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Learn to Create Minimal typography and logo opener in Adobe After Effects

teacher avatar Shubham Ganer, Motion Graphics Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Starting with the Basics


    • 3.

      Creating Animated Squares with shape layers


    • 4.

      Creating Typography and adding to the layout


    • 5.

      Transforming the Square into Circle


    • 6.

      Adding Null Object and animating the logo


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About This Class

Are you ready to learn a simple way to grab viewers within the first nanoseconds of your introduction for a video, presentation, or promotional tool? In this course, you can learn step-by-step with one of the best on-line animations instructor to create a Minimal Typography and Logo Opener in Adobe After Effects

Shubham Ganer is a Motion Graphics Designer with over 5 years of experience. He has a simple approach to teach proven techniques for generating higher visibility and greater engagements with a range of options. This course walks users through the step by step approach in learning to create Minimal Typography and Logo with the help of Adobe After Effects that will impress your audience .You will learn everything from scratch to create a Professionally animated logo opener with the help of Adobe After Effects 

The course is divided in 5 lessons which teach you to create a text and logo based animation in Adobe After Effects so even if you never used Adobe After Effects you will be able to follow along with the help of simple instructions and be able to create the Final Product which is shown in the promo 

The main aim of this course is :
1. To ensure students are able to create a Minimal style typography and logo opener
2. To make sure that students explore the functionality of the software and understand it's working
3. The students are able to create the final animation taught in the course 

Project file of the animation is also included in class project so you can open and reveal it in case if you want it for reference

While aimed at intermediate, this course is also valuable for beginners animators , to add to your current skill set and gain insights that will enhance your animation and design skill set and will help you as an emerging artist

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shubham Ganer

Motion Graphics Designer


Hello, I'm Shubham

I am a Motion Graphics Designer with nearly five years of experience. I love creating unique projects with optimum aesthetic quality. I am a self-taught designer, and I understand how and what it takes to be self-taught and successful.


Through my courses I am willing to share my knowledge, which I have acquired over the thousands of hours of time I have invested each day in learning the skills of motion graphics. I am fortunate enough to work for a video project for Domino's Pizza and I have worked for clients from all over the world.


My main goal of being an instructor includes supporting others who are getting started with motion graphics so they can also reach a professional level.

Email : shubham.ganer@y... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Promo: Hey, guys. Hello and welcome in discourse. In this course, we're going to create minimal opener with animated topography and a logo. So this goes. Everything will re create it from scratch. All you need to do is have a copy of after effects and just toe step by step as it is instructed in the course, we will be learning about effects like for like, Ram and like a key frame animation with different speed, using up no objects and how to hide layers inside of after effects to make our workflow easier. So this course will be just a step by step, beginner, friendly course, and everybody will be able to follow along even if you are a beginner or your intermediate or maybe an advanced user often do be after effects at the end of the course will be very confident enough to create a minimalistic style opener inside of adobe after effects without the help off any towards party plug ins are scripts, so I will see you in the class 2. Starting with the Basics: Okay, so after opening the after effects, you will see the set up just like this. It may differ in the case off the version you're using, but right, I'm I'm using adobe after effects CC 2018. Okay, so this screen can look very confusing if you just open it for the first time or you're just a beginner because there are lots off balance and lots of things, and it might get a little bit confusing, but we will solve it. So just go to the windows and just go here. Just put your mouse pointer here and then select standard. So this will reset your workspace like this. So the next thing is just to create a new composition to create a new composition disc liqueur wants and just die what? 90 0 edged. And from here stews this 1920 29.97 frames per second preset. And this is the duration. So this is 10 seconds. This is like hours, minutes and seconds. And this one is milliseconds. So just make it then this liqueur and just don't get down and head talking. So this creates a blank comm position Okay, so it's simple to just, like add a background to it so as to had a background just the strike, like but a new and select solid. And just name it as background and make sure you had may calm size, but, um so that it just makes the size the wit and hide as the composition says and head. Okay, so this creates a white background, but we can change the colors so we can do is just click here or hit F three on the keyboard and right leg on this blank area and just go to generate and select Grady and tramp in previous virgins off after effects, it should be just ram. Okay, so click here. So what does does this create a radiant off two colors? This is starting point, and this is the ending part and the screeds of black and white collar ingredient where we can change this to any color off our choice. But for this we will just use it it to be a little bit off white, which is like, if you want to be exact, you can just type this code E 87 87 head Okay, so this is a radiant which, like the outer, is pure white, and the inner is a little bit off combination off day. Okay. And this is the ram shape, which is a linear. We'll change it to regular. So what is the difference? We will understand. This is a radial ramp which which spreads in a circular direction. And this is a linear lamb which spread in our whole vertical direction. So let's juice the radio room and let's juice the color. And one more thing we can do is just select this and just move it here and click here. And, uh, let's choose the weather 9 60 by 5 40 which is which is the composition half off the comm position. So it goes in the center so you can see in the center and celebrate greyish and outer. It looks a little but a white so we can just go and just like, make it a little bit more. Dr Grey. So it has a feel off like a lighter agree in the middle and lighter gray, a little bit darker grade and that outside. Okay, so now what we need to do is create a box so as to create a box we can do is like just, uh right, right Click here new and go shape layer. So what does the US is? It's at a shape layer, but we can see nothing now, so so as to create something just clicked on this at all and then click on the contents and here you'll see a button with this small but in here at text with the small. But, um, just click your ones and just go and select a rectangle. So this draws a rectangle, but we still can see it because we have to add color to it. So just go toe ad and go and select Phil. So this is a rectangle which is formed. Don't. What we can do is just increase its size, okay? And also change the scholar. You can change the sculler from here just by clicking on this arrow. And just by changing it here are you can do it by applying effect, which is goto the fact select the layer first goto effect generate and fell. And from here you can just give it a color off your own choice. Okay, so I'll just give it this color, which is 141414 and had okay. And now what we can do is animate it over time so that it it gets scaled up, so clicked us and hit us on the keyboard. Or you can just click it here once and then just go to transform. Just click on this but it and then just click here and then go back and from here, just increase the size and select CDO. So what does does this skills our box in this direction, we can do something for it is like select both of these key frames, right? Click. Keep them assistance Eazy e's and it just go here and hit n So on, Lee, this area will be on the preview and so as to preview hit zero key on the keyboard. Okay. And we can smooth this on begin chase the timing off Thesis key frames the speed of your frame just back, selecting the key frames and clicking on this button. And there you will see this just when you just click on the scale, you'll see this graph. So this indicates the speed here in the starting a zero, and here it's increases and again it goes down. We can just go just select boat off them just by the mouse. They're clicking and holding and dragging, and then you can see these handles. If you find it hard to see, just click here and this will open up. So I will just increase a little bit off this to make the graph invisible more and just select the ski frame and just, uh, just push it straight and make sure you don't move it down. Just push it straight on this green line. So what will happen? This will move fast and then slow down. So let's have a preview, Okay? It's moving way too fast. So select us and bring these key frame 11 here, okay? And also, you can adjust this timing just by click here and then just to move it around 25 frames so as to see the frames. You just need to change this. This click here and you will see the two hours and then click, and you can track so around 25 frames and let's review it again. Okay, looks good. That's more on to the next tutorial. 3. Creating Animated Squares with shape layers: Okay, so after this, we can create two small squares which come before this box so as to create it. Let's done the eyeball off off our box so we don't see it. And let's create another shape layer, right. Click the same. Process your news and go to shape layer. So this creates an empty shape layer, and again we just click your We just go on this addle and then just select correct angle and again, just go here and select, and we can choose the fill color from here. So click on the shape layer number one, and this will reveal the filled the fact. Just click here and hit control C and just click here and hit control we So this will face the same color here and now. What we will do is we will degrees the size off these so as to do it. Just go to those rectangle part and select the size and, like degrees it like this a little bit more. It's depending on your choice for me. 58. Well, let's work with 65 looks looks good, but you could use it according to your own wish and well, So let's move to let's select this layer and head, be on the keyboard and have a key frame and hit shift and s, which will reveal the scaling key frame also and selected Tear and let's go to the 15 2nd mark. And, uh, that stunned the eyeball off this one to see the layer. So let's guests. Let's goto this one second mark. And from here, let's move it toe around, Uh, three. A 60. Okay. And from the scaling, just click here so that this key creates a key frame and then go back and then select zero . And from here you can preview it. Let's stand Aibel off this one, and let's select quote off them right click. Keep him assistance. Easy East and the same thing. Just click here selectees boat and then move them a little bit. Moved a handle a little bit so that this create the key thing, which goes from slowing down. It moves up the faster speed and then slows down again. Okay, and now let's do the same thing. Let's on the this side. Let's control D, which is duplicated and hit be on the keyboard. And here we will have a value. Because this valley was 9 60 Let's make it 9 60 So it goes in the mill and 9 60 on this side, we deducted on our 600 so this side of it will plus 600. Just click your and click here and select Plus and 600. And after effects will do the calculation for us. Okay, so this goes here and it Zito on the keyboard to preview it. Okay. Very nice. Now we can do is so so as to for the sake off simplicity. Okay, we can do is like, make thes labels off different color to select boat off them. Just click your and choose maybe lavender. Okay, So these other lavender, which are bigger in size and then just, uh, select the first and had controls for a second and control duplicate by control deep, and then move boat off the five and four above them. And here we will have the position to be disk liquor and minus 1 50 and click here. Go bless 1 50 And the scaling should be a little bit less so as to create a little bit off first fatality. So I'll choose around this value, which is 69 70. So okay, now we can stagger these key frames, staggered these layers and select both off these layers because these are the small dots and disk liqueur and Jews maybe. Ah, yellow color. Okay, so we've gone this these and we can also name these layers. So I just do is like this Turn the Avalon and just just name he does wear. And this her tender Just name. It does medium square and select this small square. Select this small square. Okay, so now we can stagger the layers. Just let's turn the eyeball off of this one for a second. Or maybe let Ah, let it. Okay, so select these layers, which is small squares. Let them come after the medium scores come. Okay, select us and had zero to preview. Okay, It looks like this. And let stand arrival off the square and let's stagger the square after this. Okay? Looks nice. And you can always stagger it more or less. And just see what works best for you. And keep that animation for me. This looks good. So this is like around hard between five and 10 frames is like seven or eight frames. Okay. And let's move on to the next tutorial. 4. Creating Typography and adding to the layout: Okay, so now what I will do is save my project so as to save the file and save. And I will just browse where I have to save. I will save it in my folder and name. It s project. Okay, so now we can see. Okay, this is our animation. And now let's add some text so as to add a text, just like right? Like new text. We cannot see anything, but we can type this type simple. Okay. And again we can do is like just click here for the paragraph so that this this paragraph iss everything we type is will be topped by the in the middle. If the paragraph iss on tous, then everything we will type will not be from the medal. Okay, So display cure and the select us so simple and just go do windows and select a line and then this will align our text. Just select this. So what does those is? Just alliance it perfectly in the center, this and this. Okay. And just click here once and just go to right click fell and just select white color for this. Or maybe a little bit down like this, you date media, maybe just select this easy. Go easy. Too easy. Oh, and hit OK And for the font use, Montes said it, which is a very minimal and very good looking front. And for the this family of the forint, let's Jews semi bold. Okay, so what? We want us this to have some kind off animation like the characters off this foreign should be strength together and they should the like. As the boxes opening, they should also opened up. So let's let's do that. Let's go back here. We cannot see anything. Let's let's go. Let's go from here, Okay? And click your and then just click your anges to select this and Jews tracking. And, uh, okay, I full screened it. So let's tracking Amar Macedo for this key frame. Lets no 1 to 20 Keith 20 frames. And let's move this key from here. And from here, let's go and select our arm minus 25. Let's see, we cannot see it because off the phone, just just click here. This way. Disabled. Okay, this looks nice. That score here again and select boat off them. Right click. He from assistance Eazy e's and s's. Click your See this graph. Select both off them. Then just move them ahead. And, uh, let's see. Okay. And now from here, let's move it here and then just don't on the phone. Okay? So what? We want that as this box is opening, this should be revealed. And it's simple to do. Let's just click here and, uh, just let's make some room. So that we can see we can do is do our Matt. So this is the square, right? And just click the square hit control deep on the keyboard. This will make another duplicate off the square. Put that on the top of fear just by dragging it and letting go. So now we cannot see anything but slick here. And you will just see this strike matter. We don't see. Just click here, Double switch. And from here, Jews all from it. So whenever the text is visible, the text only will be visible in this blank area. So let's move this layer a little bit here, So so that you can see. See? Now it looks like now the text is only visible in the blank in the box and if there is no no matter then then you can see this is still visible. So when there is Matt, that's okay, let's make it better. So when there is no mad, you can see it's already visible whenever this comes here. But when there is all format, this is only visible on this PDO, which is Caribbean. So let's down on the fill air back, okay? And he select us, hit you on the keyboard and let's take our defense again, okay? And he'd see it also as to preview it. Okay, this looks very nice. And now let's have for here it gets revealed for the square to select the square head to you and here it is getting revealed. So we will just move like it shift and just go on like moved its time indicator here. And who would shift and it fades down 12 times and then you can do is, like, select all Dickie's medium and small square said be on the keyboard and display here one so that it creates a key frame off the same value. From here you will see there is no animation, but just to move them a little bit ahead. And now let's choose this medium square and this small square. And then let's move them out of the frame, okay? And do the same thing. Jews, this medium square in this and move them out of the frame. And while you move them, if you had shifted, they will move like, a little bit faster. Make sure they look exactly the same. Okay, And now if we review this, they look like this and just select these key frames. Click here. And Sadiq these just click here. And now, since we just want upto preview animation from here, he'd be key. And this will bring it here. This will bring the preview area from here. Or you can just drag it here and from here just increases size a little bit. Okay, so we have to make sure that they have a little bit off a different speed so as to do it. Let's move the medium first. Let them move and let move. Does this small later? Discreet and hits idoki. Okay. And let's preview our full animation. Okay? Very nice. Let's move on to the next territory. 5. Transforming the Square into Circle: Okay, so now what we need to do is just turned us to zero. So, like, put the scaling with the size of the text to zero so as to do it to select the text. And, uh then just just make sure this is an anchor point. The scaling will happen from that that point. So if I just you're Skilling, this will happen from this and so as to move the anchor point Discreet. Just click on this span behind dual or hit. Why on the keyboard, this is gives the name off the tool and the key that which it can be moved. If I just move it here on this corner and try to scale it down. Let's see what happens. Okay, this gets scaled down from this angle. So let's Jews, and let's move in it in the middle. Okay. And, uh, it s on the keyboard and reveal this click here, and just more with little bit ahead and just zero ending. Select both of them. Right click key from assistance, Eazy e's and the same thing again. Just move it delivered more. Just click your and then select us. And this graph is inverted because we are moving in the negative direction. This is like for the scale which 100 do this. And just from here you can always choose the speed value craft. Just click your select and then select like this. The school here, I would be on the keyboard, okay, Moving too slow because this is too much and just click. And it's like a witless Okay, Now we can do is transformed this big square into or capsules who has to do it. Just click here, just go to the rectangular. But Phil and from here just click here on the size and just just one Jane it And here click on the wrongness and just move it, deliver it down so that you can see it better and let's move. And let's change size and Jews the wrongness. Okay, And now let's see how it goes. And very nice we can do is select both off them right leg and again. Just make sure you right click on the key frame and Ricky for assistance and easy to use and then sitting both of them smooth test. This will just move one. And you can also use this to zoom in. Let's go for the size. Select it and move it. Okay, it's very slow. Select both of them. A small. But here, maybe a little more. OK, and now let's go and add another text so as to do it Just procure. Or maybe just like right click new text and type minimal. You can type anything. Whatever you want to split here and again the same thing alive. Just click here, Click Click here So that this goes in the middle and no, that's any made this. So let's move a little bit ahead. Could be on the keyboard And, uh, just like, make sure this is in the middle of the single point and just click here so as to create a key frame and just go back on. Just move it outside this camp. Soon select both of them. Right. Click on the key, Frankie. From assistance is ease. Just click here and then select what? Off them on? Just one handle, Okay. And I would want it to move as this is getting smaller. So this looks good. Okay. And now what we can do is do plea gauge our square, which is this layer. Select. Just select one kid Control. It was like all the layers and maybe just click here, so all these will be visible. So then what we need to do is create the channel for this. So let's select the square, could control the duplicate and move it above, over minimal and do the same thing. This click here and use ad this formatting. So this will look like this. We can always move against, like, this layer and just click here, selection to and move it a little bit ahead and maybe a head off that maybe a little bit down. Okay, Okay. And then just select a simple earlier and just select a fill Control C and select here and control. We okay? Looks very nice. Let's preview old animation. Okay, for my taste, it looks like this is happening to slow, which is like after these starts, there's a long pause for this text and this box to change also so we can do is like, let's change the key for him. Just really looking. Select the square and select this 1st 1 and hit you and you can see this is a huge gap so we can fill the scapular, but less so select. Let's select all the key frames, like from first and they square hit you and you can see all the key frames to select all off them. And so, like this. Okay, so we don't need to see the key frames off the squares because they they are animated properly. So we can do is just select this and select these square number medium squares and the small squares. And, uh, just click here toggle switch and click here on this hide layers. So and then click here. So this will hide these layers. So now we can work efficiently. So let's juice the key frames. Select all of them, and let's move it. I didn't hear. Okay, let's preview it. Okay, Looks much better. Okay, Now let's move on to the next territory. 6. Adding Null Object and animating the logo: Okay, so now what we need to do is enemy Destexhe out. So just click here and it be on the keyboard so as to see the position, ski fame, and after this, just move it a little bit ahead and just click this. This will create the same key frame value as this previous. Keep him and then move it and then move this out off the box. Okay? And now what you can do is you can just make this box as a circle so as to do that, just scroll down and select this layer and it you on the keyboard and see this size sighs. But I am a church's click here and then move a little bit ahead. And from here, just make this value to be say, Mathis. So, like, let's change 12 okay? And this creates a perfect circle for us and select both of them. And then just click your And from here, just move this handle, okay? And now what you can do is let's review the animation, so Okay, this text is going here, and it should just happen as soon as it just gets there. So this click here and and then just prove Move them. So when you just see this, it's more with you. And then what you can do is and he made this circle also Celester enemy to Circle. Let's create on a lot object because there are so many defense already and this can be very confusing. So right, click New null object and began Justo Barron This squares to this null object so as to do this Just click on the square, click on here hole and drag. And just when you just go on the new novel object and just release it And if you don't see this just right click here columns. And so just check this parent, okay? And now it has on the keyboard for the no object. And, uh, here you can degrees size, just move ahead. This degree is the size and then just go a little bit ahead. Just make it size to be our own around 27 to 70 and then just more and around and just make it this and then just move a hair and just make it a little bit more. And now select all of them. Right? Played. Keep him assistance. Easy East. And you can just see that this has been created and you can preview it by hitting. See? Okay. Okay. You can see that this is moving. Good. But like after here, it is very slow. So we can do is select them and just malls them here. Let's see. Okay. And for the last details are getting very slow. So let's move it, and that's changed This okay? All right. And you can do is just add a logo file so as to have a local file. Just double click on this blank area and just browse your local whatever you have your local file and and just select the local fire land had import, and then you just Strack and drop your local on the top and hit us on the keyboard and scale it accordingly, so that it is in the middle off the logo. And also you can do is Baron this. Do this null object. So this will move with with the ball. So if you see here, here is the local visible. So what we need to do is just go here when the ball is getting back and hit us on the keyboard for the logo and this click off the frame and just make the value zeal. And just to move ahead when the logo comes in front just to make it just just just to make it around so that it fits the ball and then you can see that this works well. Okay, so now let's preview the whole animation from CEO. Okay, so that's it for now. Thanks for taking this course. It's