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Landing Page Design and Copywriting: Build Pages That Convert in 2020

teacher avatar Jesse Forrest, Copywriting Veteran

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Landing Page Course Intro


    • 2.

      Course Project


    • 3.

      What Is A Landing Page?


    • 4.

      Homepage VS Landing Page


    • 5.

      2 Types Of Landing Pages


    • 6.

      How To Increase Readability And Conversions


    • 7.

      Does Your Message Match?


    • 8.

      Why Above The Fold Matters


    • 9.

      4 Proven Headline Writing Formulas & Templates


    • 10.

      How To Create A Stand Out Value Proposition


    • 11.

      How To Design A Hero Image


    • 12.

      Click This Call To Action Button


    • 13.

      Everyone’s Talking About Social Proof


    • 14.

      Transform Boring Features Into Irresistible Benefits


    • 15.

      How To Get Powerful Testimonials


    • 16.

      Overcome Objections With FAQs


    • 17.

      Final Call To Action


    • 18.

      Optimize For Mobile Phones


    • 19.

      3 Ways To Boost Your Conversion Rate


    • 20.

      Top Landing Page Software Reviewed


    • 21.

      Landing Page Critique Physiotherapy


    • 22.

      Landing Page Critique Event Page


    • 23.

      Lead Capture Page Digital Marketer


    • 24.

      Landing Page Critique Property Coaching


    • 25.

      Final Thoughts and Next Steps


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About This Class

Brand New Landing Page Course For 2020!

Do you want to build a landing page that converts?

If you’re planning on marketing or advertising your products or services online, then you’ll get much better results by sending your traffic to a dedicated landing page.

Here’s the good news: You don’t need any previous web design, coding or copywriting skills to create a landing page. All you need is to follow the simple, step-by-step instructions revealed in this 60-minute online course.

IMPORTANT: This is not a web development or coding course. You will not learn coding, programming or HTML. The purpose of this course is to teach you the best practices for designing a landing page that converts. You’ll learn the best practices, design tips, copywriting techniques, conversion rate optimization tips, psychological principals, and much more. And while I won’t be teaching you web development, I will recommend several easy-to-use, drag-and-drop landing page builders that you can use to build your first landing page – even if you have no web development experience.

These 21-byte sized video lessons will teach you the best practices for designing a landing page that converts.  Download my fill-in-the-blanks copywriting template that will help you write all of your landing page copy.

You'll get to watch over my shoulder as I analyze many landing page examples - the good, the bad and the ugly!

Hi, I’m Jesse Forrest. I’m the founder at Copywriting Crew, a digital agency located in Sydney, Australia. For the last 15 years, I’ve helped 100’s of business owners get better results from their websites and landing pages.

I’ve worked on landing pages in over 153 different industries. I’ve shared my landing page and conversion rate optimization tips at conferences around the world and to companies like Chanel, Disney and Sony.

And now I'm excited to be launching my brand new landing page course!

Inside this 60-minute course, you'll learn:

  • How to design a landing page that converts without any experience

  • The 10 best practices for building a high-converting landing page

  • How to write attention-getting headlines that stop visitors dead in their tracks

  • How to create a powerful value proposition and become a stand out brand in your industry (templates and examples provided)

  • How to spy on your competitors Facebook Ads and Landing Pages

  • 3 proven ways to boost the conversion rate of your landing page by 30% to 200%

  • How to build an outstanding landing page on a shoe-string budget

  • How to write irresistible landing page copy using an expert copywriters fill-in-the-blanks templates and formulas

  • How to get 3 to 5 x better results from your Facebook Ads and Google Ad campaigns by using the little-known ‘message match’ principal

  • You’ll get to watch over my shoulder as I analyse landing page examples from many different industries right before your eyes

  • Discover the psychological principals like social proof to design high-converting landing pages

Plus much, much more!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jesse Forrest

Copywriting Veteran


Jesse Forrest is the founder and chief copywriter at
He is regarded as one of Australia’s leading copywriters with 14 years of experience in writing for hundreds of satisfied clients from over 153 different industries.

Jesse is also a copywriting trainer and has shared his knowledge with thousands of business owners at conferences around the world and to companies such as Chanel, Sony, Disney and JP Morgan.

You can connect with me through my website or social media channels below.


YouTube Channel:

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1. Landing Page Course Intro: you want to build a landing page that converts? If you're planning on marketing or advertising your products or services online, then you'll get much better results by sending your traffic toe a dedicated landing page. And the good news is you don't need any previous Web design or copy writing skills to create a landing page. All you need is to follow the simple step of step instructions outlined in this online course. Hi, I'm Jesse Forest. I'm the founder and chief copywriter at Copyrighting Crew. And for the last 15 years I've helped hundreds of small business owners, entrepreneurs and agencies to get better results from their websites. I personally analyzed landing pages in over 153 different industries. I've already shared my landing page and conversion rate optimization tips conferences around the world and for companies like Chanel, Disney and Sony. And now I'm excited to be teaching my brand new landing page course, this courses for beginners and anyone who wants to learn how to create a landing page that will effectively sell your products and services online. It doesn't matter if you have no previous Web design or cup writing skills. You can use what you learn in this course to create your very first or next landing page. So in this course you'll learn what is a landing page and why they important. We'll look at the 10 best practices for building a landing page of converts More review. The best landing Page software on the market. For those of you on a budget, I'll be giving you three strategies for boosting the conversion rate of your existing landing. Pages will be looking at the differences between long and short landing pages. I'll give you a fill in the blanks template that will help you write all of the copy for your landing page. You get toe watch over my shoulder as we review and analyze landing page examples for many different industries. So if you're ready to create your first or next landing page will effectively sell your products or services online. Go ahead, then roll in the online course today. Now look forward to seeing you in the course dashboard 2. Course Project: for this course project. I'd like you to write the 1st 3 elements of your landing page using the fill in the blanks . Document template provided those elements are the headline, the Value Proposition and the call to Action Button. Copy. So just those 1st 3 elements. Then when you're ready, I want you to upload that inside the course dashboard. On that way, myself and other students give you feedback and show you how to make your copy your landing page copy. Even better. So that's what I like you to do for this assignment. I look forward to seeing what you create. 3. What Is A Landing Page?: So what is a landing page? Well, a landing page is unique. It's unlike any other page on your website. In fact, the landing page is a standard line Web page that usually separate from your main website, and its unique because it has one goal, one purpose and one call to action and that call to action is either to generate leads or sales. It also has no navigation bar, so it has no distracting links or options for visitors to leave that page. It also has one focused message. That focus message is going to be about the product, the service or the free lead magnet that might be offered if it's a lead capture page, but more on that later. So this is what only God, not the expert on landing pages says about landing pages. Never start a marketing campaign without a dedicated landing page. On a 100% agree, you'll get much better results. More leads, more sales, more conversions if you send your traffic toe a landing page than any other page, such as your home page 4. Homepage VS Landing Page: now Here's an example from snapper dot co snapper dot co connect people looking for photographers online with photographers all around the world, and this is their website home page on their home page. They've got lots of things happening. They offer 17 different photography services, everything from events to weddings to product photography and so many more. Their home page is very distracting good information about the company, so it links to other pages. It's got lots of different buttons. It's a distracting place. They have identified a key word that what they want to run ads on on Google. So this is that keyword. It's portrait photographer Sydney. So they're running a Google ad on Google for that keyword, and it's a pretty good at it, says portrait photographers. Now, if I click on that ad, where should they send me their visitor? Should they send them to their home page with 17 different services and only one of those being portrait photography? Or should they send them to a dedicated landing page? What do you think? The answer is a dedicated landing page and they have one. That dedicated landing page has just to call to action buttons, and we're looking at it here Once. His book, now from $99 the other ones, has talked to an expert. So you can either sign up if you're ready to, or you can talk to one of their consultants, the headline says Sydney portrait photographers. So the visitor feels like in the right place there where they should be. And if you scroll down that page, we're going to see, you know, images of portrait photographers copy the talks about portrait photographers and even imagery from around Sydney. So it's a super relevant focus page with no distracting links with one goal in mind, which is to get you to sign up for their services or talk to one of their experts so clearly they'll get much higher results. More sales, more leads, more conversions, sending traffic to that dedicated landing page than their home page. And that's the power of landing pages and what we're gonna be talking about in this course , you gonna learn exactly what you need to do from both design and copy to create a landing page that's going to convert 5. 2 Types Of Landing Pages: so there are two different types of landing pages that we're gonna be focusing on this course. The 1st 1 is a lead capture page on a lead capture page offers something valuable free e book, a video, Siri's or a webinar in exchange for the visitors. Contact information, which might be their first name. That last name and email address. That's what a lead capture pages now. When would you use a lead capture page if you're what you're offering, has a longer sale cycle. Or if you want to simply build a relationship with your visitor before you sell to them later on. So you might want to grab their email so you can send them emails with valuable information and then eventually sell to them further down the line. So the second type off landing pages of sales page, And that's obviously when you want to sell something cells pages that different than the capture pages because it much longer in length, using more information to make the sale. And the objective, of course, is to make that sale. So when should you use the sales page use of user cells? Page. If your objective is to make sales, but also, if what you're selling is brand new to the market place, you might use a sales page. If it's complicated or difficult to explain, just look at Kickstarter dot com. What you're seeing on that website is tons of different products being sold and those sales pages a super long, and they go into great detail in order to make the sale. Great examples off sales pages over a Kickstarter. 6. How To Increase Readability And Conversions: Now you might be wondering, Why are some landing pages so long? You've seen them, You school. They seem to scroll on forever, right? Well, we need to realize is that most people online are not readers. Most people like the skin, skin and scrolled the page that they land on. I'm sure you've done this yourself. And if we look at some of the data behind that, we can see that Jacob Nielson from the Nielsen Norman Group says that 79% of our test users always scanned any new page they came across. Only 16% read word by word. Now what does that mean for us? Do we need to write a lot of copy on our landing page? What should we write? A shorter landing page? Well, remember, people aren't reading word by word. They're scanning and scrolling on what that means for us. We want to design and format the text and the images on our page toe appeal to the scanners and scholars. There's really five different rules that you want to follow when again designing your any page. So, first of all, you wanna have headings throughout the page. You think of your landing page. It's really a Siri's off sections. For example, we've got the above the fold section of the top. We've got other sections where we talk about benefits and features on about testimonials and so forth and so forth. So each section I like to have a heading that really calls out to the person that scanning and scrolling, he gets them to stop and actually read the content or copy on the page. We like to have lots of white space where appropriate, that's gonna break up the page and also give it our, ah, higher end feel to the page. It also increases readability. We wanna have high quality images throughout the page. Sometimes I rotate those images and you'll see those in the examples that I'm going to share with you. Bulleted lists are really important. If you have a big chunk, chunky paragraph, most people aren't going to read that who were scrolling down the page. So what we like to do is we break up our paragraphs into bulleted lists, and by doing that, you lawfully increase readability by over 100%. So take those chunky paradise you have credit bulleted list instead conveying the same information to increase readability that way. We also like to have short sentences and paragraphs. You know, again, we want to appeal to the scanners and scholars to make sure you break up those paragraphs into shorter sentences. Shorter paragraphs instead of having 56 or seven lines deep, have a paragraph that might be, you know, 234 lines maximum. What you'll see is increased reliability means increased conversions, increased sales and laid for your business. 7. Does Your Message Match?: So the other day I was walking down the street feeling a little bit hungry for Italian food . On what did I find? An Italian restaurant? I felt fantastic. So I walk inside their doors, find myself a table, sit down and the waiter hands me a menu. As I opened the menu, though, I become really confused because I don't find any Italian food. There's no delicious pizza or pastor on the menu. What I think instead is Thai food, vegetarian food, Greek food. And I feel lost and confused and quite disappointed because I was looking forward to some delicious passed up. So I get up and I leave that restaurant feeling like I'll never go back there again. Now, why don't tell you this story because this happens all the time online. This is what we marketers and copywriters call message match. Now what? His message match or the definition of messes match is How old is your landing page? Copy Match The ad copy. There was Quick dawn and I want to show me some examples right now. Off message match. Do you understand what this principle means? I was searching Google just this morning for social media courses, right? So that's my intent. I want to find a social media course on Google. We see a couple of ads here in the ad I click on here said Social Media Courses. So already I feel like I've found what I'm looking for. So I click on that ad, but instead of arriving on, you know, a page that reflects what I'm looking for, I arrive on this page by coursera and then this above the fold section that says digital marketing specialization. There is nothing here on this landing page about social media courses, so I feel lost. I feel confused, and they've just spent probably 34 maybe even $10 on that click. They got me to click on that ad and arrive on the page. The landing page doesn't match what the ad said. So again, it's a bad message. Match example. Here's a better example. I also typed in travel insurance, and there's a couple of different ads. One I clicked on here says World nomads travel, insurance. So again, first of all, it matches what I'm looking for. So I click on that ad and then arrive on this page a much better page. The headlines has travel insurance The sub headline talks about travel insurance. Even the imagery here is of a fellow traveler. I feel like I'm in the right place. It's a much better example off message match again. The what? I search for the adequate on and then the landing page arrive on all match, and that's again what you want to do when you write and design your landing page. Now, what about image ads? Could you might not be doing Google ads? You might be doing Facebook ads or any other type of image. Add what's important that the imagery that you use in the initial add that quick on is also on the landing page to use the same images, just like this acute example. That smaller image box. We can imagine that See, Admit clicked on that says, Find your perfect pub today. It's got a cute little pug image on that larger image is off the landing pages got the same pug image on the same copy, and that's going to help us feel like we're in the right place. We've landed on the correct place. We feel like we're in the Italian restaurant eating and being served Italian food that we expected to receive when we walked in. So keep that in mind. Make sure that the ad copy that you, right? And then the landing page Copy matches what was quick, and you get a high conversion raid and you'll spend less money on advertising as well. 8. Why Above The Fold Matters: did you know, on average, 90% off? First time visitors who visit your website will leave within five seconds and never return . That's an amazing statistic. When I first heard it, so many new visitors arriving on our landing pages or websites, and they're bouncing with that. Everyone staying around to find out what our sights air about. Now there's three questions that people think about either consciously or subconsciously when they first arrive on your landing page. And those three questions out, What is this side about? What can I do here? Is this what I'm looking for and how is it useful for me now? The first impression on your landing page is the above the fold section. This is the part of the page that people see when it first loads before they start scrolling down the page. That's where 80% of your visitors are going to make that decision, whether to stay or go. So it's important that we use the right elements in that above the fold section to get Vince our business, to stick around long enough to quick on that call to Action button and, you know, sign up for whatever it is that we're offering. What we're going to do now is I'm going to give you a five second test. And in this test for five seconds, I'm gonna show you a landing page on that above the fold section on. I want you to just think about in your mind or a few at home with other people around or not around. You can shout out. You know what impression this first landing page gives you. Okay, You ready to play along five seconds when you again think about what is this landing page about? You ready? What was that page about? You know, I think if you like, a lot of people have shown this page to its seminars around the world. It's just confusion. It has low clarity. You know, there's too much going on. There's too much text. The headline doesn't really make sense. E imagery doesn't really tell us much about what this page about. It doesn't do a good job of conveying clearly what the landing pages about. We're answering those questions which have already mentioned Let's play the game again. But with another landing page, the above the fold section and again I want you to ask yourself, what is this page about? You ready now? What was that page about? I think you look great. Had a much better clarity on the page off telling us exactly what the page was about. All the elements communicated what the page was about. I've had people shout out at seminars, apartments, finding a place to stay Airbnb hotels a lot better clarity in just five seconds. So we need to make sure that our above the fault section of our landing pages has that same level of clarity. And I'm gonna show you in the next few videos exactly what those elements are on, how to optimize them so that they perform well on your landing page. So those elements to give you a preview are the headline Wanna have a headline that has clarity? The hero image is important too. We want to have a call to Action button and also a sub headline slash value proposition. So those are the four key elements that we wanna have in the above the fog area of our page to get people to stick around long enough to take the action that we want them to take. That's exactly what we're gonna be talking about in the next few videos. And you have that writing template who will give you templates that you can fill in the blanks to create those elements on your above the fold area off your landing page. 9. 4 Proven Headline Writing Formulas & Templates: your landing page headline is super important because it's the first thing that your visitors are going to read. So it has a has a big job of keeping your prospects attention. But also interest on the page and headlines have always been important, even in the old days of print advertising. And this is what David Ogilvy, the godfather of advertising, says about headlines. On average, five times as many people read the headline as Read the Body copy. When you've written your headline, you've spent 80 cents out of the dollar. Effective headline could make the difference within people staying or leaving your page. So I want to give you some best practices and also some examples and formulas for writing a really captivating headline for your landing page. So the first headline, best practice would be clarity. Clarity is important. You want to tell the reader what your landing pages about message matches important to? We talked about that in the message match video. It's got a match, what they clicked on before they arrived at your landing page. And of course it's gonna be short. You know, you want to ride a big paragraph headline you want it to be short and succinct. I'd recommend between five and 10 words in your headlines. Now there are four formulas for creating an effective landing page headline. The 1st 1 is an action headline number, headline question headline and What You Do and Who You Help headline. So I'm gonna walk you through these by showing you actual examples that I found from around the Web, even some of my own. And by the way, you'll have in the template document that comes with these course. You have access to all of these templates. You can fill in the blanks to write your own. So this is one for the old version off how landing page and this headline reads Cooperating that turns your website. Visitors into customers should swap out the word copyrighting for whatever it is that US selling, you know, swap out what it is then used the word that and then you won't explain the desired result or benefit than your product or service offers on that landing page. So in this example is it will help them turn their website visitors into customers. I know that's what my clients are interested in, so I say that in the headline, It's gonna keep them interested. The second example is a number. Headline numbers work really well because with psychology of numbers, it promises short and succinct information. Also, numbers increase believability and credibility. So this example is from Instapage, which is, ironically, a landing page buildup. And, it reads, Create your landing page in just three minutes, so it's promising a short turnaround time. You could do that, too. If you're a personal trainer, you might say lose weight in X amount of time, whether that's weeks, months or days. And that's gonna help again. Boost the credibility and the believability off that claim to use numbers where possible, whether it's promising a result or a time frame that's going to help you get more people interested in your landing page. The third Landing Page headline template is a question, and I love this one here for an accounting firm that says, looking for an accountant who cares about more than just the numbers Now again, you could swap out the word accounting for any kind of product or service. You're offering it, looking for a personal trainer who kids about more than just working out. So that's gonna work well for a personal trainers, you can see you can swap that out for any type of industry to create that compelling headline for your landing page. And the last one here is where you explain you know what it is and who you help, and this one reads professional ordered review and tax services for small to medium sized profits. Again, you can use this as a template, but it says it says exactly what the landing pages about and who their target audience is. So someone reading that's going to say, Oh, that's what I want And that's going me because it said so in the headline. That's a very effective formula for creating an effective landing page headline. So I hope you've enjoyed those four different headline writing templates. Now let's move on to learning about subheadings and value propositions 10. How To Create A Stand Out Value Proposition: So your sub headline is the body of text that goes directly underneath the headline on your landing page on the purpose of a sub headline is to further explain and expand upon the headline. But also it's a perfect place to express your value proposition. So what is the value proposition? While Neil Patel says that a value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered, it's a main reason a prospect should buy for new and not your competitors. Now, just like the headline writing template, we also have a value proposition writing template. I believe I have three or four of them for you to choose from inside the template document that comes along with this course. And right now I want to show some examples from winning value propositions we found from great landing pages from around the web. So the 1st 1 here is from Cuba. Nowadays, uber is a ride sharing app. A lot of people know about it, but in the early days, you know, just like any new company that would communicate their value proposition and they did so in this landing page. So the headline reads. Tap the app, get the ride and I'll give you a moment just to read the value proposition here. Now what they're saying is all of the reasons why they're different and better than the competition, the competition being taxi companies. Here's another example from a company I use and love. This is Trail Oh, Traveler was a project management platform that, you know people around the world used to organize, you know, projects and manage those projects. Now read their value proposition here. I'll give you a few moments underneath. The headline now again noticed the first part of this value proposition there mentioned again all of the alternatives, almost like their competitors. Drop the lengthy email threads out of date spreadsheets and no longer so sticky notes and Konkey software. So I just mentioned three or four alternatives to what they offer, and then they end that value proposition that subheading by explaining why they're different and they say it simply Trailer lets you see everything about your project in a single glance, again explaining why they're better, unique and different to the competition. It's a great example. Start out with the problem, then explain the core reasons why you're different. They let you see everything in a single glance. Here's another example from Dollar Shave Club. I love Dollar Shave Club on Love their culture and I love the messaging here on their landing page, the headline reads A great shape for a few bucks a month, and then the sub headline is just three short little sentences. No commitment, no feeds, no BS. Now you could argue the value proposition is also in the headline. A great shape for a few bucks a month. They know, and I know is a men that going to the supermarket buying raises really expensive. So their value proposition here is that it's just a few dollars. A month is just a dollar a month to get these awesome razors, and there's no commitment, no fees, no B s. So they communicate that really well and really clearly in that headline and sub headline their value proposition. So I hope you learn from those examples off value propositions and, of course, use that template document to fill in the blanks and create your own. And do spend some time thinking about what makes your business or your client's business different and better than the competition 11. How To Design A Hero Image: you hear it? Image is really important because it's a first visual that people going to see when they land on your landing page. And so it's really important that the hero use communicates what the landing pages about and that it supports the copy. So if you have a positive headline, you wanna make sure that your images positive. If you have, uh, negative image in a positive headline or sub headline, the visit will be confused. It won't match what the pages about, so the image is there really to support the copy. You know you want to avoid stock images where possible on the reason why you don't want your stock images is because often people have seen them on other websites, and people know intuitively that it's a stock image. Now that's not always possible. If you're a new business, you haven't got any professional photos yet. Then I understand you sometimes have to use stocky midgets, and sometimes you can find websites that have authentic stock image. It's where they don't look like a stock image, so if you do after use them, try and find 12 don't look clearly like their stock image So you want to use the hero image in the above the fold section off your landing page. I want to show you some examples now from different industries, different landing pages to give you an idea of what you could use to this 1st 1 Here is from a personal branding landing page, and it's about this woman, Celeste Ng, And she's got a professional photo of herself smiling, looking happy, a positive image. That's a great idea if you could do the same thing. And if you want to use an image off a smiling person, whether that's yourself, maybe one of your clients or customers or even team members on your landing page, it's a great idea. Here's another example from square dot com, and the headline reads. Start accepting credit cards today. A good headline, but you'll notice a hero image is of someone swiping through, which isn't demonstrating how square works, too. If you have a product that can be demonstrated through a single image, then that's a great idea to use on your landing page as your hero image. Just like square have done effectively here. Here's another one from snack nation dot com what that company does is they provide monthly or weekly snacks for the office. They arrive in a big box you open. It's like Christmas, David, all these great and healthy snacks. Ah, that your employees all yourself can eat in the office. What they show you here in the hero image. It's just everything you get. So if you have a bundle that you're offering made, it's a gift hamper. Maybe it's flowers. Maybe it's even just like an online course that has lots of different videos. You can have a great digital image there off what you're actually giving the client or the customer. You could also do what this really said Agency is doing and show the end result show the benefit that you're promising on the landing page. Now, what this person has done very cleverly, you showed a smiling couple and in the background we've got the house that they've just purchased. Now maybe you're offering dating services or even health and fitness. You can show people happy and smiling because they've just experienced your product or your service. That's an idea for you, for creating your hero image on your landing page. So do take those ideas in mind, and there's different examples and choose carefully off your hero image. Make sure it's authentic if you can. If not, choose a stock immune to that study looked like a stock image, and you'll do better converting your visitors on your landing page. 12. Click This Call To Action Button: so in this video will explain what is a call to action bottom and some best practices for designing your call to action button, but also riding the copy that goes inside that bottom, which is equally as important as the design. The call to Action Button informs a visitor what will happen, what they'll get if they click on the button. It's a couple of rules that you want to follow when you're creating your C T A bottom, you won't include action words like Get book register or etcetera you on the button to stand out with bright, contrasting colors. And it should also be prominently placed on your landing page. I like to have my CD, a button in the above the fold section. So the people that are eager to get started they can click and take action right away somewhere in the middle of the page and then further down in the Final Call to Action section, which will talk about in another video. You don't want to use words like submit unless you're a dominatrix. Words admit doesn't actually tell us anything. It's not good language or copy to use inside a, but it's kind of boring. And again, it doesn't tell us what will happen, what we get if we click on that button, so avoid the words submit, even though, if you've seen it, probably on other pages. So here's some examples I found from around the Web from companies that are doing the call to action button right? The 1st 1 here is from Netflix, and I love this because it's a bright red color that also matches their logo. It's prominently placed in the above the fault area, and it reads, Join free for a month. So it tells us what will happen if we click on that button. Here's another example from Beachbody on demand, and I love this because the button is orange in contrast nicely with the back round color, which looks like to be a white or light blue color, and it just reads, Get started. Last example. Here's from my own landing page, So this is selling our website copyrighting services, one of the services we offer. I got to say ta buttons in the above the fold section one says, learn more, and if you click on that, you'll just take you further down the page. The other one says, Place my order. If they click on that button, place motor on the page will take a shopping cart where they can then fulfill the order. So again, before you create your landing page, really think about what is the purpose? What is the goal? I want people to know, or what is the action? I want people to take on this landing page, and then you're gonna use what I've just taught you in this video dried some copy that really tells them what they get or what will happen if you click on the button and use that bright contrast in color to draw the eye onto the culture action button again the quicken it and take the action you want them to take. 13. Everyone’s Talking About Social Proof : So what is social proof and how could we use it on our landing page? Or Social Proof? Is a psychological principle first talked about by author Robert Seal Donny in his award winning book Influence. The Psychology of Persuasion. And if you're interested in that topic, I highly recommend it. So Social Proof is really the principle that says that humans, when they're unsure what to do we looked at other people for guidance, for directions on what we should do in that situation. You might have bean at a bar, a restaurant. You go to the counter and you notice is a tip jar and usually inside of the tip job, there's already some money now offered what bartenders or waiters will do it. The started their ship just put a couple of dollars in that job. Some people go their C o. Other people have donated money or given tips. Maybe I should do the same thing. Now I want to show you some examples off. How you might use social proof on your landing page is the first example you might have seen. This is, he adds, featured in example. And here we have, as featured in. There's a whole bunch of different news logos such as the Daily Mail, the BBC. If you've had any kind of media mentions online or offline in you know any, maybe it's podcasts or other famous blog's in your industry riven news websites. If you've Bean quoted or mentioned in any of those, and you might want to include those in a ads, feature the in section on your landing page and often are put that in the above the fold. If the client has been featured in some different media outlets, client logos or something, I'll include on a landing page if it's appropriate to do so. If you've personally worked with companies that are gonna be recognizable to your landing page visitors, let's say it's Coca Cola or McDonald's. I have a friend is the magician. He's performed for the company events, so he uses all of those logos from some of his clients that he knows they're going to impress his landing page visitors so you could do the same thing and they don't have to be Coca Cola or McDonald's. It might be just other companies that you know, your visitor going to recognize certifications or qualifications. Maybe you're an accountant like this example here, they listing all the different logos that position them as an authority. As an expert, they've got their C p a. They've got their my OB and their Australian Chamber of comments. Commerce and Industry logo's in that certifications area off the landing page. Maybe your developer, maybe you're a programmer, maybe agency that have worked with Google or you're certified by ghoul. Use those logos because it positions use an expert on it shows that social proof on your landing page. 14. Transform Boring Features Into Irresistible Benefits: you might be wondering, what is the difference between features and benefits? Well, the simple definition off features. If they're facts about products or services, they had credibility and substance to your landing page and benefits. Explain how your product or service improves people's lives. You need to have features and benefits on your landing page, and usually I'll have a separate section for my benefits, which is further up the page and you'll see that inside of your workbook. And then I have the features further down the page in a separate section. Sometimes you combined the do it really depends on what product or service you're offering , but I'll give you some examples in just a moment. Now features are really statistics and daughter about your product or service. Where says I mentioned benefits is what actually gets people to buy. If you think about it, people buy on emotion, and then they justify with logic. So your benefits, or what appeals to people's emotional side of their brain and in the features are what they used to justify with logic. I have a friend called Shaun, and Shaun loves photography, and he always buys the latest gadgets and gear that comes out now. He buys them because he sees it's a new shiny thing that he wants to get because of how makes him feel. But then when I asked him, why did you just spend so much money on the latest camera? You only have five cameras. He justifies with logic. Oh, this camera has better aperture or takes a better photo or video. Your own customers and clients are no different, and that's what we want features and benefits. So how do you transform boring features or really any features into irresistible benefits was an exercise I want to give you right now, and this is also available in your workbooks. You do that by listing out all of your features and then asking yourself the question. Which means or so what? Let me give you a real world example. Do you remember the iPod, the Apple iPod product? When it first came out, it was a completely new MP three player. No one had heard of it before, so they looked at the features and then how they might turn them into benefits. And you might even recognize this ad. This was really effective at signing up a lot of people and communicating the benefits off the iPod. One of the features of the iPod is that it had four gigabytes off storage. Now, if you say that to the average consumer old, the iPod here it has four gigabytes of storage doesn't help sell the iPod. People don't know what that technical specifications it means, but I asked myself the question, Which means or what does four gigabyte main or so what? Who cares? Well, then we learned that it means it has the largest storage capacity. It can fit 1000 songs in your pocket. But now, as you can see the ad, it says, I pod 1000 songs in your pocket. Now the consumer, My mom, my grandma. Anyone knows what that means. That's a really tangible, quantifiable benefit, and that's what you want to think about when you're transforming your features in the benefits. But how do we use that? Copy that landing page copy about our benefits and are features. Where do we put it? How do we use it on our landing page benefits, as we can see in this example? Remember every section of our landing page has a heading on this heading reads what? Why does your business need proof? Proof is a software that is being offered here, and it helps people improve their conversion rates on their websites. So what they've done here is they've listed the three main benefits off this software On those are increased conversions, save on acquisition and build credibility to notice that each benefit have a Nikon image. They have a heading that summarizes that benefit. In this case, it says increased conversions on. Then they have a short paragraph of copy that elaborate on what that heading means. So it talks more about that benefit and what it means to the customer. You only really want to talk about the biggest, most irresistible benefits of your product or service, but people really only care about the main ones. The juiciest ones on those are the ones with position first, and you could have more than three benefits. I would recommend 3 to 6, maybe even eight benefits. Here's another example. This is from my friend James Tramco. He I'm actually attending this conference. It's a conference about marketing and online business, and Jamie's listed here three distinct benefits. The 1st 1 is you'll learn from the best experts. You'll have direct access to speakers, and then you'll make lasting connections. Also a great benefit that networking the people you meet the other 10 days. What about features? How do you display and write about features? The same four Manning applies having a little heading like we can see in this example for each of the features, having an icon or an image to draw the eye into that feature. And then we can have a list laid out in the same way as the benefits were. So that's benefits and features. Do you use that exercise for transforming any of your features in the benefits on, then lay them out into separate sections or combined them into one section to get the best results from your landing page. 15. How To Get Powerful Testimonials: I also want to talk about testimonials. Testimony was a really powerful, and we know they're powerful because some of the biggest websites on the Internet use testimonials and custom reviews all the time on their product pages on their landing pages . I'm talking about eBay and amazon dot com. Even best buy dot com you'll notice on their pages use lots of customer reviews because they work really well, statistics showed. Only 2% of people said that they read testimonials when considering a purchase. Not all testimonials are created equal. I'm sure you will agree. You might have read or seen some testimonials online where you thought, I wonder who wrote this? Maybe it was the, you know, the business themselves. They came up with a fake testimonial. So how do we make sure that our testimonials seem legitimate? And riel? Well, first of all, only gather riel client testimonials. Never fake a testimonial. And when you're getting client testimonials and I'll give you some questions that you can ask your own customers to get great testimonials from them in just a moment, and this is kind of the format I would follow have a smiling professional photo or a photo awaken. See, the testimony will give its face. I want to use their full name, whatever suburb or city there from that's gonna help in identifying them as being a real person. And then a testimonial have highlighted or underlined some of their important parts here in red. What you really want to show in a testimonial text in the actual copy is before and after Once I was lost. Now I am found. So this person is saying when starting to think about selling my business. So it's again saying where I was at before I worked with this company and then you want to say what they actually did, or any benefits or results that that person experienced as a result of working with that company. That's gonna be far more impressive than if you just have a testimony that says it was really good. Doesn't tell us anything. So again, remember the formula. Once I was lost, Now I am found or I was in the situation. I used this product or service, and now the results in getting our great and specific gonna work much better than just some generic or long rambling kind of testimonial. So there's three questions are asked to get great testimonials from my customers or clients . Those questions are. Why did you decide to work with us? What are some of the benefits you experienced working with us? And who else do you think would benefit from our services? So they're just three great questions you can ask when asking your client for a testimonial , either by email. Or maybe you're on the phone with them, talking to them in written or even video testimonials to really increase credibility, believability and the conversion rights in our landing pages. 16. Overcome Objections With FAQs: frequently asked questions, is a section that we include further down towards the bottom off our landing page. Now this is optional. Not every landing page will include an F A Q section, but I think that's a really good idea whether you're sending a new product or service or an existing one. And the reason why it's great is because people, even after they read all of your landing page copy it still might have questions that haven't been answered yet. And you might yourself, as a business, I know received the same chronic questions, just like I do all the time about your products or services. So by including a f a key section, we list the question. And along with the answer, you'll actually see less customer support emails asking the same questions over and over again. And I think it's a great way off being transparent, a building trust report and, of course, cutting down on support emails in question. So if you get the same kind of questions a lot, either on the phone or to communication with prospects or customers, why not include those in an F A Q section? So here's an example often f a Q section from my own website so you can see these questions . What's your process and how do you work? What's the difference between standard and premium pricing? Other things like what if I'm not satisfied with my order to those of good example questions, and you'll note from your own business what people ask. Maybe you're selling, Ah, physical dietary product. You probably wanna answer the obvious questions like How do I consume it? Are there any side effects? You know those things will be intimate questions and answers based on whatever product was service you're offering to do. Experiment with adding an FAA section. You, Seymour trust more credibility by providing that transparency by answering your customers. All your clients most commonly asked questions. 17. Final Call To Action: your final call to action is the bottom section of your landing page, and the reason why this is important is you might remember in the beginning of this course , we talked about the scanners and scroll lives on how people when arriving in a landing page or really any page they admittedly start scanning and scrolling, looking for information that is important to them. Now they'll actually stop at the bottom of the page because they can't school anymore. They've reached the end, and this is a great piece of real estate. This is where we can repeat our call to action, because again, that's the purpose of a landing page is to get people to take the desired action we want them to take. So let's have a look at some examples. Here's what I found from design pickle dot com. They offer unlimited graphic design services on their landing page. As you sculpted the bottom, it says you made it to the bottom of the page. Are you sold yet? And then we have to see ta buttons, get a demo and see pricing. You could do something similar. The headings a bit cheeky. You've made it to the bottom of page or you sold yet you know, you may or may not want to include that, but what we can include is another example here. This is from one of my own landing pages, and it simply reads, Ready to get started? Question Mark And then I have a bit of copy. The reminds them about what I'd like them to do and the benefits of doing it, which in this case is to book in a time to speak with May or a member of my team about the project. Now we have the SETI A button, which says, Get in touch. Another example here for a physical subscription box product is Snack Nation and it says, ready to try Snack Nation that's they're heading, and then they've got their city about him, which has take the quiz. That's just a couple ideas for you. But do remember the final safety. A section when people scroll to the bottom of the page is a great piece of real estate where you can remind them of the actually wanted to take 18. Optimize For Mobile Phones: statistics show that 52% of all Internet traffic is now coming from mobile devices. It's really super important that your landing page looks great on a mobile device, that it's easier to read. And as people scroll down the page, he's in the family finger that they can click on the buttons. They can see the images clearly. They can read the copy quite clearly that the formatting looks great on a mobile device, just like it would on a desktop laptop or computer. So how do you do that? One way, obviously, is to pull out your mobile phone type in the address of your landing page and have a look for yourself. Or you could use this website, which is www. Don't ready dot Mobi. And the great thing about this website is you put in your landing page. You are l your address of your page, and it will show you what the page looks like on multiple different devices. A desktop, ah, Hyatt earphone, lower to your fine and so forth. Make sure looks good because it will matter, as 52% of your visitors are going to be looking your landing page on a mobile or tablet device 19. 3 Ways To Boost Your Conversion Rate: So in this video, I'm going to give you three ways to increase the conversion rate off your landing page. Now, this is gonna be applicable to beginners who haven't built a landing page, but more sort of people that haven't existing landing page that aren't getting the kind of results they want. They're not getting a very high conversion rate. Maybe not enough leads or enough sales. You can watch his video to give you some proven ways to increase the conversion, right? But before I get onto those, let's talk about what he is. A good conversion rate across industries. The average landing page conversion rate was about 2.35%. Now that average so can go below that and a concern ago above that. Now, the top 10% of landing pages have conversion rates off 11.45% or higher. So the best of the industry, the highest converting pages are almost 12% which is really good. That's a great conversion, right? So now that we know that benchmarks, how do we increase our conversion rate for not hitting our golds? The first strategy I'd recommend is to use an explainer video explainer videos and animations are a powerful way to engage and inform your audience, and the great thing about creating these is that you can use them in your social media in your marketing campaigns. On another page is as well to a video often has a long shelf life, and explaining videos are more compelling than reading text People love consuming videos and videos have been shown to increase conversion rate. So let's have a look at some examples. One of my favorites is from Dollar Shave Club. And using Explain a video, they were able to sell 12,000 orders within the 1st 48 hours of launching their business. All from this creative, sometimes wacky explain a video you could research and watch it in your own time. Just Google Dollar Shave Club. Explain a video. You had to see why it was so effective. Some tips for writing an explainer video script. You know, I'm a copywriter. I've written a lot off explaining videos in the past, and these are some tips I give you for creating your own. You wanna grab attention within the 1st 3 seconds, you want to say or do something in your video within the 1st 3 seconds. That's going to really hook the visitor. It's gonna hope the visitor and compel them to want to keep watching. You want to stay in the problem once you cook their interest, state the problem that you know your audience can relate to. You then want to introduce the solution, which is your product or service. Explain why it's different and better in the competition. Why it's unique. You want to mention the K benefits of whatever it is that you're selling and also, if necessary, explain how it works. You know, you might give three simple steps on how your product or service works, and then you want to end with a call to action. Tell me exactly what you want them to do after watching the video, which is probably gonna be the same CT A that you already mentioned on your landing page. That's just some quick tips for outlining and writing the script of your Explain a video. Who's going to design and build your explain a video. You might want to use the service like five dot com. Go there and you can have an animated video created often for less than $100 they will help you with everything from voice over to the actual video, graphics and elements itself. So five dot com again go there, look for explainer videos and find someone you wanna work with who can help you put together one strategy number two for increasing the conversion rate off your landing page on. That's to use an exit intent Pop up. That means when someone arrives in your landing page, but they don't take the action you want them to take. Then they're gonna move there mouse to the top section off their browser, right. When they do, that pop up appears, and that pop up could be on offer. A discount could be asking for the name and email address for in exchange for some kind of lead magnet on that's been showing to increase conversion rates. Strategy Number three is your countdown timer, so counter on timers are really effective because they utilize the principle of urgency and scarcity. That's another one of the principals talked about in the fantastic book Influence the Power Off Persuasion. Now you only want to use urgency or scarcity or a countdown timer. If it is riel, never use fake scarcity. Never pretend there's only a limited supply left when actually, you haven't abundant supply left. But if you are going to use a countdown timer and you do have a legitimate reason for doing so, and here's some examples of what you might do, this one is last chance to get the early bird tickets. This is for a conference on. That's a legitimate reason that many conferences use. Think about with physical products. You might have a limited number of stock, and then once it's all sold, you're gonna have to order more stock, which might take months to arrive. That is something you could explain on your landing page to get them to take action. You also might have a legitimate sale. On or again, you can get creative with scarcity. Just ensure that it's real and legitimate on a countdown time or two in bed on the page or you have as a pop up is gonna help you increase the conversion rate. So there you have it. There's three ways to increase your conversion rate, and you can use those if you feel like it. Landing page isn't getting you the results that you like 20. Top Landing Page Software Reviewed: there are so many different landing page designers and builders in software available on the market, with certainly options, it could be overwhelming. On one of the biggest questions is, Well, what is the best landing page software? That's what I talk about in this video. I'm going to be reviewing the top Lend paid software programs so you can choose for yourself which one you might want to use. And if you're on a budget, you don't want to sign up for one of these landing page plans. As I often cost a monthly subscription fee, I'm going to give you an option. If you're on a budget and you just want to hire someone wants to build it for you. I'll show you where to go to get that done as well. And I'm going to give links to all of these different landing page websites inside the Coursework book. So about a quicker than go to those pages directly. And there's also some discount codes for you in there, so un bounce is or waas the first landing page software available on the market. They've been around the longest, and they're still running really strong. In fact, I'd recommend this is being one of the better landing page builders out there. They're easy to use. They offer a Dragon drop editor, as many of these programs do. But they're interface is super easy to use, even for a beginner who has no Web design or programming experience. There's a simple interface. It's very easy to navigate, and they have training videos on this site. They have over 100 landing page templates for you to choose from. These are designed templates. We can use it as years and adding your text, or you can move things around to customize it as your own. The price starts from 99 U. S. Dollars per month, and there's a discount if you sign up for a yearly membership. The second Landing Page software I'd like to review it is instapage. Instapage is a very fast set up. You should be able to set up their Lenny page builder and get a custom aided in just a couple of minutes. There's no developer acquired, and it's also regarded as one of the easiest landing page builders on the market. They have over 200 templates available, so there's plenty of different industry examples and templates really use. And again their builders drag and drop pretty easy to use, just like unbalanced. Their plans start from 99 U. S. Dollars a month on the increase on other plans that they had more functionality and features. Instapage is a great example. You definitely want to check them out when comparing the different builders and recommended . Then, of course, there's lead pages. Leave pages have been around for a really long time. I remember first seeing them four or five years ago. Lee Pages allows you to easily build websites, landing pages, pop ups, alert bars and beyond. So they're more than just a landing page buildup. But is their call functionality. They have a really simple and easy to use dragon drop editor. It can get a little clunky. People have complained that the templates are a little bit set, and then you can always move things around. So really, whatever template you choose is gonna probably look like you know, the one you end up with. They do give you over 160 out of the box landing page templates to choose from, so that is a good sign, you should be able to find money you like, but just know that you won't be able to customize it and make your own as much as you would some of the other providers. Their pricing is really attractive from just 25 US dollars a month, depending if you get the month of your yearly plan. Now, they do offer a free trial, which is awesome. The free trial means you get to test it out and then decide if you want to stay or go. So lead Page is definitely one of the providers you want to look at. Now. What about four people who are on a budget? You don't want to sign up for a monthly plan? Well, what I recommend and what I've done many, many times is you can work with different freelances out there. So what you do in that case is use out template our template document to write all of your landing page copy. First. Do that first so you know exactly what you want in terms of copy on your landing page. Then, when that's done, go ahead and find a freelancer. This is a Web developer or Web designer who will be able to take the copy that you've written and design that into a landing page. Now you could customise it and have it look however you want, or you might want to choose an existing landing page that already looks pretty good on. Then have them customised that to your needs. The benefit of doing this of working with the freelancer is your only pain that wants to build that banning paid, you know, paying every single month like you would if you were to use one of those landing page providers so you pay them onto the project. Might cost you anywhere from, you know, $50 if it's really inexpensive up to a few $100. But you just playing once, you won't have to pay them again unless they're coming back to customize that landing page and make changes for you, which in that case you probably paid their hourly rate fiber dot com. You'll find there's lots of different landing page builders or freelances, I should say, and you can choose whoever you want to choose based on what they provide and whatever your budget is, you also check out up work I've hired many different landing page designers from up work. Don't contact me asking for a recommendation. I like to keep my providers to myself just so they're always available. But there's thousands of landing page providers on up work, so I have a look through choosing when you like some of the mutual budget and specifications and use them to help you with your landing page. So we've talked about the different providers, are reviewed the top four and also giving you an option. If you're on a budget, you don't commit to a long term provider, there's some great options for you. 21. Landing Page Critique Physiotherapy : Hi. This is Jesse Forest from start copyrighting dot com. And in this video, I'm going to be doing a critique and review off this landing page. And this is from best body dot com dot au on one of the services that they offer is busier therapy. Okay, so this is a clinic and a centre based in Brisbane, Australia. And I know this because actually, this is something that my team, right. We wrote this landing page copy and gave some to design ideas for this company. So I'm gonna walk you through. Obviously, I'm biased because, you know, we worked on this page, but I'm not walking through and give you some ideas to show you why I think this page work so well. First of all, we have a question headline, and that's a great idea. This is a simple, straightforward question headline that identifies something that their ideal clients would be going through. And that's that they've suffered a sports injury, so they know their market. They know who they're targeting. And they can start by asking a question, which is one of the examples and templates that I provide in the course in the headline writing video is I recommend off, you know, asking a question in your headline, then they have a really good value proposition here they start out by identifying, you know, the problems that they know people are going through. If you're injured or in pains or a sporting injury, that's their target audience. So they're calling them out there in the first start off the value property value proposition here. And then they say, We've treated everyone from weekend warriors to elite athletes and have the resource is and know how to get you back to the sport you love. So that's a value proposition. They've treated everyone, and they've got the resource is and the know how to get you back on track. Then I love this part here. This is where you know, we get more specific about some of the problems that we know the target audience they're going through. So again, we're talking about those problems, and we're talking about how you know this company, best body dot com so you can help them. You know that I love the imagery on this page, which is something the client came up with. The imagery is great. It's all related to even the hero image here this year. Images related to you know, a flexor. Aspiring athletes, weekend warriors, as they call them. You know they can identify with this. There might be injured that might be using bandages, so it's really appropriate to use that. And it doesn't look like stock imagery at this stage. It could be a photo of anyone treating their injury. Then we've got another great one here of an athlete, someone who's running or jumping. And this this section. Here we would call the benefits section, and it's easy to identify because they say benefits of choosing best body sports visit therapy include. And then they've got three of their main benefits here, you know, access to latest and best sports exercise equipment. You know that? They explaining why you want to go with them and also what makes them unique. That's a great piece of copy there, then further down the page, and this is useful if you are selling a service. So if you're someone who wants a credit landing page to promote one of your services like this company, then you want to talk about the benefits you know, off that ah, client or customer can expect and they're doing that in this section. And then here you want to explain why they want to choose your company and not the competition, which again is the value proposition. You know, the value proposition is summarized in a short paragraph underneath the headline headline Being here, Value proposition is summarized in short form copy meaning just one or two sentences. A short paragraph and we got the call to Action Bottom, which is great book online. People want the convenience of doing that. And then here they can elaborate about and go into more detail about each of the reasons why you might want to choose this company. You know, why choose best body? And they summarize that again some of the reasons here. Or they could just this part. You could just say, you know, here the five great reasons to choose us, you don't have to go into a lot of detail here, even though they have, and then you, for each of those reasons they got that heading for world class facilities. That's one of the reasons. And then they've got a short paragraph. You know one or two sentences that goes into more detail, talks about those benefits of why you'd want to choose them. They've got to see her happy clients and you've got the ability load. Maurin. These look like real people who are actually visited there. I think this is their instagram feed. It's got videos and photos of smiling customers, which is great, and they obviously same. Really, all of these same riel expertise you can trust. And this is another section that we talk about in the landing page course. And that's where you wanna have social proof. That social proof, you know, really demonstrates why this company is an expert. You know, their members off all of these different organizations, which are reputable organizations, and that's going to show them hate. We've got the expertise you can trust. So great use of social proof there. And then they end with a final call to action, which is again a part off the course in a part of our landing page template. And I love the copy they use here. Don't sit on the bench, heal your sports injury sooner, which obviously is relevant and is calling out to that target audience. They've also got a great background image, often athlete off someone, you know, exercising, and then they repeat their call to action button book online there. So obviously, as I said, I'm biased because my team and I worked on this landing page. But I did want to show you an example off a great landing page that promotes a service. So if you have a business that has services, you want to create a page like this for each of the key services that you offer. And that way you can run ads directly to this landing page, either through Google ads or Facebook ads, and you're gonna get a much high conversion rate by doing that and using some of these elements. Then if you would descend the same traffic to your home page, which again we cover in the landing page course. So thanks for watching this video and bye for now, 22. Landing Page Critique Event Page: Hi. This is Jesse Forest from start copyrighting dot com. And in this video, I'm going to be reviewing and analyzing a landing page for an event. So if you're someone that is putting on a workshop, a conference alive seminar or any kind of event and you want to sell tickets to that event , then this is a great example from my friend James. Now, I didn't write this copy, but I'd want to show an example off someone who's really doing event marketing. Right. And this would be James. And I want to show share with you in this video all of the elements that I believe you should have. If you're creating an event landing page again, it could be for a small workshop which is 10 or 15 people for a large scale event where you might want to attract hundreds of paying attendees. And I really believe this is a great example of that, and I know that because this event has been running for 10 years. So it first started back in 2010 James and successfully saw that the event 10 years in a row, not only in the strength of the landing page, but also his reputation. So let's go through what makes this event landing page so special. First of all, we've got the value proposition in the headline Australia's Number one Online business, community, Live event. So what makes this better, different and unique than other online marketing events? And there, certainly many in Australia where this is being held? Well, James is making the claim that he's the number one online business community event, So it's the number one in his book. What I would like to have done here, if I can offer any fade back is I would explain why his number one, you know, an easy way if we did a bit of research, which I have done is it's the longest running online business event, right? It's the longest running it's been going for 10 years. A lot of events can't make that same claim because they don't run that long. I also like this hero image. This is James, and we've got some text e, which explains what the event is and when it's happening. So if James has a big audience, which he does, those people on their land on this page, they're going to see him, and they're gonna be familiar with him straight away. And I'm in the right place. And if he does any kind of image based advertising like Facebook ads, all you need to do is provide an image of himself very similar to this one. And when people quick on that, they're going to get that message match. When they arrive in this page because they'll see another image of James. I know that they're in the right place. So already unloving the above the fold area here, we even have the registered now button, which I would also like to add here. I'd probably put that below this hero image as well, but it stands out here is the only red color here. Aside from the logo on, that seemed to work well, so so far unloving all the elements we have the headline, which also has a value proposition in it. We know who the event is organized by, and we know what the event name. It's so first of all, good job. Now, keep in mind when you're creating a landing page for an event, you really want to answer the questions that potentially at 10 days are going to be thinking. Now, what would those questions bay think for yourself? If I'm gonna attend event? What would I be asking myself? Who's going to be speaking? That would be probably one of the questions. Who were the speakers? Is that one speaker of their many speakers? And who are those speakers? Right. So, speakers, you wanna have a section, remember, landing pages and nothing but a series of sections. This is a section here. This is what we called above the fold. This is another section here, and this is another section here. Who is this four who should attend this event? That something that a lot of potential. 10 days they're gonna be asking themselves. You know, the last thing what they want to do is arriving event and they're in the wrong place. They arrived, they go. Oh, this is for business. Sign is I'm not a business owner or this is only for photographers are not a photographer. So people want to know you know who else is gonna be there. And he answers that in this section. Now what? You might notice There's I just clicked on this navigation bar this this link? Now I do say in the landing page course that landing pages shouldn't have navigation bars except when those navigation buyers keep people on the same landing page. And that's what these do. If I cook any of these, all that does is it takes me to that section off the same page. It's not distracted me. It's not taking me away from the page. It's keeping me on the same page. But it's just taking me down to that appropriate section. And also love here is that these are, you know, there are obvious why attend. Oh, I do want to know that I want to know the answer to that question, so I'm going to click on it, and that's going to take me to the appropriate section. So good job there, James. So remember, with the event landing page, we still want to have a good above the fold section with headline a hero image. And another thing that James does really well, here is he uses multiple videos throughout the page. Now you can watch this video in your own time. I've given you the link to this, um, to this this landing page. In the course of having access, it organises Google Super fun, fast business live. And if it's running at the time, you'll see this page. So the video does a really good job off basically talking out this landing page. So he answers all the questions and why should attend and everything like that. So again it humanizes James. We get to see the person behind the event, and it's gonna help sell the event. Now. It's been running for 10 years, so he's got plenty of great photos of previous events, and he utilizes them here in the landing page. And that's a great job because, you know, instead of just reading the copy and wondering what the events like, I can look at these images and immediately get a great impression of people having fun, people laughing, people paying it, you know, paying attention to the speakers. You know, there's obviously some great networking here, which is one of the benefits of attending the event, so images can really support the copy in showcasing why you should attend. And again, why attend this event? Because there was lots of different events, probably hundreds off, you know, online marketing events happening in Australia. So people want to know, why should I spend money on this particular event? And this is where James is giving all of the reasons. So again, this is part of the value proposition, and some of those reasons are really good reasons. It's not a sales picture event. He knows that his target audience air tired of going to events where they just get sold to and pitch to all the time. You might have been to those kind of events yourself, and they're really annoying. So he makes that claim. We don't sell at the event, and that's gonna be really great. Point of difference for his event. He talks about the networking and the quality of the 10 days Hey talks about. You can't get this information anywhere else. They've got some great networking opportunities, and it does a great job of explaining the value or the value proposition behind the event and all those reasons. He also has some B roll footage off. You know what to expect to the event. You don't really have to go to this length of having so many videos on a landing page, but if you do have high quality videos off previous events, absolutely show them, and that's what he's doing here as well. Now it's important to know who's speaking the event, and he doesn't read job of saying you know the name of the different speakers. And if someone's interested, I guess they can just google these people's names to find out who they are. And I believe if I click on these, it's gonna open. He's done podcast with some of the speakers before, so we can actually you know, it's taken to us. Another page, which show 100% recommend it does take people outside with lending page. You don't necessarily want to do that. You want to keep people on the page on what I would do instead is or have a link. And that might open up the podcast player, but not a separate page. But overall great job. We can see smiling photos of all of these different experts. We can, of course, Google their names to find out more. But the end of the day Great job, you know, smiling professional photos of old speakers. He has a testimonials riel here. So these previous events. Video testimonials. Very powerful again, he answers that question. Who is this event for and just briefly explains, well gives the titles of different types of people that should come along. We got some more photos of smiling at 10 days of another great idea. I'm not sure what this video is, but again, he has a lot of videos. You know, he may have gone overboard with so many videos, although it does only strengthen the landing page if they're high quality videos now. Connection community. Now, this is where James goes into the benefits of attending the event, and as I've said benefits or something, you definitely want a feature on your landing page and has taken the three top benefits. Learn from the best experts direct access to the speakers. You know they're gonna stick around and you'll be able to network with them. You make lasting connections with the other a 10 days, so again just shows those three benefits. And again, another smiling photo of James personalizes him and the landing page. We got some text testimonials here again, if people don't have time or they're not able cause they have a slow speed Internet toe watch a video. Or maybe they're at work and you know they don't want others to know they're watching a video at work. Having text testimonials is a great idea, Um, and also for the hearing and paid. It's a great ideas. People could just raid the testimonials. We got the schedule here, which is obviously important people to need to know. When does the events start? What time do I need to get there? And what time does it finish? They also want to know what time their favorite speakers are gonna be on. That's a great idea as well, and, of course, the location. And that's here in the navigation bar as well. Where is the event? And not only does he say the address, which we have here, he also takes the time to explain. You know how great this is he talks about. You know, it's it's location. It's an iconic location, the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. You know, he talks about why he wanted to have the event at this location, So it's so much more. You know, here's a map which is again going above and beyond what's necessary we've got the event cost, which obviously people want to know, and then they can register there. So we have the cult of action button more videos, which again is great. Then we have the FAA cues, and this is going to help James reduce the amount of support tickets or emails he gets, asking the same old questions about events. He knows those from past events what people ask. So he's got a F A Q section, which I highly recommend you doing the same if you're running any kind of event and you know you click on those and it gives you the direct answer. So that's a really cool, um, way to lay out those questions. Of course, if you have sponsors you want Oh, you know, you wanna add those logos off the sponsors to the event and overall unloving this page. It's a great example of what you might use for a landing page to fill any live events that you might plan on having again. My name's Jesse from start copyrighting dot com And thanks for watching this landing page Review video 23. Lead Capture Page Digital Marketer: Hi, This is Jesse Forest from start copyrighting dot com. And in this video, I'm doing a landing page critique and review and analysis off this lead capture page. So lead Capture Page has the purpose, the intention off turning the visitor into a lead. And that's usually by filling in their contact information in some kind of form that you'll find on the page. Now the page we're looking at here is quite famous. It's by a well known company in the digital marketing industry, cold digital marketing, and they're really a big deal. They're a big name, and this page is doing a lot of things right, and that's what we're gonna focus on and a couple of things that I would suggest improving . But from my own research, I know that this has resulted in thousands and thousands off leads to this page does a really good job of converting the traffic, the visitors to the page into Leeds, and we'll talk about all those successful elements in this video. So let's start with the obvious, and that's the headline Digital marketer insider exclusive. Now, because this is a well known brand, they want to trade on their name on their own league capture page, especially if they're doing Facebook advertising, which I know they are. So let's say they're doing Facebook advertising. They're showing their brand in that Facebook ad than when people click on the add and arrive at this lead capture page. They're going to get that quality message, match experience, message match, being something that we talk about inside the landing page, of course. But the idea is that the ad copy meaning the text that's used in the actual Facebook ad that someone clicks on before they arrive on this page, needs to match. And it does in this case, So they're trading on their name, which is good, because I do have a big following. So if you have a big following or your representing a well known brand do trade on that name and they do so here in the headline, The headlines good, The Facebook ad template library and what I love is it just says what it is. It says what the lead magnet is and that it's you getting access to a Facebook ad template library and we can see an example, and this is a great high quality digital image, which looks like a book, or at least a booklet so we can see here. Wow, we got some quality, a quality image here, which is gonna tempt us now imagine it its image with some poor quality, low resolution J peg image. It wouldn't give us the same high quality field that this image does, And that's why it's so important when you're designing your landing page, whether it's a lead capture page or a sales page, you want to use high quality images because it does have a better first impression that using low quality or low resolution images. Another thing that doing right on this page is they have the form embedded in the page right here. So they're not hiding it. It's right here on the page. We can see it, and that's a call to action They want people to take is obviously to fill in this form. Now the only critique I would have A this form is that it's asking for a lot not only their first name, but also the last name, the email and the company name. Okay, so that's a lot of information I asked for asked from a first time visitor to this page. People might not feel comfortable giving their last name or their company name, but I do trust this company as knowing what they're doing. And so I can only imagine by asking of so much information. In a way, they're qualifying the visitor because someone isn't wound to fill up this in. There may not be a qualified lead for this company, so again it can work both ways. But you know, there will certainly get a lot Mawr contacts, a lot more people filling this in if they just asked for the first name in the email. But perhaps they would rather have all of the information and then just those, and in that case I can see why that's important. They also have this check box, and that's important as well. For legal reasons and joined, today is a good our call to Action button. Now we move down and remember, 80% are going to see this information here in the above the fold. They're going to make the decision whether to stay or leave in this area, and a lot of people will probably just fill in this information include joint today, and that's great. That's an example of a high converting page if a lot of people are willing to. But remember, 20% are going to want to skin and school the page and they'll want more information before they make that decision to give up their contact information. And that's where this copy comes in and in this part, and it's highly recommended. You wanna have a heading, which they do, and they talk about what you're getting. And they have another image showing the front cover again, a high quality image off this laid magnet, which they called the Facebook ad template Library. Now, the copy here really sells what inside this library tells us everything that we're gonna learn or get if we fill in this form and request a copy off. The Facebook had lively template, so another criticism owed have at this point, I don't know if it is free or paid. I don't know if this is a free report. There's nothing here that indicate it's free, so that in itself is a question. Is it $7 for this report? Is that $100? Is it no cost and it's free, I don't know. So what you could do is have here saying the free Facebook ad library template you want to be clear, isn't free Or is it paid? You know? Well, I feel in this form And then on the thank you page, will that say, hey, complete your purchase for $100 for this report. I don't know at this point, so I want to probably make that clear on this lead capture page that these are really good examples of bullet points because their specific. But they also leave a lot of curiosity at play. And that's a great thing you wanna have in your bullet points. Just look at this. The 11 word add that netted $200,000 in sales, using one simple principle off by persuasion. Okay, so we don't know what those 11 words are, and that's a curiosity. We know that they generated $200,000 in sales, which is a benefit that I'm sure a lot of people would like, but it's the curiosity is in built here, So what specific? Because it uses numbers, but it doesn't tell us anything about this simple principle, so we don't know. And therefore we want it. It invokes curiosity with it With us. You can also doing that by giving jargon associated to the things they're going to be learning. For example, the you forgot reminder trick. We don't know what that is, but by the fact they call it Hey, you forgot Reminder trick is specific because they're giving a a term or a label to this particular trick quite unquiet. So that is the specific pot, but we still don't know what it is. We know that it's going to bring us a ton of new customers, which is the benefit inside of this bill. A point. But again, it doesn't tell us exactly what the trick is and therefore with more likely to want it. Great example of persuasion right there. What the heck is damn insider? Okay, so now we learn that damn insider is apart off subscribing to this form. What the heck is damn insider? And then they explain more information about that. It's a very premium content subscription from your friends at Digital marketer. Okay, so now we know it's free. I would have said that in the about the fold section anyway. They do elaborate here, and we don't know if we'll get access to these. But supposedly these are related to the D. M insider. I would say here, you know, subscribe today and get access to other popular insider guides and reports dot, dot, dot and then we could have those images. Then we have the founder off the co founder off Digital Markkula. Ryan dies who I've met in the past, and, you know, he talks about why he created these. You know these templates women need to quit would come up with new Facebook ads, these at the templates that digital marketing team uses. Okay, so it's adding more credibility. These aren't just any old templates that once that they internally used inside of the company, and that's great. And again we end with the call to action, which again, this is what I call the final call to action. And in this case, we've got the headline again. He's mentioning that it's free, which I would have said in the first headline at the top of the page. But that's OK, don't and get free access, and then we have that information again any repeat to call to actions. And this is the final call to action, which I like to repeated the end of the landing pages to again motivate people to take action if they didn't already at the top of the page. But overall, this is, Ah, high converting page. It's a great example off a lead capture page. Whether you're offering something similar or completely different, that's fine. You can still use the same principles that I revealed in this video to create a better and higher converting lead. Capture page Again. My name is Jesse Forest from start copyrighting dot com and thank you for watching this leg Capture page critique video. 24. Landing Page Critique Property Coaching: Hi. This is Jesse Forest from start copyrighting dot com. And in this video, I'm going to be doing a landing page. Review an analysis off this landing page, which is promoting this lady who was offering what seems to be real estate investing. Consulting. Okay, so we're gonna find out more about this page as I go through it. It's the first time I've seen this page on that way I can give my honest feedback and advice on how I would improve this page and make it better. So the first impressions are this page is quite busy, and that's because we have this background video. Ah, you know, moving quickly around as we're seeing here. And that makes it hard to focus on the headline. Okay, so what I would do in this case and we're analyzing what we call the above the fold section here. What I would do is I would choose either using an image off this lady. Are they using image and have a fixed background, not a moving background video. So choose one or the other. Either have you know yourself. This is a great image. He's smiling. She looks happy. She looks professional. That's all great. But I choose either this all the background video don't have both. Okay, The other thing is the logo here. A Luera was taking up. A lot of the real estate here is taking up a lot of the space in the background image. What I would prefer to have instead is and by the way, doesn't seem like a high quality resolution off this. And that's not a great first impression toe have a logo that doesn't look high quality. What it rather she do is re sizes, logo image. Position it in the top left hand section here as a smaller image, and that's going to allow us to see this video so much better, right? So move this logo and position it up here in line with your property companion, you know, and that's gonna give us more real estate here to work with. I then decide. Either am I gonna use the the video here or am I going to use this image off this lady? Which am I going to use and make a decision? Both is too much, I think, for this area. Another critique is the call to action button. It's placed in the right way. The copy is good book now, but the color is the same as other colors on this page, like her logo and the text up here. What you want to do, although I don't think it's a big problem, is you want to make sure that your Cole direction Button Qala contrasts with not only the background, which it does, but also with other colors on the page because it needs to stand out. And it's not going to stand out if it looks like a lot of the other colors on the page. Okay, says Michael Take for this top area. The headline Credit. More secure financial future. Now that's good, because I believe that's the main benefit that her service provides and that she's offering . But it's not really a question a question would be. Do you want to create a more secure financial future? You know, simple. Why do improve? This headline is just removed the question mark and it's a statement, which is great, Um, but without a do you are an actual question, it seems off, so I wouldn't do that. Another thing you want to do when you're designing a landing page is you want to stick to to different fonts. You wanna have one front for the headings like this headline here, Um, and this heading here. You wanna have one front for your headings and another phone for the body copy text. But what I'm noticing here is there's lots of different front styles on the page. You know, I don't have my front checker right here, but just by looking at them, I know that this fun is different too. You know, the other heading phone? Um and this phone is this body text here is different in this body text, which again, seems like an image. Also, I'm not a fan off this section here because we've got a lot going on and again the culture action button, which is a good idea to repeat it throughout the page. But in this instance, it doesn't stand out at all. It's the same color as the background color. And this area is so busy, it's hard to really know where to look. This looks like a testimonial, but we don't know who it's from. Sir, I would question whether or not it's a real testimonial again. I'm just giving you my honest, you know, feedback. Um, you know, this is a promise. So I wanna ask what is the purpose off this section here, You know, Is it put to promote your services? We already have so many images here in the background. A video of all of these beautiful properties we don't need. Then a static kind of It's all one. We'd filter image here, and we don't We don't need that here. So I don't really know the purpose off this image or this section even. Um, I want you to come up with a reason for this section, you know, it also might be too early to be promoting their services in this section. What I traditionally do is talk about all the problems that you know, the target audience they're experiencing, and that way you can. Then once they're in that mindset of Oh, yes, I do have all of these problems and it sounds like, you know, you understand their problems because you've listed them all out in this section. And you do that by just having a bunch of questions like do you struggle with? Have you ever wanted to those kind of things. Talk about all the problems and then we can get to the next section, which is talking about you know, how we can help solve those problems. So let's read this pot here. Our vision is simple. We wanted enable clients create financial freedom through property. So this is really this is really the first time that I actually know what this page is about at the top e with notes about securing a financial future or creating a more secure financial future. We know that we know it's something through with property. That's clear, but we don't know if Ah, Laura is a real estate agent, a buyer's agent on mortgage broker. We don't know in what capacity at all, and even in this sections, these are kind of weak testimonials because we don't know who is providing them, and then we've already got to call to actions. But while you take any action, if we don't actually know what this page is about to, the clarity is quite low. Then, here we have our vision. It's simple. We want to enable clients to create financial freedom through property. Now that would be a better headline or even a sub headline for the top of the page, because that actually gives us some clarity. We know the benefit, and we know how it's done. History Property. But then, when she goes down to explain the steps of how it works, it seems vague again. Number one. Discover what's possible. What does that mean? I don't know what that means. I wanna have some text underneath that actually explains what that means. What to discover what possible means we, you know, be doing some research together. Will you be looking at my gold's my financial goals? I'll be sitting down to talk about it. Learn from the best Who is the best? Who am I going to be learning from? I don't know. So these are not bad in terms of headings, but there's no clarity behind them. So they just look like vague statements, right? Clarifying. Achieve your golds. OK, that's something I want to do. But how was that done? I want more context. One more information. What you call now. Why would I book Michael? I don't know. Why would at this point now I might be sending harsh. That's not. That's not my intention. My intention is to help a Laura get the best results possible, and right now, I don't think that's possible based on the copy and the design off this page. Now, these testimonials look good, and there's some specifics in here in the projector was worked on and how it happened. That's good. So it seems like a good testimonial from a quick glance. But then I'm confused about why he won't provide his last name. If Adam is so pleased and thrilled with the service, why wouldn't he want to stand by that statement with his actual name? So again, I don't know if this is a real testimonial, because there's nowhere I can clarify who this person is. So you wanna have full names in your testimonials and, if possible, get their Preval to use a smiling head shot off these testimonial give us a swell. Otherwise, they're not complaint, in my view, and there won't be as effective, right, so we got some images of some houses, but what do we know about these houses? Are they just stock images? I can see a lura here in tiny, hard to read text but only because I just called back. Then a second. This is gonna move again. But I don't know anything about these projects at these her projects. Did she build these projects? There's no context given to these images, so we don't know. Ah, finally, we're getting some details about what actually is on our farm. A personalized wanted to our coal. Okay, that's good with a property investing expert. Now you've positioned yourself all over this page, Laura. Why wouldn't you say that's with you? Is it with someone else? Am I just going to get passed on to one of your junior experts? Is it with you? Who will I be having a one or two hour call with? You wanna have some context on who? I'm going to be speaking with you because so far you've positioned yourself as the expert on the page but coming down here, I don't know who. If that's you will be speaking with now, this is what you'd probably want to, you know, add to this section here 1234 for context of what those steps actually are. Because it seems like this is where it's explained after initial personalized consultation you choose. Continue working with a lura. Okay, so it is with a lura. So again, I'd have that here and not just leave it down here. Now there's a managing director. Okay, now this is almost like the introduction, but it's at the end of the page. So the hierarchy of this page is really confusing. Hi. And thanks for visiting. That's usually something you do at the top of the page. And now we have the call to action ready to change your future. This is the call to action, which is book a one on one one hour consultation with the managing director. Okay, so again, the landing pages quite heavily based on a Luera. And there's a brief mention off Kavitha. I think that's how you pronounce her name. But there's no images of Kavita on the page, and so that's confusing. This is the expert that you're promoting. Then why are we dealing with her? We're dealing with someone else who? We can't see who isn't represented on this page. Um, so a better option would be have photos of both the ladies and call it a team. That's what I would do Um okay, so now we can buy. I don't think there's enough copy on this page that will get ableto purchase. Um, I think when you're selling something that's $500 or $1000 in that instance, you want to have to step marketing. So I would turn this into the culture. Action is page into being let's talk and then over a you know, maybe a short phone call. Then you can qualify The people that have called the target audience even qualify them, and then you can sell them these packages. I don't think there's enough, you know, quality copy on this landing page that will justify making the sale on this page. I don't think it will result in a high conversion rate unless people No a Laura and her managing director already. I don't imagine this page will convert that highly just for all the reasons mentioned. So thanks for watching this landing page critique. My name is Jesse Forest from start cooperating dot com. Thanks for watching and bye for now. 25. Final Thoughts and Next Steps: Well, you've made it to the end of this online course. Thank you so much for enrolling in this course and taking the time to watch all of these videos. I wanted to record this final video just to give you some words of encouragement and some directions on what to do next. So if you watch the whole course and you sat through many different videos and it's easy to feel overwhelmed, it's easy to feel like there's so much information I just learned. What do I do now? Well, that's why I've provided the fill in the blanks writing template, which is available to you inside of the course dashboard, and hopefully you'll download that you'll watch along the videos from this course, especially for the 1st 3 elements, which is writing your headline, your subhead line and your call to action. Fill in the blanks and then upload it, sharing with me and other students so that we can give you feedback and advice on how to make it even better. We can only do that if you actually do the activity. So please do the activity applied the template and let us give you some feedback I also want to say the best way to approach landing pages is to write your Len Page copy first, then work on the design and then have it built. So whether you're using a landing page builder or you're working with a freelancer to design a custom landing page for you, the approach I would take its first. Use the template to write your landing page copy. But after that, have it designed. Either do designed yourself with one of the builders I recommended or give it to someone, a landing page designer or a programmer to build it for you. So that's how I would approach landing pages. Remember, you don't have to feel overwhelmed. Just create one section at a time. And before you know you have created your entire landing page, thank you so much for watching my online course. My name is Jesse. If you'd like to reach out to me, you can do so by visiting my agency website, which is copyrighting crew dot com. Or you can check out my other website. Start copyrighting dot com for more free videos on landing pages and copyrighting tips. Thanks again and I'll see you in the future