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Learn Canva from an Expert Designer - Creating a Logo and Brand!

teacher avatar Lindsay Marsh, Over 500,000 Design Students & Counting!

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class Preview


    • 2.

      Let's Get Started With A Logo!


    • 3.

      Always Have Options! Creating a Second Logo Option.


    • 4.

      Creating Both a Horizontal and Vertical Version of Your Logo


    • 5.

      Creating White and Black Versions Of Your Logo


    • 6.

      How to Export Files in the Right Format In Canva


    • 7.

      Let's Create A Social Media Graphic!


    • 8.

      Poster Design Time!


    • 9.

      Create A Business Card! Two Sided.


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About This Class

Have you been dying to learn Canva? Canva It is a cloud based design alternative for those overwhelmed by photoshop and illustrator. I have 12+ years of design experience and I still use Canva for quick projects and ad designs/social media campaigns. It is a pretty powerful but easy tool. 

This class will walk you though a logo and branding project. We will create a social media graphic, a poster and finally a business card. You will learn all the basic elements of canva along the way. I will also provide some expert design/layout and branding advice as well!

So let's Learn Together!


Please be sure to check out canva.com legal section on their support page to check on licences and your rights to use their elements and graphics on logos and other items you may be designing. ​You are free to use any .jpg  .png or graphic you import, as long as you have the rights to that graphic. Using their pre-made symbols and graphics for t-shirts is a gray area, so just double check the legal section and feel free to send them an e-mail about proper usage of graphics on their website as their terms may change from time to time. 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lindsay Marsh

Over 500,000 Design Students & Counting!


I have had many self-made titles over the years: Brand Manager, Digital Architect, Interactive Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Social Media Expert, to name a few. My name is Lindsay Marsh and I have been creating brand experiences for my clients for over 12 years. I have worked on a wide variety of projects both digital and print. During those 12 years, I have been a full-time freelancer who made many mistakes along the way, but also realized that there is nothing in the world like being your own boss.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to be able to take classes at some of the top design schools in the world, Parsons at The New School, The Pratt Institute and NYU. I am currently transitioning to coaching and teaching.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Class Preview: have you ever wanted to create your brand logo from marketing materials? But you were overwhelmed by learning. Photo shop for illustrator. Camba is a new and powerful cloud based design tool. We could create any type of branding or marketing materials fast and pretty easy. In this class. We will create an entire plan, including a full logo design, Social Media graphic poster Bailly, a business card. I have over 12 years of design experience. I have embraced campus, a fantastic option for do it yourself result. They're wanting to design your own brand. As always, let's learn to get 2. Let's Get Started With A Logo!: All right, So we're gonna start, are fictitious company and work at the design Everything. So every good brand starts with a good, solid logo. This is going to be the basis for what? We're how we're gonna create everything else in Canada. So I'm gonna go and create a logo with you guys. So it's very simple from the Canada Home Page Goto logo. And we're gonna be able from their to pick out a template to use. And you don't have to use a template you can build from scratch. But I love starting with templates because I confined an element or two I can keep, and I can trash everything else and change it. Someone's looking kind of for something for fictitious company. I'm still trying to figure out what that fictitious companies going to be. I'm not planning ahead on this, so you get to kind of see my raw design process. So I think there was one down here I liked. There's a lot of really fabulous templates, as you could see a lot of these air free. There's some that are paid, but most of them you confined for free that are pretty decent I think it was this one. I'm gonna create kind of a fade cafe on. So this is a very solid a template. So I'm just gonna modify it a little bit. This kind of see how I like it. So So I kind of wanted more center center justification. I think that looks much more solid than this. Eso is gonna kind of move my elements around to see what I have here. I've been really like this font. That's what really drew me to this template. It's got a really nice strong bond. I really like this little shape here. It's very clean, very contemporary. Let's roll with it. Let's go ahead and change. Is this this a text box? I get a double click, and I'm gonna go ahead and change my name. It's gonna be the Marsh cafe I know. Very original, but I just needed a company name, so this is still on left justification. So you could see as I make this box box bigger. It's staying left justified, So I'm gonna go ahead double click. I'm gonna go appear to have this alignment option, and I'm gonna center a line. Everything's nice and center aligned, and I'm still debating on whether I want to keep the so it's kind of tuck it nicely here, a little bit, offset to give some nice balance. And I have our little shaper icon here, which will need to be adjusted and changed. Let's go ahead and drag that right here in the middle, and as you move it around, you'll notice his little pink lines. It's going to do what's called snapping to the grid on this is terminology used in a photo shop in Illustrator, and there's a little hidden grid. Whenever you kind of hover over and it becomes center aligned, you'll see that grid kind of pop in. So there we go, so I don't like that's really throwing the balance off. So let's just not worry about it for now, so just get a double, click it, delete it. But there's nothing remaining in the text box. It just disappears. So obviously this is not it s anymore. So most templates air pretty changeable. So I'm gonna go ahead and changes to an M, and I might even change the size a little bit. Let's go up to size and let's change the size of the father. Okay, so what I had to do is those two shapes were joined together, so I needed to ungroomed those shapes. So it's just a matter of selecting the object. And there was an UN group option there, so I unde group them and now unable to kind of shift that m around this box a little bit. There we go. Not sure if I said you see now, let's keep it with them so we could play well around with different fonts to see if something would look better. Um, right now, Aaliyah light is what is the Marsh Cafe. And this is a really good one. But Dhoni is a really good fought. It's similar to die dot A lot of high fashion magazines will use this spot. I'm so being a designer for 12 years, I've definitely have some experience with working with thoughts, so it makes this process not overwhelming. But if you're not a designer and you're trying to learn camera, it could be very overwhelming having all these options. So it's great to learn a couple of great go to fonds on. Once you pick out one or two fonts for your brand. You can save that in Canberra and refer to those so that you don't have to sit there and find the perfect fund all the time. You have your two picked out. Um, So what I like to do is pick out a Sarah font and a sand Sarah font so that right now ah, these air to Sarah fonts. So if you see these little legs at the bottom of each of these EMS, that's a Sarah. So let's try to mix it. Let's try to find a sand, Sarah thought, Ah, perhaps for this Marsh cafe. Let's see if we can find something really clean. And I like that, like that one really cleaning temporary. We're just gonna play around with some options. Marsh Cafe. That's a little bit thicker. I like that and a really good kind of trick. A little designers trick and sometimes putting more spacing between the letters are they call it letting or Koerting. If you put more space between the letters, it could really give a more high and look look a little bit more polished. So let's do that. There's already a lot of space in between the letters, but let's see if I could make a little bit more drag it really far out. Very nice. So let's go ahead and keep fiving that perfect font. So let's go. I really like railway. What about code? That might be too thin. See that? That looks great. But you have to think when you have a logo, you're gonna have us, Prince, not items that are really small. So you want to avoid the fonts that are too thin because you're not gonna be able to read it if you ever printed out on something small. So although that looks cool, it's not gonna be practical. So let's keep finding a little bit thicker of a font, but not too thick. I really like that. That's a little bit thicker. That would actually probably print okay and still be eligible. So so far. Let's let's stick with this one later on. Then let's keep going. We would like that, but let's I don't like the the Sarah, So let's keep going. Okay, so I think that was due. This is always a really good fun who I like that it's babe. Us new. It's got a lot of its condensed. So it tends toe kind of, I guess, scrunch up really well and fit really well together. Um, it's taller, a little bit more stretched, length tall, wise. Eso has a nice look to it, so I think that's it I really like. That was kind of dragged surround. See where the center might be. Be right here. And a lot of times you have to do is called optical adjustment. That means you just use your eyeball and find out what feels more balanced. Sometimes if you let the computer do it, it doesn't feel right. Sometimes you just have to do it by feeling. Does it feel central lined? Sometimes they could let the computer do it, but doing it by they call it optical adjustment, which means it's using your own eyes to figure out the right adjustment and spacing. There we go. I like that a lot. So this is our basic logo. For right now, we're gonna just go file and save. You always want to say this is a cloud based, So if for some reason you're on this page and you don't say that, he accidentally the browser gets refreshed you've lost your data. And that has happened to be on a really complicated trifle before where somehow I press delete in the entire tribe. Trifle deleted. Ah, somehow the browser refreshed and I never was able and it saved it, and it saved it is a blank document. Um, so I lost everything. So make sure you always save and also gonna file and make a copy, make a copy and rename it or download it. Go up here to download and download a hard copy just to make sure you have a backup because can book and still has bugs. And sometimes it could just delete something without you knowing, so just don't make my mistake. So now that we have the basis of their first logo will continue on 3. Always Have Options! Creating a Second Logo Option.: All right. So we have the basis of our first logo. As with any kind of branding or logo design you always when they kind of play around and see what else could look. Good. So I'm gonna go ahead and save. This is a copy, just so I can always have this original one, So I'm gonna make a copy, so it's creating a copy. So now I have a copy. I'm actually gonna rename this, uh, designed title. Let's see, This will be ah, designed to and OK, so let's not do the monogram on this one. Let's do something a little different. Something more coffee based there's gonna delete those elements. We don't need them anymore. Okay, so now we just have our name. So let's go ahead. If you want to get some elements on these air elements within Kamba, so go to the elements Tab here on the left, and we're gonna go to illustrations was Go and click on that. And there's a lot of illustrations, some of these air cartoony, but they have thousands. So the best way to cut through all these is to go ahead and type in what you're looking for . So we have a cafe. So let's do coffee and see what pops up. Okay, so there's some images here. We don't want images, so let's go ahead and click on the illustrations tab, and it'll filter it to be just illustrations. I'm gonna drag in a few of these kind of see if I like any of them. So I think these two have potential. So I'm just dragging in several elements I think would look good. This probably looks a little bit to Central Perk 90 So I'm just gonna not worried about that one. Let's see what else they have. They have. This is called pro. So if you have the pro version, you'll be able to live that that being so let's not worry about that. I want to do this based on what most people would have access to some of these you could buy for a dollar. I probably would not. I would go online and find purchase items and bring it into Canada. So let's see what else? There's one year absolutely in love with, um and you really want it to be the cornerstone of your brand. I guess the dollar is definitely not a lot to spend. Let's keep going down. I think I pretty much I think this is all paid. Let's go back up to the top. So Okay, we have a few options years. Let's play around. I don't really like that color might stuck with that. No, you're not stuck with that. Ah, let's go ahead and highlight this little green guy right here. I want to keep everything nice, white and clean. So I'm gonna go up here to the top where you see three different color palettes. So let's go and change all these toe white and you could slowly see the icon changing. I really like that. That goes really well with their fought. So I can always a center align that like usual. Ah, let's kind of see if this icon has any value. Wallace double click it. This may not have the same options because the other one, So let's check it out. This could look kind of cool. I like that. Blew a lot. So they kind of have these two options here. I think this is more of a Nikon not really logo designs. Let's go ahead. Delete that one. I think this probably has the most merit. Um could play around with some things. I want to create a sub line for my logo. So go ahead and highlight your main text right here. And what you're gonna do is you're going to make a copy. So if you go up here to the top, click on copy and that's where you're gonna use to create your sub line. We're going to dio coffee. Let's see coffee pies. And I'm just making this up. And this cookies, why not? We're gonna make this dramatically smaller, so it's going to highlight or text and play around with it. So here's all your text options. I might want to use a different font or the same font, depending on what I I think would look good. So let's make this much smaller, even smaller 10 point fonts. Good. Let's do this spacing a little more dramatic. So we're gonna go to spacing and letter spacing and just drag it out poor spacing there and want your sub line to compete at all with your main, uh, logo name. And so this double click it and see if I have any fun options here. I could do italicized that might differentiate it a little bit. Or let's not do that. Okay, so let's let's play around here. I wonder if I I need something in between these little spaces here. Um, I don't want to read coffee pies, cookies, all one line. So I needed some kind of divider line. Let's go to our elements and let's get some something here. Whether it's a line, we're an icon. Let's do a shape click on shape. We're gonna be able to drag in just your standard circle. We're gonna get a circles basically beer bullet point between the different items. It's gonna make that really small, smaller, smaller, smaller. There we go. Perfect. So I want to make a copy of that same size or just like my little element. Copy it and I'm gonna drag it over between year and what's also cool is with bullet points usually like to make of a different color, or I like to make the byline a different color. Let's experiment with making this really nice blue color, maybe. Ooh, I like that. That looks great. So let's kind of play around with us. I kind of wonder if I could make the steam that same blue color. Who are that? I love that. What's this key play? There it is. There's the steam and also make this a left justify logo We wanted to Let's just keep it, um, kind of center justified. Right now, I wonder if this icon is competing too much with the name. Maybe that'll work, So go ahead and save this. I have two options toe work with to continue doing some materials. 4. Creating Both a Horizontal and Vertical Version of Your Logo: right. So welcome back. We have our two logo design options. I've actually decided to pick this one. Um, it's it's simple, it's clean, and really it's more practical. I think with this box right here, it's gonna show up better on smaller spaces, especially in social media. I could see this little icon being used as a Facebook profile picture. I just see it big, more flexible and usable across all marketing channels. So it's going to stick with something simple. So this is great. So what we're going to need to do is really to create a couple different versions of her logo. We're going to need to have kind of a letterhead version of our logo, which is a more horizontal one. This is a center ah, vertical version of our logo. So here's what we're going to do. We're gonna go ahead and select our graphic and bring it up. We're gonna actually going to since I have it all highlighted. I just went ahead and did this and highlight it all. I'm gonna go up here and do copy and just drag it down. And this is where we could have our second version of our logo. Okay, so let's see. Um see, what else? I simple vertical version of our logo looks like. And you can also group elements together so you can shift them around. So mash ups highlight all and group them. This will give me the ability to scale lower or make it bigger, keep all the elements together. So just go ahead and go select all and the group, you'll be able to do just that. So just like that, we've created kind of a version of her logo. Let me on group and display around it with it just a little more. So I'm group. I'm actually that put a vertical line here to see if that would create a little more separation since these EMS or the same pot. So let's go to our elements tab and go toe lines, and I am going to see if they have a vertical line. He's kind of your basic line. So does this is the very first option that's way too thick. So let's make that a lot better. And let's rotate that Martin. So you're gonna have this little rotate option. I was gonna rotate it to make it perfectly vertical. Now what I need to dio there might need to make it bigger this way. So where can buy gets a little tricky? Okay, so I could have to make it thicker to actually make it shorter. So let's go ahead. Make it shorter. Probably right about there and now it could make it thinner, but as soon as it goes like it to be thinner, that's probably a skinny is it's gonna let me do it. It's a little limitations. With Camba. I don't photo shop in Illustrator. I wouldn't have that limitation, but it's kind of what you sacrifice, Uh, when you're not using a a desire program. But think of the flexibility that this gives people who don't know the complicated photo Shop Illustrated programs. So we just have to work with it. Okay, so I don't really like the line. It's worth trying. We're showing you had to do something like that to create a vertical line. That is it as a dividing element. OK, so here's kind of our two options. We are gonna go ahead and save that, and next we're gonna create an inverse. But we have this on a dark background, but you always need a logo that looks good on a white background. So I'm gonna show you how to do that in the next video. 5. Creating White and Black Versions Of Your Logo: All right, So now we have these two different options available. We have horizontal version and vertical version. Let's go ahead and create an inverse so we can have the put this on a white background with black text. So, as always, I'm gonna go ahead and save this current version that I have, and I'm going to do file, make a copy. And so that's what it's doing right now. Always make copies to have a backup file. Okay, so not gonna double click this and rename it. It's not letting me rename right now, so who knows? Okay, so let's go ahead and delete this. We're gonna do a white background, or I might even just be able to delete this background. All right, actually, let me go back a few steps. Uh, do commands in undo it can go up here and click on undo a couple times. Let's change all of this text to black are inverse. Before we delete the background, it's gonna double click. No changes to black. I'm gonna change this lettering to white. I'm gonna go ahead highlighter little shape here, and I'm gonna go up here and change that black. There we go. Perfect can do the same thing down here. This needs to be white. This needs to be black, actually, more of like a gray. And this needs to be also the great color. All right, so now we can select her background, delete it, And just like that, you have a really cool version that we can use on a light background. Let's go ahead and do file se great. And so next we're gonna figure out how do we export these graphics? So that we can create P and G's and J pegs and even pdf's so that we can have a wide array of logo design files that we consent toe professional printing or to use for other things that we're gonna design on camera? 6. How to Export Files in the Right Format In Canva: So we have our final logos ready to go. We need to get all our different file formats downloaded so we can use that on anything we need to. So I'm gonna go ahead and take my horizontal and vertical versions with my white background and go ahead and export that. So I'm gonna go up here to download, and I'm gonna need all of these file format. So I'm gonna start off with a J peg and stab lead that, for example, and if he had the profound the think it's called kid. But for work, which is, ah, paid monthly fee for Canada. You can actually just resize click resize, and you're able to export the individual sizes so I would be able to resize export that export. That is a separate file. Um, so if you don't have that, I would have download the J peg. I'm gonna go ahead and double click it, and there's our file right there. Or J Peg. Let's say I want to separate those. I don't want them both on the same document. Um, well, that's easy. I could do that voter shop, but if you don't have photo shop, um There's a little thing called pick resize, and let's just go ahead. Do that real quick so I can show you. Uh, pick resize dot com. Mother's a ton of other ones If you have one that you like better. So let's go ahead and upload her image. Oh, let's see. Let's browse top of the one we just downloaded and continue. Okay. So crop selection, let's go ahead in the get that cropped and click on crop selection. There we go. So that now I can, uh ah, see? No change. I want to make it smaller. She's effects. I don't need effects that save as a J peg. Great. I'm done. There we go. So now it's gonna download, and I should have my file. Let's see where my file is. I don't see anything. Download. Save the disk. There we go. Gosh. Took me a while. There it is. Yeah. So I just do the same thing with all the other files. Will have a separate file for each vertical horizontal, and then I need to repeat the same thing. Go back to Canada. I need to find my dark background, which I think is this one there is my dark background. And now what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna make this. Let's see, Yeah, I would do the same process for this. So I'm gonna go to download. Let's dio pdf pdf Standard and print Always do Print prints Probably be higher resolution. Let's see what the pdf looks like when it's downloaded. There's the pdf, and look how easy it WAAS Creator logo I got these vector files now is PdF's high resolution. It's probably the highest resolution available. Um, where should be a PDF Acrobat Pro? You could crop it here as well. Um, I can also drag this into Photoshopped and illustrator and I can edit the logo even further . So just for now we have her files were ready to go, and we're ready to start creating some advertisement and some social media 7. Let's Create A Social Media Graphic! : So one more thing I want to bring up about exporting files is when you export as a PNG want to make sure it has a transparent background. So it's not on a white background or a black ground. It's on nothing. So that's gonna make life easy when you import the image and try to put it on top of photography. Eso For this this is already a white background. There's really no background, so you're good. You would go to download you do P and G and he do transparent background. You make sure that selected and when you export, it'll have no background on there. It will just have the tax. So that's great to do it on the darker colored background. Let's go ahead and pop on there. And with Jay Paige, you could just keep the colored back or whatever backgrounds on there. This is just for the PNG, which will be using the most. So this is just gonna go ahead and delete this background and I wouldn't touch a thing. Go to ah download do the same thing P and G make sure transparent, transparent background is selected. So now that we have our four logo files, different versions. We're gonna go ahead and upload those. Let's go ahead, upload our own images, we're gonna go to desktop. And I think I have all four ready to go. I'm just gonna load those in. And those are gonna be our basic branding files that we could work with. Um, so let's go ahead and create. Let's create a grand opening Social Media post. So let's go back to Canada. Uh, a little stay on page until that's finished. Uploading. Okay, Think it is always there. Okay, so let's go back to Canada, the main home screen. And let's see, Let's do a social graphic was going to live here. We'll see. The gives us the option to do a Facebook specific size. Eso Let's candle layouts. Let's do Facebook. See what comes up. Let's go back to layouts. Okay, candle layouts. All right. Here we go is a different social media sizes. Let's go back to camp again. Let's keep hunting for what I'm looking for. Click on more. Let's see what we have here. Let's find exactly what we're looking for. Okay, so we have documents, social media, post blogging and e books, marketing materials, social media and email headers. There's a Facebook event cover Perfect. I'm gonna have a grand opening event, and I want to make sure it's 7 84 by 2 95 pixels. And if you know, you can look up on social media to find out if you're doing a paid Facebook at those air, that's a certain size. So you can always start your document from scratch. Um, and type in your specific size, but most options you can find on campus. Let's do an event. Uh, graphic. Go ahead and load that. We have some options we could start with, see if any of these might work for us. That might be need. I can feature my logo here on the white. So far, I like that one the best. Something that's gonna vibe with my clean brand. So these are very specific. Keep scrolling. I think already found it. I can always customize it. That's what so great about being good designers. You could take any of this and customize it. You know, it might do This is it. I like this one. Okay, so let's get started. Gonna go ahead. Do. Ah, grand opening type of mindlessness. Leave the dates for now. Of course, you can always change this if you want to. But just for the sake of doing that, wonder if it's gonna give us like that. Well, arrow. Okay, so with this photo in the background, I definitely don't want red circles. That doesn't make any sense. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead, delete this and delete that, and I'm gonna bring in my own photo. So where am I gonna find, uh, free photos to use? I don't want to pay for them on camera. So I got up Exel's p e x e Ellis, and you're gonna be able to find all these all these air free to use. So I'm gonna put in coffee and see what comes up. Do I like all these? I like this one. Uh, let's do all these coffee beans, because I think that's gonna work with what I'm thinking of for my design. So we're gonna go ahead and download that save it to my desktop, and they will be able to import it into Camba and be able to use it that way. No need to just find my tab. There we are. Okay, so let's go ahead and go toe uploads. Let's go ahead and get this uploaded right now. I'll be able to drag that in. So why that's uploaded? I can kind of mess with that mess with this. Lay out a little bit. I could make that arrow a different color idle if that's gonna jive with my brand. But I could go back to my logo. I remember a big body D, and we can actually go ahead and use that same font for consistency. Let's go ahead and do that. This is the thought that we're using in the logo. And let's do some wide spacing like we do in the logo as well. Report more brand consistency. Hubble Right there. Let's also changed this to Bondi, any? There we go. So now our little being coffee graphic is ready. I drag that in, and I'm actually create kind of what it had. The Forbes could make a little bit bigger, and I'm gonna duplicate duplicate. There's copy that's gonna drag it over here like it had before. Do I like that? I don't since where we play around a little bit and needs something. Let me put like a colored bar here, and it did needs our logo. So let's go ahead. These are the four logo graphics I have. They all have the transparent background. So I'm gonna want the one that has black text, which I believe is this one was good dragon or logo. And I'm wondering if this horizontal versions could probably work better with his graphic. Okay? Or we can try another one, if that looks better. So having this arrow, which I don't think, really matches with our brand Oh, I like that better. Okay, let's go ahead. Delete that one. Let's make this match. This is not black. That's cool. Was like a gray. Let's make sure this is kind of that same kind of a gray, great tone that might be a little too much. So let's go. And the way I could do a custom color should be. Here we go. Custom color. Not all the way. They would go right. Maybe right there. Kind of a dark gray grand opening right here. I want to add some space between your butts not allowing me to do that. So What I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna copy and paste this. Actually, I know why. Because these air to the group, this was a template. So this top in this bottom element are grouped. And that's why I can't seem to separate them. This girl appeared on Group and Boom. Now their own grouped. Yeah. Now I can cut a mess around. I think this really needs, like, horizontal line. So let's grab line here, going to my elements lines. So we'll go ahead and get that going here. Let's see, maybe some dots like dots. That's a cool. We're gonna make that smaller. I don't like too big of a dot I get longer and get those dots smaller. Let's change that color. Still like a blue. Get a little color in here. Let's make this a little wider. I don't know. Not like in the dots. Not like in the dots. So that's no problem. Okay. Taking its precious time, Okay, was going to leave that do Starr live here that long? Actually make it short on exactly what I'm gonna do. So it's really popular to do kind of Ah, but not a line that goes all the way across, but just kind of a little line like this. Let's make it a light gray, which has already saved in our document colors now. Okay, so this is just start on. We'll keep going in the next video. 8. Poster Design Time! : All right, So now that we have our social media graphic mostly completed, just got a noodle around with it a little bit, Have he adds them worse spacing on this element, and they were gonna be able to export it. Go ahead and start getting it on Facebook. Much better. Let me add. I can add a little bit of color, so I'm just gonna do, like, a quick element are, actually, uh, Let's see if I could do a shape their shapes. Let me to a quick box here. I'm gonna make this a little color. I think this needs just a little pop of color. Let's try to try this blue green. I was gonna make this a narrow line right here, and then I got a copy it dragon on the other side. So that adds just a little something. Something to make it nice. If there's anything I want, have pop out. Um, let me see. Grand opening. I wonder if I make that that same blue green That look good. That kind of pops out at you. Uh, let's go back to black. This is people black. Maybe make this little element right here. Let's make that match have a little consistency. They're perfect. So I love it something Goto file Save. I'm going, Teoh. Export it with a download you're gonna wanna download for any social media. You're gonna want to do a J peg. So just do J peg download. And then you have your graphic to be able Teoh Pop on Facebook Go down was that's downloading. So that's great. So I go ahead. I already have a social media graphic. Let's say I want to create kind of a Facebook post or ah, Flyer. I want to do a flyer. So let's go ahead and get a different size going. Let's go ahead and go back to Canada. Click on the icon and let's create a new size so we can do anything here. Poster would be really cool. Let's do a poster. We'll see if there's any templates that would be a good starting point for a design, not necessarily what we're gonna select. We can always change it. I really like this one. Let's double click out that one and see what it looks like here. I don't think that's gonna match with their brands, but I really love this one. I just like the angles, the clean look of everything that's perfect. So let's keep looking. This would be really need to do if, um photograph screened back. This is really neat. Let's keep looking. Who? This might be it all. They're also good. They're actually since I've been doing designed for 12 13 years and these the templates they have are some of the best templates I've seen on a website like this. This might be nice, but it's not coherent with my clean brand. Okay, so I think some of those ones up top that's gonna be it. So let's go back up. Let's go ahead and go and pick ones. We continue on with Rock Summit Tokyo. That looks really clean, but probably too dependent on the photo. So let's pick something that's gonna be easy to pop a photo in. Let's do this spring sale. I really like that one. Let's stick with it. Okay, so I'm gonna go to, um, pixels and see if I could find a really good coffee photo to use for my poster. So let's see if I could find anything that one's really need. That's kind of got a close up look zoomed in. Let's a little too generic. Oh, so many good options. Oh, one that's gonna look good with that design. Let's choose this one. Go ahead and download it and let's uploaded to Canberra. All right, let's get our element. Let's upload this photo. Tore library. And so this is a photo block. So all you have to do is already angled and everything for you. And actually, it's a little off, so let me just make it a little bigger. So I get dues, drag your photo right on top and it's gonna load it in the same angle. And let me just make that angle a little bit wider so it covers the whole poster. I'm glad. Drag it in, See how it looks. Perfect. I don't really need the polka dot so let's just get rid of polka dots. Wonderful. So now we need to do some work with some of this fought, so we definitely need to change this to our gray color. Highlight it all. Let's do a custom color click on the addition. Still kind of are gray color. Once you select a color, it's gonna show up and your palate again. Okay, so we're gonna do grand opening, right? And we're gonna change your font to our Mondini was Find it. There it is. And we're gonna drag her logo it. So this is a white background. So let's drag are one with a dark colors there. I don't think I'm gonna need all this detail. I'm gonna un group this group here. Most templates have all this group together once Ewan group it. You can kind of play around with all the individual elements, so we don't need that anymore. Splices delete. It should automatically disappear. I'm gonna actually make this bigger, so I'm going to drag this, make this a lot more dramatic of a photo and let me upload, Have one more photo, test it out here and upload this other photo. Have to see if it'll be any better. And what's great is I can just drag things over this element, and it'll automatically populate it. Angled like that. So let's go ahead. Drag this photo in, see if I like it better. Oh, that looks nice. It's very, very clean, if that's what is consistent with my brand. Um, so let's just keep that for right now. We can always change it. We could shift this up like this. Maybe you do Grand opening. And what do we sell? We sell What? Coffee? Let's just type in some random stuff. I know this is a same I had on my logo. I don't have my full logo loaded on here. Uh, coffee, tea, food. Alice is keep it like that for now. Let's add a little separation between these two. There we go at spacing. Can't have enough spacing. Let's go ahead and save this. And here's what I'm gonna do. We gonna go back to my social media Post, which is right here, and I'm gonna grab this information that I was already using. The double click this and then I'm just gonna pop back in good in my file. And now I could not paste it in there to grab that element right there. There we go. So I'm gonna go ahead and duplicate. Copy this. So now I have another text box to work with. That I'm gonna paste. And it didn't bring over the Bondi any. So I'm going to our Bondo knee. I think I've been pronouncing it wrong the whole time. There we go. So I'm gonna have to kind of re do a few elements Spacing. I will just cut a mess around with this a little bit later. So let's move this coffee, tea, food appear. Maybe we don't need this. Got shoe anymore. Ah, bleep. There we go. Let's make this wider. So I should just make the fought smaller. Let's make this You never want to have anything lower than a point Font Elicits is supposed to be fine print. So let's stick with 10. Perfect Marsh Cafe. I like how this is left justified and this is all right. Justified Kenneth adds a little bit of a different flow, which is nice. I wonder if I can angle this and make it bigger. OK, so let's make this our Bondo knee. Now. I can pronounce it correctly and let's go ahead, angle this a little bit, angling it and making it bigger. Let's keep making it bigger. There we go. Perfect. Right there. I'm really liking hell. This is looking. I'm just doing this on the fly Did not pre plan what the heck I was gonna be doing here through coffee, tea, food, grand opening. Let's make this actually a little bigger. It's hard to see in that color. And let's add in another dividing line between these two elements. Let's go to elements lines. What's that? A line here. Make it skinny and short. Just like that. And also not black, but kind of a dark gray. There we go. Just a little dividing element. There could be not quite as big. There we go. Perfect. Do something. Teoh. Separate these elements. There's a space here that needs to be eliminated. Boom! And I'm just being picky here. So what's at one more element? Because I'm being picky. What's that? I just added another line working at a box to If you want to go to shapes, shapes and then it can add a box and do the same thing and create kind of a square shape, I'm gonna go up and select Are blue green color. I'm actually just create a little lying down here to kind of tie in that blue green at the very bottom here, Or I can tie that and at the top two. So it's kind of cool. I don't know. I think I really needs to be a little color down here too. So let's do that. Boom. I'm done. I'm gonna get a file save. I'm gonna export this. I can export this and put this on Facebook boob. Donna's a J Peg or I can go to download and I could download as a pdf and I'm gonna click on if I'm gonna send this to, like, a vista print and online printer. And I want to have bleed and everything on the document. Go ahead and click on Crock mark crop marks and bleed on. This is a figure to send your document out to be professionally printed as a poster in the new download, you'll have your pdf with crop marks and bleed and you have your poster. So right now we have a social media graphic Ah, poster and a brand. And let me just go ahead and see amounts we could see. Boom, There it is. And there's the crop marks. Zoom in 100%. You'll be able to see these little crop marks right here. That just helps you create bleed. Professional printers will require that if you get a ah poster done 9. Create A Business Card! Two Sided.: So we have social media graphic. We have a poster. We have a logo in a brand, but well, what do we want to do next? Let's go ahead. And I went to the main camp. A home page. I'm thinking what we can design next. And I'm thinking maybe a business card. Let's do it. Everybody needs a business card. So we're gonna pop into here, and we're gonna look for a template. That's gonna be a great starting point for a brand. We don't have to go with it, but it could give us a few, um, elements. Uh, let's see. I think I like this one. I think this will work. Let's go ahead. So, like this one? So I think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add a page. So I'm gonna go down here and add a new page because I want a front in the back to a business card. So I have this front side and I'm gonna go down here and add this backside. So now I have a front and the back. I just added a new page and then clicked over to the template to populate it. Okay, so Here's the front. I don't like this, whatever this is. So let's add our own background in. So let's go toe uploads. I have the same photo used for poster for brand consistency. Let's just go with that for right now. And that's perfect. And I don't think I'm gonna need this box. I'm actually not gonna need anything from this template. So we're really starting from scratch here. From a design perspective, let me just delete that element. Okay? So I want to just kind of talk to you guys about photo editing in Canada. It's pretty powerful. We could pretty much do a lot of the things you can do in photo shop. I'm gonna go ahead and highlight my photo kind of show you some options. You go appear to filter. You could see some kind of instagram filter type stuff that you can use. Um, but also, if you go to advanced options, do not be afraid to use advanced options. I don't think they're necessarily advanced. Um, you can kind of drag this around brightness, make images darker, brighter, um, up the contrast or decrease the contrast saturation, and actually make a quick black and white photo real quickly like that we could do the tent , which could have a cool effect. I think that probably most powerful is blur. I think this is awesome. If you want, I upload a photo and blur it. You can use it as a really nice background, uh, way to create cool backgrounds. So I'm not gonna do anything. This photo full right now, believe it as as is, and I'm gonna put in our logo. So let's go ahead and find her legal. We're gonna wonder logo on a white text. We have two options of what we think could work. So let's drag in both and make them smaller and see what works. Kind of drag her photo around here. I want the logo to kind of be Let me go ahead and save this. Always be saving. Let's see what looks good here. I wonder if this looks good. Drag this this up. Oh, no, over. It's gonna allow me to move it. No, I don't necessarily have to go with this photo. I can bring in this other one, but I really love it. I like the clean background, So let me see. I think this some horizontal is gonna work better again for this layout. This is why we have two versions of our logo. You don't know what versions gonna look the best. The drag this over here. I might even make the coffee cup a little bigger. Not sure about that yet. So let me just make that a little bigger. The second center it a little better. I like that clean. I wonder if I can rotate this leg. I'm just playing around at this point. Rotate this. So this is vertical. Ah, there we go. Perfect. I could do kind of ah, vertical business card like this. I wanted to or at least have this side be more vertical. I think that's cool. I don't know if that school or not Let's go back to can. A simple, simple sometimes the best way to go. So I really love, um, carrying through branding elements on all of my designs. So what is a great branding element we've been using throughout that kind of blue green kind of bar? Let's keep going with that. I'm gonna bring this in. I just brought in a line, but you could bring in the shape a square and do the same thing. Actually, that might even be better. Let's go to shape and let's bring in. Let's bring in a square. Let's make this square or blue green color that we've been using. Sometimes I usually tuck this on the side just to kind of bring a little pop of color. Just like that. We could do that, or we could do it horizontal or who can shake it up and see what we can do here. Here's are turning turning mechanism. I can add a cool angle to it like that. Let's keep doing her angle. Make it smaller, like our angles. Right years. Let's make a little more dramatic than angle. Pull us down, pulls down and drag it up. That could be, uh, one way to do it. Let's go ahead and go down to our other part. I really like this, but let's go ahead and for brand consistency. Let's do our, um, our little thought here starts with a B. Let's go to bees, Andoni, There it is. And let's add that spacing we've been doing with everything. So I'm gonna type in my name. I'm gonna be the owner of this cafe. It's like the fought size, a little bigger. And like with all these templates, go ahead. These are all connected. So it's ungroomed pit and now we'll be able tow ship this around a little better. I have odor, and I'm also the CEO of this company. And let's make this a little longer cause I want to make room to make this fun bigger again . I want my name to be the most prominent on here. Okay, so here's our website. So I just got to do website here upset like a type website here dot com, I think for a brand consistently, let's go back to our part DT to our spacing really wide. And, uh, let's keep this kind of a sad Serra thoughts. That's totally far. Um, we could put our a little logo here, but I really think it's property it enough on the front that we don't need it. But I do think we need to incorporate that blue green color, so I wonder if you do it on the website or I can add in a box to a box and make it three. Bring color. Let's make it a square and I'm gonna arrange this. I need this to be below so good a range in the back. Let's make a cool bucks for this, and that might be too wide apart. So let's bring that letter spacing back in. I like to have lots of space between my boxes and my fonts. Everything breathes. Nothing. Feels like it's on top of each other. Okay, that I could always mess with this font a little bit, not my favorite. Maybe I can bring this over here a little bit, snapping it, seats, snapping its not allowing me to moving around quite how we wanted to. So that's this one little, small minor irritation with working with Canada, as opposed to photo Shaw. So I think it needs some lines. Years was at a quick line. Are actually mess with backgrounds instead and see what this looks like. Whoa, it would be cool. It's It's a little low rez, though, Uh, it's messing around with some of these. I'm not feeling it, but I wonder if I go to buy uploads and I bring in this little coffee shop like the little bigger I'm gonna goto a range I could select it. I'm sure when my rage options are. I want to send this to the back. Okay? It's already in the back. Okay, so let's go to filter. Let's actually make this transparent. And so this is another trick in camp that you could do. So here's the transparent option. Go up here to the upper right, and we're gonna diss, reduce the transparency a little bit. So you just kind of see a little element of it. And actually to make this black white so I can get a filter, you go to saturation and decrease it all the way down to make it black light. So you see how that looks And let me go back to transparency a little more transparent and let me go to filter mess around here. So you have some look a little better than others. Okay, that reset my advanced option. So let's go back to saturation. Let's increase the brightness a little bit. And the contrast I really want those beans to come out. So higher contrast is gonna help that photo when it's faded. Pop out. There we go. Perfect. All right. So I think this actually will benefit for big white text. Just my designers. I and I still think it's too big spacing, so we're gonna bring that in a notch. There we go. I think we're done with this business card. There's the back and course I really love the front with the logo. I think that looks so cool. Just the texture there, the black texture, a little logo that we designed. So we did all this lesson an hour would created a brand created logo files. We created local files that could be sent to a professional printer. You could put on T shirts and everything else. Um, we created a business card. We created a poster and a social media blast and a grand opening social media blast so we could just keep going. But I think for this class, I think this is a great class to take. Just to get started in Canberra, I feel like you can play around and mess around at this level and create anything you want . So have fun. If you have any questions, please let me know. I can always add more to this class. If there's something else, you want me to show you how to create, thank you guys. So much for tuning in