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Logo Design: An Introduction

teacher avatar Daniela Madriz, Visual Identity Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Client Interview/Survey


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      Moodboards and Inspiration


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      Rounds of Review


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      Packaging and Delivering


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About This Class

Learn the tips and tricks of logo design:
I take students through an overview of my professional and creative logo design process, using the example of a logo I designed for Valley Of The Angels, a Guatemalan orphanage.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniela Madriz

Visual Identity Designer


With an Advertising and Media Production degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (yes, that is her face on the header), Daniela is a Guatemalan designer focused on branding and user interface.

Before leaving the U.S., Daniela had the chance to work in art direction on accounts like Nintendo, Kashi, Sherwin Williams, and Kraft with the best of the best at BBH New York, McKinney Durham, CP+B Los Angeles and Leo Burnett Chicago.

She then moved to Paris for a year where she started her design business, which she continues to develop from Guatemala City since 2015.

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. I'm then you know my buddies. From what? The money? I am a graphic designer. I've been freelancing for the past three years. Before that, I did advertising as an art director and different agencies in the US, in Los Angeles, Chicago, North Carolina, I in New York today. I want to teach you how to design a logo. So what I'm gonna do is take you through my entire professional process on every step away from initial plan contact through research and brainstorming round of reviews. And I don't delivery. So I hope this is a class you'll enjoy. If you hit the enroll button, we'll get going. 2. Contract: Hey, thank you for enrolling. So we started the project with the assumption that you have a client and that you have both decided to work together. So the very first step you want to take us, create a contract for both of you to sign. This is immensely important. More than take your client a legal battle down the road. With that what this says ISS set expectations on both sides. Here's a simple contract I use with my clients in this project. We are going toe Look at how I designed the local for this orphanage and Guatemala Valley of the Angels. That's why that's the information you see up here, though. Notice the branding and the design of the whole thing. As a designer, you want to show that you care about the details through typography, Balet adding your local of the right places and all that. But let's save until the content you see the date up here. Basic information. What is it you're gonna be doing who the client is, what brand you're doing this for? Sometimes these two are not the scene like, for example, if you're working for an agency who remain contact is to avoid designed by committee your name. The date of the project. Landy, Devin to deliverables and scope. Four months You will be delivering and etcetera, but cost super important and central Tony contract payment and estimates how you want to be paid and in what currency, and also specifying that you want a certain percentage up front to the enemy work expenses to cover your back and keep singing toe paid for stock photography or funds, or anything else that the client wants to make sure that they that's an additional cost. They'll have to reimburse you for changes in case the client requests more changes that you offer In this contract cancellation. You bracket the project and decide what happens if client cancels early in halfway through or towards the interval project and acceptance of terms to the show that even if they agree to this only via email, that will be considered a Z, a legal signature. And then I always include the full detail of my process in an annex at the end so they know exactly what it is. They're getting what I'm committing myself to, and so we know that if there's anything additional toe what's specified here. That means toe happen. That would incur an additional cost. So that's it. That's the overview of contracting. And the next lesson we're gonna Devin too little young, the client and gathering the main information you need from them. See you there. 3. Client Interview/Survey: you have your contract, the first thing you want to do after that is interview your client. You should have a basic idea of what it is they dio because you want to be able to choose who your clients are. I know if they're a good fit for whatever you're gonna do, we know if you can even create the logo that they're looking for. Um, but nonetheless, you still need to dig through on the very first ages. You begin with a lot of information. You want to get asked much information about the client and their industry, and everything is you can't and down the process, you're gonna start narrowing it all down in discovering what it is that makes the core of their business. So you begin this interview by asking everything and anything that may come to mind from questions about the industry, to their competitors themselves, their history, where they came from, who they are, where they're going to where they'd like to go to. You can ask them, designed questions like if they have any initial ideas for the design or expectations, everything there if they know of any competitors that are doing Brandon in a really cool way, in their opinion, Or if there is any competitors her that they think is doing things the wrong way. You want to get the yeses, the nos everything, um, you wanna ask thm as well about the history of the industry, and what's particularly useful is to get links in references to other things that they like . So you can later on research and really get a visual press booth where they stand and where they want to go. You want to get their current logos that they have. And this is a rebranding project, their website, any social media prescence, etcetera. So just in general, make sure you have all those questions written down. You can do this by phone, Skype email, although do personally, like to hear this orally so I can get all their inflections and really get all the little new insists of, um, what they're saying. So you get all that information, you write everything and anything down. And the last thing I do like to do here is give them a survey. Um, so I'm going to share with you this survey put together, you can do it yourself from home. It's free with the help of Google forms. In what I asked them iss, uh, place in these spectrums where it is that their brand falls against. Here I have different values, our post on each question. So those are all I have? I usually changed thes If I think there is something that would be particularly relevant for a specific client or if I don't think feminine and masculine makes sense in the specific ease, I drop it. Whatever. You can make this your own based on what project you're on. And so sometimes the client is gonna know exactly where where they want their brand to fall . And sometimes they're gonna have absolutely no clue in those cases. You you want to help them advice, thumb and help them figure out where it is. Their brand should fall. Either way, this serving is helpful. Toe, get the tone set for the rest of the project. And to see their any out layers. If you see that in general, they stay in the fives and sixes and they're not. They're strong on anything, but suddenly they know they have to be super youthful on the all the weight to nine here. You know, that's gonna be a driving factor in your designs. So that's for the survey. I know this is a life of research and initial talks before we even begin designed, but this is extremely important to make sure you're setting the right base in getting enough direction to begin with. It saves you a lot of time and a lot of spare rounds down the road, and it just makes you discover new things that you or the client might not even have been aware off initially. 4. Moodboards and Inspiration: so the first thing I do at this point is show the client a set of mood boards with directions that their logo could take on the write little notes throughout it to know what the client feedback waas those keys. They thought this was more of a maybe so play with words you can see here I grouped a bunch of logos where the words played with what the what? The product is direction to play with icons similar to the previous one. But in this case, all the play with two different notions is done at the level of the icon. Direction three. Typographic. Just a bunch of different logo's that don't really have an icon, but just really sharp typography. He likes this one, um, direction for emblem stamp. Is this for a more established brand, uh, client like these two. Direction five. Geometric. The client knew that this was not a direction we would go for direction. Six. Complex direction. Seven. Hand drawn, very organic. Ah, Direction eight. Vintage Does this very trendy one, but it can look very traditional. A swell direction. Nine. Minimalists The client knew like this was not what they were looking for direction. 10 Classic. That's just one that doesn't really have a sharp style, necessarily. And it's just a perfectly acceptable option where you get sharp typography, a pretty well designed icon. I am the client really like this direction. They like thes three. So let's start toe direct where my brainstorm is going to go for the mood board. You can put this together on on in design or our point for this. You just need anything that will let you aggregate images and turn them into Pdf's. So once you're done with the mood board and you know where the client is heading, you can start doing some more research, Um, for inspiration, less time. What I do is use dribble on Pinterest, and I like researching all in any terms that I think would be relevant. So the clients orphanages called Bali of the Angels. So it's worth looking up Valley and then looking up angels and then Valley Logo's angel logo's and etcetera. It's in this case I'm not. These are a little bit too okay, See, I'm starting to see a couple like this one. I like what they did with the V in this one. Um, so I can either save these so I can see these. My computer very, really like, um and would like the exact image. But what I I prefer doing often is just copying them on a notebook, taking my time to analyze what it is that the designer did and understand why this works. Why? I liked it. I liked what they what they're doing with the lines here, for example, for the valley. So I'm gonna copy that into my notebook. Um, and so again, I turned to Look, I like this wing. I can do a quick exploration of angel wings alone. Um, value of angels. Plenty of wings here. So as I go, I can I can either save them in them whatever or copy or pabulum onto my notebook. If that's something I feel strongly about. Um, but then you can go when toe less obvious things that are not in the name like Valley of Angels. You can look up a Catholic or you can look up well, actually, maybe capital, better term fourth interest design, and then you can go into ST Francis for Franciscan, Actually, since that's the order that handles Hm? Your finish. Um, is that a new country Soul results seen Frances? That's it. Um, this one is when I actually had on my mood board, and it's pretty. ST. Francis tends to always be represented with animals and nature around him. Um, he's a saint. So you know, the halo. It's an important aspect. Also, Um, funny haircut is something that I can keep in mind. Um, then for soon cooler. Maybe it was another thing that I I can find. It's your inspiration for, um for I think that's how you spell it. And of this? Yes. Here you go. So that's a little, but the mother church of a Franciscan sits in Assisi. Um, so it's worth taking a look at this. Seeing the architectural what the main shapes are It has a cross on the top. One single door, no windows cleaning up here. Um, so I'm gonna copy that onto my note. Focus well, to keep the reference, um, I can look up. Guatemala could see what comes out. One Mullen. I know Guatemala is known for its women pattern, so that could be an interesting draw of inspiration, and we'll see if this Meanwhile, here in Guatemala while we have. Ah, but, um, the map of a country, Um, look itself our national bird. Mm. Again, they could sell the oh them. The volte knows aren't an important part of our landscape. And lack actually could go with the idea of a valley. We have one active volcano, and the belly is the orphanage is, in fact, in a valley. And you can see the volcanoes from there. Um, so why not? So, basically, you want to continue doing this. I'm not gonna bore you with any more research here. The woman pattern for you. Um, so that's it for this lesson, and we'll dive into drawing on the next one. 5. Sketching: Okay, so we're ready, Teoh, Jump in tow, sketching. I'm gonna show you what my process looks like. Um, I usually take a notebook. Any kind of have tons. I do try to get some with some for a form of guide that can help you. This a scale and proportion. There's a very cheap one. And this is actually what I ended up working on. But you can also go fancier and nicer. A mollusc kind. What the dotted pages. These are very nice. Especially if you think you want to share your drafts on social media later. Um, I love the East, but in this case, I actually kept it pretty simple. While I was researching for inspiration, I made sure that copy all the ideas I liked, um, show you here. For example, when I was researching wings, I copied all the kinds of wings that I liked. What this helps do is make sure that you are saving all the cool ideas, but it ensures that you are appropriating all the shapes. So it's okay, toe copy when you're sketching, that's perfectly fine and highly advisable. In my opinion, however, the the final low you end up doing cannot be a copy of somebody else's work, of course, so he can. In the end, you can combine the thanks you like from different ideas and make something that's truly your own that will make your work that much stronger. So I did that for the wings. I also copied full images that I would have been fine. Just copying what they just don't work as logos like but front look of the church at the orphanage, I found a new image online, but I copied with a lot of detail there. Then there's also the porcelain cola in from Assisi, Our Lady of Angels, a rough draft but still very detailed. Nothing that could be useful for a logo. Chow Tau cross. Of course, I had to keep us a reference somewhere. Eso that's it for what I copied from the inspiration that I drew these. And then what I did was try to bring all these detailed things I copied toe. They're very poor to see how far I could push thes. So from here I moved on to this, and then I realized that this was starting to look like a V and in A So I brought it down to this with which is really just the super simple stroke. So you can see them progression toe more iconic item. But we can't. We can, in turn, uses a little girl. Um, same thing for the course in Gola. Very detailed that I started a narrow down all the way toe thes Very rough strokes. So this can be helpful when doing a logo. Well, this one isn't really, um I also look from all the notions that the, uh, the orphanage brings together. I thought of the idea of a valley that also looks like a M V shape that you start to look here a swell. The porcelain cola and Perish Plaza across. Of course, the A the angel wings. I started noticing that these look similar, and I There's some potential layer. Um, with the wings A swell, Um, what makes an angel What's in the name? Um, the simple idea wings and a halo that can be placed pretty much anywhere was helpful. So I tried to see what I could do. Maybe plays the wings and the entire name, or use them on Lee on one of the letters, etcetera again. Plenty of terrible ideas here, but it's important to put all of those out there, um, to make sure you cover enough brown to spike all the good ideas. Thea other two Thanks. I like to do this. Play with me of a logo. In this case, I want a Spanish English version, but let's focus on the English Valley of the Angels. I spell it out once and one line trying to take one letter per square once where per letter and number them from the very first letter toe the very last one. So in this case, 21 through 20 down here that in a different line, number them again without counting the with space characters between the words bustled out but gave me 17 characters and then numbering each single word. So one through six for Valley went through to four of one through 3/4 E, one through six for angels, and then I wanna had encircled or marks the middle of each word or lying. And this what this help helps do is just balance out any play with words. So you wanna have with the names of this case I was trying to make the name fit into the shape. So I noticed that Bowie had six characters and angels as well. So you toe divide this top area to six and this bottom Aryanto six as well and then right off the road in the middle. So right away it sped up my my sketching process. Just a quick little tip. You don't have to use it, but I find it helpful. And then the last thing I try to do is play with, uh, the most important letters off a main. Some of those kids be, and a although of you, if any ideas get sparked for any other letters, that's also fair game. Um, What I definitely do love the, um, first letter, the most important first letters. So in this case, I did the and I try to write all the kinds of these I could think of from a very plain be till it looks more like a check mark. So scripted funds, amore, blocky find and same goes with the A always kinds of A's. I can think up to see if that would spark it. I thought, Why not do a in Akron immensity of anything sport get sparked from there. So I did all of these. And then I thought, Why not? This is starting to look a little bit like like waiting. So why not try that? So you get the V, the A and the wings altogether into a couple of ideas again. I didn't know if any of this would take me anywhere. But as you can see, I tryto get a lot of dress out there before choosing the best ideas. So once I was happy with the ground I've had covered. I want back and circled what I thought had most potential for working on illustrators. So in this case, I thought this was a pretty minimalist yet interesting idea eso circle that I circled also the town with the the angel wings and the halo that I could work with something The client wanted to see something work as a as an emblem. Since they do have a school in, they want to show a sense of establishment. Eso I came up with this idea that combined wanes and a little cross, so why not try that, right? So I'm going to circle that since I do want to show them an option with that goes down that road and then this isn't even really a local concept yet. But I liked very simple shapes I could gather, but I think I may be a what took combined later in an easier way on the computer. And lastly, I think, um, I think it's very important. I thought I would be very important for me to explore the very plain wings and Halo idea in some way. So I circled this one. So let gives me 1234 both on Sense X plenty to get started on the computer. Um, so we can move on to illustrate her now. 6. Illustrator: And now we're finally going to jump into the computer to digitize our concepts. So you want to bring in the top references he wanted keep. And you want to keep these on a separate layers? Well, um, breath, for instance, so you can pluck them or make them go away whenever you need, and then have all your designs on a different layer. So here, when I'm going to start doing as tracing this to see where this can take me. All right. So you always start with a more detailed thing and try to narrow it down to its very core strokes, just like we did with, um, What the sketches have you select your design, press ault, and then shift begin de public eight, your design to the side. And I highly recommend you do this at all times. Let's let's stay out of the art board. I I use the yard board for final finalized designs. Okay, So you Dublin Kate, this at every public, it your designs, that every step of the way. If you want to make any changes like here and maybe you want to look see what that looks like. Um then you wanna duplicate? And instead of changing the original one so you can always go back to that. In case you don't like what changes you made, this is starting to look a little bit more like a local. They might play each. Um, then this is cool. I'm liking this. Let's treat this Appian paste go. Mm. It could be something. So this is a very minimalist thing, which is actually not what the client wanted. But you know what? I'm gonna keep this idea here. Just in case. Um, let's try something with the tower across. For example, what's unlike this was back when a tree's this one. I don't like soft at just I can always go back in, I think one with those soft edges. But for now, I think, you know, give them a shirt. Turn here. This is the Franciscan cross. Um, they're important. Symbol off the congregation, select both and under a line line. The key objects. And there you go. Distribute spacing. You hit this button and you have a symmetrical design. Um, it's pretty neat. A little trick I learned on skill share. Actually, you're going to see how the sausage gets made. It's not pretty. Um, it's a lot of trial and error, but that's how it works. And Petrella, every single mistake is important to take you closer to the end result. Um, see, you go. You go. It should go. Eso I'm gonna do the same thing here. Copy. Paste, transform, reflect. Thank you. Okay, so that's tough on looking more like angel wings. Yeah, I'm getting somewhere with those. I think I hope. And even if not, it's OK, so I like I like the beginning of this. I'm gonna have to polish a lot more with the strokes, boy. Now we've got two concepts that are starting to get defined. Um, and then let's go for one more. Um, Preece, this thing here to Here you go take better. Um Mm. Tracing this. This me one she had Finder. Tool is the key toe. Most of illustrator tasks. We'll make sure you understand it and use it on what? It's gonna save you a lot of time. Now, let's see. How can we distill this even further? We could get rid of this. Replicate this. I like how it has a house I can with the cross to convey both church, but also a home. Um, and finally, the idea of valley. So we get the two volcanoes I'd mentioned, but also, you know, the M for Mary the Valley, etcetera, all from these two initial shapes. Um, but this I'm noticing also search to look like angel wings, so we know actually was bad. Okay, that's good. Um, what doesn't really look like ones right now? Let's Yeah, he could. It would be a better way to do this, actually, but I'm not sure. E I haven't found one. So if do you have any tips for me to be happy to be here, Hear them on the comments section. Um see? Okay, that's I like a little texture we have going on there. You have to keep this. See what else we didn't do. I'm actually immunity movies. Get over here. But I just got an idea about making How about when the beans, the house? Um okay. Going this? Yes. Yeah. Okay. Now we can start driving ideas from previous sketches for simple right here. Um, yes. It's looking pretty meat. Actually. Do this. You go, right. Um, yeah, I'm then suddenly we have the shape that looks like a valley or to Aquino's a church home and enjoy wings. I don't see here. For example, we could turn this into a an emblem. I haven't done much with wings yet. So how about we do something? What? I actually just try quick, hand drawn version of those? Look, do you? So again, for example, here, If I think I want to go toe for hand drawn feel and the front is a very around it one, then it makes sense for my stroke Toby to have round rounded edges and rounded ends. Um, but also for the weight timidity head of the of the funt I'm using. And let's try to dive more into the, um, the emblem looking option. Um, so let's start. I would like to make the wing is my starting element here. Come, step will keep this and around these edges go here to a covert anger point tool. Just round it up. I know I'm starting to like I like the winning the wing, but it may not be what we need for this more serious looking logo, to be honest. And don't be afraid of discarding I guess you don't think work for the client. Even if the design itself is very nice of you. Don't think it's something that's going to solve a design problem. Make sure you discard those ideas. What's layer this? That's a little bit. It looks nicer wings. So the good thing about a an emblem is that you can go more into detail with all the shapes . Um, and I could include the cross. Yeah, starting to get better. A better idea of where the logo was going ahead. Since we're showing several directions, you can pick finalists to refine. And I'm liking this. Um, what should give me at least for options to show the client, make sure you save it hago. Um, so in the end, you wouldn't have a file. It's filled with options. This is all the work, and this is what the client will originally see. So this is what you're showing again. And these are all the reviews you did on your side. All the explorations for every single option you had, many didn't even make the cut toe the final presentation. So let's it for digitizing process. In the next video, I'm gonna walk you through the rounds of reviews and how I handle that 7. Rounds of Review: Now that you have your logo designs, I can show you how the rounds of review work in my process, you're gonna present a client different rounds hypothetically. And the idea is for each round toe discard designs. So let me walk you through this on the first rounds of logo designs I laid out like this would cover cover image and always title which option it is. Still, the client knows what they're looking at. If I think a local, um, requires some more explanation, do weigh it out down here. So it's self explanatory. Um, option to whoops. Trying to avoid little inconsistencies like that. Option two again. In this case, what I showed is how the brain would live for other subsections of the orphanage. Um, option three more hand drawn version, option four, um, also what? That sub brands option five. And finally, I like closing all of my presentations with an overview of all the logos that were presented. So the client can really compare them all next to each other. You'll notice that initially look like requested three different directions. They wanted to see one that looked more like an emblem and then also one that had a plea of meanings and the icon and then just a plain one that would that would look good with, Ah, nice looking icon, however, included thes two, they are a hand drawn one and a very minimalist geometric logo. They said they weren't interested in those. However, I thought those were strong concept, so I included Thumb. But notice that thes are in addition to what we agreed on initially. So these are not replacing anything that was promised to the quiet originally. So after this, the clients picks has very favorite logo and this keys they ended up liking, um number 12 and five, which meet me very happy that I showed an additional concept. Changes were discussed particularly for these two. So then we go to around two. Option one again, Um, I lay out three different versions. Three different tweets, so you'll notice. Here we're delving a little bit more into typography. Um, always tryingto have awaits. Not too different from the typography used. Eso just different tweaks. Easy to make for the client to explore the variety of options. Here's another one again. Exploration of typography and a slight different in the icon and for option three just a slight variation in the wings. No change in them typography. And then so again here I would want to close up close down with a slight with all the options right here. Oh, options. Oh, and be careful. Whenever you do, try to scale them that whatever locals you're working with, if you're going to scale them down that you outlined those stroke. So objects path out long at one stroke and that you, um, outlined the texts as well. So it's skills will. It helps if you every number them. So he So when conversation, you can point at numbers instead of the top left or the bottom, right or whatever. So you wonder. Number these to three. So that's around two. And then you'll notice that up to the stage everything is in black and white. And that's helps the client really focus on the design and not skew their opinions one way or another based exclusively on Polet. But that that's what happens in the third round or the first round of collar. Ah, this is where I go in and select the finalists. In this case, they chose this one, and then you include collar, not just for the local wood for the brand itself. So I set up with color palette. So look, land can see all the different contrasts and see how the caller's play week with each other and so they can understand that the colors and the logo are not gonna be everything there is for their branding. And I also like to include in one of the the tiles a sample texture that they can use down the road. So, yeah, that's that's for those little part. And then every time I create and you let I need to go, um, explored for inspiration online. So again, dribble was a good option. I looked up Angel. Sure. Let's, um, it's when it's nice. Let's try this. So I just screenshot it speech at this point. Oops. Um, he said in here and then I can start spreading from here. So I try to keep, for example, of my yellows are gonna be on this corner. I tried to keep them always on this in a corner. Um, if the corner is gonna have greens, I try to keep them in Reza's well, etcetera. doesn't always apply what you know. Overall, it's a good thing. Dreaded keep, um So that means that the road would be this color in Ah, hello Would be this yield. So there you go. Um, around of collar, you could go a year duplicate skillet down. This way, the client can see all of them. The other option ists would just go in a little tiles. Were you sum up every a Let with this. You know, it's all a matter of presentation you want. You want this design project to be a pleasing experience for everyone. And it's the small details like this that make it more pleasant for everyone. So those would be all of your design rounds, which means we are ready toe, start wrapping up this project. 8. Packaging and Delivering: we're gonna cover in this videos how to package all of files. So you want to have your logo ready? You want to make sure that you are saving a life copy with the strokes that you can edit and with the live text is Well, however, once you started packaging all of this, you will want to turn all those features off because you don't want Candelo go to the client that then some other designer it's gonna be able to change. Someone, could open this logo and then just accidentally move Veteran is the wrong way. Plus, it ensures that no one can grab the source file and make their own version of a local. So what? It's like this goto object path outline, stroke. Here you go. And you want to do the same with the text. Hit the shift Command and hope. Oh, keys on your, um, on your keyboard. And there you go. You'll have outlined the text. Um, these are all up lines and then this is also for the shape. Now, it's not as easy toe move things around, So you want to have different versions of the logo. You wanna have a full color version. You want to have one with no, Phil. Well, in black. Oh, see here, for example. These are separate shapes, and you don't want to have that. So you wanna bridge them all together? Mm, can go. So that's ready. My group it Rubin command G for that. So you want the color version? Black. White? Um, you do want to keep, like any other main collars from the Polet you chose. So this yellow, for example? Um, let's see. There you go. And then just like blue. Um, you want it? You want the art board to encompass every one of these? Um, you want to leave a little bit of margin around thes as well, Because when the client starts to use these many times, they forget that it's important to leave some spate room around it. So if you just included in your art board, that's gonna ensure that that's automatically applied. So 1 66 let's to 200. See what that looks like? Flips. Make sure that this in the middle. So what? Its stance Both ways. Automatically. They're giving 200 by, um, straight in 200. Maybe make that 200 in 10. There you go. That's it. It's start, Um, again, we're on the dartboard tool, and you want to do the same thing for each one of these. So this is 200 by 210. You wanted to see things for these 100 fight. Um, so you have all the color versions you want to made them name them accordingly. So this would be caller, um, and wanted to include a version without the's. So let's change the size of these. 280 Okay? And now you can just double click this. I don't think this. Yeah. So this one could be the white grown like blue. And then we can change this Aiken caller. I can black. I can white icon, old and I don't like glue. You want to see this file the belly of the angels? Um, you want to create a new older delivery vehicles? You go inside of this when you want to create one with the type of file. So, illustrator AI, you hear it right here? Created. Come on in here again. Call me. Here you go. Ok, then You hit this. Save Detroit board to a separate file. You want to save them all he had. Okay, So as you can see, all the separate illustrator files with only one version gets that saved into here. I'm so we're gonna do listen thing again. Um, and we're going to see these this time of P and G's. Um, so you want to export this time as PNG? That's okay. You want to create a new folder, kanji? See them in here? Hit balls, Export ball, high resolution. You want a transparent background, So leaving place those logo over any image did not have a white box behind them. And there you go. What's reading with Kenji Files? I'll export. What's to But if this time, um, I think this tiff you can do this with any any file format you want for the client. Just make sure that they do get individual files for each one. Mm. Explored. Ok. Hi. Awesome. And there you go. This way. You'll have a nice folder of deliver Bols with the illustrated files. All of PNG is ready to use on social media or whatever client wants. And the tip files Those are the formats I usually deliver in it and what some? Some clients my ask for J pegs or PDS or other file. So just make sure you agree on the deliver balls before hand on the contract. And so that's how you deliver and you are ready toe hand all your beautiful work to client . Just make sure before you send them any files you get, the the the other half of the payment or whatever's do at the end. That's it for this quest. I'll give you a few closing words and the assignment for this class on the next video. See you there. 9. Conclusion: So that's it for the class. I'd like to challenge you to do your own logo design, insuring with all of us your process. I would recommend you start with a charity that you particularly like to do something good in the world. But if you already have a client or we already have an idea of a product or service that you'd like to bring, that's perfect. Perfectly fine us well, but please show and share with everyone your process would love to see photos of your sketching would like to see screenshots of your design rounds. We'd love to see a zoomed out screenshot of your work stays on illustrator to see all the all the work that was that went into creating it logo. And of course, above all, we'd love to see the final logo you come up with. So make sure you share all that all the project section will be reviewing each one individually and giving feedback. I'm excited to see what you all come up with. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments section or if you have any other common Setliff or if you'd like to reach out to me. Feel free to do so at my email. Daniella Doug Madras at gmail dot com. Or you can find me on Instagram as the Nana dead Madras that design or a dribble as Daniella underscoring Madrid's. Either way, I'll be happy to hear from you and get back to you. Thank you so much for your time. Uh, thank you for enrolling, and I look forward to seeing you in the future class.