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Learn Basic Spanish Course LEVEL 1 (Beginners)

teacher avatar Florencia, Spanish teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introductory lesson


    • 2.

      Clase Acentos y Variedades


    • 3.

      El Abecedario y Vocales


    • 4.

      Pronunciación de Letras y Palabras


    • 5.

      Practica Pronunciación


    • 6.

      Clase Números 1 al 100


    • 7.

      Clase 1 Saludos y Presentaciones


    • 8.

      Clase 1 Países y Nacionalidades


    • 9.

      Clase 1 Pronombres y Práctica


    • 10.

      Clase 2 Verbo SER Parte I


    • 11.

      Clase 2 Verbo SER Parte II


    • 12.

      Clase 2 Verbo ESTAR Parte I


    • 13.

      Clase 2 Verbo ESTARParte II Práctica


    • 14.

      Practica - Ser y Estar


    • 15.

      Practica - Ser y estar II


    • 16.

      Clase 3 Árbol Familiar


    • 17.

      Clase 3 Verbo TENER


    • 18.

      Clase 3 Verbo LLAMARSE


    • 19.

      Clase 3 Textos


    • 20.

      Clase 3 Práctica


    • 21.

      Practica - Diálogo


    • 22.

      Clase 4 Días y Meses


    • 23.

      Practica - Números, días y meses


    • 24.

      Clase 4 El Clima y Las Estaciones


    • 25.

      Clase 4 Preguntas y Práctica


    • 26.

      Clase 5 Artículos


    • 27.

      Practica - Artículos


    • 28.

      Clase 5 Me Gusta / No me Gusta


    • 29.

      Clase 5 Pronombres / gusta o gustan


    • 30.

      Clase 5 Oraciones y Práctica


    • 31.

      Clase 6 Actividades


    • 32.

      Clase 6 Verbos y Usos


    • 33.

      Clase 6 Verbos Regulares


    • 34.

      Clase 6 Verbos Irregulares y Práctica


    • 35.

      Practica Verbos y Conjugación


    • 36.

      Clase 7 La Comida


    • 37.

      Clase 7 Textos


    • 38.

      Clase 7 Menú Restaurante


    • 39.

      Clase 7 Restaurante Diálogo y Práctica


    • 40.

      Clase 8 La Hora


    • 41.

      Ejercicios -La hora


    • 42.

      Clase 8 Mi Rutina


    • 43.

      Ejercicios verbos


    • 44.

      Clase 8 Pronombres Reflexivos


    • 45.

      Clase 8 La Hora Parte 2 + Práctica


    • 46.

      Clase 9 Pasatiempo - Texto


    • 47.

      Ejercicio Escuchar y Leer


    • 48.

      Ejercicios Escuchar y Leer II


    • 49.

      Clase 9 Expresar Razón: Porque


    • 50.

      Clase 9 Quiero + Verbo


    • 51.

      Clase 9 Presente Simple Usos


    • 52.

      Clase 9 Ejemplos y Práctica


    • 53.

      Ejercicios - Verbos y Oraciones


    • 54.

      Clase 10 Acentos y Signos de Puntuación


    • 55.

      Clase 10 Preguntas Parte I


    • 56.

      Clase 10 Preguntas Parte II


    • 57.

      Practica Preguntas


    • 58.

      Clase 10 Diálogo & Next Steps


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About This Class

Have you ever thought about learning Spanish for the first time? Did you know there are more than 755 million people Spanish speakers in the world?

Imagine being able to communicate with more people than you've ever thought of. Imagine travelling and actually using the language! Impressive, right?

With this course you'll get:

  • clear explanations from an experienced teacher
  • vocabulary in context
  • meaningful learning and practise
  • resources with vocabulary and grammar points from all the lessons
  • well structured contents tailored for beginner students with no experience with the language

After this course, you'll be able to: 

  • introduce yourself, talk about your family, job and routine
  • express likes and dislikes
  • order food in a restaurant 
  • ask questions and, most importantly, know how to answer them!
  • talk about the weather, dates and free time activities

This comprehensive course is perfect for people who want to learn Spanish for the very first time!

Have you studied Spanish before? Check this course! Spanish Course LEVEL 2 (Past tenses and Pronouns!)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Spanish teacher


Hello, I'm Florencia. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm a passionate language teacher, I teach English and Spanish. 

I have more than 10 years teaching experience. I worked in Primary and Secondary schools in my country and in language schools in Dublin, Ireland where I lived for two years. I teach teenagers and adults online from different countries. 

I love languages! I'm currently learning Italian online as well. I also love travelling, I've lived in Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and in Asia! 

Hope to see you soon :) 


See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introductory lesson: Allah. Hello. I'm so happy you're gonna do these course in Spanish. This is an introductory lesson. So I'm gonna guide you through these course in order to get the best results. So let's get started. The objectives. So what you will do what you will learn what you will get from thes course. First, you're gonna get a listen from a professional teacher. That's me. I have experience teaching beginner students in Spanish. So I prepare these scores with all the material that I've used with them. You will get basic grammar points in Spanish. They will help you in order to make progress in your vocabulary on in your grammar structures. This are the basic rummer points. Uh, the ideas that you get a better understanding off the language through sentences through text, through dialogues on through advice. The next one is to practice with the native. That's meeting. You can hear my you can hear my pronunciation. You will be able to listen. Teoh the text When I read you will be able to listen on. Repeat, the next one is to be able to speak basic everyday conversations. So we're gonna through very short sentences at the beginning until you can, you can have a conversation and you can read a longer text. Uh, the other objective is to learn about verbs on their meaning. In context. This is very important. Throughout the lessons, I'm gonna teach you different verbs. We're gonna start with the easy ones. Then we're gonna learn many other verbs on. I will give you sentences where that Berg ISS used on to know more about culture and pronunciation. I will talk a bit about how we pronounce the words I would pronounce different letters on pronunciation on the last one is to get learning a practice in practice deeps to improve in every lesson. I will give you some advice, piece off or recommendation tips that you can do in order to make progress in Spanish. So these are all the objectives how to work with these course. So what to do? My piece of advice is that you watched the 1st 2 lessons. They are optional, but I recommend that you watch if this is your first time learning Spanish, I will talk about the alphabet. And most importantly, I will help you pronounce every letter and then every word If you understand how we pronounce, for example, a that is a and then you read a word and then you repeat, you will most likely make progress easier. Okay? My other advises that all the lessons they follow a structure from basic to a full, for example, dialogue in Spanish and text. So what the beginning? You'll see very short sentences. You'll see very basic. Let's say actions. But you can do in Spanish until the last lesson where you have, like, loads of questions and then you have dialogues and then you have longer texts. Another thing that we should do is to watch the lessons pause right on. Notes on you can use a dictionary. These course comes with a resource, and that's the teach seats. I'm recommend that you use it for every lesson. You will find two pages at the end where you have notes, so whenever you have a doubt, whenever you learned any word, write it down there. But use the resource because that's for you. In order to learn Spanish successfully, every lesson has practiced in the end on I recommend. But after you watch the lesson, do the practice because you will have, Let's say all the vocabulary in your mind. So after you watch all the videos from the lesson, do the practice. Take 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Sit down in a quiet place. Um, do the exercises write sentences about you to use a vocabulary learned. So maybe that's not an exercise. Maybe that's not in the course, but you want to do it. So I highly recommend that you start writing sentences about you, about your family, things that you really want to write about. Asked doubts in the comments. If there is something that you're not too sure about, you can write it in the comments here on the course, and I will be very happy to help you. That's why I am here to help you on The last one is right suggestions. Are there things that you would like to see? I could at them in the course just right, and feel free to get in contact with me. I'm here, I'm your teacher and you are learnings. Punish. So let's work together. Happy learning 2. Clase Acentos y Variedades: in this inter lesson, we're gonna talk about Spanish speaking countries on different sounds. So as you can see, here is the map with all the Spanish, with all the countries where it that's big Spanish, that are more than 20 countries that's use Spanish as an official language. And did you know that that are 577 million people that speak Spanish in the world? It's impressive, right? Imagine talking to all of them or being able to understand all these people. So here you have the country's Guatemala. May he go Puerto Rico, Venezuelan. All these have Spanish as the official language. Andi, I'd like to talk a bit a bit about varieties. Yes. So these are a few things for you to bear in mind. The first thing is vocabulary. So as you know, all the languages have different words in different countries or even regions. When example of these is the word strawberry in Spanish is Frisa or through Tia. So it depends where you're going at the absent. You want to learn, you'll see this differences. Okay, People will understand sometimes if you What do you want to say? If it's just like connected to food. Well, you can use other words or stay names, or you can try to explain. But this is for you to bear in mind that there are different words. Okay, the next one, but not the most important one is accents, so there are many accents in Spanish. What I recommend is that you identify the accent that you like on the accent you want to imitate when you want to learn from, and then focus on that one because there are so many. My accent is this punish from Rio de la Plata ISP annual Bria Platense. So I used is punish from Argentina. Off course on that are so many others. Although during this video trying to use a more standard accent. So I my accent will be that strong so you can understand. And if you learn for me, you can go anywhere, and in any country that speaks Spanish on you will be understood. The next one is pronunciation. So the 1,000,000 distinction. It's with words like the words that have double l or why? Because there are two different pronunciations. These can either be pronounced us stay or yeah, I will talk about these on the next video about the ABC on pronunciation. But this is very short on this is for you to know. Uh, we can say the words rain to call I on right now, in two different ways, we can say you Yeah, um are you young? Or we can say Sylvia, some are So there is one kind of like in the middle. It would be you. Bia zam, are you? Yeah, OK, I will try to use the one that is kind of in the middle. So it's easy for you to understand the last thing to consider its pronounce. So you know all the pronounce you we, uh he she whatever. Yes, in Spanish, we have the pronoun vos, which means you anus used in, for example Argentina your way. Another regions of other countries. I used voles when I am in Argentina in this course I used to Okay, It's not a question off formal or being informal. This is just a question off preference. Yes, and it's a question connected to regions. So because I am from Argentina, I would use force on somebody that it's from Mexico, for example, they would use to If you say vos people understands if you say to, people will understand anyway. OK, so don't worry. This is for you to very mind that maybe you were watching a movie or you're listening to a podcast or listening to music on you see, this works. Okay, This is a problem, but it's used in certain countries. Okay. The other pronoun east also throws or also addressed the masculine or feminine on these means you but the plural you that you all Okay, This is very common. When you are learnings punished on your using books that are from Spain, you'll see that they use both Sotelo's also trance toys. You are okay. I don't use risottos and also addressed because it's like in general it's only used in Spain and it's not so so much used in Latin America. Even though if you say it also, those people will understand. Don't worry, because it's something that we will get. Okay, But we don't use it if you go to Spain Perfect. If you go to Cuba or Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia pedo, they won't use, but so does. But they will understand on the last one is Will Stanton. All still, it's the same as two. It means you the singular. And now these will stead. It's very formal who stay its formal. And if you are, I don't know you're thinking. Which one should I use? Should I use to? Should I used to stand? Just remember, toe it's informal. Instead, it's formal. Okay, throughout the lessons I will use your to, l know Sotelo's Aereo's okay, I want use instead that much, Andi. But anyway, you can see on the T cheat. You'll see that at the end when I explain, for example, of Earth and I need all the problems. I add balls just for you to know as an extract and because I am from Argentina. So I added as an extract explanation. Okay, so that's all very minds, then, for Cavalleri accents. Pronunciation on products On my piece of advice is that you are exposed to all the different accents in Spanish. Yes, listen to music from a Teela or what's the news from Mexico or from Panama? So try to be exposed as much as you can to all the accents off Spanish 3. El Abecedario y Vocales: So now let's get started with the ABC in Spanish. I'm gonna say the letters once, and then I'm gonna pronounce them. And I'm gonna wait a few seconds for you to repeat after me. So I'm gonna start with the 1st 1 Yeah. Bay se today A If they fe at t e hold down God l A. In May and name. And you Oh, bay. Cool and rain s a Hey, they dhobley they dhobley they a geese a geese e Grajeda e g Ada Zita said that. Okay, so these are the letters off the A P. C. As you can see, we have the letter n year, which is between any and Oh, and this is a letter that we use, for example, for the word man Yana. Yes, That means tomorrow it's very common on. And don't make a mistake between any on in year. Okay? Another thing is that I said Dublin, babe, that's W But in some countries, they say uber globally. So that's something for you to bear in mind. Some other people say they mentioned double L and they say l year, I don't I just say l A And if I want to, I don't know, pronounce or spell something. And just a doubly daily I am like any other. Any other letter that it's repeated. And so, Yeah, so these is the ABC, so I'm going to repeat the letters faster. I'm gonna repeat the first line first from A to I. And when I repeated faster, you can pause the video and then repeat after me policy video as many times as you want for reputation or to listen to it once more. So I'm going to read a to I and then you compose. I'm gonna read day to Q and then you composed to repeat and then our dizzied and then you pause on Repeat. Okay, So the first part East, uh, bay say they a if a hay at E hota car l a m a in a in year. Oh, pay every s a day. Do they doubly they a keys. Agree. Ada said that. Okay. Something that you can do to practice days. His spell. Your name spells. Spell your family your family's name on all the members of your family and your friends. Spell your surname spell where you're from, but tried to get yours. Your name and surname spelled correctly. That's the most important one. Okay, The other ones are just for practice. So the next one are the vowels. So here we have. Yeah, a e. Well, Oh, so these are the five vowels on. I want a few words that have thes vowels on. The idea is that I will read, and then I will pause, and then you repeat after me. Okay? So try to excite to right the first time. I think that a good idea is to like, over pronounce. Like, if you have to say on open your mouth big do it's because if you are learning Spanish for the first time, I recommend that you exaggerate when you are practicing on, then when you are speaking, it will come out more naturally. Okay? You don't have to speak exaggerating all the time, but only when you're practicing. I think it's very useful. So you get used to it. Okay, so I'm going to start with the letter. Mama Bob back. Cassa, not ANSA by Nana on Nana. So every time you have this letter A it's always been owns in the same way. Okay, so it's always, uh, a A It's always the same sound never changes. Okay, so listen to this words and repeat l a fund day. This then s to the young day. Esperanza. They left for no. Okay, the next one is e equal. See, they seed v V it in solider Ely travel in their Sunday Next is all as in No, I'll say I know Odo Cocoa Brosa also or two Corel Order. Okay. And the last one is Oh, as the igloo. All that. No bladder course. Course. Boileau being we know Julio Who? Neil. So what? You can see even if you have, for example, e and acing esto the Sunday you anyway pronouns both by will's Okay, they never changed because there are two bubbles together, as in English. And it you always pronounce if it's up, you say if it's like, for example in the word um, I'll say I know Well say I know I say, Oh, say no. I pronounced all the vowels or in for example, Julio. I say who Lee all or the last word. Who? Neil, I say Who, me? Oh, Honea. I pronouns all the vowels. Okay, 4. Pronunciación de Letras y Palabras: So here, if you let's say accents and pronunciations, for example, with the letter K. So hey has two different ways of being pronounced. So we can say Hey, as seen grass. Yes, Geet that around Amiga Who got it? Who go Ghana gold that though who get their as you can see the head. It's good, De Dora. I mean that who garden who go Ghana Gold Gatto who get there? Yes. Who get there. So in this case we have and I marked it a g u y onda g u e as in Geeta who get their in this case we pronounce as if the U wasn't there. Only in these words. Okay, guitarra who get there. So when we see these three letters together, we pronounce the guitarra who get there. Okay, Now the second pronunciation for hit It's stronger us in hell. Kenya Fairy at Rico Fair and the General Okay, I will repeat and I will say them slowly. So then you can repeat after me. Hell Fignon! Geriatric! Oh, hidden there Middle. Okay. Can you see the difference? The 1st 1 is more like good on the 2nd 1 is more ok, That's the main distinction. And then the 3rd 1 is the one that I said here you have to Bruno's pronounce you only when you see the two dots. Yeah, on top off you. That means you have to pronounce that that foul. That are three words we have bean weiner billing. Where? That Windsor. I will repeat them again, being we know building well very Wednesday. So as you can see, I don't say being dino billing get better Ghencea. So that those two dots, they mark that we have to pronounce the U Okay, how do we know? When do I have to pronounce on when I don't? Well, when you read on, the more you read, the more he will know which words you have to pronounce on which don't Okay, the floors one is key on and K So when you have the letter cube, it will always be followed by you and then either e or a asking G or gay you'll never have in Spanish. Qu a or Q u o. Yes, we always have these two. So the examples are kin. Okay, I guess so. Board again. Peace s okay. So here the u is not pronounced. I say again. Okay. I don't say when I say okay. Guess so. Board again keeps us. Okay, so whenever you see these two Ki ok, remember, we don't pronounce au, We say G kit. Okay. On the last one aids Ella, Ella and Eager Hiedeh. Why? Okay, so here that are two different pronunciations. It depends where you from on if you have seen the intra videos the one about accents that are two different ways in, say in thes thes letters. So the first way is the following Yeah marred A Yeah. A years. Yeah. You're Yes. So Okay, it's it sounds like it as if it was a Yeah. So young. Marred A Yeah. A years. Yeah. Your yes. So So Remember us. Yeah. On the other form, it's the one that, for example, we use in Argentina on your way. And it's so it sounds like some martyr. A PSA a shows. She, uh so Shea So? So it depends. Let's say which type of accent you are learning, or if you're traveling to Argentina, I recommend that you at least bear in mind that pronunciation will be It's likely different on and If you want to visit a row Mexico or a Columbia, the broad is a yam are a Yeah, okay, the one that I will use is the more standard one. So I will say Jamaar Asia A Joe's? Yeah, Joe days. So it's kind of a mixture of both okay, but actually like it depends where you are. It depends on where you are first. Andi, if you listen to the different accents, okay? So if you have never listened to a person from your way, this for you will be very new. And if you have listened to people from I don't know Cuba or Costa Rica or Puerto Rico, you will also notice that differences. Okay, This is just exposure to different accents, which I highly recommend. 5. Practica Pronunciación: So this is the last part on do. What we're gonna do is I'm going to read the words and I'm gonna wait for you to repeat after me. Okay? I'm gonna do it once on if you want. You can go back under this exercise again. Remember, try to exaggerate. Because if you get it now, if you practice saying it out loud on if you repeat this, then we will make it will make it easier. Okay? When you have to speak naturally in a conversation. So let's get started. So when I read from left to right. Okay. So the first line would be Munyon DNA, but it'll faced sorta a spaniel via hod Adam. I know only very See Dad. Prima vera for the year. Barnicle Cielo sap Battle s Creavy siesta More seeker invierno layer this breasts, Gans young day can Goudeau they levies yon esto the on them day bacon. You okay? Some of the words here on the second line. I said the word era, man. Oh, and this is something for you to remember. The letter hate at in Spanish when it's the first letter off the word it's never pronounced . Yeah, we don't say had a manual. We say Adam Mono, Remember the word ola the recent hate there? But we don't pronounce. We don't say hola. We say Ola. So when the When the word starts with eight at, we never pronounce another thing for you it's on the 3rd 9 We have the words Barak. Oh, Cielo. And then we have the work SAPA, tau shoe, SAPA tau. So in Spain, they will probably say that plateau that bateaux as if it's like that. They pronounce it differently, they say. But in other countries, which is, say SAPA tau Okay, we pronounce a Zied as s the same pronunciation. But if you traveled to Spain, you'll probably hear people saying words like Espanol SAPA tau jlo esque revealed so they will pronounce it differently. Okay, Another thing that I wanted to say it's on the last line were used where you have television phone still young. The okay, It's a word that we use when we want to call somebody, especially in and candy Now, is eight a like saying Hey, I'm talking to you and it's very common. It's very informal, Andi, it's just for you to know you probably have heard it before. So those are the words? My recommendation is that you practice saying these words practice spending, spell your name. Spell your I don't know your wife, your husband, your Children's name. So try to spell as many names as you can. Try to memorize the alphabet and try to read new words out loud. So if you're looking for words in a dictionary, just try to either listen to them. Now you can do it on Google. So if you look up a word on Google, you will also be able to listen to it. So my recommendation is that you always repeat the new words out loud. Okay. At least 12 or three times. And so then you will memorize it easily. Andi, if you want to know what these words mean, have a look at the two teat. Andi, I have a list with all the words and their definitions in English. Okay. Hope you have enjoyed the first part of these slights. I'll see you on fast one 6. Clase Números 1 al 100: new meadows. So before we start thes lesson, I want you to go over the numbers very quickly. If you have never learned the numbers in Spanish before, our recommends that you practice a in them that are tons off online resources where you can practice saying the names YouTube videos. Well, the names will be there on the teach seat as well. So my piece of advice is that you read the numbers out loud every time you are studying Spanish. Okay? Because this is something that people learn at the beginning. And then when they have to say a year or when they have to talk about prices they never remember. So try to revise numbers every now and then. So I'm gonna read from 1 to 10. 11 to 2021 to 30 and then the last column 31 to 100. Okay, so I'm gonna read when I want a house, and then you will have some time to repeat after me. Okay, But remember, you can always go back to these videos on, repeat on pause and go back and try to say that loud. Okay? So if you know the numbers and you feel confident? Just post the video here on Read them aloud or you can escape this parts on. Start with the within your topic. So let's get started with number one. Oh, no, Those that ace What? The room single face. See it there or chung nueva the s Okay. When I read from 1 to 10 quickly and then you pause the video and you repeat after me, Okay? Oh, no, Those but IHS Quatro Cinco Say's see a photo. Whoever. Theis Okay, now from 11 to 20 I'm gonna read the numbers. Wait for you Can eso you can repeat underway them all together and then your pulse a video ? Okay, so I always say those thing today Say God daughter stay king Say the S e Saiz the S e c It then the s e or chou the SC No Evan. Vain name. Okay, here I highlighted in red the beginning off the numbers 16 to 19 because it's the same on Remember that in this light when we were talking about pronunciation, I said you always have to read all the vowels. So in this case you have e A. So we say the SC say's you pronounce all the vowels, all the letters here, the S E C it then the SC or two the SC No Webvan. Okay, You can also like, um, divided. Divide the word so you can say the sea Saiz the A c c it then the a c or toe the a c No, Evan. Okay, Andi, just for you to have a look from 11 to 15 they all end in, say all say, though, say today, say Qatar, Say keen Say okay now I want to read all the numbers on. Then you will pause the video to repeat and on. Say, those say rests a cat or say team say the SC Saiz the sec it there dse Oto the Essen Weber . Then let's have a look at the next column now. So here you have all the twenties on the twenties are different from all the other numbers . Okay, because it's just 11 word. Then you'll see with the thirties or forties and the fifties, they they're different words. But the 20 is there always one word. Okay on. Have a look at the beginning. It's always vein the and then you out of whatever whatever number I need Vein d Can you see the letters e vein deep. Where? In the venti. Okay, so I want to read the numbers on Gonna wait a few seconds for you to repeat. So when I started with 21 vain T Oh, no, vain t those Vendee dress vein The watch the road Vain T single Vanke Saiz Vain T c a day, then the o chou Vain t know Evan train. Okay, good. So when I read all the numbers quickly and then you pass the video to repeat quickly as well. Venti. Oh, no. Vain. Dido's vain did dress vain t Ouattara. Then he single. Then he say's vein this yet there vein, the auto veined in weather trained. Okay. And now we have all the other part of the numbers from 30 to 90. Unless you can see even want to say 31 32 33 34. And then 41 42 40 43 51. They always have the word eat. And so this would be 30 and one if you translate literally. So we say Trenta e o no, The rain that e those drain the e dress during that? Be what? And then you go with all the numbers. It's always the same form, though the same structure, the same formula. Ok, it's the same with Llorente with single in the widdle with all of them. If you want to say 41 you would say, Why didn't that he Oh, no. So you always adds e you know e those trays Quattro e cinco. Okay, that's something for you to remember. So from 4200. What in the seeing Quinta se send them said then that or 10. No, ven that CNN. Okay, good. Now you know how to count until 100. That's a lot for the first for the first lessons that you were having so good. Good job on. And you can stop the video here on repeat all the numbers or you can go on with the next part of their lesson. 7. Clase 1 Saludos y Presentaciones: In this first lesson, you learn how to greet on how to introduce yourself. I'll show you other ways of reading in Latin America. At the end of the course, you'll get practiced. Andi, I recommend that you do it and then you have a look at their teach Eat lesson One classic, you know, Greetings. Introduction nationalities on countries. Let's get started. Solu does greetings in Spanish, we say Allah, when the Yeah Bueno's the yes when asked out of this when as notice. If you haven't seen these words before Wendy EEA on and buenos the Yes, it means Good morning. Buenos started. This means Good afternoon, Andi. Buenos notice. It means good night. So you can say hello with any off this. You can also ask how are you? And you can say Get that come with best. Okay on then. You can makes these expressions so below. As you can see, that are a few expressions together. You can say Allah when a V s Oh, yeah. Get that. Hola. Total bien Komarova. So all these mean Hello. How are you unto answer? You can say hola might be in Italy. My be in gaseous when is that of this? Still GlobM So when you're saying we've in that means everything is fine. Okay, on you can mix. Of course you can say to answer. Maybe instead of saying Ola, you can say when I noticed uh, dollar bm buena notice more libyan. Gracias. So you can make stays. Okay? Gracias Means. Thank you. Okay, good. So intra looks Johannes Introduction. This is when you want to introduce yourself or ask about names. So to introduce myself, I say Hola. Sorry, Florencia. Okay. Or I can use another option and I can say may Jamel Florencia me number iss Florencia. So these three ways mean the same thing you are introducing yourself when you're saying your name, you can say soy Florencia Megamall Florencia me number is Florencia. Okay, you can use any. It doesn't matter. It's not like 14 mile and the other one is informal. You can choose any of these three If you want to ask what your name you would ask commodity . Emma's cuales to number. Okay, I'm gonna say them again if you want to know somebody else's name And if you are talking to a person, you can ask Komada. Hamas. Cual s to number. And both are. What's your name? Okay, on the answer would be Soy Florencia Major more Florencia. Me number is Florencia. Okay. So you can choose any of the other of the other three of up to answer the question. So on the right side here, we're gonna talk about eight a dad, when you want to say how old you are in Spanish, you say tango. Brenda Yoon Anya's. Okay, So when you say how old you are, you say tango there in the Yoon Manu's. 8. Clase 1 Países y Nacionalidades: have a look at by Isis Andi Nest Euna Lee Dan So here are a few countries that are not all of them but off course. If, like your country is not here, go ahead and google it and then you get also the nationality. So my country, it's Argentina on the nationality is Argentino at him. Dina, this is something for you to remember in Spanish when we're talking about something that it's feminine would say If it's something masculine, we say, Oh, so if I'm talking about let's say a man that it's from Argentina, I would say Argentino, if it's a woman, I would say at him, Tina Okay, It's the same case with Tina nationally that t know Tina. Okay, on it's also the same with Italia Italiano Italiana. Yes. The next one is Esko CIA a nationally that is a casus isco. Sessa. So here the nationality ends with s Andi. The letter e has a kind of an accent. So I say it's go, sis on. If it's a woman s Casesa and I removed that type of accent on letter eat. The next one is Thailand, India on national Thailand is Thailand, England era in less English, sir, this is another one. Is Chattels Unidos on the nationality here? It doesn't have either feminine or masculine. It's like neutral on the nationality. Ease Estado. Only then say a star, as Onedin said Tried to say one more time. A star Tony didn't say Okay, what do you have to dio is? Makes a straddle. You needn't say when you put them together. So here with these nationality, you can talk about a man or a woman. Okay, doesn't change. It's the same with the last two. Morocco's Morrow Key India. Indo. Okay, so I can talk about a woman or a man and I can say a marquee or Indo It's the same. Okay, so these are kind of like the rules for nationalities. 9. Clase 1 Pronombres y Práctica: so I am the verb to be. This is very important. I was saying Sorry. Floridians. Yeah. Okay, so he for I you'll soy Florencia. So you're Cantina. So we the boy? No scientists are Cantina. What I'm saying here eats a young Florencia. I am Argentinian. I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. So I used soy because I'm talking about me. Okay. If I'm talking about she or about he I say iss So in the case of ADM Asia iss Mariana Asia Iss Mahi Khanna Asia is there Mexico and for men. Ls Kareem El is Marquis El is the Rico's. So when we want to say where we're from, we say soy, then? Yeah, iss they l s then okay. And we talk about where the person is from. Yes, to sum up. So remember I can say soy there, Cantina. I am from Argentina. If I'm a woman, I would say soy cantina. Or I can also say soy the Francia. I am from fronts. If I am in, and if it's masculine, I would say Soy Francis. Okay, the negative. But I don't want to say I'm not English. I'm, um, American. You can say no So young Lissa soy is the only dancing. So you just have the word no before on that state I will repeat it again. No sewing, Lesa Soy Is that only Lenzi? Okay, I'm not English. I'm American. Other examples below Marcos is espanol would be the same us l Is this bunion translated? It would be Marcos East Punish. He's from Spain. The next sentences on Hyla is Marquis Done is a stock only DNC in Mary s English. These centres would be done is American and that that why means and on Mary is English. Ok, I will repeat it again then is Estonian say Imari? A single Issa Okay, on the last phrase, Marty s the laundress England era so translated into English would be Merry East from London, England. Murray is there long dress in Ladera. Okay, good. So introductions on the right side, there are a few numbers. Number one, I say Ola Mae Jama Florencia. Those tangle Brenda Yoon Anya's. That is soy can Dina Quattro soy, the one of scientists. So if I want to introduce myself, I will say these four sentences Brown owns. I was talking about Jewell. So Joe means I So you l A Yeah, no. So throws no So dress NGOs e yes, in Spanish. Remember that we use the masculine and the feminine. Okay, so these are the main partners you have to remember because they are used all around all over the Spanish speaking countries. Okay, so try to rhythm remember these fights. So how can you practice a lesson one? So my recommendation is that you do the following You have the teacher hated hunt. So write an introduction about yourself with those four numbers, as I did number one. So friends? Yeah. Number two tangled in the U Nanula. So you do the same. You can also write a short dialogue with exchanges like lamb. One of the Yes. Hola. Good value will be in good Asked. Yes. So you can write a few exchanges like good morning. How are you? I'm good. And you? I'm fine, thank you. Okay. The next one is You can practice talking about famous people's nationalities. For example, Bono is Ellen. This Penelope Cruz s Espanola learn l Macy iss Argentino other A single Issa s doing whatever. So my recommendation is that you find at least five people, men and women that are from different countries. And then you can say the nationality and where they're from. Okay, this will be a very good practice, especially when you're meeting people from other countries. And you want to know where they're from, anyone to talk about where you're from. So this is something that you should do and use their t cheat to do. This exercise is okay, so last thing, how do we greet? Well, we can either. A kiss on the cheek, That number s o l. A. Mahia. This is very common in some countries. It's two cases, but I usually gave one. You can give a hug, Dad, Who never s. So this is very common for friends on people or people that know each other very well or that haven't seen for a long time. This is very common. You can also shake hands. Darla. My No, this is very common for four months situations. Or when you don't know the person on its the first time you're meeting him or her on. This is something for you to remember. At least in Argentina, we kiss on the cheek on This is between men and women, women and women and men and men. This is something that you can see. Maybe two men us. Here, you can see the photo they're kissing on the cheek. And for us, that's very common. Everybody does that. So don't be alarmed if you travel to Argentina on somebody, him greets you with a case on the take, and it's and you are a man and he's a month. Don't worry. This is something we dio. Okay. Um okay. I hope you have enjoyed this lesson. There is the load of new things for you, So write them down on D. Do the exercises and practice as much as you can. I will see you on lesson to 10. Clase 2 Verbo SER Parte I: lesson two. It's very important you learn about the verbs, said on a static first to be in English. So pay close attention. If you can understand the uses offset on its that now it will be so much easier in the future. I've had Spanish students in the advanced level that have problems with that. So pay close attention on write down notes. Verve's said Yes, that on Jobs, Said said, it means to be in English on bond. Here we have a few phrases on the left side. On the right side, we have the verb change form. Okay, so the first phrase it's soy Florencia. So when I'm talking about me, Joe, I say soy the second phrase Heiress English. When I'm talking about you two, I would say it. ISS third race. L s Marco's Asia is Patricia. When I'm talking about him or her, I will use s fourth phrase. So most one a Priscilla. When we're talking about we in Spanish, we say some Mohs the fief phrase a Joe's son Daniella E. Eduardo. When I'm talking about you in the plural, you or they I say, son, as you can see, verbs in Spanish. They change according to the person I'm talking about. If I am talking about you, I I say Sorry if I'm talking about you two, I say, EDIs, if I'm talking about he or she l Asia, I said yes. If I'm talking about no Soto's no so dress, I say so most. If I'm talking about a jos a yes status, I say, son. Okay, so when I say so a Florencia, this means I am Florencia. When I say everything list, I say you are English When I say l iss Marcos area is Patricia, it means he's Marcos. She's Patricia. So almost one Priscilla, it means we are one on Brasilia. When I say a Joe's son, Daniella Eduardo, that means they are Daniela on its Barzel. Okay, so try to remember these soy eight days is so most sewn because we use it will use them loads. So what are the uses for these Word for the word said so we're using what we talk about. What day is today? Get es Oy Candia is oy. That means what day is today until I'm gonna write very quickly at the days off the weeks. But Don't worry, because I won't explain the days on less. And for so this is just for you to have an idea. So the days the yes son blueness murdered this mere Collis whoever's V Airness Sabadell Domingo starting from Monday. Okay, so these are the days of the weeks in Spanish. But don't worry, because lesson for will cover days, months, seasons and everything. A oy means today. So we can say Oy s blueness. Oh, he s Mark, This always is. Miracle is oy iss whoever's and then so one and so forth. So that means today is Monday. Okay, well, we're talking about tomorrow. We say manana man Yana is not of this money Ana iss Miracle is Man Yana is Horace tomorrow ease Tuesday, tomorrow is Wednesday. Okay, So when we talk about gay the yes soy we use s 11. Clase 2 Verbo SER Parte II: When we talk about what time it is, we also use s And don't worry because I'm gonna cover the time Lesson eight Okay, this is just for you to know that we use s so if we want to know what time it is, we ask, The order is que order is. And here we have a few times. But then we'll Seymour later run. So don't worry, we can say s Lona. It is one of love is lona son Last dose So on last dress, son Lasse Ingo son Last Ds Yes. When we say it is one oclock, it is 234 in Spanish. We say s lona, it is one. And then for the rest we say son sewn levels. So last race So la cuatro Sola cinco So unless a son last year Okay, but office Johannes professions jobs. So we can say you heard a few. I wrote six different professions Director Dick Toda remember that masculine and feminine. But if a sword but off its order and then we have others like then Teesta on That's feminine and masculine. We can say Ada is then the stop in is on the distal, okay. Could be either masculine or feminine. It's the same with esto the other day. It's feminine and masculine on. Then there are other professions that they change completely, like act order factories. Okay, I'm you know, we have a few sentences that use the word is Have a look at the 1st 1 Soy but off a soda. The espanol. I am a Spanish teacher on because I am a woman, I say profits soda. The one that it's below. Susanna is owners toe the other day she's a student owner s story and air student. The 3rd 1 wanna e Carlos son, then east us. Quanah and Carlos are dentists, So I at the S at the end. The one on the right. Mariano is a direct order. No. So trust so most esto. The end this because I'm talking about we I say we are students. No soldiers. So most esto the end. This a Joe's son Professor. So we have professed sword. It's one. But if I'm talking about many, I say profits. Saudis? Yes. Can you see the plural form? It's marked in red or this singular one as well. Okay, Audition where things are from. Here are a few sentences. El Cafe is the Columbia La Pelicula is there Espana? Lost a story and days, son. There, Drusilla. In Libido s the LA Biblioteca L pun s villa panel area. Brosa. Remember when we were talking about nationalities and where you're from? Well, this is the same case when you say soy, they Columbia saw it. Espana, it's the same thing you're talking about. Origin or chicken characteristic us Here is when we describe something basic that, like the physical descriptions, so have a look at the drawings on the sentences. I can say L s alto Asia iss Baca and we have alto toll Baja short. No matter those a Joe's son, Holiness, they are young numero tres asia is buena. She is good. Numero quatro. L s Sadio. He's serious. So we can use, um these verb said when we when we describe something physically or, um when we talk about, for example, characteristics like a DEA Espina, she's a good person or he's serious. She's funny. Okay, 12. Clase 2 Verbo ESTAR Parte I: the next one is s data And that means to be as well as I said before said yes, that they mean to pay in English. Okay. And so let's have a look at how the verb changes. I can say a story. And Mikasa, I am a home. If I'm talking about me, I will say Estoy yo estoy the 2nd 1 esta lesbian. Are you okay When I'm talking about you toe, I say aced us The 3rd 1 El esta in a super mercado. When we talk about he or she we se esta he's in the supermarket. The fourth s Thomas Enthusiasts Models, We are excited. No sort rose. So trust is Thomas on the 5th 1 a yes is done. Exhaust us when I'm talking about a years. Yes, I used estan So try to remember these again these forums A stoy Estas is the is the most estan. Here are the uses off. The verb is data. When we're talking about ballsy, see on so we can say laugh. Ruta esta In La Mesa, the fruit is on the table. So we were talking about on above next to in front, off behind. We use estan laugh. Rueda esta inla mezza mezza means table. The 2nd 1 loss appetit. Yes, is done. A lot of o dell. A comma. They are. The trainers are next to the bed is done. A lot of l A comma because it's the plural. The shoes I say is done. Elavil means next you comma means bed. The last example allow Togo's esta cerca del same a forum. I will repeat it again. A lot of booze. Esta cerca, del same A photo. A little booze esta the bus is Sirica means near the traffic lights. Samar photo. Okay, so whenever you are talking about position position, we used over a study. Kubik, ASEAN week. ASEAN means location. So have a look at the first example. Me apart. Aumento esta Unless you my apartment is in the city. Me apart aumento esta. Unless you then the 2nd 1 Miss Lib Rose is done. And me a bit. Miss liberals, it means my books are in my room. Abby. Asean on the last one. No. So Droz is Thomas en El Campo? We are in the countryside. Campbell countryside. Okay, so when you're talking about where you are, you use esta 13. Clase 2 Verbo ESTARParte II Práctica: another one is called issue on. This is something temporal, so it's always connected. Teoh be like sick, being busy being tired because it's temporal. So have a look at the first drawing. I se Il a stop and federal. He's ill el esta loco Pollo. He's busy on the last one. L. A stack and saddle tired gun saddle. So we say in Fed animal ocupado can saddle and we used the O at the end because we're talking about men. If it's a woman, we say in Fatima. Oh, by them Gonzaga the next. Use its Mosul. We want to talk about emotion. So the girls, I would say a yes is done content us. They are happy. The 2nd 1 ages is done. Fella says. Feliz is also happy on contender as well. Candente would be more like Am glad. Yeah, a jazz fest Uncle Den does. Would be They are glad they're happy or you can use Phillies and Phillies is like Mawr. Yeah, it's actually happy. The 3rd 1 is Asia. Is that three stay, she said. Number four a Dios is done and no Hollows. You know, Hoddle means angry on because there are two men, I say and hot those. If I'm talking about a woman, I would say a new Honda. Okay, so what can we do now that you have finished with all they said as that? And I know it's a lot and there were many phrases. So what can you do? You gotta start practicing. So what do you have to do is the following You're gonna write sentences about number one? Were things in your house are You can use a dictionary for new words, and I highly recommend I recommend a word reference. Don't come. This is an online dictionary. Andi, if you're looking for the word, let's say the were tree and you want to know how to say that in Spanish, Use word reference dot com and then he will tell you tree are edible and then you will have a sentence in Spanish and in English. So I highly recommend this dictionary and this is an example. Mi computadora esta la mesa Los medios istan Ellen barkin. Okay, so you can talk about either position or location where my computer tees or where the Children are OK. No matter those how you or people you know feel today for example, mere Manu Is that cocoa below? Estoy can sado. So I can say my brother, he's busy. I am tired so you can talk about people. As I said in her family, your friends, people you know, just write a few sentences, OK, a number three new metal trays Describe people you know on yourself. For example, Me mother is English Is Alta IHS or No Secretaria so tried to use all the things that you have learned so far. Like nationalities characteristics, I highly recommend here a dictionary, a swell. And then, um you can write about their jobs. You cannot weaken right about where they are. I can also say me mother it is that a low fi Xena, My mom is at the office, so I can even use all the other ones. Ok, you can use their honest but just think of sentences that you can use in your own language and then write them in Spanish. Okay, so this is what I highly recommend for you to do. Use the seats that you have downloaded with this course on Write them down there on, and if you have any questions, write them in the comments, and I would be happy to help you as the with the next in the next lesson. 14. Practica - Ser y Estar: During these videos, we're going to practice variables. And then we're going to practice verbs, said ES data, variable, CDF data. So we're going to start with set and then we're going to practice both of them. Let's start. A jam. Is sun nasa Fatah? One detector? Nosotros is to the doctor, does your boss LBJ wacky, but here lopes young corrector. Pause the video here to choose the right option. The sun and the answers are Ada is nasa phantom. One is nosotros somos a son. Yo soy. Let's see the next braces. Vamos a wet lab Proxima to own as the great area. Alaina or net profit soda differences, ages hidden this Della Campania, Julio Nicholas or no sample guy. Those muy buenos me, bring my jaw in cuneatus cell with a wacky patella here, loves younger recta. Pause the video here to choose the right option. Lab request does. Let's see the answers to it is Elana is edge of sun holier in Nicholas son. Mi prima H0 somos me pretty much 0 means no. So dress, we nosotros somos. Okay, now we're going to start with said he had started. Let's go. So here what you have to do is to choose the right verb. Said, Oh, I started loss checkers and less Coahuila. Memory though. They lack company. I'm Susannah, travel handle in your lab. Data our bow cell with a wacky but a complete data set. Is that required that Lacan who osteon here, Pause the video to write the right verb, said, or his dad, and then remember the conjugation. Pause the video. Levels of Ed lateral. Los chico is tan. Square law. Memory though is a Nuevo head into Susannah is tetra handle. Your soy la prima. Is does a coupon that our Are you busy now? Moynihan, very good. Vamos con los proximal sector Theseus. Let's go with the next exercises. Then on the lab professor at differences, Matteo, Mao Eliquis can then this demo Sica pop Mia Festina. And this may notice that the trend is Devon or when Dr. Pao cell video Perez could've said always that vamos a bad Lazarus. Let's see the answers. They don't the laboratory soda, where is she from? Ken is lamotrigine Mateo, Maui leaky sunk, and the Mozi K-pop, Murphy Sina is that these may notice my office is ten minutes from the train station and that's location. So we use a static. Steven is we want dr. Will be n. Very good. Let's continue. By Mozart. Piano young Hill, Puerto Rican use Kian, MRS. ADA, Nuevo, and El salon. El nosotros Esperanto pyramidal Medical. Here. Remember, MRS. Alga means pregnant. Odyssey video. But as I said, Oh, is that the sun? And the answers are for Vienna, young son, Puerto Rican use Guinness that embarrassed data with the word embed Asada. We always use a stat of Nuevo is an El salon will be Gaussian location, L, star, reception. So trust is done. Most Esperanto action, we are waiting. When yen, very good. Let's continue. Vamos a continuum. Like capita live Olivia, Sophia moist in Patagonia, Chile and SUD America. Lnb or murky moiety for you. A load doubles general, the Hinton, general, the Hindi means full of people. Where this Poseidon video but accomplish. Consider. Esd can pause the video here. Elaborate. Sun and the answers are, so, let capital labor Libya. Sophia is moist, in particular, TLA and Sulla America, a limb via monarchy is smoothly for you. A loud doubles. Is that Dino the Hindi? So this is the end of these exercises with said that if you have any questions, please don't hesitate and write in the comments below. Let's continue with the next video. 15. Practica - Ser y estar II: Own it lasts Polaris. In this exercise, you have to match the words to make a phrase using set and if data. So here you have all the pronouns, Joel to el nosotros, estamos, so sourness that is Des Moines also luminous and low-fee Sina occupy. Those are Capella. There can dinner. So what do you have to do is match the three columns to make a phrase or need. Last part, asset owner. Remember, pay attention to the verb conjugation and what follows after said ES data. So pause the video here and try to write the correct phrases. Vamos David, lab request. Let's see the answers. For the first one. Yo soy. They are Cantina. I am from to a status or Coupa. And low-fee Siena. Nosotros, estamos aqui paddles. Here we have to say occupy those because it refers to nosotros and it cannot be occupied those. So we have to be nosotros estamos APU Pylos. Status son muy buenos aluminum. In this case, I cannot say status on their container because I'm using that for muy buenos alumnus refers to o status, the pleural fluid status. Let's see the next set. But most of it and proximal set, the furnaces. Only lap allowed us match the words Jill to Asia. No, So dress ADOS is somos. Dann ist das soy. Can saddle as the endoderm yoga, the alumina on the bow cell video, but I'll need less pylorus. Pause the video here to match the words. Vowels have lattice points. Let's see the answers. Do yo soy on the t-star to cancer though? Is I lamina? Here? I cannot say Asia is on the distal because on the D star refers to a male dentist. In this case, I'm saying she is German. I cannot say HIS on them. These data. Nosotros, somos, the parties does plural. The parties does not address plural. A. Joseph Stalin as the ended yoga. So check your answers and we're going to see the next set of phrases. Vamos a ello proximal set the Polaris. Demos said, last set, your two nosotros, EHS, etas son soy, is that it's the most amigas, Mariko, when DNS, the SEC at the annulus list those Perez tallied, ready to go out. Let them manually Julio, preoccupied though. Pulse l video, but I'll needless polyamorous. Pause the video here to take your time and match the words. Elaborate. Joe soy Latin manner. The Julio. Do it is we haven't DNS, DNS, SEC a Daniel's. This is the only option ls data. But Yoko pattern here, I cannot say least dose per deciliter because list those is plural and L is singular. Nosotros, estamos, list those paracellular. We're ready to go out. Edges. Son amigos, amigas, feminism, femininity. You can pause the video here to check your answers. I'll see you in the next video. Knows where most proximal video. 16. Clase 3 Árbol Familiar: in Listen three, you learn about family members how to introduce them on the verbs and their to have on the birth Ja'Mar to express names, Indians you'll see practice. So I recommend that you take a few minutes. You sit down on you, do the exercises Very thin air to have on the family Here we have a family tree. I'm gonna start. We'd your That means I So you're I'm here at the bottom. Then I have a manual amano here, brother. And then I have Ramana Sister and Mina at Emanuel. Then we have parents and that's moderate bothering. We can also say Mama, but the okay, so so far we have yo below And then we have a a man. No brother Edah Maina. Sister. Then we have moderate poverty. Okay, so we will look at mother it Her parents are my grandparent's. So her mom, it's Abuela on her dad. It's my abuelo. Abuela means grandmother. Abuelo Grandfather. Okay, so we have a Wailua abuelo. If my mother has a sister, she is my hunt. So in Spanish, we say DEA because it's a woman. It ends in a dia. If she has a son and it's a boy with the sun. He'll be my cousin So I called him anymore. Yes, but anymore If it's a woman, if it's my cousin is a woman, it would be very mom. Okay, Ive my mother has her grandparent's They are my great grandparent's. So in Spanish, we say be subway close Bisa vuelos Okay, so from them from the top to the bottom the first word we have there is grand great grand parents be subway lows. If I want to say great grandmother, it would be BCE Abuela, If I want to say great grandfather, it would be be subway low and then we have grandmother. Grandfather Well, uh abuelo And then we have a mother Mother it and then we have Aunt Dia on. You know that we have brother at Emanuel and then we have Cassin prima Okay on my father sites. If my father has a brother, he'll be my deal Uncle Deal! Okay, so we have Tia, the aunt deal Uncle on Then again my father's parents The armor grandparent's meets Abu Ellos My grandfather is abuelo My grandmother Is Abuela okay? I hope this is clear 17. Clase 3 Verbo TENER: then it. So then it means to have Okay, so here are a few phrases. And then again, on the right side, you have how the verb changes. So the first example is tengo una familia. I have a family. So when I'm talking about me, I Joel, I would say tango. I have days ago. Second example, if I'm talking about you, I would say to Denis Bruna, class a, the espanol toe DNS owner. Classy the espanol. So when I'm talking about you toe, I would say t Ennis the third example. Mi amigo d n a Go to me. I'm Eagle. That means my friend has a car. Got a car? So when I'm talking about ill way Yeah, I would say Vienna. She your he, um house. Okay, my friend. House A car, Mi amigo. Deanna. Oh, go to In some countries, I know they say car roll out. Oh, Gotay. So there are three different ways, but you can choose any The fourth example their name owes classes. Biggie Dara. So we have guitar lessons because I'm talking about no Soto's no so dressed. We use their name als the last example ease or status TNN own examine. So when I'm talking about U S A plural you I would use GNN. Okay, We'll stay this CNN or next. Harmon, you will have these explanation on your t cheat. So don't worry. You'll have written down there, so just try to memorize this. Please tangle de iness d n a Day Nemo's GNN. So other uses for their net, we can say the net as we were talking about possession tengo una familia. I have a family, my friend has a car L d n a moon gotta etcetera. We also use the net when we talk about age Danette Annuals, Tango BRANDEIS, Ingo Daniels. So when we talk about how old we are, we say Tangle, tangle. Trent, I seen Granules. L d n a trend I seen Go on, use mi amigo D n a. Didn't I see and go on use. Okay, Another uses. They never jamboree to be hungry. They need embody. And I can ask the inner somebody Dennis Amberin on you can answer, dangle umbrage. Yes. If you translate this literally, it would be I have hunger. So that's something Maybe that can help you to remember that we use their net Amber the next one. He says you can have hunger that say you can also have thirst. So then Ned said I am thirsty. An example Here is their name ALS Mood tap said You can also say Dangle said I'm thirsty. Another uses. Then their middle to be scared. The anatomy. It'll lapel Igla s that there are 10. Go, Mia. Yes. You can also say I'm not scared. No Tengo Mierlo. Or you can ask a question. Pianists middle. Are you scared? P. Enis Mido. Okay, then next use east. Then there Widdle to be careful, then motive with that'll Tango we lado I am careful. Tangle with that, though. DNs Guido, Are you careful? Okay. They never free you to be cold. Their name ALS for you. And here you can change. You can also say I am cold tango for you on as we say, I am Cold tango for you. We can also say color. I am hot or I am warm. Latte. Imperatore is Alta Tango. Gaylord. I can also ask, Are you warm? DNs colored. If it's a group of people, they can say their name. Als colored another one is the ned swing you to be sleepy? A story can Sada tangos when you remember the work and Satya from the previous lesson. So because I'm a woman, I would say a story. Cancer that So I am tired. Yes. Remember that Use off static. Okay, so here we have it again. Estoy con Sada Then goes when you If you want to ask somebody, you can say pianists When you are you sleepy DNS When you 18. Clase 3 Verbo LLAMARSE: never. Uh, yeah. Modesty. This is very common in Spanish. One word when we want to say our name. It's like I call myself if we translated literally eso when we're talking about names, we say, Yeah. Marseille. Yes. On the right side, we have, let's say a list or square with the different verb changes. So if I'm talking about me, I would say you're made, Jamel. That will be I am or my name East. Remember the first lesson we were talking about? Soy Florencia. Me number iss Florencia Media More Florencia. Okay, All of these are only used when you talk about names. The second is to the Hamas. El se yama A jet Sayama? No, Soto's No. So trust Noseda mammals. A Dios 80 s. Say, Jianmin, this is something that he will have. Teoh, remember, it will be written on their t cheat. So probably you're seeing it. So that's something that you have to memorize. So if you want to say my name is this is one of the ways May demo day Hamas say yamma. No CIA memos say Yemen. Okay, All the left, you have a few sentences as examples. So the 1st 1 is made Demo Florencia, My name is Florence IAM. Do they, EMAs Garland. Your name is Carla A. Yet say Jama wanna el se yama Estevan No So dressed Nausea Mama's Luzia e Greta No Soto's knows your mama's America's e Lucas. Yes, say Yemen Giulietta E Gisela A Joo's say German Pedro E Alfonso. Okay, so these are a few examples that you can use with the for democracy. 19. Clase 3 Textos: on Dhere. We have different photos off families and I will describe the person, the people in the family. So have a look at the first sentence. May Jamel Walking Tango single Daniels. So as you can see, working is the boy. Yeah, he is standing next to his mother the next race. Tengo una madre. You bothering? Mi Madre said Yama Rozario, meet Badri said Yama Reuben So I have a mother and a father. My mom's name is Bruce Audio on my dad's name is Ruben. The last Rays tangle owner manner ill say Yama Sebastien CNN the CEO Chur messes So I have a brother. His name is Sebastien. He's 18 months. So as you can see here, the different ways in which we use. Yeah, Marseille antenna. Okay, What I recommend is that you Paulse video on you Read this party graph unpracticed Reading it out loud. Right on. Do the same with all the next head of the following texts we have here in this lesson This is the next one Tangle owner Amana Se Yama Christina The enemy didn't die those meows so if we can see Christina is a woman on the right Christina the onus bozo se gamma Fernando the enemy wouldn't that Daniels? So what I'm saying there is that Kristina has a husband and his name is Fernando and he's 40 40 years old, and then you have the words so Breanna knees on disposal husband at the bottom the next race. Christina, if Fernando TNN A. Yeah, say jama. So we d n a Quatrano on use Eka means daughter. So Christina and Fernando, they have a daughter. Her name is so we she's for. Okay. Uh, daughter, remember the one of the first lessons we were saying equal son. So we iss me. Sabrina, she's my niece. Okay, So Verena Niece So buddy, no. Next. You okay? This is something for you to remember. A feminine Oh, masculine pulsar video here and read the text out loud. The next one is Maisie Ammo going Salo Tangle Those saying use As you can see, Gonzalez is a boy with the light blue shirt. Tengo una semana se dama Martina thean it These essays on use tango. Those are vuelos me away. Ela se Jama Isabel Deanna said then that Daniels me away Lo se yama Antonio Vienna said 10 by single Anya's. Okay, so he says, tangled all subway lows. That means I have to warn parents. My grandmother. My grandmother's name is Isabelle. She's 70 my grandfather, my grandfather. His name is Antonio on he 75. Yes. So Paul's the video here on raided Allah out loud. The next one is another family. So we say Luo's sewn me Steals se Dammann, Beatrice et de animal. Remember the word deal? That means Uncle, we were talking about an uncle on an end. We say Guo's so I'm saying they are. My uncle and aunt deals their names are countries E G. Animal media batteries. The trend by single Manu's easy animal. Deanna Brenda, your toe on use Dangle those Remo's me prima said. Yeah, Mom Elena, Amy, Primo say Yama, Amedeo. So remember these were primo. That means Cassin, and I said, Prima, it's gassing when it's a woman. But if I want to say female on masculine cousins, I use very moss. Yes, every time you want to talk about the plural form in Spanish, we generally used the masculine form so I can say, Oh nah, prima, those bream us if they are to female cousin. If I want to say to masculine cousins, let's say I would say the most. If I want to talk about female on masculine, I say remorse. Okay, so I have to castings my cousin's name. It's Milena. On my cousin's names is Amedeo So prima female, pre more masculine. Milena, Deanna Dress. Anya's E Amedeo Vienna Say's annuals. Okay, so pause the video here and read it out loud. 20. Clase 3 Práctica: Okay, So what can we do to practice? Practice? Got So this is something you will have to do. You'll have to write down again. Remember, you can use a dictionary. You can go back to these lesson and have a look at the new words. Or you can have a look at the T cheat because everything will be there. So what do you have to do? Is no matter. You know right about your family, for example. Tangle. What? Rob, vuelos say Yemen. And here you're right. The name. The end. In here. You will write the number Daniels. Something that you can do here would be. When you have to write a number, you can ride between parentheses. How do you write that number? So imagine that your grandfather is 70. So you right? Number 70. But I recommend that you also write the words. Okay, So you have to spell 70. Okay? Another example. Tango cinco premios me. Spree HMAS Say Yemen under the name me Spree. Most say Yemen the name meet remap. And here it says number. For example. Carla Me prima Carla Vienna something. Something annuals me but he mall and it's his name number. So I could say, for example, Jorge Me Primo Jorge, CNN something something on use. Okay, so this would be a good practice, so you can write about your own family. And whenever you are in a Spanish speaking country, you can say I'll see tango, Quattro willows, Then go, no matter a battery. Then go single manuals and you can talk about your family naturally. Okay. A new matter of those, right? About your possessions. It could be your possessions or yeah. Or if you want to talk about people in your family, OK? So you can say Then go go to Mi Esposo. My husband has a computer so you can talk about you or you can talk about some. Somebody yells, Okay, The name us those equals we have two Children. You can also say this in the negative. If you want to say we don't have to Children, you would say no. They name us those equals. Remember that the negatives in Spanish is always before the verb know their name. Als those equals Okay, So please do these exercises and see how much you have understood this topic on always go back If you have any doubts? Um, have a look at the vocabulary of the new vocabulary and tried to use this as much as you can. OK, I'll see you in the next lesson. 21. Practica - Diálogo: For the last byte address, but the words in order. So I'm going to show you different words to make sentences. It is OLAP Camila. So you have to put this phrase in order. The next one, and can data, sea or land de Como GMOs. Soy. Gone to a studio? Amiga nosotros, somos. Bow set. It'll video, pause the video here in order to put these words in the correct order to make phrases. That was a wet lab request us, we're going to see the answers. Let's see the first one. Camila. See Ola, income data, comedy damages. In a studio, convert ammonium, nosotros, somos amigas. As you can see here, the answers of these phrases that conversation, introducing people. And remember that in Spanish, we use the punctuation marks at the start and at the beginning of the phrase signals the bond Guassian punctuation marks. Income data. Remember that means pleased to meet you. Then remember, we don't need the pronoun DO is studio. I started with your sister. Remember that in Spanish, we can omit the pronoun vamos a bad lot, Proximus. Let's see. The next exercises. Are they not less Polaris? Como in is Bn gracias mu0 dou E bn gracias estoy. It is done the, the video, pause the video to write the phrases. Now, let's see the answers. Vamos Nevada lab request us. Gracias. Gracias. They don't need this. So you can pause the video here if you want to check your answers and remember, if you have any questions about these exercises, write them in the comments below. Let's see the next video. 22. Clase 4 Días y Meses: in listen for you Learn about days, months, the weather and seasons. So don't forget to the practice at the end. Off the lesson. Enjoy. Days, months, seasons on the weather. This is a very nice a lesson. I hope you enjoy it. So here are the days of the week. So we say blueness not of this. Merkel s where this Vietnam nous Sabah Dull Domingo? Yes. As you can see in Spanish, we don't write the days of the week with capital letters. Now we're gonna see loss messes Bell Canyon in NATO Favored Edell martyrs. So are real. My deal. Honea. Julio, I go store September Erin October, then noviembre d c. Emory. Okay, this is very easy. I recommend that. Then you go back to these months of the year and you try to say them aloud so that they will be easy to remember. Try to repeat them like enero. Febrero, marzo, Real magic Junior Julio goes to September, October, November, December. Try to repeat all of them together. So then it will be easy. Teoh to memorize and to remember Kidney. I saw you. What day is today? Oy s blueness. Oy, iss matatus Qatar's there. They whom you So we say today is to say 14th off, June. Okay. Oh, ISS miracle is pretty meadow this September when we talk about the first day off the month But he made him We always say first when we don't say Oh, no, we don't say Oh yes, miracles. Oh, no. This September, we usually say tomato Oh, yes, mere Collis tomato this September, okay. And then with the other numbers were to say the numbers They have a look at the last example. Oy is whoever's those the real on. It's always oy s remember that always means today Today is Monday Today is juicy. 23. Practica - Números, días y meses: It's good to ES grieving loss nanometers. So here you have to listen and write the numbers. You here. I'm going to start with the first one, and I'm gonna repeat each number twice via common sad, repeated, lost nonmetals. Those basis. Let's start. Vamos. Keen say genes say vein, the vein depress. The center to center your toe. The SEC. The SEC. I know every know ever seen Quinta, you know, seeing Quinta, you know, agenda or ten de cuatro. Those say those same set, then they say, Sit than dice A's. You know, that, you know, that essay that I see. The SEC, the SEC quadrant, Steinway, Nueva, DSC, know every scene webinar. So these are all the numbers. We're going to see the numbers here on the screen. You can pause if you want to check or go back to the start. If you want to listen to the numbers again, let's see the results. Genes say, vain distress sets into your toe. The SEC attend, know every single into, you know, agenda Aquadro. Those essays that into, you know, the SEC is quarantined, obey the S in web. So these are the numbers here. You can pause if you want to check. And let's continue with the next exercise. The MSS, the millennium. So what do you have to do here is complete with the missing word. Completer Martinez, salvador, favorite EDO. Who knew DCM. November m sub l video, but a complete adder. Now we're going to see the answers. Vamos, a wet lab request does mark this. Mirror coalesce. Whoever's VMS Savella Domingo, favorite EDO Marisol Aberdeen who kneel? Julio Agosto, DCM, N80, September, October, November. You can pause here if you want to check and write the words again, it's gritty. We'd take careless Valadez and where we're going to continue with the next exercise. Vamos, a continual Cornell proxy marker cesium. 24. Clase 4 El Clima y Las Estaciones: elk. Lema Lema means weather. So that are four types of whether we can say solely Adul Noble Azle. You be also then also Okay, So remember solely Avo No Latal You feel so then also on when somebody asked almost that Elia, it means what's the weather like today? So go moist That India we can answer is that Soglio? It's that new bladder. Is that window so esta juvie? Also, some people can ask Gomes, Talia or Compostela. Colima. So imagine we're talking about I mean on Skype and you live in another country so I can say coast Aaliyah in Francia Coma style Colima in Italia. So you tell me, is that silly Addo? Okay, it's sunny. We can also say asic a Lord it's worn or it's hot as sick for you. It's called Lasek Stasio Nous Delon you the seasons So we say Buddy Naveda that spring dream Aveda Verano or don't you? Invierno Prima veda Vigiano Oh, Tonio Invierno 25. Clase 4 Preguntas y Práctica: Quale is to something something Fabbri toe for burrito means favorite. And it could be five burrito or favorite. Okay, if it's feminine, have a look at the first question. Cuales Judea Far burrito Once your favorite day media for burrito s VL nous Wallace to miss Fab Burrito Me, Miss Fab Burrito is Marceau. And every time we ask about what's your favorite Something, Something we use the word while. Okay, so, Wallace, toe the f A burrito Wallace to mess for burrito on the last one. Wallace West. Us your favorite. I use the word for Brita because Stasio is family lies Ascione. Melania. Okay, so the question waas Wallace West asean Rita me a Stasi own far. Morita is bereano. Okay? My favorite season Ease Summer Cuando s to complain Use When is your birthday? Quando is to complain years Okay to answer we say me complain use s l got or say they're Madison Me humbly a news s l cod or say they matter So if we want to know about somebody else's birthday we asked wonder Is el companias there to mother? When is your mom's birthday? Quando is welcome plan Use the to moderate. The answer would be a companias. The memory is an own said then Noviembre, pay attention here that I don't say me companias because that's my birthday. But if I'm talking about somebody else, I say el companias they okay it complete manuals, The memory incomplete Manolos They hold him. Yes. Have a look at the last question. Quando is El companias the Dodea. Remember the word dia It's and yes, So wonder is a complete Manu's They dodea in companias The media s in 20 CIA 10 there Really? So here we have the work Quando quando means when one of the ways to complain years quando is el companias their mother Quando is in companias tm and then to answer You can also say a catorce, Itamar. So like you can also say to the date. But if you want to say the full answer would be me complain use a cell Qatar say they Marsa Vac Ascione is these are holidays when you don't work. When Children are off school, we call them via cassia illness. Cuando zone left Cascione is in Argentina When our, um when our holidays in Argentina on an answer could be last back. Ascione is the Verano son. Any NATO last back? Ascione is they Indiana Soul and Kolya. Remember the word they don't know. Summer, Andi in Viele, It's the opposite winter. Okay, so summer holidays are in January on winter holidays are in July. So what can you do with all these new informational these new words you have. So you're gonna practice practica first. You're gonna answer on right about the following. You know, one, though, is to complain. Use Andi, remember to give full answers. Okay, If you don't remember, go back to the video or the t cheat those Wallace with Chris. Always tell Lima into Syria, Quattro or less to mess for burrito. Single Wonderstone efficacy anus in device. Here we have the word pIease. Remember his country to that city. Complain us, Remember, It's birthday. Okay. On something that I if you feel confident and if you want to breakfast a bit more, I would add four k. So in number two, cuales Stasi on February. Melania, you can add a reason. So you have to go back to the other lessons and say poor kid may well Stam here the Casio Nez poor gay Leo for gain out of a hole. Okay, It's the same with number four qualities to mess for Burrito. You can say me, Miss Fab Burrito is the CME very board again? Se llevado las fiestas or poor kiss? The label. Anya Nuevo New Year. So if you want to go a step further, you can also answer why. Ok, so that's all from this s from this lesson on will continue with less than five as you later. 26. Clase 5 Artículos: during these lesson, you learn about expressing preferences. Lights on. This likes you will also learn articles in Spanish. But what out? Because I have two tapes in the notes. But if it ends, yes. Being Spanish preferences articulos articles in Spanish. So I divided them in the Unidos on and indefinite Does. You can also have a look at a YouTube video that I made. I'm gonna at the link on the note. What I explain the Finney does in the Unidos on zero articles. A bit more so if you need those, we have singular on and plural. So there are two types singular. Um, plural. Singular. We have us in the sentences lab Cassa lacked last day. La Moderate. These three are feminine. So when we're talking about the house, the class, the mother we use laugh. The next three are masculine. Any gateau? L go to liberal the cats. The car in the book are masculine. So we use the article l These four are singular. This to our singular lab on D l In English, they mean the clear. Oh, so the 1st 3 are feminine. Last Cassis. Last classes, less mothers. The house is the classes, the mothers, Because their feminine I used a lot on because they're florals I use less on the last three are masculine, So winning in Spanish I use loss. Los Gatos, Los Cortez lost liberals in English. It would be the cats, the cars and the books. Okay, so the Feeney does articulos definite does are for LA en last loss. Okay, on the right side we have in the Finney. Does we divide also in singular on and blue row. The 1st 3 are feminine, singular una casa or not classy una mother A house, a class a mother The next three are masculine own Gatto Oh, God! Teoh own liberal. These are singular, masculine And we use own in English. It would be a cut a car in the book. Okay, so remember una feminine own masculine anel for the floor. Oh, this is when I don't know the theory mount. It's it's not defined. So I can say like some or few I actually don't know how many. So I used owners in feminine on owners in masculine Have a look at the 1st 3 phrases Onus gases onus glasses, onus mothers that would be like some houses and classes. The mothers, because thes are they're not defined. I use owners I don't know the right amount on In Masculine, its owners. Who knows Gatto's Oh noes go tests or knows liberals. So we have definite does laugh. L last loss in the funny does owner own owners owners? 27. Practica - Artículos: Let's practice articles. But first, remember we have two types of articles. Lot less loss articulates. Definitely dose, owner or owners articles, indefinite dose. Lot less owner, owners, femininity en los own owners masculinity. What do you have to do in this exercise is to complete with the right article. Complete data, leprosy, Cornell articular corrector to the n. This son, Francis's are way low. The CDMA, Asgard, main gun than novella. Then go primase. Know me, go Stan Bailey, coolest data. They may say jama Nancy, DNA into Aeneas bossa LV. They'll pause the video here to write your answers. Now yes, we're going to see the answers. Our Odyssey, Vamos have Ed lab request does losses to the Andes, some Francis's. In this case, I have to say loss because the word Francis's isn't masculine. The word Francis says is feminine, and in that case, I can write less than the pattern. This is very specific. So I have to say manganese lesson available every time we have the word main content. Then we use the definite article. Then go on as primase. Indeed, in this case, it's not defined how many who are discussing DNS zone one does. I don't know. So I say tengo owners primase. No matter who's done less colliculus. La Prima them in Madrid stadium Anansi. I use the definite article in this case because it's defined. Vamos a lot Proximus disease. Let's see the next exercises. The NSA gone, don't leave it on the mirror. Mano thing would mark this. Luminous is tassel Iago. Dynamos, Cafe is the receiver. Pause the video, but as loss articulates, pause the video here to write the articles. Let's see the answers. The most Nevada lab request pass DNS own secondo. Do you have a second? And if the GSA also LRT cooler in the finito indefinite article. Lot liberals, some, the mere manual. In this case, I am specifying which books are my brothers. Then go on into Vista. I have an interview on Tuesday. Remember the days of the week? Take the definite article, el mark this. Elle Luna's. They named most owners may notice. We have a few minutes. El Cafe is the Brazil. In this case, these coffee is defined. El Cafe is the vessel. Let's see the next phrases. Mama's lap Proxima process. Main gun, that chocolate, let the thing go pretty much close by Cassian innovate and some diverted us. Megastar Camila Vanessa. I'll sell video, but it's going to be loss or close. Pause the video here to write the articles. Let's see the answers. Vamos Nevada Mangan, able to collect them to collect this Musolino thing. Go on, Primo. I have a cosine from the US Las Vegas units, the ****** Sunday, but this is a general statements, so I use Las Vegas Uranus. Uranus is femininity. Megastar. Lack of meta happen is. You can pause here if you need to check or if you want to write a comment below the video, if you have any doubts or any questions. Let's see. The last phrases. Was I read last process. T goes Sun, the Puerto Rico gas at the Media Lab, is that Sudan? And here remember that a star means is. Then go compute adored and Weber. Mis padres, DNN, cancer. Acosta. Cos Theta is like the Coast. Bao sat LED, wacky. But as COVID loss articulate, Let's see the answers. Vamos Nevada, las Vegas, Sun, the Puerto Rico, lacA, the amygdala. Is that unless you that thing go oh, mis padres, DNN or nasa logo stamp. My parents have a house on the coast. And is Picasso also a lot of the cooler in the finito? These are the last exercises. Let's continue with the next video, where most proximal video. 28. Clase 5 Me Gusta / No me Gusta: may musta musta means I like. So if I want to talk about things about things that I like doing, I would say maybe Costa Goemaere may will stop layer liberals. Maybe you stop by Lord, Keep hope. Make Busta Kantar cancer illness May will star Who are football? Okay, As you can see, all these birds here are in infinity form. So I say Calm air layer by layer. Kantar, Khobar And I asked my Busta I like if I want to say the negative, I would say no. Make Costa. No. Maybe we'll stop. Comber took electing No Mabel's that layer lib rose No, Mabel's that by ladder. Keep hope. No may boost that Cantor cans Uranus No musta who are football. Okay, As you can see in Spanish, it's very easy because you just had no at the beginning These are some other examples on and without first So have a look at these May bolster a latter day Mabel, stop Matematica! If we want to ask a question, we would say they will start La musica classical. They use that a hard area unti here I highlighted laugh because remember the articles. So Mustique, Elastica, It's feminine. So I say, Llamosa, Elastica on the activity. Gardening in Spanish is family. So I say lack Carlin area To answer these questions we can answer, like in an affirmative way or in a negative way so we can say see musta No, no May Busta. 29. Clase 5 Pronombres / gusta o gustan: pronouns but an ominous So remember, we have the subject problems. You old toe l a Geno. So does know so dressed Aereo's e A. Yes. So when we're talking about likes and dislikes, if we're talking about ourselves you we say may go stop. If I am talking about you I would say they Busta, if I'm talking about a loya, I would say Let Busta No, Soto's No So trust knows Go stop a year. So yes less Gustav, remember that. We don't have to say you may, Busta. This is just for you to remember that when you're talking about you, you have to use musta when you're talking about No so true. So no So dress you have to use knows gustan so examples off thes phrases would be on the right. Make Costa calmer, Chocolaty They will stop calmer pizza level start layer Novellus No school start by ladder . Keep hope less Busta l parking As you can see some off These phrases are with of earth Like in May, Costa Comber took a lot or some of them are with a noun less coastal Parker they like the park. I used l because park it is masculine. Okay, this is a very common question. Busta Augustan. What's the difference? So we can say may Costa la Musica make use tomato Qatar Musica Maybe Austin left Gonzalez in Espanol. So if I say if I'm talking about just one thing, I would say Busta, Busta, lap more Zika I like the music. If I'm talking about cancer bonus songs, I would say I like the songs. So he will use Busta when It's one thing I would use gustan when it's more things. Okay, Have a look at the next race. No, Mabel stun loss. Dual says less gustan loss. Parkas see less Gholston, they will stalk. I mean that in a parking see musta. Okay, I underlying to the articles for you to have a look. So we have a lot more. Zika Last chance. Uranus lost. Dual says lost about guests. El para que Okay. And then we have the changes off Busta Austin 30. Clase 5 Oraciones y Práctica: So remember Busta. It can be followed by one object or birth. They musta took a Latin labour Hasta la musica No spruce that Encina Italiano less Costa Visitor, whoever sued Alice. So here we have different objects in chocolaty la musica l CNN And then we have ever PC And remember that the verb always goes with the infinitive form V Sita gustan will be followed by objects they Houston lost took a lattice level Stun lows The s solos No school Stan lost park guests less gustan lost liberals If we translated descendants is it would be Do you like chocolates? He or she likes sunny days. We like the parks. They like the books. Okay. In this case, they're old plural. So I used loss because their masculine lost took a lattice loss. The loss Parkas lost liberals here we have address, form us. Other forms even want to say May Costa I like in Spanish. You can use men in Tanta el Espanol. This is more than like. You can like something you can say may Busta, but if you say men canda it's more on because a less manually singular I say may encanta if I'm talking about more things. I would say May income done lost. Dual says. It's the same rules as with Busta, maybe Austin. If it's singular, I would say Met in condom. If it's plural, I would say May in condom the opposite. We can either say no me gusta I don't like or we can use the destiny as in these phrase that esto el bajo or the pesto lost mosquitoes and this is a stronger than normal water. So remember, may encanta the destiny some other two week another either say ammo less. Belykh. Witness the action. So Amul It's more than make Busta men Kanda. It's I love Armel last peliculas the action on the young percent It's all you all the last peliculas Douglas Okay, on a question using prefer, we can ask capable theorists lap peliculas the axiom. All these hospitals are in English. This would be what do you prefer action or suspends movies and to answer we can say very fierro last peliculas the action I prefer as you can see, I underlined all the articles last peliculas So what can you do to practice? I recommend that first you write sentences with these beginnings on. Of course, you have your own ideas. May will stop blah, blah, blah, blah. No medical stuff. Something something may encanta old. You ammo. Okay. You can use objects. Like you can say, maybe Costa took a lot. Or you can use the birth. May Busta Layer. Nobody last. Okay, So tried to make this something riel. So then it it would be more meaningful for you, for you. Okay. On the 2nd 1 right? About other people members of your family or friends on their likes and dislikes, for example knows Woolston Los para case Amir manner levels that layer Novellus? Yes, because I'm talking about my sister. I would say a me Ramana if I say Lego's telenovelas, I don't know who I'm talking about. So I add a mere manner when you want to specify who you're talking about, we say, uh, mere mana. Or there is another example a Marcella Lego stellar novellas. In this case, it would be Marcelus likes reading novels in Spanish. When we're talking about a specific person, we add the proposition. Amir Mina, Marcella. Um Isa Amigos. Let's go. Stun laws breast out on this. My friends, like a restaurants in Spanish. We need Proposition a mis amigos. I'm not talking about any other group of people. I'm talking about my friends. So in Spanish, it is a mis amigos, less gustan loss breast out on this, I use less because I'm talking about ages and I'm using gustan because restaurants it's plural. Or I could up to say a Dios Les gustan lows breast out. And this okay, so tried to use all of the's expressions, So then it's more meaningful. And then if you have to talk about your friends or if you have to talk about your Children , your family, you know how to I'll see you in the next class. 31. Clase 6 Actividades: in this lesson, you learn about different activities verse on their uses. You will read a text you will learn about regular and irregular performs. You will also get a clear on the very easy explanation on what's more practice in order to use this verse Very close activity. Alice. Here. You have a few photos with different verbs in Spanish, so I'm gonna read from left to Right. Okay, so the first Winnie's that have a hot to work layer to read sgb to write on Dhere. It's kind of like a difficult word to pronounce, so I'm gonna pronounce it slowly and then you repeat after me s Could he beat him? Okay, then from the left to right, we have cool man to eat. I'm glad to speak cool. See Nada tickle. Remember these pronunciations? See, I it's always see. So go see Natter. And then again, from left to right, we have daughter meter opted in debt. That means to learn. I'm gonna repeat it again. Up. But in that on the last one is very okay. These are the main ones. These are example examples off these first about me about myself. So it's always like I work, I eat. I raid. Okay, so we could say that I have a hope in number. Ankle? If you want to say the negative, it would be no trabajo a gnome, Banco. That would be I don't work in a bunk. If you want to say I eat Pastor, you would say coma Hasta the negative. It's no Cuomo Pastor. If you want to say I read the newspaper, you would say Leo El Periodico the negative. No, Leo El Periodico. I sleep or I haven't up. It would be the way Rima last siesta. It comes from the birth. Don't meet. I live in a flat or an apartment. It would be vi vel a known apart aumento When the last one is. I talked to my mom abloom Call me madam. Okay. These are all about me. Another one I learned Spanish would be apple Endo Espanol. I watch TV serious Would be veil serious that David I cook dinner casino last Dana. I write emails. It's Kriebel Korea's electronica Los I know a bit of Spanish. It would be said home Boco the espanol, I tell the time. Legal louder 32. Clase 6 Verbos y Usos: These are other uses off the verb asset? Yes, in English. It would be to do to make in Spanish. Well, it's just one I said. So you can say these old examples are about me about I make or I do s o I said it's infinitive. But when I say I make or I do, they change. Okay, So if I want to say I make the bed I would say ago La Comma ago in this you know I go let area they less quella they lagrassa if you say Allah diarrhea, they likes quella. That means homework. If you say ago let diarrhea Della casa That means house work ago Amigos, I go on five order Do a favor, Argo. Last Kombouare's I do the shopping Then after we've seen this in less than four So remember we can talk about the net to have for possessions and then our other uses so we can say tango Unanimous Got that? So must go to hear it means pet but because Moscow tha it's a feminine and it's not defined . I say owner, I have a pet tangle. Una must go there Dangle tiempo. I have time tangle. Manu's. Remember when we're talking about our age, or when you can say, for example, I have many years working in this place, you can use tangle Anya's when talking about family and family members. We say tangle, familia, tangle, owner mono. And then there are other uses that, um, if you translate into English literally, it would be I have hunger, but we in English is a I'm hungry. And in Spanish, you say tangle numbering. Or if you want to say I'm sleeping in Spanish, we say tango swing you that it means to give So you can say I gave a tape. Doi, europeana doy una mano I give a hand. Get there He has two meanings 18 to love Somebody take, you know, on the other one. It's to want something in this case is to want get it is infinitive, remember? And then I'm talking about me. So I say, I want to learn Spanish Kato happening there, Espanol. I want to read Kato Layer. I want a new book. Kato own Libera Nuevo because Livro is masculine and it's not defined. I se hoon other birds, for example, Barnett wanted It means to put, but because I'm talking about me, I put so I can say bongo loss plateaus in La Mesa. I put the bear plates on the table. Bongo la mesa. The's means I set the table. Bungle the NATO when were collecting money, we say, Okay, I will to pin bungled the NATO. Don't matter. It means to drink or to take. So you can either say Domo cafe. Don't more Allah, don't more there. And that means I drink. Or you could also say I take coffee, water or tea. Or you can, uh, take a taxi or a bus, a plane or breakfast. So we would say doma whom? Taxi Doma Oneonta, whose Doma own have young domo and they say, you know 33. Clase 6 Verbos Regulares: Okay, so this is it. These are regular verse in Spanish. The Reese. A bigger list. Andi That are so many verbs that I just want to talk about They say experts here. But whenever you have it out, I recommend that you go Teoh. No online Spanish congregate er on you get like all the older tenses. But these are only four. Let's say the present simple indicative. So when we're talking about I do I work. I read, I leave, I eat. Okay, so remember these six burgers We have verbs ending in a are out of like trabajar have lard toe work to talk And then we have verbs ending in e r Ed Assane led to read Come here to eat on the last column We have verbs ending in i r ile as they to write s Kribi or to leave vv. So this is the main change when you have a regular birth on any ends in a r. As in the case off the Baja, these are the difference in the pronounce. Okay, So if I want to say I work, I would say that I have a whole if I want to talk about you toe, I would say the Rabaa Haas. If I'm talking about l a area instead, I would say about if I'm talking about we know so does know So trust. I would say Draba Hammel's If I'm talking about a Dios Yes, status, I'd say. Okay. And for Atlanta, it's the same. So have a look at the end. So for I didn't seen oh trabajo Abalo for two tensing us, Prabha has fabulous for L. A. Instead, it ends in a for no Soto's no so dress. It ends in Amal's Travel Hamels problemas on four areas here. Yes, a new status, I say on trabajan Ablan. So once you know it's a bird, it's regular and intense in a higher. This is a form that you have to change it. Okay, remember that in Spanish. It depends who you're talking about. Are you talking about yourself? Are you talking about he she we or is a So the birth will change According to one the tens If it's present, Seen bull if it's present, continues etcetera on bond. The person. Okay, verbs ending in e. R like layer. If I'm talking about me, I would say your layer two less el Les No Sotelo's laying most a year's Len compare to eat your coma to Gomez l call me No Soto's command mus a year's common So have a look at the verbs. The 1st 1 is always with old Leo coma and then the other ones. You have to add AnAnd's or malls or an end on the last column it with it. Um, like s Caribbean. So you would say your is Grabel to esque Revis. L s grievance? No, Soto's s creepy. Mose a Dios is good even on De Vere to live. So I would say your V evil. Don't VVS a Yeah. Viva No So tres vv most? Yes, Ive even so here again, the very form changes. Okay, so I have to add any s or e n so that a different weights. In order to memorize this, you can either write a list If that works for you, you can, either. When it every time you learn of Earth, you can write on your copy book or a notebook or on your laptop, you can write Either are for regular or I for irregular. So it depends on each person like you can if you want. You can study by lists and you can repeat. Um, I personally recommend to write on to read as much as you can, because it's a good way to memorize. Okay, so these are regulars. 34. Clase 6 Verbos Irregulares y Práctica: ones are irregular verbs. Why are they called irregular? They have irregular because of er changes either at the beginning or it changes completely like the very people. But then you'll see. So we have a daughter meat. Remember that? It leap that it means to sleep. So if you want to say that I sleep, I say your do animal. So the what a mess and do Wedeman No, Soto's door memos A Dios weatherman. As you can see here, I chose a red color for the verbs that are irregular. Andi, the black ones are their regular ones. So ever can be either completely irregular or maybe one birth or maybe older verbs, but one so it depends. How would you know? I would say every time you come across maneuver, check in the dictionary or a tech with the Spanish Online congregate er like this is the best way. And unfortunately, Spanish has thesis grammatical rule on and well, you have to find the way that is best for you to memorize this rule. As you can see here, dog meat. So we changes in the beginning. Do animal? I don't say daughter Mom, I say Do at a mom. I don't say daughter Miss. I say, Do I miss Okay? Another example is on the right at the top. They see to say so I would say your legal So the says L. D. Set. No, Sapporo's, they seem, owes a decent well, as you can see and legal thesis, the said Decent are irregular. I didn't mark them, but well, you'll see that using them here because they are different. We start with D I. Is that off d legal leases? These decent are irregular. Have a look at the last three. Get ahead, remember, it means toe want. So I would say I want Yoki. Aito Tokyo, Paris l get it? No, Soto's Jeronimos, eight years Karen. So they are all irregular. But get Amos Sabetta to know if I want to say I know I would say your say and that's irregular. And then to service a sob no sutras sabemos a years seven on the nest there to make it to do. I could say your travel, and that's irregular because it has a gene, and then all the rest are regular to assess, and I say no. Soto's are famous. A Dios. Allison. Okay, these are just a few, but that are more so. Where I recommend is that you write a laced right a chart. Write sentences, right words. Trying to find a strategy or mark words when you read or write sentences are phrases about two about people you know, uh, speak as much as you can using this verbs, but it's You have to find your own strategy. That one that suits you. What can you do to practice? Okay, so I recommend that you write about you your routine foreign origin facts about you. For example, trabajo the luminous AVM, Miss v evil in Gaza. Vee Vil co mi familia casino Pastor Ian Salalah, Apoquindo Espanol lay or liberals e breve vistas. But I least us are in magazines so you can write about the things you do or you can write about. I don't know things you like to do, and I recommend that you go back to diverse and use all the verbs that you've learned today and try to write true sentences about you. They could be either positive or negative. You can also say no v evil in una casa v evil in juniper Alumindo. So the more you write the words, it will be better for you to remember. Okay? And the second activity that I recommend is that you write sentences with the's first about you or other people. So I recommend that you use trabajar command layer Dr. Meade Cosi nod after dinner. They are Boehner s creepy sub This seed Here are three examples Medio trabajar en and Banco . My uncle works in the bunk Mi abuela Cassina lost Domingo's My grandmother cooks on Sundays Estevan Rebate Korea, Solectron, Nichols Estevan Rights, e mails. You can also go back to them to the regular verse that I just mentioned before I write sentences with all the problems. If you want to, you can choose like, for example, if we go back to the slights will have, for example or mead kidded severa the seed, I said. So you can choose these verbs and you can say your old were more or toward us to know Adamis elderman lows. Sabbagh does no Soto's door memos and the memos. El Salvador A Joe's chairman Moto. They sleep a lot, so try to use this works if you want to write sentences with all the problems, This could be another good way of practising on, but yeah, this is just the start. There are so many other ways. So many other verbs that you can learn and you can practice s so well. This is all for this lesson. 35. Practica Verbos y Conjugación: In this exercise, you have to read and match the verbs with the right conjugation. In this case, the verb is calmer. So here you have the pronouns, Joe to nosotros. Nosotros agents, agents, you say this. If you want, you can pause the video here and write a conjugation of Kameda. If you need the conjugation, I'll show it to you right now. So go memos, common comments, coma, come in. Here. You have the conjugation and you have to match it with the right pronoun or need. Corrector Moussa L video. I'm gonna show you the answer. Joe comma. Two comments. Call me know, so dress code memos or stay this common goods, maybe n. Let's continue. Vermis. Proximal variable. The next verb is, I said, as though solos PRO number is due to age and also dress. Ehs. If you don't need the conjugation, you can pause the video now. I say moles acid ago asset, assess both LBJ wacky, but a variable character. Let's see the answers. Vamos a lot request us to assess acid nosotros estamos status as n. Remember that the where the variable acid, it's only irregular for the first-person you. Let's see the next one, famil sub l proximal lay unit of variables d, let's say a number is due to el nosotros you status. So remember, these pronoun is a reflexive pronoun. So you can pause the video here. If you don't need the conjugation service, the service then maybe stop the vistas Northwest cmos, fossa, LVDT wacky, elaborates post-test son, Joe, maybe store to Devis this service that nosotros estamos steadies service than Moynihan Vamos. Second thing, ladder. Lay unitless variables travel. But our number is Joe to LVDT, LVDT rocky, but it's pretty beardless variables. That is the Navajo to travel. Rebecca. No, So trust, hamas or status. Vamos second, Dino Adam, let you know those variables. Either PRO number is Jill to nosotros, you status. If you don't need the conjugation, you can pause the video here, but remember, this is an irregular verb. Go who asked the young man van Vamos voi that vast Moussa, LVDT wacky. Vamos aware last phase points. Does Joe Boy to vos nosotros vamos or status van. Excellent. Let's continue violence. I continue water. Unitless variables. Both their PRO number is Joe to know. So dress, ages, ages, you status. When espouse that LED wacky with it. Well, in Bordeaux, where this Podemos, as you can see, this verb is irregular. Pulse, LVDT wacky variables. Last request does yo puedo to where this el nosotros Podemos status poor then Excellent. Then once I lay Unilever's variables to want to know so dress or status. Lvdt wacky. Kahn, who I see on here is Kiran key, arrow key at most. Wow, Sally video, but it's going to be lost variables. Vamos. Last job, kiddo to kitties. No. So press kit MOs, a Joe's, Caitlin, BN, Ramos. I continue our Cornell proximal variable, lead. Loss per number is son Joe to Asia nosotros. Nosotros ages, ages. Where there's both sad and VD, lucky Lane, Lei, lei, Lei, less. Wow cell with a wacky but lost variables. Levels of Ed lab report does gel layer to less Asia, Lei, lei, most ACO's lane. We then excellent there. Remember here we have in this verb two vowels together that are the same and we pronounce them to less. Lay. Okay, So these pronunciation is a bit different. Let's continue. Vamos, a continuous variable, daughter meter, DNS, loss PRO numbers. So here you have the pronouns. You can pause the video here if you don't need the conjugation. Come who has young daughter memos? Do I do at mom, to other men, do atomists. Cell with a wacky, but as loss variables, ie less, sun, joe do at a mall to do at a mess? No. So trust me, most ACO's do at a men, maybe an excellent day. Auto variable, irregular, another irregular verb, vamos a continuous. Let's continue. Lay unitless variables. Data say, this is a reflexive verb. Again, remember, you have to add the pronoun at the beginning of the verb, Joel to know. So trust status, if you don't need the conjugation, you can pause the video here. Event does not live demos, relevant and irrelevant. Cell with a wacky, but basically villus variables. Ie less sun, you may live and to live and thus L, Sullivan know, so dress know Sullivan demos, ages, sell it and then maybe in Vamos I continue either. Lay Unidos variables data to give. I keep DNS loss PRO number is here you have the pronouns. Gung-ho gaseon. Than that most though, the bows and video, but it's going to be loose variables. Vamos a last request us to dass es Dann know so dress demos, status than more avian virus. I continue. Let's continue with more verbs. Variable barnett to put a key DNS, loss PRO numbers. So here you have the pronouns. Gon hold, osteon, Barnett, bone-in, bonus, Bango, famous bow cell with a wacky but SKT villus where it goes twice. That is your bone long as irregularities, one is irregular. Two bonus, born in North Salt respawn MOs, status, bone-in, Moravia and Vamos seconds. Let's continue variable Madison. And remember we use this verb when we want to say our name. And this is reflexive, but our number is Jill to address those. Xian, say Jama, Jama, Jama, they jam as nausea, mammals, palace, LBJ wacky, but it's grieving a loss variables. Vamos, a bad request does, DO media ammo to the jama, jama, know so dress, nausea memos or status, say German. Way Vn vowels, I continue adding proximal variable, next verb, then added to have to know. So dress Asia's you status. Gone. Who as young? Dns, angle dynamos, DNN, DNA, pulse, LVDT, wacky, but it's going to be loose variables. But most of our lattice point stress, Let's see the answers. Yo tengo to DNS, DNA. No, So dress dynamos, status, DNN, excellent. The vamos, a continuous variable. This per se, this is the last verb to wake up. This per person. Remember, this one is also reflexive, is unbearable, reflects, CBO. Is Dawson loss pronoun rays. These are the pronouns. Yes, that is lacking. Who knows? Desperate demos, say this beer than men, this beer though, they disappear. Test set SPR data are key variables. Ie less risk, Poisson, and the answers are Diomedes, peer to peer. Say this, Bertha, nosotros knows this but demos of status than Meridian. Excellent. Then I'll see you in the next video. 36. Clase 7 La Comida: in this lesson, you learn vocabulary connected to food. You're gonna read a dialogue in a restaurant, and I'm going to give a very important advice to learn more vocabulary connected to food menus on restaurant. So watch out for that tape, La comedia. If we're going to talk about food, we can say I like or I don't like as we've seen in previous lessons on and these are typical dishes that you probably know. So we have, um Borg Esa speaks up last bhaiyya So really, you know, these type of food there so typical in the Spanish speaking world on we love it. So if you want to say I like hamburger, I like pasta in Spanish. You would say make Busta Lamberg esa maybe hasta la pasta. If you want to say that you don't like you would say No May Costa left, speaks them. No, may go. Stop laugh by again. Here we have other four dishes, so we have. Garnett commonly means meat in Salada Bible. That's turkey bore you chicken. So if you want to say I eat meat or I eat Saleh's in Spanish, you would say Cuomo, Cardinal Cuomo in Salalah If you want to say I don't it turkey or I don't eat chicken, You would say no. Cuomo Pavel No coma Rodeo. So here, off course you contains the birth. You can say I cook meat casino turning or you can say Kato ordinance another. I want a silent KEDO onen salada. So these are just examples or how you can use thes works into sentences. But you can make your own. These are more examples with different verbs. Um, first, let's have a look at the dishes. So we have g. So they'll and they has. This is the lentils do g. So they lend. They has this, you know, breakfast. We've seen it before for the deaths. They're Liudas the capitalists. So you can either say they're Liudas or the hit. That list. It's just a question of preference. Some examples on the left so we can say I cook lentils to casino. GSO villain has If you want to say I make the breakfast ago Eldest You know, if you want to talk about likes and dislikes, maybe Houston last fruit us. Remember that gustan It's it's used when the Risa plural object in this case last fruit Us or the negative? No. May go, Stan. Last very Liudas. So remember when we learned about boost Augustan? Okay, so this is an example. These are the meals off the day. Go meet us. So first, no matter you know this, you know, no matter, those are more so I more so no matter. Dress Mary in the 1,000,000. That would be in some countries. Like, for example, in Argentina around. Let's say 456 oclock, we have midi India. That means that we have coffee, tea or whatever Drink and yeah, Maday if you know what it means with biscuits or we have prisons. So this is, I guess knock. Okay. Muffins as well. Numeral Platero say now that's dinner. So they said, you know, on a more too. So Midian the say no the four meals off the day 37. Clase 7 Textos: pickle. Miss, what do you eat? So here we have a very short text on what I'm gonna do. It's gonna read this text and then you can pass the video. Read after me. Andi, Read aloud, of course. And then you can pass in order to find a write down. The words used to teach eat to write the new vocabulary or verbs. Or if you want to ride a phrase or something. Used the's time when you pulse the video to write down notes, so you don't forget. So I'm gonna start reading. So that's less notice. But it bado last Dana, maybe we'll stop Cassina Sopa s parity either Liudas. But I but at a sopa is simply cremate. Oh, Korda's lever Dudas for the him Blow Pappas Santa or areas say Borgias. Ah ho! Up you Eagle Abaza! Bonus Arwa in noona Audio. But Freedom Bonus cell opinion Casinos Fortuna Ahora Elista. Okay. And then you compulsive video here to write down the words or the new words Any list out every day. So here we have another short text with, um with different words connected to eating in a restaurant. So you have in rather which means starter plateau princip. Fine. Which means the main course upholstery, which means dessert and then Boever, which means to drink. So I'm gonna read this text. What do you have to do is after I read you post the video you read out loud and then you right then you words down. So listen carefully and lost. Rest out on this. The Ennis and brother in Salata also a bladder principle. Well, they said Garnick um Pappas speak, sir. Passed. A consul said it don't matter on Borges, Accomp oppa's freed us in bolstering Whether said a lot of the took a latte Oklahoma flan Awful does. But I've ever had weather still matter. We know Blanco o Tinto I well, desio PSA all said Bassem something that I want to say its thesis just and just for you to know I say Pappas in order to refer to potatoes. But in some countries, they say, But that us so if you say Pappas free dance or but that does what he does, it will make a difference. And it's just a preference. Andi, it don't matter. It also means drink. Okay, so but everywhere where this tomar to drink, you can drink or you can have vino Blanco Tinto, Allah gaseous a gaseous. For me, it's all the fizzy drinks in some other countries. They're cold, ref recalls. And it could be Coca Cola. Fonda. OK, it's just a matter off warrior where you are at the moment. So, Cascio said, it means that it comes or it has gas so gassy Osa. But in some other countries, they say, rephrase schools or the use other words. This is just like a cultural thing for here to remember you compulsive video now. 38. Clase 7 Menú Restaurante: here. We have an example off a menu. We call it Menu Meno. So you have in rather on the left, at the top starter below you have plateau Principal Main course on the right. At the top you have baby deaths. That means drinks on below that you have upholstery. That means dessert. So this is an example of a menu. So it's a starter and brother. You can have sopa in Salada, and here you have a few ingredients you have no matter. Lechuga san Aurea Blatter Principle speaks at the mozzarella can make comp Abbas a spaghetti consult on Borges that come Pappas Free Death, Baby, That's vino Dassey osa. Or if Riko Allah said of Baesa, upholstery through does flan. A lot of the chocolaty Oh crema, this is a typical menu. You can what? I advises that you go, Teoh, you search on Google different restaurants in Spain and Colombian Peru and have a look at the menu. You can do this online on its for free. On you will see different dishes. In general, they are all translated into English, so you have an advantage. Don't have to use a dictionary to translate, but have a look at the words, because if you go to a more local restaurant, it won't probably be translated. So have a look at words like, for example, G so or sopa and have a look at ingredients if it has Darvon, SOS beans or if it has been said that bacon. So this is my piece of advice when you are learning food fine restaurants online from different countries on rate the menus. This is when you are at a restaurant, so we have the waiter. It's most so or Tom Barredo. It's It's the same word, but with different. Let's say preferences. I would say Mosul, But I know I know that in other countries they say Tamarikido. I say most soul can my Rado because he's a man. If it's a waitress, I would say most Come on, my data, what he's writing. It's the the order, and in Spanish, you say, or then Bedi don't then the people there. The man is ugly and they miss a table. The woman is looking at the menu may know, and they're in a restaurant dress down day 39. Clase 7 Restaurante Diálogo y Práctica: This is sambal off a Diallo. So we have the waiter and then we have another person. Okay, The clients. So what I'm gonna do, it's gonna read thes conversation and then you will pulse and you will repeat after me. You were read aloud. You will use all your intonation on all the Spanish accent that you have learned on. You will practice this dialogue polls as well to write down works that you don't know. OK, so listen carefully. Oh, yeah. See Mesa Barreto's but a key. But the most fair Elma New see Get in order than Adam. See Caro Una sopa and brother e Kato Hamburg ECE Calm Pappas free. Who stands senior KEDO Onen Salada, Yatra Borges Sekem pappa's I get asked. Yes, but I don't matter ghetto now. Quiero una cerveza por favor. Okay. You can pause the video here. Good luck. So when we're sitting at a table, we'll see these things. So we have a napkin which is on the plate. And that's several. Yet them said of yet them. Then we have the glass vassal. We have the spoon Go Chadha who Chadha Then we have the knife. Good todo cool t you, Then we have the plate blood door and then we have a fork. 10 is or Dan named order. Okay, so when a repeat o the works and then you repeat after me said of yet there. Vaso. What? Adam booty. Yo, plateau. Stan is order. Okay, great. What we can do to practice practica. So number one look at a menu in Spanish. As I said before, any restaurant in the world on order, things you would like to eat. For example then Brother Kirill Salada, the Salomon, the plateau principal Kyodo Lasagna hit Arianna. But everybody or but that don't matter. Gov No Dean. The post re care of flan. Programa So in English, you would say, Let's say as a main course I want or to start ways I want in Spanish, we use the proposition Then then, brother, as a starter, I want okay or for this doctor, or to begin with, we use the proposition. They So you say then rather the plateau principle. The poster. And then we use the work Kyodo. I want Chiaro in Salada Salman Pierrot Lasagna, Pierrot Flan, Gramma. Okay. And then no matter those answer the questions below on right about it. Adversity that you could use but it bad Cassina, Gomera. Busta. No matter, baby. So the first question is, Keiko Miss, what do you eat? This? You know all more? Some 1,000,000 DNA is Aetna. So what do you eat for breakfast? Lent it's neck on dinner and then get Gomez. El Salvador. El Domingo. What do you eat on Saturday? And what do you eat on Sunday? So you can say I prepare a big meal. I cook lasagna or every Sunday I eat. Pastor, I like drinking red wine so right, truly about what to do. What you like? What to drink, what to prepare, Unused it in Spanish. This is the best way to memorize works on especially vocabulary connected with food. So enjoy this practice on def. You have any comments? Right below. See? In the next lesson. 40. Clase 8 La Hora: in less than eight. You learn how to talk about the time and use reflexive pronounce. You'll re text on you get practice in order to use them. I do recommend that you tried to do all the exercise, especially at the end of this lesson, because there are too many new things. But you got this. I know you can do it. The time routine reflects it. Pervs have a look at the time in Spanish. So here we would say son last cuatro when somebody asked At what time is it Okay or dies? We say sown last Cuadra So on last year s team area, they always answer the question off. Geor Gia is son last Quattro May knows Cuarto That would be 1/4 to 4 so inspired as we say so La cuatro manos cuarto son last on say, e cuarto son last the s manos venti single. So if you look at the clock we have in boondoggle that's out there at the top When it's like a clock in Boulder Then when it's half we say e media okay in Bunda o clock AM area half on the right side We have e e means past. I needs connected to the minutes. Okay. How many minutes have passed on the left side? We have menus and it means to Okay, so remember in Bunta the media Hey, May knows this is for the minutes. So here we have a least off different times. Okay. Andi, I wrote how we will read this time in Spanish. So I'm going to read and I will pose for you to repeat after me. Okay, so I will start with the 1st 1 Son Last Quattro A cinco son Last say's e the ISS, son Last on, say e cuarto IHS Laguna e vein then, son last those se e vein t single son last auto May knows venti single son last ds May knows vein then s le una manos watto sewn Lassen wever minnows ds. So unless on, say manos single As you can see here with the times the first, the first ones are e single e tedious. That's for you to understand when we say five minutes past. Okay, on then the other half. It's connected to men knows how many minutes, Teoh the next hour. Okay, if you want Pulsar video right down your notes on the page is Andi. If you want to write them in your own language, feel free so you can pause the video now. 41. Ejercicios -La hora: Practica louder that time. So what do you have to do here is write the time, is grieving it louder. So here you have these times and you have to write the full time. Remember, it's half-past £10 albedo. Louder. Pause the video here to write the time. Let's see the answers. Son loves this idea. So last Dawson, son, less A's event, the sun less auto EDS is low. Now remember that when we have one o'clock, it's always singular s, and the rest is always plural son. You can pause here if you want to check. Let's see the next times. Video, but I scream louder. Pause the video here to write the times. Let's see the answers. Son less quadro Emalia. So let say menos seem calm. Remember when you want to say five to 12 or five to ten, you always say menos is equal to ds men no square root though. So unless those event is income less Yeti is Ingo. You can pause the video here if you want to check and let continue with the next exercises of the time. But actually more seconds Theseus then our ADA. So here you have to write code IS what time is it? Less dosing. You can pause the video after I show the clock in case you want to write. That is, the answer is sown less cinco anos quarter, a quarter to five. So unless cinco anos, what IS that? Is, the answer is less quadro equal, though? That is, and the answer is. So unless yet the media, that is, and the answer is, so lustrous is equal to k or days. That is a slow. Now, if you want to go back to these times exercises, remember you can pause, go back. If you have any questions or any doubts. Don't forget, you can write in the comments below. I'll see you on the next video. 42. Clase 8 Mi Rutina: me Latina. So I'm going to read this text. This is about my routine. What do you have to dio? It's Listen when I read and then you can pass the video and I recommend that you read this out loud, okay? That you practice pronunciation and that you practice reading this in Spanish on then on the right, I wrote a few words translated into English so used to sheet the teach eat to write these words on the section of notes or if you know the words, you don't have to write them down. But I would say post a video when I finish reading so you can go through the tags, try to understand what it says. Read aloud. Okay. Um OK, so I will start reading, pay attention to pronunciation and pay attention how the sentences are formed. Okay, So I will start. Milliband toe told us love money and us Alessia team area Domo Endesa. You know, alas, auto May Avenue L s 02 am area Tom will tren para el trabajo in bso trabajar a lesson Weber important ABRI most Latina Carollo's Cleon this yesto Elista para trabajar more so alone that amino the trabajar a less Ingo Lost Marty's a last Cinco Yvaine tangle classes this number this place they like, last said. Alas, see it The main owes 20 single Voy al supermercados compra frutas even hit Alice. But a bottle ascena last year. Medium e se No, alas, photo or two cuarto Well, a television then whoever at the S e medium either boys Mabo yellow meat Pulsar video. No. Okay, As you can see, I highlighted or I marked all the verbs. Ok, Milliband toe domo mortar. So? So if you don't know this work, these verbs write them down because they're very important when we talk about middle Dina, okay? 43. Ejercicios verbos: During this practice, you have to say, what verb is it gives variable is give that a voice. That is the automated. Give it a voice. That is is to give it a voice. That is all for now. Give it a voice. That is give it a voice. That is a scribbled. Give it a voice that is acid, a CC0. Give it a voice that is cosine. How to give it a voice that is live and give that a voice. That is they said you not. Oh, Talmud, in this, uh, you know, give it a voice. 11 is Cuesta is coming out and give that a voice that is bilateral. Give it a voice that is led. Give it a voice. E is gone to seed. Give it a voice. That is o, me Dad. Look at them. Computer screen. So here you actually have both, have two verbs. Give it a voice that is via hard. And this is the last of the images. I'll see you in the next videos. 44. Clase 8 Pronombres Reflexivos: but our numbers reflects the U. S. So I've used a few reflexive problems in the previous text, and here we have the most common ones. I live in Paris. Bonnie Garrison. Mucky Garrison vest data say they noticed you can say these firms like leaven tard barnyard McKee are the steed pain are you can use them. But when you were doing them yourself, we say levin Thursday, we use the reflexive pronoun. Okay, so when we talk about reflexive pronouns, I divided into the subject pronounce you old toe l a DEA? No, Soto's so tres a years. Yes. The column in the middle are the reflexive pronounce. So if I'm talking about me, if I'm talking about you, I have to use may. If I'm talking about two, I will use them if I'm talking about l way. Yeah, I have to use Say, if I'm talking about no Soto's nosotros I used the reflexive pronoun knows if I'm talking about a year goes way. Yes, I have to use the reflexive Branham. Say Okay, this is for you to know. Remember? Who are you talking about? And then think of the reflexive pronoun. Okay. Are you talking about your okay, So then you have to use May. On the last column you'll see examples with the verbs. OK, so if I want to say I have a shower or I get up, I would say may have a new Mel Obando. If I want to say you have a shower on you, Get up. I say they van years, they live on us. If I want to say that, See, um, she has a shower or she gets up. I would say Sevodnya. Saleh, Vonda, If I'm talking about the Soto's, I would say knows Bani Emos Nos. 11 demos. If I'm talking about a Dios years, yes, I would say Say Banyan, Say leave undone. Okay, so these are a few examples off reflexive problems. 45. Clase 8 La Hora Parte 2 + Práctica: does. These are a few questions. With what time do you okay? And different verbs. So have a look at the 1st 1 AKI order. They live on this on the answer would be many Ovando A less see, It'd be media. So this in English would be What time do you get up? I get up at 7 30 The next example Chiyoda M BSS, Tabajara and BSO drive a hard lesson waving. I'll kill that. That a meanness did have a heart That me? No, I last thing go Kiyota mortis as more so. Allah una aorta Dave in years May van, you are less or two I killed a prep aras last but a bottle lasutina a last see a dead in the media. So when we have the question at K or M, we answer with a less CIA. They trained them, uh, last Weber and that means at at 7 30 at nine. But when it's one o'clock, as you can see, I use the color red to mark that it's a lot una because Una its singular is one hour. Okay, All the rest of the hours are less last theater because that are seven hours last forever because there are nine hours, but only Una is just one hour. So we say Ala Moana. Okay, that's something you have to remember for the time. The way we're doing about one o'clock or 1 30 or 1 25 1 10 It's always singular. Okay, but when we talk about 2345 it's always less Okay, So this is a new explanation off where it just said, son versus So if the question is kadota iss, I say son, less those, um, area or s a little nap Tedious. Remember what I said before? If it's a 2345 exit, I will use sun because it's plural. But if it's 11 o'clock 1 31 25 I will use is okay, So good eyes means what time is it? And if you want to say a eats have passed to in Spanish, you say, son, last those, um, area. If you want to say it's a 10 plus one in Spanish, you say s lap orna tedious because they're remember, it's always singular. Okay, the next question is back Aorta. Baja's I last Dawsey one do is Larry union. Alona quarto I killed at the name of cell examine our last deace. So the next set of questions is what time, Um what time do you work or when is the meeting, or what time do we have the exam? And the answer here would be a in in English. It means act. Okay, So if I want to say at 12 in Spanish, I say a less, though, Say, if I want to say at 1/4 past one in Spanish, I say a lona quarto. If I want to say at 10 I say a last DS. So this is the main difference. If the question is your eyes, you always answer with sun or s. If the question is a aorta or one know the answer will always be okay. So what can you dio to practice? My recommendation is that one no matter. You know, answer the questions from the course I killed at the leaven. Does R K or M BSS a trabajar aqui aorta? The roominess. The trabajar. Okay, so answer those questions. Numeral toes right about your routine. For example, Mela Vento Alessia Tame area de la manana may have a new Allah. Manana. Tom O L s and you know OK, Write short sentences with the activities you dio during your day every day. Andi, My piece of advice is that in order to practice the time you include the time approximately like if you're not too sure, just write a time so it will be practiced and then numeral trees write sentences using reflexive problems like leaven stars say Mackey Arce Barnyard, Say mysterious. Hainer said, for example, LeSabre those either Ming goes Mela Vento a lesson Nueve de la manana. That would be on Saturdays and Sundays. I get up on nine. In the morning. Okay, You could talk about you Or you could talk about, for example, your Children, your brother, your sister, your friends, your husband or wife. Your parents. So you will be practicing using the reflexive problems with different people. OK, so it's not always Mila Vento Mehmet, EU member new. So you can talk about other people and you will be practicing different forms. Okay, so that's all from less than eight. We are very near to finish, so don't give up. We're very near to finish this beginner course. I'll see you in Lesson nine 46. Clase 9 Pasatiempo - Texto: lesson. You learn how to talk about hobbies on about your habits and routines. You will read text and you would practice. Right? Is writing about your hobbies your routines on describing People were getting very near to the end off the course. So keep it up. Vandals pasa tiempo present assembly plus a temple means hobbies. Here you have a few like via hard to travel Coming now to walk tocar el via lean to play the violin or the card own instrumental to play a musical instrument in Spanish Took our own instrumental tocar la guitarra It means to play lead under MBC Claytor pass at the impulse hobbies. What I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna read these text on again. I recommend that you listen carefully on after I read you can pause the video. You read this out loud and then you look at the right side where there are words that I have translated into English. If you want, you can write them down in the part off notes in your teach it. Andi, write your comments on try to understand how the sentences are forum on how much you can understand from the text. Okay, I will start meeting. So listen carefully Dangle those pasa tiempos. Maybe we'll stop in entire beyond that and basic later Bean Topol Sir Hiss if Flores make Costa Who's are Moochers? Colores? Voy I want to hear the Ping Duda may go stand motel All those low Sabah those under and basic later Tango one group of the amigos It told us love Sabato's a lesson Whoever in Marea on the most basic letter you can pause the video now This is the second part off Pasa tiempo again I want to read these Andi, listen carefully on after I read you passed the video you read out loud as many times as you want and I recommend that you dio And then on the right side you have older words translated into English. Okay, Andi, have a look at the verbs because they are marked on and they are changed If I'm talking about me if I'm talking about me and my family or me and my friends so pay attention to that as well So I want to start reading. Listen carefully Cuando Stessel Yaddo Call me Familia. Come in animals and l Barricade does lost Phoenix. This a manner. Vamonos Own. Park it east indo tambien Cuando hace frio. No school Stop Moto coming, Adam. This place they like I mean at them Co memos or Samos Home picnic. Those lost miracle is Evey Airness Toko Levy Tara Voya classes the terra in me profess aura is Mui buena Toko Masika drug a pop last classes, communes and al essays either meaning? Alas, see it. The same area is me pasa tiempo favorite tambien Leo in medium believing May will stand Lost Comics Hilaire Ra Vistas The most zika you compulsive video now. 47. Ejercicio Escuchar y Leer: In this exercise, you have to listen and choose the right option is good to America loves younger recta. So we have two options. The name of those units of Xian, Xian Bei. You have to listen to this description and then choose the right option. I'm going to repeat the same description twice. Voi, ladder script Xian, those vases. So I'm gonna say it once and then I'm going to repeat it. Let's turn it. Vamos, a common center. Jama Gustavo. But about the lunate severe illness, Lego Stan lost nonmetals. Soon professor the Mathematica unknown diversity that so-called SMS proximal important, the numerator into familia equals e, especially men dose. You are going to hear the description one more time. Say jama goes stable. The lunate, severe illness. Lego Stan loves numerators. Some professor, the Mathematica as a lawgiver see that the so-called plan use SMS proximal. Most importantly, celebrates to complain, use no mitosis into familia equals ESBL mentee dose. So now you have to choose one option is option a or option B of Xian. Xian Bei. I'm going to show you the answer now. Volume Australia eloped Xian, correct? That is lope Xian are the key phrase here is su. Numero sets into his 60th birthday. So now I'm going to show you here the description. What do you have to do is find three mistakes. The school ray, tracer rotis. So here you have the description. You can pause the video now to find the three mistakes. Post-sale video, but at least press auroras. Okay, let's see the answers. Bubbles of air, last. L perimeter or the loudness of EMS. Lego Star is Professor the mathematic gas en la Universidad, the granulosa cell mass proximal, that's next month is more important than l get a celebrated. No metal sets and goanna amigos, familiar, especially men, suits me at those. How did it go? We're gonna do another exercise. I'm gonna give you two options of Xian, Xian Bei, a scooter. Xian corrector. You have listened and choose the right option. I'm going to say this twice. So if you didn't hear it on the first time, don't worry, you can listen to it on the second time. So let's start vamos. A common side is the persona mucho en el Hospital. Los Diaz. Song, ladder goes, EA muchos passion this. But say, I stopped persona, Lego step, is that in Gaza? Cetera. So hose, immediate data, DNA glasses, the meditation and linear. Okay, let's hear it one more time. The persona. And they lost battalion, lost Diaz, some laterals, EI muchos person. But are really hard to say. I is the persona lego Star is that in cancer? Also host DNA glasses, the potassium and linear. Okay, so now I'm gonna show you the answer. Volume Australia ladder is pasta. Hello, Is that correct? That is lout Xian Bei left classic lobby is metadata to meditate. Obsidian is dormir to sleep out. I see now, yes. You have to find three mistakes. Dns get excluded. That is erroneous cell with a wacky, but at this cube read that is serratus to find three mistakes. Okay, let's see the answers. Is the persona, motor sodas a low speed loss via social ladder goals. They are long, they are not short. Dna glasses. They may data Sian, n linear. These are the three mistakes. Is the sun lost? Let's see the next one. Vamos a ello Proxima is good to imagine. Xian, Xian, Xian Bei. So here I'm gonna say that description twice, those basis. List, those comments. Mos, are you ready? Let's start. Diego DNA. What antitrust annulus is to Nevada had told us loose ds and Sophie Sina, Suez, posa, say jama and age at DNA trend DynamoDB, annulus, Diego IANA, DNN, dose seahorse, lets go. Cysticercosis consume familiar common meter. Colliculus in Gaza is special mentor via hard. Now you're going to hear it again. Diego DNA quadrant I trace Aeneas is soon avocado. Toast lossless ds and Sophie Sina. Soon as posa, say jama, Anna, age at DNA Steinway and use Diego IANA, DNN, those seahorse. Lets go start. Silicosis kudzu, familiar, common meter polygamy lesson GSA, special Monday we had okay, so I'm gonna show you the answer volume Australia, Lera is pasta. The correct, that is lobes. Xian, Bei, lab, elaborate Clavey. The keyword here was a special mentor, be harder to travel. In the other photo they are in the cinema, is done in a CNN. And as you can see in the description here, they like to watch things at home with a wacky, but at the school did this arrow, this pause the video here to find three mistakes. Okay, let's see the answers. Diego DNA, quite antitrust annulus is posa, say jama, Anna. Como party can blow me that. Bailey, coolest movies en casa. So these are the three mistakes as the sun lost stressor roadways. Keep on watching the video to hear that next descriptions. 48. Ejercicios Escuchar y Leer II: So remember on this exercise, you have to listen and choose the right option. I'm going to say the description twice. So you'll have two times to find the right option of Xian. Xian Bei. Let's start vamos, a common setup. I stopped persona, Lego step assert the endpoint Casta, consume less. Circuses, divert theta's and data scientists, come on that NBC Goleta being dad, eat Ambien cosigner. One more time. Oh, nervous mass, eyes, the persona, Lego step by starting point GSA. Let's go start circuses, diverse interests and this Common Data, MVC Goleta Being Dad, it Ambien, cosine. So the right option is incorrect. That is, lettre Xian, the school bread, there is a rotis. So here you have the description at the DNS level script Xian Biao cell video. But at this grid, read the description again and find three mistakes. Okay, and now I'm going to show you the answers. I is the persona, Lego step assert the GSA consume less Gustaf, a set of causes, the Theta's one that MVC Goleta being eaten, bn cosine Theta. So here the three mistakes is the son los vamos. I continue. Let's continue. It's good to America. Loves Xian. Xian, Xian Bei. Let's start the demo segment. Santa Clara is soon in Canada. Ages that. Move your Coupa DNA molecules per set the impulse. Silicone amigos, go read it, ambient Legos that it does not travel. This the Casa Asia, there are Baca in law construction. One more time. Oh, now he's months. Ladder is soon in Canada, has done more yoga. Dna molecules pass at the impulse from another solid icon amigos. It ambient Lego style seen in no trouble is the cancer age at Rebecca and lack construction. Okay, so now you have to choose an option, DNS color hidden option is the right answer is option a. The key phrase here is DNA muchos pass at the impulse. That solid icon amigos, core red. The other one is loud. No. She doesn't work from home. She works in the construction. Construction. So here you have the description. What do you have to do is pause the video and find the three mistakes. Cell video. But in contrary the law stressor loris. So I'm going to show you here the three mistakes. Low stress that wrote his son, Clara, a tsunami in Kenyatta. Dna muchos pass at the impulse. Sullied consoles amigos. Go read it and know this. The kasa is the sun lost Teresa, notice these are the three mistakes. Let's continue. That are two more, those masks. A scooter in America loves younger recta up Xian, Xian Bei. Let's hear Vamos equity. Fernando mater. Yes, some more windows, amigos, a Joe's pass and the MPO home dose, econ, so familias, get them bn, so on amigas, Trevarthen, enemies, my companion, less Wooster Hall, viral football loss, Venus de semana. Let's hear it one more time. Vamos equity will never have mass. Fernando Diaz, some, we know some egos, edges pass and the emperor home dose E consorts, familias, get them bn son amigos. Rebecca, enemies, my company or less Wooster who got L football loss, Venus de semana. The right option is elapsing, correct? That is, lope Xian Bei. The keyword here is age of Strava in the miasma company, and they work in the same company. So here I key the school that is a rod is in the description box, I'll be there. But eDiscovery, that is a loris, pause the video here to read and find three mistakes. And the answers are Solon. Solon, more one-offs, amigos, angel Strava, miasma, Campania. Let's go Stat. Who got football loss? Venus, the same manner as the sun, low stress, rotis. These are the three mistakes. Let's see the last one. But most of it is scooter, Gallup, Xian. Xian, Xian Bei. Let's hear Vamos echo chatter. Vanessa, you, Gabriele, tambien, son amigos. Age as soon as to the dentist alone versus the other. Vanessa. Valid compress you, Gabriele periphery, a linear Beta-1 pages. Let's go studied or loss festival is equal tos. Let's hear it one more time. Oh, nervous math. Vanessa, you, Gabriele tambien, son amigos Aedes. Soon as to the nth is L omega C. The other. Vanessa decompress it. Gabriele. A linear paid wages. Let's go studied FASD valleys, econs. So the right option is LOPS young, correct? That is lobes Xian. And the key phrase is, I adjust. Let's go studied FASD balanced equal tos. So they like IHS, less boosted a festival. Is it considered? Here? We have the description. I keep the NMOS logic trypsin, lay either scooped it, that is a Rodriguez, read it and find three mistakes. Pulsatile video, you can pause the video here. The mistakes are ILO serratus on Vanessa Gabriele tambien, son, amigas. Vanessa CM, valid, compressed. But she doesn't go with Gabriella. Gabriella, a linear, she prefers to buy a line. Let's go start eating. Phase D valleys. These are the three mistakes. Is the sun low-stress auroras. And these was the last exercise. I'll see you in the next video. 49. Clase 9 Expresar Razón: Porque: Okay, We're gonna learn how to express reason. In Spanish, we use the word board game. OK? And that means because so what? The left side. You'll see a few questions with the word Why in Spanish is four k and then on the right. You see the answers because board again. Okay. So, uh, in Spanish, when we want to ask why we say OK, yes, I need separated. And as you can see, the letter e has an accent like a Tilden. Okay, so we have to pronounce that strongly. Four k. Okay, So I will read each question on Answer on. I will translate it into English. So the first question is pork. It is towed es espanol. Why do you study Spanish on the answer? To express reason East forget may go start led Yama because I like the language. The second question is pork it focus. Lady Terra, why do you play the guitar on? The answer is pork. It may in Ganda la musica because I love music. Remember Mabel's that men contact from previous from previously some lessons. So these are perfect to express a reasons. Okay, question number three Por que les in tow The Impala brim Why do you read in your free time ? On the answer Ease por que Kierra Prender. So remove Sica because I want to learn about music. Remember the verb key Eto I want because I want to learn about music. Kato apprehended the last question. Parquet Kamina Central Park it. Why do you walk in the park? And the answer is Por que Kyodo said a hearse. Easier Comey familia, Because I want to dio exercise with my family. Okay? All these questions are poor kid toe Esto es espanol. Why do you study Spanish on The answer is from myself. So I say because I like the language. Por que may Busta El idioma. Okay, so we don't have the subject in the questions. Is not like English. For example, where you need that? Why do you, um, study spanish and in Spanish? We don't need to mention this subject. So with a poor que esto es espanol The reason no to in the question because it can be omitted 50. Clase 9 Quiero + Verbo: Kato must vegetable so we can say Kato happen there. Espanol. I want to learn Spanish. I wrote let's say the subject your two beaus l a area. Why? Because Remember what I said just before we gonna meet the subject. We know who we're talking about because of the earth. So we gonna meet. We only use the subject when we want to emphasize that it's me and not her or know you. Okay, so the first sentences Kato up. Rendell Espanol I want to learn Spanish. Here is a said amigos You want to make friends And here I added a different problem And this is Vos on. This is the one that we use in Argentina. As I mentioned in the intro video about accents you will also see these pregnant balls in all the you know, the tables on your notes You'll see that whenever I I included a chart with all the verbs on their forms. The last one is Voss. Ok, Eso that's the one we use. Let's say in Argentina, in your away any many other parts or regions off South America. Okay, Eso this is like you. It's the same. Us too so, um get ISS tactic. Our lady data. You want to practice guitar in your idea? Kierra trabajar in Colombia? No soldier also addressed KJ most said her cesium. You see a yes kienan visitar buenos itis. Okay, so we have kiddo must vegetable. 51. Clase 9 Presente Simple Usos: But isn't this implant their indicative? Oh, so this is a present? Simple. Okay, when we talk about descriptions, habits on routines in Spanish is called present. This implant indicative. Oh, okay. By the way, I made a video on YouTube where you can find more examples and more explanations about present. Simple. So if you feel like this explanation is not that clear, you can go to my YouTube channel and finding their aunt other tens ease. So they used for these tens is to describe a loose. So is data. This could be yes. So here we have a sentence. Ahskahr s venezolano, CNN faintly say's annuals. This is a description. He's Venezuelan. He he's 26 years old. So what? We describe somebody, we use his tens. Okay. On the second use also, Abbey those through Tina's. Okay, habits and routines. Have a look at these two examples. Oh, scar in Mariella. Estonian architect O'odham Maria Saleh Vonta Alice Photo in media. Okay, so they both study architecture. Andi Maria gets up 1/2 8 Okay, so that's their routine. It's very it's very simple. The only thing that you have to remember, it's how we change the verbs. OK, 52. Clase 9 Ejemplos y Práctica: So now we'll have four examples Four different texts about people. What I'm gonna dio It's as we usually dio. I will read the text and then you will pass the video. You will repeat on you will read aloud Andi, you can read once or twice or three times and pay attention to the verbs because all the verbs are reading in blue Andi Because I'm talking about, for example, a girl I would say and will use a different form. When I'm talking about me, I will use another form What we're talking about people like they were just another form. So pay attention to how the different verbs change and how the sentences are formed. So use this video. Teoh, Understand how we make sentences in Spanish. So pause the video. Go back, Repeat, Go forward. Okay. Use it as you want. So I'm gonna read a hem. Blow owner Example One. Listen carefully. A DEA said Yama. Sonia Vienna 20 single Manu's s the Cordoba is your office soda? They than some Have a hot A known in studio Viva Immune, apart aumento unless you that Roma Children are less so Les Busta by Lord, we'll see Nada Where? Let television Itamar cafe. You can post the video now A him Blow those and say Yeah, Maho say CNN News s the T Lin s, then Teesta have a have a new no fee. Sina viva in Nuna Casca Consul, see Hose the press equals So is he. Whose son Sophia Luna. Evil Random Lego Stabia. Hard on that embassy later E a school Chatham Masika. You can pause the video now. A him blow dress, maybe Ammo Florencia tangle here in the u Nanula soy There were no scientists soy But if I saw them trabajo in Gaza vi vel immune apart Aumento mela Vento A less orto no Mo Tae analyst A You know, maybe we'll stop Bahar El Aire, Maybe you Stan loss any malice. You can pause the video now a Himba water say Yemen Fatima e Diego CNN then dio toe trained Daniels son Contador, ease V even in noona Cassa CNN own equal Salevaa Anton Alessia Pork Avon A trabajar less Busta Meter Serious. The devil Who are you? Compulsive video now. Okay. What can we do to practice practica first I recommend that you go through the their resource is on, you'll see that I have. I included a chart with different verbs. So go back to those verbs. So you will be like Maurin contact with how the verb changes. Okay, so pay attention to that list that are 20 births that I included in that table. OK? And then no matter you know and now pay attention because all the instructions are in Spanish. Completa Last Orazio nous for mother available remain a persona. Yo him blows that have Ah hope. Bebel Leo! Weatherman. So while you have to dio it to complete the sentence is about you. So you will You will be using the first person Singular You examples I work. I leave, I read, I sleep but ah who ve evil lay low Guatemala. Andi will complete the following sentences or the following beginnings. Los Sabah Those And then you complete with your own idea Lost Penis the semana and you complete all those lows The yes Allah Money Anna, I learned noted Alemany An it means in the morning on Alan Notre. It means at night. Okay, so you complete with your own on. I would say that tried to make them riel So then it will be easier for you to remember no matter of those breast bomb them to answer dress bonded. Um por que care is up in their espanol below You have an example Porky Aikido Avelar Co mis amigos Bay Kewell s do pasa tiempo me pass a tiempo is Cora se Get the rooster Said what do you like doing medical staff? Then get the worst. Astaire Cuando stop soglio Mabel, stop! Cora, This is like a letter d would be What do you like doing when it's sunny? Andi, let's a get the wonder Stop! No, Bolado May will stop layer. So the idea here is that he wants are the questions with your own ideas. Okay. What it between parentheses are examples of what you could right there. Ok? Eso my piece of advice. Is that your positivity of here? On day you go to the practical space on the pages of the T Cheat on, write your answers. No matter. Race. It's kariba sobre una meego member of the left. Amelia Companero, The trabajo Oh, family. So you can I would say that you write about one of it like a friend, A member of the family Work league and a famous person. Okay, so right. As much as you can, just one writing. This is an example. Asia saved Yama Shakya. Yeah. Name. Oh, I forgot to write a how old he is. I don't know. Vienna is something Annuals I didn't write it Howls is well, a g in it. And you have to write the number. Um Is the Columbia IHS Una Can Dundee the end of those equals. So see host say, Jianmin, Mylan Sasha, Viva Espana! Consul Familia Les will start Kandahar by lard. It took our lady Tarun Abla Inglis Espanol. So my piece of advice is that you look at the firms that I've used like Sayama iss DNE viva on your right about somebody using these words or more So you can go Teoh the charts where all the verbs are included on Go to your notes on Try to ride about Somebody use different verbs like have things person likes or doesn't like or loves or leaves or works. Reads different verbs. OK, Onda And you can take your time Practice these as much as you can on if you have any doubts , I recommend that you use the Spanish online Conta Gator. So if you're not too sure about ever in new ver maybe that you found check how it's spelled . Okay, so this is all from from lesson nine and I'll see you in the last lesson. We're gonna do a revision off everything we've seen. I'll see you in the next one. 53. Ejercicios - Verbos y Oraciones: In this exercise, we're going to focus on PRO number reflects EvoS. You have to complete the phrases with the right word. On political, correcter. Leventhal or less Otto the lamina. Me see cos, say nosotros live and demos that way. Los Domingos. Marcos, known painter. To my gauges, parallel office, Dina. Here you have the options. Is does son less obscurantist? Led wacky patella here, love Xian character. Pause the video here to choose the right option. Let's see the answers. For the first one, battle perimeter may live and we cannot say no, Leventhal, because the verb should be Lennon Thomas. Me see has said this then. Angels, they miss the host service. Then rapid. Nosotros knows the most. Rapid on nosotros know Sullivan demos. That doesn't matter because Nogot said painter, Marcos, he do my gauges, but I love is sienna. You can pause the video here. And if you have any questions about reflexive pronouns, don't forget to go back to the videos or you can leave a comment in the discussion section below. Let's see the next exercises with verbs, variables. So here you have to complete with the right verb. Those lasagna Joe on a marathon, mis padres por last part of this. Unless you that the nosotros comida, salutary limb, loss variables, sun and the verbs you have to use. Our driver had, go rare, ComEd, coming out. Remember, you have to change the verbs in the right conjugation. Dns can be lost. Variables are the quanta. Pause the video, pause the video here to write the right form of the verbs. But most of it. Let's see the answers. Though. Those lasagna knows your own. A marathon in vivo is mis padres come in none for last third of this drawback because unless you add nosotros, estamos comida solute Dublin, we eat healthy food. Let's see the next phrases. Like Proxima for SS. A Joe's mucho, that means a lot. And like let's say the lead data to them. Losses to the empties more Sica, a lot glassy, the espanol el Nino windows. They haven't do them. Allies, Coahuila, ellos variables on the verbs are IID as co-chair. Video variables, or sad. Correct? Pause the video here to write the verbs in the right conjugation. Let's see the answers. When motor losses to the MTS S gotten more silica leg when those Stead is one or less Kuala. Remember that the verb to go in and presenting or status, Van Allen, movie. And very good. Let's see the next phrases. Vamos Nevada, Proximus process. A deal's a new nasa Zedekiah Di Mi Padre muchos primase and Espana nosotros comida Tina loss via your bladder. Meet that CM. Important what ellos variable son said bedded to ask or to order food. The VDD then add both at a cell with a rocky, but as variables. Pause the video here to write the verbs with the right conjugation. Lab tests, NGOs V When a new nasa mi Padre DNA, primase, nosotros pay the most comida Tina, we order Chinese food or takeaway on Friday. Yo puedo of residual mass, I can speak three languages. Millet that CM, decent schedule, soy in bone. Meta always says that I am, I'm punctual. Inbound. Bn, good, Vamos have lost proximals efforts Theseus, Let's see, the next exercises. Less presence on Olivia's tell Salvador. Know. Luteum is Patty and test. And here the verb should be conjugated for the first-person. I. Do better cafe. Done the loss plateaus. And West gravitation. And the verbs are ellos, son, kidded, E, Barnett. Even better. Wacky, but it's going to be low. You can pause the video here to write the various values of n. Let's see the answers. Van Allen Fiesta. In this case, I have to use van because the word is CNS and PNS is plural. So DNA's been no. Veil. Museum is Patty and I don't see my relatives a lot better. Cafe, Dundee bungalows, plateaus. Where do I put the plates? And nuestra potassium. Vm, very good. Less proximal stresses. Let's see the next phrases. Dsl costs as Nueva es muy libido, concert halls. Advice and mis amigos. Lemma let diagram then. Less checkers, Kayla's glasses, deficiency less DO on Boko, the ellos variables, son. Then add a button there that surveyed said they see the bounce LBJ wacky, but SQL DB loss variables. Pause the video here to write the verbs. Lateral with us. Let's see the answers. The cell causes Nueva as she learns new things. Though. I gave advice. Dna lemma let diagram there. Who has a big suitcase, less cheek as diesen, Kayla's glasses, Sunday fistulas. The girls say, the girls say that the lessons are difficult. Yo se on poco, the camera. I know a little bit of geography. Say it's embeddable, irregular or bad. It's there, it's an irregular verb. So I know you're saying and the rest is regular to service L savvy. Savvy. Nosotros estamos WHO? Status seven. Okay, this is the end of the exercise about verbs. If you have any questions, please get in contact with me and I'll help you with all your doubts. I'll see you in the next video. 54. Clase 10 Acentos y Signos de Puntuación: we've reached the last lesson gay. In this lesson, you will learn how to ask questions and most importantly, how to once or then these questions are connected to all the vocabulary you've learned during these course. After that, you will read a dialogue between friends and I will give you the next steps after these course is finished. So come on, let's to the last lesson. Previously on the ah logos pregnant test signals. These are punctuation marks in Spanish on the most of the two that I have used. The most important ones that I have used throughout this lesson are exclaim Ascione, exclamation marks on bond. We have like both. We have one to start descendants and wants to finish a scene. Allah. And then we have interesting question marks as well. We have to question marks. Yes, at the beginning, On at the end, Off the question as seen. OK, yes. Ascent does. That's on the right side. On some off the bow wells in Spanish are accented there, pronounced stronger and they are always on the vowels. Some examples of words are a Nana. They left for no ID, only nya. They live easy on out the holes. Okay, So the words are gonna it means pineapple. The left. Wanna hire Alina television out of balls. It means bus. Okay on then. That aren't some words that they always have. Thes a cento in la la tra Oh, and those are words that end in soon Hosea on as in Cancion song They live easy on. Okay, they always end with this ascent. 55. Clase 10 Preguntas Parte I: question words. Palabras para assembly windows. So we've seen a few throughout the lessons. Andi, here we have. We have them grouped in What? Where? Okay, so I wrote questions. And then I answered the questions on the right side. What? It's underlines. It wouldn't want what I'm really asking. So if I'm asking gay, the answer will be a day and object ever. If I ask Dundee where the word that will be underlined is a place country, a city. Okay, so what's underlined? Its the rial answer one. I'm being asked. Okay, so I'm going to read all the questions that are more that are more than K and on them. And if you want to know more, I've I've made a video on YouTube about question words. And then there is a worksheet that you can download on my website. So I'm gonna add the link in the notes, and if you want to go through them, feel free because that's on YouTube and it's free. So I'm gonna start with K. Get means what? Give the Yeah. Soy oy is blueness venden whoever they are really get, they will start layer. May will stop layer Novellus get, They will stop. Go see Nod, make Busta Cosine are commedia italiana. The last question is, what do you like cooking? I like cooking Italian food. Okay, Um, something that I didn't mention about. Remember to repeat, if you are doing it perfect. If you are not repeating after me, start repeating. Okay. Well, possibly it so you can read after mean, don't they? The Navy, This V evil in Dublin here, Linda, They don't. The heiress Soy the boy. No, scientists are Cantina. Don't. Is that Cassa? Is that unless you lad go Meow How or what? It depends because we can ask, What's the weather like? But in Spanish, we use how What's your brother's name on? These matters will say how, like coma eso in this could be either what? Or it could be? How? In English. Okay. Coma Esta el Colima. Is that noble Adul? Yes. A free you Komada Hamas made Gamel florins. Yeah, Coma Sayama to wear my new mere mano se yama Alejandro Cuomo said let Syria to number. I will repeat this question. This is like how do you spell your name? The verb is there. Let area. Okay. Remember that letter. It means letter. So they let Graham. I will repeat this question one more time so you can say after me. Coma said they let area to number if a lay all air a a and then say e uh 56. Clase 10 Preguntas Parte II: Well, that's which. Okay. Or it could be. What? Because in in English, when you say, what's your favorite season in Spanish, we say, Well, we don't say. OK, so this could be either which or what quality is west. Asean me estas Jon Favreau? Rita is El Verano. Well, is to oppa zero me a paedo is Parada cual s toe color Fabbri toe Mikel or fat burrito s ElBaradei. Remember every time we talk about favorite things in Spanish, we used the question word. Well, okay, Andi, when we talk about names Andi, when we talk about surnames, we say Wallace weapon Hedo coalesce to number. Okay, Cuando When wonder deliver on death Male Ebondo Alas or two Quando is to complain years Remember, companions means birthday Okay, when is your birthday Me complain years is Qatar say the Marsa one do is prima veda Remember? Brima Veda means spring So when he spring Prima Vera in Argentina is in September, October, November And actually for these on the 21st Off September in Argentina we celebrate their beginnings off the spring. Many students or many young people go to parks either whether it's nice and they spend the day outside on. It's a huge celebration on, but it's also students say so in the 21st of September. They don't go to school adolescence mainly, and they spend the day out in the park. Usually the weather is nice. It's sunny and kind of legs warm, so we celebrate the 21st off September. That's the beginning offspring, and we call it Alia Villa Prima. Vera Springs Day. It's not a national day. People have to go to work, but it's just for young people. They usually celebrate outside. Okay, the next question. Ease one. Does one of those, it's, um, how many Cuantos unused Dennis Cuando Sanyo's Dennis. Remember that? It means How old are you? Okay, the answer is Tango. Grandpa Yoon Manu's Cuando Sanyo's Deanna to mother Mi madre, Vienna says sent. I dress our news. One does pre most Dennis Tangle dress Remus. Okay, remember Reno Zambri Mazar castings. So if you go back to the lessons, you'll see the words the family words under translation. Okay, in case you are like, what was the work team? Obama. Go back to the family part and you see the words translated. The last question is why. Okay, we've seen this question before when we were talking about expressing reason so that remember the question? Why do you said Hispanic? Well, this is it. Por que esta Leah's espanol Por que May go start like we do them, okay. 57. Practica Preguntas: In this exercise, you have to choose the right option. Loves him, correct them. So here you have a question. And there are three options. Though. They say Soy Susannah. Which option is the right one or the correct one? Wireless labs young correct them. Is letter B is VN grass. Yes. So when somebody asks you como status, that means how are you? And the answer is always is to vn. Is DOI occupied though, is the Phillies? Is that soluble means it's sunny. Susannah means I'm Susannah. Let's see the next one. Komodo, jama lettre. Then go into later they say jama Susana. Susana. Is that correct? That is, let say. So Susannah, letter obey a single recta. So letter B is incorrect because it says Her name is Susannah CDMA. Susannah, if you want to say I am called Susannah may GMO, Susannah. So that's the difference. Let's see the next one. Vamos a vital proximal areas of Xian. Xian, Xian Bei soil different system of Xian say the francium, wireless labs, young Corrector II lavas, that is, let say the francium letter a bay. So either Francis, you should say Soy Francis, later. Soy friends. Yeah. So these are the mistakes. Proxima, next 11 to seven years, DNS, DNS quadrant, Dido and Aeneas bay. So what in Dylos, Aeneas, say tengo quadrant, high-dose Aeneas. Remember, you can pause the video if you need more time. That is Literacy. Tango, what entitles Aeneas. Every time we want to talk about our age, we say, or we use the verb tener, then go quadrant, high-dose Aeneas. Dns means you are 42. And the question here is, how old are you? So I am 42. Then go what entitles? Let's see the next one, but most overlap Proxima Como se jama to a manner of Xian De jama Marcos. Bay. Media mass. Marcos. Say say jama Marcos. You can pause the video if you need some time. Ladder. Is that correct? That is literacy, CDMA, Marcos. The other ones are not correct because be made yeah, more miracles. An a. You are Marcos. But the question here is, what's your brother's name? Como se jama to or mono literacy, CDMA Marcos. Let's see. The next one is a single bay, is less cinco, say son, less income. Vamos have lateral rectus, say son, lesson go as you probably have done the exercise before. We, we want to say it's five. We say son less income. Allison comments at five. But here the question is, What time is it? Let's continue. Vamos, a continuum of Xian vivo in San Juan. They VE ways in San Juan, say v way in San Juan. You can pause the video if you need time to think. The correct answer is letter vivo in San Juan. The question here is, where do you live? Down there too? So the answer is, I live vivo in San Juan, bed to VBS, say Elijah, viva and some quantum, but also contain water. Proximity. Next question. Kenny, I saw luminous be lost, Luna's say son los blueness. Laura is pasta, correct? That is the right answer. Is is luminous. The question here is, what day is today? Today is Monday or Luna's loss. Luna's means are Mondays. Are Mondays. So luminous. Proxima pregnant. 11 does. Melvin Tolson wherein they deliver or less know Evan said syllabus into our last webinar. You can pause the video here if you need time to think. Parcel with Eva key. Lara, Is that correct? That is later may live on less than waiving. The question here is, when do you get up? I get up mail even though Alice maybe later away. You get up at nine literacy, he or she gets up at nine. So that's the difference. Miliband, vamos a continuum. Let's continue. One plus or minus DNS. Dns dose or mannose, Bay DNA. Those are mannose, say Tango dose or mannose lattice points that correct, that is literacy thing go dos or mannose. The question here is, how many brothers do you have? One plus or minus DNS to then go? I have the angle. Those are mannose, vamos a continuum, but don't they travel to as posa are less than with a media. They travel has a known Banco, say Dr. Banko. You can pause the video here if you need more time. Is that correct? That is literacy. Rebecca, a new Banco. The question here is, where does your wife work done? The drawback to a sparser lettre, say a bongo, she works. Let Robby to Trevor has a known Banco, you work lead to less maybe media. And that's for time. Cuando posa. Let's continue. Vamos a continuum. Get the boost. I said in luteum PolyGram, Xian. They boost darker red. Ben may go stuck or air, say lego Star. The equilibrium. Remember it's free time. What do you like doing in your free time? You can pause the video here. If you need more time. Pause LV, they were key. Is that correct? That is, let me go stuck or error. I like running literal. You like running the ghost. Darker red letters say she or he likes running. So this is the last question. Is Ultima? I hope you have enjoyed this exercise and let me know how they went. 58. Clase 10 Diálogo & Next Steps: So here we have the last last text. So this is the dialogue between three friends. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna read the dialogue. This is the first part and then I will within their the next part. What I recommend is that you pause the video after I read on. Then you read it out loud on you tried Teoh. See how much you understand? Okay, so that our three people Bianca Pola Diego Okay, so when you see on the conversation, B is for Bianca. The is for Diego, the agree Saman on then Paulus. It's p Okay, so these three people will be interacting. So when I read these out loud, you'll see that this is a mixture of all the things we've seen during this lesson. So I recommend that after I read you post under New Reader, you read it out loud and then I'll read the next part on you do the same thing. OK, so listen carefully. I will start with the introduction Bianca Kepala v Even a known apart aumento in Colombia. Diego s amigo, the Pola the ago Paula s story in Mary Sina alone never sit down all about like Diego. Come with Stan. All Avianca movie in you do Estoy bien, Gracias. Only tingle glasses there spaniel to explain Unit my window. Bianca. They also lie classes The spaniel see Mableton Moto Voy a less quella lost blueness in Merkel s a lesson way with a banana. This is it is Bianca you compose a video here? Sorry The most cool Drusilla, Italy ago. The non Davis. So you think Ito Ecuador Bebel in Colombia our Mabel stomach Chucky Estudio Medicina Kampala One ways to complain Use Bianca A sultan said they who knew Isman Una el sam Adobo the most complain using NASA Get ISS see Mabel style a there William L Savable associated tenemos una fiesta. Well, this Diego see weather Nos vamos manana. Adios. You can pause the video now. Okay, so we've reached the last part off thes beginner's course. So what Things we've learned the topics would learn where no meadows ds messes Lima burials Load of verbs for the first time But I sent the same play Remember the present Simple Blue Tina's diffidence AEA's when you want to say Mabel Star normal staff I am a wall you and Camilla thought that was another topic. So you've seen all of these topics? Um, if you think that you need more practice, um with certain topics that you are not too sure about, I recommend that you go online on your trying to find more information about them. So if you think that numbers is a problem for you, I recommend that you read on that you practice as much as you can or if it's days or months or the weather. So next steps. What do you have to do now that you've watched the whole course and then you've done the activities under leave written down your notes were the next steps. So first, these are in Spanish. Respond there last Preguntas video. So in these last lesson a lesson. I wrote many questions with K Sunday Cuando so answer them. If you go to your teeth seat, you'll find all the questions were there. So you just have to feeling okay. The space, you just have to write them down. And another thing is but a commando s coach, our podcasts Nieve El Principe And in Musica en Espanol there are so many different types of music in Spanish. You have, like, kind of like reggae tone. Or you have, like, Rob, you have pop, you have Sallis. I try to find music that you like and start listening to a to be more, uh, just for, like, a cultural aspect. And also to learn a few more words on learn about artists. You can listen to Shakira in Spanish. You can listen to the new music or the old music as well. The next tape layer Cuentos Court owes E L. Perry a Rico. There are so many use Piper's online that you can read on and there are so many swords stories. I actually I wrote a blood post about short stories since punished where I share a list off recommended books, I will at the Lincoln the notes. So I highly recommend having a look at that blood post on. You can see, for example, what books are available for beginners. They're usually loads the next deep it revealed, or a CEO nous Paris analysis. Soviet toe familia routine. A post Ascione is so very otras personas. Chiropractic are variables. If you haven't done the practice from all the lessons, I recommend that you go back on, you answer. And you do the activities and you write down sentences because this will help you to remember on to memorize the new words, the vocabulary. Okay, so go back. I'm ready. Down. Maybe you can plan. For example. Let's say one day you do a lesson and you ride all the answers another day. Or maybe the next week. You did a previous lesson. Okay. Take your time. If you want. Teoh practice the last days. I'm glad. Yes. Tried to talk to people, make language partners or find a Spanish teacher. Tried to speak as much as you can. This is the best practice that you can get. So this is the end off lesson 10 out of the Spanish course, the lazy does Uranus movie in. You finished the course. I'm so happy you did it. Now take a minute to look back and think how much you've learned until much more, You understand? Have a look at all the progress you've made during these lessons. Impressive. Right. So you know the next tips. So take my advice and keep on practicing, reading, listening right against Spanish. But watch out for my next scores Spanish elementary. It will be very soon, and we'll learn about present continues past, how to buy on how to ask for directions and many more. In the meantime, you can follow me on Facebook. My Facebook page is punished with floor for updates on videos. I hope to see you soon toe adios.