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Leather Earrings - Quick & Easy to Make

teacher avatar Nancy Sealy, Designer | Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Leaf Earrings


    • 3.

      Metallic Feather Earring


    • 4.

      Feather & Chain Earrings


    • 5.

      Geometric Earrings


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      Next Steps


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About This Class

You learn how to make 4 different styles of leather earrings in a basic design.

You don't need much leather and only a few tools!

The design of earrings made in the class include:

  • Leaf
  • Feather Style 1
  • Feather Style 2
  • Geometric Triangle

These are super easy to make!

You can make loads of them in an evening.  :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nancy Sealy

Designer | Instructor


Hello, I'm Nancy.

I'm a Designer, working in Digital and with physical materials.  

My aim is to help you learn creative digital skills, particularly using Photopea, (free alternative to Photoshop).

During my career, I've worked in a number of colleges and community settings where I've taught learners of all ages from many different countries.

In my spare time I enjoy crafts, music and films.

See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction : hello and welcome to this classroom, going to show you how to make four different types off leather hearings. You can make them with a little bit of never, and that never should be garment type leather. That's got a bit of movement because we want a bit of movement to our earrings, and you only need a few basic tools that I will go later. So the different types of hearings that we're going to make in this class includes leaf hearings, feather earrings in a different style on a geometric triangular hearing. Now these hearings are really easy to change up. You can make them larger. You can make them smaller. You can change the dimensions in any way you want on. They've got a lot of flexibility because you'll be used in different types of never on different colors of leather to what I've used. So, you know, just use what you've got off. What you can find. Once you start making these, you see how easy they are to create Andi. Then you'll end up making them for yourselves, for gifts or to sell. So my name's Nancy on. I look forward to showing you exactly how to make these different styles of hearings, and I'll see you in the class coming up 2. Leaf Earrings: So I have a simple leaf pattern here, which I've just drawn onto a piece of cardboard or parts. Doc on. I have some nice green suede leather here, so I'm going to show you now how to make the leaf earrings on Going to see which is the best aside. I think this is a better side with less cuts. So actually, on the back side, I'm going to get my pattern. I'm just going to lay it down my template, and then I'm just going to Jewell around to shape, so this bit shouldn't be too difficult on. It will be much easier if you put the pattern onto some card stock, especially if you're going to make quite a few of these earrings. Uh, I'm just gonna go quite close to the next one. I just use my pen and pen is OK, because we're gonna cut on the line on We're not going to see the pen trying to use the sharpest scissors you can and then just cut on the line so you try and be as accurate as possible. Although I mean things doesn't really matter that you're that accurate, because when Lee um finish off the earrings. They're going to be curled up like a leaf shape so the edges don't have to be super accurate. And then just that top there and then just do the same to the other one. Great. So now we've got our two pieces cut out. So this is going to be the front, Andi, At this stage, this is optional. But if you like, you can just go over with a Sharpie pen. I've got a green suede here, and then I've got a green Sharpie pen. So I'm just going to go around on finish off these edges just to give them Yeah, so a more finished look. But you can also leave it just the way is with this raw edge off the lever. But if you want to give these as a gift or you want to sell them, it might be a nice idea. Just Teoh just to go around the edges because that does give them a much more finished look . So great. Now we're finished. Let's make the whole. So I'm going to do just going to fold this in heart, so front sides together, they're not gonna get my whole punch. I've got this on the smallest hole, which is two millimeters and then just right at the top. Just being mindful that you're catching all parts off the lever just like hope, and then do the same to you. Great. So now we've got our hearings cut out. The next thing is to add the jump rings on the earring hooks. So let's just open the jumper ring. And it's so much so useful to have two players here because sometimes it can be difficult to open these jump rings. And I was just going to push it through the hole and then get our area hook and then just place it on that and then just close a jump ring. And that's the easiest. A girl got one dung. Then you could make these in any leather that you have. Um, I've just gone for green because green was what I had, and it just happened to fit the leaf. Um, you know, color quite well, but if you've got Brown, never that's going to be fantastic. So what you can do is just fold them a little just to get back crease in the middle, and some I think they look super. That's our first project. Our belief hearings completed 3. Metallic Feather Earring: now. Time for the next pair of earrings. So I'm going Teoh, turn my level to the back. And again, just, uh, outlines Template, uh, just outline to Okay, Not trying to make the holes at the top. So now it's time to apply some paint. And I have some metallic paint here and the clinic, and I'm going to apply some of that all over the front with cotton. So we just want a little bit off Shima to our mother earrings. I'm going to just leave that to drive a little bit. It won't take long, and then we'll come back on, caught the sides. So now these hearings are dry on. I'm going to use a cocktail stick just to hold that in the middle to make sure that I do not go too far over. Andi have a mistake like I have done before, cutting into the leather too much, and then it makes it makes it quite weak. So I'm just gonna get my scissors. They're gonna be as careful as I can, and you can clock to cut small slits or bigger ones. And you might want a practice that this technique on some scrap lever first, and then you can found out the feather. It's just to give it a bit law kind of texture. And then I'm going to just continue with the second. You can either add some more color. You can chain going down. You can embellish it further, you know, come up with any ideas that come through your mind. But I'm just going to leave mine as they are on. Then add the earring hooks at the top. 4. Feather & Chain Earrings: So take the time to go around the template on cut at these levers, and, uh, then we'll cut the edges to make the feathers. So at this stage, what you could do is just leave it plain if you just want minimalist feather look, or we can also add in some chain. So this is another way to embellish your find the other chain. This is a way to embellish your earrings so that can give you another look like that's or you can leave it as it is. So I think for this one, I'm going to add some change, so just going to have to change at the top. Just that it hanging down are hearing hook and then close seem to the next swung. So we got our beautiful dangly earrings. These would look perfect for a party or special occasion, or just even general everyday, where, like last gift, perfect 5. Geometric Earrings: So now we're going to go into the geometric triangle earrings. I've got my little triangle templates here, and you can use any sighs. Try and go. It really just depends on how much leather you have. I'm going to try and save us. Much of my letter was possible on. Then just draw around triangle so drew around the triangles one way and then flip it over and then you'll onto the next parts of just be able to just be able to make it here. Sit. So you want your hearing's going left and right instead of the same direction. - And there we have our computed geometric triangular hearing. 6. Next Steps: Well, I hope you enjoyed the class, Andi. I'd really love to see any pictures off any earrings that you make. So please put those up in the gallery. Also, if you could leave a review, that would be fantastic. That would help me. And it would help other students to decide whether this course is right for them. So glad to have you in the class and see in the next class. Bye for now.