kala types. You already know that autumn and spring are warm, toned, mixed with yellow, where it's winter and summer have a cool, bluish undertone. I've also once heard about the theory of variations for each type. For example, a soft summer type or deep summer type or warm summer type, which would make a total off 12 kala types. Let's keep it very short and simple, not complicated. For me, the very best way is to find out if you're having a cool or warm skin undertone. Then we determine your personal color season, and we go from there and determine what your very best special colors are. And this is based on your personal complexion, off skin, hair and eyes. And the combination of these many years of experience showed me that this is the very best and easiest way by the wage. The calla types do not have anything to do with the temperature of each season. For example, the summer type doesn't have a warm by the very cool skin undertone. The name of each color season is inspired by the look of nature in each season, like the colors of the leaves in autumn, a lashing golden or the green off the spring type is very warm and yellowish, like the first grass in spring or the summer. Colors are very powdery, like shades of water color. So are you ready? Let's take a closer look at the different seasons. 12. 10 Spring: Let's start with spring as the first seasonal type. You have already learned that spring and autumn are warm toned, and you may be a spring type. If you colors are very warm bride and clear, like a field of flowers on a sunny day in May, your whole personality in nature is as buoyant and joyful as your colors. You are a radiant person, full of vitality, sparkling like a glass of champagne. Let's take a closer look at the characteristics of spring. What does your skin look like? Is it very bright and glows? Doesn't radiate easily, Even if your skin is extremely fair, does it have golden undertone that complements the color of your hair and eyes? Your skin tone can be peachy pink, PGE beige or cream ivory. It can be smooth and clear, but you can also have freckles. Do you have rosy cheeks and flushed easily, Then you may be copious spring. Let's look at your hair. Usually the spring has deep golden toe light, blonde or strawberry Here, color sometimes doctor medium brown to copper for dark hairs. A spring probably has highlights off red and gold during childhood. Spring types are mostly blonde, but the hair Dawkins as they age. Gray hair does not really look good on a spring, so keeping the hair dye it will most likely give you a more youthful look. Let's take a closer look at the eyes. Spring eyes are most often blue, green or aqua. Sometimes the eyes appearance clears glass and may have a golden cluster surrounding the pupil. Some blue eyes appear to be a solid steel grey from a distance, but up close, they're really blue and have a sunburst of white rays coming from the pupil. Golden brown eyes are common but always very golden or to pass. Hazel ice can contain golden, brown, green or gold for woman with dark hair lighter. I colors are very common for spring. Let's look at the spring color chart and some famous spring type, so here you see how different they can look. Um, there are a lot of more colors, but you can clearly see the characteristics of spring and that the colors are very golden, yellowish in sparking. Depending on your combination off hair, eyes and skin, we will see if you can wear the lighter Hughes or the doctor, Hughes Some may not flatter you, but we will come to this later when we do the personal analysis, So let's go to the next season. 13. 11 Summer: Let's move on to the next seasonal type, which is the summer. Ask yourself the following questions. Do you feel you look very good with colors that are cool with blue undertone, powdery like shades off water harmoniously converging like water colors? Is everything loud, garish and exaggerated Alien to you, Then you may be a summer type, and your whole appearance looks gentle, feminine and very elegant. Let's take a closer look to the characteristics of the summer type. Let's look at your skin first. Does it have pink or blue undertone? Or do you have very pink skin with maybe high color or rose? A base skin? Does your skin look fair to depose a beige? Do you feel you look a little pale without rouge? Let's look at your hair next. Most some of women have ish belonged to dark ash hair. Some are belonged or were belonged in early childhood, and it turned to light brown. Later, the some a woman graze gracefully to a blue gray or pearly white tomb. Very often, summer women feel the need to brighten their hair, but especially they look so very beautiful. Not too far away from their natural hair color when they were the perfect color for their attire. Let's take a look at your eyes. Summer eyes are most often blue, green, aqua or soft hazel. They often look cloudy inside the iris rather than a clear, transparent color. Many summer types have eyes with a gray rim around the iris or soft grey eyes with white spots in an irregular pattern inside the iris. Very few have intensely blue or soft brown eyes. In general, it is to say, the white off the summer. I is more creamy or milky, white and not completely bright white. Here. I would like to show you some famous summer types and an excerpt off the color palette, and you can see that the colors off some a very bluish gray age, like they had a layer of powder on them. Very soft, elegant tones. Could you find your color season so far? If not, let's move on to the next color type 14. 12 Autumn: You may be an autumn type if you feel that you look good in colors that are shining like the leaves on a sunny day in October. Very golden warm, lush moment to docket tones underline your natural beauty. Autumn women appear warmhearted and earthbound, sometimes also bit mysterious. Also the personality, often autumn Woman is as variety as her color spectrum. Let me show you the characteristics off the autumn time. Does your skin have golden undertone? Even if your skin is ready, does it look more orange and blue? Or isn't either fair with ivory or creamy peach? The true redhead Your skin may be fair to dark, sometimes with freckles. Do you feel pale off Salo and need an orange tone rouge to come alive? Autumn since and spring can have similar coloring, but autumn will usually have colorless cheeks, while springs cheeks will be rosy and flash easily. Most olive skinned people, dark skinned blacks and Asians are winter types, but some have a true golden undertone. These few are autumns. Let's look at your hair next. It can be golden blond as a child, usually darkening as the autumn hype matures. There are redheads from carrot tops, toe coburn or red brown hair. Many autumns are brunettes having a gold on metal red cast. If you have chocolate black hair, autumns should usually cover gray as it turns yellow grey, and the two tone look doesn't look very good, especially if a redhead once the heck it's completely gray. It can be very attractive. Let's take a closer look at your eyes or demise are mostly brown or green brown from doctor to pass often would gold or brown spots in the iris. Some show isolated spots in gold brown or even black autumns Have clear green eyes like glass or deep olive green cat eyes. Hazel eyes contained golden brown, green or gold. A few autumns have vivid turquoise or aqua ice, but not a true blue or a gray blue eye color. As a basic rule, the white of the eye is never brilliant white and has no doc rim around the iris. And here I would like to show you some off the famous autumn so you can see how different the autumn type can look. So this can be a very fair skinned redhead, or it can be the classic Latina like Jessica Alba or Jennifer Lopez. But in general, you see how lush and warm toned yellow wish the autumn colors are. In the end off this course, you will be able to download the booklet with all the descriptions, and you can print it out to have a color palette on hand. When you go shopping, let's take a look at the last color season, the winter type next. 15. 13 Winter: and finally we will talk about the winter time. Are you receiving the most compliments? If you're wearing the colors that are cool with blue undertones but brilliant and very rich in contrast, like a snow field with a steel blue sunny sky above, then you may be a wintertime. You appear self confident and competent. Your appearance is a directing at the same time, mysterious and sometimes aloof. One thing for sure. Ah, Winter woman can never be ignored. Let's take a closer look at the characteristics off the winter type. First of all, it is to say, their arm or windows in the whole world than any other seasonal type. So let's look at your skin first. Does it show blue or blue? Pink on the tone? Often settle is your skin. Talk beige from light to dark Rosie or just plain beige? Do you have milky white skin with dark hair like snow white? Or do you usually not have rosy cheeks, so your appearance improves with pink tone rouge or blusher? By the way, most olive skinned people in the world dark skinned blacks and Asians are winter types. A few can be autumns, but only If they have a true golden undertone, let's take a look at your hair. Winter types mostly have dark hair, even though somewhere white, like platinum blond as a child, There are brunette winters, from light brown to dark charcoal brown, sometimes with a touch of red highlights. Blue black is also typical, and also salt in pepper or silver gray of all seasons. Winter is most likely to great early, often from the age of 25 and the winter type grace very attractively. Let's take a look at your eyes. Winter eyes are most often a very deep color. They can be red, brown, black, brown or hazel. A combination of grey, brown and blue or green window eyes can be also gray blue, grey green off very dark blue. The blue or green eyed winter often has white spots in the iris. As a basic rule, gray rimmed eyes always show cold seasons, which means winter or summer. So if you discover a dark grey rim around your iris, you will most likely be a cold season. And here I will show you some famous winter types, so most of them have the snow white look like Liz Taylor, Jennifer Connelly, and you can see an excerpt off the colors based on your personnel combination, off skin, hair and eyes. You can wear the very primary tones or also the pastel tones of softer ones. But all of them are very bluish and very cool. Don't. 16. 14 Color Analysis: after you have heard such a lot about the different color types, I can imagine that you are pretty curious already which color season you belong to. In the following minutes, I will show you how you can do your personal color analysis by yourself. Also, you will see a video in which I will demonstrate the process. You maybe want to go back and forth toe one or more chapters off this course in order to compare the characteristics of each season. Also, you can download the complete course as a reference book at the very end and use the printed colors as your first color chart for future shopping tours. But now it's finally time to start, and here is how it works. So how can you do your color analysis? You just find a good place with a lot of daylight in your house. You get in front of your mirror like get a mirror at the grocery store that you can put on on the floor and just put a chair in front. And then you have the mural in case you have died here, ticket back. Cover it with a natural color like a beige tone or light grey. So this is what I'm doing here right now. Do not be extracted. I don't wear any foundation or lipstick. Dismay. Distract you and your eye and then try to get a golden scarf in the silver scarf. In case you don't have it, you can take a very warm orange tone and maybe a very pure magenta tone. So, like these two, for example, taken magenta and you can do an orange, but battle would be gold and silver, and then you do this multiple times. You sit in front of the mirror in the daylight and you observe your skin and try not to look at the color off the scarf. This is not easy will take a couple of minutes, but you Onley look at your face and what the silver brings onto your face. I always started the gene line, and I go back and forth like 2030 times. Take time for this process, and you will be able to discover what brings a healthier shadow onto your face, which Callum makes your eyes sparkle more. Sometimes you get a like a glossy look in your eyes and you look like you're getting a fever or you're not not not healthy, you know lines and then freckles may stand on war with either silver or gold. Just go back and forth as many times as you need, and you will see after a couple of minutes you will see a very big difference. The system First step, and then we go over to the next one. To start your color analysis, please find yourself a place with a lot of natural daylight. Make sure that there is no dial. Direct sunlight, please. Then place yourself clothes in front of a mirror in order to remove distractions. Please cover your clothes with an off white sheet or shirt and do not wear jewelry in case you have colored or died here, please cover it with an off white or light grey scarf. You want to see what the test colors due to your skin only. Please do not wear foundational lipstick. You or I could be influenced. Then start with a warm golden and a cool tone silver scarf. Switch back and forth as many times as you need for a two least one minute each. You can certainly do the analysis by yourself or, you may be asked a friend, but one with a very good I please to do this test for you. For an untrained eye, it is sometimes difficult to not be influenced by personal color preferences. For this first step, please keep in mind. This is a compare isn't test only try to not look at the color. Concentrate on your face and what the color is doing to your skin. Only one column may look good, but it's opposite may look better on you, so always ask yourself which one is better? Take a lot of time with this process. Switch back and forth and compare every part of your face starting fuel from your chin line up. Does your chin line look defined with silver or with gold? Do your lips look thinner with silver or with gold? Do you see lines mawr with silver or with gold? Does your skin tone look more even? Are there shadows and circles appearing under your eyes? If your skin and eyes look better with silver than you're a cool toned color type, which can be summer or winter, whereas gold looks better on you if you are a warm toned color type such a spring and autumn. Let's look one more time what the wrong colors can do to your face. The wrong colors make you look pale, or so they may assent to wait. Lines and shadows around your mouth and nose or dark circles under the ice Poor's may look bigger, and freckles may be accentuated. Readiness may come out. The wrong colors may age your face. They will either look too strong or too weak and can harden your facial features. The wrong color can pop out and push your face into the background. Here is what the right colors will do for you. They smooth and clarify your complexion. Also, the right colors will bring a healthy ecology. Your skin. They will minimize lines and shadows and circles. They will definitely make your eyes sparkle and luminous. And most importantly, your face will pop out, pushing the color into the background. If you are certain that gold looks better on you, you have definitely a warm skin undertone, which means as we heard that your body saves more carrot in from your nutrition. You may be either a spring or in autumn time please compare some off the lighter tones of spring with the lush, intense colors of autumn. Always keep in mind that, according to the individual combination off your personal skin tone, hair and eye color Onley some colors off. The whole color chart will be your very favorite ones. Both seasons. Spring and autumn. Ah, warm, yellowish colors. This comparison test is to test dominance to see if the brighter sparkling spring colors make you look better. Or, if you need the more intends lash earth tones off autumn to make you shine or if they are maybe too strong for your complexion. If silver looks better with your skin tone, then please compare some off the lighter, watercolor like tones off summer with the intense primary colors off winter again, this is a comparison test to see if the powdery, soft, bluish summer colors make you look better or, if you need the very intense winter colors or, if they may be, are too strong for your complexion. What we want to reach is the people look in your eyes and make you a compliment by saying You look so great today and not what a beautiful blouse right Therefore, the color that makes you stand out not overwhelms you but underlines your natural complexion is the right one for you. Note. Depending on how bright or dark your skin complexion is combined with your eye and natural hair color, you can either where the brighter or the darker tones of you off your color range. Dry, lighter and darker hues and compare what makes your eyes sparkle on the lines of complexion . And that's the most for your skin. Always make sure you stay either in your warm or in your cool color range. Give always the preference to colors that flatter you 100%. Why should you accept less? Then finally, try out your season by wearing something that you already own in your in your seasonal colors. Be careful to use the appropriate makeup shades and then go out and make sure friends can see you there. Compliments will confirm your choice 17. 15 Color Analysis how it works enhancedAudio: so I would like to show you the different colors. Seasons at a glance we talked about already there. Spring and autumn are warm toned colors mixed with a lot of yellow. Where is summer and winter? A cool tone color seasons mixed with a lot of blue and very cool undertones. So these scarves just for analysis each season, offers you hundreds of different jade's. This is just to show you, as I said in the presentation already, then always keep in mind the color seasons. The names do not have anything to do with the temperature off each season. The names are only inspired by the look on each season. So, for example, summer does not have a warm on the tone, but a very cool. When you swing on the beach and you look at the ocean, it looks like this flurry kind of powdery look off water colors in a painting or autumn, for example, is like the lush leaves all the spices like not make and mustard, so always keep that in mind doesn't have anything to do with the temperature. So once you determine when you probably did already, if silver or gold looked better on the skin. Let me mention just one more time, we said, Try to not look at the scar, not at the color. Only concentrate on your face and what the color does to your face. So if the chin line looks more defined with gold or silver, look at the skin tone with which color doesn't look more. Even the look at your lip line. Look at your eyes, which makes your eyes more sparkle. So really, take your time for this process. So once it determined that gold looks much better on you, you will be a warm tone color type, so this can be either spring or order, whereas when silver looks much better on you, you are definitely a cool Cal attack, which is summer all winter. So let's let's pretend that gold looked better use. Or in this case, you just have to compare the warm tone types. And this is just for analysis and always keep in mind. I said this before that according to your personal combination off skin, hair and eyes, not all of these colors will flatter you, but this is just to determine what's the dominance. You can either autumn or spring. But of course, when you find out that yellow is one of your special tones, you probably can use the warmed home yellow from both of the seasons. But we want to see. Is it the more intense version that you need in order to shine and sparkle? Or is it the light of version? So when you compare these two two colors and I put a least on the presentation, which ones you should compare in order to say easy either autumn or spring. So, for example, let's I just use this light brown tone. It's like a warm golden brown tone and compare it with the very lush doctor Rome before him . Do this. Also in front of this mural, as close as you can get in the daylight and take your time for this process, which looks better on you. So the same is for silver. Just compare the summer tones and the window tones. Do not look at the colors. Just see which one makes you sparkle, and it's kind of highlighting you and which one might be too intense for your complexion because what we want to reach is that people say while you look very great today and not Wow, what a blouse, You know. So this is this. I wish you good luck with the determination of your palace season. 18. 16 How to use your color chart: when you go on your first shopping tour. Here are some tips and tricks how to use your color chart As we spoke, you will be able to download a reference book at the very end of this course, which contains color charts for each season. These will help you for your future shopping tours. Some people are actually afraid that these color charts would limit their choice of colors when they are going out shopping. But on the contrary, you will see that you will find so much mawr Hughes and colors off your very best ones, and you will feel free to experiment. I encourage you do not make compromises. The earlier you start toe on Lee, go for your 100% best colors, the sooner you will have your perfect wardrobe and tons of combinations with your best pieces. Shopping will be much easier in the future. You will not have to spend unnecessary time to search around, and you will never buy a wrong piece again. Your color chart will help you to discover the best pieces, and you can enjoy your good choices for a long time because your collar type last your whole life long and here's how to start. You cannot change everything at once, so start to buy from the top down. Invest in pieces that will accentuate your face like tops and blouses, scarves, glasses with the right makeup, they are first in the center of attention. It can take a while until you will be completely familiar with all your perfect colors. But I'm sure you found at least two colors that you are 100% certain they are among your very best ones. Start with these colors when you go shopping, in case you fall in love with the color that is not in the chart. Put the whole chart on top off the piece of clothing and check if it blends in harmoniously with your color chart or if it stands out much cooler or warmer than your color chart, then you should not go for it. By the way, check all pieces in daylight. The artificial light in most jobs can trick your eye, and every shop assistant will understand that you want to be 100% sure before you invest in a new piece of wardrobe and you will not have bad surprises. at home. Later. In case you found a piece with a pattern in mixed colors and you are not sure, step back and look at it from a distance and check. If the overall impression is either warm or cold toned. It can be most attractive if there is a little bit off another color that you normally would not wear. Just be sure that the overall effect is according to your personal color type. Have fun and experiment with your colors. 19. 17 The fabric influences the color: one word about how the fabric can influence the color. Imagine an aqua Marine cashmere sweater, and now imagine a patent glossy leather jacket in the same acro marine color. I guess you imagine the difference, right? If you are a warm toned color type, be very cautious about fabrics with a very shiny, high, glossy and sleek surface, because thes fabrics appear much cooler than they really are. Kashmir Muslin Matt silk She fond velvet viscose cotton and sweated at the perfect choice for a spring or in autumn type. So if you are a warm toned color type and you like to buy a rain jacket in a very glossy fabric, make sure you buy this in a very warm color off your palate by wisely and always ask yourself. Is this of 100% piece? Is this one of my favorite colors? Does it flatter my body type? Does it have a least three friends in my closet? If not, leave it be. Don't spend money on something that is not optimal. Why should you accept less? Also, quality comes before quantity. When I see some piece that I'm not 100% sure off if I should get it. I forced myself to go home and sleep over it if it doesn't go out of my mind. And I checked in my closet that it will be a great addition then this piece is meant to be for me and I can go and get it. But sometimes with a little bit of distance, I didn't even think about it the next day because I knew it was not a 100% piece. So I saved time and money for something that is just not perfect, and I would have regretted later. 20. 18 Body Types: in this next chapter, we're going to talk about the different body types. Let's face the truth. Very few people have perfectly proportioned bodies. The only difference is that well dressed people always dress according to their body type. What you choose to wear needs to be flattering for your shape at all times. Despite every seasonal trend and despite what you like or what you don't like, we can either complain and wish that we had a different body or weaken dress appropriately and streamline our lovely bodies to create balance. But before that, you'll need to a certain which body type you tend towards, irrespective off your height. Here are the main four body types the rectangle, the pair, the apple in that hourglass shaped body. Depending on where you research, those shapes may go by other names like Triangle, diamond or even round. In either case, when you see the shape that resembles yours, it should be a no brainer. The end goal should be to balance your proportions, and this can be achieved with fit, style and color when you are well proportioned and relatively lean, but you do not have a lot of curves you will be probably a rectangle or straight body type . You will want to create an hourglass bigger and those curves to keep your feminine. You can best do that by wearing belts toe except with your waist. You can also benefit from wearing blouses with ruffles in the just area to create illusion off a large chest and wavy skirts. Let's look at the pear shaped body. When the wits of your torso is smaller than the width of your hips, you will be probably a pear shaped body type. You will constantly want to balance the difference between the top and the bottom part of your body. Avoid any sorts of prints on the bottom unless they are vertical stripes, which haven't Ellen Gating and slimming effect, where ruffled, colorful shirts and elaborate blouses where dark colored skirts with light colored shirts avoid pockets on anything from dresses to pants. A straight pent will give you a much slimmer figure color. Blocking your figure is so important for you. The goal is to highlight your best asset while creating the illusion off balance proportions. So your top half compliments your bottom and vice versa. Bursa in a perfect way when you are well proportioned but with a little bit of extra around the middle, you are probably an apple shape body type. You will want to create shape and disguise your midriff. If you have broad shoulders and carry weight on the top part of your body, then you are apple shaped. The best way to dress for you is creating balance between the upper and the lower parts of your body. You can do that by wearing flared skirts in bold colors and prints on top. You should avoid spaghetti straps or ruffles. This only adds volume, which you should avoid. Where a V neck shirt in a uniform color, preferably a darker color. A lot of women tried to cover the top part by wearing large cardigans, but that is completely wrong, as it will make you look more baki. Try a structured jacket and leave the top bottoms open. Let's look at the hourglass shape next. If you are an hourglass lady than your top and bottom parts are similar sizes. Windrow well proportioned with a shapely bust, and to find waste, you will always want to strive to look taller and slimmer. Hourglass shaped body type is the easiest type off body to dress. You should look great in anything as long as you emphasize the waste. Play around with belts and different sizes and colors. Pencil dresses and skirts look amazing on our glass ladies note. When you know which body type you tank towards, you'll need to know how to select clothes that bring you balance. When the wits of your shoulders and torso is wider than the wits of your hips, you'll want to soft on your shoulders and perhaps your bust line and add volume to the lower part of your body. This is not seasonal knowledge. Once you have it, you'll be able to apply it for good length of time. 21. 19 Fabrics+A for every Body: by now, you probably know which body type detained towards, too. So I would like to talk a little bit about fabrics and accessories, which work best for each of these body types. Because of fabric and accessories that you choose for your body type, they are just as important as the clothing itself. A fabric that isn't flattering can draw attention to problem areas, make you look larger and provide a jumbled silhouette. But strategically worn, it can Fleder your body type and work wonders. Let's start with the first body. Type the rectangle or straight body, so your goal should be to create the illusion of a waistline. And curvy hips rears and size the tide of the fabric the better, because it tricks the eye. Boxy and heavy fabrics like wool letter and chunky knits don't do much for erecting a body shape because they don't have the body. So the boys appearance still remains. On the contrary, stretchy fabrics like Met jersey spandex and cotton, as well as clingy wants, like satin and silk, skimmed the body and outline your curves. Let's look at the main accessories that are very important for the rectangle body shape your main accessories should be a belt to create illusion off the defined waist, and they can be worn directly on the waist slightly above or low slung on the hips to add needed mess and bulk toe an otherwise boxy figure. Chunky necklaces ed bark to the small bust. While long earrings open up your neck line as a rectangle shape. Your shoe options are limitless because heels off all heights look so great and flats are quite flattering as well. Even heels that cut off the ankles can be flattering because of your slim leg and ankle area. The pear shaped body is the next one we're talking about. Your goal should be to wear form fitting fabrics because they are flattering. Toe a pear shape because they equally accentuate your petite upper body and your curvy, lower half met jersey cotton polyester plans and discos. It are all good choices. Fabrics that are overly heavy, like leather wool and chunky knits that are bed bug should be avoided. If you do choose to where these fabrics keep them on the upper part of your body on Lee because they make the lower half appear larger, let's look at the accessories for the pear shaped body. Celebrate your upper half and accessorize your clothing with scarves that draw attention to your neckline while also Ellen gating it. Dramatic earrings that are wide or long in length, as well as length in necklaces are also good elements to accentuate the top half off your body. High heels are your very best friend if you are a pear shaped girl, because they Ellen gade your curvy legs and give them a more streamlined look. Pointed toes are best, but round toast platforms and chunky use can work to. However, heels with ankle straps or those that come up on the ankle should either be totally avoided or worn with caution, depending on your legs size. Since most pair shapes have curvy legs, ankle boots, booties or heels with ankle straps, cut the leg line off and make them look bigger. The best fabrics for an EPA bully type are those that have substance, lots of room and skim your curves. Met Jersey is one of the best fabrics, while cotton wool blends and this cozy also work very good for this body time. Just stay away off shiny, overly clingy fabrics that, like a generous amount of stretch, such a certain spandex she fall and ray on. When it comes to accessories for the apple body type, your most important accessory is a belt belt helped to create illusion off a waistline, streamline your tummy area and an overall dimension and definition. Actually, anything that has a belt, whether a top jacket, dress, skirt or pens should be worn whenever possible. Long chain link necklaces are also very good, because they draw the eye downward away from the rounded midsection, creating the illusion off a longer torso. The slim legs, often apple shape. Other highlight. So feel free to where I catching high heels that draw attention to this area off the body. And now, finally, let's talk about the hourglass shaped body. The beautiful curves off this body type should always be highlighted. Therefore, any fabric that it's form fitting is always flattering. Like spandex made jersey leather and cotton are just a few of the fabrics that are sure to have your hourglass curves on full display. Overly heavy fabrics can be a little overwhelming to your prettied up behalf. So where with caution junkie knits and bulky will should be worn sparingly so you don't get lost in mounds off fabric. Let's see which accessories Fleder the hourglass body the most. Anything accentuating that small waist is an accessory that you should always incorporate into your wardrobe. Belts, sashes and tiding tops, dresses, pains or skirts are off lettering choices both high heels and flits off lettering to your hourglass figure. However, if your legs are a little more curvy, you want to avoid shoes and boots that cut off at the ankle. Also, if you are short in height, you should. Your flat should contain just a bit of a heel to provide an overall streamline silhouette. 22. 20 Put your figure in perspective: the impression that we leave depends on how we present ourselves in our clothes. So in this next chapter, I will show you how you can put your figure in best perspective. The most perfect figure doesn't come out when you are dressed in an unflattering way, so it should be your goal to find out what fled is your most. Which parts of your body should be highlighted the most, and which ones can be covered with finesse. Fashion is only as good as it looks on you. I find it much smarter toe adept. The latest look toe my figure and personality rather than trying toe, accommodate each trend, We only look stylish. If we have found our personal style, there are some important basic rules you should know to put your figure and proportions in perspective and how you can work on finding your best lines. Let's start with the horizontal lines. They make every area look wider and shorter, so you need to be aware off where to find them in garments. Horizontal elements off your clothings can be hems off sleeves and tops or pains or skirts , etcetera, yolks, pockets, horizontal stripes and prince seems dreams. Belt cuffs on trousers. Also buttons on double breasted jackets or coats, broader prints and also distressing. And whisk oring on jeans not to forget straps and high vamps on shoes. These also creating a horizontal line. Use the horizontal line at areas where you are too slim. If you have, for example, narrow hips, accentuate them with a skirt with pockets or a horizontal color blocking pattern. If your shoulders are too narrow, where about two line top or a ruffled blouse to broaden your shoulders? If you have a slim long neck at some length to your hair, because short hair will accentuate its links, avoid D V necklines and headscarves. On the contrary, if your neck is short, use the opposite to balance its appearance. Where an open V color avoid high stand up colors and turtlenecks. Vertical lines make every area look slimmer and longer. The same happens with diagonal lines, too. Soto Ellen Gate You want to ensure you have more vertical lines and less horizontal lines. Vertical elements could be Plec. It's jacket edges. Santa creases on trousers rose off buttons up and down pleads vertical stripes and vertical seams. Also long necklaces dangling scarves and high heeled shoes. So if you want Toe Ellen gate, find garments with more vertical lines. For example, assured upper body if you are short or have long legs, short arms, small feet and for all parts of your body, you want to make appear slimmer. One trick that would make you look much taller. Always tone your shoes to pants or tights or your legs. I started wearing makeup tone tights and new tone. Choose this. Make me look much taller and they really go with every dress. Also, it is much easier to travel without having to pack so many pairs of shoes. One word about the unique colored look. Unique colored areas always appear larger than multicolored once, and they will make you look slimmer. Use the Ellen gating effect if you are short in height and want to appear taller. So, for example, as you can see here, instead of wearing beige boots to black pants, try toe. Wear either black boots with the black pains or try base bends to the beige boots you have . I guarantee you the difference will be amazing. You can use color blocking with horizontal lines if You're very tall, very skinny, because the two toned fabric make you look smaller and broader. Also used to color trick. If you have very long legs or big feet toe Ellen Gate. As you can see in this picture, just use color blocking with vertical lines. Instead of breaking up your body by alternating colors, you can delegate by creating a flow. 23. 21 Discover your Personality Style: your style is defined by personality. I'm sure you will agree with me when I say these days, fashion trends have become mawr and mawr transient. They change so fast, and the fashion industry wants us to replace ah, wardrobe constantly. They are presenting us new collections four times per year. If you love to buy quality, this could become a very expensive and time consuming hobby. Maybe you also know, like I what if you would like to buy a complete ultramodern outfit and you have Onley warning once or twice because you didn't feel like yourself and more like dressed up after you know by now which color season you belong to and which colors Fleder you most also, you know by now which body type you tend towards. We will talk about the next step in this checked ER, which is about your personality style. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak or, in other words, stylist away off how you express your personality with your appearance. A woman who dresses with taste shows that she loves fashion, but she Onley chooses what letters her personality style 100% and makes her shine in this way, you can save time money, and I avoid frustration. You will send out Karisma and self confidence once you find your personal style, which will give you that very special something. And it doesn't matter how old, young, rich or beautiful you are. And if you're wearing size six or 16 rather important is the harmony off what you're wearing. Combined with the right, make up your hair style and your accessories. Because thes are the visible components of your personality. You are an individual uniquely made. There are some resemblance is. But determining the personality enclosing that best suits you depends on much more than your color season. Would you like to discover your personality style now? If so, please download the pdf file attached to this chapter. Try toe. Answer the questions spontaneously by checking one answer per question. Do not think about your budget or your figure. No thoughts about limitations. Please let just your gut feeling talk. Think about your wishes and preferences when answering the following questions. This test cannot replace a one on one consultancy with inexperienced image consultant, but I'm 100% sure it will be a very helpful aid to your orientation. So have fun with this test, and I will see you in a couple of minutes. 24. 23 Personality Styles at a Glance: Welcome back and congratulations. You completed the test, and I guess you are very curious now. So let's talk about the results. As I mentioned before. This test is not intended to replace Ah one on one consultancy with an image consultant, but it will be a very helpful aid to your orientation. Most people represent mawr than one personality style. In fact, mostly it's a combination off two or three, but one style is predominant. Maybe you discover new fest, it's about your personality, or your style has changed within the past years, So I encourage you to repeat this test every once in a while. This will be the basis to build your personal style step by step. Always keep an eye on fashion trends, but only pick the very best pieces for you. So in case you heaven, please stop here and some up your test answers. If most of your selected answers are a as an apple, then you are a natural, sporty personality type. If you chose Ah lot of bees, then you are a classic personality. Type C stands for boys dynamic, do you? Is the romantic personality type E dramatic, extravagant and F sexy alluring. For example, if you checked six answers for B and four for D, then your personality style is classic romantic. In case you're answers are evenly spread across all the types, then you are very likely a natural, versatile personality. So let's look deeper into the different personality styles. 25. 24 Natural Sporty Type: When you have chosen a lot off a answers, you're very likely a natural, sporty personality type. One thing for sure, you are no fuzz person. You live an active lifestyle and prefer a wardrobe that gives you freedom. Comfort, practicality and ease are very important to you. Everything artificial and unnatural is alien to you. You love clean lines and no frills. Your main concern about fashion is it must be comfortable. As a natural woman, you come across likable, uncomplicated and open. You want to make wise decisions and do not want to spend too much time for your daily beauty routine. Other things are much more important to you, such as health and well being. You love nature and to spend time outside. Which fabrics would you love? You're likely to wear comfortable fabrics like stretch knits. Choose natural fiber and, if with very low synthetic fiber light to middle heavy fabrics. Best with met surface. Also, fabrics with weaving structures sue to find, such as cotton linen, micro fiber with coz wool jersey met leather sweat, a well vit and raw silk for festive occasions. When it comes to patterns, checked pattern horizontal stripes, smaller ethnic in nature. Motive. Unobtrusive graphical prince. Also, evolving patterns look very good on you. Jewelry and accessories for you. Less is mawr. You use it sparingly, and your pieces are small and low key. You see accessories from a practical standpoint, a scarf has to keep you warm, and the purse should offer you a lot of space. Your makeup is likely to be minimal if you wear any at all. You are generally not a fashion follower. Your work and casual wear my pieced imbula or the same. My recommendation to you tried to make a bit more effort and incorporate some chic pieces into your wardrobe. Sometimes it works wonders if you just add bigger and more eye catching accessories to make your outfit more festive. 26. 25 Classic Type: if you have selected the most be answers, you are the classic personality type. You appear very feminine, subtle, sophisticated and self confident. People trust you not only because of your courteous and correct behavior. Everything loud, garish and exaggerated is alien to you. Your whole appearance looks gentle, feminine and very elegant. You trust your own taste. That's why you come across very authentic. You buy quality and you look for clothing and accessories that will last investment. Buying This is for you. You take time for your wardrobe and it should be perfect. You buy good brains. Have more traditional, refined, elegant style. You prefer more classic, simple, straight structured and coordinated look tailored suits, jackets and trousers. Your model is timeless is key, which fabrics do you like? Your fabrics are fine nature fabrics, and they will tend to be plain met in solid colors not patterned or heavily textured, such as merino wool, cashmere, fine linen, fine cotton, silk flannel, jersey and alcantara. For festive occasions, Crept machine crap, shires it or she phone would be perfect. Also, light brocade or two when it comes to pattern. Rather unobtrusive fine pinstriped Glenn Check coxed Riedel herringbone pattern. Pace Lee checked pattern polka dotted fine stripes, water color or small regular geometric pattern suit you very well. Accessory and jewelry are important to you, but will tend to be small, simple and unobtrusive. Very classic and traditional, though you will always perfectly maj. Pearls, silk scarves, belts, purses, gloves and heads to the outfit. My recommendation to you. You will tend to have a limited color palette in your wardrobe. For example, black, white cream, navy, etcetera dry other colors like aqua marine caramel if they are in your color chart. If you wear pure classic, it could become a little boring on the long run. Try to incorporate bigger jewelry pieces off vivid color accents to make an individualistic statement and still look classy. 27. 26 Boyish Dynamic Type: Maybe you have chosen mostly see answers or just a few see answers. But it's great either way, because the boys dynamic personality type has a lot of energy and some great sense of humor . Everybody loves your company. You're an entertaining personality, don't means words and are very spontaneous. Straight cuts with lively details are just made for you, depending on the fashion trend you left. Wear tight fitting clothes or you choose oversized pieces, and both styles look great on you. When it comes to fabrics. Choose medium heavy fabrics with firmness, such as cotton court, vova in fabrics, gabardine, worsted yarn and thicker jersey. When he comes, toe patterns choose funny, colorful graphical prints. Also, comic seems, will give a special touch to your style. The designs should be small to medium size, your model about jewelry and accessories. Not much, but the right ones set the focus on belts, purses and backpacks, a small cotton scarf and all very trendy, but a big, more colorful. Sometimes your appearance is not a smart and lively as your personality. Also, your haircut should be trendy. And Cecil, what about one colored strand? Maybe my recommendation to you choose colorful, sassy colors and contrasts. They are perfect for your personality style and try to highlight your complexion with your colors and the right accessories and make up. 28. 27 Romantic Type: The romantic personality type is a very feminine, gentle, emotional and caring person. You decide intuitive, have artistic skills are imagine native and sometimes a bit nostalgic. Practicality is not a key consideration for you. You may be inspired by pretty things. Soft, drapey fabrics, velvet frills, bows, lace, floral pattern, soft colors, etcetera. You may prefer going for clean, figure hugging, flattering lines that accentuate your womanly shape. When it comes to fabric, he chews light to middle soft, flowing and cuddly fabrics with fine surface structures off letter in you such as Batiste, Capta Sheen, silk Jersey Merino wool, Angora, Fine linen. You also look beautiful in velvet lace. She phone organza and movie. When he comes to pattern, you love soft and harmonious rounded shapes, flowing lines and color transition such as water color pattern, floral pattern, as in Art nouveau are just beautiful for you but also narrow stripes and small check pattern. No big designs for, you know, harsh outlines or contrasts because they are too aggressive for your type. You love toe. Add a special touch when it comes to jewelry and accessories you love small a jewelry, sometimes antique scarves around the neck hair, a waistline, gloves, belts, purses, shoes and heads. Your accessories are mostly small and a big playful you dress to enhance and enjoy your femininity. Dresses, makeup, hair, nails, accessories, shoes, etcetera and you enjoy wearing heels. Your silhouette is soft flowing and curve hugging. Stiff cuts. Baggy clothes off garish, provoking pieces do not flatter you. The pure romantic type can sometimes come across a bit fragile, dreamy and sometimes passive. Too much of a not nostalgic touch could become old fashioned. So my recommendation to you try to incorporate a few modern elements with jewelry. Stronger colored accents toe appear more mature and communicate active femininity. 29. 28 Dramatic Extravagant: next personality type we're talking about is the dramatic extravagant. You are an individual, very confident, and you like to express your individuality through your closing and accessories. You are a non conformist who loves to take center stage. What you cannot stand is mediocrity. Creative types will tend to mix different colors, styles, pattern and textures together to create a unique, eclectic look, including mixing vintage clothing with new. Your clothing is very chic, diversified and probably expensive. You love unique designer pieces, and you may be attracted to bold, asymmetrical designs. Cuts, patterns and colors. Just everything deviating from the average norm. Rather than trying to cover up. You love to highlight broad shoulders. Sharp facial features off very pale skin. When it comes to fabrics, you likely toe wear fabrics of very fine quality. You love jersey, fine cotton, shiny blended fabrics, luxurious silk, nappa leather and sweat. Also cashmere in the evening you shining satin brocade, lurex and LeMay. Be careful if you are a spring type, though, because these fabrics could look to cool toned on you about pattern. I would like to say no small checked pattern at all. You love big pattern graphical contrast, e abstract or stylized, also asymmetric. You always appear bold and very artistic. When it comes to jewelry and accessories. You love to be creative and try new accessories that can variety. Sometimes you left combined fashion jewelry with real gemstones. Sometimes you wear simple jewelry, but the next day you left to sparkle with extremely eye catching big accessories. My recommendation to you, your hair and makeup with generally follow your closing styles, both bold and different. Just be careful as a spring type because these colors are too loud and could drown your delicate complexion. The pure dramatic type sometimes seems a big aloof and has to make the first move. 30. 29 Sexy Alluring: Let's talk about the sexy, alluring, personally type next. First of all, a pure version off. This personality style is very rare and should, least of all in your work life not be freely expressed. If your personality style contains sexy alluring, be sure that just a very little bit adds zest to your style. The goal should be to refine your style. Then it can be most attractive. We will talk about the work environment in this chapter, and there are a couple of basic rules you should be aware off if you want to be sexy but in a respectable, adequately dressed way. First of all, if your figure allows it, your skirts can be a little shorter. But make sure it doesn't ride up too much when you sit down. In this case, less is not more. Be critical, and jack in front of a mirror which length is the most flattering to you Always focus on one. I catch a poor outfit. Make sure that the Dekel tay is not too low When wearing a short skirt. Your legs are an eye catcher. Hi, Let them with trendy pantyhose, also go for quality when it comes to jewelry. One classy bracelet is much more attractive than 10 clacking Bangles. Less is more. When it comes to nail polish, choose light to medium neutral tones. Don't go for aggressive, glaring red for your daytime makeup. Choose unobtrusive makeup colors. If your hair allows it, you can have curly wild hair or even a long, wavy main if it doesn't distract you in your job. Also, highlights come very nice. According to your colors. Blond or red would look great on you. Reserve extreme high heels and over knee boots for special spare time occasions. Mitt heeled pumps, boots off booties in your colors or animal prints are grated work and give you the refined special look. 31. 30 The Perfect Wardrobe: Now let's talk about how you can get your perfect wardroom. Did you know that most people are wearing only 20% off their clothes 80% of the time? Is your closet full bursting almost. But you feel you have nothingto where many women have this problem and I headed many years ago to and we are going to change this. Now I will show you how you can put together a wardrobe that is tailor made for you. But don't worry, I do not mean that it should wipe out and give every single piece away. But I want to encourage you to choose focused what to keep and complemented with special pieces that make 100% sense for you. What I am doing regularly and I recommend, is toe all my friends and clients. Please check out your closet once a year to get the overall picture, what you have, what needs to go, what should stay and what just maybe needs to be altered and what you need to look for when you go shopping the next time. So let's check out the simple steps off wardrobe inspection in very practical steps. I promise this will be fun for you. So please go in your walk in closet for me and imagine you do not know it. It is a boutique that you visit for the very first time. So please make time like warmed 1.5 hours and create some space to do this water of inspection. Maybe you want to ask. A friend will give you honest feedback. Best would be if this friend is in your same color range. So the best also will be you take out every single piece and put it on the bed or floor in the meantime so that your closet is completely empty. We gotta create three sticks now, three piles. One is gonna be clothing that will stay. That is perfect for you according to color and style. One stack is gonna be things that will go away that need to go. And the 3rd 1 is for closing. That needs to be cleaned, altered. Now, please take out every single piece one by one, and ask yourself in front of a mirror of the following questions. Is this piece of closing your perfect color? Is it in your seasonal color range? Is it your cut and your style also checked the pattern. Is it according to your personality style? Does it need to be cleaned, or does it need to be altered if the answer is yes, please put it aside on one off the stakes that we discussed before for things that need to be done. It's really a bad feeling to see this piece every morning, but you cannot wear it and combine it with other things because it's just not ready. This takes time and makes you feel miserable. So then ask yourself, Is this piece of closing your current size? If you don't know, please dried on. Even if you have to try on every single piece that we're going through now, please do it. If it doesn't fit and it's too big or too small, give it away. You want to dress the body that you have now, so do not wait until you lose weight and speaking off clothes that are too big. You don't want to fit in them again anyway, right? So even if you have only a few pieces left after we're finished with this, do it. If the clothes do not fit, I'm sure you haven't warned them a long time and you cannot wear them anyway. Then ask yourself, Have you warned this piece of garment in the last 1 to 1.5 years? If you haven't also give it away? One exception would be an evening dress. But be radical because the chances are very low that you will ever wear an evening gown you haven't worn the past 18 months. So when an invitation comes up, you will be more likely. Go and buy a new outfit. And then the last question you ask yourself is, Would you spend money on this piece? So would you really buy this piece off clothing today? And I think you're got feeling will pretty soon tell you if it is a good piece for you or if it needs to go? There is no single occasion on this planet to look bad, so please discharge every unflattering piece of clothing. And here's a helpful trick. When you are having problems giving away close, you have sorted out. Put them in a suitcase or in another closet in the basement. When you do not even think about this for like six months you can give them away with good conscience or bring them, maybe to a consignment store and make a bit of money with it. I personally did this for many years, and I never, ever missed a single piece. And I never went down to take something back that I have sorted out this way and one last word to hoard us. If you have too many duplicates off something like 50 navy blue shirts, these are simply too much. And let's be honest, I'm sure you're always wearing your favorite two or three ones. It will simplify your life and give you peace of mind to have your very best pieces off your favorite clothes in good condition and also speaking about accessory shoes, belts, scarves in the wrong colors. They should be given away. You will see simplicity is the key Now. You should have two stacks left, one stack of clothes that need to be cleaned, altered and the other stack with the good clothes that are a good fit according to your color cut style and fit. So now I want you to start putting bag every piece of your wardrobe, but this time, please organize them in groups and each group collar wise, from white cream on the left to yellow green brown, a terra to black on the right side in each group. And this is how this works best. If you create a section each for tops, blazers, jackets, cardigans also for pains, skirts, dresses and so on, make sure that all hangers are hanging in the same direction in your closet and, if possible, also line up your handbags and shoes color wise so that every single piece you own is visible. You wear what you see, so also put all your scars and pashminas in a shelf on top of each other. Or get a scarf organizer like this one. You can see in the picture where you can store them hanging the same A's for bail so that you can see everything when combining. And now you can add a few pieces that you are not 100% sure they are your color, but you just feel you need them because they are basics like your black pair of pains or a dark grey basic skirt. Very important is that you are very strict about your tops, so everything you're wearing close to your face should be in your perfect colors. Only one word about storing Please do not store closing plastic covers from the cleaners. This is inappropriate and does not protect your closing. On the contrary, plastic attracts dust and the fiber cannot breathe so fabrics could start to smell bed and white pieces can turned yellowish. Also, please do not leave your clothes on the wire hangers from the cleaners. You cannot wear pants that were stored this way because they are just rumpled and you never get rid of the hangar marks on the shoulders of your cashmere cardigan. So please buy soft hangers that support the shoulder part of your clothes and will keep them in shape, especially blouses, tops, dresses and knitwear made of jersey and silk. Also get special hangars for your pants and skirts. It will pay off, they will stay in shape, and you don't have to get them dry clean so often. Also for your shoes. Always clean them before you put them back in the closet and always use shoe stretchers so you can enjoy them for a long time. There's nothing worth in a shabby looking shoe. Now we're going to make a shopping list of things that you really need. But first, I want you to make a water bliss to see the items that you already own in your personal colors. This looks like this least here. You can download this in this in the section and complimented and add additional columns. Whatever you need to make it your customized version, Please write down every item off closing that you have. Start with the color, then the material and the style begin with the basics, such as jackets, skirts, pants and dresses. This will help you to easily find out what is missing and then, secondly, write down what you really need in order to create combinations. Also, do not forget to think about underwear for your outfits. Maybe you need special underwear like Spanx or a low cut bra for a certain evening dress. So do not forget about this and, uh, have your water blissed handy when you go shopping 32. 31 Create your own Look Book: a very helpful thing to organize your wardrobe and for future shopping tourists is to create your own look book. You will see you will love it when you come home with a new piece of closing mix and match it with the pieces that you already own. As I mentioned before, I always make sure when I consider to buy a new piece that it will have at least three friends in my closet. So when you come home with a new blazer blouse, take out pains, belts, scarves, purses, shoes, jewelry. Put it on your bed and create a couple of complete outfit combinations and take pictures off them. With this method, you can create your own look book on your mobile phone or even printer looks out, and you will make quick decisions in the morning, even when you are in a hurry and don't have to sink long about combinations. When you go shopping, always make sure that you have your list with your needs handy and also the photos off your wardrobe, which is your look book. Now it is much better to plan and watch out for pieces you really need and buy a better quality peace than to do impulsive purchases. They sum up and become very costly on the long run. So when you are looking for a blouse to combine with, for example, a special skirt, have the picture off a skirt taken in good daylight on your mobile phone? Sometimes it's hard to remember all the colors off your clothes at home. This will help you to decide if new pieces will really fit as combination partners. You will see when you are organizing your wardrobe. This way, you will always have an over few, and it is very easy toe update your looks from year to year, and sometimes it only takes one new scarf or another piece of accessory to create a complete new look. 33. 32 The 7 Rules to Shop Wisely: I want to share with you the seven rules to shop wisely from now on. It will only take you a few minutes to check out a store when you shop with your colors. So let's look at rule number one. Look good when you go shopping. It's not on Lee much more fun. You will be able to have better judgment when you addressed carefully. Also, close will fit better when you're wearing the right underwear and shoes. Secondly, check the colors in good daylight. When you see, for example, of red dress in a shop, it can be very hard to see if the color is cool toned or warm toned in the artificial light . So try to find a daylight place or step outside and put the whole color chart on top. This is sometimes the only way to find out if it's your perfect color. Rule number three by the most clothes for the part of your life that takes most of your time, spent the most money on these pieces. A good quality placer may be costly, but it will enhance your complete wardrobe and one word to combinations. You will have more combination options if you have more tops than bottoms, rule number four by your colors When you see them. The fashion industry offers us for collections per year, and nowadays you get almost every style throughout the whole year. But still, when you are for example, in autumn, you will probably still find the greatest choice off your warm and lush tones during the autumn season. But not every year. Earth tones are trendy, so it's probably good to buy when the fish and trained office your personal colors take the advantage. In this way, you will always be ableto wear your perfect colors and get over seasons when the fashion industry is offering only pastel tones. Rule number five don't buy impulsively. Most people tend to buy duplicates of close. They already have by the close you really need First stick to your shopping list and you will have the freedom to say yes to that very special, extravagant piece you maybe will find tomorrow. That is exact your color you in style and the perfect completion to your wardrobe. Rule number six. Learn to say no. Stay away from clearance sale. I know this sounds hot, but stay away from clear and sail unless it is definitely your color. The best bargain is a waste. If it doesn't, 100% fled you, on the other hand, focusing on my colors. Help me make very good bargains because that orange sweated letter jacket from last year's collection will just fit great and doesn't have a date on it. So keep in eye on fashion trends, but build your personal wardrobe no matter what the fashion industry offers. If you're lucky to find a boutique owner, that is the same color type is you. Then go for it. This shop will most likely offer a great variety off your colors. Rule number seven. Here's a little checklist before you go to the changing room in general. When you go shopping, make it your teen that it will only take 10 minutes to check out a store. Go and find your size first, then head for your colors. Take some pieces out. Check if the cut and pattern is your personality style, then feel the fabric and see if it is flattering for your body type and for the occasion you want to wear it for then check the label concerning material and care Onley. Then go and try it on. This only takes a couple of minutes, and you have to go to the changing room. Only one time I started to shop online when I found the brain that I knew is offering my styling colors as a test. You can order two sizes and see which one fits best. If you're lucky, you can stay with this brand for many years, and lastly, find yourself a good tailor who can alter your clothes if it's hard to find clothes for your figure. Even expensive designer clothes do not look good when they don't fit correctly. Always remember, quality comes before quantity, and when you have ah, few good quality pieces like here, you see 10 pieces. You can create more than 50 outfits with, so always keep that in mind when buying stuff. And, uh, I'm sure you wanna have a few more pieces every year, right? So concentrate on the very best ones. I hope this was helpful and your closet is organized and you know what to look for when you are planning your next shopping tour. 34. 33 Thank you: congratulations. You have completed this course and NOAA lot about colors, styles and fishing. You heard about the history of color analysis, the characteristics of each color season. You were able to determine which season you belong to and what your very best colors are. Also. How to use your color child for shopping. And remember, don't make compromises. Go on Lee for the 100% pieces that make you shine and stand out. You also learned which body type you taint towards to and got some tips and tricks. How to balance your type with the right fabrics and accessories using horizontal and vertical lines combined with your very perfect colors, I hope you have discovered something new about your personality by completing the personality style test and got some new recommendations and tips with this course. I wanted to give you all the tools to refine your very unique personal style, but this car still can be extended. I would like to thank you, and I would love to hear from you in case you have any questions toe one or the other topic . I will be glad to answer any questions, and I want to thank you in advance for your feet back also. Please let me know if you would like to hear about related topics that weren't mentioned in this course. I will be very happy to create a new lesson about it. Thank you very much for watching this course and have fun with your colors and creating your unique personal style. And remember that the best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you. Thank you. And I'm looking very much forward to seeing you in one of my next courses.