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Krita Basics: How to start working with program.

teacher avatar Daria and Dawid Toman, A pair of artists.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Materials needed


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      Calss project


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      What is OpenGL


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      Configurating Layout


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      Layers and brushes


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      Tips and advices


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      Thank you


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About This Class

Hi I'm Dawid. In this course you can learn how to use and personalize a free digital art program called Krita. I will show you everything from start so don't worry about a thing. Watch now and enter the world of digital art easily.

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Daria and Dawid Toman

A pair of artists.

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is David, and I'm a digital artist in discourse. I want to show you the basics off critter centered around creating a new document and personalizing layout off the program for this class project. I want you to make it a perfect for you and create your new document Perfect for the work you will do. See you in class. 2. Materials needed: 3. Calss project: class project will be simple, yet very important for your future. Work critic can be used for drawing standalone pieces as well as animation or comic. Decide what will you use critter for and write it in your project right now. Later in the class, you will modify it, and at some things, the finished project will show you personalized to your layout as well as what you chose for your purposes. If there will be any questions, I will answer them and help you choose what is the best for your plan. That's all you need about the project, so let's go to work. 4. Customizing: for a new project opened. Fire it up and keep me Now you will see this window. It may be confusing at first, but I will walk you through it to show you which option is for what. So let's look at this left panel. 1st 1 is accustomed. Recommend section, and as you see, there are a lot things you can click and change. The two types at the top are dimensions and content. Let's look at the dimension stop in the first window. You can write on name of your document lower. You can see some options involved in image size. You can choose one of the ones that are ready, but also you can make yourself one using these options. So here you can change the with off the image as well as the way it will be. Counting the pixels, centimeters inches or any off those measurements, the height has the same options as above. The resolution is always in picks. Also, that only difference. You can make it a number of them. You can choose if the page will be more vertical or horizontal clicking one of those buttons. The last thing you can make your saving your changes and giving them the name so you will be able to find them in the credifinance stop next least of prime ministers, you can changes the color on you. First option you can change is the model of colors. This is for determining what coat are the colors in. As you can see, you can shoot some stander ones like RGB, which is very common for artworks or seeing way. Kate used by printers, but also you have some well used, like grayscale or ex wise it. But if you don't need them for a specific project, you won't use them. Then you have the depth option. This determines how many shades of the color you can create, and you can choose between eight bit, 16 bit and free T tube it. Most pictures you see are eight bit and 16 bit. The 2nd 1 is for more than one start, while the 1st 1 is used for common pictures. Freed Iturbe adoption is mostly used for very big size projects. The most important thing you have to consider when choosing one off those is that you have to have better computer if you want to work with better depths. When you click the button color space browser, you can see how big is the palette, of course futures. Lastly, you have the profile option. These are ready to use settings off course from which you can choose. You can also add ready settings. Tell you down over here that's all for the dimension stuff. So let's jump to the content tap. Here you have less win if you can change, but they are us important us there. Once in dimension Stop First, you can see layers options, this one that our minds, how many of them you will have from starting off your work. I will tell you more about layers later. In this course. Another thing you can change is your image background color, which is the color off new pain she will make. Next. You can see the image background capacity, which means how visible your background color will be lower. You can choose whether you're color will be a slayer or a canvas color, which is important because you congee late or make a layer invisible. But canvas color cannot be dilated. Leslie. You can write your description. It won't be visible in your work. But if you send the project to somebody, that personal will see it. So you've finished everything and custom that coming section. Now we can talk about the create from clip art Sexual. This one is generally the same US custom document in options, but the only difference is that you put any picture you have saved in the memory of your computer. If you want to see what you have in your memory now, you can see it's in this rectangle. This is all of the documents you can create from scratch. Now we enter the pre made templates. I don't recommend them just for going. But if you want to make something specific, like comic or changing a photo when you choose one off those, you have a page, which is ready to use with all things like With and height set. 1st 1 is an animation section. Here you can make a standard animation. As you see you have two options. JP Japanese and the end English. They are the same, but the layers are described in one off the languages. Next, you can see comic templates. There are four to choose from which are different in size and have different great off preset comic windows. If you want to make a comic, you should try them and use the one that it's more comfortable for you. One lower on the left. You have decent templates. These are good for making guard for a purpose. As you can see, there are resolutions like for two free, which you use for most projects for the Internet. Here is also a standard a four page. If you need a picture for a website or anything, you should always check what resolution you need and maybe it will be here. Another section are DSLR templates, which are good for making and editing pictures in the size of some standard cameras, like canon or Nikon, the last section of the texture templates, which are useful if you want to make a custom texture for ah Pridie project in a special program, I'm choosing my safety options for a custom document, so choose what you like and click create, as in addition, I will say that by option, open you can open different type of Safed works even once from Photoshopped, that's all for this view. The next one I will show you how to personalize the layout of critter, so see you there 5. What is OpenGL: one of the main things you should consider while he is in Crete ized turning on or off open GL You're gonna find it here. This option is for tracking movement and procedurally generating line closer to your movement, but without minor imperfections off the vibrations of your hand. It is very powerful. But if your computer can give the programming of resources, you may see the tree ties working slowly so made. Consider turning the death the only option of turning open jail off is changing it to direct Fiddy. As you can see, I personally favor turn on direct Freedy as I don't see much difference in tracking my movements, but it works faster on my computer. Now let's go to change the way critter looks. See you there. 6. Configurating Layout: when you open a critical can see that it has Photoshopped like configuration, but it is really easy to change. You can choose one of the ready set ups in the window tap and workspace option as well as changing the lay of yourself. You had to delight and move those panels called talkers. After opening window top, you can see Doc reception. You can choose which ones you want from here. Moving them is the matter off, dragging a window and dropping into the place you wanted. You can also change the size of them just by clicking and dragging the border. When you change up these Dockers, I will ask you to try. I think dude, that are very useful but rarely see them being using. The 1st 1 is named over you and as the name suggest, you can see your whole work right here in this rectangle. And it's very helpful when you work with details on your work. But you want to see how they come together with the rest of your art. As you can look on this doctor without a needle off zooming out the order. DACA is called references image. You can add their an image from which you take inspiration from. It makes joining simpler, especially when you want to make a character in complicated posts. When you finish making the layout to ready to use, you can save it right here so it will be excess able from workspace option. They haven my favorite layout safe right here, so I'm going to use it from now on. If you like mine, you can download it from the Project section. I will talk more about installing downloaded layouts in the tips and advice is video. 7. Layers and brushes: in this video, I will show you the basics of layers and brushes. The information's in. I mentioned here are very basic, So if you want to learn more, check out my next two courses. Created Basics. The Magic of Layers and critter basics In many ways of using brushes, let's start with brushes. If you click that bar, you have some categories. I was kept up free for a moment and start from the USS category. As the name suggest, you will find here erases in many different types. Next, you have a category named as X. In this category, you can find tools with many different FX you can experiment on in category is simple. You have all of inking Tuesday air, such a spends and paintbrushes. Next, you have mixed category where you have different times off paint like spray or watercolor. Next, you have tools to do pixel art, as there is nothing more I need to say about them. Now we can look at the next category, which is named smart. All tools that are here are mainly for mixing and blending colors. Next category you can see is the wet category. Here you have things connected with wet mediums. Next categories named Diego, where you can find tools that are new in the version you use. Then there is in category. Here you have all tools that are used. When an artist entire joining next two categories are similar to the category. They are named pendant sketch. You confined their tools for painting and sketching your artwork, respectively. Two other categories that are up here are broke and circled where you can see two divided by the shape off the line they are living behind. Last but not least, you have all category where all tools can be found along with once that are not assigned to any category. Now let's talk about layers. Most people don't use layers from the start of the year. Experience with digital growing. This is a mistake because this is one of the most useful aspect of digital growing. When you draw, you can add layers to your work at elements of the drawing, while other things they undiminished layers can be added on top or below any other layer so it can cover lower layers or hide behind them. When you click this, I button, you can make the layer invisible for a moment, but it stays there. It wouldn't be visible when the artwork is safety. When you right click on the layers, you have some options, such as copy or deed. They behave the same way. Us. When you change text in a text, you can also grow players to make it easier for you to navigate. You just need to right click on them and collective group when you have them in groups, you can name groups like head and Body when you work on the character or building and background and so on. That's all for this video. Now let's jump to the tips and advice is. 8. Tips and advices: to sum up your work. I will tell you some off my tips to help you work better with crater. When you are finished with your art, you've definitely going to save it, right in Crete, our new click save option. You can see that there are a lot of different options off saving. As the list goes on, you can see some familiar formats like Jay Peak or PNG. But also you have created document format which saves your layers and photoshopped for months so you can send your work to someone who has Photoshopped to work with it. Area in this class. I told you I will show you how to add custom layouts. First, you need to have them download it and saved on your computer. Then you collect the window top. Choosy workspace option and click import workspace. You should see this window. Now You have to go to the father where you have it's safe and find your file. Lastly, you just have to double click it. And if you check, it will be right here. That step I want to share with you is that you should save you work frequently. It may sound silly. But any problem with electricity or your computer can destroy your work After every section you finished on your artwork, remember to use the control plus s combination. It can save you from infuriating surprises. If you have any other questions about basics of Quetta, don't be shy, too active in common section. I will make my best to answer them as precisely as I can. 9. Project: That's everything you need to start your experience with critter. Now you should have your perfect configuration of the program. And you know what? Starting fire need for your project. Make a screen grab of your layout and attach it to class. Project with description. Why you choose that configuration? Don't be afraid to ask and answer questions. If you need my help just right, and I will help you, that's all for now. See you and other classes. 10. Thank you: that's all. For that course. Thank you so much for watching and joining the class project. I will do everything I can to answer the questions and help you with starting Gerard experience with creditor things again for watching and see you and other curses.