Learning Hip Hop Dance from Scratch with Walter Maybell || Waving 101 | Walter Maybell | Skillshare

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Learning Hip Hop Dance from Scratch with Walter Maybell || Waving 101

teacher avatar Walter Maybell, Create on your own terms. You deserve it

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Lessons in This Class

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      Isolated In & Out Wave


    • 3.

      Isolated 0 End to End Wavw


    • 4.

      Bounce in & Out Wave


    • 5.

      Bounce End to End Wave


    • 6.

      Smooth In & Out Wave


    • 7.

      Smooth End to End Wave


    • 8.

      Section 1 freestyle


    • 9.

      Isolated Down In & Out Wave


    • 10.

      Isolated Down In & Out Wave 2


    • 11.

      Isolated Down End to End Wave


    • 12.

      Bounce Down In & Out Wave


    • 13.

      Bounce Down end to end Wave


    • 14.

      Smooth Down In & Out Wave


    • 15.

      Smooth Down End to End Wave


    • 16.

      Section 2 freestyle


    • 17.

      Full freestyle


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About This Class

This class is a Hip Hop tutorial centered around the dance technique called Waving. It is designed for anyone and everyone. Zero prior dance experience needed. Also includes drills that can be utilized outside of the course to further sharpen your new found technique! This is dancing made simple, all it takes is the first step, Enjoy! 

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Walter Maybell

Create on your own terms. You deserve it


Hello, I'm Walter.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: Hey, I'm Walter. Because, Walter, maybe just a little bit about me is I mean, dance from choreographer in a basis. Chicagoland. I've traveled across the country competing world dance. I don't So you think you can dance? I've been with me. I was only briefly I've been having in music videos. I did. I did back up for BTS off. Yeah, I've been on teams and everything else I've been. I've been in dancing in the hip hop dance community, the commercial popping community for about for about six years, dancing professionally, and I started training about three years before that started. Free, Silent. So basically we'll be going over today is waving, which is one of my favorite fundamentals. It's one of one of the ones I learned first, and I've had the most practice and I think is one of the It's a good entry point in tow, dancing as a foundation, especially when it comes to hip hop. So that's what we'll start today. Oh, cool 2. Isolated In & Out Wave: course we're gonna start. I want to start teaching away isolated. First, be a handling out society can use right on the left. Used left arm. So left arm has it isolates you want to think about? Uh, just basically gonna think of this is being on a table top so that she, like a straight line across on both sides and from this table top, you just put your you don't think your joints so from your few fingers would be the first boom. And from there I would start. Joyce goes on your wrist, your elbow to your shoulder, and then that's like are so from here something about putting the figures up. And now we're gonna go to the wrist. So when the risks goes up, you have to return the fingers to the original position, too. Back to the tabletop. So goes from, uh, there's to list. And then from there you go elbow. And then I was gonna do is gonna push back and up slightly boom to do this illusion. So what's actually happening is I'm here in this bins back like this. Now, from the start, we're gonna go fingers and then tourist boom. So now, toe offset this to put the risk back down. We're gonna remember this, but the fingers also go back up as well. So goes, this goes back, this goes down. Figures go up, bow to this position, and from here, we're gonna pull it, pull Christian finger steps out into the shoulder. And then so that's something again. I'm gonna go. It's really so so. Spot 678 Your fingers risk. Oh, show. Yes, sir. So we go 5678 to go. Fingers, rock live first wrist. So so, 568 fingers risk. So 678 years risk. So So now? No. Over there. We're gonna have out. So it goes fingers risk oboe shoulder to shoulder. We're gonna go backwards, and it's gonna go from restarting. Here. Go. Go shoulder to go elbow to the wrist. Three years and then you always have to end up putting your fingers back down. So from here, just lay back down something. Hey, I go to the out so the weight going starting fingers is is how comes in. So this is in and and and and this is out which will be out out out this exact same motion . We just reverse. It started from the shoulders. So let's do that out again. So started your shoulder that we're going to go toe, elbow, wrist finger, and it's the exact same. Hadn't used to do the pattern backwards, So we go. Six. Sad Tim top to go shoulder lives and then elbow pushes back in risk a few years down. 567 name. We go push Cruz first. So we want to think about is as we do this as it goes out. A lot of sometimes test having been do away that elbows usually the hardest part. So when they get here, this motion is kind of difficult. But you see, if I was back, my shoulder should stay down because of this, up it all, and I won't be able to pull it. So like this. And when I pull this, nothing happens. Like if I do this, pull it, it's like it's like so we want to make sure we do. Is we go fingers risks. We've got this elbow. Make sure your shoulder remains down so that it can pull up in a use you flatten your to pull up here and then So when you start, we're starting top. We want to pull our shoulders are shoulder should start down, pull up and then you should go back down once your elbows up. So from here, this and this this this lower. So here goes to make this image to go. 3. Isolated 0 End to End Wavw: you know. So now we're gonna do is we're gonna go over isolated from one end to the and I'm gonna actually something that I did not include Injustice, not with the arm. And this will be in all of the rest of the sections as well as chest. So when I'm waving, I don't necessarily learn in this part. But I saw when I would see people dance off. Got a really cool. So I just added it for myself. So we'll start the same left to rise. How does we're gonna go? Oh, where you go. So that's probably right home if you're watching so that the fingers wrist shoulder. And then once you get here, you don't think about popping this up, so I'll place this one. You think about popping this other is gonna go chest. You sure has to drop chest to now, start at the other shoulder boom. And then from here, we're gonna do it that way. Teoh, risk Hubble wrist fingers down. So essentially we're doing in any way adding chess. Doing out. It's Ringo five eight to go one to for chest six down. 567 go fingers, wrist. So to go chest to shoulder, elbow to wrist fingers too. Oh, shoulders will probably be a little difficult to gonna make sure your shoulders were really shut out. So if you think every time you do one of these I kind of want you think about putting whenever you start these I said that you are putting whatever joint we are as far up as a king. Go. So they should You should feel like I can't really put my fingers up too much more than that. My wrists obviously can lift us higher. But as far as more Briscoe's I just wanna open mic unclean like 90 Boom. And then my elbow. I was gonna put it back as high as my okay, My shoulder. You have to pull it up this high sticking hot in chest just to go shoulder. Evo Ruth, think. Yes, We're gonna go six and you go. Oh, well. Oh, just show Oh, risk fingers never go back this way. So 678 Egos, fingers risk. Oh, shoulder. Just shoulder, elbow, wrist bigger. Done. This source, you know, 567 and we go one to for, uh, six. Okay, wait. Stop Who was, like, 10 basic moves to get always cross and then 4. Bounce in & Out Wave: So now we're going Teoh, we're gonna have a bounce to this. So we're going Very sick Column Force feels like Click, Click. Now we're gonna have a think of it as an pounds like this. So my husband go to match the temple off the of the speed of the my hands. Moving arms so awaited. Essentially, the illusion does come from as we talked about before the 10 top. As you go like this, they are delusions created because it overturns this position. So every time it leaves this position my head ago, so to go up. And it kind of gives it about right. So let's do it again. You write, or so ago, Um, 678 goes fingers. Good. You don't think about this again. Even think about it popping up. So when I lift this or whenever you use the table, go pop, pop, pop pop, because you kind of shout like Boom, boom, real six slow. Okay, it always has to return this position. So as it goes up to goes up to come down before pops up again so as to go up, go back to its original position, and then Papa additional. Complete stop in between. So we should have issued more fluid. 5678 Go, pop. 678 We go. Uh, now from here, running out. So we're gonna start, start Oh, and they were gonna go shoulder of wrist fingers down and remember, Has to pop So have everything about 68 Pop Pop Bob six. So here we go, Pop. Yeah. Six said, way go, pop. 656 Go! Yeah, So that's that s enough of bouncing. 5. Bounce End to End Wave: now we're gonna go from about bouncing from end so we'll start from the right. You're right. So when you go 567 at the balance would go bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, chest, house bounce So we do in in wave at the shuts out But we You were so once Every time you end will reincorporate the chest like I did in the isil So we're gonna go do it. 2345678 Fears risk Oh, show Just riff in years down again Just like that Hey, bounce, bouts, bounce bouts bounds bands bounce I remember that whenever you start a wave going from whenever you started with period your fingers are always the first to go Has to be from like a tabletop position initially So if I were to start away from here this has happened But also if it has to start like this and that and this must go up, you reverse it down. So I go up and just boom, boom, boom up, Dad. So let's go up to start down. So I started on this and I would go up and down. I just decided, trying to exclude so 123 six Nate, go bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce Just bounce pounds house the house down with the chest. All I'm really doing is just taking in breath. I like him all woes chest. So, you know, kids show like skeleton like like sucking Unless it's kind like that boasting. That's, uh So you do this, like pinscher back about its ward were probably just to fill your lungs with air so that because its second national rise versus this because this might bother you wave a bit, but this happens with just the chest. So I will say OK, someone filling your lungs with air. You want to incorporate chest just in here and then exhale? You wanted to return back, so we're gonna go. I didn't get 1234 six A bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, chest, pounds, thousands. I'm just a little bit slower and let's go back home. Should go back here costing it back. So 24568 Go, boom In here. So this has go up. Sit down to go back to start that choose Go, Go through that one more time I want to 46 You go fingers wrist Oh, show you years down to restart Oh, from going remove the next section I should practice that a few times. Gives that, like, go back and forth Maybe, maybe 46 times. Just like constantly. So until you get yeah, cool. 6. Smooth In & Out Wave: now somebody I'm gonna show you guys smooth. So we're gonna go six six I was like Is soon smooth The difference between smooth and I say bounces how you're doing? The bounce one was the 1st 1 Isolated is no, isn't is emotion. There's no in between Delicious. This is stick, stick, stick and then the balance kind of gives you a little bit of flutey as that. Now the smooth is where you want toe curve everything and it gives it the rial wave Look So it has a This is really illusion actually starts to work and you want to think for the smooth You nothing consistent. So oh, I saw that I still was not consistent because sharp So boom So the speed changes in speed stops The balance is consistent but it's dio has a bit of our peak boom Do you feel to stop in the levels? But the way you want everything to look like a continuous like one continuous motion. So when we do, if I soldiers like this past was also like this when we weighed when we do smoothly and chest thing about curving your fingers So when you come your fingers is gonna curve up first. So those first, like this was this little this motion this month? This So it goes for here. We're gonna go up to start. You're gonna go up. You can start down. Also down, two up, two down. But for the signals to go up, uh, two down this motion like a Yeah. So we're gonna go by six. I'm sad. Eight redos. So now you need to return his back down. As the risks goes, keep moving. And then this should be moving back slowly to return to this. And then the show should be pulling her slowly. And it never stops. So were, you know, six said a week ago pool risk. And Oh, so it feels very interesting doing slow because you kind of you want you think about feeling where the wave is that all parts of your arm. So, theoretically, when I had like this, the only thing that's happening is this. So you won't be able to really tell me our boat bone actually doesn't believe conference in your butt. You won't be able to actually tell me where the wave is in here. So that's what we're focusing on the joints, but it's just it's the time. So it's gonna go. 112 345 So it can just from here. Just goes six. Like you. Trust the way to be at your double when you get to his house from here. So it was 1234 567 Okay, so you go 23 Okay, 12 risk. Oh, yeah, that's the in some after that, out into the exact same thing. Going to start out with a pull this up first. So those 12 34 five down. Same concept. Just making continuous six. Go. Pull this one to push us out. 34 I six. Remember, we have to cover the finger. So we were here. We go to the figures. We are. You started like this to go in and wouldn't come here. We have to. We have to go backwards, act out to this today and way. So now ends like this. I was working at the fish swims backwards. This is more of like this has more to do with the wrist also, but, uh, you think that pulling down on the fingers are always trailing, trailing up this so I have end to end like this. Fears around six, maybe Go boom, boom. So that was NASA was doing it. Six down. Six. Hey, soon, smooth. So now from here, let's get so just for sicknesses trying both outweighs at the same time consumers have kind of lifted off our shoulders up. They can. I don't focus on just how you can. Just sick of seeing this feels like this will go six side. Any shoulders, oboes, wrist fingers down. This is so Shore's it's wrist fingers six. Boom. 7. Smooth End to End Wave: just smooth going from into And yes, just keep in mind. Of course. Starting she go, uh, first ending down, down. And it tastes alright if your future down. So you go from here to here. 567 Smooth boom Had a chest go down from the shoulder The chest to the shoulder just returned down And this has happened so as it goes down it goes so going Kiss as you notice when one shoulders up the old other shoulders down Yeah Oh, cool was trying by 67 Maybe go soon. Smooth So you just show this finger down 67 eight The suppers more six Cool. So the same You seem exercise when she has to try this back I'm backing for like 46 times until it really feels like a natural You really feel like the smooth But just think consistent Don't change speeded up so consistence the And so part of the illusion also comes from Has explained is from leading the tables up So do you reckon the higher the higher the way bigger looks of ours Way small I've been making contest right or I could get bigger to make waves a little bit more notice. Yeah. So it's just how how How far from the 10 top Are you going when you go from Joyce? Yeah. All right. 8. Section 1 freestyle: 9. Isolated Down In & Out Wave: All right. So we did before was just a standard out side arm. Oh, now we're going to do the same motion from So this is called us down for a nap for common Turning. Yes. So the first thing we should use that I So I saw enough from here. So from here, the same exact things last time we're gonna focus on joints heavily. So you want to think, as usual, figures go first. Boom. Next would be the wrist. So you have, like, stopping point. So when your fingers are under risk, holds this to your body. When your risk goes out, your elbow will be the thing that's attached. So from here, Aziz Usual fingers, wherever you want to say. So from here we go straight out and then we just green. It's just up to And so maybe like this, I want you to be as sadly is as you can so often in this your are should be kind of. So I like that. So should a boom. Yeah. And then from there the elbow swings back the same. So this emotion still sweeping to be up a little bit. You hear that number of fingers as well. And it goes like this. Now The wrist is the thing that stands still rhesus thing. That this one so fast opponent from your wrist is. So let's go back. Go 5678 fingers risk pops out. I will squeeze up they. And then from here, the last thing is just the shoulder use extend arm from the shoulder. You should just pulls up. So my shoulders here and the more kind of stuff. So that was like slowly we go 56 sad and we go fingers risk hobo. So go fingers. Wrist. 67 go figures. Chris go. Here's wrist and that's the way he can say that that I want to do that goes boom, boom. So it's coming. Boom, boom, boom, boom. 10. Isolated Down In & Out Wave 2: cool. So now we're gonna get to the outside. I wasn't and I wouldn't get to the house. Um, Ends up. Besides, this is not my taking top for that. We're gonna go. This is gonna go up now. We're gonna bring this up to this position, that's how. Here. There you go. Boom. Make sure side like that and that. So we're going. Oh, Down. Tapped You? Yeah. Here. Yeah. T t t t is how they're coming a little faster. So that's the ice loss. The output here. Coxes position in the industry Wrist. Let it go. Oh! 11. Isolated Down End to End Wave: from one into the other. So naturally we incorporate the chest second. So this is gonna go you today here for this album? Here. We're shoulder shows. Sure. Two footers. Boom. Here. Here. You here? Sure. He just Just Yeah. So just like any other boom. Just room here. You, um, this way about, say, whenever you start from this position, If you're starting from this vision, then so at the end, that is kind of so if you ever start from out from the same, you can do that. But if you ever when we go from into Oh, when I transfer, if this line is kind of here So from here in extremis, pull this the lines kind of here. So doesn't nationally go fall like that When I get here? It is OK for this one to start, so this doesn't always have to start here. You can start here just like how do dancing? What is more comfortable? This comparability is like the main thing here. But don't be so if your lives are perfectly straight is okay. I want you to focus on the feeling of the way being more where feeling away for your arm because that's best for confidences. And that's where, like, you'll get the insight and that's what will be the smoothest after so cool. So that was I So so now we're gonna go ahead to bounce. So from here, Nestle bouncing extra go here for the so the bounce that's gonna go Same same sequence whenever Boom. And I was gonna have a little every training boom And there's a boom to pop up I asked to return to go Oh, to go boom yeah, So I'm gonna go up till later Down Boom And when this goes back to start back down Boom two down boom! Yeah, So, spot six Hey, go, boom, boom! And this is all. This unit was kind of strange to this position Boom so that I could take to go So by 68 go boom, boom, boom, go! Hey, boom again. 67 I didn't go Boom. It's just the end. So now we're gonna go back to So for the sake of our I love my shoulder, I'll just let him harm to whatever. So let's just say it keeps this line in tip top. So it would just mean 68 Go, boom, Go on to go Boom to go Boom So cool shoulder jump slim Just let to six Said I need to go boom Pull this to broom a boom side six Sad name go boom To pull the arm out your job to go Boom Yeah six And you go And, uh I'm just like that Go six pool, pool prove just out So now we're gonna do render the bounce We're gonna take from one into the other Just bounce So now incorporated chest So 68 boom, go So now Oh, Teoh, boom and elbow Rece six Go finger this. Oh, sure. Just chose so home riff here. Yeah, Just how are focused on the angles is ask happening straight as possible No matter what they say they just make sure you're getting to the angles, Coppin. So far 68 go one to Great. Oh, here's a switch. Boom, boom, boom! Out speed at 2000 This we're gonna go six a quick, quick 12. Bounce Down In & Out Wave: out. So now we're gonna do the bounce take from one into the other just bouncing todo eso now incorporating chest So 678 boom, go So that oh, Teoh boom and elbow rece six Go finger this Oh, should chest. So, Griff here just our focus on joints and the angles is up. Ask happening straight as possible No matter what they say they will Just make sure you're getting to the angles competence So far 68 Go one to oh, here's a switch Boom, boom, Boom! Oh, Speed at 2000 this we're gonna go six a quick, quick. 13. Bounce Down end to end Wave: you'll get insight. And that's what will be the smoothest after so school. So that was I So so now we're gonna go ahead to bounce. So from here, Nestle bouncing extra go here for the So the bounce that's gonna go Same same sequence with a boom And I was gonna have a little every training boom And there's a boom to pop up Has to return to go Oh, to go boom Yeah, So I'm gonna go up till later Down boom And when this goes back to start back down Boom two down boom! Yeah, So spot six. Hey, go, boom! Who and this is all? This unit was kind of strange to this position Boom, so that I could take it up to go. So by 68 Go Boom, boom, go! Hey, boom again. Six they go. Who now? We're gonna go back to that out. So, uh, for the signal out, I got my shoulder. I'll just let him harm to whatever. So let's just say keeps this line in taped up so it will just slide. 68 Boom to boom to go, Boom to go Boom! So cool shoulder Just let boom at the over. Just let six said, I need to go. Boom. Pull this to broom a boom side 67 years ago to pull the arm out. No job, no to go Boom six. And you go And I'm just like that. Go six pool, pool prove. 14. Smooth Down In & Out Wave: Okay, We're gonna go a smooth. So remember to curl. This has happened going through crew. How opposite. However, it's more about the wrist. Sounds like this. Then it's a real six. You go here. It's imperative that you still make the shapes so we don't stop positions. But you still want to show? Show the pictures as you're going to smooth the ashes. Still see those? Everything just kind of moves seamlessly. Consistency? Yeah. She constant Rio six. Hey, here again, six. Good. Cool. 567 Soon, 56 Smooth from there. We're gonna go out. So we're going to start here So far. 67 A and wrist. Years. 567 You go. And okay, we'll soon bring your body with this fall. So this is gonna go pool. This is gonna go out. This comes in just those that dad figures Go down. Smooth. 5678 Pool course 15. Smooth Down End to End Wave: I must do those do into someone. Go from here to remember the stars here toe. Any here starts here and here. Now for reincorporating chest beckons is that's over six maybe. Smooth, smooth, smooth Soon Smooth, smooth. Just that six. A smooth to smooth Just like that. It's cool this way. Go back. So six up six A smooth soon chest Smooth. Yeah. Here. Down. Go back. Yeah. So Yeah. Cool. Oh, yeah. So 56 Let's see the other side. Let's go this way and then go back this way So far said he here, here, here. So now which has to do is to the same exercise before So do, like, 46 times back and forth to really get the hang of it and really get the feeling the feelings was most important again because that's what the angles like. It's not perfect. It's totally okay. You just want to focus on comfort ability in these emotions so that they start to feel more natural. Oh, the only time here back. So 567 he go back. Start here and cool 16. Section 2 freestyle: 17. Full freestyle: 18. Outro: I got awesome. So that was That was waiting. That was a nice intro into waving for beginning was very simple, very easy Starting place. Usually with taking like this, you want to give yourself time to really get comfortable in a silence. And that's something you pick up in a day, really? So don't be discouraged at all if you weren't able to like if it didn't feel really good at the end of his comfort as you want, Just make sure you practice it often until that happens and is definitely this is definitely one that I feel like we could get easier after a while. Once you get it, you don't forget. So that's a That's a cool thing. Thank you guys, for sitting to my first via, um, one skills here. I'll be focusing a lot on foundations and foundation's choreography and just everything. Everything I can pretty much under the hip hop umbrella, so there will be a lot more guys come over this came from and we'll see you guys. Thank you