Line Drawing: Master Your Ink Botanical Illustration with Texture and Shading | Marina P. | Skillshare

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Line Drawing: Master Your Ink Botanical Illustration with Texture and Shading

teacher avatar Marina P., Ink Artist | Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      About Your Ink Pens


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      Texture, Details and Shadows


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      How to Make the Right Choice


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About This Class

If you are an absolute beginner or want to improve your inking, this class is for you! Some of the things you will learn during this class:

  • The impact of ink thickness
  • How to get different feel in Illustration
  • Variety of linesĀ 
  • Hatchings that suit exactly flowers
  • How to save your artwork from wrong decisions

My goal here is to give you exact advices that will boost your skills to a much higher level.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marina P.

Ink Artist | Illustrator



I create classes on Skillshare where you can learn my technique, tools and secrets. I hope my knowledge can help you to develop your own artistic skills. Join me. I can't wait to see what you make!

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Level: Beginner

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1. Trailer: welcome to muster in botanical illustration with detection and shadows for beginners, this class is going to be a super is an introduction on how to apply details to flowers. My goal here is to give you exact advice is to boost your skills too much, you know, is an impact off in sickness. Carter had insisted exactly flowers how to save your artwork over wrong decisions. These are my secrets and happy to share with you, Uh 2. Materials: we owe you. Take this class. You need most paper all in compounds that you have a pencil and eraser and just in case and will practice to improve our texture techniques With his two pressed examples also I created for you printable template, find it in resources. 3. About Your Ink Pens: do all your parents and layout. Um, in order from scene to six. This exercise will help you to choose the right plan for your artwork and to find difference between them. With each bandera, toe, horizontal lines and dot short lines and this kind of hatching, you'll see what lines each man can create for you. I find it very useful for myself. Here. You can see that my lines 0.2 are Sina's and 0.1 from as a manufacturer. That could be a trap. 0.1 from Central Pan Looks like 0.3 from micro, you see same size, enough difference. 0.3 central pan is like 0.8 from Micro and Zia hatching. Give different feelings so all this may exist. Exercise to save yourself from wrong sickness off lines. 4. Contour: who created seen answer clients is essential skill to master, and it's good to be familiar with your tools. First, let's try to draw the contra off this pressed hydrangea. If you haven't over ideal fink pants just right to put a different pressure on your pan to controls the line sickness. I started with both Contra using 0.8. Let's create it with the sinister pan, you see how different is perception. This flower control looks easy and sophisticated. Let's gives the same path but makes a flower mosque a medic quick lines and lose some contra. Here we have the same size of Fink, but as a way of drawing change in perception dries. This technique was sick. Plan here is a huge difference between this example. On the 1st 1 let's try 0.2 pen. It's a universal size and raconteur with sound Mrs Chokes and the last example which I used often in my artworks. Leandro's a flower was normal pressure and then make some parts seeker for contrast. We can conclude, said the Cygnus off lines and small change in the way of drawing significantly change the perception off our flower. I hope this exercise helped you to understand here tools better 5. Texture, Details and Shadows: you flower details have a huge impact on perception. There are many textures, but not all. A suitable from botanical illustration is these two pressed flowers will help to show you what works you can make realistic, off illustrative details. The type you perform depends on your art style. Loses access is you condone I want and print outs of worksheet in the projects. Action gone. Draw all flowers with me For the first example, I make many lines along the entire Linse or the battle. In my examples, I'm using different pant sizes to show you how you can get very different field dependent on the tool you choose. So you see, I use the same technique, but it looks much different. Next with the Sinise Span, I draw quick lines from the center and make secret Contra. - The next one's the same quick lines with 0.8 micro pen. Passion is a simple way to shape, and it's why they used in all botanical books. - Let's move on to another example. It's simple and also used in books. Drossin lines onto plateau at small amount. Off doors always follows a natural shape off a plateau to make it look more really Here, I add Adapts stirs a flower making dark week lines around the floor center and some strokes along the edge off petals. - The next flower I feel with small strokes, applying layer by layer. - Here I am draws his texture. Using 0.8 pen, I would just change the ink size and hydrangea has been as appearance. I changed to zero points. Resize make sharp lines close to each other at more ink around the center. For the next two examples, I use a pair off pence with Sick Man. I am make dots mostly close to the flower center and completely 0.2 Inc I put doors along the edge off battles and to complete with smaller dots, in this example on drunk with clients, which occupy most also Patil. Here I draw small lines with different lens. Always keep in mind to follow the shape off a battle next to flowers. I'll make with illustrative details. I prefer to draw more realistic textures, but these are also cool. It all depends on your art style. - Also , one of my faith is across catches through the entire Patil here I feel flowers with rose off indented Kal lights. All these hatches. Huge, exactly flowers. And now, you know from examples that ink sickness has a huge impact. Try all these techniques was different tools and different pressure to see new results. 6. How to Make the Right Choice: in my practice class, the art off in botanical illustration. Students asked me to explain how it is set, which was the details to use for texture or shading. I'm gonna show you what helps me to make the right choice. For example, I'm just wrong the contra off the flower, and I don't want to spoil it. And also, I don't know what kind of hatching to use. My decision is to take the piece of paper and copy four times or more. It's a small part off the drawing 23 paddles and schematic middle part. Then I apply details and decide what example to truth who draws his flower in my class. I chose texture with more natural look, and here is the result. It's really helpful and saved a lot of my artworks, so it's also help you 7. Conclusion: all right. It was a pretty simple class. I hope you got a lot of new information for me to upload your beautiful templates and flower industry ations in the project together so we can see them all. Please leave. A review involves his class. Check out my other classes and I see you later.