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Line Drawing: The Art of Ink Botanical Illustration

teacher avatar Marina P., Ink Artist | Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 3.

      Petal Shapes


    • 4.

      Flower Forms


    • 5.

      Details and Shadows


    • 6.

      Practice the Details


    • 7.

      Round Flower


    • 8.

      Flower Branch


    • 9.

      Complex Flower


    • 10.

      Fluffy Grass


    • 11.

      Thin Grass


    • 12.

      Branch with Cones


    • 13.

      Flower Head. Bonus


    • 14.

      Stem with Leaves. Bonus


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About This Class

If you like botanical illustrations but don’t know how to start drawing this way or want to improve your skills, this class is for you!

I tried a lot of different techniques during my learning. And now I want to share with you the best of them. You'll learn some tips and tricks I use in my illustrations that you can incorporate into your workflow.

In this class you'll learn:

  • Different types of petal shapes
  • How to analyze flowers
  • How to add details and shadows
  • How to draw real flowers and grass
  • Techniques you can apply to any botanical illustration! 

You’ll be creating:

  • Flowers with me and your own using the techniques from this class

If you think that you can’t draw at all, I’ll show you that this is nonsense.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marina P.

Ink Artist | Illustrator



I create classes on Skillshare where you can learn my technique, tools and secrets. I hope my knowledge can help you to develop your own artistic skills. Join me. I can't wait to see what you make!

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Level: Beginner

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1. Trailer: We owe a marina, and this is the Art. Off Inc Botanical illustration. I stopped on flowers maybe two years ago. I learned from nature and botanical books used a lot of different techniques to discover what works for me better. If you think that you can't draw at all, I'll show you that it's nonsense in this class out age how to start growing this way. It's for beginners. So to take it, you don't need any pride, drawn skills or degrees. We'll start with petal shapes. Then you learn how to analyze type of flowers and how to add details and shadows. We'll take some real pressed flowers and close. I'll show you all steps that will be easy to follow, so pick up your pants and get creative. 2. Materials: Well, all you need for this class are paper impasse. I'm using my crown and central bans they are waterproof to Landers will be enough. Also, I have for you. Pressed flowers will learn how to draw them soon In resources, you confined photo of Sam and the printable template. Don't forget about pencil and eraser, so yes, Thistle. 3. Petal Shapes: Well, all right, so the first seal will do is practicing two draws and most widespread battle shapes. DeMont and princes template from resources and grab Elena off any size. So here we have white Batteaux who is sharp, deep. Just repeat of to meet as many times as you need. Se Swan is longer and seen a around it to battle. The next one is like outraged, heart inclined. Two battles together like your whale tail Here, I recall, meant to start me so long, sharp, deep and san draws the sites next to exercises about symmetry. So we fold, draw a little circle and to realize that intersect in the center of the circle. One Patil on top and two on each side. Four fault circle and four wides. Here. Each side has a petal, and the last one's a small flower, a little circle, three battles and Smalls temp drives, much as you need and go to the next class 4. Flower Forms: you start drawing flowers from simple to complex. Draw small circles that will be in the middle off a big circle. Onda seen stem Zen draw lines in random order. It's like a skeleton off for future flower grubby Lina. You was in zero on here, Mike. A little loops in the middle. The petals go all the way around. So when you have this lines, it's much easier to understand where to place the pedal. Here. I can draw to puddles on Day one and this time just to lives close to each other. Second, all the same on Lee. You need to draw a small circle close to the underside off the big circle. A little loops. Paddles look different because of the circle position. Next, draw around a triangle as Tim and lights and fill it with petals. Next flower is to leap. Just throw the shape, like in that and his term and repeat after me. The Kendra leaves here so flower number five, although Line and Kurt Lines for pedals Flower . Six. Bellflower brother Shape off the corn. Here we have a way, re lines a little Daut and we chest improved the shape and it's ready is the last one. We drop everything like in the first example, but lines will be curved and we'll look in different directions, so the pedals will be different from each, as it you learned how to draw from simple to complex, you can analyze any flowers this way. It's really helpful. 5. Details and Shadows: you next exercise we work through is at in details and shadows. I'll show eight examples on one kind off battle, and you'll see a huge difference in how they will be perceived. So let's go draw a panto Amazon. Just my clients. Alan's an entire lands offset petal. They are not straight. A little bit curved. I pulled the same pressure on my pants. Number two. Less pressure. Andi shaking here. Let's make small value of lines broken in sound places number four. Let's make pairs of flans close to each other. These techniques are widely used in all the botanical books. Next one I really like to use. This technique looks more natural. Inv illustrations. You just need to Druk Week lines. A lot of quick lines. Number six will use dots. It's also called stepping. Yeah, let's try dashed lines and the last one wrote twos. Exact lines and combines always dots. Okay, here I have the hydrangea from assures. Each battle has different form, an interesting texture. So the next exercise is to draw this little flower four times, using 40 kliks, small circle and shake lines for pedals. Let's try a number two number five and details to the edge of the petals. Number eight. - Andi , let it be number six dots. - Now you see how the technique affect the appearance off the flower. 6. Practice the Details: Well, our common to take drove things that you created in class flower forms and to try techniques that your aunt in privates class you can repeat after me or change the technique . Operate New book way, way No . 7. Round Flower: you if you tried your best in privates classes. I think you are ready to start drawing the rial flowers, so look carefully at this flower. What form it has is a texture off Peto. Also don't forget sit all flowers you can find in resources. You can print it if you need. Bless analyzed this flower. The center is an although Is it battles going all the way around creating a circle. Then longs Tim that our will be filled with small looks and battles are long and seen. I'm using 01 pen starters loops to feel the middle pot isn't battles all the way around. I like to draw pressed flowers because pedals band in different ways. They are in perfect, and you drove arise kinds of battles in one flower. - For this time, I make long strokes and just repeats affirm off these leaves, so it's time for details. I will use a technique that I showed before this. Quick lines make this current lines coming out from the Santa off this flower. In each battle, - I add a little lines along the top edge cheese , my pen to 02 on to make some lines seeker. This will add contrast on depths, adds texture to leaves, and the first flower is ready 8. Flower Branch: is his branch with small flowers is the next that we will be drawing great lines that as a base off our brunch and at small strokes to my clients seeker. Also, this technique will help to show the texture off the branch. Then let's draw the middle parts they around it, who creates him by drawing a lot of small strokes close to each other. - And she has a firm if necessary and go to petals. They closed toe all form with sharp deep. You just need to look at your real flower and try to depict each pattern, its direction and for the middle flower is ready. Draw aside flowers in the same way. - It already looks good, but let's add some texture to make our painting moralistic. Yeah, I want to apply the same technique as Iran flower quick lines. How long is the pace of the pattern? And along the tapes we had down 9. Complex Flower: in this lesson were great, more complex flower. It has unusual shape and some specific details that we need to show on paper. Let's get started. Droz around the middle pot battles It is bent in our direction, right left and one behind the middle part and my favorite statements. - The leave has sharp projections along the edge. - Let's add some interesting touch to our creation. I want to combine techniques 67 or want dots and lines. I adults toe parts that I want to be darker, - more Contras to the middle part. Andi. I decided just to draw straight lines. Change your panto sicko one pains and medial and makes it outlined. Seeker. - Who's the leave? Is textures that you like That's eat flour with these techniques. Looks like the registration from Old Botanical Book. 10. Fluffy Grass : you hear? I prepared for you two simple examples off cross and branch with Scott's. It takes you only 35 minutes to draw each example, but this access can improve your strokes. Let's begin, Mrs Fluffing Grass drives 10. We need to deplete the structure off the hat. We keep the firm off the head and fill it with squeak. Seen strokes on the left, on the right, and in the middle, some strokes will belong. That's it, repeated 23 times to practice manual skill. 11. Thin Grass : second example broadest ham and said the directions just right to depict each parts that you see. I am using 0.1 pen and I don't put much pressure on it to make this raft texture. 12. Branch with Cones: Who is this branch was? Teeny carts. Start with pace Makes the lines secret. Icahn has all the shape and it has tears. Look a t two tentatively, Andrew, how you seat? Correct the shape if needed and move toe as accounts. - I change my pen to zero points. Resize to make some lines Remorse iterated. 13. Flower Head. Bonus: Hello. Hi. Hi. Okay. Hi. Welcome. Let's begin. Okay. The first step. Hello. Hi. For this lesson. Next question. 14. Stem with Leaves. Bonus: Hi. All right. Hello. Hi. Thank you. Hi. Okay. Hello. All right. 15. Conclusion: it's finished line. I hope you learned a lot from this class and I need to check it. I was so excited to see all flowers. 22 draw in this class. Make sure you're pulled out and your homework is to draw flowers that you like. This could be a flower from the garden market, breast flower or inspiration from a botanical book. I'll check oil projects. And as for you, your results are really important for me. Also follow me on skill share many new classes who appears. Thank you guys, and I'll see you next time you