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Learn to Needle Felt and Decorate a Llama

teacher avatar Linda Facci, Needle Felter

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Llama Introduction


    • 2.

      Llama Body and Legs


    • 3.

      Llama Neck and Ears


    • 4.

      Llama Face & Tail


    • 5.

      Llama Tassels


    • 6.

      Llama Decorations


    • 7.

      Llama Conclusion


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About This Class

Learn to create this cute, festive llama and then embellish it with tassels, (which I’ll show you how to make), decorative trim, ribbon and felt.

People often confuse the Llama with an Alpaca, but they are not the same species as their smaller, fluffier cousin the alpaca.

I will demonstrate the techniques needed to start on this cute llama from turning wool into a basic shape, wrapping wool around pipe cleaners and felting flat pieces. We will then make tiny tassels which will hang off the ears of the llama :) and finish the piece by embellishing your creation.

This class is geared toward beginners. If you have no prior knowledge or experience of needle felting, check out my first video "An introduction to Needle Felting" where I show you the basics of the craft.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Linda Facci

Needle Felter


Hello, I'm Linda. I am a self taught needle felter based in NYC. I graduated from Pratt Phoenix of Design with an Associate Degree in Graphic Design and Advertising. I spent several years relegating my
passion for crafting to my spare time while working corporate jobs, the last of which was Creative Director of Magnolia Bakery.

In August of 2018, I traded cupcakes for wool and now create my needle felted animals full time in my Manhattan apartment under the name, Facci Designs. I mainly create realistic, mini sculptures of people’s dogs and call myself The Dog Felterer, but I also create many other types of animals. I love to teach the craft of needle felting.

My craft and design career spans more than two decades, having been featured in magazines, on nationally... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Llama Introduction: makers a little design. I've been needle belting almost six years now, and I think I specialized realist dogs, animals. And today we're going to make love and look at this guys. So he's pretty easy to needle felt. And I think this class would be great for beginning his first time meal vouchers. And if you are first time middle shelter, check out my first video beginning. If you hold basics, then after the naval felt him, we are going to separate, show you how to make castles. And I know you have felt pieces out there, rivet and trim, and you've been saving those straps. This is what it's for. This is a great project, although scraps material today to create this cute little llama, and hopefully, if you make one, you'll share it with me and post in the project gallery. 2. Llama Body and Legs: first, we're gonna make the body of lama. Now a lot of people confuse the llama with the out packer and the A path. L Packer is a cousin of the llama LAMAs air taller and have, ah, a little bit of a longer body than the out packer. Now, LAMAs come in black, white, brown or even red. But today we're going to use some core wool on white to make our llama. So here's a bunch of core wool and I'm just going to start rolling it, then start toking to form body. Now, if you wanted to make this into an ornament, you don't want it to be so heavy. So you really don't need that much wool. Just going to noodle felt that into kind of a long up long shape. So let's put the body aside and make the legs here. I have to tan pipe cleaners cut into 10 INGE pieces. You could use white. You could use black. I'm going to fold over one pipe cleaner. Cut that in half. We'll do that to the 2nd 1 as well. So you see, we have four pipe cleaners here Now I'm gonna fold it in half again. This is one leg. Let's put this side. Let's put this aside. Now we're gonna wrap the legs with some core wolf. You don't need much, so I like the whole decor will appear on top and start to wrap down to the bottom. See, this is the closed part of the pipe cleaner. You don't want the sharp part sticking out. This will be the hoof. So we're gonna wrap bring it down to about quarter of an inch. She want this exposed, and now start wrapping it back up. So you see, it's more narrow down here and wider appear. Just rip this heart. Give this a little stab and you have the leg. You don't want to felt the top here cause we're gonna connect that to the body. So here have all four legs. So now that we have all four legs felt it, we're gonna connect them to the body. They're all the same size, so it doesn't matter if its front or back. So we'll take the first leg, grab some core wool, place it over that and felt in place. Simple. You want to make sure you had enough? Maybe a little on the inside said it. If your llama standing, it's secure and can stand on its own 3. Llama Neck and Ears: Now it's time to make the neck. So I have another piece of pipe cleaner. Could be any color, Uh, cut, uh, into 10 inches. And then I fold that in half, and then I'm gonna full these ends over. So when I poke it through, the body is no sharp wires. It'll go through the core will easier that way. So now we're gonna start wrapping this, and it's almost about the same with around the whole thing. Maybe tapered a little bit more towards the open end, and ah, it almost looked like kind of a cigar. So you gonna wrap the wool around that? Well, the way to the top. Not that in place. Kind of looks like a short snake. Hurry. A little bit more wool up here. Actually, the entire next should get a little bit more will. And we just want to make this a little sicker all the way down. So continue to add some will. Once you insert this into the body. If you find that the neck needs to be thicker, you can definitely add it on once it's attached to the body. Here's one I already made. So now you're gonna kind of bend it into a slight s shape. Or you could do that once you attach it into the body. So here we have the body. I'm gonna cut a hole in the front. There really is no front back. There might be a little bit more bull in the front, but you can always add that. So I'm gonna cut a hole right on top. Here, insert this in, curl it up and bend it over. Now we're gonna felt right around here to connect that, we have to connect the head to the body, richest, adding Mork or will to reinforce the next to the body and fill in those gaps. - Now it's time to make the ears. So here I grabbed a little bit of core woe. Gonna start felt ing way. Want felt this flat. Turn it over. Now, if you make the air too big, you can always trim it. Now I'm gonna fold the sides in now. Llamas have long, banana shaped ears as opposed to the packers that have straight small ears. We're gonna make this long year. He felt it. We want to leave this end. Unfelt ID. Now. I'm just gonna trim it a little, and then add a little bit of ah, tan or brown like a light tan color to the inside of the ear. And you're gonna make two of those. So now we have two sets of years now. I'm gonna pinch the end of this right about here and give that a poke. It kind of looked like bunny years. Just give that a poke. Now we're gonna attach them to the head. So I'm gonna place it right on the side and start to needle felted attach it and you can add a little bit more core will here, actually. Let's fill this in underneath the neck here. Then you're gonna do that to the other side, Just place on the side. I felt it. Add a little bit more core wolf to reinforce it. Maybe a little bit more under the chin Here. He's cute. After years of too long, you can trim them Kind of like that. He has long years gives him more character 4. Llama Face & Tail: So now let's add some detail to the face. What I'm gonna do is at a little bit of my tan wool to the front of his face. Just place. Grab a little bit of world and felt lightly. Just distinguishes the snout area that now I have a little bit of black wool. Now you can use beads for the eyes. Or, if you have black wool Scrabble little give him a little. I trim off that excess. Really. It's such a small piece and felt that black wool in there snip off the excess. Let's give him a nose. Kind of has it of these shaped nose. Take a little strand, Cook it in there. True. Twirl your black wool again rips at a little now. True that. Look, let's make him smiling. There's his face, but this point you can add a little tail. Take a little piece of your core wolf. You can keep it fluffy, and needle felt that into the back 5. Llama Tassels: Now it's time to make these tiny tassels. I have a piece of cardboard here. We were going to wrap our threat around and some embroidery thread. You'll need about 12 13 inches of thread to make a tiny tassel. So I'm going to start to wrap this around my cardboard. The more threat, the thicker the tassel. Don't worry about this. End off of here. Now I thread a needle with a different color. I'm gonna place that underneath, pulled the top and then leave these ends long here. I'm going to Are you not? These were so tiny. Not that he said to make, but they come out so cute. It's not. We have that now. We're going to cut this castle off. The cardboard will trim those ends later. Now that you have this part, we're gonna cut another piece of thread. Place that threat underneath your tassel towards the top. Maybe about an eighth of an inch away from the top. Now you're gonna tie another knot, make sure all those strands air in there and then I would again double. Not that you're so tiny. And then I'm gonna make these part of my tassel this blue thread here. Now we're going to trend or tassel. Once I have my castle going to take my needle and kind of fan these threads out, like, separate them, Turn it over a little bit more separation. There you have a tassel. 6. Llama Decorations: Now it's time to decorate your llama Now is a crafter. I have so much felt. Trim! Thread! Aled, these little scraps! This is perfect too, Teoh Create with all those little scraps. And I think this is a lot of fun to do with kids. So first we're gonna attach the tassel to the ear. You could see that I already attached one. So I have this tassel here. I'm just gonna wrap it around the ear and make it not. They're so small. They're not easy, Teoh handle. That's why I would be great for kids. Okay, so we've got that and we'll trim that look at his cute little tassel earrings. Next will make his Ah, blanket or saddle. I'm not sure what they call. I couldn't find any information on that. Let's put that aside. So I have all these scraps of felt. I think I'm gonna use this piece of red. And what I did was I trimmed it with some thinking shears to give it a little bit more pizazz. So let's do that. And then you know what? I cut a piece of blue felt. I'm gonna put down the middle. Let's grab my blue If you don't have any felt on hand you could always felt a piece You could needle felt a piece But you can find these kinds of pieces of felt in any, uh, art store. So let's put that down the middle like that, right? And then I like to add a little gold. I think it had some fest a festive touch to the peace, especially if it's gonna be an ornament. I'm just using some regular white craft glue. Put that down the middle and I have some, uh, little trim with these tiny pom poms. And I noticed that a lot of the llamas have pom poms and tassels, so you could also make your own pom poms. So let's put that there number. Put this one here. It looks like a tiny magic carpet flying carpet E We also have some gold, uh, thread. What I'm gonna dio is just take a piece. I had an extra tassel, so I hung a tassel from it. I'm gonna tie it around his neck again. A little bit more decorative element. It's trying not. And then you put hiss saddle on. I guess you could glue this on. If you wanted to look at that, he's ready to be blessed in a ceremony. I think that's why they dress them up. Or this would make a wonderful Christmas ornament. And there's your llama. No llama drama. This was a lot of fun, thanks. 7. Llama Conclusion : I hope you have fun making your little llama. I hope you didn't have the llama drama. And if you do make your llama posted in the project gallery also, if you have any ideas suggestions on what? Make that drop me a line. Thanks for poking by.