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LinkedIn for Beginners: You Must Know this First on LinkedIn

teacher avatar Nader Nadernejad, Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      LinkedIn Trailer


    • 2.

      LinkedIn Welcome


    • 3.

      LinkedIn Interface


    • 4.

      LinkedIn Premium


    • 5.

      Home Page Overview


    • 6.

      Profile Page Overview


    • 7.

      Profile Picture + Cover


    • 8.



    • 9.

      Current Position


    • 10.

      Summary and Additional Info


    • 11.

      Related Media


    • 12.

      LinkedIn Jobs


    • 13.

      Job Search Tips


    • 14.

      LinkedIn Groups


    • 15.

      Posting Engaging Content


    • 16.

      Making Your Own Blog Post


    • 17.

      Additional Tips


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About This Class

Want to learn how to use LinkedIn and leverage it to boost your career? 

If you want to learn LinkedIn, this is the course for you. In this course, we'll cover how LinkedIn works along with the interface, how to use the platform, filling out your profile details, creating posts, joining groups and more. If you want a complete guide on how to use the LinkedIn platform from scratch, then you've come to the right place. 

Other things we'll be covering in the course are: 

  • How to get more relevant connections on LinkedIn 
  • How to stand out to prospective employers 
  • How to keep your profile up to date and ahead of the competition 
  • How to get more engagement with your LinkedIn posts 
  • How to reach a wider audience 
  • How to leverage the LinkedIn platform to connect with relevant decision makers in your industry 
  • How to become a LinkedIn influencer or thought leader in your industry 

...and much more! If you're a beginner at LinkedIn and want to learn more about how it works, then get started today! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nader Nadernejad

Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert

Level: Beginner

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1. LinkedIn Trailer: Hey there, my name's not are not in a jacket. And welcome to your linked in for beginners Course. If you want to learn how to use lengthen, this is the perfect course. You will go through how to use a linked in interface, how to make posts, how to go on audience and all the different nuances that you'd ever want to learn about lengthen. We'll also delve into building an audience, making new connections and even creating posts that are going to entice people to click on your page, connect with you and endorse you. If you want to start your career growing or career or even change careers, this course will help you be able to do just that and reflect everything that you're doing in your life on linked in to boost your professional career and show prospective employers that you have what it takes not only to master a profession, but to create opportunities for yourself and the people you work for. My name's not are not in a jet. And if you want to learn how to use and leverage linked in for your own personal gain than this course is for you, I can't wait to teach you and I'll see you in the first lesson 2. LinkedIn Welcome: Hey there. Welcome to your lengthen for beginners. Course, my name is not or not, And Jet and I cannot wait to get started with you to teach you everything that I know about lengthen not only how to build a profile but how to make it shine. See, there's a lot of people in the Lincoln Network, but by following certain tips and tricks and applying some of the strategy, I'm going to show you to grow your profile. You're gonna have a profile that shines. You're gonna, you know, reach more people. You're gonna build a larger audience. And not only that, when people are looking at your profile, when they're thinking about making hiring decision, they're going to say, You know what this person really has what it takes to build an audience and shine against the competition, and that's gonna help you. And even if you're not looking to get a job, even if you're trying to build a business or you want to create an impression that's separate from somebody looking for a 9 to 5 job or for regular employment, this course is also going to help you. Not only that, there's a discussion session that I have access to, and so do you. 24 hours, seven days a week. So if you go ahead and just drop me a question here on this course, I'm gonna be here to help you now, until forever, these courses air good for life. So if you ask me a question about this course, I'm here to help you. I'm here to ensure that you grow. So if there's anything that you want me to look at to focus more on or to teach you personally, I'm the guy that's gonna help you. So be sure to remember that always asked me if you have any questions and let's go your linked in profile, we could do this thing. 3. LinkedIn Interface: So welcome to the Lincoln platform. I'm going to start by teaching you the entire interface of linked in, and whether you know it or not, this is gonna be helpful. Remember, whenever you want to navigate to a page on important page on LinkedIn, you're gonna be using this top bar between the home page seeing your network. So the invitations and the people who are trying to connect with you. As you can see, I have 57. I just approved a couple 100. I'm also going to teach you how to become a part of groups, find more connections, connect with companies and use hashtags toe leverage yourself on the platform. But this is the top bar that you're gonna want to be using. The home page is gonna have a whole bunch of different people that in your network posting about life and what you want to do is go ahead and leave a comment. This is gonna boost the interaction on your page and linked. Unlike any other social network has an algorithm. It has a code that says OK of the interaction happening with your page. We're gonna promote it more cause this is content people want to see. So I often recommend heading on over to the home page and just interacting on a daily basis if you're making linked in an important part of your marketing strategy. Again, videos perform very Wellington as well. But the interface the network is a great place to connect with people, tracker new connections and also add new connections here. I don't really, you know, specify who I'm connecting with deliberately. I'm just trying to build out a large network, but you may want to focus depending on what you're doing. You can find jobs on Lincoln as well. Access the messaging platform. I get requests every day. Someone somebody asking to put one of my video training and tutorials on their website. Um, and they want to send across and pieces of information I just sent MAWR. You know, invitations over somebody from Halifax City Hall just said, you know, I just finished reading your article, and it was it was well done. And, you know, the Lincoln is a great place to connect with people. And this is the interface of linked and remember all the important stuff for up here. Navigate around the website. Click around. Feel comfortable? If you've already done that part, that's fine. At least I gave you a little bit. You know of insight in what I do and what my interactions like. Arlington. I haven't been using the network in the last little while yet. My engagement is still, you know, 305 post views. 300 people viewed my profile. I'm not really even touching the network. So my networks pretty big here. Arlington on I'm really good at connecting and building, linked in profiles for companies and people trying to elevate their online presence. So this is the interface. This the platform. Let's delve into some of the features of Lincoln and also each individual aspect, and break down how you can leverage each of them to build an audience and learn how to use Link 10 for beginners. 4. LinkedIn Premium: I get this a question a lot. Whenever I teach linked in the people they ask. Not or do I need linked in premium in order to succeed Arlington? And the answer is No. Actually, I recommend building your Lincoln audience till you get some success first, and once lengthen starts paying you, you start getting you're gonna get paid money directly from Ellington. But what I mean by paying you is when late in start paying you in terms of interaction in terms of giving you job opportunities in terms of getting a couple of clients. Once you get something tangible out of using my tips here in this course, then you can consider getting lengthen premium. But you shouldn't get linked in premium just for the sake of getting it. You know it's not really gonna do much for you, but it's going to do is going to give you some in males going to give you access to some other features on, and they have different plans, you know, plans for employers, and they have plans for people who are looking to be connected with employers. Not only do you get a boost in surgeon access to more analytics. Ah, but you see, you're gonna also be getting that badge in your profile. There's there's different things that and perks that it's going to give you but with no traction at the beginning. If you're just starting on the network, there's no need to get linked in premium again. And there's a monthly charge to do this. You have your career plans, your business plans. If you're selecting a business plan, Um, I guess you get the first month free. But after that it's gonna be around $50 a month. Um, so you should really, um, really consider, uh, you know, not getting it at the beginning stages if you're not gonna be using it because this is a month and it's one billed annually, so you're going to be spending this times a cost of 12 months. So, really, unless you really need it, or unless you already have some traction and it's already given you, you know, a lot of tangible rewards. There's no need get lengthen premium. So I just wanted to touch on that before someone asked the question. Let's delve into starting with your profile. We're going to start right here. and we're gonna build this up to make it great. The linked in profile is an important part of, you know, find new connections and building your reputation on the platform. So let's get started and any questions asked me in the discussion section. 5. Home Page Overview: So this is your Lincoln home page, and I want to make this pretty clear cutting simple. We've already visited the home page, but I want to give you some concrete tips and tricks that you can use every single day. So I want you to make an effort to engage with five posts a day, so again engaged with five posts a day and then everyday look at who's viewed your profile , the amount of people and the views on your post. So while I explain why that's important, I'm gonna actually go ahead and engage with some posts. So I'm gonna like this post and I'm gonna comment on the things that are relevant to me and things that I think that, you know, I can engage with someone hit like here. I'm gonna write love, Gary Weise videos and then just keep going ahead and commenting on post again. Try to liken, engage with five posts a day. When I say engage, I mean comment eventually. Over time, people are going to start to know you in your community and within your niche. That's how you steadily grow a profile. Now if you dig into your network over here, you can go ahead and start adding people who are in, you know, the same career path or the same industry is you. So if I'm in digital marketing, what you want to do is look for people who do marketing as well Marketing manager. Okay, Connect. Try to connect with more people with profile pictures. You could do control and F and type in the word marketing to find people who are involved in marketing. So there you go. You have another person marketing another person, another person. So we're gonna keep connecting with people who are involved in marketing over here in my network. And then we head back to the home page because they're doing a home page overview. I want to show you how to utilize is to grow your, you know, grow. You're following while you're connecting with more people involved within your industry, they're going to start appearing here on your home page again. Interact with five of them a day. Once you start building out that network and fleshing out that network so that you know you have more people who are relevant and following you who are going to interact with your content. I'll teach you how to start creating content about marketing or about the niche or the industry that you're in. Eventually you're going to start getting connected, you know, connections and people requesting to view your content. And you can even become a thought leader here on Lincoln within your industry. That's why I want to bring you. Although this is the beginning. Of course, I want to give you bonus advice so that you can excel at networking on lengthen. So again, do what I said interact. The five post today connected people using the network tab and network of people who are relevant so that when you go to post content in the future, which is gonna be our future goal, you are going to gain some traction. Also a great way to gauge it. Who's familiar profile If you want to know, you know, track this. Over the weeks, what I recommend is creating photo on your folder on your desktop and taking a screenshot on the Mac. If I hit command shift and four and I hold them, I can actually drag and screenshot a place on my screen. Now, if you're using a PC, which I know a lot of you are. You can simply do print, screen and crop it to see who's viewed your profile. So it's really great idea. You'll have a graph here if you click on it, see when I post to get a lot more views. So you want to make sure you're posting, um, and again premiums going to give you more access, but it's not completely mandatory. We've talked about that. Let's move on and talk about you know more about engagements. 6. Profile Page Overview: So here is a lovely overview of our profile page. You can access your profile on this top tab by clicking over here on me right there and then hitting that or view profile. It will bring you here. And there are important aspects to you know, your profile that we're gonna be going over. We're going to be starting chronologically meaning and we're going to start talking about your profile picture on your cover photos and how to optimize those for success. We're gonna talk about headlines so you know your linked in headline and how you can optimize this and make it better will also be improving my profile as we go along, talking about how to update your current positions, your education and you know the summary along with additional information. There's also the related media section, and not only we're going to teach you how to include media articles and you know, media about yourself over here. But I'm going to teach you one cool bonus tip to actually go ahead and create media for yourself to give yourself a larger and better brand image, but also show people that you're being mentioned in the media I'm going to show you how toe literally get mentioned in the media and then add it to your profile. But before we do that, let's go over the linked in page. This is what employers are going to see. This is what people searching you on the network are going to see. The most important part is this the top the profile image in the pictures. Humans are very visual creatures, So I'm going to teach you how to optimize the pictures in the images. The next thing is your headline, which is immensely important not only for s CEO being found in search, but it's also extremely important to show people what you do. If you can't summarize it quickly, you're not doing it right. Then you want a captivating it intriguing description about yourself doesn't need to be an autobiography, but I like to include a lot of information. The next thing I want you to do is to scroll down articles and activity. Creating articles is huge, and we're gonna touch on that later on in the course. But your experience you wanna have clearly outlined experiences and you don't just want to mention, you know what you did. You want to mention the things that you did that actually helped the company. So instead, like right here, for example, we have what not in a jab media does and what I did at Northern Edge at Media. But it would be great to give tangible results, for example, of absolute sounds or or at marketing and Web design fits nanotechnology company I increased their sales by 5%. You know, in the first quarter something like that is going to give you more leverage over somebody else. That concrete and rubble detail that shows what you did specifically to boost a company or help somebody is what's going to give you that extra competitive edge skills and endorsements are great. I'm gonna teach you how to get more of those, but also adding accomplishment so your courses honors and awards. The languages you speak can also lead to a hiring opportunity on the publications that you've written for or being mentioned in. So these things are all important. We're gonna talk all about them in the coming lessons, but stay tuned and let's tackle linked in 7. Profile Picture + Cover : profile pictures and cover photos on linked in Let's delve into the details and talk about how you can use profile pictures and cover photos to make a positive first impression. So in order to edit your profile right now, as of this date, you hit this little button and you will move into editor mode, meaning you can edit any of this. So when you're choosing a cover photo, you get to choose the photo. That's 1584 by 396 pixels. So this is the 1500 the width over here, and this height over here is your 396. So if you want to create a cover photo, what I generally like is bright picture. So I love the lights here again. Not totally relevant. If you are actually trying to funnel leads and people you know to your business, you want to relevant cover photo new. I do a lot of, you know, course creation that people find organically. I make a lot of passive income. I make videos online and I score my clients. You know, we're ranking really high in the city of Toronto so people are all coming through there. I still get leads through linked in, but most them come online through Google, so I don't really focus very hard. But if I was really trying to score more leads, I would make this picture more relevant. I would make it have something to do with marketing if I was trying to, you know, funnel more marketing clients, but I would also keep it bright. So here is a free resource I'm gonna give you if you didn't know about it. This is where you can create cover photos, press the tab button or just open your Internet Explorer or chrome or Firefox or whatever device of you safari. Open it, and I want you to type in Canada dot com that c a n v a dot com and hit Enter. When you create an account on Canvey A, you'll be able to design your own cover photos again. I'm not going to make any money from this, but you'll be able to design linked uncover photos, profile pictures. I might actually take you inside to see what this looks like, and I'm going to sign in right here using what YouTube and the interface that you're gonna be getting. Looks like this when you hit, create a design or just click one of these. You know, um, pre created design and use it to design my YouTube thumbnails to you'll be able to create your very own linked in cover photo. They may even have a preset for it. Look linked in banner right here. All you have to do is click on one of these free ones if you don't want to pay and bam if your publisher you could make this anything, you could make this Bob's publishing, and you could put your website over here. Www dot bob's publishing dot com. It's as simple as that. I've just given you a free resource. If this helped you, let me know, because I'm always trying to, you know, show people more of these free resources so they can save money and, you know, just it. It looks great. It's just a great way to create your own visuals to entice people to go to your website so I wouldn't call. I would include a called action if I was getting more serious about linked in like I'm assuming you are on and for profile pictures. Let's briefly go over what makes a good profile picture. Okay, this is a clear picture. Has a white background. So I stand up more excellent couple things wrong with this, though. And I'm going to be critical of myself. I'm going to tell you exactly what you should be doing right here. What you need to do is find a more updated picture. This picture is from five years ago. So you want to find a more updated picture? High quality, Great second problem I see here is I'm not looking at the camera. What you want to show in your profile picture is eyes. If you can get a profile, a profile shot front facing profile picture and have the front of the face and the eyes showing while good lighting. That's what you want. So again, call to action. Here, use canvas for the, you know, photo over here. Or use Google images if you don't want to. But if you will create can va. If you create a thumbnail or, you know a banner with Canada, you're gonna be able to have that called the action and make it more specific to your brand , but also your profile picture. Make sure you get that high quality photo done. You could find photographers for 100 or 200 bucks. Symbol dude for 50. Heck, you can even pick up a camera, put it on a tripod and do it yourself. But make sure you're looking at that camera. See, over here, um, I'm not interested or invested in getting leads on linked in any more people know who I am because of my online brand. They follow me anyway, but in the future I will be pouring more effort into making sure those are more complete and that they're better. And those room. You know, if we look at the best linked in profile pictures in the world, we would be able to find a nit pick and find some things to make it better. So there's always room for improvement. It'll never be perfect, but follow the basic rules have given you here looking at the camera. High quality and a good call to action in this banner photo. Make it flashy, make it look great 8. Headline : headlines. So I'm gonna teach you about the headline of your linked in profile again. If you want to edit the headline, all you have to do is hit this little you know, marker or pencil button. For the editor to pop up, it's gonna pop up on your headline is going to be right below your name. So a really important part of headlines are to stay what you do, which I've done over here on the founder director of Not in a Jab Media, but OK, first, before I teach you, you know more about headlines. I want to let you know how this course is working. Each little tip that I'm going to give you here in and of itself is not going to be huge and is not going to transform your career, but added together is going to create a perfect linked in profile. See, if you have one picture of you looking at the camera and nice cover photo, you're not going to get all the jobs in the world. And people are going to find your Lincoln Photo and you know your profile's gonna explode overnight. But if you, you know, take all of these steps that I'm giving you and combine them together. Meaning you listen to all of these steps and try your best to replicate them. It's gonna help you. So I said, Well, be improving my profile here, too. Great. This says what I do. It's clear and to the point. But what is not in a jag media like we can go, you know, Maurin depth of this, but also for search engine optimization. What we want to do is add some more info over here. So we're gonna be doing is using this bar to the right hand side of your keyboard close to the enter bar. If you press and hold shift and then hit that button, this line is gonna come up the closest, but in generally to the enter button on your keyboard says lines going to pop up, it's going to create a divider and allow us to add more things. So, um, digital marketing S e o and social or weaken Dio search digital marketing s seo And let's see what else? I'm just a digital marketing and seo expert or professional. I'm gonna put digital marketing or and digital marketing teacher and now I'm going to save it. So I've I've made my headline much longer, and I've improved it. So instead of just having founder and director of not only Jan Media, I put digital marketing s seo professional and digital marketing teacher. There we go, so people know what I do. I'm in the realm of digital marketing. People don't know what not in the JAN media is. They can scroll down right here. It explains what we do. But we can improve this. We can improve the other sections of this profile. So let's move along. And I really didn't want to, you know, start with a really great looking profile. I wanted to slowly, slowly start building on it to show you what it looks like when you're what you're going to be doing. You know, if I started with a completely polished profile, um, it would be more boring to watch, and we wouldn't actually be able to change things together. So do what you're doing. Do what I'm doing to my profile to your profile in order to improve it. Um, and already you'll have your name. You'll have a nice profile picture. You have a nice cover photo. And not only that, not only is this search engine optimized cause you're fitting in more keywords. People looking for Seo professionals are more likely to find you on linked in, and it's linked in search. Optimized, not Google search optimized. Let me get that clear. But that's gonna help you rank on this site on this social, media and business site on, and it's going to teach people about what you do. It just looks more professional that it's longer, too. So go ahead, add in that headline, and let's move ahead, talking about how you can build your linked in profile. 9. Current Position: So let's talk about your current position and how you should write that on your profile. So when choosing your current position, you want it to be as descriptive and as simple as possible on. Do you also want it to be as recent and relevant as possible? So make sure that when you're adding a position you write down your career title. So are you, you know, a sales person at a car dealership. So there's two components of the current position. You want what you do and where. So I'm the founder and director at Not on a JAG immediate. Now, if I was, you know, trying to get hired in another industry, I would try to be even more specific. So I'd say, You know, I'm a search engine optimization specialist at Mas S e O, for example, if I was doing s CEO, um, so you want to try to get as specific as possible with your current position, And you also want to make sure later on down the road that your current position is right here in your experience and that it's at the top so that you have, you know, in your experience here your current position and that it's, you know, the day that you started to present. It's very important that in your headline, the first part of your career experience reflects that, and you obviously want it to be consistent and say the same thing. So you want to edit that experience and make sure that also says, you know, founder and director? Because I founder and director and not on a jihad media. And you see up here, I have founder and director of not an urge and me this. You want to make sure that's consistent, and once that is ready, you are prepared to move on. 10. Summary and Additional Info: summaries and additional information for you. So the summary section This is a section where you want to outline. Then this is important. This is one of the most important sections. Outline what you do, but also what makes you different. See, what makes you different is a huge reason as to why people are going to choose you. So I'd be sure to include some important facts and information and to really humanizes section as much as possible. So if I were to give you some, take away notes writing the summary, first of all, number one and you can write this down if you have a pen and paper or if you have a great memory goal for. But I recommend writing this down Number one is making sure that you write down exactly. It is what you do and where you do it. So, as a marketing director and former multimedia producer at I should have at not in a Dad Media, I've been noted for my creative vision, innovative sense of direction and happy work ethic. And generally these things don't matter because anybody can say them, but creativity, innovation and a happy work ethic. See being creative is something that everyone has. I'm not saying I'm a good teammate, you know, I'm saying like I'm creative, hands down, extremely creative. It has some a defining characteristic people need to know about. So unless you feel that way about a quality, do not put it down. Don't say I'm good with people, good people skills, you know, great with spelling. Like, don't write stuff like that. But if you know, innovative sense of direction could probably go. So I can actually say I have been noted for my creative vision and happy work ethic. So happy work ethic like I'm elated when I'm working. I love working. I'm a workaholic. I love doing this. I love seeing specifically businesses grow. It's intoxicating. It feels like a drug. So that's what I recommend you do. Don't do drugs, kids, but happy work ethic. It's a good thing if work feels like a drug like caffeine to you or something that makes you super happy, you know, releases that dopamine in your brain. Write that down. Okay, right. Your experience. The experience is the next thing you want to cover immediately. How much experience and where do you have it. So I have over seven years of experience eight now, actually, in the media industry, creating content on a national and international scale. So you want to write down what your experience was used and who it helped. And here I am, breaking down my experience radio, broadcast, social media, marketing, PR and publishing. If you notice I have a voice of gold, it's because it's because I did some radio broadcast. I'm just joking with you. But honestly, write down your experience, but try to keep it relevant. See, I'm not going to say like radio broadcast journalism and go, you know, in a separate direction, you want to keep it targeted. So where you trying to get hired? Okay, so this isn't your industry as well making sure that, um, you're selecting the correct industry and elaborating on that in your summary. And then, you know, right, some people you've worked for write down some of the you know, the challenges that you've overcome, possibly and towards the end, right down like something personal eso When I have the number one course on the Internet for removing negative Google Links network Fortune 1000 companies are huge things in my spare time. I teach online courses and have approximately 15,000. We can now update that to probably like over 18,000 students from over 160 countries. So this is really important. So after you have all of that extra information, you might not teach 18,000 students. But you do a lot of other cool things that I'm sure you could boast about or including your profile that are also defining traits about you. The defining traits that are more interesting and quirky should go towards the end. The concrete stuff that you want to include in your profile about your experience, how long you've been doing it and what makes you different needs to go at the front. So I'm going to remove multimedia producer cause you want to stay more targeted. And here we are. This is this is a pretty good summary. I'm not going to read the whole thing and bore you with it. But I've given you the elements that I want you to work on. So if you don't haven't written that down and you don't remember them, start the video. Look at them. You know, I want you to absorb this information. Will you retain more of the knowledge that you know that we learned by actually doing the action? So I'm going to challenge you to go ahead and start to write your own summary. I'm gonna also try to add more challenges, You know, throughout this course to help you do things concrete, Lee. Because I know that will help you remember them. And then once you've done that, you know, be sure to leave me a question. I'm looking for more questions and more interaction in this course, and I'd be so, so happy and so pumped if you left me one. So let's get started with the rest of the material. 11. Related Media: So let's briefly discuss the related media section on your profile page. So navigate your profile, view your profile and let's talk a little bit about related media. Sorry, just checking some notifications. Interesting. We're getting some endorsements. Um, again, Like I said comment on, you know, different people's profiles I wrote. This is brilliant advice simply on a video, and here we g o someone viewed a profile on endorsed us for film production and other skills. So great idea, but let's move on, not get too distracted. The related media section on your site is right here. It's right below the summary section. If you had in tow, edit your profile and you just scroll down a little bit, it's the, um, you know, external documents, photos, sites and presentations to work that you've done, or maybe possible media that you've been credited in. If you have ever been mentioned in a news article, which is very few of us or you have, you know, created on article yourself, you're gonna want a link here. Simply head into edit your profile, scroll down and you can upload or link media over here. But what's the bonus tip? I'm going to give you in the section. If you head on over to Fiverr dot com and you write, publish article again five dot com f i v e r r dot com You'll be able to have different freelancers published articles about you can either hire them for $5.50 dollars, $10. Whatever you want to post on a fashion block to post on Reality Times website or realty. I'm sorry Realty Times If your real estate agent and they'll actually go on post articles for you, sometimes I'll have you write them. But you could just open up a word document and write a 500 word article. Summer syndicated on a Google News five or dot com, is a very trusted website, and if you have a problem with your order, you can get your money back again. No, a nod for fiver, and this does cost money, but it's a bonus tip. If you ever come by that money and you want to boost your profile, you can actually add relevant media online. Quick marketing tip and trick for you. It's a quick little hack that we use in reputation management marketing when we're doing ultra low budget, You know publishers, but it's a great thing you want to consider. So again, add related meat. If you have it. It as more pictures, more visuals. It looks professional, but also, if you don't have related media, feel free to go and create yourself. I mean, people are always gonna do it for you. So if you have that extra money kicking around, I know money is hard to come by. But again, you know $7 to be published on a. D A 38 which is domain ranking technology block isn't so bad if you're in the technology industry, so that's want. If I want to give you, let's continue moving through. And, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to let me know. 12. LinkedIn Jobs: Lincoln jobs. I'm not gonna let you know linger on this too long because the way we're building no profile is to be able to get people to find your content. And actually, when you're paving that out, those block posts those everyday post making a profile, tweak optimized s you optimizing perfect people should reach out to you through in male, which is the messaging tab right here again. I've clicked there, so you'll just start to receive mail. But what I want you to do also is to try to, you know, find outbound searches for jobs. If you're looking to, you know, boost your career, not only can you post a job here, but you can apply to jobs and it will actually keep track of the jobs you save and the jobs you apply so you can search jobs. They can look for marketing. And in Halifax, let's say and there you go these are the closest you know, things I have to marketing of regional Marketing leader and Dartmouth, which is just outside of Halifax. It's being promoted. It's a paid ad, but I T sales consultant in Dartmouth, I could just get apply right here. Uh, I can continue. And what this is generally going to Dio is not only have me on the Lincoln platform, but it may actually redirect me to another page to apply directly. So the job search tips I'm going to give you in the next lesson. I'm gonna help you with this, but I recommend that you simply check out all of these different employers and applied as many as possible. I'm going to give you an exact strategy to do that. It's very similar to my content creation strategy to score job. People have used it. I make videos for international students coming to Canada, people immigrating to Canada, people trying to find jobs from scratch and young professionals and on my YouTube channel, Um, I have over 5000 subscribers that are targeted to the Halifax area. Bit of Ah, you know, a bit of a change of topic here, but using my tips not just on linked in but in the community. People have been able to score jobs in a week, so I'm gonna give you tips about that. Ah, but if you're looking for jobs, what I recommend you do is head on over to the jobs tap here, do a direct search. Don't just, you know, school around and see what Lincoln is promoting to you. Do a search for your industry in your location or your desire location, its search. And I'm gonna teach you how to apply and up your chances in the next lesson. 13. Job Search Tips: if you want to up your chances of getting a job offer or being accepted for a job again, just like I said, Post, you know, five pieces of content, three piece of content and day. Well, you want to do is applied to 3 to 5 jobs a day, not a different amount. Set a number. Can you apply the three or five and I want you to every single day. Do that. Make sure it's in your industry and in the location you want toe work. So if we look for a job in marketing and let's say Halifax, I'm gonna actually apply toe 123 I'm gonna turn right here. Job alerts. I'm gonna turn them on, Turn on job alerts and what you can do is actually set the location again. A lot of people, when they move too fast, can't find it. So if you go into jobs again, the jobs tab right here, Once you get to this page at the top after you do a search after you conduct a search at the very top, you should have job alerts. If you can't find it on your page command in F or you know, control, control, find you're gonna be able to look for a job alert. It will show you where it is on your page. Turning on. Find out how often you want to receive the alert. If you're really serious about it, I do it daily. Um, sometimes you can adjust how far away. But also choose where you get notified, you get email notifications on linked in. But you can also get email notifications and new jobs this second they're released, you know, sent you email, and here we're gonna apply the 3 to 5 a day and eventually we're gonna be applying to hundreds of jobs once that profile of yours is optimized like I've taught you and you're applying to all those different jobs chances of you getting hired are quite high. And not many people can say that to you. But again, chances of getting hired are quite high because you're applying to so many jobs you keep optimizing and you know, if employers don't accept, you asked him. Hey, what could I have done to have made you more likely to hire me? And it's kind of scary to do, but once you do that you'll know something is you can tweak and change not only on your linked in profile but in the job interview process. So again, head on over to jobs. Use the tips that I've taught you. It's the frequency and the consistency of of doing work to find a job. You know, high quality work quality applications, quality posts here, only 10 that are eventually going to get you the traction you desire. And it's a period over 6 to 12 months that these changes going to be so massive and that you're going to grow network again. For example, on YouTube, I've created over 400 videos to get the 5000 subscribers that I have on my online teaching platforms have created over 25 courses. So this really is a consistency game, and we're all working at it every day. You need to understand nobody, and it's cliche, but true. No one's become successful overnight. You know, it's a very rare thing. Most people who seemingly overnight successes have been trying either secretly or out in the open for decades. So trust me 6 to 12 months of following these tips consistently and you will grow a sizable audience 14. LinkedIn Groups : Let's talk about creating linked in groups and why this could be super helpful when you're using Lincoln for a purpose. So joining relating group is gonna offer benefits anyway, there are people in your industry and again same rule applies. Apply to groups within your industry. Don't apply to you know how to fry Chicken wings Group. That's you don't use Facebook for, you know, silly stuff like that linked in trying to keep it as focused as possible. And it's gonna pay off in the long run. So what you want to do is you could search for groups over here in this tab. You can also head on over to this search, search other trusted communities that share and support your goal so you can search here. Um, but what you want to head onto is linked in dot com slash groups that's linked in dot com slash groups. Um, and you can access this again, but just clicking on your network if you don't type in the or a u r l. And right here in the left hand section, you have groups. So once you're in groups, you want to make sure that you I was doing film the very beginning on, and then it moved in the sales and marketing. So when you're engaging with the groups, you want to find a group that's relevant. Okay, so let's go into searching for a group. So there's a whole bunch of different groups that we can, you know, joint here. There's popular ones like the Harvard Business Review, which yeah, you conjoined. Even if you're not in Harvard business, see, there's over a 1,000,000 people there. They're groups that are going to keep you in the loop with important things, so that's an idea. But you want to try to join three groups. I'm going to challenge you today to go ahead Lincoln dot com again. Clinton dot com slash ford slash groups, find three groups, join them and then learn what it means to be a part of a group. Understand, You know you're not going to use groups to promote your services there unless, unless asked, you wanna prompted to otherwise you're gonna get kicked out of them. What you should do is use groups to thoughtfully engage with other people again about marketing strategies about your industry, and again that's gonna funnel more people onto your profile. The main goal with linked in here is to funnel people onto your profile, to engage with your content and build a network that's gonna pay off in open opportunities . Open new doors in the future. So we're gonna hit create a group in the future. And I know I've just jumped there. But once you've interacted with 3 to 5 groups over a period of you know, 123 months or even you could go ahead and create a group right now. But 123 months to really gauge what your industry is, grow your lengthen. Once you've done this head until Lincoln dot com, Ford slash groups and create your very own group, make sure it's in the same niche or industry that you're working in and make sure it tackles a particular issue. So don't just say marketing on lengthen. For example, you could do marketing on Lincoln for plumbers. There we go on. Plumbers can discuss what it's like to market on like den, and your group is gonna have you are l. This visit ability by design group is actually a private group of, but the Halifax sales professionals. Example. Weaken Copy this group and share it on Facebook and actually bring people from other networks like your friends will bring people through email onto your group as well. So people are asking for networking assistance here. You know, um, there's a whole bunch of different. I can actually sell marketing to these people really easily having 5000 YouTube subscribers in the Halifax area. But these are just things you can dig into once you ask valuable questions. The valuable comments. It's really going to help you build your profile. So just look through this. Look for the more recent things you see in this group and, you know, join groups that are relevant. Create your own groups when you're ready. I know you got this. Let's continue. 15. Posting Engaging Content: so I'm gonna give you really quickly some tips to post Maura engaging content because in this section, we're looking at upping our engagement here on lengthen. One huge way to get more engagement is to post pictures and videos on average, you know, they're there. Say, in the future, in the next 10 to 20 years, 90% of all content consumed on the Internet is gonna be video. A. People can consume it passively. They can watch it in the background and they'll, you know, stick with a content longer than a photo. And all networks value what we like to call watch time. The longer people watch a video, the better. Well, the photo people are gonna look at it and scroll through. It's unlikely they're gonna look at a photo for three minutes, whereas a video you have the potential to gain that watch time. So that's a huge thing. I want you to remember. Video is superior to photo in most instances, but you want to make sure you're using the relevant medium. So if it can be summed up in the photo, there's no need to use the video. Um, so one you're making content. Think about that. We're going to use visual images and what we like to call multimedia to gain mawr viewers to gain more traction. But a second, if I'm gonna ask you to do, is when you start a post, just try to simply engage your audience. 16. Making Your Own Blog Post: let me teach you something powerful and instill you with a bit of confidence when using linked in. So there's one rule I want you to make sure of before you progress. If you're Arlington, you need to stay. Choose your industry or your niche. I talk about marketing here. That means I shouldn't talk about puppies and marketing and, you know, H Vac and General Contracting. And you know, the postage stamp industry. I should only talk about digital marketing because we want to grow a following around digital marketing. And here's a bonus. If you have an idea about what you want to do with your followers, for example, convert them into clients, teach them about marketing, you know, through courses like the ones I'm doing right now. There are so many different things. But if I have a purpose for the network that I'm growing in on a reason for growing people in the marketing niche, or if you have a reason why you want to, you know, connect with plumbers on Lincoln, that's gonna be the bonus step. You don't need to know exactly how you're going to convert them to paying clients yet this is just linked in basics, and that will come along. I'm gonna teach you about the basics and how to leverage them. See, the purpose of me making this course isn't just to teach you the basics. There you go. You understand? Like 10. Great. I want to make sure you have that foundation. But I know there's gonna be a lot of other people with, you know, different levels of experience who want to learn how to leverage this and a huge way to leverage LinkedIn is by creating a block post. I always call the block post, but they're referred to as articles on lengthen on what articles are going to do our two things. Not only are they gonna engage your, you know, pre existing audience that are following what you're doing and then through your audience, connect you with other people who were following them to find more mutual connections and, you know, score more followers on Lichten, Not only will it do that and followers and attention of power, remember, but writing an article will help you rank really well in ASIO. And I'll tell you why linked in has what we like to call. Ah high domain authority. Domain authority. ISS. You know, ranking for every single website in the world. Pretty much, um, and what it you know what it means is it's refer Teoh. It's related to how high the website ranks on search engines. Lincoln happens to rank very high and search engines. So if you write an article Arlington, there's a chance you're going to find a lot of people on Google clicking through to link 10 and reading your article. You know, your article, me, even get hundreds of thousands of views. When I did journalism, some of the people I interviewed were just because I were Google. I was googling about a particular subject or topic, and I happened to find a block post or an article that they wrote unlinked in. So to write an article, all you have to do is go to the home page and underneath where you create a posters or write an article on linked. And if you click that button right there, you can start your article right there. It's a draft. You can import a picture. And what should you write about? I'm no expert. You may be thinking, but hey, if you know how to do a thing in your industry, you are more than informed enough to write an article. And the grammar doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't have to be amazing. Obviously, if you are looking for a job with writing people may judge you on your articles. But if you're a contractor or a plumber, I've seen this before. You don't need to, um, have a perfect article out there. Uh, what I've done is I've created, I think, close to 10 articles, maybe less Have about 4210 followers. But these people read my articles, and I may only get, you know, 100 or 200 views an article. But some articles hit better than other ones. So what I'm going to challenge you to do is navigate to the home page, right? One article about something you're experienced and I don't care if you started in the fast food industry. I don't care if you're working in plumbing. I mean, I do care. I care about you guys, but I don't care if you think you're inexperienced. I want you to go ahead and start a post right here. you know example, Let's say I work at McDonald's, you know, 10 tips for dealing with customers. Excellent. Now only can people read that who are also working at McDonald's. But people in the customer service industry and higher up who are making hiring decisions and can easily hire you for a job to increase your salary by fivefold are going to read about that. They want to know how to increase customer satisfaction, and they may be looking for an intelligent person, so you're gonna need to play your cards up a little bit. Applicant expert. Pose like an expert. Fake it until you make it, but use riel valuable information. Each one of us has valuable information. Her own heads. That's good enough to write an article here on linked. And so what I want you to do is grab it. No. Pad a pen and paper. Open up Google Drive. Do whatever you can but make some notes about the article you're going to write and write a 500 word article here on Linked in again. It's gonna be under your profile page. Some of the articles I wrote was like, you know, I was in the airport, and I just wanted something to do. They don't get a ton of views. Okay, But you see something more Click baby like this. Don't let clients take over your life. 142 views. Um, some of the people you know were from Chicago Halifax somewhere campaign co ordinators sales people in business owners. So a lot of these people, um, are extremely, you know, interested in what? I'm what I'm writing. Even if it's only know 10 20 people, those were relevant industries. Eso What you want to do is when you have one article that performs well and I don't want this to go on too long is to make another article like that, See, have made 12345 articles. Here. What I'm going to do is see Okay, Which one got the most hits? Don't let clients take over your life. Great. The next five articles are going to be about client relations. Okay, In the marketing industry, I always relate it back to my niche. But there you go. Once you start doing that, you'll build and grow more and more followers on the Lincoln Network. But again, you got this. I know it's hard to meet for your first time, but I know for a fact that you can do this. 17. Additional Tips: Hey there. Thanks for taking the linked in course before we wrap up, I want to drop some more tips and tricks here. Now that you understand the basics of Lincoln, you understand how to navigate it, how to make posts and how to build in and funnel not only an audience but a targeted audience, which a lot of people don't understand. And don't 100 do. I also want to narrow it down a little bit more and leave you with some more helpful tips and tricks. So on lengthen where you're hitting that edit button over on your profile page to end it all of your details. You can also add a website link, So if you go ahead and create a website, you can. At that website. Language will link future employers and prospects over to either your business site or personal portfolios site. Now, we didn't cover that this course, but I teach another course on it. You have. You do not need to go on by the course. It is not, you know, closely related to this course, particularly, but you can also find, you know, riel resources on the Internet That will help you were on this site and mawr around the web . But creating that, you know, website is really gonna help you in the future in the long term. Also, when people google you. But other than that, what I recommend you do is not only to engage with those posts on the main home page, but to go ahead and endorse people. If you find people who are clearly doing a good job in their field going endorse them if huge. If you endorse 3 to 5 people a week and I always say 3 to 5 is very easy to do review indoors 3 to 5 people we chances are dealing. Come back and endorse you. And if you link to a website or you liked online content that they can search up without actually having to meet you, you can find people that are willing to endorse you. But I'm going to caution you. Be careful who you endorse. You don't want to endorse somebody who, you know, is embroiled in a scandal or doing something bad with their career. That's very rare that that's gonna happen, but you have to be careful, especially depending on the profession. you want to enter If you're entering a media related field or you're entering, you know, journalism. You want to be careful, The people that you're endorsing, you're not doing it random. You actually making sure that if you're not meeting them in person, you're checking out their digital content and your at least endorsing them for who they are , who they appear as at that time. So just make sure you're doing that, interact more, keep that up and try to build out external links, other places on the Internet. Also, getting a back link from a website like Lincoln is gonna help you with Serge Rankings on your website. So I hope all of the information this course is useful. I try to cover everything. This is a basic course of going over the general stuff but also teaching you how to funnel that audience and not just use Lincoln, but leverage it. But if there was something else, you were expected from this course that was not covered, please let me know. I'm not just saying, and I'm going to go back in and I'm gonna add something to this course. I'm going to make it better I'm gonna make it more, you know, dance, but more understandable. And I want to be able to give you all the information I can. Not only the biggest bang for your buck, but, you know, information that's gonna help you forever and growing that network and boosting your career . My name's not are not and Dad. It's been a pleasure teaching in the course. Hope those additional tips, help you and let's wrap up. 18. Congratulations : so from me. I just want to give you huge. Congratulations for taking this course. I really appreciate your time and energy that you've sunk into this, and I really wish you the best growing your networks online, especially with Lincoln. But just, you know, building a presence. It's super important. Now we're in an age where digital content dominates. So, you know, take my advice. Use those photos, use videos in building your lengthen. Learn how to create some multimedia content is that this is some advice for the future. You probably have a phone, and chances are it's a smartphone. You're not using a flip phone in today's day and age, so go ahead and recorded videos. Try to get more continent there, try to start building that, exercising that muscle over a period of years. It's gonna become easier and easier. And like I said, no one's gonna become a success overnight with growing out linked in profile. And although this isn't about growth, it's about understanding the basics of lengthen. You should be growth oriented. Don't look at the numbers necessarily, but look at the value that you're putting out there. Look at the content the more you analyze, and the more you get wrapped up in the numbers that more energy, it's going to zap from you. It actually takes energy to think about numbers and keep monitoring them. It's your mind spirals a little bit. It takes a lot of energy, so conserve that energy and save it for creating content. So I hope that the tips that I've given you with this course have been useful hope. Everything that I've mentioned has helped you come further than you were at the beginning of this course. And as always, I'm here to answer questions. I'm here to help you, and I'm genuinely concerned about your success, and I wish you the best they get. My name's not on on a jet. Thanks again for taking this course, and I wish you all the best in your future. If you can leave me on honest and informed review about how you felt about this course, I would really appreciate it. Thanks again