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      Entertainer both hands part 1 1280x720


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      Entertainer both hands part 2 1280x720


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      Entertainer introduction 1280x720


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About This Class

In this course you will learn to play an easy version of "The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin.  A basic knowledge of music reading is required.  If you are new to piano, then please take my "Learn Piano in 45 Days" course.

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Thomas Bazzoon

Learn Piano Fast! Learn Piano for Fun!


Do you want to learn piano but don't know where to start?  This is the channel for you!  If you are new to piano then please take the "Learn Piano in 45 Days" classes part one and two. Then move onto whatever you like- technique, theory, chords, or look at specific songs.  

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1. Intro joplin course 1272x720: Hi, I'm teaching resume, and I'd like to teach you to play two great piano works. Scott Joplin's also stop. I've got some bad news and good news for you. The bad news is, if you're completely new to piano, this is not a good idea to play these two songs. But the good news is on this side. I also have a class called Learn Piano in 45 days. It's a three hour classes, a great class. Take that. You learn all the basics and you'll be ready to play these two difficult works of the Ragtime era. I include all the sheet music, absolutely free. I also do step by step left handed you step by step, right and videos. I'm gonna go part by part, section by section. I learned this whole song very easily. Very impressive songs play for your friends and family arms. I hope you enjoy this course 2. Mapleentmus: Okay, students, let's look at the sheet music to both the entertainer and maple leaf rag Some of you are taking. This has a separate course some of you are taking. It is both. I'm just gonna show you the different sheet music options that you should print out. This is the first thing you should do, obviously is Get the sheet music. Let's look at entertainer first. Here we have the entertainer, and this is just the regular version. And you see, with this all of this is just the music, and there's not a single marking on it. There's a few measure numbers. There's this eight p a etcetera, but there's absolutely nothing on it. All this assumes that you know how toe read music to a point where you can write in the notes yourself. A lot of people take these courses and they know a little bit of piano. Some people have a lot of piano background, so you have a lot of piano background. Just print this up and just start playing to start going forward. However, if you don't, you might want to look at this version. Look at this same music, but all these little helpful hints here. You've got some finger numbers up here. Here. You've got the names of the notes written out. The s means sharp. By the way, in these cords, there's a few little help moments like same his line to, You know, I would print both of these out. Just have him side by side and eventually just play from the one that's not edited. In other words, play from this one. But this is kind of a cheat sheet version. Now let's look at make belief, Rag. Here we go with Maple Leaf Rag. Here we go. Make belief. And here's the version with nothing written on it at all. Okay, noticed this. Repeat, though I talk about this in the videos. Here's measure 16. Here's the repeat. You go all the way back to here. That's the first ending. And then that's the second ending. Okay, and then we have the edited version right here. I don't write every single noting because a lot of it is the same stuff. But look, I've got of sections marked when I go through Maple Leaf Rag to talk about the different sections. They're Section two. Here's kind of a guide to the left hand chords. I have some some notes written in right here. So which version you'd choose to start with really depends on your music reading ability. You might want to print up Blanca version and just right in some notes, and then check it against this. And, of course, you have the videos you can check it against. All right, so print of the music, start editing the music and then I'll see you in less than one. 3. Entertainer both hands part 1 1280x720: Okay, here we are, looking at the entertainer. We're gonna start adding the left hand. Now, this is after the introduction. So you've already done the You re done that part. So now we're on the first part with right hand and left hand. And this is the simplified version Gonna do it real slow. And we're gonna do part one of the simplified version. Right hand adding the left hand. Same thing. Okay, one more time. Real slow. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that this doesn't really sound like the original enough. It doesn't sound jazzy enough. Learn this version first than the second version. I'm going to show you the hard part version. You'll see the video. The hard version is going to sound a lot more like the original. Let me just go over some of the left hand chords. We've got a familiar C chord. You should already know this. We've done this in a lot of other thought songs. We've got RG seven Chord B, F and G. I'm not doing B, d and G, but do be I gotta see quarter the F g. Just moving that pinky down to five on B it's back and the other court is You may have seen this court in some other songs the D major D f sharp in a So I put it together, see another C chord and then look, there's a b f g back to see. Now let me show you this in slow motion. I'm on this part. I'm assuming, you know the right hand fairly well. So thes e here comes with the scene that I played the scene right hand d three e and then b f g and then be two d and the C comes with C. You'll see this on the sheet music Be perfectly laid out. Let me do it real slow together, left hand, right. And then together, uh, that's the part you're gonna have to practice probably several times to get it. Really, really correct. Now, after that, you've done this part before. That's pretty easy. That's just one chord. Did we go to this part? Sure. That part again move up to the D f sharp A cord. Hold it down, then on the D In this next measure, go back to your G seven year be F and G okay, It's more time. That whole part another c court BfG back to sequel. Moving up to the Dio back down to the BfG and then has probably, you already know the next part's the same thing. Okay, so if you want to add that part to it, that's fine. I'll see in the next video where we're gonna talk about that part and the ending part. 4. Entertainer both hands part 2 1280x720: Okay, here we are, looking at the last part of the entertainer. This one's probably the hardest to put together. Let me go through the left hand. Now, when you look at your sheet music, you'll review your notes. You'll learn all the notes to this part, but we start with seen then C and B flat, then see in a I didn't see in a flat. And then CNG so notice what I'm doing. I'm going down from B flat to a a flat Teoh every single time I'm playing a c with. So this is called a walk down C C and B flat going down C n a seeing a foot. Keep going down. You could use five on C on G. When you do that, you're seeing G, or you can use for either one of work. Then next you go to hear things Cordial bay familiar your B f g. And then to hear e g. Okay, now, when we put it together, let me do it real slow together they left together left thing together together right there . Okay, so really rely on your sheet music a lot and draw lines showing how the right hand and left hand go together. You'll see that on the sheet music. When I explain it, we just do this one more time and I'll say that togethers together, left together, left together. Okay, so be working on that. That's the left hand and right hand for the final part. The other part. You already know we've done this part way did the part after it just simply adding this final part. The best thing to do is get this in memory, feeling your way down, going lower, lower than look down for the move back to your seat court. 5. Entertainer introduction 1280x720: here. We're looking at the introduction. Toothy entertainer. Remember, we're not starting on this D but this d way up here are left. 10 is early on are very, very low GI. I'm gonna play free than go over some of the details. OK? Notice a few things in my right hand. I do basically this pattern D c c jump down the octave jump down way on then. G So these notes here below middle C you're gonna have a little bit more trouble with cause you're not used to reading so much down into this lower level. But a good thing to do is just memorize the pattern. Same thing down here, Same thing. But then it goes different that we jump up to our Remember this court B f and G RG seven chord. We're just playing in the right hand. Okay, left hand Pretty easy. We just keep our five finger and I would definitely use your pinky on G because the left hands eventually the next section is gonna have to move up to here. Let me just try it one more time for your riel slope a lot together. So there's a little pause between this part. A little pause. You could make that little Paul's a little bit longer. The music count calls for a one count rest, but you can make it longer. Okay, so again, memorize this part three E c A beach. They just do it another time. Almost the same thing, but just a little bit. Remember, this is pretty much straight down, B. Okay, flat shoes straight down. Never here. Okay, this is the introduction. Very famous introduction to a very famous song and I will see you in the next video when we talk about the first part of just the right hand. 6. Entertainer rh part 1 1280x720: Okay, here we are, looking at the entertainer. The right hand, the very first part. I'm gonna show you the position. I'm gonna play it when we're time. A little bit slower. Okay, let's talk about some of the hard parts. First off, you've got to be in this position. One on D and two in the d sharp. Notice why I do. I turn under 21 onIy What happens if I don't do that? Let's say I do this. Ouch. You see that stretch right there? Bad idea. So it's better just to turn under. Then we do the same thing. You see how that's just three things in row e c e c e c. So here's his first little part. Turn under E C E c. Then all of a sudden I have to make a big jump upto one on this scene. So jump up. Notice the fingering here. 1234 234132 This is the easiest and best fingering. I'll go over it one more time. 1234 234 13 to what happens if I don't? What happens if I just jump up to here. That sounds real jumpy. That's awkward to trust me. It's better to do this thing job and then stopping there. Okay, I'll see you in video to when we look at the next part of the right hand. 7. Entertainer rh part 2 1280x720: All right, here we are, looking at the right hand. Part two of the entertainer. I'll play it for you again. A little bit slower. Okay? Obviously this first part, that's something you've already done. You've already had this before. But the next part, I'm going to start on four. Finger on a to three on G 22 on F sharp. When I come back around, put a one on a a three on C five on E and then back down the way I came. Skip here. Okay, One more time. Notice. I really don't have too many other options. It seems kind of awkward, but that's about all. I could Dio if I do too. That just feels really awkward to go like that. Three. I'm gonna have that awkward angle with my hand. I mean, is it possible to do it? Yeah, but for a Maurin experience player, I would go for two. I'm exceeding 43 to 2. Then your thumb just goes right around there. Okay? When you get that part down, go ahead. Combined part one and part two. All right. I'll see in the next video when we go for right hand part three 8. Entertainer rh part 3 1280x720: all right. Here we are talking about the right hand part three to the entertainer. I'll play it. What I just played you've already had before. Here's the next part of the final part of the song. Did you see how much repetition you've got here just goes up again? Back and forth. Really? It's either this pattern or this pattern. And then the last part Move your one over to be keep your two here on D, then in with one on. See. Okay. So when you're done with that, put all the parts together to the right hand. Except, of course, the intro. I would just kind of do. The intro has its separate thing, but here's the whole song. Right in. - Okay , guys, I'll see you in the next video. Where were you? Start talking about putting the left hand with