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Learn how to paint Byzantine Icons (Part 1)

teacher avatar Filip Gherghisan & Ramona Toader, Painter

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Virgin Mary 1


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      Virgin Mary 5


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      Virgin Mary 6


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      Virgin Mary 7


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      Virgin Mary 8


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      Jesus Christ 1


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      Jesus Christ 2


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      Jesus Christ 3


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About This Class

This is a beginner to intermediate course.

If you are interested in painting, if you want to learn how to paint in an historic spiritual style, this is the perfect course. You will have a step by step guidance from a pro and you will learn how to paint icons from scratch. This course has video lessons and a pdf file with useful infos. 

This course has 4 sections:

  • In the first section you will find a course presentation, a PDF with all needed materials for the course and a lesson that gives you some infos about the history of byzantine art. 
  • In the second section you will learn how to paint a hand in the byzantine style.
  • In the third section you will find painting lessons regarding 3 types of clothing used in the iconography painting.
  • In the last section you will learn how to paint 2 icons from the beginning to the end (an icon of the Virgin Mary and an icon of Jesus Christ).

Let's start our spiritual-artistic journey!

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: 30,000 years ago in the Byzantine Empire, art was mostly religious. The Byzantine Empire was a theocracy. That's why the most important form of visual art was the Eiken. The world icon comes from the Greek word acorn. That means image. The Aikens were images of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary or the saints painted on wood panels, church walls, or was like The Byzantine icons have certain painting rules inherited from the historic period off their creation. The spiritually images have a religious explanation. For every painting principle, the two dimensional image denies the three dimensional presence. There is only height and with and no depth. The divine has to be painted in a manner. The dozens reminders off reality. It is like we would pay this terrestrial globe in a flat image. Other restaurant map. The colors used in the icons have a religious meaning. The white lies are symbols off the inner light. The blue clothings are a reminder off the color of the sky. The golden background represents the eternity. In the next videos, you will learn how to paint Byzantine icons 2. 1 Hand (1): Hello. Welcome to our course. In this course, you will learn how to paint Byzantine icons. We will start with a presentation off some of the materials you will need in order to learn how to paint spiritually images. After that, we will get to work. As you can see, we have here some acrylic colors. This colors are the most suitable for our paintings. You should aim for quality for powerful pigments. Another thing that we will need our this kind of brushes. You can see details in the photos from the book that comes with the course. The best choice for icon painting are the brushes using calligraphy, but another choice are the synthetic brushes. Be careful to choose brushes for temporal water color acrylic, not for oil paintings. We will use different sizes of brushes, some other things. We need a compass, a pencil, the first drawing from our book. We also need a color palette and some empty containers with cover. Here we have an integral paper that will help us copy the drawing on the cardboard canvas. In our first lesson, we will learn how to paint a Byzantine hand. We will start with the drawing, so we will put the indigo on the cardboard campus, then on top off them. We will use the hand drawing from the pdf that comes with our course. Now let's transfer the outline. Be careful to keep everything. Still to have a good result. Press the paper and used a compass to scratch the roaming. Be as precise as you can. The dotted lines don't have to be copy. Just ignore them. For now, they're just a visual landmark for when you put colors. After you finished your early to scratch again with the compass, the same lines from the drawing on the cardboard campus. This helps us see the drumming after we start to build. Now let's start painting. We will begin with the background. At first we will use a single color that will be the basic one for the entire painting. You can apply the first scholar with one off this two brushes for our basic color. We will makes yellow Oakar ivory, black titanium, white captain, inbred medium raw amber, chromium oxide, green cadmium, yellow light yellow Joker is the main color that we apply on the skin tone. Start blending the colors as you can see yellow Oakar, black and white. They used water to mix better. But this is a collar you should get. Apply the color you get from mixing on the head with a thin brush applied the Connor on the edges. 3. 2 Hand: After you apply the first layer, let it dry before you start painting again. Always remember to cover your remaining mixed color. Now our painting is dry, so we will paint again. The second layer there will let it dry again. - For the next step, you need a team brush. Now we will paint the darker parts off the hand. We have to make a new car, so we will blend Romberg and dread with the first mixed Connor. The basic one used little amount of color and a lot of water. As you can see after you finish applying the colors on the darker parts, use a lot of water and paint smooth transitions as shown in the video. 4. 3 Hand: Our next step is painting the brighter parts of the hand for death will weeks yellow, light yellow, Oakar, white, red and a little amount off the basic calmer for a better blending, use water. The daughter lines on the drawing. Help us see the brighter parts with now let it try for a wild 5. 4 Hand: Our first layer is dry. Let's paint another layer until the color gets uniforms, okay? 6. 5 Hand: we will eat some transitions. So we mix the existing bride cover with the first color, the skin tone one and a lot off water. - Okay , this is how you should do the transitions. 7. 6 Hand: now makes some red color with yellow light and a lot of water and paid certain parts of the hand. This gives a pleasant, warm look, - you know? 8. 7 Hand: our next step is shedding more light to our painting. For that, we need the previous bright color mixed with white again used water. 9. 8 Hand: Our less step is mixing the existing color with white again so that we end our lest light lines. Yeah. Uh, - thanks for watching. See you next time. 10. 1 Clothes: Hi. Welcome back In this lesson, we will learn how to paint Byzantine clothings with the most used colors. We will use the same copying process as we didn't the previous lesson. With the integral paper and the compass, we start mixing the cab memory medium with water and green. Apply this color on the entire surface, then let the first layer dry. - Now we makes a previous color with some more green. And we follow the copied lines from the drawing. Every paint, other shadow parts, as you can see the video. - Okay ? Yeah. 11. 2 Clothes: The next step is mixing the first basic clothing color with yellow and cadmium red. Now we start to being the first bright layer. Follow the bending from the video. No voice, no. Oh, really, And 12. Clothes 3: for our next painting step. We need to mix the bride color used before with red, yellow, light and white. Apply the color as you see in the video. Thanks for watching. See you next time. 13. Clothes 4: Hello. Welcome back to our course. In this lesson, we will learn how to bathe another model off clothing. This one is blue. Start with the drawing. Use the indigo paper, the compass and a drawing that comes in the pdf. Now let's start to paint. We will use white, black and blue marina mixed his colors with water to get the first basic color. - This is what you should get. Apply the result on the external clothing living the inner part empty, then let it dry for a while. We added some red on the internal clothing so you can see the beautiful contrasts for the darker parts at some black and some basic color. Mixed them with water and paint the dark parts, as you see in the video. 14. Clothes 5: The next step involves mixing the basic color with Dwight and weather. For the bright parts, - apply the first layer off light, as you see in the video. After the painting is dry, we followed the same procedure as before, but with a little more white, this light part will give a beautiful, contrasting look. - Our less step involves the same procedure, but this time we use more white and we highlight the parts you see in the video. 15. Clothes 6: Hello. Welcome back. In this lesson, we will learn to paint another type of clothing a green one. Because you already know how to do the drawing and how to apply the basic color. We invite you to do these tasks on your own. The basic color is a mix between green and red. This is what you should get in the end. For the shadow lines, we mix the basic color with black and water. - Follow the lines from the drawing and other shadow parts from the video in order to apply this second layer. 16. Clothes 7: the next step involves the applying off the bright parts. For that we need a mixed color are blending between the basic color yellow joker, white and water. Now paint the parts you see in the video. - In the Byzantine tradition, the clothings are not painted in a natural, realistic way. They are represented in geometrical forms, tow, avoid being close to the body and having curves. The Aikens have to be very spiritually to help our mind detached from the real world. 17. Clothes 8: Now we need another color for the second layer. Off light blends the basic color with yellow joker and more white, mixed with water and paint. As you see in the video. For the last step, we need to add more white and yellow joker to the existing color. As you can see, - these three types of colors clothings are the most used ones in the Byzantine tradition. Now you know how to bait them. Thanks for watching. See you next time. 18. Virgin Mary 1: Hello. Welcome back. In this lesson, you will learn how to paint an icon, an image off Virgin Mary, the mother of God. Let's start our spiritually artistic journey. We start with the trolling used a Pdf file from less and five and copy that outlines with the indigo paper and the compass, as we did before. Our next step, we apply the background color. We use gold acrylic color mixed with water. After you paint the first layer, let it dry and then paint another layer until you get a uniform collar. We start the bathing O Virgin Mary with the external clothing we used red and two kinds of green. 19. Virgin Mary 2: for the shadows. We used the basic color mixed with dark green. Apply as you see in the video, you can already see the beautiful contrast between the colors off the background and clothing. The golden background is a symbol off the eternity. The first layer of lights is painted with mixed color between the basic one and white. Remember the steps and techniques we using the clothing lessons for the less bright layer off the external clothing we use more right, mixed with the existing color. 20. Virgin Mary 3: Now let's pay the internal clothings. We will use black, white and blue marina mixed with water paint. As you see in our video. For our next step, we blend the previous color with white for the lights and black with the basic color for the shadows. You already know that we need another little off lights, so we had more white to the existing color. 21. Virgin Mary 4: Let's start to paint the skin. We use yellow, joker, black, white and water, and we paid the entire face. - Now blend a basic skin color. We thread remember and water and paid elements off the face, the mouth, the nose, the eyes with a tin brush. Follow the lines from the trolling and watch our video. - Now we use, remember and existing color and highlight certain parts off the face. Be precise and gentle as you see in the video. We pay a lot of attention on the ice because they are the most profound element off the Eiken. 22. Virgin Mary 5: the first bright layer off the face will be painted with yellow, ocher, yellow, white, red and basic skin color. - We always blend previous color for shadows and lights because we don't eat contrasts in the same painting element. For example, phase or clothings and the layers become a single image. In the end, - while you wait for this'll a ER to dry, use the same color and paint the borders off the clothing. After your painting is try, use the same color for another face layer. For our next step, we blend the existing color with a little amount off the basic skin color and a lot of water. We painted the transitions off the two layers with the same color. We start to give light to the eyes. 23. Virgin Mary 6: now blend red with the color used for the first break part of the face and for the clothing border and water usurp landing for painting, the mouth and other face parts paid gentle lines for a good result. With the same mixture of colors, we paid the geometric darker elements from the clothing border. 24. Virgin Mary 7: For our next step, we use bright face color mixto with white and water paint. The light lines, as you see in the video after your painting is try, applied another layer off lights. 25. Virgin Mary 8: As you can see, we use some red color to highlight some face parts. We arrived at our lest face layer. We used existing color mixed with water and white. And we pays the beautiful light lines. Be as precise as you can. - Our Aiken is almost complete. We just need to add the traditional name leathers off the one we painted. Use red color mixed with the existing color. - Now you know how to paint this beautiful, spiritually image off the Virgin Mary. Thanks for watching. See you next time. 26. Jesus Christ 1: Hello. Welcome back. In this lesson, you will learn how to pay another icon, a spiritually image of Jesus Christ We invite to again in a spiritual artistic journey. Now let's see if you remember the first steps off painting. Start withdrawing, then apply the golden background, let it dry and then makes the skin color like we did in the previous lesson. Painted the entire face and start paying the clothings. Do the steps you've learned in the clothing lessons you need to blend the colors from the blue and red clothings. Enjoy doing this tasks on your own. If you need guidance, watch the previous lessons again. Well done. Let's move forward. Now we start to prepare the hair color. We makes the basic skin color with a red Oakar, raw umber and water. Keep this color for later steps. No paint the hair zone. The next step involves the hair color applied on the face elements. Paint the eyes, the mouth and all the other parts. You see the video use. Remember to paint the dark parts off the eyes, - blender or amber with the previous color and paint. As you see in the video, we invite you to blend the first light color used in the previous lesson. Let's see how you do it 27. Jesus Christ 2: good job. Now let's paint a bright part off the face and more water and a little amount of skin tone and paint the transitions. 28. Jesus Christ 3: we start painting the beard with the hair color and remember to the hair color and paint the darker parts off the hair, blend the skin color with the hair color and painted the lights off the hair. 29. Jesus Christ 4: and more skin color to the existing blended color and paint another light layer on the hair . Watch the video. - We move forward and we mixed red and yellow which water and we paint some parts off the face. This layer gives a warm and pleasant looked the Eiken. 30. Jesus Christ 5: used to bride face color from before, mixed with white and paid the second light face layer. - For the next step, we need Romberg and hair color. We mix the colors and repaint some darker parts off the Eiken and more white to the bright color of the face and paint as you see in the video. 31. Jesus Christ 6: with the first skin color. Repaint some hair parts. These gifts are non contrasting. Look to the icon. - Now use. Remember and paint the dark accents off the hair and other parts. As you see in the video, - we will use another type off light for the face. We did not use this one. In our previous lessons. We blend blue marina with white and we bathe the eyes. As you can see, the Eiken becomes more interesting and alive. - For our less step, we used the light color off the face and white and repaint the last light lines. Our Aiken is complete. Now you know how to pay this beautiful image off. Christ, our course is helpful. If you want to start a more detailed study off the Byzantine art Now you know the basics off this type off. Spiritually art. Thank you for your patience. By