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Let Go of the Past & Forgive Yourself (w/ Inner Child & Soul Plane Apology Guided Meditations)

teacher avatar Illuminated Space, Live Brighter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      What is Self-Forgiveness?


    • 3.

      Self-Forgiveness Myths


    • 4.

      The Energetic Impact of Self-Punishment


    • 5.

      Accept Your Humanity


    • 6.

      Embrace Earth School


    • 7.

      Take Responsibility


    • 8.

      Offer Yourself a Self-Apology (Inner Child Guided Meditation)


    • 9.

      Soul Plane Apology (Soul Plane Apology Guided Meditation)


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About This Class

  • Do you beat yourself up over things you've said or done in the past?
  • Do you live under the burden of guilt, shame or regret?
  • Are you ready to let go of the past and live more in the present moment?

If so, you are in the right place! 

It doesn’t matter how big or small the mistake or regret is. The only thing that matters is that you are beating yourself up for a situation that cannot be changed. 

It’s not about changing the past.
It’s about changing your relationship with it.

You do that by taking the most positive, powerful step forward: you forgive yourself. 

If you’re beating yourself up for something you cannot change, you’re doing more harm than good. It’s time for a big dose of self-forgiveness. 

This course will illuminate a more comprehensive understanding of self-forgiveness and give you the step-by-step tools to compassionately let go of your past regrets. By the end of this course, you will be living a much more vibrant and joyful life! 

You will also access two POWERFUL guided meditations to help you gain peace with yourself and others!

  • Inner Child Guided Meditation
  • Soul Plane Apology Guided Meditation

Okay, ready to let it all go?! Let’s get started!

Meet Your Teacher

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Illuminated Space

Live Brighter



Perhaps you’re experiencing what we did: We were lost and feeling incomplete and empty. Inner peace and happiness were rare temporary blips in an otherwise mediocre existence. We were certain there was more to life, but had no idea how to uncover it.

After years of inner exploration, humility and healing, life started coming together. Massive energetic and paradigm shifts led to increased harmony and joyfulness. Happiness and fulfillment was no longer unattainable. It was here now.

Our mission is to streamline this path to happiness and spiritual awakening and make it attainable for everyone who is willing to put forth the effort.

We bridge the gap between spiritual theor... See full profile

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1. Welcome: welcome to mastering self forgiveness for brighter living. My name's Jennifer. I haven't intuitive soul coach. I see the world through an energetic and spiritually perspective, and it's my intention today to help you learn how to let go of the past so you can live a more joyful and vibrant. Today you want most. My kinds are really good at feeding themselves up. They live under the burden of guilt and shame and regrets. They tell me how they should have done this or they should have done that. They give me a long list of if on lease, imagining scenarios how life could have played out. But none of that changes the fact that the past cannot be changed. You see, it doesn't matter how big or small the mistake or the regret is. All that matters is that they're beating themselves up over something that they cannot change as the reality of what happened and the acceptance start soaking in. Another question forms. So what now? What's to be done? It's not about changing the past, it's about changing your relationship with it. You take the most powerful positive step forward. You forgive yourself if you're reading yourself up for something that you can no longer change your doing more harm than good. It's time for a big dose of self forgiveness. This course will illuminate a more comprehensive understanding of self forgiveness and give you step by step tools to compassionately let go of your pastor grabs. By the end of this course, you will be feeling much more joyful and vibrant and living more fully in the present moment. Okay, ready? Let's get started. 2. What is Self-Forgiveness?: self forgiveness is absolutely crucial for living well. Not only that, it's necessary for spiritual growth and the evolution of your consciousness. It impacts the level of joy in your life and the love that you let in. It plays a role in your physical help, your stress levels, the amount of money you make and the quality of relationships in your life. Many people don't understand self forgiveness and why it's so important. Without understanding its importance, they are stuck believing that feeling guilty, shameful and beating themselves up is a normal way of being. Please hear me when I say or shout very loudly. It is not healthy nor beneficial to live with guilt or shame. It's not okay to beat yourself up. Why not? Well, here, just a few ways that guilt and shame impact your life. They create self punishment and self sabotage. They lower your love energy levels. They decrease your capacity to receive love. They smother confidence, joy and self expression. They increase depression. They attract lower frequency relationships. They zap energy and deteriorate your physical health. They make life not a joy to live. They negatively impact self trust. They lower your frequency and so much more. So how do you move past this long list of total bummers? The antidote is self forgiveness. Self forgiveness is a kind of self love. It's a powerful healing technique that uses high frequency energy called love. The unique thing about this technique is that it can't be done by just anyone. In fact, no one else can do it. But you you don't believe me. Well, have you ever been forgiven by someone on Lee to still feel guilty and beat yourself up over it? Or have you ever thought that God, the universe divine source fill in the blank has forgiven you? But you haven't let yourself off the hook yet. That's because others forgiveness is not actually the most important kind of forgiveness. It doesn't truly set you free of past mistakes or regrets. You can't look outside yourself to be forgiven or for a healer to heal you or even the divine to absolve you. Self forgiveness is about becoming your own master healer, your own compassionate best friend, and when you do, your life will become buoyant with light and joyfulness. You'll no longer suffer under the weight of guilt and shame and past regrets. Self forgiveness sets you free. Here's some more benefits of self forgiveness, increased love, energy levels and joyfulness. You are able to live more in the present moment. You have freedom from guilt and shame, self confidence and healthy humility. An increased ability to forgive others. You find more humor in life. Your connection with the divine is strengthened. You have more compassion. You have higher energy levels, improved physical health, greater abundance and more. Hopefully, you're truly hearing me and ready to sincerely open to the idea of forgiving yourself for any past mistakes and regrets. If you truly want the best life possible, it's time to embrace forgiving yourself. And remember, no one conduce that, but you. So in the next lesson, you'll be exploring some limiting beliefs around self forgiveness, ready to bust some common self forgiveness myths. Let's do it 3. Self-Forgiveness Myths: Okay, Self forgiveness superhero. That's you. Let's see if you're holding on to any limiting beliefs around self forgiveness. If you are, it'll cause resistance toe letting go of the past and truly forgiving yourself. Here are a few common myths I hear from my clients myth. If I forgive myself and let it go, I may do it again. The truth is, you don't need to punish yourself in order to learn a lesson. Sometimes we do something that results in feeling embarrassed, ashamed and remorseful. We know that deep down we never want to repeat it. So, subconsciously, we decide the best way to not repeat our mistake is to never forget it. We hold on to it and continue to beat ourselves up as a reminder to do or be better in the future. However, self punishment isn't the answer. We don't need the rehash to suffering and order to learn the lesson. We know how we want to live and act, especially after a painful lesson. So it's time to start trusting ourselves to do it. Myth. Self forgiveness is narcissistic and unnecessary. The truth is that self forgiveness utilizes high frequency energy toe unlock, suffering When you get out from under the weight of dense emotions, your frequency rises. As a result, you naturally elevate everyone around you. Self forgiveness isn't just saying the words. I'm sorry, okay, I forgive you. When it's done right, it utilizes powerful high frequency energy. True healing lifts you out of the past and plops you in the present moment right where you're supposed to be. It's on Lee here, and now that you can authentically be present for others, it's on Lee through the process of self forgiveness that you learn true compassion and can help others. And it's on Lee by letting go of low frequency, dense emotions that you can truly be an uplifting beacon of light for those you love. Self forgiveness is hugely important and necessary for yourself and all of those around you . Myth. If the person I hurt can't forgive me, then I can't forgive myself either. The truth is that your evolution doesn't hinge on someone else's journey. We all hope that others can forgive us. However, that doesn't always happen. Being forgiven by others is not a reflection of our missteps, but of their personal journey. They may have unhealed traumas in their past that block their capacity to forgive. Or they may be working on compassion in their personal evolution, and and they're just not there yet. So if you choose toe, wait until you're forgiven by others. Toe finally, forgive yourself. You're handing over your power and putting the brakes on your personal evolution. Ultimately, making that choice doesn't help anyone. Myth. I don't deserve self forgiveness. The truth is that you absolutely deserve love, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. No matter what, there is nothing that is unforgivable. You are human and you are capable of anything, including missteps. All missteps, big and small, are forgivable. Your very essence is love energy. You are goodness at your very core. There is absolutely nothing you can do or say to change your inherent radiant light. You are worthy of love and forgiveness. We'll get more into accepting your humanity in less than three myth. Beating myself up makes me be better and stronger. The truth is that beating yourself up can help you survive, but it can't make you thrive. Sure, being your own inner drill sergeant pushes you harder, further faster. But does it allow you to really enjoy life. Do you ever get to just stop and truly feel happy? What about feeling fulfilled and at peace with yourself feeling fulfilled and joyful and peaceful, that is really thriving. In order to do that, you need to compassionately let go of the past, which you cannot change and be grateful in the present moment you need. You guessed it. Self forgiveness. Take a few minutes to really reflect on these self forgiveness myths. Check in with yourself. Do you feel any resistance to forgiving yourself for the small things? How about for the big things? Grab your journal and do some free riding? Allow your thoughts and fears to just spill out onto the page. Allow any emotions to surface. Don't judge yourself, just compassionately witness whatever comes up. In the next lesson, you'll learn about the energetic impact of withholding forgiveness from yourself. 4. The Energetic Impact of Self-Punishment: all right, wait a bus, Those self forgiveness, myths and lesson to keep up the awesomeness. So now that you know the benefits of forgiving yourself and you know the limiting beliefs that keep you from it now it's time to understand the energetic impact of withholding forgiveness from yourself. But you never really think about that, do you? When you deny yourself forgiveness, you are withholding love from yourself. And let's face it, when is withholding love ever a good thing? Withholding love is one of the most painful, unnatural, unsparing, jewel things you can do. Withholding love is never the answer. When you withhold love from yourself, you are actively and energetically punishing yourself. Yep, the opposite of self forgiveness is self punishment. Take a moment to just imagine a six year old doing the most horrendous thing you could think of. Now imagine how you deal with that. Would you withhold love from them? Would you say you did a terrible thing so you don't deserve love anymore? I bet you'd be angry, upset and maybe even disappointed, but the love underneath it doesn't simply vanish, does it? It's still there. You would find compassion and love and your heart to comfort them. You would forgive them. Once you've set aside your anger and disappointment, you would find compassion and love in your heart to comfort them. You would compassionately and lovingly forgive them. And you would let them know that even at their worst, you still love them. So why are you not doing the same for yourself? If you're thinking because I'm not six years old and I should have known better Yeah, no dice. That one doesn't hold any water. You can compare your intellect to a six year olds all day long, But that's not what created your quote unquote unforgivable misstep. Nope, It was the vantage point you had in that moment. It was the level of your consciousness. It was curiosity. It was the pain from a lack of love, an emotional reaction, the desire to be loved, accepted and appreciated. It was one all or a combination of these, which is quite similar to the six year old situation. And you know what? It wasn't malicious. It was an evil or mean spirited either. And if you think it Waas, You haven't gotten to know yourself yet. I've never met a person in my life that didn't have good intentions, no matter how interestingly the actions were that they took. Everyone is doing the best they can from their current state of consciousness and the weight of their personal pain, including you. But you need to know that to be true for you. Don't take my word for it. Really dig deep. Ask yourself, Why did you do what you did? Get really honest with yourself? Go on, I'll wait. You can pull out your journal and pause the video now and do some free riding. But then, after you get a grasp on your motivation, ask yourself. Do I really need to keep punishing myself for this? Because when you withhold love from yourself, it creates a devastating, energetic tsunami. Enormous blockages form in your chakras. They become slow in sluggish and compromise your energetic flow throughout your whole system. Then your love energy levels tank and take your frequency. With it. You start attracting dense, low frequency people and situations into your life. Desperately unable to generate your own love energy. You seek it from outside of yourself. This often results in unfulfilling co dependent relationships or low frequency partnerships were under the weight of your guilt and shame. You simply won't be able to accept the love that others want to give you. A lingering emptiness and sense of un fulfillment festers in the gaping hole where love energy once inhabited. And no, I am not being dramatic. Denying yourself love for anything you've done is simply too harsh. Instead, imagine a six year old deep down inside you that is terribly upset at something they've said or done. They're angry at themselves and crying and pain. What do you do? Go pick them up, hug them. Tell them there's nothing that he or she could ever do that would make you stop loving them . When you give yourself the sweet love you deserve, everything changes your love. Energy levels rise and you start attracting high frequency people. In situations you feel full fulfilled and happy. You radiate love and compassion, lifting up all those around you. Okay? Are you with me yet? I hope so. In the next lesson, Euler had a let go of perfectionism and embrace your humanness. See you there 5. Accept Your Humanity: way to investigate your true motivation and get your love energy flowing again by honoring your inherent goodness, I believe in you, and I know you deserve to forgive yourself in this lesson. You'll learn a bit more about what it means to be human. I'll challenge you to let go of your ideas of perfection and instead open to a messier more complex and colorful expression of life. Q. The human first quick question for you are humans perfect Or rather, do you know any perfect humans? I didn't think so. Now check in with yourself. Are you human? By acknowledging that you're human, you are therefore acknowledging that you are in perfect. Okay, Glad we got that whole perfection thing out of the way. And if you just realized you're not actually perfect and you're gonna make mistakes, I'd like to joyously welcome you to the human race. But in all seriousness, sometimes it's hard to remember that we are not all knowing all perfect Demi God, free of desires, reactivity and judgment, who conduce do no wrong. And if we make a mistake big or small, it can feel like we're a huge, hurtful, embarrassing failure monster But I'm here to remind you that you're not. You're just human, and it's okay to make interesting decisions and experience their consequences. It's even okay if you need to do the same thing a few times before it genuinely registers on a deeper level. No matter what you do or say you are not bad, unlovable or unworthy, you're just human doing the best you can from the current state of your consciousness and the weight of your personal pain. We all are. Here's a pretty strict rule I have with my clients and myself. The Today you doesn't get to judge the past. You even the yesterday You You are infinitely wiser looking back on any situation that experiencing it in the moment you did the best you could with where you were at the moment . In your personal evolution, your interesting decisions are just that interesting decisions. They do not define you. You are not your decisions. You are a far more infinite and bright being than merely a series of interesting decisions , so it's time to cut yourself some slack. You are not perfect. You are perfectly in perfect. You are made of love, energy and totally worthy of love and forgiveness. And the next lesson I'm gonna take it even a step further and introduce you toe Earth school. 6. Embrace Earth School: Okay, you perfectly imperfecta human you. I am still proud of you for sticking in here with me. As we explore the many facets of self forgiveness in this lesson, you'll take your self forgiveness journey to another level. It's not about letting yourself off the hook and just moving forward. It's about evolving. What do I mean? Let's jump in. Have you ever heard the saying life isn't happening to you? It's happening for you. Oh, how I wish I could claim coining this line, but I didn't. I read it somewhere. It succinctly points at the possibility that there's a greater context for experiencing life. What does that mean? Imagine if Earth was more than just a planet containing life. What if it was a school where souls go toe, learn lessons and explore facets off human experience? Maybe souls need a place to grow on balance. Karma. Could that possibility exist? This concept is what I commonly refer to as Earth school life in the situations in which you find yourself are not just by chance, they are aligned with your souls. Lessons In Earth school, there are aton of different classrooms, including compassion, patience, self control, gratitude, kindness, empowerment, power boundaries and you guessed it forgiveness. Additionally, there are different levels for each classroom. Your friend could be in patients. 101 While you're currently getting your PhD and forgiveness, you see each soul is completely unique. Each has their own specific curriculum for learning and growing this lifetime, which also happens to means that no two souls can ever be accurately compared to each other . In order to pass this exam to graduate to the next classroom, you have to learn from your experiences in Earth school. When you do this, you evolve. You gain greater perspective. You open your heart and grow and compassion and humility. You may learn how not to abuse power, how toe have healthy boundaries or how to express kindness to all of creation. When we view life from the perspective of Earth school, then everything becomes a lesson. Life is not happening to you. It's happening for you. Even really great students get wrong answers from time to time. They don't know everything they're not supposed to. They're in school toe learn. So here's my proposal. Instead of just beating yourself up over something in the past that you cannot change or replaying it in your mind and creating suffering by withholding love from yourself. What if you chose to evolve? What if you looked at this? Regret or mistake is an opportunity to learn and grow. Here's what I can promise you that action or situation that created guilt, remorse, shame, grief or embarrassment that was not for nothing. If you think it waas, you just haven't explored deep enough. Go grab your journal and answer the following questions. Number one list at least five things that you've learned from this regret or mistake. Number two. How will this experience make you better, Stronger, Wiser in the future? Number three. Did it help you open your heart or grow compassion? Number four. What will you do differently in the future because of this experience, pulled out your journal and pause the video now and do some free riding Great job diving in . Perhaps this misstep was more valuable than you realized. Maybe it even propelled your evolution. You may take a moment at some point today to have a conversation with your angels and guides. Tell them what you've learned and thank them for their love and support. So now let me ask you, if you are a perfectly imperfecta human in Earth school here to learn lessons, which you just did, is it really necessary or beneficial to keep beating yourself up over something in the past that you cannot change? Just something that you on is we move on to the next lesson where you'll learn more about taking appropriate action. Don't stop now. You've got this. I am right here cheering you on. You deserve the sweet love and forgiveness you so generously give to others. 7. Take Responsibility: a lot of what we've covered so far really chips away at your mental body or the beliefs preventing you from forgiving yourself. But for true and complete self forgiveness, Ah, holistic approach is best. In the next lesson, we will address the emotional side of self forgiveness. But first, there may also be a physical world action that needs to take place. This is especially true if what you're struggling to forgive yourself for involves harming another person. An invisible, an elusive block to self forgiveness is avoiding responsibility. We may not want to admit to others that we were wrong. It may be too painful and overwhelming toe apologize and in some cases, apologizing. The physical realm may no longer be possible. Will address this and the soul plane apology lesson coming up. This is Earth School, and you're going to make mistakes. It's important for you to take responsibility for your humanness. It could be exceedingly challenging to admit when we're wrong, but this is a crucial step on your path to self forgiveness. Subconsciously, your ability to forgive yourself may hinge on your integrity and taking responsibility for your actions. You may have already apologized to someone and sought to make it right. So if so, well done. You just hang tight while we get everyone else on board courageously take a moment to ask yourself, Do I need to apologize to someone? And is there something I need to do to bring harmony to this situation? If you realize that you bravely need to offer an apology to someone, consider your method of communication. Tune into your highest good and determine if it's best to apologize in person, over the phone, in a hand written letter, in an email or on the soul plane. Here are a few helpful pointers to get you started on this apology. I take full responsibility for your parts. Hurtful situations aren't always one sided. They may have done things to hurt you as well, but this is not a time to get that acknowledgement. This is about you growing and integrity and owning up to your missteps. Release all expectations for forgiveness or counter apologies. You may be in the forgiving spirit, but they may not be. They may be surprised by your outreach and unsure what to say. They still may be angry or hurting and not ready to forgive, and that's okay. Allow them their personal journey. This is not about getting forgiveness. It's about you owning your missteps and expressing your remorse. Tell them what you've learned from this experience. Even the most challenging relationships and situations inspire evolution. Let them know how they've helped you grow and what you've learned. Have you become a better person because of them. What will you do differently in the future? Be sincere. Take a few minutes before you reach out to get centered in your heart. Avoid arguing, raising your voice and dismissing their pain. They may have an entirely different perspective and Earth school lesson than you Simply kindly offer your apology. Admitting you're wrong is no easy task, but through it you will grow self respect and inner strength. You can be proud of yourself for courageously taking responsibility for your actions and communicating your remorse. Through this process, your energy starts flowing more the bottled up pain and self punishment energy starts transforming and going someplace useful. Take a deep breath. Give yourself a big loving squeeze. Be proud of yourself. You're doing it. You're letting go in, evolving. In the next lesson, you'll learn how to make a powerful and vital apology to yourself. Grab a box of tissues and meet me in the next lesson. You're doing great. 8. Offer Yourself a Self-Apology (Inner Child Guided Meditation): Okay, so by this point, you should know that you absolutely deserve your own forgiveness. No matter what you've done, withholding love and beating yourself up doesn't make things better. You've acknowledged your human status. You've learned your lesson. You've apologized. You can stop punishing yourself. Now it's time to forgive yourself. You deserve the love you so generously give to others, and now it's time to give it to yourself. When you withhold love from yourself, you're not only hurting the adult you you're also hurting the little you inside. Each of us exists an untouched aspect of ourselves. It's the part that existed before we had to grow up when we were innocent and free. This is commonly referred to as our inner child. Your inner child is still there, even if you've forgotten about him or her. As we grow up and take on society's expectations and adult responsibilities, our inner child is progressively pushed to the side and ignored. We trade playtime and imagination for studies and practicality. We learned the should is and should knots and then conform accordingly. In some instances, were forced to fend for ourselves or prioritize survival over silliness. It may have been a long time since you've access this part of yourself. It may have been so long that you didn't realize that when you punish yourself, you're also punishing them. When you withhold love from yourself, they go without it as well. They need you. It's time to end the suffering. I'm going to guide you to meet them. It's not hard, and it doesn't require effort on Lee a sincere desire to give them the love they deserve. You will be offering them an apology. You'll listen to them and stay with them until they forgive you. Then you'll fully accept their forgiveness and protect them in the future by being more gentle with yourself. In order to get started, you'll need to find a place where you won't be disturbed for at least 20 minutes. If you need to get situated, press the pause button now and hit play. When you're in a safe space, close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Do it again. Give yourself permission toe. Let go. Of all the happenings in the day, you can pick it all back up later. Place one hand on your heart and the other on your tummy. It's time to go inward. Visualize yourself. When you were around six years old, you might think of what you like toe wear or what your bedroom look like were your favorite toys. Don't try too hard. Just allow whatever comes up to arise. You may be able to see yourself clearly, or you may just get a sense of your younger self. Now notice how they are. Are they happy or upset? Do they have energy or are they tired? Are they excited to see you or they shy and timid? Tell them why you're here. You might say, I'm sorry I let us down or I want you to know I've learned from this or I never meant to hurt you. Pay attention to what they need from you. Do they need a hug? Do they need time to trust you again? When it feels appropriate, ask them for forgiveness, listen to the response and noticed the reaction. They may fly into your arms and say, of course, or they may be hesitant and need you to say something more. If so, continue your dialogue until you uncover the missing pieces for your forgiveness. stay with them until they forgive you after they give it fully, accept their forgiveness and release what is no longer necessary to carry. Don't continue punishing yourself and them. Give them a hug and feel a warm comfort within your heart. You can come back and revisit this activity any time you want. - Really excellent work. Seeking the forgiveness of your inner child and allowing your love energy to flow is so important on so many levels. Move forward kindly and gently. If you'd like more guidance creating self loving habits. Explore my course love energy essentials. In the next lesson, you'll learn how to apologize to others on the soul plane. This is perfect for souls who have transitioned and are no longer in the physical realm or souls that you're unable to communicate with for a number of reasons. All right, let's do this 9. Soul Plane Apology (Soul Plane Apology Guided Meditation): so communication is a powerful, meditative process to communicate directly with another soul. It bypasses the ego or personality plane, allowing for a spiritually heart to heart connection. When you use old communication, it's much easier to see the divine light and others. So communication is multidimensional and intuitive, not a function of the mind. It has the ability to create amazing changes in our lives. So why offer an apology on the soul plane? Physical world resolution may not always be possible. Personal drama, stubbornness, physical distance and even death can prevent us from connecting with others in a vulnerable , heart centered manner. Sometimes there's a trauma that can be forgiven on the soul plane, but physical distance needs to be maintained. Other times our loved ones crossover before we're able to say what we need to in person. With soul communication, we break all time space barriers and communicate whatever we need to say directly to the soul that needs to hear it. This is a sacred process and should not be taken lightly or performed super casually. It's best to prepare for the opportunity to communicate with another soul. You're gonna need a space where you won't be disturbed for at least 20 minutes. You may want to light candles, have photographs of those with whom you want to apologize, Ah, box of tissues and a journal to reflect on your experience. The most challenging thing for most people is to release their ego, their thoughts, their rationalizations and justifications of the mind. Stay open and allow whatever comes up to be witness and expressed. Trust the process. If you need to grab some tools or get situated, press the pause button now and hit play. When you're in a private space, - close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Do it again. Give yourself permission toe. Let go Of all the happenings in your day, you can pick it all back up later. Take a moment to clarify your intention. You're here now. Toe. Offer a sincere apology. Toe a special soul. Drop your ego and get centered in your heart. Take another deep inhale and exhale. Slowly visualize the face of the soul with whom you wish to speak, or you might reflect on a memory of this person. If you're using a picture, open your eyes and gaze at that person's face with whom you wish to communicate. You're tuning into that souls personal frequency. Remember not to force anything and to silence your rational mind. Just breathe and relax. You're going to simply allow whatever needs to transpire. Now imagine a spiral staircase in front of you. It has 10 steps. Begin walking up the staircase with every step you become more elevated as you go higher, you notice it's as if you start to float upwards, feeling lighter and increasingly free of your physical body. When you reach the top of the staircase in front of you, you see a door. You easily open the door. Inside is a brilliantly white room so bright the walls, the ceiling and the floor are glowing. Step inside and closed the door behind you. You're now standing in a vibrantly white safe room. If you desire additional comfort, call on your angelic guides to be with you. They're always nearby. If you ask for help at any point during this process, now it's time to call upon the civil with whom you wish to speak. Allow their loving essence for you from the ego and earthly drama toe appear in the room with you. Maybe you can see them. Maybe you can feel them. In some cases, you may be able to recall their sense or remember their touch. They're here with you open and willing to listen to what you have to say. Take a much time as you need to communicate with them. You might consider saying, I'm sorry. This is what I've learned or will choose not to repeat in the future. Thank you for being part of my journey or I love you. - Be open to the response or reaction. Do they have anything to say to you? Just listen. - You may choose to give them a hug or express your affection simply to what feels right when you've made your peace offer a sincere thank you to their soul for being there with you. You may also thank your angels and light beings. When you're ready, find your way back to the door, open it and see the staircase gently to send one step at a time. 10 nine, eight seven six five four three to one. When you reach the bottom step, gently wiggle your fingers and toes. Slowly open your eyes and come back into the room. Take some time to reflect on your soul plane apology. Grab your journal to free right about your experience. You've taken a very valuable and sacred step towards healing. This experience was not your mind playing tricks, but an authentic exchange of energy. Be very proud of yourself. 10. Conclusion: Wow. Look at you. You have come so far over the course of the last eight lessons. Take a moment and check in with yourself. Have you released any of the resistance so forgiving yourself? I sure hope so. You and your inner child deserve love, not punishment. Congratulations at being at an entirely new place within yourself. For more tools on self love, setting healthy boundaries, discover your authentic self or improving your light working skills. Check out our website at illuminated space dot com. And don't forget you have access to this course for the rest of your life, so come back and use it time and again as a tool on your self forgiveness journey.