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Learn To Draw Expressive Hands

teacher avatar Walt Reunamo, Art Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Drawing Posture


    • 4.

      Exercise 1 - Tense Fist Pose


    • 5.

      Exercise 2, Part 1 - Relaxed Hanging Hand


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      Exercise 2, Part 2 - Relaxed Hanging Hand


    • 7.

      Exercise 3 - Flow Of Two Hands


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      Hand Drawing Resources


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      Closing Words


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About This Class

In this course, you will learn how to draw hands that are full of life and expression!

The course is exercise-based so I will first show you how to approach the hand drawing with insightful tips and then you will draw it yourself and get feedback. How to draw hands in a believable manner is a challenge we all face, but with these very easy to understand tips you will start drawing hands that are full of life quickly and easily.


  • How to establish correct shapes.
  • How to find the gesture.
  • When to add smaller details.
  • How to add contrast to line details, how to add shadow shapes..
  • And much more, so join the course now!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Walt Reunamo

Art Instructor


Hey everyone!

My name is Walt Reunamo and I'm a artist and art teacher living and working in Finland. I have been doing art for the past decade and taught online over 2000+ students in more than 100 countries. I have also worked as an artist in the videogames industry for 10+ years in award-winning titles.

Outside of art-related fun, I enjoy spending time with my crazy Bengal cat, experiencing the short but sweet summers of Finland, photographing, watching movies, and hitting the gym. I'm also a book junkie.. I do buy more art books than I probably should!


I would love it if you could follow me here by clicking the "Follow" button on the left.

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1. Intro: Hello. My name is Spot that ran from earlier that year. In in this workshop, we will be learning how to draw hands and discourses more about learning. By doing so, you'll be drawing hands and you will be drawing hands a lot. So we're gonna do a lot of exercises on how to draw the hands. And we will be mostly focusing on the gesture on the volume. And all this weighs out the drawer hand right there in time, what you usually see in drawing toe studies anatomy. We'll be proposing less on the Warren anatomical essence and more like just drawing the hash by learning. By doing so, I hope you like this course and let's get started. 2. Supplies: Thea. So plus, you need for these for these for doing these exercises are really simple. So what I have here is first of all, pencil. Um, I use the draw This thesis public. Ramos colored pencils. Um, they give a nice quality to the drawing. Like you can do very, very subtle lines, like almost, But you can see them all on go from there to darker and darker and darker. Something like I used Also, um, target of charcoal pencils. Stark realism it more difficult. Um, and I don't know why, but, uh, doesn't give. This is subtly so that the lines that I get with the colored pencils, So I really like the colored pencils for doing, like sketches like this. Like line drawings. If I would be doing something more where I would want to have, like, talker shading that I might use charcoal. And also, it's nice to have different colors if you want to draw different clothes. And here I have ah, needed to be razor. Um, for sometimes you find it, you raise something prettiest under, and then the paper is newsprint paper. So more really small to paper, you should be able to get this on most art stores. If they don't have a newsprint, I would just like something that it's really, really small. That's more that's possible. Um, that would give you a nice service to draw. All right, that's it. Let's get started with the first, uh, practice. 3. Drawing Posture: So you know, it's about that drawing moisture you have tow when drawing this kind of loose drawings and just a relies. So obviously, we can't use this kind off, great friend drawing on If you want to do, like, long, just roll my eyes. So instead of using, uh, like this type of growing we are using only do so we're using that years and then the risk . And this is nothing. So we want to use the whole Are so from fingers, Reese, Uh, the elbow on the, uh, Children. So full arm. So you would think sitting straight next trip. So you get the next friend and then you have the full arm. This way you can get much nicer flowing lines. 4. Exercise 1 - Tense Fist Pose: Okay, so let's get started with the first, uh, on a study on dumb. So we have here fist, uh, crispy. And, um, usually, when I started to draw this, I'm trying to look at the big shapes first. Like, what is the actual shape off behind and trying to match much death on my troy. So I'm I'm not usually when you see a video tutorial about the draw, um, use of it. People tell you on first you draw the Chester and then from there you start to add volume. But I At least it is hand drawings. I don't that both on the same time. So I don't know Thea the Chester first and then something else. I it got they both gonna come at the same time. Uh, so right now I'm trying to find the, uh, some, uh, just her here. So this kind of line, it kind of wraps her on. So trying to match the m. Yeah, well, under. So we've met here and here. You can see that the thumb continues. It makes this collect Gonna curve. Nice curves all around to here. So I'm trying to find that enough and from there I go. I'm going to the outside of them are faced God trying to wrap this shape shape here and see these line here. What is here? Here, then suck up. So here. Yeah, Good. Just keeping it loose. Yes, the actual reason. And then it goes up and continues. Even though I'm seeing here, like this kind of shape, it's more bomb. I'm still just going straight up. You know, this kind of like a smaller shapes here, like, for example, And this bump here, um, e will add them later. Um, if you start focusing too much on the smaller bombs, like right on the first before doing the big shapes, then you're gonna run into problems because they're in the wrong spot are or they are wrong size or something. And then you have to compensate with some other some other area on duh. Then you will know this day, um, mistakes your med. So let's see, uh, this line also here is kind of interesting. Yeah. Dark. What? It's here on Dhere. Something on. Then I see that I have a bit off. I Mr Keer, like this knuckle. If you compare it going birthday they stop part off the off this our little finger. It's actually higher than the this No level. And here it's lower. So we have to lower this one about here. Yeah, I raised this guard. I know that. All right. On from here. Yeah, we have that being hurt, right? All right, on then. Separate this fingers a bit here. Still keeping it. Really? Just keeping that shapes. Just simple as possible. Gonna go into the defense yet? I hope you got to see that drawing from the video it, sir. I know it's might be too subtle and difficult to shape, but, uh, it's some really, really hard feel this kind off, so settle into drugs. All right, I'm gonna again looking shapes on. Um, I'm gonna go on now, continue adding the gesturing and these kind of gestural lines that I see. So for example, here the this wrongness off them off this muscle. I'm trying to just indicated here kind of fine. I find this These flows off the fingers. Like here. Here. Same here. I'm no, not getting into the details off the ring off, but just tryingto find, find tm the read, um, off them if you wanted to learn how to draw like this Really expressive hands on the finding vine when they read them wine Sunday. Um, gesture off the hat. That's really, really important. And you always have to do it before you start adding smaller details. So this or you have to have foot first. Here, here is just like a smaller, um, like a ritual line. I'm tryingto right now. I spoke to Marathi, Very, its location. Actually, he's so comparing to the other parts. So, for example, comparing to this knuckle, uh, we can see it. It's lower. So, uh, it's pretty much in accord. Correct? I'm I tried to be us. That's correct. That's possible. But I'm not trying to really draw like him. Perfect. Off the photograph, I I really tried to just capture Teoh the post under um, the gesture of the hand. And also I don't I don't usually go into the shading off the hand so I might have a bit of shading, but mostly I will keep it just a supply line drawing because I usually spent, like maybe 2025 minutes when your time, so I cannot try to do it this quickly and then just continue the next export. It's with a bump again. I was starting to go into smaller Gators because this looks like it. Everything is pretty much under here on the right place. So now we can start start letting those more details we know, not sure there's that. Remember the drawing hands That's never really a straight line anywhere. So although I'm doing like the straight lines, usually uh huh, there's very little straight line, so you you can if you want Oh, like faith. Taste those in and it might look nice Like, for example, here I can go straight lines, but really, they are not straight. If you actually look at them, you can get a bit off far like this stylized look into the android. Like if you with some straight lines where they you actually don't see them. But if you want to do realistic, Daniel, every line has toe have, like some kind of curb on Chester. You mean of, you know, fat going behind there. It's making this wrong shape like that. And then we have to bend a finger on front. So, like, please, all right here we have the finger and Ansel get. I usually don't draw the finger Fingernails like that. Details. I'm just trying to indicate indeed, a bit that thirsty finger another there, All right, And then I don't want to draw this shadow shaping like this shadow. Let's try to do it that remember that if you do, you draw the shadows like you are drawing, drawing the shadows. You can indicate the shapes off the hands, so that's what they really do So that how the shadows go need to follow the actual shapes off the hand. All right, you Yeah, it's It's quite subtle here, like Great. It's the darker and darker. That's something I could draw throwing, but that would require some shading kind of in to get the gringos here up it. But I really want O, like accomplishes there like the pose and the gesture off the hands are trying to get that , like all right, action off the hand, like growing in. So, like I'm tryingto get the feel of the pressure off the hand like drunk. So, for example, these are is a good person. Indicate the pressure like that. The joints, the attendance on our like, making the shapes in on the on the wrist area. You have the range even here, like this in this, uh, h you're going to see that it's pretty much almost like straight line. But I want to draw, like, a bit off, like shave here. So I'm tryingto Heyzer curve down and then up and down and up, so down So it doesn't end up just a straight line. They become smaller, lively. You're gonna do it. Actually, that's racist. Clinton here you're probably want to avoid making the same shapes. Decide also asked the side because then it will look weird and funny if there the shapes are following each other like this. If you look wrong so tryto make each of the sites like, unique No, I'm gonna start adding, like, you don't feel like making the line stronger. So clam gonna also adhere, like this shadow shape on dhere. No. And here's the like Could place also to indicate Yeah, um then like the force that that jester, or then post makes like way have here to wrinkle and then around it is that it's a book bush like outside. So and you're going by and post two things that really creates this feel off that off the fourth forced off the fist. There's also good thing to remind. Remember here. Like decide. Ah, we haven't like on this side. We have a lot of these smaller pumps going and then decide it's They're still like this month, but it's big. More money. Um, they are not as close together, so it's more relaxed, this side and then more action. Action on the side. So Grace Nice contrast. Uh, also, for example, decided if you would have more off these bumps on less on this, and it will bring the contrasts or tryto well, remember this kind of stuff when you're drawing so it will make that had more had looked more dynamic. When you have these, these kind of contrasts. All right, - no way that we have Teoh. I'm not going to do all these kind of smaller details that you can see here. Like all this more wrinkles. I usually don't draw those center. I would if I would like to go into more like into detail. But I mostly read the sketches and drawings. I just tryingto get the bows under the feel off the hand. But so now we can actually some off the some of the young shading you just a media impression when you re a star darker and what they're lighter, What I'm shading. I mean, trying to get Pia the strokes going on the same direction. So just to make them look like hair really like clean and nice looking, if you should, from all over the place, it might become like we are looking all right. Now that we have this shadow shapes in that I've been growing, I can just, like, draw that shading inside After also, I don't have to worry too much about putting shedding, because I know, right. The shadow shapes are just gonna follow them, you know, trying to add some some off this just around this beach direction, the shapes are going just to make sure that yeah, well, you Amanda and the shapes are really clear. Yeah, I think that's really much going on. Um, also, I sometimes tryingto emphasize some of the, uh, contour lines like here, making from darker so they look nice. Like, for example, here I can make that dark hurts kind of, but the shapes. I think this lines like the big one where you put these kind of flex stroller lines. You kind of through the the phone was off. The whoever is looking at this. So that way you can draw the focus off them off their your very oneto tend to look. So that's also I would would plan to put those only very wanted the burden on the lookout. So all right, that's ready. Uh, ready First, first drawing and keep it a short and try toe trying to draw the hand with the same steps I hided under. Don't Don't worry if it, uh, um doesn't go as you as you plan the first time. So we're gonna do a little more off this, and I'm gonna try breakdown, uh, more clear. Like the steps that you you could try out on bond follow. So it will become more easier, but yeah, just keep practicing and see you in the next lesson. 5. Exercise 2, Part 1 - Relaxed Hanging Hand: No, it's doing another one. So this one you some coming from thought toe down and, um, it's looks gonna like a relaxed pose. Really relaxed. So, um, the other one, the 1st 1 was like, really tense on This is this. We want toe gone, emeritus, like, really relaxed. Um, Chester. So, um, let's try the get get that Naved. All right, So Okay with this also, I would start with the gesture. I'm tryingto get the whole like the volume on the shape off the hand. Correct. So I think I usually start with trying to find this, like, longer lines. Ah, such as this one. He said it's probably the longest straight line here. Thinks is also one straight quite long line. Here's another one. Um, So does I think those are good to start with and I start toe find Thea dangle off the off the line also So trying to match the I am also, if the angle is wrong, then I have to fix it later. It's important to get the get the thing. All right, here. I'm going down following this. Throw the finger. All the red on on here. We have so If the finger dish finger hands here, then we have the shape, the bottom off, the off these fingers So that I would put something like this. I would mark it done. So there's this dish. I'm from here. Way we can have a middle finger going off again as a straight line. Nothing more than that. And then here every weekend. Continue this angle again. I'm not trying toe draw this small bumps yet. I'm gonna have them later. Just one thing. I get the young girls off the speaker like lines first and here on doing the curve off the wrist. And here we have also like, nice curve. So this one, Yeah, we have to figure going like a like a pending, like backwards. I'm also on a right now drawing the tip off the finger. I'm leaving it later. I'm just trying toe get these sweeping angles in, and that's about it. Also, it's sometimes nice toe draw things like this. Thats knuckle here, for example Uh, I just fear our bowl just a indicated that it's round sometimes helps to keep things like looking organic. Sometimes when you toe draw these straight lines like this construction lines. You might end up really robotic looking hand. So remembering the Eustis organic like shapes like this Wrong shapes. Um, it helps toe keep the hand gesture. Like Floyd, Uh, this is also one thing I usually draw. I draw these, uh uh, them, like, just a roll line off the knuckles off this these bones on the middle. So, for example, here I could go on droid in that way. I know, like, where the postings fall on Dire. It's a just one. Another indicator, like where everything else is, like falling, for example Here, uh, way gonna see that thing. This one, Uh, this, um just in line off the knuckles. It sweeps down here, and it continues, and it pretty much ends where the some, Uh, yes. So we can use that. Also, ESA other guidance. So we control the gesture line here. Andi, you can see that it falls pretty much the same saying place. So we're we're on the right tracks here. I did like a stool scrapes. First of all, this one, um it looks kind of bumby. Uh, probably hard to see. I will give you this. This reference emits just so you can see the, um all that to get those better. Um, if you can see on this video that was about this. This line here is quite bomb being hard to say, like which direction it bends to. But I, um I like it to make it bend like on the left side like this, because then it gives the impression off thes curve, curved finger. So and then this part off the finger, um, it bends to the opposite direction so it bends thesis way, and that gives nice, like, gesture to thesis carved gesture that the finger. So sometimes you want to, uh, make these kind off like joyous, even though you get clear receiving the reference picture, Um, on those kind of come with the just practicing and and learning how, though, what kind of stuff works and what doesn't So just gave breakfasting. I mean, drawing has your super super super hard, and, uh, you have to do a lot off like sketches. Um, I'm practicing on one great weight of breakfast. Off course. It's just having a mirror, um, are but like drawing your own hand on changing poses and then drawing just quick sketches. And right on then and also like this weep that we talked earlier. Uh, when we're drawing this rather fingers meet on this sports, they need toe follow off course, the same sweep on If we drove into straight line or something like that, let me look really weird. So we have toe, remember that make the same sweep with those things. So, like marking the indication line for that where they would fall and then placing those on. Then we have this finger here behind, huh? Actually, yeah, it's It's dish finger, right? Yeah. So drawing drawing through the the finger on the in front of it just to make sure that the council in the correct position. Um all right, it's getting there. We could maybe try to get this Chester more out, like for x number. Thes kind of flow lines like this line flows into that hand. Like inside Thea here. And then you have to hand going back. And here we have that little much born Not sure what onus toe. I'm not really good at another. Me? I don't know. The name of the bones are the There's off where the bones are tendons go inside. That's something I can definitely practice more. But, um I think, uh, another miss something you gonna practice after you have? I learned all these skills off doing like a gesture and ah, volume and the angles and shapes. Correct. And after that, you can start learn all day, like more detailed. Another me, um, or more like, let's say I don't understand after me stuff, but you can definitely draw nice looking hunch. Even without knowing that stuff, it's not, like, required. What you need is just, uh um, like, visual. I off like sporting your Mr Action than being able to correct them. Um, so here we have toe knuckles. Actually, they go more like this. They stopped the car, move like horizontal. Very thes fingers, Like more doing market like, more like curve shape. So, huh, he's also, like, super hard to draw because there's no, like, clear lives on themselves. Um, I usually try to indicate them with this shape off the shadows. So, for example, here I would something like this. Next thing you might want to do is, uh, no, we could probably just start adding like a more detailed shapes like those smaller, smaller, like cars that we can. She seeing them in the hand. I think this one, actually this is a Yeah, that's a mistake here, this one. It's still high, like it could be a bit lower. Yeah, so here Here's a lie. Here's a really subtle curve. You can say that the dusty spend and then it goes inwards and outwards and inwards and outwards again. So it's Ah, really curvy, curvy bit on. Do you really have to do with Josh shapes like, really subtle? Otherwise, if we look like a like a weird where we and this is its things, try to avoid making them or president too much with their with the pendulum. Try to make them really settlement. And if it looks correct and just add more more pressure on because he's again, we have tm discover curve aside here, like in the last lesson, we talked about the Thea having the difference between societies like the contrast Excellent, if this side is saying, is spending and justice curves than decide should be more straight. So we have this contrast here, and it I actually like in reality also, I usually don't try to draw this. We have, like, the small bombs here on the fingers. I try to avoid drawing then as much as possible, because if you draw them in, like, decide, like this pumps, you end up with the finger. That looks like, uh, like, like this, and it looks horrible. So, um, I tried to make it just like our just a straight line, if possible, - Usually jump around quite a bit when drawing, Uh, so I might like draws. I'm small detail here, and Ondo are keep throwing this area and then suddenly continue here. It's just if I'm in the floor like I'm just gonna do whatever feels like natural for me. So And you, you want toe work on that on the image, like as a whole. So you don't want toe really just focus on 11 place too long at the time. So it's good to, uh, change, change the place that you work on every now and then and try the we're against the the whole picture and not just like one part, because again like if you're running the troubles and you know this, that something is too big or too small than it should be. Then you have toe change everything. And, uh, that's not going to be fine. You mean, I kind of like the idea of drawing this means remains in us? Maybe not just, like shaded, but just indicating them and having fun, Like trying to draw them in jail? Yes, actually. 6. Exercise 2, Part 2 - Relaxed Hanging Hand: you hear right on the top part. Like sometimes I want to draw them, Angel, like this guy. And this is also 11 place we can have. Like, this knuckle here, um can draw the thing something like death. But you really want to draw us there? It's their shape off the hand. So you want to just indicate like, uh, where thea How the fingers curve so they could have, like here, if course upwards and inside. Like here. Thanks On. Same thing here, guards like here. If you indicate these kind of things, then you can see that it starts toe the shape and the jester comes out like and starts the work. Let's try to get this. I think the fingertip it's right there. So it's like ending. It's really dark. So I'm tryingto I'm not gonna also I'm not gonna draw it like, really heavy. So I'm just gonna indicate you need to get a bit more here we have, like, this line is, uh, quite subtle here on the bottom part. But then it comes stronger here on the top. So these kind of things are usually try toe match, so I'm gonna try stronger up on. Then it's gonna face away. Don't something here is and you got to see. Actually, I didn't mention this before, but you can. You might have noticed that ive gym changing tia sometimes DEA. So I'm holding to pencil. Uh, this is something really that I've just intuitively do so learn to practise, uh, drawing, like holding the pencil sideways. Um, when I have bean drawing with charcoal a lot. So we charcoal. All right, you can have this like, if you do the shading, you need to do it with the flat side. And if you want the draw like lines, then you need to lift the pencil. And so sending really goes with the the caller pencil. So sometimes when I want to do this kind off like a soft there on more like, wider line or shading than I usually all depends on like this. It's also much more like lose way off drawing. So I'm using the whole hand from there from the the shoulder and the elbow. So I'm not just using wrist like this. So if you want to have this like long flowy lines, you have to really use the cold her whole hand and drawing so tryingto learn how the drove it this they spend, you'll hold It really helps. And sometimes then again, like if I went to draw, draw the estate, there's on more sharp lines. But then I, James the Great that this kind of numb or normal, normal creep and sometimes like this this flow here it's much easier for me, Detroit with this creep rather than this. Because then I would have to move my hand here. It feels really unnatural for me, so but this creep, I can do it. And this is actually nice. Um, nice. But toe talk about this, like how to indicate the flow off the lines. So I used If you want to have, like, this big, beautiful flowing lines, you don't you don't want to draw them like completely like the same darkness, all with the same pressure all the way down. So I usually vary eight. The pressure off the lines like from place, like gonna draw the like, darker and then lighter. And then some of that store Eric and and here you're gonna have, like, darker on. Then why they're in darker and lighter and darker Gives this nice variation flowing. It's off the line. So here , again, Drawing a bit off here. The blood on the veins, they indicate them. I think they look beautiful. Song tryingto draw them, you know, Big. Not too much. Of course, if you vote overboard with, um, look, look to yourself. Try to be settled. It's also sometimes nice toe draw, like through the through the form. So, like, this curve here draw the whole, like a cylinder shape here. There is just for practice anyway, So, um, same thing for here. Example. You can draw that shape off the finger. Um, here. Maybe I could draw the shadow shapes a bit in that indicated the shape of the finger Roshal . - Also , this I don't really like drawing this this really small lines under on the on these areas because some it really easily makes the whole drawing look like r 21 those kind of details are something I don't really I want to go into when I'm doing these exercises. Um, mostly just focusing on the the gesture of the hand he left a hand. So if you want to draw them, like by all means to, but I don't think it's that important unless you want. Oh, practice drawing like in for the realistic way, then you my thought the door does Yes, I was old. So this this bit is actually like What's behind everything? So it's in the darkness, So try the make it a bit more subtle. And, um, if you draw this the shadow shape here on the front, we can make it look like it's actually behind that behind everything. So on. And that's about it. You got it. And maybe blue in the shadows. Well, the arms trading in I get like, uh, shading these kind of like this, this area off the off the hand, like it's so subtle, the value differences. So it would take a quite a long time toe. What a while, though, actually draw those which aiding. So I'm not gonna do that if you want, actually, if that's something that you want to see, that like complete sharing from from picking to end. Just comment on the on the course, and I picked Mega One like example video hold out that is stunning, maybe longer, longer drawing. So if that's something that you want to see, Just let me know you re quit. Actually, try out one thing here before I call this finished and let's try toe. Let's try how it looks if we at the, um the talk back around, so it's still a bit of shading on the background. There's just a tested. Also, have no idea how it is going to turn up again. I'm always using the same like going along the shading and just to make it look like uniform. They're negotiating. It's okay to go over Tia, you're growing. I think it's fine because you're gonna You can always like, erase those lines that go on top. But if if you live like a small gap here, that looks awful. So be sure to not do that. It's got a nice it's gonna maybe booked the shape off the hand, he thought, All right, I call that Don't, uh it was nice exercise, and, uh, try it out and see if you can If you're gonna get the same, like gesture on, remember to keep Thea tryto really nailed that, like there the rest for a position left hand So all those lines should be like, really like flowing. Call him. So I tried this one out and let's see you want the next lesson. 7. Exercise 3 - Flow Of Two Hands: all right. Uh, welcome back for this one. I would like to do our like, more simplify sketch this time, So let's not go too far on the adding details. That's just focus on the on them on the gesture on the form off the off the hands. And I also decided toe change the pencil to the red one. So I'm not just a sport, but I think the red one will be easier to see on the video on the blue. I know this that blue is a bit hard to see. So maybe with the red one, uh, we'll get more darker told, Let given equipment on the video or the course. Like if there's some problems with the videos and I will try to make this better What? So, yeah, let's start with the blow because it's more so it also, uh, let's talk working on this. Chester's off the hands. Um, okay, so I would first start with um describing this flow that, like that well are just lines off motion on the hand. For example, here you can see the hand calls like, uh, first down and then up and makes this curve here on this hand course goes down and stuff should grow up at this finger, so I would do something like like this. Actually, it goes ba tire than this. So, um, it should go more like Okay, let's exact your it it a bit. So something like fish and then the other hand, this he's going here, here. He's not just a gesture. Gestural lines. And here we're going to see the, uh, the bomb off the hand. So it's facing Don't works the whole hand. So and here I would do the years I'm like a even though it's going straight in the in the photo, I would make it the bend just a bit upwards here. I'm doing this, uh, the Chester off these fingers. Unlike with their previous, um, drawings. I'm gonna start establishing thea relationships off the different off the different hands. So, for example, I'm gonna start looking where this these fingers are comparing to this hand. So, for example, here I would I would say they are about here. So from this point, I would go upwards, gonna start using their red eventual so you can see this line speak better. The area girls are some parts of it on here. We can see that this little finger is aligned really much with the, uh, this edge off their other hand, the left hand. So, um, we can just continue that The flow here and here again we have curved out outwards or downwards. I'm tryingto get it here. Alright. And here's another example of off the line continuing from this hand with this answer, Um, I would go something like this on here. We continued onwards. No starting to move it slowly, toe defining the shapes shapes off the hands. But I'm still continuing with the ultra with gesture and always keeping the the lines. Really, um, subtle and still like, uh, rough shapes not know did that. So what? We're using these slightly curved lines. It's kind of like a fingertips like this just from here. Uh, sometimes draw this like ellipse. It's a good weight. Oh, make that the shape off the fingertip like organic looking. So rather than using like a book, block shapes. I'm for their areas, like wrists. It's some bunch could make the block shapes, but and also this bomb area this kind off every ites you can see in tutorials in Utah or something many people drive like with the box form sent. It's fine, but, um but the box forms, you know, it's if you don't get rid off the the construction lines, it will end up looking like Loki the handle. You probably don't want to do that. So I'm using the ellipsis. Mostly for this fingers. Yeah, Here. We can draw there, draw this line off the finger, or, like, all the way through the actual like to tip tips off the fingers are more difficult to draw usually day and end up looking to thin or toe too wide are or through, around or something. So, um, I usually charge leave them the last last part. So just trying to indicate the wealthy actual deep off the finger is so but I'm not yet going to worry about it too much. So the whole drawing right now looks quite like abstract. Still, we have this gesture land here like this, and still, like, completely knocked on on this this handy starting the take it shape shape slowly. So it's going forward for here. Example we could use the more off the book's form, we could define the Yeah, shape off the wrist. Okay. - Um okay, So defining thes fingers is something like that. It's usually quite, um, challenging. So what I usually do when I have toe figure out how where the how the fingers like, where they are placed on how the Hopi card, the caption. Um, I usually start by it just placing the tips off the fingers at the where they should be. So maybe it's fears. Like small spheres like this. No, we're gonna start, uh, drawing Thea This thes gaps with these negative spaces around, um, fingers. So I would may live. Try to just establish the angles I'm goes off the, uh, the edges. Not again. Not going to go more into the smaller data is like these small bombs here. Gonna try rather get the iosco, Rick. So it's looking really weird right now of the fingers. So on that, because they are still not completely drawn way haven't defined these areas. Um, yet so But first, I think it would be nice toe. Draw this this curb off that local stars again. It's going, uh, making this nice reap here. So this type before sweet. And then we know where this like, this kind of small bombs fall in the because they're happening on the remotes where they no go. Sure. And this this kind of fun. Actually, it's nice toe draw the the boxy shape sometimes like this type of finger just to indicate it if you want, you don't have to put you can clearly see that the shape off the finger here because off the the shadow is falling. Those that this actually in the wrong place longer fixed it on. I'm gonna John being the working on these hand again, just like that's how I usually work just, like, jump around the hands. Not gonna work on these fingers too much time. I know this that I got caught on gotta burning on this hand too much. So let's continue with this. No, this this this wrong shape here. So I'm gonna just indicated here with the, uh, this round shape on the lips you really want toe move your hand like around the drawing. Like, really Louison and Floyd way Just move around the forms and like this, um, that will make the gesture lines like, really fluid and nice looking. It will take its time to get, um, used to that. Especially if you're not usedto working with this creep. Eso hang in there and just keep practicing again Here, uh, placing his finger tips here. I was just first indicate where they are. So maybe here about here, huh? Then we have fisherman here on this one is here on the shores here. So on no weekend, - it's ah, knowing in the morning here in Finland, I just woke up on that shower and started working, so I would be tired right now. So it's always huh? You never know how this droid's gonna end up when you start your day. So gonna be happy if this just work south, It's going, going nice So far. So, so far, so good. Always try to remember that. Just have fun with fun with these drawings. And don't tried to ah, avoid, like getting into the mindset that you have to succeed. Meet the drawing, be happy. So just enjoy the, uh, practicing off, but that the drawing itself, you will get better with time. But if you get frustrated when you're drawing and on, um, the drawing is not looking good on. Do you get angry under? It's not gonna help at all. And it just gonna use all your energy on worrying about the drawing. And and that again leads toe motivation like problems. Because next time you will start drawing and you will be one. Like, uh, you get used to that, like Barington about drawing. So it's not a good idea, though. Worry too much. I definitely do like mistakes, mistakes and bad drawings every now and then. And it's just just have to let it go in. Do another one. Okay, Uh, wondering which area the work right now. Like I said earlier, I would just like to keep this one's this exercise us. Ah, really simplified outside. So, like, let's not go too far into the adding that detail. So that's mostly about the adding that gesture that the Hanson making just your work. I'm still a satisfied with this area. It doesn't really look natural, so I'm gonna try fix that. So let's see how we do that first about this area is still not looking good. I think one thing that might improve these is, uh, lowering the, uh, the reached here. So we started this gesture line, and then I started working on this this line here and it ended up higher than it should be . Just a bit. No, not much. But I think if we would drop it here, maybe then we can add more angle here and that I can mix the the gesture off the hand. Just leave it. And here we cannot I know this This one. So then I didn't know this before. What they have here really want Oh, really? Want toe? Get there. This I know be noticeable right now. Here. We really don't have that. Uh, so clearly here. So I don't drive the it's bit better, right? I think. Still this one, both core IX, right? And for this, like toe, draw the Chester off the fingertips. I usually try to focus on the young, this girl apart, like that one. The bottom. You're gonna see it most clearly. I think here. So this this girl, because it's curves like here. And then it goes straight so we can do that shape. Same thing here, curves. And then that's a straight bar. Andi, sending here, girls go straight. So when you get that drawn in when you indicate that that's usually enough to draw the tips off the fingers. - And here we can see it was just tried to emphasize there the large curse that we did when we started. So here we have thes this one here we go down and then we go straight straight again. Andi, here we have the s curve gonna strengthen these lines a bit more Still the make it clearly visible on the video. When I'm drawing here, there's still a lot off these areas that we could You could add more data in England and all that, but I'm not gonna go there right now, So let's get this one just like a gesture and form study. You don't have to worry about the other two leading social. Just try to focus on there first of all, the placement off the hand, so they are correct. So everything falls forced to their right right flesh, and then t ah, Chester on that form, you can also use this Contour lines toe or like this type of like just drawing where the, uh, healthy for form turns dual. I really liked practice like the recognizing the shape off the hand and the futures. All right, I think Let's go. That bond, Ellemann, uh, give it a shortened, um, post up on the on the on the course protects, and I will give you some feedback on it on. Do you want the next listen? 8. Hand Drawing Resources: I want to share a few resources for learning of the draw hands. And the 1st 1 Is this going to pick your drawing design? An invention by Michael Hampton, and it's a really nice book for that. So is clearly there simplification off the hands, how to break their hands down in the more simple shapes. And oh, of course, it also has a, uh, same things for other other parts off the human body. So, um, it's really great book to buy on down another resource. Is there a website called Line of Action? In There you go, um, timer own, and it will show you different hand posters so you can have a like, for example, 32nd hand posts and draw the Chester's off them and or two minutes or three minutes. And it's a great way to practice on drawing 9. Closing Words: thanks for training the course. I hoped you liked it. And I wouldn't be updating the course with new material every now and then. So new videos and exercises for you also keep following it. And also follow me if you don't already so will be getting updates off their new Of course . I'm gonna be really releasing eso again. Keep practicing and you want the next course?