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Law of Attraction 3x3: Achieve Any 3 Goals Using This 3 Step Creative Visualization Process

teacher avatar Kristen Becker, NLP Practitioner

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Creative Visualization Introduction


    • 2.

      V1 Manifesting 101


    • 3.

      V2 Creative Visualization & Manifesting


    • 4.

      V3 Step1 How to Identify Priorities


    • 5.

      V4 Step 2 How to Reprogram Your Mind with Visualization


    • 6.

      V5 Step 3 How to Take Inspired Action


    • 7.

      V6 Create Powerful Peak Experiences


    • 8.

      Fully Guide Creative Visualization


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About This Class

This highly actionable course will walk you through the creative visualization process step by step. Learn how it works and how to use it. Once developed, this skill can be used over and over and over again in your life as you continuously evolve, achieving more and more of your own dreams and realizing your true potential with confidence!  

Creative visualizations is a well-researched science that has been being used for decades to achieve success in all aspects of life such as business, relationships, performance, and body transformation.

Why it Works:

The mental imagery process creates a vast network of neural pathways in your brain, reprograms your subconscious mind and primes your reticular activating system (your brains filter); all with the heightened power of emotion. This powerful form of subconscious re-programming then draws you to the people, opportunities and experiences that are aligned with your visualizations. In the field of psychology, it’s called mental rehearsal. Mental rehearsal has been shown to enhance motivation, increase confidence, improve performance and prime your brain for success.

Building momentum and stacking the deck in your favor: Research shows that 95% of what happens in our lives is the result of the functions of our subconscious brain. Creative visualization enables us to program our subconscious for our desired results.  However, when you layer on top of this the focused and inspired action of your 5% of conscious power your dreams have no choice but to manifest.

In this course you will learn the 3-step process for how to:

  1. Identify 3 well defined and focused manifesting goals.
  2. Use creative visualization to set those 3 goals deep into your subconscious mind.
  3. Identify & take the inspired action that reinforces your subconscious programming and moves you closer and closer to your 3 goals.
  4. Bonus! How to generate the emotionally charged, high impact “peak experiences” to help you manifest your goals even more quickly.

This course includes:

  • Videos to help your fully understand the science behind the manifesting and creative visualization process.
  • Fully guided step by step audio to walk you through a high impact visualization process.
  • Course project workbook to enable you to identify and clarify your most focused manifesting goals.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kristen Becker

NLP Practitioner


Success Mindset, Manifesting, Law of Attraction, NLP

HI, I'm Kristen!

Once a mind has been stretched, it never goes back. Pebbles on the pile, one course at a time, discover how much power you truly have within you!

I am a Certified Neural Linguistic Programming practitioner & Cht, author of FreeLark, and creator of personal development courses with over 10k students. I have personally explored and found great success in all the topics I develop courses for. My goal is to empower you to start living your very best life by understanding and leveraging the power and ability already within you!

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, where you will discover new weekly videos: manifesting, the law of attraction, living your best life, guided audios, i... See full profile

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1. Creative Visualization Introduction: the art of creative visualization has been being used literally for decades by athletes, leaders, the greatest thought leaders, business people, even for healing the body and transformation. It's not a mystery at all as to why creative visualization is such a successful tool in helping people to excel in their lives. In fact, it's a very well researched science with decades of research backing up in explaining how successful visualization is and exactly how it works. In this course, you will learn about the actual science behind the manifesting process, the science of the subconscious, mind, the particular activating system, your pathways of neural networks and how that contributes to the reality that's created in your life. So you can fully understand both the manifesting process and how creative visualization enables you to bring your priorities, goals and dreams into your reality. Here, you're going to learn the full circle process of manifesting co creating visualization, the science of your subconscious programming and how that pulls realities into your life. It pulls you towards The reality is based on your programming. How to change that, your neural network of pathways and how that is either holding you back or supporting your goals. And once you understand this, then you know all of the points of entry in this co creative process, where you can jump in and start working towards your goals in a much, much, much more effective way. People have used this for relationships to enhance the quality of their relationships, bring new relationships into their lives, increase their finances, their station in life, their career developed careers, athletes, performers, leaders. You could literally use this for any type of goal, priority or dream that you have for yourself in life. And as you become more practiced, you can keep using it again and again and again to continue to evolve and to realize more new, bigger dreams in your life. And the best news is you can literally start right now. 2. V1 Manifesting 101: hello and welcome to the course In this video, we're going to learn about how the manifesting process works, because when you learn the process full cycle, you gain an understanding of all of the points of entry at which you can jump in and become a co creator. Creating what you might be asking well, quite simply, are realities the people, the relationships, the experiences, the opportunities and the life situations. So how are they all generated? We're gonna look at this from two levels. Level one is our subconscious minds. Now we all hold within our own subconscious minds beliefs. And then we have a particular activating system, which is aligning us with the people and the experiences that are lined with these beliefs . Also, level two is energy. Absolutely everything is vibrating energy. Everything in this world including our emotions and, like energy, attracts like energy. So we will attract the experiences people opportunities in life, situations that are aligned with the vibrational frequency of our very own emotions. So let's look at the subconscious. Your subconscious beliefs are created by feelings. You might be tempted to say they're created by experiences, and that's somewhat true. We'll get more into that in a little bit. But what is more important is the feeling that you have about the experience, and that is what is actually fostering the belief that you hold in your subconscious mind. I'll give you a perfect example of this. Many, Many years ago, a friend of mine and I were driving. It was summertime. The windows were rolled down and we cut somebody off and this fellow shouted a horrible vicinity at us. And obviously his intention was to make us angry, I guess, or project his anger hurt our feelings, but we both burst out laughing and said, You know, I haven't been called that in years and it was so funny. So instead of fostering all these negative beliefs about ourselves, we actually because the feeling that we had related to that experience fostered more positive beliefs about our ability to say, not be offended or shake things off or not take things personally. So it's very important to be aware of the feelings that you're having. So the actual emotions or feelings that we are feeling are creating our subconscious belief models. They're also setting our vibrational frequency. If you look at the scale of emotions, you will see that every emotion has its own vibrational frequency. Obviously, the negative emotions or lower on the scale and positive emotions like love, joy, compassion, peace are much higher on the scale. And then we're attracting to us based on our vibrational frequency, similar vibrating experiences and people in situations and opportunities in our life. So in short, you have experiences related to those experiences. You have emotions or you generate experiences and have emotions. This is reinforcing belief models in our subconscious mind. Our particular activating system is out there working all the time, attracting to US situations and people in life events that are lined with those beliefs. These emotions and feelings are also setting our vibrational frequency, which then is attracting to us again the people relationships, opportunities and life experiences that are lined with that vibrational frequency. There are many, many ways to change your subconscious mind. Set your belief models many ways to raise your vibration and change your emotional vibration frequency and all effective many different things. You can do many different ways in your life. You can address this, but what we're going to do here is a very focused and productive three step process, which involves visualization and inspired action. In the next clip, you're going to learn detailed information and gain an understanding of the visual ization process, how it re programs, your subconscious mind how it changes your actual energetic vibration, your emotional vibration and even inspires more creative insight into the steps to take to realize you're manifesting goals. 3. V2 Creative Visualization & Manifesting: Now it's time to learn about the science of the visual ization process, exactly how it's done, what kind of results you can expect and why. Visualization is a very well researched and documented area of study. It's well known that the top performers bought leaders, athletes, salespeople, all types of performance related people have used the visualization process to achieve results that air unmatched by brute force training or practice alone. A very important starting point is to realize that the subconscious mind is like a program . It's like the programming for your computer, and it does not know the difference between real and imagined. So when you visualize or have imagined experiences, the data that's going into the subconscious mind, which is most heavily fueled by the feelings and emotions, is just a powerful is having real experiences. So let's say you have in life a challenging experience, and that creates some limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind some negative emotions, and then that's what you're attracting. Well. Likewise, you can visualize a positive experience and create justice strong and powerful and effective data to drive your subconscious mind based on that positive experience. Now let's talk specifically about how the visual ization process effects your manifesting number one during your visualizations, you are goingto find inspired ideas, and I just can't say enough about how incredible this is when I'm visualizing about experiences that I'm seeing myself having related to my priorities that I've selected, I just get, like, crazy, fast ideas, you know? And then usually, after I get up, I write them all down and and they're much better and much more inspired ideas than when I just sit and struggle to try to think of ideas. The second way that the visualization process affects your manifesting experience is that while you're having these visualizations, you are actually creating more and more neural pathways in your brain. So let's say you have a whole highway neural network going to bad experiences, limiting beliefs, belief models that are bringing you experiences that you don't wanna have well through the visualization process. You can stack the deck in your favor and create a whole entire neural network of pathways that lead to the positive experiences, the positive feelings, the positive possibilities. And so you're really just enhancing your own neural pathways related to how you want to live how you see yourself, how you want to experience life. So your brain then has much more places to go in any situation when something happens, instead of having all of these negative neural pathways to take Now, it has all these wonderful, positive neural pathways to open up a whole new possibilities in how you engage with a navigate actual situations in life. And thirdly, when we're having these visualizations, we are actually feeling the emotions were raising our own vibration. And then we will be attracted to things that are aligned with this higher vibrating feeling and emotion. I would encourage you to check out my energy video on YouTube, which explains our own energetic vibration and how it attracts things to us in our life. But during the visualization process, you actually put yourself in the now feeling state, the now feeling emotional state of having that priority already attained. This is really important because when the feelings that you have are related to not having it wanting it desire ing it, that's actually resistant. So then you're actually attracting more of that boo? So when you have these visualizations, you raise your own vibration, you raise your own emotions. You feel great. You already have a tame this priority and you start getting in the mindset and the feeling state of having this priority already. Okay, you guys, this is really vital. We're going to talk for a few minutes here about how to actually practice the visual ization process. I will get a little bit more in detail about this later, but for right now, I want you to remember to spend at least 15 minutes a day practicing your visualization. And you are definitely going to find that this becomes quickly your favorite 15 minutes a day because it feels so good and you get so many inspired ideas and you just feel so wonderful about life and all of its possibilities. A preferable time is when you're in the Alfa State, which would be ideally right before you go to sleep when you wake up in the morning. But you can actually calm yourself down and get into the Alfa State. We do that at the start of the visualization audio, so I will walk you through that. But it's a bonus if you can do it before bed or when you wake up in the morning, maybe just after a relaxing bath or a meditation, But the ideal time to do it is the ideal time to do it. So if the middle of the afternoon works better for you, by all means, do it when it works for you, so you want to do it at least 15 minutes a day. You want to do it when you're relaxed as possible in the Alfa State, and also very important here. You guys you want to visualize in the first person. So you are seeing the experiences from the first person person's perspective from your eyesight, not as if you're watching a movie on and you going through the steps, because this will enable you to actually feel the feelings. And that's what we're going for. We're going for the emotions and the feelings and to actually create them within ourselves and feel them and relish them. So to that end as well, I encourage you to spend as much time as you need to really relishing those feelings of love on level madam and experiencing them. Enjoy them. You totally deserve them and know that. So those air some tips on how to actually walk through the visual ization process and put it to best use. Now, this is focused visualization. So in the very nice clip, you are going to learn exactly how to set your three manifesting priorities and how to do it. Why? To do it. We're gonna walk. They're doing it in the very next clip. 4. V3 Step1 How to Identify Priorities: in this clip, we're going to identify three priorities you're going to learn when to be specific. Went to be general, and you're going to learn how to identify and actually walk through and identify your why behind your priorities as well as the feeling states, which are your manifesting objectives that you're going to achieve. It's really important that you identify three priorities, because if you have more than three priorities, you have none, meaning you're going in too many directions. You're not focused. And when you narrow it down to three, those are three things that can be about any aspect of your life. But it certainly gives you some wiggle room to have fun with different aspects of your life and really focus on them. As you work through the visualization practice and the inspired action practice. How specific should you be? That is a classic question when it comes to setting manifesting goals, and here is my best advice to you. The further away that the reality of the goal is, I would say, be more general, and the closer that it is, be more specific. So let me give an example. Relationships are a great example, if you're in a relationship, perhaps you're manifesting goal is to be more bonded and have more loving communication and intimate experiences with your partner. If you're not in a relationship, then you have a less specific goal. Perhaps it's to have engaging experiences with lots of people, so you get to know lots of new people and meet more people and work towards that goal. Another example of specificity, which is a very hard word for me to say, is if you say at your workplace, maybe you like your job. But you'd really like to have more responsibilities and move up the ladder and higher pay and that sort of thing. So you already have a job to leg and you can be really specific with your goals. Whereas maybe you're not crazy about your job and you're looking to change careers and your goal could be more general. So you might say I my manifesting goal is to get engaged in photojournalism and starting at working with people and start learning about that field because I'd like to move into it so hopefully those two examples will give you an idea about how specific or general you want to be in setting your three priorities. Also, I just want to add You can have some that are specific and some that are general and play with it and have fun. Another important aspect of setting your manifesting priorities is to think about the difference between a means to an end and the end, the end being the feeling state or the achievement. And it's okay to wiggle around between these over time when you explore and experiment with different manifesting priorities. And certainly some might sometimes be a foundational step towards another. But say, for example, if my my priority is to have more adventure in my life, I might actually focus on a job thing so I can earn more money to have this adventure that may or may not be the right step for you. I'm not saying that it is or isn't, but I'm just saying, Think about the difference between something that is just a means and something that is actually the end and where you want to play around with your priorities and transitioning them and shifting them and making them with this in mind. Also, I would like you to keep in mind the idea of evolution and transition. So there's no one end all be all manifesting goal, because what fun would that be? Right. So you're constantly going to be having fun with this and using it all the time. You're gonna use us for the whole rest of your life. I could tell you that right now, um, and just keep it in mind, you know, where am I gonna go next with this, You know? Okay, this is a great place to start, and then I'm gonna move into this, and then I'm gonna move into that, and so just keep that in mind when thinking about your priorities. In a minute, we are going to identify these priorities. But also, I want you to start thinking about the why? Why? How do I want to feel? What is my desired feeling state in what benefits are going to come to me? Because any manifesting goal comes with it. A whole bunch of other benefits, a whole bunch of other ways that your life changes and evolves that air juicy and delicious . So you're going to be thinking about those when you think about your why Oh, and one more thing about the why you're going to see when you start visualizing that, um, and making your inspired action things each week that so many more awesome wise come up. So don't limit yourself. Don't feel like Well, no, I've got my why I'm not about budget on the why? Because that's all again. Building more neural networks and pathways in your brave fostering stronger belief model generating more positive emotion. So really be excited about this. Why expanding constantly as you go through the process? Okay, it's time to choose those three manifesting priorities. So keep in mind the transition, transition, transition Natori. I just can't even speak today. But the evolutionary nature of your priorities and certainly they can change. Think about the end state feelings that you wanna have all of the other benefits that focusing on this one thing is gonna bring into your life. Now, I think it might be helpful to you if I share with you some that I'm currently working on. I like to mix it up. So currently my one, I guess I'd say career type passion project priority is 100,000 subscribers. Nowhere. I don't know I chose to be general because I'm going to give myself that wiggle room to see what starts evolving and and then the wise that I initially started off with. That is because I can reach more people because I can spend more time doing what I'm really passionate about and what inspires me and because I can help and help other people along in the world. And so but then when I visualized come up with, you know, all these otherwise and when I write out my inspired action for the week, I always come up with a multitude of different wise. A second priority that I'm currently working on is my relationship with my partner and, more specifically, a synergistic. That's the nature of my priority. To have a synergistic relationship in my wise are because this core relationship actually sets the foundation for all of my other relationships in my life, with my Children, with my friends, you know, with myself, with people and work people that I work with and that sort of thing. But again, those were constantly, you know, expanding and getting more creative, and then my third current priority that I am working on is my body, and I chose to call that optimal body, and that's very general. But it gives me an awful lot of wiggle room every week when I'm setting my inspired action to focus on, say, exercise and strength and eating healthier and just even simple things like hydrating. And the Why is because it gives me more energy and helps me to feel strong and healthy and confident and frankly, just not even concerned with it, even though it seems like Oh, you're really focusing on it. But when it's doing its thing and you just optimize it, then you can just focus on other things. So those are my three things. I hope those examples give you some place to start. But what I want you to do right now is to come up with your three manifesting priorities. And then after each, I want you to write out a whole bunch allies. What do you do? Do you desire what benefits are these gonna bring into your life? What other connected things do they effect and how is it going to enable you and empower you be really creative, right? As many as you like in be open toe. Adding to that as you go along after you get your wise written down, then I would like you to brainstorm under that ah whole bunch of feeling states that are associated with this And just think of all of the emotions that we have in any way that you can describe them and just power through a list brainstorm. A big list of feeling state feeling states that you associate with this priority achieved and keep in mind every time we talk about this, we're talking about the priority attained the priority achieved. So keep everything positive and in the now don't speak in terms of negative or want to hope Teoh will be able to that sort of thing. Already, we've got those priorities set. Now it's time to put the pedal to the metal. In the very next video, we're gonna learn exactly how to use a visualization process and put those priorities into our subconscious minds. 5. V4 Step 2 How to Reprogram Your Mind with Visualization: Now it is time to really stack the deck in your favor. We're going to learn more of the science behind the mineralization process and how it works . So then you can maximize the results that you get from the process, and we really, really leverage it to your advantage. Okay, so let's dig into some brainwave talk, because when you understand the actual science of what's going on, then you really buy into Oh gosh, well, I see how this works. I'm all about it and invest yourself. And then, of course, enjoy the benefits. And quite frankly, this is happening anyway, whether you consciously put effort into being a co creator or not. So it's also a great way once you understand that to help keep yourself from making some, uh, stinking thinking and you know, uh, programming your subconscious mind negative ways and creating your own pathways that are serving you. So I'd like to begin by speaking about the brain waves. We've got beta brainwaves, which is, you know, where I'm at right now. It's ah, higher energy, more thinking, daily activity kind of thing. We've got the alpha brainwaves, which I mentioned before, and this is where you are really gonna be consciously putting your work into programming your subconscious mind having your visualizations creating the feeling states in as I've mentioned, this occurs when you're relaxed. So before you go to bed when you wake up when you're in meditation in a statement that I often come back to because it really just it blows my mind when I think about it, is, um, I read it somewhere. The concept that we hold of ourselves just before we go to sleep sets the programming for our subconscious mind that it's doing while we're in the deeper brain wave states. So it's really important to be aware of how you feel about yourself, how you visualize yourself, the feelings they're having before you go to sleep. Even if it turns out you can't, um, where the visualizations under that part of your day, just to take a few minutes before you go to sleep and celebrate yourself and love yourself and give yourself some off a lot of credit and gratitude and tearing up. It's important you guys, it's really important. But then, once we get to the Alpha State, we get to the fate of state, which is a sleeping state and then even deeper into sleep in the Delta State. And it's during these states that are so conscious mind actually is doing its programming and reprogramming and are higher conscious is more open and connected. You may have heard things such as not sleeping with the TV on, because all of that programming is actually going straight into your subconscious mind. And that's true. So that's a little bit about the brain wave states. And to give you a better understanding of when you're going to do your work and then when your work is gonna be processed and actually creating more belief models and the programming in your subconscious mind said this before. But again, always visualize in the first person you are actually engaging in these experiences. If you think of, for example, athletes who train using visualization in, they visualize their body, every movement. You know if it's a golfer, every movement of the golf swing and watching the ball go off and land directly in the cup and that sort of thing, so visualize in the first person, feel all of the fields, feel it, feel it, love it. Enjoy it. Um, that is where the magic happens and also do it daily. You are going to see absolutely literally astounding results and things showing up popping up happening in your life into that end. Also, be aware. Don't be looking for because when you're looking for stuff, then you're actually having this resistance. And oh, wait a minute. Nothing showed up today relative to my visualization. And also oftentimes it's, you know, not gonna be exactly what you visualize to help you realize that usually, like, way more amazing things. But sometimes exactly what you've utilized. My mind is constantly blood when I do this. And so I'm asking you to just look around, be aware notice synergies and connections and synchronicity ease and, um, celebrate them and appreciate them. And that feels the process even more. I mean, you're literally gonna want to, like, run home and lay down and start specialising. So enjoy the process doing every day. Be aware of the changes and evolutions in you how you feel yourself and remember, ultimately, we don't make our lives better by bringing things to our lives to make us feel happy or whole or complete we make our lives better by realizing that we are beautiful, whole complete, amazing people, and we remove all that clutter of resistance from our own psyches. Then we're vibrating at a level which attracts likewise wonderful things back to us. Let's keep rolling. In the very next clip, I am going to teach you the very quick, easy, fun and productive process of how to get started with your inspired action. 6. V5 Step 3 How to Take Inspired Action: inspired action. The step is important. We're gonna learn really quickly how to plan out our inspired action for the week and what steps to take towards our success. Perhaps you've heard the old saying, Faith without action is dead, and this is why I think that's so important to understand. Because if you're just hoping you're really hanging out in the resistance state and you're not doing anything to move yourself in the direction you want to go in. So you're basically floundering or literally just hoping just like, Oh, who could get lucky or hope this happens. But when you start taking action towards your goals torture, priorities, torture, manifesting priorities, then quite a few things are going on here. Number one. You are being active. You are taking action. You're having experiences now. These experiences create new neural pathways in your brain, which is stacking the brain deck in your favor towards always moving more towards actions and choices and experiences that support those priorities. You are also getting in the feeling state. You're doing something. You have a great feeling about it, and you're just getting all pumped up and feeling good and raising your vibrational frequency related to your priority, and you're just flat out having life experiences that are then gonna foster that belief model. Okay, that serves your priorities and serve your goals. And so it's very important. It's also really simple, super simple, but also super important. I highly encourage you to write these out. When you actually write things by hand, you more deeply internalize them. And you are associating actual tactile processes with the information in your brain. I encourage you very strongly to rewrite your three priorities each week. You're gonna do this once a week? Uh, I do it on Sunday. So on a sheet of paper, you write out your three priorities and, um, under each after each, you write out your wise, the benefits, your desires, ways that it's going to enhance and improve your life and qualities and opportunities that it brings to you. Remember all of this in the now state in the positive tents again, I want to remind you that with those wise, you are gonna find from your process that they're just gonna keep expanding, so don't feel like you have to write the same wise and look back to your list and say, What what were my lies extreme of consciousness? Whatever is coming out and think about this, you are totally ability, nor more neural net networks of pathways. When you do this, you're getting excited. You're generating that positive emotion. So keep building, building, building. And then so you've got your friend on your priorities. You've written down your wise, perhaps some new eyes. And then under each one, I would like you to have three completely realistic and manageable things that you can do during that week towards these priorities to foster and nurture these priorities. And these can be really small and indirect. For example, one I was thinking about if somebody say had a priority, a big, further off priority of moving into a new house. Well, a really small, manageable thing I could do this week is to organize my clutter, to take some stuff to Goodwill, to start cleaning out things you know in the relationships of manageable, totally manageable things and really fun things. One I love is listening from the other person's perspective. So this is just something I'm kind of dio any time all day long, and they don't even know I'm doing it, but I'm making this effort like, well, I really want to have a synergistic relationship. So I'm gonna listen to this person and try to see things from their perspective. I guess I'm giving you these examples to encourage you to be practical, but also creative. Also I mentioned and this is just so incredibly true that when you're having the visualizations, you must have the stuff coming like rapid. You know, rapid fire coming to your ideas. Um, to add to your three manageable things that you do each week do them OK, that's the most important thing. And I'm not gonna lie to you. Sometimes it's like Friday and like all man, I got to spend the whole afternoon doing these things that I wrote down because some of them are a little more time consuming. But do them because you're keeping a promise to yourself and you're sending a really poor message to yourself. If you don't stick to your priorities, you only pick three OK, because if you have more than three priorities, you have none. So just do all of the things do all of the things on your list and then next Sunday make a new list. Same three priorities. Your wise could be evolving and changing. And certainly the three things you're gonna do that week are going to change as well. And so you're doing your visualizations there The day you were working on your three priorities inspired action during the week. And absolutely amazing things are going on in your life. So we've got that nailed down inspired action and we're ready to go. I want to talk to you next about peak experiences. What are they? Why are they so important? And how can you generate more in your life? 7. V6 Create Powerful Peak Experiences: peak experiences. When the world is that, Well, you're about to find out you're gonna find out what they are, why they're important and how you can generate more of them in your life. You've probably heard of Abraham as lob and Maslow's hierarchy of needs for self realization. And he is the man that originally coined the term peak experiences and identified what peak experiences are and got this whole area of research and study and knowledge off the ground . So Teoh, I guess, in a nutshell, described a peak experience. It is one which psychologists would describe as a elicits a very strong emotional response . We already know how important those emotions are. This like powerful, juicy stuff, but also peak experiences forever change you. They in Richard's soul and in neural linguistic programming. You know, we know that a mind that has stretched never goes back Once you develop, Ah, higher mind set a different mindset. You never go back to the smaller way of thinking. And so peak experience is a really important for a lot of reasons. First of all, they're just amazing, and they inspire you and uplift you. They raise your vibrational energy level your emotional level. They create really strong, powerful emotions, which has a very powerful impact and re programming your subconscious mind and basically just changing you forever for the better. Now that might seem like that. I'm talking about skydiving or going to Makkah, PTO or some big adventure, and those can be peak experiences, for sure. But also you can have peak experiences in the most everyday kind of ways, so let's talk a little bit more about that. First of all, peak experiences have significance. They have a significant impact in our life. We might often think of them as turning points or pivot points, usually very spiritual kind of experiences that might change the way we think of things. So significance is a characteristic of peak experiences. Another characteristic of peak experiences is the idea of fulfillment. They tend to be very fulfilling and intrinsically rewarding experiences. So, like I said, this could be a little thing. But it's gonna be very fulfilling and personally rewarding. Another characteristic of peak experiences is that they tend to be spiritual in nature, so this could be a simple is just getting completely lost in time and not knowing you know how much time has passed cause you were at one with whatever you were doing. I know this happens to me sometimes as weird as it sounds when I'm gardening and I just suddenly realized, like, Wow, I just completely lost track of time Spiritual in that you feel one with you're being missed the world, whatever you're doing, um, completely lost in what you're doing. So spiritual. A spiritual aspect is one often off peak experiences now, whereas your visualizations are really fabulous and critical and you're inspired action is a wonderful part of the process as well. Peak experiences play their special role because they are such high impact. They generate a lot more of intense emotions, and these emotions are developing your more neural networks and pathways in your brain. The's emotions air raising your vibrations You're attracting more high vibrating things back to you in these emotions are very powerful in affecting your subconscious programming and your belief models. And remember that once a mine has been stretched, it never goes back. So you can see why Generating and seeking out in fostering peak experiences as regularly as you can is also a really wonderful part of this whole entire process. Okay, let's talk about a couple of ways to generate, nurture or foster peak experiences. Now have fantastic news for you because this whole entire process is actually going to foster peak experiences. You're gonna get so excited and you're gonna just naturally be excited about open to things and they're going to start happening. So the process of visualization and inspired action in and of itself will foster peak experiences. Also, just become much more aware and open. And as I said before, pick, experiences can come in the smallest of everyday things. And I can give you example just from this weekend and because I was like, Well, I want to be open to pick experiences. And my youngest son, hey, wanted to do some impromptu freestyle rapping with me, as in you know, you, mama, is this. Thank you. And you could see from my reaction we had so much fun. And and we started rapping our ad orations for each other, making these fun little freestyle raps to each other. It was definitely a peak experience. And it only happened because when he said, you know Hey, Mom, you want to wrap. I was like, Sure, I want to wrap, you know, So just be open to them. Another way that you can generate peak experiences is to look at your feeling less and just think about all of those feelings and and then start recalling other peak experiences that you've had in your life. So this process of recalling and remembering peak experiences brings you after that vibrational level, it really opened you up. It renews your enthusiasm for being open to them and having them and and perhaps even seeing them where you might have missed them had you otherwise not add it on your radar. Now you can also plan peak experiences in, um when I think of things like this, um think of things like when I plan Teoh say, Take my kids tubing down the river or go someplace with my partner and, um, have an adventure. But I would like to caution you that when you do plan stuff not to have such specific expectations, I like to say I have great but not specific expectations because of the nature of the peak experience is that it's filled with all and wonder and you know, Discovery. So while you can plan a trip, you know you don't want to plan too much about what aspects of the trip are gonna be. Peak experiences. It might just be the long talk that you had in the car on the way there. That turned out to be the peak experience. So, you know, look for ways and places to have peak experiences be open to them, recall prior peak experiences. This is like a self fueling process as well, because the more it happens, what happens and the more you enjoy it and are open to it. So I hope that you enjoy your peak experiences. And they are an amazing addition to the visualization and inspired action process from manifesting your three priorities. Well, you know, everything you need to know to get this show on the road. So let's go ahead and get started. You can jump on into the guided audio for the visual ization process. I'm gonna walk you through relaxing to the Alpha State exactly how to get into the visual ization process and give you time to do it and enjoy it. I wish you all the very, very best. I thank you for joining me. Please be sure to stay in touch. Get in touch with me. Sign up for my newsletter. If you haven't already share this course with your friends. But most importantly, just please do stick with it. Do the visualizations the inspired action enjoy the peak experiences and stay aware and noticing of how your life is evolving and transforming all the best to you. 8. Fully Guide Creative Visualization: welcome to the fully guided visualisation audio in this fully guided audio. I'm going to walk you through first, relaxing down into the Alfa State and then I'll help you get started with your first visualization related to the first of your three priorities. You'll hear silence during the time that you're visualizing and then a very soft bell to alert you to wrap up that visualization as we prepare to move on to the next one. Now let's begin by relaxing our bodies down into the Alfa State. Lie down in a quiet and comfortable place. Close your eyes. I want you to take three very deep cleansing breaths. No starting at your feet and working your way up. Notice the feelings in each part of your body. As you dio relax your muscles one at a time and release any tension that you're holding in them. Continue to work your way up your body to your stomach, your shoulders. Relax your neck. Relax your face. Let your closed eyes roll slightly upward, as they naturally do in the sleep state. The sends a physiological sign to the mine that it's time to quiet itself for rest. Now I would like you to hold your first priority in mind. Begin by thinking of the end. Feeling stayed? How do you feel with this priority attained, remind yourself of your wife statements. What are they? How does this priority attained benefit you in all ways of your life? How does it make you feel? I want you to relax your mind. Be open to new and different realizations that you can add to your by to your feeling states to your benefits. Really? Get in the mode of all of the feelings that come along with this priority attained notice. How do they show up in your body? Perhaps you have a tingly feeling of excitement, your art maybe a grounded sense of knowing and confidence that develops your whole body. Or maybe you just have a sense of complete peace and calm that washes over you with those feelings. Come up and fully envelope you in the first person looking out from your eyes. Take the next few minutes divisional eyes, the whole entire event unfolding with this priority achieved Smile, Be very detailed. Feel all of the sensations both from the outside and also those within you. Your feelings, all of your senses. How do you experience this in every way with your heart and your full body? Now be with this feeling. Relish it. Notice how it shows up in your heart. Notice how it shows up in your body and notice how it shows up in your mind. Now you're going to do the same thing with your second priority. Remind yourself of your why and any new realizations you've made about this priority. How it benefits you, how it enhances, improves and shows up in your life. Remind yourself of the feelings that come along with this priority achieved. Let those feelings come up and fully envelope you again from the first person. Take the next few minutes toe walk through a whole entire visualization off the absolutely most perfect, ideal and spectacular event that you can imagine taking place related to this priority achieved with your third priority in mine. Revisit your wise add to the list, soak in the feelings that come along with it. Smile, relax even deeper as you breathe in the feelings and visualize the most amazing and delicious event that you could ever imagine taking place with this priority attained. Take a moment now to visit and relish every detail, every feeling and every sensation. - Ah , okay. I am a beautiful, amazing and a fully deserving soul filled with unlimited potential. I am grateful for all of the experiences in this beautiful, abundant life. I welcome into my life unlimited connections, opportunities, abundance and love Nomis day.