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Learn How to Bake Layer Cakes: Step by Step Chocolate Cake

teacher avatar Daniela Lambova, Food Blogger & Photographer

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Equipment needed


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    • 4.

      Cut a circle of paper


    • 5.

      Make the Batter


    • 6.

      Transfer the batter to the pans


    • 7.

      Remove the Cakes from pans


    • 8.

      Make The Frosting


    • 9.

      Assemble and Frost


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    • 11.

      Cut the cake


    • 12.

      Class Project


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About This Class

Learn how to bake an amazing Chocolate Cake with this Cake Baking Class!

If you are new to baking layer cakes or you just want to improve your skills in the area, this class is for you!

You will see all the steps to make a Chocolate Cake: dough, frosting and cake assembly. You will learn why we are using certain ingredients in that recipe and what is the necessary equipment to have at home in order to bake layer cakes.

You will also learn some important baking tips. 

This class is for home bakers who are willing to get better with layer cakes. No professional equipment and no special ingredients are required.

The goal of this class is not only to help you to bake this particular cake but also to give you general knowledge about cake baking so that you can follow any layer cake recipe. It is a class for beginners but also people with some baking experience could benefit from it.

In the Projects & Resources section of the class you can download the recipe of the cake and also the necessary equipment.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniela Lambova

Food Blogger & Photographer


I'm Daniela, a Food Blogger, Food Photographer and Cookbook Author based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I love everything about food, especially desserts. In my blog Dani's Cookings you will find all kinds of sweets, including sugar-free, low carb and vegan. 

I've been baking since I was a child and I enjoy helping other people become confident in the kitchen. My philosophy is that everyone should be able to eat good homemade desserts, made with love and without guilt.

In 2019 I published my first cookbook about healthy desserts (it is only in Bulgarian for now but I am planning to release it in English soon!)


My second big passion is the Food Photography. Since I started my first blog in 2012, I have gone... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is and I'm going to teach you how to bake a cake. I'm a food blogger, recipe developer and photographer. During the years, I have big hundreds of cakes. Goal of this class is not going to help you bake this chocolate cake, but those who give your general knowledge about cake baking so that you can learn to make a layer cake. It is a class for beginners, but also people with baking experience can benefit for me In this class. I will share with you some of my best bacon tips in the Project and Resources section. You were buying the whole recipe of cake with conversions to ground hookups. This recipes varies to follow and great for beginners, However, maybe steps our government for any kind of layer cake receive. It is pretty decadent and delicious. Let's get started and let's hear from 2. Equipment needed: What equipment do you need for this cake? First, you need toe seven inch cake pans or this approximately 18 sentiment. Dirty mint. The meter. It's better to use designated cake pants, not spring for Ben's, because the baking is much better in dispense. However, if you don't have tok pants, you can use one, but you need to bake the cake in two times, so it will take you a little longer time. You also need a mixer. We want to use a mixture only for frosting. For the butter. We're going to use a hand risk, so you need also a hand whisk. You need a rubber spatula. Rubber settle is perfect for any kind of baking. If you don't have one rubber spatula, you should get one as soon as possible. You need a large mixing bowl if I have a standalone mixer. Normally it comes with a ball. But if you're using a hand mixer, usually you need to buy a nice bowl, preferably cloth or metal. You also need some smaller both, of course, for old ingredients. Kitchen's kale. If you don't have a scale, don't worry. I have prepared those So conversions two cups and spoons for this recipe. But if you are serious about baking and you want to learn more, I will advise you toe by a scale as soon as possible. You also will need the kitchen brush, toe brush or degrees the pants. Of course, you can also use nonstick spray. I normally use old liver for everything, so I don't use this kind of praise because they're not that healthy. But for this purpose, praise just perfect. You also need baking paper because we're going toe line the depends without lining the pens . You might have a lot of issues to remove the the cakes. They might come out a little bit broken. You will also need offset spatula toe smear the frosting on top of the cake and on the sides. If you don't have such special A, you can use kitchen life. It's a little bit more difficult with it, but it could work as well 3. Ingredients : all purpose flour. First in cakes were you special cake flour with lower protein content. But for this recipe, Oprah purse lower is just fine. Brown sugar. I tried to use it instead of white Schober in all recipes where I can, because it is a bit healthier and also gives to it texture to the big goods in this cake, it does a great job. Nevertheless, keep in mind that not in all dessert recipe see you can use brown sugar instead of white cocoa powder. There are two kinds of corporate er that process in nature. In this recipe, you can use any of them. I just want to clarify what they mean. This process is darker and is less as it. It is normally used in recipes with baking powder. The Trouble Corp father is lighter in Contains more s it's It is normally used in recipes with baking soda because it can be used as a neutralizer for the soldier. You might be wondering now why baking suddenly the neutralizer and what is the difference between baking soda baking powder? I'm going to explain this in a few seconds, picking solve a plus baking powder baking soda is more powerful than baking boulder. Big Boulder, on the other hand, is in fact baking soda with some asset agent. Normally citric acid. If you use baking, sold a certain recipe. You need to make sure that you have something as it to neutralize it, your gored buttermilk or just a tablespoon of vinegar. Otherwise, your big product might end up with a soapy aftertaste, which is not pleasant in our chocolate cake recipe, were using both baking soda and baking boulder because we need a stronger live in ER than just the baking polder. For that reason, we're adding buttermilk, which is neutralizing the baking soda butter milk. It is not only neutralizing the baking soda, but it is also contributing for the softness of the cake. If you don't have buttermilk, use the same quantity of milk with some vinegar. A tablespoon is just enough olive oil were using vegetable oil in this cake, not bother margarines. That way we're going to add additional moisture to the base. I use olive oil in almost all my kicks when the risk because for vegetable oil, the reason is that it is healthier also, as opposed to what people think mostly for brands. Don't leave on olive taste in the big goods. If you don't have olive oil, use Colonel oil or any other liquid vegetable oil. Two eggs. The new extract two T's pools are enough, but if you had more, it is not going to hurt water or coffee. If the cake will not be consumed by kids, you should use coffee. It gives an additional both toe the chocolate taste. But if you have little kids who love cakes like mine, just your water we're going toe. Make separate lee the dry in the wet ingredients and then combined them. Father Tour Cocoa powder Butter. You need to leave it a trump temperature until it gets very soft before starting toe. Mixed ingredients When you extract milk melted chocolate, the frosting preparation is very easy to you need to mix all ingredients except the milk and chocolate at the milk little by little while the mixer resume when a fluffy, creamy mixture forms, you need toe. Also the chocolate little by little while the mixer keeps working, the result is a pure heaven for every talk, a little over 4. Cut a circle of paper: place your cake panel. A sheet of parchment paper can trace around the ages with you. Cut out the circles parchment paper following the trace. The end. Repeat the same process to cut out the second circle. It's very, very simple. If you search the Web, you will find few different methods for cutting in circles off parchment paper. But my metal, these really seam bowling, always ensures good results. 5. Make the Batter: Okay, let's get started. First thing. Let's see if the ingredients we need to see if the flower and the cocoa powder you can sift them together or separate it, it's, uh, going to be the same. Always sift your flour, and if you want cocoa powder in this case safety to as well, it is much better. The cake will rise much, much easier, much better, so this is a very important step. Another important step is to have all your ingredients at room temperature, so this is the best case scenario. After sifting the flour and cocoa powder at the sugar and the 11 others disorder in the baking powder, mixed them well with the whisk very well so that they plan together in a separate bowl. Mix the what ingredients so the eggs the when you extract olive oil but their milk without the water, you can leave only the water or the coffee, separate at the liquid ingredients to the dry once and mix well with your hand whisk. Be very careful. Don't overmix at the very end at the water or the coffee for Are we leaving it for the variant? Because if it turns out that you don't need all the liquid for years. Dry ingredients, you might simply not not out the whole thing. 6. Transfer the batter to the pans: after we mixed the butter, it's time to grease the Pennst. Actually, the step can be done even before mixing the butter. But I always forget, uh, to do it before, so it's OK if you do it. Ah, at this moment, if you haven't switched on the open by this time, do it now. You need to Oprah heed the open toe 350 degrees Fahrenheit, or 180 degrees Celsius. It's very important to prohibit the over before putting the cake to get back, because the batteries back much better in already hot over. So Greece depends with kitchen brush on top of the paper already and on the sides. Very well. You need to make sure that they're completely oil after grazing depends. Transfer the butter toe. The pence tried to divide it into equal parts. If they're not 100% equal, it's OK. Just make sure that one is not like double the size of the other one, because you're going to bake together the two cake layers. So if one is bigger than the other one, the 1st 1 is going to be ready much after the 2nd 1 So you don't want this. You want them to be ready at the same time. Use the rubber spatula toe. Take all the butter from the inside of the bowl. The hospital is the perfect tool for this. I really, really love it. And I haven't least 23 rubber spatulas, which I'm using on a regular basis. Put the pens in tow. The cordovan, If you forgot toe pretty the over an earlier. You can wait, like 10 minutes more, but don't put them in the open, which is not hot yet. 7. Remove the Cakes from pans: Now it's time to remove the cakes from the pants. It's very easy, actually. If you agreed very well your pants, you should not have any problems. You just need to run a knife very carefully around the ages, and this is just to make sure that nothing is sticking onto the pants. Be careful when you were on the knife, not toe the mature plants. Then you invert the pen on top of ah in Iraq if you don't have a wire rack inverted on top off wooden board. But Iraq is very, very important to have as well. This is another to which I actually didn't nation earlier. Invite them on the right wire Iraq and removed the paper that so you don't need to do anything. You repeat the same process with second pen. It's really, really easy 8. Make The Frosting: Okay, let's turn the frosting. In large bowl, mix together powdered sugar and cocoa bother Act. Also the butter at room temperature very soft. Mix them together with a spatula only with a rubber spatula. You need to make them until you see that the consistencies sound like, but the brother, of course, will be in pieces. I think thats point. Turn on the mixer and start adding the milk. Little by little, the mixture should be it. Very low speed. Why, If you turn it on at high speed, half of your ingredients will be out of the ball if you're reading hand mixer. If you're using stand along exit, it's a different story, but in this case lower, lower, speedy, small. Much better start adding the milk with the mixer, it lower speed and, um, keep a beating until all the dry ingredients are already wet and until all the milk is in the ball. At this point, you can turn the mixer at a higher speed. Start beating until the frosting becomes uniform and fluffy. The butter will be absorbed gradually. It will be, of course, if the butter should be soft. So it's very easy to get observed within the milk and, uh, the dry ingredients, so it's time to add the melted chocolate. Start adding little by little. Pour it inside the ball or just ah, use a spoon, but with frosting will become fluff here. Inflow fear. So if you beat like three minutes after adding chocolate, it will be the best way. 9. Assemble and Frost: way to assemble the cake before starting to assemble the cake, make sure that the cake layers are at room temperature. At least it's room temperature. If you have time, put them in the fridge for 1 to 3 hours. Our overnight It's much easier to cut, cold declares rather than what was. Take a long serrated knife and cut the toe layers in tow for layers basically could teach one in half horizontally. The most important thing is to have your cake layers called, or at least it room temperature. Cold is always better, so make sure you refrigerate them for it, least on our It will be much, much easier for you and your cakes, much less problem. Break. After cutting the cake layers, put a circle off baking paper on the cakes 10 or the cake plate that you're going to use. Why do you need this? Having a circle baking paper on the bottom is going toe. Make your life much easier when you have to transfer the cake from one place to another. So place the circle of baking paper and then put a little bit of frosting on docked in Orderto make your cake stick on the baking paper, Place one cake layer on top of the baking paper and generously at some frosting on top. I'm saying generously, but one of the things study normally doing that. I'm so afraid that the first thing is not going to be half that. They put very little frosting on the bottom layers, so it gained the cake turnouts with about the frosting on top and with with little frosting between the layers. But with the time you're going to get used to divide your frosting in equal barks, using upsets battler toe merit the frosting on top. Place another layer at some more frosting. You need to continue the process until the left leg. One very important point when we assemble cake. We want the top of the cake, Toby. Even right in order the top of the cake to be even. Make sure that the last layer that you're going to use will be the layer that was on the bottom of the pen. The most even layers have the one that were on the bottom of the pain, so make sure that you are having a bottom on the top. Basically, this is very important. In order to ensure uneven cake, put frosting all around but leaves them frosting for later. When you frost the cake, don't frost it with all the first thing that you have. 40. Just with half off the reminding frosting for the sights and then leave it for some time in the fridge. Then take it out and frost it evenly and smoothed it out with the special. It might happen that your cake is not going to be even from all sides, but this can be fixed with the frosting because this particular frosting is very dense and it's easy toe fix any uneven part of a cake. So we, by any chance you broke part of a layer. Don't worry, you will fix it with the frosting. 10. Decoration: you can decorate the cake as you wish. I made different sized truffles with some of the frosting mixed with care bother and Bunky seats. Boehner. If you don't have care, a pin from Casey's father, even substitute them by cookie crumbs School about the government flower or actually you can use other ingredients is well coated with cara powder, just part of the truffles to make them contrasting and more interesting for additional texture. I also ardent some ball shaped chocolate Sprinkles. 11. Cut the cake: how to cut the cake. It's not very complicated, and actually this cake is one of the easiest ones to be cut, especially if you left it in the fridge for it least eight hours or overnight. But sometimes it could be a real challenge to cut the cake. So first I think you need to do is refrigerate the kick refrigerated as much as possible at least 6 to 8 hours. This will ensure that even the softest cake is a little bit form, or at least the form is possible. Take a big knife and, uh, put it in hot water, cut once, then put it on in hot water again and cut twice. So I didn't do this for this cake because, as I said, it's really form, and it's not difficult to be cut, but it happens that you bake a cake that is very soft. Do this and you'll see the difference 12. Class Project: the project of this class will be for you to make the same cake. Photograph it and upload it into the project section. I can't wait to see your creations. Thank you so much for taking these costs. I really hope you like. Please feel free to ask me questions in the discussion section. Please don't forget to submit your project in the project Fiction. Thank you once again for taking the class.