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Learn the art of clay sculpting: Make a Ganapati idol

teacher avatar Mandar Marathe, Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Materials, tools and FAQ


    • 3.

      Sculpting Legs and Torso - Part 1


    • 4.

      Sculpting Legs and Torso - Part 2


    • 5.

      Making The Idol Hollow - Part 1


    • 6.

      Making The Idol Hollow - Part 2


    • 7.

      Sculpting Dhoti & The Foot


    • 8.

      Sculpting Hand Without Individual Fingers


    • 9.

      Sculpting Hand With Individual Fingers


    • 10.

      Sculpting Hand With A Modak - Part 1


    • 11.

      Sculpting Hand With A Modak - Part 2


    • 12.

      Sculpting The Shela On The Shoulders


    • 13.

      Sculpting The Lower Part Of Shela


    • 14.

      Sculpting The Elephant Head


    • 15.

      Sculpting The Ears


    • 16.

      Fixing The Head


    • 17.

      Sculpting 3rd Hand


    • 18.

      Fixing 3rd Hand


    • 19.

      Sculpting & Fixing 4th Hand


    • 20.

      Sculpting The Trunk


    • 21.

      Sculpting The Teeth


    • 22.

      Sculpting Eyes & Jewelry


    • 23.

      Sculpting Crown, Mouse and Final Cleanup


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About This Class

Get trained in clay sculpting and make a Ganapati idol without using any mold.

The course is about learning how to make an eco-friendly idol of Ganapati using wet clay and some very basic tools. This course is taught using video lectures and I have used some presentations slides to explain the materials used, answer FAQs and summarize the course.

This course is divided into 4 sections. We will be starting from making the basic structure and then go on to modelling the 4 hands, making the face, the trunk. Finishing touches will be added by making ornaments and other details.

You should do this course if

- you enjoy learning something new

- you like playing in clay and creating objects with it

- you are interested in sculpture as an art form

- you want to make a Ganapati idol on your own

If you have any questions, you can post them in the questions section and I'll respond to those.

By the end of this course you will master the clay modelling techniques using which You can make clay models of other objects or animals as per your wish.

See you in the course!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mandar Marathe

Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer



Download my ebook. 



I am a fine artist, illustrator, and sculptor based in Pune, India.

I chose to become a full time artist in 2011 after 15 years of corporate career in manufacturing and IT.
During my education and corporate career I made art on weekends and exhibited it through solo and group shows. But I wanted to make more art and more often!

After quitting my day job, I've created and sold my own art more often and have taught 20000+ students through my workshops, courses and membership.

My art teaching method got refin... See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: I've been painting and sculpting since I was about 10 years old. There's so much fun in making something out of a plane and seeing your ideas come into reality in front of. I've been teaching both shop last few years on the smiles, with Jesse on the piece of faces after they made an idol just amazing. Along the way, I realized that there are incredible number of people who want to learn play sculpting, and that's how the idea of the sports came about. I'm I'm a finance on a shelter, and in this course you will be learning how to turn a lump of clay into a beautiful girl for the idol. Do you think you basically on no ready made more? This course is divided into 21 video lectures, and I explain it, step in detail and show you how and why I do it. By the end of this course, you will learn the tips and tricks of clay sculpturing on. You will be able to sculpt your ideas in three dimensions with this course is for you. If you enjoy learning something new, if you like playing and creating objects simply, if you are interested in sculpture is an art form. Or if you want to make a play idol off gun pretty by yourself. There are no prerequisites for joining this course. Just that just, you know. 2. Materials, tools and FAQ: do. 3. Sculpting Legs and Torso - Part 1: Welcome to this section Off the workshop Wearing will be making the base of the idle on the legs portion off the I will in which position in with sitting. So I have a plastic bag here on I'm taking some play. This is the claim which I have ready for use on. You can see that the play is very soft but it's not soft as soft as a zoo much that it will stick to my fingers. So you should have this consistency so that whatever you make, make it easy. So now I want to make a base which will be more. I mean, it could be longer then people. So it will be a rectangle like this on DSI How I make it. I don't want you to make this place very finished at the state because we were working a lot with based on it is actually the thing which is to be done at the complete end so that it remains your ingredients. It's finish. So don't waste too much time in making it very smooth right now You see how I'm making a rectangle? I have very basic tools here. I have the play. I have a plastic bag. I'm a piece of plot. I wouldn't rule and had some water. These are the only things which will be using to make the idol everyone more cool, which will be using. But I chose that on that cause in that particular chapter, I'm just laying in the play here and see how up it is. I'm pressing it only so much that it sticks to the leverage is already there. Okay, see? How would wrap it is? I'm not going toe put any effort in making it very nice. Now, let's start with making the cross legged position in with this flat line for the back off. The body will be an easier on me here, and this will be again a B. These are good lines are off the lower legs, All right, leg and lately on. So this is the shape which we have to make when you're making the both the legs. Another point to be noted is that the knee is not touching the ground. When you're sitting in cross lake position, the need gets lifted. So let's start making it again. Again. I'm not making a shape and sticking or on the base. The reason is when you make some shaped like this, it creates a surface which, if I place here, doesn't speak properly. So you have to keep things as rough as possible so that they stick better. So I'm just going on putting some play here just to make the shape off the links thing. Would you have you remember here that it's are full three d volume so that you're not It should look like a person is sitting here on it should not look like as if the leg is half under. The surface of the board are under the surface off the base. So you have to see this angle. It's a three dimensional things, so remember that it has it looks like a complete volume in its not cut in the house. This is another me. A common mistake which students make at the state is that they make this and this very on cave. So things go in here where is since we have the bone in the lower leg which is quite in the front of the leg, this line remains straight line. Okay, This is a rough shape off the cross legged position. And now I'm going to make ah build up the basic structure for the abdomen as you're making a gun. Put the garden abdomen is white, bulging are what, Billy, You can say that right now. I'm not concentrating on again. Finishing a lot of time is wasted by first time doors in making things very nice on smooth . That's not a requirement right now. As I am demonstrating this, we should look at how the idol will look like when we finished doing so. Keep in mind that would be able to follow me. One thing we can air here is the shape of the so guys. We call it in Marty, but it's the basic for lead parts off the duty, which is inside here and then comes down forms over the leg on rests on the piece of the on the platform, on which night he's a fat guy, so you have to make him very fast. People also made the mistake of making very skinny on. That's not how the however there listening need the others. - They should be a slope here. This is This is gonna be the shoulder on This is the upper morning and is the abdomen. Right now. It's in a very rough stage, but I mean one's step off, smoothing things with some water on my finger. 4. Sculpting Legs and Torso - Part 2: So what I'm doing is I'm putting Let me show this in three. All three different on the sides. Just learning the plastic bank. This is where the plastic bags helps us in doing looking at the idol from all the sides easily the thing which is done by a porter's well are you have a professional stand on which you could make sculptures make the sculpture can be rotated but you don't need that if you have a plastic bank. So this is more This is one of the purposes by me have the plastic bag underneath Idol so that we can look at it from on the sides without actually getting up and going on the other side. I'm just trying to What I was telling some time ago was that it should look as if the person are the figure is sitting on the black home. It should not be like half off this Hi, which is which goes under the level off this platform. So you should see that the car comes in out from here and then goes in. So it's a three dimensional thing, which we are buildings. So this is how it looks at this stage. Now I'm my hum in water and whenever you want so smooth and things out. The best way is to hold the island with your own fingers on four fingers in the back and then use the hum smoothing things out. If you just do it like this, you are. It's most likely that you're coming. Slip on. Damn it! Something else. I'm trying to build the shape while and remove any imperfections are small holes which might every name since we are here on. So tell you how the shape of the time will be or should be, because next on this is the part of the type and is the me. And from here the lower leg starts. So the lower leg has a lesser diameter as compared to the time So the level has dropped here. Okay, so it will be like this. I'm using my fingers to give the shape I'm not using any tools as far as possible. Wherever, Whenever my fingers won't reach an 80 of each. I need to correct I use it. Otherwise I'm only using my fingers. If you're left handed, you can use your left. Come off the left hand. But then, since I'm a right handed person, I tend to use more though, right? Come more than the Leftem adding some cleaner. And I swear toe achieve this depression here. Who do you know that the car was going in is to use your finger like this on drag it alone ? So that clears up nice line which can go in like this. But then it doesn't also cut the base because it if I do it with a tool, then I'm more likely to cut into the base on That makes the base very weak. Here I use my left. Comes better again. I'm here making the Thai separate from the ruling on. You can also know that the me should never touch the base Because we cannot sit like that unless you are a yoga expert. Can know that you are. I mean, the being ordered to the ground when you're sitting in this position. Okay. I think, uh well, stop here. This is the first part which I wanted to show you. We made the base quickly Camp. We made the base, which was very rough. Then we then I showed you how the position off, the guys will be revealed. There'll be movies. One will be off the skies. They'll be a flat thing at the base at the, um, rear end because it will be the flat, back off, the person off tidal. And they'll be another V which will be like this, but which will be shallower we. But then this will be straight. Lines are on next lines and they not be gone. Keep Norby going in like this because the born here is straight. The things remain straight on. When we add the wrinkles off the duty, you will know that it will be even. Come out, not go in. That's it. That's it for the step. 5. Making The Idol Hollow - Part 1: Now that we heard the stage, we'll do some clean up. The base is some unnecessary space here, so I'll cut it off using a tool. This is a pool which I made come on small itself would. It's flat at this end, but it's a wage on its people and against of age you can use if you don't get this room or if you cannot buy it somewhere, find it. You can even use a kitchen knife, which has lost its edge, so make sure that it's not very sharp so that it doesn't cut your hand when you but you can use also. So I'm cutting this part off the latte form. On this way, I'm also getting a very nice edge. Offically. I'm also cut off some part from this side, so it's a good idea to make the bees on black home wider than what you require on cut off. Cut it off so that you get a nice edge into not trying to make an edge, which I'll have to make you because I don't have any extra space which I can cut off just making it go the same height. And on Seoul in some origin out from Okay. Now, if we go on me and I really like this, it becomes heavy because it's really feeling there's no oh space inside, so it's a pool in solid. I don't think you making if you want to make it so that it dries out faster on becomes like a on also become stronger. Then you need to holler Help its principal in predicts there a thing which is a pipe which is hollow, has more strength than a point, which is, or a rod, which is not hollow inside. In the same time, he considered, So we'll have the hollow this out will be able to take out play from here and for that between using more tools. One is a simple thread. It use who splits the plots on another pool, which saw wired only if you buy it from the stores, you will get something like this, and we'll handle down here. So I made this at home using a Emmis wire, which is vote, I think, the year four millimeter in diameter on what it basically is used to scoop out quickly from the parts between making. So look at the G m b cutting. This will include the reason why I'm using her very thin thread is that if I use a tool like this or even a sharp night, it has a volume of its own, which is much, much bigger than the distant threat on what? What it does is when I start cutting like this, it needs space and then the I'll rise to expand and then the shape is to stop. So I don't want that to happen. I want to maintain its shape, external shape. But still, I want to cut it right. I'm using this threat. So the way to go is way we have to reach the table. I mean, we have to even cut the base that I'm holding the thread like this. I'll be putting both of my comes like this. And then month, um, will be behind died Elin one come in front of and then I'll be cutting it into using a very clean Andi in one stroke. I not be going up and down if I go Ever known it? Yates. Too many cuts. And then it becomes a problem to join it again. So I'm trying to go down as much as possible. And then what I do is nowadays you will be able to see why using a plastic wearing is much better than not using a plastic way. I should be able to lift this idol and breaking into Okay, if you don't use a plastic bag, will not be able to do this unless on if you do it, then kindof disturbs the whole chip. So what I do is I know I removed the drag from here. C it didn't cut. Still, the end, that's why it creates is giving problems school come on your back and then mentally just put it about. So this is a night in order. Very nice card. It should have gone till the end. So then we get the same nice cut like this year. Still here. Okay, so now I just cried. Okay. Now, while holding this, um, half off the island for you to do is use this hand your left hand just as a holder. You know, press your fingers against the I disturb the external chips, see my finger than extended. They're not holding it like this. If you like this and then I'll be using this tool. What you gonna do is use this tool and Mark Markle line. And the best way to do is is to follow the external control external line off the cut apart , and then we have to leave this wall and removed the rest of the play from inside. We have to cut even que. 6. Making The Idol Hollow - Part 2: So now I'm drinking way moved up. The way to use the school is through you for this in your hand and use your come and press it like this. So you're not transferring any of the post on the half or on the island. So the force has to be between these. If you apply force like this, then what happens is the idle presses against your hand and it just distorts the shape. Don't try to remove a lot of play in one goal that will create unnecessary course. And then it will be stopped. The shape so take only as much as possible easily. Why are we removing the clay is even from the base is because we should be able to join it later on, even from inside. I'm going equal here. And the biggest part when you do this play removal is where the belly that's just the highs . This is where the car comes in. And if you remove too much, play from here creates a whole here. But don't even if you mistakenly clear hole here while removing the play, don't be afraid. Just put simply and seal it. I'd be going on the weight in the line, which I had drawn, and clay, which we are taking our can be used. So that way it helps to reduce the material or the clean. It's make it heavy. If you make it completely solid, you cannot. You will require the same more than more, um, on a plea to make the idol of the same size as a burden. This is one of the places where what we're doing in this for the first time get frightened because all the while they've been making an idol very painstakingly, and they see that it has to be caught in. But then you should not have that fear on Just hold a really ugly because this is a great way to meet the idol Hollow and hello make it dry. Very costs. I mean, just before Roe finished duty in India, we have a lot of rains, and if you make the idol varies completely solid, then it will take a longer time. Even can. Even you can even take about a month's time to completely dry before you paint. It's always nice to have it. Onda. If you see any of the islands which are made using any kind of lord. They are by nature, hollow from inside because world issues make those see the action. Action is I'm pressing the play in picking here on what others comes out. I'm not putting pressure on my look 10. - Okay , so we have done with the following part of it. Would he have to do is one more note is to keep your all clean in one place in one lump. That way it takes longer time to dry out on. Or rather, it remains wet for a longer period workable. If you allow your clear Toby in smaller pieces like this all around the police, it also becomes messy. And the clay dries off very cost. Now we have to join these two parts so far them toe get our toe, get them fixed, one each other. What you do is make it mean these walls. No, thank you. If you without making this, If you're trying to stick them, it looks like that Stop. But then it's easy for them to come out because the place not really fixed with each other and the parts are still lose. Once you are done with this. You apply some water. You don't have to make completely weight. But it is some What do you got? Laid Very easy. And then please hold the house as much. Here we generalize possible and resting. Don't press them so hard that all get scratched then see that they are matching each other . Then we have sealed the sandwich. Seem eso that sticks Nice. So then one is to be done is make a roll off a plane. Fold it into a very she see that I'm using only the palm off my hand. Roland, the coin I'm known using the fingers neediness if you use the fingers than the depression or the gap between the fingers comes in forms an impression on this. And then you don't get a very uniform coin. What? You are really with this? You start sticking it exactly at the scene where we had cut title use another one. Who? The one who reached in here. See? It's not sculptural Police. What? I always put my hand a small point. What? It Ragno? It's any form. And then if you are come in water on then was side please So that some part of that. Some amount of the clean actually goes inside the gap, which created, got only joint. So again here. I'm putting the island with four fingers here so that I can applying the right amount of pressure. You could just do it like this. Then it's not a good way of the hand slipped. And I cannot applying the position exactly where it is required. Okay, Now we're done with this part, but then the external sealing off the surface. But then we have to the scene inside, also praying. Now lift and show it to you. That looks like this. It's hollow now. So what I'm trying to do is with my finger. I'm also not holding it on this site. I'm pulling it on this side. So where the diarrhea is flat? No, no details. Where? Which are there on the backside. So that even if it presses on my hand, I won't lose much. So what? I'm drank, Louis. Wherever the same is I'm trying to acoustically here on day. So that someplace Clegg actually goes into the device and then sees the Yeah, to the top of that, if your hand is in breach, you can use the coun, but they make sure that you're not booking a hold with I just pushing. Look later. I don't see how it goes. I'm not worried about making it very smooth. I just want to make sure that there's no the cart which are made. It is not seen now that ideal is really for for the world. It will drive fast. Also be lighter and I have a lot more later views. I think we should stop for this part of the stepped on A and E and see you in the next part . 7. Sculpting Dhoti & The Foot: in this chapter will be doing the creases on the rookie. You just have to start from here. They go down here and this one come one comes here and another one comes here and then we'll be doing some small villages here with another taking that first. Let's do this to clean this on both sides for the lates. What I'm doing is I'm rolling this plea and forming a kind off. It's not exactly the the shape is be putting on one in on the diameter off the shape goes on, including it's a corn. It has just having a put here on widens. Get So what I'm gonna do is take a piece of that. And because why it is, so is because the crease is also a pulling it towards the end, on and in the middle, it is. Think so. Listen here, bring a cure. The crease never come still though me because the blood gets fight and very were in this attorney and then try the pleases Don't reach up here. They just come here and then it is Okay, so now we see a gap here, So let's fill it with some plea it's the cloth. We just fallen on the ground on the peace of the Lord and trying it looks like and that perhaps the crease. So what I'm trying to do is merge it on now I'm not I lordly, merging it downwards, more upward. And once it's you won't know, notice a big change because this is the post trees and you have to always start from making a please reaches down below. So they get space for your finger, smoothing it out, make another piece off that shapely and then in the narrow and all the smaller diameter and goes here, on the other hand, was no margin it again. I'm have lip my come in water. - Okay , Now we will be making the same thing on the other side. So gay no, on just to start with the baby killed in a politically on the side so that the please in list on and it's hard to hear. I don't have any more. And some next is the horse is a horse zone comes here and in ports. Okay, so now it looks like a really dirty which ah, it's on previous. Now there'll be some creases where the meaning Ben is there. So there's another way you can make the crazies on, particularly their small. You can make those this way. So one of the lease is who least is a lot on then, like some more knows that sticks with surface. You know, the prison off the port is or literally, I think the in order to be in it so that so extra cleaning on the edge and then meet strokes make this very something and only away Ah, for years the craziest. So I'm Prestes in hell On arrival, I'm pulling the holding the lots of that it doesn't come up and in the long conceive agrees . You can even make them longer if you want. Once when you do this with the clock, what happens that clay doesn't get any space to come out, And that's why it forms a very unique form. Are you? The result is a very keen inquiries are being mark. Did you get in the try to do this without the clock? We'll get you remove some clean here and there, and that gives oh, not so good condition. This is an easy way. Have exerted. Let's go on the other side. Small, smart, more Come about some more, cousin, that I know it Formless extra service. You come on the now it looks like the person all the bigger is very good. No, let's so pulling this part, Finding it more? Yeah, very in on. There will be some freezes because these Fords are one top of the other. So this part is bound by my people years of cloth, all the body. So he'll be some creases on this side between actually mean that our or it will suggest that there are many layers down here Describe to meet some suggestive months and you also get a very nice texture when you use a cloth who make the months Now let's make when you are actually sitting in this position, um, one off the one of the feet speaks out from here on dso. What I can do is, um, suggest suggest that by just putting some play here these will be the four fingers just representing the poor fingers on. We'll make the come separately. I think this and you could hear and then suggest the need. Now that so just he's one of more visits is only a suggestion. You don't need to show all five digits of the when, he said. Just the put off this list, this lake mountains coming over these and is happy make. This has come out of it in the morning. You in sculpture also always has to be compared. Whenever you meet one part off the specter or one organ or figure, you have to always compare it it with more. This only existing, and you have to keep adjusting so that everything falls into its place or everything is matching the other proportions. In clay, you can go on adding and removing. You don't have that luxury. Even you are sculpting something over stone or some hard money. You hear you have the school, so make use of that facility on me. You're bigger as what is. Have you heard this depression is looking not exactly right. Some claim if you carefully seeing how person looks and he sits wearing adult will know the details. On day, we will be able to make up, but just country 8. Sculpting Hand Without Individual Fingers: The next thing we have to do is to make the with the hands. So let's start with one hand which is doing the blessings. Okay, who begin with Let's since it this is very much smooth surface. What I'll do is not stick something directly. Because if I do that, what happens is that doesn't form a very good one. So what I do is just meet some hole here and then this plane, and then I can build on top of it. Now this is it. Stick better, and it's difficult that, you know, even when it is right. So we're trying to build the Opara. Um and this is just a police order I'm creating right now, and I'd finish it once. We are your London maintenance hand. So to make this hand, what will have to do is begin quickly and me. What we're trying to do is here this part of the head, the lower lower half of them, and, uh, come. So with the fingers, there are two ways one is on easier way than you make it like this. That the individual, the fingers are not seeing Andi show you another way in which you can meet the fingers in usually on it looks much nicer. But then it's also a bit more difficult. So I'm tryingto make a rule A plea again. It should be seen out on one side because our farm is Syneron has ah smaller diameter here than the limit. My hands. You're come like this. Meet the mom and it has to be afforded here. So if you just call it like this, it will. Ben, even here, Where is this portion? Never bends because there's a born inside. So what you do is maintain the roundness are the smoothness on and not allow it to become anything like a plate on Still bend it. So the easy way is recorded like this and then bend it with me here. Okay, so it ensures that this part is not been. Whereas we get a 90 grieving. Okay, Now, after we bend, what has to be done is here. It clears kind off crack. So we have a fill it so as toe give it support and the support is required because if it becomes 10 here, then it's easy to crack the Neidl rice. So I'm showing in showing you host the easy way off doing things where you don't make the fingers unusually. Just make the palm like this. Every mother, middle finger is the tallest they No, I you go come when I make the come, it has to be longer than then required because the narco stickered like this. I just If I just make it this month, then when I cannot stick it properly So I just make I made a oil are shape which is longer than what is required on its ticket feel. I know that when we're doing the palm like this these are fingers supporting us are in one plane and this finger or the come is in another plane. It's not like this. So when you stick the come, it has to be stuck like this. So the time sticking acute. And then I hold it here on removed extra part. And then was it you? You and I don't say I'm not merging it about this march munching until here, Andi, all we also need this shape. So I just ignorance some playing and just had the base of the come and listening. And it's unnatural to keep your fingers like this all very know exactly 90 degrees. So what happens if any are relaxed? The hand bones like this. So the family to meet has really girl in this way. So it has to be on King just making a mark here just to suggest that the fingers card they're not making ability. I also want you to know is when you make the make the arm or the hand, it has to be proportional to the island which are making so I cannot use this shape. Off are the size of the hand corner of idol which is bigger than this. I I've I've been doing this making these islands for very long, so I cannot almost intuitively pick up Ah sheep which is very close to what is required. But you might require some practice to do die on. What you do is hold it here and see if it looks correct. I mean, if you talk in anatomical terms, the human hand is as long as if you start from Tim, you place your chin here. Then this is where your hairline starts butting. Since this guard has an elephant's hair, we cannot have that luxury off checking it was the proportion. So the best way is to check the proportion is to hold it here and save it looks proper. If it looks good, then you can go and start fixing it. So this is one way off. Doing on easy way on doing the hand there are again. Repeat the three car pictures or the how down hand as Bend one is. It has should not be like this should be bent like this. The company is in a different plane than the fingers, and it's also that the sign off the little finger is done inside on its not doddering. So when you place the hand here, it should not be like this to be like this. And the angle off your Laura, um, is the elbow is outside, slight hours, likely away from your body. And then the hand is not in this direction. It's not babbler to your own. It's not this way. It has to invent things. Okay, so I try to fix this. Are I show you another way off? Doing are doing the fingers indigence. What I'll do is those who want to do it simpler way can stop here and then fix the handle shows how to fix that. Or if you want to learn the way slightly difficult way but more and live in the off doing the fingers hating English again, see how I'm doing. So I'm just removed the part which was representing the fingers, and I'm using the clay to make again individual fingers. 9. Sculpting Hand With Individual Fingers: So in the last chapter, we saw how to make the hand. The average is giving blessings without making the fingers in. Usually, now I have the same hand building. I just remove the parts which were denoting the fingers, and I will be making the fingers unusually and sticking them onto this hand which make already stop it. The index finger. What we have to note here is, uh, that the fingers are have a bigger diameter here on the paper as they go towards the ends. And the end is also not appointed. One, it's it's a blunt and this has the finger at no point, so don't make it sometimes will make a finger like this. This This is not a good shape of finger because the fingers are not pointed. So you have to make this bigger like this on. Then place it here, see how I'm placing it. These are these are big toe this bomb. So press it on on this and then big like this on you should leave a good amount of play here, which is continuing continuation of the finger and then murdered. Okay, No. Are going to make the medicine guts. This is appearing to be a tener one, so I'm just I have to make it again. So those that, uh, the diameter off the on the fingers should be unicom as much as possible. So I but this in then stick it. No, that working like this if you actually see the third finger is taller than the index finger and already quit. Make this a bit longer. Yes. This is how it would look from just fixing a cure. The last finger. No much this site and also months fingers here that the on headed together probably. Okay, What I look at it is what I feel is there should be some plea here because one reason is that I want to increase the height of the bomb a little bit and also closed the gap in between the fingers and the bomb maker Small cleaning this and place it just cutting next a part of me and then just pressing it. I will not murdered upwards because then it will not give up a nice look quick. And this morning it downwards. This will also help the fingers in fixing them from the point I am using a tool. Only when I'm my finger cannot reach where I need to eat. Okay, so now you can see that the fingers already the the plane off the fingers different than the plane off come. And also the fingers should not be all in monthly. They should be like this. So what? I'm wondering always or this fingers or my cum like this on press the come and all hold all the other fingers like this So that it three years said the prison. What I don't want, um lose the roundness off the fingers, pressing it like this. And I think we need some work. Lee here on the basis of Okay, now we can fix it like this. Yeah. Now I realize that the hand is slightly taller than what is required is slightly longer than what is required. So what I do is one option is toe remove. Some believe from fingers. It's, um, as I mentioned in earlier chapters in Scott told me have to go on looking at things ready in religion downs. Whenever we do something, it has to be in proportion with what is already there. So it's it's not a crime to keep on adjusting What is already there? All motor making making. So you can go on and stuff length of the fingers if I want. I can even reduce the height of the bomb from here. And now the handles much more proportionate. No, boy. Okay, who is? This is one way of going. As I mentioned in the last chapter, this hand is not perpendicular to tow this plane. It's slightly tilted this way and handed also not like this. It this lately like this. So we have to turn it like this. Not like this, like this. And then fix it later. Should, um no fix this. What we can do is remove this part of Italy, which is not required and build up around here. So I'll just take this out, cut this part off. This play is bit dried up because I made this part of the hand yesterday on. Duh. My mistake. I left it open where I didn covered with a piece of cloth. Andi, that's a lesson which all you also need to learn is that if you want to continue working on the on the Scott more than one day What you should do is oh, are you can keep on working it for longer periods of pain even a month long if you cover it properly with wreck plot and allow not allow the moisture to escape from it. So I have plea, which is stored in my boss in a plastic bag Since last two years. I keep on using it on keep adding new. Wonder it on all the clearly means workable since it is all coordinate airtight so the marshal cannot escape. I'm just creating the upper arm. The point we noted here is that this is like two fights who pipes which I got and show you an example of how they should be put. This is out. Support this pipe then your hand is not like this because there's no learning here that actually that is born of the elbow here. So, actually, if you when you make this how it should look, I assure you, it should look like this so that this is the place where you are inside surface off your elbow, and this is the outside of this. Okay, so what I'm going to do is build up the, um on, make sure that I get this kind of or C. Also, the elbow is never touching the body because then it becomes to type. Can't hold that position for long. What I'm trained would always fixed this, and I'm also want to fix the, um you so that this also get support from behind. There's no need to keep the gap here. And finally, what's important is that the parts hold together property and they don't move. No news are wet finger smoothing things out. Now here my finger cannot reach. So I'll do is I'll use the flat end off the tool, which is also having read and give that cheap. Also, don't try to make this too nice before. Only missed too much time in this because we'll be making another part. Here are it's the Sheila or the Charlotte, which, you know going to the vet's here. So no need going too much details here. You just need to understand how things are here and then leave it at that. Just an indication, huh? I'm watching, or I'm trying to see how it looks from here because generally the idol is kept on a higher ground then where you are, Andi. Normally, this is how you would see. Yes, we have. They're done with the hand which is giving the blessings. So the last after I showed you the hand, the daughter, individual fingers and the septum showed you how to make into your fingers. This off course looks better than the earlier origin, which has no unusual fingers. But then this requires Ah, a lot more patients and skip what it's would. 10. Sculpting Hand With A Modak - Part 1: welcome to the part on the chapter where I'll show you how to make the other hand, which is holding the ladder off the mood. So in the last chapter, I showed you how to build the op around first and then make the hand from the bomb killed Laura, lay low on how to join it. This will build this hand in a slightly different way, will build the whole thing, are still till this point in one go and then only make the bomb differently and stick it so you can later on choose which are way you want to make it on. This is just another way of doing things. So right now I'm just that this the place nucleus fixed without on any existing one. I'm making a pink and preaching it like this and then putting this nuclear here. And then I'm going to build the op Aram and the Lord in one go now again, you have to keep in mind the proportion off both the hands because now you have one hand which is already dead. So you have to try to match it. Who in the existing hand as much as possible again. I would not suggest that you make a piece off or the part of the hand like this and then try to fix it. It's slightly difficult, so stick and that's why this is a better method off put adding some Klay or a little Italy at the time and then giving it that acquired shape. I will not concentrate on building this part off the hand right now because when we at that's the bomb to it anyway, we will have to make that adjustment. So I right now I'll concentrate my attention or little elbow and to some extent the lower hand half portion of the lower hand. Okay, yeah, If you go make the hand this way, then you don't have to worry about the bending off the hand here, which proves to be a challenge for some people. There's no one right way of doing this. There are multiple ways you can build things. I'm just showing you my real for making night again. I will not be concentrating a lot on the shape here because the Sean or the Sheila will come here on which will cover this part of the hand. I want to maintain the wrongness or give it their own shape. So is in a finger, anything. So And we're almost done with this part of the hand. See that your tool is very clean. It doesn't have any really from the previous stroke. Otherwise, it won't give you the right shame required. I'm checking it even from behind. How it looks as compared with the other hand, fill this up because any maybe don't be seen Theo behind on. And I might reduce the diamond like shaving off some grave room. And I might want to add something here because on the elbow, the hand is slightly bulged out. Yeah, - Now we'll make the bomb again. You have to compare the size of the bomb with this bomb. Only thing is this part of the Lord be like this. It will be It's the left hand off the idol. So in stuff like this, it will be like this on. Then we'll have the motor car and note that, uh, this finger other come will be like this. And you can You should be able to see a gap like this when you for the fingers. So we'll start making the hand excluding the depression off the having and I'm going to make the fingers and usually so I'm cooking this part off. Just check to see how smaller, big, slightly bigs on my reduce. And this time we will be. We want the finish on this external sign because I on this hand, we wanted the nice finish to be on this side on on this hand. We wanted a nice finish to be on the external side of the decided finger, so we'll be sticking the fingers from the same. 11. Sculpting Hand With A Modak - Part 2: now will make the bomb again. You have to compare the size of the bomb with this bomb. Only thing is this bomb will Lord be like this. It will be It's the left hand off the idol. So in stuff like this, it will be like this on. Then we'll have the motor car and note that, uh, this finger other Tom will be like this. And you can You should be able to see a gap like this when you for the fingers so we'll start making the hand is clearing the depression off the and I'm going to make the fingers in usually. So I'm cutting this part off. Just check to see whole smaller, big, slightly big some might reduce. And this time we will be We want the finish on this external sign because on this hand we wanted the nice finish to be on this side on on this hand, we wanted a nice finish to be on the external side of decided finger. So we'll be sticking the fingers from the same. Actually, we did the same thing, but then I just wanted to Bordeaux from where which side off the hand is more scene and the other is less every making the finger again and you can reject. This is slightly thinner than what is required. See, you are the come will be on the external side. When I place the hand like this the time will be on this side. So here will be the index fingers attaching it you. And this time you don't have to make the finger straight because anybody will be called by go toe hold the not the menacing guard third of being good in the last finger. And the more is this finger on on this side and also that home come will be like this that'll fix this part Here come the hang here This adding some green fixes And now we will though more look the latter in his hand again. Ah, common mistake done by students is that they made the little first and then try to fix it. What happens is that when the clear dries it, the latter is the first thing to come up. So instead of that, just go on adding clearly this small wonder today and then make a shape out of it This way it remains full on doesn't come up when it writes in Nigeria rights. So give it a shape. The moon. Look, I used to cool the market on the show The shape of the morning and no, I will fix Are bring the fingers together. Iron. Meet them. I ordered the mother that way. There were one day. This one is that fingers Get some simple and then it looks more exist, you know, holding your doings. Hold it, please. So this is how it looked from the front. I was more than this part. This being goes here on this is the Gambia. Joe's looking the world should be. It should be seen like this. No, Let me give some shape the mood. I use my some name to make greenness tonight. Looks like now we have toe fix this the hand on a strictly. And then I'll cut this part off when I said that. Don't We're too much on this part of the herring because any maybe have to have the moving . I'm just talking. The hand doesn't come a lot beyond the need. Some this procedures in Oh, Grant, really The Lima going Just looking. It's likely ticker than what it should be. So from insane miss making the hand really smoke some water again, taking how it would look what I want to play on. You might want to add some play here so that the hand is also the fingers need probably, and it's fixed there. This to support, that's it. 12. Sculpting The Shela On The Shoulders: in this part, we will learn how to make the Shayla. We don't have it on this because in the bookshop, where the time is very limited, you can teach only a few things because the school take time to learn. You pay attention to each one. I have to pay attention to each one. So I teach you things in this chapter which generally not not in the glass on an ordinary level. So we want to make the shell averages headed. Oh, our war by the island like this. It's from behind the neck and then it goes below this hand and then it comes out from here on. So no, it's I want to fix some play make are simply here and then I'll make the fools off the thing. So I'm just making this part up on this part of this is the reason wired, although not to pay a lot of attention, or so what? So a lot of time in making this part Very nice. So what I'm doing is taking religion play and then trying to fix it here. I have refund the syrup A so that this nicely sticks on it and then also there is some. Okay, leave it at that. Then again, Same thing on the same. It's going to go beyond the neck, so I have some great here. The neck is one to come here. I'm not adding too much glee, adding a layer because it's it's finally ah, piece of cloth which we are trying to construct on. The blood is not very thick. Okay, now just moved in it a bit with off their fingers and some big because the fours When they get together, they create a while. You just tickle. Think of them really spread. Now I'll be using the is a blood. What you do is place it on this like this on then you some water too. So make sure the closets nice lift fix to the surface nicely clings with surface on. You also know where the where the marking should be. It's here, Here This is the area between where we are clean heroes American water. If you have ah spree like this You can also spread idle if it is getting really dry. Complete spring water honestly also and you But this a little. When you insure in this part ist just landed, sticks together again, clean the pool. Little truth not inherently on on its sharp saying. And then I'm going to make the Shaler like this. So it's it's ah, we start from dump it, Andi, I'm holding the clock with another hand and then pulling this like this, I'm pressing it on the surface. So then it creates the impression on that. This is one part, and this is where this is the other extreme off the clock. Okay, Now I'm going to create the force here, so I'm pressing it deeper. This is 14 I want to make another Ford here, not starting from down pit. They should be random. They should not look like as if they are drawn mechanically, because the force are never very uniform. The spacing between them, the place from where this thing starts. So see all different. Find them again on this side. I removed the piece of cloth and u N c huh gloves 13. Sculpting The Lower Part Of Shela: in this chapter will be learning how to make the Shelagh on board the sites where it comes out from here, and it rests on the black home. So I'm just There are two reasons why we do this this way. One is it is the way it does. She like war, and, uh, it also gives the support for the hand. I mean, I'm just adding, going on our tinkly again, I'm not adding a lot of clear At the same time, I was adding a small part of a small amount of play ones wanted No, I'm gonna go make it a bit the surface after the Shelagh should be below the surface of hand. Obviously, because it is coming from behind coming from the bottom of their, I know removed some clear to create bores again. The poor should be random. I could have done this with use of the clock, but then these Fords are too deep. So I want them to be deeper than what we needed on the shoulder. So that's why I'm going without the club. We can make them nicer, a smoother with the head. Pop the cloud later on, just another way off creating the polls and and maybe give it a shot in the place of club. I just have to know now where the original holies The American? Yes. The moon on the read dried with the pool again. Years of their lives smooth things out. What this would do is not create the full again. But then it will smooth the know things. Okay, We'll do the same thing on the other side again. Airlink, leave right now. Lease! Just this time I used a lot to start with it and not be doing it without the blood just to give you Are you sure you how it directly with those just smooth things out. I'm using this edge because I can reach bigger and I'm pressing very hard. So they're creates the D Ford again. The force have to be random. Don't try to make them very mechanical or very arranged because it's not know remains in that oppression and they're sort off really ating out from here so they should not be parallel lines. The gap between the poor should become narrow as you go towards the hand on Is the should distance should widen when we reach. Reach out. This is, uh, another metal even directly create with using the clock being bring someone of extreme extremity iso. Yes, you know that's it. 14. Sculpting The Elephant Head: welcome to the chapter where you will be looking at how toe make the head off the different guard. First thing we do is make a drop will shape on Jackhowes is the proportion as compared with the body which we have made. I guess this will be a little smaller than what it requires on I some ugly giving mind that the years off off the elephant guards are big. Does that head is off The apron on that also adds more room to the total head side of the head. Still, you have. So you have to consider that on and then check how the head will be as compared to the side of the body. So I think this would be a good side now and then the years will come till this point on this side and at this point on the other side, and anyway, when we make the shape of the head, it will are some more Klay or some more volume to the whole thing. So that started making the head. This is one of the most complex things which people find in making this idol so great close attention to it. We will lead a kind off neck bone or the neck so that we can fix this island through the body will be making a hole here and putting this profusion inside that so it acts like, Oh, it's like X like a bone on dso keep a profusion And now we'll start by marking off the position off the crown. So if we imagine that this is the total that side of the head, including the Koran, then here it will be somewhere the place where the crown end, and then the face starts. So just mark that place by pressing the finger like this. See that I'm not I'm not plastic like this. I want the slope like this. I'm pressing on leader upper edge of my come. Okay, so this is the part where which is for us to make the construct the head off the guard. So I'll explain this this rough shape off the weapon in food I mentioned before we dive in tow, making it on that. Hey, if this if we consider this as the line where the crown ins, then there's one line which goes like this one line goes like this is nothing. Nothing but the bone structure off the head. So there's a bone coming like this, and then it goes down like this. So the second line, which we will see on the face, will be like this. And then be another line similar to that coming down from the other side. I mean, though it looks very poor dimensional. Here, try to relate this to what we will do later on. This will be like this. And from here that long starts this. This will be the place where the the I will come. Okay. And then they'll be the cheek on the here. Okay, so let's get back to doing it on the face right now. Okay? So and this part is the least. If you look at them if you see the elephants face in profile, then it looks something like this. It looks something like this. This is he's looking this way. This is the slow off the face it comes, comes down. This is the forehead. And then it drops like this. And the years here is the one year one I, which we see here, is like this. And then there is no cure and no, um, your big ear here. Okay, so now get back toe constructing this on the face. So I know demarcate that by this line. We need some shaped like this. Okay, well, I'm going to feel this part because the forehead comes. I heard the forehand has should not be flat like this. It should be along the car off the head. This becomes the forehead, and we will have the start of the trunk. Here you are. You should when you're doing this yourself, you should check this step at this point that the forehead is like this. It's along the car on the head. It's not a flag structure. Then it comes up here. If this place is at this point, is higher than this. So if you look in profile, the line off the forehead comes down like this and goes down straight, comes down like it's a slope here, and there ain't going down street. And this is the place where that I would be. And this is where we will add up cheeks. So let me are some play here for contracting the chicks, and I'm not going to fill this part. I don't want depression here Now. The depression of the eye looks two deeps. I'm going to put some clay, but I'm not. I'll not completely fill it so that depression is lost. I wanted depression, but I don't want it. So leap. So this is very line with me, Andi. Similarly Well, put some play on the cheek, this side and again. I don't want this depression here. When you're doing this, you should hold the head like this so that you're not disturbing the shape which you already created. When you press some play on Dover fit or trying to adjust some shape, you might accidentally destroying the other ship. This is the place where that I will be again. I feel that the person is a bit too much on some clear here. This is the place with year will start. So I know we are at the stage where we can see this shape this shape on both sides. We have the depression for the eyes on both the sides on. We have increased the chicks 15. Sculpting The Ears: we have for completely this point where we have the rap ship off the face, the depression for the eyes, the kings Onda a place for the crown. Nobody will have to add the years off the head. So if we make the ears on and attach them here or just trying to fix them, it's a danger that they will come up later in the period. Right? So when you want to make the years makeup, change the play, like this year and then had extractive claiming which you want toe buildup here I remember that, uh, the year is joined to the head from the place where the Kremlin's in the place where the chickens and they should not be any gap after the chickens and where the club year starts more clear. And the years, uh, they're not what, friendly glove there handling this. Okay, they are in the same plane. If you join this point at this point, then the plane, which is created there in the same plane pattern, that so they're not like this. They're not like this with the head there like this. Okay, so I'm gonna stopping the head off. You have known this. You have to remember that the years have to be very thick, though the elephants years are very 10 when they make an item using clay, it's always beneficial to make them think, because they are more stable that way, and there is less danger of them cracking and falling apart in the ideal price. So this is the rough shape which I have made for the year. See how the years it goes up like this and then comes down and then again goes in and again comes out and then boozing again on day. One of the mistakes which students may is that they make the hollow are too deep here. It's not like a container. See, the year is kind of membrane. If you see from this, I won't make it. It is a hate. I made it intentionally because it it's good dad in the stick so that when it when I did, rise doesn't fall apart on even if it's something that just that your leader, it doesn't follow. Okay, so this is one year on. Similarly, I'll make the second year on the other side again, I'm I'll pinch the play here this on our more clean. I'm not leaving any gap between where the chickens and the year starts again. Andi repeat. The year is attached to the head from where the count ends and kill them chickens. Now we have to remember that the boat that years have to be symmetric again. If what I just did was I added some clean from top. I felt that the year is very team here. So instead of adding instruct just going on expanding to clear the shape, I added some more clay and then I'll be expanding this way. You don't you should maintain the thickness while creating the shape. Otherwise, if you first clear the shape and Bryco and just the thickness later, your bond will disturb the ship again. - Okay , this is the shape which I have no for the head. Andi. It looks almost symmetrical. We can change the shape a little bit after we fix it, also on the head on the body, but then it's always good to make it as close as possible. While it is not alleged because it's much more easier to work with the head right now, then so what? We'll do is at this point, we will stop working on the head and then in the mix sex and I'll show you how to attach the head is the boarding just bringing the line off the ground down a bit. Always The forehead was looking wide and tall, our tinkly and ultimately this. This also gives me a very nice line here. But you if you try to make it with the pool or with your finger, it's didn't come as nicest this. 16. Fixing The Head: we have made a created this head on. Now we have to attach to the body off the idol reward and make a hole here which we'll have to put the neck which may have created forward push this through. Since no Ireland's hollow, I'm able to push a hole through it on. It has to be true because then you can add attic from inside. Also give it extra spent. I'm just putting this. You have to see that the whole way to make has to be sentry in the center of the body. Of course, though is the head will be placed on one side. I'm going to press this and once it is attached, you have to fix it on both the sites first will fix it from front. So I'm making ah well, you know, getting in shape in the direct link this and then press it president so that it goes in the hold or the some space which is left between the whole and the neck part which we cleared it. Remove the extractor Lee on. We have to fix it from the back side on. So and we have to fix it from fix it behind the year's also because then it gives an added strength to the head on. It doesn't easily shake If you lift died. I know you're working with something else to know. We have fixed the head to the body from ex from outside, but we also have to fix it from inside. So I'll be now lifting the idol, lifting Neidl on fixing the conclusion we had between kept as the next boom. So you can see this is the play which I pushed in, and that is the protection which I had kept at the neck. So I'm going to press it against the ball somewhere. I don't want the any particular shape, but I'm just pressed it against the wall so that it sticks in there and the head gets support from inside the village from outside. No, the headless fixed. And now we already for the next step 17. Sculpting 3rd Hand: in this chapter, we'll be learning how to me, the pool, their hands which though, but he has so that start with make you She brought it up lower hand and then we'll be making How do you how the hands are Both the hands are facing outward Andi, that's why I bought the Comes are seen in front and on The rest are ripping Girls are on the backside So we will be making a degree So we took a lump of clay and I'm shaping it in the o lower hand list And and, uh, fingers are the bomb again This can be the way I showed you earlier How this hand can be made Britain do your thing Girls are without indigent fingers Same way you can make this hand Also picked individual fingers or without individual fingers I'm sure you the shape in order way in which you can make it with indigent finger So this is no the Ben in the hand The win and this place I'm making the hand on the side So the ban has to be this way And then the fingers will call this way in the Bumble Bee Here okay. Ah, I think we noted here is that the size of the hand has to be same as these two hands on. So we have to take the approximate get how their hands are. This don't just a little some bigger in diameter, so I'm reducing the dynamical. Andi, I remove this part which is actually with the fingers will come. It's making the little fingers now you and I for my hand like this that three or four planes in which the hand gets the shape of the hand This one plane, this second plane This is the third plane and it's the 4th 1 So we have to have at least two or three planes here. Give it a realistic impression if you're doing it the hand Without the unusual fingers, you could have simply folded that hand or whatever was represented as oh, the fingers. But now, since you're making it in, usually you have to keep this built in mine. In just making an idol is easy if you're not interested in making the details. But if you are interested in making military and this is the way helpful. So this is the first in the finger. The index finger was lending relievers that on Meet the murder things. I know what got you here. And primarily though, last four fingers and money in the bomb. No, I Since the hand will be seen the external side of the hand, the site will be seen in detail. I'm making this morally. Didn't know we didn't make this much more detail in these two hands because the inner side of are here, Only the shingles have seen here in a visa Fingers has seen. So now we have done this on this Ping goes like this inside this one. See if you in the clear is very dry than when you bent. Try to bend his fingers, the fingers will crack. So it's necessary that the play is very soft on bond pliable Andi, I'm going to press it here, so because I want to get this politeness and I know that's the come again, as I mentioned in when making other two hands, that the time should be longer than words is actually required so that you can merger market properly in the so I have just this gap in between. But they look so the thing that is bank and I know it touched comments and allergic. I'm talking, have this put some clear and then and then he and trying to meet the ship as close toe gil as possible. 18. Fixing 3rd Hand: welcome to the section were being be attacking the rear hand to the body off diarrhea. See that simp? The hand will be a dance like this Diarrhea. And that's why we need a production like this Coming right angle toe. This on way will be making a whole exactly behind the elbow of this hand on. This has to be a two hole so that when we attached the second hand, but the hand the protrusion will go through and then we have to fix it from inside. Okay? Only that way it can get and it, uh, sprint to hold the hand. So I'm now putting this on here. The per 1,000,000,000 here on, I'll have to see whether it's in the right position, this hand or this. The height of this hand should not be higher than the shoulder. So maximum we can go up to Is that sort? Is that soldier level? I think this seems to be good, Andi. No, I'll be fixing it on. We fix merging some part of this clay here. I'm using the stool only because the hand, which are mere, has dried a bit on its not as office When I made it in the first place. That's fine. I'm using the cool push some plea around now by adding new CLee so that the hand gets fixed . Nice eight of the morning and we also have to fix it from the side. So I'm making up shaped like this oil kind of putting on, then placing it. You're just with two hands meet. Then I'll be pressing it with the stool so that the clean cause inside that inside the gap and they not allergic? No, the hand is fixed. Perama outside were left idle on. And if you can see the protectionist camel and now I'm going to just But I sit against the wall inside so that hold step. It's not necessary that you moved in things out from inside. But then it has to be fixed problems. That's all we have in this part off the course. Now we will, in the next chapter will make the other hand and fix it 19. Sculpting & Fixing 4th Hand: in this part, we will be making the other under your hand right inside the rear hand on the right hand side. So I'm again taking play in the shape off the lower hand from the elbow. The bomb on again, I'm taking it or the size will be removed briskly. So this will be approximately the size Oh, the bit or the diameter. Basically not about off. Hang compared to the other hand on this hand will be bent like this and remove this part because I want to advance the fingered separately. Make the fingers one by one just a index finger. No middle Congar, the targeting girl and the last finger. I'm getting a small portion off from the index finger because the third thing that has to be taller than the next I mean, this won't be very obvious when you fall the hand. But then if we have to make it technically correct and all of the proportions smoothing things out the on the backside And now, before laying the hand or the fingers on them, there are good, distinct planes. When we hold for the hand windows like this. This one is one plane This one is another. Yes, I just made those school Blaine's Andi? No, The only thing the meaning is fixing off to come again. As I mentioned in very when I showed you, the other hands become has to be bigger or the are longer than what you actually required. So there, get some portion toe, fix it on the hand market on the hand. I mean, if you are making ah figure sculpture, which has to be very perfect than this, metal is not enough. There is a lot of work, a lot more work. We love to be done. But I know we're not concerned about too much of what he did the time doing this. No, and I dated the hand Will looks almost really no, on this hand will go on like this. So we have to extend this part on, have a profusion on this site and then again make a hold on this side just behind the eight ball here. You know, we can through a hole and execute and on basing it only so much that I can see from the front. It's correct on matching with the other hand. And I think this needs to come out of it if you compare it with the other hand, This looks you give me a surfboard and fix it in here. Spread the hands, meet on impressing it with my come earlier I showed you with that's singing with the food. Been good in family. You have that kind of. If you're Tom is not around, then it can use you come to reach the me on and as you exit, probably we have to check it on somewhere on the underside, off the hand with your pics to so that it looks realistic. So I had some extract Lee coming on the Sean so that on now I have to fix that hand from inside. Now, after you have so many delicate things, I mean both of all the four hands and head in place, it's difficult for the first time us to lift it without damaging any other part. So the best way is to hold your hand like this broad come like this or no other poor fingers on the backside. And with the other hand, just think the plastic off, and here you can see the production is coming in, and then just just sit here. So then more dissident, now one of the 40 and that's it 20. Sculpting The Trunk: welcome to the part when we will be fixing the drunk, the head off gun Pretty there's a There's a reason why we followed this particular sequence . The reason is that first, when we do two hands, there's nothing else we can get this stub. Then we fix the head, and then we fix the two hands that the reason being, if you had the hand, if you had the hand already here, it becomes slightly to get toe fixed the head later on and in the drunk. So unless you are very confident off handling the idol without disturbing its existing parts, it's safer to follow the segment because this is the most less intruding way of doing things. Okay, so let's start with making the fixing the trunk. The trunk is very much a goon like structure. It has to be narrow here and the higher diameter here on when we fix it. The length should be from here till the naval, only this much length off the trunk is required. Don't make it too long. Don't make it too short. So now let's make the phone again. I'm using my farm and not my fingers to roll this. No on bracing it wherever I feel that it's not a nice thing, nice and wrong, we won't this part again. Onda. The challenge sometimes is to maintain the roundness off the trunk even after it's fixed, or even while fixing. Because we need toe do so many put play at so many places don't eternal life. But then we have to maintain the roundness off this drunk because that is the beauty off the trunk. Me, it gets masked or gets dende on any of the side. Then you can't look nice. So see how high that A but is in the sense in within this distance, the diamond re changing from this to this on if many times, first time when people go make the trunk, they make it fairly uniform for a great distance. And that kind of trunk didn't look nice. So let me place this year, and then I'm just taking the measurement. I'm cutting it off just a ball where I will be requiring some clay toe put it inside this part which will be cutting off so that it fix fix nicely. So now I have I make a shape like going here upside. And then I make a home in the we had the trunk should start. I'm holding the head from behind. Otherwise, with this forced, the head might come up so slowly. Remove clay here so that we can fix the drunk in Andi, not disturb or the hearing problem for exams from organ to fix parents or the head. So this is the kind off whole I made on the Depression. And now we'll be fixing this. What do you do? Is President so that the play goes in and sticks to the parts which is internal. And then I'm be fixing it here. We have to fix it from believed. Also make a coil and push it too. So that year for Mito at that some clear then are some cleaning. And then I've been losing my finger, sticking any trouble in the year, even on this side, and then I'll remove. See that while fixing the length off the drunk has become more so, what I'll do is I'll again remove this. It's not wiser to remove cut off the part from here because the diamond has to reduce here that what I do is again remove this. This will. I will not edit this part of the video because I want you to see when a mistake like this happens. What do you do? You don't just keep on going and cut. Cut their run from decide. I just I just removed it. I'm fixing it again and now it's fairly okay the sites and I'm pushing this clear onto the head. I'm now not adding a lot of cle externally and it's pulling the clear which is there in the drunk towards the head so that I don't have to air more and then my dad the length so that I know I didn't finish nous We get smoke now that the trunk is fixed to the head. It's time to don learning and give the shape like this. So what I do is I clean my hands so that there are no dr bits of clay on my hand which my disturbed the surface on beholding the drunk like this on the fourth fingers below the trump and come on top of it. When I pull it forward, I'll be pushing it in and putting forward because if I just pull it, it will come up from the park here. So I push it and then put it so that it get doesn't get any space to come out. I just pulled it in front. And then here I placed my cum like this on Ben the drunk ordered, and then I just want this going down, and then I'll be questioning like this Onda rested on the chest because that is one more place where the trunk will have some support and fix it on the test. Just don't touch it on the just fix it on the on the chest. And now the drug looks like this. No. If there are cracks here, you can just apply some water and smoothing it out. Still, this doesn't look very much like the original trunk. Because we have We are yet to make the pick on. We'll do that in the next part. 21. Sculpting The Teeth: welcome to this part where we will be fixing the teeth on the head, the beat on this side. I mean, the left hand side off the idol on right inside off where you are sitting The heat on this side is a broken feet. So it will not have appointed and at the pointed ends. But rather it will be a Blunden. But we have to fix sick into the head. That's why the other end will have a point which will go. It will make a ball here and fix that good and the the outside part or the outside end off the suit will have a blunder in like this. So this will show it as if there has been broken. Make a hole here. The truth is placed just where the teak ends and our plan starts to make a hole here and then pushed this part in. This will hold the Putin place. You can merge if there is extract Lee, we just come out. Then you could merge it here and now we'll be showing the lips which will actually make it look like that is coming out. So the lips are like this it starts one lips lower lip, starts from here and goes below. And the upper lip starts from here and comes onto the trunk. Actually, the trunk is nothing but the nose off the elephant. And that's why the the lips will come onto that. Okay, so we make up. Really? Ah, going like this. And then I'll please the lip here on and I'm in in energy. And now we have to again dip our come in water and then merge this outside. You don't have or you should. Not much it onto the teeth. Otherwise it will not look like it has come out of that. Then the next lip will. The front leg will come like this. It's a big two months and just move it and I have murdered again on the upper side and not in the door sick. I'll have to add some clay here because of the roundness. Feel that wrongness drunk on what I feel is the lower lip is not was not as ticket as it was. It is required again place simply on top of it, just like a real one. Done. And then again recently like this. And then model also so that the food looks like it has. It is coming out from there. And this are the cool lips room which has come, and I used the phone. Just extend this gap a little bit. Clean this part. Okay, so now we're going make the undercooked other toot is not broken, so it's external and also will be pointed ones and make sure that it is not off different diameter than this. Good. One thing is that it would be longer because it's not broken. So this is the thing we don't need and then make a whole year see that it is on the same level horizontally. The truth is not coming like this nor going like this. It's here with so much no, you have to see proportionally warned. Its existing there didn't doesn't look very nice to me. I'll just remove it and fix it. Kind of the clears a bit is bit softer than it should be on, and that's why I smashed it or it lost its chief and I tried to president so making a paper that both parents and push in respect on and no press it against the cheeks and sticks. They're probably Andi lips again. The slip comes, Starts from here on goes in. So I'll cut this part off on but in and with my left Come, I'll murder. I would say it's already started looking like it is coming on from there. And I will live on the front side like this on and you know the part just not required. And that you have. I mean, for this lip, I use my left. Come on. For this slip, I'm using my right time because then I can see what is happening on the route that I'm going on the truth or not. Use the other way around and I cannot see what is what I'm I what I'm doing. I think this live feeds come already need to extend the gap in between them. Something Yeah, this is where we're done fixing the to. I think both that both of them and now we will make the situations are the wrinkles which are there on the drunk. For that, we have to again wet the cloth and then place it here again, apply some water just to see that sticking properly to the trunk. Then we'll take the tool on. Make sure the edges really shot up. There's no play there. And in start making the lines from here, I'm beholding the plot from with this come So that doesn't come with the tool. Andi, I'd be making uniform lines with uniformed distance between them. You could also do like this. Stop pulling it. The sharp or the tool, the better the wrinkles will be. The stool is not that sharp. If you are using kitchen knife which has lost its edge, the lions will be very much sharper on the look. Better then, this also want to crack on the length of the lions. Has to go on decreasing as we go down. And this is how it if you have a sharper tool, that means the edge of the pool is sharp. Then you will have these lines also people and sharper. That's it 22. Sculpting Eyes & Jewelry: welcome toe the part where we will be attaching the eyes. We will not be making the eyes very much detailed and distain because they're repainted literal. But what we have to make is ah, things like this which is really which has papering ends on both the sides on the center. It's the higher diameter and then we will be fixing those like this. I mean, the elephants years will be placed like this. If they're human year humanized body, then they would be like this. But then the eloquence eyes are had an angle. So what we have to do is have ah precise signs of the I and then Schapelle die and just press it. We will not be merging it completely, but we will just place it and press it so that kind of gets the shape of the eye. So I've just placed it on with the wet finger and pressing it and giving it that shape. Uh, you need not if you want, you can make this detail, but I will not be making it so much better because I'll be painting a door and you can meet Diab Rose and other early Dent's when you paint. So this is one I I feel it's like a bigger than what it requires wanting what I could have done is removed it on, and they got a smaller piece of glee and then tested. But I'm not doing that. I'm just fixing it then and there in the place. If you're not confident about that, you can removed I and then make us more. Take a smaller piece and then you see that it is at an angle. It's not horizontal now. The second part is slightly trickier than this, because now we have something to compare toe. So that's the first time to be fixed on now. This is the second night which fixing so now again, making that shape, this time trying to make it smaller than what I mean earlier. I don't have to correct it on. You have to see that horizontal leaders at the same level. It starts Onda and fix this recipe on. I think I'm happy with it. So these really eyes off Iran. They'll become more clearer when we pain. Right now. You might not see the details because the truce more to see on anyway, the eloquence either. Really small. The next thing between will do is at the ornaments. The 1st 1 is the gallery around the neck. So will this clay that you use to make. This has to be very soft because we want to make oil which is very thin as soon as possible . Don't make it very thick because their own cook nice blasting bag is leaving this. It's not sticking with it, even though it's going up on. This is bad using the bombs that I get a uniformed diameter on north with the fingers. Okay, Now we have made this toilet. Glee Onda. Ah, common mistake is take the measurement and then try to stick it. That creates a problem because when we press it expense on. So the best way is to place it at one end. The reality is the necklaces around the neck. So that will start from here and start pressing it So their agreements in place and then bended here and then again cut it here where the drunkest touching the just big sent here and then take another piece off and place it here so that it looks as if it has come on a drunk is placed on top of it. Okay, Now that it is fixed, I just use some water toe, make it small girl, and then I'll be using the good to make some marks on it so that it looks like the necklace . Just make someone in the months the North Brenda marks random shape, months bird and uniformly. And because then it will look like jewelry and one okay, like this. So I'm gonna go meet these months on like this. We proceed for the whole length from here. The ring. It's not from here again. And it looks nice. Nicer when you have the distance between them very much uniform on not reading between the lines between the strokes. Well, each the for the most part of the chain. It has to look like and it's turning. So then it looks more realistic. And then, for some, some more embellishments. But the necklace I know Barkley and then meter looks like some bended. And now we'll be making ah, the response in all the four hands, the respondent need to be slightly thicker than the necklace. Obviously. So getting making coil off unicorn diameter for making this, you need not necessarily use a plastic bag a za, long as the surface is very smooth. It's fine. Only plastic bag is made mandatory when we have to lift dialogue from there so that we can pull off the plastic bag they know including the pieces of it becomes easier to handle. You can apply some water around the wrist so that this barren sticks nicely again. Here you have to start sticking from one and not take the MSM and cut it and then press allure because it expands and then it comes out from the surface. It doesn't speak properly, so I got it just where it will be ending and then embracing it in. And there should not be any gap between the response and the list, because if there is a gap, when when I don't rise, it comes apart on the respond breaks. Now again, do the same for this hand start dressing here on here and cardinal, where is joint and then used some more cargo. Similarly on the group hands. I already played some border, so that surprises sticky and then through getting legless and guard here 23. Sculpting Crown, Mouse and Final Cleanup: welcome to the part off the workshop where we will be making the crown for rather adding details to the count. Since we have made this about a long time ago, in fact, well, violin making it it was mainly yesterday or day before. So what I do is I just make it wet with some water and then and some plea very thin layer of clay wherever I see some dense, Um, I'm making this a smooth as possible because the design which will be making we will not be do any cleanup after that or any spooning after that. So I'm just adding, are making it smooth right now so that I don't have any uneven sort of there one now and remove the plastic bag with taking too much from the behind. So though it's not very important, it's give the shape from behind. I'll also do some kind off gap filling that already see Okay, now that we have, unless smoke we have to add, I don't know what this is going, but it's not part of the crown, which which this is so I have I can if I adequately directly here, it is not going to stick because the clay existing here is a lot more drier than what I'll be putting now. So I just want it too much together. Nicely Hold it together even after it dries that time May I made some marks there. I made uneven. And then add in this click so that it's going to stick nicely. Okay, this is the first part, and we can add. Actually, this design on the crown can be You can be very creative in this. I mean, there could be and numbers and number of ways in which you can do it. But I'm doing just showing one of the ways what you can do. So that died. It looks nice. And the design look nice. Looks nice. Um, Now what I do is I need some details on the ground. So again, I used the lot peace, apply some water so that it sticks nicely with the sort of place I see that there no wrinkles in here in other ways. When I try to make some design, the wrinkles also form some kind of impression on Nikolay again. Clean up your tool. So then there is no please sticking to it. Now I'm going to make lines like this, which are coming out from the double ground, be kind of design. But now what I do is so that it is uniform. I'll first mark the central line you might want were the clock peace because of the way might come off. So I know my line on this side. This also works night and in slow pulling it. You can do like this and keep on. Keep the pressure on so that the line is from now. I won't go the wire this into the country again. Do so. Let the puzzling seeing me here. I'm doing it one by one because then it's easier to maintain direction of the line. If I start from one side and go on to the other, it's easy to lose their directional sense on. The lines become crooked, you know, having a line here on the line here I live on. You see, there is some design here. It's not great, but then you can go in much more detail. And if you want, you can create Jenks or some other design, and it's actually up to you. How much clear you. You want to get it Now I'll add to 10 lines are placed. I wanted to ask so that it looks need on that. This if I do it on my hand, there's no guarantee that is going to be off the uniform thickness word right? Nine signatures and just look, look at it. The secrets. Not too bad. Aan den ticket Here again, it starts to get from one side so that when it experience, it doesn't come off. You just gotta do it. And and then wretched once again, like some water for the repair, Any cracks, they traded up. And now I'll have some more design with small boards of Klay. I mean, here, what do you have to, uh, keep in mind? Is that these bones clave, each of which we are going to stick now they have to be as uniform as possible. Andi. Then when you press it on the ground, they give the same size off the circle, nor the secular thing which were making otherwise. If the Klebolds are smaller, big are different in size, then they end up looking different here. Not so I can go out on and on with that really dance as much as I wanted. So I right now and it's no but this and then some bleeding on the sides. It's not necessary that you follow this design and just showing one of the ways off out where the readings and then an AL a central piece which looks it is different than what has been there on the big tricky I want I've listed monarchy. We call it quickly, but I don't know what you can call this in any other language which you use. It's basically a shape. I'm sure you hold the ship Looks like born in a people at one end, it's, ah to shape like a drop of water on. Then I mean, is calling this and then I'll breast this it looks This is the shape which required quality . I don't know what to call it in your language and when was ticket here. Andi, I also want to add some support to this because it's ah delegate thing and which might come up Just don't this way. And some clean behind this, which would give it an additional support. So it's up to you how creative you want way with the design on the crown on, I think I'm going to stop here as far as the design in the ground is concerned now, the last important bit remaining is the mouse which we, which is the vehicle which this God uses. So I'm going to make a small most. It's a liberal ended. It need not be in a size proportion on which this this side of dialogue can sit. But then it's a just a re presentation off, showing that the most is the vehicle. Which animal vehicle? So what I'm going to make is ah, one way off making a mouse. What I'm going to do is make different sizes off shapes like Wardrop. So this is this one is a small one, which I'm going to use as the head off the most. So the idea is to put it, place it here on Bush it a bit. I'm not going to press it so the otherwise it will lose its shape. But I'm just going to drag it to some distance, so that speaks nicely to the black phone. Then I'm going to make a bigger water drop shape, which is going to be the body off the most on more the stick it just behind the shape which I made out here and just make it speak your okay, Then I'll make too long droplets. These ones were word short, but these ones are going to be longer in size, then diameter. And these I wonder, with that years off the mouse from when the stick it on the head and on the body The way these two things act, they also look like they look like the years. But they also serve as ah thing which fixes these two parts together. So I'm going to stick this narrow and on the head and the bigger in on the body part and those become the years off the mouse. Then what I'm going to do is admit, but you can see this. But then I'm going to use this tool and create depressions here at the base off the year of the most. So they look as if it's the year hold. This also helps in fixing the year of the body properly, and the last thing to be added to the most is the long bill on. And this has to be obviously taping at one in again. This clever to use to make me the tail has to be very soft because we have telling it to give it the shape off. Ah, coiled steel so that it's not break when you do that, some making a medically bit more sticky. And then I would be used this as the trail and still tape or the end off the tail, and you should fix it on the body. And then I like it this way. I did. It's on the edge off the platform, so it's kind of gives are different dimension. You could have it sitting on the platform also, but then I like it this way. It's on both the sites. I mean on this plaque on the top side and also on the front side of the platform, and you might want to use some water toe. Give it a clean and shape. I ensure that you're sticking the full tail along its distance. It's not hanging anywhere, so that when I don't drive, it doesn't come off easily. But it's so delicate that it's very easy to come up. So now what we have done till now is we have completed the whole gun. Pretty idle. The only thing last thing which I will show you what to do is tow Clean up. I mean, there s so many pieces off clear remaining here in their on. And one way of doing it is using a brush which has to be soft bristle brush so that you're not creating unwanted texture on the surface. But this also gives it a kind of finished look so you can use a soft brush. You can see that the prisons are soft. It's no very hard hunger breast kind of putting this stable hair might be too soft. Then you can try even though synthetic hair breasts will do. It's basically you're just cleaning the surface you're not creating the shape are changing the shape just a final growing up full layer or clean up activities. Children. Andi So you can complete this the whole It also gives satisfaction when you're doing it. That yes, you have completed otherwise so many pieces off play remain here and there and doesn't look pretty, so it helps to use a brush. You could do it with your finger if there is a depression which you cannot fill up with. The brother are still it's seen. Then you can use your finger again. The come I'm giving the support from here so that it doesn't create any problems structurally on and and then depending on the weather you will want or you need to let it dry. For I would say in the weather world where I'm staying in pony, I will let it dry at least for two weeks and then think about renting it. So that's it. We're done with the items making off the idol on and give you some things on which colors mints. We can use toe pain which are eco friendly, less friendly or more friendly. And that would be another section off this porch. Thank you.