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Learn Fabric Painting - Flower Painting and Clock

teacher avatar Renjitha Anoop, Artist, Educator, Flower Lover

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Art Supplies Required


    • 3.

      How to Bind Embroidery Hoop


    • 4.

      How to Paint Leaves


    • 5.

      How to Paint Flowers


    • 6.

      How to Paint Center of the Flowers


    • 7.

      How to Make Clock


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About This Class

In this easy fabric painting tutorial, I teach you how to simply paint flowers using the double loading technique with acrylic paints on fabric. This painting tutorial is designed for absolute beginners in painting as well as experienced artists.

In this course I cover the below topics:

  • Art supplies needed for this painting.
  • How to Bind Embroidery Hoop
  • Step by step full descriptive video on how to make flowers and leaves on fabric
  • Make a beautiful clock from the fabric painting.

What do I provide?

Project work with step by step guide for you to apply the painting techniques learned and create a beautiful fabric painting on your own. 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Renjitha Anoop

Artist, Educator, Flower Lover


I am a freelance and self-taught artist with an intense passion for painting floral artworks with simple painting techniques. Creating art is my greatest passion and I'm thankful and lucky for the chance to share it with you. I like various painting techniques such as one stroke, double loading, oil.  My favorite painting technique is one stroke painting technique. I like teaching and sharing my knowledge with others and have taught several students from Canada and other countries.

 Visit my website or follow me on Instagram @onestrokeart16_RenjithaAnoop if you want to see more about my work or simply say Hello:)


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1. Introduction: Hello everyone, my name is Renzi took. This class is a board how to paint on fabrics and how we can create you clock out of our beaded artwork in this glass, I will show that I direct materials. You're required to pay these beautiful painting. Then ID to do symbol technique for painting leaves and flowers. I will demonstrate the basic dos dropping and they will teach you how the basics will help you to read The Beautiful and walks. I will show you how easily we can create a globe from our brain-dead project. By the end of this class, you will have a better understanding. How are you again, being beautiful gravels and leaves with limited colors and techniques. And also I included symbol project for you to try with step-by-step in section and downloadable worksheets. My video under disco defending technique, all you want to paint fluoresce if you are an experience that is, or if you're a beginner, everyone is welcomed awakeness, enjoy today and don't forget to follow me on scales share and don't miss out my new class by clicking the fall about it. See you in my class. 2. Art Supplies Required: Hello everyone, welcome back. In this session I'm going to show you what are the materials you're required to paint on fabrics. In January Fabric painting and read Dan using normal acrylics and on with fabric medium. For this particular painting, I'm using flash brand multiservice paint. If you don't have the same brand, you're going to also drive it any brand acrylic paints. This brand is good with nice texture, right? Consistency, and good pigmented. So iPhone, it's quite easy to work with this brand. But nobody aboard the brand that I'm using you can also use and the brand of your choice. I tried with other brands such as their guard, BIBO, NICU texts, etcetera. So don't worry about the pain you grab any pain that were hand and work along with the next thing you need is fabrics and embroidery hoops. I use garden fabric for described painting, but you can dry on canvas sheet also. Next to him were lending is precious. I use in the WSIS for this painting, you can use any brands in the Depression. Next thing you need is ballots. In general, I use glass and said I'm exist a ballot for ISI clinic. So let's read. 3. How to Bind Embroidery Hoop: In this part I will show you how Dubai nanomotor day hope you wrap the fabric add-on runoff during like this. This extremity fabric will slightly English that thickness of the hope. So that means the whole borehole, your fabric Director for Law. Next place the second row on top of that. Then stretch the fabric to make everything died and perfect. Now, let's do that. Next time I'm going to mark the placement of the visit of the clock using pencil audio again, you say white band depends on their background. And I use a stencil do make the mark very perfect. It will give an idea or where to place the leaves and gravels later on the brain is actually. So Mark did is it fast? 4. How to Paint Leaves: Hello, welcome back. In this bag, I'm going to show you how to pain leaves using simple method. For that. I use an angular brace. You can also use flat brush. I use both them others in this painting. So watch the video without skipping. Before painting directly the leaves, you need to study and practice the basics of this painting. I heard mentioned and explain all the details, tips and tricks to learn the basic in the previous session. Watch the video, practice or strokes directly and then paint the leaf. It will give more understanding and easy and give you more confidence in the painting. Standby painting the leaves first. You can also do flowers first, but I always prefer to do Lee's. And on top of that, I paint flowers. You can change according to her days. So Lord, your bridge with. So here I choose blue and light gain. As my fabric color is blue. You can change the colors that you wish, but keep in mind, choose one darker color and one lighter colored. It will give you the 3D effect. If you are a beginner in this banding technique, it may be difficult to dry directly on public. So my suggestion is to practice few strokes and practice the basic on papered. And once you get this drugs and once you are getting this mode flow on your fresh, you can just bade on fabrics while drying on fabric, the smooth flow or some areas may not filling the first stroke. So at that time, why do you have to do you need to apply a second cord? Or sometimes you needed Trick told God to get the richness and filling the gaps. As you can see from the paintings. Sometimes I applied to courts to cover the feeling. You can also follow the same method if you find difficult in getting that perfection. In the basic video session, I mentioned clearly explained how to practice the strokes. Follow the basics and jump into this section. You can adjust more strokes and beaks drugs with the same size, push. It's a depends on how much pressure you are applying. In the beginning, you may be confused and on how one way to apply the pressure. If you practice more, you will get an idea of how and where to play the pressure, trying to basics and blending and loading and also understand how one, when do you use mediums like worker to get, therefore, give it a try and let me know your doubts in the discussion session. As you can see from the binding process, I am not using any mediums or water in-between the painting. I reload my bridge, be paid for each key strokes. For low diameter and practice, you can also arrange the leaves according to the size of the surface. That means if your paintings are for these various mode, you can pay toward treaties or if it is larger cipher. You can also mean, according to that, place, leaves are descend to each other. That means don't leave, do my space in between the leaves. And also, you can leave some areas to be their flowers. If you are a beginner, you can recreate the same button. And once you get the idea, you can create your own dizzy. I included a small project for you to try. Try it with the instruction given and you can submit to us. I will give you direction and guidance to her bugs. And also, if you have any doubts regarding the painting, please let me know. I'm always happy to help you Dante's technique and show you how to paint the leaves using a flat brush. As you can see, I use the same loading and blending technique here. This stroke moments also follow the same method as before. I hope now you get the idea behind this chart. So it's not depend on what British you are using. It's a practice matters. So focus on practicing the strokes as much as you can, then everything will be easy at your hand. Try to reload your breath for each strokes. It helps in getting the Bristol moist are that if you are first stroke is not perfect, you get repaid over it as shown. More or less the same, but you see how easily recreate lease with simple techniques. I hope you will enjoy writing the binding process and also gone for liquor download the project from the body session, gave a dendrite, recreate it and share it with me. I will give you guidance and collection. Now the leaf branding is almost band, so final stages adding finally dares to the years before that I wash my abridge and keep it safe for adding the fine details. I'm using a liner brush, loaded brush with lighter color than the center of their lives. Has it helped more visibility to their veins? Way adding I loading the colors for using line of British makes sure that there is a good consistency of debate. That means if it is, the pain is due date, the 9's form B, that must sharp so you can mix it bit toward that, or you can use a medium to dilute the paint to make the right consistency. For a lot of the same and they're down process for the rest of their lives. I hope you get an idea of creating symbol and easy lives using this technique. So give it a try. See you in Linux. 5. How to Paint Flowers: Hello. In this part, I will show how easily we can bean flours for painting that levels, I use Angular push. But if you don't have an angular British head-to-head, you can use your flat brush. Load your bridge with decorous. One is darker and other one is lighter part, blended smoothly and nicely till you get good eats a lot of it two to three times to get enough paint on our brush for another stroke movement. As show. You can also check the video session before painting their flowers. In the basic veto session, I have mentioned clearly, how do bane, these kind of strokes. So practice strokes on a piece of paper. Once the strokes are perfectly Getty, you'll come to paint on the fabrics. The fabric is very different from normal canvas or paper. So in the beginning you won't get the exact strokes or exact perfect flow while painting, so you may get stuck in some areas. So my suggestion is to practice those drugs and you can practice the same design on a piece of paper, or you can paint on Word or any Canvas. Once you get confidence in strokes, you paid on the fabric. In the previous section on how to pay leaves, I mentioned to leave US base to paint up above us. I hope now you get the idea behind that. And also painting the flowers later will help to pop up the verbose mode. In this binding process, my main focus is on bindings. Flowers, as the area of the painting is very small. So if we are more leaves and flowers, it may, it will match with the size. So dry focus on adding limited flowers and leaves to get more focus on the flowers. While adding this smaller bet tells us you can see by learning the smaller betters, you how to apply very light pressure to achieve the small stocks. The festive lava is now finished. Now I am focusing on the flower which are facing output. As you can see the previous Glover, it's facing inwards. Next I am going to pain. If you're worried that facing in outward direction, let us say small, a small trick behind that. There is nothing like a complicated. But the stocks that we're giving is that technique. If you focus on, as you can see from here, adding the petals. So if you've worn a flower petal facing in outward direction, so in the inner area that here, here, you have to give it more stroke petals. So that makes the difference, as you can see, if we are, if I add a nasa butters phase lag facing outwards, so I add the bed death rate is smaller. That made the pebble to face outward direction. The same way you can focus, like if you want to paint a flower than facing invert, you can change the direction and size of their betters according to pet. I hope you get that idea. The same method and the same process. You can pay in that as Dr. flowers, as the process is quite breeding. So I think it's getting bored of seeing the same strokes and same woman. But I don't want to skip that section that way. I am giving a visual treat for you to learn these techniques. Practice more and give you a hand. So the hands will be very easy to flow with strokes. And you will understand how to apply the pressure and weight to a play. And you will get a clear idea on how and when to load your bridge and how the blending with Roxanne, how the color tone when I created the difference to your painting. So it's all depends on whatever folder you are making to study this probes. So my suggestion is to practice more and more. I know in the beginning it's very difficult to achieve the strokes or maybe you are get frustrated of, Oh, I'm not getting this talks or I'm fed up. So don't think that where do you have to practice more? So it's the fabric bending that I know, but I applaud and meanings and the basics. Videos previous. So you can check all the videos and you can practice. I have a product, many worksheets and many symbol project for you to try. And also Uganda applaud the walk or whatever it is. If it is a basics or if it is a project, whatever you are practicing, you can just upload it here so that I can understanding your cancer and your doubts so we can discuss it and I will give you citations and how to practice, what difficulty or facing. So feel free to ask your doubts regarding the painting. So I'm always happy to answer two or Cory's. Nowaday leave I'm flawed. Bending is our most Phoenicia. I am adding small details using the liner brush. Some veins and external branches don't make it more viewed. Now it's r Once finished. This is a fine details to the advantages or to the veins to give it more beautiful. So see you in the next exit. 6. How to Paint Center of the Flowers: In this, but I'm going to show you how to paid center of top-level. For that, I use Angular scot-free English. If you don't have the same dish, you can use flat or roundish, nor Ws RED colors as shown now with the Carlos to get the character blending. Then with this are good at that moment being descended, assure you again, follow the same procedure and method. Debate the rest of this and this. You can chose a contrasting colors to paint the sender. As you can see, the sender radio of the flower is blue color. So to compensate that color, and you can either you a white ordinary law debate the senate. I follow the same method to paint the rest of the flowers with the same adder. You can paint Sandro, many other vendor flavors. You can also check my previous day. See painting class. I use the same method for painting the center of the gloves. So you will get more understanding and clear idea of how we can create a sender debate many fabrics. I'm using a Chinese brush to paint the detail to the sender. You're going to also use around abridge. Instead of these brush. I'm using a low color into ad fine details. You're going to also choose any other contrast in garlanded match with them and that need to look at it. These are the final status of the binding process of painting leaves, flowers to meet the sender, to give details to the flowers. So I hope this video is helpful for you and it will get confidence in painting flowers with easy and simple technique. One thing you heard the focus is on practice. So when you see this binding, you may feel like it's quite easy to pain, but with practice you can make it. I hope with more practice, you can easily make, oh, you have to practice. You can share your doubt you've enchanted or walks. If it is small, if it is big, if you have any doubts regarding painting, you can share that with me. Now the whole training process is finished. I hope you enjoy watching and paintings with me. I hope the design is easy for you to recreate. Now I am going to add details to the diseases that have been done earlier, so it's not visible. So I think I need to add some Carlos to her so that I am using metallic silver sharpie pen. I use Berman markers or even use academic markers, Dupain this, so it will stake on the fabric so long. And also don't forget to download the project from the project ends or sex and make it a try and recreate it. And you can also submit to a re-creation here. And I look forward to seeing your project. So grab your pain and start practice and start painting. The painting and the sign. Everything is finished. And next to processes how we can make this design in the club by ten. So see you in the next session. So I'm so excited to the process of making the fabric design into the clock. So let's join with me. 7. How to Make Clock: Hello, welcome back. In this part, I will show you how we can make a blog out of it painted project. For that, the important thing you need is clock mechanism. You can buy this separately from only installed or from art and craft. So first find this end of the painted project. And that is a small hole in the center of the fabric using SSL. Insert the clock mechanism. After that, assembled apart one by one. Make sure every parser currently plays and imposition. Netlogo is ready. Now you can put the bad, check whether everything is fine. After assembling the parts of the globe, I felt like it's big news and it is not steady. So I thought of making something stronger so that I got a cardboard in the round shape and they insert that guard ward inside that hopes. And I do the same process. Again. Find the center of the cardboard and make the hole in the same position as before. And insert the clock mechanism after that, assembled apart one by one as we've done before. We make sure every bards are currently blazed are and it's strong and it's not lose and steady. And put in the Bertie and hang on the wall. Finally, I dream the extra fabric from the hope. Now a deadlock is ready. If you like this painting, Dorian, please let me know your feedback in the fermentation. And don't forget to download the project from their project and association and make it a tray. And said Peter works here, I will give you direction Ghaidan steer work. I hope you enjoyed watching this tutorial. You can follow me and skill share to stay up-to-date, award my upcoming classes. See you.