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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      How and why Sketchbook


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      Preferences and Resolution


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      Moving Around


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      Brush and Color Pucks


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About This Class

In this class, you’ll learn the basics of Autodesk Sketchbook, for PC and Mac. This is a simple but great program for digital drawing, that makes your drawing experience easier and faster. I will show you why I love this program and how to make the most of it.

After this class, you’ll be able to create easy but awesome character line art using the different tools learned in class. This program is for beginners and advanced users alike. You just need the inspiration to draw to your heart's content.

If you don't have the program you can download the free trial that you can use whenever you like, it has some limitations, but if you like to try the pro version, they give you 15 days free without a card needed so you can have the feel of all of its features.

So give it a try! Download Sketchbook Here

If you have the subscription you can download their free brushes here: Sketchbook's Blog

You can download the materials of the class in the "My Project Section"


You can follow me on: Instagram I Facebook  I Deviantart  l Tumblr

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cynthia Soto

Graphic Designer and Digital Illustrator



Cynthia is a Graphic Designer, self-taught Digital Illustrator, and a gaming enthusiast.

She has a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design with Computer Animation, with more than 10 years of experience in the field, giving life and meaning to her client's ideas.

Recently she moved from Puerto Rico to Australia, closing a chapter in her life and starting a new one with her fiance. In this beautiful unknown land, she decided to focus on her passion as an Illustrator, sharing with everyone everything she has learned and everything her imagination inspires her to create.


You can follow her on: Facebook I Instagram I  Twitter

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1. Intro: Hi, everyone. My name is Cynthia. I'm a graphic designer and an illustrator. In this class, I will teach you the basics of our desk Catch book for PC and Mac. This is a great and easy to use program for the administration. This program is for everyone from beginners with mass users. The life If you have the program, don't worry. You can download the Creteil that you can use whenever you life. It has some limitations, but if we want, you can try the pro version free for 15 days without a car needed, so you can have the feel awful it features. I will teach you the most basic tools, and chart comes so you can start playing with the program in no time. I will also tell you my favorite preferences, how to find and make your favorite brush, how to use the layers and some tips and tricks. Some of the way for the project, we will create one or more character. Leinart is, in the symmetry to if you need a hand, I will provide you with templates on the deals that you can download in the section below. So I encourage you to join me in this class. What we have fun drawing without a sketchbook 2. How and why Sketchbook: There are many reasons why I love out of this catch, but but there are two main reasons that make me love it the most one is this simply city. You can see how clean and simple delay outlooks is done in a way that you can start growing without interruptions, although you might think it doesn't stand out to other problems because of the way it looks . But trust me that drawing here is amazing. Secondly, it's affordability. You get so many amazing features in this problems for the price they have their regularly. Plus, they have a great blood where they keep tutorials support on. They upload free brushes continuously. Right now, I'm just going to cover the basics so you can start growing right away. But follow me for Fisher classes, where we'll cover it still more extensively to the load. It just goes to sketch. With that calm on the low that pretrial or by the process creation 3. Project: for the project, we will create one character, Leinart, using the symmetry toe and everything you learn in the class if you need a hand, there are templates of materials that you can find the products section toe a load to make your project you justly on your project section and then create a product. If you have any questions or recommendations, let me know in the community section and I will answer as soon as I can. I will love to see everything you guys come up with, so please share it with the class. 4. Layout : Let's start by learning how, though the outworks. This is how the basic layout looks like you can move every tool, but you see so you can organize it and work the way you're most comfortable with. If you like Russia's on the right or the toolbar down, you can do that and customize it to your liking. If you see that something smelly seeing or you close something by mistake, use need to go to the Windows menu default layer. This will reset the whole layout. If you use the window menu again, you'll notice that there are some things that are not activated yet. But you show. For example, let's activate the layer editor because it's one of the things that you will use the most, But we'll cover that later. Using the free trial, you'll notice that there are tools on buttons that are not available there. But don't worry, because we're covering the basic things on there, all available in the free trial. But at the end of the class, I will use some of the probe version feature so you can see when you could do with them. But it's not something that you need to start growing 5. Preferences and Resolution: I will show you my favorite preferences, but every artist has difference ways off working, so you'll have to start playing around until you find there were you, like the most. So let's go to add it. Preferences, I think, is good to have the option section check because I think it is useful to have a different layer for any image that I have. You will see what I mean in the next video. In the under section, I always tried to set up the maximum quantity of from those that I could get, because sometimes I mess up a lot. The maximum amount of the problem is 100. If you're going to use less, I recommend to set it up to a least 50 in the graphic section. The Rotate campus is a great feature, but it will depend on how well your computer can handle it in in the next video of which are you had to use it, so keep in check until you try it out on. See how your computer reacts to it. Now some people might love this Sketchbook is compatible PSD files so you can open a file created on schedule in photo shop with all of his slayers. However, I have various reasons why I don't set up a study for former one. He's that if you have sketch was this Christian, you can use their app on other devices, and I sometimes export my drawings for my tablet my computer on by spurs. So I try to maintain sketchbooks dif format. Toby able to manipulate my drones in any device I want. The other reason you that you can always export your drawing toe PST. This way, you can keep a copy of your teeth by clicking on savers on changing the former to be as thes rather than saving it directly on PST. I tend to do this when I'm finished with everything that I wanted to show in sketchbook, and I want to add effects in Porter shop because when you open up PSD in cutting sketchbook , you open all of its layers correctly. However, if you asked some effect that sketchbook doesn't recognize, it will change drawing in some way. Now let's move to the campus that if you're isn't a free person, this stop one appear sketchbook will make your full campus on. It won't have as much resolution, so you can skip this this part if you want. I always make a 4000 big. So Squares Gamba's with 300 of resolution, which is big because I prefer to enough with long spaces that I can crop instead of a lack of space and low resolution, I seen people that that used to 1000 pixel square or letter size come bus. It all depends on the ours, so it's up to you to find your favorite compass eyes. My recommendation is that just gold lowered, then 2000 big still square on 300 of resolution. Once you have your preferences, said Klay, okay, but they will not take effect until you restart the application. So let's do that and continue to an exterior. A quick note. If you have tablet that register pant pressure on its not responding to it, you might want to look too added. Stylist Responsiveness. If you see that it still doesn't work after, this will probably be the type of fresh you're using. But we'll cover that later. When we get to the brushes 6. Moving Around: in this part, we're going to add an image to play with some of tools that will cover right now. Let's start by going to pile at image and search for any emission one or while the templates that I added into the hold section of the glass. Now that your images in the campus you'll see a circle that is following your cursor, this is the transformer book. The way this works is that each part of the circle has different actions. You'll need to quick and hold whichever part of the circle you need to use. For example, if you important the tempered that I gave you, it might be bigger or smaller than your compass. If that's the case, we're going to use the school selection and just click hold and move it up to make it bigger and down. To make it smaller, it works. Ice waits toe right to make this bigger, I left make smaller U S district judge your image to the campus. You can also shoes from these other selections. This one is the rotation in revolted. Your image are drawing in a new direction. Your movement. This one is also a skill, but it one month in the image proportion is stretched your image. And finally, with the side of the box, you can move your English around. Was your satisfied with size of your email? You just released your pen, but you'll notice that transformed part won't disappear. You will have to click the X in the book if you close the transformed but but need to make more changes, you can find it right here. If you want to undo or redo, you can click here for Undue and here for Edo or used the following circuits controls. See on PC and command Z on Mac for under control. Why on PC and common Shift Z Unlike for reader now, there are four pucks that I will be talking about in this program, and they all have the same process. Glick whole move around. Once you get the hang of that, the rest is easy. With that said, let's learn how to move around your campus. Let's quick on the magnifying glass. This will bring up another part, like the Transform Park. This one's works nearly this thing, but it wouldn't change anything on your drawing is just so you can move around your campus in the magnifying glass, Weaken, serene and out, holding it up are down. The thing goes to the sides. With this one, we can rotate the campus. This works great. When you can't get some of the lines the way you want would be adjusted. The puck would just move around. And like the Transform book, you will need to click the X to stop using it. But the best way to utilize this creature is by using the shark up, holding down the space bar and releasing it when you're done with it. This way you can draw without having to start for the magnifying glass. I just think of this like the express keys on a welcome tablet. It just feels the same. 7. Brush and Color Pucks: Today we will talk about the remaining two pucks. This one is the color book on the other. One is a brush book. I used to get confused at first, but I told them, but try to remember that the white one is the brush is the one that I used most. Let's start with the brush book first. Lexa. Lick a brush and click it. I'll use the pencil. Remember that every reason in the toolbar or park just need to goto windows menu and check the one that you're musing. The brush book allows you to change the size on the A pass ity of your brush. Let's quick this center off the park and hold it. If you move to the right, your brush will get bigger, and if you move to left, it will get smaller. Change the opacity you need to release after Xinyi in size. If you look up, you will increase the capacity or paint off your brush, and then it will decrease it, giving your brush transparency. Next, the color puck quick once and you will see that the color wheel will appear. Select the color of your presence and once you take the cursor out, the will will disappear. The advantage about using the color bug is that you can change the luminous on the saturation off the color you just selected. Do those, so you just need to click hope and move to the right and the left to change. Saturation and up are down to change the luminous click the color puck again and you'll see the color picker. This will so that any color that you already used in the campus I use this a lot in my drawing. So it's good to learn the charcoal breast on whole the out button and quick on the court that you want for the project. You won't need the color part because you will just do a liner. However, I still wanted to show you so you can start getting familiarized with it for future classes . 8. Layers: If you don't know what are the layers, I will give you a quick and you see explanation. I always imagine not transparency paper over your growing where you could grow without affecting. I will call that trance, burn paper a layer, then imagine creating multiple layers ish one with different details that adds to your drawing but are separated from it. Layers are great toe any drawing, for example, you drawing a face and you're not sure what kind of hair style you want to draw. You make a layer over the face and start drawing in it. If you like it, you can do eat the layer, and if you wanted to be part of your main drawing, you can merge them is scheduled. Broad layers are only with in the free trial you're going with our tree layers. The background lets you change the color of the background, and it doesn't count as a layer. If you still have the image off the template open, it will be in one layer. Let's click that layer, and you can shape the opacity right here, giving it transfers. Let's decrease it to at least 20% to create a new layer Glick right here. But if you're using the free trial, you'll have the quick and hole in one layer and then click the uglier button. One of the things that you will need to be aware with the layers is the order. Remember that whatever that is in the top layer will always be seeing first. So if you see some drawing that is not appearing or you're not seeing what you're drawing, then check the order off your layers. You can move them around in this corner. 9. Brushes: Finally, we're going to play with the brush is so we can start with the project. I'm not going to get into detail of every brush, but I will tell you the ones that will use right now. We'll use Depends of forties catch. If you double click the brush or used, this button will take you to the properties of the brush. You can change the hardness of the capacity that where you see free with any brush. Since I used to pencils toe the sketches. I like it to be teen, understand, so it feels as close to real pencil as possible. We have two erasers, one worse, like an airbrush he has transparency on. It's really smooth on the other one you saw then Kim Pang is the one that I used to finish my Leinart creating those solid lines. But this one is only included in the pro version, the one that I find see we're east, the ballpoint pen or used a pencil with 100% of capacity. If you like it, I recommend to try and practise with both, so you learn. Wish one you like best if you already have to provision you can start downloading all of the precious that out of this gifts for free in their block, the updated continues, so it's always good to take it back. You can also do your own brushes or manipulate nearly every single brush terrace. To do this. Goto windows Brush library on, select the brush that you like or want to customize in some way and Greek and whole in this circle so that new brush, and then so that current brush and create this will make a copy of the brush that you just selected. You can change the name and customize it in any way, just like just by double clicking on it. You can also grab it and add it to your brush bullet now that start with the project. 10. Sketching: Let's start by lowering the capacity of the template to a point where you can barely see the lines. Next, you can block the layer of the template by clicking and holding on that layer and select the luck. This way you won't drawing it by mistake. You can always unlucky it the same way now, so mean and select. The symmetry to all this will reflect anything like to draw in one side to the other. You can move the line with circle in the center, multi line to the center of the template. Try to be as accurate as possible. You can be activated the symmetry to just by clicking on the tour again. The line will stay in the same way that you left it when you activated again. Now at any layer over the template and selected. Then select the pencil and we will start with the ice. I start creating the frame of the I. You don't need to follow the extent lines off template that is just a guy. In my case, I like doing big animal like eyes. If you have the progression, you can activate the predicted to. This will fix your lines and make them as smooth as possible for the iris. I just make half a circle, but you have to be careful when doing it. But doing it with symmetry tool is easy to make your character lacrosse. I try to draw it like it's looking at you for the knows. I'm marked the nostril pretty close to each other. I drove the nose pretty close to the mouth and then for the mouth. I start with two circles in each end and then connected. We don't line even. It's the form you want. After this, I start playing with the face. Given more details to the ice, I will be fast forward in some parts so that we won't get too long, then finished the shape of the head. I wanted to do an elf, so I did point the years I just love during fantasy characters. When you're satisfied with shame, you can hide the layer of the template by clicking on the riddle. I I come in the corner, make a new layer over the drawing and start drawing the hair. I really don't have rules for the hair. I just play around and happen with it, changing the hair until I find one that's fits with the personality that I'm trying to give to the character. If I get to start, I just search for reference in the Internet. This is a good example of looked like in the hair, so I deleted the layer. But you can just clear it. To do this. You can just select the layer, then press the delete button on your keyboard so you don't have to make a new ear again. Now you will see me struggle for a bit. But I didn't want it to caught it, because I wanted to show you that you can be as messy as you need to with this cash you. You'll fix it in the next video so you don't need to worry. I never have a picture in my mind on how the drawing is going to be. Just keep going until I like how it turned out. I'm a pretty indecisive artist. I tend to read the things a lot, so as you can see, I got four of trying with the hair and Jim to the face. That's palette. Sometimes when something is not working, I just leave it for some time and then come back to it. You'll see it differently than you cannot other details to your character to give it personality. In this case, I added to either horns. I play with her face toe more expression. Once you're satisfied with your stash, you can merge the face on the hair layer by quicken on the top one and select the merch with below. In this case, I don't have to lay us because I didn't notice that I did the hair in the same layer of the face. But once you murder them, the word the capacity just like you did with the template on let's start thinking. 11. Inking: now that our sketch this readying well, Mayer, let's lower the capacity the same way we did with the template before and create a layer over this one. If you want, you can look the sketch layer. Select a brush that you want to remember that you can use the wall point. Plan the company. If you have the PRA version or the pencil, that will check that your brush has 100% of capacity. We want those slides to be solid black. I started by tracing the line that we think look good in this catch. This time you need to be precise. You want them to look as clean as possible. If some lines are giving you a hard time, remember to use the space bar, rotate and so mean. And now, as much as you need to be still come being your best friend, continuing to you're satisfied with the liner and then just hype or do you leave the sketch layer and click? Save us for your preference. Former. Remember to make a J P copy and share it with class 12. Thoughts: It's not easy getting out of the comfort zone, starting them yourself where so wish ending, being a graphic designer, a stock with a W programs for many years. And then I venture myself to try new things that I found sketchbook. Now I use both programs to take my groans to the next level. It's never going to be easy. At first I struggle and left the problem, and a few months later I came back to it. And then I decided that this was going to be my new throwing stuff where keep practicing and get used to the features. It might surprise you. How refreshing. You starting something you Thank you so much for joining me on my first lessons Future. I hope you guys like it and have fun with it. Please share your problem with the class. If you have questions or suggestions, please let me know in the community section below. We try to follow me for future classes. I'll be trailed to do a lot more. You can also follow me in social media. I leave the drinks in those Christian below. You can also leave a review if you want. That would be really appreciated. Thank you so much and I'll see you next class